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Open file (704.70 KB 600x300 DolphinWeather.png)
The story of a dolphin poster Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 07:45:16 ID: 2b4f09 No.22314
He originally posted on cafe/r9k/ and then has been spamming every fucking board in existence. I hope he gets banned, but he continues to evade IP bans.

I've attached one of his cancerous files.
Open file (159.88 KB 1063x752 sad time.png)
Pin this thread again, Dolphin deserve it. Why are you guys backstabbing him?
>>79222 (Checked)
Open file (13.42 KB 236x306 checken em.jpg)
>>79222 true blessed post, checked!
>>79222 deserved what
Open file (37.23 KB 288x162 download.png)
>>79222 >mini-applebutt blankflank digits confirms dolphin poster is actually Lauren Faust baste in fact of course
Open file (272.58 KB 700x645 ponut.jpg)
>>79222 basted pin, janny
Open file (3.73 MB 200x355 514354364357241432.gif)
Pedophin is shilling his site over on 8 channel https://archive.fo/ftMaZ
Pedophin killed cytube >>84570 https://cytu.be/
>>84579 Pretty sure its only a temporary shutdown.
>>82263 >>84579 HI G​AMERGATEchu/angry torfag or koipedo. Stop spreading your pathetic lies.
>>84603 kys fagphin
>>84605 Hi John.
>>79222 blessed
Dolphin, yu're a lolcow after all lol, Irish at least is a normal man and can be funny sometimes, so keep seething about some potatoG​AMERGATE making you mad on cytube.
The Гунтstream's lies and deceptions It's time for the Гунтstream to be exposed for what it really is: a namefag drama cesspool. The Гунтstream is home to a few fellow cow boys lies: Hardrade, Гунтopia (copetopia), robi (/lies), and others, but not limited to abo (Molibery) and Toad McKinley (stormweenie). Users like Hardrade will stir up fake drama and seemingly "beat Dolphin". Hardrade is an irish druggie who is extremely butthurt over getting his sites deplatformed bickers he upset Dolphin; was pissed at Hardrade and Hardrade proceeded to declare war on Dolphin and so, every namefag in there now "hates Dolphin", which makes no sense when they get him to spam up sites for free/nothing. You may say koi is a pedophile, etc, but he is right about one thing and that's the Гунтstream. It's full of a bunch of liars who will say shit like "I'm sending an email to X bickers >we want to raid them", and so on, only to "forget" the next day. The only solution to this faggotry is to stop going to the Гунтstream and start going back to pre-imageboard days. If you're wondering who wrote this essay was, it's my fellow cowboy at <https://www.youtube.com/user/21000mans>. I was told about this on Discord by some user called "HardRade##2263".
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
Dolfag hasn't been relevant for months.
>>89128 More relevant and usefull than you.
Dolphin keep winning.
>>89163 >>89357 ok schizo
>>89847 Who are you?
>>89847 It's Robi, not?
>dolphin schizo got bo of zzzchan /tech/ >starts screeching calling everyone pedos >cries about captcha >spams other boards on the sites using the same ip >gets found out and is removed as bo less than 24 hours later
Open file (66.81 KB 792x600 8cc.jpg)
>>90339 How did Sturgeon let this happen!?! I thought he had a good way of determining people to run his boards! I'm sure he'll think of something for his based sleeper agents!
>>90339 Hey G​AMERGATEchu aka af3690 from cyclical thread. Are you a neet such as John pedo? You're here 24/7 no stop with your autistic crusade.
>>91517 what is this supposed to prove exactly? that the admin browses /v/?
>>91522 That he really really really likes Minecraft, the paid exclusive version, for a reason. I'll let you decipher the rest if you recall dolphindoxbox server.
>>91547 > I'll let you decipher the rest if you recall dolphindoxbox server. I'm afraid I don't, please educate me and everyone else, possibly ELI5, anon-kun.
Hey Dolphin, these fags are seething about you https://zzzchan.xyz/v/thread/27018.html#27553
Open file (12.72 KB 1551x338 they are afraid.png)
Open file (47.16 KB 1566x509 oh no no no no no.png)
>>93687 I just made a post on tor, what the fuck is that fag complaining about, even the admin uses tor to post, I doubt he'd fucking ban himself from using his own site
Someone has been busy practicing https://archive.is/pXEni
>>94248 Hey rodent, dolphin doesn't spam like that; different spam style.
>Koigoons are on the cyclical thread seething endlessness about Dolphin and even bitching about other John pedo a-logs. <it's the new norm now.
Why this thread still pinned?
>>96724 Why is it unpinned?
So Dolphin is now obsessed with Nyanjcaesar187 instead of Irish, while chatting with himself on chat, really sad existence.
Open file (76.63 KB 634x276 autism.png)
Yeah! Dolphin-kun! Sorry to say it, but you're only useful to deal with certain canadian jewish pedos.
Open file (55.17 KB 331x402 butthurt_anon.jpeg)
Dolphin autism is flawed, he is unable to notice that he is kept around bickers he is useful in certain situations and is funny to feed his delusions for cocks, meanwhile, people enjoy having someone like NyanRaIph and even Irish for less selfish and genuine reasons.
Open file (51.17 KB 600x450 anita.jpg)
>>98245 hail anita

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