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Open file (351.47 KB 1509x555 TRSPERG HOT TAKES.png)
Open file (66.82 KB 535x656 trsperg.png)
TRSperg, the mullato Zach Toad 11/17/2021 (Wed) 21:28:50 ID: 14f217 No.125471
TRSperg is a regular anon from Thread #9, and also regular user from cuckchan and zzzchan. Despite saying that he never had reasons to post in tvch, vols and regulars anons can notice him there, especially sperg out about 'neonazis", "tvch being dead", "newfags" and Gahoole. Like Zach himself, TRSperg has fashion of sperg out by spamming interracial porn or the same sentences, like "/tv/irgins", "take your meds" or "stay mad /tv/troon". And like Zach, he is an Americanmutt, with complex issues about his Negroid and Jewish origins. Following TRSperg's life story, according to his posts, he is someone close to his 40's, who in most of his life was a drug addicted virgin and atheist, who blames his virginity for having lived in the countryside for many years and was unable to attract any women through apps, even when offering drugs (like the Гунт and the nigress around him many years ago). Like Gaytor, he claims to be an internet oldfag and to have had a relationship with a blonde latina, now he's dating a old whore in their mid 40's, with no prospect of ever having children. After a few years, TRSperg was enlightened about JQ and for a time he adopted more right-winger and religious ideals. Only for now once again see Christians with contempt and believing that all is lost and there is no point in trying to be politically invested. One of the most curious facts about TRSperg is the fact that he harbors a deep hatred for Gahoole, TRS and MarkMann, when in the last two, it's intriguing how similar he is to Mark the pedophile jew and Mike Enoch.
One hilarious thing about TRSperg, is how it automatically blames all your alogs for being 1-TRS fans 2-Gahoole and tvch anons 3-Feds pedophiles 4-Гунтstream pedophiles Also, for an American in his 40's, he seems unable to make a post without making typing errors or grammatical errors.
he seems like less of a homosexual than OP
Trsperg is literally a loser who has spent most of his life online, isolated from human contact, no wonder he adopted the personas of many ecelebs, including Gaytor. Also, someone posted a screenshot of him or someone with the same writing patterns as him posting cp in tvch months ago while seething about /tv/ anons. A mod deleted it here, after all it's cp, but the image still up in /dunk/ I believe.
>>125486 I remember that last year some anons started getting tired of his shit, then out of nowhere, trsperg started imitating weakload in an attempt to gain sympathy and support from the anons. By that he started to blogposter about his drugs, /v/ related shit, sex and posting random whores and flirting with Muttni.
Open file (7.76 MB 640x360 neverever.webm)
TRSperg is also known for spamming G​AMERGATE dicks when he gets upset, he thinks it helps him achieve things. He tried to force Gahoole to make a /v/ with that tactic.
>>125514 Haven't you seen him fellate emperor Hadrian and praise his faggotry yet? You make fun of that and he calls you a kike for not wanting to fuck with males. Truly a despicable being.
Open file (21.23 KB 815x64 larping fag.png)
Open file (257.39 KB 1280x720 trsperg ogrehurt.jpg)
>>125519 Bill Wilson (one of the ogre's captains) was specially skilled at making trsperg flip out on discuck. Things I remember he did to make trsperg seethe: >say Tarrant was Mossad >say Tarrant was a coward >say Tarrant is getting raped by muslims in prison >say accelerationism is retarded >call him out on being a ni/gg/er >call him out on spamming after getting him to admit he was the spammer >call him a manchild >shit on Emma Watson
>>125542 That is tarrantranny, not trsperg. Tarrantfag is like a younger version of trsperg.
>>125543 Tarrantranny IS trsperg. To the point that he would always say people were boogeymaning about "that /cow/ anon" whenever called out, and sometimes he'd say "trsanon". And he completely stopped calling himself "tarrantdup" after people started calling him out as trsperg.
Nice infodump anon, is there concrete proof hes the same though? The TRSperg in the thread seems just like a cynical gamergay vet whos all but given up.
>LARPS as the oldest of fags, say he is who started to alog Sperg of Tiamat even before GG >Says Israel isn't a problem to the world, and yet say everyone against him are feds >Hate being named "TRSperg" >He accuses without evidence that anyone making jokes about him of being TRS fans or discord friends of Gahoole2
>>125550 The defensive way in which he reacted to getting called out as trsperg and the way he seethed at the mere mention of the Гунтstream would be it to me.
How will trsperg ever recover?
>>125479 Hey TRSperg
>>125555 There's also those quads
Open file (16.91 KB 480x336 doggers.jpg)
>>125550 >gamergay vet
Honestly TRSperg being zach would be kino.
>>125594 hm, >we need to conduct a Flopson test
Tarrantfag and TRSperg are probably different people, TRSperg is in his mid 30's, close to 40's, his brother is one of the mutts who went to fight in the afghan war long time ago. He's peak ameriamutt. But I don't know much about tarrantranny anyway, I just remember of him sperging out durant the election night in the cytube.
TRSperg, Pedochu and foxdickfarms seething at Gahoole after his new kino https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/78568.html#78594
Open file (6.88 KB 1199x103 ClipboardImage.png)
He's going off again. Seems like he felt personally hurt by the Гунтspiracy video.
>>125703 That thread is a wreck, seriously why does Gahoole know so many pedos?
>>125698 >>125703 >>125706 Thread just got nuked, what happened?
>>125703 Judging by the pattern of this post, this is not trsperg, this is the zzzchan toddler porn spammer who hates "ESL" posters and loves to act pretentious.
Open file (59.45 KB 518x720 542_1000.jpg)
>>125698 >/tv/troon post link to /tv/ trying about TRSperg anon I've never ever posted on /tv/ >>125477 >uses tor >uses vpn Pedofiles that use these tools deserve to be called /tv/troons or TRSodomites, simple as. Just look at all the autism and sperging this accusation causes Why wouldn't I call them what they are?
>trying talking*
>>125732 >TRSperg seethes kek
Open file (104.33 KB 750x1000 540_1000.jpg)
>>125735 honestly, how am I seething bro? I think its sorta funny that I rent so much space in your head.
>>125736 >TRSperg sneeds kek
Open file (202.58 KB 1001x1200 Dk6uqsgXcAAiYQd.jpg)
>>125760 honestly, how am I sneeding bro?
>>125781 >TRSperg copes kek
Open file (5.95 MB 2048x1536 ClipboardImage.png)
>>125802 honestly, how am I coping bro?
The pathetic fucker is seething at Gahoole and /tv/ right now in the thread 9# for no real reason, is his demented mind, Gahoole and tvch are all against Kyle. The funny thing about him, is, how coward he acts while seething at Gahoole. No balls in fact. Maybe he's the true troon after all.
Open file (14.41 KB 320x320 HqDtjsX.jpg)
>>125814 Anon, get your facts straight, Gahoole is not a /tv/troon. It's right in the OP.
Open file (172.22 KB 1514x772 ClipboardImage.png)
>>125732 >>125733 Friendly reminder, this is an amerimutt in his mid 30's and yet he is unable to post a single post without making a mistake. Probably one day you'll be involved in a car accident like Гунт. >>125818 Heya sperg, for months you attacked Gahoole in thread 9# until you felt the heat, then you started sperg out about Гунтstream and also felt the heat, after that you avoided handling the situation more openly, boiling down to being a wimp by posting in zzzchan, tvch and god only knows where else about he being a pedo, fed, etc.
Open file (88.19 KB 852x1136 QWAZJht.jpg)
>>125820 >started sperg out about Гунтstream what? when >attacked Gahoole nope >posting in zzzchan, tvch never posted there. Only posted 8chan's /pol/, endchan's /ggrevolt/, julayworld and theГунтretort and I lurk 4chan /v/ now Take your med's /tv/troon
>>125821 >I don't post in tvch!!! >Post same exact pic posted in recent tvch threads bitching about /cow/, vols and about Gahoole being a fed. Holy fuck, you just fucked yourself there, buddy >"It's just a coincidence, my waifu is popular" Sure thing, mullato kike.
Open file (14.41 KB 320x320 HqDtjsX.jpg)
>>125822 anon, I genuinely have never posted on tvch. If you where a remarkable detective you would know this.
>>125820 I already knew that trsperg can be a sperg from time to time, a retard too, but him being a coward is something i'm still trying to catch up. I guess snakes are indeed everywhere and exist in all forms.
>>125825 how am I a coward? <NNNNOOOO YOU NEED TO BE AN E-CELEBRITY AND DOX YOURSELF LIKE Toad McKinley, EARWINSON, RUDY AND DAIYMO I never understood this retarded attitude on an anonymous image board? Especially when the whole point of an anonymous image board is anonymity. <NNNNOOOO BUT WE HAVE ID'S!!!! YOU NEED TO USE A VPN OR TOR LIKE USE PEDOPHILES! once again, just get Robi to remove the gay ID's if my ID makes you sperg out. Simple as.
>>125826 I think you're stretching things a little bit here, trsperg. So far, at least in tvch, I haven't seen anyone maliciously pretending to be you. All I've seen are anons accusing -partly for meme reasons- some posters of being you.
>>125806 >TRSperg dilates kek
>>125858 and bickers I don't go to tvch I only see people accusing me of posting there here. So you can understand the misunderstanding.
You guys are retarded, get a life losers.
Open file (12.33 KB 408x101 flop's son.png)
>>126033 Hey zach.
>>126036 I'm not zach, never was, never will be, he was merely and idea I concoted, a split personality if you will, I made him in the summer of 2014.
Open file (38.79 KB 450x564 Karina Hart.jpg)
>>126039 >a split personality I always suspected the Zacharychan was just Gahoole's Tyler Durden. A manifestation of who he wished to be perhaps? Is this why the avatar of Zach was shoop'd into a woman? So that Gahoole can live out his fantasy of becoming a troon like his sister brother? Could this be the arch of next season? Interesting if true.
trsperg is my new favorite lolcow
Open file (205.10 KB 607x428 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126069 <nu/cow/ is the true cow >I know you are but what am I!!!! so sad really. Who is julaying who???
>>126078 >trsperg seethes kek
>/tv/troon coping
>>126080 >n-n-no uuuuu the sweet seeth
Open file (1.05 MB 1024x1365 Mark_helps_reset_era.png)
>>126083 >/tv/troon doubles down rent free
Long time ago someone said he's part of /intl/ and /v/ John alliance and i didn't believe at it back then, no sure if was essayfag or wrist or whatever. He only started to alog MarkMann back when the ni/gg/ers got mad at him for "rulecucking" when before he used to defend MarkMann around 8chan era.The retard is a pedo loliposter and share many talking points with Koi himself. Also some mod banned the postage of an image with proof of trsperg posting cp months ago in tvch while seething about gahoole and "/tv/troons". I guess I understand why.
>>126108 Are you referring to jcaesar187's penis as a loli, gaytorchu?
>>126108 >implying Touhou Project is loli >implying I ever posted on tvch absolutely pathetic
>>126087 >iz da tv trooooons the nectar cope
I'm confused who was emojitroon trsperg or tv/troon?
Open file (117.29 KB 1200x800 My President.jpg)
Open file (109.59 KB 840x559 hero.jpeg)
Open file (157.50 KB 1035x1706 Amazing Republicans.jpeg)
Open file (61.43 KB 860x573 true patriot.jpeg)
Open file (1.25 MB 1920x1080 A Warrior.jpg)
>>126299 it's the same person
I made this in self-defense, there seems to be some confusion, I am not trsperg or that guy spamming black cocks on your sites, I've spammed trannies sparesely in the past. For some reason when I started posting on tvch I Got called Zach, therefore I went to find out who this emma watson lover was, I Discovered that he was the same shitposters on /tv/ (cuckchan) spamming emma watson in my threads, there was another fag on /pol/ who told me about gahoole and his site he kept spamming french popstars in late 2019/Most OF 2020, So I naturally came to see what this was all about. I am not an old fag, never used infinity chan, etc. I just want my name cleared of your delusions, did I sperg out on discord yes, did I spam trannies a couple times sure, but overall I shit his pants and did nothing wrong, I do not hate gahoole anymore, I've come to realize its his vol's that are the problem with his sites not him. I wish him nothing but success in his future endeavours. I only wanted to make threads about my waifu's but kept getting them deleted and banned, I've never once posted on zzzchan. Thanks for reading, F.I.N
>>126299 >trsperg im "trsperg", /tv/troons & call me that bickers I mocked the homosexuals and jews that run The Right Stuff. On 8/pol/ they where called TRSodomites. So in response these homo loving faggots thought a good insult would be to call me trsperg in the ultimate "you know you are but what am I" own. >/tv/troons they are homosexuals who used to use TRS and have gay sex at pool parties. After the death of the aut-kike they started posting on /tv/ and have made it a mission to try and slander anyone who mocks the jews and homosexuals who where associated with TRS. this answer is a bit hyperbolic and speculative fiction, but I know it will make these faggots angry >emojitroon don't know probably this guy >>126431 >>126338 false
what a sperg
>>126479 >im "trsperg", /tv/troons & call me that bickers I mocked the homosexuals and jews that run The Right Stuff You were known as TRSperg long before /tv/ anons thought you were tarrantdup or emojitroon and that is bickers you would randomly accuse IDs of being TRSomites on eternal thread 9 for whatever reason, can't tell whether it was true shitposting or you were only pretending to be retarded, either way it was entertaining nonetheless.
Open file (68.05 KB 564x468 1480958882591-3.jpg)
>>126524 >randomly G​AMERGATE did you think that was a serious accusation or did your autism prevent you from realizing its a generic insult? Just like how I call people with a low post count /tv/troons as a generic insult. fucking ausism
I'm forming the theory that TRSperg is literally a faggot, I've never seen anyone project so much about fags, when he himself loves to post dicks online and talks about having dicks saved to hd. Also, the dude for over a year before even foxdickfarms love to accuse Surfer of being gay, even over Gahoole and any other zceleb. And long time ago he posted about his personal life, saying he used to be a degenerate weedhead who used drugs and got into "sex apps" and was an atheist. So I guess he used to be a grindr liberal faggot.
>>126524 He specializes in using "I was pretending to be retarded" whenever someone actually calls him out. see >>126597 In the archives the same happened with anons noticed him attacking Gahoole no stop around 2020, til some people from Гунтstream called him out for it, after the he coped and made excuses and stopped of alog Gahoole for a time, but end up sperping once again about "muh troonstream" whenever someone teased him in the right way. It's also funny how he fails to understand the reason he earned the nickname "trsperg". And the funniest thing is that he really hates to be called that.
Open file (205.10 KB 607x428 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126614 >>126617 >so many dicks Dude I only posted my dick pic twice. The first one was in the Nastassia thread and the second was bickers fags like you wanted me to prove it was 8" with a ruler. I've never posted any other dick picks. >I was pretending to be retarded Bruh, I do think TRS is run by Jews and faggots, but the whole image dump thing was just bickers faggot would get salty about it. I even explicitly said so when I was dumping them. >OMG why are you responding Even now its the same modus operandi. The more you sperg about me, the more I will mock the group of people who think they are "trolling" me with there speculation about me. On a meta level perhaps its (Pic releated). But I still find it funny so there you have it. Simple as. >Rrrreee stop making fun of my favorite zceleb And at the end of the day, this is why I call (you) /tv/troons, bickers it's always been about mocking your sacred cows.
>>126524 >>126617 >he is dishonest Imagine my shock. In addition to a sperg he is a snake He says he doesn't post in tvch, but it's pretty obvious he does. He lies as how he became known as trsperg too. He just started going after Mark CakePedo around the same time that ni/gg/ers also started hating Mark -I don't know the details of this story- and now he's posting P P P fans and saying these are the anons posting here.
>>126614 he's definitive a faggot
Open file (140.64 KB 900x1200 EkatES9WkAAMca-.jpg)
>>126866 >(1) typical /tv/troon >I know you are but what am I typical response form a trsodomite
>>126866 >fag muttoid no wonder he's a sperg
So uh apparently he was on tvch and got called out on his faggotry.
>>126973 many such cases, he's truly is zach
>>126973 >>126995 Not even him.
>>126614 TRSperg is like a mix of multiple lolcows, the dude as many mutual traits with people like Fuzhou, Zach, jcaesar187, Jewsh, Acidkike and etc.
>>126973 what a sperg
>>126973 >>126995 >>127011 >>127052 yet i've never posted on /tv/, so I guess you failed again /tv/troon.
>>127052 >>126973 Zach is actually less cringy in fact of course.

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