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Open file (503.51 KB 1000x560 yakuzatruth.png)
Yakuzanon/hapafag/priscillafag Anonymous 10/12/2019 (Sat) 15:26:02 No.12121
This French dude goes around the internet spamming the catalogs of different boards. Got fired from a previous job for watching porn in the workplace in front of his boss.
Sometimes does hilarious things like one time his spam resulted in /tv/ raiding /leftypol/ in the 8ch days.
He typically copies a post from one site and reposts it to another one with an unrelated pic. Back in the day it was JAV porn clips, either of a "shy" male being seduced or a Yakuza clip which is where he got his name from.
Used to have an obsession with one of the /1825/ mods (he's convinced she's Varg Vikernes's wife for some reason).
/1825/ christened him hapafag bickers they were convinced he was a hapa, but he later confessed on /tv/ that Asian is pretty much the only thing missing from his ethnic makeup, a blend of white, black, native American and Indian. No known abbo admixture either.
Other known obsessions that he spams include the /tv/ BO (the reason his channel got so many views is that yakuza would spam his videos on cuckchan), Nastassia Ponomarenko/Nastassia Fitness, Zach (yes, the hapa from /tv/. A few days ago he posted a link to some Zach thread on cuckchan that had been posted here on the Zach thread and was already archived by the time Yakuza reposted it to /tv/ with the mandatory Priscilla Betti picture to go with it).
He's said that he got his city rangebanned from one of cuckchan's boards, and I don't doubt it. Spam is what he does to kill time. And not your regular spam, but spamming new threads left and right.
Who cares. Ausneets is full of idiots lead by "-chan" cliquers
Correct, if there's no rules then spam or something offensive isn't against the rules. Well, there's plenty of stuff out there where you won't be persecuted for worse. Meaning - people who cry about being pro-free speech are actually just pro-themselves and fuck them, what can be done lol, ignore bad places, come to good ones, form your own connections or tolerate others being pro-themselves.
>spam is free speech
Open file (43.63 KB 640x421 1560453730083.jpg)
I'm not saying that. Snit chan admin said spam is free speech. He's member of /ntl/.
But he don't allow people to do the same thing on his board. Pure hypocrisy.

I'm okay. Thanks for you support. I can't wait to leave this place. But you can't have a job without internet now!!!
Oh fuck that post wasn't for me. Sorry.
Everything someone doesn't like is free speech. And let me guess.. When you are spamming and shitting its fine. When someone else does it - it's against your beliefs. Lol. Grow up from ED class norman forums fam
Open file (956.90 KB 248x197 556616824.gif)
The BO need to delete that shitty thread about me.
Yakuza's spam was tolerated for years on /tv/ though, it became part of the board culture to a certain extent.
The only other places he seems to spam as far as I know are cuckchan and some of the altchans like snitchchan who absolutely deserve it, I see no problem here.
Noone is going to delete this thread, but don't take it too seriously, it was made by a TORpedo, who also seems to be the only one who's trying to argue against you. He might even be a personal alog zach butthurt about him having his own thread on here.
Most normal /cow/ users don't use tor, in general it's mostly used by faggots pulling ops in here.
Open file (20.65 KB 297x400 1008181222.jpg)
You probably right. Thanks.
Onion service is there for a reason to attract more users, yes, but that's the only thing going against it really. It shouldn't matter what protection you use, but don't appeal to the normalness and "bickers majority does so". Fuck majority and fuck you first of all, happy go lucky faggot. If anything, majority fucked off years ago, now it's mostly admins and mods and "-chan" doers conspiring about each other and facebook-tier people being butthurt at things that are abnormal to them and making fun of things of losers just to be more normal, not bickers of what they think about themselves. They are much more vocal at social media and chats though, than here bickers it's where "it truly matters".

It's like you put a "cop" and a "bandit" in a cage and watch them chasing each other tails, but they are the same entity really
Calm down Zach, this isn't your livejournal.
>I'm not saying that. Snit chan admin said spam is free speech. He's member of /ntl/.
>But he don't allow people to do the same thing on his board. Pure hypocrisy.
Fair enough.
Not an alog, just sick of this dude spamming every bunker.
When you spam 10 threads in a matter of minutes you kick threads worth keeping off the catalog.
He's not spamming on julay, where are you browsing that he's such a problem for you?
>anything worth keeping on altchan feds shit
wtf I like Yakuzanon now!
2 is not 10.
>just sick of this dude spamming every bunker.
If your bunkers are like this shit on the pic
then it's shit and you are mad for another reason - that he can spam and shrug off any bans and you can't bickers you are a pussy
>uh-huh my kindergarten toys are better than yours
>nuh-uh i have more basketball stickers
He is now. With his latest obsession: Freddit Breddit
look, I don't mind if he shits on cuckchan, snitchan or some trannypol bunker. My problem is that he's spamming every imageboard he comes across. It's specially bad on slow ones with long threads. You lose thoughtful conversations so he can have his 20 frog idolshit threads that no one replies to.
I have not seen any spam in a couple days on here, what are you talking about?
And what are these other boards you browse that he is actually spamming on?
Open file (559.77 KB 909x1383 1519918100567.jpg)
>posts things from 8chan and other places to cuckchan
>obsessed with 3dpd
>spams for no reason, but it's not fun or interesting, like say, barneyfag, it's just boring, reddittier spam
yeah, that's a quintessential soybitch nu-channner if I ever saw one
See how he made a new thread about cuckwheels when there was one up already and he posted his lame porn clip next in the OP.
I wouldn't be surprised if the entire text in his post was copied from another post he saw elsewhere.
Saw the thread, but one thread isn't spamming, sure it's kind of bad manners to not just use the already available thread, but this is far from the spamming monster you describe.
I don't mind it - it's funnier this way, these discord/irc channers may even get mad bickers omg someone posted a phrase 3 times in a row, how dare he
bickers it's muhhhh board
Just give him enough time
but face it, all these admins are literally just angry blobs of nothing. Oh cool another idea to put more ads and brag to my retarded friends that i have more users. How original. Go take a piss in your bed.
You're in the wrong thread faggot
oops, thanks seiyu
Open file (9.22 MB 338x240 YakuzaFag sings.webm)
First came the vocaroos, now this.
He's losing his mind kek.
Open file (2.54 MB 1920x2560 yakuzafag.jpg)
Is this him by any chance?


He made a thread on /tv/ two days ago claiming this was his channel and told Gahoole to keep it a secret. Too bad no archives of the thread exist since it was deleted quickly.
yikes, it looks like he lives in a cell or a retard home. that would explai a lot, actually
I don't know, but that would be hilarious.
Probably just one guy he decided to spam around though.
YouTubmade that thread.
You made*
How is it funny or entertaining to spam and self-bump your own threads over and over and get banned everywhere you go?
I'd understand if it actually got a funny sperg fit out of someone, but from what I've seen most of the time when someone does this they're just told to fuck off right before they get banned and that's pretty much all that happens.
I'd expect a /cow/boy to understand that autists will sperg. This is his way of sperging.
Yeah but why tho, is it some kind of masochism?
Even Chrischan has reasons for doing shit even if they're completely insane.
>Yeah but why tho, is it some kind of masochism?
I think it's a desperate attempt at relevance by emulating other similar spammers.
Hey Zach.
Fairly sure Yakuza has some mental problems (in addition to alcoholism). He isn't spamming for lulz, he just doesn't understand imageboards.
I'm not.
I'm sane.
Open file (172.75 KB 714x943 1572084718385.jpg)
Yakuza doesn't exist.
>>12550 White girls... >.>
>>12715 he deleted his channel #win
Yakuza and one koigoon are shit-talking Dolphin https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/58487.html#58577
Moliberry is a retard and boring pedo, Yakuza won.

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