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>>/cow/120610 >>120608 > Yeah that is how freedom and capitalism dies. Oh no! Freedom is an illusion and relative anyway. As for capitalism, I
>>/cow/120609 >>120606 >played a bit more of deathloop, and it is an entertaining game. Get better taste weakload. I hope you didn't pay for
>>/cow/120608 >>120607 public-private corporation at the cost of households and non state doctrine enforcing private enterprises. Yeah that is
>>/cow/120607 >>120605 That's just called a corporation, but thanks for the wiktionary definition.
>>/ita/18117 >>18116 C****! Ho inserito il titolo nel campo dell'e-mail.
>>/ita/18116 Penso che tutto ciò meriti un filone dedicato. La cara Barbara, toccata di ritorno dal politicamente corretto, si è svegliata (v
>>/cow/120606 played a bit more of deathloop, and it is an entertaining game. >>120547 Sure, the origin is from Gym or some of the other ol
>>/cow/120605 >>120604 a privately owned company engaged in enforcing socialist state doctrine while receiving business welfare for their serv
>>/cow/120604 >>120603 >fascist company
>>/cow/120603 >>120597 >>120598 >implying that color matters socialists. You both have a cushy public debt sponsored job with your respective