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Open file (17.64 MB 905x690 welcome_to_cow.gif)
Welcome to /cow/ Toad 04/25/2021 (Sun) 07:01:20 ID: 2aaf77 No.101360
The Final Solution to reviving /cow/ is to simply make new threads on lolcows and to discuss said lolcows, endless thread 9 can also be revived by anons simply getting out there and interacting with the e-celeb faggots that are the subject of that thread. I do know that >we have had a recent influx of new users, mostly from various discucks, my honest advice I can give to you newfags is to stop using discord for communication on the internet as it is a bugged mess filled with tranny devs who are harvesting your information if you do need to use social media which you shouldn't try a federated instance of Mastadon, Pluroma, or use IRC or the Matrix Protocol. Welcome to /cow/ /cow/ is the finest corner on the underbelly of the internet to discuss lolcows, or retarded individuals chuckles that can be milked for amusement. Rules 1. New threads must have a subject and pertain to established or potential lolcows. Off-topic discussion is permitted on Fridays in >>40288 2. Don't break US laws (SSNs, CP, etc.) Board Information 1. SpacePirate closed n0chan because he was tired of paying for it. NekoArc closed 888chan because he was tired of paying for it. 8chan died as a result of the (((El Paso shooting))), Julayworld was reorganized into Alogspace because Robi no longer wanted to manage as a large a website. 2. I am only managing the board in JEWS absence, in his own words "I will return when the lolcows return," should he return he shall get full control, I am not the new BO. 3. #julayworld and #/cow/ on rizon are useful places to get into contact with the sites managers https://wiki.rizon.net/index.php?title=Register_your_nickname https://wiki.rizon.net/index.php?title=VHost 4. https://alogs.theguntretort.com/ is the main domain name, https://julay.world also redirects there
Edited last time by oldestfag on 09/10/2021 (Fri) 04:22:27.
>>105115 Sound for reminding me. I'd made a templeOS style sheet for lynxchan. I'd given it to Robi ages ago, and forgot to follow up. It should be more or less correct on top of Yatsuba B, which is the global. @import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Press Start 2P'); html,body { background: white; background-color: white; } body, textarea, input {font-family: "Press Start 2P"; font-size: 16px; color: #0000a7;} .innerPost { background: #EFEFEF; border-color: #a8a8a8; border-width: 3px; } .markedPost { background: #0000a7; color: white; } .post-hover { background: #0000a7 !important; color: white; } .quoteLink, quoteLink:visited{ color: #D00; } .linkName{ color: #117743; font-weight: bold; } a, a:visited {color: #5454fc;} a:visited:hover, linkQuote:hover {color: #ff0000;} .labelSubject {color: #a80000;} .top-nav { padding-top:0; padding-left:0; padding-right:0; width:386%; margin:0; text-align:center; /* Apply animation to this element */ animation:scroll-left 14s linear infinite; } @keyframes scroll-left { 0% { -moz-transform:translateX(0%); /* Browser bug fix */ -webkit-transform:translateX(0%); /* Browser bug fix */ transform:translateX(0%); } 100% { -moz-transform:translateX(-70%); /* Browser bug fix */ -webkit-transform:translateX(-70%); /* Browser bug fix */ transform:translateX(-70%); } } .top-nav:hover { -webkit-animation-play-state: paused; -moz-animation-play-state: paused; -o-animation-play-state: paused; animation-play-state: paused; } .top-nav { background-color: #0000a7; box-shadow: none; border: none; color: white; } .top-nav a {color: white;} .top-nav a:hover {color: #54fcfc;} .top-nav a {font-size: 16px;} #quick-reply .handle { background: #5454fc; color: white; } .dropzone{ color: #000; cursor: default; margin: auto; padding: 0px 4px; text-align: center; min-height: 50px; max-height: 140px; transition: 0.2s; background-color: rgba(200, 200, 200, 0.5); overflow-y: auto; } .dropzone p{ color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5); cursor: pointer; position: relative; margin-bottom: 5px; padding: 10px 0px; top: 5px; transition: 0.2s; border: 2px dashed rgba(125, 125, 125, 0.4); } .catalogCell{ font-size: 8px; } header p{font-family: "Press Start 2P" !important; font-size: 24px;}
>>105242 Based, maybe >we can use it on /retro/ if >we ever revive it in the future, or of course during the day of Terry's death in honor of him.
>>105242 Top kek. Robi doesn't have the balls
Open file (199.25 KB 436x432 coach.png)
>>105351 yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa right?
Guys I need your help! What's the name of the singer who look like Dax? That dude which Surfer loves
>>106105 >that guy who looks like dax who surfer loves Well shit I haven't been keeping up with the absolute latest streams of ashton and surfer, any backround information you got on the singer? Is he a leaf?
>>106105 >>106132 Donny Benét Surfer showed this video over one year ago, maybe in one of the cooking with surfer streams already deleted tranks to jcaesar187 flagging https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a8CAS6I2DI Personally, I enjoy these songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnzXZlm4wwg
>>106326 Thank you anon.
>>106326 Based torfag, the bass is fantastic and the videos are aesthetic
Anyone still have interest for lefty-wing lolcow/eceleb thread? /trannypol/ for exemple love this literal faggot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7aUJXHRtMQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e_Zi_nXNgE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFO4L5GCCEk Pretty much anyone he deslike, even random youtube channels is a nazi or terf.
>>107663 >kevins still around N​IGGER won
>>101389 you're 175f1b from the Thread 9?
Open file (1.03 MB 1263x743 eternal anglo.png)
>>107931 175f1b is the new janny, he's as smart and sharp as Bryan Dunn and a fag like Humor.
>>107663 I have an interest in any thread for any cow, if you want a thread than make it, I will for sure participate in it. I was going to make a leftycow related thread eventually myself >>107931 Yes, I have admitted this before on the thread itself, I prefer to not make too much of a big deal out of it as my only goal as the janitor is to keep the place running and removing illegal shit. >>108036 I don't really understand the Bryan comparison, but homor was a pretty good janitor, so I don't feel bad being compared to him.
Open file (82.30 KB 189x213 California Raisins.png)
>but homor was a pretty good janitor
Open file (43.99 KB 600x603 he_does_it_for_free.jpg)
>>108113 Yes homor was an okay janny, he did his public service as I do mine.
so >we will all ignore all the autistic shits homor did before? also, i must be part of some telegram group, cytube group or anything like that to become a respected member of community? once being a humble anon was enough
>>110868 I just said he did his job, that's what I do, if you aren't a fan of homor rejoice for he is in a self-imposed retirement like the rest of /cow/'s staff besides me and robi whenever he feels like it. >also, i must be part of some telegram group, cytube group or anything like that to become a respected member of community? No you don't, >we don't have a fedegram group and the cytube and irc is just for chatting about stuff, if you are still concerned with the past problems of the cytube those issues no longer exist due to robis over half a year ago purge of the discord tranny mods. >once being a humble anon was enough Was Always and still is enough, just be an anon and have fun like always.
who cares, this site is dead.
>>111124 its not, but cow been going wrong direction for too long
>>110868 >once being a humble anon was enough in legi0n or 888chan days - maybe
>>111161 >>111162 The only person stopping you from changing the current direction /cow/ is in is (you) anon, if you want anons to use another thread than make another thread and encourage them to go and use it, find a new and interesting topic, I have a ton of things and new threads I plan to make but work keeps getting in the way. I've tried to do what I can with the time I have allotted.
>>110868 Based
>>111207 >The only person stopping you from changing the current direction /cow/ is in is (you) anon what a fucking bullshit. No way anything going to work with current demographics and the way boards are being made putting it where and when it belonged seems right and that's what people are doing with /cow/ besides, you don't need virtue signaling for trolling some ugly or crazy, look what happened. Some are making money from it and some a little less crazy use it to feel better
>>112005 I mean, /cow/'s demographics don't really matter, the more autist to make fools of themselves the better. All I was telling anons who don't like that /cow/ has been the cyclical for three years and going to simply make a new thread, I plan on making some new threads myself in the near future.
Edited last time by oldestfag on 08/06/2021 (Fri) 03:21:34.
Jews, if you're still the BO of 8chan, please, revive that place so more "oldfags" can talk there as an extra option instead of here, maybe some of the lost anons can return to post again instead of be the only 5 people here talking about off topic shit all the time.
>>114605 Use foxdickfarms, for real, the contrarians here isolate themselves from the rest of the internet in an attempt to be cool, but are unable to do anything, whether it's OC's, trolling or having a hand in any events anymore. All they can do is simping for IsaToad McKinley and circle jerking with their contrarian opinions.
>>114605 Sorry if you don't like fun but I prefer to keep the rules pretty lax here. JEWS is still on the irc chat if you wanna chat with him though. last I checked anons were also discussing cows on >our thread as well as having fun >>114731 >use foxdickfarms for real No thanks foxdick. >contrarian No one here is contrarian at least when it comes to foxdick, if namefaggotry is more your cup of tea it isn't mine than maybe try lolcow.org or onionfarms, foxdick is a bad site bickers jewsh is a data mining pedo faggot. it is also badly made and maintained At this point if you wanted to even use foxdick you would need an invite anyways since jewsh is further closing down his hugbox even more, but I doubt you would reveal anons your foxdick account anyways.
>>114765 >JEWS is still on the irc chat if you wanna chat with him though. and why not on actual boards he created?
>>114765 >JEWS is still on the irc chat if you wanna chat with him though. and why not on actual boards he created? >Use foxdickfarms, for real, last time I checked, it was filled with underages and "pls donate" shit. Its just bad. Here for example ppl will miss like 50-70% of the fun if they don't participate or don't fag in IRC, on foxdicks, its 90%. Place is cancer
>>115177 >>115178 >and why not on actual boards he created JEWS no longer manages things atm bickers he told me he will only return when "the cows return." My best guess is he is burnt out and wants a new cow that piques his interest.
>>115208 bullshit damage control its more like "I'm tired of shitflinging retards with idiots 10+ years younger than me, idiots that I don't even know, while I made a name from myself shaming random people from the internet, so now I can reside in my own IRC listening to the news that my sidekicks bring up and take care of my personal life bickers fuck you losers, lol"
>>115768 That is what he told me on the IRC, your butthurt interpretation just roughly translates to the same thing I said about him, which was that he has been doing this for a while and is burnt out with it. Like I said before, perhaps JEWS will return to /cow/ when there is a lolcow that interest him, until now he's always in the IRC. If he doesn't so be it. >we will miss him though
Is there any rule here against low quality threads?
>>117146 The thread could be "low quality" at the time it is created and eventually become decent if the topical cow is being talked about and anons are being entertained, which is all that matters at the end of the day.
>>117146 Lmao, it's Fuz trying to make the mods delete his thread?
Open file (162.24 KB 720x948 1631180282706.png)
Man, I love when I discover small channels with weird people like this. https://youtu.be/5I4DS5cSWE0 The video had literally only one view (me) so far even tho he posted it weeks ago. Soon I will probably create a thread about some weird boomers from YouTube who believe to be Jesus tranks to mathematics and Bible subtext
Does this board talk about actual lolcows now, or is it still IBS eceleb faggotry and moralfag wanking like it's been for the past 5 years?
>>117252 Buttercuck posted multiple times on the cyclical as well over a couple IDs I think, I guess the three sperglords here are enough to make him sweat a little. >>117991 I checked the channel out, he seems like a based G​AMERGATE, don't know if he is lolcow material though. >>118045 I mean, as much as the webring has been running on fumes >we still do talk about cows here. Furthermore, I don't understand why you think whining about IBS will convince anons you are some based oldfag, but it won't. It sucks that /cow/ got consumed entirely by IBS, but the board was dying before it happened, and it gave it new life, the only thing that made IBS different from other cow sagas was that it was all interconnected and confined to eventually one thread, it is what it is. a lot of legacy cows have become foxdick-tier at this point anyways If you really want to /cow/ to have other threads, why not make a thread of your own? I don't think you will, since you seem to be just a tourist that is angry that /cow/ doesn't have as many cocks to steal anymore. >moralfag wanking like it's been for the past 5 years Still butthurt that the five anons here do not approve of your pedo fap material, anon?
>>117991 >>118050 No sure if he's really a weirdo G​AMERGATE or someone larping as some dumb and based G​AMERGATE.
id cf262d from fuz thread is some of the jannies that robi put in control in recent months or someone larping as a mod?
>>118108 I am /cow/'s sole active vol atm, it isn't me, I for one have enjoyed the shitshow that the buttergolem's thread has caused.
>>118108 >>118116 I know the Buttergolem reported the thread and some anons posting there. Now he seems to want to be able to edit OP post and remove some facts and informations. This is Buttergolem behavior, I just started to watch EmptyHero streams in the last four months I believe bickers people are talking about it on the thread 9, so i don't know details about discord dramas and facts. But only from watching the streams any casual views can noticed Fuz abusing mod powers to remove people making fun of him from the stream/VC even tho he's just a guest himself, he banning people from the server including patreons from EmptyHero bickers they made fun of him and his gf and he talking about reporting people to discord/youtube/twitter as if he was murdering someone.
>>118050 >I don't understand why you think whining about IBS will convince anons you are some based oldfag I'm asking if the board is actually about lolcows like it was before 8chan died. Your insecurity is showing.
Open file (107.42 KB 300x366 alog_please.png)
>>118200 All I know is you are some torfag that claims that Гунтsports cows aren't real lolcows in some sort of bid to claim oldfag status, and you are butthurt that the anons here don't like your lolicon pedo fetish. I will pose the same question to you again, if you actually do care about the discussion of other cows, why not make a thread for one instead of continually making whiny charged posts that don't do well to hide who you are.
>>118050 >>118207 >pedo fap material Hi tourist. How's life, having your first interactions with imageboards during orange man's election? Does the thought of old /b/ give you a heart attack? <abloo bloo bloo Nah G​AMERGATE. e-drama isn't lolcow cocks. I'm asking if /cow/ is about lolcows again, that's it.
>>118210 >Hi tourist. t. /cow/ tourist >Does the thought of old /b/ give you a heart attack At least this confirms you are the same asshurt torfag from before, to quote marky mann in an alternate reality where he is in fact based I don't care I just delete the pedo cocks and ban it. <"e-drama" isn't lolcow cocks t. pretend oldfag, is it lolcow material when Dominic Vanner the e-celeb does something? >I'm asking if /cow/ is about lolcows again It always has been, just bickers it doesn't talk about the cows you like or give you cocks to harvests doesn't mean it isn't.
>>101389 >>118215 Honest question here, mate, answer with a yes or no. Are you the individual known as essayfag who recently used the voice changer to talk on certain streams?

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