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New lolcow found on cuckchan's /k/ aka Schizo-kun Toad 11/05/2021 (Fri) 03:26:08 No.123836
Sups faggots, I found a potential lolcow that's ready for julaying whilst dicking around on 4/k/uck. This faggot's meltdowns are lulzy as fuck and there's even a fucking archive of this sperg's emotional meltdowns of epic proportions going back to 2020, each time he's reminded of his urine soaked sheets. From death threats to spamming gore to even repeating the same lines like a broken record, this G​AMERGATE's autism is beautiful and should be known to the rest of the internet. He is also a self-admitted newfag and says he is 22 years old. Our mentally ill edgepilled friend seems to enjoy living in absolute filth and has a weird obsession with troons and faggots, but doesn't like being reminded of it. He's also a stimmy collecting chimp. >https://desuarchive.org/k/search/subject/Poorfag%20General/ You can also find him sperging out in /gq/ and /arq/, inquire in the archive for more lulz. How to summon him >use one of the attached images and use it as the OP pic when you make a thread, be sure to put in "Poorfag General" as the topic. >he will proceed to call you a tranny, etc and spam gore/death threats. >buckle thy fuckles for lulz shall commence Common Names >Pissy Pablo >Bed Wetting Willy >Pisser Parker >Alex Aspergers >Petey Piss Sheets >Yuri the Urinator >William the Wizzer >Piss Sheet Pete >Tinkling Timmy >Leaky Larry >Harry High Pressure >Little Faucet Luke >Puddles >Catheter Carlos >Dale Diuretic >Cross-legged Kenny >World Champion of Texas Can't Hold'em >Human wet floor sign >Chicago yellow socks >Grungi Gunge-poster >Yellow Sheet Yusef >Peebody Dribbler >Steevie 10 shakes >Barry Baby-bladder >Lenny the lemon squeezer >Right-through-him Ronald >Spray 'n Pray >Danny Drainer >Nurgle Neil or if you really wanna rile him up CRAWLING IN MY SKIN THESE WOUNDS THEY WILL NOT HEAL MY BLADDER IS HOW I FALL PISSING ON THESE SHEETS
Open file (4.13 MB 2140x1429 ClipboardImage.png)
forgot this, but its related.
Open file (208.67 KB 1024x768 scr.png)
OP is literally an FBI agent.
>>123838 Nah, this nigras off the rockers alright. Imagine wanting to be a BATFag.
OP is a tranny
Open file (59.45 KB 600x549 Ow_the_edge.jpg)
>go through archive What the fuck am i reading I refuse to believe OP's lolcow is this stupid.
>>124051 Sounds possible to me, Zach wasn't much different.
Posted lol, now I'll wait
Open file (35.51 KB 693x177 ClipboardImage.png)
>>124139 >he bit OH NO NO NO NO
kek he just started the gore spam
Open file (45.64 KB 774x185 ClipboardImage.png)
This guy is fucking gold, thank you for your service OP. Hadn't found anyone as amusing since Zach.
Is essayfag being b t f o'd by this /k/ dude? Hilarious.
>>124146 What does any of this have to do with essayfag? The only one this schizo is bt foing is himself, much like Zach.
>>124147 Essayfag is a torpedo user and he's trying to become an eceleb by using /cow/ recent lolcows like Fuzhou to get some e-fame, only to fuck up everything like Bryan. So i imagined he's here trying to fuck up this new cow already.
>>124149 Well I'm on TOR but I'm a casual. Zach alogging enthusiast, though. So having you guys point me to this lolcow of similar julay yield to Zach was great. Becoming an eceleb requires identifiable cocks like his distorted voice shitshow on Gahoole's show kek.
>he's still going
>posts pictures of kids being killed and tortured. >everyone else is unhinged Jesus fucking Christ.
>>123836 hey vol3, still seethe?
>>124150 Sure thing, essayfag.
>>124289 Ironically enough I'm vol3, not essayfag. >>124258 What are you talking about? I'm not OP, but I'm immensely thankful for him serving us this weapons grade lolcow on a silver platter like this. I've been doing some research too, apparently this guy has been seething for a few months now. These cows that julay themselves after you give them the initial spark are a rare treasure you don't find every day. I hadn't seen someone with meltdowns this easy to trigger in a long time.
Open file (14.22 MB 4032x3024 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (31.41 KB 500x500 myside.jpg)
>>124302 fucking lel he's STILL fucking at here my fucking sides >https://boards.4channel.org/k/thread/51044512#bottom Look at those filthy nails. Yuck. I wonder what unholy mix of amerimutt he is
>>124302 vol3 is a faggot retard like essayfag, so make sense
>>124303 to me he looks like a chang ching-chong probably another chink/hapa ready to shoot up a school
Open file (5.18 MB 2503x1745 Без имени 2.png)
Open file (389.68 KB 960x810 dfasdf.jpg)
>plot twist: its the ogre
Can someone bait him again?
Open file (38.37 KB 409x404 1638079062161.jpg)
Kek this guy's great. Danke schön OP, today you weren't a fag.
Let's see if he comes to us.
this guy seems pretty based
>>126850 >having cartoonish outbursts over banter >based shiggy diggy

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