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Open file (121.09 KB 585x481 1570719172767.png)
Cuckwheels Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 23:25:44 No.11890
Okay, this is getting ridiculous.
Fredo has gone full lolcow.
Accidental triple thread, sorry fam
is there no end to the treachery of this faggot? what did jim do to this shit that he has such a hateboner for?
Supposedly swindled 8chan (which he supposedly stopped caring about) from under him and supposedly Ron mismanaged it even though the site was a far worse mess in terms of bugs when beach ball was in charge.
>you live in a timeline where hotwheels will soon be at an e-war with half the boomers in america
what a time to be alive
Open file (624.58 KB 1750x679 der ewige krüppel.png)
Lardwheels always was a treacherous piece of shit, most people just never gave a crap about his antics.
Pic related
Open file (301.23 KB 600x536 3fe.png)
Wow, this makes so much sense now.
This guy is the definition of having something living in your head rent-free
Maybe all his tranny friends have evidence of him being a CP hoarding pedo and this is the only way he can appease them.
posted 1 webm regarding HW and /intl/ in >>>/cow/12004
>it should go down just bickers i don't like it
Wasn't he super butthurt over John Wu wanting 8chan down bickers he didn't like it?

>soywheels is so obsessed with this he's having dreams about it

Who else is willing to bet this little faggot turns out to be a pedophile?
Fucking hell, there were two dupes? I clicked 'delete post and file' for one of them and it deleted the image from all three threads. Sorry about that.
>suddenly remember qboomers killed a mob boss
Maybe they'll do us a favor and take out the dud.
>i went downstairs
Most unbelievable part, even for a dream
>hotwheels becomes the first publicly known pedophile who wouldn't be able to subdue a toddler
Open file (32.48 KB 489x336 SnitchWheels.png)
Open file (122.60 KB 485x684 SnitchWheels2.png)
Open file (39.82 KB 490x436 SnitchWheels3.png)
Open file (49.95 KB 484x550 SnitchWheels4.png)
Open file (43.84 KB 499x375 SnitchWheels5.png)
>neonazi imageboard
/pol/ wasn't even the biggest board on hatech.
How many blacks used facebook to stream their sh**tings? He's trying to make it seem like he's a moral crusader but he's just a butthurt cringecripple. Jesus would be ashamed of his petty materialism.
he totally has cp
Lol, this is how you do it in what-will-be 2020. You post whatever you want in support of what everybody else wants and autists sit on an obscure e-celebrity worshipping forum pretending that their words matter.
Yeah I'm pretty sure Cripplekike is a pedophile.
Open file (290.25 KB 485x738 SnitchWheels.png)
Open file (163.59 KB 485x618 SnitchWheels2.png)
Open file (56.63 KB 596x590 bruh.JPG)
nigga what
Open file (35.12 KB 1280x720 jiddwheels.jpg)
I blame jews for HWs demise. at least partly
He named his font Chomsky yet apparently knows nothing about the man.
Open file (148.28 KB 952x1770 EGmr4xwWkAEsOLV(2).jpg)
Open file (141.83 KB 2047x957 EGmsX_LWsAA4yxO.jpg)
if you say so...
Open file (87.84 KB 471x722 SnitchWheels2.png)
Open file (26.80 KB 468x277 SnitchWheels3.png)
Open file (929.51 KB 754x566 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (679.09 KB 960x624 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (297.05 KB 849x533 ClipboardImage.png)
>the media are not the enemy. they are doing their best to report what's happening
Open file (70.76 KB 476x477 ClipboardImage.png)
Did Carl van Dopamine get mass flagged or something? All he has is a couple JBP videos.
8chan was being ran by the dud when freech was shitting allover it.

Guess his disease turned him into a downy.
Open file (128.13 KB 900x1200 EGzdj1yUUAA1E9M.jpg)
Open file (94.13 KB 900x1200 EGzdj10UwAAYG6z.jpg)
Open file (68.02 KB 900x1200 EGzdj1yVAAApUXL.jpg)
Open file (200.73 KB 1200x900 EGzaOenU0AInM90.jpg)
I'm kinda liking this site. It has an old 2014 8chan sort of feel. We just have to make sure that nobody advertises the webring so that we don't get overrun with newfags.
That is such a fucking 180 that you'd think he'd fly off his wheelchair from the sheer g-forces. The guy popularized his website from gathering people who fucking hate the media who know that the media is not only excessively biased, but also dishonest and agenda-pushing. Is he aware that both the media and everyone else on the left refuse to forgive him, and as we speak, choosing the nicest staircase to kick him onto?
<+jman> how's life as a complete and total sellout
<+copypaste> gr8

you can speak to fred directly in #8chan and #8kun on Rizon IRC

he comes on once every few days to whine about how he is going to ruin Jim's entire life

free salt
Imagine suing someone over (previously yours) shitty clone of a forum.
Copypaste is scared and doesn't want to be associated with anything that can happen when this "new" 8-kun arrives. He is literally afraid to die bickers of it. Even moved to a shit country where no one will try to find him for his past.
Nah. More like free ticket to a slavery for a site no one should care about, that's what Jim does - trying to get his public back, someone have to post on his boards, right? No doubt, they will have a /cow/ board back, so current shekeleers will get fucked.
And copypaste is just a scared little hateful guy
You are right, since many people left 8chan after the first couple of happenings. Never even browsed much and never came back. You can see some of them on this board, true.
That may be what he claimed initially, but now he freely admits that it's only bickers he's mad at Jim. He doesn't even dispute the fact that he's acting like a child.
>what's /intl/?
it was a /int/ spinoff. HW got buttmad at them and staged a false flag and caused a spam war (on purpose)
also, watch https://invidio.us/watch?v=zW6EdR_Hn9k&t=2m
>Video unavailable.
Wait, when did that happen, can I get a link?
Open file (120.81 KB 894x1390 game.jpg)
He kind of looks like him.

Open file (473.99 KB 1280x720 1571096958801.png)
I can't believe he's still butthurt over Christchurch
So other then the dangerous levels of soy in his system, why is he so obsessed with Jim and 8chan? bickers to me it seems like after becoming a SJW he's feeling super guilty about making a site that doesn't pull the progressive line.
Is he an SJW now?
Open file (9.16 MB 2500x1747 cuckwheelsfate.png)
he made himself really plump and JEWCY and wishes he could become pigfood but James still hasn't flung his midget ass to the pigs, much to his dismay.
He's fat, crippled, vindictive, consumes a lot of soy and no woman would touch him without being paid first so I assume so.
Wh-What?! He's talking to the....
I'm an cool OLDFAG - RIGHT?
could that mean I need to (((follow every single thing Hotwheels says without question?)))
I hope the obese cripple realizes that he's laying it on way too thick and his past and the obvious attempt to use the media will not buy him any friends on the left. You can tell from the journalists response of his court reading, that it was "entertaining" that they are not buying it. Good job on making enemies with everyone, cripplekike.
He just doesn't like Jim. All those other motives are only a proxy, even if he did become a SJW. Probably doesn't have many other things going on in his life either, so his soulless marriage and 8ch is the only thing he really has left, but he doesn't even have 8ch left bickers it's not his anymore. At this point of being a lost soul it doesn't matter if what he does makes any sense or not. Meanwhile I will stand up and take a nice walk in the indian summer, thanks to my perfectly healthy feet, legs and bones.
This is getting funnier day by day but the traitor won't burn in the finale ;-(
Open file (133.26 KB 483x379 goburin_srayer.png)
>he doesn't know
In the Philippines, there's a 340 [Currency] bounty for any dead commie. And the goblin is not only there on shaky terms, but he's openly supporting and heloing commies. On top, he's an extremely easy kill, as the 'push him down the stairs' method is unironically a genuine life threat to those with gobburin disease; thus Freddo is an easy kill.
I'm not saying that we need to hire a hitman. No, I'm saying that the hitman would do it
for free
>"oof, who hurt you? grow up, child"
>"yeah, i'm totally in contact with all the oldfags, guys, all the oldfags are glad that 8chan is dead. don't @me, /pol/yp newfags

reminder that soy rots the brain
Open file (2.95 MB 269x264 doggiehappysmile.gif)
>account changes hands without a contract
>kripple gives written proof he has no rights to the account
>kripplekike shoots himself in the foot
Except they just rebranded as 8kun. Why would Jim care about his old account?
wew lad
The cripple wants Jim to lose the followers
Jesus, the soygoblin is really obsessed with this shit.
I wonder what happened to make him do a 180 like this.
HotPockets just made a bad business deal with Jimbo. He basically gave 8chan to Jim, and then Jim gave boot to HW. And HW is still butthurt bickers of it. Both Jim and HotWheels are big kikes. Also, Remember when HW basically stole WizardChan from its owner? Well, Jim did the same to HW, and now HotPockets is buttmad at Jim and the whole 8chan (actually, 8chan made HW mad when they pointed out how incompetent he actually is!) Finally, this isn't a complete 180. HW was actually a snake and attention whore from the start. See, >>11926
What the fuck is a channer.
proud followers of the chanology movement, the roots of ED and /cow/
Hey guys, look at what was on google.
Is this recent?
It's not "super recent" - the github stars on his github and on the resume don't match.

But it's not super outdated either, bickers the differences are relatively small. I'd reckon it's between 3 months and 1 year old.
>bickers the differences
bickers. what the fuck was my brain doing.
Open file (57.24 KB 226x330 pffffft.png)
>wordfilters on a relatively common word

It's like I got teleported back in time one decade to 7chan.
Perhaps it should be given a "special" update and sent to all the tech companies in Asia and America?
ok spider expert now go back to nіggertits :^)
If the logs are correct
[https://archive.fo/cNpfJ] https://pastebin.com/gMQ0SPau

<PatMan> What do you think jim did you wrong?
<PatMan> I've never gotten that, and that's a sincere question
<PatMan> Not rhetorical one bit.
<owo> are you gonna remove the cross emoji from your Twitter name
<copypaste> he barged into my room, let's start with that.
<Monroe> jim tied him up and made him cum
<copypaste> he used 8chan to "embrace infamy" of shooters
<porkpocket__> https://is2.4chan.org/ck/1571013635969.png TileTruem
<copypaste> he ran 8chan in bad faith
<PatMan> <copypaste> he barged into my room, let's start with that.
<PatMan> Elaborate on that one
<copypaste> he thought he was my father or something? his personal slight to me cannot be overstated
<owo> Monroe: inb4 drawn porn of it
<Monroe> lol he even said it himself
<copypaste> i was his employee not his child

But I feel it's just grasping are vague reasons, and the real reason is somewhere else.
that's probably the same address and phone number. anyone call it yet? it's 9am in the philippines
Address is outdated, a newer one was leaked a while ago.
Isn't targeted harassment against the twitter TOS? If he lost his account he'd lose a lot of his power (his followers)
Found the latest leaked address:
Manhattan Parkway Tower 1 #20E
General Malvar St. Cor. Araneta Center Cubao
Quezon City, Philippines

The cripple did say he had moved since though
He might have left a forwarding address. Is there any way to check this sort of thing?
Not that I know. To make things worse some privacy laws were passed in Philippines circa 2011 so phonebooks are a no-go.
I've had a look through his twitter feed an Hotwheels is starting to genuinely look like a stalker.

He's behaving like a scolded woman. It's almost as if Jim dumped his sorry ass for being a total loser and now he's butthurt and is following Jim around online wherever he goes.
Also this is some of what was dug up about him recently, anons couldn't really find anything conclusive:
We should find out who his current clients are and pressure them to drop him. Starve the little shit.
I hope Zare is struck back for bowing to the cripple
These companies are scared bickers they think it will hurt their business reputation. In reality nobody cares who the ddos protection services or server hosts are except white nerds who run websites, most of which would prefer if zare stood their ground. Hosting 8chan and having bad rep would not hurt their business 1 bit unless 8chan was an outstanding majority of their ddos attacks and costed too much money.
Thats why cloudflare could host them bickers their protection was so good any attack was a drop in the bucket. I am personally looking for a new reverse proxy/ddos protection provider. When 8kun returns, I will look into whatever business had the balls to host them and probably make a purchase.
Open file (40.33 KB 494x505 1571293762367.png)
Open file (28.14 KB 473x322 1571294210932.png)
Cripple is loosing it. He's going to be committing outright crimes soon all bickers of his hate for Jim.
there are a few of us from /tech/ with botnets for residential IP proxies to return fire at his pets bunkerchan and julaychan if necessary.
Ironic when you consider how he went to the cyberpolice, kek.
Consequences will never be the same.
Don't forget julaychan, that faggot surely loves to suck up to the cripple now that his chan gets traffic bickers of the 8chan vacuum.
Oh, it was a wordfilter
julay/chan. Just so nobody misses it.
s p a c e
Not mad :) Not at all :)))
what did he mean by this?
At first I doubted that Hotwheels had joined the left, but now I believe.
This whole thing seems so pathetic on his part. I mean the dud is actually having dreams about jim now? Lmao
>These companies are scared bickers they think it will hurt their business reputation.
I guess the pressure and the complaining twitter dms are too one sided then.
The soy effect.
This. With the dud shilling China it wouldn't be hard to call them un-American and take advantage of the South Park/Winnie the Pooh fiasco
There's no way he isn't aware TruthSeeker comics are entirely ironic, not even a soy chugging dipshit cripple can be dumb enough to post that and expect anyone to take him seriously.
All born again Christians are the scummiest vindictive people on the planet. He thinks he can redeem his past self by abusing everyone else in the name of Jesus so that's what he's doing. He's also a drug addict with no hope of doing anything with his life so this little crusade is the best he can muster up.

Also an attention seeker who has stabbed everyone in the back he's ever been close to.
Based FireTyres still B T F Oing the haters on the daily.
Open file (605.57 KB 837x1000 soy_goblin.png)
>Pigwheels is the only one with an open fast food container.
Open file (353.68 KB 598x817 cow, a personal army.png)
Hello personal Army 666
Says the dud who literally dreams about his foster daddy
>he came into my room once
Now this is just a theory on my part, but I remember hearing that cuckwheels met his wife through Jim somehow. Is it possible he's so butthurt about Jim bickers Jim fucked his wife?
>he thought he was my father or something?
Jim shouted at blobwheels once and he never got over it. How pathetic.

>Is it possible he's so butthurt about Jim bickers Jim fucked his wife?
Valid theory. It would definitely explain the emotional way the cripple is acting.
Does anyone know what his wife looks like? Is she a cripple too?

Wild speculation but I am betting there was some sort of financial agreement with the wife when he worked for Jim so HW could get legal status. Once HW got fired he lost his apartment and lost his "wife" bickers her paycheck stopped. So cripple thinks Jim took it all away.

How did he get from almost dying bickers a bus didn't pick him up in NYC to flipland? My guess it was all paid by Jim. Now he is trapped there and probably out of money.
Again, this is all speculation. Hopefully someone with more knowledge of HW's situation chimes in.
I have no idea what this means.
> <copypaste> he barged into my room, let's start with that.
betting it went something like this
>jim hears pained squeaky moans coming from the other room
>'shit, that fucker fell out of his wheelchair again.'
>opens door to micromachines' room
>cripplekike broke his damn arm jacking off to mlp
Open file (124.27 KB 1032x774 wife.jpeg)
I like how he has a problem with 8chan bickers its spreading shit about school shooters, but Kiwifarms? Nah, KF is fine and Josh is a goodboy now
That's just cause he's friends with the scammer now. He'll probably turn on KF later, he's already said a bunch of dumb shit about it being a "stalking forum"
He also apologized to Josh for some fucking reason. Dudes a lolcow and the only reason he doesnt have a thread is bickers Josh wants to use him
Open file (45.14 KB 748x385 ded.png)
He is probably stabbing Josh in the back on the down low by writing emails to easily spooked people in power. The KF warrant canary died a few days ago and out of the blue they got blocked in Australia over christchurch postings. Bringing up hosting of christchurch cocks is HW's modus operandi when he is trying to get sites taken down. Everyone on that site has been critical of his recent lolcow behavior and they are documenting it.
It's possible the government is putting pressure on them behind the scenes. A lot of this could be institutional power plays to censor any non "approved" site. We already know they will close bank accounts, pressuring a DDOS service to stop hosting one site is pretty small potatoes in comparison.
Check the Josh thread, it's more likely that he had to dish shit out on some user
He hasn't said anything about julaychan either and they are the ones who kept links to the Halle shooter manifesto after the German IB took them down.
That was "s p a c e" not julay in case anyone isn't familiar with the wordfilter
He's now bragging about getting a response from the Alibaba Cloud people
It was pointed out in another thread that the cripple's mother is ethnically Jewish, surname Paszko in Jew Jersey. I had never known that, but you can really see it in his facial features.
Should not have nostalgia'd that hard.
Open file (295.16 KB 725x294 jim.png)
Wow did we fucking wreck you faggots today. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This assblasting is reaching just levels never thought possible.

>that sweet sweet julay

Just to clarify some stuff...We're actually against corporate deplatforming on layer 1, like the internet, or think it's impossible now with blockchain tech being prevalent BUT we are 100% FOR citizen based deplatforming. Normal people like us rising up and encouraging this incompetent faggot Jim to fuck off back to yoga lessons. That's 100% fine and should happen more often. Sooo...Get used to the fact that it's not coming back losers.

I don't think anyone here actually cares about Qchan. I just think cripplekike's vendetta is hilarious and cringe.
>We're actually against corporate deplatforming on layer 1, like the internet, or think it's impossible now with blockchain tech being prevalent BUT we are 100% FOR citizen based deplatforming
Nobody cares NERD
Just bickers you're pretending to be retarded doesn't mean you're not acting retarded.
Based Chadwheels having fun in the sun and getting his one unbreakable bone attended to by an AZN Q.T.
Cry more, incels.
Open file (71.66 KB 661x665 Sargoy_gun2.jpg)
Imagine this being your life.

I doubt the dud can even get hard.
>I doubt the dud can even get hard.
based wizard hotwheels
I mean it's hard to kiss this guy's ass nowadays, after all that twitter SJW shit, christian shit, and having a personal five dorra cocksucking slut
he's impenetrable to our techniques
right guys
i mean it's hard for us 15 year olds to get something from him rn, like we used to. BUT we still have this webring shit at our disposal and can suck namefag dicks in hopes to edit some nerd's posts one day
Open file (499.66 KB 2048x1536 image.jpg)
I would lowkey shoot myself.

The founder of 8chan should've been a raging skinhead from Moscow.
Brennan left the FBI off the hook, they should've been working all day.
Those are anti-Putin protestors following Navalny who condemned "any ethnic or racial hatred and any xenophobia" and called on police to oppose "any Fascist, Nazi, xenophobic manifestations".
you can feel the soy
>who condemned "any ethnic or racial hatred and any xenophobia"
Anyone who doesn't gets thrown in jail in fact of course. (Newsflash: russia has a bunch of "hate speech" laws in its criminal code.)
Hate speech is pro gay speech
Gay propaganda is forbidden, but everything else is similar to other orwellian shitholes like UK or Canada.
Insult some ethnicity or religion - go to jail. Deny holohoax - go to jail. Etc.
Not really. As long as you don't insult Putin pretty much nobody gives a flying fuck.
Open file (47.88 KB 639x232 article282.JPG)
Pretty sure all those people who got convicted for racey jokes in vk and other such places weren't directly insulting him.
The joke's still on you, bickers tomorrow you'll still be stuck in that wheelchair while the rest of us can walk.
I have watched all your videos on YouTube, nice family you've got there.
We'll be in touch.
Where does one find said flood script?
Why is this retard so asshurt over 8ch when half his feed is 8ch tier shit?
bickers #NotAllChanners
Alt-chans want a piece of our userbase and as the same they want to dissociate from the mother of all evil that is 8chan. They act like cucks liteleft/literight.
Word filters, I am out of here.
> we
> rationalizing deplatforming this hard
Whether you're deplatforming a website or first whois-ing the host and THEN deplatforming it, it's the same thing, you're still deplatforming people. You're still going through the efforts necessary to shut down not just people using a platform in its intended way, but chasing down people who have already left and made their own platform. You are this terrified of what they might say.
You won't be missed becаuse you're a nіgger.
fuck off niggеr
Looks like the next stage is Trolling-Induced TranSexuality for little cuckwheels. Any one care to guess how long it'll take?
how did his mom go tru birth if their bones are so fragile
that's insane
It's the opposite, babies are literally made out of cartilage, you can drop a baby 3 stories high, and they won't break.
It's amazing he didn't die through the vaginal cavity.
I still agree with him: he should have been never conceived.
Open file (1014.04 KB 2048x1024 8chadvirgin_final.png)
Thread theme.
Very hip meme, do an NPC edit next.
dud cope
L33TGUY have sex also
You might be getting a visit from the feds soon lmao
I remember when ircfags seemed cool
Now you all just seem like retards
holy based
based meme


- Posted from my iPhone 11
whalepool sucks
Just so you know by the way, julay.world is banned in russia just like 8chan was.
There are not. Both 8ch and julay.world however block Russian IPs.
Get fucked.
Yeah those 2 people are sure Russia.
Cuckwheels buddies trying to Divide and Cope.
Open file (45.06 KB 165x180 1400025265091.gif)
>on layer 1, like the internet
Open file (315.39 KB 590x491 Capture.PNG)
At the rate of soy infestation he's going, he'll start HRT before Halloween.
>he's a furry too
Someone start sending him pictures of animals in those weird animal wheel chair things.
Open file (58.04 KB 486x283 SnitchWheels.png)
Open file (75.68 KB 1199x409 EHyvPFCU8AA4Amr.jpg)
>i don't care if people know i want to fuck animals
He's just attention seeking.
Open file (143.19 KB 1382x382 1.png)
Open file (78.76 KB 517x649 2.png)
Just don't sweat yourself too much about the cripple.
This. Project Susucoin on TOR will carry on.
Funniest part that post you made a screenshot of is now deleted bickers Mark nuked bunch of anons post histories for having a say against lolicon. Lots of threads missing great deal of posts now, that also ironically enough included archives on hotwheels.
Nobody cares why you're a faggot, just the fact you're a faggot is enough to know.
Open file (255.67 KB 511x543 mark2.png)
Odin is a myth...look at the work done on susucoin. Utterly fail in every regard. These guys couldn't code their way out of a wet paper bag. They can't even launch web services without them being removed within hours. Brace for disappointment anons.
This is so true that it's hilarious
more like basedwheels
Open file (133.39 KB 995x405 jimbo3.png)
S-s-s-ooooo guys...Selectel in Russia just blackholed 8kun (again). WAKA WAKA. Pretty sure we've reached levels of buttblasting they will write hymns about for centuries. Score so far for those keeping track:

BasedWheels: 6
8Chan: 0
Hey Soywheels, keep up your wild goose hunt!
Okay, what IF (and i say IF) Odin is indeed a Tor based server that puts website on a bridged connection, what will you do next? Or what would you do IF (and i say IF) you're not hotmeals?
Would you waste your whole life on pursuing 8chan?
It's not him but probably that weird Transmetropolitan guy who likes to suck his dick all the time.
He's thrall of a vampire. Pathetic creature, but useful for its cunning master.
Btw, this "score" faggotry was shown already on kiwifarms >>14925
Open file (385.55 KB 1920x1080 7036.jpg)
Ron's somewhat competent:
I already know what he's doing.
It isn't, it's based on lokinet.
Stop masturbating
Open file (209.62 KB 1920x1080 225609.jpg)
For the longest time, I didn't understand what this meant; until I searched:
Thanks for the plebbit gold fellow noFap.
The term has been in use since before any of your archived posts
Care to reference?
Open file (479.09 KB 750x563 jim2.png)

>I already know what he's doing.

As do I anon. Oh, and thanks for reminding me to point this out to anyone paying attention...See here:


Ron/Jim sell user data to anyone willing to pay. This is their prime source of income on 5ch.net (2channel). Check the code line 35. Imagine what they have deployed privately that you can't see?
That was my first thought too. Even the Foxdicks were making fun of him. Sad!
same as 4chug, what's your point
Open file (69.40 KB 1105x346 Screenshot (2478).png)
Open file (249.59 KB 720x801 IMG_20191028_102558.jpg)
Open file (288.86 KB 1253x706 one.png)
Also fuck off L33TGUY
Imagine white knighting Hotwheels on Reddit out of all places acting as if you are a vigilante when you are just a fat fuck.
You look like a sexpat
Cite archiving:
I don't have to imagine, I was there a year ago being pitched Susucoin in bitcointalk.
Fredrick is being legit retarded saying this.
Imagine yourself comparing your usage for one company's analytics company with James.
NiGGer, you're not winning any favors here. 1337guy is as much as welcome as you're to make fun of a disabled computer nerd that can't even raise his leg. You'd think niGGers were smarter to host their /v/ with whatever software that wasn't PHP code. But yet, here you are bickering like a battered housewife that hasn't learned how to weave.
Yet Robi on the other hand…
>NiGGer, you're not winning any favors here. 1337guy is as much as welcome as you're to make fun of a disabled computer nerd that can't even raise his leg. You'd think niGGers were smarter to host their /v/ with whatever software that wasn't PHP code. But yet, here you are bickering like a battered housewife that hasn't learned how to weave.
L33TGuy, talk to your wife, she misses you.
Also If you want to make your posts seem a bit more authentic stop naming your screencaps
Either way shilling your shit on reddit is cancerous as fuck
>But yet, here you are bickering like a battered housewife that hasn't learned how to weave.
Man, whats your point?
I don't give a shit about /v/ you retarded lolcow.
>Imagine yourself comparing your usage for one company's analytics company with James.
Both goes to jews, and I don't care
Open file (17.86 KB 545x508 eba.png)
>soy expression
>mail order SEA bride
>ugly creatura daughter
a walking meme
This L33T Guy looks like Jim. What if its all a ruse?
Actually thought it was jim while skimming the thread
Open file (31.25 KB 371x371 U8_ICW7l_400x400.jpg)
>shilling your shit on reddit is cancerous as fuck
Apparently Ron Watkins is cancerous fuck:
>goes to jews, and I don't care
So, you don't want to fund kikes, yet…
who said ron wasn't cancerous? He's just not making as much of an ass out of himself.
The biggest joke about 8coon protesters is that they are such tryhards, they remind me of antifa. You're not exception. If you think anyone gives a fuck about qoomer pandering administration of 8coon, you're retarded. But somehow you manage outdo yourself in looking even more pathetic, your downfall began when hotmeals decided to fuck dogs and praise gommunism.

I ended up settling on opinion that both sides of this conflict are retarded cringeworthy faggots, and nobody deserves working for free for any of you.
Open file (68.56 KB 522x735 ClipboardImage.png)
Shout out to gnostikoi for giving Freddit and his friends a taste of his own medicine.
Fucking rich from him of all people to call anyone a snitch.
>Their impotence
Hotwheels has been impotent his entire life
>that writing style
Insane tranny detected
Cartwheels are you drunk? bickers you're typing like you're drunk in fact of course.
>impotent his entire life
1. he fucks his dog Hitomi
2. is a pedophile that triforces child porn
3. had a girlfriend, Filipino transexual sex, and a wife
According to gaymercult.
I want the truth! How can a cripple do this much and have time to LARP on gaGGers?!?
>Caring about gamergay
Yea he is incompetent, just like you
>So, you don't want to fund kikes, yet…
I don't care about funding likes, you spastic.
>Apparently Ron Watkins is cancerous fuck:
No one said he wasn't L33TGUY
Shilling your shit on reddit is pathetic, at the very least Ron didn't make himself look like a pathetic ass arguing for censorship to redditors.
Open file (32.52 KB 460x425 96748743632143.png)
If I'm so incompetent, why does Cuckwheels keep winning instead of SEETHING
He doesn't need to look pathetic bickers he knows he already is, like you that takes 2posts to say TOTALLY WINNING, 8KUN WILL BE BACK SOON
There's IDs for your convenience. You don't have to repeat twice that you're SEETHING
Desperate for (((You)))s
>will probably be coming up via a russian host
Ahahahaha the little chicken nugget is finally giving up. Now that his little crusade is over he'll go on to die unnoticed in a third-world shithole. And now that 1337guy can't leech off of the dud nobody will care about him or his gay little blockchan botnet either. It's a good day to not be a mentally ill faggot.
>He doesn't need to look pathetic bickers he knows he already is, like you that takes 2posts to say TOTALLY WINNING, 8KUN WILL BE BACK SOON
Never stated that you lolcow
>There's IDs for your convenience. You don't have to repeat twice that you're SEETHING
Have sex you retarded nig
Open file (67.18 KB 569x797 glowing.jpeg)

Look at this faggot doing victory laps before the victory. The samefaggory in this thread is off the charts. Applause to Fredrick and 1337guy, most of us left 8ch the day it was handed over to a known data miner. Imagine caring about that shithole.
Open file (252.55 KB 720x876 yikes.jpg)
>Applause to Frederick and me
Have sex inc3lguy.
l33tguy, pls have sex
Poor little nugget
Cuckwheels is based
Open file (271.68 KB 601x523 8kun sucks.PNG)
Open file (466.69 KB 1655x1121 1573032279666.png)
Open file (198.38 KB 930x789 1573036652638.png)
>remember someone saying hotwheels is an "anti-lolcow" on 8/cow/
>he was a faggot the whole time
Open file (121.50 KB 549x632 Nice OC.png)
Open file (183.31 KB 599x853 1+gold.png)
Open file (58.48 KB 680x792 fred.jpg)
updated version
Freddy's getting sued by Jim. Some people in the KF thread looked into Philippino law and he might be fucked.

Grabbing my popcorn either way.
People in Nullfarms are not Filipino lawyers, but they are correct noting the corruption of courts.
James wins if he dumps a million pesos bribing his contacts.
Fredrick wins if he prepared for this lolsuit way way in advance.
He did
why does the cripple have a furfag avatar all of a sudden?
From what I saw, he has been surrounded by furfags. The old saying of "If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas." fits pretty well.
Open file (201.35 KB 546x546 10 good.png)
makes sense
this is a good one
I wonder if he paid for these and how much.

If anything he's HogfoodWheels.
No coincidence that his fagsona is fat considering his self claimed favorite board on 8chan was /bbw/
Open file (449.14 KB 506x714 Capture.PNG)
First one was $175 like the image shows. Looking at the other artist, a quick glance says around $25. So around $200 total.
$215 is with the background ("Limited BG +40")
Guess before you unspoil.
Open file (5.78 KB 220x200 nigga_pls.jpg)
ain't no way that's hogwheels
>Fredrick wins if he prepared for this lolsuit way way in advance.
>He did
pretending to be a christian and holding a meeting with some govt officials who feel sorry for you and your stupidly fake flip accent isn't preparation. unless he's greasing palms, he won't get shit.
Open file (59.16 KB 1205x805 Will stop at nothing.png)
Open file (83.58 KB 800x500 1455926424605.jpg)
>Limited edition background
>25$ a character for a 10 minute doodle by some nobody.

These niggas are as stupid as dog shit. I should invest on a drawing pad to fleece these retards of their retard money.
> start off somewhat based
> start drinking soy
> stop eating just drink more soy
> oh God the stuff /pollp/ has been okay to advocate is suddenly bad somehow
> suddenly communism
> suddenly furfaggotry
Why? Why does this keep happening?
The mysterious power of soy bro.
It's not even a meme at this point.
how did he get so fat off soy anyway?
soy fucks with your hormones plus cheating on diet
It has calories and I also remember some tweets where he started drinking a portion of a normal size person's serving a day but eventually began to drink several normal sized person's servings a day.
it's probably entirely sugar like every other shake (read: starbucks) goblins guzzle these days.
I want your raw opinion about him:
thread is broken, let it die and start a new one. A bunch of posts keep disappearing from this one
>tripfag with low IQ opinion
Not surprised
He's shitting up multiple boards right now
Open file (54.59 KB 680x383 shutitdown.jpg)
Open file (33.00 KB 614x418 1574371531348.png)
>I'll use my computer skills to audit technology companies/products, and turn failed audits into articles.
Disclosing exploits of specific companies without their permission is pretty illegal in some countries, even if you give forewarning and they choose to ignore it. It's really dumb to do it under your own name.
He'll be in jail for libel before he can release anything.
It seems he's harrasing bitchute
>Disclosing exploits of specific companies without their permission is pretty illegal in some countries,
Cite me some
>dumb to do it under your own name.
True, which is why most white, gray, and sometimes black hats use monikers like kopipe.
What, you have James Arthur Watkins's bribe receipts?
Is he? Harrassing is more like doxing where Ray Vahey lives and what kind of deal he conspired to sell user data.
>Cite me some
Uniform Trade Secrets Act can be applicable to computer algorithms. The EU goes above and beyond when it comes to circumvention of in place protections.
idk about the Philippines in particular, but if you mess with a company and it loses them money, expect to get sued even if you think you're in the right. It's not worth the liability for 0 gain.
Let me see if I'm understanding you, a California based company would sue a Filipino under California Title 3426 bickers he disclosed an open source project legally rendering exploits of said software to be disclosable forever under GPL?
Any other countries or laws I should look into? 'Cause what you're essentially saying is Wikileaks, Shadowbrokers, Moherboard, Vice, well, all tech sites are not at liberty to publish said exploits, esp. the Guardian and The Intercept.
Open file (746.46 KB 644x649 break_the_pasta.png)
>bickers he disclosed an open source project legally rendering exploits of said software to be disclosable forever under GPL
If you're just going to get defensive about only talking about shitty fos projects, do whatever you want. Holy shit.
Open file (140.93 KB 711x1000 flat,1000x1000,075,f.u2.jpg)
I just want to under your logic.
I was cited an American standard of law about trade secrets with shoty standings, and nothing about the EU.
I want to wrap my head around your legal fan fiction.
Open file (209.30 KB 591x566 trash2.PNG)
>using eggcorns
He means "social audits". He wants to have the power of a journo so he can get websites shut down by causing a shit storm. He's being his usual ass goblin self.
What if I listened and was well aware but still posted as I pleased just to see how many tor and VPN IPs I could get permabanned just for posting like I have been for years before cakekike even discovered imageboards?
Whoops wrong thread, meant for >>19975
Why did you delete the OP image you GAMERGATE
NOw I have to turn on javascript or use the index to open the thread reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
>He did
Big doubt.
StephenLynx fucking loves her pussy.
Many of you keep asking "but why?" with hotwheelz, I wish I wasn't a retard and saved the images, but a week or two ago I was reading saved screenshots of his whining on IRC which went into the specific details of why he's so assblasted. There was also more screencaps of another person on IRC who others claimed to be "a dangerous hacker", who defended hotwheelz and went into more details.

Hopefully I will find the screencaps again(I really hope they weren't already posted and I missed them like a retard and am now just regurgitating known info), but for now I will go from memory. Take from this what you will bickers these claims are from hotwheelz himself and someone who was defending him, so clearly there's agenda and bias.

The main reason as someone said above, is the claim that Jim stole 8chan from Hotwheelz with underhanded, sleezy, jew tactics, basically strongarming him into giving up 8chan and placing hotwheelz as a head admin but with pretty much no real power and most importantly no financial gain. Personally I don't think any of this is false, I have read a lot of other claims of people claiming how Jim does this kind of shit. Details about how he used the same kind of jew tactics to fuck over Niponchan the former owner of halfchan and other details about how him and the 4chan owner made an agreement, 4chan would sell private data to advertisers, Jim would sell 8chans private data to the feds(again, no proof).

According to the "dangerous hacker" who went into more details, when Jim snatched 8chan from hotwheelz, he also basically left him with absolutely no securities. Basically, hotwheelz had nothing to protect himself, had no real sustainable income, was jobless and mainly had absolutely no social protection from a society that now hates him.

Being the previous owner of 8chan, a website now known to normies as "mass shooter nazi heaven" will leave a person in a difficult situation. Normies will hate you, no one will hire you, your social reputation is destroyed. Top that with Hotwheelz being a cripple blob, it put him in a really desperate situation. The 'hacker' claiming that Hotwheelz has to do what he's doing now, he has to side with media, with the goverment, with all the people that want to take down 8chan, bickers it's the only way he can try to get himself back into normal society, possibly get himself a normal job or at the very least make some money(which is shown in all the interviews he now does with media, they have to be paying him something, right?).

continued -

The final reason, this one being the weakest, the oddest, and the least detailed, Hotwheelz went on some kind of mini rant about how when him and Jim lived together, Jim used to "barge into his room without knocking or warning". The most dangerous hacker in the world went into a bit more details, anyone knowing the history of hotwheelz will know that hes a guy with major daddy issues. His dad hated him and was abusive. With the relationship Jim had with hotwheelz, it's safe to assume Hotwheelz perhaps looked at him as a father figure. So when Jim screwed him over, it gave hotwheelz some very real emotional flashbacks to his past with his real father that he hated.

So now cripplekike is on a vendetta, he wants to screw over his imaginary jew father figure that fucked him over severely. Being able to do this while simultaneously trying to win over normie society again is just 2 birds with 1 stone.

To my knowledge none of this can be proven(sorry), most of it is absurd and is only 1 side of the story, so take from it what you will. My only hope is that maybe it will give a little more insight into what has become of hotwheels aka cripplekike aka copypaste aka JudasAssChariot and most importantly, his motives.

Personally, I don't trust Jim in the slightest, I hope all of you are wearing protection, especially if you go on 8kun. Jim is a boomer by meme and by definition, him and computers don't mix well, the absolute failure of 8kun maintaining itself, being online, stable, it's shitty ass disclaimers on every post, boards like /pol/ not being revived, but mainly there are just far too many rumors of how the guy repeatedly fucked people over to steal their websites and how he's a willing sellout to the feds. I think that's the lesson here, hotwheelz is a piece of shit fuck up, but Jim is hardly any better, perhaps julay is the new home.
I think I know the identity of this elite elusive dangerous hacker.
Other people call him TheTrueHOOHA
All that needs to be done to confirm the Fed part is to submit a FOIA request for the transcripts of the meeting he had with the Feds. If denied or heavily redacted you'll know. Also keep in mind the visted Mark (Jim's employee) aswell who spoke to them for hours by his own admission.
Cripple on the roll from the STAIRS OF JUSTICE
Open file (696.94 KB 1082x758 cirno_math.jpg)
>>36341 Neonrevolt/ George talking out of his ass again.
>>36350 The warrant's posted on the article.
>>36350 hotdud is crying about this shit on his twatter, even retweeting people who are saying this is a free speech issue.
>>36388 Is it wrong to call you retarded?
>>36341 Get fucked you crippled faggot. I hope those thirty pieces of silver were worth stabbing everyone in the back. Cant wait to see you cry "freedom of speech" and throw a tantrum when everyone reminds you of how you threw the concept under the bus for good boi points.
>>13414 I remember he posted back then about being a part hungarian or H-something, and that he is jewish somehow.
>>36457 >kike Would explain why his genetics are utterly fucked.
>>13885 >imagine actually believing this shit >imagine being this much of a chalkbones cocksucker
>>13885 >>14474 rip kikewheels
>>39082 Don't get my hopes up like that, I thought maybe modern medicine finally failed him and he succumbed to his kike god's curse he's been rolling around with since birth.
>>36341 Fairly certain Josh is sucking Cripplekike's dick bickers Cripple threatened to release incriminating info against Null and take down Kiwifarms. The Foxdicks hate Cripplekike.
>>39083 So m8, but I was just 'avin a giggle. Though, I'm sure his tires will go flat eventually. Just look at how fat he is. >>39101 I wouldn't doubt that.
Open file (2.37 MB 880x1034 freddit.webm)
>>39209 >he's a communist too There really is no low he's unwilling to sink to. He'll be on HRT soon.
>>39209 So is he still on the run or what?
>>39469 >cuckwheels >on the run That's a good one, anon.
>>18099 Based on broscience.
>>39483 found the soyboy
>>39461 Is HRT even allowed in jail?
>>39461 Bernie's not a communist, but HW has just been trying his hardest to look as progressive as possible lately in order to protect himself from the media.
>>39487 Not an argument. >>39530 >Bernie's not a communist, Close enough.
>>39537 found another soyboy
>>39573 soydups FLHP
>>39537 wym by close enough?
>>39530 Brain dead millenial confirmed.
>>39625 He's a communist that hides his power-level, all evidence points to this. He went out of his way to defend every single major communist regime during his tenure as the mayor of Burlington, he just swapped praising communist countries like the Soviet Union, Nicaragua, and Cuba for praising 'socialist' countries like Denmark and Sweden the moment he started his congress bid in the late 90s. The 'socialist' countries are, of course, not truly socialist; but Sanders continues to call himself a socialist and he is a believer in Marx's vision. However, he's not a communist like Stalin, he's just a useful idiot like the ones Stalin had put up against the wall.
Open file (811.40 KB 1314x892 Bonegoblin_JUST.png)
>>40001 JUST
Open file (18.38 KB 605x179 lmao1.PNG)
Open file (22.22 KB 399x663 lmao2.PNG)
Dare I say, OH NO NO NO?
>>41355 Will Hapamonkey and James the Pig lover get it next?
Open file (612.57 KB 649x469 ONTS.png)
Open file (2.37 MB 880x1034 freddit.webm)
>>41355 Drop dead Hotwheeze
Open file (30.81 KB 594x167 ClipboardImage.png)
Does anyone here want to live with blobwheels? Seems like he lost his bitch. https://twitter.com/HW_BEAT_THAT/status/1245456149534494720 http://archive.vn/UQKvA
>>42341 You asked too late. Now he's going know you're stalking him, and you'ren't a laid off RN specialized in taking disabled patients. It's obvious this is a trap.
>>42341 Now hes just begging to get pegged.
>>42341 Why is this retard living LA?
>>22391 yeah all that sounds more or less an accurate explanation. here are the irc logs meatball explaining why he hates jim https://pastebin.com/raw/gMQ0SPau meatball explaining ddos'ing 8kun "in minecraft" https://pastebin.com/raw/eSQHTD0e weev defending meatball https://pastebin.com/raw/u59XgvCz
Open file (86.77 KB 1400x607 2020-04-02.jpg)
>>41355 >>42341 evidently halfpol is pissed at meatball
hey donnylong poster, would you like to go up against donny long on the Гунтstream? Also don't make new threads until your containment thread is capped you fucking sperg.
>>42538 you fuct up now...
>>42552 yes or no is fine so I can go and bother this donny long faggot, my guy. If you don't know, /cow/ runs a stream on cytu.be and sometimes >we have e-celebs go at it. Considering you've been shitting up the place since 8ch you are most welcome to air your grievances with the man himself provided >we can book him
>>42553 lol... i'd rather wreck shit for you actually.
>>42557 All this time raging at Donny and you're pussying out of a live confrontation?
>>22392 where is the proof of Jim selling user data to the "feds?"
>>42577 they still haven't released the transcript of their meeting with congress
>>42577 >he doesn't know about SUNSHINE and the long history of Jim selling nip user data Imagine being this new >>42580 Also this
Open file (497.94 KB 255x235 1526741545377.gif)
Open file (365.37 KB 640x360 not_enough_computer.webm)

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