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#GamerGoyim + Ni/gg/er Thread [cake/v/ + /gg/]: "pedophilia is just like basic biology bro trust me" Edition Toad 05/10/2021 (Mon) 09:40:06 ID: 113fc0 No.102181
This thread is a place for a complete dedicated discussion of the #S​ARGON general from the remnants of 8chan's /v/, otherwise known as cake/v/, the thread has a history of discussing anything but a 7-year-old dead movement attacking a strong woman and mostly prefers to be a /pol/-lite mixed with discussion of why furfaggotry and pedophilia are actually totally based and something an oldfag would endorse! The #S​ARGON thread is a walking contradiction, whether it is the fact that they claim to be oldfags despite the fact that they are clearly redditors that latched onto 8chan for a semblance of the lack of culture they so desperately crave, and hence their obsession/attachment to old gamergay related memes such as vivian and the exodus from 4chan, claim to hate kikes one minute but use a board run by a jew and claim he is /ourkike/ the next, or just the simple fact that during #gamergay they constantly talked about how it wasn't really a natzee movement run by manhaters while posting how much they hated queen anita, there is something truly fascinating about these subhuman pedophile oldfag larpers. It is to say that these subhumans in all their time posting about the same fucking shit for so long have never changed and have forever remained as redditors trying so desperately to fit in with anons, the only thing they successfully adopted was the massive cope that pedos on image boards and websites all around the internet have used to justify their disgusting want to molest innocent children. I think it is fine time that >we finally had a new thread that discussed the ni/gg/ers, even though /cow/ has been a zombie board dedicated to the exclusive discussion of jcaesar187 and jcaesar187 related individuals for almost 3 years chuckles for some reason >we live so rent-free in these pedos heads that whenever something happens to their little hugbox they blame >us. The fact is these pedophile faggots are an endless supply of julay that keeps on giving, their autistic statements never cease to amaze me, it is time that instead of simply lurking the thread I shared the autism with the rest of you 5 autists here and had a little of fun for once just like old fag times. gaytor As of now acidfed and mark mann the pedophiles have begun to openly allow pedophiles to discuss their wanting to fuck little girls on blacked.gov, otherwise known as markchan, cakechan, 8blacked, or marks personal pedo haven. >We know that they allow said discussion bickers they themselves are pedophiles. Ni/gg/ers, have shockingly come out in support of pedophilia, I know shocking! It isn't as if 7 years of their thread hasn't already shown how much they want to fuck little kids and proven queen antia and zoe right about #gamergay. Apparently the king slaphead directly contacted mark and has supposedly convinced him to remove the board, but I don't think that has happened as of yet and the cp spam is still pretty intense over there right now. Recent ni/gg/er thread where they were having their meltdown: https://archive.is/zsOGa /cow/ was being blamed for everything as "/cow/ are duh reeeel pedos bro!" Another little bonus is that known pedophile john barnhill was totally not shilling himself on the thread as well. Credit to the anons in this thread here for most of the images I have now plus alerting me of their recent meltdowns in the first place, ni/gg/ers are still running damage control there right now! https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/45327.html https://archive.is/o40FT Cake/v/'s current main address: https://8chan.moe/v/ Secondary: https://redchannit.com/ omg owning the meme! JUST A LITTLE ADVICE TO ANONS RIGHT NOW, THE PEDOS ARE POSTING TONS OF CP TO OWN THE JANNIES SO BEST TO NOT GO THERE ATM Maybe wait till the spam has cleared down a bit to go mess with them. THE COMPLETE #GAMERGATE GUIDE TO DEFENDING PEDOPHILIA >ban anyone who is against loli 2d cp >say if the don't like loli or discussion of pedophilia in general they must be real pedophiles who post actual cp <totally not pedophilia since it is 2d and that makes it completely different <uhh /cow/ you are the real pedos for being against lolicon and pictures of children being posted that >we totally don't jack off to cause >we totally aren't sick fucks <its uhhh you actually >have containement threads for pedos bickers that totally worked on 8chan and appealing pedos has always worked tbf most of the site users are pedos >when cp gets posted blame it on some sort of boogieman Like an imageboard with 5 users that discusses a man with a giant Гунт? Makes a lot of sense. >when cp gets posted and your fat kike mod doesn't remove it and he never has blame it on the other fat kike that you don't like as much <mark dindu nuffin it was acidfed he's into blacked he is way worse mark is an angel! >when anons find out that your site is a pedo haven go onto the thread that they are discussing about how disgusting (you) are/making fun of you and autistically try to make the subject far wider and broader to muddy the waters <guys this is about censorship <think about it guys, first they came for the pedos than for (you)! <pedos are oppressed guys! >when all else fails just go mask off and fucking admitt hat you want to fuck kids >call anyone who disagrees with you a newfag, a moralfag, a cuckchanner >say they just don't get it, that old /b/ gaytor was all about cp and that their totally wasn't another part of the board that didn't hate said pedos who posted cp <uhh thats not true I was there in 2004 >we all loved pedophilia on /b/ <uhh you newfag you just don't get it MORALFAGS TOTALLY PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD Remember fuck ni/gg/ers! Also, a bonus fact to anons here, the ni/gg/ers hate the supposed individual they have called G​AMERGATEpill bickers he tells the truth about #S​ARGON and that it is a failed movement and that they should just kill themselves, try posting anything blackedpilled, watch (you)rself get banned and watch the ni/gg/ers go wild as they accuse you of being their little boogeyman besides all 5 of >us anons here.
Open file (50.35 KB 259x293 pedochan.PNG)
Open file (210.87 KB 775x912 pedochan2.PNG)
Open file (165.53 KB 977x704 pedochan3.PNG)
Open file (46.69 KB 254x292 pedokikes.PNG)
Truly the most based of oldfags on this planet earth.
Open file (71.92 KB 905x358 acidblacked.PNG)
Open file (94.92 KB 662x464 LMAO.PNG)
Open file (116.37 KB 1348x626 totally_not_john.png)
In all actuality I personally think this is pedochu, but it very well could be john trying to foster his little fanbase from the ni/gg/er thread.
Open file (36.80 KB 1219x252 niGGer_high_opinion.png)
Open file (22.50 KB 1123x151 define_pedo.png)
Open file (15.81 KB 624x154 DUH_REEEEAL_PEDOS.png)
A little update, I guess the cp spam has stopped for now on blacked.gov. DEFINE PEDO RICCCHUD, YOU CAN'T
Open file (437.48 KB 1824x849 gaymergaypedos.PNG)
Open file (16.20 KB 1622x113 pedo in gg.PNG)
These ni/gg/ers are absolutely disgusting.
ni/gg/ers BTFО
>>102186 The only good pedophile is a castrated pedophile that lives 100 miles away from any children.
Open file (61.02 KB 1189x505 351134033050.png)
Open file (315.22 KB 822x416 545503485182.png)
>>102185 He wasn't kidding. They're really sentimental about their dates.
cope seethe sneed PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD owned foxdickfarms S​ARGON based dilate tranny kike jew Toad McKinley epic normie
>>102199 what did he mean by this
I already said it before, even when I checked cuckchan /v/ for the last time I noticed how the weeb pedos overtaked that place, the same talk from /jp/ <"muh loli is part of the board culture"
>>102221 >pedos have historically been on imageboards therefore (you) should allow them on imageboards It is a peak ni/gg/er argument due to their intense oldfag larping.
Open file (60.98 KB 1206x292 Hello_niGGer.png)
>this is foxdick-tier behavior Still going with the oldfag larp ni/gg/er? No one outside of your hugbox thinks you are a based /cow/ oldfag.
Open file (136.02 KB 1219x499 niGGer_schizo.png)
Open file (163.32 KB 1212x483 NO_NOT_MUH_LEWD_GAMES.png)
>fucken a-logs keep posting this stuff >auuugh /cow/ are the real pedos cause they don't like my lolipedo cocks on the internet God bless the anon who reposted this "drama" thread.
IT WAS ALL YOU WHO SPAMMED THE CP AS A MATTER O' FACT >WE DINDU NUFFIN' The eternal projector as always, you stupid subhumans.
Open file (472.92 KB 297x212 580565296758.gif)
>>102234 >Watch out for specific posting style patterns, image filenames It amuses me how much of my bullshit he repurposes sometimes.
https://invidiou.site/watch?v=BkJJfeULeDM&autoplay=0 This video has Toad McKinley lay down the line on mark mann the pedophile.
>>102238 YOU FUCKING A-LOGS https://archive.is/cERbP a new archive of the ni/gg/er thread
Open file (77.50 KB 1468x456 niGGer_projecting.png)
Your existence provides entertainment you subhuman.
wanna talk about gamergay my fellow based oldfags?
Open file (14.10 KB 807x131 niGGer_projection_2.png)
>be the largest dramawhores on the entire webring >start drama and crosspost everywhere >anons start to respond to your faggotry <ur a drama queen come on guys calm down <I can do whatever I want but if you respond to my faggotry I will pilpul as usual >doesn't like cuckchan memes >post cuckchan memes to detractors when he is caught crossposting <cope cuckime is super based guys! <ur a janny if you ban me for posting cp on your board but I will ban you if you make one post making fun of >us on cake/v/ <whenever >we do subversive shit its based and redpilled It was like this on h8chan as well, you faggots have always been universally hated for the reason that you can never take what you dish out, these sort of cowardly double-standards that make you faggots a drag and yet entertaining at the same time.
>mark mann is against pedophilia anon I.... >((((conspiracy theorist))) that point out the truth that >we want to fuck kids must be banned!
Open file (68.57 KB 562x320 niGGer_projecting_3.png)
Ahhh this is that one ni/gg/er that always works in conjunction with /japan/ and does the whole oldfag larp for every single board, but especially /cow/.
Open file (44.49 KB 1221x358 HE_DOES_IT_FOR_FREE.png)
Open file (136.82 KB 1227x552 hebe_pedo.png)
/hebe/ is filled with pedos imagine my shock!
Open file (131.18 KB 1218x571 niGGer_spotted.png)
>how do you do fellow tvchanners >no one cares about making fun of /v/ and talking about how they are pedos on a thread doing exactly that Try samefagging a little harder next time ni/gg/er.
Let it be known the cakechanners also ruined the Wurm Unlimited serb, kiwis can confirm >cuckeogames
>>102268 What happened to that serb? Did they just drop it randomly like they did the last one?
>>102239 Tbph, why hasn't PNelson ended his boyfriendship with the jew? He always knew his buttbuddie was a baby diaper fur, which a key mask pedos share child pornography with. Why hasn't he lawyered up and accused his buttbudie of getting his FBI raid? There's this saying that abuse comes from the home, not an other worldly stranger. Maybe he should really garner his "friends".
>(You) >000000
I'm a volunteer on /hebe/ ask me anything.
>>102253 I was talking about the people claiming the CP spam came from the CIA, subhuman retard.
>>102308 Are you a pedo?
Open file (146.98 KB 1280x720 MrGirlPedophile.jpg)
I'm a pedophile, ama.
Acidman's official statement THE PEDOS GET TO STAY
>>102317 Of course they do, glad >we blacklisted them on >our end.
Open file (93.62 KB 1331x205 cakeniggers21.JPG)
Open file (49.48 KB 1327x324 overt.JPG)
>>102322 THEY ARE NOW ALLOWING CROPPED CP TO STAY UP' WILL ONLY REMOVE OVERT CP whatever that means, if this doesn't scream honeypot then I don't fucking know.
>>102311 Why don't you delete pedo shit?
Just checked their pedo board and as a matter of fact there was extremely cocksious cocks there.
>>102332 Mark mann and acidkike the known pedos love (((freedom of speech)))
Open file (115.76 KB 846x346 its_ironic.png)
Open file (131.92 KB 1215x338 niGGer_schizo_3.png)
/cow/ must be every single /hebe/ poster, and it totally isn't the ni/gg/ers that are posting there which is why the ni/gg/er thread is strangely quiet! new gamergay archive: https://archive.is/8BM0e 8blacked meta thread: https://archive.is/PeqE2
>>102335 >Banning pedoshit is rulecuck
oh no >we are being raided my fellow #S​ARGONrs!
Open file (483.96 KB 837x1200 resignation.png)
>>102335 Then delete it to own /cow/. Or else keep it to own /cow/ The argument doesn't even make sense other than a boogeymen to paralyze your decision making ability. If someone really wanted to mess with them they'd just avatarfag as Aya and demand amnesty for /hebe/ or face terrorist attacks on /interracial/. Then reference this post suggesting it and say it's a false flag. Then propose it's a false false flag, and keep circling the drain over nonsense.
>>102341 >spoiler That's quite devilish in fact of course, I don't care enough about obscure imageboard autism to actually do that however.
Open file (20.46 KB 1089x150 acidpedo_coping.png)
>>102349 What a faggot.
Open file (11.65 KB 1014x116 niGGer_oldfag_pedo.png)
the one niGGer that pretends to be a /cow/ oldfag is confirmed for being one of the pedos on /hebe/. DADDY GYYYYYYYYM
Open file (35.23 KB 804x305 OH_HI_MARK.png)
Open file (58.94 KB 429x600 queen_anita.jpg)
https://archive.is/psEbS >No bickers it's part of these threads. It's just a remnant we keep bickers it's iconic to these threads Anita won!
https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/46323.html ni/gg/er damage control rn
>>102331 It pisses of normalfags, like everybody in this thread. I only delete the illegal stuff and things that make /v/ermin seethe too hard, and only bickers that is required.
>>102389 You have no friend here pedo.
>>102390 I am not a pedo, and I know, becaus there are only normalfags here who are afraid of pictures and speech.
>>102391 >"jannys" a board with pedo discussion and jailbait >isn't a pedo Sure you aren't.
>>102392 Stop being afraid of pictures, normalfag. Not a pedo, btw.
>>102393 pilpul harder pedokike
>>102394 >pilpul Okay, antisemite schizo, whatever you think that means.
Open file (781.83 KB 1600x1200 NICE-TRY-niGGers.png)
Try as you might ni/gg/ers it isn't going to work.
Open file (70.63 KB 1458x256 a_drops_mark.png)
>>102399 Isn't it funny how niGGers and cowtists are basically the same when it comes to free speech and getting mad at pictures? Either you are delusional or you're just "trolling".
Damn ni/gg/ers are fucked rn.
Open file (849.52 KB 854x976 1564822146723.png)
>>102399 >reddit spacing >gymbo seeth Sounds about right. I just have no intention of confirming bickers a /hebe/ board glows brighter than any /pol/ board ever would.
>>102401 >trying to adopt terms to seem like an oldfag Maybe type it the proper way you pedo newfag, its ni/gg/er, and if you're that one ni/gg/er you would say /cow/tist, /cow/ard or /cattle/.
>>102405 I'm not an oldfag nor did I claim to be, retard. I couldn't care less about how you think I should insult you.
>>102406 okay pedofaggot.
>>102405 OG G​AMERGATEchu wasn't much for essayposting, and shied away from his moniker to the point of being afraid of posting images. He's either a different guy that wanted to take up the mantle for the e-fame, or else G​AMERGATEchu took a creative writing course, or joined Toastmasters, or something to build that confidence up.
>>102407 Okay, normalfag.
Can't that stupid acid retard delete that board already? Is he asking to get v&?
>>102409 Do you really believe you are protected under 1A with this stuff?
>>102408 he claims hes a /hebe/ moderator, probably not G​AMERGATEchu. Oh and G​AMERGATEchu still comes back here posting little snipes about how this place is dead even though >we just keep going and >we #wealwayswin >>102409 (you) are just that ni/gg/er from before that claimed you prefered pedos over normalfags, go whine about normalfags in hell you stupid pedo faggot. >>102410 Cole is a fed so he might be doing it under orders.
>>102413 https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/46323.html#q46833 He is also one ugly motherfucker
>>102411 First of all, I don't live in the JewSA. Secondly, yes, I can say whatever I want unless it obviously reveals that I directly form a danger to others. All pics on /hebe/ are legal and there is a lot more legal stuff that could be posted but isn't allowed becuz of ruleshittery. >>102413 >(you) are just that ni/gg/er from before that claimed you prefered pedos over normalfags, go whine about normalfags in hell you stupid pedo faggot. Lol, niGGers are whining about le pedoos just like you faggots here are.
>>102417 No it shouldn't be allowed bickers your a pedo faggot. >I am not a ni/gg/er There were plenty of ni/gg/ers in the thread yesterday that supported this shit, now the ni/gg/er thread is not as fast as it was before, really made me think, almost like the majority of the posters who were pedos are now posting on /hebe/ rn leaving behind the exclusive 2d cp minority.
>>102418 Holy shit you are fucking right, their thread is super fucking slow. It hasn't been this slow since their temporary stay at 8coon.
>>102419 (((OY VEY))) the ni/gg/ers are all pedos.
Open file (15.92 KB 559x142 dunkikes.png)
Open file (23.97 KB 1216x183 ITS_THE_SJWS.png)
>>102417 I can understand wanting to scare normalfags away, but don't complain once everyone leaves. Anyways, it's clear that those in charge over there are either dead or fine with this.
>>102399 heres some of the raws of this
>>102422 ITS DA PEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS >>102423 Nah, they'll probably get over it.
>>102425 Yes it is you fucking pedo faggot.
>>102426 >it's pedos fault I still piss the bed at 40 years old! >it's pedos fault women don't want sex with me! >it's pedos fault daddy raped me in the ass so hard that it still hurts!!! lol
>>102427 Nice cope pedo.
>>102429 >no pics of real children are allowed anymore Seems like you got what you wanted, normalG​AMERGATE. Surely, all other webring sites will stop blacklisting 8moe now!!!
>>102434 I mean I want the entire site nuked for all the shit, whether it be 2d or 3d, its all pedoshit. #wealwayswin
>>102435 Absolutely based
>>102436 >>102435 Normalshits always win, that's how it is sadly enough.
>>102435 >>102436 But seriously, I HATE NORMALFAGS SO FUCKING MUCH!
>>102437 >>102439 Seethe harder pedo kike! #wealwayswin
Open file (101.40 KB 186x256 image~2.png)
A snowbunny told me this is an "elaborate" attempt by Coddexx/CrunkLord420/Odilitime/Toad McKinley's & Cole's Handler/creator of the AtlChanFederation to get his gay revenge.
>>102449 Pretty funny if true. I like to think that they've been stewing for the past two years waiting to get their "revenge" in their shitty discord server.
Open file (95.94 KB 418x549 ClipboardImage.jfif)
>>102452 >>102449 reminder that cowtists are basically the same as niGGers
>>102453 Reported for low effort bait
>>102455 It isn't bait, you're just two sides of the same autistic coin. Or did you mean the image? I don't know what makes normalfags seethe and what not.
>>102453 I mean most ni/gg/ers are also pedos and /cow/boys aren't pedos so that doesn't confirm the horseshoe anon.
>>102457 It's not about that, it's for being insane conspiritards that blame each other for absolutely everything.
>>102458 Sure, but one side is pedo's, so it's not really two sides of the same coin as much as saying that Iceland and Israel are basically the same thing bickers they're small countries that start with an I.
>>102461 Also keep in mind that unlike /v/ would have you believe /cow/ is not constantly doing "leftist-ops" on them, >we simply laugh at the retards. /v/ on the other hand naturally does gay shit by virtue of crossposting and shitting up everywhere.
Open file (174.02 KB 900x623 900_1832022HighRes.jpg)
Remember to take your daily dose of calcium to offset julay fever.
Any updates?
>>102472 The fed running /hebe/ made a post saying he removed all 3d cocks and that is the rule going forward as was imposed on him by Cole. This wasn't too long after Tenicu made his post on why he blacklisted them so I assume it's due to pressure from the rest of the webring. Hopefully sites keep it blacklisted since they're still running a pedo hub on there, but at least the most blatant shit got jannied. also i havnt checked the place to see if the 3d shit actually got removed so if you have a stronger stomach then me you might want to verify
>>102476 Last a checked a lot of the jailbait had been removed but make no mistake some was still up, I doubt it now though considering the fact that apparently it isn't allowed but there is always a chance there is a thread where acid lets it slide. Also all the lolipedo and totcon shit is still fucking up.
>>102471 Just drank a whole gallon anon.
Based pedos. *sips cunny juice*
>>102476 I'm seeing no children pictures on /hebe/ but I did saw a couple of pedophile shit on /b/ and /site/
>>102476 They have removed all that was visible, at least. The hebefags are now discussing a place to move to while the pedos (who were actually /b/ users who invited them in) started harrassing the mods on /site/ and got the /b/ mod to resign. Now the entire site is split in three, with gamergoiym defending Acidman, the pedos whining MUH FREEZE PEACE and the rest of the non /v/ boards ignoring the issue. Meanwhile some of them are trying to talk things out with the cuckime bunker.
Things aren't looking good for >our S​ARGON heros anons.
Open file (152.50 KB 1182x322 hebe_to_phile_pipeline.png)
bickers hosting a text-only pedophile imageboard has always worked out well.
>>102517 >be excellent to each other reddit moment
Open file (5.35 MB 860x712 Jojo thonk.mp4)
>>102516 Reading that last image's threads, compared to >>102449 seems to follow the line that the /hebe/ ruse is an elaborate attempt at hiding the child pornography rings smug and blacked harbor, bickers codexx can't code for shit. Reading odili's twitter https://archive.is/SQhiF seems to suggest the point is to resell his LynxPHP overchan instead https://archive.is/gPuyC Can't have a project be tarnished before it hatches, no?
Open file (53.04 KB 814x347 fired_hotpocket.JPG)
They fired the hotpocket who was banning the pedos
>>102534 You mean Mark dropped the "数" janny handle to concentrate his efforts on his other babyfur board.
>>102534 Didn't Kazu allow the pedos to get a foothold in the first place, as well as like a picture of a child? So was Kazu trying to "redeem" himself? This whole ordeal has been a mess, no matter which way you look at it. Acid attacked his own users that were raising valid concerns by calling them all psyoperatives. Pedos are allowed to post under the grey parts of the law, bickers of free speech. However, the administration constantly deletes posts and bans users for calling the admins out for bad decisions or making fun of the admins.
>>102573 I'm surprised Kazu stayed a global vol after that stunt he pulled on April fools.
>>102575 That was Kazu? I thought that was a different mod or vol.
Acid and Mark are fucking retards, this is their fucking site they should know better than to fucking allow this crap and potentially endanger and fuck over us all. It isn't fucking okay and there is no legitimate "free speech" argument to be had with it. If they made a board called /silkroad/ and were discussing best methods to get drugs and shit that would also be in violation of US law, I can only assume their predisposition to liking this shit is influencing them. I hope to god they realize what they are doing is fucking wrong and needs to stop.
>>102579 You are objectively wrong in all regards, disgusting obese retard. >this is their site Exactly, so stop giving your retarded unsolicited opinions. You don't need to tell anybody to go kill themselves btw, as seeing you is enough to want to kill yourself. If I ever saw you I wouldn't know what I'd do, fat balding incel loser. Your sister will never want to be a woman again. Oh and I'm ban evading on your gay ass site that you happen to be squatting, pathetic fat sack of shit. I WILL post disinformation to divide the posters and there is nothing you can do about it.
>>102581 Here's your (You), schizoid.
>>102582 Was I wrong with any of my descriptions of Gapehole, was I? Was I wrong that his sister will never want to be a woman again?
>>102583 You probably are right on everything, but that had nothing to do with his post, anon. >>102579 Yeah, something very fishy is going on. I've seen people theorize that Acid is trying to run a honeypot, which I think is what he's trying to do, bickers any other explanation makes him look dumb or evil.
>>102584 It does, and since you're retarded enough to take schizo shit like that seriously, I really can't take what you say as something respectable. If you want to see an IB that isn't rulecucked for once, go to kohlchan. You could freely post all the toddlers you want if you feel the need to. Never had real legal issues either, unlike 8gag, the hub of literal terrorism that the fat ugly ogre is okay with, bickers he thinks people dying is funny, but sex with 17 yo's immoral.
>>102579 >us >Toad McKinley You can stop gayoping anytime Kazu.
>haha G​AMERGATE G​AMERGATE NIGGER #freespeechadvocate <NOOOOO this topic is too controversial KILL YOURSELF #nospeechforpedos
Open file (821.99 KB 720x480 1620769157525.png)
>>102585 >Le 17 years 364 days >Le 16 years 364 days >Le 15 years 364 days >Le 14 years 364 days >Le 13 years 364 days >Le 12 years 364 days >Le 11 years 364 days
>>102588 >Le 17 years 364 days >Le 17 years 364 days >Le 17 years 364 days
>>102585 Thanks. I love you too.
Open file (393.71 KB 788x1576 1611590610848.jpg)
Just saying it, if you're an adult and still is addicted to vidya and anime, you deserve the bullet, you freak manchild pedo.
>>102609 t.gaslighting pedo
Open file (298.62 KB 1868x754 acid loves reddit.png)
thanks to the /dunk/ anon who dug this up If there was any doubt to the population of cake/v/ and where they came from.
Open file (495.29 KB 900x1700 Vivian Gaytor.png)
>>102627 /v/ in 2013 was nearly all /r/4chan, so it's kind of a given.
Open file (48.92 KB 751x418 36224.jpg)
>>102633 That's bullshit AND YOU KNOW IT. /cow/ on the other-hand, has always been 90% /r/whatever-flavour-of-the-month-eceleb-you-have-a-totally-ironic-obsession-over. You talk in Reddit terms, you post Reddit images, your entire board's purpose is gossiping about celebrities. Your userbase consists of 16 year old redditors and projecting pedos. Learn your place FAGGOTRON. [] Not Told [] Told [] Very Told [X] TOLD LIKE A BITCH [X] TOLDASAURUS REX [X] Cash4told.com [X] No country for told men [X] Knights of the told Republic [X] ToldSpice [x] The Elder Tolds IV: Oblivious [x] Command & Conquer: Toldberian Sun [x] GuiTold Hero: World Told [X] Told King of Boletaria [x] Countold Strike [x] Unreal Toldament [x] Stone-told Steve Austin [X] Half Life 2: Episode Told [x] World of Warcraft: Catoldclysm [X] Roller Coaster Toldcoon [x] Battletolds [x] S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shatold of Chernobyl [X] Toldasauraus Rex 2: Electric Toldaloo [x] Told of Duty 4: Modern Toldfare [X] Pokemon Told and Silver [x] The Legend of Eldorado : The Lost City of Told [X] Rampage: Toldal Destruction [x] Told Fortress Classic [x] Toldman: Arkham Told [X] The Good, The Bad, and The Told [x] Super Mario SunTold [x] Legend of Zelda: Toldacarnia of Time [X] Toldstone creamery [x] Mario Golf: Toldstool Tour [X] Super Told Boy [X] Left 4 Told [X] Battoldfield: Bad Company 2 [x] Toldman Sachs [X] Conker's Bad Fur Day: Live and Retolded [x] Lead and Told: Gangs of the Wild West [x] Portold 2 [x] Avatold: The Last Airbender [X] Dragon Ball Z Toldkaichi Budokai [x] Toldcraft II: Tolds of Toldberty [x] Leo Toldstoy [x] Metal Gear Toldid 3: Snake Eater [X] 3D Dot Told Heroes [x] J.R.R Toldkien's Lord of the Told [x] Told you that ps3 has no games [X] LitTOLD Big Planet [x] Rome: Toldal War [x] Gran Toldrismo 5 [x] Told Calibur 4 [x] Told Fortress 2 [x] Castlevania: RonTold of Blood [x] Guilty Gear XX Accent Told [x] Cyndaquil, Chicorita, and Toldodile [x] was foretold [x] demon's told [x] http//:www.youtold.com [x] Tolden Sun: Dark Dawn [x] Tic-Tac-Told [X] Biotold 2 [X] Toldbound [x] icetold [x] Told of the Rings [x] James Bond: Told Finger
Open file (1.03 MB 500x500 36300.gif)
[X] Star Wars: Knight of the Told Republic [X] Anally Anguished [X] Rectally Ravaged [x] Toldanyd toldvasion [x] toldstone creamery [x] why can't I told all these insults [x] Gary Toldman [x] Told-Life 2 [x] 2told2furious [X]Lord Toldemort [x] The Brave Little Toldster [X] Super Toldio 64 There will never come a day in your pathetic excuses for lifes when you are not TOLD, your life IS being TOLD You live for TOLD, you breath for TOLD. And you should take your TOLD obsession, that probably sparkles in rainbow colors bickers you need to express your faggotry in every element of your site design, to Reddit.
>>102639 >faggotron Now that is a reddit insult if I didn't hear one. Is this an ironic post?
Open file (1.71 MB 500x500 36277.gif)
>>102642 >Now that is an X if I didn't hear one. Now that is a reddit reply if I ever saw one.
Open file (241.50 KB 607x497 gator3.png)
>>102645 ni/gg/er now you're just going full no (you) as usual, you guys are all from fucking reddit during gamergay and that is why you pretend to be based oldfags all the time even when you so obviously aren't.
Open file (21.07 KB 323x327 36264.jpg)
>>102650 Who the fuck mentioned GamerGay. Modern /v/ is as horrible as this place, regardless of skin or name. But the fact that you faux-oldfaggots think that you've got any ground to speak on is hilarious. Your life is observing other peoples lives, I don't know if it gets any sadder than that.
Open file (221.73 KB 330x522 gaytor_oldfag_face.png)
>>102654 >I am totally not /v/ >you observe peoples lives I don't understand what's wrong with that anon I also never claimed to be a based oldfag nor will I ever be one, but I am not really hung up on that unlike you larpers
Open file (328.73 KB 452x350 neko.gif)
>>102639 The pedos calling you guys normalfags has made you pretty sensitive.
>>102661 Why bother switching IDS?
Open file (200.88 KB 397x416 gators_final_form.png)
>>102662 From an hour ago? Happens. I CAN CHANGE IDS WHENEVER I WANT NIGGER
Open file (44.88 KB 395x324 daw.gif)
>>102660 >admitting to being a newfag >while making it a point that /v/ is full of newfags I wouldn't expect any less from you cow-tan, you sure know how to deliver. By the way, you should really lighten up on the projection, I also never claimed to be a based oldfag as you so expertly put it. But you're free to call me whatever you want. /)w(\
>>102666 (checked) May I hold your hand?
Open file (512.39 KB 800x1300 shannon_4chan.png)
>>102664 based oldfag alert >>102666 I don't really understand how any of this pertains as sort of gotcha. shitrat If you pretend to be an oldfag you are setting yourself up for gaytor and that's never good, just look at cake/v/, just look at (you). if you just stick around long enough you will become the based oldfag of tomorrow, and then you can tell the newfags of that day how much time you wasted on the internet.
Open file (62.18 KB 779x380 duh_dunks.png)
>>102633 >>102627 You must be brand new if you didn't know this already.
A heads up: the gamergoiym are trying to set up ads for this and other webring places in retaliation for being thrown out of it https://archive.is/XATph
>>102759 8moe always wins
>>102759 Fingers crossed it lands on Carl's faceberg.
https://archive.is/3XzNY updated archive >>102759 Was archiving it already myself, this is really fucking hilarious, paypigging to own the lol/cow/s to the biggest degree! >WE WILL SHOW THE WEBRING BY GIVING THEM AN INFLUX OF NEW USERS! Honestly the best part is cuckchan already knows about the webring, mostly through tvch but they don't really care to come here, the ones that remain or who will remain will probably become the anons of tomorrow, so they are actually just helping >us. I have also heard it is potentially a bunch of bullshit and not even real but hey that just makes it even funnier since ni/gg/ers are celebrating it.
Open file (146.76 KB 615x412 gib-julay-sargon.jpg)
>>102762 You have done a good service ni/gg/er, a good service for all a-logs, >we all love carl and his julay.
Open file (22.36 KB 1524x183 niGGer_oldfag.png)
These fucking newfags man
Open file (229.32 KB 1600x1200 mark_gets_caught.png)
Open file (12.52 KB 738x159 zigger_misinfo.png)
You know what, tbf to mark he isn't wrong about the zzzchan ni/gg/ers, but he's actually trying to bend the narrative as usual so whatever.
I love how painfully accurate this niGGer and his epic lore is, also with the second post I can't tell who's jewing who anymore, either way it's been entertaining as fuck.
Open file (454.37 KB 405x492 markblacked.png)
>>102780 oy goy you're not gonna shoah me and my 6 million samefags like you did on prokikewoah ever again KNOW YOUR PLACE GOY
pg is gone now lollll
I wonder who made this https://imgur.com/gallery/QTPikO7
>>102846 Go back to reddit.
>>102833 what's pg?
>>102785 >they don't want to mention dolphin, but instead refer to him in a weird context Huh, almost as if they're scared of him starting up his spambot again. EXTREME COPE BY V/NIGGER/
>>102876 Hi John.
I never bothered looking so far as the front page of blacked.gov. Knew it was going to be shit from the very beginning considering what kind of people were behind the original 8chan. This pedo shit is unsettling. I don't follow really any of these boards, but you should know pedos trying to take over imageboards has gone on for years already. It usually follows a process like this (I'll use Endchan as an example): >New board delivered from the dark abyss (Endchan created in late (Nov/Dec) 2015) >Pedophiles create boards like /hebe/ early on (Or on Endchan, shit like /younglove/ was in existence) >Pedophiles bring friends from their deprived trading sites/other imageboards they've taken over >People that aren't total wastes of human life bring this up and how it threatens the site, both by alienating users and getting the feds on its ass >Pedophiles come out of the woodworks to "justify" their existence with the same rehashed shit they've used for decades: <Pedophilia is free speech! <Pedophilia is sexuality! <The child can consent! <The child enjoys it! <YOU'RE a newfag/normalfag/troll if you don't support pedophilia! <Everyone is actually a pedophile in denial! >Pedophiles continue screeching for as long as BOs put up with them >Pedophiles either fuck off on their own or get forcefully rejected by the BO >At this point butthurt pedophiles spam the site with CP and report it to the domain registrar/FBI <You're telling me the pedophiles didn't actually care about free speech? Who could've seen this coming!?!?! You can literally see this shit happening all the way back in 2016 enxx3byspwsdo446jujc52ucy2pf5urdbhqw3kbsfhlfjwmbpj5smdad.onion/operate/res/1938.html https://endchan.net/operate/res/1938.html I'm hoping no one on here is legitimately retarded enough to use (((Marks))) site. The fact /hebe/ still exists speaks volumes. Its not freedom of speech when it threatens others peoples freedom of speech (Feds shutting down the board) and victimizes real people. Either that fat kike is a pedophile "apologist" (pedophile) himself (very likely), or he's got friends from the DoD (Like on 8kun) in cahoots with him to subvert imageboards. Fuck those pieces of shit. There is no negotiation with these people, only bullets.
Open file (621.66 KB 2518x1350 chad 8chan.png)
>>103074 >he's afraid cope free speech hater, your days are over, the pedochads will soon walk all over your face and rape your niece
Open file (192.20 KB 288x270 out.mp4)
>>103074 I don't understand this post whatsoever odili. So why are you even working as admin for blacked.moe? Including foxfickfarms? You're into inflation?
>>103074 This shit happened on 8chan as well and freddit defended it, hell even moot defended /loli/ as long as he could back in the day until he finally removed it, pedos will always force themselves onto platforms, this is why you can never give them an inch.
>>103074 >>103095 >>103085 This is your mind on /pol/. You are legitimately mentally ill and should fuck off back to facebook forever.
>>103095 >4chan ousts pedos and goes to shit >8chan ousts pedos and goes to shit >julay ousts pedos and goes to shit IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING
>>103173 >Israel ousts pedos and goes to shit >FBI ousts pedos and goes to shit. >Trump ousts pedos and goes to shit. You maybe actually unto something there bud.
>>103167 Kill yourself instead and hope you aren't such a fuck up in your next life. >>103173 Now this is just retardation.
>>103180 Judaism is just as pedophilic as Islam, the FBI keeps the largest stash of CP on earth, and trump was buddy buddy with the worlds most notorious pedo and is self admittedly into his own daughter. I'm failing to see the comparison here.
>>103210 Let me help you out: >/hebe/ is just as pedophilic as /b/, 8chan keeps the largest stash of CP on earth, and Mark was buddy buddy with the worlds most notorious pedo and is self admittedly into his own daughter. I'm failing to see the comparison here.
>>103203 I wish I had known you as a child so I could've raped you to death. Actually, I'd rape you to death now that you are an adult. Please post your address so I can find you. Thanks!
>>103203 >>103203 >>>103167 Kill yourself instead and hope you aren't such a fuck up in your next life. >>103173 Now this is just retardation. Why did you delete?
Don't mind me, lads. Just posting some recent drama cocks for those who might be new here
>>102328 Does anyone archived the Bing Bing Wahoo Ultimate thread? This image really ruffed their feathers. >>102395 Don't cry like a bitch if /your/ guys end up killing themselves.
Open file (223.07 KB 900x1200 Nintendo car blacked.jpg)
>>103544 >They were mocking 8kunt's interracial board <While proudly displaying /tot/ as their hotshit board >They were bitching over 8kunt's dead traffic <Most threads on /v/ are either untouched or derailed with autistic waifuposting >They were criticizing 8kunt's pedophile spambots <Ni/gg/ers are ironic pedophiles Way to go, Acid.
Open file (17.38 KB 566x597 koi_janny.png)
>>103544 >lads >those file names Thank you john very cool.
>>103678 Try harder, Mark.
>>103074 >PedoG​AMERGATEs come out of the woodwork to dispute your claims, after you make it Holy fuck, these G​AMERGATEs aren't just evil, they're also retarded. It's like bots that search for the mention of "crypto" and spam links to donate to someone's cryptocurrency wallet. You also forgot to add that they'll try to rewrite history and say imageboards always supported pedophilia or were always about pedophilia.
>>103774 The thing is image boards always had pedos and were always run by a lot of pedos, but there was always a sizable userbase of people who also despised them, this is what ni/gg/ers won't tell (you).
>>103776 Yet it was the fact that despite their hatred they still stuck around that reinforced an atmosphere that required a thick skin to tolerate, getting rid of the pedos is the initial step towards sanitizing an imageboard in an attempt to garner the sizable audience of thin skinned normalfags that can't even handle being called a G​AMERGATE. Hence why now you can't even call someone a G​AMERGATE on 4chan without being banned for racism. It all stems back to that initial decision to curtail what the site allows in order to make those who dislike it feel more comfortable.
>>103795 Anon, that's absolutely retarded. That's like saying you need a town to have a high rate of suicide to keep religious nutjobs out.
>>103802 How is that analogous in any way?
>>103795 Stop trying to pilpul pedo, pedos post reguardless of whether they are alllowed to or not in the rules of a site, most anons who are not of the pedo faggot variety don't want them on the site and never will.
>>103795 >>103805 t. pedos or feds >>103806 They keep repeating the same talking points, over and over again. It's like arguing with a communist about why communism/socialism/etc. don’t work.
>>103806 Do you honestly think the moderation being on the side of the normalfags has no impact on their willingness to stay on a site? If twitter propped up the politically incorrect shitposters they normally ban and verified them instead of the commies and BLMers with pronouns in their bios that the latter would still see twitter as a suitable platform? I can't understand how you'd believe that a shift in moderation wouldn't result in a cultural shift as well when this site is a perfect example of that happening.
Don't bother responding to users like 103809. You're only going to waste your time and energy.
>>103810 As if whats discussed on this board otherwise is time well spent. I guess keeping tabs of every bowel movement the namesake of this site takes is too time consuming to allow you to waste time on anything else.
foxdick farms made a thread about 8chan.moe and Mark Mann which one of you faggots did it?
>>102182 >le oldfag Not essentially wrong. I do unfortunately remember /b/ used to be flooded with underage nudes of questionable age. It was one of the reasons I never fucked with that cesspool of a board.
Open file (918.43 KB 626x803 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (240.32 KB 352x288 ClipboardImage.png)
>>102457 >/cow/boys aren't pedos TOPKEK
Only gave it a few glances over the last few days, but >images broken via clean net >global pph way above /v/ by itself <maybe it's bickers /hebe/ is hidden >/hebe/ made public
>>104629 are you implying that the ogre is a pedo?
>>104877 are you implying the Ogre isn't a pedo?
>>104925 yes, he made cucks and pedos seethe and all they have to hit him back is projection
>>104944 I think he just got a whiff of mainstream appeal like moot and decided to throw his existing users obsessed over child actresses under the bus in order to chase it. Only all he managed to do was drive those users out to be replaced by no one bickers moot already beat him to it and the internet isn't big enough for two normalfag /tv/ boards.
Open file (34.42 KB 575x351 ClipboardImage.png)
Real paedophilia hasn't been tried yet. https://archive.is/W9Tzu
>>104877 >>104925 >>104944 >>104957 Quick rundown? From what I remember, Pedochu and his /jp/ faggots are the ones going after the ogre for dumb reasons and bc of his associations.
>>104998 They are going after the slaphead due to the fact that he didn't cuck to john and follow his gay narrative that he wasn't an epic troll old style /b/ hero and that /cow/ were duh truuu pedos. Also, due to the fact that gahoole jannies their lolishit and has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to it.
>>103074 I fucking hate G​AMERGATEs and nonces so much. Seriously why pedophiles ruin everything fucking fun?
>>105266 >Seriously why pedophiles ruin everything fucking fun? bickers they are kikes, its what they do.
>>105270 They ruin everything just like they do to children's lives.
https://archive.is/ITBwd https://archive.is/V9tAS A couple of meta threads from smug and anon.cafe, ni/gg/ers were so fucking angry blaming /cow/ for every single problem. The thing that the ni/gg/ers always claim is that /cow/ perpetuates drama, and yet they bring up the same year-old drama as their battering ram to blame /cow/ for all their problems, the fact is you retards only got into the webring in the first place bickers of john, you were never meant to be in the webring and openly scoffed and hated it, and yet you wanted to be in it bickers you wanted to try and leech users/feel like you were a part of something bigger. The thing is as divided as the remaining anons of the webring are they all fucking hate (you) crossposting faggots and want nothing to do with your pedo board.
Open file (1.04 MB 1069x974 wat.png)
>>105392 So are they bad for not wanting to be crossposting faggots on the webring or are they bad bickers they are crossposting faggots on the webring?
>>103544 >2nd pic <Bing Bing Blacked <Overrated shit anime aimed at consooming redditors <So anti-sjw he deletes posts that shatter his autistic beliefs <Weapons expert If I were him I would also study which handgun wouldn't make a huge mess after killing myself.
>>105400 They are bad bickers they are crossposting faggots on the webring. They also openly spoke about how "bad" an idea it was and how >we all needed to go back to a (((single centralized platform))) yet at the same time when no one used the one acidkike made they wanted to equally leech off of it. >>105485 He promoted blacked.gov on reddit as well.
>>105494 So you're just as bad for also being a crossposting faggot on the webring then?
>>105516 You can post on other boards and not act like a ni/gg/er, simple as that anon.
i cant tell which one is worse. 8chan.moe having pedos or shit-eating kiwi farmers trying to start drama again.
Open file (20.29 KB 1205x137 BASED_ZOOMER.png)
Open file (21.54 KB 1068x144 based_foxdick.png)
Not my heckin' 2d child porn!
>>105958 I'm ~90% sure they're thinking about allthefallen rather than the fjords. ATF vs foxdicks was at least something I'd heard of.
Open file (116.98 KB 1483x601 8chan history.PNG)
>>106036 He isn't wrong as john worked for mark for a while and got blacked.gov into the webring. >>101540
>>106036 >Fatchan just happens to allow /gg/ threads so it was probably Mark having a connection with the owner or owning it himself. It was something like he didn't have 100% deletion privileges over the board so he rage quit it in a day. Then fatchan got Escher'ed
>be me, feeling bored and checking the rest of webring >pretty much everything dead, check for "active" places other than /duo/, /tv/ and here >see this https://prolikewoah.com/animu/res/49629.html#50402 who the fuck is the owner of that board?
>>106078 Francis owned the board >>66834 until his doxxx, now I do not know which /animu/ faggot owns the board.
I guess one of the fuckers ni/gg/ers were spamming lolishit on /tv/, /dup/ or /b/, bickers this IP is banned from there, what's its sad, but comprehensive. Also I wanted to see some lamia and spider monster girls in /monster/, but the place is full of loli garbage and horsegirls with their G​AMERGATE pussies. More proof that lolifags are like furfags and cuckposters, if you leave them unchecked they will take over the board.
>>106329 Ye I used to browse /monster/ a bit as well, but the stock of the board made me rethink wasting my time there.
ni/gg/ers are defending that guy who made FNAF and deleting any posts criticizing him or even ones that say that they don't care what happens to him For those who need a refresher, FNAF is a video game franchise about animatronic animals and cheap jumpscares, literally aimed at 12 year olds and younger. this seems to be what your average ni/gg/er considers worth defending in this day and age
>>106543 hahahaha, of course they are <GUYS HES UHH A BASED TRAD CHRISTIAN AMERICAN HES BASED
>>106543 Archives?
Open file (439.26 KB 1909x2485 fnaf simps.png)
>>106567 Here is my posts that were deleted, if you're asking as for the GG thread, they keep their own archives. Go to the current one, and then go back one or two threads, I'm too lazy to look for individual posts
Archives of these threads in question https://archive.fo/LGgBS https://archive.fo/fqq7r https://archive.fo/8LLxL https://archive.fo/w43DG(Current Thread) Another dev is in the process of getting cancelled as I speak, so they will move on to that now Honestly, what I really want to see is pics of them getting asshurt over "Niggerpill". This one or more individuals or personalities get ni/gg/ers so asshurt that mods usually have to stop their circlejerking on the spot and have to delete these posts as soon as they can, due to massive amounts of reporting their posts, and ni/gg/ers begging each other to report said posts and not to reply to them. It's hilarious, fitting how anti SJWs are the real snowflakes at the end of the day Unfortunately, as I said, these posts(and replies to them) get deleted almost immediately, so I have no G​AMERGATEpill screencaps of my own
>>106584 >>106585 Thanks, tis why nobody with 3 digit IQ goes to fbichan. Going by their cult mindset, the real reason they're apologizing them is bickers these games are targeted to minors which obviously they need to share child porn with. >Heads up, Mark's trying to get Notch here for an AMA: >https://twitter.com/notch/status/1400538109377458185 Knew it. >>>336152 >A: I can do whatever I want with my personal account. >B: #GG had set up shop on 8moe, as you can see by the fact that you're posting in our thread. >C: My Twitter was originally created for #GG, and a lot of #GG supporters and some old 8chan refugees made up my followers before the waves of Twitter purges started. With some relevant activity bringing attention to us at the time it made perfect sense to try reaching out to them. >That 8chan_se Twitter account is actually Mark's. He created it to shill the site and /v/ events as his own effort. When we got deplatformed I sent him some updates to post, but that's as close to using it as I have gotten. I'm fine with it and I don't consider it any of my business. If you're not fine with it, then take it up with him. The admins don't have an official social media of any kind, although we've ironically been considering a Mastadon or Pleroma instance exactly as you describe. >pedophile boards are no different in that aspect. Yet they're treated differently by you on the basis of free speech. >They're really not. While /hebe/ is still here, the cocks that they can post is limited to strictly legal stuff like discussion, and they're also behind the same hotlink block as /b/ and the loli boards. What I think people are upset is about is what they know those users are, not what they're allowed to post there. A /hebe/ that can't post jailbait isn't much of a /hebe/, but its how the law shakes out and the BO accepted it by remaining on this site. >If we exist long enough (and we certainly intend to), issues like this are going to appear from time to time and require judgement calls by the admins and global staff. So what are we to use as a guide on drawing the lines? Our own subjective opinions on the subject, like 4chan staff? "That's icky, ban it." Your opinion? A democratic vote of anons using easily spoofed and samefagged online polls? If we don't have principles of some kind guiding the globals then the rules are just "whatever we say they are at a given moment." Nobody wants that, including us. Rule 0 can be interpreted to allow that, but that's bickers its literally the nuclear option button for "the rules don't cover this but do something or the site's dead" level emergencies. Leave the little clique-driven fiefdom routine to the other sites. We use the two principles that have been outlined many times and in many discussions here and on /site/: "Is the cocks or activity illegal, yes or no?" and "will the cocks or activity cause real damage to the site or its community, yes or no?" The first one is carried over directly from old 8chan, and the second was created here to stave off what helped destroyed that 8chan from within. Anything that answers a definitive "no" to both of those things is allowed, no matter how generally unpopular it is or becomes. You don't have to visit their board. If something answers "no" to the first one but has a "maybe" on the second one, we'll try to compromise with them. Such a community may wind up prohibited anyway if compromise doesn't or can't work and problems keep piling up, but they will get a fair chance first. This and only this is why /hebe/ has been allowed to remain. >And I don't see why I need to spell this out, but I will for everyone's convenience: The global staff isn't allowed to intervene in any case that isn't covered by the global rules. Its hands-off. Its the equivalent of the 10th Amendment: "Any power not granted explicitly to the global staff by the Global Rules belongs to the board owners respectively, or to anon." So we have to have a few clauses in there defining what we can get involved in just so we can do our jobs.
>https://archive.fo/xOAyw >Viziepop got doxxed. A reminder never to use social media, don't get involved in internet drama, and never air out your personal politics unless you're confident in what you believe in or ready to face controversy Lmfao, but Cole & Mark can, MUST!
>>105958 They won't admit it, but independent speech is now policed due to edgelords from the early 00s. They also refuse to admit that lewd artist are left-leaning manchildren who are willing to throw under the bus ta nazies for good boy points. >>106584 >Hold up, the man behind the most cancerous fanbases next to Sonic is now based and redpilled <Let's delete the fact that he donated to the flaggots' echo chambers.
>>107261 They are all fucked in the head coombrains and that is why they defend porn artist faggots, even if they are kikes. they use marks fucking board
https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/56331.html https://archive.is/ab26k As one anon on the old mark thread and this /dunk/ one point out mark actually came onto foxdickfarms to defend himself against the foxdicks, atm foxdick is down, but I cannot wait to see what he has to say.
https://archive.fo/0Z6JU https://archive.is/LJRvi gamergays are talking about jewsh bickers its time to talk about anything but #S​ARGON and the MOVEMENT
https://files.catbox.moe/34tvya.jpg https://files.catbox.moe/0cgifc.jpg https://files.catbox.moe/h8zso6.jpg Mark sperged out recently but some ni/gg/er capped all of it, ni/gg/er does one based thing for once in his life.
Open file (13.73 KB 828x123 checkmate_sjws.png)
Open file (3.83 KB 195x46 COW_SPAM.png)
Open file (11.73 KB 507x107 gamergay_wins.png)
Open file (29.82 KB 644x248 niGGer_projection.png)
Open file (17.01 KB 370x160 gamergate.png)
Open file (8.02 KB 593x87 gamergate2.png)
Open file (16.84 KB 747x180 gamergate3.png)
Open file (10.10 KB 891x88 gamergate4.png)
Open file (11.80 KB 465x135 gamergate5.png)
https://archive.is/Alxe6 the /b/ thread got shoahed by mark mann lol hmu.
Open file (123.05 KB 879x724 based_cuckchanner.png)
Open file (171.35 KB 1020x539 niggerchu.png)
props to the cuckchanner sucessfully trolling the S​ARGONs by reposting their replies and with soyjaks.
>>107719 It actually is probably still up but a referrer is keeping it from being archived, fucking acidkike.
Open file (14.19 KB 453x162 t._mark_mann.png)
Open file (63.08 KB 436x232 gamergate_seething.png)
markypoo just shut down posting on the whole board LMAO just like leftypol, awhile back
nvm, it's just per post captcha, just like cuckchan fitting, earlier that thread someone said that they actually admit to crossposting there often
wojakchads won
holy cow https://8chan.moe/.global/logs/v/2021-06-29.html mark is literally crying somewhere while acid and his pedo gang are taking turns deleting wojakchad's cocks, post by post isn't it 4am or something in america?
I salute to the cuckchanner who fistfucked mark mann.
he's still going and that fag kazu has been moderating for over 10 hours now, according to their /b/
what a night. I didn't expect this to go on for so fucking long. I didn't close my window(even tho I stopped posting very early on), so you can have the full thing, if you want to take any particular screenshots. I will be posting one part of screencap per post due to file size kazu and mark will probably have nightmares at the thoughts of wojaks for a little while, lol at the secret cameo at the every end, too >>107720 >G​AMERGATEchu calm your tits, retard. I'm not familiar with your boogeymen, but I don't usually post here >>107739 what a fucking subhuman is there anymore information out about him? he seems like a juicy lolcow
also, here is a little bonus, a ni/gg/er literally asking for gender dysphoria advice just now
Open file (409.44 KB 1642x488 moe catalog.png)
what the fuck is going on right now
Open file (66.53 KB 1861x860 03.png)
Open file (190.84 KB 1875x874 02.png)
Open file (212.44 KB 1875x845 01.png)
Open file (181.14 KB 1020x898 05.png)
Open file (214.29 KB 844x855 04.png)
what the hell did the kike do this time
Praise be to soyanon!
>>107747 >>107748 holy shit, mega based, fuck them up
mark is currently on damage control, after people started shitting on gay and trans "people". all pro posts stay up, all anti posts get deleted
Open file (434.54 KB 758x767 1315663407194.png)
>>107779 Based and kekistranny pilled.
https://archive.fo/slThR Today was not a good day for blacked.moe
https://archive.fo/2ZwtL Never forget the day soyjaks ruled the digits on blacked.moe
>>107740 >The loli has developed tits <Fuck this Legit the real reason why they disavow Zer0, not bickers of his whore gf or sexually stalking a 14 year old, but bickers he fucked an old hag to their standards.
Open file (232.68 KB 1494x819 mark_mann_foxdick.png)
Open file (63.97 KB 1503x280 mark_mann_foxdick2.png)
zzzchan is having plenty of pedos posting little babies porn for the last weeks, anyone have any idea if they are acidkike, koi or mark minions? https://zzzchan.xyz/b/thread/44159.html obviously it's more than one single anon
>>108061 There is a lot of crossover between zzzchan and blacked.gov, so they probably are the sam pedo anons. I will also make a note that from my experience there is always at least one or two active or semi-active pedo threads on zzzchan's /b/, the mods are pretty (((lax))) and seem to leave jailbait and cp up for a while.
>>108089 >mods are pretty (((lax))) and seem to leave jailbait and cp up for a while >(((lax))) what's the implication there exactly? that they're intentionally not taking action and that makes them jewish somehow? wouldn't that go against their own interests and expose the site to reports and takedown notices? wouldn't it be perfectly reasonable to think that they have few mods active at any give time and thus there are some uncovered time frames? are you retarded? do you even understand what you're saying before you open your mouth?
>>108178 >pedophilia for thee, not for /tikilounge/ https://zzzchan.xyz/b/logs.html
>>108178 <are (you) saying the mods are pedos who allow cp to intentionally stay up Yes I am. >wouldn't that go against their own interests and expose the site to reports and takedown notices? Not if they don't remove it eventually, mark and other pedo mods do the same shit where they leave it up long enough for the shit to be distributed, it is how this shit continues to circulate. >wouldn't it be perfectly reasonable to think that they have few mods active at any give time and thus there are some uncovered time frames? >are you retarded? >do you even understand what you're saying before you open your mouth? I do, and I know that you are trying your best to gaslight, but the fact is the people that run that board are pedos, if they weren't the child porn/totcon/lolicon wouldn't be posted there so often and stay up as long as it does.
>>108061 >>108192 Is there any connection between TRSperg and zzzchan? He acted pretty defensive this morning when a link from there was posted. Or maybe he just acted defensive for other reason, who really knows?
>>108237 I don't think so, pretty sure TRSperg isn't a big fan of mark mann or koipedo.
acid and the pedo gang on common sense pedophilia, or when it is or it is not acceptable to post random pictures of children in swimsuits I don't have screencaps of it, but the wojak guy was still spamming them up until a little while ago. He went for 10 hours non stop, last time I was there
>>108378 >its fine if the thread isn't about fucking/dating kids When are those threads not about fucking kids, nice try (((codexx))). >the dancing girl is okay its tame Nice job revealing your priorities (((codexx)))
>>108378 Holy shit I'm dying. Imagine defending fucking pedophiles of all things. What a bunch of idiots. When are people going to learn that 8chan stooges aren't on your side? Why would anyone willingly use Marks site when he gives 0 fuck about them?
>>108061 Why they avoid /CakeV/ like the plague?
I hate how this wasn't always a problem imageboards had to deal with. Back then imageboards were all >Lul look at me stretchy cot but nowadays you can't walk five meters without getting your head blown away by pedo and nazi shit. Those bastards even took my Krautchan away from me, and now they claim it's always been that way. Disgusting subhumans I'm telling you.
Acid finally cracks down under wojak spam pressure, and is planning to initiate "the nuclear option", requiring users to succumb to bitcoin mining technology to even post, and captchas that could take as long as 60 minutes to confirm a token. All bickers acid and his pedo gang cannot handle a few soyjaks I should mention, the site goes to PoW and per post captchas everyday now, the spam lasts usually between 2-5 hours daily and the mods simply cannot handle it. The users also started to crack, they're starting to complain that wojak posting is the same as CP, despite uncensored lolicon and even toddlercon being posted there daily, without being removed, and people are starting to mix their boogeymen together: G​AMERGATEpill, wojak guy, dolphin, some guy who keeps talking about the quality of the site(whom they want reported, censored, removed and banned on sight now LMAO) are all one person, who supposedly wants to shut down the site bickers he is an evil /cow/boy pedophile anti gg cabal something or another I wonder if a dozen people started spamming wojaks all of a sudden for a few hours straight, if that would be enough for blacked cuckporn loving, fed snitching retard to finally activate the big one, forcing ni/gg/ers to spend an hour sitting and doing nothing, waiting for their overlord to mine enough bitcoin from their shitty toasters to buy him a coffee. could be good for a laugh
>>108727 Fucking hilarious. Hope they like their 30 minute captchas.
>>108727 >they'd need a YUGE network of good spec machines Text based recaptcha v2 has been broken for years bickers of relatively cheap neural network detection. That's why they moved to busses and stoplights. If you're going to keep going down the rabbit hole of browser challenges, you may as well start telling people to install the 8chan ipsec agent on their machines to allow secure ​anonymous posting. >wojak spam They only hate wojak bickers they want to fuck one.
Open file (637.90 KB 1865x2914 moe butthurt.png)
I forgot to actually post the whole exchange with the guy they want to un-person, and add to their list of growing boogeymen(N​IGGERpill/dolphin/hanging flesh/wojak guy/) >inb4 you're G​AMERGATEchu I'm saving everything locally via screenshots and, if possible, archives for posterity, S​ARGONs are known for deleting fucking everything if it doesn't cater to their circlejerk, especially when mark is around. I don't have any vendetta, but I don't really care about /v/ or mark either, so I am happy with sitting back and providing material that might otherwise be lost due to their temper tantrum
>>108772 Jesus Christ they can't even handle one autistic cuckchanner with a soyjak spambot. #wealwayswin
>>108778 that's not even him, that's some other random who has been complaining about the quality of their shitty site and they're screaming at him to make him stop. internet equivalent of plugging in their ears and screaming to drown him out the wojak guy is just the autistic kid shitting all over the place to complete the picture
>>108781 I can't imagine even bothering to use such a site, run by fucking mark mann and acidkike.
gaymergaters currently sperging that they will take anyone who posts wojaks to court LMAO
>>108796 goobergab is trash
>>108796 With Rekita as lawyer aint it?
Open file (75.64 KB 1037x752 moe ad3cd7 sperg.png)
>>108796 to be specific, it was this guy, ad3cd7. he's been sperging hard yesterday, I think 40+ of his posts have since been deleted. among other things, he kept telling "leftists" in that thread that they will lose, been taking a random card out of a hat and calling posters he disagreed with one of the many boogeymen ni/gg/ers have, and of course, been sperging out about children, about wojaks(how drawing doodles will make him leave, and when that fails, that he can be sued and taken to court if he doesn't stop), and he's still sperging right now. pic related he could have a thread all on his own. honestly, it could be codexx or acid or some other janny sperg on a proxy, for all I know I just find it funny that a place that has "embrace the infamy" as it's selling slogan is so easily triggered, like a bunch of cuckchanners they're pretending they're not
Open file (253.99 KB 1866x1172 moe more ad3cd7 sperging.png)
I found a few more gems. most of what he was talking about was offtopic garbage, whining about Sargonpill, and generally being an edgelord that thought telling people to "try it" or that "they will be sorry the consequences roll around". I'm sure there are other regular spergs in those threads that could be interesting, but this one stuck out to me, like chris chan in a brony con, he's definitely a slightly bigger sperg for sure(and smells even worse) I find it interesting he uses "drawing" as a coping mechanism, seen him do that for several days now. all it does is shit up their general even more, nobody even pretend to talk about videogames or whatever they do when that happens. I find it even more interesting that he seems to think it "triggers shills", I fail to see the connection btw, I think there is more of him here >>108772 so I didn't include anything redundant
Open file (70.65 KB 471x422 ClipboardImage.png)
>>102650 this is typical among them
>>108870 >>108872 I had an encounter with him a couple times. <>WE are winning you esjaydoubleuuu He's pretty loony in fact of course, truly stuck in 2014.
>>108872 Fucking hillarious, butthurt child is crying his ass off while ejaculating into his MSPaint Drawings. All thats missing now is the obliToad McKinleyy "I fucked your mom" post and a fortnite dance, and he officially reached the same mental level of a ten year old. I guess fapping to children too much turns you into one.
it's not enough for the niGGers to be jerking off to children, they opened a literal zoophilia board now so they can jack off to bestiality
Open file (115.40 KB 1881x394 acid confirmed zoophile.png)
>>109006 Underage animal porn board when?
https://archive.md/i1j0U Courtesy of foxdickfarms here is the archive where mark did show hentai games to his niece, they are on post 16925633 and 16925665. Never forget whenever someone denies mark mann facts anons fact that it is in fact mark mann deflecting and denying the truth.
>>109451 My concern then is, why didn't the uncle or aunt castrate him, reported him, and/or kill him. It's Jewish tradition to do all the above to maintain marital order within the society, and ensure proper dowry process. Something is odd. I take it most of alogers here don't want manslaughter charge, but something feels extremely strange when he doesn't even have jumpsuit on.
>>109451 Either its Mark himself stepping in to defend whats left of his honor (yeah right), or some butthurt shill who sees Mark as the untouchable god of FREE SPEECH AND MUH UNDAATSCH BUSSI.
>>109618 you're a bunch of losers, Mark is better than you. >ACIDMAN IS A FED OMG the whole thing was a shitpost, losers.
>>109620 t. Mark mann, known pedophile.
>>109620 Not sure if butthurt shill or the man himself. In any case, stop being a G​AMERGATE or you'll have to go back to blacked.gov. Your choice.
Open file (456.77 KB 1656x479 marks shit.png)
Not a good day for mark mann. He admitted he fell asleep after fapping today, letting people spam as they please, and then admitted to it. Sperging arouse, as you might expect, their catalog was in shambles a few hours ago Mark also literally admitted to wanting to order chicken tendies, but was too lazy to go out and get them. Probably ended up doing so anyways, as he had to leave his other jannies to clean up(poorly) while he was gone I didn't save most of it, sadly, but I did catch a renegade janny specifically leaving a thread involving mark's shit active in the catalog while deleting other spam threads, for some reason. I will never understand how subhuman ni/gg/ers let themselves be bossed around by this retarded semite >>109451 >>109544 That's fucked up. Are there any more details? How did they even let him be in a room with underage children alone in the first place, I assumed his family was fully aware of mark's "reputation" by now
>>109920 >I will never understand how subhuman ni/gg/ers let themselves be bossed around by this retarded semite >>>/kong/145 Also, network effect.
Why is Mark Mann such a massive faggot anons?
>>109920 Imagine using mark/v/.
Open file (6.23 MB 393x480 cat.gif)
>>110036 >there is nowhere to go are they that retarded?
>>110036 I have a developed theory here. The reason why Mark is attracted to children (aka he's a pedophile), is bickers in the depths of his brain, he is still a child himself. Granted, he might be a very fat, ugly, hairy, and bad smelling child, but a child. I mean, take a look at all the shit that Mark likes and does: >Prefers to be around children >Likes to take long naps during daytime >Eats unhealthy shit all day >Watches children's TV shows >Plays children's games >Argues like a child >Wants to play the doctor game with children
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETHBS5ZQnFk Mark Mann finally done with his administration of cake/v/ is the reign of the cake jew almost over anons?
https://archive.is/J20F2 ni/gg/er cope thread
>YOU ARE NIGGERPILL YOU ARE NIGGERPILL ni/gg/ers and their fake boogieman coping harder than muttni on the day she turned 30.
>>110904 I already archived it as well, glad to know other anons are as well, I hope mark retires ngl.
Open file (750.19 KB 312x338 mark laugh.gif)
Whats funny about all this is that cakekike finally had enough amd wants to move onto something else that makes him money. He was makinging money before 8ch.moe while working for Toad McKinley but he decide the hill to die on was loli pedo shit. Now after but doing it for free for sometime, he wants to move on and make an income. Also mark is trying to reinvent whell when it comes to shit like discord, teamspeak, mumble or matrix, that is is his big plan. LMAO
Open file (9.90 KB 858x141 mark.png)
Open file (9.50 KB 995x110 mark2.png)
Open file (12.13 KB 1010x111 mark3.png)
Open file (65.08 KB 1002x764 mark4.png)
>>110912 >mark mann invented discord but other kikes stole it I mean, it makes sense.
>>110914 Well kikes stealing from kikes is typical kike behavior so yeah nothing to be surprised about.
https://archive.is/2giAi Ni/gg/ers coping harder than muttni.
>>110916 What a horrible place, looks like cuckchan in fact of course.
>>110917 bickers it is cuckchan, it was cuckchan before cuckchan was cuckchan. redditors failing to be anons
Open file (9.31 KB 1005x80 niGGers.png)
Open file (158.99 KB 1002x664 niGGers2.png)
Open file (151.09 KB 1001x631 niGGers3.png)
Open file (119.44 KB 1008x743 niGGers4.png)
>>110916 >zzzchan are good lads
Open file (57.13 KB 450x360 shiet.jpg)
>>110919 kek, which one of you is 381617? Also why are they talking about exodus? Wasn't getting rid of cakejew their dream?
>>110920 >they wanted to get rid of cakejew Lol no they love mark mann the pedophile.
>>110871 >>110910 Haven't you guys learned anything? Mark is nothing more than a fat faggot attention whore who thrives off of negative attention. It is his bread and butter. Him "moving on" is the exact same as Jewsh making attention whore "woe is me" threads on his forum every other month about starting a family and wasting all his money on whatever he thinks is the next big thing, usually a scam and/or dead end that leaves his pockets empty after a few months. Mark isn't leaving the scene any time soon.
>>111892 Of course, mark leave forever.
Old 4chan was pretty pedophilic though.
>>112757 Plenty of anons on 4chan were pedophiles, but there were plenty of them that also weren't pedofaggots.
>>112759 But the culture was, overall, pedophilic, pro-pedophilia, and pedophile-friendly (how jokingly depends on your perspective). This isn't really debatable for those who were there. Racism, gore, and pedophilia were the 3 anti-normalfag pillars of old 4chan, with pedophilia probably being the most important.
>>112807 >pro pedophile I'm pretty sure that a lot of the administration of the site were pedos moot included and plenty of the users were, but they were also a sizable userbase of anons back then and today that realize that that shit is fucked up, of course I could 100 percent believe your based oldfag larp and then forget all of the times anons back in the day doxxxed pedophiles, driving the pieces of shit to suicide. >pro gore and racism I agree with you on the use of gore but a lot of the older users on 4chan weren't really racist, they weren't really right-wing either, generally they were more leftist but as time went on with /pol/ or /new/ if you are a truuu based oldfag they became more right-wing.
>>113218 >forget all of the times anons back in the day doxxxed pedophiles, driving the pieces of shit to suicide. You're talking about around like 08-09+; I'm talking about the actual beginning of the site up through at least Nurse-kun, BML, and Loli-chan. Newfag definition of oldfag vs. actual oldfag definition of oldfag. Raiding/doxxing wasn't even a big part of the site's culture until a few years after it started. Plus we both know that attacking people for doing the exact same things you do just bickers it's funny and they had bad infosec was established protocol for a long time. >generally they were more leftist Yeah no this is literally a Reddit narrative and proves you have no fucking clue what you're on about and weren't there.
This shit with cakechan is fucking revolting. Since anons found out that mark was going to be a part of it, they've constantly bitched to codekike and acidfed about it and all they'd say was "oh haha he's just running /v/ don't worry goys we're the successor of 8ch!!". Faggots actually believed that and went on with their shit. Then it became "oh well, he's just a global jan and /site/ janitor so don't worry we just needed his help in the making of the site!!1". Recently they banned child rape fantasy posts and/or images of children if you write "i wanna fuck that 3 month old baby" for example. they backpedaled on that, remade the /hebe/ board and now you can talk about fucking the guts out of babies. I'm not concerned with this pedo shit. If they're going to claim muh free speech, these degenerate motherfuckers will eventually come to them, and they shouldn't be censored except for cp. The real bullshit is how /pol/ and /v/ are ran. Any shitpost on /pol/ is almost immediately removed for "derail". If you post something Shellen (that's his name. how ironic) doesn't like, you're getting banned. For /v/, try saying fuck Mark and see how fast his faggoty cocksucking janitors will delete your post and ban you. The same faggots modding for Mark on /v/ are modding for other boards and they bring their bullshit to other boards. Mentioning anon history post, deleting a post when they get insulted and other really fucking gay shit. It's really fucking bizarre and it reeks of datamining, honeypots, and a blatant money grab. Fuck these kikes and fuck their imageboard. It's fucking disgusting.
/cow/ is being PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd really hard on tvch, bros https://tvch.moe/dup/res/79582.html#80194
>>113741 I don't consider anyone who uses 8chan/derivatives real anons. The fact there are people who STILL use websites from the faggots behind the original 8chan despite troves of evidence proving they don't care about privacy or providing a stable, reliable, well-moderated platform for discussion is ridiculous. Mark/Toad McKinley/Toad McKinley/Cripple are all exactly the same. Incompetent attention whores that refuse to just fuck off and honestly probably have some relationship to government(s), especially since they're all datamining (Most notably cripple since he created and ran Sunshine). Toad McKinley made a name for himself as a lolcow on the internet back in the late 2000s. Toad McKinley has been a businessman for even longer and wants to compete with Hiro. I don't know where the fuck Mark came from but he continues to make a name for himself on imageboards and makes himself open to news outlets like Vice to talk about how gamers are the new terrorists. Cripple of course used to be an admin on Wizchan and created 8chan to attention whore even more, inviting Redditors to increase the activity on his site at some point as well (And now he's a furfag on twitter).
I cannot claim 100% that the anon in question is something associated with /jp/ or blacked.org. But, there's this particular anon in zzzchan toddler's porn threads who's now active on tvch as well. It has two characteristics besides his love for CP, he thinks he is one of the smartest people on the webring and the only thing that triggers his autism is any grammatical error. Any mistake you can make in a post, for him, is worse than odders being gangbang by ugly bastards.
Open file (114.20 KB 1024x768 old poster trotsky jew.jpg)
Open file (22.56 KB 400x187 anon hates lolicon.jpg)
>>113663 >You're talking about around like 08-09+ pedofags have been at war with non-pedofags since the dawn of the internet. >Newfag definition of oldfag vs. actual oldfag definition of oldfag I don't care about the oldfag definition of oldfag, I already know it means pre-2005-2007 anons and I know ancientfags are supposedly anons from the beginning of cuckchan, but I chose to use my own definition bickers at this point the only people throwing around such terms are they themselves newfags from gamergay trying to LARP as oldfags. At this point, someone who started using imageboards during before or after the exodus knows plenty enough about imageboard culture and if they really want to LARP as an oldfag like you do, they could just read the Bibanon and ED. The fact is, most actual oldfags I have had the pleasure or displeasure of speaking to weren't constantly using that fact as some sort of call for respect or to defend their obsession with cartoon child porn. Most true oldfags or fags from 2007-2008 I have spoken to realize that being an "oldfag" simply means that have had the pleasure of wasting more of their life on the internet than others have. <I am a veteran of an anonymous imageboard <I'm an important person >Raiding/doxxing wasn't even a big part of the site's culture until a few years after it started >Plus we both know that attacking people for doing the exact same things you do just bickers it's funny and they had bad infosec was established protocol for a long time I agree with this statement bickers I think people have always been doxxxed/fucked with on the internet for all time, whether they be a pedofag or not. I fuck with everyone, but I do find pedofags to be particularly funny to fuck with due to how autistic they get whenever one calls them out. >Yeah no this is literally a Reddit narrative and proves you have no fucking clue what you're on about and weren't there Neither were you, I am not saying 4chan per se was esjaydoublu or whatever but that it was a generally more american-leftist or anti-neocon wars which isn't even a bad thing if they were political at all during the early years, this is at least the case for the admins such as Moot and the mods You can't deny that the cocks that a lot of the cocks that 4chan circulated during its early periods were not anything that an actual well "right-wing" individual would support. loli/shota/yuri/yaoi/guro While I have seen archives from 2005 that show some early pro white sentiment, such as an old screencap talking about Trotsky was a yid even if he was just a shitposter and even a cap in the same archive of an anon saying he hates lolicon pedos it doesn't really change the pro-leftist sentiments of the founder/admin of the site nor his pro pedophile sentiments or the opinions of the early userbase however, this doesn't matter bickers this isn't early cuckchan anymore and pedos don't get to decide what the future or legacy of image boards are. >>113741 <oh haha he's just running /v/ don't worry goys we're the successor of 8ch!! In a way they are since they are just as bad an administration if not worse than the 8ch admin was, at least in that sense of the word. My only advice to you would to avoid sites that harbor users of 8chan's /v/ and make your own website for /v/. >it reeks of datamining >honeypots Just like the original 8ch but without the userbase! >>115101 >I don't consider anyone who uses 8chan/derivatives real anons Pretty much all of the users of 8chan.moe and zzzchan come from 8chan's /v/ which was reddit central during gamergay so they aren't true anons. >all of the admins are lolcow feds I mean yeah that is pretty much a fucking given. >>115110 >But, there's this particular anon in zzzchan toddler's porn threads who's now active on tvch as well Yeah, I have seen him around, he is always the faggot astroturfing on tvch, they don't really try to hide their posting style or conceal it.
>>115136 >this doesn't matter bickers this isn't early cuckchan anymore and pedos don't get to decide what the future or legacy of image boards are. So you'd rather destroy the legacy of imageboards and ensure their future is nothing but a pseudo-anonymous reddit so long as it makes sure pedos won't be any part of it? Look at what you've done to this site in your vendetta against pedos, it had so much potential that was thrown away in service of a purity test. 8chan is no different with its admin and his vendetta against pedos having lead to the site becoming just as much of a ghost town as this one. That this is the inevitable outcome of any imageboard you get to decide the future of is a showcase of why you shouldn't be the ones making such decisions.
>>115460 What are you talking about? Reddit had much more open pedo communities back in the day than any imageboard. They probably still do.
>>115461 This. Reddit has been one of the most pedophile-infested places on the internet since it first debuted. Aaron Swartz, a co-founder, wanted child pornography to be legal under "free speech" https://archive.is/d4NPt#70%. Early on the company Reddit gave a small alien trophy award to the head moderator of r/Jailbait, which at times DID have child porn posted on it that was never deleted or only deleted after a few hours. Of course, don't forget about the recent hired-then-fired admin Aimee Challenor who was a tranny pedophile with pedophile family members that Reddit tried REALLY HARD to keep aboard by censoring mentions of its name before it just became too much and they got the boot. That place was and still is a fucking cesspool and letting pedophiles onto your website shits his pants and does nothing except alienate all regular users and turn it to shit. 4chan was never pedophile-friendly. People that perpetuate that it was are mentally retarded (Literally mentally retarded if they actually are pedophiles and not just trolls). No, loli/shota is not pedophilia.
>>115461 Quit the semantic games, you know exactly what I'm talking about. >>115505 >4chan was never pedophile-friendly. >No, loli/shota is not pedophilia. Opinion discarded.
>>115460 >the legacy of imageboards is pedophilia <you want to kill it? I mean that (((legacy))) for sure needs to go. >>115505 >loli/shota is not pedophilia Hahahaha no it is.
>>115511 >Quit the semantic games, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Oh, you mean reddit in terms of mass banning Blumf and "extremism" rather than it being a bad website with nothing of value? The latter would be the usual interpretation when you throw it around as an insult bickers no self-respecting anon would be browsing reddit in the first place to be offended to care. >8chan is no different with its admin and his vendetta against pedos having lead to the site becoming just as much of a ghost town as this one Sure, their pearl clutching about pedo shit is the reason is the reason no one posts there. Everyone loves /v/ otherwise.
seeing redditors and cuckchan retards here losing their shit over lolicon makes me so happy, especially when I know this site is dead in the water you will never win, you will just writhe in anger for our amusement
>>117544 >seething pedo kek
>>117544 based bait
>>115460 >Look at what you've done to this site in your vendetta against pedos, it had so much potential that was thrown away in service of a purity test. Don't even bother. I'm convinced at this point these fags were sent in as bad actors to stop any progress this place was making back then. They're probably the ones that flooded this place with child porn. Anyone that promotes censorship in any form is an enemy. >>115505 > Aaron Swartz, a co-founder, wanted child pornography to be legal under "free speech" https://archive.is/d4NPt#70%. See what I mean? They'll just paint you as a pedophile and celebrate censorship in any form. Swartz didn't want pedo shit classified under free speech bickers he was jerking it to pizza. He wanted it classified as free speech bickers he understood that it would be used as a wedge to further censor the internet. He was proven correct bickers that's exactly what is happening now. Violence is the only language these retards understand. When he comes to their home, kicks in the door, and puts a bullet in their head maybe then they'll finally get why it's dangerous to censor anything. Just watch as they call med pedo or /v/igger despite the fact that I despise both. My solution has always been the same for those problems. Harsh punishment and zero tolerance. Censoring them accomplishes nothing. Like Swartz I will be proven correct in time. The pedos will be welcomed into the LGBTBBQ umbrella. It's already being taught as a sexual orientation in western Universities. If you speak out against it you're censored and the laws against pizza on the internet as used as justification for doing it. You're arguing with dumb faggots that think moe shit anime turn men into trannys instead of the massive propaganda campaign being funded by big pharma and western Governments. Trust me don't waste your time with them. They never gave a fuck about this place. They wouldn't even host their board here yet they felt like they had some right to decide what is and isn't allowed here. Fuck them. They're no better than Fat/v/ G​AMERGATEs. I blame Robi for being a massive fucking faggot that couldn't learn how to tell anyone "no". If he had a backbone maybe this place wouldn't have died. Enjoy your one active thread with 5 people posting in it. >captcha still broken It's almost like he doesn't even give a fuck about this place anymore isn't it?
>>118315 >tranime doesn't turn men into pedo faggots >entire wall of text that translates to let the pedos post bickers muh freeze peach Lol entire post discarded, /v/ermin-tier concern trolling logic.
>>118315 Nice schizopost, bud. Feels a bit like it was generated from markov chain though.
What do you know, acid both still allows CP on his site AND continues posting G​AMERGATE porn, AND defends both. If you don't know what I am talking about, I also included the other 2 pics in the Acid Nigger Fetish Trilogy Acid currently on the verge of nuking the entire site, between the constant wojak/G​AMERGATEpill raiding, this might be the final straw for him Press S to spit on markchan
Open file (2.73 KB 675x19 BLACKED DOT MOE02.png)
btw, one of the images mentions /2dblacked/, here are the current new/hottest boards on blacked.moe 2 of them are dedicated to posting Niggerporn, 2 are dedicated to posting drawn CP, /b/ is used to dump the real thing, and /abdl/ is a diaper fetish/shitting board yikes!
Open file (93.37 KB 500x447 1462408667548.gif)
>>122617 >Acid currently on the verge of nuking the entire site good, but it's dead anyway kek
Pedochu is spending a lot of time on tvch https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/76025.html#q76494
Open file (12.68 KB 1014x99 ClipboardImage.png)
>>123462 The absolute state of pedochu
https://archive.ph/0dQhO acid is currently having a meltdown when faced with valid criticism, and is now lashing out calling everyone pedophiles never mind that this entire thread is dedicated to preserving how he was the one who actually not just welcomed, but defended pedophiles who post pictures of real children, on his site
https://archive.ph/7v7OO Perfect banner, don't you think? btw, he is still sperging out as I speak right now, it looks like he will not take this well, and might very well obsess over his imaginary boogeyman over the next few days.
Open file (23.68 KB 1317x250 mark gets mad.png)
Open file (152.96 KB 749x826 video games.png)
looks like the fat kike had his cake and deleted all my posts, that were in the meta thread, on topic, mind you, off of acid pedo's free speech site. he is probably consoling him in their IRC right now, as acid cries that he "owned the pedophiles" what a truly pathetic site, they're now circlejerking each other off with random underage manga pictures, too
>>126400 hahahaha this is fantastic.
>>126405 if you pay attention, at least one, if not more, people were having issues with the site before I came along. acid then made up a strawman and declared him the new boogeyman, not knowing he was talking to several posters, not just one(on a board with IDs, no less) they are now celebrating that their new boogeyman was silenced. they will likely bring him up whenever any criticism of their sacred cows or the technical/moderation side of the site is brought up. I think this last part is the most hilarious to me, they lack the self awareness and close themselves off in their little circlejerk, to the point where one outsider makes them lose their minds, their admin included I wonder if all meta related conversation in the meta thread will get banned from now on, since they now have an excuse for it
>>126407 >acid then made up a strawman and declared him the new boogeyman Not suprised, it's always the boogeymans. What does Mark's minions even consider "Niggerpill" at this point? If you check their logs, they ban at least one person a day for it, with huge spikes every so often. Now, they have a reason to ban even more people. The absolute state of that place.
Why is Gahoole still friends with Mark Mann? Mark was a guest on Gahooles last stream celebrating the birthday of Zach. Does this make him an implicit pedo supporter?
>>126851 No more than running a board that has a long history of idolizing child actresses. The real question is why you're more inclined to morally condemn the person who tries to force his community to only engage in fiction and not condem the person who does the exact opposite. Is pedophilic desire only bad if the object of attraction has anime eyes?
Open file (166.57 KB 348x342 1639197061067.png)
Why's it known as "cake/v/"?
>>126851 Hi trsperg
>>126851 bickers both are cringy eceleb identityfag attention whorer? Imagine thinking Gayhole is somehow not a retarded cow.
>>102328 Lolololol I know people just loose a lot of reasoning online especially on imageboards but wow, just wow. Truly truly a place that doesn't deserve much if not any respect. At most it just deserves to get laughed at.
Holy shit, how fucking retarded are you moralfaggot little bitches? Kill yourselves.
>>127646 >stop hating what I like
>>102453 I knew you guys were autistic but lol >what is dis anti saying Go put a lodge up your ass honestly, it all just deserves to be mocked Fucking hell I haven't chuckled this much in a while
>>102456 >da normalfagerino Stop it you sad cunt
>>102456 >da normalfagerino Stop it you sad cunt
>>126400 Honestly it looks even more pathetic than 8ch.net was >>108781 >hat's some other random who has been complaining about the quality of their shitty site Heh, though what do you honestly expect on a site where you can say anything and it’s hard to take anything seriously. Everyone has a limit when it comes that sort of stuff. >the wojak guy is just the autistic kid shitting all over the place to complete the picture Who? Though honestly it deserves to get shat on. >>108772 >that whole image Imagine, God this website has very dumb lore, even shittier than 8ch.net but man it is quite funny, I had fun pissing around on /b/ many months back burning time.
>>115460 >to decide what the future or legacy of image boards are. So you'd rather destroy the legacy of imageboards Legacy of my dick shut the fuck up man, do you seriously and I mean seriously believe the shit you write. Like seriously would you honestly and openly talk about this stuff in real life

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