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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2

Alternate names include
Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞
Internet Bloodsports Megathread

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

Links, Information and Lore:
Full Timeline
http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
Archived Threads:
http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
>>87487 >As opposed to the absolute chads in the Fuentes crowd. what are you talking about ALL e-celebrities and online political pendents are cancer and not limited to Fuentes. >>87486 >projection saids the neet getting triggered by the forced /leftypol/ meme
>pendents pundits*
>>87490 >saids the neet getting triggered by the forced /leftypol/ meme <I W-WAS ONLY POSTING IT TO T-TRIGGER YOU Is this Nickposter?
Open file (2.26 MB 389x279 1467836647361.gif)
I guess adam calling pop team epic lolicon was a step too far, eh?
Open file (3.17 MB 600x338 surfer jacking.gif)
>>87490 >what are you talking about ALL e-celebrities and online political pendents are cancer and not limited to Fuentes. Thanks for reiterating my point.
>>87472 Ricky Vaughan says fringe politics attracts mentally ill losers? That's been one of my talking points for several years now as well. It's why Jordan Peterson is a thing and why he wants to deradicalize the alt right. Yeah, there are plenty of faggots and weirdos in that group but at least it was cool and inspired people to help themselves, get jobs, and lift weights and become the uberman. Groypers are worse and are bigger losers. Plus, groypers were never really their own thing; they're a splinter group from the alt right. Commies are always losers and deeply mentally ill. But it's not like Skeptics are any better or centrists. They are all neckbearded fatboy losers and goobergrape types. >>87487 Yeah, that game won't have Denuvo or other protection so it will be good to go for torrents. I remember waiting for Resident Evil 3 PC and it was never cracked. Capcom only recently removed Denuvo from its pc version and it was released early April. So Denuvo succeeded in holding off pirated copies for 6 months, when the majority of sales happen. >>87479 I've never heard this podcast. I'll listen to it later.
>>87493 >everything has to do with Ashton and his gay lover Your brain is rotting. Take a break from the Internet.
Open file (1.49 MB 2197x1617 Peepeepoopoo.jpg)
I realize Peepeepoopoo is a broad 4chan meme. But I was watching UFC fights and there is a chatter named Peepeepopoo. Could this be Peepeepoomer from P-PP's chat? I guess it's a stretch.
Open file (298.84 KB 640x1103 ClipboardImage.png)
>>87497 (Pic related) >>87496 >>87495 then we agree. <why would one post there cock online if its objectively tinny as surfers? >Ricky Vaughan says fringe politics attracts mentally ill losers? That's been one of my talking points for several years now as well Yeah its what lead to him getting doxed by Christopher Cantwell. There was a series of Soundcloud podcast called the vaughncast which was critical of the online right wing movement and charlottesville from a right wing perspective and it lead to people sperging out.
>>87499 Vaughn was an attention whore working for the GOP.
Open file (308.40 KB 640x360 faggot.mp4)
>>87499 ><why would one post there cock online if its objectively tinny as surfers? You only want to look at big veiny hogs buddy?
>>87501 Posting dick pics is not really big brained but I don't know why you would immortalize having a tinny penis bruh. >>87500 >fed cantwell rhetoric lol u gay bro.
>>87502 I'm convinced you're either TRSsperg or Nickposter at this point.
Open file (6.95 MB 1920x1080 surfer jacking.webm)
>>87502 >cantwell being based and fashy >fashy Isn't that what redditors call racists online?
Open file (56.41 KB 1068x601 fags.jpg)
>>87505 >muh e-celebs Chill out, TRSsperg.
>>87502 All I know is that he got doxed and left the internet like a bitch after talking so much shit. Meanwhile peinovich who was married to a b'nai brith jewess just brushed it off and has his own political party now.
Open file (36.16 KB 225x225 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (145.45 KB 699x753 okthere.jpg)
>>87508 Calm down, TRSodomite.
Open file (4.33 MB 498x280 gtab.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iB14EliFFME LOW TIER GOD STREAM 10/10/2020 PUBLIC CHAT LIVE/JERSEY CAMPAIGN LIVE
Open file (300.19 KB 694x553 Torakaka laughing.png)
>>87509 >okthere.jpg I drew that kiddo >>87510 >is unironically a TRSodomite >thinks calling someone "sperg" will erase the fact that Mike Enoch has a B'nai B'rith Tranny Wife and an Gay Black half brother.
>>87512 Calm down there, TRSsodomite.
>TRSperg pushing forced trannypol memes bickers he can't understand why /cow/boys find surfer an entertaining based retard Never change TRSperg, you continue to make my day with your autism I miss nicksperg
Corrine is back again.
corinne is owning baked
>>87518 OH NO NO NO NO
>>87518 Never would of known. He def doesn't look it at all. (Sarcasm)
>>87429 >I was only pretending to be retarded
>>87515 >>87513 >TRSodomite is too stupid to understand that the /leftypol/ meme actually has some ironic substance to reality once you take a broad enough perceptive to realize all these retards online pushing radical politics on the left or the right, weather Surfer or Vaush, are just loser NEETS and to worship any of them is cancer.
Open file (92.49 KB 804x507 7Qij93q.jpg)
>>87444 That mask is the perfect accessory to disguise her saggy face.
Open file (292.17 KB 642x676 290.png)
>>87523 >auughhh I'm a based centrist horseshoer ebin
Open file (4.50 MB 720x480 retardland.mp4)
phantom organization is kinda cute
>>87523 >muh horseshoe theory cringe and bluepilled
>>87530 Absolutely disgusting please stop.
Apparently, Toad McKinley is a PLW regular: https://archive.is/nt1dO#28794 No wonder it smells like shit over there.
>>87534 Gat​or
>>87534 Strange line to get triggered over. I don't even have to watch it and can see a white haired character with white suit, so he obviously has some genetic defect that makes him weak bodied and particularly feminine. Does Toad McKinley not understand anime tropes?
>>87534 I wish normalfags had never discovered anime
Open file (7.27 KB 297x180 ClipboardImage.png)
Merriam-Webster is pretty fucking based and redpilled.
Open file (311.03 KB 1079x1222 1526731794933.jpeg)
>>87525 >>87532 >implying pointing out false dialectic = horseshoe >implying losers aren't attracted to fringe politics. >implying Soy Soy isn't also guilt of the very thing I'm pointing out. Man you TRSodomites are really stupid, but I guess anyone who fell for the paywall and landed on a FBI watch list isn't the brightest bulbs in the bunch.
Open file (108.02 KB 951x211 pooblic-space-rip.jpg)
THE END OF ZE POOBLIC SPACE His cuckery to jewtube could only take him so far.
>>87541 A little while back he had a guest on who was saying stuff that he was afraid was going to get him banned. It really pissed him off so he stopped having guests on. Once he did that i noticed a drop in viewer. Was only a matter time before he ended it and it was stupid idea to cuck to Jewtube from the start.
>>87541 So is he just packing up and running?
Open file (624.51 KB 559x754 jabba.png)
>>87543 Looks like he is gonna shut that channel down cause its getting throttled by Jewtube to much and he will just start a new on. Following in the footsteps of The StepFather.
>>87543 >>87542 Just more clickbait. He acts like he's shutting down his show but really he's just moved to a new channel. Several different guests said bad words so JF kept whittling down the guests until it's just him. Even Ric-hard Spe-ncer is blacklisted from JF's show now. Ironically, he burned down all his bridges just like the Tardsky.
Open file (85.83 KB 306x563 y6y4.png)
>>87545 why did he blacklist spensor?
>>87541 Andy won.
>>87549 No one won.
>>87540 Yes you are the le enlightened individual you don't need to pick sides as that is below your rational thinking. Sorry I'll let you get back to a-logging lolwcows.
Open file (47.63 KB 770x437 godwinson potato.JPG)
>>87541 She should give the channel to mama jf, let her go full 1488 until banned and then sue jewtube for being bigoted against retards.
>>87548 What I just said. JF eventually got so terrified of guests in general, he blacklisted them all. I can't remember if Ric-hard did something in particular to piss him off but JF turtled up and decided no guests was the safest. I stopped watching after awhile but I remember Annika O'brian? (robot woman debated Roosh? said G​AMERGATE on his show and it pissed him off badly. He wiped that show clean.
Open file (7.67 KB 385x69 baked_chat.png)
>>87553 >Annika O'brian lol, saw her in baked's chat hating on sammy
>>87554 Oh yeah. I just remembered the last time Spencer was on JF's show, it was missing from his channel for days and I wanted to see it. But JF had removed it immediately and sent it to Bitchute so even Richard had violated his policy of 1000 hate-speech things you can't say.
>>87555 I was genuinely curious to see if JF would make it as a youtube e-celeb on his own. He did a massive over reach with Warski when he called him retarded. It was his fault that the very profitable thing they had collapsed.
>>87554 I've never seen the Gonz get angrier at someone on the internet than he did about Annika.
>>87553 >We can't share any specifics as that could also benefit those who are not playing by the rules. He got demonetized on his current channel for (supposedly) associating with others that got flagged. They wouldn't even tell him which "rule" he broke. Like the autist he is, he still thinks he can play by those rules if he deletes everything and starts new, so he isn't associated with anyone anymore. He cucked himself into irrelevancy and still got fucked. Imagine my shock.
>>87558 It's pretty clear Youtube are doing this to all right wingers to prevent them "meddling" with the election this time around They won't outright ban people bickers there would be an outcry of censorship, this is the most effective method to silence dissenting voices, by taking away their grift money
>>87559 >They won't outright ban people bickers there would be an outcry of censorship like they give a shit
>>87559 they could ban all right wing grifters and the republicucks wouldn't say or do shit.
>>87560 >>87561 Cuckservatives aren't the ones who got Trump elected Zionist shills vote their candidate no matter what
>>87562 take your pills
Open file (286.31 KB 1024x755 Aut-Right.jpg)
>>87551 >unlinking cookie-cutter milquetoast take from a smooth brained TRSodomite never change
Open file (312.81 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>87553 >>87554 >Annika Oh the chick that cucked Monday Blue and drove him off the internet to delete all his videos in shame? She is also the crazy chick that drove I,Hypocrite mad and why he deleted 90% of his videos? Proof of life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dze0EfE77Vk https://twitter.com/mondayblu3 Dead Channels: https://www.youtube.com/c/MondayBlue/featured https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTqKAe_hNq-kFp1ss6Lga6g
>>87566 I thought I, Hypocrite got flagged or something, what did she do to drive him to delete his shit?
>>87566 Isn't she married to the guy? I vaguely remember some catfight between her and some SE Asian chick earlier this year. She was crazy.
Open file (1.01 MB 1236x686 FF7 polygons.png)
>>87556 JF shouldn't have hurt Andy's feeling with the low IQ interToad McKinleyons remark, which set the ball in motion. But they weren't gonna last forever anyway. If it wasn't that, it would've been something else in a month or two. These personalities never last long together bickers there's resentment, narcissism, and egos involved. A lot of bands break up like that. >>87557 I never even got to see that bc that faggot JF yanked it down so quickly and never reuploaded that to Bitchute. He clipped it out. >>87558 These youtubers are clueless about youtube's policies. They think evading 'hatespeech' is how you survive or not saying S​ARGON. But it's not that simple. They look at your reputation too. So someone like Andrew Anglin would get ratest lowest quality and negative reputation and flagged under a bunch of other things like conspiracy theories, hate speech, discrimination, lacking expertise/authority. When these leftist write hitpieces on you and when you are willing torch your reputation to the ground, you can't really come back from that and you will be chased from platform to platform, getting the boot. >>87565 Are you an ironybro? >>87566 So Annika broke Monday Blue heart and he melted down deleting everything? Wow. I wasn't really familiar with him. I did listen to his appearance on ThinkingApe's channel and he was involved in FA (foreveralone?) community, basically incels I think. But then they acted like they were in a relationship in a couple livestreams I listened to and I didn't really get it.
Open file (4.08 MB 1280x720 CRP goes Nuclear.mp4)
>>87557 >I've never seen the Gonz get angrier at someone on the internet than he did about Annika You haven't listen to his best performance imo then. >>87570 >I never even got to see that bc that faggot JF yanked it down so quickly and never reuploaded that to Bitchute It's still on Bitchute. CRP was drunk and did repeat himself often. https://www.bitchute.com/video/QZmKmwqsHvM/
Open file (64.84 KB 828x827 EkEH5BJXgAAwpL-.jpg)
>>87570 speaking of ironybros, one of them died today
>>87572 aaahhhh so this is the guy that Baked Potato was crying about on his stream?
>>87573 I think so. Shalit, some z-celeb from dlive.
>>87574 >Augggghhhh that's very sad, let me load up a stream and we can do something like we did for Dark V, maybe Nick would like to come on?
>>87571 I'm pretty sure the majority of CRP going off on Anika was clipped out on that Bitchute upload. I remember listening to it and being confused bc he referenced Anika and she hadn't been on the stream yet or something weird like that where I could tell it was a jump-cut and something was missing. >>87572 Never heard of him. But he looks like he's in his 30's. I wonder what he died of.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bp-FP0xpufQ On Allegations of White Supremacy
>>87570 >>87571 Jf says he is gonna delete everything so that he is not associated with any of his old work, not sure if that means also everything on bitchute. He does not want people to share it on youtube or bitchute but is fine with people making torrents of his vids to share for archiving purposes.
>>87578 >He does not want people to share it on youtube or bitchute Time to archive them so the incriminating ones can be used to report his new channel.
Open file (291.30 KB 600x411 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (5.32 MB 1480x2160 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (26.01 KB 766x481 ClipboardImage.png)
>>87584 Weren't you spamming it a few hours ago until it was completely unusable?
>>87585 wat do u mean? i come from 4chan tv board
Open file (103.14 KB 585x694 1433563584995-0.jpg)
>>87570 >Are you an _ _ _ _ _ (insert cringe online political affiliation that is attractive to NEETS)? No I am not a retard.
Open file (12.79 MB 498x473 ltgrun.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvK9jvycQks LOW TIER GOD STREAM 10/11/2020/ PUBLIC CHAT FOR ONE HOUR DAY 2
>>87558 JF hopes to not only for monetization, but possibly get off the yt algorithm blacklist
>>87590 JF WON
>>87591 Hardly. I see him using all the clickbait in the world to lure people into clicking his boring streams. And yet he spirals the drain in live-viewers. Plus, I hear all these fags crying about being blacklisted and censored but they were more than willing to flirt with the alt right and grift the nationalists to achieve their current level of success. To pander to that audience to get the stupidchats. Then then cry about the consequences. When in reality, if they hadn't inserted themselves into these scenes and rode that momentum, they'd still be sitting there streaming to 10-50 viewers with no superchats ever. JF was a businessman first, nationalist second. He cares most about money like most of them. I can't tell you how many times I've clicked a video to see the clickbait title story and then have to suffer through hours of rambling and then the main clickbait story only lasts about 15 minutes then back to rambling. Also, these fags never acknowledge that there is just more competition in streaming and youtube now. It's not 2005 anymore where Pewdiepie can shit out cocks every day and cloud out the algorithm and gain 50 million subs. Those days are over. It's the biggest platform in the world and you're getting outcompeted by more famous or more entertaining streamers. There are no barriers to entry. You don't need letters of recommendation from 5 people. You don't need a good resume or real skills. Anybody can fire up a stream or channel. So crying about getting censored or is only a fraction of the issue. Part of that is your fault for not being better or more entertaining.
>>87592 Seeth harder Gaydur.
Open file (52.79 KB 686x535 brittany-venti-1.jpg)
>>87592 >Part of that is your fault for not being better or more entertaining Is that why your last 2 streams had jcaesar187/donga numbers of live viewers and 7 to 8k total viewers per video or was it le evil es jay doobleyous of jewtube who kicked out of the algorithm?
Open file (162.80 KB 220x171 tenor.gif)
>>87592 >he shouldn't do X in this format bickers of consequences >anyone can do X freely and unrestricted it's his fault if he can't keep up with the competition I'm seeing a dissonance in your argument. D- for the essay.
The supreme court hearing to replace the dead kikess. https://tube.rocksrocksrocks.rocks/G​AMERGATE/Гунтstream
>>87040 dame was doxed during the janny stream half of his mod team was
>>87391 Newfag, let me explain something, there were times when the thread was naturally slow due to the lack of events. I prefer it that way than watching the thread being taken by idiots coming here trying to force their memes and trying to get personal armies (hahahaa look at x person from Youtube/twitter, he is such a lolcow am I right?). >>86914 Ashton, it's really cringe to see you here trying desperately to become once again part of the board. >>87056 He's right about Ashton Parks being a trout capo, look how the board got infected by Skeptics, they do everything to divide and conquer. For example, recently Ashton Parks, Trout and his fields try to change the subject when someone starts to point out how retarded and cringe they are, like for exemple posting screenshots pics from youtube, twitter or even other boards. >>87499 Surfer is acringe faggot and a shame for any right-wing person. Those are facts. The efforts of other right-wing people are destroyed on account of idiots pushing a retard like him as a good repressive. >>87497 Which foxdickfarms are you? >>87004 >>87005 >>87009 >(1) >(2) >torpedo
>>87601 >(1) Imagine being so desperate to shift attention away from the fat boring Ashton Parks and his mentally handicapped edgyboy bf with a tiny cock to the point where you need to force a "lolcow" around here for the last months. Keep changing your VPN, keep trying to make it look natural, you are still unable to deceive the true oldfags.
>>87602 That's cool and all but why do you sperg out everytime Sperg of Tiamat's name is mentioned? It's the only thing that triggers you so hard.
Open file (147.63 KB 280x267 8269826928986.PNG)
>>87600 >cringe cringe cringe "cringe" indeed chuckles
Open file (396.75 KB 900x1600 gaytorjanitor.png)
>>87600 Oh hey lizard fucker of tiamat, still trying to make anons pay attention to ashton parks when >we think both you and ashton are both cows. Surfer is based in fact of course.
Based and generous Jewsh will be talking with one of the leaders of the white race today. https://youtu.be/JHCFjrRQX2s Friendly remember, only pedos (you), lolcows (you) and failed e-celebs (you) hate this fantastic man.
>>87605 >Surfer is acringe faggot and a shame for any right-wing person. Those are facts. <still believing in fake kike political paradigms like left and right in the current year It seems to me like the whole reason you are obsessed with the lolcow known as Ashton Parks is bickers of Surfer. It's obvious that bickers you are a lizardfucking degenerate ,who will eventually get the noose, you feel threatened by Surfer's righteous and based rhetoric.
>>87607 meant for>>87600
Open file (456.61 KB 907x833 lizarddiddler.png)
Open file (726.93 KB 1110x1600 carelessly_talking.png)
>>87600 >6 days ago
https://youtu.be/ntLlNbW9eR4 Mad at the Internet w/ iHypocrite
>>87597 No, there is no dissonance there. Next time you want to fabricate a strawman, you should think for a second before typing. I never said he shouldn't pander to the alt right or grift nationalists. I've just observing that it has consequences and that he cries about it after having julayed them for several years and ruined his reputation. And also pointing out there is increased competition and there are no barriers to entry on streaming. Those are 2 mutually-exclusive statements. No contradiction there. Quite funny how you can't see this.
>>87613 G​AMERGATE
>>87612 >Those are 2 mutually-exclusive statements. Ackshually, it's the exact opposite as neither statement excludes or precludes the other. It's funny you didn't know that or bother to look it up before using it.
Open file (83.20 KB 500x545 heriwhites.jpg)
Open file (391.20 KB 600x600 snownigger.png)
Open file (457.44 KB 1000x1016 pathetic person.png)
Kraut should make a collaboration video together with this channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8eD2CkVlGw the chuds from /pol/ and /his/ are seething about him for the past three months already.
>>87616 low quality tranny/pol/ b8 New tranny/pol/ thread when?
>>87612 >muh front hole >muh vaginal deficiency >"did you know men can give birth?"
>>87615 Yeah, you're right. I used the wrong word. Thanks Calkie. "Mutually exclusive" means one or the other, but not both. As in a lightswitch is flipped on or off but not both. Or a coin toss is heads or tails but not both. Or a road where you can turn left or right. But my point still stands. You can grift the alt right and suffer the consequences of being banned and censored while still getting squeezed out from competition on youtube.
>>87616 Mate, you are acting like a white G​AMERGATE. Y'know what? Scratch that. You're just a ni𝐆𝐆er.
My gif won't post.
>>87620 >You can grift the alt right and suffer the consequences of being banned and censored while still getting squeezed out from competition on youtube.
Open file (865.71 KB 942x526 jf_retards_need_sex.webm)
>>87620 So isn't not being able to grift the alt right a barrier to entry for new competitors? It's not that JF has been out grifted in his area of cucking to the tos, it's that the platform has taken him out of the grifting olympics. It's dissonance to claim that as a market force.
Open file (684.12 KB 2048x2048 719782094322.jpg)
Open file (544.17 KB 1638x2048 905264117415.jpg)
Open file (436.94 KB 589x576 783176657659.png)
PAN EUROPEAN POLITICS https://archive.is/ilWp0
Open file (971.53 KB 1200x900 sargletukip.png)
>>87626 well at least his suit fits properly this time
Open file (440.95 KB 468x592 1442070609059.png)
Open file (535.41 KB 481x552 1254875566081.png)
Open file (446.29 KB 468x545 1110811861375.png)
Open file (346.08 KB 468x545 surgon.png)
Open file (201.83 KB 500x518 demon sargon.png)
Open file (4.05 MB 1638x2048 depends.png)
I think you should give the speech bubble a shadow so it doesn't blend in with the curtains as much
Hardrade is a known sperg in the Гунтstream for copying ideas from other users, only to claim IT'S MY "ORIGINAL" IDEA. As an example, dolphinfag has done more to the Гунтstream in terms of emotes and more, yet when he pisses off Hardrade, everyone proceeds to troll-shield for no fucking apparent reason. It should be well known by now that Hardrade is a pedophile and furryfag. Hardrade would overwrite old classic Гунтstream emotes with new trash-like loli-like emotes or with furry images. Hardrade used to edit the Гунтstream CSS when he had admin there (dumb Toad McKinley gave him admin) to add in loli/furry background images. Oh, and he sucks at CSS! You may ask where did this fucker come from? Well, it's not exactly known, but it's believed that he's a koigoon working with the Irish police by baiting lolifags into becoming pedophiles, so they can be arrested in a sting operation when they visit Ireland. Now, you may wonder if there a solution to Hardrade and other spergs in the Гунтstream. No, even dolphinfag left ages ago due to rising (and shitty) drama. Hardrade and others would act passive aggressively towards dolphinfag for a reaction, however, when they didn't get one, they would try de-modding him and other tactics (they spammed loli). AAAA SHUT UP TORFAG. Go on, keep rambling on about how I'm torfag, koi, kai, or dolphin. The Гунтstream is the biggest shit show. Robi could've fixed all of this if he had defriended Toad McKinley and others and avoided dolphinfag from ever visiting (Toad McKinley told him to come there, so skin the Toad McKinley). ROBI IS NOT A PEDOPHILE
Open file (1.05 MB 1638x2048 sargon_speech.jpg)
>>87631 Started losing focus after a bit.
Open file (18.91 KB 474x545 cyclops girl.jpg)
>>87625 What new competitors? Why are you even talking about his competitors? We're talking about JF, his channel and why it's not doing great. Besides, all his alt right competition has been removed from youtube (TRS, Red Ice Radio, Nick Fuentes, James Allsup, Daily Stormer/Anglin/Azzmador, off the top of my head). So by your logic, JF should be king of the mountain and his channel should be thriving bc all the competition in the alt right has been removed from youtube. He has the youtube alt right market cornered and yet his channel is spiraling the drain. Now, these other people have their own websites or are on Dlive. JF long ago decided he didn't need the "wignats" like the DailyStormer types and nazi trolls so he banned hundreds from chat. Meanwhile, things like Red Ice and TRS are still chugging along and making money as businesses, even though they're arguably harder and further right than JF. Or they say nword or criticize Jews or whatever irrelevant metric we're using to classify something as "right" or "alt right." >It's not that JF has been out grifted in his area of cucking to the tos, it's that the platform has taken him out of the grifting olympics. Maybe it's both. Why do you insist on autistic, black-and-white, binary thinking that it has to be either/or? He cucked to the TOS many times and he's still be getting squeezed out in views/liveviewers/demonetization/algorithm. And if normies would rather watch Ninja playing Fortnite or Cardi B twerking to WAP on rap videos with a billion views, then that is also market competition in youtube. I never claimed youtube censoring/banning people was market forces. More strawmen. Youtube is not a free market. They're picking winners and losers. They're probably giving more weight to mainstream media sources now and they ban whoever they want. There is no contradiction between getting outcompeted on youtube in general and also getting censored/banned bc your channel is alt right. Both can occur at the same time. Drop your binary/lightswitch thinking.
These spic retards performed a miracle, for the first time in 8 months I am feeling empathy for Asthon and taking his "side". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OletT3M1RtA They are so dishonest and boring that they make Ashton look funny and fine again imo, noticed one of they trying to push the narrative that Ashton is a pedo, weeks ago that same faggot was posting here and trying to force the same talking point. Yeah, Ashton is fat, a pussy and probably gay, but calling him pedo is just plategang tier shit.
Open file (24.49 KB 491x488 oppressive laugter.jpg)
Btw, a few hours ago Earwinson was crying on discord about one of his posts being deleted here, something about Jewsh doing a stream. I can't really tell if any posts got deleted, but if it's true would be funny as fuck.
>>87638 You're telling us Toad McKinley is the one always linking Toad McKinley's mad at the internet?
Open file (13.77 MB 600x600 gawr_sushi.gif)
>>87631 >Youtube is not a free market. They're picking winners and losers. The weak should fear the strong.
>>87640 No, and I doubt that he posts here very often. But yet, apparently he did it today and is thinking his post was deleted for personal reasons. what will be funny is if his post was deleted at random without anyone suspecting it was him
Gifs won't post.
>>87644 testing can see gifs being posted?
Open file (24.05 KB 833x155 Godwinson post 2.png)
Open file (178.54 KB 1806x366 Godwinson post.png)
>>87642 So this is Earwinson when his post goes through calling us pedos, lolcows, and failed ecelebs? Sounds like a gayop.
Open file (3.60 KB 222x32 ClipboardImage.png)
Hey there chat, do you watch Mister Metokur?
Looks like Baked got himself arrested for not wearing a mask in a store, which I guess led to his youtube account getting shitcanned. https://twitter.com/i/status/1315758130098106368
Open file (8.45 KB 370x65 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (31.53 KB 368x255 ClipboardImage.png)
>>87648 >I'm not gonna wear a mask <Police shows up <"Sir you no longer have the right to leave" >ARE YOU SERIOUS <"yes" >BUT I'M LEAVING!!! <put your hands behind your back This is the funniest shit ever, gayfabe or not.
Open file (11.43 KB 356x94 ClipboardImage.png)
>>87648 inb4 shitty mask based rap.
>>87648 Is this the end for the RV special?
>>87648 He didn't get arrested, the cop just ended up telling him he would get arrested if he caused any more problems. Still a retard though.
>>87646 the first screenshot is just a foxdickfarms.
>>87645 I see your gif but will this one post? Posting gif...
Open file (2.08 MB 2736x3648 vee_pathetic.jpg)
Open file (5.44 KB 137x56 ClipboardImage.png)
>Followers only chat Wew. When did this start happening. So much for making a burner to jump on that.
BORING Гунт NIGHT https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>87657 As long as you follow his channel for a bit you can talk.
Open file (393.95 KB 1926x2970 YUrAa2q.jpg)
>>87646 >us >calling us pedos >"muh gayop" Oh, so this is the new gaytor id
Open file (308.73 KB 459x397 redralph.png)
look at the state of this fat cunts face does he break out in hives under stress?
Open file (80.21 KB 680x680 EisSqXlXYAYSfnB.jpg)
>>87660 Only if Gaytor is a tradthot e-grifter
>>87661 Or rosacatia/acne from all the shit he eats, greasy skin etc.
>>87661 >>87663 I think he has stress induced Psoriasis, which is exacerbated by alcohol, he has these weird giant red patches all over his skin that look like healing skin consistently
>>87648 A lot of bluechecks are going after him and another ironybro, trying to get them kicked off platforms right now, including Tim Heidecker.
Here's the best instance of Redditkur being confronted with him opening a Patreon, by fucking Sargon no less. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0gQ5bTP7H8&t=19m53s
Open file (40.86 KB 521x534 ClipboardImage.png)
Gaydor is hitting on Cassandra Fairbanks. CRINGE.
dsp is very wise
>>87648 /cow/, sing along! We love our cops Our law enforcement
Open file (435.32 KB 1076x532 luv cops.png)
>>87648 >>87670 We love our cops Our law enforcement
>>87671 baked could smell a shekel if it was underwater
>>87645 He probably has rosacea or maybe some strain of STD from cheating on his gfs and hooking up with strangers in hotel rooms in Williamsburg (cheating on Faith btw). jcaesar187 spend 2 days in a Williamsburg hotel the day the sex tape leaked. He was hooking up with a hoe and plying her with drugs. That is the Гунт's dating strategy. Hitting up local girls in Richmond or around mama's shack, usually black, and then offering drugs and alcohol "I'm up, ur up. HMU. I got purple diesel lol. F that class. 27 White male." He has to drug them heavily on booze and drugs before he even has a chance with them with beer googles and then they still reject him. Ade described another incident where Гунт did this with another girl but she didn't fuck him so it's safe to assume Гунт was cheating on Fai-fai the day the sex tape released when he was hiding out in a hotel for 2 days. He might just be a red-face alcoholic.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsD_W3ty0gY Monday Miscellany - Elections, Corona, Princeton Pays the Woke Toll
>>87668 Gaydur is a dubsfag
Open file (12.79 MB 498x473 ltgrun.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDYWb2gIBb8 LOW TIER GOD STREAM 10/12/2020/ GREEN CHAT ONLY
Open file (325.15 KB 700x784 seething-greasy-gunt.jpg)
>>87661 ENHANCED
>>87638 >Earwinson was crying on discord Whos discord?
>>87668 Member commie sub? Toad McKinley members.
Open file (14.14 KB 247x316 really,_white_nigger.jpg)
>>87682 >those stupid fucking pants
Open file (1.27 MB 627x1270 Hungon.png)
Supreme court confirmation cross exam. https://tube.rocksrocksrocks.rocks/G​AMERGATE/Гунтstream
>>87686 Uh, no. More like it ends where his sack is
>>87686 That's his cell phone niggеr
Open file (90.31 KB 872x630 FormerAssociate.png)
Is he talking about Nora again?
>>87689 >>87690 cope harder, tiny white man dicks Quadroons like Sargon have inherited the BBC
>>87691 Funny how he's willing to admit he's chronically late for everything and drinks on a daily basis but completely lost his shit at Tiny's throwaway comment that he's a barely functional alcoholic.
>>87691 >I'm incapable of planning more than two hours in advance That doesn't mitigate the barely functional part at all.
>>87692 >I watch too much porn, known for its documentary-like reflection of reality
Open file (2.15 MB 192x360 360.mp4)
Why are you simping over a hoe that's flatter than a 2Dimensional image? If you need to coompost at least bring in new cocks.
Open file (622.48 KB 447x447 1551153426.gif)
Why did РРР cuck to Ethаn Rаlph? And moreover why does he have sycophantic fams who seemingly respect the Stаrfish-Homosexual after his cuck'ning?
>>87698 >Toad McKinley Cucked He has just moved on to other cocks bickers the Гунт has reached peak boredom. Even the alogs have found better shit to do. Once the Гунт makes another hilarious mistake he'll get alogged again, but until then only bots and the mentally retarded will watch the Гунт.
>trsperg unironically sucking the cock of douglas mackey and the soyrony bros >trsperg unironically shilling for douglas mackey after ghoul gave him aids in a trs pool party >trsperg agreeing with muttni to own the /cow/fags Sad! Nothing new under the sun. >>87628 >Will try not to denounce organised Germanism in the process Rent free.
Open file (9.77 KB 654x339 diddlerdown.png)
>>87702 Clear pedophobia.
Open file (179.42 KB 475x801 tim.png)
as a matter of fact, it was probably YOU who got him banned. Please Tim, don't let the Гунт get away with this attack on your honor.
Open file (17.32 KB 241x483 Sn6O8J5h.jpg)
>>87699 this sounds like pure cope from a Stаrfish-Homosexual acolyte. >>87701 >TRSodomite unironically sucking the cock of Stаrfish-Homosexual they fell for the ebin forced "/ourguy/" meme to shill e-celebrity worship. >TRSodomite unironically thinks that bickers someone is mocking the morbidly obeys РРР that they are in support of soyrony bros unironically missing the irony of thinking the РРР and his butt hole surfing fwiend is going to save the white race. The Low IQ takes of the Stаrfish-Homosexual acolyte's are unbounded.
Open file (689.69 KB 1080x565 PPP_dab_1.png)
>>87705 >why doesn't X lolcow zleb does what i want bickers he managed to gather a following of 2-3000 foxdicks and normalfags whilst you didn't
Open file (685.17 KB 666x635 1501412423683.png)
>>87706 >muh favoret e-celebirty sub count justifies his flaming homosexuality <unironically the same rational fanboys gave to defend their heros when everyone started dunking on Sarg'n and the Гунт the absolute state of nu/cow/
>>87707 Larping as the TRSperg is one the saddest things you have done, faggot. Stop seeking attention like an e-whore and log off the internet.
>Gym's twitter is just unbridled out in the open cancer Q&A Aauagghh thats how you know it's serious
>>87709 >redditkur last streamed so long ago I'm actually starting to forget the horror of his 2+ hour long paypigchats sessions.
Open file (474.15 KB 421x630 elatedsurfer.png)
>>87711 Why didn't Mom just go and knock on the door of the basement to ask?
>>87705 >not only are you a trsodomite for calling me out >but you are also an ashtonfag Classic TRSperg as fuck
>>87708 >larping
>>87696 You call garbage, "kino." Lol. Censored. Low-quality. Fake moans.That awful breathing right into the iPhone's shitty microphone bc she doesn't have a sound-dampener/wind screen for wind noise. Filming vertically like a retard so it's like you're looking through a thin door instead of just turning the phone horizontally and providing a widescreen shot. Her bf's penis or presence is still being hidden to not break her simps' (YOU) hearts and cause a drop in donations. Visibly uglier from when she was 17 or 18 and just putting on elf ears. She's only got a couple years left of this before she'll be too ugly to get donations from fat incels. Psyche! The only people dumber than this bimbo are the lonely fatsos that donate to her and repost her everywhere. And those retards get what they deserve. Imagine being a actual simp. Y'know how orthodox Jews wake up every day and say some prayer about thanking god they're not a woman or not a goyim. Kinda based honestly. Well, I wake up every day and take a second to reflect that I'm not a simp like yourself. Thank God. Be-lle laughs at you in private and you will never fuck her, simp.
Open file (392.48 KB 1028x761 600011984041.png)
>>87704 In another episode of "jcaesar187 is doing damage control, so let's see what they were actually doing". https://web.archive.org/web/20201012005710/https://twitter.com/LABasedComedian/status/1315456413334863872
Open file (4.06 MB 448x338 belle3.gif)
>>87716 Seeth harder, Muttni. Bellе is better than you at everything and has over a million followers.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkMBXazQRx4 Foreign Interference in the US Election
>>87711 mom! MOOOOOOM! come look, beardson posted it again!
>>87719 is it muh russia?
Open file (99.95 KB 594x659 dude seriously why.PNG)
Vito just does this shit right under jcaesar187's Гунт
Open file (316.89 KB 375x426 1601062573401.png)
>>87716 >Visibly uglier from when she was 17 or 18 and just putting on elf ear As you know Britanny that applies to all women, your attractiveness and fetility drastically drops after the age of 20 as a 27 year old women you know this well. Your aging womb screaming at you to be impregnated again, that time of the month?
Open file (501.46 KB 444x250 crazy laugh drink.gif)
>>87718 >Posts a grainy gif of a Silent Hill-esque body bouncing on a curved dildo. It looks like shit. So stupid-looking! Haha. You just can't make this shit up. Whatever floats your boat, simp. Enjoy being cucked. >"She has so many followers! I'm star-struck!" Uh, yeah. Porn hookers can get very famous for prostituting themselves on film. Sasha Gray, Riley Reid, Jenna Jameson, Mia Khalifa. They're decent-looking and prostitute themselves on camera. Hence, they get more followers. That's it. All famous and all probably have 1 million followers somewhere but probably all took black dick up their anuses on camera too. Not really something to be proud of. It's like being famous for being a school shooter or bc you're Jeffrey Dahmer and raped corpses or ate humans' body parts. And yeah, sex sells. Any shitty porn video will have a million views just bc it's sex. So what? It's like dangling meat in front of a dog and being shocked that the dog salivates for it. Lol. What's more impressive or funny is your veiled-fuming and impotence over being a simp and a cuck.
Open file (148.24 KB 868x425 guntstalkingawhore.png)
Open file (3.38 MB 5728x924 shamereel.png)
Something about glass houses.
>>87726 >critics This thot was nice to him too, and he still hated her bickers he thinks he deserves only praise for his every belch.
Open file (370.67 KB 500x281 1431649576309.gif)
>>87726 I don't get it. I don't see her mention him anywhere. She looks like one of Toad McKinley's exhibitionist fans though, which is rather good timing. https://archive.is/https://twitter.com/LovinPesos*
>>87728 She would post boob shots and opaque twat shots, so she is fuck in the head, but she was polite and constructive in her criticism of him, and he still blocked her, which is something an absolute WOMANLY BITCH would do.
>>87691 Imagine being late to pick up your wife from an airport who is flying halfway around the world to suckle on your Гунт in an age where you can literally track flights with flight tracking apps. so you can see in realtime if the flights on time or not. How do you even be late? If the plane was early, no ones gonna get upset, but if your later than the estimated arrival time you are just a degenerate. It is a total disrespect and I am glad nora left him. Show's a total lack of effort and care on the Гунтs part.
Open file (301.68 KB 640x360 wdytwa.webm)
>>87730 >Piss drunk at 9am when you told your fucking mother you'd take her to the hospital He does this to everyone, this is why jcaesar187 pays for everything so he has an out and even after pays them such as in the case of Nora or gives them a job, Andy. You know besides gaytor, but we're talking about people he likes and respects That's why he called himself a functional alcoholic only weeks ago, to test the waters for sympathy in case nora and ade speak out
>>87731 Missed part two, but HAHA fuck Baked. He couldn't seriously have thought being an asshole to strangers was a long term cash cow.
nooooooooo you cant just abuse the working class not my heckin wagecuckerinos nooooooooooo
>>87732 Oh you've been in the cyclical for eons unless there is another faggot who loves this webm
>>87718 I thought part Toad McKinley Delphine's appeal was that she wasn't actually a porn star. I know she used to only post lewd stuff but she had plausible deniability that she wasn't a total slut. Is she just dropping that and doing actual porn now?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcuvWCY6yEE Reviewing the ACB Confirmation Hearings
Open file (82.22 KB 1028x532 irlmeetups.png)
I'm sure this will go well.
>>87741 >lives in LA >defends CP >bug chasing So Dax the diddler is confirmed for being a faggot, kike or faggot kike.
>>87742 Back in my day we would just call him a dirty double G​AMERGATE.
Open file (7.33 MB 593x449 belle2.gif)
>>87725 >all those seeth essays kek cope, Muttni
Open file (134.81 KB 700x756 gatordestiny1.png)
Open file (197.09 KB 698x640 gatordestiny2.png)
Open file (62.24 KB 1178x286 gatordestiny3.png)
Between Taco Bell and Destiny 2, I think Shannon has been having a rough year.
>>87745 <Destiny 2 Not really oldfag game to play.
>>87745 >They balance the game based on the top, rather than the average Which is exactly what you're supposed to be fucking doing. The best players are the ones that can exploit the different weapons and game mechanics to their fullest potential. If you make balance changes based on what the players at the top do, then those balance changes will also trickle down and improve gameplay for novice and intermediate players. jcaesar187 is funny but Gaydurr actually pisses me off with his shitty opinions.
>>87748 Fuckin newfags, man
Open file (45.30 KB 680x345 sdfjo.png)
Open file (888.75 KB 498x256 tenor (7).gif)
Open file (167.34 KB 750x718 barry.jpg)
>stumble on a video of a homeless dude being interviewed who looks exactly like a mix of Kurt Russel, Elvis Presley and Gordon Ramsay
Open file (635.77 KB 1000x1600 100percent-avowed.jpg)
Open file (154.99 KB 279x256 982689262986.PNG)
>>87750 YOU MONSTER! I hope someone stops this madman before a certain beloved alcoholic loses his blue checkmark.
can someone please post the full stream link involving Earwinson, Ashton, JMK and Corey Barnhill? supposedly that is a great stream but I haven't had a chance to listen, I'm out of loop since Ashton had the retard ideia of doing the kinodrome, since then I'm barely giving any attention to him and Earwinson
>>87756 The video last night was annoying. Wasn't he making fun of Dax Simperson for only yelling into the mic? I guess if you dress like an Eyes Wide shut extra, it's OK
Open file (137.85 KB 634x557 huffervseater.png)
Open file (3.38 MB 5728x924 shamereel.png)
The shit sniffer vs the shit slurper
>>87761 based JMAA.
Open file (425.04 KB 800x753 julay siege.jpg)
>>87604 >>87605 >>87601 >>87605 >someone shit talk Ashton Parks, the obese canadian >shitcord starfish squad and G​AMERGATEchu himself show up to accuse the detractor of being Sperg of Tiamat/TRSperg/Гунтstream bogeyman
>>87763 >SoT/TRSperg are boogeymen
Open file (13.46 KB 566x597 pedochu_2d.png)
>>87764 >Niggerchu already show up once again heh, maybe try... taking it easy, little fella.
Cmon at least the Delphine sperg gets Muttni to write essays about simps. You can't even identify people by their writing voice.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwEURN9clSI IMPORTANT: The Breaking Point
>>87745 has anyone heard this deorio guy? His voice is really grating. I don't know why some people think their voices are suited for streaming.
Open file (874.53 KB 946x572 crp murdoch shirt.png)
Open file (105.17 KB 514x776 itspromo.png)
Straight from the Гунт's mouth, the Гунт tape is "promo."
>>87757 >>87758 Tranks, bros. Any other recent (like from the last month) stream is worth to listen? I need some background sound for the next two days.
Does anyone have that pic of a close up of super angry Andy face?
>>87771 I only listened to the Corey part, it was boring.
>>87770 Why yes, promo in the sense that it was free and he did not sell it.
>>87770 I get a real "totally not mad" vibe with his little !-ending zingers.
Open file (670.23 KB 344x426 tenor (8).gif)
>dick barely has more than 1k followers despite being blown up by all his big name friends
Open file (49.57 KB 660x382 rabbi-herp.jpg)
Open file (12.87 KB 300x215 OIP (6).jpeg)
Open file (14.98 KB 600x200 381490_v1.jpg)
>>87742 >defends CP >bug chasing >So Dax the diddler is confirmed for being a faggot, kike or faggot kike. Why do you like to repeat yourself?
>>87775 he's doing the tired Trump copying bit that Fuentes and the other groypers do
>>87766 You can do your best to avoid rant about Гунтstream and even try to change your writing patterns, but at the end of the day, you can't eliminate your effeminate way, Niggerchu.
>>87777 >Why do you like to repeat yourself? For emphasis.
Open file (1.78 MB 480x852 NoBody.webm)
https://youtu.be/cnmHj939R9M I'm halfway through the stream, and Asthon Parks is proving to be a disappointment once again. He for some reason thinks it is entertaining to say "wow" 46 times in the space of three hours (yes, I literally counted it every time he did it), does he think saying "wow" is a hot take? It makes the stream it be as good as Daddy Gym streams? Besides, apart from the "wow" (for someone who claims to have a high verbal IQ he repeats the words too much), he is acting like a real FAT CUNT with Surfer. >>87773 wtf pedo Barnhill is back? >>87769 blessed pic
>>87781 bet you can't prove that tiktoker is over 18
>>87783 I can prove she's under 18. My evidence: she is on tiktok.
>>87783 >>87784 seeth and cope more, Mutti
>>87781 After you have heard 5 minutes of Ashton vs JMK you have heard the whole thing. Not much changes other than JMK randomly Гунтguarding jcaesar187 in the middle for no reason. Skip to when JMK leaves and known pedophile Corey Barnhill joins to also defend the honor of TeaClips if you want a little more cocks and you are done with that stream. The start was a decent setup to lay out the groundwork for the Toad McKinley part, the rest really wasn't worth watching. Even the known pedophile Corey Barnhill part wasn't that great. Fat fuck starts with actual Toad McKinley tier arguments about pushups
>>87786 But, buddy, some people here said it's the best stream in the last two years!!!
Fat Canadian Dyke is doing an AMA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OC9jcCXKCM
>>87790 cripple had his mom with him at the strip club
>>87792 This is fucking degenerate. He likes G​AMERGATEs, he takes cripples and their moms to strip clubs - what's the difference between this christcuck and a liberal?
Open file (74.16 KB 650x444 fuckyourfaith.png)
Гунт can't help but take offense on behalf of the roosterteeth diddlers. Guess he might have something in common with them.
>>87794 Imagine being a fan of Гунт or Fatt where are those nukes already, we need a clean start
Open file (116.47 KB 737x952 sargon_tooth.jpg)
>>87795 >we You're not getting the launch codes, collectivist.
>>87796 >b0004c I miss 40008c, bros. He was the one that made Гунт sperg the fuck out originally.
Open file (1.09 MB 1557x929 345433.png)
>>87788 Ashton mumbling is like construction site in background. It's bearable until someone starts working with heavy drill. Then you need to close the window.
>>87798 >implying surfer isn't that drill >implying those are not the best parts. Surfers random interToad McKinleyons on an otherwise boring ashton stream are what can potenially make it kino.
>>87799 Heavy drill = realisation about Ashtons incoherent babbling past 15min
>>87770 >it's on pornhub <IM GONNA FLAG IT DOWN >someone will just reupload it <G-GOOD IT'S FREE PROMOTION Even DSP is a better liar.
>>87745 Very telling that he's not as the oldfag that he's flaunting people to be.
Open file (186.42 KB 473x303 2274527514.PNG)
Open file (325.15 KB 700x784 seething-greasy-gunt.jpg)
Open file (45.89 KB 1242x678 thisisfine.jpg)
>>87804 Faith is the most cucked bitch. He's constantly thinking about multiple exes and flirting with e-whores online. Meanwhile she's spawning a Гунтling for him while feeding him chicken egg salad on a paper plate and woodford reserve mixed with coke.
>>87805 Yeah,for a guy who acts like he has owned the alawgs, he sure doesn't seem happy with his life. Living well is the best revenge, which is not to be confused with proclaiming you are living well on twitter constantly
Open file (373.35 KB 740x762 adepost.png)
Open file (431.63 KB 590x786 guntstillseething.png)
>>87806 It's even more telling that he wanted a threesome with her and Ade, now he has to try extra hard to convince everyone he doesn't find her attractive to shield his hurt feelings. I wonder how Faith feels when she walks into the room and he has a picture of Ade/Nora/Jess Southern or anything with a vagina on his monitor, probably nothing considering her lack of shame due to failed parenting.
Open file (3.18 KB 151x223 GIMPgimp.png)
>>87788 >Leopirate betrayed me when he released the recording of Earwinson MEGAFAGGOT
>>87088 why is she in chelsea? shes too poor to be there
>>87809 Probably had some business or leisure/social activity in the area. She doesn't live there for sure.
>>87802 Did they...?
>>87809 >why do women go to the uk >why do women go to rome >why do women go to paris It's so they can take photos of themselves at different locations. They don't appreciate the sights nor the culture, it's all about themselves and the perception that they are cultured or travel the world rather than actually enjoying the experience.
Open file (395.73 KB 1115x821 ClipboardImage.png)
wonder how he feels knowing shalit is dead and still higher than him
>>87809 Well it's the UK, maybe she's fucking some rich oil money Muslim from instagram
>>87770 >I must have missed one when reporting them to PornHub MEGAFLAGGOT >>87775 > I get a real "totally not mad" vibe with his little !-ending zingers. It's how women "dogwhistle" how asshurt are they on the internet. It's like posting "lol" in the middle of an essay, which Jcaesar also does. >>87807 >look ma, i posted it again >>87814 > maybe she's fucking some rich oil money Muslim from instagram Muttni doesn't fuck anybody, not even for money. She's a femcel and it shows.
Open file (361.55 KB 1470x504 fuqqtgunt1.png)
Open file (89.85 KB 668x166 fuqqtgunt2.png)
Гунт is mass reporting the Гунт tape on any platform he can find it posted on, but you can just go to one of the removed videos and find two more in the related videos section. It's like a hydra, you can't stop it.
>>87786 ashton dont get upset bickers the pedo called you out for being a grifting kike. its not a good look you got blown out just accept it.
Open file (157.41 KB 520x347 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.61 MB 1343x1693 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (405.08 KB 1159x1157 ClipboardImage.png)
You can't be deleted if you delete yourself. Checkmate youtube.
>>87818 >ashton dont get upset bickers the pedo called you out for being a grifting kike Given the context I'm not sure what Eceleb you are accusing me of being, but I have never been on a livestream or in some gay Discord. I'm just an anon and I plan to stay that way. You can accept or disregard my opinion, it doesn't matter.
>>87781 >>87788 >>87798 >>87808 It just proves that W-easel and Son of Tiamat were right all along, both are a-logging Ashton way before it become cool. Yes, even before when newfags and even some few oldfags are here defending Ashton like a prophet and anyone point out how boring and shit person Ashton really is. Shit talk Asthon til some months ago = to be attacked by mobs of foxdickfarms, koigoons and other clout chasers. JMK is an autistic sperg clout chaser, he only started to a-log Ashton after it become cool like I said before, and look, Ashton only has balls to adress JMK bickers he knows very well that he should focus on low hanging fruits, but avoid to talk about W-easel for fear.
>>87819 See? Toad McKinley was also right, he warned us that it would happen in 2020 long time ago. The Alamo of internet never happened and we never had a chance to fight bickers we were busy following false prophets and distracted by being simps to thots and karens or cringe fallowers of leftist people like Cringewinson, Traut and the Canadian obese aka jcaesar187 2.0
Open file (545.50 KB 800x1300 gaytor4chan.png)
>>87821 >Ashton only has balls to adress JMK bickers he knows very well that he should focus on low hanging fruits Maybe gamers are just easy targets to take pot shots at.
Open file (63.04 KB 519x326 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (50.84 KB 600x602 ClipboardImage.png)
https://nitter.net/JFGariepy/status/1316776030099644419 >Just goes to show it doesn't help to kneel to the powerful and be a coward. What the fuck is Jay-Eff talking about? He's been cucking to YouTube for years now.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2i1TSsE7oQ By the way, Pewdiepie is having his own Pillstream. He forgot to switch to the game window so nobody can see him playing.
Open file (1.61 MB 478x360 q-ueWrsattldd27D.mp4)
Jesus, wtf happened with this place? It's no only dead, but with awful "quality". Pretty much the only "people" posting here atm are Niggerchu, JMK, Mutti, Mutti a-logs, one platefaggot, TRSperg, Sperg of Tiamat, the schizo from Гунтstream, two foxdickfarms/twitterfags and perhaps two occasional anons. Even weakload is gone.
Open file (337.35 KB 698x676 Toothless Sargon.png)
>>87829 What is he bitching about exactly? Mouthy buddha has only made like 3 videos this year about pizzagate/epstein
>>87808 >>87821 Ashton Parks does have the personality of a middle age woman with daddy issues. To this day he is bitter that LeoPirate was the one who saved the Daddy Gym stream from being boring and gay the fact that /cow/ and other Daddy Gym haters endorsed the Asian furfag's behavior while hated how pathetic the fat lefty interacted by sucking his e-daddy cock. At the same time, he is constantly seeking approval from internet e-celebs, Earwinson, Jewsh, Daddy Gym, Gonzalo, etc.
Open file (186.18 KB 719x720 asuka_thinking.jpg)
>>87832 >Weakload gets a GF >Everything dies and becomes shit
>>87837 I'm happy for him in fact of course but i do miss him least he was a laugh
>>87837 >>87838 ex-gf, he's dating her again, she broke up with with the somali dude bickers of money and run back to weakload would be really funny if she's expecting a muttie baby and weakload end up raising a Toad McKinley 2.0
Open file (29.72 KB 400x400 Fy7Jub_B_400x400.jpg)
>>87839 <dating a coal burner
>>87839 i knew he was back with his ex remember him saying but if she was fucking a somali hes well getting aids lol
>>87840 >>87843 tfw I said somali for meme reasons, I only know she was dating an immigrant by one of his rants and weakload is from norway/sweden, so him being somali would be a guess. >tfw he never had a crp and weakload stream
>>87844 well your dubs pretty much confirms it lad so i dunno what to tell you, you memed weakload into having aids
>>87845 Does that mean he's AIDSload now?
>>87846 he is to me
>>87842 Shut up, Muttni
>>87848 can we get image filters so I don't have to see disgusting whores anymore
>>87849 You would have to get a filter in your mirror then.
>>87850 >look I posted it again
Open file (1.07 MB 1888x1022 1602684245475.png)
>>87854 *Half an English degree to go with half an ear.
>>87854 Couldn't fix the font color? At least on the forward slashes to try and pass it off as some color scheme rather than a half assed reorganising of another chart.
Open file (294.65 KB 360x270 denpa_onna.gif)
Gifs dropping again then?
>>87856 He copied it from cuck/g/, and the original chart is from cuck/sci/.
Open file (185.27 KB 209x193 Honking_maximum.gif)
Wasn't actually a gif issue; misnamed file extension. Suppose webp's aren't supported.
Open file (54.83 KB 1024x535 d77.jpg)
Open file (216.91 KB 548x670 3ff.png)
Open file (65.41 KB 244x352 bbc.png)
Open file (484.24 KB 1080x1020 3ff (1).png)
Open file (267.05 KB 640x272 Clipped Brits.mp4)
>>87854 Nice incel chart
>>87860 StephenLynx is a N​IGGER uses the filetype that your browser passes without checking the mime-type itself.
Open file (430.57 KB 800x1300 surfergaytor.png)
>>87861 Surfer is every but a /cow/ as he is based. Why does weakload make (you) seethe this much? >tranny/pol/ <if I make carbon copies of old /pol/ memes but make them nazis I own the natzees In this case its just a generic soyjak edit it is always the same with tranny/pol/, unoriginal.
>>87866 >Surfer is every but a /cow/ as he is based What the fuck are you trying to say?
*Surfer is every bit a /cow/ as he is based. And a damn entertaining lolcow
Open file (8.82 MB 640x480 Calling Optics.webm)
I am watching the 6 hours The Baked Bonanza stream, asthon himself is being really low energy and not delivery any cocks, but Baked and Surfer are making it pure kino >>87867 he's the sperg who usually write essays about john pedo, G​AMERGATEchu and ashton, just ignore, he give bad optics to the Гунтstream
Open file (33.50 KB 1172x334 sneakdissing.png)
Open file (8.53 KB 300x366 alogplease2d.png)
The truth hurts
Open file (45.57 KB 497x604 IMG_20200808_210226.jpg)
Now, being honest, the people who hate Surfer are /trannypol/, JMK, Tea Clips the mongolion hapa whale is lurking around here and maybe posting as well and Surfer shit talked her some time ago, 3c8228 (no sure if he's TRSperg), foxdickfarms that believe they are better than him, any Skeptics who still around, Gaytor and Dingo, and ofc Sperg of Tiamat and Phantom Furfag. Oh, maybe platefags as well. So yeah, Surfer is /ourguy/ and his haters are scum.
Open file (146.76 KB 615x412 gib-julay-sargon.jpg)
>>87871 That's dangerous levels of collectivism there mayte. If I ever see you in real life, identify yourself to me.
Open file (9.71 KB 699x753 EjtBUe_XcAAHdhI.png)
Open file (162.44 KB 1216x717 1409773601836.jpg)
>>87871 >/ourguy/ <hur dur this egotist e-celebrity is totz legit bros all you need to do is sign up for his gumroad <hur dur trust me bros egotism isn't totally against the spirit of anonymity be sure to upboat! and fallow /ourguy/ on twitter!! nіgger that fed shit is ebin. The problem with Surfer is his fat homosexual fwiend that is dead weight tying him down
Open file (1.01 MB 1282x720 drexel nooooooo.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udCbISO9H-E It's a Call-In Show with Drex and KF Ken Jennings
Open file (875.98 KB 576x1024 1600559312039.webm)
oh no no no no no no no no no no hahahahaha OK I mean jajajajaja no no no jajajajajaja Mundane Matt jaajjajaja= Matt turned off his like/deslike for the new stream, also for the last streams his jannies are deleting comments and banning people from the chat.
Open file (541.75 KB 710x677 EkIY9adXgAAxwWU.png)
>>87874 Seeth harder, pedo scalyfag.
Open file (43.53 KB 769x581 Mundanefatt_5.jpg)
>>87874 >>87878 Oh. My bad, you're JMK, not the sperg scaly. Even tho =you're a boring autistic fag, JMK, and by far the worst Ashton a-log. Surfer is way more beloved by people and a better man than (you) >>87879 His chat is full of unironically liberalfags, all the 20 of his views. Monograph at least owned Mister Redditkur and has 1000 boomers watching him. Monograph once again proving to be the true king troll of ibs
Open file (12.79 MB 498x473 ltgrun.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_BCk633hN8 LOW TIER GOD STREAM 10/15/2020/ PUBLIC CHAT FOR ONE HOUR Finally, where has this nigga been all week?
Open file (3.23 MB 1522x1017 legion of poz.png)
>>87876 >>87879 >>87880 The faggot actually has discordspics as his chat mods! And foxdickfarms as well! And I got banned for saying that Corey Barnhill is a pedo, Jewsh Moon is shota lover a plategang is full of shitskins with low IQ!!! Which one probably made me be banned? Take your guess.
Open file (28.10 KB 330x470 surferdisdain.JPG)
Does anyone have the Spoony restream of Ashton's stream? Was it saved anywhere? >>87861 Cringe.
god, why the board is more slow then usual? >>87883 this one? https://www.bitchute.com/video/mgmNkoCWoubW/
>>87853 >seething kek
>>87193 >JMK is so autistic and stupid he don't noticed he is talking about himself as well imagine being an awful a-log clout chaser.
>>87884 >god, why the board is more slow then usual? Nothing's happening. With baked gone, everything died. Last semi-interesting thing that happened is fuentes confronting tim heidecker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaGkaBI9qFg&feature=youtu.be&t=3055
>>87887 Sad, Baked was really delivery some cocks of course in fact, what happened with the schizo girl btw? I honestly don't care about Nick trying to look "based n redpilled", only when it's about exposing him as faggot.
Open file (341.66 KB 640x360 identify_yourself.mp4)
Open file (1.60 MB 1712x1080 Optics.png)
>>87869 >sperg >bad optics DON'T SAY DON'T FUCKING CALL ME BAD OPTICS WHEN I COME HERE AND TYPE AUTISTIC ESSAYS ABOUT OTHER AUTISTS ON THE INTERNET WITH THE ACTUAL DANGER THIS POSES TO MY REPUTATION! FUCK YOURSELF AND IF I EVER SEE YOU IN REAL LIFE IDENTIFY YOURSELF TO ME! see what I'm saying NO NO FUCK YOU DON'T CALL ME BAD OPTICS I was the number one Гунтstream defender in fact of course >>87888 Her "trailertrash" father told her to not go with kiked alaska, so I don't think she went with him, ngl the sammy chronicles were short-lived, but kino, anyone have the archived? I missed a lot of it
>>87888 Hope he comes back on dlive and finishes the sammy arc. There's still the RV trip. The fuentes vid is interesting if only to see heidecker go from "let's be friends little buddy" to "you are destroying this country".
Open file (109.21 KB 1024x896 nick&cat.jpg)
>>87890 Honestly the ironic part of spic calling out eric for being a pedo is he himself is associated with a pedophile, but gaypers and fuentes swear to gawd that pedosocks is ironically a pedophile so I guess it is okay. I also know about the scamuel hyde allegations but don't know if they were ever confirmed, I just know sam fucked a tranny. and spic loves sam and was white knighting him against tim kikedecker
>>87786 >Ashton didn't get PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD by known pedophile corey barnhill Keep pretending (you) didn't get destroyed by corey ray barnhill the known pedophile, of all fucking people Ashton, on top of that JMK's massive autism and tard strengh inability to perceive social cues and the fact that (you) and earwinson were making fun of him proved to be a decent match for (you) two faggots as well. All of (you) are faggots, earwinson, pedo organization, JMK, (you) ashton, and of course corey ray barnhill the pedophile. YET YOU ARE SO PATHETIC YOU GAVE FUCKING COREY OF ALL PEOPLE THE VICTORY Darren Thompson proves every day that he is the firstfag, he fistfucked corey off the internet for an entire fucking year. HEIL THE FIRSTFAG
Open file (487.38 KB 2048x1583 Peak Optics.jpg)
Open file (118.93 KB 1667x929 pedosocks_still_gay.jpg)
>>87893 The deepest lore is that pedosocks was soliciting little girls and boys on fortikike, he also has tons of illegal in based aussieland lolikike posters on his walls.
>>87894 He lives in burger land now. His fan base is equally disturbed, like that one guy that went on a cuckoldry plebbit thing and hooked up with some old chick while her husband watched. One of his moderators was a kid from NZ as well.
>>87894 >soliciting little girls and boys on fortikike bickers everyone knows the quickest way into their pants is to make a bet that they won't win a battle royale
Open file (86.12 KB 1080x720 Beardson shorty.jpg)
>>87895 This was originally going to be a simple response but it turned into a little dump/review of information on nick the spic, might post more later That faggots name is partygoy or whatever, hes actually one of spics number one capos or vees when it comes to /cow/ or CUNT pirate, and had partygoy come into leos small discord and on his small streams to defend spic and pedosocks honor, he also used to and probably still does shill here as he was one of spics many defenders on 8/cow/ when spic and his minions discovered the a-logs SLANDEROUS claims making fun of against him. also that story is fake as fuck Most of spics capos are degenerates, jews, or both. also washed-up alt-kike e-celebs Beardson: >civnat cuck >changed political opinions now that spic grew popular >now "america first gayper" >basically alt-kike-lite Shawn: >ruined his families life by joining identity euorvpa >unironic TRSodomite who used to have a podcast on there >once life got fully ruined by fedsville he became a counter-signaling civnat who hated the alt-kike <like white nationalism is like gay <like be catholic <like uhh fuck gays but non-whites flooding the country is okay as long as they are catholic Kiked alaska: >cuck >jew >actually a leftist but grifts to whatever makes him money Jaden or whatever that faggot from infowars is, and sharlet, who is ded now, both seem to be kind of faggots, their was also this boomer named joe the boomer that used to run some spic fuentes after-show called the daily brap. All of Fuentes fans and capos are overall divided into washed-up alt-kikers like anglin, kiked alaska, and shawn, and nuzoomers who want to be an e-celeb. His fans are two types of faggots, normalfags who are jumping on a band wagon: <like if you like don't like believe christ like your a queer buddy t. random spic fuentes fan who follows a homosexual And of course the spergy, straight up faggot zoomers who blindly follow fuentes without word. A lot of these fans are masochistic bickers fuentes treats his fans like absolute shit, he blocks his fans for the dumbest reasons, he has a massive ego. <like I blocked this guy like bickers his cocks like sucked. <ye like I am banning this guy <yes he gave me money folks but if you send dumb superchats I am just going to ban you Spic can't even read his paypigs superchats, but unlike most gym fans spics fans seem to get off when fuentes degrades the and treats them like shit, either that or they grow tired of the faggot and become his personal twitter a-logs, @_GROYPER and the daily grifter are two examples of twitter accounts that used to be fans of fuentes but now a-log him 24/7. Overall fuentes is a disgusting faggot and a massive hypocrite who is guilty of everything he accuses his detractors of. NICKOLAS FUENTES OR SPICOLAS JEW FUENTES IS A FAGGOT, SPIC FUENTES IS A LIAR, SPIC FUENTES IS A COWARD, AND SPIC FUENTES IS A PIECE OF SHIT Another example of a spic fanboy was this one faggot during the Гунтstream with leo and pedosocks <UHHHH THE CHURCH FATHERS >leo: okay... <UHHHH YOUR A FUCKING FAGGOT AND YOUR LIKE MISREADING THE BIBLE >Leo: please tell me how I am misreading it <LIKE THE ROCK <LIKE THE ROCK OF THE CHURCH IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ITS THE ONE TRUE FUCKING CHURCH AND YOUR FUCKING HOMOSEXUAL FOR NOT BEING CATHOLIC CUNT pirate took him aside pretty easily and pretty sure the Toad McKinley booted him for being autistic but he eventually came back later and said something around the lines of <LIKE I SEE WHY MEN LIKE TRAPS LIKE I CAN SEE THE ARGUMENT FOR IT... This is the average spic fuentes fan.
>>87892 odd the last time they were on stream together he completely bulldozed shannon into tears and he hasnt used a soundboard since. the guy is so terrified of the pedo he brings him up all the time like he would last 5 seconds against him. the guy just wipes the floor with everyone he argues with cause he is too autistic to stop.
Open file (12.24 KB 191x255 siegethot hand sign.jpg)
Open file (2.28 MB 2000x2000 Shannon_Gaines_.png)
Open file (77.37 KB 424x472 fatassincel_2d.png)
>>87897 almost forgot to say this but to extend on the point that the soyrony bros used to be civnats but they now act like they were always "amnats" or basically gayper-speak for nu-alt-kike, but their is a decent stream from the faggots at /bybs/ or /byr/ at that point where the soyrony bros came on and CUNT pirate, ancapistan, cryogenes, and jeffstiny or whatever that NEET's name was mopped the floor with them, and also where they continually argued for civnat shit contrary to their now new fuentes-adjusted beliefs. >>87898 Corey doesn't fair well against someone who will either talk over his autism or doesn't take his crap, an easy way to make him feel uncomfortable is to simply bring up the fact that he is a pedophile, siegethot and the drunk latvian did that and corey was coping pretty fast. ITS NAWT TRUUUU SHANNON FISTFUCKED COREY BARNHILL, 3DANONS WORKS ARE TRUTH Gaytor if (you) are reading this, I know (you) are bring back the soundboard.
>>87886 >JMK rose
Open file (29.60 KB 472x404 86298369286.PNG)
Open file (33.78 KB 477x494 8298598256.PNG)
Open file (147.63 KB 280x267 8269826928986.PNG)
>>87902 He's right though. Trout is a faggot hypocrite.
>>87902 i remember Kraut was supposed to have some debate with daddy Toad McKinley about his doxcord and it ended up just being Kraut taking his licks like an abused puppy while sucking daddy Toad McKinley's cock
Open file (37.42 KB 469x394 829982982698256.PNG)
>no Elliot Rodgers for Toad McKinleymy *coof coof*
>>87903 Well, yeah, of course. I just would like this arc develop more >>87904 Dull stream on the whole. Very little fireworks
Open file (197.32 KB 474x306 185891298263.PNG)
>>87905 >I've got a new disease so you can't pin me down with facts and symptoms and live expectancy rates
Open file (32.05 KB 474x439 9815829829.PNG)
Open file (1.36 MB 968x1044 Gym.png)
>>87907 *coof coof* Can't livestream *coof* Going to the doctor's office later this week *coof*
>>87902 Is that really Sargon? I'm following him now for the hell of it.
>>87909 The one and only
>>87910 Nice and I'm happy that he's still at it with his anti-white nonsense. God forbid whites in Western Europe should fight for their self-determination and preservation.
Open file (16.04 KB 473x168 8262836236.PNG)
>>87911 Yeah with everyone else slowing down I would like things to pick up in this corner of it, though Dax's Tampa shitshow might be something.
Open file (1.92 MB 498x333 jayde.gif)
>>87905 >i'd rather spend whatever time i have left working to make sure my Wife is financial taken care of NO TIME FOR SICK, YOU WORK NOW, YOU STOP READING CARTOON AND GO MAKE MUNNY
>>87912 Think of the poor, poor Muslims and negroes, you fucking scum! Remember what Locke said!
Open file (46.91 KB 627x529 send help.jpg)
>>87908 >heh chyat, I smoke 5 packs of cigarettes a day, what can go wrong heh
Open file (438.43 KB 578x523 ClipboardImage.png)
>>87902 The thing Stepfather was calling based is this article It's obviously a joke and maybe even a jab at his own past poorly-worded remarks but Kraut is autistic so he doesn't understand jokes. Is a Stepfather vs Kraut face to face stream in the cards at all?
What happened with the RV6 thing? Is it going to happen? Will Sammy be there?
>>87917 Fingers crossed. >>87914 Like the bitch can't go work herself. Fucking cuck.
>>87918 It should be starting tonight. I don't know whether Sammy is going.
>>87917 Kind of funny considering some fags were citing exposé videos as harassment in the workplace around time of the recentish leafy videos.
About Sammy, I didn't fail to notice that she looks like a character from the series Arrested Developed called Rita Leeds aka Hot potato, literally a childish retard woman, one of the characters falls in love and fails to see that she is mentally ill and after finally noticing it he try to cope and keep dating her, exactly like Baked, JF and jcaesar187 do, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYM6qv-za8w btw I have no doubt that some foxdickfarms or e-celeb will "steal" this my "hot take" like they did before, after all they lurk here to steal oc's and the fantastic High IQ takes from >us like the G​AMERGATEs and kikes they are. >>87889 I was curious how you would react about I calling you sperg and bad optics, I must say that I felt a little disappointed, I was missing you tho, bro. About Sammy, I enjoyed the kino chronicles about her, she is better than Faith methteeh or Momma JF even tho Momma JF by herself is way more funny than many other main e-celebs, it is bizarre to see this woman in her late 30s dressing up, talking and acting like a child. But Baked finally delivered some cocks after all and he rose in my ranks and opinions thanks to this, and I enjoyed Ashton streaming Baked otherwise I would had missed all it, even tho Ashton himself only added "wow" while re streaming Baked without any good comments or cocks from himself, really low energy and lack of soul. Surfer once again showed to be the true kino master and the funny commentator. >>87890 Nick is just boring to me, I find him pathetic in many levels, but I can't laugh at him so I ignore when it's just him, I need someone else making fun of him to enjoy watching him or listening about him. >>87891 >Honestly the ironic part of spic calling out eric for being a pedo is he himself is associated with a pedophile this is so common on the internet today in various spheres. >>87894 >>87895 And yet, from what I heard, he is extremely shilled on cuckchan and discord server as based e-celeb for zoomers. Obviously organic shilling! >>87903 >>87904 >>87917 Stepfather is always above Trout. I will not pretend that Trout is now based and redeemed himself only bickers Earwinson and his fat puppet said so, I have no doubt that Trout is one of the megafaggots looking at Surfer with contempt and believing to be superior to him, like all those /trannypol/ and foxdickfarms schizo losers.
>>87917 >pic If only that actually meant anything.
Open file (162.22 KB 1280x720 ragecartoon.jpg)
>>87922 >I will not pretend that Trout is now based and redeemed himself only bickers Earwinson and his fat puppet said so, I have no doubt that Trout is one of the megafaggots looking at Surfer with contempt and believing to be superior to him, like all those /trannypol/ and foxdickfarms schizo losers. Foxdick and the Ear brigade used to push "Kraut is redeemed he can laugh at himself now" narrative and did the same with Mundane Matt and now jcaesar187 but they don't get it. There isn't a naughty or nice list for ecelebs. There is only a gay list. Everyone remembers what Kraut truly believes.
>>87922 >I have no doubt that Trout is one of the megafaggots looking at Surfer with contempt and believing to be superior to him Kraut is just lying in wait for his opportunity to wage war on the "alt-right" again, you can see his seething slip through when he attacks individuals in that sphere through twitter or his shitpost videos, this is why I believe CRP removed himself entirely to avoid association with Kraut, though that said he did comment on one of his videos that got removed/hidden not that long ago I forget the name of Come to think of it, back in 2017 didn't Kraut claim to have a list of everyone who wronged him?
>>87925 Right now is the best time Kraut could start a war against the altright. He no longer has to fear Sargon or JF and can now go full bore. He also has the benefit of his enemies being systematically erased from youtube and social media. Biden wins, he was itoldyaso. Dup wins he was a rebel soothsayer. If Kraut was a smart strategist he'd begin his attack on the altright now.
SC2 for a couple hours, then covering political stuffs for a while @ 1400 PST onwards https://www.destiny.gg/bigscreen
>>87922 foxdick farms will no doubt steal your take. Foxdick faggots have ruined this whole thing in my opinion. They are so cringe and just as pathetic and lame as Гунт and his gang. It's also hilarious they simp for Гунтs alien headed speed freak ex gf. Not to mention they flood Гунтs thread all day with useless shit and shilling of their shit restreams... and that makes it hard for anyone on the outside to collect the core points and events of the Гунт saga.
>>87926 Kraut has no army or ammunition anymore to shield him from his worse optics and regardless of what he claims everyone remembers his doxxing server and trying to give out CRP's dox to multiple people, Surfer could probably take him down single handedly
Open file (460.29 KB 1780x1480 327986493.png)
>>87929 You know one day Surfer gonna kill Ashton in most gruesome way.
Open file (455.11 KB 736x676 surfer.png)
>>87930 I dunno know about that buddy, we've never even seen Surfer with an angry expression
>>87927 Ironically liking Destiny is still gay. He's still a pedophile liberal.
>>87929 In a fist fight irl bloodsports Surfer would probably kill everybody. I cant think of a single person in IBS Surfer wouldn't strangle or beat to death. Maybe some of the guys Donga queered out to if they count.
Tiny's currently talking about Robin Hood's chuckles tweets.
>>87932 I'm just filling in for Goku.
>>87935 Just remember Destiny is a retarded autist just like Coach who came here tryign to give his hot tips on casinos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVDgo3CQSe0
Open file (432.81 KB 500x787 davina_kissu.jpg)
>>87929 >Kraut has no army or ammunition anymore to shield him from his worse optics >shield His army was a liability in that regard.
Open file (277.27 KB 606x587 ClipboardImage.png)
>>87938 Hmmfph hmmfph mffhp it was all Davina's doing
>>87939 >doesn't know the difference between "personal" and "personnel" But I'm sure he's an engineer by now
Surfer needs to give me a full body shot so I can make 2d picture of him as gatsu in fact of course. Surfer is the true black swordsman, hunting down e-celebs like the trash they are and giving them the brutal deaths they deserve. would honestly be pretty based to see surfer go down to 1501 bangle drive and beating Гунт to death would be based
Open file (6.85 MB 1280x720 sharksong.mp4)
Hey Muttni do something cute the Shark girl is stealing your shrimps.
Open file (341.03 KB 472x708 Godwinson Baron Edge.jpg)
>>87941 Under that framework Adam -> Griffith Ashton -> Caska A twink amasses an militia, wages a bit of war with the lads. Corrupts and mind breaks the lover of the protagonist. Surfer sets out on a journey to bring Ashon back to his senses and strike back at a world corrupted by evil.
Open file (60.43 KB 750x672 EikqSfIU0AAaRrV.jpg)
Open file (2.43 MB 678x832 uf8d59.mp4)
>>87905 >I want to spend the time I have left working so my wife is financially secure So why isn't Gym making cocks then, He doesn't have a paypig account to fall back on anymore right?
>>87945 Not since Гунт flagged it down.
Open file (1.90 MB 1097x1600 koi_moth.png)
Wew lad. I don't know why.
Open file (7.17 MB 1280x720 Fiveish Niggerchased.mp4)
>>87947 Lmao
>>87942 >>87944 Kys pedo
Open file (1.76 MB 10000x10000 1601644532830.jpg)
>>87949 googoo gaga lol
Open file (429.14 KB 498x278 a.gif)
Open file (16.97 KB 590x93 basedgawr.JPG)
>>87949 cope tranny
Friendly remember, even tho Kraut and Son of Tiamat hate each other, both are right about Rageafterstorm being a tranny. The cringelords simping for her don't care nor know anything about politics, it's just some mob incel mentality. I hate Kraut myself and fought against him and his army bickers of what he did back then, including against >her, but I did it for justice and it was funny to see Toad McKinley destroying Kraut, but you need to be an incel and very pathetic to find her attractive or have done it just bickers you are a simp and enjoy to larp as an epic memelord. Surfer is not different, some cringelords are trying to turning him into a sacred golden cow, the gay version of rageafterstorm since catboys are the hot stuff atm -not trannies-.
>>87953 Surfer isn't a sacred cow, he just doesn't grift despite that he could easily at this point and names the Jew whenver the nose is exposed so whats there to critisize?
>>87952 >tranny Trannies are pedophiles, you're a pedophile. Kys pedotranny
>>87953 >cringelords >seething this hard about surfer >I fought against kraut LE EBIN MEME WAR OF 2017 TRU OLDFAGS MEMBER Identify yourself.
>>87959 Not gonna lie, former Son of Tiamat supporter. It's fucking hilarious watching him seethe and cope, but in all seriousness we can't let him get his hands on the reptiles.
>>87958 Hey muttni, I agree that most of shark lolis fans are pedos but I know the only reason why you are attacking pedokikes is bickers shark loli is stealing your simps. Also the shark loli is cute and I do find her cute without wanting to have sex with her since I am not a pedophile, however according to your video any man who finds a cute anime loli cute is a pedo, DAS HORSESHIT MUTTNI Even if shark loli is a man with a voice changer >she is still doing better than you muttni. Here is to 800k subs for shark loli, finally the Гунт will declare she is of legal age as it really depends on the sub count. chuckles
Open file (880.41 KB 375x304 you_think_this_is.gif)
Open file (430.57 KB 800x1300 surfergaytor.png)
>>87960 Only true /pol/ oldfags remember blueshare.
Open file (438.15 KB 900x818 1600960859734.png)
>>87961 >Even if shark loli is a man with a voice changer That's nonsense Britanny and other internet prostitutes been trying to spread for a long time bickers they're mad as fuck it's more socially acceptable to give money to anime vtubers than roastie thots and their simps are jumping ship in huge numbers, even pokimane smelt the winds of change >b-but they're not real girls, you can't have sex with them And yet you can't compete gura is senzawa btw and is ironically the oldest of the holo_EN girls
Open file (186.99 KB 1571x1286 lewdshark.jpg)
>>87961 >the shark loli is cute and I do find her cute without wanting to have sex with her Keep telling yourself that.
>>87963 >gura is senzawa btw Was that ever confirmed or is it still just a rumor?
>>87964 She is a little girl, I am not attracted to little girls as I am not from /nippon/, /v/, mark mann, or known pedophile koirey barnhill.
Open file (63.00 KB 700x700 EisKIsbXsAIeM3M.jpg)
>>87964 >Lewding the shark Gura doesn't even have boing boing >>87965 You didn't listen to the karaoke stream?
>>87966 If it was actually a little girl in a shark themed hoodie you wouldn't watch her play video games for hours while talking about how cute she is, theres clearly a disconnect and that disconnect should allow you to admit you want to fuck the shark without having to flagellate yourself for having a politically incorrect opinion.
>>87968 >It is politcally incorrect to be a pedophile /alogplease pedophiles get the rope. But I don't watch the shark I just defend her since it pisses off muttni. perhaps I should watch her instead of watching muttnis videos where she rips anti-pedo arguements from my essays
Open file (278.95 KB 1280x720 gura_names_the_hoe.mp4)
>>87969 >perhaps I should watch her There's a reason she has nearly 900K subscribers already, that's why muttni is seething so hard How is she and other thots supposed to compete with that?
>>87969 >It is politically incorrect to be a pedophile Is it not? Whats the difference between saying you're a pedo and going around screaming gas the G​AMERGATEs and jews and heiling hitler? They both result in social suicide.
Is there any proof Muttney browses /cow/? Does the hammerhead even know Julay exists?
>>87971 so now you're not even denying being a pedophile? You should kill yourself.
>>87972 >proof Well, you are here Muttni
>>87971 The difference is GTKRWN is based and being a pedo is not faggot. >>87972 I mean she doesn't even deny it is her at this point. Muttni post here just look for an essay in her writing style bitching about the shark or bella.
>>87973 Pretty sure this is muttni, keep attacking pedos brittney, I mean that unironically, try not doing it just bickers you are angry that v-tubers have made your kind go extinct.
>>87953 I noticed you saying that you're scaly/zoofag on youtube when people make fun of you, but it's fine bickers you know it's bad and funny. Really high tier liberalist logic.
>>87975 Then why aren't you spreading the word about how based you are to everyone in your area?
What if I tell you the hapashark hololiver lives in Poland?
Open file (63.29 KB 680x680 EhiMvTLXYAEh3Db.jpg)
>>87972 I wasn't sure myself until a day after I called her old and said she hit the wall, an anon linked her timeline and she went on a twitter tirade about how women are perfectly fertile into their 40's and in their physical prime 25-40, wish I could remember what post I made to tick her off now She also doesn't deny being Toad McKinley half the time anymore if she's making what she considers a serious post >Would a woman gossip about her e-celeb peers? Surely not
>>87976 >pay no attention to my lolicon fetish >>87980 >25-40 More like 25-50
Baked update on his banning and RV plans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FoMOiOjSec Also this pops up when you duckduck go him. >Baked Alaska activist Anthime "Tim" Gionet, more commonly known as Baked Alaska, is an American neo-Nazi, anti-semitic conspiracy theorist, and social media personality who gained attention through his advocacy on behalf of alt-right and white supremacist ideology, and through his promotion of anti-Jewish conspiracy theories such as white genocide and Jewish control of the media
>>87982 Are you trying to tell me I am a lolikike? If so das bullshit coach.
>>87984 Nawt really, but just in case you were the "anti-loli is the real pedo" torfag, I want to interject.
>>87985 Don't worry I an not pedochu. ANON ITS ME ESSAYFAG well the gud essayfag whos not a whiny pedo
>>87986 Ah, good to know.
>>87968 Lay off the coom brain once in a while. It might make your tits sag less.
This what /cow/ has become.
Open file (1.05 MB 360x640 3iOWRy3RcVnJTCNY.mp4)
Anyone got the stream where shannon fistfucks known pedophile corey barnhill?
>>87991 you mean embarasses herself in front of thousands?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTKYq_GwEKw Raging Golden Eagle Joins Me and Drex to Chat
>>87994 >raging golden faggot Stop posting these nu-goku.
Open file (16.18 KB 200x151 low_tier_pissbottle.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIJ5LrQG5-8 LOW TIER GOD STREAM 10/16/2020/ PUBLIC CHAT ONLY RESPONDING TO GREENS
Oops my finger slipped reporting Carl Benjamin and John Michael Kelly. Please disavow.
>>87878 lol it's a wojak version of Wolfspider?
>>87997 Keep seething and coping, 3P. You fucking fat prudish sack of shit.
Open file (735.95 KB 1280x720 listen.mp4)
>>87953 >I hate Kraut myself and fought against him and his army bickers of what he did back then, including against >her, but I did it for justice Gay. Rage is pure. Surfer is based. Cope, seethe, and dilate /trannypol/.
>>88001 t. Zoom
>>88003 >t. zoom its t. corey barnhill the pedophile, also that other (1) might be JMK, not corey ray barnhill IS A PEDOPHILE
The RV is under way, nothing of note has happened thus far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74SwAOkxYiU
>>88005 whats this i haven't really been paying attention recently
>>88006 A bunch of faggots including Baked Alaska are doing an RV trip across America. Baked has been getting alot of attention lately from Ashton Parks, Warski etc. due to the dumb shit he keeps doing so it's peaked some peoples interest.
Open file (77.80 KB 1200x630 12589152801526.jpg)
>>88005 YOBA GANG 2020, YO!!!
Open file (26.81 KB 462x416 ClipboardImage.png)
Damn it, why my fingers keeps slippering!
>>88012 DISAVOW
Open file (70.18 KB 824x646 anita disavow.jpeg)
Open file (110.26 KB 1080x1080 melthumb.jpg)
Open file (337.35 KB 698x676 Toothless Sargon.png)
Open file (345.09 KB 1024x768 scr.png)
Commander in Chief of the United States of America: https://archive.is/tLlrr Trump lolcow thread again after >>>/news/ was seppukud?
>>88017 I thought it was pretty funny when I saw it, and it made Twitter commies seethe pretty hard. >Trump lolcow thread isn't >>>/dup/ a better board for that?
>>88017 The leftists laughing at orange retard over this were the same ones demanding twitter ban babylon bee bickers they keep forgetting it's satire.
>>88017 Need the lefty cows thread made again.
Open file (12.65 MB 480x480 480.mp4)
Open file (5.97 MB 400x288 p4cl4b.gif)
>>87953 >rage has a penis That just makes her even more hot
What was catboykami's previous alias?
>>88025 lolisocks he admitted fucking a trap, also fuentes advised the name change
Open file (547.44 KB 680x680 GawrJcaesarGura.png)
Kami just nuked his stream bickers someone posted CP on Omegle.
Open file (497.72 KB 719x627 1601048060366.png)
>>88027 delete this
>>87832 >IBS >2020 Don't know what else to say.
Open file (319.45 KB 458x619 ClipboardImage.png)
Fake Nick.
Open file (309.96 KB 719x627 GawrJcaesarGura2.png)
Open file (165.37 KB 278x225 8229862965265.png)
>>88032 Seek professional help.
>>88032 >>88027 The hero that /cow/ needs. All must be Гунтed.
Open file (1.64 MB 900x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
bro's is there a game reviewer more alpha then Top Hat Gaming Man? His mere existence make's TGWTG nerds like РРР and Linkara seethe with jealously.
Open file (32.58 KB 1021x245 ashton a-logs.png)
based and yet cringe
>>88036 Pete Ard is right you know.
Open file (50.98 KB 413x243 soy.gif)
>>88036 Fucking based! mark's tranny is super based and redpilled absolute chad! honestly hope him name-dropping the board so much brings some sperg over here that is interesting
Open file (130.63 KB 415x523 elatedgunt2.png)
Open file (13.27 KB 844x468 surfer.JPG)
>>88037 Blessed surfer picture, was tracing over the original berserk cover and was going to put surfers likeness over it, pretty sure the barely not a skinhead look is the golden look for it. >just realized pedochu made an edit of his awful infographic with /trannypol/ bitching about surfer >instead it now says that /trannypol/ is super based pedochu really gets angry when he gets called out, than again this is the same (((anon))) that "owned" my essays with ifunny watermark edits
>>88037 is that your socks account, jmk? keep a-loging him >>88038 <ss ampharos is part of (((Mark)) circle bickers i'm jealous for actually not knowing some old discord metajokes lol essayfag still don't know about the deepest lore about SS Ampharos if you grown some balls go ask about it to Toad McKinley himself instead of trying to pretend to be part of the circle *chuckles*
>>88040 so what you are saying is Ampharos is Gаhoole?
Hail Monograpth, Hail Vordrak, Hail Hardrade grifters, pedos and cows fear those names.
>>88042 𝓑🅰S🅴Ď̷̼̻̫̯̪͉͕̗̖͒͒̆̐̒͠
Open file (1.22 MB 1920x1080 King troll.webm)
>>88042 Hail
Dead thread Soygon won
Open file (4.33 MB 498x280 gtab.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTkeLUaqgNA LOW TIER GOD STREAM 10/17/2020/ PUBLIC CHAT FOR ONE HOUR DAY 2
>87898 seigethot immediately froze up when she had the camera turned on her and the latvian retard im assuming you are talking about phantom got blown out on his own stream multiple times. They all try to do shit but get destroyed as soon as they get overly confident.
>>87991 Toad McKinleys never done that hes too much of a pussy to even talk to that pedo. the only time i remember them on stream was when shannon tried to defend jcaesar187 and zoom immediately told him to shut the fuck up and go play with his soundboard and Toad McKinley hasnt used it since
>>88052 Hello plateG​AMERGATE.
Open file (38.88 KB 1388x343 ClipboardImage.png)
>>88055 "Haha maybe if I pretend it's a meme people will ignore it"
>>88055 These people think that "muh owning of myself" and self-degradation will solve all of their problems. It's so fucking pathetic. It's the same deal with someone like P-P-P and him pretending that being a fat fuck doesn't bother him.
>>88057 >i can lose weight whenever i want >i'm not autistic Pe Pe Pe and the deformed baronet are as delusional as the rest of the ecelebs.
>>88052 >immediately froze You've never watched it, have you?
Open file (20.76 KB 480x478 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (136.74 KB 469x604 82659286918.PNG)
Open file (17.51 KB 470x330 8159815985.PNG)
Open file (62.40 KB 469x558 298562390526623.PNG)
Open file (13.51 KB 475x159 8289292863.PNG)
Meanwhile, a roundtable debate broke out on twitter
Open file (24.58 KB 475x390 94518959825.PNG)
>>88061 Oh no, would be such a shem if Guydur is swatted.
Open file (31.93 KB 468x450 8912569812698256.PNG)
Open file (18.73 KB 467x245 856986296.PNG)
Open file (105.26 KB 1366x768 andylaugh.jpg)
>oh, the cope "I-I-I'M H-HAPPY"
>>88064 Warski's been out of alogs' scope for a while now, has he done anything of interest? Last I heard of him he was still with Geekthulhu, what happened to that?
>>88064 >retardski >not trying to fit in The cope
>>88065 He's one of jcaesar187's nine cohosts, and he does a stream with an albino chemo patient.
>>88065 Also, Geek got tired of him and they stopped working together. Beyond that my memory is fuzzy.
Carl now seethes that's someone is calling him out over his obsessive love over John Locke.
Open file (72.04 KB 597x587 sargon_loki.PNG)
>>88070 He still goes for the "out of context" defense like it's still 2014
Open file (11.89 KB 424x472 fatassincel2d.png)
>>88061 >I speak for the anons I yearn for the day I can send a troon hooker and taco bell to the eternalfag
Open file (200.88 KB 397x416 gators_final_form.png)
>>88071 As though intellectualism for it's own sake isn't a god for many >>88072 >anons Apparently he was referring to the hacker, 4cuck, who hacked Oregon's voting in order to change people's vote. So at least he was speaking for his fellow cucks
>>88071 He ducked on the last person who replied to him. Hmm.
>>88062 >I spoke on behalf of the anons. This guy is cringe.
Open file (545.50 KB 800x1300 gaytor4chan.png)
>>88075 He's worse than cringe. By jcaesar187's own hoodrich S​ARGON logic, Gaytor snitched on anons, making him the ultimate MEGAFAGGOT
Sargon replied and my goodness, he's really into this belief that John Locke's teachings were the pillars in which the United States of America was built.
>>87572 Good, now the rest of them can follow him.
Open file (177.23 KB 495x441 ClipboardImage.png)
I've read many letters and works by the Founding Fathers after the American Revolution and there's no mention that they are inspired by John Locke. Yet this man thinks that the Founding Fathers are all followers of John Locke. Holy shit, the disillusion and love for John Locke is reaching obsessive level of cringe.
>>88077 What would you expect from a former call center employee like Ashton Parks who gets his classical quotes from vidya?
>>88061 >HELP @FBI A FAT RETARD IS BULLYING ME ONLINE Matt took his redemption arc and shat all over it so hard. He had a second chance and blew it. >>88062 Gaytor is a fat pussy too. >AUGH MATT IS TRYING TO MURDER ME WITH HIS TWITTER POSTS All these ecelebs act like histrionic teenagers.
>>87861 Oh Kraut I thought you were friends with Toad McKinley and Toad McKinley, what happened? Shouldn't you be making poorly researched videos on shitheaps like Turkey still?
>>88082 Pretty sure that's /trannypol/ in fact of course
Open file (92.97 KB 404x466 1467694503151.jpg)
>>88064 >>88065 Andy Ate Toad McKinleye and he is going to eventually Kill Surfer in order to initiate the homosexual starfish Ashton into the Гунт guard.
>>88083 Has there ever been much difference?
Open file (90.32 KB 558x226 kraut_sandmonkeys.png)
>>88085 Kraut is simply pushing Bettina's agenda when he's talking about politics online bickers he wants to buy more vidya using the tax payer's money.
Just look at the people who stopped being friends with Carl. >Trout >Sh0e >Chris Ray Gun >Bunty Cuck >Davina Shitrat Who am I missing?
Open file (350.60 KB 1689x2258 walkabout.jpg)
>>88055 >>88057 >These people think that "muh owning of myself" and self-degradation will solve all of their problems. Sperg of Tiamat is doing the same thing on youtube now when someone call him a zoofag. It is a pathetic cope mechanism. >>88061 Gaytor is really a special boy, imagine being so retard and pathetic than even Jarbo can bully you. >>88065 Geekthulhu is a pathetic pedo >>88070 >>88077 any /t v/ oldfag know that John Locke is patrician tier >>88088 Double 88 only proving that Carl is a true King and based after all.
Open file (12.94 KB 215x235 Donkey Kong - shame.jpg)
>>87718 Y'know how Dana White puts together interesting fight cards and smashing 2 skilled opponents together for exciting fights in the UFC? We need to do this for IBS. Kra-ut vs Sa-rgon Ral-ph vs P-P-P Kr-aut vs C-RP Actually, just let this shit die. The grifters was turtled-up and all realize that IBS (grifter term) is bad for them and flusters them. They just wanna sit behind a camera and read news stories or play videogames and continue collecting e-welfare bucks from paypigs while making videos they were already going to make if they were not paid. None of the interesting matchups are going to happen anymore bc each grifter is just protecting their own skin. They're scared of each other. Ral-ph is scared of P-PP for instance. These people don't wanna play ball so they would be starved of attention and put in the corner for time-out. Eventually, donations should dry up and then they will be getting desperate and willing to dance like a monkey for the camera and do something interesting for once like face their fears and leave the hugbox. It's utterly pathetic that men are falling in love with a middle-aged asian man with facerig and a voice-changer. Think about this: you're falling in love with a rigged puppet. It's not real. Yet you're so lonely this is your gf-simulator and it's doing something to feed companionship to your lonely sad brain. I can't wait 'til his facerig fails live on stream in a couple months and we get to see an ugly, bald, sweaty, beady-eyed asian man with the high-pitched voice changer still going as he's speaking. I would pay good money to see the thousands of simps' hearts breaking in realtime. I would savor seeing the 5 stages of grief playing out for each person and watch each simp go through denial, anger, depression etc. "T-that's not really my gawr-gura! That was a glitch! lol." "How dare you hide behind a mask and trick me like this?!" "I'm sad that gawr-gura isn't real. I don't even wanna live bros." How do people watch more than 2 minutes of this shit? It's so maudlin and saccharine I can't barely stand listening to it. Yeah, I get it. It's cute for a couple minutes bc the little loli girl is talking in a high-pitched voice and you've never seen it before. But it becomes so grating on your ears after awhile. It's a cuteness-overload and I shudder to think people are watching this crap for 2 hours at at time. I like cute things but I don't want to see a rabbit or something cute squeaking nonstop for 2 hours. God that's annoying. Too sacharine! Like drinking a Dr. Pepper all day, even when you feel like you'll vomit. I think it's just the novelty of the passing fad that attracts simps and pedophiles. It's a new thing and people will flock to it for a couple months. Once they've seen it, they'll leave in a couple months due to boredom. I imagine this channel will have a high-turnover rate of viewers. In 6 months, the middle-aged sharkman will have a dead channel. He'll have 1 million subs and only get 200-500 liveviewers (his real audience) at any time. Mark my words. Actually, perhaps not. As I think of the endless supply of virgin simps who fall for the streamer's parasocial relationship, I think plenty will never break free and the streamer is free to grift them like lambs to the slaughter. I think it's sad that we live in a time where plenty of people are lonely and alienated by technology and society to the point where listening to a quasi-female streamer is giving the male brain the dopamine he can't get in real life. He doesn't even get to have sex with her but the simps are getting dopamine hits in their brains by that personal interaction with the fake-gf experience. It's a really cruel thing if you think about it. Especially bc the donations part is coming from people being tricked and manipulated through parasocial relationships and meeting a social need that their lives are lacking. Googoogaga little girl make PP hard instead of flaccid! >>88021 Bel-le jams a mostly black (and 30% pink) dildo up her snatch. Yeah, I think you just blew yourself out with that one, simp. So you're a simp and an cucklover? You like black cocks? Wew. Also, look at those thin lips. Can she even chew food with those nonexistent lips? Haha. >>88088 And nothing of value as lost. The Skeptics were nothing more than a collection of attention-whores trying to ride daddy Sargon's coattails for subscribers. >>88089 LOST sucked and fell apart as a show. They used mysteries to create interest but never solved any of them in the end, giving people a feel-good emotional release ending in its place. The writers never knew what they were doing.
Open file (71.66 KB 661x665 Sargoy_gun2.jpg)
>>88090 kill yourself mutti
https://youtu.be/28gBkw-v1yE Everyone is About to Snap
Open file (721.34 KB 674x704 sargoy sip.png)
Open file (147.63 KB 280x267 8269826928986.PNG)
>>88093 >people categorize Somalis as white >therefore, what is white?
Open file (2.29 MB 1800x2400 1600139999337.png)
>>88090 >Googoogaga little girl make PP hard instead of flaccid! I'm not sure you of all people should be talking shit about sharks miss hammerhead
Open file (1.77 MB 532x300 42b.gif)
>>88090 CGDCT > saggy tits sleeping in cat shit Change my mind.
Open file (1.75 MB 1800x2400 GawrJcaesarGura3.png)
Open file (315.51 KB 606x479 nawwwt truuuu.PNG)
He's still mad about Tiny calling him an alcoholic
Open file (19.36 KB 378x275 pathetic.jpg)
>>88090 Imagine being such a failure of a woman you can't even compete with a cartoon.
Open file (849.27 KB 1103x1080 1600139978359.png)
>>88098 Cease and desist
>>88099 fuentes, a colleague of mine
Open file (7.93 KB 263x192 pp.png)
So what has been happening? I've been working really hard this month. But now I finally can afford a computer and xbox series s and x if the s does not come fast enough to my door.
Open file (116.47 KB 737x952 sargon_tooth.jpg)
>>88099 >desTINY is snitching on me from an outlaw account that he shouldn't have >he even says the n-word >that will teach him for calling me an alocholic <tiny's tweet had 3 times more interactions than his
>>88103 baked came back, grifted a schitzo girl for like 10-15k, got thousands of viewers, then got banned. Now he's on a homo RV trip and is already forgotten.
Open file (36.31 KB 657x527 smoke.jpg)
>>88105 huh, so there have not been any happenings? So nothing about jcaesar187, gaydor or any one of them?
Open file (519.26 KB 718x718 1601045440848.png)
>>88103 Nothing has been happening
>>88107 well, that sucks kinda like getting a stadia subscription only to realize that xbox game pass is allot better gaming streaming service for smartphones.
Open file (63.29 KB 680x680 EhiMvTLXYAEh3Db.jpg)
>>88108 You didn't buy a stadia did you weakload?
Open file (33.34 KB 734x400 destigunt.png)
>>88099 If you call out the child bride grooming you get a shit piece written about you, he will pretend it's over this tweet though. https://web.archive.org/web/20201018211215/https://thejcaesar187retort.com/the-banality-of-people-010018020/
>>88110 How does a human-pigman write? I hate this faggot.
Open file (6.82 KB 249x295 cokeonthetable.jpg)
>>88111 I'd imagine he gets high off of a mixture of Faith's excrement/coke, which then fuels the delusions of his Hunter S. Thompson larp.
>>88112 jcaesar187 can't afford coke, he can afford whiskey, weed and dex at best or else he wouldn't be stealing mommies painkillers like an absolute degenerate that's probably a speed mystery mixture, faiths too young to know better
Open file (21.82 KB 588x256 Untitled.png)
Destiny Friday are cancelled, not that they ever got off the ground in the first place. DESTINY IS A SNAKE!! Of course everyone but the Гунт already knew that, and somehow the Гунт still sucked his cock regardless desperate for more "liberals on the program". Does anyone remember all the Destiny pilpul and shilling he was doing up to their little breakup?
>>88103 my own blogposting, weakload bro [spoiler]My pc is fucked, majority of my coomer videos, meme images, personal videos etc are being corrupted. also the new tv I brought have a shit image and no way to connected with my old ps2 and super nintendo[/spoiler] >>88099 He's always mad at people who make fun about him, he only avoid shit at you if he fears you
>>88090 I imagined it was essayfag being the usual sperg faggot, but not, it's Mutti again lmao
Open file (3.38 MB 5728x924 shamereel.png)
>>88114 If Tiny doesn't reply with the shame reel he's a pussy.
Open file (920.89 KB 1103x1080 GawrJcaesarGura4.png)
Open file (380.58 KB 718x718 GawrJcaesarGura5.png)
Open file (456.28 KB 680x680 GawrJcaesarGura6.png)
Open file (2.35 MB 1227x848 54y7e3.png)
Gonna come clean with you guys. I had sex with muttni. It happened after the HWNDU thing. And before you're wondering, no I'm that autist Mason. I fucked her before him. Anyways I meet her at a nearby store down the street from the HWNDU camera. I noticed her buying some snacks so I approached her. Told her how I know her and said she was funny. She starts blushing and asks me if I want to come back to her apartment, so I say yes. Well one thing led to another and I'm suddenly balls deep in her tight vagina. She was a virgin and I was the first person to stretch her out. She rode me for hours with her droopy tits hanging over my body. When I was about to nut I busted right between her eyes. She was the best fuck I ever had. I even thought about nutting in her puss and making babies but then remembered she's half negro.
wtf why the thread is only showing posts from the last two days even tho it's slow as fuck?
>>88125 >She was a virgin You almost had me until there.
Open file (17.11 KB 406x86 brown.png)
Who is this dude? part of plategang? e-celebs keep making him a chat mod and he post shit hot takes
Open file (380.67 KB 680x680 GawrJcaesarGura.png)
>>88129 >can't distinguish anger from disgust
>>88127 Well she did tell me how her daddy use to touch her
>>88128 Oh, look. Another butthurt nu/cow/ namefag with envy that another namefag has more fame, respect and rights than him. Same story about SoT sorry, but we are not your personal army.
People here didn't cared enough about Ashton "Fat Dyke" Parks shit documentary when he posted it but let's talk about it since nothing else is happining https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pY0hVKA41qc >5hrs long >pretending to be an oldfag fan when he just became aware of the existence of Eli after W&sel/Zachfag showed him videos about Eli >low energy >obviously acting like a grifter and trying to fill the space left by Daddy Gym >really gay and lame 3/10, you tried, fat leaf, you tried...
Open file (16.18 KB 200x151 low_tier_pissbottle.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiffaKOB2-k LOW TIER GOD STREAM 10/18/2020
>>88136 >that copycat art lmao he loves j1m more than gaytor
>>88136 This is not on his channel, seems like he unlisted this one. Thanks for sharing, anon.
>>88103 >buying fagbox spyware from microrshit go back to /v/ you dumb faggot
>>88103 hey dude hows life we all thought you were away fucking your ex
>>88142 >we all
>>88143 sorry >we as in the royal >we as in me
Baked just said hard-R N​IGGER. I sure disavow his channel being reported.
>>88136 >>88139 Man, wtf, I used to enjoy Ashton long time ago, even a few months ago of course in fact, but his recent videos and streams are pure crap. He really lost his mojo I guess. it took almost three hours to him finally make it clear, he made this awful stream to seeth and cope about one of his e-daddies for having rejected him. What is funny is, if he wanted to make people hate that mexican dude, it didn't worked, for me, that guy now look based, like a boomer and spic version of Surfer, meanwhile Ashton is becoming more and more unfunny and without cocks by his own, all his recenet streams are devoided of any fun comments made by him, its all Surfer or the people he is making fun at.
>>88147 >muh subscribes numbers, I'm relevant!!! He is acting like the Гунт and other e-celebs for some time now, really low tier behavior. >>88139 Well, he sucked daddy Gym cock while on live stream and got mad at someone called LeonCorsair -I believe- for bullying his internet dad. >>88144 Anything nice happened? Any news about the schizo girl?
>>88148 >Anything nice happened? Any news about the schizo girl? I haven't been watching his previous streams since he's been banned, but from some of the clips I've seen, it seems like he's headed towards an AIM AIM AIM situation. This guy has a decent collection of what he's been up: https://twitter.com/DailyGrifter
>>88125 <she rode me for hours and not 3 minutes. As if we didn't already know this story was fake. Jesus, lad. I know you wanna fuck that mulatto but c'mon you don't need to write fanfiction about your fantasies. But don't ever say I didn't throw you a bone every now and then. Top 3 hottest part-black mulatto filmed hookers for Toad McKinley simulation. 1. Aaliyah Hadid (part white, part black, part Native American, part Vietnamese) 2. Scarlit Scandal 3. Kendall Woods Have fun.
Open file (172.44 KB 720x498 Sargoy_gun5.jpg)
Open file (15.75 KB 480x360 3423523666.jpg)
>>88114 it was really pathetic how hard they were trying to make Destiny look based
Open file (552.90 KB 1273x670 GET THE FUCK AWAY.png)
>>88152 >yo the weight of those dykes was like 1000 pounds against me
>>88154 STAY THE FAWK BACK If the rest of the RV trip is like this then I'm hooked.
Open file (1.82 MB 640x358 GET THE FAWK AWAY.mp4)
>>88152 stupid G​AMERGATE getting comfortable with snakes
They have some kind of reddit website where they host all the streams, and people make threads. https://ip2always.win/
>>88157 julayED being maimed at Charlottesville but is still happy to use pepper spray in inappropriate scenarios, must be Anthime Gionet.
>>88152 Seems a win win situation to me, the only G​AMERGATE lover around here is Ashton Parks seething about based people like Surfer and Hollywood God talking about kikes and G​AMERGATEs as the vermin they are.
Open file (4.04 MB 1280x720 (((bakedalaska))).mp4)
>>88157 >plays NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER on speakers in public >some random guy asks him to leave >maces him BASED Alaska
Open file (4.38 KB 108x91 Dana Whit.gif)
Open file (22.63 KB 273x319 dana white.jpg)
>>88090 >Dana White I literally made this edit of Dana White's face years ago and now I have a legitimate reason to post it.
Open file (595.98 KB 225x207 irritation.gif)
>>88150 >Aaliyah Hadid >Scarlit Scandal >Kendall Woods shit taste, I would honestly jack it to a lolicon or even Mutni god forbid before I stuck it in one of those monkeys.
Open file (540.68 KB 987x485 muttni.png)
>>88090 >Can she even chew food with those nonexistent lips? Haha. >chewing food with your lips
Open file (274.63 KB 768x1024 brian venti.jpg)
Open file (198.19 KB 466x469 2598259823.PNG)
Open file (227.53 KB 466x469 ClipboardImage.png)
>>88171 found an unedited version
Open file (139.60 KB 775x906 Godwinson justed.jpg)
Earwinson got flagged down possibly for revealing that Spicolas is a glowG​AMERGATE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsz4YkOc_5v10HC1GBp0D3g
>>88059 she admitted she was scared to be on camera and thats why she started posing. she was so based up until she hung out with that loli drawer venom :(
>>88128 hes a pedo from phantoms
>>88173 Was thinking it was neat how once the Гунт stopped getting covered the channels stopped getting flagged own. But maybe the leader of the white race has as thin of skin as Гунт.
>>88157 Baled is going to pull into a state where causally macing people is frowned upon. He is such a bitch running to the RV and getting his based negro to fight for him. Let others do the potentially incriminating shit as long as he gets to film it.
>>88176 he spends hours a day blocking people on Twitter he's pretty thin-skinned
Chaggot is having a panic attack.
>>88173 >>88176 Were any posted on cuck/pol/? That would be a sure fire way of getting them to freak out over negative publicity.
>>88173 is the video up on bitchute?
>>88181 If there's not a mirror I have a copy of the latest video
>>88179 is that the faggot from the last baked live shit that made a complete fucking tit of himself? why they wanting his phone can't they just make their own homo erotic videos?
Open file (286.02 KB 720x400 cog-nooooo.mp4)
Open file (152.95 KB 301x273 Dylan_autism.png)
>>88179 This was pretty funny, in fact of course Too bad he's not still on there to sperg out over the littlest things
>>88179 AMAZIN'
Open file (2.10 MB 842x474 autism_awareness.webm)
Open file (5.97 MB 400x288 p4cl4b.gif)
DARKSYDEPHIL CHECKS OUT THE VIRAL WAIFU ANIME SENSATION GENSHIN IMPACT http://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil http://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil http://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil
>>88189 What the actual fuck is this clip and why haven't I seen this before? Truly Amazin'.
>>88191 Came across it ages ago around the time JLP started getting relevant on streamme. Random chaggot in the wild.
Open file (15.80 KB 478x171 8689269286.PNG)
Open file (1.14 MB 480x270 25289259825.gif)
>>88195 Isn't "across the hallway" his mothers room?
>>88196 Yeah,unless he's admitting on twitter that they made undocumented add-ons to their "cottage."
Open file (295.34 KB 804x691 jcaesar_demonmode.png)
>>88195 >>88196 >across the hallway He killed Sandra didn't he?
>>88197 Or the "hallway" is the path through the shit on his floor
>>88198 jcaesar187 is too lazy to kill his mother, I would put money on when she dies he ignores the body rotting in her bed as long as possible as he collects her welfare cheques and prescription xanax for himself
Open file (708.96 KB 780x438 ClipboardImage.png)
>>88179 I didn't think I'd like the RV trip but between this and the libtard landwhales jumping the black guy this is pretty funny.
Open file (85.90 KB 260x260 sad_sargon.png)
>>88201 >sending dick pics to 14 year olds Guess it really does depend on the child.
>>88201 >tiny asian pedophile in prison He's going to get raped to death by G​AMERGATEs isn't he?
>>88204 Don't convicted pedos usually get put into protective custody?
>>88204 He'll be deported back to Singapore, so assuming they're still after him and treat pedos the same, he'll probably shanked by a gook.
Open file (443.74 KB 589x756 Untitled.png)
Local bakery PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDs libtards 1 cookie = 1 vote sold according to their subtweets.
>>88201 There really has yet to be anyone from the septic sphere that has turned out to be normal and not fawked in the head. Turns out only a bunch of weirdos care about what the SJWS are up to.
>>88209 Dankula seems pretty normal
Open file (492.11 KB 1209x734 niggers.PNG)
Twitter trannies are mad at that hapa twink leafy bickers he tweeted this They're also mad that Guts was used as the body and think Guts would be a fucking lefty
>>88211 >Guts would be a fucking lefty How
>>88201 The slippery slope argument is just a fallacy guys!!
>>88208 >maga chuds are fat gluttons yep, checks out
>>88211 >Guts would be on the side of trannies Pretty sure he killed shapeshifting demons.
>>88212 They think he's some "revolutionary anarchist" or something along the lines of that. If anything he'd be hard right bickers >He was raped by a NIGGER >Betrayed by a faggot >Colonizes NIGGER pussy >Some of his current allies are devoted worshippers of God
>>88216 Casca is not a nig. She has brown skin but looks caucasian. No negroid features. Silky black hair. Thin nose. So probably an Indian woman or just swarthy Mediterranean in general like a Spanish/Greek/Italian/Sardinian/Turk, any of which is perfectly acceptable to bleach/colonize.
>>88211 >mad that Guts was used as the body and think Guts would be a fucking lefty Same retards that thought kaigen was a soviet leader and not an imperial loli vampire? smh
>>88217 I actually know this but lefty readers would pretend to themselves that she's a nig. She also has pink nipples which blacks don't have. And Miura said the way she was shaded in the 1997 anime wasn't meant to be, which is why her skin tone was lightened in the other anime adaptations.
>>88216 >They think he's some "revolutionary anarchist" or something That's beyond retarded. Guts is a grillpilled boomer. He just wants to make mixed race babies with his potato gf on fairy island and be left alone.
>>88220 Murdoch Murdoch is beautiful. Murdoch Murdoch is based.
Open file (52.41 KB 300x258 check-em.jpg)
Open file (47.83 KB 594x483 based cringe.PNG)
Alt-right twitter and groypers are going at it with each other over Kiked Alaska and their optics.
>>88224 Yelling NlGGER at McDicks workers will save la raza blanca.
BAKED IS LIVE YOU WHITE NlGGERS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWyfdZukefM
>>88227 YOBA
Uh oh a woman on the RV with Blade...this is gonna get interesting
Open file (684.86 KB 705x816 1497518945113.png)
>all the TTS saying blade raped a girl when blade is sitting next to one
>>88229 If she is underage it will complete the fawked trifecta.
Well sheeeit it seems I forgot or have misplaced my archive of the earwinson video, it was actually a pretty gud video in fact of course and fuentes probably deleted it since earwinson turned that "win" that him and kiked alaska had making some dumb teenage girls feel uncompfy into an obvious loss. HE'S A FUCKING MEXICAN CHILD FOLKS
Open file (360.89 KB 800x1600 OLD ENOUGH.png)
>>88231 >another pedophile Not surprising, every e-celeb seems to eventually be revealed to be one
>>88231 She's kinda cute though. Wish I was on that RV.
I know this is offtopic but have any anons noticed this new wave of sam hyde fans that are obviously the result of e-celebs like spic fuentes shilling him, and ever notice how little these zoomer faggots know about mde or any of its other members? <Charls whos charls?
Open file (18.69 KB 372x126 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (23.05 KB 400x400 s4t_.JPG)
>>88235 to be fair Charles was a nіgger pedо faggоt
Open file (1.47 MB 750x1138 ClipboardImage.png)
>>88216 you forgot to add he was cucked my his faggot fwiend with the nіgger he colonized.
Fuck this RV trip is gonna be a train wreck >Cute girl named Mia who is 21 will be riding with them >Blade is already trying to ease in to her >Been trying to get her drunk and offered to crack her back >Blade says "get some newports niggr" >Talking about getting diapers from walmart bickers blade might piss himself
Open file (1.60 MB 1712x1080 Optics.png)
>>88237 Was charles actually a pedo? I thought the rumors circulating about one of them being a pedo was sam, don't know if it is true but I do know sam fucked a tranny back in 2014 or 2015. >>88224 The alt-kike always had better optics than nick the spic, at least enoch denies being a half-kike and pretends ghoul never happened. FUCK YOU WIGNATS I AM ASSOCIATING WITH A PEDOPHILE FAGGOT AUSSIE CATBOY TO OWN YOU ALL EPIC STYLE ITS VERY AMERICAN TO BE CATHOLIC AND GAY
Open file (334.09 KB 489x471 sargon_4.png)
>>88238 Griffith is such a fucking white G​AMERGATE man. Honestly seeing leftist try to make something like berserk or gurren lagann seem leftist and communist when it pretty obviously isn't is funny. Skullknight is King Gaiseric's hitler's ghost continuing to wage war against the apostles. jews
Open file (38.79 KB 450x564 Karina Hart.jpg)
>>88240 >Was charles actually a pedo? no I just said that bickers its what S4T accused everyone of being, even his father before stabbing him to death. >>88239 I'm out of the look where is Baked streaming now? >>88240 You realize Nick is just a product of the aut-kike. Every singe one where Jews, Feds and Faggot without exception. The Nick gambit was just Aut-kike controlled opposition to play damage control for Charlottesville and Enoch's Tranny Wife in hopes to keep newfags on the brain dead aut-kike plantation by giving them a different flavor of dick sucking.
#Killstream: Frank Hassle Returns, CNN's Toobin Exposes Self, + Epic Week Ahead https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
Open file (18.79 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>88241 (((Godhand)))
>>88242 >I'm out of the look where is Baked streaming now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWyfdZukefM
>look loop* >>88245 ty
>>88242 >>88245 He just went inside the walmart and the ==NIGGER= TTS just played out loud and everyone was looking at him
>>88247 >==NIGGER= OH NO NO NO
>>88248 NIGGER
>>88247 Only good part
Open file (109.21 KB 1024x896 nick&cat.jpg)
Open file (399.02 KB 1114x1230 Beardsons wife lol.jpg)
>>88242 The gaypers and soyrony bros are simply offshoots of the alt-kike, I just love how spic has pumped them up into thinking they are morally superior in anyway, gotta give it to spic he did a good job of creating a cult that stands out to others in the alt-kike and its offshoots. >instead of having a big tent umbrella and directly connecting himself to "movement" disconnects himself to "movement" and creates his own "movement" and new identity <were not those atheist cringe lord pagan faggots were FUCKING BASED Catholics <completly different from faggots <were catholic, american, g-gropyers! By giving his fans a identity, albeit mongrelized and senseless identity made up of a dumb pepe meme offshoot, a form of christfaggery universally hated in the US for most of its history, and some dumb maga hats spic has truly created an identity that really seems to stick with his retarded paypigs. Even though spics optics are arguably a lot worse than the alt-kike and he has said more offensive things or said stereotypical neocon talking points: <WARS FOR AMERICA THAN LIKE BENIFIT US ARE AWESOME AND ITS LIKE AWESOME THAT >WE CAN DESTROY EVERYTHING GUYS It doesn't matter since his zoomer fans so desperate for an identity to fill their devoid souless body will cling to it and the sort of moral superiority/intense smugness that comes with it. Out of all of the alt-kike offshots I would say that spics fans resemble the sjws when it comes to that smuckels
>>88250 He's fucking retarded for not just muting the TTS when he's in a place as public as walmart now he already has walmart security calling the cops on him
Open file (22.81 KB 507x502 jim_void.png)
>>88244 <uhhh wanna be an e-celeb buddy
Open file (475.87 KB 900x900 Phil_Burnell.png)
Open file (317.69 KB 1400x1050 151940912904.jpg)
Open file (14.13 KB 125x74 p22nkr.gif)
Open file (10.09 KB 247x511 boogie_ss.png)
Open file (742.36 KB 1280x720 Boogie_gas.mp4)
>frank the bottom feeder hassle cameron williams complaining about he based ss officer boogie1488 Jews get the bullet, frank.
Only lose my toe is hammered. Was Frank asshole any good on the Гунт's show?
>>88255 Holy fuck Гунт looks mentally broken. Faith's sucking the life out of him.
Open file (15.87 KB 475x171 8929892.PNG)
>>88258 >Lol >haha He does this gay shit every tweet.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMenu-okiJA Anime's Phallic Issues, Not Just Anime, Another ACB Hearing An anime VA got caught sending his dick to minors.
Poor toeless blade.
Open file (1.01 MB 576x1024 mastermilo.png)
>>88258 >more cocks That's all that matters to this fraudster.
I think that Mia girl actually would've let the whole RV run a train on her if she knew she were getting paid big time so she can spend all that money on dope. Shame she's actually attractive.
Open file (383.37 KB 1280x720 1600973926824.jpg)
Open file (893.07 KB 755x840 wewuzmuslim.png)
Open file (986.38 KB 722x1080 wewuzwhite.png)
Open file (388.73 KB 597x896 wewuzfree.jpg)
>>88251 Varg is the true based white man after all, americans mutts worshiping some sandG​AMERGATE kike can seeth alll they want.
>>88173 >>88180 Gaytor and Groypers are really posting all over cuckchan for some time, you really can see people defending jcaesar187 around there for exemple. So I disavow anyone here with time to post shit against Nick Fuentes and jcaesar187 there
Open file (82.06 KB 625x544 Berserk.jpg)
Open file (1.67 MB 1837x935 pcgamer 1.png)
Open file (150.37 KB 774x1200 Berserk hardcover.jpg)
>>88219 Ah, okay. I didn't know Miura said that about Casca's skin tone. Kind of weird he would say the 90's anime skin tone was wrong since he has control over the manga and yet she's visibly darker than Guts. Speaking of Berserk and lefties, I came across this PC Gamer page and the video shows this writer guy with a bunch of stuff on his shelf. He has 3 hardcover Berserk volumes which is nice and other things but he has to ruin it by virtue-signaling for BLM. What a fag. I'm so sick of people parroting the politically correct thing of the moment to gain virtue points. You write for PC Gamer about games. Nobody gives a fuck about BLM or your gay politics you faggot hipster. >>88259 When ecelebs are so cringe and dorky they threaten to make cool things cringe by dragging something down to their level. I swear to God it feels like he's copying my speech patterns in this thread. I read his articles on his blog and I see him copying things I write or grammar styles. I'm not sure if he's here or not but he was always there on 8chan cow.
>>88269 It wasn't just Casca, the 1997 anime as a whole wasn't shaded accurate for him. Which is why if you compare it to the other adaptations you see even Guts and Pipin look lighter shade than they do in the 1997 anime. The only reason lefties would like Berserk is bickers they unironically think Griffith and Guts would be fags for each other and they think Guts is some anarchist who hates religion.
Open file (11.68 MB 360x360 360.mp4)
Open file (48.38 KB 712x677 1601641092019.jpg)
>>88266 I have already posted some essays on fuentes and his faggots here >>87897 >>87899 >>88251. DOES ANYONE HAVE THE ORIGINAL FUENTES CATBOY SMILE WAS GOING TO MAKE A 2D EDIT in fact of course
Open file (13.27 KB 844x468 surfer.JPG)
Open file (5.77 MB 4000x2492 lefty bo.png)
>>88272 hey /trannypol/ how is it going? or is this pedochu? I have seen a couple of (you)r upper post so (you) seem to be participating in the thread relatively normally but (you) are still a tranny. WHY DOES SURFER MAKE YOU SEETHE SO MUCH?
Open file (1.37 MB 3000x1877 1601641582380.png)
>>88274 >tranny there's that word again, seethe harder chud
Open file (8.48 MB 1280x720 tranny.mp4)