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Open file (220.10 KB 775x741 IMG_20210610_153422.jpg)
lol Toad 06/10/2021 (Thu) 09:54:44 ID: dd3c82 No.105585
well. what does it matter. must regulate extreme mood. like sport.
if you arent autist, then i would be extremely normal
in response to Bad teacher: im always working here. but they wont be. *mindblown
>disgusting view >so good you wont want to come back >hopefully >or maybe yer that sad >unironic >maybe actually violently motivated >unironicallly
>only winning argument matters >how friends came to be >friends >"friends" without profit >lose to win >not all that wise wins. >not all that win is wise irony
i dont know what the hell yer talking about is it not you who wrote it? i dont own the internet.
maybe fix your system first, since you have no credibility either
but anyway, law can do whatever they want, at whatever cost and whatever reason you only rape kids and fools as usual. monarch indeed
finally die a nobody. like most thing. alone and maybe not with anyone. not even in hospital >tubes sucks. >expensive >no music >stuck with other people >gayshit >polygamy trash >people = faggotry
is 3 second how long you usually last big goy also the lady- yeah idgaf about you all faggots
wow so i guess you need more girls and half men to do your bidding to justify your dying manliness? bunch of faggots, bet you all hit like pussies. trying so hard to leverage your scores cuz you cant last 3 second so you need an agroed opponent. pussyfuck no wonder your mum gave you more girls to babysit you. not more since they cant affod both your mangina and real pusies at the same time either one is more worthwhile to them. not yours obviously.
aw, the faggot shouts. No one heard you i guess. you are the weird one so they marry you off so your bent dick either straihhten up or just dissolves to a pussy, than being a half men your daddy was pfft
you wanted the conflict so bad bickers no one actually listens to your sermons about the dissolving of your penis to mangina. and you thought sticking up with lots of counter species could revive it. but they dont so....
so sad. not even a pig hears you so you decided you gonna uneat them but they still dont give a shit about you... no matter how similar you both look. or try to look.
man, fucking cringe assholes. more digusting than throwing up and eating my cud again. you ate the goat and still dont grow another inch of creativity like it. and still you try to look like it. what a sore loser. sitback, mangina
ah it feels so good. obviously bickers you all are so disgusting; beatin you to an inch of your genitalia just doesnt worth even a cent to this. race of losers and you thought reaching the moon is important. or putting it on the fucking roof. what a goddamn retard. convenient idiots
learn to fuck yourself already. if you are so wise and blessed. fucking ironic piece of shig
after banding together you all faggots still look sad and miserable. agroing, shouting like a fucking toddler, goddamn you all are worthless. what the hell are you actually blessed for again?
you actually believe you ll take 3 seconds only? its been 3 hour and you havent done with it. hilarious. you are intimidating bickers you are worthless without it. thats literally your entire existence. yeah, goddamn louder. pussy screams louder when you bang it.
so, your existence is so invalid you can only live by this amount of victory? you must be a god: you can only resolve at the end and beginning, not inbetween.
so i guess the more you bond the softer you all be
aww... now you actually come to me? after all your weeny tiny wittle bitch ass hiding behind your daddy now you wanna come by me? holy shit nigga how worthless can you be. rot like your daddy
well, i dont need you. cuz you didnt too. rmb. oh wait you are actually conveniently dumb. oh well
so sorry your eye is actually as big as your genitalia too. why dont you come here without all your little fans and helper and your sad unwitting self worths? you want me to kneel too? you need me to babysit you first? be your listening ear? cant you operate the phone my goodness. you are as loud as abitch.
well, i d kill myself for your...boring ass dynamics. but that d even hurt your pride more, so i guess you wanna show how brave you are at the last bit? even after all your worthless pussyfooting? what a bunch of loser. no wonder your prayers makes no fuckin sense. mostly to press and rob childrens than actual education
aw man. didnt know i hurt you that much you want a piece of me so badly. cuz your own piece sucks
gotta be a bigger man again my dad embarasses me like fuck
we have to be the bigger man again since the rich guy is so insecure about his fucking wealth and he thinks i need to kidnap his child. what a fucking loser
touching. since you got nothing else better to do but me.
...took the whole world to band just to break a portion of me. goddamn faggots. the jews had hands in all even amongst the polyfaggotists. pussyfuck
all this politics are such a faggot material
not using your isolation box since ill get you down since you are all weak and, dying.
man, always gotta bi the bigger man to all these faggots, cuz without me theyll be cutting each other's throat and fucking up their own lives. it's so hard to unite all these mofos to begin with. the kind who ate th apple and left each other to dirt. a lord who didnt fence their kids from the poisonous tree; unable to handle his own rebelious servant... and now telling everyone to join his conflict cuz he couldnt just give it a break. broken up babel when their people tried to reach him... let everyone nuking each other when they cant hear him. also decidedly flood everyon for all their debauchery. like, decided to murder tons of people for crime less than killings probably. maybe as "non believer". yeah tough cut. what a sad insecure bunch. wow. ironic.
sorry that hurt your feelings. didnt know your massive population and your dominating land ownership and reach cant entertain you at all so you somehow become the massive pothole you made others to be.
we follow the god's rule i guess. unironically.
so sorry you just dont have enough either. ironic.
well you want to win so bad i didnt know you d even take abit of me as an inspiration. guess we are pretty much the same indeed, whatever "saintness" you seem to build on. ironic. and you asks why you loses by my reference.
we all know you and your thin sad existence of justness are only rivaled by your equally flaky idea of holiness
wish i never ever ever met you all really. you know why.
if it makes you happy you are all unbearable this is why you dont graduate from me
you dont care. and somehow, you think your god will.
i wish all my "coworker" would just disappear. better place maybe. and never come back here, ever ever ever ever again. also my "sponsors"
how good my "coworkers" are? they are placed with me. fourth from bottom,. out of three who failed. talk about how much god loves them i guess.
i wish my "coworkers" are more blessed so they can fuck off to anywhere than inches from from me. but they are too fucking chatty and go loves them so much they have to put up with me than anything else better i guess. despite the land owned by them. miserable fucks with no goddamn future. "thank god" huh.
why are these blessed vankui vanpo fucks sticking with me. of all things better, why are they here with me? did their god hates them these much so they cant go to heaven whatsoever asap
the neighbour also stuck here and unable to be a bigger man despite how stronk and holy their gods r? wow, fucking kek
i just want you all to hurry up and go to heaven mostly. nothing too complicated
embarasses by all rhese faggots bickers they all can only do by more and numbers but mostly dumb from hell to heaven like heh fuck off to heaven asap
you all suck i wish i have better friends better family better god! fuck you all and you all can only get worse, worthless cunts
minding my business so much. inflating one statement to humongous... mess. guess your gods really have abandoned you all huh. how sad. maybe thats why he threw off babel... with you in it. cuz he know how fucked you ve always been. How hilarious. Guess you both do look alike... suffering eternally and, self serving, conveniently being ignorant and feeling so all knowing and confident. Hahahaha, I am having so much. I'd die of laughter now just by watching you being in this... "heaven" of yours.
>the expiry is long what to do. you motherfuckers are so unconvincing. not minding your own goddamn business too. a pain in the fucking ass. guess this is the limit of your blessings. you dont really feel minority is an issue? hm, ironic. guess you can stay "minor"
>covid vaccine causes heart issue ...hm, i think imma get my vac
>among young uh huh >young yep mine
man theyre gonna stay long here. wow, brilliant. this place is fucked
if it is that posible, these last 10 years would improve me somewhere. but all they do is just suckle me like a baby goat
well,. like eveything i do...theyre impossible. and somehow these fucks are stuck with me talk about long expiry date...like way past that.
gr8 now they want to be the jew thats gay as hell
place is fuckd
fucking hell im so tired just doing the fucking shit once. if only its not this fucking stupid to do along with these oh so holy mofos and their political bullshits
they drain everything literally and somehow still gets no where wow
5 times a day. rich. and still nothing good i guess stuck here with me wow hilarious
Well, good thinf theyre hilarious. otherwise. well, actually theyre not
hurry up baby birds...fly flyaway. flyyyyyyyy
somehow it's not really profittable with you all. unfortunately.
yep. impossible as fuck
cant wait to die and away from you all
resting so fucking well finally
look how blessed
tryhards. why so sad?
if these musses not gonna do anythin better than these catchgrab maybe it is as fucked to begin with unironic
everything is annoying heaven is annoyin hell is annoying life is annoying i think i ll poof just fine "but will you" positivity 101
see, they want to say it's a blessing but in realit they just wanna leave and get all the money fucking fraud come and kill me if you can pussy footing like a goddamn cheat
faggots indeed
i hate you all
awww.. you like seeing me this much dint know... being in control for so long made you... hate to lose?
actually it doesnt matter thinking "yes i can" doesnt help it s all huge fucking bullshit and the one who spouted them are always looking abit too wise but never really know the weight of their advice well fuck im done here anyway this is fuckin retarded
everything is fucked the future is fucked like now it s all fucked you are not done yet? cuz you are so fucking sad? like your people here hurry the fuck up but i guess never haha
convenient. i cant even make stuff for myself. wow. robbery. didnt know you want a piece of me so bad. so sad. how dead
yes. you all always win. as time goes and rot, you know no losin. your worth decay and eventually rot like your morale. how sad can such massive things be in the end must be pretty fucking ironic. well, glad you are fucked up. no regrets
you even refer to my loses to feel winning? my goodness. how sad can you be
sadly. even if i were to spend more time with it well thats tsutomu miyazaki's story which is now almost becoming mine
cant wait for god to die end reality end cringe massive win im so fukin cringed now blessed you fucks
i think your god is gay first he let satan play with your parents second he let cain run off to play dirt after blugeoning abel to porridge(...) then he let you get enslaved, mutilated, fucked, gone to war with each other. also fucked your languages which it casually says "yes i dont want you here well, now we know where do you guys take up from. its fucked. what else it wont do? "but you gotta believe" sorry but im not superhuman. this is not about sharing my fried chickens to cats. its about you going to bulldozer kids and ...i guess there is nothing you can do anyway. why am i not surprised.
yes we will manage as devil dont worry it s not like you are any dependable
definitely not you
"nothing lasts forever" yes. not you definitely
lots of hate. lots o vengeance for petty words. lots of curses. but you know who else hates and curses? hahaha. if lucifer can die, god d have break him. and thats just how big your in this world. a nobody. a tiny speck. and at the peak of this all everyone is alone. even the god. why bother? we re now in places we dont know. may the lord burn eternally in its own hate. like fathe like son, you all are.
so i ll kill god. so pussy ass faggot like it can decay to nothing. like time and space. but i guess it is unkillable.... and you will suffer. the lord's joy only come by the end or maybe it s a trick so kids dont cry that much.
i guess you cant do much if you can cure corona and finish my work we could already be done with this but i guess you have no other skills but ruin my works and jobs. yeah i dont think you all have any other skills. you dont work hard either. you mistook your talent with hardwork. what a sad piece of shit. and you thought you provided.
what to do. all you sack of shit cant find me stuff so i have to be here. you dont even have that much of money or intelligence. fucking miserable trash
what to do. u sack of shit is conpletely helpless since i have to do so much so i dont just get back here as usual. bahaha, pissed off again? man, guess you have so little of a talent huh
of course u always win. you cant afford to lose. you got nothing anymore. what a sad suck bunch. 2000 years and here you are still. hahhahah you cant afford a happily ever after either
well, idiot. the capital city is not for everyone boring and full of retards. why bother with shitplace like that fucking idiots bet you get hurt and go nuts if i say you are. worthless cunt mayb you didnt go home simply cuz your hometown is dirt anyway. idiot and not tough. hahhaha wprthless cunts. just like your gods
everyone is such an uninteresting, weak conToad McKinleyonal material.
dealing with you all disgust me
weak faggot species is so goddamn boring
arent you happy i lose for you? not like you can afford anymore without me. how sad. no wonder yer stuck here
well the priest said that "prayers dont do shit if you dont work it" so i definitely to learn how to revive dead people instead of praying, right? also maybe cure AIDS instead of relying on omnipotence which...really dont matter at all right?!
na it s end times. cuz there s nothing else this stronk anyway
everyones gon be freeeeeeee
scretly everyone prefers the faggoterians cuz they ll go batshit nuts given the msssive numbers. othrwise why hubbuzzes. everyone holy is so panicky and nuts no wonder shit goes to dirt i guess
yes yes it is a very convenient option so lets just enjoy it
weak and "blessed" planet indeed
so uh, the stronk god need room here from weak bunch like me? cuz no free lunch? how sad maybe you ll lose to hell eventually
even need to break me to assure some sort of "faith" awww didnt know i am praying to bunches of backstabbing sellouts
hilarious. didnt know you lost control that easy yhvh alla or whatev
what fun, bunch of retards
understandable how faggots tend to group when theyre of the same kind. the only way they can be strong i guess
yeah man i actually am really really really afraid of dying man im like bahahaha retarded dramatic overturn is lame as fuck
everyone goy
the world is made of faggot what happens to that faggots anyway society is a tiny bitch
society the weeny tiny biatch that wont get far lol pfft always eternally dead basically texas and alabama lol
isnt it sad how your gods and saintlies left you with me to hunt whatever left from me? ironic. you have to be here. with a sinner like me. i wish they d gtfo and find some other better jobs than this one with me and all of us could improve and i can have a goddamn space. but i guess the lord hates them as much as it hates me. well it s ok for the lord to hate. may the lord suffers in hate and its people follow eternally.
is it feelings? or stories. dunno. i am practicing english as usual. what do you know. but i guess you are a sad miserable existence
thats the ironic side of life. no one is really on your side. not your parents. not your gods. everyone is just sad sad existence here for their own, sad, goddamn dead existence. dont you want to win? you want to win so bad? how sad. a god that havent won. a... guardian that loses. what a disgusting existence. and somehow i came from you all. what a disgusting existence. being a father. a god. a parent dirt as fuck.. i hope your existence extinct. but i guess it couldnt afford without stomping this earth a little.
you won? you still wanna win? aww, i thought god means perfect. turns out everyone is just an exemplary of another. havent killed me? havent shot me? come now do your worse. you worthless faggot existence
glad you all try so hard. i needed that. yeah how else my sorry existence can be curred but from your equally dirt origin. dirt. yeah. you are all sad dirt. that will never find happiness. and your heaven is dirt bickers you are hateful sad piece of shit. and im so fucking glad, you showed your dirtbag existence.
success. i won already. cuz dealing with you all only require an insane mind. so fun.
suffer. as usual. hate. forever. have fun. the dirt you are. your dirt god. locked here. your dirt believes and mostly cocksukingly dirt existence
you could be that sad i guess. worthless twonk
one will never be able togive anything good the other one will never be able to do anything good anyway you are all sad worthless manipulative cunts. and your sad excuses of justice. man, you all should suffer
no one is a friend here. welcome
i dont think you "poor" bunches are that sad. go on. kill.
glad all thebgods r unblameable retards now we know where y all got your fucking attitudes. guess those who worships tend to follow alot. bahahaha so glad y all are screaming to kill fucking fun. and you say "now is worse" like its not yours to do. pfffttt... if it s so weak to begin with, then maybe you simply stepped on your own land mine
i cant wait to kick these all mofos out and so they can magically improve our life's benefit. then everyone can have happy ends. otherwise whats your demands are for?
hurry up and win like you all actually promises. kill me like the dirt you are your victory is so fucking small i guess.
go on. what else can you do but trample on me? your sad miserable existences. your holy, prejudices. hahaha it's completely unentertainable. yes. fucking tripfucks
its fascinsting how godless the holy feels like. just chewing things they wish they have. heaven is limited i guess by hate and self preservation
i d like to grasp coding but i cant think anyway so
conflicts r usual among eternity
dedly conflicts r usual in eternity
i cant wait for everyone to come beat to death and nothing like theyve always do. remove me from reality cuz they got nothign better to do cuz their sad worthless unexisting trurh cannot save th ever from their own vile ending but what to do. the sadist lord will destroy you all again. not that i give a fuck to a group of people who randomly chooses me as a god to express their sad morbid desire of being left behind. funny stories: a million sacrifice wont save you either. ask the lord again.
yeah but this aint good ofc. well humanity is sad story only attracted to power. so naturally they themselves would be unatttactive.
i support nothing. life s too fuking troublesome
this one?
so, you think you are actually bearable?
am i eternal in your eternity? nothing but you is eternal. not me, definitely. only you.
everything dies. including my patience
this heavenly things are too eternal. maybe it s an overkill for noobs like me.
just kill me yer all gay as fuck
i hope corona doesnt happen again bickers everyone becomes so gay
good stuff. im getting used to hell i guess. guess some things are eternally obnoxious.
didnt know i am not allowed to be fearful or stressed again. what a party. the living profits.
trust me, your heaven sucks. it tastes like the steel you swung the first time. i hate you. you never leave me the fuck alone when i need to be. you always hurt me for things i dont fucking have. holy indeed.ypu didnt fucking care. happy? lets fucking laugh
lets be fuckin happy.
what can the group truly do but hurt
you never know shits i need.you never fucking do. weaklings. no wonder everything turns to shit. cuz you think you will always provide. hahaha hilarious as fuck now everyone gets the shit
i guess some cant be invincible either. even the lord. eternal war is here. suffer like the lord.
why do you all suffer so much? do you not ever have enough? how ironic. values and merits hell will be fun the lord hasnt killed it anyway and nothing is eternal. but the lord.
hurry up and die everyone
islam so sensitive with gay and non muslim it s a religion for greedy useless people
what to do. i have to look as horrible as possible it s not like the saintlies have any better illussion of themselves when in terrible state
aw, disappointed by your own smartassery?
so sad your smartassery disappointed you again. you cant shut it either? well, goodjob yer fuckd
sometiems i remeber again how dad needs to believe he had the harder times where peoole look down on his money and people were racist to him so i let him win by saying all myfriends are sweet and fluffu i guess i mean, we just call each other faggots and twats and G‚ÄčAMERGATE and then punch each other and steal from one another s time here. nothing worse. he wanna feel good so he should
After three years I checked /pol/ and by the gods, that place is sad as fuck now, it's only porn, /leftypol/ raid threads, glow in the dark threads and overall no quality. The only "okay" thread were the NatSoc ones and even those are pretty much only four anons spamming images. /tg/ is full of redditors, like the pozzed kind far worse than the average redditor who used to use cuckchan back in 2016. /tv/ probably is garbage and unfunny now. I posted on /v/eddit a few months ago when my goal was to get a PA to fuck with Fallout Frontier mods. Guess what happened after I doxed the mods and larped as mods in the threads to make everyone there mad at them? foxdickfarms and grifters got involved and /v/edditors "trolled" the mods by paying superchats...
i hate thid all fuckin hell everyone talks to much
everyone only add more shit to me
no one cares but their own wins. thats a subject that not even infinitt can outlive otherwise we wont even be talkkng about this.
what are friends and families but a target to kill i will make sure all of them who comes within my inches die i ll take one of them blind and then the rest in hell
maybe the dead is a joke and the retribution will come the ghost winsoslsbfoeomsls dhndomdpsjdldmdodhdls
i ll try b mor honest but no homo(promizes)
stories that could nvr works out
yeah well. you know what i r gonna say. we r not some, families in heaven or shit. values and numbers, pride and respect honor and honesty, after all this done. isnt this all what u want? the divine coemdy.
or whTever. imagine if the dead is not dead yet but actually here to do retributions in waiting i just wish i can finish my project already but i guess we re all living by luck. and friends... are you that lucky to get all the "friends" you want?
mum is always a fucking idiot. just liek dad. bunch of worthless retard that cannot benefit me ever. hilarious. idiots believing in themselves so much. theire smug retarded face, the way they worship their own loves. hilarious. guess that is why their god dirted. them. their ideas of "we re fine" is basically unable to rrach their dreams and then blames it all on me so they can some, sad unrealistic leverage on me... like im a god or something. hahhaaha yeah thats how it feels. how "spoiled" i am. i get all the food, praises, kisses...they even carry me on a fuckinf pedestal. how funny my uncle is supposed to be a supporter of mine idk but holy shit, he doesnt feel like it. yep, not rrally. scary as fuck
ah of course. even the "father" has always been here to oppose me. not a real father. a, placeholder for a better dad. how troublesome playing me around. i hate gods. even the...communist god is sucha ...worthless existence. ah whatever. i forgot everything already
this is what it s supposed to be. to slowly fade away. what a worthless life. no friends and family, but your ownself. i wont miss this place. afterlife or whatnot who gives a shit.
i know what you are obviously. just, eschewing me becsuse... your, holy god doesnt reveal to you what i need. your, oh so saint existence have no leverage on wtver
dead inside. you kill so much for your lord burn murder war and somehow you dont know how i feel. or think. you could even guess my move with it guess your lord doesnt love you that much how funny. agape indeed
even mentally ills unsorted bunch like ya all wanna be called normies but thar comes at the cost of others being "less normal" how funny.
i dont think we all have neough capable commkn sense
if you are that wealthy, just stop talking. i couldnt be that massive of an existence hahahahah. the lord is an angry, deluded self serving existence i guess. the follower feels no different. maybe the romans failed and now they bargain by lesser monogamic religion a sad escape
why does everyone feels like a faggot? bickers theyre actually one? gay and cringe ass and complete mess of existence. there are weak peopl, and strong people. striaght or gay, human or not, everyone csn be a goddamn monster " but gods r constant" "nothing changes" yeah why is it animated? is it a robot nothing makes sense nothing mesns shit nothing matters
i mea dad if u just want the benefit of the family and nothing else bad you shouldnt start one it s not for faggots like you like gods shouldnt start humanity if youare just gonns be, lil bitches wh cant handle life lol
all religion is a dumb stupid shit. the man is a faggot pussy ass, the women follows. and now we have both retards gaging up into one, to fight what? china? hilarious everyone is motherfucking idiot with their ego stuck in their goddamn ass, and their fucking gods just going gugugaga on all shit. i wanna tell everyone to wake up but theyre too fucking choked on their own shit so why not let they burn each others yeah thats the problem "peace" "love" "justice" motherfuckers bulldongs with no goddamn legitimacy. freedom of speech. well is my interests fullfilled? or are you all just a fucking faggot you all despised anyway? you were never that good of a slave to your egyptian gods.
well whatever. i guess gods, theism, communism...justice... maybe theyre all here to protect the mafias...the assholes who hurts me... seems like it. everyone seems frustated with me no matter what. well. whatever. no more gods now. next time i meet that guy ill bash his head, so he lives half dead. and whatever children he cares, i ll broke it too. it ll be goddamn fun a full fucking circle whatever your god cares
and then everyone else. bickers theyre too much of a faggot too
i am a fag you guys are fags i wanna to fuck my iguana
there was an old advice... that the thins you said is uh... i cant rmb. that your mouth is your lion. it cringes me abit that i am well, realistic and honest in my words as often as i try. but this...third world gay faggot losing country, as usual. believes in its .. mysticism. which is acceptable... or not, given its dire loses. perhaps comfprt of old values perhaps a mental illness perhaps living but anyway it doesnt matter. hoenstly, this place is shit. i say if your words can make reality, then i d be a fucking god reality. unfrotunately, the only words that becomes reality, or just he bad ones. which is acceptable. since losing is, afterall the easist shit to happen always.
t>>106090 ur iguana keeps flying away
so gods followe is incestuous. haha as expected from the self righteous
the holiests trid to time me. cringe as hell
Open file (6.03 KB 349x63 ppp chat.png)
>>106090 t. Son of Tiamat
lol stucc faggotlord goes for faggots like me i guess cute. it s like a goddamn roach
well what to do you aint invicible either
yeah bad luck in the "majority" i guess
you are all sad and helpless
all is god s. fukin noob
the non telepathic remains sad as usual. why are they so worthless? even after all this. hahahah the god leaves them as usual
it s almost hilarious if they dont look so goddamn miserable with their own ball licking penchant.
Ah oh, well, it matters not. maybe thats just how sad their lordly things are...constantly hungry for its own benefit.
well, taking advice from the lord "your prayers mean shit". yeh
is the lord still hungry the limited space is kinda sad. might as well begins nothing
its filled already
everything s weak
no need alocohol to be drunk everyone is so goddamn high anyway
logically giving up on all of you noobs
yeh what to do. a long rest
so i guess naturally everyone is a hungry weak. cant even get something nice to the back of my head hilarious maybe you believe in yourself too much. well, no wonder. why not believe in yourself if you got "everything". man,
just band together, maggot. watching everyone chewing each other. what fun. nutass
if i get it. then ill call you potato. otherwise, wel,. fuck you as usual
im sorry but it doesnt make much difference either
Open file (28.06 KB 320x400 1513430921293.jpg)
Open file (409.91 KB 532x407 1508658878069.png)
Open file (276.58 KB 1080x1606 1515044567922.jpg)
>>106320 >t4t Kys, tranny.
lords of pussies and inflated bunches i guess guess losing so much makes you so thin how blessed the lord's follower it s like looking at myself in the mirror so goddamn boring hahah well, charming if this is saintness, then it s fucking retarded. pity the retarded god, heaven is made of idiots and lower than broke fools
the theist once wanted me to be strong as they beat me. that was what mum asked. and the holies and assortments of it. guess now you all have to be stronger. trust me, you tastes like shit even before i have wiff. your broken ego stinks i guess whatever, maybe heaven, equality, justice.. democracy, theism and communism made of crackling bunch of self inflated sad hens. nevermind. no wonder the end is everywhere the lord of fools breed no one but fools oh sorry. you prefer the word "intelligent" genius indeed.
religion isnt a mass of slaves anymore give it a break or rrally some never got enslaved
havent read everyone s book but only the jew had history of being shat on apparently everyone else is a faggot unfortunately
>>106327 nmfb really name yourself
no one wants to be the slaves i guess nor th straight, the tranny, the god idiot's job
>>106327 Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based Based
why the fuck are you faggets spamming?

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