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Still trying to get done with some IRL work, but should be able to update some stuff soon.


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Open file (86.55 KB 314x118 frank hassle.png)
Open file (5.66 KB 200x200 Myg0thats_fedora2.jpeg)
Anonymous 04/18/2020 (Sat) 00:59:48 ID: 24a67b No.44234 [Reply]
So I'm sure everyone here has probably seen this fatass lately, since there's one obsessed guy (that's probably just him) shilling his videos hard on 4chan and other altchans. Well /tv/ did some digging on Frank and it turns out he's another "shitposter with long embarrassing/incriminating internet history" cow. Frank Hassle is a friend of Sam Hyde (another eceleb/fourchan comedian that's a confirmed tranny fucker/pedophile). His most popular video is the one where him and Sam Hyde track down some pajeet on tinder that wants to have sex with an """underage girl""" in her late teens or some shit. The usual clickbait wannabe chris hansen "pedo hunt". Well, it turns out, our pal Cameron has also said some very pedophilic things in the past, like threatening to rape someone's five year old daughter (sauce: https://youtu.be/djkxztTLzKA?t=16). Right now, this guy is getting fucked with by various people on /tv/ and he's locking everything under a paywall. Despite his obsession with messing with people in public, he's very weak minded and lashes out at criticism. It's common trope in Sam's inner circle of buddies.
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>>44234 I feel kind of bad for him, imagine you meet your hero and he wants to work with you, but instead of acting in his films and becoming famous he straps a gopro to your head and uses your autism to get you into public fights for a bumfights web series.
>>44728 can explain it?
>>44234 What is that officespace? Does Sam run HW shit out of there?
Open file (170.56 KB 633x733 2321321.jpg)
Open file (266.29 KB 373x556 hats0WNEDBYB0Ts.png)
Open file (8.85 KB 200x200 hats432.jpg)
Open file (206.48 KB 785x787 hats16.jpg)
Open file (78.20 KB 440x663 hats14.jpg)
heres some more of him
>>104799 them niggas looks hungry dat white cuck look like some good ribs fo da bar-b-q...

Open file (7.66 MB 1280x720 janny.webm)
Open file (52.81 KB 485x411 Pringles.png)
Guntstream Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 08:05:17 ID: 1e3907 No.57589 [Reply] [Last]
You faggots keep shitting up the cyclical so contain your autism here. If it's quiet it's fine but when there's shit going on and you faggots are posting walls of text it derails the thread which aids the e-celebs that constantly try to control the narrative. The Гунтstream is the successor to the Shillstream/Гунтstream from Stream.me. Robi, who took over restreaming duties from goldstar continued the site on cytu.be after stream.me's death. The channel began to host additional cocks, such as lets plays, streaming shows and, most notoriously, gay debates. CAST OF TRANNIES <Гунтstream Trio >Robi Pires Owner and troon in chief of the lonely hearts tranny club. Robi originally restreamed the Гунт on stream.me when the faggot would actually wake up. Being too busy running the CP repository known as Julay.World, he now plays cuckime like Made In Abyss and does let's plays of Half Life 2. He spends every waking minute on the Julay World IRC which is such a cancerous shithole that it makes Discord look clean. He barely uses the site himself and has gone on record saying he's hated the place for the past 3 months. When koi turned /v/ into a pedo paradise, his brilliant idea was to let the site be spammed with CP for a few days to settle some IRC dispute about the 'heh' pill. Certifiably retarded. >Bill, Farmfag, Pringles One of the Гунтstream trio and Julay mod. BO of /dig/, a dead board that he's proud of for some reason. He watches moeshit for countless hours while larping as some guy with a farm. He gets very angry on IRC when dilating. >HangingFlesh, Weasel, Гунтopia, Zachfag, Cassie

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>>101894 So he's based and made (you) probably some ni/gg/er or even foxdickfarms faggot seethe.
>Tfw these G​AMERGATEs are Nu-/cow/ or /ibs/tier <Its a surreal kind of feel You faggots could've gone to foxdick farms like Sam Losco or Julay-Chan. <Mfw no discussion of <Mfw no discussion of britbong >tfw there's not 2 active threads on foxdick farms >Tfw JEWS is mia <Mfw wizchan isn't being julayed properly <Mfw both iterations of ED are In utter disrepair You know what to do /cow/boys
I miss my personal army :-;
>>103226 Ok, pedo
>>103233 what are you talking about?

Open file (221.62 KB 1125x1000 vw9nn4imp6r11.jpg)
Right Wing Lolcows: Julay World Edition Anonymous 09/21/2019 (Sat) 06:57:00 ID: d079ee No.8369 [Reply] [Last]
Dug around the archives, could not find archives of the certain versions of the general. I'll try to fix that should 8cuck return once again. Anyway here's what I did scrounge up-

prequel: https://archive.fo/XSIa7
Origin: https://archive.fo/H3zf4
#3: https://archive.fo/7xJRR
Q-LARP: https://archive.fo/KbdHy

Examples from the various threads I remember
>GamerGate including Davis Aurini and Jordan Owens, that crew
>Chris Cantwell, the Crying Nazi.
>Mike Cernovich, the "Alpha" who smears random people as pedos for attention
>Sinead McCarthy, White nationalist that doesn't believe trees are real
>Gayben/Moleman9000, Navaverse creator & registered republican voter
>Alphablaster, MAGApede TF2/Zelda sperg featured prominently in #3's OP.
>Religious weirdos lke Pat Robertson
>The republican party establishment & anti-Trumpers like Glenn Beck
>Jordan Peterson & his lobster autists, the saviors of western civilization
>All of the triggered /pol/ spergs who are upset /cow/ is capable of laughing at them because lolcows are an apolitical concept

I'd live to put forward Billy Usher of OneAngryGamer as a candidate for his own thread at some point to.
>always mad and outraged about dumb shit
>incapable of handling himself on twatter https://archive.fo/qC1ic
>is a cuck for Star Citizen
>regularly chimps out at people disagreeing in his comments section. http://archive.fo/0nbJF
just find the OAG thread on foxdicks it's incredible watching him continue to decline, especially after KiA removed him from their whitelist/approved sites.

pic very much related
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these are trump supporting white power individuals. see daily stormer where donny long was recently banned for posting inter-racial gay porn.
>>12338 he's not right wing he's a homosexual. a liar and a murderer.
>>98190 Cope more
>>12338 Yes. >>98190 >thinking those things disqualify him from holding right-wing political views.
>>98190 calm down, P P P

Open file (61.54 KB 693x633 retarded_apu.jpg)
IT'S ME GAYDUR! Toad 05/23/2021 (Sun) 03:21:43 ID: 5a39a5 No.103446 [Reply]
GREENTEXT >>be gaydur >>im not gay my name is gaydur >>h8 tonka trux >>do a show >>steal tonky trux name >>name it gaydur time >>mfw tonka trux show is name tonky tiem
<You will forever host the killstream >you will eat the trash burger <wear the ill-fit shirt >slur your words <screech like a dolphin >rattle the pill bottle <shout about how it's not true >you will lie to your paypigs <sperg on Twitter >beg daddy gym to return <Silence detractors >create new alogs
Open file (69.57 KB 330x522 gaytor_dries_up.jpg)
>>be gaydur >>forced to leave house for tendies >>see qt 3.14 blonde puerto rican >>gonna get laid >>tell her i give money to the poor >>mfw she looks at me with revulsion

Open file (53.43 KB 154x203 JacobMugshot.png)
Open file (47.65 KB 449x599 ASS_NAPKIN_1.jpg)
Open file (108.52 KB 1045x621 bestyougot?.png)
Jacob Stellmach/Aediot Toad 05/01/2021 (Sat) 04:19:13 ID: 921132 No.101732 [Reply]
Current impostor admin of encyclopedia dramatica. A colossal faggot,who gets reamed so hard he has to wear ass napkins who is famous for putting static banner adds for camgirl sites on ed, fucking up the site and loosing everything, bringing the site back with no images and a broken search function, and trademarking ed so he can get rid of dramatica.online (which actually has a function version of the site). Recently he went on foxdick and doxed his ex-girlfriend Adezero (the same slag who was fucking the Гунт) and release her nudes. This backfired in spectacular fashion when Ade revealed that his asshole has been reamed so hard that he has to wear ass napkins to keep the shit from leaking out. He claims his ass is broke bickers his dad raped him when he was a kid, while Ade claims he gets reamed by G​AMERGATEs daily. She also claims that he would hide his ass napkins around the house and she had to clean them up. https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm38648120
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>>102222 It would only be worth note if it somehow turned out the administrators of even a single lolcow-orientated site Weren't Jews.
I find it hilarious that the guy acting like some sort of hardcore darknet hacker/doxxxer is a literal jew, a fat fuck, a "nice guy" and literally has shit and dirty napkins running down his legs every day What a perfect metaphor for your average modern day ED poster Is it true that Likeicare keeps CP, for "trolling purposes"? Mr. Assnapkins himself said as much
Jesus christ, ED really always gets fucked and worse with each admin.
Open file (805.98 KB 817x1000 lrrh_by_skolzki_d2s2mdy.jpg)
Kikes shame themselves every day, where's the funny part about this fuck specifically?
>>103739 its a dead resource of cliquers from the 00's.

/PTG/ Lolcow Thread??? Toad 11/27/2020 (Fri) 08:25:21 ID: bb826b No.91428 [Reply]
Lets discuss some magapede/right wing lolcows and their retardation and stupidity or just post images of them being insufferable faggots.
27 posts and 20 images omitted.
sauce on the "discord mags trannie"?
friendly remember, bb826b is a repressor faggot and also some special flavor of commie snowflake projecting his own fuck up problems over the others.

(WARNER BROTHERS CONTRACT) [Illuminati, rated 2016] IBM (Power7) Genuine 01/19/2021 (Tue) 03:50:51 ID: 1bb3b0 No.95928 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome, Enjoy the stay to the Sexually Seductive Sessions brought to you by the Illuminati(2016). In Honor of "The Black Child", we expose the POLOPIS Users of the Illuminati. (If you want the Regular Illuminati exposure, please refer to The Black Child Only for this intel.) Remember to not believe in Joanna Levesque for she is a liar and a seducing Sex Machine. Your Penis will erect and you will blow your Sperm uncontrollably as you are forced to obey the will of Your Superior (JoJo Levesque). With the jokes aside, Enjoy The Show. https://lbry.tv/@ILLUMINATI_2016:2 (Downloadable)
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>>103002 Uhohh, the FBI boomers are not happy. They are probably going to our homes to ENFORCE Boomer Policies now...sucks... Oh well, If you are Nastassia, you are just working on a Fitness App. If you are Natalie, you were watching Netflix and now you're studying clothing. If you are Savannah, you just finished riding a ATV the beach while quietly sucking a Pink Dildo and then all the 3 girls are just watching Netflix. Hehehehehe. Thats what the pictures are telling me rn...
Open file (29.85 KB 359x359 1567193509697.jpg)
Open file (8.35 KB 259x194 Cheese Lesbians.jpeg)
What is the deal with humans these days...? They all aré very smelly mammals. Typical.
>>103007 Gay, very gay girls. Mammals are disgusting and unsanitary creatures of this planet we know as "Earth".
>>103008 Kys SoT

Open file (11.84 KB 192x374 Paul_Gekko_(2015).png)
Introducing Dynapaul Anonymous 12/09/2019 (Mon) 04:11:54 ID: 0ba0fd No.22474 [Reply]
Alright, I don't know WHO the fuck to send this to. I've posted this to I don't give a fuck WHO sees it - it's about getting as many people TO see this as possible. You may say this is the 'wrong board' for this, but I disagree; this dude's writing incorporate all damn media except /tv/ - This shit MUST be shared. Send this to KiwiFarms, Something Awful, Fred Knudsen, or even Jim. I don't care who.

I present to you an absolutely prolific, insane writer, by the name of Paul 'Dynapaul' Dy.

A basic google search for 'Paul Dy' comes up with NOTHING related to this man - you MUST specifically search for 'Dynapaul Wiki'.

I want that changed - this man's name MUST be the first result.

So who the fuck is this man? In brief, I have no damn idea, but what I do know is this:

PREFACE - this man runs a FANDOM wiki page that is so schizophrenic and disorganized, I feel like Charlie trying to connect the Pepe Sylvia mystery from It's Always Sunny - bickers I cannot, for the life of me, follow these links cohesively; for example, he has at least 2 different versions of 'Hyrule' from the Zelda franchise, neither of which reliably link back to one another.



1 - He has, at the MINIMUM, been active since 2011 - at least his Wiki has, according to his account profile on said wiki. So I'm of the belief that, given how prolific he is, he MUST be an adult now.

2 - His Self-Insert - which he bases everything in his Wiki off of - is known as Paul Gekko. PIC RELATED.


3 - His art, cognitive understanding, writing style, and mental development as a whole is in many ways, akin to oldschool Chris-Chan.

4 - he appears to be basing the majority of his headcanon on a made-up anime series he's allegedly working on: Megaman ZX Shippuden.


5 - Said headcanon is utterly insane, and feels like an alternate reality where MUGEN got way the fuck out of hand - he appears to be incorporating almost every entertainment property under the sun in some way, from Codname: KND to MLP:FiM, from Naruto to Skies of Arcadia, or from Zelda to Destroy All Humans!, and One Piece to Warhammer 40k.

6 - While a sizable portion of the hyperlinks in his wiki simply trace back to the official FANDOM wikis for those characters, he DOES have his own entry for a disturbingly large amount of characters, which are equally batshit insane. Some of the prime examples include:

Dr. Robotnik (bickers, of course, no autism fest is complete without goddamn Sonic, is it?)


A samurai version of Link


Emperor Hylia, a sentient monster truck that runs its own nation and is part of a fictional series WITHIN his Megaman anime called the 'Book of Sega' - This shit is autismception.


But that's only the fucking tip of the goddamn iceberg. Some of the most mind-numbngly insane reads I've come across on this godforsaken corner of the internet include his various nations, ideologies, wars, gods, and religions. Feast your eyes upon such great works as:

The Galactic (Neo?) Eggman Empire which is run by literally fucking everyone fictional, ever.


The High School Wars


the extended 'Family' of Paul Gekko


The Great Grand Civil War


13 posts and 2 images omitted.
No Updates on Videos.
It doesn't matter what you say to me, or you sent me videos, I have been seeing negative words! I was born with Autisim. But, I don't want anymore this nonsense about my Dynapaul Wikia!
>>103598 Oh shit, is that you buddy?
But I have so many pictures. You have to stop saying bad words.... Don't you realize what your saying...It's coming from the tongue.
You were saying bad words that were from the tongue. I'm sensitive to anyone who keeps saying bad words.

Open file (84.79 KB 400x542 furfags.jpg)
Open file (178.71 KB 800x600 sjwunfunny.jpg)
Open file (26.75 KB 400x300 wordswordswords.jpg)
Open file (91.71 KB 187x186 themanhimself.PNG)
Sean "ShinGoji/SCGodzillaGuy" McGuinness Toad 05/19/2021 (Wed) 22:55:26 ID: c44690 No.103205 [Reply]
Just your average talentless 2000s webcomic creator suffering from TDS, or is he? His old webcomic, Twisted Kaiju Theatre, was created by playing with giant monster dolls action figures and consisted primarily of poop and sex jokes, of which he doubtlessly has no first hand experience outside of lizard shaped sex toys. Sometime in the middle of Trump's presidency, he decided that this highbrow humor didn't reflect the person he was and he no longer had a black roommate to shield himself from criticism, so he bawwleted all the old comics and replaced them with even less funny SJW pandering. He supplements his disability by selling bootleg Godzilla merchandise, posters, and even recast toys. For all of which there is no doubt that he does not have a license to produce. He really likes godzilla, and it is undeniably sexual in nature bickers he used to host full breasted pinup "Kaiju Girls" drawn by furfags on his website. Somehow this faggot has a wikipedia article (which he contributed to) about his comic, and it has escaped deletion for its complete irrelevancy. Most of it is outdated since it pertains to the deleted comics. Amazingly he has gotten worse at producing a webcomic, even lazy photo "comics", with over two decades of experience. The timing does not even resemble that of comedy and you have to scroll down a massive page to read the whole thing. His "art" can be found on the internet archive, and his homepage: https://www.neomonsterisland.com
I used to read this faggot's stuff when I was in middle school, after the start of the character's second hibernation beginning in 2004 and when there was fuck all going on in the western kaiju fandom. I don't remember a single thing about this comic aside from the guy being an elitist prick who had a serious hatred for the more popular niche of sprite comics, with his sperg rationale being that his "photography" was real art. More importantly, where is the funny part? How easily triggered is this soycuck, what are his social media accounts, and what is the best way to get a rise out of him? You can't just make a thread about a loser and not have a game plan.
Open file (33.94 KB 489x329 admin.png)
Open file (1.30 MB 2208x2208 quoteartistunquote.jpg)
Open file (20.04 KB 722x193 politicsonhissleeve.PNG)
Open file (32.61 KB 400x500 copyrighthell.jpg)
>>103270 His active social media is his twitter (https://twitter.com/neomonsterisle) where he retweets movieblob. He have had a now defunct SCGodzillaGuy twitter. He is also on facebook where he is the moderator of a "Godzilla and Kaiju Fanpage" which he uses as a political soapbox. The easiest way to get a rise out of him is to voice conservative opinions or opposition to the insertion of politics into a children's movie fandom, let him know Godzilla 1998 is your favorite and try to get him into an argument about its merits, explain that sprite comics take more effort than photocomics, or just tell him that he is not an artist for making shitty shoops and playing with dolls. Perhaps someone could let Toho and Legendary know an American who can easily be made an example of, in their kangaroo copyright courts, is profiting off of bootleg Godzilla merchandise. He doesn't even have a parody fair use defense for a lot of it. Apparently he's worn his politics on his sleeve for almost as long as he's been spewing visual diarrhea on the internet, but somehow still needed to delete his old comics for being politically incorrect. Could it be his newfound SJW buddies took a look at his past?
>>103275 Don't forget to bring up the fact that Monster Island Buddies is just a guy filming himself playing with toys and that he still found more success and respect. Looking at those flat, glassy eyes and skinny arms, this boy has been dead inside for a long while.
So did this guy hide the furry art out of shame or did his new fwends tell him he's literally raping fictional dinosaur women? I mean he's stupid either way, furfag artists with no scruples make bank on fetish commissions.

Wizchan: Homosexual Takeover Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 23:17:17 ID: 12b594 No.41296 [Reply] [Last]
It's Not OK to be Gay We've all seen what happens when homosexuality is tolerated on chans. It starts with increasingly gay porn, then "ironic" jokes about "boypussies", then before you know it you have openly gay e-sex happening between users all over the website. It's a truly poetic microcosm of what happens when civilizations have historically tolerated faggotry. Faggots are a problem. There is a reason that the wise men of every culture across the globe throughout history have warned us about them in their holy texts and ancient records. But, like so much else in the ZOGscape we find ourselves in, this wisdom has been forgotten. And Wizchan, the chan where NEETs try to rise above their carnal desires, has succumbed to a homosexual takeover. The poor wizards are on the verge of open revolt, but they are too demoralized and suicidal to reach the threshold. Turns out the mods are actual homosexuals who have a "discord" messageboard that they hang out on. A huge /meta/ thread about banning homosexuality got deleted without explanation and the OP got banned. They and the other homoposters sexually harass the wizards constantly e.g. post boipussy :3 oh wizzie! i'm boi-ovulating! please stick your wand in my tight little boi-hole etc. ad infinitum Theyy also share faggot porn all day long on the hidden /b/ board. They've banned multiple people for asking why homosexuals aren't getting banned from the Chan where you're not supposed to talk about sex. Only the discussion of homosex is permitted. It's especially concerning to the wizards bickers of the logical and continual crossover between Wizchan and 4cuck/r9k/ which has acquired a humongous infestation of homosexuals known collectively as "/r9gay/". These are the literal "discord trannies" that we have been hearing about for a couple years now. The concern is that the mods of Wizchan have been "converted" into transexuals, and are allowing the pious NEET wizards to be trannified as well. >Why should I care? Wizchan should be a sacred monastery. A bastion against the endless prattle of normalG​AMERGATEs about sex and fucking. A place where people can rise above the constant worship of f*males that the ZOG bombards us with. In theory, wizards are admirable and worthy of fierce and righteous protection. >Where are the lulz? The mods are complete faggots and they are very butthurt about the anti-homo posting already. There are a large number of homosexuals on Wizchan.org/b/... This is where the mods post all day long. At least one of them is known to spazz out and smear his own fecal matter on his face when "/pol/tards" and "christfags" point out how annoying faggots are. >How can I get lulz right now? Just post on /b/ and /meta/. The faggots will respond. The goal is to get one of the faggot mods to respond -- immediately accuse them of being homosexuals and kick back and laugh. Don't post 4cuck memes or you'll get b&. Don't imply that you are a non-virgin, you'll get b&. Don't imply that you are anything but a wizard NEET, or you'll get b&. Also you can't post from Tor, another reason why Wizchan needs some serious attention, so if that is a problem then be warned.
147 posts and 25 images omitted.
>>95833 this in fact of course, no better than the k i w i farms
>>102229 wizchan is a shithole filled with retards, this place is a shithole filled with other retards, the difference is this place is fun and wizchan isn't.
>>41296 Jfc rightoids need to be killed

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