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Ashton Parks, the obese Mister Metokur fanboy and Christian larper Anonymous 05/29/2020 (Fri) 03:04:24 No.58308
Ashton Parks is an obese canadian who first tried to gain online fame as a conservative zoomer, after failing to get attention that way he tried to focus on internet drama and get attention by attacking low hang fruits like jcaesar187 on Stream.me and then on Youtube on his channel PeoplesPopularPress. Being an obese hypocrite and ironybro he show up his own butthole on a live stream to trying to get more attention of jcaesar187 and his haters. Since then he is trying to use /cow/ culture and people invested on all this drama to get views and constantly brag about his numbers and having fans who love him for being an obese tard with a High vocabulary. Oddly enough, he never miss an opportunity to hold attention and make friends with other e-celebs, including extreme left wing figures like Kraut n Tea and not whites scammers like Coach Red Pill and Josh Moon, [all threed are jews], which seems strange from a right-wing white nationalist.
Thread archived if someone need it some day https://archive.vn/6Vewl
>>71541 btw anyone archived that Гунтstream from dlive with Ashton and Robi? I missed that and wanted to check how much Ashton acted like a woman
>>88135 More important and interesting, Zachfag should post the audio he recorded with Ashton, I myself would post and shill it on youtube to a-log Ashton.
The fat fucker loves blacks and jews and is an obese soy bitch wanting to be an e-celeb for his whole pathetic life. he will have Andy future, lol
what's his new channel
Is time to you join forces with the all might Гунтopia again, Ashton. I hope you have learned valuable lessons from the events that happened in the last months, don't try to be friend with snake e-celebs and kiwifags. Say sorry to us, and maybe we will help you again against those spics and pedos.
>>88648 He disrespected the we­asel father. Ashton will be sleeping with the geese soon enough.
>>88829 >>88830 Moliberry is the true master of this board, copetopia.
>>88830 there's way more spicy and fuck up secret records of him, he's doing his bast to make people delete those shit
Open file (1.41 MB 1556x1106 ashton poopteeth.png)
He is banning people from his chat for making fun of his teeth.
>>88911 Imagine the smell in that shit shack he lives with his gay lover Surfer. Jesus lord, the stench of this pig sweating and waddling around with his 500 pound ass.
>>89099 Robi said the place is very clean and smells nice, cope more.
>>89120 But surfer said he wouldn't even touch Toad McKinley's couch bickers of how disgusting and foul it is from having Ashton's unwashed half naked body on it 24/7.
>>89169 Where he said it? Post webm or video link.
Let's be honest here. Nothing hurt Ashton more than this fatal true: People watch him not bickers of him or his hot takes, but bickers of the cocks they expect from others, be those jcaesar187, Baked, or other e-celeb. No only that, what really fuck with his mind is this amazing fact. You said you wanted to be an e-celeb making videos about movies and shows, and yet, SURFER has better hot takes than you, for real, look at the X-files videos, all that Ashton do is saying facts from the X files wiki and a small review while Surfer is the one really saying interest things about the episodes and the meta-text.
Open file (61.49 KB 1024x576 imaginemyshock.jpg)
>>89232 >people watch the incarnation of /cow/ for the same reason they go to /cow/
Open file (491.00 KB 487x717 aborted.png)
>>89270 >Ashton is /cow/ incarnation
Ashton Parks still extremely butthurt about LeoPirate doing a better job than him on Daddy Gym interview.
I'm at least glad /cow/ boys haven't stoop to ass kissing, seriously the foxdick thread on Ashton got filled with his Simps
Open file (1.63 MB 3396x1088 TROONSTREAM PPP.png)
>>89966 >SIMPS look at this tro0m trying really hard to look a cool internet person
Ashton Parks is fat and unfunny. TeaClips is fat and unfunny. Fat people are not real people.
Open file (3.28 MB 320x200 ppp_hell_1.gif)
The unfunny dyke without talent love Jewsh Moon, the pedo.
>>89968 that trannyberry goblin still makes me laugh
Open file (199.51 KB 1555x416 ppp e-gf.png)
from the cyclical thread
Y'all are pathetic
Earwinson did a video about how shit Ashton irish gf is and a few hours late his channel is gone.
>>92442 No u
>>92374 jcaesar187 2.0 of course in fact
Open file (182.49 KB 769x1024 zoe.jpg)
Open file (1.91 MB 1400x1050 ClipboardImage.png)
>>93034 If zoe actually looked as good as she does in this pic I would in fact coom in her aids infested crib ridden pussy. too bad in reality she is a hag
>>92374 Holy God, you guys are pathetic.
Open file (1.15 MB 1500x1000 PPP2.png)
732 George Street North Suite 2b
>>93298 a few months ago Moliberry paid me some memecoins to fallow Robi to Ashton house like some autistic spy and get his address and with the prospect fuck Ashton for more memecoins I never imagined he actually is so close to me, almost one hour away lmao, and Moli never made me the same offer to fuck with Koi, what a faggot
>>93298 The indoor preview shows very similar decoration/layout to what we see in cooking with surfer, however there is a window above the sink in the listing while in the video there are cabinets. Looking at other listings by the same person, I found one that more closely matches the layout of his kitchen, but is still off: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-apartments-condos/peterborough/jan-1:-beaut-100-compl-renod-4brm-rotary-tr-util-laund-inc/1538480903 Same address though, so there is probably a set of homes in that area all owned by the same landlord and one of them is rented by him.
>>93561 misread the dox, my bad
>>93564 yeah, slightly different layout than the ones in either listing, but consistent style. I thought they were claiming it was the one in the listing not a different one.
>>93565 Watch the video at 1:17:30 its final confirmation. You won't regret. 723 George Street North Suite 2b Peterborough Ontario
>>93567 Nice.
>>93568 A fat guy that doesn't like pizza? Well I never!
>>93573 >sending pizzas to him wow, nice trolling bro!
>>93619 Stay mad ashton
anyone has a full list of ever single e-celeb, z-celeb and randoms which P P P sucked their dick while on VC or streams???
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auRiBpbRMpo >Mama JF is retard and can't learn anything As far I know, she can play violin, what about you, buddy? Ashton is four things. 1-Love to fuck e-celeb cocks 2-Daddy issues traits being part of the subtext 3-Eat like a pig 4-Recite kike fairy tales
>>97558 H-He can r-run on a football field...Oh wait!
Ashton is sperging on cuckchan /pol/ https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/308658716
Toad McKinley faggots are already seething and bitching about 3P for one year fucknig pathetic
>>97811 Why does Toad hate triple pee so much?
>>58308 Bruh you have any evidence on Janny Jewsh is jewish? I am pretty sure Kraut is jewish based on his (((german))) politician mom/his nose and CRP based on his behavior. But I haven't see any evidence for Janny Jewsh. And I am reasonably sure the only reason Toad McKinley associates with Kraut is bickers (((Toad McKinley))) wants to just like Toad McKinley brought in Leo even thought Toad McKinley was against it. Honestly Toad McKinley is a big of a spreg but most of his faults are probably due to Toad McKinley who flip flops much more than Toad McKinley. Most recently on Faith Vickers

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