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>>/robowaifu/14627 >>14626 ninja -C build*
>>/robowaifu/14626 >>13537 [code] meson build meson -C ninja cp cxxchanConfig.example.json cxxchanConfig.json cp config.example.json config.js
>>/cow/127108 >>127105 >arguing about faggotry this smells like a wet farts in this thread. >>127106 The Гунт is a really trustworthy guy
>>/ita/18617 Un sacco di gente è stressata.
>>/cow/127107 >>127106 >they ridiculed me for having never heard of Fairytale in New York inb4 "It's literally me"
>>/cow/127106 So Гунт is still in Vegas whilst his pregnant wife works. He's with Alice from IP2 tonight. the same girl he paid to fly to him
>>/cow/127105 >>127103 > It just means attraction to men and women. Hence "half" >You don't care bc it shows you are wrong How does it show
>>/cow/127104 >>127103 a bisexual is a faggot. As long as you have sex with another man you are a faggot, if you fuck a male donkey, you are
>>/cow/127103 >>127094 >normal people still think one is a faggot either way There is the problem. I don't care what normies think or someone
>>/cow/127102 >>127099 Sure but when you take a conservative number and say that 1 head = 25cm and his body takes about 6 heads it is still