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Open file (207.63 KB 550x1361 SmegmaButterBattle (1).png)
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Open file (313.47 KB 1170x811 image0 (16).jpg)
Fuzhou the Buttergolem/Buttermunculus/Hapabutter/Butterboy Toad 08/30/2021 (Mon) 19:24:05 No.117126
Edit: Fuzhou is currently damage-controlling on this thread and telling me to constantly edit the OP, here is said edit, the only thing that is getting added is more facts about your pathetic existence fuz. BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE FIDF OR THE FUZHOU INTERNET DEFENSE FORCE THAT IS IN THIS THREAD AT THE VERY MOMENT, ANY FRIENDS OF FUZHOU THAT HAVE ANY STORIES ABOUT HIM PLEASE POST HERE IN THIS THREAD ALSO MAKE SURE TO POST AS MANY PICTURES OF HIS WHORE AS POSSIBLE! Have (you) ever wondered what it would be like when it got to the point that Dominic Vanner of all cows would have his own a-log, a freakish abomination of soy and butter that was worse than him in almost every respect? The pathetic golem of butter, Fuzhou, has finally fulfilled that role and exceeded expectations in every way possible. Fuz is a julaytoasted grifter trying to pick up the crumbs left by Jewsh Moon, his views are fat single ladies into internet drama, those being 95% of his views. Like a lot of drama grifters, Fuz is a lolcow by his own right thanks to his personal life and the humiliation he went online. Being a spineless golem, Fuz make two hours streams reading foxdickfarms threads or wikipedia to get his "cocks" hoping to make some money to buy sex toys to his Onlyfans "girlfriend", more weed and funko pops for himself and finally have money enough to leave his parents house in his middle 20's. But Fuz channel is far from being interesting or the focus to his alogs. Even though he's a black hole of humor, Fuz has become a fun figure to watch and debate bickers of his own dramas, failures and actions, catching the attention of certain groups and even ecelebs. At first glance, Fuzhou appears to be just an unfunny grifter with zero talent and is seen as just one of so many julaytoasted wannabie Mister Metokurs clones that have plagued this side of the internet in recent years. But a deep look, penetrating the layer of fat and boredom that surrounds him reveals a soulless automaton, but able to feel at some level a certain self hate for himself and for the world. In a philosophical way, he is able to become interesting. Do Golems dream of butter sheep? Is Fuz a sample of what the kikes want for the future? Maybe he's the next step of the mankind, the future nu-male, Homo Consumat Butyrum. Vaxxed, cucked, only caring about consooming and extremely submissive. A ruined and terrible form of life, a Butter Golem. Clips of Fuzhou for (you)r consideration: Fuzhou Getting btfo'd by Dominic Vanner: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=e7LSOZ7Rq0w https://yewtu.be/watch?v=9p3HyPXixrE On1yfans Buttercaust: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=W_wJ-0HxBVc https://yewtu.be/watch?v=RjD9bNeCT7o https://yewtu.be/watch?v=fooRUkRPc_M Fuzhou's Whore GF's Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/pristineamethyst/media FUZHOU FACTS >tried to get online fame and respect by going after a low hanging fruit aka Britbong, only to be b t f o'd by Mr B T F O instead, giving Britbong/Manlytears his first winning in years >after almost two years, got b t f o'd once again by Britbong, even Britbong alogs had to agree on how pathetic Fuz really is, think for a moment, imagine being humiliated by Britbong in 2021 >he's a welcher, can't pay his debts or keep his promises >and yet whenever he is in a tight situation he proposes a bet to avoid facing the consequences or paying off previous debts >bad loser, in an endless cycle of being unable to act like a man >chronic marijuana addict, thinks WEED LMAO makes him a cool guy, did a whole stream only smoking weed like a teen boy and even his fat fangirls felt embarrassingly by >chronic butter addict to the point of being considered a fetish, popularly known as Butterboy or Buttergolem >circumcised to the point of needing to use butter to masturbate >50% bodyfat, plays Ring Fit Adventure and other girly fitness video games and think this will make him lose 30kg >has a strange obsession with breakfast cereals, can spend hours talking about different brands and rank which ones are the best >already admitted that he eats cereal with cream instead of julay >once ate the equivalent of 2kg of Frosted Mini-Wheats with 3 liters of cream >contracted a $20k debt with uber eats, literally order food through the app five times a week >literally broke the toilet at his house (his parents house) bickers of his diet rich in cheese and junk food, had to fix it the same day he was being de-moded from Empty's server after being humiliated by multiple randoms guests for hours >janny for a community that hates him and does it for free >was homeschooling like Britbong, never learned to have social interactions like a normal man >no friends irl, terrible irl interaction with co-works and family >claim to fame is reading foxdick farms threads on youtube to fat wine aunts on his youtube channel, deserves a thread himself (congratulations, you got it) >self admitted narcissist, think is better than everyone else, including other e-celebs >he unironically thinks he's better than anybody in the server or youtube comment sections, using logical leaps to make excuses about yourself >he really believes that he's not a lolcow, that everyone else, from other ecelebs, to random anons online are the true spergs and cows with sad lifes, not him, never him >shit talk Bryan the KoP, and goes crazy if someone says he's for EmptyHero what KoP used to be to Mister Metokur, hates being compared to Bryan in any way >same about when he's compared to Toad McKinley, even though he claims to be friends with Toad McKinleyGamer >feels envy and fear from P P P, already shit talked P P P on several occasions during EmptyHero's streams, but is scared to death of P P P or anyone outside Empty's circle to notice it >only honest when it comes to self-deprecating, otherwise he lies and uses other mechanisms to got what he wants or avoid responsibilities and confrontations >has no real position about anything, he's soft like his own fat body and his arguments and banter are easily cut like butter >takes pride in being a "friend" of whores from OnlyFans, including trannies
Edited last time by oldestfag on 09/10/2021 (Fri) 05:03:41.
Based anon for making this thread, do you got any of archives of him getting fistfucked by dominic vanner? THREE FUCKING SPERGS ON /cow/!
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=23PC-jSiAe8&autoplay=0 Alright, here is a stream that highlights fuzhous pathetic existence as he gets bullied by Dominic Vanner of all fucking people.
Open file (546.41 KB 1449x677 Fuz Buttermunculus.png)
Open file (915.43 KB 1920x1003 Fuzyu.png)
Open file (1.21 MB 2370x1591 Jadens_17-45.png)
Open file (872.71 KB 1470x827 PicsArt_07-17-02.24.16.jpg)
>like jcaesar187, Fuz seems to have an appreciation for women unable to properly wipe their asses >his "Gf" has a brown starfish maybe bickers she's too fat to be able to clean up properly after shitting >wanted to marry this woman, love her bickers she has a butterface >actually own two google stadias, bought at least FIVE for some reason >simp for CecilMcTroon and other "female" ecelebs like Aydin Paladin who are his "friends", he edits their videos from time to time, for free >his only masculine" friends" in the whole world are EmptyHero and someone from discord called Jack Frost, the last being a gay and weird dude that has an aura of being a fed, people see him as a wannabe Richard Spencer >Fuz planned to life together with Jack Frost as his "roomate" after finally leaving his parents house in his middle 20's >wanted to be a business partner with Jack Frost, the business would be a store where you could buy weed and play video games at the same time >really hate Blaire White bickers "she" is transphobic with other trannies, Fuz appears to have a strange relationship with trannies, claiming to be popular with all types of women >half of the videos on his channel are about him ranting about Nicholas DeOrio >acts like a schizo and banned people from Empty's server when he believed they are part of the people making fun of him on /cow/ and foxdickfarms, tried to dox a few ones >secretly made a butterlist of his alogs and try to dox them >considers himself a good friend of jcaesar187, but The Гунт never even mentioned or invited him to the Killstream bickers he's boring as fuck even by the Killstream standards >was afraid of /cow/ and foxdickfarms to figured out his "friendship" with the Гунт and Toad McKinley >literal said at least once "Toad McKinley is a funny guy, my favorite member of the Killstream" and "Toad McKinley is nice, I appreciate him" >even Toad McKinley probably don't know who Fuzhou is, and yet Fuz brags about being friends with some of the biggest and most influential people on Youtube >won't listen to heroins diss-track out of pure fear >literally shaking at the mere mention of uncle heroin or any other alogs from emptyhero's discord server >lies to Empty's face on stream multiple times >name is MICHEAL >will never have children >will never have a fulfilling career, outside of discord moderation and being a grifter and wannabe and MlLKTOASTED version of Jewsh Moon and Toad McKinley >will probably kill himself, multiple times said in streams that he currently hates himself and life >live in his parents house >has a debt of over 150k dollars even though he is in his mid 20's >family hates him, won't talk to him unless they need him to clean or fix something broken in the house >actual consoomer, don't shut up about products, even with debt he spent an absurd amount of money with things he doesn't need or will never use >his biggest dream in life is to open a store that sells marijuana and where the customers can play video games while they smoke/vape with him, he really thinks this is a super original idea and constantly asks while on livestreams to people to investment in this project >vaxxed twice, read to be vaxxed for a third time >thinks that dating a literal whore makes him a chad >took the pictures for his "gf" to post on OnlyFans, don't see any problem with it >he borrowed money to buy new professional cameras and gave them to her >spineless in various subjects and aspects, think that politics or religions are boring and only spergs care about it >meanwhile has a fascination about making top 10's about Marvel flicks or favorite breakfast cereals and don't shut up about it >looks like the living avatar of what people usually think of when they imagine a redditor and nu-male >shit taste both for vidya and kino >his favorite game is Dead by Daylight >really obsessed with Dead by Daylight, tries to force everyone around to play this with him bickers "it's fun" and never shut up about this game >his vidya waifu are Zoey from L4D2 and Zarya from Overwatch >his favorite film is Captain America: The Winter Soldier >his /tv/ waifus are Tiffany Valentine from Bride of Chucky and Elizabeth Banks from Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Slither >has an obvious fetish for women over 50 and female bodybuilders, once tried to defend and shill Gabi Garcia from MMA as a hot woman and worth waifu >even those who casually meet him realize that he has some kind of humiliation fetish and think he's some kind of hapa >thinks he's different from Britbong, but also report discord users, servers and channels if they are making fun of him >also like KoP and Britbong, Fuz is know for creating socks accounts to protect himself or attack people that he hates >is okay with doxing randoms making fun of him online, but is against if someone post photos of his "gf", even tho he himself doxed her and sell her nude pics and videos >catholic, but never read the Bible or any religious or philosophy books bickers "I don't need it, religion or politic talk are boring" >believe to be infallible like the Pope >literally spoke on a livestream that he would kick Jesus Christ in the face, twice, without giving any hit of trying to be edgy or funny while saying it >accuses all his detractors of being spergs, even tho he repeats the same phrases like some retard autistic (detail, he tried to grifter Chaggot after P P P streamed about him) >in less than an hour will say "I hope all my alogs kill themselves" more than twenty times >KoToad McKinleya and Stephen King are his Gods Fuz shit Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/Fuzhou/videos and his Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/fuzhouyt his views are very low and the comments on his videos are almost like if are bots or only low IQ wine aunts Fuz cried his own Wikitubia page, be sure to never fuck with it https://youtube.fandom.com/wiki/Fuzhou I DISAVOW Her professional name is Pristine Amethyst, but she is more popularly known as Brown Amethyst, as her nudes show that she is unable to clean her ass properly Fuz "gf" https://onlyfans.com/pristineamethyst/media & https://myteenwebcam.com/cam/pristin
>>117128 Sorry, I was just finishing writing some Fuz facts. Feel free to share anything. I don't have the archive of his first duel against Britbong, but Gassious Clay archived some of the recent Butter drama. Buttergolem being B T F O'D by Britbong in 2021 https://youtu.be/9p3HyPXixrE
Clearly he made some scitzo in discord mad bickers he has a girlfriend, but it's a cow material? Why do we care?
Open file (163.92 KB 570x490 just leave.jpg)
>>117145 >Why do we care? >we
>>117145 I never watched him before or emptyhero, I only started to pay any attention to him tranks to the thread 9, and so far for me he's really a lolcow. 1-The dude literally simp for a whore, take her own photos and then sperg out on live streams and try to dox people making fun of him. 2-His videos are awful and he's a grifter who deserve to be bullied like the Гунт and Toad McKinley 3-he's a suicidal machild and tell others to kill themselves if they make fun of him or his whore gf. 4-he got destroyed and dabed by Britbong, twice 5-he look like some weird mutt 6-fat
>call himself of a whore and is a proudly grifter >is dating a literal whore who look like she could be his cousin White trash. Not different from the Гунт
ABSOLUTELY NOT A LOLCOW FUZHOU TOTALLY ISN'T HERE DAMAGE CONTROLLING HERE RN This thread is barely of the water, and the buttercuck already seems angry that it exists. almost like he is britbongs own a-log and is his true sucessor
Open file (59.04 KB 331x372 fuzegg.png)
>>117145 Lmao, wait a minute, it's the buttergolem? Tell me, why did you got homeschooled? Were your parents or private teachers?? Do you believe it's the reason of why you can't interact with normal adults, especially men?
Is he on his 5th or 6th stadia? I think he gave his exgf a stadia too.
Open file (26.16 KB 365x391 image0 (2).jpg)
Open file (71.92 KB 285x258 FuzRE2Stare.png)
Open file (308.75 KB 436x446 FuzCopeFace.png)
>>117178 Didn't the stadia go the way of onlive?
Anyone here got his doxxx?
Wew, the spergs are now obsessed even with Jack Frost?
>>117192 The spergs never actually doxed him. Plague, Gyros, Big Guy, Heroin, Jadens and Eagle are all incompetent.
>>117182 Did anyone archived his Joker stream? btw what a disgusting creature, no wonder he needs to pay to onlyfans whores to get a crumb of pussy
>>117178 Realistically I think hes bought 3 of them 2 for himself bickers he played on one at work and one for his onlyfans whore.
>>117178 >>117239 Unironically five, five goddamn Google Stadias, one he gave to his whore gf, only God knows what he did with the rest. Maybe he gave one to CecilMcTroon and other Onlyfans whores.
>>117250 >five google stadias Is this man soy incarnate?
>>117262 > Is this man soy incarnate? What if I told you this guy talks about whatever latest marvel movie while responding "fair enough" to every valid criticism towards them. A guy if you would call him that who thought it would be interesting to make a stream of himself ON WEED. Everytime when he tries to make topic with Empty on his stream he opens up websites where you can list your favorite cereal brands in top ten list, and then your top ten foodchain restaurants. This is so he can have conversations on those streams. He talks about well-known pornhub stars and how he would love to eat their asses, or eat the asses of whatever celebrity from whatever hollywood flick. This is no ordinary soysoy, he is a whore-master consumer.
>>117230 >>117262 >>117268 He also talked about wearing his Joker costume to his cousin's wedding. He probably spent more on that costume than what a regular suit costs.
>get into an autistic bitchfight with a virgin with rage >somehow manage to lose to a 50-year-old that still lives with his parents >consume butter to cope
>>117126 >>117130 Based anon, also if he is fwends with gaytor and jcaesar187, how does he believe in the BeIIa thing? Another thing, did he not use creditcards to buy those funkopop dolls? Also didn't the onlyfans gf leave him bickers of his obsessions with trannies?
Open file (952.22 KB 3024x4032 6fa6zdz97jd51.jpg)
Open file (46.50 KB 640x853 r2ikwvy3z8c51.jpg)
Open file (3.38 MB 480x270 1462406772310-0.gif)
Open file (133.42 KB 340x402 jokerfuz2.png)
>"P P P IS FAT AND UNFUNNY" Based Fuz, totally not fat and unfunny too! >>117367 Fuz is not much different from Гунт after all, but at least The Гунт hate being called a cuck and tries to prove otherwise, meanwhile Fuz only cope about being in a polyamorous "relationship" and accepts it with "okay, what's your point?". At the same time, Fuz actually says his alogs have never seen a naked woman before as an argument. Oh, bud, you're such a chad dating an onlyfans whore, all your alogs are damn incels!
Fuz is unemployed now and with a debt reaching almost 200k, still, he spends money with Onlyfans subscriptions, Ubereats, Dead By Daylight and Avengers skins and loot boxes and even with Steam Deck. Oof.
>>117404 His future Gamestop/weedshop will make millions
>For almost two years he bragged about destroying Britbong in a gay slap fight when in fact Britbong was playing with him until Empty show up to save him >During all this time Fuz held a grudge against Zeb and bragged that Zeb left bickers he was jealous of him >In a month both things were proven to internet as lies, Britbong B T F O Fuz both times and Fuz was the one feeling threatened and jealous of Zeb hanging out with Empty while Zeb was taking care of his own life the entire time His entire butter reality melted
>>117455 Lmao, I listened again to the debate with Britbong, the only argument Fuz had against Britbong was "I have my own apartment, I make $18 an hour with my job" LMAO Fuz literally lost this job months ago and couldn't find another job. And it's also pretty obvious that he's living with his parents the whole time, but lying about it for shame.
Lmao, even Empty b t fo'd Fuz when Fuz bragged about hanging out with several famous youtubers Fuz admitted that when he says he's friends with these youtubers, he actually paid them superchats. Only that. THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF THIS CLOWN
>>117397 He doesn't only say that about P P P, but about Keemstar and other ecelebs >They are fat and unfunny. Pls ignore the fact that I am also fat and unfunny.
Full stream where Britbong cucked Fuzhou https://youtu.be/23PC-jSiAe8?t=5864 >"I'm not a sperglord, I don't need to kill people. I'm not a sperglord" <spends more than seven hours on the stalker stream wishing the dead of randoms from the internet for making fun of him and his whore "gf" >>117742 Poor bastard, he literally believes that Onlyfans whores that he pays are his friends. Including his gf!
>>117751 >>117752 >>117753 WHAT IS YOUR ACTUAL POINT, SPERGLORD?
>>117756 <look uhhh hey uhhh british people are uhhhhh deformed <they are alll uhhhhh inbred DO YOU EVEN HAVE AN ACTUAL POINT?
>>117751 >>117752 >>117753 Pathetic are guys like you, who are unable to maintain a friendship with their ex-girlfriends. That is, if any of you sperglords ever got a gf before, lol.
Okay, this entire thread just reeks of a personal army post. There’s no consistent reason you guys seem to hate him, and the entire thread is full of contradictions. >is his debt 10k or 150k >why does his girlfriend matter in him being a lolcow >is he really 50% body fat, bickers that seems like a clear exaggeration >smoking weed doesn’t = lolcow A lot of this shit seems like it’s discord drama, and a lot of the posters here seem clearly invested in this, including the OP, with the comment of how he now “has a thread”. Is he retarded and cringy? Yes, but if we made a thread about every cringy Youtuber who we didn’t like, this whole board would be 1000 pages long. You guys haven’t really explained why he deserves a thread. If you got anything that can actually convince people that he’s properly a lolcow, you should post it, image edits of him and his ex are seemingly just spiteful posts and not constructive, this shit honestly wouldn’t pass on foxdickfarms or Lolcow Farms.
>>117740 >LMAO Fuz literally lost this job months ago Doxanon from the britbong thread, I can confirm that he is still working at the Chrysler plant in Kokomo Indiana, also I saw someone else posting that he lives with his parents and I can also confirm that to be false, he lives in a duplex in Fishers Indiana, and has for at least 3 years going by records that I've found. The lease was signed by him and has been renewed 2 times leading to a 3 year stay. To also quell a few other misconceptions, I can confirm that he did at one point have a facebook page in the last month, but as of current searching it seems to be gone. On some sites he goes by Michael and some he goes by Zach or Zacharias. I can also confirm that he has been in multiple different relationships going by the former Facebook page, including with the girl posted here. Can't tell you if they are still dating since he either never used the relationship feature or hid it for non-friends. I'll be back with more later.
Open file (79.31 KB 500x461 1628614391602.jpg)
>>117856 LOL Imagine expecting consistency from a bunch of trolls. Talk about missing the point. Fuzhou is a normie-tier dramatuber who has decided to insert himself into the troll community surrounding Emptyhero, and doesn't want to take the hint that his presence is not wanted. Your butterguarding does not help this situation.
>>117863 >Talk about missing the point. Ah, I didn’t realize that we had to lower the standards of the OP bickers you said so. Fuck that, every other OP here is concise and to the point, this whole thread needs both a rework and some actual fucking julay or it’s gonna die off. > Fuzhou is a normie-tier dramatuber who has decided to insert himself into the troll community surrounding Emptyhero, and doesn't want to take the hint that his presence is not wanted. Have you tried talking to him or anything? This part of the post confirmed my suspicion that you guys have no julay to give from Fuzhou. Yeah, he sounds like a fag and his girl did porn, again like I said, if we made a thread about every youtuber who fits that same mold, this board would be 1000 pages long.
>>117864 Again you're expecting far too much given the subject matter. Does it offend your autism, having something stated that might possibly be incorrect or exaggerated, in regards to making fun of a beta normietuber that got lost? Sounds like a personal issue, good luck with that. The julay that can be julayed from Fuzhou is subtle, as he comes off as a sped who is so desperate to sit at the table with the cool kids, he will put up with any abuse. The funny part is that despite this, Fuzhou will positively melt the fuck down in defence of his whore ex girlfriend... to the point he is so triggered, all he can manage is spouting the same four or five different insults that have the effectiveness of wet paper. Its so pathetic and impotent, its really funny. Of course your mileage may vary.
Open file (353.67 KB 725x684 1593487822036.png)
>>117831 Hi Fuz. You know responding in your own thread is the sign of a lolcow, yeah? It's beyond cringe when Aydin does it in her kiwi thread. Just letting you know.
>>117865 Well yeah, that’s not really strange that he’d be defensive about someone he dated. That’s not julay.
Open file (46.52 KB 162x234 BUTTA.png)
>>117869 LOL no. There's being defensive and then there is melting the fuck down for hours and hours at a stretch. Just look at Empty's Stalker stream. Fuz was frothing at the mouth for over 5 hours straight bickers the guys from the discord called his ex a whore.. That is prime julay. Besides, she has an onlyfans AND has done camwhore work. Literally, the word whore is in the job description. So getting pissed off at a whore being called a whore is deeply telling of his character.
>>117871 Well yeah, no shit if you are making edits like that and spamming them. I mean, he seems like a quiet dude, so I don’t really think that if you guys didn’t do a lot of the shit it seems you guys do in this thread you guys would probably like him. If you put yourself in his shoes, flipping out about like 30 guys bitching at you that your ex or girlfriend posts nudes wouldn’t seem so strange, right?
Open file (820.31 KB 340x454 BUTTER_FACE.gif)
>>117872 The way you're butterguarding suggests you're one of his paypigs or Fuzhou himself. If you are Fuzhou, remember that defending yourself anonymously is something Britbong does. You wouldn't want to become like the little guy, would you? Flipping the fuck out on stream over and over is utterly pointless, and only makes YOU look bad. This situation is entirely of his own making, and Fuz refuses to accept this simple fact. Again, prime Julay. Thinking that the trolls he has set out to provoke wouldn't check his twitter was the biggest galaxybrained take I've seen in a long time. His ex being dunked on is entirely Fuz's fault, any way he tries to spin it. Don't feed the trolls is Internet 101, and that has somehow completely slipped Fuz's understanding. How likable or unlikable he would be in a different situation is irrelevant.
Glad to know the buttergolem himself seems to be on his thread defending his honor against the 3 spergs.
>>117871 Dude, you’ve accused two people in this thread of being him. I think you might be loading the plot man. Taking contexts clues from the thread I can’t understand why he wouldn’t be upset. But that also again, doesn’t make him a lolcow. Now I’m gonna bring up a point that I want you to try to prove to me, bickers I’m really starting to think this OP and thread is full of shit. >20k-250k in debt Okay, so is he e-begging like DSP or Wings? I checked his Twitter and I didn’t see any, if he does, than I’d say that’s a part of being a lolcow.
>>117880 Doxanon again, I really don't think he's here. He would've reacted to the workplace posting I think. I also really don't think that most of this thread is fitting for a thread bickers from what I've looked into he doesn't seem like one but he was really easy to find when I found out he lives in Indiana. I don't understand the drama bickers he's quite boring but you all seem to either like to hype this drama up or this is some strange stunt to make him successful. I don't really know what one would be worse at this point.
>>117881 Fuz has used socks to defend himself before, so its perfectly warranted. He's also quite predictable in his responses. But hey, if you want to be a simp for a simp, you do you.
>>117883 >Fuz has used socks to defend himself before, so its perfectly warranted. Why do I have this strange feeling that you are exaggerating this like the debt thing that you just dodged there to avoid answering my question, very clever. I think what I’ve gathered from this thread is that he banned one or two of you from a discord server, there seems to have been a freak out from both sides bickers someone got banned and now the OP was made to make him look bad, but also contain clearly false truths that invalidate everything you put here that might even slightly help your case. Everything else here seems to be either lies or filler to pad the thread out. It’s a clear case of a nobody who pissed off other nobody’s and that’s really it from my point of view unless you have a smoking gun.
>>117883 I don't really think he's being a simp by asking questions anon. I'll be honest, a lot of these allegations do seem incredibly far fetched, even the ones you've posted.
>three giant essayposts to defend himself >not fuzhou dominic vanner 2 eletric jewgaloo!
>>117887 This is you. Not everyone who posts is fuzhou
>>117887 *electric Either way somone here whether fuz or one of his fans if he has any seems to be arduent on defending his honor.
>>117889 Yeah again, not everyone who disagrees with you is either fuzhou or a fan of his. I
>>117885 Writing an essay to defend the honor of M'lady Fuzhou, very cute. Next you'll be saying that anyone who criticises him is jealous of his success, or calling everyone sperglords. So predictable. If you're too autistic to understand why a group he's been inserting himself into has issues with him, just say so. You've already proven that you can't read or comprehend simple concepts.
Open file (9.87 MB 350x350 butterwhorejmaa.gif)
Some extra Fuzhou facts >when asked if he's in favor of young children having their dicks cut off he said "It depends on the child " >he use Nair to be all shaved down there >He hates when someone makes "transphobic" comments, he is friends with onlyfans trannies and foxdickfarms trannies >In certain circles on the internet, he accuses people of being degenerates, but he's totally not a degenerate for smoking weed like some fedora lord from reddit, taking pictures of his naked girlfriend and selling it on the internet or having food fetish >He has already invaded an Amish farm at night to steal the butter and got caught by the Amishes and had his knees beaten until they were swollen
>>117864 You're really invested in this particular thread buddy, look at most of the other threads here, most were made by schizos like Donnylongperg or are webring infight, but you only care about the quality of the threads when it comes about this one in particular. For, me the OP facts are pretty funny, and made you salty! >>117859 People are saying he lost his job and he said it's true, but since Fuz loves to lie it's hard to know the facts. Same about he living with his parents, in certain streams it seems like his mom share the place.
>>117954 as someone familiar with this tedious fag, I can say that the facts in the OP are accurate On the other hand, >>117130 mentions that he tried to dox people, would be weird that Empty cries about some fags attempting to dox Fuz but choosing to ignore him doxing his userbase, would be nice to get some proof on that
>>117192 >>117742 >>117859 >>117954 >>117962 Fuz is literally a compulsive liar and well trained in the arts of being deceitful, he in fact has a very feminine personality, to the point that even Empty's has joked about it, even saying that Fuz is an FtM and that he has a female audience bickers he only knows how to talk about female subjects. The Butterboi in fact for a long time almost doxed himself on streams, giving details about his life, and Empty said it would eventually haunt him, the retard exposed the face of his "girlfriend" in his own virtual store and took pictures of her to sell for coomers, and yet he was pissed that she had been doxed by the "sperlords", when it was entirely his own fault.. BTW when he got doxed in the Stalker stream, he said that Heroin or another alog was wrong about the county he lives in and he said another name, but considering his compulsive liar behavior and the fact that he tried to gaslight Empty it's hard to separate fact from fiction.
>>117962 Fuz was actively reporting people from Empty's server to discord mods, and maybe he's involved in Empty losing his server. The first thing is a fact, the second is circumstantial. About him trying to dox people aloging him, I've only heard rumors and complaints. Plague, and other people more involved in the shitcord should give their opinions here as they reported it during one of the drama streams. I believe it happened in this stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVKz8bNx7XY and also on the long Call of Pripyat stream. I'm more like a viewer and paypiggie of Empty streams instead of someone from shitcord, so I barely know any of the namefags of course in fact.
>>117856 >>117864 >>117869 >>117872 Are you pretending to be Jews or Humor? Fuz is a lolcow not just bickers of his whore gf, before that he already turned a laughingstock to Empty views and casual posters both from /cow/ and even foxdickfarms. He is the definition of a nu-male and boring grifter, while having a fuck up personality. He literally has a list about his alogs. in which he plans to get revenge, he thinks he is better than Britbong, while in fact he has many similar characteristics to Britbong and other ecelebs and lolcows. He is an embarrassment in human form, and the only reason he hasn't gained much focus among foxdickfarms or people like P P P is bickers he's so boring, the only entertainment he is capable of generating it's when he's being destroyed by his alogs and other ecelebs or when he gets mad at the internet He has no power to deal with his alogs, all he can do is report them and literally repeat over and over that he wishes them dead.
>>117881 >I want you to try to prove to me Fuz, you literally forged false documents as proof of your false stories, you pretend that TommyC paid you, only to end up confessing that you made a fake screenshot from the payment. When in fact, you did all this bickers you were afraid to deal with BRITBONG aka Domonic Vanner on your own. Do you think that just bickers Empty lets you get away with your female behavior from time to time that the rest of the internet won't notice your shit behavior? Even Jarbo is more of an honest man than you are. JARBO AND BRITBONG ARE ABOVE YOU AS MEN! THEY ARE SHIT MEN, MEANWHILE YOU'RE A HOMUNCULUS LIKE OP SAID. YOU HAVE NO SOUL, BUTTERHAPA. THAT'S WHY YOU PRETEND TO BE CATHOLIC, WHILE YOU WORSHIP MARVEL AS YOUR TRUE SACRED TESTAMENT. About the debt, you retard, OP clearly spiced up some things for the humorous effect. The 20k in debt with Uber Eats is a joke imo, but Fuz himself and Empty have already talked several times about the Buttergolem having a debt of over 125k dollars. Fuz refuses to pay his bets, even when he loses at poker or has competitions on his channel in which he promises to buy something for the winners but never keep his word and compromise. He has almost 1000 games in the steam library that he has never played, including paying for two copies of the shit Avengers game. He bought multiple consoles, not just multiple Google Stadias, he spends money like a child, a true consoomer. Only Jesus knows how much he spent on onlyfans, he gave professional cameras for at least one Onlyfans whore and sex toys for trannies. He drives a dilapidated car and lives in a shit G​AMERGATE town apartment. he is constantly asking for money, to the point of saying "I'm a whore, I'm a whore for money" and asking randoms on youtube and discord to help him financially with his project to open a weed/gamer shop. He undoubtedly has financial problems.
Fuz main characteristics are submission, spend money, cope and lie. He's basically a woman. https://youtu.be/gxOzCqKOR6E
>>117992 There's sooo many pearls if you listen to the streams https://youtu.be/e7LSOZ7Rq0w?t=4797 Empty >"do we give a hard time to people bickers of who they put their dick in?" Fuz >"YYYYYYEEESSS" So by this logic, Fuz himself agrees that people should give him a hard time bickers of the onlyfans bitch, lol.
Okay, I've been looking at this thread and It's really clear that there's nothing to this thread. Some anons here are far too invested into this dude personally for it not to be someone he pissed off and they made a thread for him. I can't make heads or tails on any of this, he's called a Hapa but he doesn't look asian at all, there's a bunch of things relating to butter for some reason and I can't tell if he actually eats butter or not, it doesn't seem like it from when I looked him up on google. Can I get an actual quick rundown without the memes or lies?
>>118078 Changing ids once again, but with the same talking points, Butterboy? Pathetic.
>>118083 Not everyone who is critical of you is fuzhou. This is just proving my point.
>>118085 Do you have an actual point?
>>118083 >>118087 calling everyone fuzhou looks really bad on the thread
>>118087 I think it's a valid question.
>>118078 >>118085 >>118089 Literally the same talking points like said above, it's the buttercope or someone trying to larp as him for some retard reason.
>>118091 Maybe it's bickers if you read the thread without knowing a single thing about this like I have, nothing about this thread makes it not seem like just some guy you don't like. You can't give a rundown for people with the truth of what makes this dude an actual cow. This post >>117981 says that shit was spiced up for effect but that doesn't explain inconsistencies in his post? Why would you bring up $20,000 in debt when he's supposedly $150,000 in debt? And then you read the rest of the post and it makes no sense. Like he bought two copies of that avengers game, and also that he bought "stadias" when you don't buy the stadia, it's not like an xbox or a playstation so how does he "own" multiple? Does he own a server farm at google or am I missing something.
>>118096 You for sure don't know how /cow/ or even foxdickfarms works then.
>>118096 not him but yeah this thread is kinda messy in fact of course id bring up how lazy he is and how he never really stays on time the fact that he banned a lot of people from his stream chat and discord mostly emptys fans like myself and that he has a big problem with following thru on videos and patreon rewards i think that stuff is more cow like but i didnt make the thread so its whatever really i dont think hes really in a lot of debt but he is in debt by a decent amount and regarding the stadia thing i think hes got like the controllers and stuff
>>118099 Asking you to actually talk about shit isn't how /cow/ works? >>118102 See, thank you, that actually makes some form of sense. So the people in this thread are mad bickers he bought controllers and banned people from his server? Is there any big things he's done that would actually make the next OP somewhat readable? bickers I'll rewrite the op for the next thread so it's actually coherent.
Open file (603.35 KB 320x240 fire rise.gif)
>(2) agreeing with the same id using the same talking points from 88f677 The cope is real.
>>118107 This is a thread with less than 35 users man, not every single person who isn't you is fuzhou,
>>118106 thats not the only reason but i can kinda go thru this current op and pick out the stuff thats actually cowish of him real quick >his videos and streams are boring and low effort and he has taken no effort to actually improve them with like a decent mic or editing >the fact that he actually interacts with britbong >britbong making him look like an idiot >narcissicim and ego that can overtake any likeable parts of him >doesnt banter and shuts down often on stream >talks about games and movies so much that it can overtake conversations >has been very harsh to some users of empties like plague and ram ranch recently theres a lot more to make fun of him for but yeah the op is shit and needs to be reworked
Open file (222.39 KB 2560x1333 firefox_hv6ktZdRJN.png)
>>118107 im just me man
Anyone have his address I just wanna send him a surprise for him ;)
>>118111 >Same point, once again. Like I said, you're some larping as him for easy lols or him. >>118113 You don't know how imageboards like this work by posting this screenshot.
OP facts are making someone seethe
>>118117 *for those who don’t realize this is clearly a shitpost.
>>118118 I'm not, but you refuse to give a solid answer to me at all.
Open file (563.92 KB 554x554 image0 (19).png)
>>118117 >>118120 Yes, you're really weak with banter and shitposting.
>hey guys totally not fuzhou here >can >we fellow /cow/boys just stop talking shit about fuz hes actually based guys change IDs and repeat
>>118118 >>118119 >>118121 its clear that everyone here is just butting heads and not getting anything done here yeah the op is a mess but theres always next thread
>>118121 Do you even have an actual point?
>>118124 I mean, if you want, I can always edit the op with a more formal introduction to butterbong with a couple of ACTUAL POINTS. t. janitor and editor-in-chief of theГунтretort.com
>>118126 id cut the memes out and get to brass tacks hes got a lot of cowish stuff but the memes clutter the op up something fearce
>>118125 I honestly think the OP is pretty funny bait, so I won't remove it, but I will write a proper introductory sentence and post some links of the butter golem getting bullied to hell.
Can OP tell me the last fuzhou fact, so I may finish it for him?
Open file (285.02 KB 1130x1004 fuzcourt.jpg)
Open file (148.94 KB 500x889 fuz whore gf.jpg)
This is not Empty discord server, you don't have the power to edit and delete posts or ban anons, that's why you are resorting to these tactics. 1-/cow/ and foxdickfarms never talk 100% facts about anyone, you have to be extremely autistic and naive to believe this 2-you are clearly uncomfortable with something wrote by OP, I wonder what and why 3-I believe most people posting here are not even part of emptyhero server, >we are anons so you have no leverage against >us 4-there's no rules here about posting doxs of anyone, same about foxdickfarms, good luck trying to make any real information be deleted like you do by reporting people from discord 5-op facts made me laugh and your reaction to them are making me smile at the moment 6-tranks to your own behavior you got yourself and your "gf" doxed 7-as I said, many here are not fans of emptyhero, you attracted the attention of people outside the small circle that is part of emtyhero audiencia, can you understand what this means?
Alright, do any anons here have anything else to add to the OP?
>>118132 Don't edit it, it's what Fuz want, wait OP show up to talk anything else Also, here's an invite to Empty server, there's a section called Fan-art and seems like to be full of Fuz memes https://ghettogaggers.com/evDV8dSD
Open file (14.96 KB 694x77 ClipboardImage.png)
This is Gassious Clay, the dude who mirror Empty stuff and clip some of Fuz moments.
Open file (69.11 KB 838x328 ClipboardImage.png)
He'll eventually make this server be deleted like the previous one, the old one was full of his informations and cocks
OP here, funny how someone seems to be actually more focused on this thread than I am. Let me explain the FACTS, originally, some server members posted something called "Drop the redpill on fuz" with some facts and memes about him, including the part talking about 50% bodyfat, chronic marijuana addict and chronic butter addict. However, the server was mysteriously deleted after The Stalker: Call of Pripyat stream, fact that happened after Fuz totally lost his rights as moderator and was destroyed by every individual on the Server, Zeb returning after months and his dox being posted and he even lost the rights to drag people out of VC. With that, the original copypasta was lost together with many cocks about him, from memes, videos, audio and information he himself posted about his life. This fact made me decide to create a thread about Fuz here, instead of foxdickfarms, as I have contempt for that place and I'm a regular user from here and I'm talking about Fuz for months in the cyclical. Inspired by Veeh and Gaytors facts I decided to write a more extensive copy of "Drop the redpill on fuz" correcting some exaggerations and actually putting information I got from watching hours of EmptyHero streams as an autistic person, to the point of me saving information with timestamps in notes for later use for months. The 50% bodyfat part that seems to be making anon seethe so much was just that, the original creator just wrote the first sentence and I added the info that Fuz is playing girly games to try to lose weight. It's a fact. Fuz spoke this to Empty several times in streams and Empty made fun of it. I didn't remove some exaggerations out of respect for the people on the server who originally created the copypasta, and the most absurd facts I added were taken from the streams and information about his dox. TL;DR - The "facts" were created by his discord alogs and I've added facts taken from info from the livestreams I've compiled over the months and I have timestamps of several of those facts, same about Gassious and more people.
>>118137 Alright OP, just tell me what you wanted added to the OP and I will add it.
>>118130 Only a part was lost due to text limitation as far as I remember. >proudly says on livestreams that he is still friends with her and that they will watch Suicide Squad together, that for him, all the men who are unable to be friends with their ex-gfs are not real man like him >the first time he dated her, he made a point of showing her to multiple people in multiple streams on different channels almost as if he wanted to show off for finally getting a gf >thanks to this pathetic behavior, he got her doxed >he blame the "spergs" for doxing her, and reports them to discord mods, youtube and even tries to dox who are the people "doxing" her aka sharing her OnlyFans nudes >only dated her for less than 3 weeks in their first "relationship", in which most of the "romantic encounters" he had with her were on EmptyHero's streams in which she and he ate something disgusting while Fuz was bullied by the chat, very romantic >gave a google stadia as gift to his ex-gf >spent 8 months buying her presents and trying to get back together
What about this part? >"dated" the same OnlyFans camwhore two times, recently she break up for a second time, and yet he keeps buying g
Whats the camwhores onlyfans?
Open file (308.75 KB 436x446 FuzCopeFace.png)
Open file (22.58 KB 226x246 IMG_20210226_235101.jpg)
Open file (773.33 KB 921x587 jmaafuz.png)
Fuzhou has achieved the feats of making both Britbong and Zeb look better, literally thinks that opening a store that sells Ganja and Games it's a good investment and seems to have a hard time understanding that a community full of trolls and right-wing people would ignore his character flaws. For me, anything coming from him is not absurd or hard to believe at this point. >>118144 The girl of the memes, aka Pristine Amethyst, already had a relationship with him twice, both times she broke the relationship but he kept her around bickers he says he only date girls if he feels they will be friends with him even if the relationship ends LOL CUCK And in the recent RE4 stream Fuz proudly said that even though she broke up with him, he's going to watch some capeshit movie together with her and they'll continue to meet as friends. So from what I understand, Op is insinuating that Fuz is going to try to get back together with her for a third time. >>118146 op posted here >>117130 its https://onlyfans.com/pristineamethyst/media
>>118147 thanks, missed it.
Brw, Fuz hate when people call him half asian, if he's a hapa for real or not I don't know, but it affects him. >>118148 Her cocks is pretty shitty literally in some cases bickers her ass is dirty in most videos and photos. She's a reflection of him, both producing awful and boring cocks.
>>118149 Is there a mega of her shitty asshole cocks?
Open file (68.95 KB 500x466 zach_straight_face.jpg)
>>118149 >hapa
If you just want some recent and delicious nectar, I recommend this streams, at least check the comment section for timestamps and hot takes from the views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XY6624P1SEg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3DHlPJlYaM These are from six months ago, but it was when it became quite clear that Fuz would become a lolcow, he get really salty and starts to prove to be more than a cuck and boring dude, but also a sperg and shit person. Even regular views begin to hate him, instead of the hate being unique among the discord users. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7LSOZ7Rq0w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJDOIHEyn5M >>118144 >"dated" the same onlyfans camwhore two times, recently she break up for a second time, and yet he keeps buying gifts to her and defends her behavior even today to the point of sperg out on livestreams when someone talk about her Like >>118147 pointed out, two weeks ago Empty did a Resident Evil 4 stream. In this stream, now on the new server, Fuz joined for "only" one hour and half and among the various subjects he talked about, he bragged about having plans to watch Suicide Squad with his ex-gf, some server users took advantage that Fuz no longer has a monopoly on the VC and joined the stream to do some banter about her, he defended her firmly. Even though they aren't dating anymore. Here the full stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16XF1VyIaQg 2:06:27-3:46:23 his time as part of the stream
Open file (185.54 KB 436x443 zach_fuz.png)
Open file (184.81 KB 436x443 zach_fuz.png)
>>118154 Oops, here's a version without the black.
>>118153 Thanks for adding the full fact, sadly I cannot add it to the OP due to text limits, feel free to compile a full list of fuzhou facts though.
I'll only say this, since I do not know much about Fuz. The little I've heard from the streams with him so far, what disturbed me the most is his laugh. He makes Corey and the Гунт laugh seem human, now I understand why you say he is a homunculus or golem. Tranks for the thread, bro.
>>118166 by that I mean his laugh fits the definition of uncanny valley perfectly.
>>118166 Is this weakload? And yes, Fuz does make corey and Гунт look human with his weird continuous set of responses to trolls.
>>118168 I'm not weekload, just a very casual poster, jcaesar187 and 3P haven't interested me in a long time so I rarely check here anymore, but Fuz interested me enough to watch some streams and post again.
>>118137 >>118131 Fair enough.
Open file (24.87 KB 344x459 EpT3YFnXUAMY1Uo.jpeg)
>>118131 do you have an actual point, sperglord?
Open file (137.28 KB 454x454 lolll.jpg)
>>118137 Gassious here. I first became aware of Fuz after that one stream he did with Empty and Leftwing Dork where they dunked on Britbong. This was about 2 years ago. Around this point, Fuz decided Empty was his Foreverfriend, and latched on. One of the earliest appearances of Fuz on an Empty stream was when he played Mystic Pillars. You can already see early signs there of how Fuz would behave. I first interacted with Fuz on twitter when he was white knighting M'lady Cecil McTwoon. Ironically he accused me of being a simp then. Projecting much? During that encounter, he proudly boasted that he used creamer in his cereal instead of julay. He would get a lot of grief for this and it eventually morphed into the butter meme. He was clearly oblivious as to how this would appear to other people, and I think it still goes over his head to this day. Up until he got his ex doxed by showing her face on his twitter, Fuz acted like a punching bag on Empty's stream to the chat. After she got exposed and roundly mocked on the discord just to stick it to Fuz, he became much more aggressive and antagonistic with the chat and people on the discord. Empty was already bleeding viewers with Fuz coming on to derail, ruin joke setups and interrupt constantly to talk about boring shit no one was there to listen to. The live viewer loss has greatly increased in the past few months solely bickers of how Fuz has been behaving. To put it into perspective, before Fuz started going on Empty's streams, viewers were around 100-150ish per stream. Now Empty is lucky to get over 50 people watching his streams live. People are there to watch Empty get his ass kicked in video games and be funny, not to listen to Fuz endlessly drone about things that are meaningful to him. Fuz, buddy, I know you read this thread. I don't hate you but you really need to take a step back from all this. You aren't going to win against the trolls. If you don't have the chops to win against someone like Britbong, you might as well hang it up.
>>118183 Thanks for the story, though I believe now that fuz now has a thread here and seeing his past behavior he will most likely just go more crazy, which is a good thing in fact of course.
>>117856 >>118078 >>118102 I agree with these people, and I don't want to be that guy, but I must say that exists real lolcows on the server that are much funnier and pathetic than Fuzhou. Joey JoJo, a genetic failure. He is famous for being a paypiggie and coomer degenerate, literally physically deformed and has a weak memory. Everyone feels sorry for him. Jadens is a jewish zoomer addicted to interracial gay porn, he is really into femboys and sissy. He pretends to be a big black man. Plague is a failed ex janitor in real life and now studying to become a mall cop. He is obese and addicted to eating dog poop. We should focus on their julays instead of some cringy Youtuber.
>>118183 Are you the OP then, Gassious? You seem to have been trying to become an e-celeb for some time now.
>>118244 > addicted to eating dog poop. wait what lol i know that joey is a paypig for fuzhou bickers hes superchatted him in the stream i watched
>>118244 >>118245 Hello fuzhou, even if this is true, they aren't the subject of the thread, the best part is that if it is, that just means that you have helped uncover more potential cows other than yourself to laugh at. Thank you for the service.
>>118244 >>118246 i looked for that joey guy on youtube and the first thing i see is a grown man with goofy thumbs eating a burger king kids meal https://youtu.be/E3Ih7mk9Sws
Open file (869.40 KB 1170x1126 wash2.png)
>>118245 Nah I only found out this place existed a bit over a week ago. Funny shit. I've been fucking with Fuz for a long time before he attracted the ire of Empty's fanbase. I'm amused that people are finally starting to smell the cow on him. This is all just for fun. If I wanted to become an e-celeb, I would alog someone more well known like jcaesar187 or Chris. Going after someone only a few hundred people give a shit about isn't the best way to become famous, yeah? Anyways, carry on.
Open file (139.17 KB 1280x720 tfw_no_point.mp4)
>this entire thread
Open file (73.66 KB 1073x323 fuzspiraling01.PNG)
Open file (103.06 KB 1070x631 fuzspiraling02.PNG)
Open file (426.77 KB 866x502 fuzspiraling03.PNG)
Open file (116.10 KB 1070x551 fuzpissy01.PNG)
Holy crap, I thought this thread would be moving at deadlike pace like the other threads, this place has collected so much momentum thanks to all of fuzhou's or maybe his ex's attempts to damage control. >>118183 I've been visiting Empty's discord for an week now, and it seems everytime fuzhou ever interacts with the people there it is to attack any comment aimed his direction. From what I've seen everyone else on the server would be bantering, but fuz seems to get more vitriolic with his comebacks like "get an real job, you only make 7 dollars an hour" or telling others to go on a shooting spree. Really unhinged shit. How long has been going on like this now.
About 3 days ago the pace really picked up.
>>118246 Plauge keep changing nicknames after being destroyed by Fuzhou and Sargoy. Sargoy discovered that Plauge has a habit of stepping on dog shit on purpose so he can smell the soles of his shoes at home. He's a loser. >>118183 >To put it into perspective, before Fuz started going on Empty's streams, viewers were around 100-150ish per stream. Now Empty is lucky to get over 50 people watching his streams live Bullshit, motherfucker. Post the numbers, the evidence that Empty lost views due to Fuz. >>118247 How stupid are you? According to you, half of this thread is Fuzhou arguing with you and another idiot.
>>118249 Yes, Joey is the definition of ugly and incel. He has a video drinking soylet. He's a paypiggie for a lot of online personalities, and a frequent Toad McKinley fanboy, always on his chat.
>>118263 I mean, PeoplesPopularPress.
Open file (62.69 KB 594x334 1507551977272.jpg)
>>118262 >>118263 >>118264 > knowing who's who from empty's discord > uses the same vernacular as fuz > not knowing the cmmon wordfilters here > obsession with P p p > all posts in a row with only couple hour difference Fuz you're not even smart enough to be subtle here.
Open file (67.53 KB 285x258 notfuz.png)
>how do you do fellow /cow/boys can >we all stop talking about fuz?
Fuz paypiggied to the recent Mister Reddikur stream >>118274 >Obsession with P P P of course in fact, Fuz hating P P P is one of the few things he and the rest of the people here share in common. And as far as I know, every time the Butterboy talked about the big Dyke were limited to one or two sentences like "The P P P guy is a sperg, that P P P guy is fat and unfunny, at least I'm not P P P"
Open file (846.74 KB 1500x1500 sweaty_squader.png)
>>118276 So pic related is unironically fuz?
Open file (411.01 KB 1170x1425 breaking butter.png)
>>118262 It's self-evident that Fuz has had a direct impact on Empty's live views with his constant derailing to drone about shit that nobody wants to hear. Sorry if You, I mean, FUZ can't accept that. You may think his fans are dumb incel sperglords but they are his fans, not yours. Also, demanding proof on a /cow/ thread... LOL WOW YOU SUCK
>>118260 ever since his ex got doxed bickers Fuz didn't take 5 seconds to blank out her face on his twitter. He was so delusional, he thought that none of the trolls he was provoking would ever check his official twitter for anything to use on him. Bless his heart.
Op recommended to me a certain stream so far I saw that Fuz contradicted his height several times, apparently other times he admitted he's 5'7ft but after reveal that he was weighing at least 200lbs "bc of corona" he changed the story and says he's 5'11ft confirmed that he purchased at least three Google Stadias controls also confirmed the fact that he plays women's games to lose weight https://youtu.be/o4mXYQ4Jq0g?t=4255
>>118263 Joey is a literal retard incel but I would still rather watch his streams than yours fuz
>>118284 fuz's only achievement is having sex with a 2/10 onlyfans whore with an overly poopy asshole please don't take that away from him you'll hurt his feelings
>>118284 joey is the man only faggots don't like him
Open file (965.31 KB 1170x1747 hate.png)
>>118244 >>118283 only manlets lie about their age. guess that's another thing he shares with britbong
>>118285 well on this stream >>118283 he said he had sex with another girl and her bf punched his face, he said it was the only time in his life he was involved in a fight >>118294 he's 25 or 26 at this point
I don't use dicksword but I've been consistently shitting on Fuz from his first appearances as a consoomer with shit taste that has consistently ruined Empty's streams. I hope this stupid faggot leaves once and for all now.
>>118249 >>118284 >>118291 I'll be honest, my instincts hated fuz the first time I listened to him and the same happened to me when I saw joey commenting on youtube, he's a paypiggie to everyone including fuz and even p p p and pass an aura of being a soulless being just like fuz
>>118360 fuz seems to be entirely controlled by his carnal instincts, but in a sort of twisted bugman like way.
>>118368 He's a consoomer, fully and truthfully. As OP said, he is what the Jews want for the future. A cuck, spineless and untalented robot.
>>118244 Plague is the real lolcow, don't forget his dead brother.
>>118514 Why do you think changing IDs will work fuz? I thank you for digging up more crazy discord trannies for >us though.
Open file (939.60 KB 950x1019 20210719_171806.png)
>>118514 Fuz, lashing out at a literal nobody like Plague is a dead giveaway that it's you, bickers no one else gives a shit about him but you. It's really cute how asshurt you are. Please, continue on.
>>118260 plague actually is a mental case that has to be on meds or else he hurts himself or others
Open file (2.64 MB 320x240 1440083542652.gif)
>>118565 That's not really entertaining nor funny, that's just sad. You're a sad person Fuz.
>>118565 You make it so obvious that it's you Fuzhou, god this is pathetic
This is a bit off topic but does the butter construct coming to the ass end of the internet to cry about a tiny image board laughing at his ridiculous behavior reminds anyone else of that fat turkroach that there was a thread about back on 8cow that was in love with an underage cartoon boy from some shitty anime?
>>118581 >This is a bit off topic but does the butter construct coming to the ass end of the internet to cry about a tiny image board laughing at his ridiculous behavior He can't help but want to defend his honor to the three spergs on this thread making fun of him, that is just how things are and always have been, the fact that he continues to do this shows how much asshurt talking shit about him and his whore gf do to his brain.
Hilarious to see Fuz asking for evidence and veritable facts when he is well known for fake up facts and evidence or not caring about it when talking about others while reading foxdickfarms pages.
For anyone wondering who the hell Plague is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjH0GWlDTMk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJl3iZwGSnY Also a good part of this stream had hm as a guest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVKz8bNx7XY He's just one of the many randoms from Empty server who "doxed" Fuz gf by that I mean posted her onlyfans pics to shitpost on chat and also banter a little bit with him on vc.
the coping only goes so far Fuz
>>118244 probably his worst spiral in awhile
>>118989 >doxxxed some onlyfans whore Based discordspic.
>>119213 Lmao nobody actually doxed her, Fuz was retard enough to make it happen. He made her public and some random coomer joined the server and share her onlyfans with everyone. The same coomer also said that Fuzhou appeared in some of the videos and photos
>no go after this nobody that every discord spic is pretending to go after so I don't rage quit altogether! Fuz the Buttergoylem really has a deep in the negatives IQ, does it? Falling for such obvious gayfabe is sad! Not only is he on a pattern >1 you're a sperg >2 you're gay >3 back to 1 but the discord spics on Empty's server have somehow found a way to edit it to develop new gayer patterns by going after this discord spic to keep him coping
Will Fuz be dumb and needy enough to keep inviting himself as a guest on streams or will he finally notice how this is stupid and walk away from Empty space? >>119229 He likes to claim to be a genius, bud. He's the true king of banter, not Manlytears!
Open file (80.40 KB 500x579 5hg7f4.jpg)
>>119317 Fuz loves to claim that he's smart, until something dumb he does blows up in his face, in which case he says "I never claimed to be a smart man." LOL
>>119340 Do you have any clips of him saying that after being b t f o'd?
>>119523 I'll see if I can dig some up. I know its happened on Empty streams a couple times.
>>119592 From what I noticed, he try to avoid confrontations, not bickers he is a peaceful person, but bickers he is coward and has no ability to win fights by his own, that's why he tries to be mod from discords servers so he can ban people if they made jokes about him. If he cant ban people, he will act the way you described, he will backpedal and accept being humiliated the notable exception is when someone is talking about Butterlady, he get really mad whe shes the subject lol
FuzhouYT was once again right about P P P and Surfer, I hope he can make a good video about the schizo neonazi.
Open file (11.26 MB 350x350 The-Final-Cope.gif)
>>119771 Hi Fuz. Everyone was right about FuzhouYT and his camwhore ex.
Anyone has interesting screenshots of Fuz posting on foxdickfarms? As far as I know, he gets mad when someone accuses him of having socks accs.
The buttercaust is a kino stream, fuz unironically is exactly like the OP says about him.
>>120011 did you watched only that stream or other streams with Fuz? I haven't watched anything just with him, his streams are boring as fuck, but I'm sure there are some julay moments and more information about him on his channel. On EmptyHero streams even the most irrelevant streams have some pearl and information about him being a retard consoomer or just weird. Honestly, it seems to me that he never had any irl friends, especially contact and friendship with men/boys that's why he doesn't know how to interact with males, only with fat and sad women from the farms. Also watching the streams it is notable how pathetically he holds EmptyHero as his only ""friend"" in the world lol
>>120027 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgPG5UOfn3I listening to fuz right now, his stream, he actively talks to the chat if you don't just spam, he's actually quite entertaining in the sense that he actually does respond. ALRIGHT NO WAY ГунтRETORT YOUR GETTING TIMED OUT FOR THAT ONE MAN NO SAYING BELLA DINDU NUFFIN!
>>120027 I also listened to a couple other clips of his spergouts, and one of the britbong streams, either way the buttergolem never ceases to entertain me with his blandness.
Open file (499.52 KB 623x348 ClipboardImage.png)
>>118244 Hmmmm
In the last EmptyHero stream around 16 minutes he talks about this thread and how he enjoyed it, but he disabow the anon shit talking Joey. But he doesn't seem to have connected the dots and have rationalized that it was Fuz shit talking Joey and others to try diverge attention lol
Open file (1.33 MB 1805x854 fuzhou in kickassia.png)
>>120083 perhaps, my stripling young lad, some people just know how to say something directly, without making things awkward ;)
Open file (505.39 KB 714x1231 1600887757962.png)
>>120089 lol hi, Empty. Get Zeb on stream again for some chill time with the old boys, the dude can be a literal jew furfag, but for some reason you have a chemistry and people do enjoy him in small doses. Or Derrick after he stop being pegged by his gf.
>>120089 >still lee is fuzhou More like his father or older brother, the resemblance is certainly uncanny.
>>120078 >butter boy pays money to insult people that hurt his feefees on trannycord
Hi fuz you're a G​AMERGATE and your girlfriend is a fat whore
fuzs girlfriend sucks black cocks.
Open file (69.60 KB 800x476 foundafaggot.jpg)
>>120212 Well, she's a whore and do anything for money, including pretent to be gf of pathetic dudes like Fuz lmao
Yeah fuz won, voice changer guy failed
Fuz is thinking that Brown Amethyst will date him again (for a third time) after they watching capeshit films and he paying to her more sex toys, that's why he is so sassy at the moment. Also, essayfag, well you tried, buddy, drop the voice changer next time and try other tactics instead of just using the same talk points from >us, it don't work around those people.
>>120258 >can't capitalize >can't punctuate >"gee fuz won" Wonder who could possibly be behind this post.
>>120264 I got him to sperg a couple of times but what I realized was he only truly responds if you push his buttons. He got extremely angry when I attacked mister redditor, cecil mctroon, his tranny friends/gf. I tried to sort of be friendly towards him but he actually responded to my friendliness with disdain, wasn't even being ironic I think fuz is a fresh of breath air as a cow, I think that he had listened to empty earlier and was already on the defensive though. I should have waited until fuz was on stream at some point if I wanted a direct ambush
Fuz once again pretended he was busy to run away from VC, but is on youtube chat right now being b t f o'd by britbong once again
>>120266 No, Fuz won. You have that faggot essayfag from stream to thank for ruining it. >>120274 < h-h-hey guys I did sumthing amiright haha The only thing you accomplished was making me and others think better of butterboy. The whole crowning jewel of Fuz being a lolcow was that he could be felted by anyone including britbong, even with Empty shielding him. Now there is someone lower on the shit totem pole, and that is you. That is what you've accomplished. There was so much momentum here until you came to fuck it up, fag. Well done.
>>120298 >The only thing you accomplished was making me and others think better of butterboy I wouldn't say anyone would "think better" of the butter golem. But yeah, the faggot with a voice changer somehow even more retarded then fuz.
>>120298 >>120305 No one will think better of him now that he posted his own dick pic I'm not saving that shit to my computer to post it here
Fuz is lying about his height again. For months, before alogs started to go after him, he claimed to be 5.7ft while talking with Empty on streams. After a few months, with alogs from Empty server making jokes about him being fat he started saying he was 5´11ft. Now while arguing with Britbong he is claiming to be 6ft. Who else is fat and sensitive about their height?
>>120307 I'm sorry dude but you have to unleash the beast for everyone to see.
Open file (356.88 KB 1242x1267 image0.jfif)
>>120310 The things I do for some people
Open file (290.54 KB 840x949 embarrassing.jpg)
>>120312 >bent duck >kiked
Open file (586.22 KB 1242x1267 image0[1].png)
why did he post his schlong to own the short british midget
>>120308 I believe OP showed before with stream audios Fuz lying about his height before, and now he's adding another fifty centimeters He said to be 200 pounds before and 5'7ft, Isn't that obesity and plus manlet status? Maybe he's even more fatter.
>>120307 > I'm not saving that shit to my computer to post it here Same sentiment I have when it comes to saving pics of Fuz's ex gf's dirty butthole pic. Or any picture of her for the matter.
>>120312 >>120315 He will eventually cope and say it's fake and not really him, like the usual. >I posted someone else cock bickers it's funny and everyone else believed at it bickers they are stupid!
Open file (16.86 KB 480x360 The horror.jpg)
>>120315 So this is the "eggplant" that empty's discord refers to.
Britbong left or got kicked from the call and Empty and Fuz are circle jerking Fuz is bragging about how he destroyed the manlet and essayfag while the entire chat is asking to Fuz be kicked
Imagine being ESSAYFAG, he accomplished the feat of being destroyed in a short time by Fuz, P P P and foxdickfarmers namefags. Not even that stupid streamer anon who once tried to win favors with the board by calling jcaesar187 show back in 2018 played such a pathetic role. Even worse, this idiot kept saying "we" "us" "we from /cow/" "us from /cow". No wonder you've become the most hated and most desperate anon for approval this place has had since 2020.
Open file (23.31 KB 617x225 ClipboardImage.png)

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