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Mark Mann Thread Anonymous 10/18/2019 (Fri) 22:49:59 ID: ebaa36 No.13209
Let's take a moment to appreciate of favorite CakeJew, and just bask in his shell of a life.
Obviously mirroring the concurrent threads originals.
>he's a diaperfurfag too
Explains why 8/v/ was so shit at least.
>mfw he still ran /v/ when 8ch existed better than the mods do here
fuck off CakeJew, 8/v/ was so bad people started doing alternative /v/s even on 8ch.
<ywn a Guacman Bowl for ur dongles
>I want to post in a hugbox where Nintendo shills
If you consider allowing furfags to openly declare their lust for animal dick constantly and banning anyone that made fun of you him for being a nintendo baby running it well, then sure.
Not surprising since mark absolutely loved posting some messed up diaperbabyfur pedocomic about tails from sonic.
Open file (90.01 KB 1280x720 soy.jpg)
>8chan /v/
hahaha, no. it even managed to be worse than 4chin's /v/. now that's an achievement! Mark is incompetent and shit mod.
Open file (50.98 KB 413x243 soyjak.gif)
I don't understand why the fags on his board don't move to one of the other /v/s on the webring, they all seem to fucking despise him and his arbitrary deletion of things that trigger him at the moment.
Meanwhile julay/v/ finally has a BO that isn't a rage quitting asshat, and smug/vg/ is full of vidya conversation with no furry porn dumps LOL threads, yet apparently neither one is good enough bickers ???
/v/iggers truly are a good goy slave race
I remember a time before Mark's modding of /v/ on 8ch was disruptive, or maybe even before he was a mod at all. Was he always? I remember when it was pretty alright, had some comfy threads about old games like The Guild and stuff.
>/v/iggers truly are a good goy slave race
b/c they like watching the shadows on the cave wall anon. it appeals to their sensibilities. not every man is cut out for freedom you know.
He's also fucking ugly and jewish but those are synonymous.
Marks/v/ is comprised almost entirely of recent wave cuckchan refugees and cuckchan cross-posters. They are addicted to PPH and value literally nothing else. Stop fucking encouraging them to invade other boards and be glad they are contained on that kikes board.
That was before he had his own little yes man clique blowing smoke up his ass after every little ban tantrum and also before yogapig started paying him.
He also probably realized it would be a risk to pull any faggotry during the earlier days bickers everyone had just fled from cuckchan, were extremely wary of hotpocket cuckoldry, and would've immediately made their own successful alternate /v/ at that point.
Too bad that mentality all but fucking died.
I don't advertise anything to them, if only for the fact that the /tv/ trannies who share his site are potentially even worse than /v/iggers and I'd rather not attract them anywhere else.
Also it's not like they are unaware or can't just look at the fucking webring, they're just too whipped to give cakejew the finger.
Open file (372.24 KB 663x843 FBI is OK.png)
Open file (170.23 KB 656x857 I'm not a cult leader.png)
Open file (189.54 KB 619x931 I'm not grudgeful.png)
I have to admit, I've been around on imageboards for a long time and I've seen my share of goatse and whatnot, but something about Mark's ass along with that ghostly asshole staring back at me from my laptop's LED screen in the middle of the night creates a dreadful visage which still terrifies me like nothing else.
>Stop fucking encouraging them to invade other boards and be glad they are contained on that kikes board.
Or maybe people complain about Mark but in the end like his product more than the competition. The BO always gets shat on unless it's a niche, tightly-knit board. But it's not well seen to praise a BO out of the blue while complaining is. Mark is far from perfect and sometimes fucks up, but even with a perfect BO you'd get complaints on a board that big, if only bickers of envy and desire to run the board themselves.
Go defend him elsewhere ni/gg/er. In the last 3 months he's
>linked journalists directly to the webring
>been exposed for making $2k a month for being a global vol while all the others did it for free
>Admitted talking to the FBI
and probably many other things I've forgotten. Smug/vg/ and Julay/v/ are comfy and don't suffer from these problems. If you like your hugbox so much stay in it.
>an actual mark apologist
Big yikes and cringepill. Do the world a favor and hang yourself.
Open file (50.98 KB 413x243 soy.gif)
He bans people who call him a fat nintendo-loving soyboy, and you go to other boards singing his praise like a fag.
>e-every Jim and chinkmonkey employee gets shit on so take that h8ers!
You might consider reading your posts before clicking reply, just to verify how embarrassing they may be.
Open file (193.17 KB 510x530 markdontcare.png)
>gargling on circumcised dick this much
take your pick
>infinity.moe furfag
>bans shit he doesn't like
>doesn't even deny it
>talks about the webring on twitter
>which attracts the attention of cucks
>squeals to the FBI like a total retard bickers "they were real nice and not mean at all"
>instead of doing what kikes do best and getting a lawyer tribe member to speak for him
why do you even leave your cultbox yes man?
Open file (77.00 KB 978x955 EHT4pQfXYAEzpwG.jpg)
This stupid GAMERGATE was the one who managed my claims? No wonder it was impossible to get a board!
>. it even managed to be worse than 4chin's /v/. now that's an achievement! Mark is incompetent and shit mod.
no, have you been on 4gag
Doesn't look like Mark. Stop defaming our morbidly obese jew
>Wake up
>Vchan off the webring
>8coom meta thread gone
Vch is being ddosed, that's why it's off the webring
Open file (217.82 KB 505x637 Mark Jeb Lube.png)
How does that work?
Open file (162.57 KB 480x270 ARE_YOU_RETARDED.mp4)
Mark enabled the Cloudflare DDoS-Protection landing page. It's keeping the webring script from accessing vch, which means it assmues you're down and thus removed vch.

Nepfag showed and called him a retard so mark turned off the DDoS protection.
>Nepfag showed and called him a retard so mark turned off the DDoS protection
Evidence or you're retarded.
Open file (30.30 KB 252x226 1410121977075.jpg)
>Mark has shadow bumplock features on vchan.
The absolute state.

Link to real IP no one wants to use CF.
Open file (725.83 KB 480x360 (you).webm)
The bumplock feature on vch is broken it seems. Gahoole bumplocked a thread and it neither displayed the anchor nor bumplocked.
You need to understand the cakekike doens't know what the fuck he is doing and has his
>Technical guy
working on shit for him.
>You need to understand the cakekike doens't know what the fuck he is doing
Why have people tolerated him for so long? There's no excuse for this kind of incompetent jew faggotry. Is /v/ populated by GAMERGATEs with stockholm syndrome?
Battered Housewi/v/es?
Open file (266.32 KB 400x484 absolute smiles.jpg)
The ni/gg/ers threads died the true death long ago. The shambling corpse calling itself ni/gg/ers now is the same five fa/gg/ots posting pokemon porn and assorted furshit at one another and talking about their sissygasms until the weekend hits and the big dick chad shitposters show up. Then the five fa/gg/ots spend hours bickering and fighting in response to a handful of shitposts working themselves up into a lather. This fervor state only subsides once the weekdays hit and the five NEET fa/gg/ots are able to return to their cummies.
What if Tenicu is 🎂🇮🇱's /tech/guy?
It's all discoverable here: >>13388
Open file (242.85 KB 640x360 janny.webm)
If he was then he wouldn't have to show up in a public threads to called Mork a fucking retard and tell him how to unfuck his shit. Every previous time Mark has fucked his shit up he has simply said he will get in touch with his technical guy. Also if Nepfag was in charge of cakechan, cakechan wouldn't be riddled with technical problems that smug doesn't have. My best bet is the technical guy is one of Ron's B team that has to come clean up after the cakekike's fuck ups on his break time at work.

Board migration doesn't work. Unless you have a huge shit storm people stay where they are and just accept it getting worse over time. It's a frog boiling.

Why /v/ wasn't replaced is 2 fold. Mark had global mod status so he could fuck with any board he didn't like. He also has a cabal of asslickers who will intentionally ruin boards which started to compete.

tl;dr Gamers are fucking idiots and Mark was paid to run the board terribly
mark and gayhoole 2 bing bing plebs in a pod
Open file (7.93 MB 1920x1080 Is that...Wojak.mp4)







Open file (23.49 KB 435x479 warmface.png)
>tfw you get raped to death by literal furfags
julay /v/ is even worse than cake /v/ ever was, even 4/v/ is unironically better now

I can't believe the cake kike made me go back there. the only thing that it made me realize that video games always were, and always will be, for children, anyone who seeks any sort of "quality" discussion on that subject is underage or has a double digit IQ. I don't need to explain to anyone here why 4chan anything is bottom of the barrel quality post wise, or how awful their current posters or moderators are, but at the very least, the threads on 4/v/ move so fast all the usual garbage post that would usually either get deleted for dissing on da SARGON, or stay up bickers they were talking about SARGON, all get drowned out in the ocean of piss that is the fastest moving board on cuckchan equally, and everybody focuses on the few threads that are really active at the moment

say what you want, but my posts also don't get deleted bickers what I said personally insulted some kike, either, which makes 4chan moderation unironically better to vch's moderation at the moment, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. only posts that will get 100% removed are NSFW posts, or blatant /pol/posts, former anyone who actually has NSFW material can easily bypass, later is an improvement, fuck SARGONrs

if you think any 8kun or whatever place people will migrate to next will be any better than cuckchan, think again, your two options are to either stop browsing, or go to the place with the most amount of traffic and fill it with actual quality cocks yourself, anything is better than half dead boards that were never that good to begin with, and cult of personality jackasses turning them into plebbit tier circlejerks on top of that
>gamergąte filered to sąrgon
yeah, nice e-celeb worship nu/cow/ seems to have going, couldn't prove my point better
Open file (989.92 KB 821x1078 laugh.png)
This is almost as bad as moarpheus.
Open file (239.64 KB 480x480 (((benjamin))).png)
>stop making fun of my favorite e-celeb reeeee
/v/iggers are unironically so fucked in the head , they think every board should bent over and adopt cakejew's "moderation" model by deleting everything they don't like.
>muh dead boards
>I totally fill 4chan with quality cocks I swear!
>t. retard who posted nothing but shitty bait threads and acted like the bitchy backseat driver every time
who is that? I remember the name, I think it was some retard that spammed the shit out of cuckchan, can't be asked to remember every butthurt retard these days, especially since so few of them provide decent cocks these days

go back to your e-celeb worshipping thread, children
Open file (31.41 KB 517x524 Smugest_of_All.jpg)
>writing walls of text about how /v/eddit is so much better than julay's /v/
>is still here and complains about wordfilters
>still thinks robi or another mod will delete everything he doesn't like
>u-u're worshipping ecelebs
>mocking someone is worshiping them
This is your brain on a single digit IQ.

What a pathetic creature e1ae4f is, isn't he? I'm still betting on (((Bryan Dunn))), he's been throwing a fit exactly after BryBry outed himself on here and got bullied for it, what a funny coincidence.
>anime avatars, probably gąmergaters
>admitting they're from the underage containment thread
yeah, I made the right choice, 4chan is unironically better than this place now
Open file (50.10 KB 442x322 glow praise.png)
I wish you were funny. But since 4cucks doesn't have a /cow/, I'd enjoy your headcannons better.
Sleep snug, smug
>he's a gooncuck on top of it all
>Get banned for discussing Gamergate
>Get banned for discussing NeoGaf and ResetEra
>Get banned for shitting on Soyny and sometimes even Soytendo
>Threads are either template ones with 300 replies or mediocre ones that are either dead or die so fast you might not even bother posting since actual discussion is impossible
>/vg/ is even worse and every thread is a circlejerk, nowadays even with their own Discuck and they fellate bottom of the barrel shovelware like Soyny movie games and Fallout 76
Stay there
Oh yeah almost forgot
>Leaked images get deleted
>Get banned for saying GAMERGATE
>Get banned for posting a single porn image
>Get banned for "being too political"
>Get banned for shitting on the mods
>No public VPNs
>Google Captcha
>Ads between posts
>Dubsposting gets you banned
>Baneposting gets you banned
>3 MB webms with no sound
>One image per post
>Nothing but brand loyalty, shit taste and literal GAMERGATEs
>Nothing but Tumblr/Twitter/Jewtube denizens
>Ecelebs and spam are allowed
Fucking subreddits are unironically a better option for discussion at this point.
Oh yeah, the best one
Captcha per fucking post
Mark is a hairy jew and most of these pictures there is almost no body hair.
clearly not hairier than JEWS aka jonathan tyler elliott
a girl tries to look her best
Open file (71.49 KB 1179x267 MarkManngrifter1.jpg)
Open file (10.66 KB 1417x93 MarkManngrifter2.png)
Open file (11.43 KB 412x130 MarkManngrifter3.png)
Open file (31.54 KB 1069x251 MarkManngrifter4.png)
Open file (9.63 KB 375x124 MarkManngrifter5.png)
To add to this he proceeded to wipe the post histories of multiple anons discussing this in some bizarre attempt to memory hole the entire thing. When asked to show the post histories to prove he wasn't trying to memory hole he suddenly stopped posting. Now it's trying to be spun that anyone who was criticizing Mark for that blunder is a goon or a discord tranny.
Speaking of archives!
>nuke a TORnode bickers posts make you butthurt
The absolute state of (((Mark Mann)))
I just wanted to come into this thread and assert a few things.

The arts are dying bickers of retarded mong bing bing chucklefucks like you guys who spam /tv/ with garbage jewtube videos and shit tier opinions on flicks and films. It really is amazing how little taste both (a) animefags and (b) modern soybings have.

Kinopounder is a fat faggot who make money off of retards who need to be told what to think and whom have just as much of a one track mind and are just as cucked as any jewish liberal is.

WorldClassBullshitters are mutts who think their opinions matter as well when they are nothing but loud mouthed retards.

The internet is dying bickers of the zoomer menace, music, film and even bing bings have probably been affected by this ultra faggotry. Hell all you need to know about /tv/ is this, it's a board where """""people"""""" actually claim to be "anti-current year culture" while simultaneously consuming nothing but youtube videos, soy, anime and garbage capeshit movies like Joker. Le serious capeshit!! It's not capeshit though!!!! It's le based le JOKER MAYMAY.

No. it's literally the most soy infused fake cinematic garbage you could consume, that's been hyped up by every single normalfag online and reposted about without end on reddit, twitter, youtube, yahoo, facebook, imdb, letterboxd etc etc.

There are rarely any hot takes expressed on /tv/ anymore, you want to know what the hot take of Joker is? It isn't the same fucking take that every mutt under 25 has online of it being one of the greatest films ever or best film of the year. The hot take is that it's just a merely competent flick that only those who consistently watch trash could ever praise as art. And only those who really need to have sex and are so down in the dumps that they use emotion over reason in the same exact manner as those they had (libtards). But he's just like me!!!!
His goons are in full damage control right now, this has been an amazing night.
Open file (46.44 KB 780x313 Mark Drunk.png)
He was also drunk, and deleted the post admitting it later.
Who's ready for some brownpill tees?
Hey, don't be mean to him, he just needs 2k/month to eat cakes! He's not the mastermind to the "TORPedo" apocalypse!
Wait, he drinks?
So he moderates inebriated all the time?
Still reading, what threads is he talking about?
>he deleted the thread and now he sees proxy hoppers everywhere
Absolutely pathetic. The grifting was always the endgame.
Open file (84.80 KB 1462x202 145465478543.jpg)
Open file (20.25 KB 1484x183 gondolapainting20.png)
Open file (4.20 KB 451x85 gondolapainting32.png)
wew fucking lad
Apparently, “Aaron Lawson” was created to Boogeyman himself out of tough criticism:
Notice the in thread IP changes.
Wew, no wonder Mombot & Bropill are pissed.
Open file (33.02 KB 1091x208 tor.png)
Mark just banned tor posting.
Open file (145.27 KB 802x351 MarkManndoesitforfree.png)
>he does it for free
I thought we closed the door on mark being a fag like 3 years ago at least? Why is anyone still posting on this kike's board
well not for free that's for sure :^)
I'm retarded :(
Inb4 he starts recalling TOR for pedophiles again.
He makes 3.3̅× the amount Fredrick ever did as a sales consultant. “For free” shouldn't even be in his vocabulary.
It's ok, your kind is always appreciated here
>this is 8kuns head gvol
Reminder that 8chan died with the domain.
Community Manager*
oh sorry I didn't know you were a newfag
Say that again florinalaufeyson.
Open file (123.84 KB 360x400 not for sale.png)
>Mark just banned tor posting.
Amazing. Is tonight the night Mark officially crosses over into the Imkikey/Dysnomia tier of BO faggotry?
Ah yes, all those amazing 8chan alt-/v/s that ended up doing the exact same bullshit moderation-wise as Mark.

>actually shilling for cuckchan
>Imkikey/Dysnomia tier of BO faggotry
Refresh my memory, I think this is the case forever since who took off Imkampfy was Ron.
Also, maybe related:
http://jx5occy7c3f7euxcs4orjdlomqmtrmirk3faer2av6jy7xuizv6dyfid.onion/ - TOR v3 (recommended)
http://i7m2kl7tmelclcye.onion/ - TOR
https://rodentchad.danwin1210.me/ - clearnet
This was posted in my IB.
>since who took off Imkampfy was Ron.
>Ah yes, all those amazing 8chan alt-/v/s that ended up doing the exact same bullshit moderation-wise as Mark.
Excuse yourself, you really think every single IB that has had a /v/idya board has had spergouts like Mark?
Thanks. I knew that day 8chan was dead:
1) They lost their safe harbor at that moment
2) Ron lost his tripcode
3) Ron took away /pol/ for whomever he could control. Q came with this package, thus Q's hitlist are his.
I wonder if this is his revenge.
Not that I care, but Mark is 100% a lolcow forever.
Btw, here he is pretending to be anti incel, like if he leaves a legacy behind. His sex was probably his dildo, or whatever hooker he has hired before.
Probably femdom with pegging at 1k/hour.
Open file (255.25 KB 1440x535 markspam.png)
Just wanted to mention something from a /tv/ perspective. The post logs (that he freely offered) also show that he is the guy who has been spamming anime on /tv/ for the past few days. He has been antagonizing /tv/ anons and getting mad when anons point out that /tv/ is not the board for discussing anime. He has also been trying to make out that /tv/ regulars are the ones causing trouble or that only one guy is laughing at him. Mark previously claimed that he would not interfere with /tv/ and that it would be left up to Gahoole, so he hasn't kept his word. When I reposted these post logs (that he himself posted on /v/) he deleted all my posts, most of which had nothing to do with his latest fuck-up. I can tolerate his obnoxious over-moderation and attention whoring but trying to force a false consensus bickers anons don't like what you like is utterly pathetic, especially when you abuse administrative powers to do so. Fuck Mark I guess.
>and getting mad when anons point out that /tv/ is not the board for discussing anime
Wrong. /tv/ has always been a board for discussing anime. That is, until you started spamming >cuckime in every single thread relating to anime in a pathetic and desperate attempt to drive off any possibility for discussion. 99.999999% of /tv/ anons love anime, except for you. And of course bickers you're friends with gahoole, your spam NEVER EVER gets deleted. Just kill yourself already you ultimate omega soyboy cuck
Open file (2.69 MB 480x270 1565459805284.gif)
>thinking the "cuckime" posts are only coming from one person
Open file (205.23 KB 540x641 7d1.png)
Cuck3D, problem solved.
Open file (111.27 KB 320x240 faceit.mp4)
>you ultimate omega soyboy cuck
is this satire?
Open file (1.22 MB 1280x720 SISSY_SOYBOYS.webm)
Open file (45.90 KB 900x500 joker brah.jpg)
>shitting on the joker
post discarded
Open file (2.83 MB 1500x8000 v is not for sale.png)
Open file (18.65 KB 629x448 moechan broke.png)
What kind of kike sorcery is this?
Ask him on discord, or crop
**You also forgot some crucial parts >>18578 &
>>18599 **
Nigger please
>You also forgot some crucial parts
Yeah I slapped that together half asleep at 2am, I'll fix it up tonight.
lol nice try kike. your just another sandGAMERGATE like your mudslime cousins and you will never be White
the joker was a race mixer, or at least he tried to be and he couldnt even do that, as I far as I know, just going off the trailers. total faggot
It is true mark likes to bump /cow/ threads just to keep his own off the top of the catalog?
Can't tell if bot, Zach, or Best Hapa having a laugh at everyone
What do /cow/ wordfilters have to do with julay/v/ "being shit"?
Show me his discord.
I'd believe it. Basically anyone who gets a thread is the sort of bizarre creature who would do that.
Bing bing cuckoo
Open file (406.70 KB 494x489 cheese grater.png)
>Fallen to page 2 already
Oh mark...
I still can't fathom why this fat kike gets 24k a year to shit up a board when the site itself probably never even make a fraction of that. It's hard to imagine a worse use of resources. Do boomers just have some kind of compulsion to give Jews money or something? I guess they're right, the goyim really are cattle.
There's clearly some unspoken part of that financial arrangement that hasn't come to light yet.
It's weird. They could grab a random anon to replace him as BO and they'd do a better job. It's like he has a small circle of efriends who spam and VPN to astroturf support for mark. Mark was also banning and deleting anyone mentioning mombot doxing and swatting people with Ian Miles Cheong. It's suss as fuck.
>It's like he has a small circle of efriends who spam and VPN to astroturf support for mark.
He has that Discord server.
And he has two FBI agents as globals.
I never heard that before, proofs?
He got visited by the FBI, spoke to them like a retard, and never mentioned it again. It's safe to assume he complied with whatever they asked him to comply with.
I heard that before, yes, but I don't know if that's concrete evidence that he has fbi as globals. I mean, you're not wrong, it was clear as day that the moderation either composed of his discord suckups or glowGAMERGATEs, but that by itself wouldn't be the proof

whatever the case, 8kun glows like a nightlamp, so I am not going to doubt by the second that something shady is going on there
That's exactly the proof that modding /v/ isn't what he gets paid for. Anyone would do a better job and a lot of people are more than willing to do it for free. He gets paid for the other stuff. The board claims, the DMCA claims paperwork, the global moderation when the other globals aren't online, the testing. Honestly I'm surprised the dud managed to gaslight everyone with that bullshit.
Jim isn't going to fork 2k per month to get /v/ moderation when he could simply give the board to someone else and call it a day.
Yeah it isn't proof. I just wanted to point out that anyone that would
>not tell the FBI to fuck off
>speak with them without a lawyer present
Is totally retarded. Unless they're arresting you there is no reason to open the door, invite them in, and show them your website. Even if they threaten arrest/arrest you there is no point in speaking with them and you should just let the lawyer handle it. Nothing good ever comes from speaking to the police/Feds. Any lawyer will tell you to keep your mouth shut.
Nothing good comes from escalating things like a GAMERGATE.
>Nothing good comes from escalating things
Is that what mark told himself when he blabbed to the feds like the fat little snitch rat kike he is?
>telling them to leave and closing the door is escalation
No anon, those are called rights.
Bing bing
Open file (129.25 KB 322x481 Mark Kike.png)
Fuck cakekike
>literally no one posting on /v/
>still hotpockets hard
>any mention of him being a kike trying to sell memes gets you banned for spam
>maximum damage control on his dead as fuck board
>gets his cronies to suck his benis in everythread he posts in
>attacks other sites as soon as 8coon came back up
julay/v/ is a containment board full of edgy manchildren calling anything recent garbage. Cake didn't destroy it, it destroyed itself.
everything recent is garbage though
Everything recent is garbage
>get banned for unspecified reason
I don't know which shitpost caused this sort of reaction.
Then there is no reason to have a /v/ board and /vr/ is enough, right?
we can use /v/ for general vidya related shit and 2000s games

why are so much people getting permabanned for an unspecified reason?
>8coom is dead again
Mark, maybe you should work on keeping your own shit up before you try to shut anyone else down.
Looks like /pnd/ spooked the usual suspects hard. Oops :^)
I wonder what he'll do now that 8kun is dead and he can't afford to keep the bunker running. Will we live to see the kike stream his suicide?
Open file (143.49 KB 1405x1069 MARK BTFO.png)
Open file (40.75 KB 716x151 mark kike.jpg)
Fuck Mork, he posted this then went on full damage control then left the thread, dont think jim would be too happy about this!
>loyal to jim
>loyal to jim
god watching this is fucking priceless
Open file (80.85 KB 968x270 mark kike 2.jpg)
He keeps fucking up and getting his goons to defend him
2k a month isn't enough to keep a dead site running?
How much does anyone want to bet James Arthur Watkins has the pig on a leash of sorts that makes him this loyal. Than child porn, what else is dead crushing he doesn't want out?
Some exposed sissy video when he was high?
Honestly I don't know, he gave everything away to the feds, I'm not sure what's worse.
>#1370 in queue
How about the 2k bux a month that he needs to survive? Isn't that enough?
Didn't Mark win like $300,000 in the lottery recently? Why would he need donations?
That's nothing, you can go work at mickeydonalds at 15$/hr since he lives in JewYork, and make more than 🎂🇮🇱 professed he gest payed by Jim₿🐷. No one is loyal to their boss unless they have a leverage.
Jim₿🐷 makes sissies for a living, it has to be this, or worse.
That was an ATM error according to him. Note he never posted the winning lotto numbers.
That isn't nothing. That is a full-time job he doesn't have to do, and the kike doesn't have to live in New York. Since he 'works' remotely he could go literally anywhere. He doesn't have the constraints that a normal, working person does, and it makes it even more pathetic that he's begging for money.
It's $2000 on top of the $6000~ he gets a month in disability money.
I still don't get the loyalty. None are loyal to employers. What, he has a FBI buddy willing to hammer down Fraudulent Disability claims and strip that 6k$/month? You can work in construction, no experience, and still make +8k$/month.
I'm willing to bet hard money, it's something worse, worse than him doing a whole sissy exposed video with his groomed niece.
What's he most afraid of?
>You can work in construction, no experience, and still make +8k$/month
Where the fuck do you live where inexperienced construction workers get paid $96k a year?
That's like right below doctor pay.
Open file (131.57 KB 669x966 got to move up.png)
Are you dumb, or really dumb?
So it's safe to say Zach has had more intimate relationships in a days worth of time than Gahoole and Mark put together?
he's a kike, ofcourse 2k isnt enough
He's a poor jew living in an autism home. He was on the brink of homelessness if not for those 2k.
All 3 are lolnolife virgins who get no pussy. Zach is most likely bald and fat as well as being old, so his potential for ever finding a mate are much less than someone like Gayhole or Mark.
>and the kike doesn't have to live in New York
He has stated he can't leave NY for "medical reasons" in the past.
$6k a month is his medical reason. Although to be honest if he moved to another state and ended up getting $3k a month disability he could live like a king.
Zach is a botched genetic experiment that spends his days connected to a life support machine in his home. The researchers thought the experiment had been successful at first, but the side effects started showing during his early 20s. His parents are too old and weak to take care of the lawn and that's why that trailer has been rotting there for over a decade and the bushes are unkempt. They let Zach go on the internet bickers it's the only human interaction he has besides his own parents. His limbs are weak and he suffers from erectile disfunction despite having a microdick so even peeing is a challenge for him. His brain is literally melting away and they keep him on a high dose of fingolimod and teriflunomide to slow the process.
t. knower
He's stated not only that he can't move, but that he can't travel far from NY either.
bickers he is lazy. Anything that takes him away from his bing bing wahoos is annudha shoah.
Big if true.
Open file (6.09 MB 1864x8160 julay censors pol03.png)
For those unaware, this is how your average thread on julay/v/ looks like

Very little video games, posters even more cancerous than unironic GAMERGATEs, and actual leftypol commies whining about /pol/(one of those posters admitted to making a thread here as well).

I think julay /v/ is a good example of how when you base your identity around hating one bad thing(mark), you become as bad, or worse, than him, cancer by any other name, just a different kind

the absolute state of videogames and videogame imageboards
Open file (6.09 MB 1864x8160 julay censors pol03.png)
For those unaware, this is how your average thread on julay/v/ looks like

Very little video games, posters even more cancerous than unironic GAMERGATEs, and actual leftypol commies whining about /pol/(one of those posters admitted to making a thread here as well).

I think julay /v/ is a good example of how when you base your identity around hating one bad thing(mark), you become as bad, or worse, than him, cancer by any other name, just a different kind

the absolute state of videogames and videogame imageboards
Open file (59.45 KB 1280x720 autistic screeching.png)
Seems like trannys or autists moderate /v/ on julay currently in fact of course, a lot of snowflakes there getting extremely buttblasted by slang(that prob identifies them well i.e why they're angry).

Keeps deleting posts for no good reason and leaves up other shitposts. Lol what is it with /v/ideogames that attracts these pathetic fags?
well, as you can see by my (mistakenly posted) double post, the posters there are unironic leftypol commies, some of which are not very familiar with imageboard culture. my guess is that they're trying to gatekeep who gets to post there or not, in case julay/v/ gets popular, leftists like doing that

btw, the guy who keeps posting vch/8kun /v/ screenshots here is the person who keeps posting geese on julay/v/
back to cuckchan
julay/v/ IS cuckchan, even 8/v/ was better than this
Open file (35.72 KB 500x433 8fe.jpeg.jpg)
>heh, Mark is bad but you know what's just as bad? Hating on Mark!
Nice slide cakejew, don't you have other things to do, like suck Jim's dick? You're not gonna be welcomed anywhere. Fuck off and kys.
oink oink
Where was I defending mark?
His /v/ is unironically less spergy, since the less active julay/v/ seems to have very autistic, very easy to trigger posters, and hence, it's much more visible there. The catalyst for their spergout was some retard posting very stale bait("stop posting cuckime, you dorks!" ect.), and they completely shit themselves. I don't regularly browse either one anymore, but julay/v/ in it's current state is a downright safejulay, and it's going to get worse.

And yes, posting dozens of irrelevant screenshots from vch or 8kun, all whining about mark in some way, is just as cringy as half the shit the kike does, reminds me of DSP and SoK. Eventually, SoK, the "trolls", were outed as unstable retards, and now, DSP is somewhat shockingly somewhat respected now, or at least has been mostly left alone, Mark is going to be taking that spot next if the loudest people whining about him are avatar fagging faggots who impotently scream "go back to x" all day
Open file (188.60 KB 1698x878 stateofvlmfao.jpg)
Lol the censorship tranny is going mental iphopping while accusing others of doing it ROFL

>the absolute state of v
Is the geesecuck raging about me, an anonymous poster who doesn't even have /v/ open right now? yikes

Anymore proof that julay/v/ is just a safejulay for unironic leftypol commies and sons of kojima level obsessed "trolls"?

btw, don't diss anime in those threads, like I said, they hate that more than anything, even very bad bait will send them mental(pretty sure they even filtered "cuckime" for a while, that's how mad they got at that poster)
Back in September, I asked Mark to cut his rule count from 11 to 1. As I was trolling /fascist/, I saw that they have 10 rules, and if the fascist board has fewer rules than /v/, then you have a problem. Rate my proposed solution.

<p><b>/v/</b> is a board for video games and gaming culture, owned and operated by <a href="mailto:markthejanny@tutanota.com">Mark Mann</a>. The /v/ catalog currently has 15 pages and the bump limit is 350 posts.</p>

<h3>Global rule</h3>
<ul><li>Do not post anything against the law of the United States. You must be 18 years or older to post.</li></ul>

<h3>Board rule</h3>
<ul><li>Keep it vidya-related.</li></ul>

<li>No spamming, flooding, raiding, or botting. Do not call for, advocate, post, or link to dox; /v/ is not your personal army. If you are derailing a thread, or using an avatar, you may be banned and your posts may be deleted. Template threads, Foolz posting, and console war bullshit may be deleted, bumplocked or banned. Ban evasion will get you banned again.</li>

<li><b>Not-safe-for-work pictures</b> are only allowed behind spoiler warnings. <b>Porn dumps</b> may be permitted in one specific thread.</li>

<li><b>Meta threads</b> about 8chan, halfchan, and /v/ may be bumplocked; exceptions will be made as needed. If you object to a moderator's ruling or you want to suggest an alternative, you're welcome to contact Mark directly.</li>

<li>If you make a <b>duplicate thread</b>, it may get deleted, locked or bumplocked and you will be redirected to the already existing thread, provided the preexisting thread has not hit the bump limit. <b>Generals</b> about broad topics that are constantly remade, such as "GamerGate x Edition" or "Video Game General #32," will be deleted if they are made before the previous thread hits 700 posts or reaches Page 13.</li>

<li>We may allow dubs in certain <b>shitposting threads</b>. Dubsbombing a thread bickers you do not like the game or the discussion will be considered derailment.</li>

<li>Visual novel threads are allowed.</li>

<li>Video game-related news that involves e-celebrities and their business may be allowed only when it significantly affects or reflects video games and gaming culture. No politisperging.</li></ul><br />

Last updated on August 15th, 2019, due to politisperging. Previous version: https://archive.li/lA4Q0

You can compare this to the Code of Gamerabbi here: https://vch.moe/v/rules.html

PROTIP: Mark, you're free to use this--you can even title it the Code of Gamerabbi. Set the rules page's markup language to HTML, and it should look about as good as /cow/'s old rules page: http://archive.ph/tQGCs
Edited last time by JEWS on 12/10/2019 (Tue) 20:17:20.
A short glimpse at the /fascist/ rules shows that it's more authoritarian despite having less rules.
Stuff like
>No avatarfagging without reason
is simply draconian.
Meanwhile Cake's rules have obviously been enacted in a reactive fashion to preserve the board. Also your /cow/ rules are less bickers you put a lot in "guidelines". Many of Cakekike's loosely enforced rules are in fact guidelines in practice.
vch doesn't have >>>/fascist/ or >>>/pol/
So I don't understand what you're doing in this kino thread.
Handful of posters got ultra pwned on /meta/ so they decided to retreat to /cow/ and shitfling among themselves.
>Meanwhile Cake's rules have obviously been enacted in a reactive fashion to preserve the board
Right, they're derived from the rulings he and his mods have made over the years.

>Also your /cow/ rules are less bickers you put a lot in "guidelines". Many of Cakekike's loosely enforced rules are in fact guidelines in practice.
So I noticed. The difference between a "rule" and a "guideline," as I wrote them, is that the guidelines can all be derived from the rule; for example, the reason why e-celeb threads are banned on /v/ is that the threads are about people and not games, thus they're off-topic. No need to add another rule.
/fascist/ is /pol/'s little brother that has been dropped on the floor a couple of times, I don't know why you're surprised that no fun retards aren't fun. fun fact: a lot of /fascist/ is also tranny, just like trannypol

why do you have to bring up your thinly veiled hatred of /pol/ passively aggressively, wherever you go?
Not sleepy enough yet?
Lmao >>>/meta/2070
So they want Tenicu's safety?
Is that CakeJew's boyfriend?
>b00ttranny the 12%er mutt
He started out as a /leftypol/ commie tranny and trend hopped into every meme ideology he could cling to when the attention whoring well dried up.
>first pic
>it's literally all anime avatars
cuckime poster was right all along lmao

also, what's with the thing in pic 3 and 5? I remember, towards the end, some drawfag was making these, as well as being an all around faggot and a cuckchanner in the lol threads, is he still going? post some cringe from those threads, not random screencaps of mark tweeting about gondola, if you're going to post anyways
>pic of "tranny facist"
>doing commie salute

Funny how it's a strasserist, no wonder. They are pretty much thinly veiled communists that nobody liked, just like trannies.

Commies embrace all sorts of cringeworthy human trash like this and the far right doesn't. Right has their own issues though with co-opt retards like Spencer, they keep getting owned tho so all good.
>cuckime poster was right all along lmao
That's CakeJew sweetie. He's spamming his own imageboard, and comes often here to COPE
>pic 3 and 5?
From my understanding of the original poster, Mark Mann or someone naming himself souija is responsible for lol threads, and here is Mark approving said threads. If they are both him or not doesn't matter bickers he ultimately sponsors said threads. The poster was complaining rightfully so that >>>/v/ shouldn't have lol threads bickers we already have >>>/b/.
Or at the least that's how I interpreted everything:
>random screencaps of mark tweeting about gondola, if you're going to post anyways
Take a moment to acquaint yourself with this thread, so see why it's important, bickers according to him: "I don't go to those [godola] threads."
Hey dear, could you opinionate that in some other thread? Trannies are like .002% of the world population, I don't think they even visit this site.
Open file (296.67 KB 764x1058 1445949255943.png)
>julay /v/ is a good example of how when you base your identity around hating one bad thing(mark), you become as bad, or worse, than him
This is the exact thing mark/v/edditors say everytime abot non-mark boards. 0/10
>cakejew on cakechan running damage controlfor Jim and himself
>at the same time julay/v/, its meta thread, and this thread get influx of shit posts
>same tactics as always: shit the place up, cry for mods, then yell about excessive moderation
Open file (36.89 KB 500x500 markkikey.jpg)
Pure coincidence.
Open file (13.96 KB 333x293 b74.png)
1. Create the problem: spam one liners in some boards
2. React: BOs appropriately or accidentally deleted said posts and/or apologize
3. Provide solution: bring hoihoi bot to >>>/v/ for some words some people don't like
4. Laugh at their awful attempt.
>your average thread on julay/v/
That thread is the only one like that. All the others are about games. Has some good gamenights set up and good discussion about RTS and stealth games. The kike/v/ refugees keep whinging about coom memes but apart from that julay/v/ is pretty cozy. It's a little worrisome that refugees from kike/v/ will try to shit up julay/v/ like they did their own board, but I haven't seen anything too bad yet.

The cakejew whiteknights posting that julay/v/ is all about Mark have either never been or are Mark himself lying to keep kike/v/ relevant.
>screencaps a meta thread that was already full of shitposting and screeching before the anime commie showed up
>completely ignores how literally every other thread is about vidya
Meanwhile on every iteration of cake/v/ you have
>furry porn LOL threads
>4am threads
>off topic political circlejerk GG threads
>webm threads full to the brim with non-vidya posts
Now he's trying to gain favor on smug/vg/
>>24238 >the seething kike alls you a shill as he gets paid 2k a month to shill 8coom and kill his "alternative" what a sad cuckold Mark Mann is
>>24238 God damn that was a hilarious read. He's actually panicking.
>>24238 If I was in his position, I would have taken the offers and be honest since I had nothing to hide. But I'm more honest with myself than to actually want to moderated a board of video addicted losers that cannot control themselves. Thank current BO for not giving fucks. I found his excuses boring and trite. Robi knows how and where to contact Ron, he has his 1) email 2) GPG, 3) and bitcoin address (Thanks Susucoin seeds). There's literally nothing stopping anyone from contacting the son of a Filipino mafia lord, if he's willing to talk. In fact, with little detective work, anyone can find both his Nippon apartment, and his current location for the holidays. The asking a literal liar to in-between is retarded. At the least he has >>>/nintendo/
Open file (50.08 KB 480x360 Pleased Porpose.JPG)
>>24238 Is this the beginning of the downfall arc?
>>24279 downfall from what?
Open file (181.70 KB 1551x842 39.png)
What did he mean by this?
>>24289 He meant that he is a kike >constantly damage controls >constantly repeats "im loyal to jim" >the second jim fires him he goes apeshit and instantly drops the whole trust kike ruse to stab him in the back Im glad cakekike is getting his shit fucked up, no more kikery from him, but i fear an even bigger kike will take his place with another much cooler website that slowly turns to shit again
Open file (79.30 KB 1483x243 Capture.PNG)
>>24343 Literal autism. I win >>>/b/1097
>>24871 Damn I miss watching this cunts jewtube videos.
Open file (324.36 KB 1806x933 dumbass.png)
I convinced this dumbass as well as a sperg that I had the 2001 copy of Duke Nukem Forever. His last reply before deleting his posts was "Oh fuck I'm retarded" http://archive.md/SN052
Open file (4.92 KB 299x65 brave_dEiTs1IQjb.png)
>>24891 >Most of the VPNs are blocked on 4chan and the ones that aren't you need a 4chan pass to still post.don't quote me on that, just reading what people said in this thread >>16781152 I was curious so I tested it out. I pay for expressVPN and wasn't permitted to post.
Apparently posting in threads Mark has arbitrarily decided are too old is now a bannable offense. Don't ask him why he doesn't lower the number of pages for his board to have threads 404 sooner.
>>27173 What's the thread about?
Guize, he dindu nuffin. HE WUZ A GOOD BOY.
>>27173 >necrobumping /v/ is just a chatroom for S​ARGON trannies at this point
>>27210 Was Mark's /v/ ever anything else?
>>27175 I saw some anon say it was an old gamenight thread. >>27196 Truly impressive levels of retardation if he genuinely can't see why he pissed anons off again. What a dumb G​AMERGATE.
>>27196 Nice cyberpunk.css preselection, almost as if you regularly visit his cult: http://archive.vn/mCYNO You forgot to post your archived thread Geese IP hopper: https://archive.vn/T5M69 >>27212 Going by the archived logs: https://archive.vn/smpQS Is it this one? https://archive.vn/BfC8W
>>27214 Yeah pretty sure that is the one.
What if Cakejew is a pedoera mod?
I think Mork snapped >>>/v/2473
i'm retarded >>>/meta/2473
>>27495 >>27494 And Canadian. This answers soooo much. Expliquer ce qui s'est passé exactement MDR
>>27534 ta gueule pédé.
Necrobump :^)
>>27601 Vous avez mal orthographié: Necrohausse
In the last week Mark has silently bump locked and deleted at least 10 meta threads on vch. Any thread promoting the webring, asking questions about 8kun, or shitting on him personally get the axe. Typically, he bump locks first then deletes when he thinks no one is looking. Latest thread archived here: http://archive.md/IBe9f
Speculation but usually I'm right: >Mark keeps vch open only to prevent more anons from moving elsewhere in the webring >Mark's "tech guy" is most likely Ron and Jim is paying the server bills >Any discussion by anons on vch to go elsewhere is instantly shut down >Mark personally posts in these threads shit talking Julay bickers he doesn't control the /v/ here >Tons of D&C about Julay; JEWS is an admin, /v/ BO wants it to be /b/, doesn't like the mascot, claims the site is dead etc. >Mark is the only person in the webring that doesn't communicate with other admins despite being invited multiple times according to logs from IRC >Mark demanded julay/v/ in logs from IRC and when he was turned down he sperged >There are a group of retards pretending to be one person running around DDOSing and fucking with every site in the webring but he refuses to mess with vch at all >These retards have taken an interest in Julay specifically after doing a test run with anon.cafe I think it's pretty obvious what's going on. The Dolphinfags are trying to take down sites in the webring and failing that want to spread so much paranoia that anons are afraid to use the sites in it and the people running the sites are afraid to trust the anons (create new boards, bring in new vols). The funny thing about all of this is all they've done is provide free pen testing for the sites they've attacked. Robi has been quick about fixing an exploits they've found, anon.cafe turned on some type of ddos protection, smug's admin has ran a secure place from the start and has probably been dealing with it himself but doesn't mention it to deprive the faggots of attention. Doesn't anyone else find it odd that they've hit every board but Mark's? Mark would be the biggest target for most anons given his past, the amount of anons he's pissed off over the years, and the fact that he works for Jim. Also, you would assume 8kun would be a more valuable target for an outside actor seeking fame. The only people that benefit from these actions are Jim/Ron bickers some anons would go back to 8kun if the webring fell apart. There is a slim chance it might be coming from the alt-chan retards but given how incompetent they've been since they were exposed and the fact that they typically seek attention under their own names I doubt it is them. They also tend to stick to their own sites and would probably be more prone to go after 8kun. They also tend to stick to shilling instead of ddosing and things of that nature.
>>28548 I think the dolphin pedophile is probably just 1 autist. He posted his IP scraping game servers on 8kun, but I think he's mostly targeting boards besides vch bickers of the attention he can get from a smaller community that communicates more openly through the meta boards/threads. Whereas Mark, vch, and 8kun are all black boxes. As for why Mark is keeping up vch, I'd agree that it's probably nefarious and only being done to prevent people from settling into a permanent board on the webring. But I don't think there's some grand conspiracy with the dolphin pedophile. He's just an attentionwhore and constructing this idea that it's any more than that is only feeding into his ego. Best to just ignore him and focus on the real bad actor, cakekike.
>>28548 >Mark's "tech guy Doxed as a bronie >>17108 >he refuses to mess with vch at all Hate to break it to you, but vch has cloudflare bickers it was being DOS'd. And there have been several attempts at destroying his bunker >>>/meta/2589 [not sure why UNIVAC deleted the evidence]. Tis the reason vcultist's were paranoid enough to boogieman an avatarfag that used geese howard instead of critically thinking: If Robi invited and made >>>/nintendo/ for the cakejew, geeseposter was already welcoming him for the eventual paypiggy reward: it's not in geeseposters' interest to miss on some good julay, DOS'ing and thread sliding are against the peace this site strives to achieve. >>28549 For some reason, I find dolphinpedo extremely similar to Rodent[chan].
Open file (84.75 KB 1083x385 cm shitpost.png)
Open file (124.54 KB 1591x273 caked for mod sass1.png)
Open file (92.20 KB 1389x259 caked for mod sass2.png)
Open file (133.76 KB 716x341 caked for mod sass3.png)
Open file (27.08 KB 713x517 caked for mod sass..png)
>>28548 Funny how I talk shit to his onichan Ron but it's the the five day old shitpost that gets me the week long ban. Really activates the almonds.
>>28572 But I looked through all those links. None of them say anything about cakechan. You can't just post a bunch of random pages asscociated with someone that have nothing to do with the subject at hand and declare them proof. Show me proof.
>>13209 >imagine hating mark in current year ++++++ take the clear pill goy
Open file (100.96 KB 679x1200 mark and a cool hat.jpg)
>>28548 >how dare people prevent me from having a autistic hug box. G​AMERGATE just go back to 4channel and help undo the Poz'd reddit culture of current year.
>>28584 Are you talking about the broniefag? Read the bottom of every page in vch. I'm not sure how they were acquainted, than perhaps being yiff.party or some furry forum users, but it's him alright.
>>28587 Hi Mark. Why aren't you telling your users about your new job?
Open file (132.91 KB 1728x1255 risible android.jpg)
>A bunch of low effort bumps pop up in other threads Trying to bury your thread again, Mark?
>>28992 Come on now. Do you really think a jew would do something underhanded like that? It's not like they have a history of lying about things.
>>28992 It's the dolphin spammer
>>28549 > He posted his IP scraping game servers on 8kun you mean that fag that went through everyones IP on iknowwhatyoudownload and exposed a guys BLACKED torrents?
The enteral kike couldn't leave the webring without making sure he left a link to his employer's website. One day after he took /a/ away from its BO for linking to the webring he links to 8kun from the webring himself. What a faggot.
>>30477 It's funny that you mention it, i just checked it and they completely deleted the boards.
>>30477 >>30479 Why did pick to do this right after the Superbowl after midnight without prior warning? Good riddance anyways.
>>30479 Vch is still online, might have been displaced on another address though. Suspicious.
Open file (44.92 KB 1487x280 markfromv.png)
>>30492 It's back up, looks like a DOS
>>30497 He means the real IP changed today. You can't access it through that any longer. vch.moe and vch.moe/v/ are also redirecting to 8kun now but nothing else on the site is hence why you can access the catalog directly. All links to vch/v/ in the webring link directly to 8kun/v/ now as well.
>>>/tv/64511 Why are people obsessed with Mark to the point that they claim he bans people on julay, much like they claimed he banned people on 8chan's /tv/? I swear these people think Mark is the only guy who bans people on the internet and that his power extends to the entirety of it.
>>13209 <cope
Mark fell for dolphin's schizo posting and stickied it https://archive.ph/RhY5F
Open file (330.97 KB 925x1054 mark.png)
Open file (357.86 KB 1022x1208 mark2.png)
Open file (49.46 KB 966x628 niGGer thread.png)
https://archive.ph/0UMMd Dolphin is now spamming 8/v/.
>>35844 he's not wrong in fact of course euphoria is a massive rulecuck
Open file (372.37 KB 1024x1477 dolphintard mad.png)
Open file (166.87 KB 1014x1350 dolphintard mad2.png)
>>35874 >8glow is a banned term jej
>>35875 8glow is a shit term, 8coon is superior bickers it conveys that everyone using it is a G​AMERGATE, and the glowing in the dark and employment at the CIA is implicit.
>>35884 bec­ause ni­ggers
>>35871 >>35872 >>35874 All this autism over not being made BO of /r9k/ lmao
>>35884 Now that you say it, coons do like to lurk in the dark. Still banning the term is top assmad.
>>35893 Dolphinpedo didn't sperg bickers he was denied /r9k/, that was already after he made himself a pariah. The whole thing began bickers he posted a link to CP and his subsequent damage control afterwards. It also didn't help him when he avatarfagged on many other boards afterwards.
>>35895 Naturally, everyone on 8coon is perpetually assmad.
Open file (362.73 KB 1014x1165 mark_niGGer_thread.png)
Open file (332.95 KB 1004x1277 mark_niGGer_thread2.png)
Open file (188.12 KB 999x703 niGGer thread.png)
https://8kun.top/v/res/16854205.html https://archive.ph/GqSWh dolpintard has lost it and is now spamming the ni/GG/er thread on 8kunt
Open file (160.27 KB 720x404 game on.webm)
>>35906 There's REALLY still a fucking gaymergayte thread half a decade later? Mindblowing, for what possible fucking reason?
>>13636 Imagine actually being an e-celeb's orbiter. Does he send you nudes of his big puffy belly too? >>13305 nothing is as bad as redditchan's /v/. Or any other cuckchan board. They are all the same; full of teenagers spamming buzzwords and being antagonistic so they can get (You)'s.
>>35847 >It's more about their imageboard being a cabal You mean, an olive branch you excuse of a cult leader. >>35906 <Gets paid 2k/mon to basically babysit children on a flaky website >More important things You'd think he was solving world hunger. <Also Marche posts Does that confirms CakeJew's multiple personality avatarfagging?
>>36002 >Mark the babysitter >Not Mark the child being babysat Weird concept of /v/ in fact of course
>>35921 Circlejerking. It's just an IRC chatroom, but in the format of an imageboard thread.
>>35988 That was literally 8chan's /v/.
>>36081 8chan's /v/ was different bickers a fat kike deleted every other post, but other than that - yeah basically.
>>36105 /v/eddit fucking loves her pussy
>>13209 Lol mark. Guess I'll switch my VPN location.
Huh, now I really wonder who deleted >>>/meta/4665, cause they deleted 8cult/v/168557751 just as instantly. I'm beginning to think there's a double volunteer.
>>36139 It's JEWS. He's an 8chan mod who also is a mod here.
>>36140 I knew the later, but definitely not the former. When did he get volunteer in 8coom?
>>36144 For /cow/
>>36145 No, JEVVS has been the /cow/ BO for ages, but I know for a fact CakeJew is asleep. I already guessed there's a double volunteer since that's a /v/ thread >>36131
Open file (129.95 KB 875x477 1413083850194-1.png)
>>35921 >for what possible fucking reason? Exodus #1 was the only thing close to relevance Mark ever had, and he's going to cling to it until he dies.
>>35844 He didn't fall for anything. Julay is seen by Jim as a direct competitor and is seen by Cake Kike specifically as a direct competitor to /v/ since julay /v/ was shilled on the /v/ bunker after Mark tried to redirect bunker users back to 8kunt. Mark saw this as a situation where he could shill for users of Julay to come back to his 8kunt board and probably rubbed his greasy cake-smeared hands together figuring he could just go "oh lol well it seemed convincing, guess I was wrong desu~" when people call him out on it. This was a planned move on his part, if not a very stupid one since it will backfire.
Imagine actually caring about the dead corpse of fucking gaymergate. Imagine still browsing /v/ of any kind. Anyone involved in this shitfest is a fucking retard of the highest order, that makes 4channers look downright respectable. Why don't you go drag the corpse of fucking chanology, while you're at it? Show these scientologists who is the boss, and spam them with anime avatar cringe
>>36232 The kike gotta protect his 2k shekels a month doing (((errands))) aka running character assassination campaigns on other sites/boards and shilling certain companies for some (((mysterious reasons)))
>>36291 What's more baffling is that they have no connection with the original faggots that started this whole spergery. They honest-to-God think it was about muh ethics in vidya journalism and the perpetrators are the "feminist system", whatever that means. They don't even have the mental capacity to identify the pretty obvious kikery behind it.
Open file (716.75 KB 2500x2154 bilderberg group_1.jpg)
Open file (194.98 KB 1657x970 099.jpg)
>>36346 The cult works so well, these files are permabanned there. Never refute Gamergate was an US Army made watchlist carpet dust operation, the handlers would flip.
Open file (4.74 MB 3200x4535 visapieceofshit.png)
>>38465 >cake reeeeeeeeeeee
>>38465 Is this peak schizoposting? Seriously that pic is so big it can't be navigated confortably.
You better hope the virus kills you faggot bickers if it doesn't I'm going to do it myself if I find out I'm infected. t. anon
>>40199 (1) Cakejew got covid-19'd?
Open file (91.83 KB 642x754 ClipboardImage.png)
>makes 2 grand a month for doing nothing >still in jew york >still in autism home He could have moved months ago and now he'll hopefully die with his lungs full of fluid.
>>41533 >jewcy got it dance thread
Open file (7.94 MB 640x480 sax.mp4)
Open file (25.99 KB 474x474 234577597.jpeg)
>>41533 Did cakejew at least receive a "Get fucked." to go with his coof?
Open file (12.18 MB 640x360 party_time.webm)
Open file (17.95 KB 1331x99 cakekike.png)
>expressing his desires for children >corona literally makes men infertile If he doesn't die from being an obese retard at least we can feel safe knowing he'll never reproduce. Not that he could manage it even if he was fertile. Better safe than sorry though. Coronachan just got a thousand times more awesome now that she's preventing jews from ever having children.
Open file (17.53 KB 500x375 pizza.jpg)
>>41533 I wonder what 8glow shill the pigfarmer is going to use after cakekike dies.
>>41550 Technically those would be jew larvae, not children.
>>36346 Anyone that said otherwise got shut out. Makes more sense since there's now concrete proof of his shillery.
>>41533 Funny. >>41552 >larvae Now I always though jews were brought to Earth by sacrificing goyim children on an alter and opening a portal to Hell.
>>41533 why is he asking redditkur?
>>41571 He wants attention from big ecelebs, what else
>>41578 >redditkur >big He should be tagging Keem in that case
>>41580 Reddikur is big among the newfag imageboard crowd
>>41581 i hate them so much
>>41571 Gym switch up his act to 24/7 Corona-chan reporting back in january or so> So basically, Mark is asking for a tl;dr three months late like the eternal newfag he is. >>41571 Also this.
>>41584 >Gym switch up his act to 24/7 Corona-chan reporting Good, at least he stopped ruining anime.
>>41587 Yeah he went from "/cow/, but for newfags" to "/k/, but for newfags". Which is honestly still kind of an improvement.
>>41599 >unironic goyscord where they link each other threads I want all of you shot.
>>41607 >While mobile The horror...
Open file (30.12 KB 976x203 ClipboardImage.png)
>>42629 What's the context, got an archive?
>>42661 So nothing kino: Cakejew is now auto anchoring meta threads bickers he doesn't want to see them, Project Odin was a huge disappointment, 8kun gold confirmed, ads too, he still has to have hope for 2k/month even though he may consider splitting away all else fails. OP is a real fag though: https://archive.is/7RN7C
Mark's not dying from Corona: http://archive.is/hQdwF#selection-50863.0-51077.86 Yet there appears to be a rift forming between him and the pig farmer, which is dropped a little more below in the thread.
>>42839 This thread is very interesting. I just browsed is but they're talking about opening up a new bunker on /animu/'s bunker or begging Gahoole for a board on tvch. Why are they so fucking retarded? They've polluted the webring and left 3-4 times already. They tried to kill the entire project and ruined /tv/ for awhile while also blaming them for all the shitposting. They gave /a/ to /animu/ only to abandon the board. Why is Mark suddenly mad at Jim?
>>42674 >Odin was a huge disappointment What was it in the end? always puzzled me how much they hyped that thing up. >>42840 Probably like anon said: no free 2k check. If that happens he needs to be pushed away, having Gahoole is already questionable due to his actions, although he just seems naive and overly enthusiast instead of belligerent.
>>42840 That thread is pretty entertaining, they all seem very upset no one wants to return.
>>42842 If you read the thread, Cakejew confesses what it is. fyi, Jeff, developer of lokinet, hates 8kun now >>42843 I laughed at the "he wants anonymity for cow and his users".
>>42843 They are. The other day an anon started basically crying about the webring and unironically claimed that it was "parasatizing" users from 8kun and fracturing the user base. Mark and his goons are super fucking butthurt that 8kun failed miserably and are going to ironically fracture the user base even further as an attempt to save it. Hearing the news that he won't be dying a slow painful death from corona is saddening though. But you win some you lose some, and watching Mark attempt yet another splinter imageboard is most certainly a win.
>>42848 >goons lol I pay people to talk shit about Julay and stir up drama
>>42849 Think you are getting ripped off, I'm here every day and don't notice it.
loreon&co. https://archive.fo/ozxdA I'm only open to the idea if the cake pays me 2k/month, I'll personally host him however he likes, and away from julay. The bui thing still makes me laugh today.
Open file (244.24 KB 906x611 ''delete v''.png)
Open file (229.69 KB 1465x841 delete v (2).png)
Open file (148.23 KB 928x737 delete v3.png)
Open file (139.13 KB 1350x615 delete v4.png)
>>42840 >>42849 He's witholding the chat logs for context until am additional site is finalized but all we hae to go on is pic related Jim doesn't give 2 shits about the non QAnon boards and he felt slighted that he told Mark that to the degree that cakeboi could remove /v/ if he so wishes. Combine this with dissatisfaction over the rate at which 8chan or rather "kun" was brought back, with only a handful of the original boards being up for claims, LONG wait times for responses in getting some, (if ever) less than stellar communication between them and the staff such as them backpedalling on a rather brief AMA on /v/ about what cocks could or could not be posted due to CP concerns, and you've got one upset userbase. The signs were there with Jim acting like a cringy boomer during his trip to Washington when the rebranding was going on; Q pin and all. He's after the Q audience first and foremost and the ones remaining there are getting increasingly fed up with it the more are made aware. You guys ever taken a look at the replies to whatever the official 8kun twitter account posts? Lots of boomers.
>>42844 Could you be willing to provide details? From what I remember when 8kun was announced with the loki mirror too, it turned out that if Jim and Ron had just contacted the loki devs they would have known that an update was only a few days away that would have broken compatibility with old lokinet versions and essentially put a huge strain on the loki network without any communication attempts at all. Is this why they hate 8kun, or is there additional stupidity from 8kunt's side for the hate?
>>42865 From Jeff's own words: >i work on the lokinet stuff, i was the one that told them [8kun administration] they NEED to be on the fediverse if they want any kind of credibility. > i fucking HATE 8chan they are not a part of loki's development or infra and never will be as long as I have anything to say about it. > i think it's a codepath that assumes it is going over lokinet but that part is not supposed to be activated yet. aka a bug >i keep on telling them stuff like this but they are slow on the uptake. they truly underestimate the role the fediverse plays in social discourse. >what pisses me off about this is I did all this work to make things private by design and all I get for it is to be called a nazi. >the 8chan people as i understand it refuse to upgrade off of the old ass version they found out about bickers they are leeches that want free ddos protection without having to have skin in the game. the newer versions require a loki stake in order to be a relay such that it keeps out said undesirables and low hanging fruitbaskets. i dont think anyone in the loki dev team is alt right or even likes those idiots. them promoting our stuff doesn't really help and I think they know that. >too spicy for you? oh well. >nazis are autistic af you know >does every single post on the internet have to be interpreted as literal statement of fact? i swear to god the puritanical censor police are on "both sides" of this shitfest. >I just want to be free but freedom isn't free. it took me 2 years to get here. > i am absolutely not a fan of this kind of purity testing, i just want to make privacy and freedom a thing. nazis don't and exploit projects like these for their own political gain. >no, and that post was an inflammatory shitpost who's context was ephemeral. >please note: this behavior of dirt digging for purity testing is why people are fleeing "the left". be fucking better. >you sound so open minded >you know exactly what i mean, be fucking better. >I am a decent person. I don't spread anything misleading and I don't hate anyone, really starting to get irked this now. >apply those rules to yourself and stop calling everyone who doesn't conform to your expectations a nazi. >i don't want to be popular i want this shit to work and the internet to not be broke af And there's more if you see the support line. Qtards are the worst clientele he has ever dealt with. He still has trauma about the Linux to WINEHQ installation of lokinet.
>>42866 It's sad how in your post you can clearly see jeff grow more and more exasperated with the shit he got dealt with. Thanks for the writeup. >the 8chan people as i understand it refuse to upgrade off of the old ass version they found out about bickers they are leeches that want free ddos protection without having to have skin in the game. the newer versions require a loki stake in order to be a relay such that it keeps out said undesirables and low hanging fruitbaskets That's fucking slimy. Here I thought they were still on the old version from just plain laziness and incompetence, but they're slime through and through.
Open file (36.89 KB 500x500 markkikey.jpg)
>>42861 >it's another "Mark is a powertripping faggot who needs to keep a hold over his G​AMERGATEcattle OR ELSE" episode Man, I hate reruns.
>>42861 Qoomers are also a monetized user base for him. They're buying his merch and probably donating, who knows with qoomers. I cannot believe that even those retarded /v/edditors didn't see this. It's been obvious for months.
>>42866 Poor bastard. Shame he's most likely irreversibly associated with 8chan/kun and the alt-right.
>>42861 Yeah, the radio silence and refusal to migrate boards is exasperating.
Open file (131.13 KB 983x659 cakekike.png)
Open file (243.64 KB 990x1039 cakekike2.png)
>>42905 I find it funny how he's admitting Rodent is Calejew's TORPedo.
>>42905 Reminder that cakekike spent the last few months slandering the webring and that any sane board will either not invite him or blacklist him if some retarded site owner does decide to invite him. Also if he manages to get an invite he should be eternally mocked and his posters should be routinely spammed with archives to him stickying threads from the dolphin pedophile where he fabricated shit about the webring data mining posters. Don't let this fat jew memory hole this shit.
Open file (184.12 KB 978x827 cakekike3.png)
Open file (50.70 KB 986x621 cakekike4.png)
>>42911 >should be routinely spammed Julay Administration discourages spam. You're on your own Toroedo.
>>42912 >mark hates sinkingmars, the most julay toast unopinionated BO in imageboard history Does he just make it all up as he goes along? >>42914 Shut the fuck up euphoria
>>42916 Rodent, Julayworld will never spam. Your lolisperging was been dealt with 5 times. Relent, let go.
>>42917 Neither that namedrop nor the accusation of "lolisperging" mean anything to me.
Open file (35.53 KB 1019x466 cakekike5.png)
Open file (147.23 KB 994x1026 cakekike6.png)
Open file (139.80 KB 978x564 cakekike7.png)
>>42920 >mark didn't try to split the community The fact they think people choosing to post on any board that isn't owned by mark is somehow "splitting the community" is fucking hilarious. And don't even get me started on the irony of posting that in a thread specifically about making yet ANOTHER bunker. The stockholm syndrome of the average cake/v/ poster is only rivaled by the average cuckchan poster.
Open file (16.02 KB 349x253 cakekike fatchan.png)
Cakekike is now begging for a board on fatchan after accusing the website of data mining users just a little while ago. https://fatpeople.lol/t/thread/186.html
>>42920 >>42922 this is peak copeposting and disingenuous lies from the kike >I don't have moderation based on bitching about cuckchan or julay.world That shit never happen, yet every single one of his posts is bitching about them. What a slimy piece of shit Mark is. The jew cries in pain as he strikes at you remains true.
http://archive.vn/vnzbn Some people are... upset.
>>13683 >muh dying mother What else? Your father has testicular cancer too? I hope your mother die choking on G​AMERGATE semen. >i dont get paid >i do get paid
Mark shit his pants and did nothing wrong. Change my mind.
Loleron told Mark he wasn't going to host /v/ on prolikewoah and now it's been conveniently hacked and wiped...
>>42991 Mark and the dolphin pedophile surely are an interesting duo.
Mark's conversation with Jim about how he doesn't care about /v/ in the slightest and is only concerned about running the site for Q boomers.
Open file (87.83 KB 412x608 jew btfo.jpg)
Open file (40.56 KB 347x260 8.jpg)
Oh lawd, looks like cakeboi is about to lose his jimbux. This is about to get spicy. >>42925 >>42946 >Burn every bridge you've ever crossed >Shocked when people tell you to suck dicks when you come crawling back There's a lot more where this came from, Mark. >>43010 >>43015 >I don't pay you for /v/ >Work on [REDACTED LOL] What's he working on, /cow/?
>>43016 >What's he working on, /cow/? Nothing, that's the problem. He's been fapping and playing Switch for months while getting 2k and his employer is finally going to cut him off.
>>43016 I used some russian hacking technology and was able to uncensor it
YO robi, is any of this shit true, did cakejew actually apologize to you? https://archive.md/ntYcM https://archive.md/sf4og >>43010 Facebook huh. >>43016 Which media friends and shilling for his superpac friends is he talking about? >>43019
>first Soywheels is on the run, his plan to pose as the warrior of justice failed >now Mark is running off the sinking ship that is 8Гунт No matter how dark the night, good will always prevail!
>>43022 Unfortunately he isn't dying from corona, which would have been a much more entertaining shit-storm.
>>43023 the magical thing with Corona is that he can catch it AGAIN
>>43022 pigjim on the run next, he's gonna make it in the news >>43023 just find someone to coof on him, you can do it, his address is public. >>43024 coof him!
Open file (76.31 KB 600x450 2ktan1.jpeg)
>>43021 Unless things have changed in the last few weeks I don't think it's true that he's apologized. The thing with Mark is he only shows up when he's freaking out and has lied about several things. >We tried to be friendly with him and even offered him a board here when he first came looking for one. At some point he showed up and demanded we give him >>>/v/ which wasn't going to happen bickers someone had already claimed it. He wouldn't accept another board so that didn't go anywhere. He's come to the IRC channel multiple times to freak out and accuse >us of various things. >We tried to explain that our main issue with him was tweeting the webring to journalists. He did it twice after being told that we'd be force to blacklist him if he kept on. We really didn't want to blacklist him either time but he kept being retarded. Getting unblacklisted is probably what he's talking about when he said he apologized. The issue with Mark is this: when he apologizes for doing something retarded he turns right around and does it again. He doesn't learn or seem to care how his actions affect others. When he forced migration of vch back to 8kun he left direct links to it in the webring. There is no way this was not done on purpose. Our worry was these links would give the IPs of anons dumb enough to bareback to 8kun/Jim which >we don't consider trust worthy. It just seemed like a bad idea to leave those links there. /tv/ was still on vch which complicated things. I don't remember exactly what was done to leave the links to /tv/ there while removing the redirects to 8kun. We've been friendly, shitposting aside, with Mark from the start and attempted to work with him. I've personally extended the olive branch three or four times now and it has always came back around to bite me in the ass. One of the main complaints about julay/v/ is the fact that it doesn't allowed GG threads but they never mention that they had a chance to run >>>/v/ however they wanted before another anon claimed it. When that anon left and transferred the board to me I attempted to be friendly to the GG anons again and allowed GG threads at that time. They refused to use the board. Eventually, I got tired of running the board and found another BO for it. I didn't think an admin running >>>/v/ was a good idea and I didn't want the headache of it bickers it's constantly under attack from various people. So when Mark came demanding the board I was pretty pissed off about it. He did that during a sokuG​AMERGATE stream and ruined their finals that night. No one watched the match and I felt bad about it. As far as I know Mark never apologized for that. Another thing Mark never talks about is the fact that the last time he came freaking out in the julay IRC channel we asked him if it would be possible for us to speak with Jim/Ron. We wanted to offer /tech/ support and see if we could fix the broken mess that was 8kun. I was willing to do it for free since I'm very experienced with php. I doubt he ever passed a long this message. There was hope that maybe 8kun could be fixed and the idea of the webring could be implemented there as well to prevent anons from being further split apart. If he cared about this I don't understand why he never asked, maybe he did but he never came back to give an update. We've told him multiple times to come idle in the channel so we would have a line of communication with him. All the admins of the various sites in the webring try to help each other out. He's been the only one that didn't want to take part. We don't really talk with each other that much but it's helpful when things happen like PLW getting pwned today. robi even wrote a guide to help anons interested in setting up their own imageboard learn how and he's helped other admins in need of /tech/ support. If I were an anon interested in not seeing their /v/ die I'd reach in my pocket, spend $35-$40, get a VPS, learn how to into webdev and set-up an imageboard myself. If you want Mark as the BO of your /v/ give it to him but run the site yourself. That's the best solution. He's lying to them and saying he needs $100+ a month to run an imageboard. Julay costs almost nothing to operate and >we host far more media and boards than vch ever did. I'm not saying that as some kind of pissing contest either it's just a fact I've attempted to tell them for months now. For $100 a month you can have a dedicated server and support nearly 1 million anons. There is no way /v/ costs that much month to month. I tried to explain this to Mark multiple times and tell him he was getting ripped off. He chose not to believe me. I'll end this wall of text now. We've always attempted to be friendly with Mark and anything we've done like blacklisting vch was always a reaction to whatever retarded thing he did that week. I've lurked some of these archives and a lot of the things I see in them aren't true. It isn't worth arguing about it. They just make shit up and run with whatever lies they're telling. t. not robi
Edited last time by Hoihoi on 04/11/2020 (Sat) 23:26:07.
Open file (432.50 KB 921x2973 cakekike.png)
Open file (1.13 MB 677x9099 cakekike and robi.png)
This Mark shit from when he fell for the dolphinschizos trap and stickied his thread "exposing" julay a while ago.
>>43026 >Hoihoi If you truly believe everything you've said about hosting him, why haven't you done it? Also, what happened to UNIVAC? I'll wait for robi's personal answer, bickers Mark could have apologized personally by /msg, discord, email, and iirc his personal cellphone. >>43030 No apology here. I can feel sorry all I want and not give a shred of apology. Creating a thread to say he fucked up wasn't apology enough for all the libel he keeps committing.
>>43031 >Creating a thread to say he fucked up wasn't apology enough He didn't just create a thread, he immediately locked it and didnt pin it, so the thing slid off the first page almost immediately and barely anyone saw it.
>>43030 >i'm not the one with a huge Гунт based robi
Open file (135.03 KB 1001x557 cakekike.png)
Open file (13.86 KB 981x185 cakekike2.png)
Open file (12.18 MB 640x360 party_time.webm)
Cakekike overplayed his hand and posted an open letter to the administration >pic1 and is now locked out of 8kun/v/ >2pic CAKEKIKE'S HAS BEEN PHYSICALLY REMOVED
>>43031 >If you truly believe everything you've said about hosting him, why haven't you done it? If some retard kept coming around demanding you give him a certain room in your house and refused the 4-5 other rooms you offered would you keep trying to help him or would you tell him to fuck off? He doesn't want >our help, he only wants control of >>>/v/ bickers it started getting activity. >Also, what happened to UNIVAC? I switch names often to avoid the problems of name faggotry. Wait for robi's answer if you want. I don't speak for him I'm just explaining what happened bickers I was there to see the entire thing. I can't work with people that act retarded and lie all of the time. If I was Jim I would have fired the fat fuck months ago.
Edited last time by Hoihoi on 04/12/2020 (Sun) 02:34:08.
Cakekike saying he's in talks with Gahoole about something "temporary".
This motherfucker reminds me of my relatives. Fucking scums of the fucking earth, always whine and whine and whine to no fucking end and make sure to betray everyone's trust and help so he can continue being a parasite. Completely ignore all the help everyone has done to him and always whine that no one has ever helped him and thrown a massive temper tantrum every single time.
>>43041 Archive of the thread https://archive.vn/ugOPT
>>43043 While I'm here: there are logs of everything I'm talking about lurk around and look for them if you don't want to believe me. All he had to do was come back, ask for help, and not be retarded. We aren't the ones that forced migration of a board back to 8kun twice. I suspect he'll go abuse Gahoole's kindness which means robi will be stuck doing tech support for Mark anyway.
>>43041 >you're focused on projects that actually making money Mark just won -20 intelligence points. >>43043 >I switched names 👌 I was worried Tenicu took your jobbu. Reason why I asked about the hosting transpary@NSA has just been made >I can't work with people that act retarded and lie all of the time I actually have to. But no job or source of income? Blow off! >If I was Jim I would have fired the fat fuck months ago. I'm too merciful, I would hire him to pimp himself out in pornhub like StephenLynx. >>43044 Ask him what it is >>42972 >>43045 Kill your Jewish family? >>43048 Want me to end the gahoole × marky relationship for good?
Open file (891.00 KB 480x480 1450763543436.mp4)
lmfao. Watching 8chan circle the drain post-inauguration has been something else. The main question I have is why Ron slit his own throat. I can understand Jim doing it since he's a retarded boomer, but Ron should have known better from the very start.
>>43054 Even with all my years of accumulated hatred for cakekike that pdf is more sad than funny. A jew paid to try and artificially push some retarded board that literally no one cared about when all he wanted to do was ban people for disagreeing with him on /v/ and accuse the webring of data mining without evidence.
>>43054 >>43056 >qresearch is not important they will all go away in november >t. jim Spicy.
>BO of /m/ here Quattro Bajeena, >>>/f/ BO, please, explain your bloody reasoning. >>43053 Susucoin. It was his first real venture with his Dad's money and trust. It went to shit, bad. I laughed every second in my overchan instance. >>43054 omfg, IT IS SLACK. Fredrick Brennan is going to have a field day with this. PigJim is literally admitting to creating fake news to sell lies. >>43057 He's right, Trump already won reelection.
>the nordic company won't pay us money unless we can change the narrative Neato.jpg
>>43058 Do you seriously think the q-larp is coming from Trump's camp? Honest question.
Open file (2.96 MB 288x224 ascended lol.mp4)
>>43054 >/newsplus/ What? As cancerous as the Qoomers are at least they buy the shitty merch. What the fuck was he hoping to accomplish with /newsplus/? Is he trying to be Vice, imageboard edition? This old fuck is even stupider than I thought he was. Also holy shit, just look at the way mark snivels and sucks up to him. Pathetic.
Rip Mark
Gahoole hasn't agreed to hosting the cakekike after all https://tvch.moe/tv/res/17489.html#17622
>>43061 He's craving the money and he doesn't understand how the media industry ACTUALLY operates. He's fucking deluded.
>>43054 >Go back to 4chan Man i can't stop laughing
Open file (7.52 KB 1787x83 ClipboardImage.png)
>>43060 Hell no. He needs Trump to win, that's what he's referring to. It's part of his SuperPac deal. >>43063 kek
>>43054 jfc cakekike is a retard. How was this leak suppose to make the pig farmer look bad? For him, all it does it show that he's trying to make 8kunt generate money and expand his army of lady boy reporters. For mark however, he's getting paid to post articles on /newsplus/ yet cannot even do that right and is always begging for more money. Absolutely pathetic.
>>43066 >superpac deal elaborate
>>43067 he threw /v/ and /qresearch/ under the bus which is 99% of the current userbase unless I stand corrected. Who the fuck even reads newsplus
Bets not even a penny. >>43069 I forgot where in /cow/ I posted it, but if you look closely at the ads below in 8kun, there's a superpac he's hosting Fredrick has been talking about all months, that's his primary source of reccup money. He's hoping to bank of good old Breitbart technique, which you know, DNC killed for good: Make SuperPac Make merch super X candidate that will win, People Donate like crazy, including other sponsors, speech money, etc.. ??? Steal it all It's what Bernie does, Yang did, every "suicidal" politician, and eventually Biden. Obama just didn't make as many mistakes as Trump, thus Hillary's drop never made the financial investigation. >>43070 Himself: Goldwater. He likes to be a god preaching people, /news/ shaping is what he was trained to do as a Free Mason, it's all he knows.
>>43070 fuck /v/ delete /v/
>>43072 I've never been to 8kun and I haven't been on 8ch in years, so I didn't see any of the ads (and I blacklisted softserve back when I did use 8ch) Does the superpac have a name? You could dig up the funding sources. It would be interesting. >>43075 Happy Easter, Anon.
>>43076 Browse Fredrick Brennan's Twitter then. You can make a temporary lokinet or TOR session to see the ads below. Idgaf, until I see pigjim meltdown, which I've only seen it twice 8leaks, and a Goldwater interview after the deplatform. Happy Passover ACH.
Open file (2.74 MB 200x200 unknown.gif)
>>43077 juden raus
>>43079 Shalom deutchy
>>43080 If you had access to the right gene-editing tech, would you cut out your jew dna?
>>43081 UNIVAC, you know who I am, the answer is more obvious than you know
Cakekike forgot his password and lost access to his fatchan account already, lmfao
>>43084 You know what that means, right? fatchan/v/ is the new /b/
>>43058 /f/ BO here Explain my reasoning on what? You're going to need to be a little more specific, there.
>>43086 Man /v/ is going to be an absolute laughing stock for years to come after they spent the entirety of this year mocking, insulting, and blaming the webring only to come crawling back in such a pathetic scramble like this.
>>43088 The problem is jula/v/ will be compromised now. Good bye comfy days.
>>43087 Simple, why are you standing with your statement on 8kun, unless you want to admit today you want nothing to do with pigjim's site. >>43089 How so? Muses is a pretty good BO. I gave them all an ultimatum. If they refuse to comply, ban ban ban.
>>43090 What statement? The only thing I've said about 8chan to date is that I used to be the /f/ BO on there. I haven't even used it since I went down.
>>43090 You cannot stop crossposting ni/gg/ers and they will spill over.
>>43091 OK! >>43092 Trust me, Muses & I are extremely aware. I'm to the point of saying loleron is Rodent/dolphinpedo.
>>43090 /v/ BO is indifferent to /v/ culture and has no clearly defined vision for the board. It only manages to operate well bickers of the posters being people that were comfortable with low PPH. If cake /v/ invades julay/v/ is absolutely fucked. Let's just hope they settle elsewhere.
>>43094 Nope, I asked him to be on standby since Wednesday. The worst that can happen is we'll need shifts, and a new vol. If he asks, I'll be here. I own several boards anyhow.
>>43095 Extra rulecuckery and banhappy will not help the situation, in fact they will only ruin the board like what happened with 8/vg/. Carefree days are over either way.
>>43096 If the BO just runs the board like usual it won't be a problem
It begins >>>/v/26071
>>43098 Is that out of spite? I've seen them trying to go here: https://prolikewoah.com/v/
>>43095 What do you mean nope? He literally put a soyjak in the fucking sticky of the board. This has been debated for months and every time the topic of cuckchan spam has been brought up he's said he doesn't care to moderate culture and will just delete spam and low quality threads. It's a well known fact that the only thing preventing the board from becoming a cuckchan shit-posting grounds is that it flew under the radar and 8glow /v/ caught all the cuckchan cross-posters.
>>43096 >like what happened with 8/vg/ Bro it's been over a year, you got banned for shitposting the meta thread.
>>43100 >soyjak >cuckchan Good to see the cancer shield is working as intended. It's in the OP bickers GG General kept spamming it. If it keeps them away it's a good thing
>>43099 That's the official new bunker after the fat fuck forgot his fatchan pass. But that's exactly the point, as long as ni/gg/ers have any place on the webring they will spill over and shit up anything vidya related.
Open file (1.67 MB 1920x2500 80710168_p1.png)
>>43096 Muses knows how chillax I'm IRL, and with the boards I own. He knows the least I like to do is ban people for what they want to say. In fact, I'm less trigger happy than him. >>43098 Whoops, time to revive >>>/S​ARGONhq/ and dust off a database. Muses, migrate the thread to me >>43100 >triggered by soyjacks yah no, that type of autism isn't welcomed. >>43101 They miss Thrax's old bans, they can now go to PLW/v/ for that. The real question: will julay remove plw/v/ from the webring? >>43104 Ask robi as soon as he wakes up regarding that shit. I'll do my part.
>>43105 >S​ARGONhq heh
>>43105 >S​ARGONhq
>>43103 >>43105 >unironically defending cuckchan culture bickers cakekike doesn't like it 'yah no', this is the type of contrarianism that kills boards.
>>43108 >this is the type of contrarianism that kills boards Enjoying your "alive" board with the cake kike at helm?
>>43108 Yeah, and the Sargoy thing is a bit funny since they don't like or have followed him for years, either. Mombot was among the last of their favored e-celebs before getting suspended and have picked up on One Angry Gamer's autism as of late
>>43110 What about my post implies I would ever post on a cakekike owned board you absolute monkey brained G​AMERGATE?
>>43112 >>43110 You don't have to like cake jew to hate cuckchan rapefugees with their shitty memes. That's a big reason as to why they stuck with him for so long since he had just enough sense to keep booting those fags out. On another note: They must feel a little silly for making two threads about the cripple since he isn't dying of Corona chan either. (unfortunately)
>>43113 >That's a big reason as to why they stuck with him for so long since he had just enough sense to keep booting those fags out Thats fucking rich. He welcomed cuckchan rapefugees with open arms as long as they didn't talk shit about nintendo. The only reason they stick to him is bickers gamergoyim are eternal cattle who feel lost without their kike master.
Open file (328.36 KB 1000x1000 1580375166014.png)
>>43113 thought he was dying. Now he's an energized little butterball.
Open file (95.01 KB 1661x860 julaydreadsthecakev.png)
Open file (139.25 KB 627x759 ;^).png)
>>43114 Then why did the board, GG threads and all go on and on about how "at least we're not cuckchan" and bullied/reported anyone posting their memes?
Open file (209.56 KB 1284x913 sargonhq.png)
Open file (196.36 KB 621x810 ; ^^^^^^ ).png)
>>43117 ; ^^^^^^ )
>>43114 Of course mark welcomes cuckchan G​AMERGATEs with open arms. Mark doesn't hate cuckchan culture, he literally only deletes soyjaks bickers they were targeting nintendo. That doesn't mean cuckchan culture and soyjaks are something that you want to invite into your board. Marks /v/ was cuckchan-lite for retards who liked to pretend they weren't insufferable normalfags addicted to PPH and (You)'s.
Open file (404.92 KB 480x270 u7.gif)
>>43118 You really cannot take any of their posts seriously with that gay ass G​AMERGATE disclaimer under every post. Imagine being that cucked and giving anyone any shit.
>>43118 >i made it in the cap HI CAKE KIKE'S /V/EDDITORS YOU ARE CUCKCHAN-TIER
>>43120 idgaf remember? I'm enjoying ID:2d4dfa doxing his (((You))) https://archive.md/gwAeJ#16910789 You want one too?^)
>>43119 Got any examples of that on his board?
I wonder if Id:a4ad77 will ever talk to >us ever again; ^^^^ )
>>43124 You rang? :^^^^)
>>43125 How does kike semen taste like?
>>43127 Surely you've got that figured that out as well, given you're a fellow Mark connoisseur, what with this nice thread about him and all.
Open file (19.23 KB 413x395 lol.jpg)
>>43129 >What's that, there's a thread about a lolcow on /cow/ Yep, and it's here forever, you niggеr
>>43126 Yeah, I saw them >>>/meta/7528 loleron has yet to prove 1) he was hacked 2) what bitcoin address 3) why lie to /animu/ that he won't host cakes, yet here it now exists. >>43129 I'm not gahoole, if you're asking. I'm not that gay.
>>43105 >will julay remove plw/v/ from the webring? Robi should, the ultimatum was made, but i would extend it to PLW as a whole.
>>43132 You can remove individual boards from the webring, it's a simple list: https://gitlab.com/alogware/LynxChanAddon-Webring
Open file (8.17 KB 1201x75 1.png)
>>43130 As long as you don't stare into the abyss too long, that's fine. >>43131 wew
>>43134 ( ・∀・ )ゞ
>>43133 You know what i meant, while i'm in no position of power the fact a webring member broke a well known deal (no cake in the premises) is tough to let pass. Everyone has seen what the jew is capable of. But who knows what will happen, suspecting attitudes towards newcomers will be double after this one.
>>43137 Cakekike said he apologized to Robbeh.
>>43137 Ask him in the morning. I personally dgaf. >>43138 Contrary to what the kike wants you to believe, I'm willing to wait on Robi to testify that is the case, before all this sperging. Post removal of his position as Community Manager for N.T.Tech is just plain kvetch.
>>43081 Btw, archiving shit on the cult, found it: DISARMTHEDEEPSTATE.COM
>>43144 >Mark has talked with me almost daily about his grand plan to change the site back to 8ch.net and relaunch with /pol/ and all the 2d loli boards. Lets talk about this. >First off, we cant bring back the 8ch.net domain name bickers of deplatforming issues from last year. Perhaps we can bring the domain name back someday, but I really dont see this happening anytime soon or ever due to the issue of deplatforming. >The 2d loli boards arent back yet also due to deplatforming issues with our new network setup. We are working to get onto a different network setup and the ETA for that is two weeks. The main issue with that is we wont be sure the new network setup is better or worse than the current setup until we switch over. We have already tried a few setups in the past few weeks and they werent better than what we have now. I understand 2d loli generally isnt illegal and you guys are free to post it, but having specific boards for it will currently get us in trouble with deplatforming from our network providers. We need to switch to a different network provider before we can bring back those boards. >Regarding the /pol/ board, I dont think its necessary to bring back /pol/ just to have the legacy "brand name". There is already a board on 8kun /pnd/ that offers similar discussion topics and it is being managed well by its BO. >The odin software was delayed bickers Mark was beta testing it and found a lot of bugs mostly related to moderation tools. We have been fixing those bugs for 3-4 months now. We finally finished fixing those bugs about a week ago and were going to launch it when suddenly all the weird posting/modding bugs showed up on the main site. The past week or so we have been working to fix all the posting/modding bugs that were preventing users from posting or modding. The posting/modding bugs were finally fixed yesterday and now posting/modding is fast and working well again. >I have explained this stuff to Mark explicitly via direct chat the past few months and he knows what has been going on. He was an active beta tester for Odin and knows why we havent launched it yet. He knows whats going on with the 8ch.net domain name and the 2d loli boards. >Now lets talk about the issue of Marks job. From what I can recall, Mark was initially hired to manage /newsplus/. Since his work load was so low with /newsplus/, he was also doing odin beta testing, answering the claims emails, and managing which boards were to be migrated from the old 8chan database to 8kun. In the past two weeks, he had less than a half-dozen mod actions on /newsplus/ as the BO, and he only re-assigned one board as the claims mod. If your boards were not migrated from 8chan or your board claim didnt go answered, then likely its bickers Mark ignored you. When I checked his user logs earlier today, I was surprised to see that he has not done much of anything in the past few weeks related to his official capacity while I have been working my ass off with our small team to get things back on track and even add some new QoL features to the site. From what I can tell, Mark has done almost nothing except beg for more money from my dad while ignoring your claims emails. >After I saw this thread today, I recommended Marks firing from the site. My small team and I are working non-stop on getting the backend software and networking to run better and make sure it doesnt get taken down to hacking, DDoS, deplatforming or social/political pressure, and I have explained that multiple times to Mark. I have also recommended the removal of access to all his accounts and emails as is normal when terminated from employment. This board will go to claims in two weeks and I will find a suitable replacement from the current /v/ vol team, or if they are not interested then it will go to someone who sends an email to claims. There is already a new person checking the claims email.
>>43144 This is the best happening since Sargon implosion. My popcorn bucket is stocked.
>>43144 >>43145 Ron's word » Mark. He's been Excommunicated.
Open file (32.55 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
Before I go 869f7b, your cammo isn't that very good
>>43147 Gahoole, a BO on 8kunt confirms it's true.
Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and cockss thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.
>>42991 And now they literally got it. Whats with mods and their bird brain memory? Everyone should have said no and laugh as the 8cuck crawling around like insects.
>>43151 There's something about forgiving a jew with a horrible track record, online and offline, as a worker and as a person. Might be the users behind him or something.
>>43152 prokikewoah is a small slow site, Kike no doubt (((explained))) how hosting a /v/ will boost the activity on all the other boards and the naive faggot loleron caved in.
>>43117 For the same reason they excused Cakekike's censorship, 8Гунт's awful performance, "controversial" boards not getting restored and so on. Think about it, they moved boards not bickers of myriad of other reasons but bickers the kike decreed that lolis is where he needs to make a stand.
>>43154 Mark is just Kraut lite.
>>43144 That's it. Mark is over. Gamergoiym is over. The dream of 8chan being the same is over. Beautiful, the exact kind of autism explosion I thought there would be.
>>43156 >The dream of 8chan being the same is over. There was never such dream.
Open file (89.48 KB 1202x299 JimRonloliboards.png)
>>43154 Ron gave updates about fixing the site and Odin, as well as having restored a few boards. Given the recent stream about Jim outright stating that he doesn't care about free speech that I've heard recently, in addition to the logs concerning his views towards the site in relation to /newsplus/, that is blowing any goodwill and trust placed in Ron. No more vague promises and constant delays to tide over. It was suspected that something was fucky months ago, but with this all out in the open as it is, it's confirmed something that should have spurred more action. Paranoia and autism are a bad combo.
>>43095 >heh yeah we're ready >mark's cuckchanners are shitting up the board >nobody's around Now that's fucking based.
>>43161 >Given the recent stream about Jim outright stating that he doesn't care about free speech If he gave a shit about free speech he wouldn't be paying 2k a month to a kike like Mark to moderate his site.
>>43123 Nigger he literally advertises on twitter. You can't get more normalfag than that.
>>43123 Why do you think he was blacklisted from the webring twice? The retard tweeted the link directly at unfriendly journalists and when he was told to stop doing it bickers it would bring trouble he did it again. Long before that Mark and Hotwheels invited in reddit during the early days of GG. They didn't care about anything but the pph. The fat kike is telling you himself that he wants to put ads and sell captcha free passes for $20 a month. Where do you think he plans on finding people willing to pay and view the ads? Anons block ads and don't donate. For that type of thing you need the normalfags. He's wanting to do the same thing Jim is doing with the Qtards.
>>43179 He was tweeting direct vch links for months before that, too.
Open file (7.46 KB 573x133 0.png)
Open file (6.08 KB 474x133 1.png)
The absolute state of Loleron
https://8kun.top/v/res/16901867.html#16901976 http://archive.fo/wip/ZUji0 Mark talking about planning to leave 8kun last week and how he's going to monetize his new imageboard.
>>43050 >Want me to end the gahoole × marky relationship for good? Please do. Gahoole has too much good will to spare with his "personal friends", including his Discord cabal, and not enough good will to spare with his anons.
>>43181 If I were this lolretard guy, I would wait for a day or two then delete the board without a single warning. That would be fun, but it seems like this guy is a total pushover. No he wont delete it in a week, he will only delete it when Mark allows him to. >>43186 >gahoole >mark >jim What is it with moderators and being obese?
>>43187 And now Hotwheels. Mootykins and Snacks aren't fat though, even to this day.
>>43187 W.T. Snacks was quite thin to be honest.
Open file (2.05 KB 1219x24 y6.png)
>>43192 He did choose fatchan officially. The animu /v/ is going to get deleted.
>>43192 Good for /animu/, they dodged a cannonball, just like /a/ did months ago.
>>43193 It's not. Lolerun is a pushover cuck and Mark will use both boards you stupid goon.
>>43195 Don't ever respond to my posts again schizo
>>43196 >>43194 Go kill yourself you stupid shill ni/gg/er.
>>43197 Did I fucking stutter BITCH? Do not EVER respond to my posts again SCHIZO.
>>43198 Go kill yourself you stupid shill ni/gg/er.
Now with the cake kike gone how would you guys run a /v/ board differently than him? If /v/iggers were to get a new BO that BO would do good if he: >don't remove a post bickers someone said something in a thread other people disagree with (cake kike did this all the time you would see mass replies to a removed post it looked stupid as fuck) >don't have to type of fucking paragraph in your thread comment to have the thread not get deleted >make a general thread for vidya-related shitposting to act as a containment thread >enable crossboard advertising on the banner (cake kike shit his pants and didn&apos;t do this bickers he's a greedy kike who only wants people on his board) >let threads that talk about the same topic exceed to 3 instead of 1 (there are too many dead threads that are a month old and the last bumps is days old, this change would make the place feel more alive without the need to clog one thread and wait till it gets to the bottom of the catalog to make a new one) This is how you run a fucking board and it baffles me how all these years ni/gg/ers just took it up the ass by Mark.
>>43201 You do know there are non Mark /v/'s, right?
>>43202 I'm talking about on 8kun though.
Open file (65.62 KB 800x600 memes.png)
>>43201 I mostly agree with your shit, suspicious-idol-anon. But here's the true way a /v/ should be moderated. >Whatever rules there are should be few in number and VERY clear about what is allowed and what isn't The more subjective a rule can be twisted, the shittier it is, and Mark had loads of them >discourage the insistence on generals Having generals encourages people to say "take it to x" or "this thread belongs in y, deleted" which only serves to shoot down discussion, also those generals, as you say, are often 300+ posts in and nobody wants to read through all that shit. >thread topic limit at 3 instead of 1 A safe number, keeps it from becoming spam but allows discussion to exist >significantly ease the restrictions on "derailing" Besides the fact that 'derailing' is subjective as fuck, discussion needs to flow naturally to keep conversation from becoming something that you force yourself to walk on eggshells around just incase it happens to lead somewhere that the mods don't personally like or is outside of the thread's 'sphere'. Unless a thread has someone who blatantly comes in unrelated to anything said prior and tries to shift discussion to something far different than what the OP intended, I say keep it, don't ban anything and certainly don't delete posts, which leads me to >Don't delete posts that break rules, public ban instead People need to know why their post was deleted and anons need to learn what is and isnt allowed. Public bans allow just that. As long as public bans don't go into meme territory (e.g. USER WAS SENT TO GAS CHAMBER XD) then it is a positive element. Obviously, CP and shit threads should be deleted outright, leading me to >Allow all vidya discussion Just bickers a game you don't personally like is being discussed doesn't mean it isn't a video game. This goes for gacha shit, MOBAs, Overwatch, Undertale, Deltarune, etc. Allow it all. Sage bombing is just fine but a thread will not be deleted for talking about a "voodoo" topic. Template threads like "What games x" or "post your favorite vidya y" should be discouraged and belittled but similarly not deleted. >Shitposting thread They already exist as LOL threads, keep those as they serve as a good outlet for news which may slightly fall outside of the scope of video games. Porndumps will not be allowed in such threads as its just taking advantage of the thread itself. >No GG threads whatsoever Self explanatory >Meta threads allowed at all times Limited to one in this case. Users should just be aware that the BO nor the mods should be expected to read the thread every day for hours on end Thats all I can think of right now. I'm debating whether shota and furfaggotry should be banned outright as well since even back on 4/v/ before 2010 they were cancerous as hell and never contributed to anything, far as I am aware. Is that hypocritical of me?
>>43203 Why would you, >WE or anyone else care about what they do on 8goon though?
>>43204 >Meta threads allowed at all times You just had to fuck everything up by the end, didn't you?
Open file (8.95 KB 568x157 markhistrionics.png)
Open file (70.37 KB 1101x699 (((Mark))) Cucktendo.png)
reminder goyim, alt boards and their users are nothing but D&C thanks you for listening to my lies once more!
>>43201 I agree with all of these. However, I do have something to add in regards to: >don't have to type of fucking paragraph in your thread comment to have the thread not get deleted
>>43206 My justification is that there wasn't a rule against meta threads on 2007-era 4/v/ bickers there wasn't unrest concerning moderation at the time. The ideal /v/ board would be the same. Meta would be allowed but it wouldn't be necessary since moderation is acceptable.
Open file (36.55 KB 182x275 state_of_4cuck.png)
>>43201 >>43209 wew I just fucked up spectacularly. What I was going to say is: I think there should be some rules about OP standards. A minimum OP length is pretty dumb and generally encourages people to either add meaningless fluff to the post or outright tack on something like "150characters150characters150characters150characters150characters" But I do think there should be some guidelines on what constitutes a "shit thread" so the catalog doesn't get filled with shit like pic related. I went and peeked at 4chan's /v/ and holy fuck I forgot how bad things can get
Open file (71.79 KB 545x689 confused_mado2.png)
>>43197 >/a/ and /animu/ dodged a cannonball by not having mark on their bunkers. <You're a ni/gg/er! Anon, go to sleep, your brain isn't working as it should.
>>43213 /animu/ shit his pants and didn&apos;t dodge anything, they have the most active /v/ and it's not going to get deleted bickers their BO is a pussy. Goons now try and draw attention away from prokikewoah by saying that it's okay, Mark is gone! When he's still there. And after BO fucked up by deleting their entire database it's not hard to see why goons are busy at work.
>>43204 >No GG threads whatsoever If board creation on 8kun were functional and there were a /GG/ board (there used to be one on 8chan but ni/gg/ers wanted to stay on /v/) then that can be enforced with minimal concern. Problem is there can't be a /GG/ board now and a lot of ni/gg/ers would complain about there being no GG threads and the new BO would most likely cuckout to them just like Mark did. Hell as a matter of fact I wonder why GG gets multiple general threads and not just one cycled thread. Surely ni/gg/ers wouldn't complain about that, right? Right now on 8/v/ there's been a cycled corona discussion thread which isn't even vidya-related, Mark just wanted people to stay on his board.
>>43215 >Mark just wanted people to stay on his board. And he banned me multiple times from that thread for "meta discussion"
>>43216 Yeah he's a kike who doesn't know what transparency means.
Open file (119.85 KB 384x313 carlin_shrug01.png)
>>43214 I can't speak for /animu/'s BO since I don't know him but if he decides to keep /v/ and pollute the adjacent boards, I guess he will deserve whatever happens to his bunker.
>>43219 I emailed the animu BO and he said he's going to delete it Wednesday.
Mark just banned some dude on fatchan over pointing out that it seems like THQ Nordic was going to pay 8chan for it's AMA.
Open file (16.03 KB 314x73 ClipboardImage.png)
Could this be a banner?
Open file (77.09 KB 1037x367 nordic.png)
Open file (32.20 KB 598x333 2.png)
Mark just deleted and banned an anon for posting the images that mark himself leaked after an anon realized they were referring to THQ Nordic being involved in 8kun behind the scenes.
>>43230 Here's a little bit more of it and the full PDF.
Open file (6.16 KB 101x155 th~2.jpeg)
>>43181 Bets loleron is now a 8kunny gvol, and is getting his sweet stash of CP dose. >>43186 >Discord cabal OwO what's this? >>43201 roka, they replaced him with David Royston, owner of cock.li, nickname's goldenrod. I have no idea where Pewter is though. >>43205 He's writing a narrative to passover on his trannydiscord group. >>43215 >a /GG/ board That's been resurrected >>>/gamer​gatehq/ unfortunately >>43222 Show email.
Open file (30.96 KB 981x439 ohno.PNG)
>>43235 Here ya go. It's a throwaway email regardless.
>>43237 Thanks. Your word » loleron right now >>42991
Open file (20.72 KB 1804x240 thqn.PNG)
Open file (19.15 KB 1521x159 213.PNG)
Some anon just tried clearing up and actually (somewhat) defended Mark in a reasonable way and now Mark banned him. fatchan.org/v/thread/36.html#378
>>43228 >Mark just banned some dude on fatchan Thats what mark does. He bans anyone who who challenges him.
>>43240 Mark was definitely taking money from THQ.
Open file (22.52 KB 1087x158 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (15.36 KB 466x113 ClipboardImage.png)
He's going full damage control mode, deleting everything even slightly critical. He just banned an anon for defending him.
>>43244 Playing videos games and complaining about the lack of loli is what got him into this unemployed mess. He should form a journalism duo with the cripple.
Open file (2.15 MB 619x350 1568906300067.gif)
>>43247 >even though its a cake job
He just nuked the whole thread
Open file (436.55 KB 300x100 banner.gif)
>>43229 There's this one.
The thread that was cached in my browser.
I can't wait for Mark to start a patreon
Open file (254.19 KB 417x462 crying_mark.png)
Here's the crying mark btw.
>>43258 >LynxChan ate the image >no errors StephenLynx is a N​IGGER https://files.catbox.moe/l4is72.png
Open file (248.22 KB 417x462 crying_mark.png)
>>43261 fixed it a bit.
>>43262 Image works fine for me. He is though, and a tranny.
>>43263 >crying it looks like someone came on his face either way its funny though
Open file (275.36 KB 732x832 Untitled.png)
Open file (454.37 KB 405x492 64d.png)
>>43265 jimmed.com
>>43240 >defended Mark in a reasonable way and now Mark banned him You get what you fucking deserve
Open file (52.80 KB 297x151 WlaE3d1586727058~2.png)
>>43237 It's solid. >>43258 OH NO NO NONONONONONONONOOOOOOOOOO >>43259 He has a PayPal and bitcoin address. And a wire if he hasn't closed his Bank of America account.
>>43258 Thank god I can shut down the fucking tab and not make an autistic collage
>>43283 that image is missing about 50 posts
>>43144 Why did he re-assign /toy/ twice within a week? Don't you have to wait 2 weeks before it's considered inactive? Supposedly Mark took 8kun /toy/ off the /toy/ BO in an attempt to get them to crawl back to fedkun, but why re-assign it twice?
>>43281 your archive link doesnt work
>>43253 beautiful >>43201 I would put a very strict set of three-four rules I want enforced on /v/ but anything else is fair game. As well has having public ban lists and more than a single vol. Would help if the vols would be replaced every once in a while to keep things from being too rotten.
>>43266 Whats the link for the board log on fat chan?
>>43284 I'll see what I can do to try and parse the missing posts then.
>>43286 nice, to bad know one archived the page >>43289 https://fatchan.org/v/logs/04-12-2020.html
kek someone did archive it up till about 350 post https://archive.vn/Bv1VQ
>>43286 >>43292 Nigger if the archive link doesn't work, why not post the main thread it's on instead of fucking fatchan/v/? https://prolikewoah.com/animu/res/1.html#210 I swear you S​ARGONrs are retarded.
>>43286 0O https://archive.md/0OaH2 >>43294 I prefer.JSON output though https://archive md/https://prolikewoah.com/animu/res/1.json You can play with the API this way.
>>43294 When did that filter change? Nigger
>>43298 G​AMERGATE
>>43299 >>43298 never mind i'm an idiot i just remembered what it was
Ahaha, holy shit I think he deleted the prolikewoah Gamergate thread for being too negative. He's truly going full retard.
>>43304 The weird thing about that is that loleron took over hours ago and there's no listing in the logs for that thread being deleted. https://prolikewoah.com/.global/logs/v/2020-04-12.html
>>43305 I think Mark made the thread in the first place and deleted it. Does anybody have archives of the thread to see if the IDs match?
Open file (46.70 KB 1115x405 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (7.87 KB 1386x96 ClipboardImage.png)
>>43306 Yeah that's exactly it. It won't let me cap the whole thread but here are these.
Open file (387.05 KB 1894x3895 markspergthreadend.png)
>>43258 That's all I'm seeing Don't think there's anything particularly JEWCY in there.
Is this what they call stress? https://archive.md/VE7qi
>>43308 >sockcucking Good term in fact of course
https://fatchan.org/v/logs.html >banned or deleted 78 anons He seems really sensitive over the fact he got caught deleting that #gg thread.
>>43312 >78 fucking bans on his first day in his new shitbunker This should end well.
Open file (27.03 KB 450x800 ClipboardImage.png)
>>43314 >>43312 it's even better than that, that's 78 events, which are instances in which be either bans or deletes one or more posts or users (there are other things too but he hasn't done those bar once or twice), He's easily well above twice that number as each event can contain an unlimited number of posts. For example, the attached image, each of those post numbers could belong to a different user.
>>43317 He takes his job very seriously.
Reading the sticky on pig/v/, you get the impression that these fucking idiots are just now realizing that maybe Jim isn't on the level. I'm actually surprised at how thin skinned and stupid the userbase of /v/ got since I stopped lurking it a few years ago. I guess that's what you get after 5 years of meticulously banning and deleting all the good posters.
>>43307 HOLY FUCK, SO IT WAS MARK HIMSELF WHO POSTED THAT GAMERGATE THREAD ON >>>/v/26071 >>43098 Direct confirmation 1) Mark doesn't follow other people's rules 2) has spammed >>>/v/ with off topic bullshit!
Open file (7.83 KB 1341x96 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (4.93 KB 481x91 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (26.13 KB 814x446 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (21.14 KB 1629x289 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (16.28 KB 711x308 ClipboardImage.png)
>>43320 It gets better Pic 1. Mark showing that this id is him Pic 2. Mark further proving this id is him by immediately posting the gg thread he made Pic 3. More of the same Pic 4. Mark begins to defend his own moderation in the first person. Pic 5. Mark referring himself as "he" while further defending his own moderation.
Open file (5.92 KB 587x124 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (6.83 KB 996x112 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (14.42 KB 1052x207 ClipboardImage.png)
>>43321 Pic 1. Mark knows how he moderates Pic 2. It speaks for itself, really. Pic 3. It is so good that he posted all this without changing ID.
>>43321 >>43322 Ahahaha what a fucking retard.
>>43321 Referring to himself in third person, god damn cult personality.
>>43321 >>43322 Do you have an archive?
Open file (8.64 KB 816x178 mark is depressed.png)
>>43321 >>43322 wew fucking retard, i bet he has a million different threads open and he cant keep track of if he is posting as himself or some random anon. He seems like he is on edge of completely going nuts right now in this thread https://fatchan.org/v/thread/548.html#684 instead of calming down and taking a step back he is going fullsteam ahead. He just has to have a board to moderate and control his ni/GG/er cattle.
Open file (7.93 KB 736x122 ClipboardImage.png)
>>43325 Someone posted one in the fatchan gg thread, but it's a html file, beware of getting ipscraped. https://mega.nz/file/IJt3nTzK#kYYck_fQJpG4cPMjd-JAKSUrLSLDw5bsuYFG8pThibY
Open file (7.90 KB 1408x82 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (13.21 KB 977x116 Ron.png)
Looks like mark had been planning this for weeks according to Ron. So he said fuck it cut the fat fuck and 8kun/v/ will go up to claims in two weeks. https://archive.vn/6zMfH
Open file (6.32 MB 800x450 SMUG.webm)
>>43328 Ruh roh.
>>43327 idiot knows he can use a pastebin for html, DO NOT CLICK >>43328 I knew it.
>>43328 Mark's back and already started sperging out, check fa680d He's even validating what Codemonkey is saying
>>43332 Mark's going to be unemployable at this point. Permanent record on listings, DO NOT HIRE, WILL SABOTAGE YOU, TRACK RECORD OF EXPOSING CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, COST MILLIONS Be sure to use the JSON, it's updated faster than html: https://archive.md/https://8kun.top/v/res/16909565.json https://archive.md/GBXiT
Open file (50.58 KB 1462x265 ron_is_a_liarf.png)
Open file (524.54 KB 360x496 nfyfUs1586742421.png)
What, Ron has a Discord? 'Cause in his job he uses Slack. I just loved how cropped this is, instead of you know, FULL DHT LEAKS
Open file (219.35 KB 577x879 remi.png)
>>43334 >splitting hairs over week vs weeks >confirming your defection bickers you didn't want to write some current event threads The state of 8Гунт aside, it's literally all a bitch fit that he doesn't go to the labour of trying his employer's plan. If he'd either continued to do it for free or knuckle down and earn his paycheck, it would be a non-issue.
So how exactly is Mark making money now? If he is still unemployed now then there is no doubt he will come up with whatever retarded ads to plaster over his shitty board or begging for donation, there is no way hes doing it for free. Which makes me think he and Tom are probably discussing how to make money off of anons right now. >>43336 So the userbase will be even more split. Should be fun since the Cakekike will be the only one hurt by this bickers anons have more alternatives to just fuck off to. Now some stupid anons who are somehow unaware of the webring will see its superiority and never come back to the pigfarm.
>>43340 From my understanding, he's riddled in credit card debt, which is why a 4 tech anons won't even take him, as cheap as hosting is. Also, note, these people celebrated imkamphy's removal from owning /pol/, the have no notion safe harbor protection or sanctity of ownership. They will accept goldenrod or whomever takes the /v/ board, and Mark will forever kvetch nobody followed him and his multiple personality.
>>43340 Really the only people who follow him are GG folk.
Open file (14.89 MB 1898x80875 Hee.png)
Whole samefag gg thread archive bickers there's no complete archive.today one
>>43341 t. rand poster
>>43344 Cool, thanks for eating that whole png, robi https://files.catbox.moe/h0e8ts.png
Here's a hopefully more complete version of the fatchan archive.
>>43345 Explain.
>>43351 Only the rand poster would defend Kampfy bickers they are the same person
>>43201 >ban gachafags >allow fun shit like griefing threads and MAD threads >have one permanent cyclical meta thread that isn't bumplocked so several meta threads don't clutter the catalog A start.
Lads, does the Complete Archive of the GG Thread fail to load for anyone else in the browser? >>43346
>>43354 it doesn't load but saving it on desktop works I'm totally getting scratched
>>43352 I'm not defending the Turkfaggot, I'm explaining the concepts of safe harboring & board ownership. Gaggers don't comprehend either of them. Do you? >>43354 It does, I've been ignoring it, bickers it's funnier seeing you fail, instead of cutting the thread into multiple sizable attachments with JPEGXS compression.
>>43349 can you post that again? it ain't loading and I can't download it either
>mark fucking deleted fatchan's /v/ what the fuck
>>43359 Just saw that. So far this has been a kiketastrophe of his own proportions, let's hope the heeb gets hit by a bus soon.
Open file (8.29 KB 343x122 ClipboardImage.png)
>>43361 take your bets on the kike's next step of the master plan. my money is on him starting a sob campaign on twatter telling everyone how depressed he is and how he's going to an hero in a desperate effort to get the attention he craves so badly. near everyone already disavowed him, he's soon to burn all bridges just like fatwheels did, except without his /v/ throne he's completely powerless and worthless. either way, fun times ahead, lads.
Open file (4.55 MB 1898x19823 Hee1.png)
Open file (4.06 MB 1898x20977 Hee2.png)
>>43359 I told you he's gonna stay on prokikewoah bickers the BO is a pushover cuck. That goon BTFО
>>43363 When was this taken? Is Brendan getting unfucked?
Open file (3.68 MB 1898x23470 Hee3.png)
Open file (2.44 MB 1898x16605 Hee4.png)
>>43363 I can see the jew requesting funds for a new IB, failing miserably and then i don't know, for sure this is going to be a golly good show.
>>43363 i think he is going to get one of his vols to claim it and then pass ownership back to him
>>43366 back in 2016 a few months before the elections, he was casted for a new part and the alimony payments were about to end, his shit has been unfucked for a while, luckily we still got dr. gino. >>43364 >>43367 thanks bud, you got the fatchan one too? >>43368 >I can see the jew requesting funds for a new IB at this stage, him NOT begging for money would be out of the ordinary
So despite all the issues in the past surrounding this exact same issue the first thing Mark did was link fatchan on his twitter account like an absolute G​AMERGATE brained retard. https://archive.ph/hWIkt
>>43371 >head mod of /v/ he needs to fix that part of his bio
>>43370 Fatchan's at >>43349 It loads on my browser, does it not work on yours?
>>43374 oh wow i'm retarded. in my defense i've only had like 20 hours of sleep for the whole week
>>43374 >>43375 it doesn't. not even downloading works. I don't know why you're saying you're retarded but yes, I agree with that sentiment.
Open file (42.01 KB 938x624 8cuck.png)
Open file (56.51 KB 1216x487 chadring.png)
>>43377 aren't 8coom's stats over 72 hours instead of the webring's 24? JUST I do hope the anons over there enjoy the kike's removal, but apparently chodemonkey is going to get a vol in there that will bring back Mark through the back door
>>43376 You asked for the fatchan archive earlier and I posted the prolikewoah archive instead, that's why. Anyway, here it is
>>43379 those load, cheers fag
Open file (313.61 KB 600x528 6millionkeks.png)
>>13212 lel at Mark thinking that when we called him a "fat, stupid kike" we were ironic.
>>43366 Sadly julay.world doesn't have a /just/ board
>Acidkike and Mark project WOW FROM ONE FBI HONEYPOT INTO ANOTHER BASTE https://8kun.top/v/res/16909642.html#q16913234
Open file (79.80 KB 968x689 acidkike.png)
Open file (141.23 KB 997x1176 mark and acidkike.png)
Open file (274.59 KB 500x738 300%.png)
>>43384 >sure I'll "work with" you the audacity of this piece of shit. >yes I'm desperate for allies so I'll pretend to be your friend and "work" "with" you and by that I mean you do everything and I'll just leech off of you bickers I'm the king of /v/ attentionwhore extraordinaire ftfy
>>43383 >>43384 My question is: What does Cole even need Mark for? As FBI, he can just kill him for good, pretend to be him, since he's been culled.
>>43385 Yell go him at >>>/sw/
>>43386 he needs mark to herd the G​AMERGATE cattle that is /v/. /v/irgins are retarded enough to move to Acidchan the honeypot if mark tells them that's their new home.
Mark brought back the bunker https://fatchan.org/v/catalog.html
>>43389 never mind its the admin and the board will be locked indefinitely
Open file (5.13 KB 302x251 v.PNG)
>>43389 About that anon, the cakejew may finally die.
>all the posts on prokikewah have id >some guy even got confused why certain posts dont have id. So all of these G​AMERGATEs bareback ip browsing the board, just like they did on 8kunt. No wonder Jim had the idea of selling users' data. >but what about VPN? Doubt it, it's not that slow browsing imageboard with tor and you would think there would be more tor posters since it's free.
>>43424 Barebacking is strictly for Chads, no TOR cowards need apply tb­h in fact of course, matter of fact.
So is he anywhere now or did he just give up?
>>43438 prokikewoah/v/
>>43439 Locked for posting, or is it an euphemism for getting banned?
>>43442 Nah, loleron said before he was gonna make the board read only on monday, so he must've enabled that by now.
>>43463 Did cakejew pay for this article?
>>43464 Its ironic how ni/gg/ergate was against journos circle jerking each other off and forming their own faggy cliques when the jew himself was part of the problem all along
>>43463 yep, it was totally ron and jim's loss to fire mark, I bet those 2k they won't be burning monthly on a fat sperg are gonna be a real burden on their finances!
>>43463 Billy must be extra gay for kike ass. Go yell at him: https://pl.smuglo.li/nobody >>43465 I never found it ironic, GG was criticized for becoming what they hated the most. Which is why the movement died 5 years ago.
So where did Mark and ni/gg/ers go then? They have to be somewhere, those redditors can't not post every 15 minutes. They aren't on j/v/ either.
>>43467 >jew pretends to do it for free <ackshually I do it for 2k a month >crickets >jew says he's not a corporate shills <ackshually I did it in exchange for money to THQ Nordic >still nothing Gamergate wasn't even about ethics either and they failed to harass women from gaming. Gamergate was a complete failure, sad!
>>43469 They are still on 8kun/v/ from what i can tell. Almost none of his ni/GG/er cattle followed him to fatchan, which became a caged fighting ring for anons to bully the Cakekike.
>>43471 no, both fatchan and prolikewoah are dead looks like it's just going to be a transfer from FBI honeypot number 1 to FBI honeypot number 2 that is going to take place (see >>43383)
>>43469 Seems like they're in 8kun till they find a place that accepts them. Looks like cakejew and acidman (some /v/ tripfag who larps as a FBI informant) want to make their own bunker using /v/irgin's money.
>>43471 >falsely accuse webring on multiple occasions >insult and lie about it for months >come crawling back >get bullied into fucking oblivion >immediately go crawling back the board you just had administration stolen from you of This is honestly infinitely more entertaining than anything cripplekike has done.
Mark got an article written about this: http://archive.is/hYPlq
>>43473 >make their own bunker using /v/irgin's money They already fucking had it, the vch. It was perfectly fine with everyone on the webring, it contained all the ni/gg/ers and buffered jula/v/. But the dumb fat faggot dropped it for 8kuck. Now they're gonna go through all of that again? What an inept retard.
>>43477 Gee I wonder why shitty cocksless threads with nothing but oneangryfaggot articles were left alone while threads about videogamees were deleted, no collusion there I am sure.
>>43463 Is OAG Acidjew?
>>43469 The natural evolution of a circlejerk eventually makes it to discord and considering that he moderated /v/ in the past like it was his own personal discord channel i won't be too surprised if he just does just that with the ni/gg/ercattle following him there.
>>43478 If I remember right vch was more expensive that he thought and he was running out of money or so he says. I don't know if he took donations or not but his excuse for closing vch was that it was hard for him to keep paying for it so they were going to move back to 8chan/8kun as soon as possible. Wasn't vch kind of shit perfomance wise as well? I remember some anons saying it was poorly made.
>>43482 I mean, how expensive a site with 2 boards can be. And for a kike getting 2k a month? >Wasn't vch kind of shit perfomance wise as well? I remember some anons saying it was poorly made. It was originally but it was patched pretty decently by the time he ran back to Jim. I mean, Gayhole bought it from him and tvch works just fine.
>>43482 It was somewhat quick but very limited in certain ways. Had some retard errors once in a while but the times i went to lurk everything seemed normal, i did post a couple of times to shit on a wrong opinion and the posting was okay. Our posting is quicker but has captcha, and while bullying nerds i found Fatchan to be very quick. The kike was just pocketing money, he always did.
Open file (47.79 KB 954x150 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (263.98 KB 648x641 smug_tomo.png)
>>43465 >I have friends in the media >oneangrygamer
>>43473 Isn't Acidman the guy who runs 08chan?
>>43463 Holy shit this is pathetic, painting Mark as the hero or victim in this so much that it shocks me there's absolutely no irony in the article. This actually makes me hate Mark more than it makes me OAG
>nobody itt mentions how 8chan fucked up the moment Fred and Ron booted the BO of /tg/ in 2015ish I really wish we had some old anons here who knew what really went on from 2013-2018. Instead we get people who are all hugely emotionally invested in either trolling or being faggot tranny goons, when the truth itself is still interesting enough to warrant detached analysis.
>>43492 >ME OLDFAG >we okay newfag
>>43493 >nothing to contribute except reddit-tier goon-lite snark over grammar dilate.
>>43494 >seething kek
Open file (85.42 KB 1200x1200 y6.jpg)
>>43492 >everyone I don't like is a tranny goon >I'm the real oldfag the crybaby ni/gg/er came here, how cute
>>43497 >>43498 >>43499 >nerves: struck >dilations: not done >projection: theatre-tier >emotional status: impotently lashing out yep, it's tranny time.
>>43500 >seething kek
>>43500 rent free
>>43501 >this level of amygdala-thrashed cope Go ahead and keep repeating it until you believe it's true, you do you.
>>43502 <rent free >when the next thread over in the catalog details everything about the shitskin tranny discord where you go cry in private >when you keep posting here bickers you can't stand the thought of people making fun of you sorry bunch of failures ooooookay retard
>>43492 You can do your detached analysis, nobody is stopping you. Post it if you feel like it oh wise oldfag.
>>43504 >>43505 rent free discord tranny
/v/, please go away.
>>43506 Going over it in detail would be casting pearls before swine as long as the trannies and trolls are the only ones posting itt. The main point is that 8chan was on a downward spiral for a very long time and this is the last chapter. Fred, Jim and Ron were always in it for the fame and money, just like any other tranny or jew, and it goes to show how desperate and stupid a huge portion of the userbase really is if THIS is the final straw for them. Jim and Ron just killed /v/ and /qresearch/ in a single fit of pique, so they no longer have a viable userbase, but it's pathetic that it has taken this long when the warning signs started back in 2015.
>>43504 >>43508 >seething kek
Open file (9.73 KB 971x110 niGGer.png)
Open file (539.39 KB 745x546 niGGer2.png)
Someone either made a bait thread to get ni/GG/ers to come over here and shit up the place or it was made with the intention to make it look like ni/GG/ers are shitting up the place. https://archive.vn/l6oW9
>>43511 oh it's dolphincuck
>>43512 thats most likely the case
>>43511 >>43512 I was going to point out >mark gets booted >dolphin safeguards against /v/edditors going to non-mark boards
Open file (260.28 KB 980x915 dolphinpedo.png)
yup its dolphinpedo found a thread advertising his board there in the catalog https://archive.vn/Q3KKv
So Mark got fired from 8chan bickers he was too busy dolphinposting instead of writing news articles for a boomer? lol.
Boomer Jim is streaming if you wish to show your support for the physical removal of the kike. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK7SjWH71mQ
>>43518 Why would I take sides and give either support? I'm here tofor watch it all burn, baby. Give me a rundown in three sentences or less.
>>43518 >support the masonic greedy fuck vs the jewish greedy fuck not even ironically.
>>43509 It had its moments, I guess.
>>43509 >Fred, Jim and Ron were always in it for the fame and money Sucks for them that they didn't get any of that. One could say 8chan ruined their life on multiple levels. The userbase didn't really care as long as their boards worked so i'd say it has more to do with indifference than stupidity. That's the same reason why most anons decided to stay in their bunkers, bickers they worked fine. I'd say the only morons here are /v/irgins since they decided to go back to 8kun together with the paid 8kun shill that was mark despite them having a comfy bunker where they had absolute control over the rules. >mark gets 2 grand to "work" for 8chan. >8chan goes down >vch goes up >8kun goes up >Mark, who was getting paid 2k for moderating 8/v/ wants to go back. >suddenly vch is too expensive. <oh no, we have to go back guys. >totally not for the money >they go back >mark back to payroll as well. >site is shit. >vch is gone >no going back now, /v/irgins are fucked. >B-but mark is a good guy so it's alright! Why go somewhere else where i don't know who is the BO? Mark is best choice even if he's a retard bickers he's a good retard. >Mark gets fired due to being incompetent. <WE GOTTA GO GUYS! THIS PLACE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT US! I wouldn't be surprised if Mark talks to jim and gets hired again to not starve to death. He's a spineless faggot and soon he will be a penniless faggot as well. Getting hired again and pretend some shit changed would be enough to calm the dumb /v/irgins and save himself from getting a real job + paying for the bunker's costs.
>>43523 There was real hope for about a year before the cracks in the armor started to show
Open file (198.11 KB 400x443 1577824484665.png)
>>43524 I want to make it clear that's 2k PER MONTH. I build weapons for the military for a living and I make maybe $500 more than that monthly/am considered well-paid for my position. Fuck, how do you fuck up 2k NEETBux!?
>>43532 Do you live in mongolia or another shithole?
>>43532 Does he also get neetbuxs for his autism? He lives in an autist house. If he does get neetbux, he's making more than you.
>>43511 OP was dolphinboy, but those two posts are actually mine and the picture is really funny.
Mark is a NlGGER KlKE
>>43532 That's more than 12 dollars an hour working full time. He was in the top 60% of American earners for doing basically nothing. I can't believe how much of an idiot he is. What a disgusting kike. >>43533 Hate to tell you, but he's in the top 50%.
>>43545 >2k per month, top 10% >24k a year 7.25USD (national minimum wage)* (40h)* (4) = 1160 a month. The national minimum wage is half of Marks income, hes barely making anything sustainable, especially since hes in NY.
>>43557 >>43557 In fact, NY minimum wage is 12.50, which adds to 2k a month, hes making minimum wage. yes he is a dirty kike that doesnt work, but he isn't topm 50%
>>43559 You do have to admit that just to read a handful of emails and posting some threads on a dead gay board 2k is a rather lofty sum.
>>43559 Factor in that he's getting bennies and free autism housing, though.
>>43560 Wealth in america is tied to your location and the average rent for the lower class. If you're living in buttfuck no where that's an insane amount of money for the work he puts in. If you're living in new york it's probably not much. But the kicker is that unlike 99% of new york his work doesn't require him to live there, he has no friends, girlfriend, property, or anything tying him to that location. He could have easily moved states years ago and pocketed 60% of his monthly earnings, paid off all his loans, and been living comfortably on a sizeable piece of property. Mark really is that fucking stupid.
>>43565 Sorry, I should have wrote that as >his """"""work""""""
>>43524 >I'd say the only morons here are /v/irgins since they decided to go back to 8kun together with the paid 8kun shill that was mark despite them having a comfy bunker where they had absolute control over the rules. Well, /hgg/ also has a bunker here and a sizeable number of them decided to go to 8kunt as well, despite several warnings and complaints. Regardless of this, they have been doing decently for the standards of a small board. With this incident, it's unlikely they'll stay there for long and might go back here should jim start cracking down against loli.
>>43557 >>43559 24k is in fact within the top 50% of earners if you just consider the sheer dollar amount: https://wallethacks.com/average-median-income-in-america/ Yes, most Americans happen to be poor as shit. Now cost of living does vary a lot by state and that might not go as far in NY, but it's not like that Jew is reporting his income, and state taxes are a major blow to your pay check if you live in New England and happen to make a little bit too much money. On top of that, bickers there's no way in hell he's reporting his income, and honestly you'd have to be a moron to do that when you're basically getting paid under the table, he is without a doubt getting benefits of some kind. If it's not straight autism bux, it's at least EBT and medicaid. >>43565 Also this.
>>43574 Also it's not just that he makes the minimum wage, he'd be making the NY minimum wage, if he were working a full 40 hours a week, so not only was he in a position of luxury to 'work' so little for so much, but most people do not happen to work full time, which means they don't make as much as him, even if they have the same hourly wage.
>>43573 People go where their BO's go for the most part. If a BO stickies a link to 8kun and asks people to migrate then they will. Just takes one authority to heard the masses, which is ultimately why 8kun largely failed. There's a pretty sizeable amount of BO's that refused to migrate. /a/, /b/ was never brought back, the loli boards, /cutebois/ BO bailed, /r9k/ stayed on the webring, probably a lot I'm missing. Really all 8kun did was halt the organic growth of webring and alternative imageboards over the last few months while not really gaining any itself. It just put imageboards into a stasis, and is still doing that. Maybe if this drama finally kills it off we can get to a better state.
>>43574 https://smartasset.com/retirement/average-salary-in-nyc If you look at NY hes below the 50% threshold, yes he can move but this retarded kike couldn't listen to the most basic of concepts from jim, I doubt he could reasonably move even if money wasn't an issue. In NY the median income for an individual is 50k, while the mean (real 50%) is 74k. He lower then the per capita income which includes retirees, seniors, disabled people and children (35k vs 24k). Yes he made good and easy money, but he is not in the top 50%, which was my point responding to >>43532, as unless he is in a shithole, he should be making more then the cakejew.
>>43577 Short story about /b/: /b/tards just go wherever the fuck they wanted to go. After 8chan got shut down all of /b/ split between the webring and some went back to cuckchan. Then once 8kun came up you had /rand21/ which wasn't nearly as popular as /b2/ but it was alright, until the BO acted fucking stupid and sent Ron a message that said "CP" and it was a cat picture. He got the board unlisted and image posting removed. After that a lot of anons jumped to astrochan which was filled with chijo and other trannies. Now the only thing resembling a /b/ on 8kun is /8bantb/ and it's ran by some tripfag named dawn, apparently he got fed up with the trannies on astrochan. Analockman is even posting there. And that's the absolute state of /b/. You know what gets a chan site populated? A fucking random board where you can talk and shitpost about anything. That's the true problem with 8kun. Fucking /b2/ got more PPH than /v/ at one point when it existed.
So I was told that Mark may be in cahoots with Josh to get /v/ onto some Infinity Next restart. Does anybody have any intel on this or is this just a wacky rumor I've been bamboozled over?
>>43592 >chan site
>>43607 He's saying the BO of /rand21/ was in the wrong for making a CP joke so him saying "chan site" unironically is just icing on the cake of proof that he is a crossposter and/or a newfag. >>43599 I don't know if Mark is just extremely lucky or if he secretly has some sort of charisma I'm not aware of, cause he should have run out of sympathy and pity from board owners and board techs LONG ago. This kike needs to die from corona and soon.
>>43592 >we should invite /b/ What's stopping them from using >>>/b/ ?
>>43647 >in the wrong for making a CP joke Are you taking the piss or are you this wussy?
>>43511 Lol, rodent is so obvious. cute butt though💕 >>43516 This one still awaits evidence of 1) being the same person 2) some goon the kike hired. >>43532 Which military, thought about making a coalition group now that everything is going to hell? >>43565 This, and now, nobody makes money. >>43577 >/a/, /b/ was never brought back, the loli boards, /cutebois/ BO bailed They'll all here. >>43599 It's on every gg thread, yes. Scroll up.
>>43647 Logs from slack channels and discord drama didn't give you a hint? Once people are "in" then there are other people who will have reasons to keep others "in." It's politics at that point. Average anons have zero pull, which is why you need special IRC (back when that was relevant), slack, discord, telegram etc channels for the 'special' people. Mark was busy "networking" and he's likely hoping that it will pay off in the future.
>>43673 >They'll all here. The boards existing under the same name does not equate to their communities having migrated to 8kun. >/a/ Got their BO changed bickers they were using their own site instead. >/b/ Also got their BO kicked off for a harmless joke. >the loli boards Really? Where? >/cutebois/ Also got a board owner change and the entire purpose of the board changed by said board owner.
>>43680 >does not equate to their communities having migrated I mean those communities migrated here, in julayworld. >>>/a/ >>>/b/ or >>>/blog/ >>>/delicious/ >>>/lgbt/ Respectively.
>>43687 Oh alright, misunderstood. Though /lgbt/ isn't nearly the same as /cutebois/.
>>43592 >the only thing resembling a /b/ on 8kun is /8bantb/ and it's ran by some tripfag named dawn, Not even close. It's nothing like /b/ and you can already tell by vising the board itself. 64chan currently has the true heir to 8chan /b/
Open file (89.36 KB 960x540 conan smells yiddish.jpg)
>>43599 From what I have heard he demanded that Jersh make a loli board and allow loli posting or he would fork the code on day one and launch a competitor site.
>>43201 I always hated that Mark would set the bump limit on threads so low. You could get a steady stream of posts in a quality thread right up until it hit 300 posts, then it was abruptly dead and slid right off the board.
Where is any mod on jula/v/ ffs? It's been 7 hours of ni/gg/ers.
>>43647 No G​AMERGATE in general he wouldn't be wrong for making that joke on his own board but he's a dumb fuck for doing it to the wrong person, like Ron who wouldn't be in on the joke. >>43692 Never said it was a good /b/, it's just the only place where you can talk about random shit. And 64chan /b/ is deader than 8bantb.
>>43592 >and sent Ron a message Thats not what happened. The BO made a post encouraging users to post CP pictures (cat pictures) and he got punished for it. It also had something to do with that the ads displayed on his board had a warning sign that said something like "this is a scam do not trust this". And he got punished for that aswell.
>>43700 >forking josh's code on day one when he couldn't keep current with a webring addon
Who cares? Mark is gone. /v/ is great again.
Open file (50.31 KB 594x412 1475230135454.jpg)
>>43705 Why are you sperging out?If they want to come to have their little pow wow without the kike holding their hands and going on a deleting spree every time somebody mentions how much of a failure they have been or brings up what special little snowflakes they have become over the years i say let them. At the very least julay/v/'s BO would've given them a chance to prove everyone that calls them the equivalent a discord circlejerk wrong and if they don't or they can't make the cut then no skin of anyone's back except their own. Your move GayGaytors.
>>43714 I'm getting yandere dev vibes from this code. Not quite as bad, but still looks like shit. Cant he just serialize/de-serialize in a couple lines of code?
>fat/v/ reassigned >cake kike locked out yet of another place to ruin post yfw you're not jewcy
Open file (2.85 MB 200x234 smugterry.gif)
>>43737 Mark will end up being kicked out of/killing off as many imageboard in his lifetime than the Jews have been exiled off countries in the entire history of their tribe's existence at this rate.
>>43744 250+ huh? He's going to be busy.
Open file (2.98 KB 1019x167 ClipboardImage.png)
>the us govt to bail out cake kike
>>43749 Is there supposed to be a legible image there?
Open file (8.54 KB 221x228 Asuka Smug.jpg)
Open file (227.70 KB 542x402 smirk_reimu.PNG)
>>43744 It's a fascinating microcosm of the Jewish race.
>>43744 >mark gets kicked out of over 100 imageboards
Open file (870.82 KB 1403x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.05 MB 2048x1504 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (149.63 KB 614x827 ClipboardImage.png)
More Mark details from Jewsh. Caps found in Gahoole's discord. /v/'s users are loyal to me.
>>43829 >/v/'s users are loyal to me In the past I would mostly defend Mark to fight off obvious divide and conquer bullshit and other such pointless drama that would only make things worse, as in the end it's often better to stick with the devil you know, but him getting fired and removed without some other outside pressure causing it isn't something that's worth following him somewhere else for.
>>43829 >/v/'s users are loyal to me <I AM /v/! It just keeps getting better by the day, this is amazing.
>>43829 From lurking the GG General on 8kun I've learned: >fatchan isn't filtered but julay is thanks to dolphin spamming it >Mark has teamed up with Acidkike to launch a new imageboard by this weekend >Acidkike is going to use Lynxchan and hack in various 8chan features Seems they're going full steam ahead with it. Fatchan is going to be thrown away like trash like he did with /animu/. I expect julay/v/ to suffer shit posting for the next week and julay will be blamed for everything as usual.
Open file (1.23 MB 512x356 u srs.webm)
>>43829 >/v/'s users are loyal to me.
>>43832 Mark threw away fatchan /v/. The BO in charge now is some Italian anon.
>>43863 I don't believe he's not in control. Like with 8/v/ which is going to be given to his vols he'll just run it from behind the scenes. The Italian anon is a regular in the GG threads and since >fatchan isn't word filtered on 8/v/ >it's promoted by their GG threads >Mark is planning on opening an imageboard this week I'm inclined to believe he's in cahoots with the kike. In other news I have reports that the Dolphin has reached out to Mark and is being considered to replace his "tech guy". Should be fun to watch.
>>43851 >>43831 >>43830 >>43829 >>43864 this is just another "mark is a fucking retard" episode. he was being paid to do a job on /newsplus/ out of the mercy that jim took on his useless kike ass and he couldn't even do that right. he could have quit the /newsplus/ job in good terms, gotten a real job, and kept moderating /v/ on his free time, instead he pulled this stupid stunt where he ragequitted his job thinking in his retarded little head that it was going to be this epic revolution where all the anons would come together on demanding the missing boards and that he would lead this revolution bickers "he's /v/" and that at the end of the day he would still have his board and his paycheck.
>>43864 >the italian anon is a regular in the GG threads Proof? Are you even following the events, the italian is pretty much distancing himself from GG and taking a neutral stance. Of course that could be a power move but what do we know. >I'm inclined to believe he's in cahoots with the kike Proof?
>>43867 >he could have quit the /newsplus/ job in good terms Assuming he was given a nice paid vacation during the sites downtime, I doubt that would be the case. There would have to be some expectation for him to help out in some way when it came back. I think I recall the phrase "[>we]...are surviving on jim's goodwill" thrown out by him at some point.
>>18731 >julay needs only $33/month >donations are always more than enough >all julay users were previously 8chan users >robi did said that $100/month is enough to host 1 million anons This is so blatantly obviously that the jew is fucking with everyone here bickers merchandise would have made a fuckton more than just regular donation which is only enough to maintain the server yet no one pointed that shit out in the thread.
>>43906 There is one more option, that his tech guy was scamming him, which isn't hard to believe either.
>>43906 >>43908 The problem with this line of thinking is that julay isn't infamous like 8kun. 8kun doesn't have allies, only enemies, and if you've recalled, it has been expensive to restore modicum usage to bloated heavy 8kun. If julay had the userbase, the enemy list, constant DDoS, and complete financial blacklisting, julay would have ceased within a week. Robi still hasn't setup an http proxy, I2P, database separation, key seperation, multiple domains, backups, contingencies, etc.., and we've paid for it. appledev is just a horny furry looking for a job, and vch was a stepping stone. He maybe working under as essential business, but at the least he doesn't have to handle greedy kike complaints atm.
>>43910 Vch /=/ 8kun. Vch was using cloud flare, and was just another simple imageboard on the webring. It wasn't under attack like 8kun is and absolutely doesn't cost nearly as much as mark claimed it did to run. Either mark was being scammed or mark was trying to get sympathy points from his "loyalists".
Open file (13.74 KB 480x360