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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
All of Gunts subscribers got doxxxed lol hmu https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Bella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html
Edited last time by oldestfag on 11/24/2021 (Wed) 22:48:30.
>>126228 GAHOOLE?
Open file (15.94 MB 640x360 dance_1.webm)
I played more of COD Vanguard, so they make the Russian chick to be the reason why Russia won the easternfront and not bickers ze Germans fucked up. Also there is a literal boss fight with the Russian chick, I would actually be OK if they would've just made a game with her in it and make her a Lara Croft-like character but they are making her into something she was not, namely an infamous sniper and an inspiration to the red army. We do have such an amazing character but that is in Finland and they where on ze German side, and he might be the best sniper in history along with the only guy in history where there where literal missions from bolsheviks to hunt him, he is literally Rambo but irl. >>126211 yay the wholesome white supremacist stream with Hebrew Mike and Kike Striker. >>126212 Holy fuck it is 5 hours long >>126214 >>126218 Groypers, ironybros and Spic Fuentes where the ones that destroyed the white nationalist movement in America after Charlottesville bickers they where acting too much like wiggers and was not inclusive enough for negro gentlemen and spics. But now they wanted the youngins to die bickers of speculative theories that they might becomes coalburners, how fucking stupid are they? This is not good optics that is fucked up optics, and think of the poor parents of the baby girl. >>126223 >>126224 >>126225 >>126226 woah, that is interesting. >>126228 Kyle is the mang, my mang. >>126229 No shit, you just know when she turns 17 she is going to be passed around to dax and other z-celebs.
>>126233 Now this is what I call Hybrid Internet Blood Sports
Open file (92.10 KB 723x407 7525986857.png)
Open file (9.02 MB 1920x1080 Jewels queefing.mp4)
Open file (300.97 KB 720x960 peachqueen creditcard.mp4)
>>126236 So is the violent pig trying to make bloodsports-light? >>126237 when will the Гунт start to groom his daughter to service johns for his substance abuse and addiction?
>>126223 >>126224 >>126225 >>126226 What is the purpose of these cases? Spencer is a fed and have been known as such, so it's strange to put the guy on the pyre but also suppress the attention of the public to the fewest. Hell I'll give the benefit of doubt and bet to the very least half of these groups are fed operated and honeypots, so what controlled ops are going to be left after these groups get run into the dirt. I stopped paying attention to fringe politics for a few years now, so likely I'm missing something.
Open file (265.24 KB 1540x2048 FEbb3EzaAAIAxAu.jpg)
Open file (231.22 KB 1457x2048 FE7Nk_LacAEUMNE.jpg)
Open file (203.33 KB 1721x2048 FE7YhdraMAAzlDZ.jpg)
Open file (238.94 KB 1538x2048 FE72It1aUAAlz1o.jpg)
Open file (304.07 KB 1538x2048 FE9YRuIaIAAnYx2.jpg)
>>126239 These fringe political groups are weird bickers it is not just larp national socialists but some of them are actual neocons like Spic Fuentes. But the common thing is that they have white nationalist talking points from time to time, and that's about it. It fucking blew my mind when I realized that Spic Fuentes would probably support Jeb Bush no matter what if he was a populist like dup.
Open file (32.42 KB 512x384 Used-turtle.jpg)
>>126240 > Spic Fuentes would probably support Jeb Bush no matter what if he was a populist like dup It's blowing my mind right now. Even then I knew Jeb was there as an weak opposition for Hillary to get in, hence why it seemed so believable when Trump came in as a candidate going against the cogs. With everything in the political sphere being planned to be theatrical it's hard to believe anything or anyone being genuine. Likely anyone who had genuine intentions, whether a Trump or an altright eceleb, had their egos fed enough to become useful tools to their enemies. This goes back to that story back in 8chan years ago when some fed who got canned told anons about internal politics; according to him Trump was unexpected but was promised to have some Trump dynasty to that like the Bushes or the Kennedys if he allowed his jew son-in-law to influence him.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmZGFi1B8EM Arbery Verdict Review, Rittenhouse's Media Tour, Chrystul Kizer, and Waukesha "Crash"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmZGFi1B8EM Arbery Verdict Review, Rittenhouse's Media Tour, Chrystul Kizer, and Waukesha "Crash"
Open file (7.94 KB 342x66 534543543.jpg)
The Pig Hawg is claiming to have dropped the act. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsaiaeIsd88
>>126249 fat cringe faggot
Open file (530.90 KB 828x1170 ClipboardImage.png)
It's ok to be a serial killer if you're black. I wonder if the leftists and jews will be mad about this like they were about Kyle.
>>126251 buck status
Open file (250.48 KB 736x960 buckbreaker white.png)
So now I have finished the new COD game, there are certain things I do like in the game like some set-pieces are cool and even fun. But the overall problem is the stronk woman character and super-N​IGGER bickers they paint super-N​IGGER as not a regular N​IGGER but bilingual and a genius that knows every play that is going to be played and so froth. It is really stupid.Also I don't like the modern dialog, fascism at the time was a modern word so there is no way that the super stronk woman would know that word. >>126244 The overall problem is that altright is what now? When it comes to politics? >Trump dynasty I don't remember that of course in fact fam >>126246 Watching this Jewish cabal stream now. >>126249 do people actually watch triple P anymore? >>126251 that buck needs to be broken bickers when a buck can start to get his vengeance. What is going to happen to regular folk that needs to break em bucks for a living?
>>126246 how is rackets doing since no doubt he's talking about fuck all with his lawyer crew, on a scale from dolphin noises to it's not trooooooo
Open file (704.68 KB 960x720 bingerchad.mp4)
>>126254 The Jew Cabal is talking about hypothetical Kyle suing journalist for defamation. So the Jewry is beyond normal levels right now, bickers they are enchanting their slippery tongues and using some dark Jewish wizardry and white Hebrew arts. So it is really confusing imo but I am not into Law bickers it is Jewish lies and double speak unlike math.
>>126255 what's his numbers like lad? a seething Гунт is about all we can hope for out if this i think
Open file (1.67 KB 116x33 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (301.52 KB 1242x2208 dasbsermeni.jpeg)
>>126229 This tweet is revolting
>>126259 Everything Гунтs do is revolting
>>126257 >>126258 The Jew is going in dry on the Гунт before he used lobe and was nice to the Гунт but then a shart happened. But is it not amazing, how or when the Гунт started to sperg out on the Jew, and the jew in return disavowed the Гунт his numbers just jumped up. Maybe Jewsh was right that sacrificing the Гунт to the corn makes one successful while holding onto the Гунт as fwend is nothing but bad luck. Heck the Jew even said that he tried allot of new and expensive whiskeys at Tim Pools place and basically drank his whole cabinet dry, I am not sure if I amazed over the Jews alcoholism or that Tim Pool actually shared something that costs money.
>>126261 sheeit I meant lube
Open file (743.25 KB 265x167 6850f3e3b93.gif)
>>126238 >when will the Гунт start to groom his daughter to service johns for his substance abuse and addiction? Let's wait and see if Mantsu even lets him near her when she is born >>126239 > so likely I'm missing something. You probably aren't missing anything. Spencer wasn't interesting after his Sargon stream.
>>126263 stop replying to a subhuman degenerate please
Open file (276.42 KB 456x514 982592856.png)
>>126251 B-But blacks aren't serial k-killers. They just had bad childhoods >>126253 >do people actually watch triple P anymore? Not many. Even less than usual. >>126255 > it is Jewish lies and double speak unlike math. Cuz maths iz wy sopremocy >>126257 I think his subscribers doubled as a result of Rittenhouse coverage
>>126264 lol no >>126261 yeah and he must be fucking livid , hopefully he'l get addicted to painkillers after his crash and get back on the heroin >>126265 >I think his subscribers doubled as a result of Rittenhouse coverage if not more, and he seems to have kept a good chunk of the audience
Open file (2.80 MB 480x480 sneedfarage.mp4)
>>126263 Mantsu is mentally challenged. So yeah she is not going to leave before it is too late, and jcaesar187 is going to groom her as fast as she can talk or that is my guess. >>126264 It is rather fascinating whenever I talk about jcaesar187, you come along. >>126265 >stopped watching triple p That is what I guessed. Why did you stop watching triple p? >Cuz maths iz wy sopremocy no it is universal language of truth and it is nothing but logic and reason unlike jewish wizardry. >>126266 Has the Гунт gone to an ER or a doctor to examen the injuries?
>>126266 > and he seems to have kept a good chunk of the audience Yeah and he keeps having these others lawyers on his streams, so he is continually exposing himself to other pools of viewers and subscribers as well. >>126267 > So yeah she is not going to leave before it is too late, Unless she uses the kid as a pawn. >Why did you stop watching triple p? I didn't. I just don't watch as much of his stuff. And I've grown more bored with what streams of his I do listen to. I don't gaf about Fuentes or Baked much any more. And his soft pedaling of the Гунт is less interesting than it once was. Maybe if he covers some more IP2. And he's too much a petty bitch. >no it is universal language of truth and it is nothing but logic and reason unlike jewish wizardry. DAS RAYCIS
Open file (3.44 MB 854x480 STFU.mp4)
>>126268 I don't think mantsu will use the kid as a pawn bickers I genuinely believe she is tarded mongoloid with really limited mental capabilities. She might do strange sexual things to her daughter, just like jcaesar187 is going to groom her before she is 14, and if she is not fat but if it is his child it is going to be a fatty boom boom. >not a fan of triple P I get it, I stopped being a fan when the dynamic duo split up and when I realized that the once magical trailerpark boys streams where over, there where no reason to watch it. His takes on the Гунт is low bickers he secretly wanna be fwends with the Гунт but he does not realize that the Гунт has such a thin skin that the shit he has said has gone into the shitlist of the Гунт. When it comes to him constantly covering Spic fuentes and baked then that is bickers he probably does not have time to cover IP2 and all of that degeneracy, and he is just hyper focused on a neocon and a fed, also fucking yourself with a dildo in front of a biker mommy, probably takes some time from the day.
>>126229 >swimming around I dunno, just something about the say "she" phrases things makes me think "she" doesn't really understand how pregnancies work and this is all just a gayop to try to own the ayy logs somehow.
Open file (63.56 KB 835x316 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm an hour into this Striker vs Big Papa Fascist debate and it's funnier than I thought it would be. BPF has autism voice and he keeps fake-laughing and getting frustrated. Pretty good background noise for Disgaea. Also Demonmama got banned from twitch. 41% soon. >>126269 >I don't think mantsu will use the kid as a pawn bickers I genuinely believe she is tarded mongoloid with really limited mental capabilities She is a BPD whore. If you've known one before you can tell. She's currently playing house but she's saving up a file on jcaesar187 to destroy him once she gets bored of him. I guarantee she has saved dm's of weird sexual shit he's said and asked him to send dick pics too.
>>126253 > The overall problem is that altright is what now? When it comes to politics? I'm guessing it served it's purpose, now it's time to shift the overton window to where AF and neoconservatives are the new extremists. > I don't remember that of course in fact fam Not sure how many people saw those threads, but was years ago when 8chan was just on the cusp of going to shit, way before being taken down. It was one of those ask me anything thread by an agent who lost his job for making jokes of offing Kushner. I doubt I have the link to the archives saved anywhere.
Open file (155.19 KB 348x262 sargoy_getting_sleepy.png)
>>126271 I hope you are right about that, bickers all the dirt she has on him is probably amazing. >>126272 It is weird when you say that AF and neocons are the new extremists on the rightwing. But at the same time, it is pretty damn exterme for wanting to destroy countries just to implement a fake political system and making it a proxy state.
>>126249 >twitter poll >what should we do next, chyat what a fucking retarded wannabee zleb move, sees people shitting on him and his capos -immediately backpeddles. Either go through with it or don't do it in the first place. amebas have more spine than you
>>126275 Do you really think he isnt trolling and that squire wont be in this video?
>>126271 >Striker vs Big Papa Fascist debate >it's funnier than I thought it would be Link?
>>126214 Never forget when cuntpirate was on the Гунтstream debating gaypers after pedosocks left that they all hated woman deeply due to their own homosexual tendencies. >uhhh I can really see an arguement for traps t. average gayper >>126229 Honestly I can't wait until this whore turns on the Гунт. >>126249 Toad McKinley has three main foxdick capos, Perspicacity, Squire of Gothos and Trelane, can't wait till the third foxdick capo makes its appearance. At this point even foxdick farms has turned on the faggot homo and the faggot in the mask. >>126277 Only person Big Papa Fascist ever seems to have done well against was soyson, even though his wife sent soyson her feet.
>>126277 https://odysee.com/@ThePeoplesSquare:9/BPF:d Now he's claiming that Christian and Muslim are ethnicities.
Open file (77.47 KB 474x480 gunt.png)
Open file (186.76 KB 486x466 gunt2.png)
Open file (195.04 KB 478x381 faith.png)
Open file (19.25 KB 477x245 faith2.png)
>>126279 Thanks anon. I appreciate it.
Open file (541.77 KB 1207x1019 ashton_dyke_mode.png)
Open file (199.25 KB 436x432 coach.png)
>>126279 The guy believes in nothing, he is only about his dream about being an e-celeb, and like a certain silver haired faggot he will sacrifice anything to get to that goal, the problem is he is terrible at it. Had Toad McKinley not turned on all of his little e-fweinds and not cucked to all his e-celeb idols that openly mocked him for saying any measure of truth of their shadiness gym, jewsh, jew layer, earwinson he probably would be the large z-celeb he wanted, which is the most ironic part about him. SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO >US AND COACH Toad McKinley YAAAA YOUR NOT A REAL MAN!
>>126280 lol thats literally all I have in response to that, just lol.
Open file (1.24 MB 1920x1080 andy_ashton_gay_2.png)
Open file (1.31 MB 1920x1080 ashton_absolute_state.png)
>>126279 Oops thought (you) were talking about the pig hawg not big papa civnat. Either way the post still says the truth.
>>126269 >I don't think mantsu will use the kid as a pawn bickers I genuinely believe she is tarded mongoloid with really limited mental capabilities. She's not that retarded that she can't lie and turn on a dime when it suits her. If jcaesar187 does ever piss her off, he's shit out of luck. She helped turn her ex into a cawk taking troon, and then lost interest in him when his t-levels dropped to low. There's no way she won't eventually shift gears on jcaesar187 too. >>126270 That's my other thought: This pregnancy is as real as Peter Coffin's blow-up woman
>>126280 >AUUUGH GIVE >US SHEKELS FOR >OUR SUBHUMAN MISTAKE It must suck being little xander, imagine growing up to realize you were used by your retarded parents to suck shekels out of retarded paypig redditors on the internet.
>>126285 >There's no way she won't eventually shift gears on jcaesar187 too That is the best part about pedosu anon, she is a walking time bomb for the jcaesar187acuck.
Open file (600.99 KB 828x1603 Faith.jpg)
>>126288 >I'm a christcuck now lol
Open file (155.50 KB 415x523 70a1a8d77b.png)
>>126287 She looks like the tranny ass fucking Donga in that one picture
Open file (317.72 KB 512x512 42.png)
>>126280 Can anyone else appreciate how if it's all gayfabe, this is the contingency grift bickers jcaesar187 couldn't raise enough on his own name?
Open file (39.75 KB 766x766 YOUNG PPP.jpg)
>>126280 >i'll be fighting this evil no matter what A true crusader for morality. I fully support jcaesar187's fight to be legally allowed to harass the mother of his child. >>126282 >>126284 Pig Hawg needs to realize the sincerity of his videos were the draw and the pro wrestling flair is just a funny window dressing. Setting up this semi-serious alternate reality like a WWE storyline is fine but if everything is gayfabe it's boring. There needs to be real cocks at the core. He's good at bringing the heat to debates and banter, he's good at the fire and brimstone preaching, he needs to focus on that and keep the Squire shit and fake feuds as side cocks. >>126288 >faith implying the baby is not his It obviously is as Xander is unfortunate to heavily resemble his father, but this is very funny and should be constantly stated that jcaesar187... is NOT THE FATHER. >>126281 np fam
>>126291 Well, if he can use sock puppet accounts to harass his guests and claim it is the Vickers doing so, then this isn't highly unlikely behavior from him either.
>>126293 Especially as Fai_Fai has mommy and daddy, so she doesn't need to grift money online
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsaiaeIsd88 3P on Гунт and Faith Vickers. Let's go.
Open file (585.08 KB 1791x916 ashton_nu.png)
>>126295 >pretending he just doesn't ask for shekels for tranime reviews Also his voice is in that sort of pathetic feminin dykeish voice mode.
Open file (1.71 KB 162x64 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126295 >WE'RE BACK Гунт BROS
Open file (399.24 KB 1151x2048 smuggest_gunt.jpg)
Open file (52.06 KB 200x113 wingsthanks.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A17HkXYdTAk What I'm UP at this time? Happy Thanksgiving eve?
>>126280 Does Xander look.... off to anyone else? Something about the physiology....
Open file (34.23 KB 633x356 CreepingTerror.jpg)
>>126301 it's not jcaesar187's baby... it's the Гунт's...
Open file (106.43 KB 859x1024 1549230226097.jpg)
>>126280 faifai's grift is more genuine in that the money is for Xander even if the money is for toys and other retarded shit, that is not long term. One might even say that letting her getting high on opiates is for Xander so that she will not murder him in his sleep. jcaesar187 just wants a new car bickers he crashed his superchat car and cannot get insurance on it, and he only needs to take a DNA test to prove that he is the father but he cannot really do that. >>126285 >She's not that retarded that she can't lie and turn on a dime when it suits her. I am just saying she is tarded mongoloid, and she has not left jcaesar187 when he has openly cheated on her and used the child money on gambling, and just for his own vices. But maybe she is smart enough to wait until she has jcaesar187 signature and a conformation that jcaesar187 is the father, so she can julay him for child support and that small amount of money he has?
>>126303 >But maybe she is smart enough to wait until she has jcaesar187 signature and a conformation that jcaesar187 is the father, so she can julay him for child support and that small amount of money he has? Yeah, i was thinking something along those lines
Nick Fuentes finally weighed in on the AF groypers joking about the little girls in the Waukesha attack being BLACKED.
>>126305 ahh was just about to post that one anon.
>>126306 I used to think the woman hate among Fuentes and his guys was mostly a funny meme but I'm beginning to think something is seriously wrong with those guys.
>>126307 They are all homosexuals for the most part.
Open file (13.20 MB 880x720 kyle.mp4)
>>126336 Who would win A bloodthirsty mob of establishment-backed transexuals and pedophiles trying to terrorize the working and middle class at the behest of elites or One GODFEARING CHRISTIAN PATRIOT
Open file (24.17 KB 589x218 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (29.45 KB 585x251 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.88 MB 1620x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (5.40 MB 1364x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.63 MB 1620x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126339 >has a child on the way >not scared of going to county and missing his childs birth or her first year. Hes making me moral fag.
>>126340 replying to my own post This just shows the whole shtick about caring he missed xanders birth is ridiculous he doesnt care bitches hes 2pac.
Open file (785.53 KB 1039x896 fat british girl lol.png)
>>126339 >i'm like 2pac, bitch >petty shit like that is just a blip on the radar >like going to weight loss camp He always comes up with the best quotes.
>>126341 It would be so fucking funny if he had a court case and then Faith's lawyer would go >Mr. jcaesar187, in this tweet you mentioned that you are "like 2pac", correct? You said you were not afraid of jail time, is that true? Do you believe that it is right for a father to not be afraid of spending time in jail and missing his child's birth?
>>126339 >i'm like 2pac a niggеr?
>>126339 >thinks he is a fit nig​ger rapper
>>126343 >is it correct that the defendant said, and I quote, "nigga im rich like jay z i hope that *squints* loose pussied biyatch who carried my sperm to term daaahs" <AAAAUGH YOUR HONOR I WAS HUNGOVER
>>126343 >>126346 I dont know anything about law or if tweets are admissable or if the court would care, but it does show at the very least he doesnt even have the cognitive ability to think about the consequences of his actions. I think its more likely he doesnt care about his child on the way, but at best he doesnt think about how his actions will impact others.
>>126342 Right? Him associating jail with fat camp is funnier to me than it probably should be. >>126348 Sir, this is an Arby's. You can't just rant about how Jewish pedophiles on the Moon are farming kiwis, you have to order something or leave.
Open file (106.54 KB 1024x786 FE-IssSXEAgU4H9.jpg)
Open file (328.41 KB 645x431 enhanced.png)
>Take it from me, make sure to wear that seatbelt! Lol look at the height of the seat belt, its at his fucking neck, it would choke him if he got into an accident. Also for some reason this image looked flipped, making Гунт to like like the driver but upon furter inspection you can see clearly that mantsu is the driver in the reflection of Гунт's glasses. How very trad of you Гунт to make your pregnant horse drive you to her families for thanksgiving. CHRIST IS KING
>>126350 I mean, all text is flipped so yeah
Open file (24.53 KB 474x474 i.jpg)
>>126350 Do you think Гунт drives in a baby seat at the back now?
>>126353 That would be the safest place for him, far away from the steering wheel.
>>126353 How do you think Faith will live with baby jcaesar187? Banging his mom in the back of the head with a plastic hammer >now sweetie be nice, mommy's taking you to kindergarten <ARBIES, GU­NTY WANT ARBIES >well pumpkin, we just left the mcdonalds drivethru you have a full mcflurry <ARBIES ARBIES ARBIES >ok honeybuns
>>126342 You know you're high on copium when you have to rebrand jail/prison as a weight-loss camp. >>126341 You'll find that most people are hypocrites that only invoke one argument in a specific moment to win the battle. They don't actually have morals but a sliding scale of circumstances to achieve their endpoint. jcaesar187 wants to have the cake and eat it too as your example show he either doesn't care about his son or he just wants to cry crocodile tears in the court case to win against the Vickers. As one example, the same people crying about Rittenhouse crossing state lines are the same people whose politics preaches that borders don't exist and we should let immigration run wild. They want Rittenhouse to be guilty so they will invoke whatever argument gets them there, working backwards from the conclusion. It's not about principles. Reptile brain wants your political enemy to die. Front brain comes up will some arguments justifying it.
>>126356 1000% agree, its about winning arguments not actual discussion or morals.
>>126353 Since he looks too short for a regular seat belt
Open file (133.31 KB 1092x979 1612045982432.jpg)
So I am replaying Tales of Arise to see if it's that game or SMT5 that is GOTY for me, bickers Metroid Dread was good but it did not get my autism to itch like a Tales game or an SMT game is able to do. Also rewatching Tiger King bickers it is an amazing documentary. >>126337 Agent 47 would win >>126339 So jcaesar187 think he is a negro now, and then he tries to convince us that he don't care about people making jokes on his behalf. He is such a smooth mang. >>126342 he only lost weight when he was in jail, and a year later he got that weight back plus some more and got addicted to alcohol again. So he could never go to a weight loss camp. >>126350 Mantus has to drive bickers she is so afraid if he drives that car it is going to crash. bickers jcaesar187 believes he is playing burnout or something. >>126353 yes, he must have if not there is a wonder how he did not crash the car sooner. Or is it just one of many cars he has destroyed?
^new ip to filter
>>126307 > I'm beginning to think something is seriously wrong with those guys. I reminded of footage of their "gay boi summer" where they were in the mall flipping off teenage girls from afar, or passing girls on the beach without even looking up eyes from the ground. All homos and bitter incels.
Open file (384.56 KB 1000x1300 day of the julay.jpg)
>>126362 the first pic is quite amazing famalam. >>126307 >>126361 Ain't it bickers Fuentes and most of the ironybros and groypers are actual homosexuals unlike trs folks bickers they are bisexuals or hides the fact that they are gay and just prey upon the young teenagers and males going to their meet-and-greet.
Open file (92.95 KB 596x773 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (87.10 KB 594x664 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (297.74 KB 1280x720 52c771de9.jpg)
>>126365 >muh dead moms He's going to be julaying this until he dies. Also >umma fatha
Open file (117.89 KB 1188x1466 E9vsDa3VEAIEkAn.jpg)
>>126355 Poorly It will be hideous, she will have post-partum depression and a couple months later it will have mysteriously died from SIDS
Open file (243.36 KB 480x320 sakuya_pads.webm)
>>126339 >hahaha
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fM92-WTzQlY A Thanksgiving Special - Morning Kumite >8 waiting
Open file (78.60 KB 1322x1080 1611994246278.jpg)
>>126365 >I have a great day In other words his day has already started badly. >mommy argument Also one could guess that the argument was about his substance abuse or that he is too drunk to drive her to the dialysis. >muh son was taken away from me not like he can take a DNA test and prove that he is the father. For now the bastid is just that, a bastid with an unknown father. >gitting turkey the big one so it's a small turkey and most likely it is a turkey sandwich from subway or some sandwich place.
Open file (555.92 KB 513x625 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (5.10 MB 1151x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126376 >In other words his day has already started badly. It doesn't seem like it's going well.
Open file (181.15 KB 401x323 guntcoom.png)
Open file (137.36 KB 356x298 guntsmirk.png)
Open file (171.47 KB 446x358 guntface.png)
Open file (163.67 KB 374x360 guntprofile.png)
>>126377 fat girl angles werking over time
>>126377 he is smoking a cigarillo instead of a cigar at that point why not just smoke a regular cigarette? Also if one looks closely in his eyes or the pupils one could suspect substance abuse. >>126378 well he is sensitive so he needs to take the fat gurl selfie angle.
Open file (6.32 KB 225x225 sdfdsf.jpg)
>>126377 >the trad husband smoking pot with his pregnant girlfriend in the room Kingly stuff jcaesar187
Open file (5.10 MB 1151x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (993.24 KB 640x788 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126378 It's too bad they can't do anything about his hairline. >>126379 He's smoking a blunt bickers he's like 2pac, bitch.
>>126379 >he is smoking a cigarillo instead of a cigar at that point why not just smoke a regular cigarette? bickers rappers smoke those.
Open file (73.30 KB 741x568 1576113041492.jpg)
>>126381 >It's too bad they can't do anything about his hairline. well, to be fair he is almost 50. >He's smoking a blunt bickers he's like 2pac, bitch. So he is smoking cannabis and not a tobacco per-say? Well, that is negro behavior fo sho. I am too huwhyte for this bickers I don't understand why anyone would emulate this. >>126383 is it bickers he believes he is a famous like a criminal negro rapper? aka he takes the negro persona to it's final conclusion. I personally don't get it that might be bickers I am too huwhyte.
Rekieta says he's 6'2" and Tim Pool is 5'10".
>>126385 idk bro they kind of look that tall
Open file (1.46 MB 245x218 7814528926589265.gif)
>>126384 >is it bickers he believes he is a famous like a criminal negro rapper? >aka he takes the negro persona to it's final conclusion. I personally don't get it that might be bickers I am too huwhyte. It's kind of a poseur's cope for being a fuck up >AAAUUUGGHHH I'M NOT SOME PITIFUL LOSER! I'M A BADASS GANGSTER!
Open file (61.60 KB 590x563 5345435435.jpg)
One of the Гунтs cat lady donators invited the family.
Open file (22.42 KB 470x135 891256928653653.PNG)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvetWEA3u3A UH OH P P P BROS! >WE GOT TOO COCKY
>>126386 I would say it's accurate. But I'm more waiting for people like TRSperg to start drawing up inaccurate diagrams of measuring the distance of the door frame behind him to their height in the foreground to prove that Dim Fool---Tim Poole is actually 5'6". So I could have a chuckle. After all, people refuse to believe jcaesar187 is 5'6" and I like to see the spergery. >>126387 The ironic part about how he thinks he looks cool with cigars and blunts hanging from his mouth is that self-medicating with weed/smoking is inherently coping. Substance abuse is cope. So while he copes by thinking he's some hardass nigga, all I see is a fat pig coping with substances.
Open file (155.50 KB 415x523 70a1a8d77b.png)
>>126390 > people refuse to believe jcaesar187 is 5'6" Well, it is a belief and not a fact.
Open file (577.00 KB 1050x659 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (328.22 KB 640x360 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126361 >passing girls on the beach without even looking up eyes from the ground lmao what? What video is this? >>126363 >Ain't it bickers Fuentes and most of the ironybros and groypers are actual homosexuals People say this but I think it's deeper. It's really fucking weird that they hang out with 4'9 Beardson and hate women to this extent. I used to think it was ironic along with the Fortnite hoodies and G​AMERGATE music. I'm no fan of whores but I'm starting to think they're frightened of women and are trying to inb4 something strange.
Open file (170.74 KB 890x1155 1636127986615.jpg)
>>126385 waoh Tim Pool is a not a manlet but king of manlets. >>126387 But most gangster N​IGGER do illegal things like selling narcotics, theft and other things they believe they can make money from. He does neither just abuses substances and believes it is gangster along with getting change like a bum on internet welfare, I think I have finally figured it out. jcaesar187 is acting like a homeless man, mang. He is getting petty change from paypiggies while dreaming of getting more change but instead of using his money smart he uses it like a homeless man on gambling, narcotics and food. While all other bills comes last, that is why mantus has to work to pay jcaesar187s bills. >>126388 OK, I need to get convinced that jcaesar187 actually lives in a place and not in mantsu car or the studio room he rents. bickers at this point he begs for food from his fans bickers of his fucked up financial situation, and I mind you my negrofwends that jcaesar187 mommy died like 7 months ago or something, and then he found a place and not long after got kicked out from that place. Fuck me,mang that is like a N​IGGER behavior. >>126392 Sure, a young man with social anxiety has a harder time picking up women, but just a bit of clonazepam or other anti anxiety medication and a bit of therapy and you can start getting women.
>>126393 >Sure, a young man with social anxiety has a harder time picking up women, but just a bit of clonazepam or other anti anxiety medication and a bit of therapy and you can start getting women. It's doubly bad bickers most people get girlfriends through friend groups or other communities and people with social anxiety dont usually have those. But I was socially anxious as a teenager and I would still look at women. Not even looking at girls on the beach? Walking forward head down? Very weird behavior, not one of a volcel or even incel, more one of a repentant porn addict desperately trying not to get a boner. You're allowed to look at girls. It's encouraged even. If you were Nick Fuentes' dad and you saw him conspicuously avoid looking at girls in bikinis you would feel like you failed and made a sissy.
>>126394 >>126394 > If you were Nick Fuentes' dad and you saw him conspicuously avoid looking at girls in bikinis you would feel like you failed and made a sissy. Nevermind that. Fuentes supposedly turned down having sex with Lauren Rose
>>126394 >>126395 Also don't forget the catboy date and the really homosexual undertones that was going on. Also Nick giving the fuck me eyes to the catboy.
>>126393 >just a bit of clonazepam or other anti anxiety medication... Pill cope. You can't go 5 min without all your drugs can you?
>>126395 >Fuentes supposedly turned down having sex with Lauren Rose Yeah that goes beyond gay this nigga scared of pussy.
Open file (81.94 KB 576x577 yoba.jpg)
Open file (152.95 KB 301x273 chaggot autism a.png)
>>126397 Don't forget that I also said therapy along with medication that are Anxiolytic or meant to reducing anxiety. Also I am only on oxycontin now bickers I quit using adhd medication. >>126398 Spic Fuentes is into boy assholes, and just wait and you will hear that he has groomed the most autistic of the groypers. Sheeit I bet that the Spic has had relations with chaggot and Blacked Alaska.
THIS WEEK IN CUCKADA GOING LIVE IN 20ish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgWImWSBbxw
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8DE6KXnMgk Comfy Thanksgiving Stream - Some Feel Good Topics? Also Rage, Probably
Open file (627.12 KB 622x619 surfer_rapeface.png)
Open file (419.86 KB 545x522 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (943.42 KB 366x497 ppp reee.gif)
Open file (221.22 KB 2472x2000 7891578215989265.jpg)
>>126409 >Toad McKinleyFLAPJACKS
>>126107 Based Unreal Tournament 1999 image. Facing Worlds map? I love that CaptureTheFlag map! Superlative taste! >>126409 Big dawg isn't holding back on the food. In fact, he'll take a 2nd American Thanksgiving since he already had the Canadian one months ago, which mysteriously made him stop talking about losing weight. I wonder why.
>>126397 just filter the new ip
Open file (256.74 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126409 Just more of me to love Surfer, and you could have had all this!
>>126409 his Гунт might try spilling into the fourth and maybe fifth dimension to get some more room at this point the absolute state of ASSTON THE TRANNY SIMP
Open file (80.41 KB 920x617 1620163013650.jpg)
Open file (3.11 MB 360x360 1618863768355-1.gif)
>>126409 woah triple p has gotten bitch tiddies bickers of his soy abuse where he has more estrogen than actual testosterone.
Open file (965.12 KB 597x815 Gunt films.png)
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
Open file (14.97 KB 314x377 jcaesar_monster_2.png)
>>126425 Now that's the voice of one who runs a website.
Open file (179.32 KB 510x382 Josh Moon 23.png)
Jewsh bros, we got too cocky. His voice changer software crashed.
Open file (411.71 KB 967x606 PPP fat 2.png)
Open file (357.35 KB 589x510 Josh Moon 20.png)
The emperor has no clothes...testosterone.
Open file (6.63 MB 888x500 Jewsh Troon.webm)
Open file (341.44 KB 1088x591 lyrebird linux.png)
>>126432 THE DRIVERS
How do you G​AMERGATEs even find this entertaining, or worth a second of your time? It's been what, four years? Four years of watching some shitty "debates" between your mouthbreather peers and sharing screencaps of their twitters.
Open file (124.23 KB 346x320 wtf.png)
>>126436 which lolcow are you?
Open file (301.58 KB 360x360 Identify_Yourself.webm)
Open file (14.98 KB 358x218 285289569586.jpg)
>>126436 >Four years of watching some shitty "debates" Who the fuck is watching debates any more, faggot? Those got boring back when jcaesar187 got out jail if not before then. >between your mouthbreather peers Troonfag alert. If any of these beings were my peers, I would have offed myself by now.
Open file (75.69 KB 480x368 A-log Al Qaeda.webm)
>>126436 >How do you G​AMERGATEs even find this entertaining, or worth a second of your time? It's not all that different from your hobby of abusing meth, heroin and pregnant teenagers, Гунтy. >Four years of watching some shitty "debates" between your mouthbreather peers and sharing screencaps of their twitters. You are not my peer, you are a joke that I will laugh at until your antics are no longer funny to me.
Open file (483.45 KB 640x676 1612283861328.png)
>>126419 This Jewsh stream was not bad, he is able to dunk on multiple people then his voice modulator stops working and his real tranny identity is shown. >>126430 what if it's not a bikermommy that is making triple P use a dildo for his anus pleasure but it is in actuality Jewsh in his superdrag outfit, and the only reason why he is so obssesed with trannies is bickers he is one or he is a fag in drag?
>>126440 no way Гунт knows how to sage
>>126436 Hey dont be such a G​AMERGATE I hate you. DEBATE ME
Open file (55.30 KB 750x696 FEzN1L6aMAENARG.jpg)
God dammit it is snowing where I am in Norway, I am being comfy with oxycontin,tapentadol and hot chocolate,this combination is pretty based but gives a bad after taste,so now I have this weird disgusting-like taste in my mouth. I knew it was a bad idea to go down on oxyconitn and switch over to something unknown and weird. >>126442 but the eldest of the eldest fag knows how and he would've learned the Гунт in the past 4 years.
>>126442 You're probably right, but he's definitely posted in this thread as a torpedo somewhat recently. Like the time he leaked photos of Xander.
Open file (20.93 KB 588x221 1355001344696.png)
Open file (601.01 KB 1254x570 1008538358366.png)
>>126445 He probably ordered Gayda the Eldritch to do it. >>126446 Wasn't Nawpawleawn 5'7 by some old-timey frenchy measurement system that's different from today's? He was pretty much normal height, maybe just slightly a manlet.
Open file (327.50 KB 512x512 77.png)
>>126447 jcaesar187 is a hobbit like proto-human that gaytor brought forth from beyond the void.
Open file (169.76 KB 1024x776 Satre.jpg)
Open file (171.47 KB 446x358 guntface.png)
>>126446 THEY WERE USING MUH NAME TO SELL THE DOCUMENTARY the Гунт is trying to cope by acting like hes really well known and his mere mention makes an auidence stay
>>126446 This is pretty good so far.
>>126446 nice ill watch it tomorrow
Open file (163.89 KB 480x454 gunt.png)
Open file (44.16 KB 1169x664 Pieman.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSIvd2PB2pA Drex and Rekieta Wind Down Friday
Open file (13.14 MB 320x323 ezgif-2-3479cf094a7e.gif)
>>126454 Being a soyjak goblino is still preferable over being this.
>>126454 He did a deep dive into jcaesar187's height (his conclusion was 5'2.) Гунтy is going lose his shit over this.
Open file (479.95 KB 400x217 Porky the Pig.gif)
>>126446 <graphic implies that Гунт is famous. In his wildest, Chris-chan-tier, delusions of grandeur. Real fame is 2 million followers minimum. Anything under that is larping as famous.
Open file (459.10 KB 725x582 Josh Moon 1.png)
>>126434 Always knew jewsh was a tranny faggot.
Open file (3.70 MB 512x512 JUST_LEAVE.mp4)
>>126436 Not an argument, thats a logical fallacy. Do you have any source for your claims?
>>126454 >just some average looking not fat dude DUDE LMAO WHAT A PUSSY! the cope is amazing
Open file (743.25 KB 265x167 GUNTed.gif)
>>126454 Does GUNТ only take critique from aryan superchads? But I like how his one method of retort is to go for doxing or some form of personal insult, like a manchild that he is. Also >I haven't watched a single second Who is that pig hoofed faggot trying to fool? He lives on foxdickfarms. He watched that documentary in and out, his segment 5 times at least.
Open file (3.88 MB 500x280 nickur.webm)
>>126446 The Гунт does not like the accurate history of the Гунт. >>126459 you are right, he is not famous but he is niche internet famous just like the most documented person on the internet. >>126455 The Jew is on with his bull. >>126454 >>126464 No, jcaesar187 would not take critique from anyone bickers he is fat redneck that believes that any day now he is going to make it like in the olden days, and these clips and such other pieces of evidence and things will destroy his reputation but what he does not realize is that he is a nobody and his reputation has already been destroyed a long time ago. It is like a tiktok, instagram and twitter whore/thot/model for the first time shows her butt she cannot take that butt picture back, and say no to take such pictures bickers now she has gotten a new audience and that audience is now into watching her ass. It is the same with jcaesar187, now people are addicted to his retarded shenanigans rather than his boring dead air show.
Open file (37.24 KB 571x618 sweaty squatter.png)
>>126458 >sucking redditkur dick
Open file (6.42 MB 247x412 belle10.gif)
Open file (14.57 KB 368x433 Guntenraged.jpg)
>>126454 >I haven't watched a single second That means he's watched it repeatedly and is currently seething over it.
Open file (105.06 KB 820x823 1624714479794.jpg)
>>126464 That pornwhore does not win anything but pornwhore prices.
Open file (1.11 MB 1290x722 985928965.png)
>>126454 >I haven't watched a single second Then how did you know you were used in it?>>126446
>>126432 >>126430 >>126429 >>126420 >3P is gay and tsundere for Nick >Love of Wrestle Wrestle makes cocks creators retarded bickers they try to turn everything into WWF >3P is turning into Toad McKinley Sterling bickers he is still salty over his break up with his gay lover Surfer Despite the audio glitch Jewsh's take on Asston was spot on imho.
>>126478 kys trsperg
Open file (215.05 KB 935x1006 8q9f2k5n9c2l3u8.jpg)
>>126478 Definitely the WWF melts your brain part is 100% accurate. The other two are less accurate.
Open file (21.30 KB 241x256 ppp_drugs_clear.png)
>>126480 >sodomite is made at the guy who exposed his gay Nazi forum run by jews Stay mad Pig Hawg >>126481 Asston and Surfer are clearly gay.
>>126482 kys trsperg
>>126482 >Asston and Surfer are clearly gay. Maybe. Asston spreading his butt cheeks like he did is pretty gay.
real tired of gaytor posting the same nontent ITT every day
>>126485 that's his life, at least he doesn't post cuckime here
Open file (138.31 KB 720x1280 E_5SQkjVgAEFJRc.jpg)
Open file (258.30 KB 1538x2048 95cm.jpg)
Open file (265.25 KB 1538x2048 FCMnmcKVcAQAgPD.jpg)
Open file (372.55 KB 1567x2048 FCNDjQgVkAgU3_B.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 2320x3088 FCJGyPxUUAkv9Gx.jpg)
God damn today was a hard day for me, I had to install a new oven, take the gf out for dinner and drive her around to one friend to the next bickers she wanted to drink red wine and talk shit. >>126477 Гунт might be using the martin scorsese argument that if you are watching things in 1,5x speed or on your phone you are not experiencing said piece of entertainment. So even if he has watched it 8 times or more, he had it on 1,5 to 2x speed and it was on his phone so technically he did not watch it. >>126478 Jewsh is more and more on point, it is getting weird. Also Jewsh should be honest that he is in fact a tranny that uses a male sounding modulator to sound more masculine or like a real boy bickers he is in fact a natural tranny like Jahans. >>126481 I bet there is allot of trashy entertainment that fucks with the wiring in the brain, I bet that following or being addicted to fwend simulation is one of those things that fucks with the wiring of the brain. >>126482 I don't think surfer is a faggot but he might be gay for pay. triple p is most likely a bisexual or some form of degenerate faggot but I dunno. maybe there will come out weird stories where he uses chili mayonnaise as lube for his bumhole, I would also speculate that it was Black Adam that made triple P into a food fetishist, one of those degenerate forms of food fetishism >>126484 spreading the cheeks like chicken and filming surfers benis non-stop is pretty damn gay.
>>126487 > filming surfers benis Yeah, I forgot to add that one.
Open file (363.90 KB 1538x2048 FDJuz-3agAA-t0J.jpg)
>>126489 it was not a fast 1 second and oh fuck situation either it was a long 10 to 15 seconds making it feel like a gay porno. It was pretty messed up if we are being honest here.
Some impressive autism on display here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wltk4-54q5A
Open file (280.08 KB 1641x2014 FEg4lyIagAEXTun.jpg)
Now I am replaying Tales of Arise on ps5 or playing to the part I was on series x. Vidya this year has been kinda disappointing, with Tales, SMT and Metroid being the only respectable vidya this year.
Open file (370.96 KB 1166x2048 FFMjbO5agAEiDuC.jpg)
Open file (410.35 KB 1166x2048 FFMjbO5aUAI6Xh8.jpg)
I wonder if the pussy of this zipperhead smells like Korean Ricecake if not fried shrimp.
Open file (321.13 KB 468x481 gunt.png)
Open file (13.68 KB 240x360 FFN5-YCWYAIjbHK.jpg)
Open file (10.81 KB 240x180 FFN5-X6XoAkGUk6.jpg)
Open file (6.39 KB 240x160 FFN5-X9WQAwFQzP.jpg)
Open file (7.89 KB 240x160 FFN5-X-XMAU-Tki.jpg)
Open file (144.72 KB 1620x1080 FFN5-X9WQAwFQzP.jpg)
Open file (160.51 KB 1080x1620 FFN5-YCWYAIjbHK.jpg)
Open file (182.91 KB 1620x1080 FFN5-X-XMAU-Tki.jpg)
Open file (382.46 KB 2048x1536 FFN5-X6XoAkGUk6.jpg)
>>126495 full size images for the full Гунт experience
Open file (3.96 MB 640x360 horse.mp4)
Open file (17.45 KB 473x226 gunt2.png)
Open file (537.31 KB 471x646 gunt3.png)
Open file (563.93 KB 474x626 gunt4.png)
Open file (431.61 KB 1536x2048 FFObHGhWYAMxbNU.jpg)
Open file (687.52 KB 1512x2016 FFOUiHNWQAkfYho.jpg)
Гунт has tiny legs PATHETIC
Open file (142.49 KB 463x661 gunt5.png)
Open file (11.47 KB 476x116 gunt6.png)
>>126477 He definitely watched at least his part.
Open file (13.93 KB 474x121 gunt7.png)
Open file (387.55 KB 466x701 gunt8.png)
Open file (15.22 KB 480x155 gunt9.png)
Open file (287.85 KB 1536x2048 FFNu2cOXsAUcUIZ.jpg)
AAAUUUGGGHHHHHH I'M NOT 5'1" AYLAWGS! What a charming pic for his drivers license. DMV doesn't check your height, you can tell them whatever you want.
Open file (302.70 KB 1536x2048 FFH81SeaUAElnpT.jpg)
>>126495 >>126497 mantsu is a crossbreed with a horse and something else that is strange that's for sure. >>126498 That is bickers the Гунт does not really walk, you can see it on the tiny muscle build. But he has a nice shirt and jacket, at-least. The sunglasses are negro-tier and he should change them to either MontBlanc or st dupont, there is another good French Sunglasses but those are kinda expensive compared to the other 2, I like when the Гунт tries to dress a bit respectable but that costs money. >>126499 The Гунт should not really talk when he stole shit from imageboards like /cow/ back in the day to have something to talk about, and not even gib credit. >>126500 well, the Гунт PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDs himself again. So he is 5'1.
Open file (250.94 KB 1620x1080 ralph gunting soph.jpg)
Open file (1.26 MB 272x480 1621683669937.webm)
>>126499 Cant a guy like Porselin just make a Гунтmentary already? jcaesar187 is a high profile lolcow with years of lore, less notorious people had big name videos dedicated to them.
Open file (926.60 KB 848x1182 25789258696.jpg)
>>126498 >feel dirty I'm sure it's a little more than just a feeling >>126500 >Do you idiots truly believe I'm 5'1? >claims to be 5'10 >admits the DMV doesn't measure you He doesn't realize he owned himself
Open file (304.34 KB 1538x2048 FERrv8cacAE-VPt.jpg)
>>126504 all the evidence of his height shows that he is 5'1, so instead of embracing his midget status he sperg-out about it. Is it bickers he might be an elf that escaped Santa's workshop and his mother was just an illusion?
Open file (698.87 KB 1366x1538 8925698565896.jpg)
Open file (213.90 KB 1304x1099 92785928592856.jpg)
>>126505 If he's 5'10, Dick Mastersimp is 7 feet tall
THE PIG HAWG RETURNS WITH A BURGER MUKBANG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB1AsCD2F8A Not really he'll probably just be checking out some cucknadians protesting.
Open file (394.00 KB 514x643 1576478487015.png)
Open file (391.84 KB 612x612 393401734333.png)
Open file (378.30 KB 640x640 1400696354884.png)
Open file (436.62 KB 640x640 539398932836.png)
Open file (2.82 MB 1920x1080 17 smc sleeping.png)
Open file (231.22 KB 1457x2048 FE7Nk_LacAEUMNE.jpg)
Open file (83.07 KB 994x1024 FECjfufaIAI5G_R.jpg)
>>126506 You can actually see the Гунт is suffering from midget syndrome or whatever it is called. >>126507 So triple P is making masturbation material for Black Adam?
Open file (8.79 KB 563x150 2892598259285.PNG)
Open file (276.39 KB 340x370 89259289586.png)
>>126508 >Mike Cernobitch lied about his height too
Open file (1.63 MB 720x1280 無無田さん.mp4)
>>126511 everyone is lying about their height for some reason. Maybe it is bickers they don't realize that manlets have been the people in power? >Napleon >Putin >all of the English King >most Caesars like Augustus known in the ancient world as a manlet
Open file (490.54 KB 1343x909 gaytorgimped.jpg)
>>126512 >manlets have power cause their manlets But the Гунт has no power other than having a gimp sidekick
>>126513 but if we are realistic manlets have no power, there are just some few manlets that have some power. The Гунт has the power to bring endless entertainment via his fuck ups and pure retardation, which for me is fine. I just hope he does not do anything retarded so he lands in jail bickers then it will be boring like following Chris-chan news. bickers now Chris-chan has gone into a psychotic-state and I don't understand how the jail does not feed him with antipsychotics bickers it is clear he has psychosis at this point. Just how bad is the American system when it comes to mental health?
Open file (51.31 KB 360x286 1436143825870.jpg)
>>126495 > that last pic Imagine yourself as an infant being born, as you open your eyes for the very first time, as your vision slowly goes to focus, this is the very image that greets you into the world.
Open file (497.20 KB 1177x959 501162fev598.png)
>>126515 That's the obliToad McKinleyy thumb in asshole pic
>>126500 what's 5.10, for non burgers? no fucking way fat little manlet is 5.10 whatever it is
>>126517 177.8 cm
>>126518 that manlet is not 177.8cm I refuse to believe this lie, he is probably 160 if we are being honest here.
>>126511 >Answer: 5'9 is equal to 175.26 cm. That's from jewgle, but maybe they're heightlogs too.
Open file (386.50 KB 2048x1536 gvnt_full.jpg)
Open file (50.88 KB 399x903 the_gvnt.jpg)
Open file (486.95 KB 890x507 Jcaesar_efriends.png)
>>126498 anons is...is that what I think it is? Honestly looking a little closer and I don't think it is but it does look a lot like the famous doxxxville hoodie.
>>126499 Holy shit he's so fucking triggered by that video, excellent. I hope you fags archived it good bickers he's gonna strike it to high heaven.
>>126521 Similar style but not the same jacket, the one in the new pick is polo brand. In the doxville pic same style but no brand name is visible and ithas a Гунт breast zipper pocket that the polo style of the doxville one lacks.
>>126496 The third image... jesus fucking christ. It's horrifying.
>>126178 Gentlemen!
Fagmencope sicced his twitch who? friends on the gu.nt and he's been seething all night responding to them instead of ignoring them bickers they're allegedly literally who irrelevant nobodies not worth even glancing at by his definition.
>>126499 Гунт trying to discredit the video that features him as the largest segment on there, mocking him. Nice try Гунт. >>126498 Those little skinny legs are from Cushing's syndrome. >>126495 Гунт looks as old as the elderly man beside Pansu in pic 3. He looks 55 instead of 35 bc 1. booze 2. drugs 3. smoking, 4. stress from women and from a-logs >>126500 It is true the first time I got my license, the little old black lady just asked what my height. And I told her. The funny part though is Гунт larping as normal white male height at 5'10" when he is 5'6" tops. I can't imagine having the audacity to steal 4 inches and larp as normal height. You're a midget. Own it. >>126502 The horrifying thing is that this is Pantsu's POV when she sucks Гунт peen and his front butt rests on her head like a gelatinous kettlebell weighing her head down. >>126508 Гунт in his DM's telling him how tall to say he is so he can look better. Lol. So that guy is 5'5". Aww, how sweet. 2 little gnomes posing for a pic.
>>126508 you can tell how short they are in relation to the cars
Open file (413.93 KB 596x762 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (252.01 KB 590x734 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (149.59 KB 590x808 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (48.45 KB 602x423 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (248.90 KB 1105x1080 Ethan Ralph gunt body.jpg)
I would like to humiliate Pantsu (Amanda Morris) by stating that this is her POV. The Гунт has such a strange little cartoony fat pig body. Then he has a 2nd buttocks due to his Гунт (medical term: pendulous abdomen) resulting from Cushing's Syndrome. This also causes fat loss form his arms and legs, which is why his legs are so skinny. Anyway, Pantsu looks at this and thinks, "Yeah, gimme that little microdick, I'll let him cum inside me." Maybe she has a monster fetish. Like someone that wants some deformed pigman to fuck her or like an ogre or beast. Or she wants to be fucked by a disgusting overweight old man? She let this thing breed her. LMAO. This was a quick sketch just to prove a point of how nasty this is.
>>126532 the horse looks like jar jar binks and by proxy its made me think that pedo Amanda Morris also looks like jar jar binks.
Гунт IS A FINDOM PAYPIGGY OH NO jcaesar187ABROS IT'S OVER! He's got two kids on the way and he's decided that none of them are going to get his money, he's giving it all to some internet whore!
Open file (106.79 KB 1080x1440 FDVyiwSakAAGHR7.jpg)
Open file (866.55 KB 4096x2731 FEyOrtAaMAAWxdM.jpg)
Open file (595.16 KB 1536x2048 FFILJRJaIAAuKFN.jpg)
Open file (1.17 MB 4096x2731 FEyObwNaMAE-Q-6.jpg)
Open file (1.22 MB 4096x2731 FEyNVFDaAAIi5iN.jpg)
Fucking hell, I've been shoveling snow this morning, the Гунт would've built some muscles if he had to shuffle snow, whom am I kidding that fat fuck could not even make a snowball without breaking a sweet. >>126527 Woah, Nick is gibing lore and it is good that he is making fun even if it's for a foxdick grift. >>126531 Why does the Гунт think blocking people is such an pwn? >>126532 The benis is too big if we are being honest here mang. >>126535 I want to believe I have to sacrifce these 5 pictures of sexy Asian butts
>>126535 tl;dr?
He is getting revenge for what Andy Warski did to his sister at vidcon
Open file (688.65 KB 781x801 1615634382233.png)
>>126535 >5FT 1.0IN MY FUCKING SIDES
>>126535 Only just now noticed it says organ donor, like anyone is gonna be able to get any use out of Гунтs beat up mush piles.
Open file (232.13 KB 1538x2048 FEt3HUjaUAERa8D.jpg)
>>126538 Did Andy jack off to his sister? When he did the onlyfans reviews or something? >>126540 yeah, and the organs that people need are fucked up bickers of his substance abuse to alcohol. So when they get that dead piggy they are just going to open him up and see there is nothing of value there, and then they are going to wonder how in the actual fuck was he able to survive? Where the blood alcohol level is beyond toxic levels for a normal humanbeing.
Open file (25.31 KB 598x171 ashley.jpg)
>>126535 This bitch?
>>126542 >mediocre looking woman >goddess kek.
>>126535 > he's giving it all to some internet whore! why?
Open file (225.66 KB 1538x2048 FEgmjXcaQAEvFLW.jpg)
Open file (252.83 KB 1365x2048 FEHqNEYaIAAdE0-.jpg)
Open file (343.42 KB 1538x2048 FEg7O5OaMAER2D_.jpg)
Open file (429.29 KB 1986x2048 FEh5cDLaQAAT7Qn.jpg)
Open file (584.27 KB 1152x2048 FEgm2wjaMAUT0YF.jpg)
>>126543 she is a goddess if you compare her to that horse. >>126544 it's a fake fam. But we can still dream and hope that it is true.
Open file (179.76 KB 599x668 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (24.82 KB 596x258 ClipboardImage.png)
It's funny to me how he went from claiming that he never blocks anyone to blocking everyone that doesn't suck the memphis micro while groping the girthy Гунт.
Open file (46.89 KB 900x597 al-capone-mugshot.jpg)
>>126531 >muh mugshot is iconic Now if only anyone knew who the fuck you are
>>126546 AUUUGH COME ON THE KILLSTREAM! please, i have 30 watchers
Open file (115.20 KB 594x845 985937896089.png)
UGHHH IF I HAD TO GUESS, THAT 18 YEAR OLD WAS ABUSING ME >>126546 Speaking of twitch streamers, has DesTINY not come back yet? Wasn't that one he dropped out of the last big stream jcaesar187 was hosting?
Open file (13.93 KB 483x164 gunt no regrets.png)
>>126549 >>126550 do you think gu-nt is typing all that from dunking donuts?
Open file (987.38 KB 1584x1631 ClipboardImage.png)
Isn't it curious that immediately after getting systematically and thoroughly eviscerated by Nick's viewership throughout the entire Rittenhouse trial AND EVEN AFTERWARD DURING NORMAL SHOWS bickers OF REKIETA'S ACROSS-THE-BOARD VIEWERSHIP IMPROVEMENT , jcaesar187 is now going after small amateur youtubers, 'commentary community' creators, and twitch nobodies all of which have less or equal viewership to him and perhaps more importantly to him, no fanbase to defend them if gu.nt goes on the offense. Compare Gu.nt's takedown of Augie & friends + Fagmencope's twitch associates + Pieman to how he responded to HIS OWN VIEWERS baiting him with donations to talk about Rekieta's objective success during the trial.
Open file (1.86 MB 401x498 89217258959856.gif)
>>126549 >I wuz trapped It's not like you could kick her out of the house any time you wanted. >falsely accused me of rape Citation please. >I would get a mountain of hate Don't flatter yourself. >Ave overcom so much adversitee >>126550 >Amm so lucky to be free of that bitch That's why you were begging for three ways?
Open file (293.15 KB 1584x796 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126549 I don't think he has. If I recall correctly, Tiny called Гунтy a nazi at one point, and said he wouldn't go back on his show. Then he changed his mind and was going to debate the boring british guy but ended up too high on meth to do so. I'm pretty sure that was the last time Tiny was scheduled to go on jcaesar187's little show, but I could be wrong. Гунтy does so much retarded shit so consistently that it's hard to remember every detail exactly. >>126550 >i tried to coerce a mentally ill pregnant teenager into a threeway with a pedophile to break up with her Either his audience is even more retarded than he is, or they're just fucking with him at this point. >>126553 That's why I enjoy the "little show" meme. He used to have thousands of viewers every night, and he made such a big deal about it. But now that he's lucky to pull a few hundred, he can only brag about being "the best entertainer in this sector." Which is true, he's one of the funniest cows that I'm aware of.
Do you think gun.t uses those sponge-on-a-stick for fatasses?
Open file (78.69 KB 1125x1033 FFSTtGNacAMyRGp.jpg)
>>126549 OK, so he is literally saying he was only pretending to be retarded while also claiming to be a victim. What is going through his head? And then he claims to have a super nice family with mantsu. >>126550 I just got a brainfart. >>126553 The jew unlike the Гунт actually has a working brain even when he is an alcoholic Jew, bickers he is just thinking about how to make money at that point and using the power of autism to do Jewish magic and try and explain said Jewish magic. >>126555 lets be honest he is lucky to get 100 people to watch dead air, he is streaming all the time with nothing to say. So we can compare the Jew and the Гунт, both of them are serving a niche audience. So the Гунт, he streams every day and is about news more or less but bickers his time-slot is 3 to even 4 hours twice a day for hopes to get more shekels mind you, it is not bickers he has more to say, he has nothing to say. But still he takes it as a win and don't see that maybe move to once a week or something along those lines to make it more exclusive like a weekly podcast. The Jew on the other hand bickers his shows is about what interest him, that automatically will get someone to watch it bickers there is passion in his Jewish shekel grabbing voice, and the show is also 3 hours long bickers he has segment where he reads supershekels and make the obliToad McKinleyy I'm you fwend and has no opinions that goes against the fwend simulation. That is the key-part. He brings on guest where he has some dynamics with bickers that brings on more shekels, and bickers he has now a group of lawyers that are doing exactly what the skeptics did with networking and making a weekly podcast and even an appearance on other channels shows that makes the fwend simulation that more important.
Open file (556.00 KB 770x575 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126556 Nope, that's just an a-log lie. He rolls around in salt and has his trusty steed lick him clean. Apparently there's something about Гунт grease that makes the salt stick to him naturally.
Open file (972.68 KB 640x358 spiderman-vomiting.gif)
>>126558 >something about Гунт grease that makes the salt stick to him
Open file (705.75 KB 2732x4096 FFRAuhxUUAAhoWf.jpg)
>>126558 So the Гунт is so naturally oily that salt sticks to it naturally?
Open file (1.09 MB 2160x2646 2021-01-14-2008588540.jpg)
Open file (1015.44 KB 2160x2880 2020-10-28-1154254324.jpg)
>>126546 The funny part about Гунт claiming he never blocks anyone (in the past) is that he was only larping for Daddy Gym to get his approval. He wanted to be tough like daddy instead of being a thin-skin sjw that daddy would mock, but at heart he was just the thin-skin sjw that slams a pig finger down on the block button instantly. Also, I 100% guarantee that he fucks himself. As in, he uses his unique front butt anatomy and masturbates his micropeen with the fleshy Гунт frontbutt to simulate a woman. He uses his frontbutt Гунт like a boobjob or like it's 2 buttocks with a buttcrack or some fleshlight onahole. I know he does this. His Гунтbutt is right there hanging above his prick. So it's not a question of whether he has thought about it. He has def done this hundreds of times. Гунт fucks his own Гунт. He fucks himself, literally but figuratively also. >>126549 1. Doesn't he have a non-discloser agreement with Vickers and Faith so he can't talk about them? If so, he's breaking that agreement again. I won't let you censor mai freeze peaches! "Uhhh, I gonna have to flee the country 'cause of these fuckin' lawsuits." 2. I love how the narcissist shows 0 acceptance of any personal responsibility for his actions. It's all about the other evil person was bad to me! He has apparently shit his pants and done nothing wrong, if you take people at their word. Which is how you know all people are full of shit. >>126549 Yes, Destiny took ecstasy/molly laced with meth in Europe and couldn't stream bc that is how he wins debates. By using performance enhancer drugs like ritalin and modanifinil to make his brain think faster and more alert. Cognitive-enhancers. He's always cheating in his debates. He got laced with the wrong thing and had to cancel the debate. I don't think he ever rescheduled but I don't follow keelstream closely anymore so could be wrong. >>126550 Hog is so retarded. All his enemies warned him, dating Faith was a bad idea, let alone knocking her up. 3P made many videos about how crazy she was warning jcaesar187. Jersh Moon also did the same. /cow/ did. Foxdick did. Гунт watched all of this and read the Farms. But Гунт ignored all of this and still walked right into the bear trap and now cries out in pain that the bear trap is hurting his leg and won't release it. LMAO. Get fucked. >>126554 If you ply a woman with alcohol and drugs, fuck her, and then she doesn't remember it or even know who fucked her, then yeah, he did kind of rape her in a legal sense. It's like Bill Cosby slipping in Qualudes to fuck women. It's rape. That's why he identifies with Bill Cosby going free. Bc he does the same thing and knows it deep down inside. <But she wanted the drugs! She's lying! That's your fault for dating and fucking a crazy person who is a serial liar like yourself, Гунт. You knew this was coming. You were warned, rapist. You reap what you sow.
Open file (402.42 KB 1536x2048 FFSWevuaMAQKBcd.jpg)
>>126561 >jcaesar187 uses his Гунт for masturbation purposes. now that is one hell of a speculation fam >jcaesar187 has a NDA with the Vickers no, it is more like no online-harassment and not being near the Vickers which includes the hellspawn the regular restraining order thing. But he has a worse restraining order when it comes to Aydezero. >Tiny mdma experience Most MDMA in Europe is just crystalline and not tablets bickers there where too many that died from the MDMA and a random amphetamine cocktail tablets, and it did not help that Europe had a Research Chemicals/legal drugs problem where the junkies did not know whatever in the fuck they got, and bought random strange party stimulants. If he was retarded and bought a tablet from a narcotic dealer in Europe, it is not methamphetamine but it could be like a strange random stimulant that has never been tested before. >Tiny's stimulant abuse When it comes to Tiny being a stimulant abuser, I have no doubt about it, but him only using modafinil and ritalin cannot really give those big autistic obsessions on one study bickers he googled and read it at that time while sperging out on his stream, that is more amphetamine abuse. Ritalin is not that powerful of a stimulant but amphetamines are that powerful where you have an OCD on just one thing, and that is what Tiny has when he is deb8ing. >jcaesar187's dating faifai lets be honest, he most likely started with her early and if he would listen to anyone than that is a losing situation and an alpha move in his brain. >jcaesar187 using narcotics as a persuasion to get girl I think that is a safe assumption to make but to be on the Гунтs side a bit, he probably did not think that she would go against him bickers he after-all groomed her and did give into her every substance abusing needs, that is not rape but using a person as a sex-slave and her being a prostitute for psycho active substances. What Slick Negro Bill did was kinda worse he slipped them the hypnotics and sedatives in hopes that they would forget about the encounter. But Negro Bill most likely was either too Jewy when it came to gib these tranquilizers bickers he abused them himself or he did not calculate the dosages correctly?
Open file (174.83 KB 473x587 gunt life insane.png)
Open file (13.21 KB 475x151 gunt life insane 2.png)
Open file (192.12 KB 1080x1777 FFUlrq2XsAAzaMs.jpg)
Open file (208.66 KB 1022x1861 FFUlr5iXIAkFRub.jpg)
Open file (129.18 KB 1026x981 FFUlsGhX0AMlDsD.jpg)
Open file (271.50 KB 512x512 60.png)
>>126564 >someone named Toad McKinley parks was pretending to be you >I didn't even notice the email address until now mhm. Clearly he can't afford the jewish scriptwriters for this season.
>>126564 Do you think jcaesar187 set this up himself just for some cocks?
Open file (41.36 KB 500x392 sad.jpg)
>>126566 as funny as that would be, its probably just discord spergs doing gay ops trying to poke at jcaesar187 bickers he went quiet on the cocks after his near death experience
Open file (13.39 KB 469x149 gunt has a theory.png)
Open file (70.07 KB 471x345 gunt facebook.png)
Open file (49.02 KB 1080x867 FFUocYNWUAYDLr6.jpg)
Open file (48.75 KB 1080x841 FFUoclUX0AU_e9R.jpg)
Open file (291.29 KB 439x611 gunterlord.png)
Open file (23.50 KB 490x338 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126568 Brah, you never changed the address?
Open file (304.07 KB 1538x2048 FE9YRuIaIAAnYx2.jpg)
>>126565 He should've hired Jewish scriptwriters. then maybe he could've cleverly put triple P's name in there as a cameo even Jewsh moon with the foxdick farms. >>126567 the Гунт has little to nothing now, he knows he gets money when he is a victim of something. >>126568 sure, it is not like he staged it and make it seem as if, triple P would do it bickers he is a sperg. Also for some reason these hackers are good enough to take down killstream tv but not his kikebook? Now, that is something.
Open file (90.91 KB 1412x410 Screenshot (1039).png)
Halp muh Math Homework is getting posted all of the Internet!!! its only supposed to be on foxdick farms!! jcaesar187 is gonna call the Internet Police on me!
>>126571 I can't tell if he really is retarded enough to think anyone is gonna get charged for this or it's just a desperate attempt at latching onto drama that makes him look like the victim for pity shekels.
>>126572 It's kind of an ironic grandstand for this side of the internet. Can you imagine any other scenario where explicitly saying "the matter is closed, the feds will take it from here" would be optical.
>>126564 Lies, it was really him, he contacted her as "Toad McKinley Parks" so he could act like it was a set-up if it leaked. When it leaked he activated the contingency plan. >damn your fine af haha With that game you can really tell how he lands such fine pieces of ass likes Pantsu.
>>126568 >i have a theory that a certain someone has been paying for these sorts of attacks Lmao Jewsh lives in his head rent free.
>>126576 >paying Ha, I glossed over that line. It's not like they targeted his streaming site in particular. It was a wordpress multisite, and they would have gotten superadmin credentials for that. Strictly speaking, it was their crappy security, so while it is a bit shit of them to drop him as a client being the fall guy, trying to deflect like that isn't going to get him back in good graces with them.
>>126564 who's this?
Millennial Woes has woken up from his year long depression and slumber to do his yearly Milleniyule. Who's ready for cozy streams in the alt kike? It looks like it starts in 2 weeks. https://www.millennialwoes.com/millenniyule?mode=countdown
>>126579 does he know if Laurence Fishburne is black yet? :^)
>>126580 Wasn't Sargon (Carl Benjermin) the one that didn't want to admit Morpheus from the Matrix was black? Bc he wanted to muddy the waters about who is white?
>>126581 yeah but it was woes who was asking the question, when he came on the spencer stream, funny as fuck bickers Fishburne went on to do a program called black-ish and every time >we ( me and gf) seen advert for it >we burst out laughing, still do
>>126579 All i want for Millenniyule is for Carl to return.
The asian asses are so distracting I keep getting hard while trying to use this site.
>>126584 Honestly its the same four pictures over and over, get a hold of yourself.
>>126584 >he didn't filter the subhuman degenerate
>>126586 >filtering people like a redditor why not just use another site if your so thin skinned?
Open file (823.32 KB 765x988 (you).png)
>>126586 >>he didn't filter the subhuman degenerate
>>126587 Where have you been gaytor?
Open file (325.48 KB 1022x707 bye.jpg)
>>126590 you sure showed him
Open file (10.31 MB 1280x720 543543543.mp4)
The vax is working.
Open file (260.57 KB 1538x2048 FEs0c8UaUAAjUPQ.jpg)
Open file (283.22 KB 1538x2048 FEMgUnQaQAAD9Ms.jpg)
Open file (279.04 KB 1538x2048 FEt3HUlakAAoQmj.jpg)
Open file (991.97 KB 2160x2880 FFRauNjaMAIKRNd.jpg)
Open file (2.51 MB 3088x2320 FEP5u6jaUAEHUpN.jpg)
>>126572 it is to get pity shekels and that leaves me to have 2 theories of whom actually watches him. 1, it is nothing but retarded autists that have read too much r/the_donald and decided that they are right-wing bickers it is the populist movement but in reality they have no convictions and see jcaesar187 as a reliable fwend simulator along with some hatewatchers. 2, they are just his innercircle that is watching him and gibing him money, and they are in the know of jcaesar187s retarded shit but they believe that his stunt will grow this community but don't realize that jcaesar187 in the limelight is long gone. >>126573 Not if you are niche neonazi then anything that is near feds is bad but I do believe it has been established that jcaesar187 is a retard. bickers of his retardation he forgets that if you are a niche neonazi radiohost don't go in the open and say you are with the feds. >>126575 This is just another way for him to get a side-hoe? >>126579 >>126581 Those where entertaining times, he tried to pass off as if he was a negroman, and then he would say he is quadroon to saying his grandfather was not a negro just dark skinned or something. But yes, Carl of Swindon did try his best to say that Morpheus was not a negro gentlemen. >>126583 I doubt Carl will ever come back. >>126584 Sorry mang, whenever I have been a bit high I like to watch these Asian beauties and post their nice butts, tiddies and hints of puffy vulvas. But don't fight it, just watch and enjoy their beauty then I don't mean jacking it but just get a hard on and let it be hard. Before you know it, your hard benis will not bother you again. >>126585 not the same, it is only the best of the best that get posted over and over again.
Open file (1.14 MB 1784x988 (you)1.png)
>>125727 That's really cool anon.
Open file (1.28 MB 1280x720 1577426466357.webm)
>>126590 >>126594 >thin skinned faggot got triggered and now can't see my post <especially on a board with such a low pph that there is virtual no reason to post her anymore time to go back to reddit kiddo >>126589 I've been living life and haven't been spending as much time on the internet. It's been nice fam. also I'm not gaytor bro but you keep on trying to push that meme :^)
>>126587 bickers you always post the same thing gaytor
Open file (92.80 KB 800x1200 E-DJnEbVgAIPrcF.jpg)
>>126596 why are there so many player haters? my mang. Also that chick in the webm has a big butt.
Open file (92.80 KB 800x1200 E-DJnEbVgAIPrcF.jpg)
>>126596 why are there so many player haters? my mang. Also that chick in the webm has a big butt.
Open file (46.35 KB 448x598 15588206465505236978.jpg)
I haven't been having a lot of free time or mojo for this side of the internet, but now I've decided to try watching one of the recent Asston streams. https://youtu.be/YvetWEA3u3A Holy fuck, how Toad McKinleyATHETIC Asston is literally trying to emulate Daddy Gym, by forcing this laugh while pretending to discover a gold mine of julays and cocks. Also, It's also pretty obvious that he's trying to compete with Surfer and Robi using this format. No soul, just Asston acting like Gaytor and other grifters, zero personality, zero kino. >>126497 Good. >>126482 >>126596 >muh reddit Seethe more, mullato Zach. >Surfer is gay You've been pushing this theory for almost a year now, you look like Pozfag from foxdickfarms, try to be original for once, trsperg.
Open file (66.42 KB 539x960 1523633621-3.jpg)
Open file (36.28 KB 690x690 1523633621.jpg)
Open file (68.63 KB 611x960 1523633621-1.jpg)
Open file (80.07 KB 690x690 1523633621-2.jpg)
>>126598 >dead thread with nothing interesting going on <oy vey why do you always post cute girls!!! RRRREEEEE I'm sorry to tell you anon but people who don't find beautiful woman attractive are probably gay.
gaytor i can't see your replies, you're filtered
>>126601 >mullato bro, You have a picture of my bwc saved on you PC. It's a well known fact that most /tv/troons and e-celebirites are homosexuals. Why are you trying to hide the fact that your POZ'd by larping? Just be out with it like your buddies DJ Аxel. 3P and Ruddiе.
>>126596 >I've been living life and haven't been spending as much time on the internet You should probably do that more often. >>126602 >you're a jew if you don't want to see what i'm masturbating to every single day You're such a disingenuous degenerate kike.
Open file (61.75 KB 800x1200 E-DJqlMVcAA5O7K.jpg)
Open file (50.24 KB 471x840 FB5VYOSVgAA22lH.jpg)
Open file (310.92 KB 1152x2048 E___gLwVEA4bh88.jpg)
Open file (208.46 KB 1536x2048 FAw36sVVUAEc3In.jpg)
Open file (314.30 KB 1536x2048 FAFMlbqUcAMdDGl.jpg)
>>126601 yeah, triple P tries to be fwend simulator without knowing how to pull it off. Surfer is able to bickers he has not real filter which is why the trailerpark boys stream where some of the most entertaining ones. >>126605 >I cannot watch women without masturbaiting to them. thanks for telling me, now I do kinda understand why the wholesome pictures of the nippon ladies are seen as dirty for you, instead of wholesome and womanly beauty.
Open file (176.78 KB 388x504 370185093390.png)
>>126601 What's up with his lip? Cold sore? Cut himself shaving? Herpes?
Open file (114.76 KB 1125x1122 FFYMXMSWUAs24ge.jpg)
>>126601 >Asston is literally trying to emulate Daddy Gym, by forcing this laugh while pretending to discover a gold mine of julays and cocks. Also, It's also pretty obvious that he's trying to compete with Surfer and Robi using this format. No soul, just Asston acting like Gaytor and other grifters, zero personality, zero kino. Jewsh was right. Asston fried his brain on WWF. >>126607 Cold sores are herpes.
>>126607 You know in the cold where you get those really dry lips and you can feel the first layer of skin being really crisp? Well, it turns out, it is easy to peel it off even get a small cut from it. >>126608 When is he going to ban jcaesar187? >>126609 >jewsh is right about wrestling being leading cause of organic brain damage maybe, or maybe it is bickers he knows there is a market for a new fwend simulator since gym only pops up whenever he needs to pay his bills or buy a video game console or whatever it is. >cold sores is herpes but the mouth herpes are they in the lips area? I thought it was more around them or on the edges. But I've not had cold sores for a long time. I've only had super crisp lips and I get so annoyed that I just either find something to lube them up or just tear up the dry lips bickers it is more annoying when it is that dry n sheeit. But that was when I only drank 0,5 to 1 liter a day when I was on 60mg of desoxyn and 200mg vyvanse.
Open file (2.68 MB 576x1024 _pEDq7os.mp4)
>>126605 <I can't look a beautiful women without masturbating Have some self control bro. Having to jerk off every time you see something remotely attractive might be a you problem. I mean do you whip it out in the bar the moment a good looking girl walks in? >You should probably do that more often I am and its nice.
>>126375 He literally had more views than JF, as a matter of fact JF has become so irrelevant that no one pays any attention to him anymore, there are weekends that he stream to literally 20 views only, on superchats, dead and slow chat and him coping. A few ago he actually sperg out for a few minutes. >>126362 >No wait a minute.. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA >>126307 No shit, do you also think that most groypers aren't spics larping as crusade knights? Fuentes crew and guys are from both types, even alt-light fags at this point are less retard and cringe than Fuentes of course in fact. >>126275 Glorious, not? Since 2019 i don't see many more reasons to alog the original Гунт, Asston has become a joke and hypocrite much more funnier to alog imo, back 2020 he sperg out with me just bc I said to him "maybe you should debate with Zachfag instead of bitching about him to Gahoole all the time, mate." >>126229 >such a daddy's girl PEDO AND FREAK ALERT >>126196 TYPICAL ASSTON BEHAVIOR >>126412 Tranks, yes that map is fantastic, God I love Unreal99. >>126607 herpes without any doubt. >>126604 It's funny how much you project about homoshit, trsperg, when you're the one talking about cock or posting cocks all the time all over the internet, or acussing everyone of being fags and sodomites. Didn't you once around 2018 said you used to be a bi weed head and fedora lord long time ago? It's like pedochu spamming about "real pedos" and "people ruining the webring" when he's the one doing it or part of it. >>126606 Part of it happens bickers Asston has a fake persona, plus the fact that he tries to force it to become a popular kid on the internet only makes the act even more pathetic and spiritless. Also good pussy and butt.
Open file (1.42 MB 576x1024 0CcEg8dh.mp4)
>>126612 >projecting stays the /tv/troon I also post alot of hot chicks so by your own logic maybe I like them too? Its not like I'm talking about other peoples cocks, I'm talking about my big dick. I don't think its gay to like your own penis. <meanwhile as an unrelated note Gahoole had Mark Mann on his podcast. I thought the King of /tv/ disavowed that known pedophile?
>>126605 truth
>>126610 >but the mouth herpes are they in the lips area? I thought it was more around them or on the edges. As far as I know they can be on the lip. He could also just have chapped lips. I had cuts from severely chapped lips.
>>126611 I come here to laugh at a fat retard, if you want to completely kill this board for jcaesar187, gaytor, then so be it. I'm on strike until robi does something about the degenerate kikes squatting here. Get your own clips and cocks.
Open file (242.84 KB 480x479 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126619 Anon, this board has been dead for years. I'm not the one killing it. And I love to laugh at jcaesar187 as much as the next guy but even that is getting old. No new lolcows, everything has been dead ever sense it was consolidating into being a IBS cyclical and the final blow was when 8chan died and /cow/ had to migrate twice. Also I am laughing at fat retards. Have you seen the people that post here? (pic related)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAcRA7VUUeI Interview with Nate DeBruin - PhotoChad - Witness in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial
Open file (47.94 KB 576x576 relax chuckles.jpg)
>>126613 > I also post alot of hot chicks lmao you started doing this for two reasons 1-Anons were comparing you to Muttni last year 2-You saw that everyone here likes weakload, while they couldn't stand you acting liek a sperg, so you've done your best to turn into a cheap copy of weakload. >Fags don't try to pretend to be straight and bifags don't exist You're not much different from foxdickfarms faggots of course in fact, or fags like Fuentes. In fact, one of the times you were high and dumb enough to share details about your personal life you said you were a liberal atheist who used all kinds of drugs and used apps to try to have sex and you were attracted to asian dudes or some shit like that, very fag shit of course in fact. Anyway, I have nothing personal against you, trsperg, I've actually even agreed with you a few times and you've agreed with me and enjoyed some of my OC's before, in the absence of actual "kino" the only two spergs that are being interesting atm for me is you and pedochu. Especially since the two of you don't have self control to avoid being always online answering your alogs. >>126620 >/cow/ is dead <post foxdickfarm Asston fanboy and claims he's one of the anons here Very Pedochu tier behavior right there, bud. Unironically. bickers of shit like that people alog or shitpost about you.
Open file (31.15 KB 331x402 butthurt lol.jpg)
Open file (48.36 KB 512x512 SALTY.gif)
>>126622 >all this cope You know anon, if you actually made a good point I would have something to engage with. But instead all I see is seething and fanfiction form a salty faggot.
Open file (3.24 MB 253x383 MeltedMensch.gif)
>>126621 >9.2k viewers right now
Open file (230.00 KB 1920x1715 E_9A3i6VcAE89e3.jpg)
>>126611 those tiktok thots ain't that hot mang. >>126612 >jf the interesting thing with JF is that he made a cult of following and at the start had this thing was about free speech and was in the niche neonazi market. Then he started to ban and block people and before you know it, you are just speaking and begging 20 people for shekels, and his problem is that he is tried to make an unstable market into a career. Also wasn't most people just watching his streams in case somethin crazy would happen when his pet retard would spew a bunch of random bullshit? >triple p has no personality and just fakes it yeah, I see that but another problem is the gaytor problem, where he mimics without understanding that people are not interested in people acting cool or pretends to be cool they are interested if you have genuine passion in something or have knowledge about something. That is why Gym fans now are nothing but retards or people that where fond of the olden times of his streams or videos, or until it felt like he was forcing laughs and other things bickers he sold his soul. >nice asian I know fam, that is a Korean chick but a nip but she has such nice proportions and features. >>126613 that is a nice thot but damn she has big tiddies. >>126616 >He could also just have chapped lips. Yeah, that is what I am guessing >I had cuts from severely chapped lips. that is why you just tear that dry crisp skin
Open file (165.91 KB 1440x1920 E_dNyQAVkAEH0R2.jpg)
>>126621 The autist interview is interesting.
Open file (165.55 KB 1559x1920 E_ns5H7VUAMyLhU.jpg)
So now Legal Bytes tries to charm the Autistic person, while also being a mommy that is kinda interesting to watch.
Open file (222.45 KB 1440x1920 E_ns5H7VcAE0FHZ.jpg)
Open file (163.65 KB 1440x1920 E_ns5H8VEAAuUB2.jpg)
The Super Autistic person tells us that he was bullied away from his work, so now he is on unpaid leave. And it caused the poor autistic thing to get anxiety and not realizing that the enemies of truth don't like the truth bickers the truth hurts.Something an autistic person that loves sanic like him don't understand.
Open file (180.63 KB 258x275 LegalBits.PNG)
Open file (261.14 KB 442x285 LegalTiddies.PNG)
>>126629 She wants the attention/exposure/d
Open file (52.99 KB 768x1024 E_zSLY8UYAALyoa.jpg)
>>126632 She is a female so obviously she wants the attention but someone her age should not act like a teenager that is going for the hidden popularity contest. But then again, she is trying really hard to be the female fwend simulator or what she knows as a jewtuber, so she knows that going on the Jewlawyer stream will give her more attention and thus more money if just 10% of them subscribe to her channel, that is real world money going into her account but what I wonder is, will she start an onlyfans or will she just be this mommy?
>>126633 >will she start an onlyfans or will she just be this mommy? She has too much education to be an onlyfans whore.
Open file (251.69 KB 2048x1536 FAt0FEFVcAIHdNI.jpg)
>>126634 So, she will just be a jewtube mommy simulator?
>>126635 Probably. She can make good money without spreading her lips or cheeks.
Open file (416.86 KB 595x654 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (411.99 KB 592x634 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126579 Moonosity is autistic and CUTE
Open file (210.38 KB 220x226 985982568956.gif)
Open file (138.44 KB 1366x1920 FAgk4AbVUAcOjgc.jpg)
>>126636 I am waiting and seeing when it comes to Legal Bytes being a mommy simulator of course in fact. But she is going to show more and more tiddies if she believes she is going to get more people watching her, she will be like Lauren Southern or ShoeonHead where they dressed more whoreish the more people watched them. She might not go full whore but she will be more comfortable with having a tanktop that shows her breast size and shape, and maybe even some tight jeans or something. But that is my guess, but at the same time she seems more professional than these other whores but that might be just my imagination. >>126637 you think she is a cutie now but just wait until she fucks you in the anus with a strap-on bickers of her autism she does not get full pleasure from sexual relation. >>126638 I wonder if that is the orgasm face?
>>126639 >But that is my guess, but at the same time she seems more professional than these other whores but that might be just my imagination. She doesn't appear particularly voluptuous. She looks like a thin, aerobic woman. >>126639 >I wonder if that is the orgasm face? My fingers are crossed.
>>126612 how does JF have 1.6k views on that video with less viewers than Tonka while Tonka has more but less than 800 views?
Open file (26.55 KB 427x547 rly nigga.jpg)
>>126639 >you think she is a cutie now but just wait until she fucks you in the anus with a strap-on bickers of her autism she does not get full pleasure from sexual relation. Moonosity is pure, she is NOT into pegging she is into handholding while watching anime.
>>126639 >fucks you in the anus with a strap-on bickers of her autism she does not get full pleasure from sexual relation I take you know this from personal experience
Open file (10.03 MB 500x282 Beardson strokes.webm)
Open file (192.59 KB 1440x1920 FCW9y1_UcAQeFDT.jpg)
>>126641 That is bickers JF has selfcensored himself so much that most people are not interested in anything he makes. Also the pro blocking and banning people from chat, he went overboard kinda like jcaesar187 where he only have a bunch of retards watching him and paypigs him. >>126642 >Moonosity is pure, she is NOT into pegging she is into handholding while watching anime. I dunno. >>126643 No she seems like a gurl that likes to fingerfuck you in the anus when she gibs you a blowjob.
Open file (159.16 KB 356x426 1551226139.png)
Open file (452.22 KB 1440x1440 newjazz horror.jpg)
Are >we gonna have a watch part of the new Jazz Jennings series with /tv/? It's already giving >us pictures like this.
Open file (502.82 KB 600x600 82v6892765gtrv.png)
Open file (229.08 KB 718x757 Shib Kraken listing.png)
SHIB getting listed on Kraken tomorrow. Time to buy? Have you secured your bag of $200-$500 worth?
Open file (170.16 KB 2048x1536 FAt0FEFVcAEOO3D.jpg)
>>126647 sheeit mang that ain't good, my mang sheeit this some bullsheeit fam. >>126649 is it not better to buy chocolate coins?
>>126651 I couldn't stop laughing for a solid five minutes.
Open file (3.87 MB 567x338 fagdab.gif)
>>126653 flam normally gets 100 or so viewers. he is capitalizing on just how much people hate nyanners/vtubers in general. no one else is really covering it.
>>126653 A couple days ago jcaesar187 was seething at Fagmenco on twitter, so this has to hurt. >>126655 What did that traitor nyanners do now?
Those who follow Vtubers are worse than capeshit fans.
>>126656 >What did that traitor nyanners do now? Apparently she started a hate mob against a guy in their group for making a video on a stalker of the agency, and then backed off when someone tapped her shoulder over optics.
Open file (859.74 KB 1280x720 friends.mp4)
>>126658 Vtuber drama makes this thread look like highbrow erudite discussion.
Anybody else just lose jewtube dislike counts?
>>126653 fagmenco is pathetic
>>126653 Need an a-log to forward this to the gun.t PRONTO
Open file (77.22 KB 494x811 jazz manbody.jpg)
More horrors from the Jazz thread on /tv/.
Open file (7.73 KB 263x191 dfgbd.jpg)
>>126653 I swear to fucking god the Гунт just can't stop taking Ls. I guess next step is Gaitor anime podcast will blow up next week bickers Rekieta advertised it as a joke, at that point jcaesar187 will be no more, his internet footprint gone like it never existed. I almost feel bad about jcaesar187, we often say his show couldn't be worse than it is, but soon that will be a true statement.
Open file (3.69 MB 498x280 918265928565986.gif)
>>126664 gaytor's podcast is so boring that nothing will make it go viral
Open file (2.00 MB 360x500 jcaesar_in_hell.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KA-3LaPRHnI My Full Analysis of Kyle Carruth Shooting Chad Read
Open file (743.25 KB 265x167 GUNTed.gif)
>>126655 Same with rekieta; pretty much everyone from gun-nt's surroundings is smartly capitalizing on some popular topic to expand their audience and growth except for gu-nt, who seems cocks with having the same 200 people follow him from one dead platform to another as he sits in dead silence and occasionally sharts himself.
>>126670 *seems cоntеnt fuck you robbi
Open file (251.69 KB 2048x1536 FAt0FEFVcAIHdNI.jpg)
god dammit it is cold in Norway now. >>126653 just imagine if the Гунт was not an asshole to fagmenco, he could've capitalize on this drama. >>126655 >>126659 OK, the vtuber drama is something that is worth my attention. Gib rundown and such things bickers you seem like a gentlemen of culture that knows of such modern fwend simulation, I am still on the fwend simulation of old namely podcasts, streams and even Persona or visual novels, and even ancient fwend simulation like Plato and that crazy lot. Unfortunatly they are obviously dead so we can only read of the olden days drama and laugh about it. >>126663 are people finding these things attractive? >>126664 The thing is that the anime podcast to gaytor will only take off if he sacrifices the Гунт to the corn harvest as Jewsh put it. >>126669 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDkY_olsSSs The Jew is streaming now!
So to recap on the latest Гунт lore: >Claims an 18 year old girl psychologically abused him >Is now doing "living my best life" routine like a college broad who got dumped and is riding the cock carousel >Claiming muh gay ops by 3P/Foxdick for the Findom contract Am I current?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDkY_olsSSs Kim Potter TASER Cop - Day 1: It Begins
Open file (497.20 KB 1177x959 7q8e2f5h8l1c2s9.png)
>>126622 The dude is a mix of pedochu, Гунт and fuz at this point >>126657 seethe more, muttni
Open file (163.55 KB 1536x2048 FBvxRQvVkAUhUiF.jpg)
>>126673 pretty good summary. >>126675 how much are watching the Jew?
Open file (76.01 KB 512x571 8569825692865.jpg)
>>126680 >Styxfaggothammer666 in chat
Open file (315.45 KB 1137x742 Untitled.png)
https://youtu.be/TT3pNXJY9Zc Donga is live. Putting everyone to sleep.
Open file (4.03 MB 1280x720 gator_tsunderes.webm)
>>126672 >The thing is that the anime podcast to gaytor will only take off if he sacrifices the Гунт to the corn harvest as Jewsh put it. In fairness, he'd also have to change the name. Appending Boomer is just a lazy meme and doesn't work unless the gimmic is actually 60 year olds, or else maybe if they were grumpy elitists with actual knowledge of the subject. Also spending the majority of the time complaining about muh SJWs is tedious as hell. Basically it needs a major re-work regardless of jcaesar187. I'd argue the paywall exclusives were gold in comparison.
Open file (196.78 KB 1440x1920 FCr-WrcWEAUJQnB.jpg)
>>126680 This must get to the Гунтs nerves, the Jew is watching a boring trial and generally being a fwend simulator and he is getting more views then what the Гунт will ever get bickers the Jew knows that he needs some production value so he used good money on both audio and video production, while the Гунт used more money on video production than audio, which is severely retarded bickers people listens more than they watch.
Open file (168.07 KB 244x254 Legal_Bits.PNG)
>>126684 Also jcaesar187 doesn't read for shit, and Rekieta has a knowledge base to help laymen learn a little something while watching. jcaesar187 is a fucking void when he isn't sperging out.
>>126685 >>126683 stop giving (you)s to the degenerate identityfag
Open file (227.46 KB 1440x1920 FC2-amqUYA0_N3L.jpg)
>>126685 jcaesar187 is good at lying and fucking up his own life for other peoples entertainment.
>>126686 everyone has an ID numbnutts.
Open file (246.04 KB 1440x1920 FBPizMaVgAA9Heo.jpg)
GF is watching Dexter New Blood and says that it is good.
>>126687 > good at lying Not even that good at that
Open file (179.28 KB 1440x1920 FBZ99kbVkAMW5zk.jpg)
>>126690 that is bickers he does not have the brain capacity to remember each and every lie he tells. he is you know a retarded wigger that usually goes inn and out of jail for something retarded, and he is on his way.
>>126683 Had to close it after 3 seconds, what the fuck is this cringe deadair awkward shit?
>>126691 All the drugs etc don't help him remember either
Open file (175.99 KB 1440x1920 FA6T9nEUYAAgx4A.jpg)
>>126693 To be fair alcohol is an amnesic substance and so is cannabis which he loves to abuse. But again, he is a what do you call it mentally incapacitated and retarded which again makes things complicated. When such substances enters the blood, you can say that it makes a retarded person allot more retarded.
>>126694 I'm sure he doesn't have too many more braincells than his brother.
>>126695 Sure, he has some more braincells but he does not understand cause and effect which is why he is in so much trouble and get into more trouble.
I accidentally stumbled on this channel and it's fucking Vee, kek https://www.yewtu.be/channel/UCAFV6ly-RuO7wem_wcUw2Gg
Secret 'Strike and Mike 190' link live https://embed.radio.co/player/3245490.html Full mp3 will be posted later.
rand and Гунт had a tiff earlier
Open file (490.31 KB 858x676 Vee 2 2021.png)
Open file (516.91 KB 877x672 Vee 3 2021.png)
Open file (585.19 KB 945x672 Vee 4 2021.png)
Open file (547.13 KB 955x670 Vee 2021.png)
>>126697 Truly horrifying. He's not entering middle-age gracefully. Isn't this guy early 30's yet looks 55. Also, I always found it funny how Sargon would shout out his fwends to try to give them a boost and it almost never worked. Vee hovered at 30K subs for many years. But I guess he got enough rub-off from Sargon that he found a little niche tot make enough money for a 3rd world shithole.
>>126683 Гунт does anime podcasts now?
Open file (184.63 KB 277x373 vee_the_GM.PNG)
>>126701 Veeh looks fucked up beyond belief. I am not sure, If I am looking at a serial killer and rapist not caught, or someone that has been caught. But back to topic the reason why he did not get more than 30k is bickers his voice is annoying, if you are a foreigner you have to be conscious that your voice will have an annoying sound when trying to pronounce a word, and veeh did not learn that aspect probably bickers who in their right mind would move to a third world shithole like Romania and learn Romanian? Then when he gets sexually excited or whatever the fuck, he have this weird high pitched voice, that can create a fucking headache. I should probably post the facts since it has been so long.
>>126683 'soon-da-ray' learn pronunciation if you're going to try to be an anime podcaster
Veeh Facts Veeh is a gypsy Veeh is a NEET veeh is gay veeh is into lolicon veeh is a furfag Veeh lives with his parents Veeh has called Sargon his daddy Veeh is a degenerate vore fetishist and basic sexual deviant Veeh roleplayed he had a kid while being a gm in wow Veeh thinks that Romania only has communism as culture Veeh was playing a hentai on christmas Veeh wants to have his mom in a gangbang with sandG​AMERGATEs Veeh lurks here bickers of Veeh facts Veeh is a personal lapdog of the Stepfather Veeh shitpost more then most people Veeh was on twitter for 20 hours to do damage controll Veeh was wearing a 3day old shirt while doing a 20 hour twitter defense Veeh larps as doctor while in fact being a nurse Veeh larps about being a Microbiologist while in fact he was washing the the beakers and vials in a microbiology lab Veeh lies about having a law degree Veeh was 4-6 years old when the Iron Curtain fell Veeh raged quit on Baked Alaska stream when he is usually the last to go off Veeh is the new leader of libarlistism Veeh raged quit on Baked Alaska stream when he is usually the last to go off Veeh made videos on how to pick up women Veeh claims/lies he ghosted women Veeh is afraid of Mike Enoch Veeh steam id-username is a digimon monster Veeh thinks /cow/ is an alt-right board Veeh has no shame and proudly shows his mother on youtube Veeh can't stop comparing /cow/ to feminists and radical Muslims Some anon-senpai got into Veehs head while having some fun with him Veeh is such a newfag to imageboards he only used them to shill S​ARGON videos in 2015 Veeh can't wrap his prehistoric head around reddit spacing Vee is a meme thief Vee thinks South Africa is an example of National Socialism Veeh is still a newfag Veehs debate tactic is pure strawman Veeh still has no shame he talks about his mom and cocks for twitter virtue signal points Veeh would rather defend The soyfather then his own mother Veeh likes to discuses masturbation to Millennial Woes for some reason Veeh fears Strawman Veeh went to cry to Tonka to get the meany nazis to stop making fun of him Veeh retweets himself all the time Veeh retweets and likes his own tweets all the time Veeh cried when he was on the kumite and talking about the ebil political movement that is /cow/ Veeh was on /cow/ several times to defend himself and the stepfather Veeh does not know that Asgard is in Norse mythology Veeh compares Asgard to Wakanda bickers booth showed up in Marvel cinematic universe veeh only has a bunch of books behind him too look smart Veeh unironically hates Gypsies Veeh thinks a nation's culture consists entirely of popcorn flicks Veeh is probably a JRPG "poser" gamer bickers he claimed he played Valkyrie Profile but does not know of the Norse mythology that is in the game Veeh does not understand art and made a video about it the book collection veeh has in the background is his fathers Veeh dosen't understand the distinction between HIV and AIDS while he claims to be a doctor Veeh believes that masturbation is the only way to get high levels of Testosterone out bickers of his masturbation addiction veeh don't understand how twin studies work even tough it was his supposed field as a microbiologist Veeh has spent 10-13 years in secondary education just to make 2k yt videos Veeh was only pretending to be a retard when it came to microbiology and J.-François Gariépy veeh stream on 24/02/2018 he is looking uglier and dirtier then usual Veeh believes he looks better than Cenk Uygur Veeh life is made up of movies,tv show and modern pop culture Vehh believes that mister metokur aka Toad McKinley is afraid of the evil nazbol gang and /cow/ Veeh's mom was afraid of a bad photoshop of veeh being shoot in the head
Part 2 Veeh had a 3 hour defense against Tonka and tonka called him a bitch and veeh agreed in the end Veeh sees the horseshoe in everything not just politics even Zionist Jews stopped using the horseshoe since 2005 Veeh was on a sperg out on /cow/ for 6 hours his was ID:9f4d33 veeh claims to have a girlfriend while living with his parents veeh has wasted 199 days / 477.70h per year of playing video games on steam veeh was a janitor in a microbiology lab Veeh fanatically defends a 40 year old british neet called the stepfather who lives in social housing despite making almost 10k a month being a fucking NEET Veeh whorships chink pussy especially the ladyboys from Thailand Veeh treats said 40 year old british neet also known as Sargon as his sugar daddy Veeh giggled like a school girl when senpai Toad McKinley noticed hin Veeh is committing financial fraud in Romania with superchats Veeh doesn't pay taxes from patreon shekels to the Romanian government Veeh claims to have played with the ass hair of a "woman" he fucked Veeh favorite artist made a guest appearance in one of Toad McKinley's vids called Deviant's 2 : get in my belly veeh is shilling his version of bloodsports that is going to be a commercial for liberalistism Veeh is not even white but is most likely what is known in Spanish as Criatura de la noche Veeh made a 50min re-video that made the most tolerant Frenchmen named J.-François Gariépy say fuck this gypsy Veeh is afraid of JF Geripy Veeh is still shilling for his new bloodsport platform Veeh lazily posted a women he thought to be Spanish in an attempt to prove white people didn't exist, but it turns out shes Ukrainian, a well know nude model, and white as snow Veeh started to claim he studied psychiatry so now it makes it the 3rd field he has studied which includes Romanian law and Medicine he must be a really special boy for all that knowledge Veeh hates the fact that Andy Warski owns liberalists as a trademark Veeh believes that a 1000 dollars is allot for a trademark or copyright he should not have gone into medicine where a trademark costs tens of thousend if not millions of dollars Veeh does not understand what freedom of speech or what hate speech is Veeh uses more semantics then a negro at a bookclub Veeh is a gigantic attention whore Vee has a pedo secret about Boogie that he got from theQuartering Veeh was a GG police/janitor and did it for free Veeh co-opted GG and is defending his own actions Vee isn't white enough to get into the ethnostate part3 Vee is a feather headed bandit Vee is a pop pop weasel Vee wants to lead a cult, doesn't matter what Vee gathers members from previous co-opted cults Wants people to disavow Vee is afraid of strong women Vee needs to let her out of his basement Vee looks like a caricature Vee doesn't look real Vee is wicked Vee got trolled for 2 hours by fake Ross Veeh was sex roleplaying with 2 dudes and wanted to cuckold the other man from that one man veeh is a true sexual deviant he is horny 24/7 and that is probably why he has a sex addiction veeh was with a woman in a bar but if it was his mom or someone so ugly and her vag smelling like seafood, we will never know veeh likes these veeh facts that are now descendant to lore status so he can deflect people to make fun of his sugardaddy Veeh thinks that Carl of Swindon is a fucking retard Veeh tried to accuse Boogie2988 of trying to take his own life by hiring a hitman Veeh managed to somehow look like a bitch in the same stream Veeh was literally told by a cuckold cuck how he was a bitch and how his hinting on fake cp scandals onto Boogie2988 was not real Veeh Furrsona is a digimon and some say it might be a dragon. Veeh confirmed himself that he was bisexual on a stream Veeh like to play it rough with his cat kinda like the necro masochist furries Veeh tries to say he is not a furry but he is a hardcore furry veeh is more and more on streams and no on knows why https://steamtime.info/#!/s/flamedram0n http://steamcommunity.com/id/flamedram0n https://twitter.com/Veeh_Ro https://www.patreon.com/Veemonro speculative Veeh facts Veeh likes to roleplay as other video creators Veeh likes lolicon manga Veeh imagines himself as a 13 or younger girl when he plays video games Don't let you're kids near Veeh the tripfag called vee in thread 9 was presumably veeh Veeh lies about being every form of profession so he could seem smart Veeh might be the offspring of Quasimodo Veeh's mom is probably afraid that veeh is masturbating to the ms paint image of him being shot Veeh's mom is probably more afraid that Veeg still exists to bring further shame upon her honor Veeh might possibly have CP and who knows what else will probably have to pay all the money he makes on yt and patreon to the Romanian government when they start digging into his fraud would probably go to jail for said fraud Vee is lex Vee is computer generated Vee is Nu La Creature Goblino Vee is a sanguinarian vampire bat George Lucas might be making these Veeh facts since Star Wars turned to shit
Continued facts Veeh is running a damage control for his one true love, Carl "I can be quoted saying you can fuck young boys" Benjamin Veeh is actually advising Carl"it depends on the age" Benjamin on internet things Veeemon from digimon is Veeh's fursona Veeh had a stepfather defense stream before Toad McKinley funday sunday stream Veeh had a stream with the stepfather before Toad McKinley's sunday stream Veeh pretended to not know how stupid N​IGGER was for proposing S​ARGON 2.0 and interviewed him as a wannabe TV reporter Veeh almost cried when Toad McKinley said he was a PR cuck and a faggot that get shit on by his only internet fwends Veeh confirmed that he would die for the Stepfather Veeh might abuse his cat whenever he get angry Veeh went on a twitter sperg out after Toad McKinley's stream veeh realized that /cow/ is not the board to sperg out inn so he does damage control on 4/pol/ Veeh can't do research Veeh got birthday cake from his mom when he was 32 years old veeh autstically spammed faggot porn on /cow/ for 2 hours Veeh actually got butthurt when /cow/ makes fun of Carl of Swindons stillborn baby Veeh forgot that he spammed faggotporn on /cow/ so he said Toad McKinley made fun when it was /cow/ that made fun of the stillborn baby Veeh's birthday present is running damage control for Carl of Swindon who actually hates him Veeh is known as the carrier pigeon by most of the youtube intellectuals Veeh tried to make a point by requesting stillborn memes to Toad McKinley but Toad McKinley declined and bickers he declined Veeh took that as a point that Toad McKinley had a moralcompass Veeh will play DnD with random people so he can soften them up to take inn the Soyfather Veeh is actually enjoying the new memes of stillborns Veeh is a m.ilk fed gimp Veeh is into Shotacon Veeh actually tried to make Toad McKinley do things that was against the TOS and was stupid enough to say he was baiting Toad McKinley Veeh got into a gigantic sperg out and called other people spergs bickers they filed a police report in his name against his master also known as Carl of Swindon veeh might actually be mentally challenged like having autism Veeh was actually a paid friend for Carl Benjamin Veeh is a cheap whore that takes 200 dollars a month from paypig from the stepfather Veeh might actually be a manly prostitute in the furry community that takes it in the anus like a faggot veeh is likely an incel Freshest of FACTS Veeh roleplayed in public while drinking beer to 2 transsexuals Veeh does his livestreams still and nothing interesting is happanenning Veeh was lobotomized when he was a young teenager on the left side in the old Romanian way by his daddy veeh gave a shout out to veeh facts when he was doing damage control video for Carl of Swindon veeh spent a whole day bitching about Game of Thrones episode 3 of the final season Veeh was able to get tens of thousands of dollars under the pretense he was paying rent and helping his parents Veeh accidentally admitted he inherited his gypsy shack and was spending his pigs money on pimping said shack Veeh was actually paying a prostitute with most of his jewtube and gibs shekels. Veeh has been seeing a prostitute Veeh is actually planing to have a family with said prostitute. Veeh might be a cuckold that pimps his prostitute to other men. Speculative Veeh Facts 2,0 Veeh and Carl of Swindon had homosexual feces and pissing games when veeh was in London Veeh is actually into animal abuse Veeh has had homosexual relations with Carl Benjamin Veeh is so into homosexual porn he posts micropenises on /cow/ Veeh might've eaten the stillborn Veeh is probably a sex predator when it comes to little children especially boys Veeh might be roleplaying as a dragon to prey on children on furrycons Veeh might've killed his cat(by now) by strangling it to death and used the lifeless corpse to have sex with it Veeh might have had a literal corpse sex party with dead cats, mice and general roadkill with his furry friends Veeh is actually a high on meth while having blood orgy with cats and other roadkill Veeh is an actual virgin and an incel Veeh is orchestrating all the E-Drama to get nudes from anime twinks and traps George Lucas might make an interesting movie after he kills himself over again after watching episode 9 over again, George Lucas has many lives Veeh was prominent figure with the homosexual Furry bdsm scene in Germany and Netherlands with Kraut and Tea Aqua and Tewi the discord spics are actually Dame Pesos and Memology101 that was only pretending to be faggots so they could get some sick homosexual pleasure from it Veeh facts has become a Nolan North movie called Veeh Facteption ID:a847c9 >"There are all of these sharks in the water around me, I know I'll cut myself and calm them down with my blood!" t. veeh, master tactician
Open file (257.30 KB 450x500 vv51d7cxzf52.png)
>>126705 >>126706 >>126707 >VEEHFACTSANON LIVES
>>126708 yeah, but now I realize I should make more facts bickers things have happened since the last time me and George Lucas discovered this creature.
Open file (4.94 KB 377x120 ClipboardImage.png)
Rand's wife comes in and berates him and Rand seethes
>>126705 I actually read it all this time. Skimmed it. You got 2 lines repeated in there on the 1st post: Veeh raged quit on Baked Alaska stream when he is usually the last to go off Veeh is the new leader of libarlistism Veeh raged quit on Baked Alaska stream when he is usually the last to go off
>>126710 Oh nooooo! The underling Rand has overtaken daddy Гунт. That has to hurt!
Open file (6.65 MB 300x320 1459160608253.gif)
>>126705 >>126706 >>126707 thanks for the VeehFacts
>>126712 I have fixed it now. Also I need to write down new facts bickers it has been a long time.
Open file (77.05 KB 960x720 Randbot fam 10.jpg)
Open file (171.03 KB 1440x954 Randbot fam1.jpg)
>>126711 From your clip, this is what I made out from his wife: Randbot wife: Stop. Stop. I've got another hour of sleep. Stop. I'm sleeping. It's fucking 5:30 in the morning. Rand: I am going to have to be substantially quieter. So I assume Randbot was being a loud, drunk idiot screaming and streaming all night that wouldn't let his Jew wife sleep and she was getting up for work in another hour. She finally had enough and stormed in to confront him on stream.
Open file (748.51 KB 1809x396 veeh vore fiction2.jpg)
Open file (629.38 KB 1818x339 veeh vore fiction3.jpg)
Open file (956.96 KB 1812x504 veeh vore fiction.jpg)
>>126716 where did you learn this mang?
Open file (661.28 KB 1359x711 975424056797.png)
Open file (904.63 KB 500x349 1438481437511.gif)
I have to start digging into fedverse one of these days.
>>126718 Гунт tweeted
>>126719 Rand kicked in the mud by the Гунт for the hundredth time. How long till Rand comes out of his drunken stupor and goes crawling back to little daddy Гунт? 3 hours?
>>126659 >Vtuber drama makes this thread look like highbrow erudite discussion. There's a timeline where Pantsu's audition was successful and she got into Hololive She could probably still get into vshojo now
Open file (46.59 KB 474x617 gunt done with rand.png)
Open file (24.93 KB 472x301 gunt farewell rand.png)
Open file (83.46 KB 710x890 GuntFather.jpg)
Open file (7.53 KB 200x159 asddsadsa.png)
>>126719 Is this recent? RIP randbot may he find peace with his ammo box
>>126723 Notice that Гунт is now the new soyfather? He treats the Killstrean Kliq like a goddamn mafia
Open file (53.17 KB 600x603 725927516915.png)
>>126724 It was on Rand's stream after jcaesar187 broke up. poa.st admin dunking on jcaesar187.
Link to Rand's stream (he's still streaming): https://odysee.com/@Randbot:1/aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:2
Is Rand ready to snake on Гунт for being disavowed?
>>126728 Bibble is in there doing damage control right now to defend Гунт and prevent the breakup.
>>126728 He's already defending him over the literal teenager keeping him from his son.
Open file (53.56 KB 500x467 Niggle.png)
>>126729 >>126730 Shameful Rand should self delete himself and of course Niggle shows up to Гунтgaurd. I'll tune in for bit to see if there is any good clips.
Open file (99.57 KB 822x1547 FBEUpJGUYAEk_hl.jpg)
>>126722 I dunno, mantsu is so forceful when it comes to anything where she sounds borderline or something. >>126723 So the Гунт burned a bridge again, and I wonder when he will call for randbot or the other way around where randbot will come like a little lapdog like he is. now he claims to be sober that is the most interesting thing I have heard in a long time, the only problem is that most people that watches jcaesar187 or clips of jcaesar187, can see that he is intoxicated on strange substances. >>126725 that is not new, he has done it since at-least stream.me days. >>126731 If you do find good clips, plox clip them.
Open file (146.28 KB 476x374 gunt vegas.png)
>>126732 ehh its not to interesting so far, just been ball washing Гунт probably will turn it off soon. In other news Гунт is either in vegas or about to head there.
Open file (280.02 KB 512x512 457167728234.png)
>>126733 Gahoole is doing a Zacky-chan stream if you want to switch over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghQGNXJyV0c
>>126733 So predictable. Lol. I knew this fat faggot would be trying to squeeze in another gambling/whore trip. He just wrapped up Thanksgiving and he's going back. <Rand stream. Yes, it's pretty boring. He's just playing clips for 5 min stretches. So I guess the sperging was earlier. >>126735 Gayhole is obsessed with Zach.
Open file (16.06 KB 480x224 guntvegas2.png)
>>126736 He is considering moving there and he will then blow every paypig dollar he gets.
The foxdickfarmer ronin is stream sniping Gahoole https://youtu.be/j_9JItSzfOg
Open file (1.82 MB 700x369 1033163067888.gif)
>>126737 He's going to get increasingly antsy over the next month in the run up to the revenge porn case in January.
>>126726 poa.st admin hosts and defends lolicon. it's allowed per the rules.
>>126740 Whereas twitter only allows real csam.
>>126722 she wouldn't get into hololive her voice sucks, I doubt she can sing
Open file (93.88 KB 1402x1080 2amgaming.jpg)
>>126723 This fucking bush niggеr retard will be back, don't get your hopes up ayelawgz. Гунт crease leeches always come back. And it's always "the last time and goobyes" with the fagholes. >>126727 Is there no archive of this? His channel doesn't have jack shit and im guessing the steam is over.
A school shooting happened today. The far right is trying to find out what race the shooter was, suspecting racial violence against whites similar to the Waukesha, WI BLM terrorist that ran over a white Christmas parade. There's the fog of war right now where everyone is waiting for the race of the suspect. People think the shooter is black since it's taking a long time and the antiwhite media would report it immediately if it was white. Check out the funny and chilling video where a student records the shooter allegedly impersonating a cop at the door. He sounds black (could it just be a black police officer?). Check out my badge bro Student: He said "bro." Red flag. I enhanced the audio so you can hear the shooter at the door in the distance more easily. https://vocaroo.com/16kcMi0qv2yu https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/parent-oxford-school-shooter-knocked-on-class-doors-impersonating-sheriffs Just the video: https://mobile.twitter.com/canibetheman/status/1465785777237811203
1 months left bros, place your bets whether gu.nt will live to see 2022.
>>126745 >escaping out a window instead of rushing him like a chad Ngmi
Open file (314.72 KB 751x667 victims 2.png)
Open file (579.86 KB 727x755 victims.png)
>>126743 I don't see an automatic replay but I guess he'll upload the whole stream here if he's not too embarrassed. But I'm guessing Гунт and Rand will make up before then so he won't post it. https://odysee.com/@RandRawReplays:3?view=cocks >>126748 Considering he killed the football jock, I'd say being a chad isn't the best course of action here. >>126747 I just want the fucker to get to Vegas as much as possible. Get in those cars, get on those planes. Get on the road. He's got a much higher likelihood of dying when he's out there in the world instead of sitting in his crackshack.
Open file (82.16 KB 211x316 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (103.30 KB 314x680 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (37.52 KB 299x168 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126749 Supposedly it's this kid, but not confirmed. I guess since he's not being tried as an adult? He kind of looks like the Kekistani Strangler.
STRIKE & MIKE Episode 190: Zionist “Justice” Strike and Mike discuss how Zionist justice operates, from Waukesha to Manhattan to Dayton, Ohio. --FBI's cover up of Antifa mass shooter Connor Betts' motives --The Ghislaine Maxwell trial farce --How Zionist Justice operates --Eric Zemmour: Jewish rearguard action in France https://files.catbox.moe/r6467m.mp3 >>126750 He def looks low-SMV enough to be a school shooter.
>>126750 >>126751 He looks like KingCobra
>>126750 even quotes a jew before doing his deed.
Open file (13.77 MB 692x651 belle14.gif)
Open file (252.92 KB 1440x1920 FC2-amsVIAI5Gfl.jpg)
>>126733 I do find this interesting how he has the balls to claim other people having a substance abuse problem when he is literally destroying his own economy bickers of his substance abuse and a gambling problem. Also he is going to Las Vegas again? >>126735 where was the birthday stream? >>126737 jcaesar187 is going to end up homeless bickers gambling is such a sinister psychological addiction. >>126739 I hope I don't get into jail only bickers I want a homeless arc. >>126743 >This fucking bush niggеr retard will be back, don't get your hopes up ayelawgz. Гунт crease leeches always come back. And it's always "the last time and goobyes" with the fagholes. We can still have hope fam. >>126745 I am glad I am not in the US, bickers of the huge inflation and the racewars coming up. >>126751 Thanks for the wholesome podcasts. >>126754 Your whorewaifu never wins except for a bastid child and being a pornwhore that is going to OD hopefully, fuck my computerscreen smells like rotten shellfish now. FUCK YOU! you fucking N​IGGER
>>126754 BASED Toad McKinley!!!
Open file (278.93 KB 2048x1925 FBvxRP3VEAQF8dW.jpg)
>>126757 but she is just a regular pornwhore like riley ried.
>trsperg is talking to himself again talk your meds, schizo
Open file (974.45 KB 854x480 holy moly yikes bro.webm)
>>126759 >talk your meds >talk lol retard
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Sfj9_FEbBU Kim Potter TASER Cop - Trial Day 2: Jury Selection Continues
>>126758 but Bеllе is way hotter then riley ried
Open file (1.47 MB 2732x4096 E_dzm30XoAI5qTA.jpg)
>>126761 >7k are watching boring jury selection I kinda wonder if the Jewlawyer when he is making love with his wife he talks about how much he loves Abraham while he cooms inside his wife. Yes, just like the South Park PostCovid special. >>126762 I dunno, both of em are trashy and it is just preference of what you like to coom to at that point.
>>126763 >the Jewlawyer when he is making love with his wife But that's what Drexel is for
Open file (158.16 KB 1440x1920 E_NZ4icVQAgt0SY.jpg)
>>126764 So when Drexel is fucking the Jewlawyers wife, the Jew is in the corner or next to her while praising Abraham at the same time?
Open file (28.36 KB 1299x237 poast 0.png)
>>126741 poa.st admin is a sick guy who will learn the hard way what happens to people who host and defend this kind of stuff, particularly when he's already been doxed. he wants to appease his weird crowd of "based" cunnyposters instead of telling them to fuck off and eat a bullet
>>126766 >he wants to appease his weird crowd of "based" cunnyposters instead of telling them to fuck off and eat a bullet That is probably bickers hes into it as well anon, just look at mark when he was on foxdicks explaining the reason why lolicon and tot was allowed, he said it was for "free speech reasons" but that is just an excuse bickers the kike is fucking sick.
Open file (533.99 KB 660x354 vito and bella.png)
>>126762 Eww I didn't know you were a bellafag TRSperg.
Open file (1.39 MB 904x2472 poast.png)
Open file (1.32 MB 1576x998 poast2.png)
>>126766 >>126767 forgot these
>>126769 Seems very ni/gg/er-tier with the whole natzee larp and also being a pedophile.
Open file (201.30 KB 1440x1920 E_P6DKsVQAEKUQt.jpg)
>>126770 are all cunnyposters feds larping as anons, or are there just some few cunnyposters that are feds?
>>126771 I honestly wonder weakload, my guess is there is actually a decent amount of organic pedos on imageboards with a lot feds mixed in.
Open file (9.64 MB 192x360 belle12.gif)
>>126768 trsperg is actually based?
So I stumbled on this guy some time ago, he reminds me of old days Redditkur. Decent background noise if you're also missing pre-cucked Gym days. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=-cVMfqNt2Gs
Open file (140.39 KB 1440x1920 FAC6UoZVUAA21B1.jpg)
>>126772 sure, but what is the split that is something I am kinda wondering about. Is it like 30% feds then the rest is genuine cunnyposters? bickers if I remember correctly the more 8chan got traction from the media and other things the more lolicon posting happened on /v/ and the general G​AMERGATE thread but the G​AMERGATE threads where nothing but hidden pedophiles that larps as they are into vidya games. It is the most insane thing, they talk about everything but video games, so when you do bring up video game is fun you get banned for off topic.
>>126775 I used to go into the thread and try to actually start a true revival of gamergay and I would be banned for spam or offtopic.
>>126776 >rand still defending Гунт after he threw him under the bus for the 6 millionth time He is so boring and unfunny, I remember when >we used to think he was somewhat entertaining.
>nick the spic is a homosexual But TRS isn't randcuck?
>>126778 he sounds buck broken in fact of course. i miss when he'd go on a 3 day drinking bender and scream into the mic about da jooz
I love how bryan is still fucking here after all these years.
>>126782 Nah he's to busy hunting moose with Ted Nugent.
Open file (196.16 KB 1440x1920 FA6T9kWVIAMICst.jpg)
>>126777 It would not surprise me that you got banned for spam and off topic when you just tried to revive it bickers you probably saw that video games became more and more shit, but these N​IGGERs where not interested in vidya games but only shitposting, cunnyposting and talking about random stuff that was usually not on-topic. That is kinda why it was fun to spam those threads. You could say that this thread is just shitposting and off-topic but the difference is that it goes into topic when something actually happens, so that is why the cyclical worked and that is why it is fun to post here. >>126776 Thanks fam. >>126779 But rand do lrap as he is a part of TRS and hardcore national socialist but has none of the convictions. Does not even know what the politics of someone whom is a national socialist is. >>126780 Ain't that what Rand does, just scream about the juice and make wacist jokes bickers it is funny?
Open file (15.21 KB 596x123 615953900543.png)
Open file (12.95 KB 606x105 993314121377.png)
Low key jabs starting already.
>>126784 >You could say that this thread is just shitposting and off-topic but the difference is that it goes into topic when something actually happens, so that is why the cyclical worked and that is why it is fun to post here It is pretty much the right way to do it, since >we are just a couple of friends with computers, drinking and watching whats left of the old internet burn, also it still is on topic, the way I see it is there has to be a balance of topic and offtopic things in a long term thread for it to be fun, otherwise it becomes rulecucked and gay when jannies ban anons for offtopic posting.
Open file (550.48 KB 545x415 Ethan Ralph gunt arm.png)
>>126785 #wealwayswin!
Open file (585.49 KB 516x633 winning.PNG)
Open file (153.00 KB 1440x1920 E_9A3juUUAMb1h5.jpg)
>>126785 This is going to be interesting. >>126786 yeah, pretty much. I kinda like it that there are some anons that posts links to the Jewlawyer or whatever streams, or whatever is of interests. Sure, I am watching it while somewhat intoxicated on coffee and energy drinks like the boomer that I am. >>126788 will it be a real win or a lame win?
Open file (3.73 KB 646x1489 1241660007078.png)
Open file (113.59 KB 1200x896 sargon_vordrak.jpg)
Open file (217.86 KB 646x1489 1473682416663.png)
>>126790 >>126791 HAIL VORDRAK
Open file (173.60 KB 1440x1920 E_dNyP-VEAIJua2.jpg)
>>126791 Imagine if the Гунт or gym got a Vordrak after them, a relentless Autistic person that literally wants to see you in jail and murdered, and he will not stop before this fate happens. In a way, that is why I feel sorry for Jewsh but then again, he should've known not to fuck with someone that has autistic superpowers. >>126793 Ein reich, ein führer, heil Vordrak!
>>126787 is this TRSperg's new ID? Need to filter if it is.
>>126795 I'm not TRSperg but even if you don't like the guy I wouldn't filter him bickers that is gay.
Open file (191.61 KB 1440x1920 FFgmI5XVgAQUSP9.jpg)
Are there any good streams?
>>126785 >win >again >your honor i know i groomed an underage girl to by my child bride >i know i then convinced her to move across the country away from her family >i know i recorded her desperately trying to get some minor pleasure from my tiny baby dick >i know i released that video to win an internet fight with her ex >i know she didn't consent to me putting the video on the internet >but you see your honor all that doesn't matter bickers i'm a jcaesar187amale and that means i always win I'm going to get some popcorn.
Open file (254.95 KB 1440x1920 FFgmI3-VQAMZKbF.jpg)
>>126799 *Checked These dubs don't lie, are you predicting the future, my mang?
>Гунт has Cushing's Syndrome, which is a specific type of pituitary gland problem. >His body makes too much ACTH (hormone). >This makes the adrenal glands make too much cortisol. >Cortisol helps the body respond to stress. >Гунт has a stressful life with trolls a-logging him all day, his business being fucked with, mama dying, and baby mama drama, Pantsu stressing him out about his cheating and exes, car crash and probably has some PTSD from the crash, not seeing his son, donations dropping, Vickers alogging him, and several legal battles with prison time hanging over him daily. He copes with drugs and alcohol. >Could it be that he is so stressed by a-logs 24/7 that his body jumps pumps endless cortisol to deal with the stress and it gave him Cushing's syndrome? >Cushing's is either caused by a tumor on your pituitary gland creating too much ACTH, which causes stress hormone (cortisol) production or by taking certain types of drugs. These drugs are usually steroids and Corticosteroid medications used to treat asthma, arthritis, and certain cancers. I don't think Гунт is taking the most common steroid called prenisone to treat something like asthma or arthritis but you never know. So if he doesn't have drug-induced Cushing's then he must have tumor-induced Cushing's on his pituitary gland. Too much cortisol (Cushing's) causes: --rapid weight gain mainly in the face, chest and abdomen contrasted with slender arms and legs --stomach weight gain is the Гунт but the medical term is "pendulous abdomen." --a flushed and round face --high blood pressure --osteoporosis --skin changes (bruises and purple stretch marks) --muscle weakness --mood swings, which show as anxiety, depression or irritability --increased thirst and frequency of urination.
It's not true, in fact, it was probably you that has Cushings or whatever the fuck.
>>126799 >yes your honor, i did punch that bailiff for telling me to put on the mask >DOES SHE KNOW KNOW WHO I AM
>>126803 That 3rd image is literally him.
Open file (149.82 KB 1440x1920 FB99lFhVkAIK2N8.jpg)
>>126801 >Гунт has Cushing's Syndrome I think you are looking into it a bit too much, bickers you have to remember that the Гунт does not lift any weights, does not walk more than maybe 100 steps a day or maybe 30 steps more, bue he does not walk. He just goes to the kitchen, to the car and then to his computer. It is the minimalist when it comes to walking and he has more enerhy intake than what he burns/uses. So there is no wonder he is going to be a fat mang. >>126802 That's some disgusting trash. >>126803 >>126805 I'd gib you that the 3rd image looks like jcaesar187 but I am personally not sure anymore but the gif, you can see he has a buffalo hump.
Open file (44.36 KB 768x1024 E_zSLX0VIAQX9wY.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txbokRGDAH0 Timcast irl they are going to sperg out about news with Rav Arora
>>126803 More like Гунтings syndrome
>>126806 I'm not trying to give some medical reason why he's fat or excuse him from that. Yes, he is a fat slob that drinks too much alcohol and probably stuffs his face with shit food. So he will be fat on his little 5'6" frame. That fatness is just one side effect of Cushing's though. One can be fat and also has a hormonal problem that leads to the other side effects of Cushing's. It's not mutually exclusive or binary. You can be both fat and have Cushing's. Those cartoony proportions of his body are precisely Cushing's in action. It's not just about being fat. Btw, it's not just me thinking this. I came to this conclusion of my own. But then I checked foxdick farms and others had suggested it before me in jcaesar187's thread. >>126805 >>126806 >>126808 All the diagrams look like jcaesar187. Ignore the face and look at the bodies and shapes. 1st one is a drawing of a woman. 2nd one is some drawing of a latino boy. 3rd one looks most like jcaesar187 in the face just 'cause he's white. Just like all Down's syndrome looks similar to each other, all Cushing's look similar to each other.
>>126802 >sauce from a packet >frozen broccoli Hell yeah trailer park life.
>>126802 "Extra chunky style" I presume. Bitch, you can barely see the noodles. >>126809 One of my dogs has Cushings, and dogs that suffer from it get thirsty and hungry more than average, which compounds the obesity problem as well.
Open file (182.50 KB 1440x1920 E_FQ3_SVcAMcUcG.jpg)
>>126809 I mean, sure I see what you are saying, and I can see signs of the Cushing's Syndrome now when it has been pointed out. But I am not sure if it's conformation bias bickers i ti pointed out or if he has it, I want to see more of course in fact fam. What I can say, and it is not speculation even that is just looking at him, he has no muscles in his arms and legs, and that is bickers the lack of exercise. He is probably on the computer all day and night, and he only gets out and walk when he is Vegas bickers he has to walk. So there is no big medical history but if we two are speculating more, then he could have untreated diabetes also bickers Cushing can cause it, along with huge amount of alcohol. But then I would expect more weight loss bickers the body does not take inn the sugar, and then I would expect some kidney complications along the way, also hair loss but that is from the stress. Also should I change and post another Asian, or should I stick to this sexy Korean lady?
>>126811 <your dog has Cushing's. Interesting. >>126812 Well, obv we are not doctors but are just speculating from his behavior and appearance. He needs to go to the doctor and they can run a lab test on his cortisol levels and that would probably determine if he has Cushing's. That's up to him. Other than that, I'm fine with just shitposting and speculating on his goofy appearance. >That Korean lady is basically perfect in that she has a really round butt and a nice hip-to-waist ratio. Her face is also nice and young in her features (high neoteny), making her face look youthful. But less sexy in the sense of traditional facial sexual markers like big lips, narrow jawline, large eyes, wide cheekbones. But she had good symmetry. So her face is more cute than hot. But yeah, that ass is incredible. If I were to critique though, I would say her arms and upper back need some shoulder definition and lateral (latissimus dorsi) muscle definition. If she if making a ton of money on onlyfans and is very famous, then there is really no excuse to her lifting weights and squatting a bit to tone her arms and keep that ass pumped. Lucy Park here, is a prime example of how she keeps her ass perfect and tones the rest of her body as well.
>>126498 Turning into Eggman except instead of 300 IQ it's only 30 >>126579 Adam is gonna try to turn him into his next gay weight gain victim >>126646 don't you want the beardson experience months later as he slid into a relevance and has to give you a handy in a dark alley for pennies? >>126717 Randbot, the "man" who was ZOGGED to death >>126782 Bryan Dunn is gonna cling to this shit till the day he dies BRYAN DUNN IS FOUR THINGS YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BRYAN IS A LYING COCKSUCKER BRYAN IS A FAGGOT WITH AIDS BRYAN IS AN OUTLINE WHORE AND BRYAN IS A PIECE OF SHIT WHERE IS THE PATERNITY TEST YOU CUMCHUGGER?
Open file (241.00 KB 1440x1920 E_FQ4AsUcAYEXPM.jpg)
Open file (152.70 KB 1440x1920 FAC6UpIUcAU-ZyP.jpg)
>>126813 Obviously a doctor needs to check his hormone levels via blood or urine test. I kinda think it does not need speculation on cushings bickers if you think that he is on a computer or on the phone all day, and he is sitting down all day, just walks when he needs to go to bed, take a shit and eat some food so really limited walking, where he only has limited muscles that is needed. Also at this point I believe he has urineflasks bickers he is a fat piece of shit that don't wanna walk to the bathroom to take a piss, so then the limited and cartoony look he has makes allot of sense. But I do wonder if he has diabetes bickers heavy alcohol abuse can cause diabetes and I would believe he is one of those people.But the problem is that there is weight loss that is really noticeable. >korean chick I posted and still posting she does not have an onlyfans but the Japanese version called fantia. bickers she can make more money there since they are buying sets and even singular pictures. Also that means she does not need to show her pussy bickers it is illegal in both Korea and Japan to sell poontang pictures bickers the pornlaws are really strict. So when you see uncensored JAV movies or models then that is for the American/western market mostly, and you have to remember that they still sell magazines in Japan at-least with just women in bikinis or underwear, even picture books. But yeah she has a beautiful butt imo.
https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream Holy shit Гунт is so fucking boring, gaytor going off on womyn right now.
>>126817 damn. does the Гунтstream still regularly restream the killstream every night?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lscrMnLEy6E Greer, Melinda, PokeMoron, and Abortions, Oh My!
Open file (7.31 MB 1920x1080 beardson soyboy.mp4)
>>126821 Okay, this is fucking kino. Thanks goku
Open file (113.20 KB 672x658 sargon white.jpg)
>>126821 Around 32-34 minutes in WHAT EVEN IS WHITE
Open file (540.09 KB 316x306 1631617661122.gif)
>>126824 DEFINE WHITE My fucking sides.
Open file (441.91 KB 890x454 ClipboardImage.png)
This is amazing.
Open file (13.78 KB 300x300 98725928592856.jpg)
>>126823 >>126824 Larson is such a scumbag. He spent the first 20 minutes shilling all the ways you can pay him like he's fucking DSP.
Open file (99.76 KB 640x360 kXgsaOwycET7Ou3j.mp4)
Does anyone hae the clip of Nick Fuentes going 'SIR YES SIR. SIR, BOTTOM, SIR.'? I can't find it anywhere.
>>126757 Did she ever played with that thing?
In the end he really did become Coach Red Piled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4o4dG01pys
Open file (171.21 KB 1802x1920 FB99lFgUcAUAJM1.jpg)
>>126821 >>126824 woah, this is rather amazing. it was the ultimate strawman argument.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qt4GpuQVcY Kim Potter TASER Cop - Trial Day 3: Do We Finish Jury Selection?
>>126833 nobody cares shit on gu.nt or go back to irrelevancy
Open file (186.35 KB 464x513 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.00 MB 193x202 1438918577443.gif)
>>126835 >some autist gets told to fuck off by Kike Rekieta >same autist then "leaks" the DM not seeing the relevance of this
Open file (183.10 KB 1440x1920 FFgmI4lVcAI33Ib.jpg)
>>126836 OK, so whom is this autist? Is it a guy that does not like the fwend simulation that Nick gibs anymore? or did he gib too much money to Nick and just realized it?
>>126835 I think he read this on his stream last night. Some legal retard who thinks they are a lawyer, but aren't iirc. Not someone who has passed the bar exam at the very least is my understanding.
>>126834 He did briefly last night while listing everyone who he had on the stream as a guest. He took a jab by saying he hadn't done anything for the Killstream by having jcaesar187 on his stream.
>>126836 Rekieta leaked his own DMs while streaming.
>>126840 He made those DM's a part of his planned show, did he accidentally leak DM's with someone else, bickers there's nothing in that screenshot you show that seems interesting also no clue who the fuck this PKM retard is but seems like some random sperg
>>126841 It's just a random sperg, he leaked it for like 2 seconds.
Open file (489.43 KB 763x491 Eh86-naX0AAKmXZ.png)
>>126835 This dude's an a-log, Rekieta dedicated the show last night to him and even read the DMs. AAAUGHGHHH NOTHINBURGER FALSEFLAG BY THE GU.NTGUARD
everything about rekieta is the most boring shit ever
Open file (743.25 KB 265x167 GUNTed.gif)
>>126844 >t.Гунт
Open file (965.12 KB 597x815 Gunt films.png)
>>126845 no, triggering gu.nt is the only worthwhile thing he can do, but that's more thanks to gu.nt and not himself.
Open file (21.02 KB 343x142 ClipboardImage.png)
>56% Poetry.
>>126842 He reviews his entire DM's with that retard in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lscrMnLEy6E
>>126848 God I hate cuck lawyer but props to the fag for turning on Гунт in classic Гунт fashion.
>I get more views when I don't discuss jcaesar187
Open file (39.18 KB 700x300 asdadsas.jpg)
>>126852 the real question is why the PIG HAWG didnt make any Fuentes videos after all that twitter incel posting from America First members, and why he didnt said anything about rand getting forever banned from the Гунт show. I think Toad McKinley is unironically employed now so he has less time for this shit.
>>126853 Let's hope so, maybe not mooching off Surfer anymore has finally forced him to grow up a bit.
>>126853 That and/or the fact that he lives in the trailer doesn't afford him the same leeway to take up half the house streaming as living at Surfer's apartment did.
RamZPaul's late night podcast that he does with his ugly gf/daughter is going live? Who knows? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmYNo1_fAdA Btw RamZPaul attacked and critiqued NJP (Peinovich and Striker's party) today in this video. Saying they were bad optics by going to the courthouse and protesting about the BLM terrorist that drove over people in the parade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZRZ4gwYM9Y Starting at 8:30 through the end of the video.
Open file (39.13 KB 400x400 KellyRittenhouse.jpg)
>>126860 >Btw RamZPaul attacked and critiqued NJP (Peinovich and Striker's party) today in this video. Saying they were bad optics by going to the courthouse and protesting about the BLM terrorist that drove over people in the parade. NJP have heavy sperg optics but that was the least unoptical thing they've ever done. Maybe the problem isn't nazis protesting the Waukesha terrorist attack, but the fact that nazis are the ONLY ones protesting the Waukesha terrorist attack.
NJP and all the other wignats are taking their little protest/rally of a dozen or so people and small video about the event as some kind of success story and achievement for some reason. it's really cringe.
>>126862 Yeah I like all those guys but they are the definition of cope.
>>126863 https://youtube.com/shorts/GPRDbSsNyF4?feature=share Hello! Did you know that you can cheaply and easily manufacture a permablinding laser weapon that will instantly blind targets at ridiculous ranges?
Open file (1.95 MB 997x8300 EnochInfographic.jpg)
>>126860 >NJP, the group run by jews, feds and faggots, has bad optics >even Surfer agrees Wow RamZPaul is really making a profound statement here. it seems this revelation has made the /tv/troons and trsodomites very angry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afSblTnGE8M
Open file (197.89 KB 1440x1920 FAgk4AfUUAAz1Xp.jpg)
>>126843 are you N​IGGERs telling me that the Jew is a sperg that can be julayed? If he answers are random nobody bickers they tell him he is just a "fake lawyer" and telling people fake laws or something. Then I can see something amazing fun to be had. >>126844 yeah, no shit it is law he is doing and gibs perspective into, so obviously it is going to be boring and feel like you are at school and studying for an exam or something. How big of a N​IGGER are you? People just watch this bickers it is a fwend simulation or more specifically a simulation of having a father which most of the people that watches him never-ever had. >>126848 I cannot be the only one seeing potential in something like this? >>126852 has video quality gone up? >>126853 maybe like a trailerpark security guard so that the white trash don't abuses medication that I would be prescribed like amphetamines and opiates. >>126860 wait a minute do you think that RamZPaul believes that feral nick gurrs would rape this ugly creature he calls a gf or daughter?
>>126862 What's really cringe is people going against it. No matter what you think of NJP if you go against their protest you're pro-black terrorism
Open file (965.12 KB 597x815 Gunt films.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1RGu80AZYo Kim Potter TASER Cop - Trial Day 4: 12 Jurors Down, 2 to Go!
Гунт SEGMENT BEGINS Гунт SEGMENT BEGINS Гунт SEGMENT BEGINS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr_ULQdcyK4 Mad at the Internet GAYTOR SEGMENT BEGINNING
Open file (88.39 KB 1000x841 gggunt.png)
God, Raph looks like a 50 year old hobo
Open file (300.57 KB 1440x1920 FFBRjlDaQAA0jwX.jpg)
>>126874 some wholesome Jewsh tonight which sounds kinda gay. >>126875 that is bickers of the heavy alcohol abuse along with what else he abuses.
Open file (144.88 KB 1440x1920 FAgk3-1VgAI5ST9.jpg)
The Line the apple tv documentary series is pretty good. Also god damn the Navy Seals have it rough since they are abusing tramadol, a bad synthetic opiate that does not even work.
Open file (3.94 MB 638x768 1638531696602.webm)
>>126887 triple P's sister is making fart porn.
Open file (2.05 MB 802x1080 1636531339337.webm)
>>126829 what anime is that from?
Open file (80.70 KB 656x890 1546328031762.jpg)
>>126889 Now, that is not a fart. Also whom would've thought that triple P sis would be making fart porn.
Open file (294.40 KB 592x500 demonbaby 2.0.png)
Open file (241.95 KB 2048x1644 FFsXBMgXwA8RXts.jpg)
Open file (3.63 MB 1920x1080 1638531946392.webm)
Open file (136.12 KB 768x1024 1546331707359.jpg)
>>126892 Is jcaesar187s daughter going to be a whitetrash whore? >>126893 Those where kinda lame sounding farts but I bet that room is stinking worse than a barn full of animals.
Open file (2.42 MB 2048x1644 705906101713.png)
>>126892 Did jcaesar187 get a pre-release for Elden Ring?
Open file (2.26 MB 1280x720 1638545852564.webm)
>>126894 How about these?
>>126896 Burito braaps, now that is something that has to stink allot worse than a barn full of pigs and pig shit.
>>126892 So is he going to be born in April or May, jcaesar187? I keep hearing so many claims, that something smells badother than your saggy rolls
Open file (1.11 MB 1290x722 985928965.png)
>>126892 >jcaesar187amale I thought it was a female, dipshit.
Open file (2.23 MB 640x360 1638502388560.webm)
>>126869 >has video quality gone up? Yes, relatively
>>126892 ГунтUS DOMINUS
Open file (7.53 KB 200x159 asddsadsa.png)
>>126874 can someone that watches gaitor tell me what the context of that demon talk? Did gaitor found jesus?
>>126898 >>126900 he says jcaesar187 and then female. How intoxicated are you? >>126901 that is allot of braap porn you have saved up, mah. >>126904 Gaytor is mentally ill, most likely and those that are mentally ill are more likely to believe in the spiritual like demons, angels and ghosts n goblins n sheeit. Also his whole thing is, bickers jewsh had some questions and did not toe the line with Gym like most of his internet fwend simulator abusers they have to be possessed by the demonic, and bickers jewsh made a corn joke taken straight from South Park about jcaesar187 he must be possessed by something ebil like a demon, which I mind you is beyond retarded. Gaytor has lost it a long time ago, and I can tell thee that signs of psychosis is usually in religious themes, so in other words Gaytor shows signs of mimicry (which has been disgusted and made theories about on this wholesome board) and religious themes in his delusions that is one of the many symptoms of psychosis. So without doubt he is a psychotic.
Open file (36.18 KB 798x644 EfXCE01UYAA8csO.jpg