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Charlie Adler Thread Anonymous 05/16/2020 (Sat) 02:48:35 ID: ed5ab8 No.54774
Seriously! What the hell happened to this guy?!?!
>>72631 based
>>72631 I also imagine the OP is some skinnyfag with some shit beard, not much different from Dingo.
>>74211 I'm just chronicling one man's slow descent into madness
Didn't he see the leaked picture
Tell that to the thousands of victims of Beheading and Female Genital Mutilation in places like Saudi Arabia
Isn't Guo Wengui a pro-democracy activist that gets continuously targeted by China
Making fun of kids with Down-Syndrome.... How very classy Charles
>>78297 Ah yes, here at /cow/ we care a lot about Downies and other autists.
Still pissed off about last year
The tweet that perfectly describes all of this
Still sucking Cuomo's big wrinkled uncircumcised cock
The Mark Hamill way of dealing with the children of Republican politicians
Peace Treaties are considered propaganda now apparently...
Peace is only acceptable when Palestinians are involved
Trashing politicians are more important than rescuing sexually abused children
>>84160 Being the leftists are mostly pedophiles, I can't say I'm surprised.
>>84288 Wouldn't be surprised
>>83462 Based as fuck

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