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Mark Mann Thread Anonymous 10/18/2019 (Fri) 22:49:59 ID: ebaa36 No.13209
Let's take a moment to appreciate of favorite CakeJew, and just bask in his shell of a life.
Open file (47.54 KB 1304x324 sargn blown away.jpg)
>>43910 >If julay had the userbase, the enemy list, constant DDoS, and complete financial blacklisting, julay would have ceased within a week. Wouldn't it be pretty dumb if someone actively went out of their way to attach themselves to 8coom at the height of the outrage. Like go on twitter, for instance, and tell journos where users were going. Some would think that it would be an active attempt to bring those threats into the webring.
>>43737 Is cakekike still bunkered with /a/? Essayfag's drama about nothing distracted me from cakekike's activities
>>43954 There's no /v/ board on smug so I don't think so.
>>13209 Mark should use BelugaChan. There's PayPal support with 4chan-like-passes (set which boards need passes to view and post).
Mark sent his goons to fatchan/v/'s #GG thread in an attempt to d&c the webring and pit fatchan/v/ against julay. The BO had none of it and told them to fuck off, they're now losing their fucking minds in the meta thread. Meta thread: https://archive.ph/5vbIP #GG thread where you can see a handful of ID's non-stop attempts at d&c within the webring: https://archive.vn/k86Te
>>43954 I don't believe smug ever gave him a /v/ board and he most certainly isn't on /vg/.
Open file (121.53 KB 848x1200 maid-loli.jpg)
>>43954 >still Smug turned him down the first time so I don't see them ever giving him a spot. I'd appreciate it if you cease spreading viscous lies about the maids, thanks.In fact they're already complaining about ni/gg/er faggots shitting up their /vg/.
Open file (6.28 MB 2480x3508 1567435076980-1.jpg)
LOOKS LIKE JEWCY IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMQkOZOHDao
>>44132 >Hello, and thank you for visiting my channel. Every Friday I'm hoping to bring on a guest for a Q&A, or play some sort of video game for your entertainment. I was formally known as many things over the past five years, some nice, others not so nice. In any case I hope you enjoy my future cocks, and I wish you a pleasant day. uhoh is he gonna start speedrunning??
>>44132 >>44133 >You need to sign in to report He's looking for reemployment alright. That security license will be done in no time!
>>44132 >Not linking it through invidio and thereby denying the fat bastard a view Also didn't expect him to sound like that. Expected a more whiny Jew voice
>>44132 I don't think I've snickered so hard in a while. the kike really has no limit or shame.
Open file (13.85 KB 1272x707 ClipboardImage.png)
>>44132 >this video is private Way to go fucking retard. Next time post the webm you stupid faggot.
Open file (428.11 KB 589x465 haha.png)
>>44206 >bullied so much he already backpedaled oh fuuuuuuuuck it never stops it's like watching a cripple trying to run
>>44208 So was this ( >>44199 ) the whole video?
>>44210 Yeah, it was under a minute.
>>44199 >>44206 Wew laddie. Wasn't this autistic, gondola-hawking, kosher turd supposed to be taking a break from the internet? Is he just addicted to the abuse at this point?
>>44223 He fears that /v/ will leave him if he spends too long away from the internet.
>>44225 He's probably realizing that /v/ has left him already and now he wants to become a stream G​AMERGATE e-celeb to make money since he knows he won't ever get a real job.
>>44226 >not even going for the Mark Blart Mall Cop arc he promised I'd watch that over his sad attempts at playing video games
Open file (22.45 KB 355x253 pouting_patchi.jpg)
>>44206 >missed it. Please tell me someone downloaded it.
Open file (40.41 KB 717x552 heh.png)
>>44363 rip /ebola/ they should have backed their shit up.
>>44363 So Bill Gates Foundation won't be seeing war crime penalties anytime soon. Welp.
>>44386 Bill Gates needs to be put in front of a wall and shot.
>>44363 There is nothing wrong with finding god and converting to Judaism if you contract a deadly virus. This is an affront to my freedom of religion and blatant antisemitism.
>>44363 I think this is the most cucked thing I've ever seen on an imageboard. Ever. I'm don't think even cuckchan itself could top this. What a joke.
>>44363 How do they keep finding ways to become worse? And to think people just a few months ago were acting like the webring was ephemeral
>>43714 That is some of the worst C# I have ever seen. Holy fucking shit.
>>44547 >I think this is the most cucked thing I've ever seen on an imageboard. I dunno, 7chan's "SOPA will inevitably pass and we will bend over backwards to appease the government" was more cucked if you ask me.
Mark is "assuming control" of 8ch according to him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsh929U7oew
Open file (87.86 KB 350x434 veefellowchanners.jpg)
Open file (343.44 KB 800x911 vee pilpul.jpg)
>>44805 >>44806 >>44807 What a disgusting creature. >pepsi MAYTE MAYTE MAYTE
>>44802 The thread is bumplocked, but the cocks of this 3 hour video is enough shit to sift through on mark to fill a whole new thread.
>>44811 make a number #2 then :^)
>>44812 I only come to /cow/ to laugh at mark. I'll let a regular poster decide if its warranted.
>>44814 >I only come to /cow/ to laugh at mark Awww, that's so gay of you!😍 Here, let me help https://archive.md/cN7fK
>>44814 this and the underage kiddies on /ibs/ who circlejerk their eceleb of the week, is literally all /cow/ is good for these days. where do yout hink you are?
>>44802 I'm not sitting through three hours of jewish spaghetti. Give us a tl;dr.
Open file (6.99 MB 426x240 samefag.mp4)
>>45022 well there's this confirming what we all already knew
>>45039 Mark Mann - #2 >>45039 Mark Mann - #2 >>45039 Mark Mann - #2
>all those tryharders crying about Wojak memes Wojack memes are nectar!
>>13209 Like the title says. I set up a video game club in my school and Super Smash Bros. in particular really helped foster a healthy gaming community. [You can read about it here](https://www.geektherapytraining.com/geek-therapy-blog/building-a-community-with-super-smash-bros).
>>36143 Wrong.

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