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Open file (133.42 KB 1024x821 1390261186550.jpg)
Channel Autism Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 21:46:51 ID: ea2451 No.16071
What happened to the alumni?

Also a reminder that Latza is now more successful than any of them.
>>47504 There an old saying about "never believe your own lies". Insecure types don't learn that, until it is too late. They truly believe in their own lies, given time and enough ass-kissing from other insecure types (their "fanbase"). A simple thing that could help someone avoid that is simply look out for WHO is praising you. If the ones praising you are awkward, anti-social, insecure and ugly freaks, that is a big enough red flag for you to know that you are doing everything wrong. Great people, real people, get praised by other great and real people. Not by a bunch of freaks with mental and social problems, that can only congregate in confined hugboxes called "conventions", literally being put in containment places, away from better people. If any of those on channel autism had a little bit of self-awareness, they would stop doing whatever they did as soon as they saw the very first bunch of "fans" that they had. Always move away from losers, from the awkward, from the clumsy and from the unsocial. Being praised by them is a badge of shame. Not of accomplishment. Even worse: believing in that their praise ir worth anything poisons your mind, to the point that you become a Spoony, or a Nostalgia Critic, or any else of those demented freaks. That goes double for women. Being awkward is forever a shitty thing. They must aim to move away from their own awkwardness completely. Not embrace it. But again, they are the types who believe their own lies. They tell themselves that they are "doing great", simply bickers someone else said it. Ignoring that those who said it are a bunch of freaks who should be avoided at all costs.
Open file (663.71 KB 850x1819 s.jpg)
>>47597 I'm surprised that this didn't happen yet in real life. A functional person, as soon as seeing those freaks complimenting one's "work" would know that it was time to stop it and move away from it, for attracting such a group of rejects. Joining them, or worse, believing that their adoration is something desirable, is done only by those that are as deranged and awkward as them. At least narcissists care only about themselves, ignoring everyone else. But those freaks from Channel Autism carve ANY kind of attention, from anyone, anywere, for being such social rejects and freaks. and they only receive said attention from those who are the same as them or worse.
>>47298 Can't wait for him to go on an Elliott Rodgers style killing spree when he finally snaps
>>47004 Definitely miss
>>53362 Even hapa rodgers had enough balls to stop playing WoW and have a massive sperg-shooting in public. Spoony is going to probably die of starvation, out in the cold, when they take his home away from him, using the last of his energy to send out another angsty tweet. If he wasn't such a drama queen, I would almost feel sorry for him, he did used to make some good videos(relative to the time, at least)
>>53441 Never feel sorry for the weak.
>>53362 All of this boils down to one simple fact: those on the channel autism never grew creating anything. They were always only talking about other people's creations. Then, they got praise from bored lowlives for talking about the media that they consumed at the time. Then the CA freaks started believing in their own lies: they always lied to peopel saying that they are "cocks creators". But this term is a marketing buzz, and nothing else. Nobody "creates" cocks by talking about someone else's creations. Or by using a corporate product (playing video games, reviewing products, etc). cocks "creators" never really crete anything. They just talk about things that others have created. They, at most, just utilize other people's creations (products and services), without ever creating anything themselves. Once they tried to truly create anything, they failed. As they never developed skills for creating something for real, they stumbled upon the hardships of creation. Then, the facade fell. They started to notice how they were all incompetent at creating. They were nothing but critics. Endless talking about other people's creations, but nothing created by themselves to show. Their first attempts at creating all failed bickers of the lack of skills to do so. All that time wasted talking about others' creations lead to them becoming unable to create anything. When they realized all that, you can see that it was the exact point where all of them started spiraling into depression, schizophrenia, literal insanity and so on. That is what happens with anyone who does learn valuable and useful skills. They become an empty shell, devoid of any purpose and devoid of any useful legacy.
tranny group
>>47486 >>47534 >>47686 >>54033 you're as autistic as CA tho
>>16464 t. tranny
>>54836 Nah. I just see things for what they are.
>>54893 and being autistic
>>55197 Won't change the fact that they all are exactly as I described them.
>>55457 won't change the fact that you're just as autistic
>>55559 U mad bickers i exposed them for what they are?
>>55657 sure thing, autismo
>>55673 Stay mad. Those losers won't stop being losers.
>>56172 and you won't stop being as autistic
spoopy died
>>56287 >shilling for internet nobodies Still losers. Autism involved or not. Losers for life. Nobodies for life. >>59528 Proof or it didn't happen.
>>59723 Autistic losers just like you.
>>59908 Losers for life can't beat the superior autists. Losers for life never created anything. Losers for life only talked about other people's creations. Now, losers for life are comiting suicide, losing money, losing their homes, being depressed, and everybody is laughing at them. Indeed, losers for life. And there is nothing that you can do about it, loser for life.
>>60342 you're autismo for life
Open file (464.00 KB 876x624 1.png)
Open file (380.56 KB 1146x366 2.png)
What is it with Lindsay and niggđÁrs? Does she want to get blacked that much?
>>60909 WHITE
>>61278 GUILT
>>60795 >she rebranded Nostalgia Chick into Nostalgia Woman
Why Douge still doing NC is so cringe while James still doing AVGN seems less cringe?
>>66344 >vintage >chez What a pretentious liberal arts twat
Open file (144.77 KB 684x352 yty.png)
>>69424 Never forget.
Was Ashens part of the site?
>>70797 I think so.
>>70797 I'm not sure about Ashens, but I do know Guru Larry was part of TGWTG for a bit
what is new?
>>107436 Nostalgia Chick got shoah'd from twitter.
>>107646 >leftyshits turning on one another bickers of trivial things kek, always funny
>>107652 Notice her league of psychopath bitches have her back >We all hate twitter despite posting on a daily basis. It's like a drunkard who hates drugs but gets funneled like a fucking bottomless pit while her fans applaud for every time she chokes on her barf.
>>108576 Did all Channel Autism alumni turn into socjus fags?
>>108610 Most of them were always esjaydoubluus anon.
>>108616 you don't think it be like it is, but it do
It's funny how modern ecelebs rediscover CA members interdependent from their CA roots, not knowing anything about it.
Has Spoopy finally sudoku'd?
>>108847 Nah but he's been dead inside for a long time.
>>108848 What does he do now that he can't tweet about Dup all day long?
>douge still does his shtick yikes

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