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Open file (121.09 KB 585x481 1570719172767.png)
Cuckwheels Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 23:25:44 No.11890
Okay, this is getting ridiculous.
Fredo has gone full lolcow.
>>36350 The warrant's posted on the article.
>>36350 hotdud is crying about this shit on his twatter, even retweeting people who are saying this is a free speech issue.
>>36388 Is it wrong to call you retarded?
>>36341 Get fucked you crippled faggot. I hope those thirty pieces of silver were worth stabbing everyone in the back. Cant wait to see you cry "freedom of speech" and throw a tantrum when everyone reminds you of how you threw the concept under the bus for good boi points.
>>13414 I remember he posted back then about being a part hungarian or H-something, and that he is jewish somehow.
>>36457 >kike Would explain why his genetics are utterly fucked.
>>13885 >imagine actually believing this shit >imagine being this much of a chalkbones cocksucker
>>13885 >>14474 rip kikewheels
>>39082 Don't get my hopes up like that, I thought maybe modern medicine finally failed him and he succumbed to his kike god's curse he's been rolling around with since birth.
>>36341 Fairly certain Josh is sucking Cripplekike's dick bickers Cripple threatened to release incriminating info against Null and take down Kiwifarms. The Foxdicks hate Cripplekike.
>>39083 So m8, but I was just 'avin a giggle. Though, I'm sure his tires will go flat eventually. Just look at how fat he is. >>39101 I wouldn't doubt that.
Open file (2.37 MB 880x1034 freddit.webm)
>>39209 >he's a communist too There really is no low he's unwilling to sink to. He'll be on HRT soon.
>>39209 So is he still on the run or what?
>>39469 >cuckwheels >on the run That's a good one, anon.
>>18099 Based on broscience.
>>39483 found the soyboy
>>39461 Is HRT even allowed in jail?
>>39461 Bernie's not a communist, but HW has just been trying his hardest to look as progressive as possible lately in order to protect himself from the media.
>>39487 Not an argument. >>39530 >Bernie's not a communist, Close enough.
>>39537 found another soyboy
>>39573 soydups FLHP
>>39537 wym by close enough?
>>39530 Brain dead millenial confirmed.
>>39625 He's a communist that hides his power-level, all evidence points to this. He went out of his way to defend every single major communist regime during his tenure as the mayor of Burlington, he just swapped praising communist countries like the Soviet Union, Nicaragua, and Cuba for praising 'socialist' countries like Denmark and Sweden the moment he started his congress bid in the late 90s. The 'socialist' countries are, of course, not truly socialist; but Sanders continues to call himself a socialist and he is a believer in Marx's vision. However, he's not a communist like Stalin, he's just a useful idiot like the ones Stalin had put up against the wall.
Open file (811.40 KB 1314x892 Bonegoblin_JUST.png)
>>40001 JUST
Open file (18.38 KB 605x179 lmao1.PNG)
Open file (22.22 KB 399x663 lmao2.PNG)
Dare I say, OH NO NO NO?
>>41355 Will Hapamonkey and James the Pig lover get it next?
Open file (612.57 KB 649x469 ONTS.png)
Open file (2.37 MB 880x1034 freddit.webm)
>>41355 Drop dead Hotwheeze
Open file (30.81 KB 594x167 ClipboardImage.png)
Does anyone here want to live with blobwheels? Seems like he lost his bitch. https://twitter.com/HW_BEAT_THAT/status/1245456149534494720 http://archive.vn/UQKvA
>>42341 You asked too late. Now he's going know you're stalking him, and you'ren't a laid off RN specialized in taking disabled patients. It's obvious this is a trap.
>>42341 Now hes just begging to get pegged.
>>42341 Why is this retard living LA?
>>22391 yeah all that sounds more or less an accurate explanation. here are the irc logs meatball explaining why he hates jim https://pastebin.com/raw/gMQ0SPau meatball explaining ddos'ing 8kun "in minecraft" https://pastebin.com/raw/eSQHTD0e weev defending meatball https://pastebin.com/raw/u59XgvCz
Open file (86.77 KB 1400x607 2020-04-02.jpg)
>>41355 >>42341 evidently halfpol is pissed at meatball
hey donnylong poster, would you like to go up against donny long on the Гунтstream? Also don't make new threads until your containment thread is capped you fucking sperg.
>>42538 you fuct up now...
>>42552 yes or no is fine so I can go and bother this donny long faggot, my guy. If you don't know, /cow/ runs a stream on cytu.be and sometimes >we have e-celebs go at it. Considering you've been shitting up the place since 8ch you are most welcome to air your grievances with the man himself provided >we can book him
>>42553 lol... i'd rather wreck shit for you actually.
>>42557 All this time raging at Donny and you're pussying out of a live confrontation?
>>22392 where is the proof of Jim selling user data to the "feds?"
>>42577 they still haven't released the transcript of their meeting with congress
>>42577 >he doesn't know about SUNSHINE and the long history of Jim selling nip user data Imagine being this new >>42580 Also this
Open file (497.94 KB 255x235 1526741545377.gif)
Open file (365.37 KB 640x360 not_enough_computer.webm)

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