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John Barnhill/koirey Barnhill/Koisheep/kimeemaru Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 06:39:16 No.70142
Names: John, real first name John Barnhill, Koirey Barnhill, Van, former twitch name Koisheep, Kimeemaru, prinny, dr oktoberfest last 2 are old steam names John Barnhill, otherwise known as the long lost brother of Corey Ray Barnhill is a 22 year old or 21 fat jewish leaf pedophile NEET who lives somewhere in Ontario, leafland. most likely Hamilton He is a newfag who got into image boards in 2015 during the tale-end of #gaymergoyim, this is what in his own words truly inspired him to get involved in the community/get political. He was an underagefag or a "teenbro" (in his own words) for most of his time on image boards. Besides being the pedophile that tried to spam Julay to death with cp He is most notably a failed z-celeb streamer and speedrunner who was so desperate for fame that he went to the Гунтstream of all places to garner a larger fanbase. went from 0-2 viewers to 6 fucking amazing improvement john! THE FAMILY John also has an amazing family that does not at all explain the fact that he was allowed 24 hour access to the internet as a teenager that did not at all fry his brain with cuckime and turn him into the sad pedophile that he is today. Johns family consist of him, his father, who is also an autistic NEET who watches interracial cuckold porn, smokes weed, plays video games and bullies john all day irl and in vidya; his mother who is the only member of the family with a job and who supports the entire household by herself; his onee-san who is a fat 28 year old with one son. her husband is a chubby chaser apparently according to John John's last family member is his imouto, a 17 year old autistic girl who sucks at 2hu and apparently plays with Legos, she drives him around everywhere he goes bickers he doesn't know how to drive. TIME ON THE ГунтSTREAM John Barnhill only came on the Гунтstream for clout at the recommendation of his irl friend prmanager, a massive faggot in his own right he knew little to nothing about lolcows, the Гунт or anything else and he had little interest in it. prmanager seems to know a little but I suspect he is a foxdick John would stream himself playing video games in which he was constantly bullied by a-logs for his lack of the ability to play them. John is only good at 2hu and some quake-rip off free to play fps, he absolutely sucks at everything else. John in particular is really bad at platformers like Mario and Megaman. besides streaming "games" he would also stream his "lovequest" member chris chan for an e-girlfriend, highlights of these streams include meeting a girl that revealed herself to be 13: >uhh sorry lad I can't do anything with you >you are underage sorry >like sorry but you are underage >yeah I know but I can't date you bickers your 13 your underage Despite this he hung around her a little longer instead of instantly leaving, and sounded almost like he was lamenting the fact that he couldn't legally have e-sex with this innocent girl, this is one of the first signs of john's pedophilia but its not the last. John tried courting one girl but she turned out to be a based chink who only dated in her race and so the kike was stood up yet again. >so uhhh ya I kinda need an e-girl girlfriend >oh you do? >ye and I am kinda a big deal >I am a professional 2hu player ya see >oh cool doesn't know wtf hes talking about >are you white though? I don't date G​AMERGATEs >actually I am Asian and I myself don't date outside of my race >oh..uhh....uh...by... Probably the most well known incident on the Гунтstream with John is when he read some of his disgusting dojins. Originally requested by a-logs since >they wanted to see just how far down the deep end he had gone after having shown them all the 2hu hentai he had recently torrented on tor. The first was one of patchouli knowledge being tentacle-raped, showing that John was already beyond "normal" hentai. One a-log specifically asked John for his favorite dojin, thinking that Johns already past comments on underage 2hus would make it some sort of fucked up lolikike shit. John than opened up a dojin with what appeared to be Flandre Scarlet about to be molested in a pre-schooler uniform. Most a-logs left in disgust as soon as they saw the toddlercon, others stayed to call him a pedophile. <uhh hey lads want to seem some quality dojinshi >sure <so ye how was that dojin <patchi was looking pretty hot <want me to read another dojin >sure but why not read your favorite <my favorite? John than plays around with wordy semantics seeming to feel uncomfortable until he is finally convinced to show his favorite dojin after high demand. <alright lads here it is >wtf >fuck this shit I am out >jesus koi wtf is this pedo shit? The next time he streamed John had photoshopped Corey Barnhill's face onto his tengu avatar over a burning background. OWNING THE MEME <I am owning the meme guys Owning the meme that you are a pedophile? Eventually John would start streaming less and less frequently, most likely due to the fact that he was tired of being bullied by a-logs for sucking at vidya, not streaming with his cute and legal imouto and not showing his mommies julayers, both of which he said he would do and both of which he failed to do. John would also grow a contempt and dislike for other Гунт restreamers. timeslot cucked John has also done some other retarded things that he spoke about while streaming on the off-hours of the Гунтstream: >once had an e-gf who he said an hero'd explains his desire for another e-whore to LARP with as his gf >has actually gone to America to meet up with "anons" in real life >one of the two "/pol/acks" he met was apparently non-white or a mutt John made comments about his supposed racial superiority despite the fact that he is a chubby jew. Desperate for fame and success as a speedrunner, tranny John Barnhill attended the canuck NASA (North American Speedrun Association), which was held on June 4th through the 10th of 2018, located at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites in St. Catharines, Ontario, near Toronto. His imouto had to drive him there since he still can't fucking drive. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=fzwpfeFQMis FAILED ATTEMPT TO KILL JULAY this will also recap the essayfag drama since its intertwined with John's plot >John now barely streams at all >cuckimepro disappears from the Гунтstream >supposedly sargoy and molidup microdoxxxed him and scared him off >the essays begin >some say that the Гунтstream is dead while others try to criticize it >its revealed that molidup and sargoy were joking about the microdoxxxx >cuckimepro said he wanted to take a break and fucked off by himself >essays continue anyways >essays accuse every single namefag of being z-celeb wannabes except robi and specifically incriminates molidup as a discord tranny "evidence" that molidup is a discord tranny: <he popped out of nowhere or he just decided to namefag than <uhh he got /mon/ even though the BO gave it to him <uhh he uses discord like robi and John and all the other Гунт restreamers? John begins to spread the rumors about molidup, another anon also purposefully pretended to be molidup to further slander him for fun. As the essays raged on the Julay irc was slowly infiltrated by a host of ni/gg/ers and /japan/ trannies that began to whisper sweet little nothings into robi and the other site staffs ears, Robi became disillusioned and sent in Farmfag to clean up the Гунтstream by forcing mods to change names. Musci, the BO of Julay/v/ and also a Гунт restreamer was having a hard time with the board, he felt pressured by marks shills and wanted to give the board over to someone else. <take the heh pill musci and give me the board <I'll take that board off of your hands goy >musci gives the board over to John >John restyles the board as having no "rules" besides the global rules this ends up inviting mark and joshes cp spammers but he probably intended it to be this way John and his 2hu trannies begin to mass spam /v/ with an endless torrent of loli and toddlercon and suggestive pictures of children. >a drunk and confused weasel notices this and begins to start removing all the pedo shit bickers he believed this would get the domain name taken down again like it had been a week or two before >John makes various memes of this to paint weasel as the evil janny >the next day this continues, but right when his ability to janny anything is questioned a cp spammer appears on /v/ >John keeps deleting the cp, but not actually banning the bot that was spamming the same images over and over again >weasel steps in and bans the spammer after which the cp spam stops <lol heh pill lol tengu based bane lol heh heh <wtf are you doing koi? <do your fucking job <AHAHAHAHA LOL HEH PILL AHAHAH CP IS FREE SPEECH LOL >John talks about how one pedo has decided to keep coming back everyday on Julay to spam cp >john barnhill nukes /v/ bickers he felt robi would demote him anyway due to the influence of the weasel >all of the ni/gg/ers and /japan/ trannies celebrate Julays death >John and his goons post a thread on /cow/ accusing weasel of allowing the cp to be spammed and weasel of killing Julay even though weasel was the one who stopped it >the caps offer little to no context behind the accusations against weasel >John post all over the webring and marks bunker about the death of Julay <the absolute madlad amirite!? >/tv/ and /a/ bunkers don't really buy his shit and already can see his shit-stirring these are random paraphrased quotes that I remember from a couple boards I was lurking and how they responded to John /tv/: >you get no sympathy from >us pedo /monster/: <tengu shit his pants and did nothing wrong fucking based! >I can tell your trying to start shit >weasel moves the thread on /cow/ to /meta/ a bad move on his part in my opinion >robi accuses him of over-jannying and removes his admin status for a few hours >robi restores /v/ and gives it to notrad >notrad is revealed to be another plant from John Barnhill >cp and lolishit are posted again >notrad nukes /v/ again for the ebin lulz THE POWER OF OLD /b/ STYLE TROLLING >Julay loses a lot of board traffic >stuck on backup domain >John celebrates this by using the momentum to launch his own site the pedoreich >John reveals in irc that his intention from the beginning was to crash julay with no survivors bickers muh heh pill and muh rulecucks and muh jannies hes just doing it to build a cult of personality >in a stream soon after, now deleted but archived he admits the entire reason for starting this shit was bickers a Гунтstreamer by the name of sargoy kept cucking his timeslot, when no one but him was even aware he had one <something that results in no survivors DEAD BOARD JOHN WON nawt really RECENT FAGGOTRY >John Barnhill declares victory and war on /cow/ and a-logs <their the real pedophiles bickers they don't like toddlercon >a-logs don't really care what John says and call him a pedophile >robi blacklist John from the webring on julays end, removes his Гунтstreaming key and finally tells him and his heh pilled pedofaggotry to fuck off from the irc >john begins to stream on twitch again >john gets less viewers than he did on the Гунтstream >pedoreich doesn't get many post besides offtopic loli and borderline cp post guess that stunt didn't work out john >hoppe-sama owner doesn't know memory and johns website is connected to the same server >hoppe-sama remains frozen and dead to this day >pedoreich dies in less than a month and john gives up on it >john now has only /japan/ and /2hu/ on prolikewoah which get zero post besides the drama thread where he and other /japan/ trannies larp as oldfags >butthurt john starts shilling thread 9 even more </cow/ is dead </cow/ are the real pedophiles <TROONSTREAM TROONSTREAM <WEASEL >dolphin attacks johns public irc and temporarily takes it over >extreme butthurt is caused by this >dolphin attacks johns private irc >server owner said didn't support loli but loli was in the server name and his hostname >even has a !loli command >finds out the private irc server is locally hosted AT&T is the isp >dolphin begins leaking server ips >johns goons run in terror from the dolphins extreme autism >john finds out that a-logs and the dolphin have been archiving all his streams >john stops streaming and hides most of his streams >john changes the narrative >now weasel didn't just let the cp be spammed he spammed it and so did dolphin butthurt.png >john barnhill internet defense force continues to cope in the drama thread that they totally won but are also to afraid to post there and are confined in their irc >dolphin keeps spamming /japan/ >dolphin begins spamming all of prokikewoah to send a message to loleron that the spam won’t stop bickers john is being platformed >dolphin gets tired of lolerons ignorance of johns crimes and manages to doxxxx loleron aka francis gurahoo with the help of a /cow/boy >sends ups boxes and pizza to loleron >manages to make a deal with francis that if he gives john and /japan/ the boot he will leave him and the rest of prokikewoah alone >/japan/ is set to get the boot from prokikewoah >seething john starts writing tons of butthurt tengu reports >john is forced to go to mark mann and acidkikes blacked.gov bunker >half of /japan/ tells john that they are fine with it anyways and admit they are ni/gg/er crossposters >small portion of /japan/ tells john to fuck off >john is eternally butthurt that he must go to the most jannied and compromised bunker >/japan/ is deleted So much for being heh-pilled when you seek refuge from the biggest janny kike of them all john. DEAD BOARD A-LOGS WON RANDOM FACTS John barnhill was the first person to use the word troon, orignally used on one of his lovequest steams this suggest that it was john barnhill who created and pushed the "troonstream" meme. John barnhill believes that becoming the little girl is the final redpill, he is a tranny in this sense. John barnhill states that aya is his waifu but this is really a cover for wanting to have sexual relations with Flandre and Remilia Scarlet, Chen, and of course Cirno. all of these 2hus are underage physically or mentally in one way or another He larps as aya so he can make his fake news and gossip about himself and others like a faggot. John barnhill sexually rated his own sister, describing her as cute, but refusing to share her with the rest of the a-log audience. johns now calls a-logs the real pedos for wanting to see and marry his sister but she is 17 and is legal in most of the united state and all of canada. Prmanager stated that john barnhill lives on a american indian reservation and that this has kept him from being arrested for cp charges, if true this means that john is half-kike and half-injun. Since it is john’s father that drinks it is best to assume his father is the injun and his mother is the jewess. Side Story: John barnhill attempted to infiltrate and subvert tvch, he did this via his buttbuddy and fellow pedophile eden, who was able to obtain /dup/ when Gahoole was desperate for someone to janny it due to fear of being v& due to CIA G​AMERGATEs fedposting. Eden was a rulecucked faggot who ruined the board in his attempt to try to turn it into a second /pol/, this is ironic considering the fact that john and most of his pedo buddies are supposedly heh-pilled and don’t give a shit about muh rules. Eventually, gahoole grew tired of Eden’s faggotry and booted him, John Barnhill was a butthurt faggot about this in fact of course. It is very likely that a BO on tvch is still one of kois pedogoons due to a screenshot that john posted recently showing that he was aware that gahoole had recently appointed the weasel as a janny due to his present situation with the feds having v& his pc over false cp accusations. On a side note although john and his pedo goons would regularly suck gahooles cock on various /dunk/ threads in which they would celebrate the supposed death of Julay and warn him of the evils of the weasel it is noted that while on thread 9 koi and his goons would regularly also call /tv/ and gahoole the real pedophiles for disliking loli, and incels. hapa PEDO CABAL prmanager: >Johns best irl friend >pedophile or pedophile sympathizer >described john's imouto as having an 8/10 face and a flat chest. >massive faggot >probably a foxdick >allegedly lives in Florida where he goes to college there This is a retelling of the events when prmanager actually was dumb enough to reveal johns real name to the world: <when your mom is like calling for you <johh? <john?! <john get out here and help me! Notrad: >pedophile >massive faggot >the second /v/ BO after musci and john’s proxy >nuked Julay/v/ for a second time bickers le ebin oldfag /b/ trolling Eden: >John’s proxy in his attempt to infiltrate tvch >/geimu/ and former /dup/ bo >pedophile >ironically a massive rulecuck despite supposedly being heh-pilled >rulecucked /dup/ to death in his gay quest to make it a second /pol/ >even got called a rulecuck by his other pedo friends when he jannied on /geimu/ Agent Johnson: >history of being a pedophile mod on cuck/a/ >admitted to posting toddlercon >known fedposter on 9chan Other associates: Outofplace/Butthurt Torfag/Niggerchu: >former Гунтstream superfan and now its number 1 a-log >molikike lives rent free in his head forever >constantly post his gay larp on thread 9 and all over the webring in his effort to destroy /cow/ and the troonstream John’s sites: https://tengureich.com/ (died in less than month, lol hmu) https://prolikewoah.com/japan/ (cucked by dolphin) https://prolikewoah.com/2hu/ (unsure where he still has ownership of this place) https://8chan.moe/japan/ https://sportschan.org/v/ (not sure if he owns it but he is associated with it) https://cytu.be/r/kimeemaru https://cytu.be/r/koisheep https://www.twitch.tv/kimee/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/Kimeemaru https://tracr.co/user/330379076701519892 (discord) These could be his or his friends: https://www.twitch.tv/kakku_seal https://www.twitch.tv/masterofthecrows John’s public irc: #2hu8chan Private irc ip: feel free to drop by if its still up, but I would use tor John video archives: https://anonfiles.com/J3u0N6Gao6/john_barnhill_7z https://anonfiles.com/pb18IaG9o6/john_barnhill2.tar_gz https://anonfiles.com/JdY3A0H1oc/john_barnhill3_7z https://files.catbox.moe/2eoftr.mkv john barnhill face reveal https://files.catbox.moe/0bjm4x.mkv cooking with john barnhill https://files.catbox.moe/xbx5zr.mp3 john barnhill no jannies allowed.mp3 REMEMBER JOHN YOUR THREAD IS FOREVER
>>99635 John was busy shilling himself on cuckchan for attention, he also has done a couple streams where he accuses anyone he doesn't recognize or ask him about questions such as about the imouto or his mothers tits as being the dolphinfag, other than that I really can't think of much to say other than that he created an irc called #/japan/ on irc.sageru.org where (you) are free to fuck with him anonymously, just connect to a via a vpn bickers I don't trust that fucking place since it seems to have a lot of weird pedos on it like john himself. John really hasn't changed that much in the last couple of months other than the fact that he seems burnt out on running his gay ops so I have seen a lot less shilling of his on the webring. don't worry I suspect it will make a comeback, he did return after an almost 3 month hiatus after all One of the biggest problems with him is that at this point he kind of just shuts out anything if (you) try to mess with him and tries to ignore him, prodding him enough as I have has made him end up like Гунт, to cowardly to truly engage with his own a-logs.
Open file (361.18 KB 1884x480 693546285489.png)
>>99734 >don't worry I suspect it will make a comeback Right on cue. I never understood if the default danbooru filename was intentional and was supposed to be a signal for "hey it's me", or if he was just being a lazy retard. He always left the filenames like that when doing his birdslut reporting, and it's something his wannabe impersonator never picked up on.
>>99917 Isn't that funny, those kissu faggots sheltered them forever and now they turn on them. I remember the dolphinfag and some other anons in this thread doxxxed the kissu owner last year, in the part of leafland the owner lives lolikike is so his hand was forced, its not like the pedo wanted to remove lolishit but he had no choice. <LE EBIL JANNY John has a pattern of burning bridges, when zzzchan inevitably implodes due to all the pedos on it john will turn on the retarded zigger king for being the evil janny like he has to all previous "friends."
>>99920 *lolikike is illegal
>>99920 You say that like its impossible for the websites to change in a way that makes cutting ties with them justified, hell you even admit to doing gay ops in order to force just that to happen. I have no doubt that given the opportunity you'd make zzzchan "implode" as well and all the anons displaced in the process is just collateral damage that you don't give a fuck about. As a third party in all this that just wants to see an altchan meet some semblance of success in order to be a part of a healthy imageboard community again its impossible for me to take the side of the people who would gleefully destroy them all and guarantee that I'll never get what I want if only it meant some guy they don't like can no longer have a platform anywhere. Meanwhile the other side just seems to be minding their own business and discussing ways in which some altchans have failed to garner an audience and how they could be improved on to build the very thing that I want to see built. When the motives of each side are so cut and dry how could anyone take the side thats maliciously destroying everything they can out of spite?
>>99932 >You say that like its impossible for the websites to change in a way that makes cutting ties with them justified, hell you even admit to doing gay ops in order to force just that to happen. I have no doubt that given the opportunity you'd make zzzchan "implode" as well and all the anons displaced in the process is just collateral damage that you don't give a fuck about. I mean if I could flip a switch and see all pedo chans disappear I would but obviously that switch doesn't exist. I don't give a shit about pedophiles and their space to discuss fucking kids. I do however find it funny to watch them turn into a spectacle and destroy themselves. >Meanwhile the other side just seems to be minding their own business and discussing ways in which some altchans have failed to garner an audience and how they could be improved on to build the very thing that I want to see built. When the motives of each side are so cut and dry how could anyone take the side thats maliciously destroying everything they can out of spite? Truly an unbiased (((third party))). The subject of this thread is literally a faggot that declared war and attempted to destroy everywhere he didn't like and yet (you) only focus on the anons who decided to respond to him in kind? I do agree with (you) I don't wish to take the side of pedofaggots that wish to destroy everywhere that doesn't bow to them and allow them to post their fucked up shit, fuck those faggots and fuck their use of "free speech" as as an excuse to post said shit. I really don't give a shit what (you) want, (you)r and my vision for the future of image boards doesn't line up, the future of image boards doesn't and shouldn't belong to pedophiles faggots, but keep using muh free speech and muh imageboard community as an excuse to justify your obvious degeneracy.
>>99935 >the future of image boards doesn't and shouldn't belong to pedophiles But they do, thats why even this board originated on a "pedo chan" that you wouldn't have flipped the switch to destroy at the time bickers it was beneficial for you to latch onto that community in order for this board to even exist in the first place. And once it ceased to be a "pedo chan" you left along with everyone else, have you ever asked yourself why? Or were you just cocks to unquestionably ride the wave of imageboard migrations from site to site up until now? Until you came to the realization of whos coat tails its been that you've been hanging off this entire time and now you don't want them to be in control anymore. So you'll sit on your dead site with a single digit number of users doing gay ops to try and take that control away wherever it manifests regardless of the damage it does. Even if it costs the future of imageboards all together in your eyes their death is preferable to not being under your control. If you want to see what your vision of future imageboards is then take a good look at this one bickers the only thing you have to blame for the sorry state that its in is your control over it.
Can anyone fill me in on what happened between him and Tewifag?
Open file (982.96 KB 500x281 koko_tableroll.gif)
>>99944 You know there's a funny little dissonance between wanting a free and open heh-pilled imageboard, but don't dox or it will be the end of the future of all imageboards. If that counts as control on top of jannying, why draw the line there? Wouldn't actions such as cozying up to site administrators in IRC, actively riling people up over things you know aren't true XANDER and being a wannabe influencer playing board police also count as acts of control?
>>99948 Can you not see the worlds of difference between "cozying up to a site administrator in IRC" and finding out their identity and using it to blackmail them into running the site how you want it to be run? In a way that has demonstrably resulted in people vacating the site en masse? Is it really that hard for you to understand that the existence of bad actors willing to go to those lengths to exert control is a very real threat to the future of imageboards?
>>99950 Well, both are probably inevitabilities for image boards. Doubly for a /b/ or /b/-lite. Part and parcel if you will.
>>99951 That you'd even suggest that admins should just accept the inevitability of being doxxed and blackmailed into running their site how someone else wants it to be run just goes to show the harm thats been caused already. As if the number of people who would potentially see hosting an imageboard as a worthy venture wasn't low enough before.
Open file (127.64 KB 646x1235 grail_kun.png)
>>99953 Is that calculated risk new information for you? That's a bit of a naive take. Especially if you're going to demand cocks that's outright illegal in some peoples' koi's countries.
>>99944 >pedos own the future of imageboards <(you)have to accept >us or (you) are anti-free speech and will kill image boards goy <you are a murderer can't (((you))) see? Except they don't, this place still gets plenty of activity among YOU AND YOUR 5 FUCKING PEOPLE WOW OH MY GAWD PLEASE and tvch also exists which is one of the largest sites on the webring right now. I never supported any of the pedo boards on 8chan, on julay and never will support any on the webring. Well at least you are being honest about being a pedophile faggot, it does everyone a favor instead of playing mind games with everyone, well you still are but that doesn't really matter.
>>99947 John hates tewifag bickers he got the /2hu/ BO trevor to kill himself.
>>99955 Funny how your shining example of success on the webring is /japan/ which has always been a den of cunnyposting pedos going all the way back to 4chan with them jerking it to chloe moretz and the like. Really makes you think.
>>99958 >/tᴠ/ gets wordfiltered to /japan/ Why though?
Open file (76.20 KB 301x304 niggerchu.png)
Sargonchu thinks every single one of you is a massive retard. You should stop masturbating to small children and take it easy -Sargonchu
>>99989 is anyone gonna steal the 99999 get
>>99993 I mean I can understand if no one wants to do it since this board is so shit and all. I wouldn't want to post here either.
Open file (44.64 KB 800x473 happy day.png)
Open file (4.31 MB 1100x1536 1917 WW1 dubs.png)
>>99993 >>100000 99999 was stolen from you G​AMERGATE, however I will still check your digits
>>99989 >Sargonchu Lynxchan wordfilters are case sensitive baka G​AMERGATEchu.
>>99989 Hello N​IGGERchu.
Open file (201.97 KB 230x358 rusalka.png)
>>99917 Personality boards, am I right?
>>100186 lol bro that guy is a fat weeb. how does that make u feeel?
Open file (584.87 KB 1194x1492 byakuren_gaytor_final.png)
>>100187 That's some nice OC there, lad. You don't see quality like that in the twatters.
>>100191 bro i miss when byakuren was a hot babe that wore a sexy leather bikesuit
>>70142 Any pics of his imouto?
>>100391 I wish anon, sadly not, john was a coward and never showed her to the world.
Open file (220.70 KB 1332x345 john_visit.png)
Sorry john I was a bit busy, but I did finally get your call for attention.
Open file (10.50 MB 1280x720 guntfiction.webm)
autisically written in a span of 20 minutes over the course of about 3 days in short burst of tism John's wonderful visit: Written by anonymous, Narrated by patrick nelson. It was a grueling and brutal night, john had just finished torrenting his newest set of legally gray dojins with the help of the Tor network. "ahhh yeee I am gonna cooom me in sooooome socks tonight," john said as he got one of his many used up socks and was about to cum to some of the questionable material. Suddenly john could hear the loud sound of a dolphin from outside. "W-what was t-that?!" john uttered in a disturbed psychologically broken voice. He quickly pulled the drapes around his window to see a true horror, multiple flying dolphins were floating around his house. "WTF L-L-LADS W-WTF." "Hey john! John over here!" John looked down to see a large ogre riding on a massive demonic dolphin, holding a picture of him, along this ogre were an assorted cast of his arch enemies, he jumped off the dolphin and looked him straight in the eye, "Hey is this the residence of john barnhill, the brother of corey barnhill the pedophile?" John didn't answer, too afraid to even say anything, suddenly a dolpin popped in front of his window with glowing red eyes, the john screeched like one of the many little girls he had imaged molesting and quickly fell back. The Dolphin attempted to break down his window, but luckily john had locked the window, quickly he pulled the drapes back, then muster all the energy he had john tried to move his bed into a position to where it would block the window. Despite this john could still hear the dolphin cries outside, the honking of a car had also begun to be continually repeated. John quickly turned back to his computer and booted up teamspeak, he called his trusty Pr manager. "P-pr manager its t-them, the /cow/ faggots somehow f-found me!?" prkike reacted with a girly whispery gasp, "WHAT? Wait wtf can I do for you?" "What do you mean pr manager give me some fucking advice!" "I don't know john don't you have a couple guns, just shoot those jannys, for peets sake!" "W-well here is the thing I kinda sold my guns for a new graphics card, you know being a NEET and all capital is a little hard to come by-" pr manager disconnected from the call, suddenly johns internet had cut out. "Blast those obvious and true pedos obviously must have cut my internet!" john said as he got the only thing he could think of using as his weapon, his hotplate. Meanwhile, the slaphead walked up to the door alongside a small Toad McKinley and seal, he continually knocked on the door. "Hey MRS. barnhill can john come out to play?" the knocks got louder and louder until the door opened, it was johns imouto. "Are you guys like johns friends or something?" the imouto asked in as cute a way as an injun-jew hapa could as possible. Toad McKinley was taken aback by the hapas surprising cuteness, "uhh yes you could say >we are his friends, >we were like here to hang out for a bit and ask him about some things he had well uhh done." "Really? John doesn't ever go out and ever since his only friend moved to America for college he hasn't really done much, well I don't really know why you are here at this hour but not like I really care, I'll go get john for you in fact of course." the imouto cutely shut the door and went upstairs to get john. "So does this mean that the mothers julayers aren't here right now?" The small snow Toad McKinley asked the ogre, "uhh I don't fucking know, I barely know anything about this faggot anyways, I just wanted to pay him a visit for all the gay shit he's been posting on my site." "Don't worry Toad McKinley I will ensure that the julayers are secured this time." the seal said reasuringly to the Toad McKinley. "Well, his sister was cute for a mongrel." the ogre uttered off puttingly. Suddenly there was a loud roaring noise coming from the van outside, in it was siegethot, having already shot johns brother in the head she was raring to finish the job and wasn't going to wait quitly like the ogre and the rest were for the imouto to come back. siegethot drove the van straight into the house, promptly crushing John's fathers computer, and on it his entire blacked cuckold collection. "What was that noise?" uttered the slaphead as he noticed the giant hole in John's house, "damnit that woman has no sense or manners, I am not going to allow her to take all the glory." Using his ogre strength, Toad McKinley simply broke the door down and followed siegethots footsteps, the Toad McKinley and the seal followed.
The imouto knocked on johns' door, "john, uhh john, you have visitors" "NOT THE BEST FUCKING TIME, AND NO I DON'T HAVE ANY VISITORS OR ANY FUCKING FRIENDS, PLEASE TELL THEM TO GO THE FUCK AWAY." "God you are always so rude, if you don't open up I am not going to try your dump uhh well those stupid touhou games of yours ever again, those people actually seemed pretty ni-" "GODDAMMIT SHUT THE FUCK UP" just as john said such a thing to his own imouto, thinking that it was truly a shame that she had gone through puberty as she had truly lost all her attraction, and bickers of that he had lost the desire to molest her as he had regularly done previously. Unbeknownst to him, siegethot had knocked the imouto out with the butt of her Гунт and was about to break in. "Hey lady at least let me help end him!" Toad McKinley said as he ran towards her along with the Toad McKinley and seal who had now hung onto his back. "Just break down the door for me, you can get a hand at him, but I get to put the final bullet in his head." "Good deal lady," The slaphead used his autistic ogre tard strength to bust down the door that john had locked and also blocked. John was in the middle of jerking off to the cp that pr manager had earlier brought him, "freeze you fucking pedophile" siegethot pointed the gun at him. "WTF NOOOOOOO HOW COULD T-THIS HAPPEN?!" Siegethot shot the first bullet onto johns prized portrait-mode monitor, destroying the display of the cp, next the Toad McKinley used his Toad McKinley vision to janny johns computer from the earth, removing the cp. "wtf b-bros, y-you s-s-see a-all the things I d-did, it was a-all a j-joke b-but you guys just took it all way to seris-" the ogre punched john so hard in the faced that his ugly jewish nose broke. "THAT'S FOR POSTING CRAP ON MY SITE YOU DISGUSTING PEDOPHILE!" The seal than bit johns leg, "that's for the imouto abuse!" The Toad McKinley than used his Toad McKinley vision to remove johns prized fumos from existence, "that's for the lack of mommy julayers." Finally, siegethot took john aside and slap him, john was on the ground, he tried to escape but siegethot shot him in the foot when he tried to get up, realizing there was no escape john closed his eyes and prepared to die. "auuuugh brb gensokyo, uhhhh damnit man I never got to fuck any of the (((best))) 2hus" he thought to himself. As siegethot unloaded her final round john somehow vanished at the last second before it could make contact with his ugly jewish-injun face. "Wtf happened, where did he go?" The slaphead asked with confuesion, vocalizing what had just gone through everyone's head. "Well fuck, I'm going to go search for the mommy julayers," said the seal. John had awakened in a room. "W-where am I?" asked john, suddenly a large fat man appeared to him dressed in white and yellow, clad with a large yellow spiral symbol (pedo symbol) on top of his costume. "I managed to use what was left of my powers to save you....brother." "Brother?" John asked. "Yes I am Corey Barnhill, the son of your mothers previous husband." "Oh I had never really known about you lad" john said nervously. Corey ignored him and continued "I am already dead, I was killed by that woman clad in siege-related attire, she came after you, but I mustered the last of my spirit to summon you here, to my secret not RAPE chamber." john had also noticed that his wound on his leg from siegethots bullet had healed, "I also healed your wounds' john, now go to the chamber and put fulfill your destiny john." Гунтsped said, as he did, he started to become translucent. "W-what destiny?" john asked again in a quiveringly pathetic voice that only a pedophile would have. "You must succeed me and become the new pedosped john, and usher in a true era of pedophile acceptance into the world, uhhh I am l-losing what's left o-of my influence here on the physical realm, >we might m-meet again, u-until >we d-do, remember your destiny." Corey barnhill the pedophiles ghost disappeared. John got up and walked over to the autistic LARPy container containing an identical godspeed uniform for his own use, rather than clad in this uniform he quickly went to the computer in the hidden pedo chamber to alert his pr manager that he was alive. "kime got an in-person visit from some bad actors (likely /japan/ or /cow/ G​AMERGATEs) and is laying low for a while a la Loleron. According to his last IRC post, he's ok physically but is still wired up."
Open file (54.70 KB 430x200 1615958323448.png)
Open file (118.74 KB 410x348 1504254080332.png)
Open file (372.63 KB 500x500 1510420400460.png)
Open file (5.33 MB 1280x578 956828710523.webm)
Sounds like a big convoluted ME-gasm from John resulting from >>99917 which didn't even mention anything about avatarfagging or clownpiss. If you want your avatar to be the next guy fawkes, you need to explicitly state it or else /v/iggers aren't going to get it. And it's kind of retarded anyway. They all talk like G​AMERGATEchu, so you'd have been better off imitating them rather than have them imitate you. Or just use G​AMERGATEchu as the champion of the revolution.
>>101333 >look at what the webring has done to me should have been a dolphin or a Toad McKinley due to johns ptsd towarss them both Apparently a couple /cow/boys, an ogre and a dolphin were to much for the based teenbro oldfag, honestly john was a retard with the way he used his blacked.gov vol powers to just delete things. <lol I deleted duh /interracial/ board I am so based Why not go for a long-con and seize more power john you already had your fellow pedos trust, this is like that G​AMERGATE seleting things on 8kun, its not a creative us of mod powers at all, but it also shows john could only run an effective campaign when he had any janny powers in the first place despite supposedly hating them.
>>101336 *towards *deleting
Open file (171.56 KB 746x444 dead_board.png)
DEAD BOARD /cow/ WINS john will be back in 2 months I guess
>>101342 You say that like the owner of this board hasn't also given up and fucked off bickers his board is dead. These isolated altchan hugboxes all dying is for the best as it will encourage their former users to congregate together and interact again on whichever platform remains.
Open file (35.48 KB 1884x190 419695463771.png)
>>101349 Do you want jannies or don't you? Make up your mind my dude. >nu-julay You still crack me up.
I have no ideia what's going on with the new BO situation, but John is already feeling pretty welcomed back on the cyclical and posting very frequently again.
>>101342 J O H N L O S T O H N L O S T
Open file (216.28 KB 305x305 nanaca-crash.png)
Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:11] <st0rm> hello is this still /a/ owner Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:11] <st0rm> this is gay op man Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:11] <st0rm> come in claud, I have a proposition for you Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:11] <Nepfag> I'm not Claud. I'm the smuglo.li admin though Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:11] <st0rm> close enough Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:12] <st0rm> would you be willing to add 8gag to the webring if they work out their technical problems with the plugin Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:15] <st0rm> this is coming from their gvol cabal, of which I am a member Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:17] <st0rm> it should be ready within a couple of weeks Dec 02 18:10:19 <Nepfag> [06:50:19] <Nepfag> Eh, sure. Everyone can join the webring as long as they don't fake their stats or DDoS other webring sites Dec 02 18:10:20 <Nepfag> [06:50:24] <st0rm> well /cow/ is still part of it lmao Dec 02 18:10:20 <Nepfag> [06:50:26] <st0rm> but I will pass the message along, thank you Dec 02 18:10:20 <Zuggy> [06:51:19] I didn't know 8kunt was still up Dec 02 18:10:20 <Nepfag> [06:57:20] <st0rm> would you also be interested in joining the site owner cabal, it is a collective to help keep the webring sites up Dec 02 18:10:20 <Nepfag> [06:57:20] <st0rm> original invitation: https://pastebin.com/EJBj1GWh Dec 02 18:10:20 <Nepfag> [06:57:20] <st0rm> I hate you but you can join I guess, take the truce pill Dec 02 18:10:20 <Nepfag> [06:57:20] <st0rm> it's a suppository Dec 02 18:10:20 <Zuggy> [07:03:30] So who is the BO of 8kunt supposed to be now Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [10:58:40] assuming that's not just some rando ebin trol, that's pretty funny Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [10:59:06] also that paste is gone Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [11:00:21] anyway yeah Nepfag is correct that the only thing that would stop that is if they faked their stats Dec 02 18:10:20 <Zuggy> [11:00:22] It was him saying that zchans and tengu were already on it Dec 02 18:10:20 <Zuggy> [11:00:43] Along with a paragraph of shitposting Dec 02 18:10:20 <Nepfag> [11:01:13] I copied it: https://pastebin.com/91PMFxje Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [11:02:28] yuck, why would we want to join their fag discord? Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [11:03:05] >their technical problems with the plugin Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [11:03:22] this part attracts my attention, if they're having problems it might be my fault Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [11:03:42] it's my code they're trying to run there Dec 02 18:10:20 <Zuggy> [11:05:04] The updated version of inifinity? Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [11:05:39] wait, 8chan.moe is running lynx Dec 02 18:10:20 <Tenicu> [11:05:49] not my problem then~ Dec 02 18:10:20 <Hoihoi> [12:10:17] [ENFORCEMENT] Dropped hammer on /a/ post #878938 per rule #3. Dec 02 18:10:21 <Susher> [12:11:49] .headpat Dec 02 18:10:21 <Hoihoi> [12:11:50] [CHAT] Thank you, master. Dec 02 18:10:21 <Nepfag> [17:16:07] I joined it, bickers getting more sites on the webring is a good thing Dec 02 18:10:21 <Zuggy> [00:36:49] I'd still be wary of anything to do with those shitposters, though I'm sure you probably know that well. Dec 02 18:10:21 <***> Playback Complete. Dec 02 18:10:21 -*status- Welcome to RizonBNC.us.Rizon.net Dec 02 18:10:21 -*status- Dec 02 18:10:21 -*status- Dec 02 18:10:21 -*status- Dec 02 18:10:21 -*status- Dec 02 18:10:21 -*status- Dec 02 18:10:21 -*status- Where are you? Dec 02 22:49:09 <NotCIA> Gross, but a unified webring is ultimately a good thing. Dec 02 23:10:13 <Tenicu> what gets me is their goals of "improving PR with users" and "swaying public opinion to reduce inter-board animosity" Dec 02 23:10:14 <Tenicu> like, why? Dec 02 23:10:14 <Tenicu> the idea of trying to get all anons across the ring to like us never even occurred to me Dec 02 23:10:14 <Tenicu> and it's fine if boards harbour some animosity towards each other, desirable even Dec 02 23:10:49 <Zuggy> It's probably bickers everyone sees them as a bunch of shitposters Dec 02 23:17:36 <Tenicu> thing is, they go tie themselves up in knots with their metafaggotry where they assume that we too must be wrapped up in thoughts of how to 'defeat' them Dec 02 23:17:37 <Tenicu> in truth the struggle is to remember they even exist Dec 02 23:17:37 <Tenicu> multiple times i've been contacted by other BOs/admins looking to bury the hatchet Dec 02 23:17:37 <Tenicu> each time i've had to wrack my brains to remember who they even are and what hatchet they're talking about Dec 02 23:18:32 <NotCIA> It's bickers a lot of them have boring boards so they thrive on metafaggotry Dec 02 23:18:37 <Tenicu> (and the hatchets only ever existed in their own metapilled heads) Dec 02 23:18:58 <Zuggy> Autism and oversocialisation is a hell of a thing Dec 02 23:23:23 <Zuggy> Might as well let the topic lie and let them keep it amongst themselves Koi was ambassador for blacked.moe getting into the webring.
>>101540 >Koi was ambassador for blacked.moe getting into the webring. We already knew this. What wasn't known was this faggotry too: https://files.catbox.moe/m417w5.zip
>>101545 I mean it was a given that he bent the knee for streaming rights and failed to migrate his users there, but it's funny they had him do PR errands too. It also aligns with one of the timed spergouts. >>92040 The smug dump is where I got it from. Other than commentary during periods of webring autism and some choice greps, I didn't really get much from it. I assume hosting on fran isn't a secret, unless they're proxying elsewhere.
Open file (17.38 KB 566x597 koi_janny.png)
>>101540 Of fucking course he was, that makes a lot of sense, he is always friendly with people before he knives them in the back, the fact that to this day he is still in shock by the fact that he isn't thought of as an ebin hero and member kinda surprises me, his lack of self-awareness is pretty incredible.
Open file (307.00 KB 800x1800 gaytorreddit.png)
>>101552 *memer
john is back, he couldn't live without us and his cp stash
Open file (119.95 KB 589x461 john_returns.png)
>>101647 Of course, he wouldn't leave, my guess is my couple of shitposts mocking him got him to come back a little sooner, the thing with john is he can't leave the internet.
Never forget that day john posted cp, truly a day to remember anons! https://archive.is/ppsNx
Open file (32.98 KB 510x422 john_nu_stream.png)
Open file (211.79 KB 1234x347 japan_raid_tv.png)

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