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Brandon robert kelley Toad 11/09/2021 (Tue) 21:30:39 ID: 48d6df No.124417
Brandon robert kelley is a deranged pedophile who destroys imageboards by endlessly spamming cp.
>>124417 Why are you herdG‚ÄčAMERGATEs obsessed with this guy again?
nu/cow/ only care about pedos who fought with them for one reason or another on discord/irc/cytube, otherwise there is no julay and cocks.
&mike auto_kos applied. (SYNC)
Open file (68.02 KB 1676x803 unknown-9.png)
Open file (45.25 KB 844x578 unknown-7.png)
Open file (68.02 KB 1676x803 unknown-5.png)
Open file (37.08 KB 982x511 unknown-6.png)
Open file (11.45 KB 565x236 unknown-8.png)
Zero julays, zero reason to >we be your P.A, OP.
Isn't this the guy who ran 8channel?

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