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Open file (67.53 KB 200x200 Nelson_large.png)
Neslon The Map Activist Toad 08/14/2021 (Sat) 20:26:07 ID: a8ee28 No.114724
I was watching a video that was talking about this website called freespeechtube, I went on the site myself and discovered this guy named Neslon who supports the map community and how he thinks being a pedo should be normal and shit I found this video of him showing a flag he made for the map community off which is really fucking cancer https://www.freespeechtube.org/v/15qF Here's another of him talking about how dildos should be smaller https://www.freespeechtube.org/v/13tj group of weirdos protesting https://www.freespeechtube.org/v/15rl him talking about nudism https://www.freespeechtube.org/v/13tJ something that I think that's really funny about this dude is he looks like the music reviewer punk revolution now the reason why I'm making this thread bickers I was wondering if anyone else knew about Nelson and had some funny shit to share of him
Open file (409.74 KB 640x608 arab_funny_best.mp4)
>>114724 where are all the arabs at on free speech tube since they do 99% of all kiddy fucking
Awful thread, try to talk about in on other boards
>>117840 to talk about him*
Not a lolcow. Sage in all fields.

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