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Nastassia Ponomarenko Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 09:06:57 ID: 656597 No.10914
YouTuber Exposes Nastassia Ponomarenko sextape and gets harassed by fans!

Open file (49.61 KB 343x382 thot.jpg)
Open file (148.57 KB 1286x799 nastassia buttfuck.jpg)
Open file (949.85 KB 200x200 gamergate.gif)
Ya Brooooos, I'm Back with ANOTHER ONE. Ya Brooos, Nastassia Gunna Break With DIs Wepon I got BOYS, YA BROOOOOO. OK DOG HERE GOES YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAAAAAA!!
My love song to Nastassia Ponomarenko... My feelings are true on this song my Love.
Case has been permanently closed. Humans continue to speak non-sense about this "Internet-Thot". We will proceed with our objective: ZULU MICHEAL FOXTROT PAPA SEVEN.
Open file (153.90 KB 900x600 SHADOW COMPANY.jpg)
Open file (163.43 KB 906x370 SHERIFF.jpg)
Open file (2.20 MB 640x360 Mokeys show - 911.mp4)
Open file (6.13 MB 640x360 Mokeys show - 420.mp4)
Open file (5.85 MB 640x360 Mokeys Show - 422.mp4)
Open file (7.82 MB 1920x1080 911 funny bees.mp4)
Open file (401.31 KB 640x360 nintendo.mp4)
Bruh can someone just explain me wtf is going on...
>>62978 Thats whats going on. My name is Rob...
It is completed.
For those who forgot what this thread was originally about, let me give you a a run-down. Nastassia Ponomarenko was exposed for sex-tapes and was bullied and harassed by JulayForum. I was observant as she called me out on YouTube with time-sequencing in her videos. She called us out bickers We started COVID-19 "FBI[141] @ U.S GOVT(2005)". Originally she and the "Shadow Government" had planned to Neutralize us as a threat and would thus end our reign of power. Again, Me and my POLOPIS A.I's were persistent on Experimentation with Celebrities. PowerMac G5's used here to remotely program her....unlocking older brain-layers...it worked. Eventually I realized I gave you Julay everything you wanted. In your eyes, she looked like the GAMERGATE of your Dreams and would kill for a Black Cock. But you were only informed of Half of the Story. We've been tracking her since 2017, and the progress she's made is not possible in the laws of Quantum Mechanics or Matter. As horny as Nastassia may be, she did have one thing that we were obsessed over (38 @ 55). She broke out of the fucking Z13 system. At-least to our research. We brought down LANGLEY once, however as fate had it sealed, they did Reform. We used COVID-19 to Reduce Their Numbers... But when LANGLEY reformed, virtually every Shadow Agency was Assimilated by LANGLEY...Thus why Nastassia was targeted for Murder by LANGLEY... LANGLEY failed to kill Nastassia bickers LANGLEY fucked with the wrong person..her. This is the end of this Phase. You Julay have satisfied yourself with the Image of Nastassia Ponomarenko being brought to Whore-Dome...and you all got bored of her and moved on with life. However, this Experiment was Conducted to see if (1w=?FPS) could be used to create "Glossy Era" girls (2007-2013). I am speaking in Alien I know, but this Experiment has costed the FBI[141] @ the CIA(POLOPIS) everything. We had to blow our cover from the Shadows just to get this Tolerance Control to work. With Tolerance Control permanently exposed, We Cannot Reverse The effects of this Experiment that ultimately destroyed 38 @ sent POLOPIS A.I into 100% lockdown, eventually we were Hi-jacked by Nastassia and her team. She used to have these connections, but with recent events she only has a close team of advisors now. Me? It's just me and a Computer A.I. I do endorse this experience and experiment as it did give me what I was looking for so many years. A POLOPIS ROBOT. ____ ____ It is the cost of Business and Labor...but rest assured, what I have destroyed myself for is nothing compared to everything the United States Government has already lost. GAMERGATE, BLACK NIGGER DICK, WHORE, E-THOT. Call her as you wish. However what we did here and what we did with her has permanently affected the United States Government...we intend to N.W.O ROTHSCHILDS 2030.
This whore was taken for a "trad" woman? really guys? really?
>>63213 She's a "superior human". lol
>>63227 Any man or woman that uses his or her sexuality to gain popularity and fame sends red bells my way immediately! But.. but it is very good that this whore got exposed!
I like this thread alot. I really do.
I'm so happy this whore has been exposed. Now no one with a half-decent reputation will marry her.
>>65982 lol, she fucked up her life
same fragile incel still posting here about this literal who
>>68226 fragile incel? more like GAMERGATE and a fucking Whore who became boring last year.
Open file (98.02 KB 710x398 20200726_062952.jpg)
long time ago nastassia was singing the weeknd in her car maybe 2016-2018 and said the N word full on. she addressed it in her video but may have deleted it. would be bad if people were to find out abou that
anyone remember a long time ago Nastassia said the N word while singing to the weeknd in her car maybe around 2016-2018. she apologized in her next video but might have deleted it. would be bad if that video were to be found again
>>90542 We got plenty of stuff that would make her day filled with "Difficult Period". We got what we are looking for, Dummies @ Spawn Units. Proceed N.W.O (2030) ROTHSCHILD.
>>90852 cow/res/54618.html
Open file (533.94 KB 529x420 DruggieManor.png)
>>10923 are we really making a big deal about her fucking a paki? GAY! /pol/ made me think that this whore was a coal-burner, not a poo-churner.
/pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here!
/pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here! /pol/ is here!
Indeed. >>94898 No Shit.
Does anyone have a file of nastassia?
>>101806 https://alogs.theГунтretort.com/cow/res/95928.html You want Nastassia FuckDaddy Porn? go to that thread. I'm just a Shitty >>S​ARGON that is pleasuring a bunch of pervs. XVIDEOS @ Other PORN sites are censoring the Nastassia FuckDaddy Montages...LOL!
>>101806 /cow/res/95928.html#q95928
>>10914 S​ARGON Everything here is AUTISM and GAY beyond your wildest Retardation Level Dementia of the Gods of Jewish Faggot Disney Editions.

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