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>>/sw/4915 >>4901 The flesh toned skin, four ears, and three phallic eyes kinda give them more of a mutant feel than an alien feel. The th
>>/sw/4914 >>4900 Remember that vong torture rack? Looked like rape as well.
>>/robowaifu/11884 >>11883 That's a good idea, but with the board being as slow as it is, it would make for a fairly uncommon newsletter, which wou
>>/cow/111382 >>111371 amber is that you? maybe "tea's kitty" grimcheers looking for some julay?
>>/robowaifu/11883 (>>11873) I was suggested to post it here so: This is just a suggestion, and I have neither the skills nor the time to be doing
>>/cow/111381 >>111379 Pretty amazing that Donga has like several hundred shows, talking years worth post-doxxxxville, that will just never se
>>/cow/111380 >>111352 >>111358 >>111361 >>111362 >>111371 >>111374 Stay mad, fox-dicksucker
>>/cow/111379 >>111377 Stop talking about jewsh being naked or go back to Thrax on the kumite, Rari, you colossal faggot.
>>/robowaifu/11882 >>11649 yeah, as a fellow module abuser i agree. usually it's best to just import the tools you want. but i dont want to wait ti
>>/robowaifu/11881 >>11833 I would never use Nylon to control a hand, but I still plan to try it in a limb as additional muscle, used in case somet