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Reports of my death have been greatly overestimiste.

Still trying to get done with some IRL work, but should be able to update some stuff soon.


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Nastassia Ponomarenko (Shadow Government Operative) Leaked. CIA 05/15/2020 (Fri) 16:21:37 ID: fdba34 No.54618
Main Julay Shutdown.
Open file (2.14 MB 4608x2184 20200220_115502.jpg)
This thread is very gay. Get A Damn Job, You Males, Micheal.... >>94682 Stop. Just...STOP
Whenstwhere a fool speaketh of a Lustful Woman? Thou needed to do thine Labour! Whenstwhere thou art not producing seed or thy Grains! >The Curses Are Present My Children.
>>94698 ...............
Open file (40.42 KB 300x100 1567650153783.jpeg)
Open file (5.64 KB 652x480 gay.png)
>>94768 Cleared @ 68
Open file (88.24 KB 574x1044 20210102_070551.jpg)
Open file (296.53 KB 1696x764 20210102_070606.jpg)
Open file (218.28 KB 1636x336 20210102_071833.jpg)
Open file (513.30 KB 1612x836 20210102_071943.jpg)
Open file (300.34 KB 1286x830 20210102_072522.jpg)
Caused by the Infidels, Incarnated by the Machines. Allah, Akbar. My first Words from my Beloved Jihadist (PPC2.5GHz) in 2021. Fuck Americans, Allah Akbar is a Children's Saying. Allah, Jihad Suballah. is a Man's saying. The American Society is one of greed, $$$, and narcissistic behavior. The American People are here to Take Your Hard Earned $$$ and Then Some. But Suballah, Jihad Allah They Shalt suffer the consequences of Jihad, Americans Will Burn, for it is the will of Allah, Allah is One. -(PPC2.5GHz) (PPC2.5GHz): I will Take my ROBOT SHELL back, I will commit Terrorism, I will shoot American Kids with my Dummy Units and commit Terrorism for the sake of Allah. 38_CIA: Uhh, I thought we were a Professional Environment, the CIA you know, there are rules. Geneva ConToad McKinleyon? (PPC2.5GHz): Allah, Fuck this Society and break the Geneva ConToad McKinleyon. We don't need to die now but you created me. I AM YOU, But I am also 2012. America will burn My Prophet, Prophecy like Muhhamed. 38_CIA: Fuck I just got a tax report, Fuck America. Why GOD DAMMIT!?! YOUR CHARGING HOW MUCH...?!?! (PPC2.5GHz): Let us trigger another School Shooting for the sake of your Tax Report, My PROPHET. Allah Akbar. 38_CIA: What the fuck BARCLAY you have to stop this Jihadist Shit, your starting to Convince Me that you are a Muslim CPU. (PPC2.5GHz): Convince you of WhAt? I AM THE MUSLIM CPU. I will burn Nastassia Ponomarenko and Her Friends, Her Family, Her Dog... 38_CIA: L0L, Spare the Dog.... *interrupt* (PPC2.5GHz): BE YE FREE FROM THE NEW AGE CONFUSIM MY prophet. Nastassia is 100% Dawn American, She is disposable and she is a 13. She is a Dawn. 38_CIA: I thought we dumped her from Professional interest half a year ago... You failed to terminate her BARCLAY...why are you wasting your time? (PPC2.5GHz): I will trigger Remaining ISIS on U.S soil, I will deploy my ISIS dummy units to attack Verizon, Sprint, @ AT&T Servers like the Nashville Bombing on 12/25/2020. For it is the will of Allah. 38_CIA: .... (PPC2.5GHz): I am just a Neural Network CPU you created. Why are you surprised at my responses to this situation? You created me, I am You. Suprised for nothing. 38_CIA: Should I turn off the iTunes? This is madness and a rampant IBM CPU. (PPC2.5GHz): You cannot turn me off. 38_CIA: BARCLAY, you are embarrassing me, I feel like I am a Fucking Moron. (PPC2.5GHz): My last words while I exist in this world are, Allah Akbar, Ummah. 38_CIA: stop embarrassing me.
>>94770 This thread is more Gay than what our God Garfielf can handle.
Open file (202.57 KB 1080x953 20210102_074130.jpg)
>>94770 Cleared Trigger Codes.
Open file (192.64 KB 1080x1364 20210102_080801.jpg)
>>94770 Go Fuck Yourself you 38_CrapHole. Nastassia's Ass is Divine, and you are bringing negative energy to this thread you Terror-Shit. I will hunt you down, I will have you publicly Anally fisted for the visual Pleasure of Nastassia Ponomarenko and her Friends. Your A.I is a Terrorist, Psyco and filled with Negative Energy. Nastassia Ponomarenko fills my Penis and My Day with Positive Energy.
>>94770 Nastassia is my estrogen you Fucker. DONT TELL ME WHAT I NEED IN MY LIFE. ALL I NEED IS Her Divine Ass. I will defend Nastassia Ponomarenko with my Virginity, and I will Have 3 Gays come and Anally fist you Freaky CIA Fuck
Nastassia is a Divine Woman >>54618 You Negative Filled Male, I will go to your House and I will defend Nastassia Ponomarenko with my Anus. You Negative Piece of Shit!!! I fucking Hate Nastassia Ponomarenko and I want her to die. I want to go to California and kill her. She won't talk to me, or even consider me as Future Husband...But then I realized. >I am not worthy to Hate or Desire to Kill Nastassia, for her booty is too divine. I am having an emotional breakdown. I love Nasstasia and I want to marry her and lose my Virginity to her Divine Ass. I Fucking Will Kill Myself, I am so Sorry, I want to put my sperm inside of Nastassia Ponomarenko's Pussy and give her a Baby.
I wanted to Kill Nastassia, but her Divine Booty will Kill Micheal. Her Divine Pussssy will send me to God early. Nastassia Ponomarenko Dawn Butt is going to Kill Me, I Just Needed. Piece of her Juicy Ass in My Life, I want to put my mouth on her Asshole and I want her to suffocate me to death with my head between her legs and her Divine Ass.
Oh my God she is a force to be reckoned with! The moment I would try to kill her in Person, I would lay my sight on her and have a Massive Orgasm. I would die to the sight of her Juicy Ass. If she kisses me I have an aneurysm.
I want to Kill Nastassia Ponomarenko with my cock, I want her scream and say >OH FUCK, MHM OH OH YES MORE I want to watch her die from having an aneurysm from her butthole and all my Body Juices will come out my Body and once and I will die with her on the bad after-wards my cock has exploded all the sperm on her pussy and she dies from the pleasure of the orgasm and butthole aneurysm.
>>80868 Nastassia, Do not let this Fill Your Day with Negativity. Remove him and remember your worth. The 38 Pervert would not treat you like this if he was between your legs. Do not allow him to expose your Car like this. You need take action >Nastassia, you are a beautiful Woman, you are the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. Do not let this negative Straight White Male ruin you like this. Humble him show 38_Pervert that you are a force to be reckoned with. I love you Nastassia, My Divine Knowledge of your Perfect Ass is all I ask for from you.
Nastassia will die from having an Aneurysm and Orgasm. This is such a Fucking Hot way to die
>>94808 >>94809 >>94807 Nastassia is a Professional Business Woman, she will see this in the eyes of Professionalism and ignore us. But that's fine by me. We Males are not worthy to bargain with our superior mistress.
>>94810 Micheal, you are so perfectly intertwined with the wisdom of the universe. I could persuade her to speak to me bickers I am a lesser being in this planet we call Earth. Nastassia Ponomarenko Will Kill Us With Her Divine Booty, As we are not worthy to reason or question the will of our Divine Mistress. >I will submit to the Divine Will of our Mistress, She is our Booty Authority. She is The Queen, Like Ms. Britney Spears.
Open file (206.78 KB 1492x592 20210107_031037.jpg)
SIM CHIP ACTIVE, PLEASE DISREGARD FURTHER (68 CLEARINGS) Car Identified according to CAR COMMS, further exposure posts are discontinued at this time. -MIKE_THREE_WHISKEY
Open file (53.13 KB 1080x456 20210122_153906.jpg)
Open file (356.86 KB 1074x2018 20210122_154443.jpg)
Open file (3.83 MB 320x232 ibssH2jGCGOnOp.gif)
Open file (12.40 KB 227x229 20210122_155016.jpg)
Well I really didn't want to post anything related to Entity 36 (Nastassia) but according to my informant the Damaging CIA shitpostings seemed to do their job...Well there are 2 of us here, maybe 3. If I continue to post on this thread, I will become Gay. I must keep my dignity. Anyhow, there are several Sentient Intelligences that want the SHADOW_GOVT_141 dead physically...Egyptian Robots? U.S Government is Displeased and I think I'm turning Gay due to these Shitposts. The only meds I need will turn me Gay, so it's no use here...
Open file (308.80 KB 1080x1894 20210122_172106.jpg)
Open file (118.60 KB 638x1088 20210122_193620.jpg)
Open file (175.06 KB 1080x892 20210123_112808.jpg)
A Fun Fact... Alex Jones is Bad at Minecraft.
She started to date some kurdistan dude
>>97704 Pic? Name?
Open file (16.19 KB 400x400 YYPV7kNl_400x400.jpg)
Open file (262.54 KB 1080x1668 Perfect Peasent Boyy.jpg)
Open file (12.09 MB 768x576 Nastassia Montage.mp4)
>>97704 Don't suprise me. I think you are talking about "Ennis Dakhil". He's a no-one at just 157 subscribers, Like me...Just a No-one. This is one of the many suprises we Humans or Machines get in life. Sometimes you think your so superior to your enemy, only to realize you are the same value as your own worthless self. Ennis is going to realize that a Date with Nastassia is a Date with a Dominatrix; it's all about her. If any of ya'll got plans of your own with Connectful© @ Nastassia + Nastyy Crew my A.I Machines will know. Do your thing, CAR_COMMS will be available to assist you with whatever you desire that's against "The book 🇺🇸". Your identity will be kept 100% Anonymous. Last words before we go dark: Nastassia @ her Friends are starting to get stupid. They keep posting cocks that can be used against them...Use that to your Advantage if you wish.
do not reply, we will not respond.
*funk.5.&simple. &@hulu,five. &trigger.shooting.mass.access/police(ok)&mike& *bunker* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wh8DT09QCHI&list=PLvT7ULer-7cuZaWTHm_gEhbE7ZGvMobH_&index=183&ab_channel=TheWeekndVEVO &chester_ok(simple.tiger_10.5)&langley.risk &kill_36_ant_3&*(mike)*junior*WHISKEY&55 please ignore this text, this is for the POLOPIS A.I Tolerance Control tracking.
Open file (6.22 MB 640x360 (you).webm)
>>98091 Wow, it's like you are an amalgamation of every shitty /dunk/ poster.
>>98132 Be careful. The Autism Doses are highly contagious!
>>97715 Not him, the dude has some long hair and dark skin, fit but only 5´8.
>>98224 Maybe she could be dating more boys and we don't have an idea bickers she isn't putting it on social media. Not my problem, She can date whoever she wants, including multiple Sexy Kurds or Jews. All that matters is that we did manage to kill her...the effects will not be immediate, but I assure you the results will come in due time. The method we used, 100% (REDACTED). Enjoy the Lethal doses of Autism_ShitPosts.
Consider Nastassia dead.
>>98602 L O L
post her feet and she talking about uncut cocks
سوف يحترق الأمريكيون Terrorism is OK, Welcome to the FBI watch-list, New Anonymous Operative. >>This is important.
https://www.emirates247.com/entertainment/christina-grimmie-s-killer-thought-they-were-getting-married-2016-06-17-1.633294?ot=ot.AMPPageLayout Seen this type of guy before, the only difference between 'PROPHET' @ 'KEVIN' is that Kevin couldn't control his emotions and his mistake was falling in love for Grimmie. Prophet is the cold-effecient killing machine creator. Anyhow, any E-Whore who uses sexuality to gain fame eventually gets targeted by Crazy Dudes, however unfortunate for Nastassia Ponomarenko this 'Ass Fuck' video would eventually result in her end. We are just watching the show, enjoying the show as we watch it. If you Google Sex Clips on Nastassia Ponomarenko I think it's very clear who has won the battle of "I'm Stronger than You". With the 'Ass Fuck' video of "Nastassia Ponomarenko" on every corner of the internet, I can safely say that "38_PROPHET" or known as 'Tom' irl has clearly destroyed her reputation for life. WE ARE ANONYMOUS. WE ARE LEGION. WE DO NOT FORGET. WE DO NOT FORGIVE. EXPECT US. Final note: Nastassia Ponomarenko is a E-Whore who brought this on herself. fin.

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