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>>/ita/16542 >>16537 >non solo non legge i collegamenti, rompe pure le palle pensando di sapere cosa riguardi cosa Non farmi diventare volg
>>/robowaifu/11086 >related crosspost (>>11069, ...)
>>/robowaifu/11085 In the event that cheap, high-temperature superconducting, supercomputing hardware becomes available for our robowaifus, we can
>>/ita/16541 >>16536 https://archive.is/PSyAc >immagina ignoranza talmente spessa da conmsiderare gli avvenimenti storici follia Vedo ch
>>/robowaifu/11084 >>11080 Related. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermoelectric_cooling While not as efficient as ''Carnot Cycle'' cooling, it's a
>>/robowaifu/11081 >>11072 >>11074 >>11075 >>11076 >>11079 Simply crosslinking this post here, since we already have an entire thread dedicated to
>>/robowaifu/11080 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_cooling#Other_techniques
>>/cow/107194 every loser's substitute big brother took out a Toad McKinley loan just like the kike lawyer. i wonder how the sweetie squad is
>>/cow/107193 ==You LIMPWRISTED pile of GARBAGE==
>>/robowaifu/11079 >>11076 >This will require thinking outside the box, maybe metamaterials Sounds great. I'm sure you can think of something inter