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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html
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>>101524 He sounds like a worthless faggot, that black guy was right.
Open file (682.62 KB 480x600 index.png)
>>101510 My autism could not take up the sarcasm and irony in the post. So I just posted my autistic take on gaydur and their podcast in general. So I hoped that one time maybe gaudur would read this post that is on this obscure imageboard. >>101511 In reality when jcaesar187 goes back to Jail, gaydur and when he starts to stream again he will have a really hard time bickers he has no personality that is likeable and done no networking except for neo nazi podcasts hosts, which is a bad idea if you are going to network to other jewtubers.
>>101524 Hopefully this poor fuck doesn't end up killing himself. He'll never see any proper support for this as those around him won't understand the hatred that the G​AMERGATEnet can spew. Looking forward to the day where pounder gets ripped off the net. He's supported one to many white guys for silicon valley not to notice. >>101525 Definitely a faggot, but what white man isn't a faggot these days?
Open file (676.02 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (33.11 KB 596x299 the duality of slobs.png)
Open file (115.80 KB 1603x905 EG5r5xAUYAA8eqX.jpg)
gu.nt and chungus respond to nick getting put on the no-fly list To be fair to the Гунт, chungus is absolutely seething at being told nick is based and is insisting he is in fact of course a lying grifter.
Open file (14.29 KB 591x116 2.png)
Open file (108.13 KB 1080x901 chung.jpg)
>>101530 >calls anime an advert >shit on quarterpounder >not backing nick the spic That's not a bad track record for chungus, in fairness.
Open file (37.09 KB 621x1104 adezero2.jpg)
Open file (1.95 MB 1184x2048 adezero1.png)
Open file (353.80 KB 1056x568 adezero-dox.jpg)
Open file (61.36 KB 453x339 aediot-ass-napkins1.png)
Open file (60.58 KB 343x356 aediot-ass-napkins2.png)
Open file (11.51 KB 550x225 aediot-ass-napkins3.png)
Open file (114.35 KB 1265x254 aediot-was-raped.jpg)
TLDR: Aediot (the new owner of Encyclopedia Dramatica) and Adezero was dating some time ago. The Adezero who was getting thumbed by jcaesar187 and they then had a falling out. Anyway, now Ade and Aediot are going at each other, posting sensitive stuff. And to be fair to Ade, she's definitely got the long end of the stick in this retarded slap-fight, bickers of pics related. Turns out that Aediot has a constantly leaking asshole bickers he was raped when he was younger (something he freely admits to, for some bizarre reason...)
>>101534 >I dated a soy boy child rape victim half my age and followed him around the house picking up his shit stained napkin buttplugs Sure that makes Aediot look bad but what does that say about you Ade
>>101535 I mean... she dated jcaesar187 She took one look at his Гунт and smelled his whiskey-and-xanax soaked breath and decided "this is the man I wanna spend the rest of my life with"
>>101536 her excuse for dating the Гунт was she was heartbroken over aediot.
>>101529 What in the fuck do you expect when you are open about having neo nazi views? How is this even a big surprise also that other faggot in Murica first did say that Nick was on a no fly list. >>101530 he does a great job at reading r/the_donald as usual.
Open file (290.38 KB 2048x1536 E0AJjBVWYAw0_jy.jfif)
>>101521 How is this news people have been saying this for months, atleast since the 6th of jan.
>>101539 we all know what that thumb has done
>>101538 Nick is an optics cuck, he thought that would protect him after slandering americas greatest ally
Open file (8.31 MB 1280x720 Emily_OPTICS_CUCKS.mp4)
>>101544 >optics cuck I miss Emily
Open file (99.34 KB 594x1194 6894395.jpg)
Comes complete with extra chromosome.
Open file (1.05 MB 1104x1278 Screenshot (280).png)
ED shit cigars HMU
>>101550 ass napkins is funny but that kiwifarm thread is full of ade simps sucking her toes, reminds me of the leopirate discord trannies that post here.
Open file (13.18 MB 433x235 PPP gets up fat .webm)
>>101551 What's the matter big dawg, you upset that Leo has a couple people that like his streams? Don't sulk P-P-P. Just lose weight.
>>101554 no I just dont think hes ever made a video worth watching hes a boring furfag christfag that clings to gaymergate in 2021. I actually havent seen anything hes done that wasnt a collab and hes ruined every collab hes been a part of.
Open file (182.58 KB 640x360 beep.webm)
>>101546 Emily still does stuff here and there
>>101555 Mostly true. He is boring as he rants about Christ. He's more entertaining shitposting and talking to chat as he plays a video game. He is all of those things. But I think he enhanced streams he's been on. It's thin-skinned paranoid (like Leo) pussies like Earwinson and Peepp that couldn't handle working with him.
>>101556 >degenerate mentally ill attention whore still does stuff G​AMERGATEs and dogs
>>101557 I think Adam got ticked off with him when he started gushing about how he was so young and the hope for the next generation or something like that. As compliments go, it was pretty autistic. That's around the time when Adam really started treating Leo like shit on TWIN and disregarded him at every turn. Ashton probably just got jealous seeing that and interpreted that as flirting.
>>101557 Say what you will about CUNTPIRATE but the fact is that after he got kicked off TWIN ear and ashton resorted to using nothing but boring kayfabe and really blew the shows quality, this is probably bickers cuntpirate was the only individual that did any research, he likely spoonfed both the lazy tards.
Open file (2.01 MB 640x360 godwinson intro.webm)
>>101560 I just miss the days when Black Adam was actually funny. Ashton, and his inability to be funny sucked all the kino out of that gay mans life.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey7oyktP5OY Do You Even Livestream, Bro?
Open file (4.33 MB 498x280 gtab.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oxEDTHIPOA LOW TIER GOD STREAM 4/27/2021
>>101537 >heartbroken over leaky asshole guy >goes to guy who has been proven to sniff assholes Ade has a scat fetish.
Open file (94.80 KB 1280x720 343245345.jpg)
>>101567 MY EARS FUCK
>>101560 as I said he was TWIN's Zidаn and all "their" wins are really CUNTPIRATE's wins, without him it's pretty much Zidаn-less Killstream, nothing but boring, tepid takes and sucking up to a Гунт, the only thing that changes between both is who bears the Гунт.
>>101549 "Please be patient - I have conservatism"
Open file (172.10 KB 761x1024 E0DRgQBWYAEWKAK.jpg)
Open file (1.96 MB 373x201 huuuuurghhh.gif)
I fucking pray that this is just someone Poe-posting. The absolute state of these people.
Open file (2.28 MB 2000x2000 Shannon_Gaines_.png)
>>101571 >Fistula Well there's my medical term for the day.
>>101544 You can be all about optics, all you want but if you have neo nazi views you are going to be tracked down by the federal government. That's just how things are and I think it's like justice have finally started to come to bite that little spic in the butt. Now he understand why opticscuckolding is a lowlife move. >>101546 When Emily went full 1488 she was awesome and funny. >>101560 triple P can produce something good sometimes but I bet he is too high from cannabis to realize what is fun or not, I don't fucking know. The magic from buttpirate is that he was schizoposting and it was fun when he did so, and when it became nothing but a huge schizopost. >>101567 Now that is kino >>101571 They use as many fancy female sounding words to the trannys so that they can feel better by their poor life choices, essentially they don't want to call it a surgical fuck up. So this might be a real post indeed.
Open file (36.40 KB 583x468 6521986522695.jpg)
>>101569 >be careful who you mock or criticize, lest you become them
>>101569 This is implying that the killstream was any good with Toad McKinley. Nothing worse than when ex-fans start joining the aylawg circles and talking about how based things used to be or how x eceleb is really cool and not a lolcow.
>>101574 >sweden Is styx flirting back with her now? >>101576 If nothing else, motherfucker worked for his output.
>>101577 really? In what way? If you think listening to retards on the internet giving their political hot takes is entertainment you might have brain damage. If you think someone deserves props for running a stream where they have 2 retards argue back and fourth for the audiences entertainment again probably brain damage.
Open file (188.03 KB 439x439 9526295.png)
>>101578 >>101576 90% of everything is shit. But some turds stink less than others
Open file (636.31 KB 1400x1200 With his Soundboard.png)
>>101578 Sedan is primarily known for being the only one of the lot that ever did cursory research on the guests and could ask contextually relevant questions. It's not a high bar, but it's the bar he set and they are objectively worse off without him.
Open file (1.03 MB 990x900 682299855.png)
Open file (5.54 MB 1280x720 Yoree koh dim mak1.webm)
>>101576 >Nothing worse than when ex-fans start joining the aylawg circles. how do you think these things start up? With people that are bored of the person and presents random to absurd things about these people. >>101578 >If you think listening to retards on the internet giving their political hot takes is entertainment you might have brain damage. Then there are allot of people with brain damage, yes I agree one should at-least read old Greek Philosophy and know about Austrian Economics before one gives hot political takes but unfortunately people don't read anymore and don't know about what makes a good citizen and political critic. >If you think someone deserves props for running a stream where they have 2 retards argue yes that is entertainment unfortunately. When everyone is fwends and try to be nice even tough they disagree is not fun. It is boring, but people loved the deb8 with Hitchens and not everyone has this polite rudeness and brains to pull that off, but people try to simulate that formula but fail bickers they are not smart enough and don't have the literary knowledge do such things. Some of that is bickers the jewtubers love wikipedia instead of going back to the original source then forming an opinion about a subject. That does not bring on money bickers it is time consuming. >>101580 There is allot of things wrong with the podcast they have but contextual questions is not one of them. What is wrong is namely they cannot mix sound worth a damn that also means they cannot grow an audience bickers of it, and if the sound mixing was fixed they still could not get an audience bickers the host is drunk constantly and there is too much dead air. Why is jcaesar187 being drunk a bad for a podcast? you might ask, that is bickers people in general don't like to be near drunk people if they are not drinking and alcohol as intoxicant unlike other substances you know when they are shitfaced. So contextual questions is the least of their worries.
Open file (254.94 KB 461x669 egggunt.png)
Open file (5.92 KB 230x219 Baked Alaska.jpg)
>>101569 what I think is funny is I deliberately promoted the jcaesar187 on image boards bickers I knew he was a lolcow from Goober Globber and as such a perfect tool to take down the Baked Alaska - Andy Warsky "bloods sports" cringe. jcaesar187 and Nora knew me from /GGrevolt/ so I used that connection to encourage him to attack Baked. Same reason I used to promote Ashton bickers he is the type of loser who is easily taken down once their usefulness runs dry.
Open file (19.75 KB 590x211 hospital-logs.png)
>>101585 Гунт somehow doesn't understand there's people permanently living with a tracheostomy doing fine. or are fine as you can be with a hole in your throat He should be happy the doctors think she's well enough to be moved down in care, but this is Гунт so anything to get some outrage retweets going.
Open file (30.08 KB 600x450 1450550152403.jpg)
>>101582 >dolphin laugh As kino as when I first saw it >>101585 >not thankful that his bitch loser of a mother still has a pulse He's going to be on his death bed wondering why the doctors aren't doing more for him.
>>101585 He is a sick bastard that wants to kill his mother in cold blood. I know that jcaesar187 is a low life scum of the earth but come on, this is just pure antisocial behavior.
>>101584 Based z-celeb.
>>101591 a true machiavellian who has read his loke.
Is there a pastebin for everything that's happened? Last I paid attention to the ashes of IBS, Гунт was fucking a downy teen and her sperg father.
Open file (17.57 MB 854x480 guntism.webm)
>>101594 No not really but I can catch you up. Гунт got the cases suspended after he was charged with revengeporn #wealwayswin, than he eventually cucked digitroon and got into a fight with him and his troon squad for his new pedo gf. Pedothulu has also been busy whining on foxdick about andy who has been streaming with kyler the kikezone to 70 people on jewtube, fagmencope is attempting to be a vutuber and failing. Well that is all I can think of now. OH YES ALMOST FORGOT THE Гунт RETURNED A THIRD TIME
Anybody want me to dox TRSperg?
Open file (83.10 KB 873x656 1527436616.jpg)
>>101598 im finna dox robbie pilkington and jcaesar187 oliver jcaesar187.
>>101599 I have your video game stream on as background noise and the guy was unironically saying, "if the comment was an actual transphobic comment, he was have his mods ban you." What a bitch. Why are you linking his streams? This is not you. What did he do to you? Ban you from chat and you want revenge? Care to elaborate on why you hate him?
>>101601 Anon if I was board owner I would ban you for transphobia just bickers I think its funny.
Open file (3.60 MB 640x288 1616887807451.mp4)
>>101601 >>101602 transphobia is a real problem ya guys. Before it was homophobia and the fagplague killing all the faggots for their degeneracy but modern medicine made the sodomites live long lives.
Open file (9.03 MB 1256x710 alex_dankula1.webm)
>>101603 >when the commie interviewed alex about chicks with dicks
>>101602 Nice dodge and deflection. Anyway, I got your boy's full dox (Austin) if that's what you're going for. Also, for you TRSperg: ------------------------------------------------------------------ STRIKE & MIKE Episode 159: Adverse Inferences Strike and Mike discuss Jews begging the GOP to put up a credible fight, how Jews use the idea of adverse inferences to argue for conspiracy theories and the fundamental weakness and absurdity of Rod Dreher and similar small minded conservatives. NY Times Jews beg Republicans to at least make a show of fighting Adverse Inferences: Charlottesville Lawsuit/Nuremberg/Soviet/Chauvin/Fields Show Trials Lord of The Rings Analogy: Conservatives as Frodo The open face kosher sandwich, what happens when one side of the Zionist dialectic has no credibility The Little Way of Rod Dreher and the industry of not being us The FBI looks to Netflix for direction on what cases to investigate Redacted documents create adverse inferences against the FBI in Seth Rich case https://gofile.io/d/2CfB8t
The doctors are bigger a-logs to jcaesar187 than foxdickfags are
>>101603 Those goddamn chicoms, bolsheviks, jacobins, masons and satanists! We need people like Alex Jones. From day one he knew...
THE TRUTH ABOUT WOMEN PART 3 - AND STEFAN MOLYNEUX AMA! Wednesday night. Meaning the bald philosopher king is live!
>>101603 >transphobia is a real problem ya guys. Hey bro, I said it would be funny. And isn't funny ha ha what its all about?
>>101605 >This upload does not exist
Open file (11.90 MB 640x360 alex-ex.mp4)
>>101604 I love the look on Alex's face when count degenerate talks about traps. it is a face of disappointment and it's almost as-if he is thinking; why am I in this situation with this junkie degenerate? Simply amazin >>101607 What about them multidimensional aliens and vampires? >>101608 Mollyjew is low-tier boomer philosophy of course in fact fam
Open file (732.00 KB 848x480 no context.mp4)
>>101611 Kike Peinovich must have deleted it since last night. He can't delete this one though. https://vocaroo.com/1hFGz54C2jom
>>101612 >What about them multidimensional aliens and vampires? I was covering up for them. >>101614 Thanks.
>>101612 Last I checked Dank was just a stoner bisexual, what drugs did he talk about other than weed?
>>101615 Oh no! Why are you dooming us all with that cover up? >>101616 >stoner >just bisexual yeah, if he smokes cannabis to relax and has to buy it illegally he probably gets other hard drugs from his personal dealer bickers no one is just selling weed in Europe, and no junky is just using weed to chill they use everything. Also using cannabis in Europe is seen as a substance abuse disorder compared to in America I guess.
Open file (171.04 KB 595x960 guntjust.jpg)
Гунтstream: Гунт watching Bidup its riveting https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>101618 >Biden live stream >over 1k down votes on ever stream I don't understand how normalfags actually think this guy won legitimately.
Open file (412.07 KB 680x837 1c2.png)
>>101619 Only boomers, Gen X and Millennials believe in the legitimacy of a democracy. Also it was kinda an obvious that voter fraud happened with this American banana republic. Those that read 40k novels and philosophy get really disillusioned by democracy bickers how hard these philosophers are giving examples upon examples of how bad a democracy really is. Yeah, I am still really into 40k. I kinda wanna go deep into Warhammer fantasy, and then go into Age of Sigmar to see how bad it became bickers I've heard wild things with the sigmar stuff.
>>101617 I just get the impression if he was doing ketamine on the regular he'd be honest about it, but then he hides his past gay sex behind "femboys" and doesn't even call them traps And he even associated with that garbage human Sargon who threatens to rape woman constantly and joined the neo nazi party UKIP >>101619 A third of democrats do not, and two thirds of republicans do not, of course we are assuming there are people honest when someone comes running up to them with a clipboard and don't take a wide berth on sight
Open file (1.06 MB 360x640 nyannyancosplay.mp4)
>>101621 >I just get the impression if he was doing ketamine on the regular he'd be honest about it. He might be a degenerate but he is not stupid. If he goes on bragging about his substance abuse it could get him into legal trouble or that is my guess, since in at-least Norway it's not legal to use a substance if it's not for a medical purposes. Also it might not be Ketamine he is abusing but Valium, Tramadol, pregabbalin even something more stupid as Codeine but those are all guesses. Since he does not look like a hardcore opiate addict except for his teeth looking like they rooting, then you have him looking like he has never seen a shower.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OI5ezgUjkdM Good Lawgic and I Watch the Biden Address, and More!
Open file (68.51 KB 680x680 ltgsword.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAQca5byK7M LOW TIER GOD STREAM 4/28/2021/SFV ROSE/sekro/smash/member chat only
>>101584 nice work, Toad McKinley.
>>101620 >Yeah, I am still really into 40k. me too weakload lad >I kinda wanna go deep into Warhammer fantasy, and then go into Age of Sigmar to see how bad it became bickers I've heard wild things with the sigmar stuff. just why?
>>101618 >tfw hes still fucking going
Open file (94.02 KB 588x546 23436346.jpg)
The state of women
>>101630 >"women" implying
>>101627 I want to learn and see what made people lose interest in Warhammer fantasy and the transition into AOS. Would it be game changing lore or would it be just minor detail changes? I've heard from Fantasy fans that the fantasy part of Warhammer felt more like a mythological tale from a saga or LOTR but later it became wilder and wilder with losing that esthetic, then came AOS which just felt retarded with Sigmar being described as a Primarch but is somehow a god or something. So that is what has my autistic eyes on the Fantasy part of Warhammer for now.
Open file (1.46 MB 886x482 501398201025.webm)
Open file (362.02 KB 582x800 1440272768955.png)
Open file (97.63 KB 962x803 1292224905960.jpg)
>>101638 Hunter Biden laptop images. Wew.
Open file (233.11 KB 1024x575 destiny2.jpg)
Open file (529.62 KB 800x1067 destiny1.jpg)
Open file (119.41 KB 541x683 destiny-dox.jpg)
Open file (265.66 KB 682x827 milton_diamond.png)
>>101641 I remember reading that study he cited. It was about the introduction of porn to post-soviet Czechoslovakia, which a) had nothing to do with cp and b) was written by pic related.
>>101634 >pic kek fucking saved. I think it was a case of all of that and the "squatting" of a load of armies like tomb kings and shit but i don't really know much about smegmar, it never appealed to me, they are bringing it back with warhammer the old world though iirc, could be interesting
>>101642 I'm sure it's just a coincidence
Open file (407.26 KB 1085x780 wuhan.png)
New, good short video about lab origin of Covid. It suggests that US and China funded research at the Wuhan Virology Lab to make a coronavirus more infectious to develop a vaccine for a possible SARS outbreak in the future. Well, congrats guys. I think it's safe to say you succeeded in making it more infectious. https://rumble.com/vg1ujt-exclusive-sharyl-attkisson-investigates-covid-origins.html
>>101641 Now this doesn't mean DesTINY is a pedophile. Maybe he's just prefers children bickers they're his size.
Open file (1.10 MB 1280x720 based destiny.mp4)
Open file (402.07 KB 750x742 1592309979742.jpg)
>>101639 Destiny got pwnd by that qt bickers she showed him porn. Yeah, porn is not child fwendly DesTINY. >>101643 The problem with fantasy is that humanity and races in general will feel dumb with new introduction of lore elements and races bickers the world is not stagnant compared to 40k where the universe is stagnant so from a year from now the world of 40k will just get a new lore bits maybe 10 years from now there might be minor changes but not big changes bickers of that rule, of the universe in general is stagnant but Disney is supposedly making a tv series so that might go down the toilet where the universe might feel like shit like what they did with Star Wars.
Open file (49.02 KB 596x476 gunt sick.png)
Гунт is sick and Sandra isn't feeling so good send them your best wishes. https://twitter.com/Thejcaesar187Retort/status/1387884202448855046
>>101651 is sick code word for xanax and cheap whiskey?
Open file (88.20 KB 353x397 1550223237.png)
>>101651 What access is he losing by having his moms move to a different hospital? Some drug of choice er sumthin?
Open file (86.80 KB 858x1024 1594169253383-4.jpg)
>>101652 Sick is a code for high alcohol intoxication where you are sick the next day and throwing up and giving it all to the holy chair also known as the toilet.
TimCast IRL is amazing now. Tim sperged the fuck out on Ian the psychonaught retard that is usually a yes-man, but now he probably abused some valium or something else. I like how these people try higher forms of political philosophical thinking but fail bickers they ask the wrong questions. Also I like how they always bring up WW2 and the Jews without looking at why WW2 happened.
>>101655 Way too much mental gymnastics from him. He is now selling pillows? One of the biggest grifters out there.
Open file (3.15 MB 540x960 blondie.webm)
>>101655 Why did WW2 happen if not for the Nazi's irrational hatred of Gods chosen people, weakload?
>>101656 yeah, like most political commentators. You don't have people out there that does it for free but what I find funny is that they try allot mental gymnastics. Like that one time where they tried to say that opiate addiction and withdrawal is as bad as Barbiturates, Benzodiazpines, GHB/GBL and alcohol which it is not. You can get seizure from an opiate but not to the extent of these gabanerics where the first line treatment is anticonvulsants and it is taken really seriously bickers people can die from a seizure. Opiates are really uncomfortable but not deadly. Then you have them trying history like talking about ww1 and ww2 without seeing how Weimar Republic and it's degeneracy was the cause and the rise of national socialist party. Then they try to use philosophy and the theory of Caesarism with the seasons of an empire from Spengler and missquote him bickers they are just watching that meme where you have bad times creates strong men and good times creates weakmen, with Spengler the quote is meaning of how a Caesar figure is created and comes into power. There is just allot of general weird things that Tim Pool just misquotes and is wrong about, also when he had it in his head that the human sacrifice of Chauvin was gonna go free but instead got convicted with the 3 counts, he went apeshit. >>101657 Allot of things happened in WW2 but it was not irrational hatred for the Gods Chosen people that is a comfortable myth. Nazi Germany took into their economy something that is called Austrian Economics theory which saved the nation, where they also had allot of social programs for the poor where they became middle class. It was a system of economics which was mind boggling on how good it was as a socialist system. But they went overboard with eugenics theory bickers at the time Genetics theory was seen as lame and bad, and then they started to claim clay that was not German and since Europeans are really tribal more so than Asians, war broke out bickers of hoarding of clay. If they would've just be in Germany and do their shady things there nothing would happen. Also everyone knows that invading Poland is a curse for ones downfall.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfO0EGFx2Ko Greer Replies to Moon, Adventures of Based Polish Pastor, and More!
>>101659 Yeah, Hitler lost bc he got too greedy basically. Let's be real. If he would have stopped after reclaiming German land stolen from the Treaty of Versailles, then he would have gone down as a champion and one of the greatest politicians/world leaders of all time. That's why Neville Chamberlin's "peace in our times" appeasement wasn't that bad but the Brit didn't realize that Hitler was never going to stop taking land. He was just going to publicly say, "ok we're good now, let's have peace" while prepping the next invasion in private, well outside German soil. He had already gotten his sights on taking everyone's land around Germany. But Hitler got greedy and other countries weren't going to just roll over and let him have everything. Hitler was the underdog hero champion of the Germans who rebuilt them from the ashes of WW1 (already a fucked up traumatic event) and the unfair treatment of Germany following WW1, but eventually you cross a line and become the aggressor yourself and become the "bad guy" in the eyes of most people (probably at Poland's invasion). One thing that /pol/, TRS, and Mike Peinovich/Eric Striker get wrong is that Hitler was not a white nationalist. He didn't care about white people. He was a German nationalist and was willing to plough through as many Polish, French, Swedes, Russians, Americans, British, and any other white group necessary to achieve his plans. He was a great murderer of white people. Now, ethnic groups will hate whatever is around them. So African tribes will war with each other even though they don't look that different. Asians will war with each other. And Euros will do that too. Hominids are extremely tribal and we'll fight over even small differences like language and culture, let alone resources. So that is normal but shortsighted for someone that claimed to support Aryans. Hitler also had plans of ethnic cleansing Poles and Eastern Euros by resettling Germans and moving the Eastern Europeans off the land, while depriving them of medicine. He wanted to reincorporate the good German genes from these groups and resettle the rest mostly by shipping them out. Hitler has some quotes about the inferiority of Eastern Europeans in "Hitler's Table Talk" and you can tell he didn't care as much about hurting these groups bc they had Asian gene inflow from past Mongol invasions. There is one quote I remember about Hitler saying you can tell they have Asian blood from the way their moustache droops. Haha. TRS is in denial about this. And sometimes you can argue back and forth with Striker anonymously on /pol/ about this but it's clearly one thing TRS gets wrong bc they advocate white nationalism and their hero Hitler hurts the narrative by his disdain and warring with other white groups. Anybody who doubts me can download Hitler's Table Talk and search for keywords yourself like "Polish, East, Poles, etc.". Here's the full pdf: https://ia801304.us.archive.org/34/items/HitlersTableTalk_1941_1944/Hugh%20Trevor-Roper%20-%20Hitlers%20Table%20Talk%201941-1944%20%28His%20Private%20Conversations%29.pdf Typically, when natsocs (/pol) slip into denial about this, then first attempt to discredit the book (Table Talk) claiming the whole thing was a forgery when it's very clear someone very smart with deep insight wrote the book. Funnily enough, these same types never try to discredit "Mein Kampf". They are willing to uncritically accept that Hitler wrote that one. Lame but expected.
>>101662 >Russians are white
Open file (84.20 KB 736x920 1585766665967.jpg)
>>101662 That is bickers TRS and white nationalists in general have forgotten at how Eugenics as in science and theory was, and if you don't understand that you cannot understand Hitler or race theory at the time. And you kinda have to read the private political letters of HP Lovecraft to understand what that theory was like and he is not the extreme version of Eugenics like Darwin and Spencer, these people where really hardcore and then you have philosophers that where even more hardcore on what the sciences should be. And the ironic thing is that Genetics which was seen as a bad science and theory was made into a legitimate one bickers of the discovery of DNA and most people don't understand that Genetics is based on race theory and was less hardcore but it has proven at-least the Eugenics point of view, with showing where people come from and being really precise in it. Yeah, I am going to work soon and it is going to be fun, I got at-least 4 hours of sleep.
Open file (9.05 MB 2027x2461 ClipboardImage.png)
Wignat philosophy is midwit tier Who here is a Jokkull respecter? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCXI6KxPmsw
>>101665 >Top #50 Rightist Strawmen
>>101666 did you actually watch the video kiddo? Jokkull is Evola for a Zoomer generation.
Open file (1.84 MB 1080x608 Dodger Playboy.webm)
>>101666 >Dodger also as an aside
Open file (844.60 KB 1708x820 memology2.png)
>memology's stream gets age restricted the minute he mentions israel kek. he's deleting it in 30 minutes if anybody wants to see it/archive it before it's gone forever.
>>101669 i make bideo abot u
>>101669 Friendly reminder: spicology gets very upset when you call him a spic.
>>101671 What was that discord spic called from back in the day? Aqua? That has to be the worst spic accent I've ever heard. Memology comes close though.
>>101672 yes, also worst spic laugh goes to dame pesos ive never heard such a dirty fucking spic laugh as that.
>>101659 You got a couple of things wrong here. >seeing how Weimar Republic and it's degeneracy was the cause and the rise of national socialist party. What most people are missing for some reason is that the economy was in the gutter as well. The economic backbone (Ruhrgebiet) was ripped out by France after Germany couldn't pay the debt, etc. I never hear any mainstream person talk about the hyperinflation, they probably think everyone being a multi-trillionaire is a good thing. Millions of unemployed, and no welfare programs to speak of. A ruling class / parties unwilling to work together to address the problems. There are a lot of parallels to today, but the overall situation was completely different. Now people are scared that they loose what they have, back then they had nothing to begin with. None of it is it rocket science, but you will always have clowns like Dinesh D'Souza, and countless others of course, to twist everything so it fits their narrative. >Austrian Economics theory which saved the nation The name gives it away. Germany created a new currency based on labour (the US did something similar in it's infancy). They also got rid of the central banking system, and it's perpetual debt slavery. There seems to be a pattern, what happens to those who try that, last one being Libya / Gaddafi. >But they went overboard with eugenics theory bickers at the time Genetics theory was seen as lame and bad Not really. That's only in hindsight, what the media made out of it. At the time their eugenics program was seen as inefficient and pathetic, bickers they only sterilized criminals (don't want to spend the time now to dig up the names, and their assessments). Their views on race should be considered amateurish, lacking over a century of the famous anglo-empiricism. That would be an excellent attack opportunity for all these neo-marxist / BLM / whatever clowns. Instead they choose to make shit up, like that they invented everything and so on. >Also everyone knows that invading Poland is a curse for ones downfall. I think you mean Russia. Poland is historically in a similar position as Ukraine. Whatever. Too long already.
Open file (116.47 KB 737x952 sargon_tooth.jpg)
>>101656 >Antifa is typically white supremacists pretending to not be racist
>>101673 He was obviously faking the laugh, I refuse to believe anyone actually laughs like that.
Fairly off-topic, but my newest obsession is slap fights, in fact of course Especially the American ones where they tend to go much harder since there are not as many rules limiting the number of rounds they slap each other, compared to here in Europe Also, they slap the same side of the face throughout, instead of making them slap the other side if one side gets beat up too much. TLDR: Watch this video
Open file (40.32 KB 432x648 985928592856.jpeg)
>>101667 >wannabe zoomer calls me "kiddo" >Jokkull is Evola >for a Zoomer generation. Evola wrote books w/o soyvoice. But I guess to a "teen" with the attention span of a bug, that's as close as you'll come to reading a book.
>>101678 >too stupid to actually understand the context and complexity of the world >boils everything down to ebin reddit memes G​AMERGATE, unless your CRP I'm likely older then you are. Come back with something substantive after actually listening to a bit of Jokkull before you makes assumptions based on the title of a video.
Open file (23.76 KB 602x206 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (78.27 KB 593x585 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (546.81 KB 980x801 ClipboardImage.png)
>>101679 It is impossible for you to be older than 18 with how cringy you are.
Open file (21.30 KB 241x256 ppp_drugs_clear.png)
>It is impossible for you to be older than 18 with how cringy you are >(1)
>>101682 (You) >(28) >half of the posts are shilling some random retard to get anon to fuck with him.
>>101679 >too busy to actually waste my time on a video that bored me in the first five minutes Ftfy >boiled my comments down to their apparent essence based on what I wrote Ftfy again. Sorry your shilling comments didn't impress me as much as you wanted. My time is limited. >You made assumptions based on a title I made assumptions based on the five minutes, tops, I was able to listen to him. >come back with something more substantive Give me something more substantive. >unless your CRP I'm likely older then you are I'm neither CRP, nor is it likely you are older than me, whatever that actually means >>101681 Idk, he comes across as a boomer saying "greetings fellow zoomers" with his shilling. Practically Baked Alaska in his fakeness
>>101684 Nobody would honestly shill his shit on a board with 10 anons. He's trying to force a cow and failing spectacularly.
>>101684 >>101685 >too vapid to take the time to digest something that might actually make them use there brain Ftfy >using a vpn to samefag on a board with 2 anons and 8 z-celebrities pathetic
>>101686 >hurr durr here's some galaxy brain horseshit Don't care didn't watch :^) >barebacking the internet Go back to reddit already you humongous faggot.
>>101677 Cant get into slapfights just seems retarded theres no defense I mean theres more entertaining ways to give each other CTE if thats the goal.
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
Open file (8.29 KB 238x192 918982298.jpg)
>>101686 >youtube videos are deep shit >I'm important enough to samefag over
>>101674 Sure, I am going to get minor things wrong here and there, also I forgot allot of stuff since it has been a long time since I read about Weimar Germany. But unlike lets say Tim Pool, I don't believe a magical mustache man with deep hatred for the Jews came to power bickers of his deep hatred, I understand it was the bankrupt nation and Weimar's degeneracy that let the party rise, also I thought it was a common knowledge that Weimar was broke and a libertarian paradise, which is why civil wars broke out quite often. >At the time their eugenics program was seen as inefficient and pathetic, bickers they only sterilized criminals. They did sterilize the retarded people and mentally ill people, also faggots if they where found out. Later they sent them to enslavement camps and then the myth of the shoah was born. Also it is within hindsight one can say that their eugenics program is lacking or overboard depending on ones view, either way bickers of them the sciences of eugenics is dead. And now we have other forms of race research in forms of genetics bickers of DNA. >Poland is historically in a similar position as Ukraine. No there is an ethnic group of people that have a distinct language and culture in Poland. Also the culture would be called west Slav and tit's different from Russian and Ukrainian, it is more similar to German culture but distinct enough to be it's own. It is like saying Norway is Danish or Swedish bickers of it being a former colony, and it would be more true to call Norway for Danish or Swedish bickers the culture is the same only the language is different. Here is a nyan.
Open file (18.82 KB 598x283 healthcare WS.png)
>>101688 Exactly. No defense opportunity as the other guy is trying to connect his palm to your chin. This makes me an even bigger fan of socialized healthcare.
Open file (559.90 KB 800x1400 Veetor.png)
>>101680 >just look at gaytor to see how cheap i am lol >unassailable Except for some gentle pegging like Dax.
Open file (589.03 KB 1080x1350 NyanRalph20.jpeg)
>>101691 >They did sterilize the retarded people and mentally ill people, also faggots if they where found out. There was an american (the name escapes me now) that went to germany and reviewed the whole thing in 1940. I tried to find the sources, but gave up after like 3 minutes. There is way too much propaganda going on, that was never retracted after the war and began a life of it's own. To this day these stories are a used to justify whatever is going on. The media didn't start lying in 2014 with Gamergate, or since Trump was running for president. This is nothing new. Just look how they portray "The storming of the capitol" as the biggest disaster since the civil war. >No there is an ethnic group of people that have a distinct language and culture in Poland... What I meant was everyone that wanted to fuck over Poland did so, like the Ukraine for the last 1000 years. Russia has the reputation you speak of. Just take Napoleon, and his 600k army (by far the biggest at the time), failing and almost completely destroyed. >Here is a nyan. Thanks. Where is the guy that make these Nyanjcaesar187s?
>>101680 >SuperSashaX >likes fanservice Let's see what a Гунт paypiggy looks like https://www.pornhub.com/model/supersashax/videos oh a complete degenerate and pedo. Shocking.
>>101694 >Thanks. Where is the guy that make these Nyanjcaesar187s Post a Nyan video he hasn't made an edit of and he'll appear, I don't think he did a 02 one yet
i leave for an hour and hes still talking about the fat fuck chinky looking woman and her cuck live in ex boyfriend.
>>101665 watched a minute. guy is retarded
>>101651 why does a rich man need medicare?
>>101699 you think im gonna pay for my moms medical bills get fucked you aylawg hater.
Open file (7.78 MB 720x1280 result.webm)
>>101696 Not him mind I've made my own share of them. Testing something.
>>101701 Remove his teeth so it looks like his mouth is open and the result would be a lot better I think.
>>101702 That was first attempt. I'm going to try analysing a video as the source image so it should pick up mouth movements too. For anyone interested https://github.com/iperov/DeepFaceLab https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnUbEPFlgKA
Open file (365.87 KB 1140x726 324346346.jpg)
>>101701 >Actual video edit What along way nyanjcaesar187 has come
Open file (7.81 MB 720x1280 nyan_result.webm)
AAAUGGGGGHH ГунтLEMEN Still a work in progress 1080p 360 degree drone footage would genuinely handy at the moment, coach
>>101706 The pictures were bad enough. CEASE AND DESIST
>>101706 PRITTY GUD
Open file (4.09 MB 4326x4431 tictoc_ralph.png)
>>101707 Tim, just be happy I don't have the stomach to make more than 1 frame of porn with this power.
>>101706 What program is this?
>>101694 I dunno what happened to Nyanjcaesar187 of course in fact fam. I don't think the old nyanjcaesar187 from old /cow/ is the same as the one that posts here from time to time. Also it looks like I have to check more stuff out from ww2 when it comes to their eugenics program. >>101696 >>101705 I am still surprised that nyan was able to stay somewhat thin compared to the fat ass that is Bonbi, just what in the fuck happened to her? There must be a Jewsh feeder near her or something. >>101704 OY VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY >>101706 >>101709 You better stop with that god dammed faggotry there, anon.
Open file (344.66 KB 1118x2048 syrianJcaesar187.jpg)
>>101712 >Also it looks like I have to check more stuff out from ww2 when it comes to their eugenics program. Nah not really. I also forgot to mention the criminally insane. Their eugenics program was rather lenient though, compared to those "classical liberals" who sterilized everyone that applied for welfare etc. The report I was referring to was from Lothrop Stoddard in 1940, but glancing over his wikipedia page I doubt you can extract info from there, other than him being an "evil racist" like everyone else in his time. Focus on the present, although current events are easier to understand if you keep in mind that nothing is new. The blueprint seems to be the bolshevik revolution, and the ~20 years leading up to it. If anyone makes statements like "Antifa is a Nazi organization" (the standard "conservative" position), he is a shill and/or a retard. A lot of people are covering directly/indirectly for communism. The Nazis were a reaction to the rise of communism.
>>101713 Some faggot asked about WW2 and I just answered what I remembered. I was watching Timcast and you guessed it, they talk each night about the great wars bickers cucks love that war bickers they think that the axis was pure evil and so on. I watch it from time to time just to see their mental gymnastics it is amazing.
Open file (1.20 MB 3313x2668 RalphaBelle6.jpg)
>>101714 I want to punch my monitor every time someone like Tim Pool makes statements like "Sweden is a very racist country". They spend an insane amount of money to accommodate useless parasites, but it still isn't enough for him. There are stories like someone with 3 wifes and 20 kids gets 3 houses worth 1.8 million Euros, while they kick out 80 year old natives out of their apartments to house more "refugees". They rent entire hotels with like 400€ cost per room/day for the "new swedes". I can't watch people like him anymore. Here, have a jcaesar187aToad McKinley
>>101680 >it's not troooooo i don't viewbot >that's why i'm going to keep talking about how much i don't viewbot I love how everything the Гунт made fun of fatt jumbo for he ended up doing too.
>>101715 That is bickers Tim cannot say that the welfare program in Sweden is being abused by parasites, and that the Swedish tax payers are paying a heavy price for these people. He after all is not against the welfare program but he can claim Sweden is racist even when they go out of their way to make speech criminal and chasing out 80 year olds to a old folks home. So he is a real retard that has a bunch of yes-men around him. That is quite fun to watch when he spergs out bickers one of them goes against his mental gymnastics, that is something he does not expect and he hates it. So yeah, I just watch it for the valuable entertainment when he starts to sperg out, he dose not know shit when it comes to History, Philosophy, Law and politics he is just a grifter and part fwend simulator for people that is just as dumb as he is. I mean, he thinks that opiate addiction is dangerous when it comes to withdrawal. Also I miss that autistic BeIIeposter, he stopped when she started to film herself getting more cocks than a holiday inn toilet.
Open file (85.40 KB 590x590 sexy sofa.jpg)
>>101713 It sure does look like communism with the way the black underclass in USA is being incited by the media to get violent as they watch George Floyd dying from drug overdose with a cop's knee on his neck blasted on the news 24/7. The Globohomo cathedral (media, academia, government) seems to want the blacks to start a violent revolution just like the Bolsheviks in Russia. And if you disagree with any of this forced multicultural egalitarianism or want facts, then you're a heretic from their new religion. Meanwhile, it's very likely Covid escaped from a USA-China funded, joint research lab where they were trying to make a coronavirus that was MORE INFECTIOUS. Yet no one will ever face the consequences of unleashing it upon the world. As media experts and elites decry this as a "conspiracy theory" to discredit it. There are at least 3.1 million worldwide deaths from Covid and would have probably been at least 10-30 million had the world not gone into lockdown for many months. And yet if the lab leak theory is true, no one will ever be held responsible. Cathedral elites are instead focused on worshipping the religion of climate change, which I am now leaning toward it not being real/worth caring about. This short opinion-piece pretty much debunks climate change in <a couple paragraphs. https://www.thespectrum.com/story/opinion/mesquite/2017/06/23/global-warming-were-middle-ice-age/412206001/
Open file (139.67 KB 1400x753 RalphaBelle30.jpg)
>>101717 When it comes to those (more) "mainstream" commentators, the only one I like is Nick DiPaolo. Sure he always reverts back to his boomer mindset, with his #notall every now and then, but at least he does things like sperging out at some obnoxious sign language tranny in the way every normal person would react. >he stopped when she started to film herself getting more cocks than a holiday inn toilet. I noticed that as well
Open file (191.38 KB 940x1618 NyanRalph16.jpg)
Open file (288.46 KB 422x680 Nazi_nyanRalph.png)
>>101701 >>101706 >>101703 wow im impressed that nyanjcaesar187 posting has finally evolved to webms, ill have to look into this deepfake software to help expand my nyanjcaesar187 edits >>101712 i'm still here, did you miss me?
>>101667 The other 2 anons you're arguing with are correct. The video is garbage. I'm not going to waste my time debunking it or telling why it's garbage. But in the first 8 minutes, he says race comes from culture. He seems like the sort of Destiny/Vaush loser that doesn't know what he's talking about as he speaks to you in a nasally, nerdy voice. If he is the voice of a Zoomer generation, then y'all are finished. Keith Woods (a fashy zoomer) would run circles around this queer. Also, I find it cringe that you TRSperg, hate TRS and wignats coming from a lame ironybro/loserLEFT perspective. As in, you disagree or mock them not bc they are wrong or bc something about them is funny, but bc you're a triggered leftist or something. Or you were some cringey ironybro that felt he got groomed by Richard Spencer. So that's why you repeat basic-bitch /pol/ talking points about how de ult roight is so gay and grifter brah. Just straight copy-pasted from 4chan/pol. And now you want us to attack some fat, lame video game streamer (Austin) and are being slippery about why you want this, making the lame mistake that you think you can outsmart everyone here and trick them into doing your bidding or whatever. Whereas, if you had just stated your case about that dude, or why he pissed you off, or why he's interesting, you might have gotten other people to help you.
>>101719 I kinda stay away from politics bickers it is the same being said over and over again. What I've kinda found out is that you don't really get nerds producing a podcast and bring inn real new points of view, what you get is shit that has been said since 2016 bickers the jewtubers and podcasters realized that they where friend simulators first and everything else second. I cannot really blame them but it makes things really doll and what is entertaining is not retarded shit and stunts being done like before, it's more their worldview being shattered bickers it hurts them on a fundamental value, which I do find quite fun. Like when Tim Pool had it in his mind that the sacrifice was going to walk free, we all know he is a sacrifice for the greater good of ANTIFA and these other commies that is why they had him on 3 counts. And what Tim Pool forgot is that in court credentials matter more than fact, if the defense lawyers knew anything about medical profession in that drugs before they are made needs a doctor to see what the effects are, and the older a drug is the more side-effects and LD50 is documented, and most scientist that work in that field are within psycho pharmacology they could say in definite or in hypothetical terminology that it was an opiate overdose bickers of scientific facts of it being an anesthetic opiate. That would create reasonable doubt but that is not the case when the City and the state needs a sacrifice. Also that is one fucked up edit >>101720 Stop being a fag dude, we know you are into white boy gay porn and imagine jcaesar187 doing strange things with thy anus, but don't let us know about it with those gay edits, mang.
Open file (228.61 KB 505x626 NyanRalph40.png)
>>101722 the edits are a humble meme to expose nyantheman's true self, they seem to bother you cause it speaks to truths about yourself and while on the subject of faggotry it was you who coomed on grandpa Pires you sick fuck among a bunch of other questionable acts
>>101723 I coomed on Melanie. the grandpa and the cat was a casualty of war or what is also known as collateral damage. Gets your fact straight, also it is not my fault that you like to kiss Alabama black snakes and love that they spit on you. SO please stop with the it's a maymay that is humble, no it's your sick fantasies that in reality wanna kiss jcaesar187 or get his thumb up in the anus for some strange reason. Like if you are into farting on peoples fingers that is your thing but don't let me suffer bickers you want to have nyans perfect body and imagining that with a tiny rooster. That's fucked up.
Open file (1.22 MB 720x1280 nyanralph_get_it.webm)
>>101721 >he says race comes from culture. but he doesn't say that.
>>101725 After watching this, I don't feel so good so I am off to bed. fuck you guys, ye will never understand the purity of nyan.
Open file (262.59 KB 750x750 NyanRalph26.jpg)
#Гунтstream: Гунтender, Milo's Sodomy Rock, some JLP nig​ger gaming https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream >>101724 >coomed on Melanie Gonna have to disagree on that and i don't even want to imagine why you would coom on grandpa Pires but you did. Im glad you brought up the cat, like dude wtf its a cat, why would you do that to the cat? >>101725 fucking amazing anon
>>101727 Be sure to catch that RE:Village demo Saturday night. They extended it so you can play it in the next week. Although it's still only 60 minutes.
Open file (220.50 KB 593x646 Mel_laffin.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwmS9--dW8g New York, FBI, Biden and the GREATEST SPEECH EVER, Canada is Terrible, BASEDcamp? and MORE!
Open file (4.33 MB 498x280 gtab.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooeWEY28S60 LOW TIER GOD STREAM 4/31/2021
Open file (1.05 MB 703x640 ClipboardImage.png)
look at this fucking mr grandma lookin motherfucker fuckin aunt may lookin headass
Wondering since robi barely even uses the site, can a dig thread be made about this? >>101545 I just honestly don't have the time irl, but even a site can made about these 3 years worth of leaks. There's no real truce between robi & Tenicu, righ?
>>101736 First of all you're in the JewTube thread. Second of all, who's "Ziggy"?
>>101737 Wait, this isn't the "anything that's not as important" cyclical anymore? >who's "Ziggy"? I'm unsure, would have to read the logs, but apparently a smug meido.
>>101738 If you find something funny about a lolcow, then post it in a new thread in fact of course. /cow/ isn't /dig/.
>>101739 >cow/ isn't /dig/. I'm aware, I'm asking if it's still possible to a thread or board after the rebrand. Who knows, we might find “Esther” all along.
>>101740 Ask in meta I suppose, the meta thread was renewed recently so at least someone seems to be active.
>>101736 >>101738 >>101740 blah, blah. Robi is not a pedophile.
Open file (91.40 KB 900x1200 8592821982965.jpg)
>>101742 Definitely not if he had sex with Brittany Toad McKinley
>>101743 t. pedophile
Open file (21.55 KB 279x273 toiletsnake.jpeg)
>>101694 >>101720 Very bad toilet snake.
Open file (200.52 KB 220x224 298528285.gif)
>>101744 >non-sequitur
Open file (2.01 MB 576x1024 policethot.mp4)
>>101729 I am downloading the demo now, to see if it's any good or fun. >>101745 That is one fucked up nyanjcaesar187 of course in fact fam. Thank god police thot is here to save the day.
Open file (3.27 MB 1280x720 Andy hates em.webm)
>>101753 I'm always impressed by how fast he can say G​AMERGATE without stumbling
Open file (2.25 MB 1280x960 1619913077337.png)
Open file (112.75 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>101755 just double checked and this photo is at Baked's (parents) house so it looks like he took the BBC at home. Very cringe.
Open file (1.69 MB 720x720 poki emote.mp4)
>>101755 I really wanna watch this neo nazi documentary now!
>>101757 Do we have a date for it yet?
Open file (3.88 MB 500x280 nickur.webm)
>>101758 It is probably still being filmed and edited. My wildest guess is this fall the Neo Nazi documentary will be ready, or I hope it will.
>>101755 I haven't been following since they let him out after the Capitol thing. Has anything big happened to Baked since then?
Open file (42.62 KB 525x435 ClipboardImage.png)
Now JMAA is whiteknighting zoosadists on twitter.
Open file (1.07 MB 398x494 JMAA1.gif)
Open file (2.77 MB 750x598 jmaa2.gif)
Open file (4.33 MB 498x280 gtab.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odDphpDLgtc LOW TIER GOD STREAM 5/1/2021/SATURDAY GAMES GREEN CHAT ONLY
>>101760 He's still awaiting his court date in the next few months. I don't believe he's allowed to stream atm. https://youtu.be/41B_x2MKDWE
Open file (56.70 KB 406x720 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
>>101764 That fucking look, he can barely hide his contempt
>>101766 in fact of course he has a permafrown.
But wait, it gets worse.
>>101767 >loulz Is he gonna get Dope District on too, or is Louis a filthy racist?
Open file (3.48 MB 552x480 1617205708461.webm)
Open file (1.94 MB 352x240 1577464969099.webm)
>>101764 I just love how Theroux is looking at them like a bunch of retards. I can only imagine what he is thinking, I've made these amazing documentaries and I had a hunch about these neo nazi's and all of them are a bunch of retards bigger retards than the Autistic kids I filmed and made fun off. >>101766 >>101767 >>101768 It is rather amazing and we will get kino from it, he is not going to paint them in a good light.
>>101770 >and all of them are a bunch of retards bigger retards than the Autistic kids I filmed and made fun off. He looks more uncomfortable around them than a bunch of literal autistic kids And these are the faggots who've been telling us how important optics are for years
Open file (1.18 MB 640x360 1596740185245.webm)
>>101771 I love his uncomfortable look, that is the reason why people love his kino of course in fact fam.
Open file (204.56 KB 867x1445 E0aX6r3XIAEcJ9C.jfif)
>>101773 Shorts but 2 shirts? Is the undershirt just to secure the Гунт?
Open file (3.40 MB 1596x1080 ralph spergout.mp4)
>>101774 yes, he is afraid of his Гунт dancing.
Open file (281.20 KB 1152x2048 E0WBJN6XsAEwQYB.jpg)
>>101773 *sniff*
Open file (125.46 KB 1366x768 E0bCdktXoAAVrL5.jfif)
Gaytor just tweeted this
Open file (292.79 KB 581x426 ClipboardImage.png)
>>101778 >he's not 5 feet" >"he's 2 inches taller than you" Not sure what one has to do with the other
Open file (2.08 MB 2736x3648 413401332598.jpg)
Open file (624.58 KB 600x842 682792328616.png)
>>101778 >not including the mass of flesh which eclipsed the event That's dedication worthy enough to make Vee vomit.
>jcaesar187 got a dog It's going to die starving to death due to neglect isn't it
>>101777 Holy cringe. Is that what happens when you get Stockholm Syndrome to that level, running damage control and thinking of master 24/7? Wtf even is that crap? He's muscular and buff. jcaesar187's a fatass pig. No Гунт in picture. Was this style supposed to mimic Jojo's Bizarre Adventure or something? Daddy daddy, look what I drew! I made your humiliating event into a meme!
Open file (747.54 KB 994x752 shannon_kun.png)
Open file (2.19 MB 1280x720 Gaytor_on_Cow.mp4)
>>101782 Just b ur self.
So gaydur is pathetic. Also now that I've been up to what the news is, did the pentagon just confirm that UFOs are actually real? Fuck, what in the fuck is this world coming to?
Open file (835.13 KB 320x180 ltggroove.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46cnvtdrGiA LOW TIER GOD STREAM 5/2/2021/FF2/SEKIRO/SFV/SMASH/ETC
Open file (4.33 MB 498x280 gtab.gif)
LTG is spending tonight's stream telling his audience of NIGG.ER FA.GGOT A-LAWGS to doxxxx themselves by sending him their pics. As already confirmed by him, this includes multiple underage children as young as 14.
>>101790 Parasocial relationships and thus paypigging is stronger when you have a personal connection with your audience. Sending him pics fosters that connection. Good for business.
Open file (354.52 KB 773x757 ilhan-omar-based.jpg)
>>101795 So despite only being 16% of the population, G​AMERGATEs are 46% of the incarcerated population in Florida?
Open file (312.86 KB 646x636 ClipboardImage.png)
>>101795 >infant mortality is twice as high for black babies What's the accusation? White supremacist nurses are strangling them in the hospital?
>>101050 Remember when he made everyone in the game even corey barnhill
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cL50SD1kcg Gibes & the Ranch - Mad at the Internet
>>101800 You open up that axe wound image? Fawk I was eating lunch.
>>101801 flagged for gore
Open file (1.59 MB 300x162 cage no.gif)
>>101801 Disgusting Guess we kind of asked for it watching him talk about trannies eh
I could listen to jewsh overanalyze and rant about specific mentally ill trannies for hours.
>>101804 any back up stream for those that missed it?
Open file (1.78 MB 480x852 NoBody.webm)
>>101803 So what I've started to realize is that Jewsh is really into fatties and I believe he might be into trannies.
>>101810 Are you being sarcastic?
>>101809 >Streamed live 2 hours ago Could have fooled me. Sargon will be more reliable than the sun in his consistency. True Centrism will outlast the universe.
Open file (291.29 KB 439x611 gunterlord.png)
Гунтstream: Chauvin Nig​ger Juror Exposed, Klepto (((Klein))) Threatened, + Bloodsports Back https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
Open file (29.78 KB 603x200 ClipboardImage.png)
is this bait or something
>>101814 I did hear him refer to himself as Brian when he was telling Гунт a story about bringing a dog on campus.
Open file (16.18 KB 200x151 low_tier_pissbottle.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABlYPVk-9v8 LOW TIER GOD STREAM 5/3/2021/SHORT STREAM GREEN CHAT ONLY!!
>>101814 You're not fooling me Darren Thompson
>>101814 Hours old tweet by now and not a single foxdick on the Гунт subforum has mentioned or given a shit about this ""reveal"" in either gaytor's own thread or anywhere else, likely bickers even they are not so retarded enough as to fall for gaytor's oldfag deflective faildoxxx falseflags. Yeah, sure gaytor, >we totally believe your name is Bryan now. Thanks for those bread crumbs, >we're hot on the trail of your doxxxx! This is the same faggot who would have you believe he had a Puerto Rican girlfriend and is majoring in computer science at what seems to be a different college every time he brings classes up. Not to mention constantly deleting tweets to a-log archivers, his constant idiotic tinfoil hat conspiracy theories that somehow always involve Kraut or Matt Mundane, and his new 'gaytornosis' habit of spinning fanfiction to the gun.t's few remaining fans about how foxdick are the REAL lolcows. This is a mentally ill man LARPing as a mastermind when in actuality he's a fat bumbling idiot scared of losing what little anonymity he has left who carries more water than Vee ever did for Sargon. TL;DR do not believe a word this man says, just the fact that he is disingenuously amicable about this slip up suggests he planned it in advance as a desperate doxxxx deterrent
>>101820 Why would he feel the need to seed a faildox red herring out there now? Reminder that it is possible he just slipped up and said his real name in the hours he spends behind the mic every night and he saw chat laughing about it and thought, "well the cat is out of the bag now, no need to pretend that didn't just happen. They already heard it." I don't watch teh Keelstream anymore though so I'm not tuned in. If only CRP had grabbed his driver's license in Knoxville. We would have everything. We just need a real breadcrumb. Toad McKinley's thirst for admiration gave us the kino that was Knoxville, where he was revealed to be a short, fat, neckbeard. If he had no ego or didn't yearn for the audience to cheer for him along with Гунт and Andy, we would have nothing like with Toad McKinley. Perhaps he can be baited into giving us more, like a key bit of info with a cleverly worded question. Like, what is he planning on doing for a job with his degree? He could be baited into giving us a vital bit of info. Where is he going to college? What state does he live in?
Open file (70.93 KB 361x254 tewi_fag.jpg)
>>101814 Relating himself to a homosexual makes it it's his most engaged tweet in a while. HOW EMBARRASSING
>>101820 >>101821 Keep it in the back of your mind, but at this moment I think it was a purposeful red herring. Foxdicks have been really looking for his dox, and the oldest trick to avoid getting doxed is dropping misleading information. In typical incompetent janny fashion Gaytor made it too obvious, but it's also possible he's that retarded.
Open file (384.82 KB 787x550 nigger whore.png)
Open file (213.65 KB 720x720 ihlan 6.jpg)
>>101795 Stfu you Somali whore. Inequality is normal and part of nature. Stop crying bickers your pet group sucks asshole. You choose to get abortions. That is real infant mortality. Your household income is less bickers you work less and bickers black men are vagabonds that abandon their bastard kids. Blacks are in prison more bickers they commit more crime. Stop disguising your group's shortcomings as "racism" or "white supremacy." You just suck. So get back to sucking my white cock.
Open file (1.26 MB 480x854 sharkbait.mp4)
>>101823 >>101820 Yes, he purged a lot of tweets recently didn't he? That proves he is thinking about things like his dox for a couple weeks. So in that same mindset, he is trying to throw the a-logs off his trail for some reason. Maybe he saw something unsettling on KeeWii and thought it was too close for comfort.
Open file (24.58 KB 357x209 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (37.07 KB 466x294 ClipboardImage.png)
>>101825 "You're welcome KF" would suggest he's aware of their attempts, also a full 3 hours later he was still thinking about it bickers he then posted again for some reason. He also wants us to believe the spelling is correct bickers he panicked and said it in chat(???)
Open file (204.24 KB 1073x199 handsome.png)
you G​AMERGATEs are overthinking it, most likely shannon is sitting there hoping KF would be chimping out about how he let it slip and he would be smug chuckling to himself about how theyre obsessed with the oldest fag, whilst jacking it to the attention. SAD facts are that no one really cares about shannon, he could drop dead and no one would ask where he went, even jcaesar187 would just promote the G​AMERGATE to soundboardist
Open file (15.80 KB 427x114 ClipboardImage.png)
>>101828 >Steven Franssen low IQ failed musician https://youtu.be/Krpzrx__dRM
Open file (538.10 KB 700x1400 Layer 1.png)
>>101827 My moneys on jcaesar187 still needing Shannon to operate restream.io for him. Sure his OBS is pointing to restream, but he'd never figure out how to log on there and set rtmp endpoints. Only the IT guru could figure out what he'd have copy/paste.
Open file (4.41 KB 200x200 Bryan Gaines.jpeg)
>>101814 bryan vincent shannon gaines.... fuckin gotem!
Open file (46.47 KB 2048x1364 spic_femto_transparent.png)
>>101828 >blue checkmark on twitter <Big Tech's worst nightmare Is this retard one of Spic's boyfriends?
>>101826 i dont follow his twitter but it does seem like hes making a big deal out of it so either he really did panic and slip up or hes panicing now and trying to cover something? i dont listen to the show anymore anyway, most days while at work i listen to clips from destiny or vaush or other tranny debators
Open file (4.53 MB 720x404 182289289586.gif)
>>101814 >People use their own name in a sentence Sure
Open file (3.78 MB 854x480 female joker.webm)
So Shannon has been giving his fake dox so that he can pretend that he is not in reality Shannon Gains? >>101833 Most likely, why do people believe so much in the blue checkmark thing? Before it was all about being legit, now you can send twitter a copy of your passport or drivers license and then you have one. So it ain't no thang.
>>101827 Really the only people the gaytor gamer needs to throw off his trail is the Jared Holt/Twitter crowd. If his dox got dropped in time for another hit article on the infamous neo-nazi podcast that could bite him in the ass at his place of employment etc.
Open file (295.88 KB 1029x2016 bryan.jpg)
Open file (322.00 KB 360x480 1548377455.mp4)
>>101820 >>101835 yeah i dunno seems weird.
>>101836 >Before it was all about being legit, now you can send twitter a copy of your passport or drivers license and then you have one. So it ain't no thang Reminder that Nick Rekieta is still complaining occasionally about his old blue checkmark twitter being deleted, and not having a blue chekmark again bickers if the account is in his name instead of his companies name it will get auto deleted.
Romanian Gypsy currently watching a guy watch CRP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezJDm9y02IA
Open file (30.98 KB 377x301 vee.jpg)
Vee wasn't in the best shape but he has let himself go even more since marriage.
>>101841 The roblox guy? How much discourse can you get from saying abuse victims are head cases with trust issues. People are just going to be outraged or grimly nod along bickers they've met one. >i disagree with both sides >it's a two parter God damn it gypo.
Open file (25.90 KB 592x283 854813196049.png)
I guess gaytor is trying to transition away from "that guy that wants to be gym" to just "that guy that wants gym inside him". It's a bold move, but will it pay off?
>>101841 Which video of Coach's is this about?
>>101844 >shannon gaines >brian o'shagnassey just another faggot.
Open file (469.61 KB 800x1400 1550732695-2.png)
>>101844 >look at me leave so many clues >find me >chase me what a fag
>>101840 I got a mail from twitter about getting a blue checkmark or something when I am on my personal account. I hardly use twitter bickers it is so lame and it is only attentionwhores that are into twitter. Kikebook is for boomers and people that have not really moved on to other social media or find twitter confusing. >>101842 Yeah, he is a irl NEET that lives off from internet welfare. >>101844 No, it is a persona of saying hur da dur I am Irish like my daddy. He knows bickers daddy gym was his fwend simulator that these pathetic humanbeings are waiting for his return, so there is an open market and since Shannon is a copy cat he probably figured he can be the new daddy.
>>101828 this steve franssen guy is a total pathetic ballwasher, not matter what you think of spic fuentes
Open file (201.74 KB 1032x739 gator_rused.png)
>>101846 >>101847 >>101848 Sorry to spoil the elderfag's ruse, but it's Dunn. He's saying he's Bryan Dunn. You guys got got.
Open file (10.95 MB 720x400 ron the coomer.mp4)
>>101850 Oh no I got excited that gaydur was going to do something original like trying to be daddy Gym. Instead he is trying to ruse us! Gosh darn it, how can we stop the le ebin fag?
>>101851 >Giant cum stained Rei doll Which documentary is this? Feels like Vice
Open file (1.22 MB 1280x589 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (16.67 MB 1280x720 machine gun jim.mp4)
>>101853 It is the HBO documentary Q into the Storm. it shows allot of weird things but one thing it does show is that Cripple kike is a legit retard and really heartless.
Open file (60.76 KB 622x767 1544237877.jpg)
>>101850 not for a split second did i get gotted.
>>101850 im with this G​AMERGATE >>101856 I just dont care what his name is he's really not that important.
Гунт just gave us a little reminder tweet on the twatters that Baby Xander is to be expected this month
Open file (304.16 KB 2700x1855 Wonka.jpg)
https://boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/34511736 Bill Gates is getting divorced. Also this beta billionaire was letting his future wife date around while he was busy with Microsoft getting nothing in return. Even billionaires are incels. But now, Bill is gonna give up 50% of his assets. You won't be the richest man on Earth anymore. Inb4 Grimes takes Elon Musk to the cleaners in 2 years and Elon is sad-posting on Twitter and still trying to raise Dogecoin's price with his Reddit Willy Wonka antics. "Boo-hooo waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, she's gonna take my son XLM-Terraflop226639 away from me. Btw, I love doge coin. To the mooooooooooooon!" What's up with these billionaire bitches like Bezos, Musk, Zuckerberg, and Gates not being red-pilled about marriage and women?
Open file (75.48 KB 1080x844 1545698430612.jpg)
>>101859 What is Autistic Bill gonna do? Did Musk marry that hussy that he dated that was a goth chick or whatever it was?
>>101859 The curse of being new money. The real elite have had money for generations in which they have learned how to keep it in the family. No one divorce rapes a Bogandoff.
Open file (1.25 MB 1070x885 cow_gunting.gif)
Гунтstream​: Some hole nobody cares about, Some politician nobody cares, + More stuff nobody cares about https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>101837 true, i mean its been a few years that hes been at uni supposedly right? probably nearing the end of his degree and thinking about future jobs
Open file (46.96 KB 680x356 Etk4dr_WQAIYf91.jpg)
>>101859 It's Epstein or the pandemic shit, both probably in all reality these things are always linked
No one can stop me
>>101865 >all that weeb shit. jfc gayhoole
>>101865 Is that an unpainted 2B ?
Open file (1.28 MB 1192x671 TRS sperg 6.png)
Open file (343.71 KB 466x535 soyface bugmen.png)
Oh, Musk isn't married to Grimes but has a son with her. He's been divorced 3 times already and had 5 kids from the other wives. So now he has 6 kids including the new one. >>101861 If Rothschilds and Boganov's (those plastic surgery faces?_ are the richest people on planet Earth, why don't they ever make the list? https://www.forbes.com/real-time-billionaires/#31b722873d78 >>101864 I imagine Melinda Gates enters Bill Gates' bedroom and he's balls-deep in some underage concubine from Epstein's island that they all pass around. She was with Trump last week, Bill Clinton, last month, Epstein, 2 months ago, and now she's will Bill. Melinda cries like a hypocritical woman bickers cheating is only allowed when the woman does it but you can't do it to to her. That hurts! As opposed to back when she was dating around in early Microsoft days and Bill was putting in long hours at the company. So now she files the divorce papers, knowing she will be sitting pretty on top of like 70 billion minimum. >>101865 I like those 2 hardcover Berserk volumes on your shelf but you are resembling a soyboy bitch whose entire life is collecting and consuming funkpops with all that stuff. Eh, I guess you gotta put your weeb shit somewhere though.
>>101868 We all know it's only cheating when emotions are involved, otherwise it's just sex and the guy is being jealous and petty and needs to man up, it's her body she can do what she likes with it Those are amiibos which might be more embarrassing than funkopops depending on your perspective
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWAEFYu2G20 Is There a LoLsuit against H3H3? I Am Cursed with Minor Inconveniences, and MORE
Open file (176.19 KB 1125x1282 4thaljk6zm051.jpg)
no one would cheat on grimes shes probably the most comfy gf ever
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ye7M5YlNIB8 LOW TIER GOD STREAM 5/4/2021/GAMES/REACTIONS
STRIKE & MIKE Episode 160: Humans of Managerialism Strike and Mike discuss the rise of the multi-racial bugman managerial class and the implications of this for America internally and internationally. --Striker's Canary Mission Profile --Woke CIA video invites ridicule and impotent scorn --The origins of wokeness in the Jewish dominated university system --FBI Raids Giuliani, ignores Hunter Biden laptop --The rise of the mixed-raced bugman managerial class --FBI takes 4 years, spends millions to recapture the He Will Not Divide flag --The implication of spiteful mutants in positions of power --How to spot failing or fake political strategies https://gofile.io/d/j4qVWL
>>101865 wash your face you slaphead ogre.
>>101868 >If Rothschilds and Boganov's (those plastic surgery faces?_ are the richest people on planet Earth, why don't they ever make the list? bickers they ask to be taken off lists Their entire existence depends on people not knowing much about them or that the even exist and just how much control and money they have. The less people even know about the better, and ideally it's best for them if most people think they're just an evil right-wing meme, where people will just smile at you and shake their head if you mention the word "Rothchild". "Oh, yeah I'm suuuure they exist, you sound just like that conspiracy nutjob Alex Jones LMAO"
Open file (105.97 KB 1080x1363 E0ka9CWWEAM8uli.jpg)
>>101865 >room shaped like the underside of a bridge >mold >low light i always though you looked like a troll.
Open file (396.02 KB 1100x733 juror-chauvin.jpg)
Imagine thinking that "a jury of your peers" means letting a G​AMERGATE be part of it, especially in a case like this.
>>101877 "A juror in the Derek Chauvin murder trial attended the March on Washington anniversary last summer, which is drawing online speculation about his motives for serving on the trial and could become grounds for an appeal. In recent days, a photo of Brandon Mitchell that was originally posted on social media around the Aug. 28 event commemorating Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech began circulating online and on multiple news sites. Many commentators online questioned his motive and its potential to fuel an appeal in Chauvin's case."
Open file (120.34 KB 1280x720 wings.jpg)
Open file (52.06 KB 200x113 wingsthanks.gif)
Open file (875.68 KB 620x349 wings.gif)
Open file (875.68 KB 620x349 wings.gif)
Open file (2.02 MB 1500x3000 tgwtg .jpg)
>Lindsay Ellis "cancelling" her friend JewWario leads to the Kike Offing himself >Allegations where dubious and based on hearsay >Lindsay get cancelled for a innocuous tweet 10 years later <OMG CANCEL CULTURE IS BAD GUYS <DID YOU KNOW GAYMAN GAY WAS WHAT STARTED CANCEL CULTURE! I'm enjoying this a bit too much goys. >>101865 >even Toad McKinley ws able to loose 15 lbs What is РРР excuse for being so fat? He should do some cardio, or play some pinball to get that heart pumping. >>101873 Looks like Striker got aids from one of he gay fwiends, >>101854 Jews clearly always win. No point in fighting it anymore. I would breed Abby and then move to Israel.
>fat homosexual dunks on twink homosexual in 119 minutes Will Toad McKinley lose the weight? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEVFXvRe9l8
The absolute state of Muttie, that's why even Fuzhou make fun of her, for real imagine being Muttie, hitting the wall and becoming desperate to get a husband! https://youtu.be/iWjY7fz-7j4 Meanwhile, Jesus is doing very well. https://youtu.be/S7ySvO6EcV4 https://youtu.be/904sXLz-IEc
>>101883 >even Fuzhou Literally who. I'm sure Brittney has plenty of simps that will apply to be with her. After all, males are inherently pathetic simps who will simp for anything. But given that her audience is full of losers, I doubt they will be tall enough, rich enough, or even employed enough to meet her standard. >Meanwhile, Jesus is doing very well. <Get paid minimum wage to get brain-damaged. Umm, ok? I guess we have a different standard off success. You must be trailer-trash if you actually watch wrestling. But at least he's living the dream Tonka wanted.
Open file (144.82 KB 815x660 1567839751788.jpg)
>>101877 I heard about the negro gentlemen that was a blm supporter, but still Chavin is a sacrifice so there ain't no point. Even if there was a re-trial you need someone with credentials that can say in hypothetical terms that he died of an opiate overdose. >>101883 It is somewhat sad bickers she is taking these applications via creepy people from discord. I wonder what kinda Jew she will get?
Triple P kino is on the menu, it seems too bad I am watching The Last King of Scotland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEVFXvRe9l8
Does anyone have a link to the video where N​IGGER calls his mum and says he wouldnt rape a woman?
>>101886 What's wrong with the audio? Is the mic stuck between his tits or something?
>>101888 he is either using his phone or the mics on his laptop. He does not have a headset with a mic on. I don't think he is making money on this stuff but I could be wrong.
Good to know that >we have a new moderation that is not partial and protective in pro of namefags from cytube and discord, in fact, 3P, Godspeed or if anyone from /jp/ wish my help, I'm glad at posting the dox of this member of the Tr00ntream He's a very anti-3P poster both here and on Youtube, and also one of the Zachfag minions constantly obsessed with Koi And probably one of the retards constantly ruin the thread by posting Toad McKinley Delphine >>101883 Hi "Anon"!!!! Pic related. (You).
>>101886 sorta late to the party >>101882 >>101888 (checked) >audio issues РРР is mentally retarded. The fat ass doesn't realize Hitlers regime would have euthanized him for being a morbidly obese homosexual.
>>101889 You can get a half decent mic for like 20 bucks, even with all the gambling and food expenses that should be doable.
Open file (46.79 KB 1006x567 detective time.jpg)
>>101443 You are obviously projecting, retard, anime is part of chans culture >>101444 Wholesome trips! >>101458 Ampharos is another pedo namefag obsessed with 3P for stopping chatting with him on discord and cytube so far from based lol >>101484 Nice new OC's >>101554 >anyone with the opposite opinion of me is X eceleb/namefag >>101598 Yes
>>101891 I wonder how Rage looks like now? Has she hit the wall or is she a sexy woman now? >>101892 Yeah, that is ain't going to happen. He loves to gamble and eat food, look at him for christ sake! he looks like a fat man hatting Lesbian, it is the most surreal thing I've seen in ages. It almost like Jahans but now Jahans looks like a hardcore rapist.
>>101896 She hit the wall for sure lol
Open file (483.06 KB 2133x1200 634415985835.jpg)
Open file (7.11 MB 512x384 sm4267950.webm)
>>101893 God damn, you beat me making the detective pikachu joke. I shouldn't have wasted time making a shitty shoop. Have a seagull webm as a prize.
>>101892 He has a decent mic, this shit mic schtick is a gay homage to mr. medacare
>>101899 Thanks for pointing that out, big dawg.
>>101896 Even Jahans is healthier then Ashton at this point, at this point it's probably between him, jcaesar187 and gym for the first notable grifter death since Johnny Boston.
Open file (1.53 MB 352x212 guntquake_chair.gif)
Гунтstream: Borzoi Debuts https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>101884 S T F U Mutti Hammerhead. >>101890 S T F U Pedochu.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgs2IIkxLOM Chauvin in Motion, SEKRET LEAKED KICKVIC MESSAGES, Trump's Social Media and MORE
Open file (455.11 KB 736x676 9082398252563.png)
>>101903 Based slaphead
>>101903 It's ironic that you Toad McKinley, call others pedophiles, while you yourself were investigated by the FBI for cp. And looking at you, you def fit the demographic of wrestling viewers, if you know what I mean. To put it politely. And no, Zac Efron isn't a wreslting viewer. I just wanna use the meme. He did, however, get some fucking ugly plastic surgery or something and ruin his face.
Open file (117.19 KB 683x1024 duke.jpg)
Open file (926.54 KB 3000x2086 Spencer.jpeg)
Open file (428.55 KB 650x337 Nick Fuentes agitated.png)
Each of these men made a faustian bargain with the mainstream media: they traded their reputations for infamy to be evil far-right boogeymen that the media can point to as pure evil. The deal was that they would get famous from the media. It usually takes a certain type of narcissistic personality to be willing to destroy your own reputation to get infamy/fame. Usually it just means the person is an attention-whore who wants fame more than anything else in the world and is willing to do anything to achieve it. If you happen to hold some far-right views or are willing to larp as a nazi, the mainstream media is willing to play along with you in a symbiotic relationship. You larp as a nazi and they will give you infamy. They get to use you for views, demonize their political enemies, and scare normies into watching their cocks, getting clicks and ratings; you fit their narrative. And you will get some attention, you dirty, filthy attention-whore. You will also be destroying your real world reputation, but to a lazy grifter, this is worth it bc you aren't planning on working a day in your life regardless. So no need to worry about job interviews, background checks, or getting fired. You just want that mother fuckin' fame. After all, to a narcissist, no press is bad press. So long as you are getting some attention/fame, it's preferable to not receiving it, even if they're calling you negative things like nazis, murderers, or rapists. Being forgotten is the worse thing of all to a narcissist. David Duke is the media-fabricated evil boogeyman for Boomers. Richard Spencer is the evil far right alt right nazi for GenX. Andrew Anglin is the evil neonazi boogeyman for Millenials. And now Nicholas J. Fuentes is the evil far-right Groyper nazi for Zoomers. Which far-right, mainstream media created boogeyman psyop was created for your demographic?
>>101911 Tommy Robinson - Created for cuckservative christcucks who oppose Islam, but who still don't mind their nations and people being destroyed by multi-racialism, as long as these foreign races are fellow christians
Open file (12.79 MB 498x473 ltgrun.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzEcx8hfBFM LOW TIER GOD STREAM 5/5/2021/SFV/REACTIONS/SMASH/TEKKEN/GAMES
Open file (320.49 KB 1417x510 NPD.png)
Open file (1011.83 KB 897x672 FFIX - Despair.png)
To the narcissist, he is the greatest thing since Jesus Christ walked the planet. Work? You mean do some labor or have to get up early or something I don't like for someone else? You should pay me merely for existing, let alone doing some work for you. You should work for me for free, as a slave. I am the uberman/superman. I would never work. That is for other people and commoners and plebs. Send me all your crypto. I deserve it. The narcissist is entitled. How dare you suggest he work? Don't you know he's saving the white race, you faggot? I'm too good to work like you. Work is for other people. I should be rich by default and I'm higher-class than you. Better stock. I'm smarter than you. I'm more important than you. I'm fucking famous.
Open file (93.29 KB 550x546 1549254830.jpg)
Open file (328.52 KB 460x632 PPP-soyjak.png)
>>101889 >He does not have a headset with a mic on. Doesn't that come with every PS4 and XBOX? Oh I forgot, he bought a Switch. >>101896 She has the physiognomy that would make a good MILF in fact of course.
>>101890 take your meds, schizo.
Open file (9.11 MB 207x112 Molyneux montage.webm)
I'd like to recommend everyone Stefan Molyneux if you miss him from youtube. He streams on Dlive and you can find out when, from his parler/telegram account. I would say he's one of the smartest and most charismatic grifters out there. His IQ is probably higher than most anons on any board. I realize that this makes some anons seethe who consider themselves very smart but just check your ego for a bit and hear me out. He is able to bounce off most anything you write in chat and respond in a witty way. He is sort of a crypto expert at this point and his far-right politics are good. He's red-pilled in the sense of demographics, JQ, and almost anything else. And since being banned, he's liberated and bold in the sense that he doesn't give a fuck. Of course, you will disagree with him bickers he is his own man with his own personal opinions. One minute he's bashing women, next minute he comments on crypto, next minute he talks about Billie Eilish being a satanist and sexual assault victim, next minute he makes an Amazing Atheist banana joke, next minute he comments on Fuentes' banned from air travel, next minute he describes some psychology. Sometimes his streams suck like when you're not in the mood to hear faggots on his call-in show crying about their shitty lives, trying to get free counseling from Stef. But in general, they are top-notch background noise. Almost so dense and fast that I feel it's almost a waste to listen to them passively, like I would some MMA stream or a Sargon/Tim Poole news stream like a throwaway stream for the background, bickers they are packed with so much insight and jokes. He's really a top-notch fwend -simulator. Check out this montage from just 30 min of his stream today. No, Moly doesn't pay me. I do it for free. ;) But only for you 'cause I find value in his streams these days. And yes, I think everyone here no matter your age should be into crypto. So you should be diving into learning and investing. It's good for you. Thus, I shill Moly. I also think we should make a cowcoin/pyramid scheme. We would all be at the top of the scheme, then we shill it on /biz/, then reddit, and everyone here (/cow/ regulars) would get about 50 million cowcoin and we could do a pump 'n' dump scheme. So we would be the whales that got in early and good before it was even open to the public. But I can't program or make a coin. I could do the art for it though. No, I don't wanna do Гунтcoin. That would be lionizing and immortalizing jcaesar187, who's an attention-whore who doesn't deserve the attention this board gives him. Can we just clone doge-coin and slap some really good art on it and all get rich together? where he posts his podcasts in pure audio form: https://www.freedomain.com/all-podcasts Where he streams: https://dlive.tv/freedomain My bro Stef is so opporessed and banned these days, I can't even find his twitter he was banned. Telegram: https://ghettogaggers.com/s/freedomainradio?before=343
>>101918 > we should make a cowcoin/pyramid scheme. We would all be at the top of the scheme, then we shill it on /biz/, then reddit, and everyone here (/cow/ regulars) would get about 50 million cowcoin and we could do a pump 'n' dump scheme. So we would be the whales that got in early and good before it was even open to the public. But I can't program or make a coin. I could do the art for it though. >we >We >we >we Oh you poor little collectivist *chuckles* If you want to do a pump and dump scam, probably not a good idea to post about it publicly.
Open file (1.26 MB 780x1200 16 (1).jpg)
Open file (3.77 MB 925x583 Sargnlet1.webm)
>>101918 >>101919 Is there any memecoin that's designed to entropically never reach a sum total of 1.0 per the zeno paradox?
>>101911 >Louis Farrakhan for the White Man turning the white man into thinking like G​AMERGATEs. Add E Michel Jones, (((Mike Enoch))), Eric Striker and Owen Benjamin to that list.
Open file (29.93 KB 495x362 pp angry.jpg)
Back from work and I made money! Now I might get some quiet time but the bitch in the house is overly eager for retarded shit like cake. >>101911 I mean like Gen x and the millennial generation had the Alt-right, before it was all co-opted by greed and fame. The overall problem is that Nick the spic was one of the leading voices that co-opted the movement and it was funny to watch since every now and then optics mattered and his fans/supporters of his fwend simulation where nothing but paypiggies. They even ostracized people that where longer in the movement than he ever was with calling them wignats, I was confused as to the meaning of it, then an anon told me that it means wigger nationalist or something, why not just say that so you don't have a coded language and confuse people? The overall problem I saw with Nick the spic is that he is nothing but a fucking globalist that wants the cult of personality of trump when in reality, that is the problem that the globalist are about changing of language and culture from the ethnic population, that is the problem and since they are so braindead and cannot formulate that simple fact should tell you and everyone with a braincell that they are brainlets and complete incompetent when it comes to any form of political commentary. >>101914 yeah, they are nothing but parasites unfortunately he has a cult of personality and they are less than human bickers of it. So it will take some time before he is a irrelevant. >>101916 >Doesn't that come with every PS4 and XBOX? ironically enough a headset did not comes with a xbox one x so I doubt they put one in xbox one s which does not have one. Xbox series s and x does also not have a headset for some reason, I know they did not put such a thing to save money but it is kinda silly, if you ask me.
>>101922 >I was confused as to the meaning of it, then an anon told me that it means wigger nationalist or something, why not just say that so you don't have a coded language and confuse people? Ironybro culture involves dorks LARPing as cool kids. It's their "chud".
>>101923 It was a pretty funny period when they first came up with it and everyone just called them retarded. Then they were trying to alternate between wigger, wingnut and whigs as the real meaning bickers they kept being made fun of. Then there was period of quiet and apparently afterwards Nick popularised it among his own paypigs, bickers the rest of the troupe don't have any clout.
>>101918 Your slogan for Cowcoin should be "Its going to the MOOOOn"
Open file (686.78 KB 2048x1539 E0pjM5cXIAY-JgX.jpg)
>>101916 >>101922 He has a headset
>>101925 with the profile of Toad McKinleyua Connor Moon on the head side.
>>101926 nice teeth fatass look at all that fucking plaque
>>101922 >why not just say that so you don't have a coded language and confuse people? Coded language or lingo or jargon is how cultures and sub-cultures and cults separate themselves.
>>101886 >>101882 Fuck me. I miss Gym and Earwinson.
>>101923 Yeah, they are a bunch of tards. >>101924 yeah, that is bickers Nick is a cult leader and not a political commentator. >>101926 what kinda shit headset does that Lesbian looking man have? >>101929 Yeah, I know that cults have a coded language for the inn-group so they can feel special and that they are holding onto secrets that the general public does not know. Also there is another checkmark on Nick the spic now, he is a messiah-like figure or savior, thanks to cuckservatives and other invalids that says he is a form of freedom fighter bickers he got on a no-flight list which impressed his cult minded audience. When I think about it, he is acting more and more as a cult leader than an actual political commentator or politician which is really weird. When the time of the rope comes he is the first faggot that is going to hang for treason against the Imperium of Man.
>>101931 >hang No, they would just throw his ass of a rooftop, ISIS style.
>>101932 No, hanging roman style. Gut the fag like a fish and hang him while his innards goes down to the ground while nice birds eat of his corpse.
Open file (85.65 KB 1280x707 1375106713_954933865.jpg)
>>101933 Relax, weakload
Open file (29.40 KB 500x500 1442900294382.jpg)
>>101933 Don't worry РРР, Nick and Mike Enoch are getting the rope. You're getting the rope too Weak loads, all frog posters and frog posting adjacent are getting the rope in fact of course. Just a matter of time.
Open file (24.62 KB 669x514 1508249973362.png)
>>101934 It is just a shitpost fam. I know, it might've been grotesque in it's minor detail but that is just, you know fun extremism like 40k but did not want to go full hellraiser in a post. >>101935 No fuck you, when the huwhyte man comes back in power it is going to be like Imperium of man like in 40k universe. Also mono dominance is based as fuck so we can execute the mutant, heretic and xenos scum from the face of the earth. Ah yes, I am reading penitent while I am eating delicious brownies with berries in them. it is based as fuck of course in fact.
Open file (102.85 KB 1024x731 9825629629856.jpg)
>>101935 >all frog posters and frog posting adjacent are getting the rope in fact of course. Stay mad, faggot
>>101935 Sorry lad, the audience has spoken. Part and parcel and all that.
is this the dead G​AMERGATE storage?
>>101941 Yes. >We charge $14.88 a month per dead N​IGGER
>>101938 >>101937 >>101936 >>101939 Niggеr do don't get it, we are ALL getting the rope.
Open file (413.84 KB 296x240 Guntgone.gif)
Гунтstream: SyrianThot vs Jew Judas Maccabeus https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
Open file (715.79 KB 1280x372 kraut_pipe.png)
>overestimiste Based kraut wearing Robi's skin.
Open file (627.50 KB 516x402 1548635348.gif)
Open file (16.18 KB 200x151 low_tier_pissbottle.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seh7VcaF3WE LOW TIER GOD STREAM 5/5/2021/SFV/THEN/RE8
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0pyw2PYTt0 Greer Opposes Dismissal, Mary Jane has Breasts, Trump and Giuliani Rift, and more!
Hey a-logs I took a couple of days break playing cuckeo games and trying to get the energy back, I now feel a little refreshed and ready to a-log jcaesar187, did I miss anything?
Open file (206.74 KB 600x401 aydin234234.jpg)
Open file (167.63 KB 1012x500 aydin-tweet1.jpg)
Open file (201.25 KB 1012x500 aydin-tweet2.jpg)
Open file (260.74 KB 1600x296 aydin-tweet3.jpg)
Open file (321.38 KB 823x750 aydin-tweet4.jpg)
Open file (486.60 KB 640x480 Raped.png)
>>101956 Haven't we seen this song and dance before? She gets upset and then threatens to kill herself and overdose on her pills. She's just an attention-whore. What we have learned is that the internet attracts attention-whores and especially youtube. Most women don't have the balls (literally too) to kill themselves and it's almost always a fake cry for attention. "I'm gonna do it! I really am! Someone stop me! Here come the pills! Hehe." If she did kill herself it wouldn't be much of a loss. She fucks nogs for god's sake. She's also nuts and either got HistrionicPersonalityDisorder or BorderlinePersonalityDisorder. From her old 2017 comment, I don't quite understand what she is into sexually. She said it's hard to find some good cocks of some of the other cocks in it from that loli. So what does that mean exactly? Don't leave your kids or little siblings around Aydin! She'll rape 'em! But is she an alcoholic? Another pathetic loser self-medicating to cope with their miserable lives. It's such a common trope. Plus all those pharmaceutical pills. Go ahead and kill yourself, Ayd'.
Foxdick never did take Gaytor's Bryan Dunn bait, even though he kept replying to his own thread every couple of hours with more bait, just as an oldfag would necrobump a dying thread on a subforum to the top of the board in the limp hopes that it'll be noticed and garner views/replies.
>>101959 >>101960 >>101961 >>101956 This wouldn't have happened if gaytor just flipped that quarter off of her ass.
>>101962 she has to be an alcoholic, every retard that abuse pills is also abusing alcohol. >I don't quite understand what she is into sexually. She said it's hard to find some good cocks of some of the other cocks in it from that loli. pretty sure that the only reason that she started reading loli shit was also for atention. but then she couldn't quit it.
Open file (758.84 KB 1272x715 ClipboardImage.png)
>>101956 >HOW- HOW ABOUT HITLER WAS A FFFFFFUCKING FASCIST? Aydin the queer jewish pedophile literally looks at cartoon porn of toddlers raping each other, how can she get so uppity bickers someone called her a lolicon? >i was making fun of it She accidentally tabbed into it, and previously when confronted with it claimed she was only reading it bickers the toddlers in it get pregnant and she finds that wholesome bickers she's barren. Typical jewish tricks.
>>101966 >/pol/ JEWTUBE kek
>>101956 been a while since we got an Aydin meltdown, very kino.
>>101966 >Jews >feds >faggots EVERY TIME
>>101966 >i was making fun of it Illustrate control of the situation >She accidentally tabbed into it Illustrate lack of control of the situation. >toddlers in it get pregnant and she finds that wholesome bickers she's barren Trad and redpilled. It's amazing the amount of cope they push out to justify their position when they could just say >i was being retarded and went too far Gotta keep digging that hole deeper.
>>101961 >you need charcoal or julay, i am not sure OH SHE NEED SOME julay
Open file (45.17 KB 551x424 Rr728et.png)
>>101960 >>101966 >I-it's not the loli I'm into it's the other cocks So let's take her at her word, which tags do you think she is into if not loli? Impregnation seems very likely
>>101972 She's jewish so probably scat.
>>101973 She's also the descendant of Odin, maybe that explains the bestiality
Open file (7.10 KB 512x102 ClipboardImage.png)
I played some of Chad jcaesar187s game and it is alright it is more like RE7 than I expected. and being chased by that huge lady is not as big of a BDSM thing as 4chan made it out to be. I am disappointed. Also her slutty daughters are easy to kill. >>101956 >>101960 >>101961 Her sperg-outs where always pretty funny. r'member she always threatened to commit suicide with lithium pills which is a bad idea. >>101966 She has always made weird claims why I created Aydinlore. >>101972 >Symptoms of lithium toxicity can include diarrhea, vomiting, tremor, lack of coordination, drowsiness, or muscle weakness. mmh she really is into scat ain't she?
>>101974 Oh yeah I forgot she's "pagan" like Muttni. What is it with libertarian egirls and that wiccan shit? >>101976 I'm kind of over RE but was thinking of buying Mommy julayers. Do you have to compulsively conserve ammo and does it have lots of cheap jumpscares bickers I hate that shit.
>>101976 >mmh she really is into scat ain't she? Makes you wonder how much Kraut knew about her back in the day when she was thirsting hard don't it? bickers he steered real clear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaf5GJRIrfY >>101977 >Oh yeah I forgot she's "pagan" like Muttni. What is it with libertarian egirls and that wiccan shit? Astrology on hipster steroids or something like that?
>>101978 >PHD grafter who infiltrated the aut-kike Is she Tilly Long? Was Kraut playing 6D Chess all along?
Open file (57.39 KB 589x528 1620400087161.png)
Open file (118.26 KB 607x821 1620401751072.png)
Open file (129.71 KB 680x179 1620402235107.png)
Apparently Aydin Paladin got caught looking at loli scat porn on a livestream and has been threatening suicide. Her tweets are now protected.
>>101981 This is old news, I think she's just trying to attention whore some more now.
>>101983 >mad at the Гунтernet
>>101981 If you look at >>101966 , she is using some IP Webcam app to capture herself (probably a phone). Since the hentai is the focused tab, that means she set up the face cam first, then focused on the hentai, then played Overwatch to "accidently" alt-tab to it. Otherwise, alt-tab to the camera app. If you wanted, you could argue it's intentional drive-by cp.
Things that never change at julaycow, no matter how many weeks you stay away. 1-Mutti making absurdly long posts with her shitty opinion, almost like she is really hopeless for random anons to be friends with her or she just being bitter and jealous from someone else. 2-Pedochu talking about ethics and culture in imageboards, meanwhile spammping loli. 3-Discordspics trying some GayOp. 4-Ecelebs lurking for cocks (Cog the cuck for example, the faggot did a stream talking about JMAA and here is one of the few places paying any attention to JMAA). >>101890 Pay attention, it's already the third or fourth time someone has tried to use /cow/ as their personal army against the Sevatar anon and it started back in 2020 around the time where Son of Tiamat was spamming the thread. At first I thought it was the lizard fucker in some youtube crusade, but the last times when someone posted something about the Sevatar anon they said shit about him being part of cytube etc. So I guess it's some pedochu or koigoons vendetta. >>101884 The absolute state of Mutti, talking in the third person and being extremely butthurt about Jesus success. He followed with his life rather than keep trying grift as ebin 4channer person. You will never have a good boyfriend, Mutti. >>101976 RE8 is garbage. I beat it in 2:47 hours playing in the hardest mode and I barely play any vidya. Just let RE rest in peace like Silent Hill. https://youtu.be/rfoNH5gQQ-k >>101935 Based TRSperg making reddit and twich frogposters cope and seethe. >>101903 Another based anon making mutties and pedos seethe. >>101910 >The Ogre, /cow/ and /t v/ are the real pedos!!! >(11) Holy fuck, John goons are really feeling welcomed here now? >>101959 >>101960 >>101961 >>101966 >>101981 A small detail, Fuz the butterboy is constantly hanging out online with the barren jewish grifter. Also Cecil McFly and unironically Toad. Pedo grifter ring? >>101975 Link the video where he posted this comment.
the larp and rebranding of amanada morris pedophile to trad continues
Open file (6.10 KB 266x153 52343452.jpg)
Josef Lancastein is still dabbing on her :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf17pl_yuOE
>>101987 >feeding jcaesar187 endless amounts of pork Canibalism is not trad and most certainly not moral.
>>101978 >>101979 >Phd Masters degree. And even that she was expelled, iirc.
>>101988 Kraut never forgets a grudge, I hope EdgySphinx returns one day
Open file (130.09 KB 1275x715 43645634.jpg)
Open file (402.79 KB 1155x563 aydin-stream.jpg)
>>101992 >i'm a pedophile that teaches children >oh no everyone knows i am sexually attracted to children and around them regularly better suicide bait until the evil nazis leave me alone What exactly is she expecting to happen at this point?
Open file (4.33 MB 540x540 23325235.gif)
Open file (193.24 KB 534x807 gunt1.png)
Open file (118.29 KB 507x731 gunt2.png)
Open file (40.00 KB 541x342 gunt3.png)
All she had to do was shut the fuck up and I probably would have rarely mentioned her again. Now I'm gonna shill that article at least once a month for the rest of my life. https://ghettogaggers.com/s/thejcaesar187retort
>>101999 Trailer trash always deliver.
Open file (18.29 KB 779x444 ClipboardImage.png)
>>101999 She claimed some foxdick's videos on her too.
>>102001 and so the great war begins. >The 5head old ewhore. vs <the Гунт guard. <the troonfarms. whos your money on homos?
>>102002 The Гунтguard and tranny unison is the clear winner. The real question is how many crying streams will happen, and will Ashton do a bunch of attack videos against her for Kraut or will he defend some crying hole on the internet
>>102003 I could see the big fat lesbian Ashton siding with the alien bickers they both hate beluga lee. Time to start flagging peoples videos again to stir shit.
>>101999 a lot of dcma request on Гунтs twitter, will he get banned?
>>101911 Reasonable point and coincidentally it's almost verbatim what pee pee pee said at 39:45 of his nick the spic video >>101886
Open file (1.38 MB 2048x1536 guntmobile.jpg)
>>101999 Copyright abuse for me but not for thee.
Open file (110.89 KB 500x500 1353290550996.jpg)
>>101999 Actually, why would she dmca his wordpress blog? She was an editor there. He changed his hosting when they broke up. She should know how it's set up.
Open file (118.47 KB 589x999 65432365324.jpg)
Гунтs day show is coming on Monday.
Open file (120.57 KB 922x615 505052.jpg)
Open file (114.22 KB 762x1002 1513734483623.png)
>>101990 Potatoes potatoes, all I'm saying is she fit the bill (pic related) >>101999 >>102001 Based tit-cow-piggo re-posted the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdhvpVk0x1c
Open file (205.20 KB 1024x322 ClipboardImage.png)
Aydin update.
>>102011 Bullshit she's out of the hospital this soon, don't they keep you for 24 hours in the event of a suicide attempt? This would be her second attempt, you can lie your way out the first time sure but a second pill overdose when the former is on file?
>>102011 what the fuck is wrong with e-celebs. just take the L and go home, dont go around showing it to people. >>102012 is almost as she is a attention whore that fake suicide attemps for pity.
>>102011 >O.D. on pills lel, I honestly thought she was being sardonic with the pills banter. But it appears she was really ready to off herself. The only time I ever did something even close to that is when I found out my ex was pregnant, so I dropped out of school to get a job to support the child, and then a drunk driver hit my car putting me in the hospital and my ex called me to tell me she wanted to break up and wanted an abortion and demanded I pay for it. To this day my back is fucked up from that accident, but eating those pills was not worth it.
>>102011 I'm sure the mental hospital are very experienced with dealing with millennial women screeching about the nazis on the internet.
>>102012 not if you just tell them you where poisoned. But if they think your suicidal and they will force you into a psych ward for a 72 hour evaluation. When I took pills to off myself >>102014 they released me latter that same day bickers I told them I wasn't suicidal.
Open file (10.82 KB 595x142 4532424.jpg)
and? Does Aydin believe that being a nazi is more morally repugnant than fucking kids?
>>102017 I'm a boomer, how do you see protected tweets?
>>102017 what else do you expect from a jew.
>>102018 i stole this from the tranny farms.
Open file (72.84 KB 703x231 ClipboardImage.png)
>>102017 She's trying to spin it as "cancel culture". Not, yknow, being caught shlicking to scatological child sexual abuse.
Open file (354.11 KB 426x302 kraut_gunt_wiggle.gif)
>>102018 follow them before they went protected is the best way bickers otherwise they have to accept your follow invite. >>102017 >i may be a pedo but internet nazis are the monsters Kraut was right to dunk on hairadin. He should come back and Гунт slap her.
>>102017 >I might be a pedophile but at least I'm not racist Not just scat but bestiality too, it's empress levels of depraved
>>102017 >Does Aydin believe that being a nazi is more morally repugnant than fucking kids? Considering most online and offline "Nazi" are Jews who are LARPing as the bogyman they wish existed in the world. I would say, yes. bickers Jews fuck children, and "Nazi" Jews are no different in that regard but they also double as a bogyman to embolden the useful idiots of the left. >>102022 (checked) I haven't had a twitter account in years
>>102010 and its gone
>>102021 #PedosAreOverParty #WEALWAYSWIN
>>102027 thanks anon
Open file (6.90 MB 720x396 adeTurkSmall0.mp4)
Open file (7.67 MB 720x396 adeturksmall1.1.mp4)
Open file (6.91 MB 720x396 adeTurkSmall2.mp4)
Open file (6.11 MB 720x396 adeTurkSmall3.mp4)
Open file (7.61 MB 720x396 adeTurkSmall4.mp4)
Open file (56.44 KB 579x618 Untitled2.png)
Open file (645.92 KB 3654x2499 incel to tranny pipeline.jpg)
Open file (325.11 KB 625x330 TRS sperg 11.png)
Watching Jarshua Moonie's stream today, I think that Jarsh is stealing some of my hot takes from here. Particularly, my insight into trannies and how MTF trannies are just a fetish from male incels that think they'll have it easier to go in the other direction as a female to get sex and attention. I've always felt that Moon is here from what he says on his weekly streams. But it might just be someone from the Farms feeding him takes from here and whispering in his DM's. I know Peepeepee is here too. >>102009 Fat pig has to get paypigs to design everything for him. Logos, backgrounds. Brainwashed artfags are so cringe. >>102014 Bro, that's awful. You have suffered. But why do you hate Austin? >>102017 Yes. But just forget about the fact she was friendly and jovial with so-called "nazis" in the past couple years like on Joachim's show Heelturn and de ult-roight.
>>102032 But why do you hate Austin? I don't that's why I shill his videos.
>>102031 >im doing my best to lost my extra weight guys.
>>102032 In fact, I'm a fan of Ghoul's'n Ghost, and when some anon tried to dox him >>93913 , I started watching the channel. Half the reason I post his cocks is to dunk on РРР for being so boring and for killing the Kino that was once Toad McKinley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeytLzRY_0Y
>>102033 But you were pretending to be him though for weeks saying stuff like "Come watch my streams, it's kino time baybay."
>>102036 and? Did you watch my stream?
>>102027 Thank you, pigclips. Speaking of amber, it's entirely possible she's flagging shit down to continue her proxy war. Like what >>102008 stated, the meth whore should know how the Гунтpress hosting. At the same time, ade is an insane meth whore who had a fetish for guys with ass napkins, so it is hard to tell.
>>102032 >Watching Jarshua Moonie's stream today, I think that Jarsh is stealing some of my hot takes from here. Particularly, my insight into trannies and how MTF trannies are just a fetish from male incels that think they'll have it easier to go in the other direction as a female to get sex and attention. I've always felt that Moon is here from what he says on his weekly streams. But it might just be someone from the Farms feeding him takes from here and whispering in his DM's. I know Peepeepee is here too. that a really common take on trannys, with how much of a fucking creep chris chan is around women and how all troons end up being lesbians, it became kinda obvious that trans is what happend when you dont get cuchy. also look at cosmo, he is the prime example of how no pussy turns you into a ghoul
Open file (3.95 MB 450x800 1545958058.webm)
>>102027 >Pigclips I love the fat titties , shame about your clown world face though. Bell is queen of /cow/ in fact of course
Open file (143.04 KB 1050x1312 RalphaBelle23.jpg)
>>102032 >I think that Jarsh is stealing some of my hot takes from here. Particularly, my insight into trannies and how MTF trannies are just a fetish from male incels that think they'll have it easier to go in the other direction as a female to get sex and attention Is this bait? Everyone knows the incel to tranny pipeline is explained by autism + autogynophilia
Open file (627.87 KB 807x542 TRS sperg 5.png)
Open file (161.15 KB 270x327 TRS sperg 19.png)
Open file (316.37 KB 627x332 TRS sperg 13.png)
>>102035 So is that your thread? He reported your youtube accounts and got all your sock accounts banned? That would suck. Or he got your youtube channel with videos banned? You made that thread back in December? I have a more in-depth dox of Austin. I might post it later.
>>102024 are you jewish too
Open file (34.65 KB 592x437 Untitled2.png)
Unironically what the fuck is actually wrong with this dude? Is his entire body corroding at the seams? 'Cancer was the least of my worries'
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPLVvzdhbOk WICKED, EVIL PEEPOL! Abusive Relationships, Captain Native America, Snapchat Kills
>>101986 Not to worry ss ampharos, the five other anons here don't like john from hamilton canada, nor do >we ever serve as a the personal army of anyone, it is fun to see these faggots do their shit tho.
>>102017 Anyone remembers when she skirted around being a natzee when it made her shekels and alt-kikers would donate to her
>>102045 It is almost like nothing is wrong with him at all, and he just doesn't wanna do anything anymore, well gym already had his soul consumed by the Гунт.
Open file (68.51 KB 680x680 ltgsword.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyxsLfeo-dk LOW TIER GOD STREAM 5/7/2021/RE8/SMASH/SFV/REACTIONS/GREEN CHAT ONLY
>>102051 N​IGGER
Open file (1.14 MB 1066x1050 6146864.png)
>>102045 he has this habit of saying that the doctors are just about to find out what it is and then he'll go silent and/or completely avoid talking about it and then back again so it's either really bad indeed or completely fake and made up
Open file (1.22 MB 1920x1080 King troll.webm)
>>102054 It is fake, but what isn't fake is when king troll exposed his doxxx as real, not that it didn't really need any confirmation, but it was the icing on top.
Open file (3.88 MB 430x430 928298298.gif)
>>102042 She always thinks her mundane, quotidian opinions are profound, unique and original
Open file (91.40 KB 900x1200 mutti_shrugs.jpg)
>>102056 Is muttni the flopson of /cow/? She truly has no career.
>>102057 Yes. And she wishes Leafy would be her Zach
Open file (393.58 KB 720x332 incelgf.mp4)
Open file (1.24 MB 1920x1080 30 salute.png)
>>102057 She's the Toad McKinley of lolcow.farm
>>102062 everyones toad mckinley except toad mckinley.
Open file (2.39 MB 720x405 sargon_toad.gif)
>>102064 Toad is secretely ==G​AMERGATE== who is actually 1/8th a ==S​ARGON==
Open file (299.25 KB 500x714 robi-pathetic.png)
>>102065 PATHETIC
Open file (7.13 KB 247x316 162598256256.jpg)
Absolute CHAD Flamenco streaming right now watching Vaush. https://youtu.be/wa6O7rezgD8 He has 150 viewers, look out jcaesar187.
>>102045 either nothing is wrong with him and he can't be bothered anymore or he had cancer and recovered. Nothing else.
>>102069 I think he has a kid now and doesn't want the internet to mock him for making an Elliot Rodger
>>102045 it is just a coon, dude. He has a kid with that Asian hooker that he married. So he has to julay those paypiggies as much as humanly possible.
Open file (574.10 KB 759x472 ClipboardImage.png)
>>102070 very plausible, he loses nothing by pretending to have cancer and Sargon acting smug about it
>>102065 ur mum is a N​IGGER
https://twitter.com/TheToad McKinleyGamer/status/1391267357792821248 GAYTOR D E S T R O Y S TRIGGERED LEFTIST
>>102076 you didnt put a screencap so im assuming your linking to the dramafetishist one in fact of course reading that, shannon got PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD
Open file (24.14 KB 586x441 6543542343.jpg)
Just more conformation that the Гунт is a normie and a midwit.
>>102079 >not getting in when it initially boosted to 4 cents 3 months ago Pathetic.
>>102079 Reeejcaesar187 NOOOOOOOO
Open file (52.71 KB 735x483 Untitled1.png)
Open file (86.68 KB 749x497 Untitled2.png)
Open file (74.89 KB 593x524 1584390000778.png)
Open file (2.29 MB 480x262 480122528155.gif)
Open file (47.25 KB 876x750 Es0hoDvXcAEcB2w.jpg)
Open file (238.72 KB 882x836 1613854356723.jpg)
>>102084 Oldest of fags handfisted to death.
Open file (584.87 KB 1194x1492 byakuren_gaytor_final.png)
Open file (11.67 KB 529x318 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (223.30 KB 596x335 ClipboardImage.png)
Muttni deleted her twitter after fedoraposting and getting PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDd by Christians. Her instagram is still up bickers she is a woman.
Open file (50.21 KB 288x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (10.93 KB 310x107 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (32.30 KB 536x204 ClipboardImage.png)
Aydin is trying to send her followers after the girl who called her out on her pedophilia for being "racist".
Open file (37.59 KB 647x647 29859289255.jpg)
>>102089 >histrionic personality disorder meets narcissistic personality disorder Even in print, this bitch sucks the energy out of the room
>>102079 urgh mundane matt lost money through xrp, chuckles another win for the walphapig $250 thats some hood rich money if he keeps losing $50 he wont afford to pay his pedophile girlfeind to buy his fat ass eggs and becon to larp as some cunt housewife
After playing more of RE8 I got the feeling of this game is like RE4 or 5 but in FPS and with less enemies. The only exception is the house where it feels like they replayed PT demo and thought how cool would it be to just bring that as a game? I don't know what to feel about RE8 for now, I can feel that there is some quality in the game but I got that feel that they should've just called it something else than RE, it is almost as if the team behind the game is telling us that this game is called Village and the whole RE is just slapped on, bickers capcom don't want to try to make a new IP. So they are just having minor references to RE to make it an RE game. I cannot tell how weird it feels. >>102088 >Jesus never existed bickers the earliest bibles are 100 to 300 years ad. >it is just random coincidence that the gospels are written like a portrait like the Greeks would've done. >it is just random coincidence that there are Roman sauces that talk about a new Jewish cult >it is not like Jewish cult referenced by the romans in 100 to 150 ad where they look at it with pure terror and horror. >it is not like the Romans are actually wondering if the new Jewish cult is actually eating human flesh. Oh man, these coincidences are obviously fake and gay.
Open file (19.82 KB 306x306 6521925625.jpg)
>>102092 >Oh man, these coincidences are obviously fake and gay. Or from "biased" sources. Note to fedora tipper: all sources are biased
Open file (942.91 KB 856x812 1552540947.png)
Here's the video of Aydin pilled out of her mind and accidentally tabbing into bestiality-themed loli porn. https://streamable.com/ib3ko
>>102089 >I might be a pedophile but at least I'm not a nazi Looking forward to seeing how that defense plays out
Open file (115.11 KB 374x398 ccdarkcircles.jpg)
>>102096 Wtf she's completely out of her mind. You can see her slowly realize what she's done and have an internal pill freak out.
Open file (43.97 KB 206x154 aydinpills.png)
Open file (43.50 KB 574x385 1107797573571.png)
Open file (66.36 KB 594x595 295756236576.png)
Open file (249.29 KB 587x753 533975666683.png)
Open file (1.04 MB 1079x1848 418554979956.png)
Open file (710.51 KB 1080x1985 558793475292.png)
>>102088 Jesus just wants to help you fix your life like Mikasi. >>102089 >i am not trying to pick on some timy person >she's schizophrenic >she's 10's of socks spamming 100's of tweets >i felt hopeless and tried to take my own life >she's going to Vice to tell them how BIG_ANIME_TITS made her sudoku <paypigs are telling her she's being cyberstalked and needs a gun Justice for BIG_ANIME_TITS https://archive.is/09ZH1
Open file (380.62 KB 459x340 ClipboardImage.png)
>>102096 >>102103 holy shit she's all over the place. must be high out of her mind, looks like it's the first time she's ever seen a webcam. absolutely disgusting.
Open file (454.35 KB 720x1307 crp_gaytor.png)
>>102107 >IM MGPIMN >IM GOB( >IM DOING >IM GOING TO THE MEDIA Yes, a totally sane and controlled individual.
>>102107 >YOU TOLD ME TO KILL MYSELF >I'M GOING TO THE MEDIA I thought she was the big bad 4chan oldfag but she gets a comment as frivolous as "kys" and immediately wants to cry to Buzzfeed?
>>102107 >I'M GOING TO TELL JARED HOLT ALL ABOUT YOU Can someone just section this cunt already?
Open file (1.36 MB 1274x720 703525518909.png)
>>102105 >dick masterson patreon This seems to be a recurring trend with unstable whores. >facebook >personal twitter >plastered out of her mind She could have used that last one as an excuse. I mean, she has the sad panda extension, but that just begs the question why she was using e-hentai in the first place.
>>102107 >Shame people would throw "I'm autistic and schizophrenic" to try and throw any responsibility off themselves You forgot the :^)
Open file (1.50 MB 1400x1400 Corey and Shannon.png)
>>102084 >fisting
Open file (411.72 KB 449x785 makers-chan.png)
>>102112 >begs the question why she was using e-hentai in the first place. She couldn't get past the panda even with the addon I would assume, also keep in mind she drinks as much as jcaesar187 does, remember "wrecked wednesdays" ?
>>102115 only based oldfags know how to
>>102107 >im going to vice That needs to be the new >im calling the police
>>102096 Her story has changed. In the recent stream she said she "laughing at it" and "was making fun of it", instead of simply admitting and downplaying it. >>102097 >Looking forward to seeing how that defense plays out Works pretty good so far. She hasn't even addressed anything and just calls her opponents Nazis. Textbook Youtube intellectual. Her followers are indistinguishable from people like Vito and Dick and use the same arguments / argue even over the most common definitions. It's getting really close to the meme. She used to shit on people like Destiny, and his cult, for the exact same thing.
>>102118 I will say it again, but remember when she kinda pretended she was a nazi despite being a kike bickers the alt-kike tards would send her shekels?
Open file (18.10 KB 465x431 DOWNVOTE.png)
Veeh is streaming shitty RE Villagehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbuIX-ScZyQ And if no one knows it, at least two enemies will literally kill you by voring you. Just saying... >>102047 Why are you trying to push that narrative? And why do you post like someone from discord? The WeaseI has noticed this pattern more than once. >>102045 OH NO DADDY GYM! MUH SPOONY 2.0!
>>102120 >paypal fucking vee
Open file (178.15 KB 471x320 aydin1.png)
>>102122 >pic been out a while but is that gorilla arms kike true blue antifa now, that's their battle cry ain't it?
played a little bit more of RE8 and I like the vidya but that is bickers it is basically RE4 but in eastern Europe instead of Spain. Also the ray tracing is quite amazing. >>102093 >not knowing that Rome became official Christian empire in 323 AD So please tell me how the Roman sauces that talks about Christianity being a flesh and blood drinking cult is biased by portraying it as a good cult? So please tell the good folk how Roman sauces which talks negatively about the cult being biased as good sauces. That is going to be quite interesting to hear. Also then I want you to prove how Alexander the great was real since there are little to no sauces about this, it is actually mind boggling how little there is.
Open file (1.36 MB 1280x720 Dick and Shean jews.mp4)
>>102119 In the same stream she admitted her mother was jewish and therefore is in part as well, but they moved on quickly. That proves she lied countless of times in the past and wasn't "larping, bickers people wouldn't understand the issues I faced for being a hillbilly from Appalachia". I wouldn't say she pretended to be a nazi, but I remember a more nuanced view on right wing ideologies she had back then. She obviously moved hard left since. Like many others that made fun of SJW's a couple of yours ago, she became one and is using their tactics now. The schizophrenic nazis she is up against are in no way in a position to "cancel" her. >>102122 There might be a pattern here. I expect her to kick/block people in the future who find 2 dudes fucking each other up the ass disgusting. A true skeptic free speech warrior.
>>102124 I wasn't referring to you, I was referring to Toad McKinley. I'm well aware of Constantine. I was making a point about "biased" sources not being a good criticism by athiests
Open file (37.39 KB 1267x114 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (310.16 KB 705x882 ClipboardImage.png)
>>102125 Well she is a self proclaimed lesbian or bisexual when it suits her, what makes that interesting is before 2016 and becoming "redpilled" she only mentions dating black boys and girls in other forum posts, which means she's probably riddled with as many STD's as a faggot herself
Open file (87.69 KB 380x380 9185296856285.png)
>>102127 >people who throw around the word semantics never bother to mention what those semantics are exactly
Open file (37.41 KB 474x812 91852985896.jfif)
>>102128 >she's in the fourth stage of syphillis
Open file (147.94 KB 700x1200 AydinRalph_Gunt.jpg)
>>102128 It's also makes well known philosemite Kraut and antisemite, by his own standards that he is demanding from others. Wouldn't surprise me if she pulls that card in the future. >>102130
Kino is out https://youtu.be/LB08m-d1hhc Also who the fuck are ss ampharos, pedochu, son of tiamat and wolfspider?
Open file (807.33 KB 1152x720 CoachKino.mp4)
>>102131 >Calling me a pedophile for masturbating to little kids getting fucked by dogs is antisemitic I really hope she pulls that card
What is with her "i'm not daredevil" shirt? I've never got it.
Open file (25.68 KB 435x368 PPPPUNCHB.gif)
>>101886 >>101888 Even if the audio was shit I actually thought it was pretty good, ashton did a real number on nick the spic, this was the sort of autism I was wanting from him.
Open file (11.96 KB 362x371 coach_confused.jpg)
>>102133 >o-oh man....
Now that I am near that wolf guy or the machine dude in re8. so far I am in the mode where I like the game it is fun but there is maybe a bit too much cinematic moments but it is not as bad or retarded as a cod game that is a plus. That is not to say that RE8 is not retarded bickers it is really retarded but it is fun retardation. So now I am watching something called The Son of Sam on cuckflix. I am going to work late so that is quite positive. >>102126 Oh, yeah. That is why I am a agnostic bickers the atheist try to do theology but somehow fail at just the basics of each religions theology. Sometimes they take random cults or small religions and then come up with look this is just like Christianity or Islam, then you look into said religion and see that what they claim is nothing but horsepiss, some of that comes from that they don't understand Christian theology then they try to understand theology from a dead religion. >>102127 How did she not see this coming back to bite her in the buttocks? I kinda like that she always wanna commit suicide for some reason but is never able to do it. She is a legit loony tune that means that she could get medicine that does have a good ld50 where one would get acute poisoning. >>102135 It was OK, at-least someone goes after the cocksucker that is nick the spic.
Open file (987.78 KB 1920x1080 spic-femto-anal-fisters.jpg)
>>102137 >Oh, yeah. That is why I am a agnostic bickers the atheist try to do theology but somehow fail at just the basics of each religions theology. Sometimes they take random cults or small religions and then come up with look this is just like Christianity or Islam, then you look into said religion and see that what they claim is nothing but horsepiss, some of that comes from that they don't understand Christian theology then they try to understand theology from a dead religion Why can't these larpagans just be like Tolkien and just do a shit ton of research onto their pagan religion they want to follow? The guy was a catholic but most LOTR's lore is a massive mishmash of Christianity, greek, roman, Celtic and especially Norse mythology but maybe that is bickers Tolkien actually was an individual chuckle who did research** >It was OK, at-least someone goes after the cocksucker that is nick the spic Ngl it was pretty eye-opening to see all of these mainstream media rats just pull themselves out of the woodwork to defend spic.
Open file (28.54 KB 317x414 coachcumtributeface.jpg)
>>102138 Oops, had a little bit of a coach moment with my lazy copypaste quote responses. auuuuuugh.
Open file (46.65 KB 735x394 1513725608732.jpg)
>>102137 >How did she not see this coming back to bite her in the buttocks? Aydin is very bad at the internet, back in 2017 during Krautgate on /pol/ an Anon realized he had her nudes and started posting the picture censored, this led to a bunch of anons digging up her old dox from after the Destiny stream in 2016 to try and find that same picture, she must have been unaware of the previous doxing bickers every time someone posted an old forum post or social media profile about her past as a race mixing jew she would immediately delete or purge the entire account in real time minutes after >I kinda like that she always wanna commit suicide for some reason but is never able to do it. Does she still claim to be in a wheelchair after the first "attempt" with lithium or did that get memory holed?
Open file (319.14 KB 893x422 joseph_wave_portrait.png)
>>102140 >helped destroy an entire jewtube community >doxxxed controlled opposition and jews >became one of the greatest cows of his time >continues to bring kino Uhhh can >we get a based joseph check anons?
>>102141 More like Chad and Tea.
>>102142 I love seeing when jcaesar187amales and alt-kikers would post "this board used to hate kraut now its become a kraut board, truly (you) all have become jew loving esjaydoublues" as if >we can't just laugh at everything.
Open file (109.51 KB 900x1200 28512982985.jpg)
>>102140 >those women should be slapped BASED BITCH HANDLER
>>102140 >she must have been unaware of the previous doxing bickers every time someone posted an old forum post or social media profile about her past as a race mixing jew she would immediately delete or purge the entire account in real time minutes after To my knowledge she edited only 1 post about her being a jew, but left in that she's a G​AMERGATElover. The thing is she knew her info was out there... In october 2016, while "debating" Destiny, she gave out enough info of her that she was doxed during the stream already. In april 2017, when she joined others during some Jontron-Destiny drama, her dox were brought up again. In october 2017 everything was repeating, again during some Destiny drama. She never bothered changing usernames, privating accounts etc. To me it looks that she was exactly where she wanted, so she can play the victim. She also lied about loosing her job as a consequence. She left / wasn't active in academia long before she started making Youtube videos.
I think the thing with kraut is he slowly began to realize that all the people around him were also faggots, all the e-celebs were treating him like livestock for their cocks, ironically enough >we treat him best as >we wish for him to continue producing julay but not out of malicious finanical gain, simply fun. I always find it interesting when an e-celeb realizes that the anons that are supposedly so evil and cruel turn out to be the nicest individuals who treat them the most fairly. Not only that, but I think being around /cow/ and people like ear and ashton made kraut realize maybe none of this internet shit really matters and that is why he reformed, has a real job now, and changed his life up, honestly seeing joseph lancastor reform is actual proof of what >we do here actually being positive in fact of course.
>>102146 >I always find it interesting when an e-celeb realizes that the anons that are supposedly so evil and cruel turn out to be the nicest individuals who treat them the most fairly Is that why Muttni keeps coming here? I assumed she was using /cow/ as a surrogate boyfriend
Open file (228.14 KB 1600x900 mde-equal.jpg)
>>102146 Another bullying success story.
So remember Kero the dog fucker from like 2018? Well some one /pol/ found a zoosadist names Tailhol who owns a farm where zoosadists come and torture animals. Kero popped up in the leaks and is at it again, only this time he can't play the >I was only fucking roadkill card as the animals in the pic are living before they are tortured and raped. Going to have to wait on more info bickers the janjans deleted the thread before I could save anything and anons are raging and starting threads over and over again.
Open file (2.43 MB 1273x1479 tailestate.png)
Open file (1.70 MB 1260x1471 tialhol.png)
Open file (2.12 MB 1271x1478 kero.png)
>>102150 Oh, fuck me that piece of garbage furry needs to die already
>>102152 The guy who was dropping all the info seems to be permabanned since no new info is popping up and the mods on 4chan are now allowing the thread to remain up.
Open file (785.91 KB 847x474 zs_clown.png)
>>102150 >>102151 >Tailhol who owns a farm where zoosadists come and torture animals. and post about it on instagram? and have a social network for their clients? on instagram? I know I shouldn't be so surprised about the on instagram part, but jesus christ.
>>102152 He has a message to all the the members of the furry community and that message is >Furries have a problem with cancel culture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDfvyFL1T7k
>>102155 The insta was the front end, but it seems to be a combo of discord+insta
Open file (2.36 MB 1291x1473 1620610814634.png)
>>102146 > I always find it interesting when an e-celeb realizes that the anons that are supposedly so evil and cruel turn out to be the nicest individuals who treat them the most fairly. i notice this with andy. His ego didn't allow him to listen to anon calling every bad shit coming his way, all bickers all this warnings had the words dumb, retard and faggot on them. >>102150 wasn't kero on the sights of the feds? why the fuck come back to the zoodists shit so soon after coming back to jewtube. >>102151 wtf that firtst pic
>>102159 I didn't save the other pic bickers it is illegal to do so since trump passed that law, but it is a dog staked out to four poles driven into the ground and there is a group of furries with their dicks out taking turns raping it.
>>102160 Jesus christ, reminder mister redditor has a sizable furfag audience.
Can someone update foxdickfarms? I don't use it but I remember from the last time there were a bunch of furries that despise zoosadists and were part of helping expose kero originally.
>>102159 I mean its the same way with 3p and ear, anons said they were doing dumb shit and that they shouldn't do it and they respond by just further building up a foxdick hugbox of dick suckers.
>>102162 foxdickfarms is run by a pedo and a bunch of tranny pedos and has plenty of furgfag users, I guess they are just those gym types who "aren't like the rest."
>>102164 Whatever, they still put in the legwork to go after Kero in the first place. It isn't their fault that the cops shit his pants and didn&apos;t do anything.
>>102165 Look anon, totally not a foxdick gaytoranon was a foxdick, but he was still based, this doesn't change the fact that foxdickfarms is a shit site run by shit pedophile trannies.
>>102166 I don't use it, hence asking someone from here. I don't care what they do as long as these fucks get some sort of comeuppance.
>>102162 I think they had board or thread for the kero shit before that was account restricted, just bickers of all the bestiality material from the leaks.
Open file (950.58 KB 1280x720 minecraft.mp4)
>>102151 >>102160 Disregard. That is an animitronic doll they made to scare wild boars off. The staked out dog was something else.
https://www.instagram.com/p/COoZKNEJwBh/ Nothing untoward in this slideshow.
Open file (875.68 KB 620x349 wings.gif)
Open file (52.06 KB 200x113 wingsthanks.gif)
Open file (120.34 KB 1280x720 wings.jpg)
Open file (19.33 KB 608x102 cringe.png)
>>102158 I hope the anon that posts the next manifesto goes after these subhumans.
>>102146 Sorry but most of this is bullshit. Most here wanted Kraut to drop dead a couple years ago bickers he doxed that plain-Jane, tranny-looking RageAfterStorm and got her fired from her little play-job. Y'all were head-over-heels for that dork. Why? bickers most here were going through a natsoc-larp phase and you found this girl pretty and she babbled your talking points back to you. Almost everyone here hated Skeptics including Shargon bickers during that time Shargon was competing with the alt-kike and said some dumb shit and most anons weren't man enough to get the big picture, esp when he ran for office and was being attacked by media. You just wanted the schadenfreude. You just wanted Shargon to suffer bickers his ego had blown up and he would make comments shitting on your ideology of natsoc and nazis or went to war with Metocure and most here loved PapaJiimJam. I get that and understand wanting to take some fags don't a notch though. I have always enjoying poking fun at anyone including alt-kikers and that would trigger some here, due to their current biases. I get it. We all go through phases where we dislike some eceleb more than others. But please spare me how you rewrite history to pretend that /cowboys/ are actually really nice and sweet. I'm sure when Kruat thinks back to anons calling his mother and telling me that he had committed suicide that he doesn't think of anons or /cow/ glowingly with his full support. Part of Kruat hasn't changed. He still cries occasionally about how bad people treated him and evil nazis when he lets his guard down. But he did have some personal growth putting things in perspective over the years esp after talking with Earwinson and MorbidlyObeePeePee.
>>102175 Kraut was only able to change bickers he felt backstabbed by his Skeptic ingroup. Along with Metokure and de evil nazis dunking on him for his race-realist videos and hitting youtube rock-bottom. If Skeptics hadn't backstabbed Kruat he would still be sucking off Shargon and doing hit-piece videos on his personal enemies. But it didn't generate money or get views to attack alt roight so he had to change. You think Kraut would have changed anything if attacking de ult-roight have blown his channel up to 1 million subscribers? Of course not, he's livin' of that cash. Never trust a man with a financial interest in something. Also, If it ain't broke, don't fix it. E-grifter 101: follow the money.
Open file (258.89 KB 539x819 kraut-mom5.jpg)
Open file (347.58 KB 724x1300 kraut-mom1.jpg)
>>102175 >I'm sure when Kruat thinks back to anons calling his mother and telling me that he had committed suicide >and telling me >me Hi Bettina
>>102175 >>102176 Cope harder muttni, joseph is still whiter than you.
Open file (1.78 MB 480x480 sargon_kino_ego.mp4)
Open file (4.42 MB 1280x720 sargonic nationalism.mp4)
Open file (40.82 KB 696x564 Sargoy_letter.png)
Open file (133.59 KB 388x543 vee_suicide.gif)
>>102175 Don't you think people just shouldn't get rewarded for saying or doing stupid shit? I think they should be ridiculed, especially some arrogant e-celebs. >I'm sure when Kruat thinks back to anons calling his mother and telling me that he had committed suicide that he doesn't think of anons or /cow/ glowingly with his full support. I don't buy the story. Somebody would've bragged about it and most likely there would be audio. Kraut told the story like a year later or so. If it somehow happened, it is much more likely that his mother simply called Kraut, instead of supposedly driving for 5 hours to verify herself. That reminds me of the shitty suicide .gif that was send to Vee's mother and she allegedly thought it was real. The cartoon version looks much more realistic imo. Victimhood is a currency nowadays.
>>102175 >telling me POST STARFISH BETTINA
Open file (144.62 KB 563x429 vee-big-sniff.jpg)
>>102179 Vee-suicide-image-anon here. Those were the times in fact of course When Vee was shook and sperging out about cow anons, until Gym the homosexual went on stream with him and got him to calm down and not engage with >us I remember making a FB profile that was a mirror copy of Vee's FB and then contacting female coworkers of his asking them out on dates and being a creep to them. Very kino times. Perhaps I'm even responsible for landing him his current QT gypsy former coworker GF. Don't say that cow never did anything for you, Codrin.
>>102184 Holy shit based, good to see (you) are still around anon. Just want anons here that only check this thread at this point to know that I set up a new ni/gg/er thread at >>102181, although I did forget to mention that I would always use a vpn/TOR when accessing markchan, tho I know most anons here already know that.
>>102184 >that time gym troll-shielded vee like a faggot https://invidious.site/watch?v=DdKR9DQ8YBI
>>102191 This is quite possibly Mediocre's worst offense.
Open file (88.79 KB 827x410 flag vee cow.png)
>>102184 Indeed great times. He later downplayed his spergery, claiming he only wanted to take the heat off Toad McKinley and the liberalists.
Open file (784.65 KB 1600x900 Darth Kraut.png)
>>102175 Bettina, you are a politician and probably receive hundreds of death threats and prank calls every day for being a globohomo whore. Your own son hates you bickers you didn't let him have a normal childhood and subsequently transformed him into a jobless loser and a manchild . You should actually thank anon, some posh british fag and a morbidly obese canadian lesbian for fulfilling your role and convincing your son to turn his life around.
>>102195 Hard to believe that his parents beat the shit out of him and now he cares so much for them. He was even bragging how he scammed them out of money to buy dildos.
>>102175 >bickers during that time Shargon was competing with the alt-kike He only went on bloodsports to distract from his declining influence, which dropped even more bickers he was told he was a dumb-dumb. >and most anons weren't man enough to get the big picture Liberalists were the next attempt at regaining relevance, which was fueled by spite. >esp when he ran for office Liberalists failed so parasitized an established political party which made people justifiably mad. >and was being attacked by media Has he ever elaborated on when he was sexually assaulted?
Open file (75.48 KB 1080x844 1545698430612.jpg)
>>102138 >Why can't these larpagans just be like Tolkien and just do a shit ton of research onto their pagan religion they want to follow? The guy was a catholic but most LOTR's lore is a massive mishmash of Christianity, greek, roman, Celtic and especially Norse mythology but maybe that is bickers Tolkien actually was an individual *chuckle* who did research** The overall problem is that research is hard especially when it comes to religion some of that is bickers you have concepts in one religion that is not in another religion. Then you kinda have to see what the theology of the religion is about, these things are actually hard to do. Kinda why you have Autists like Newton studying the bible his whole life. Then you have dead religions which is another topic which is on another playing field that is allot harder. >>102140 I remember the wheelchair, wonder if she has the poor wheelchair, why don't she let the wheelchair be free in the Forrest like other wheelchairs. They are like birds you know, with feelings n sheeit.
Open file (744.81 KB 592x593 ClipboardImage.png)
>>102171 Of course it's a homosexual. >>102175 >y'all >can't get aroundfilters NIGGERFAGGOT
Open file (8.29 KB 238x192 918982298.jpg)
>>102175 >>102176 >autism and retardation
Open file (23.31 KB 595x443 1515298496485.jpg)
>>102197 >Has he ever elaborated on when he was sexually assaulted? It was obviously Veeh who sexually assaulted Sargon
>>102202 >That fucking look from veeh He has this looks were you know he really wants to be pounded in the ass.
Open file (288.81 KB 696x496 2FeHKOu.gif)
Open file (677.11 KB 1718x2048 E00ikDqX0AEW97N.jpg)
Wakey, Wakey NEETS. It's almost time for the premier of the Гунт on bitwave. LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOO https://odysee.com/@thera lphretort:1/tequila-sunrise-launch-day:a
Open file (11.26 MB 407x467 potatowave.gif)
>>102205 Everyone of them is getting IP SCRATCHED EVERY SINGLE ONE
exclusive cocks does fatass have money troubles???
Open file (2.19 MB 1282x1445 furs.png)
Open file (2.18 MB 1279x1467 tailhol.png)
Open file (2.69 MB 1273x1531 kero coon.png)
>>102208 >$Sunsetsquad Did he think $un$et$quad was too on the nose?
Open file (231.84 KB 401x382 2985296295.png)
>>102208 >renting with fickle bitch >moms in hospital >Гунтshack in limbo >booze and pill budget increased Yes.
>>102208 I'd like to think that he's doing it due to the looming possibility of child support but that scenario requires the Гунт to have some sort of sense of responsibility.
some eurofag caller just told the Гунт that he is streaming on bitwave and he's SEETHING.
Open file (332.20 KB 800x1600 mlady.png)
>>102213 >AUUUUGHH I MADE A LOT OF MONEY OFF ODYSEE >XANDER WORKS FOR ME <he's acting like you we kicked off of everywhere else and you were forced to >i'm not <stream on bitwave >i don't give a fawk <ya'know it really is interesting Gaytor to the rescue after niggle dropped the ball.
>>102212 >Child support Nah that's why he's investing in crypto like doge all of a sudden, so he can hide his money
Open file (233.74 KB 402x382 91529896.png)
>>102212 >a guy who defiantly refuses to pay his student loans >pay child support
>>102175 >RageAfterStorm I WANT TO STICK MY DICK IN HER PUSSY!!!!!
>>102215 >child support >what child support a-log?
Open file (35.71 KB 567x461 ispyanigger.JPG)
Open file (12.36 KB 557x178