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>>/tech/3318 looks like 8ch.moe dieded
>>/cow/132097 >>132096
>>/cow/132096 >>132093 this >>132094 also this
>>/cow/132095 >>132094
>>/cow/132094 >>132084 Stop replying to the retarded subhuman degenerate identityfaggot pls.
>>/cow/132093 >>132073 Shut the fuck up TRSperg
>>/cow/132092 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egE88esVwS0 ==Rainbow Six - Platinum Grind - Wingsofredemption Time!==
>>/cow/132091 I am now watching The expanse season 6. >>132086 god dammit, you make me feel like an idiot for supporting or liking surfer. I
>>/cow/132090 >>132086 Surfer was a schizo autisticfag after all, I'll give credit to P P P the dude is seething about the chat and any eceleb
>>/ita/18893 >>18892 Ci sono anche le gigantesse per il cicciopillato