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Open file (6.35 KB 192x192 ancientboi.png)
Toad 12/17/2021 (Fri) 15:12:57 ID: a01ec8 No.127642
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL take a look at this paedo (?) i found on gbatemp, where lots of kids/teens who like pokemon and nintendo gather up on (most male, I presume). https://gbatemp.net/members/ancientboi.549880/ > archive dot md slash BSjI7 He keeps posting about how he's 'nakey' and sad that his boyfriend died. This shit is all on his public profile and he has kids reply to him as if he's their friend. complete paedo behaviour. Also, his tag (or wtv) is: Gay Warlord ยท 64 64 is presumably his age, likely even older. Highlights: >[wishing I could go outside n drink my COFFEE nakey on the front porch, but It's a heavy rainstorm here today. 20 mph winds to boot] Yuck >My god, I gotta stop being a cry baby, and get back into LIFE. So here goes, Hi people! >FUQ! Fuq! Fuq! Fuq! Hospital just called, saying my BF just won't wake up. I'm sad as chit right now! Fuq! >Sad today. BF is unresponsive n sent to hospital from nursing home. FUQ! >Have to go see my BF today. They moved him to another nursing home. [sad] >[sad] got my scopys done. Not good on the colon side. But what the hey. Hi Guys! >yay, my KFC order is coming. yay! oops, I better put some clothes on. bye guys >mmm COFFEE, and Nakey outside again. hmm. I still don't get it. People walking saying Good Morning as they walk by. Weird. N no cops being called. >For Halloween, I went outside with clothes ON [instead of being naked] n drank my COFFEE. Cops were called. smh >The heat has returned. So I'm having COFFEE nakey outside again. mmmm so fun. >Now that it's chilly time. I can't go out Nakey n sit outside n have COFFEE. Darn it! >oh look, the news says I'm going to have a heat wave again. oh goodie. NOTTTTTTTT >[outside on the veranda Nakey, drinking my COFFEE] Chris Hansen, where are you???
I don't get it, where are the cocks
its a zoomer troll just like u

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