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Unbelievable .... Look at this piece of shit 09/17/2021 (Fri) 04:59:47 ID: 9ef758 No.119640
Dude look at this fucking fagget still crying about being a narc. You know 2B 723 George St North is where he is running gayops from ... This fucking liar is teaming up with Cecil and Tea Clips. Surfer nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! lol the Jew crying out as he strikes you! What's next- Гунт Guarding??
posting your own cow threads on kf, cow poly?
Open file (278.19 KB 632x635 Screenshot (857).png)
Open file (24.68 KB 601x508 ppp_juan.jpg)
quality reaction image
Toad McKinley won. Surfer is a snake
Open file (823.01 KB 1192x588 tea_snake.mp4)
Surfer is working with fat clips to snake triple p
I'n not lashing out at you retard
Open file (3.17 MB 600x338 Sexual_Surfer.gif)
I can see why Toad McKinley lusts for Surfer
Open file (287.85 KB 1272x718 violent surfer.jpeg)
Surfer accused Toad McKinley of being violent but heres him threatening him with a knife
Open file (1.30 MB 1621x946 Screenshot (720).png)
This fucking fagget is afraid to debate me on stream
Open file (34.18 KB 962x457 ClipboardImage.png)
Even odysee didn't want to listen to surfer's lies
Based Odysee yeeted Surfer's gay-ass stream ahahahahahahahahahha
Open file (1.93 MB 680x697 jewsh pigfood.png)
Wow, the cope and lame trolling from this thread, no wonder foxdickfarmers take seven hours to tell brown eyes from blue eyes.
Open file (36.11 KB 595x540 surfertired.jpg)
Ok there foxdick
>Surfer shitting on the fat dyke based if true
What to expect from, by now on average 40 year old internet histrionic sociopathic projecting cultural irrelevant neets, that wasted 15 years of their lives to reach nothing.
don't be a hero, buddy.
>>119650 >Surfer is working with fat clips to snake triple p You're a fucking retard.
Open file (21.30 KB 241x256 ppp_drugs_clear.png)
RJ is a certified pedophile and schizophrenic By what we discovered according to P P P RJ used to brag several times that he had sex with minors already as an adult, even in his twenty three years he had sex with girls in their fifteen years. During his baptism, he asked God to forgive him for these actions and others he committed in the past, crying like a bitch. While P P P slept on the couch at least twice he woke up in the middle of the night with RJ holding a knife. According to him (Surfer), hunting flies. P P P had to spend several minutes explaining to Surfer that he was holding a knife, not the eletric fly swatter. In fact, Surfer was hallucinating the flies too.
You're a pedo there buddy.
Open file (828.59 KB 640x640 video0 (8).mp4)
Why the trannies are going after Surfer like this? Just for political reasons or bickers they are fags for P P P? I have different opinions of Surfer in many ways and aspects, but I never saw any reason to hate him or alog him. I think there's a small possibility that Surfer and P P P are faking this shit to help them see the snakes hiding in the grass.
>>119869 >Why the trannies are going after Surfer like this >Just for political reasons or bickers they are fags for P P P? Both reasons, and it is also that they want to project all of their degenerate fetishes/behaviors onto him.
This is the worst attempt at astroturfing that ever happened here. Coreys discord spics weren't that obvious. The scene is dead. Go try to find audience and artificial opposition somewhere else.
>>119905 A-logging died as an art the day foxdickfarms finally discovered the Гунт and were finally given full permission by jewsh to attack him. and when gym forsake him as well to the rest of the sweaty squad
anyway glad that Surfer left ASSTON'S RANCID Гунт the last cooking with surfer seemed to be PIG HAWG bitching about Beardson while being nothing but a taller but way fatter version of Beardson with gyno with barely any sight of Surfer can only get better without the fun killing PIG HAWG that or an ammo box from the sky will fall unto Surfer's head and he'll turn into another Randcuck
Open file (3.83 MB 640x360 ppp_slappy.gif)
Asston Joel Parks, autistic fatass and owner of the people's populist press, is in a Discord call currently crying about the fact that Surfer left him and he is gaining weight with his gaydur's from foxdick farms Perspicacity and the King of Outlines. Asston Joel Parks has continued to harass Гунтy, his co-host gaydur,and their loyal supporters. I’m glad that payback has been brought to Asston Joel Parks. Fuck him!
Open file (371.95 KB 473x707 unscuffed_ralph.png)
The cope for the sacred cow Surfer is amazing. Good thing white guys, especially extremist right-wingers and schizos has a higher suicide rate.
>>120920 Is it higher than 50%?

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