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donkey dong's family... eric paul leue 06/05/2021 (Sat) 21:15:07 ID: 709ae1 No.105099
so cuck boy is in hiding after being evicted and escorted out of sarasota florida rv park called sun n fun. this guy is worried his three half gook thai cuban trashy offspring are gonna get VAXED by the obama death cult... lol... he's got a train horn on his naviToad McKinley. ;)
Open file (573.71 KB 594x598 1591019017-2.png)
Open file (242.73 KB 400x399 1591019017-3.png)
Open file (728.00 KB 598x600 1591018972-0.png)
Open file (574.75 KB 595x597 1591019017-0.png)
Open file (598.95 KB 592x596 1591019017-1.png)
>>105099 pretty sick american authorities need to look into donald carlos seoane having access to these children...
Open file (520.05 KB 596x597 1591019068-0.png)
Open file (537.11 KB 596x597 1591019068-1.png)
Open file (708.69 KB 594x597 1591019068-2.png)
Open file (246.66 KB 596x595 1591019068-3.png)
Open file (480.25 KB 596x597 1591019825-0.png)
>>105100 all donny long exploits his own kids and connects it to his wife's nasty porn site and then connects it to his own nasty porno site... these folks are sick!
Open file (426.57 KB 601x595 1591019588-1.png)
Open file (531.47 KB 596x596 1591019588-2.png)
Open file (614.95 KB 789x473 1591019692-2.png)
Open file (551.14 KB 592x818 1591021541-3.png)
Open file (469.98 KB 473x596 1592829319-0.png)
>>105101 even stupider then donkey dong is his loser wife who allows him to publicize his kids connected to adult pornographic websites. she is truly a deplorable grifter scum bag as well for letting donny use their own kids.
OP is a boring incel full of envy for his empty life.
Open file (382.75 KB 399x655 1587585971-0.png)
>>105104 yeah... sure whatever you say.
Donny Long is 100% G‚ÄčAMERGATE
>>105116 cuban cuck cock sucker!
>>105177 oh man... donny long is the shizit! http://donnylong.com
>>105181 1663 NE 176th St North Miami Florida 33162 owner of pornwikileaks - adultfyi websites
>>105182 also: adultfyi.com website author.
Open file (739.23 KB 861x1037 donny gay adultfyi.jpg)
Open file (663.76 KB 861x1037 dzial agenda adultfyi.jpg)
Open file (566.90 KB 861x1037 1614489019-0.jpg)
Open file (305.93 KB 664x800 1612702203-3.png)
>>105104 donald carlos seoane is in hiding.
Open file (593.44 KB 861x1037 adultfyi 12 years ago.jpg)
>>105185 in porn...
>>105185 >>105186 with a mushroom head...
>>105104 OP is seething, what a pathetic sperg. Donny Long won without even having to fight.
>>105369 yeah... he's a real winner!
Open file (651.08 KB 861x1037 nigger head woman.jpg)
Open file (603.77 KB 861x1037 nuka zeus foster.jpg)
Open file (844.62 KB 861x1037 rob black tom byron.png)
Open file (169.92 KB 664x800 ROB-BLACK-HIDES.jpg)
Open file (664.63 KB 861x1037 tristy nakita adultfyi.jpg)
>>105186 lol...
>>105099 dumb pinko commie homosexual donny long never learns!
>>105099 too stoopid for da interwebs!
>>105099 >>106550 adultfyi never learns!
Open file (544.53 KB 596x596 1591019554-2.png)
Open file (523.20 KB 594x596 1591019554-3.png)
Open file (418.89 KB 475x595 1591019554-1.png)
Open file (188.72 KB 377x377 1591019456-1.png)
>>105099 let's make sure everyone see's the author/owner of pornwikileaks and adultfyi websites...
yeah... rob black (zicari), tom byron former adult film actor and they both work own and run american cheeseburger in rochester new york. (585) 730-4379. 339 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14604 Order: grubhub.com, seamless.com https://www.seamless.com/menu/american-cheeseburger-339-east-ave-rochester/1394695?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=place-action-link https://www.grubhub.com/restaurant/american-cheeseburger-339-east-ave-rochester/1394695?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=place-action-link
Open file (593.34 KB 861x1037 thank you note from PWL.png)
Open file (169.92 KB 664x800 ROB-BLACK-HIDES.jpg)
Open file (844.62 KB 861x1037 rob black tom byron 2.png)
Open file (717.42 KB 857x1030 lion dzial adultfyi.jpg)
>>106875 >>106875 eddie dzial gonna squirt some cheese on yo burger my niggas!
Open file (1.02 MB 655x903 1614801636-0.png)
Open file (1.02 MB 661x907 1614794195-0.png)
Open file (806.59 KB 1139x818 eddies cock drip.jpg)
>>105099 >>106886 it just gets worse! he never learns. he's WINNING!
>>106886 lol...
Open file (723.30 KB 861x1070 anal fister donny long.jpg)

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