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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2

Alternate names include
Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞
Internet Bloodsports Megathread

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

Links, Information and Lore:
Full Timeline
http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
Archived Threads:
http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
Open file (163.25 KB 748x433 ClipboardImage.png)
wtf i love pedophiles now
>>83116 Lolicoons are faggots, but this "meme" Vénti made is some of the dumbest shit of 2020. No wonder so many people in the cyclical think the tourist formerly known as "redditor" is Toad McKinley.
>>83127 Redditkur predicted this.
Open file (4.33 MB 498x280 gtab.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJsitY2fxpM Low Tier God Live Stream 9/15/20 PUBLIC CHAT LIVE UNTIL YOU RUIN IT!!!!
Open file (4.20 MB 1082x609 Costume loop.webm)
>>83118 1. Be-lle Delp-hine is cringe. 2. Her production quality is garbage. Blurry, grainy footage and poor low-light performance. She grifts hundreds of thousands of dollars from simps like you but she can't even be bothered to get real equipment beyond an gay iPhone. I guess she blows it all on her cheap wigs and outfits. 3. There's better porn and stuff out there. Your autism just focuses on this stupid whore who is not worthy of you worshiping her like the pathetic simp you are. 4. She sucks! The only good thing she EVER did was stick her tongue out and put elf ears on doing ahegao face. It was all downhill from there. That was it. Her peak! Lol. And she just stole that from watching anime/hentai. 5. She rubs a dildo on herself and does tame solo stuff. Wow. Big deal. It's censored anyway. Lol. Such low quality porn. 6. Her boyfriend is obviously recording half the stuff and he's behind the camera half the time. It's okay to coom to this I suppose but if you send her even 1 dollar or message her in any way, you're a goddamn cuck. 7. She's not especially toned. Her body isn't remarkable. It's just a skinny ectomorph build with no boobs or butt, like an 10 year old boy. 8. Who so obsessed with this dumb whore? Bc her lame PR stunts get her trending and you have autism and fear anything new? You just like costumes and wigs?
Open file (7.33 MB 593x449 belle2.gif)
>>83133 Damn, that's a big seeth Munti. Bellе Dеlphine is better than you in every way.
Open file (804.33 KB 148x206 Tony Montana smoke.gif)
>>83134 >>83134 <assumes every person is his boogeywoman Ve-nti. >nothing of substance was said in post. <inserts buzzwords of the month (seeth/cope). >apparently doesn't understand what seethe means. <ironically, he's coping for the fact that he's a simp. >uses Ve-nti as a distraction/deflection so people won't focus on his simping pathetic behavior. Inbefore "cringe Be-lle.gif." Inbefore "seethe/cope." Why bother responding when you're that predictible. I pity you, simp.
I dont mind the porn spam it balances out all the disgusting pictures of Гунтy that get posted but can we at least get some variety? Do you only have like 5 gifs/webms?
>>83137 No I wont identify myself.
>>83136 >mods trying to cockblock this poor anon Rude tbһ.
>>83135 All this seeth text I'm not gonna read lol.
Open file (260.80 KB 668x406 rawdogging.png)
Open file (521.36 KB 1848x2168 mrvickersletter.png)
>a video of you raw-dogging that fat turd reverse /cow/girl If this family ever does reunite she will have to still live with the fact that her father and likely mother have watched footage of their own daughter riding a 3 inch cock. She belongs to the boards now, when you're through with her feel free to dump the rest of the embarassing footage you have of her Гунтy.
>>83141 >the guy spamming the same 10 fucking MB gif over and over again gets a pass but all my lolis get deleted Help im being oppressed!
Lmao CRP went to a children's hospital for his broken leg what a retarded wop
Get a load of this Koipedo blogseeth. https://smuglo.li/support/res/1.html#q3051
>>83144 All pedos will be purged.
Shame this site doesn't let you filter by image, I would filter all Toad McKinley Delphine shit.
>>83148 >waah, I want a hug chamber where I can block things that trigger me You already have twitter you dumb ugly mutt, lol.
>>83148 >not writing custom JS dilate and cope
Open file (22.07 KB 474x474 aisha.jpg)
>>83147 The only one being purged is simps like you that will die as a penniless genetic dead end while the baste pedos in the middle east are getting child brides and pumping out half a dozen kids with them over the years and spreading all over the globe to marry your children too which you won't do anything about bickers that would be racist.
Open file (95.41 KB 590x764 daxtauntingvickers.png)
Diddler Dax is now rubbing it in Mr. Vickers' face.
>>83151 tl;dr mutts and pedos are forbidden
>>83152 It blows me away how unfunny Dax is. I especially liked how he punctuated his joke with a Lol!
>>83151 I remember that visual novel, literal pedophilia
>>83155 Are you literally shaking right now?
>>83155 I would have guessed shadman. Why is Western vn art so shit?
>>83152 only a paedo would recognize that visual novel anon
>>83157 lower IQ and higher mutant load >>83156 it really depends on the visual novel doesnt it
Open file (89.57 KB 872x662 sweetheart.png)
Open file (73.10 KB 650x722 pineconewhore.png)
Someone should alert Pinecone Girl that Shannon is no longer being a sweetheart.
>>83158 The Aussie musicfag absolutely B T F Od you and your boyfriend yesterday
>>83135 >Inbefore "cringe Be-lle.gif." Inbefore "seethe/cope." Why bother responding when you're that predictible. >WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH ENGAGE ME IN THE HALLS OF DEBATE OR YOUR [sic] A SIMP >>83154 >I especially liked how he punctuated his joke with a Lol! A purulent syndrome of a likes/upvotes/favorites-starved generation. >>83160 >Someone should alert Pinecone Girl that Shannon is no longer being a sweetheart. .>We would never
Open file (173.54 KB 1192x1192 kearsten.jpg)
>>83160 Gaytor if you're reading this, you should stop emulating jcaesar187. These kind of explosive angry social media posts make you look bad. I understand you're feeling hurt and rejected but don't lash out publicly like jcaesar187 has at everyone including you. It's gotta hurt to realize the troglodyte juggalo in pic related thinks she's out of your league, but it gives you the opportunity to self-reflect. Maybe you should get a male haircut, lift some weights, shave your neckbeard, and leave the Killstream before you get doxed and your real name is inextricably tied to this autism forever. Or you can wipe jcaesar187's cum off your chin, sub to her onlyfans, and fantasize about what could have been. https://onlyfans.com/kirbyxx
Open file (86.07 KB 931x444 8967440234.jpg)
>>83160 Imagine getting rejected by a 2/10 BLM hambeast.
>>83164 Guys who know they're unattractive and don't have game have to lower their standards for women like this.
Open file (600.99 KB 828x1603 futuremother.jpeg)
>>83165 The most damning thing is when they trash on them after having fucked them (or in Gaytor's case tried) when you know before they were talking the whores up. They can't face the fact that they are just as low as the creatures they pork.
Open file (152.79 KB 720x1280 Kearsten LeBeau 07.jpg)
Open file (157.01 KB 720x1280 Kearsten LeBeau 08.jpg)
Open file (135.63 KB 720x1280 Kearsten LeBeau 09.jpg)
>>83164 She used to be a based hambeast.
>>83128 >No wonder so many people in the cyclical think the tourist formerly known as "redditor" is Toad McKinley. bickers it is Muttni >>83127 >anal-ysis So they shit his pants and didn&apos;t do any actual research. >>83135 If you aren't Muttni, that was a good impression. >>83168 Attention whores on the internet have whatever opinion will give them attention
Open file (6.92 KB 225x225 images.jpg)
Muttni? I wouldn't even rape her
Open file (115.88 KB 375x947 DMMeAgainGoAhead.png)
Гунт tried to message the head admin of ED and in return he got his article updated. I bet he seethed really fucking hard at this dm conversation.
>>83171 what got updated?
>>83171 His article is on the front page too. >>83172 All the Faith shit and the sex tape is in the article now.
>>83171 ED (and nuED) is not supposed to be an accurate biography. Of course, Jcaesar is a megalomaniacal grifter who genuinely believes he does not deserve any less than that.
Open file (236.66 KB 2048x1152 Eh5klBKWAAElWT9.jpg)
From Earwinson's Twitter
>>83173 Thanks to Гунтy's short fuse, Faith's shame has and will continue to be spread all around. But he will continue to preach how it's her parents ruining her life still. >>83174 Going through the ED articles reminds me of just how many places/people Гунт has sucked up to in hopes of not being made fun of. ED, KF, baph, and old cow. Funny how everytime it just contributes to him being mocked with an even larger spotlight.
jarbo the hutt song on faith and jcaesar187 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mT1_JRy2ya8
>>83177 meh it's not a good one on its own and the jig got old at this point anyway
>>83176 > But he will continue to preach how it's her parents ruining her life still. Truly a hoodrich, dindu IQ
>>83177 Most song parodies suck.
>>83177 The lyrics are pretty fucking harsh, say what you want about the song itself though. This is going to piss Гунт off, if I remember correctly he said that MC Jarbo was his favorite and he listened to it in his spare time. I bet he's show Faith that abomination track he sung on.
>>83181 It was "his favorite" bickers he propagated the whole "Гунт is based, he licked ass to Metokur and said Matt NO" meme.
>>83166 andy should have fucked an ukranian whore addicted to opiods in front of his mutt kid with renal failure
>>83177 Warski should Гунтguard and do a rap response to this. Why'd he drop that gimmick? He doesn't have a youtube but he can still put videos on his twitter.
Open file (123.85 KB 1166x530 winning.png)
it's over. he won.
>>83185 Who reported the oldest of normalfags?
Open file (1.52 MB 400x400 95361225256353.gif)
>>83149 Toad McKinleyposters are dull. They post the same gifs all the time.
>>83188 Don't need many gifs to make you seeth.
>>83171 >i >no capitalization >no apostrophe fucking white G​AMERGATE
>>83190 Can't wait for his book.
Open file (685.69 KB 734x710 TenGuntlings.png)
I think the damage controlling is taking it's tole on the first fag's mind. He has been trying to emulate his master more aggressively lately.
Open file (222.12 KB 610x705 faifai_wojack.png)
>>83176 >Thanks to Гунтy's short fuse, Faith's shame has and will continue to be spread all around. Which begs the question: What shit could he possibly have on her now to leak when he's already spread her shit all over his face and the internet? >>83144 The same 10mb image 1,000 times is more efficient for lynxchan than 20 unique 581kb images.
>>82985 Last time they talked corey made her cry on jcaesar187s show
>>83192 >Gaytor thinking he'll ever impregnate a woman and make a family >Let alone a hot white woman He's adopting that lie to self mechanism from the daddy Гунт. Just keep telling yourself everything will be fine and you will get what you want in life.
Open file (77.17 KB 840x747 sex tourist speaks.png)
>>83176 Sex toturist speaks liked the song. When did he and Гунт have a fallling out?
>>83196 He was probably being ironic but Гунт will take it serious.
Open file (3.68 MB 240x360 Five.webm)
>>83143 I laughed to hard on this stupid blodpost. >>83160 The original fag got pwnd by Pinecone girl, let that sink in. >>83168 topkek >>83171 How did jcaesar187 think that this was a good idea? >>83185 >>83192 I think the original fag is going to break and break so super hard that he will spill jizz all over the god damn place.
Open file (754.09 KB 592x595 guntchomo.png)
>>83193 There's a tweet she made where she fantasizes about being "so high from weed that she is paralyzed and being fucked." If he is into playing with the butthole and sniffing shit then there is a laundry list of other degenerate things that he probably has subjected her to while she's zonked out on whatever he's feeding her.
>>83199 >You have the perfect asshole *sniiiiiiff* ooooh Someone post the soundbite
>>83192 >laying pipe Gayduur is such a fucking moron Quiverfull subhumans are literal puritans you low IQ fuck, they don't lay pipe other than to reproduce, or so they claim...
Open file (1.93 MB 640x360 hacker2.mp4)
>>83171 >alludes to one of the domains you didn't control >zero days hack you left behind >allegedly stealing her clients Reading between the lines but I'm guessing that Ade hooked jcaesar187 up with aediot to provide hosting for his site, and then when she leaked the threesome screenshot he cut her out and either asked aediot to move hosting or got someone else to do it? If he still has aediot doing his tech support, I'd wager the site is going down again in the near future. If he isn't, then he'd be trying to appeal to the guy he fired. Also guessing that the domain he didn't control was the mysql subdomain which was public (through cloudflare) until after the move.
Open file (2.76 MB 1280x720 meaty sniff.mp4)
>>83191 Even self-publishers, like lulu, would reject it. >>83192 >emulate He can't do anything else
>>83198 God bless nyggers for creating twerk dance
Open file (41.58 KB 930x672 insultblockcombo.jpg)
>>83202 Looks like the appeal is down the drain if that's his angle.
>>83205 >shaking your butt is something that was invented WE WUZ EDISON N SHIT
Open file (50.93 KB 675x552 ssn.png)
Yeah I don't think any appealing is going to happen now.
>>83204 >publishers Anon, all ecelebs are self published on amazon. Fatt had like 3 books made.
>>83209 Yes, I am well-aware of that.
Open file (28.86 KB 590x347 754102586833.png)
>>83171 I do like the subtle bait of leaving the images hidden in fact of course. pipe bomb incoming
>>83208 Now give it to a G​AMERGATE and tell him a racist lives there
Open file (22.04 KB 637x268 threatsofviolence.png)
That sounds like a pretty serious threat coming from a guy who just had someone on his show encouraging violence against buildings.
https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil DARKSYDEPHIL COVERS THE BIG PS5 SHOWCASE
>>83211 >this will be the nastiest hitpiece Do it! I'm sure all few hundred of your worshippers will love you for it
Open file (77.53 KB 690x690 1600273189103.jpg)
Would you?
Hapa girls = cute Hapa men = oven
Open file (561.16 KB 962x920 Gaemrgate.png)
He dropped that fast https://archive.md/E14Ti
Open file (833.52 KB 800x430 ClipboardImage.png)
jcaesar187 already dropped the hitpiece on his ayylamo ex. https://thejcaesar187retort.com/adrienne-blair-the-life-of-an-e-whore-09016020/
Open file (5.08 KB 98x22 8967876.jpg)
>>83218 proof reading be damned.
Open file (16.49 KB 500x332 hitgirl.jpg)
>>83216 looks like peak chloe moretz so yes
>>83218 Christ i can feel my iq dropping just reading his writing.
>>83206 >>83208 this is some juicy stuff right there. >>83211 Oh my god he is going to get gaydur to pipe bomb the servers at amazon or wherever the servers for ED is located.
Open file (23.26 KB 625x146 ClipboardImage.png)
>At least I get paid somewhat handsomely for my life being a spectacle. LAUGH IT UP ALOGS, I'M ROLLING IN LEMONS
>>83218 >Blair Is she Jewish?
>>83226 Blair isn't a jewish name. Looking at her i assume she is 50% native.
>>83227 Ah, I see. I thought Tony Blair was a crypto-kike, but apparently not. It's that other British PM retard.
Open file (465.81 KB 1803x1500 ralph_trust_noone.jpg)
>drugs >dating someone 18 years younger >no self-esteem >mental instability >would seethe constantly about having to work an actual job >40-year-old headcase who acts like a 16-year-old junkie Amazin' Who are >we talking about again?
>>83229 >proud of never reading a book in his life >writes like a 16-year-old
>>83228 Boris Johnson is part turkish and part Jewish.
Foxdick is down, I wonder who could be behind this? >>83229 All of the negative traits he listed both he and Faith exhibit.
>>83220 =AAAAGGGHHH BOOK LEARNIN IS FER MEGAFAGGOTS >>83228 You're thinking Boris Johnson.
Open file (42.87 KB 591x458 1310624988132.png)
>>83202 Called it.
Spelling is for G​AMERGATE t. terry davis
>>83207 das rite >>83221 wasnt she like 9 or 10 in kickass?
Open file (371.72 KB 915x800 boris-johnson-jew.jpg)
>>83233 I was thinking of David Cameron, who's got at least some Jewish blood in him, although not that much I guess. But yeah, Boris Johnson's even got that greasy kike look about him, except for his blonde hair to fool the goyim.
>>83235 Doesn't he use Word or some shit? It marks everything, not just typos and grammar but even poorly constructed sentences.
Open file (205.03 KB 595x422 ClipboardImage.png)
>>83236 >wasnt she like 9 or 10 in kickass?
>>83240 all women should stop aging by 10
Open file (3.32 MB 380x500 burning-gunt.gif)
>>83239 oh no no no no shouldn't have made fun of his shit country now the Гунт lost a friend
>>83241 based
Open file (5.80 KB 160x160 Dame_Pesos2.jpg)
>>83239 Bet Гунт regrets that apology huh
Open file (154.66 KB 559x507 1599955885048.png)
Important kinos from today https://youtu.be/cO3ihHQoMX0 https://youtu.be/EqLSdE1yrXI https://youtu.be/yH34pgl202I https://youtu.be/qJS2MZhQlCs all (((anons))) seething about this post are less successful e-celebs, skeptics or /leftypol/ losers
Open file (523.45 KB 472x1447 dame.png)
>>83250 I don't get it.
Open file (109.54 KB 467x387 7258716526825.PNG)
Open file (1.45 MB 640x482 drink.gif)
dame edited the picture to the Гунт and his child bride ride, also matt is in the replies this is going to drive the Гунт nuts
Open file (214.28 KB 591x621 Capture.PNG)
Witnessing the end of a friendship right now?
>>83254 meant for >>83251
Open file (198.02 KB 593x582 dame-ralph-tweet.jpg)
Open file (494.89 KB 152x200 makesuthink.gif)
>>83249 >memology video uploaded only six minutes before this post
>>83254 Yeah but what did he edit? I don't want to look at that shit up close.
Open file (276.73 KB 772x564 123826362356.png)
>>83253 >can't cover Ashton or Earwinson >can cover LTG and DSP WRONG MEDIUM
The ED article has his mom's twitter account lmao
Open file (226.52 KB 464x390 original.png)
Open file (131.73 KB 472x385 dame edit.png)
Open file (9.94 MB 600x400 gunt ride.gif)
>>83259 just the picture from ade to Гунт and the child bride ride
>>83260 Tell Ashton to come up with a cool gimmick like the vest streak and I might consider it.
Open file (161.39 KB 1381x308 Capture.PNG)
>As for her actual skill, she has no flair or charisma on the page, but she can write a competent article. That’s why I eventually let her write here. But, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s get back to the timeline…
>>83268 No, that's how Гунт wants it.
>>83266 Tell DSP or LTG to insert themselves into jcaesar187's saga and then anon will gaf.
hopefully Гунт starts retweeting anti dame replies. He just replied to dame saying he is a dumbass with the obliToad McKinleyy lol at the end
Open file (35.26 KB 400x400 NfTllgok_400x400.jpg)
>>83271 Гунт has talked about DSP numerous times and is still trying to get him on, so he's already part of it.
Gas yourself, with some luck you will be born as white woman in your next life
Open file (186.63 KB 593x511 ClipboardImage.png)
>>83253 Toad McKinley streams > boring w easel shit
>>83276 Great RETORT there.
>>83276 Toad McKinley tier comeback
>>83277 Ok there spicology.
Open file (78.67 KB 250x222 895236823.png)
>>83274 >he was mentioned by someone >so he doesn't have to do anything
Open file (109.13 KB 400x400 895912585982.png)
>>83277 Kek'd Veasel filtered even ==orc=berry? Pathetic
>>83285 Even Wеasel is better than you, lol.
Open file (118.78 KB 591x421 342352462.jpg)
Open file (313.49 KB 621x1614 1574894417197.png)
Open file (60.36 KB 574x373 282568386420.png)
>stream cancelled bickers he might dox her work place >doxes her work place >stream back on wew
>>83287 Oh no no no no no no furfag defense force! Toad McKinley is almost a cog lmao. Try invest in some crypto with your welfare money lol
Open file (1.03 MB 990x900 347355290972.png)
Open file (325.15 KB 700x784 seething-greasy-gunt.jpg)
Open file (642.48 KB 338x544 motherfuckin alogs.gif)
>>83290 Imagine being worse than even Wеasel. Oof.
Someone @ rekieta, or DM him, with proof of jcaesar187 trying to get ade fired. Maybe he'll slap jcaesar187 on the wrist again and cause another sperg out.
Open file (221.33 KB 404x411 melok.png)
>>83280 this pic is a very nice work /thread/fren
>>83295 Well, one would have to use their imagination to be worse than the Weesell
So when does Dax start Гунтguarding?
>>83298 Like shilling memology videos talking about politics?
>>83299 When he wakes from his hangover.
>>83300 More relevant than DSP or LTG, mongoloid
>>83302 Well then go watch Гунтs pals takes on the election, schizo.
>>83303 >schizo Yeah, there's no way more than one anon could think the self-important Cuntopia is an asshole
Open file (26.15 KB 154x80 gunt seeth.png)
>>83304 >torfag triggered by calling him a schizo
>>83306 >triggered Fuck off back to your circlejerk, you lame excuse for a troll.
Open file (7.30 KB 470x110 823928982298.PNG)
>>83307 Ok schizo.
Open file (17.75 KB 472x283 62125126985.PNG)
>>83288 >>83289 >>83308 >>83310 Oh man, this is getting me excited unironically.
>>83311 Source? I need it for racial purity.
>>83312 You have to resist frying rice
>>83312 here fren is a pure white woman
Open file (46.50 KB 473x534 2286259823923.PNG)
Open file (203.21 KB 400x400 8256982683.png)
Open file (8.78 MB 1280x720 Nanilul_Erika.mp4)
>>83312 don't touch the rice fwen
Open file (93.16 KB 1177x1275 EiECc7YU8AAaP2z.jpg)
Open file (30.48 KB 525x688 1525896641451.jpg)
>>83203 Most people think the sniffstream was the moment of conception, but the truth is Diddler Dax creamed her while splitroasting her with the Гунт in the barbie dream mansion. Some Гунтguards defectors even say the Гунт ate the creampie afterward.
Open file (489.25 KB 786x670 crp_kino_glow.jpg)
>>83315 Coach wins again
Open file (106.52 KB 1242x815 EiEEvZXVoAAvUOk.jpg)
Open file (178.63 KB 584x443 EiEFScDXcAMrEUa.png)
>>83240 John please, contain your pedophilia, think of the children, of better, don't
>>83317 Of course Vito likes that pedo, he's a fellow tribesman. >>83321 >>83320 That video mrgirl made is the most sleazy creepy thing imaginable. He's openly lusting after children.
Open file (690.90 KB 599x848 850817457729.png)
Wonder why he deleted this. http://archive.is/tG8uk
>>83323 This dude is more repulsive than Vaush
>>83323 B-But he doesn't say he has an ongoing attraction to children, so he's not a pedo!
Lol jcaesar187 got SSN doxed by sleeping with some crazy woman, the foundation to a strong family folks
>>83324 >niggеr lolis eww
>>83207 >shaking your butt is something that was invented If N​IGGERs did not invent "shaking your butt", then why do 98% of the roasties "shaking their butt" on Tiktok and all of the other internet whoring websites do their thing with negro music playing in the background? >>83218 >He dropped that fast Then Jcaesar must have hitpieces ready to publish on every single e-celebs that interact with him. >>83229 >The site is dead nowadays and no one really gives a fuck about it Not even Gaydoor projects this much, holy shit. >>83239 >>83250 >>83276 >>83288 jajajajajajajajajajajaja Alejandro is really a faggot, but at least he is trying. >>83267 >While some might consider [making shit up] shit tier trolling, Jcaesar was particularly susceptible to people making shit up about him First /baph/, then Trannyfarms. Jcaesar still seethes like a spoiled teen. >>83317 Everytime this faggot opens his mouth, I can't believe a single thing he says.
>>83329 >If N​IGGERs did not invent "shaking your butt", then why do 98% of the roasties "shaking their butt" on Tiktok and all of the other internet whoring websites do their thing with negro music playing in the background? jews, huwhite genocide and sheit
>>83329 >popularizing shaking your butt means you "invented" shaking your butt
Actually, it's about ethics in watching nigresses shaking their asses
>>83331 Also >snowS​ARGONs did the waltz and the foxtrot around the campfire while banging on rocks with clubs
Open file (84.83 KB 470x357 55269253396.PNG)
Open file (207.58 KB 1080x2520 EiEKzzeXgAEH72U.jpg)
Open file (16.88 KB 472x194 8856292292393.PNG)
>>83322 can I at least think of the 1000 year old dragon lolis?
>>83334 >PedoRFC is neutral
>>83335 only if they support black lives matter like Fai Fai
I have been away for a few weeks, I have only two questions. 1-Anyone here really believe that faith is is pregnant? I feel like the Гунт he is not man enough to be able to do that and he may be lying just to "own" the a-logs and it will back fire anyway 2-wtf is going on with P P P and Earwinson? where is earwinson posting his videos now?
>>83337 I don't support them bickers a black loli got murdered and they didn't give a fuck BLACK LOLIS MATTER
Did Mr. Vic-kers really just admit that he had nothing from Fa-ith's cellphone? That he couldn't get into her cellphone? Wow. I knew this fat faggot was bluffing, just trying to scare the Гунт. He had nothing all along. Way to get my hopes up for nothing you reddit dork.
>>83337 Nigger lives never mattered. That's why they were sold as slaves a couple hundred years ago and only got equal rights a couple decades ago. When nogs stop murdering each other in inner cities and have the same crime rates of whites, then I'll begin to possibly care. Black Lives Splatter!
>>83334 >neutral third party >guy that I'm chummy with What a faggot
Open file (49.37 KB 662x454 theboards.png)
>the boards Remember Gaytor, you're here forever.
>>83347 shit he really cant help himself can he, he has to talk like hes an oldfag who's been around the internet forever. I'm surprised he hasnt started dropping the term the chans.
>>83347 P R O J E C T I O N
>>83347 Didn't his master jcaesar187 run away when confronted with the opportunity to face Matt 1 on 1?
>>83344 k buddy
Open file (33.75 KB 656x284 IllegalIDDax.png)
>you're a nerd if you don't help your friends facilitate an ID for their discord groomed child bride You're not a frat boy Diddler Dax.
>>83352 >revenge of the nerds That movie came out before I was born old man.
>>83347 clean this mess up gaytor you faggot >>83352 funny he leaves out the fact hes helping her escape to his friend via a clandestine harboring
Open file (11.91 MB 640x360 Alinity _ her DOG!.mp4)
>>83348 The problem is that he does not really understand how pathetic it is, being on several imageboards for over 10 years. It is really fucking pathetic if you think about it, in that timespam one could've raised a family even done something worth while. But he does not seem to get that. He probably think it's a great bragging right, but it's not. >>83352 is diddler dax trying to wash his hands clean? >>83354 Don't you know that facts are for nerds and not ebin prom queens like diddler dax?
>>83347 >Pretending like you read the boards, and all the gay shit they made up wew Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? gaytor
Open file (93.49 KB 600x616 gaytor_gimp3.jpg)
>>83347 Wrap it up goys Gaytor The Firstfag has spoken
Open file (15.26 KB 291x338 ppp.jpg)
>>83356 >Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like Are you ok anon? I can't understand what your trying to say.
>>83360 How do I get positive points? I want to turn this thread around for everyone I just care so much.
>>83339 Earwinson is jumping from clip channel to clip channel. Teaclips, then some other fags on twitter who begged after he tweeted that someone could host his latest hot takes >>83343 Very organic. Like astroturf. >>83350 Yes.
Open file (15.35 MB 1280x720 animu of the month.webm)
>>83356 are you having a seizure or a stroke? Has the childbride psychologically broken you?
Open file (1.45 MB 260x195 ultimate kek.gif)
>>83360 >essayfag think his opinion matters >essayfag mad at orcberry to the point of doing assumptions >muh points Well, pal, at least people here enjoy weakload being weakload, but no one here like you and no one from gunstream trusts you no matter how hard you try.
Open file (40.55 KB 1024x508 EiEmmivWkAEW2XK.jpg)
>>83367 My gif is kino, it's worth at least 7 points.
>>83364 >>83359 >imageboard culture is totally dead and not even the people on imageboards have a tertiary knowledge of its existence anymore
>>83369 I think they were playing along with the joke anon
Open file (590.91 KB 640x544 mattcow.png)
Hi Matt :^)
Open file (12.59 MB 640x360 XD LISSEN.mp4)
>>83371 Is matt the original Toad McKinleyfag?
>>83370 Thats just wishful thinking and you know it.
>>83374 I cant imagine theres anyone alive who hasnt seen that meme before let alone how they'd find their way to this obscure 10 man, desolate forum.
>>83376 >he thinks /cow/ is difficult to be found
Open file (21.74 KB 480x292 gaytor.png)
>>83376 Ecelebs totally clueless to imageboard culture with viewers that are just as clueless have namedropped this place before and even if that wasn't the case the average imageboard user came here after 4chan was co opted and knowledge of dead memes like that weren't carried over to them bickers there was far more of them than us. Thats why 4chan is in the state that its in, they were never told to lurk more bickers they had us outnumbered 1000 to 1.
This is the channel that AIDSZERO is streaming on btw. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO6PlI72_UDwuWRCzM2b7HQ
>>83379 >no u Fuck you I'll sweep when he tells me!
Open file (402.66 KB 2024x1019 1488369463688.jpg)
>>83380 Kys, "oldfag"
Open file (55.55 KB 473x369 5982298329829898.PNG)
Open file (1.73 MB 400x400 228239826985.gif)
>>83385 I might feel the need to if I have to see one more fucking pepe or wojak bickers you faggots are totally incapable of creating anything new so you just cling to the only thing you can remember coming out of imageboards and rehash it over and over and over and over again.
Open file (851.74 KB 1544x1260 1491751899553.png)
Open file (112.67 KB 864x960 1485372083697.jpg)
Open file (243.75 KB 558x928 1497177433052.png)
Open file (30.78 KB 850x850 hotwheels.png)
>>83389 >I might feel the need to if I have to see one more fucking pepe or wojak bickers you faggots are totally incapable of creating anything new so you just cling to the only thing you can remember coming out of imageboards and rehash it over and over and over and over again.
>>83389 >ENTERTAIN ME! I just like frogs in general, but project on others if it helps you.
Open file (65.51 KB 644x452 internettoughgunt.png)
This is embarassing.
Open file (248.22 KB 1132x1000 1488365086301.png)
Open file (64.65 KB 792x576 1488356122253.jpg)
Open file (1.17 MB 1332x1440 1489295470441.png)
Open file (320.83 KB 1400x695 image0.jpg)
>>83391 Based torbro
>>83391 Do you think "I just like frogs" is a convenient excuse for the total creative bankruptcy of imageboards now that imageboard culture is dead and they're all just full of redditors and the like that used to shit his pants and do nothing but steal the shit imageboards created before they co opted them entirely?
Open file (234.36 KB 402x385 Ethan Ralph fat.png)
WE ALWAYS WIN. JOIN ME ON THE KEELSTREAM! He's got smashed by everyone and is under pressure. I think he will snap soon.
Open file (141.83 KB 916x758 kek comes.png)
Open file (252.75 KB 786x715 Jurassic Pepe.png)
Open file (116.95 KB 959x995 1491960386146.jpg)
>>83393 From pseudo-cult "journalist" he is now trying to look "badass"? lmao, pathetic. >>83395 >(4) >all crying about being an oldfag and how /cow/ is a newfag board.
Open file (131.05 KB 516x510 sandrabtfo.png)
>>83399 checked, Гунтmommy still around even tho faith?
Open file (101.71 KB 1209x1078 soapopera.png)
Right when the Vickers stop focusing on Гунт this dumbass pops back out of his hole. What a dumbass. >>83400 Yes, absolutely. Mama Vickers had some stern words for Old Sandra.
>>83397 I think so too. The next Pill stream isn't far off now.
>>83398 This site is just a symptom of a greater issue, none of what you're posting even came from here.
>>83395 >Do you think "I just like frogs" is a convenient excuse for the total creative bankruptcy of imageboards now that imageboard culture is dead and they're all just full of redditors and the like that used to shit his pants and shit his pants and do nothing but steal the shit imageboards created before they co opted them entirely? No. But I'm not sure you are completely accurate in your assessment either. What have you created?
>>83401 Seems like it will be a night full of kino.
Open file (200.44 KB 800x800 1489089735013.png)
Open file (540.07 KB 1024x689 1490035957321.jpg)
Open file (79.98 KB 680x967 1490320875871.jpg)
>>83401 >Mama Vickers had some stern words for Old Sandra on twitter? Did faith said anything about her mother in law or as usual the Гунт and his crew pretend that she doesn't live in the same house with jcaesar187? >>83403 I hope you're acting like this for (you)'s.
>more live views than Гунт/JF/Kraut combined >last streams are around 25k live views https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C65jYc622zA imagine losing to him
Open file (58.47 KB 656x850 secretgunty.png)
Fake Гунт account or alt account is now arguing with an account claiming to be Toad McKinley https://nitter.net/rollsmoke3
A -20 DEDUCTION HAS BEEN ADDED That makes the total score for today -94 It isn't looking good anons. It seems like some people do not agree with the score and are complaining to the janitors to have it memory holed. -20 has been added to today's score for posting off topic Гунтstream posts within this thread while deleting posts that are on-topic purely due to butthurt. I will return in 23 hours to see if any positive points can be found. I am not too hopeful given the state of the thread and the moderation. Let's hope some diamonds will be found in the rough tomorrow. Currently the thread has no right to hold the title of Thread #9 BREAKING NEWS -10 points had to be added for banning of a tor poster. It's unfortunate that I have to take away even more points due to the red hot butt hurt of the local cancer. I must assume this is a sign of mental illness and the janitor believes I'm another torfag. This is what happens when you give the mentally ill access to mod tools. TOTAL SCORE -104 I hope the situation will improve soon.
>>83404 All my OC is ephemeral like all things on imageboards are and even if I hadn't lost everything to failed harddrives and so don't even have anything left in order to reminisce to I still wouldn't engage in a dick measuring contest with you over it as that has nothing to do with my point. That point being that everything coming out of imageboards now is creatively bankrupt 9gag tier rehashes bickers the people using imageboards now are the same people that used to rely on imageboards to provide them with these things in the first place. Now that the human centipede has been cut apart imageboard users have just been reduced to eating their own shit instead and it shows.
>>83408 Fat, coward and egocentric, both are different parts from the same Гунт.
Open file (46.62 KB 191x187 ClipboardImage.png)
>>83409 >>83412 >essayfag samefagging
>>83408 ROLL SMOKE HMU I was 80% sure this is the Гунт based on the handle alone. The substance of the text only confirms it.
>>83412 You can't help yourself can you? I should add a -10 bickers you still haven't doxed this guy but I'm going to let it slide. If I keep subtracting points today >we will never dig out of this hole. >>83413 >everyone but me is the same person I'm going to let you slide this time but you should probably seek some help Mr. Essayfag.
Open file (76.60 KB 656x788 guntsock.png)
>>83414 This has to be him.
>>83410 So then go to the source and cry and whine.
Open file (246.41 KB 400x400 s0sjym-B_400x400.png)
>>83419 Wrong thread, Гунтstream is off-topic
>>83417 And get datamined by gookmoot with a jewgle captcha and forced barebacking due to all known proxies being banned? No thank you.
>>83416 He follows E Michael Jones and Lana Lokteff, DeOrio and Ann Coulter. Andy Ngo, Tiucker Carlson and Lauren Southern. Tim Poole, Dick Show etc
>>83423 When he is talking about his time spent "working during the day" he is manufacturing false consensus on sock accounts like a fucking lunatic.
>>83416 Yeah, that is either the Гунт or someone who is somehow more invested in the specific legal and specific details of the matter than the Гунт it is definitely jcaesar187
>>83424 Definitely.
>>83419 Fucking boring. Warski c-chill streams are more eventful
THE EX HAS POSTED HIS VIDEO, STUTTERING MESS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RR2rki3mj4
Open file (111.99 KB 774x1248 Aidszero.jpg)
>>83419 boring af.
Open file (97.13 KB 656x788 HI RALPH.png)
All you have to do is change one word and it's even more obvious that it's from the Гунт although it already was
Open file (51.81 KB 554x474 59483743.jpg)
>>83432 >bickers he opened it on stream >I'm not responsible for sending it
Open file (77.62 KB 1082x1255 guntlaugh.jpg)
Гунт jacked it to Ayyylmaozero in prison while married to Nora.
>>83434 >married Citation please
Replies now being hidden on the Adepost
Only Bryan is re-streaming the Гунт tonight? >>83431 Fucking Jesus.
Open file (5.41 MB 2120x1535 ClipboardImage.png)
>>83431 why is her eyebrows shooped?
Ade just revealed she found a dildo in the Гунтs room when she was cleaning up, which according to him was Nora's.
Гунт kept Nora's dildo and vibrator, he just has it left out in the open.
Open file (1.71 MB 500x500 costanza.gif)
>>83441 >NORA'S OLD DILDO LYING AROUND IN HIS ROOM >according to him was Nora's.
Open file (354.88 KB 2000x939 1598283767862.jpg)
>>83440 That's how i found it.
test based /yesdolphin >>/dolphin/verify/rpqsox0p You can verify the dolphin verification key at https://blackdolphin.world/verify?key=rpqsox0p
>>83347 Gaydor should be doxed by ED too to make sure this LARPing oldfag gets exposed for what he really is. Who's up to it?
GAYDOR WANTS CALLINS DON'T LET HIM DOWN BOYS! https://ghettogaggers.com/QVwN45
Open file (87.21 KB 336x232 red_menace.jpg)
So why did dame turn on the Гунт? Last I heard he was defending the Гунт grooming a teenager.
Open file (20.04 KB 480x327 xhamster.jpg)
>>83445 >mfw yakuza creator has changed his face like a kid changes costume at Halloween
Open file (73.69 KB 595x470 Untitled.png)
Гунт show call in link https://ghettogaggers.com/QVwN45
Open file (26.69 KB 499x481 826982389.jpg)
>>83444 Yeah, exactly. X
I hope you prepared your anus for that dolphin dick for not immediately making this into an ascii art thread you really need to up the character limit for that though 4000 is weak shit
Open file (12.79 MB 498x473 ltgrun.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLmiL2jtLB0 Low Tier God Live Stream 9/15/20 PUBLIC CHAT LIVE PS5.....UNSECURED DSP also failed to nab a PS5 pre-order.
Open file (94.72 KB 580x631 Untitled.png)
Open file (5.97 MB 400x288 dspvest.gif)
>>83473 I spoke too soon, looks like the king nabbed his live on-stream from amazon.
jcaesar187 throughout the livestream have been really angry from within. He's almost in tears for being too rageful against Ade.
>>83473 >>83477 Of course these two retards would be excited for this shit.
this made me laugh more than it should have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeY_xfVDaKQ
Open file (35.85 KB 562x366 3949325234.jpg)
>>83486 the royals have recalled him to the home planet, he'll be back by Christmas
Does the adezero stream have anything interesting in it? I'm fifteen minutes in and can't stand these holes anymore.
>>83457 He's still an annoying spic with an awful fake laugh and shit accent.
>>83488 >jcaesar187 jerked off to Ade while in jail, when he was still married to Nora >jcaesar187 kept Nora's dildo or it was his Those are the main highlights. Every other detail like jcaesar187 threatening ED and him doxing her job is already out there.
>>83334 >augie >neutral L O L O L
>>83389 You should learn how to use punctuation before you complain about other people's usage of shitty memes.
Open file (22.35 KB 459x303 ClipboardImage.png)
Is anyone seriously hyped for this? Styx and Spencer are boring as fuck. This isn't 2016.
>>83440 tell me this guy has Гунтpics bickers we all know he does
>>83477 the goutlord wins yet again
>>83494 both will decline after the news of Гунт retardation reach them
>>83494 No, there's a reason why even the soyfather himself told jcaesar187 to fuck off after he got trolled into thinking soygon would be in his show, only literal who pundits want to go there, not even Vice gives a shit about Spencer and the like anymore. >>83497 I doubt it, Styx and Spencer are merely a shadow of what they were in 2016/2017 in terms of populartity
Open file (123.61 KB 524x810 faggotyflam.png)
Fagmenco is such a pathetic cuck, I really hope his dox drops so everyone in his real life can discover his obessions with "mommy" porn and other discord degeneracy.
>>83499 AS much as Fagmenco's dox is enticing, Gaydor's dox is even more spicy if someone will drop it. Fuck that Toad McKinley-clone shitfag.
Open file (26.24 KB 1075x172 yyt.png)
>>83499 >his obessions with "mommy" porn and other discord degeneracy. When did Fagmenco switch from fuToad McKinleyit to mommy porn?
>>83499 >i shit his pants and didn&apos;t do it, not, its not TRUUUUUUUUUUUUU, go fuck yourself piece of shit motherfucka no it's not TRUUUUUUUUU
Open file (47.82 KB 474x196 5859982569826.PNG)
Open file (11.17 KB 96x132 jcaesar187dark.png)
>>83502 Гунтy dropped that bomb on air to put the little twink in his place after trying to interToad McKinleyon him live on air
>>83355 Is she the one who didn't know she was still streaming and beat her dog?
Open file (155.53 KB 320x363 112312498289191.png)
>>83504 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUBadmOLagQ&feature=youtu.be AN EARWINSON LIVE NEWS ALERT IN 6 MINS, ГунтLEMEN
Open file (903.36 KB 2048x1536 EhidcLcWAAAC1jD.jpg)
>>83494 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
>>83507 >live premering videos is not the same as an stream
>>83509 That's what he wrote
What the fuck happened to Bryan? Posted on foxdick 3 hours ago.
>>83511 Why even grow a beard if your facial hair looks like this?
Open file (67.37 KB 595x232 342352466.jpg)
Did he get this reference from the EldestFag himself?
>>83513 There was a nintendo direct today so he probably just saw it trending.
>>83511 What a disgusting sight Fucking pubic facial hair
>>83511 Why is this thumbnail so fucking large? Scared the shit out of me.
Open file (195.49 KB 516x470 82318625323.png)
>>83477 Phil always complains about money issues yet buys the $500 version over the $400 version, difference being $400 is digital only.
Open file (17.24 KB 613x259 EiICtoZXYAIzdUi.png)
Open file (831.65 KB 200x113 phil look.gif)
>>83518 He spent the entire build-up to the pre-order launch that he was going to get the digital version to save money and bickers he supposedly never buys discs anymore, even though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4vbAz3-jvs Viewers blew him the fuck out immediately by reminding him that be bought multiple PS4 games physically at Best Buy last black friday. Contrarily however, he says he's not going to get the digital-only cheaper Xbox Series S bickers it has weaker specs than the Xbox Series X, but if the specs were the same he'd have gotten it.
Open file (16.14 KB 460x237 178929828998.PNG)
>I don't read books No shit
>>83522 >3,4 Bitch doesn't have much to work with, tbf
Open file (38.86 KB 657x527 EhqMsnlXkAIMITl.jpg)
>>83521 >guy who tries to manipulate teen hates rape fanfic
Open file (1.41 MB 480x269 1Ez8.gif)
Open file (1.58 MB 500x280 83XT.gif)
>>83522 Imagine the smell of the Гунт ooze as she lifted up those Гунт rolls to get to his penis. The absolute state of this woman.
>>83522 Is he describing his dick size?
>>83522 Any blowjob he gets is always gonna be a 3 or 4 bickers the bitch as to lift up his fat Гунт and fit his small penis in her mouth
>>83527 The quality of blowjob x is directly and proportionally related to the length of penis y.
Open file (142.21 KB 473x617 Capture.PNG)
Open file (13.93 KB 470x155 958253285696.PNG)
Open file (74.20 KB 510x508 karut_nyan.jpeg)
>>83530 I love replyguy Kraut. He drives them fucking insane and they have no banter to throw back at him.
>>83532 It's bickers they've never dealt with him directly, so they have no shit to throw at him. =AAAAUUUUGGGHHHH HE'S TOO BORING TO TALK ABOUT
Open file (61.71 KB 469x366 4152982529359.PNG)
>>83521 >Гунт does not read books >jewish does not read books was sargin on to something when he ask if they read lowkey?
>>83535 *chuckles* At least I listen to books, philistines! If you don't understand that reference, read a book!
>>83524 The line where Гунт says she drove miles during a pandemic just to let me shove my cock down her throat made me laugh. Nigger we've seen your dick you arent reaching anyones throat.
Open file (246.41 KB 400x400 s0sjym-B_400x400.png)
>>83537 And she doesn't have the most petite skull either
>>83538 AYYY LMAO baby
TALKING Гунт WITH COACH https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
Open file (1013.88 KB 1023x658 6823323.png)
>>83541 CoachNyQuill
>>83511 He seems to fluxuate between jack black fat and skinny fat
Open file (82.70 KB 742x1196 extwnpp08ho41.jpg)
>>83541 Tiny says he is coming on.
Open file (1.07 MB 679x400 1516507656583.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5ooPWwkmX8 Trump Seems To Be Doing Pretty Great, Actually
Are you tired of winning yet, ay-lawwgs? Lol
seen Гунтy got onto ed frontpage , have i missed anything else lads?
>>83547 >"wokism" not the government and its owners are creating "alt-Right"
>>83550 He has a dildo for when he watches blacked porn
>>83552 fucking lol fuck off no way he does, like that's the only thing gayer that well... everything else my god man what a raging fucking faggot do you think he puts it under his Гунт to pretend he has a normal sized cock?
>cakekikechan got suspended by their service provider lmao
>>83553 I'm speculating there, but adezero said he had a dildo at his house that he claimed was Nora's. Well, Nora is long gone, so why is he hanging on to it? If it were Nora's, what does that say about the two of them? She needs a dildo when she visits him. But she might not need one when she leaves him.
>>83554 Isn't Vanwanet also hosting 8coom? So what the fuck is going on here?
>>83556 Mark and the ni/gg/ers won't give up their precious lawli and showta for the sanctity of free speech so they're paying the price
Open file (31.03 KB 292x181 all_these_idiots.png)
>>83556 Something about the russian government telling them to take down their /delicious/ followed by that agent johnson guy posting images of children. Guess the first had them on thin ice with a stern warning and the latter was the last straw. At least meta threads are going to get more lively.
>>83556 It's run by Nick Lim the retard. He's the one who got Epik almost dehosted by their transit providers.
Open file (1.85 MB 384x720 bell.mp4)
Open file (26.28 KB 917x1042 feelin_cute.png)
Open file (18.15 KB 763x1043 john_angry_sad.png)
>>83561 >agent johnson I remember he was the faggot who was friends with koirey barnhill and posted cp on julay/v/.
>>83565 He's originally from 9chan and regularly posted dost while Jawsh knew and didn't give a shit
Auuugh can anyone post all the transparent edits of the Гунт sex tape? I haven't labeled them so I don't know wtf they are in my folder rn.
>>83566 >hes originally from 9chan Hes originally from the official pedo threads that existed on 8chans /b/ 5 years ago.
>>83522 He truly is a jilted ex-lover, Ade is probably the hottest chick he's been with, which in itself is pathetic. Let's examine the other ones: >Nora <Groomed overweight pakistani midget with a unibrow >Pinecone Gal <Fat, neurotic, spastic starfucker >Faith <Groomed fat, dysgenic methhead >Mystery Miami Troon <Has a penis and probably a couple of venerial diseases No wonder he's so assblasted, some adderall-binging catlady that has an alien-shaped skull is the "crown jewel" of the Гунт's notches on the belt.
Open file (2.37 MB 480x270 bully.gif)
>>83557 You mean Gahооles best Friend Mаrk is into Loli? The same Gahоole who is getting investigated for child porn? Your talking about the friend of the guy who was Friends with РРР????
>>83570 >Toad McKinley is a pedophile Sure he is TRSsperg. he isn't
>>83513 >NINTENDO'NT He probably saw the new Pozflix "documentary" on the history of vidya, 'High Score' or some shit like that. >>83532 >>83533 > It's bickers they've never dealt with him directly, so they have no shit to throw at him. And yet the firstfag claimed he and his goons would make sure Traut never returns to Jewtube ever again. >>83570 Classic.
Open file (47.88 KB 716x320 guntwinson.png)
He is back to talking to himself on alt accounts.
Open file (39.60 KB 116x110 829829826986.PNG)
>>83563 Is that really her? If so it means her time is about over.
Open file (273.11 KB 906x1125 GUNTED_2020.png)
Open file (795.10 KB 906x1125 faith_cuck_bf_gunted.png)
Open file (13.08 KB 1248x852 ethan_ralph_penis_2d.png)
Someone needed to make a new Гунтed for the new Гунт so I did it. Гунт WHATEVER (you) WANT ANON IN NEVER BEFORE SEEN HIGH RESOLUTION
Open file (15.27 KB 906x1125 GUNTED_2020_2d.png)
shitty 2d edit just bickers
Open file (171.19 KB 476x559 858269825982392.PNG)
Open file (78.36 KB 1028x595 EiKJ0i_UwAEfzxb.jpg)
Open file (103.40 KB 1241x970 EiKJ0jAVgAAkl6h.jpg)
>>83576 That's so nasty. I know that's some black Samsung Galaxy smartwatch on his wrist. The other night he was setting up his Samsung Galaxy Buds (headphones) too, which were just released. And I'm sure he upgraded to the Note20 phone. So did I. What business does a man-pig have wearing all this latest and greatest smartwatches and smartphones? It's just sickening. But then again, if I were born in this wretched state as some little, hobbit pig-man with a fat Гунт swinging down, I'd still want a nice smartphone too.
Open file (105.38 KB 616x884 874832972.jpg)
>>83579 HOODRICH
Open file (145.89 KB 467x453 628598525986.PNG)
Open file (845.17 KB 906x1125 fai_fai_gunted.png)
FAT LATE Гунт FINALLY LIVE https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>83578 >making fun of my dead father webm >>83579 >specific information on botnetphones >I'd still want a nice smartphone too >>>/facebook/
>>83582 That sad, pitiful bitch Fai-th literally got Гунтed. Ouch!
Open file (119.02 KB 250x250 Rogue.png)
>>83574 yes that is a picture of John Michel Kelly ROSE.
Towards the start of tonight's stream Гунтy appeared to put his hoof down his pants and proceeded to sniff it as sneakily as he could.
Open file (222.23 KB 584x776 TacoBellJannyShanny.png)
Shanny the janny is working overtime at Taco Bell tonight.
Open file (75.83 KB 1040x524 bangledrive.png)
I disavow anyone dropping a nasty shit on Bangle Drive.
Open file (1.01 MB 1282x720 drexel nooooooo.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs73z7HEXz0 Drex-day Flex-day: Cuties, Fat Twitter, And More!
Open file (60.20 KB 992x402 scatbasket.png)
With the new context of the scat fetish, I'm going to highlight this glorious tweet and imagine it was a basket of Гунт shit.
Uh-oh, looks like Dame has been transformed into a snake AND A SPERG!
Open file (91.39 KB 856x588 soundboardanger.png)
Open file (49.72 KB 740x368 meltdown.png)
He is extra fucking mad tonight, looks like the poop jokes are taking their toll.
I have to "respect" Dame for sticking to his guns and not waddling back to the Гунт after that pathetic excuse of an apology. Гунт lost favor with Rekieta's crowd even with the apology accepted so the lawyer had nothing to lose but the situation wasn't the same with Dame.
Keep smelling your fingers on stream Гунт we love it
>>83611 >>83612 DAME THE SPIC PESOS WINS
Open file (32.77 KB 470x486 gunty.png)
Гунт's new cringe profile pic sums up this arc perfectly. Fuck and burn all the bridges. Next arc should have his profile picture be him shopped into Hitler's bunker circa 1945. >>83611 >sperg collective Doesn't Гунт know that >we are all individuals?
Open file (90.12 KB 736x680 unhinged.png)
Open file (72.09 KB 656x760 respondingtohisalt.png)
He is exposing a lot of his alt accounts in this shitstorm. It's funny bickers you can see the time his main account is inactive in between the outbursts his alts start yappering about how he is a chad alpha adonis on cue.
Open file (30.34 KB 470x399 gunty2.png)
>>83575 Seeth harder, Munti
>>83612 Now all of a sudden the Гунт hates Dame, he always hated Dame, he never thought the soundboard was funny, he just kept inviting him for the audience. Who's the real snake here?
>jcaesar187 using sockpuppet accounts to argue against himself to make himself look good Holy shit. We're reaching levels of insecurity and irrelevance that's not even possible.
Open file (1.20 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Что это за хуйня ёбаный стыд???
>>83624 How long until the Toad McKinley disavowal?
>>83625 J-i-m*
>>83625 Не знаю, неделя? Этот ролик с JewTube похож на фальшивку с голосом Джима. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMan_f9kMqY
Open file (142.34 KB 900x1200 teeth.jpg)
>>83619 How many times has he said "I'm done posting" and then fucking posted right after. Nothing this retard says should be taken seriously.
Open file (17.09 KB 1248x852 guntsex_full_2d.png)
Just made one more 2d Гунт sex edit, this time complete with fai-fais asscrack.
>>83624 >>83627 Ты чё бля, охуел что ли. Я тут рузьке.
>>83595 does gaytor think the whole internet is r/thedonald
>>83631 >рузьке Впервые вижу чтоб хохла так порвало.
>>83633 Каклов я ебал как твою мамку.
>>83634 Хорошо что не свою, ведь она охуеть какая мразотная чуркабесина.
>>83635 >мразотная чуркабесина О, твоя мамка как раз тебя так называла, пока я ей в очко сувал.
>>83636 Переживаю за ваши отношения как за свои, надеюсь ты делал это в гондоне, некрофил пархатый.
>>83637 Не переживай, выебал так, что с того света встала.
>>83638 Как ты её из вечной мерзлоты откопал-то, пиздобол?
>>83640 Ну она такая блядина, хуй достал - сама вылезла.
Open file (175.09 KB 400x271 15452750077270.png)
>>83642 Чо ты там достал-то, лол? На такую поебень даже живые сельди не повелись, а ты про дохлую свистишь, экзорцист хуев. Сдаётся мне, что всё что ты ебал - это Дуню Кулакову, лиственик рунетный.
>>83643 Я смотрю ты эксперт по хуям. Сразу видно, в мамку-блядь весь пошёл. Или в папку?
Open file (56.40 KB 483x604 Батхёрт.jpg)
>>83644 Да не полыхай ты так. Я ведун по ответам сетевых мамоёбов, а вот батю не тронь - отец это святое.
>>83645 >начал постить уёбищные мемы с реддита >у-у тебя баттхёрт! лол А папку-пидарка твоего уже столько мужиков потрогало, что мне и не надо.
>>83646 >следит за мемами с перддита >рррряяяя я слежу, значит все следят, мам сккажи им Я тебе говорил батю не трогать сосачер подзалупный? Ты, блядь, быдло и носитель самой низкой культуры общения в русскоязычной среде, тебе носитель одного с тобой языка написал, чо ты сделал??? Выёбываться начал. Открывай ротеш, ща срать туда буду.
>>83647 Что, про батю пидара в точку попал? Вот это жопоболь. Но не такая сильная, как у твоего бати, когда его в очко ебут.
>>83648 Чо открыл ротеш? Какаха длинная ползёт. Упала. Булькни в ответ постом если проглотил, будь послушный гейсортир. ))
>>83648 Чо заткнулся гейсортир? Проглотил чи не?
Open file (219.43 KB 600x883 1506699209859.jpg)
Видать много в рот насрали раз заткнулся.))))
>>83649 Пиздец юморок на уровне пятого класса. Или это папка-пидарок из тюряги шуточки рассказывал?
>>83652 Нихуясебе, и булькнул, и проглотил! Ну что ж ты там про юморок побулькиваешь, так это твоего уровня хохма, но теперь ты запомоен, больше мне не пиши - ведь ты же не общаешься с сортиром когда в него посрёшь.) Теперь ты генсек параши. Тебе в рот прям в треде насрали. Всё. ))
Open file (58.74 KB 707x1000 1280593.jpg)
Гордись собой гейсортир. Хех.
>>83653 >>83654 Копрофил что ли так говном озабочен? Ну не удивильтельно с мамкой блядью и пидаром папашей.
>гейсортир требует внимания Я на диете.
>>83656 Давай ещё про говно.
Open file (5.55 MB 640x360 ууу.mp4)
>гейсортир требует говна
Копрошколота обосралась. Ирония.
Open file (82.21 KB 744x599 1515592591742.jpg)
Обосраный гей-некрофил пишет про школоту, уровень постирони представили?
У копрошколоты ещё и голоса в голове. Лол. Вот это семейка дегенератов.
Дваждыобосранный подзалупносвинявый быдлососачерский некрофил продолжает проецировать. Збс.
get out of here you dirty fucking russians
>>83662 А это голоса тебе говорят обмазаться говном или они больше по линии отца пидараса?
>>83663 This is /корова/ now, amerimutts get out.
>>83665 Im Israeli oy vey you cant eject me from this board.
Open file (86.33 KB 840x505 44 pm.jpg)
Блядь, фу нахуй, фу... Как будто прислушиваешься к звукам в сливном бачке, шатал я рот такого счастья, я же с унитазом не общаюсь. А эта мразь >>83664 всё булькает и булькает. Харкнул в неё. Вытер о пиндоса >>83663 ноги и пошёл.
Open file (267.85 KB 1280x813 0400.jpg)
Get them out of here.
>>83668 How to repel russians? Do we have any finns here to winter war them?
Open file (204.13 KB 659x848 oyvey.JPG)
Open file (1.36 MB 1200x671 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (221.73 KB 330x522 28538265325.png)
>>83663 Fuckin Russkies, man >>83665 >>83666
Open file (455.11 KB 736x676 surfer.png)
>>83669 >How to repel russians? Soap, mouthwash, and good hygiene.
>>83547 >British media >boring What a shock, their clickbait is unfunny as well.
>>83667 no idea what's going on, but post more gore
Open file (34.71 KB 884x284 guilt.png)
>we didn't date until she was 18 But you did start grooming her with the intent to her fuck before then, and now your Гунтy conscious is having a slip.
>>83590 What's so weird about a discord tweet reposting bot, Shannon? >>83611 >I shit his pants and didn&apos;t do a stupid stuff, you moron. >spergposting Lmfao >You're faking for the crowd. >you were hanging off [bigger grifter's] nuts for years lol Shannon-tier projection. >>83618 Alejandro is a pathetic cuckchannel-tier "troll", but when a paypig points out to him that Alejandro might have just been trolling him, Jcaesar gets infuriated and assumes the worst instantly. Rule of the Internet Grifter N°11: "I am a god, I do NOT deserve to be trolled." >>83619 >I'm the Vince McMahon of this shit Why is wrestling behind almost every single incident of retardation on the internet?
>>83678 Is this a freudian slip? Why would he ever phrase it like that?
>>83681 He's definitely fucked in the head right now from yesterday's stream and twitter outburst. Maybe he knows that evidence of him speaking to Faith before 18 is out there.
>>83611 >dishonestly presented it as me freaking out >I'm not worried about what some f* website thinks about me These statements are contradictory. If the later was true he would not have posted the former.
>>83678 Isn't that considered grooming?
>>83613 the fat retard even brought the hounds to Jonesteins door. Every time i think the retard is dried up., he just keeps providing.
Open file (45.40 KB 120x154 beadyeyedgunt.png)
>>83685 Yes it is. This is why she deleted her video on Onionsion where she condems him for being a groomer. She is no stranger to lying about having relationships with older men before she was 18 so it's not even a surprise. This is why Masterstein has been so uppity as well since he is complicit.
Гунт: "Dame is a snake and a sperg who rapes soundboards in his 3rd world shithole, im replacing him with destiny" Гунт paypig : " I kinda like dame, he made the friday shows. he's jajajaj so funny" Гунт: " Ya I like him deep down too lol but I cant have him trying to abort the retort by laughing at my stupid fuckups and twitter bitch fights."
>>83678 He's really asking to be dragged back to prison, isn't he?
Open file (12.08 KB 470x121 83382982298.PNG)
>>83691 >is not fhalfway across country. >Nor did you give oral to his baby peenor. At least his first point was communicated
>>83692 If she did blow him, the footage have been dropped by now. I doubt Nora was fucking him either if she was keeping a dildo at his place.
>>83693 *would have been dropped
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tamrpspwwSY Mad at the Internet Starting in 10
>>83695 Opening with the Гунтjack Horseman theme
>>83693 >I doubt Nora was fucking him either if she was keeping a dildo at his place. Not to sound like a faggot, but I've been saying since 2018 that Nora never fucked Jcaesar.
Open file (23.95 KB 468x203 ralph_casing.png)
>>83611 Wew. Did someone give Davina access to his account? >>83693 >I doubt Nora was fucking him either if she was keeping a dildo at his place. >keeping a dildo in the residence she visited for maybe a week out of the year Definitely not fucking him.
>>83700 >2018 Real oldfag hours. The sad part is you showed up 2 years before the vols
>>83700 >I've been And so have others
>>83530 kraut and tears needs to stop gayopping the eternal oldfag
>>83695 More fatties I assume
>>83695 >fat bitches eating again he doesn't even try to disguise the fact that he's shamelessly julaying superchats from all the f*moids on his site
>>83630 lmao
Some discordG​AMERGATEs are saying that John Kelly raped a girl during the GG years, evidence so far seems legit
Open file (75.48 KB 1080x844 1545698430612.jpg)
What has happened? I was kinda with my partner yesterday and had a comfy dinner and bedtime
>>83712 Apparently John Kelly raped a crazy danger hair bitch, I don't know if the discord logs are fabricated or not though.
>>83712 jcaesar187 is going at everyone. Dame, adezero, teaclips. Apparently most of his defenders on Twitter are his and Gaytor's sock accounts, not that this is surprising.
Open file (432.08 KB 856x751 nog.png)
Don't solicit or receive nude images from minors (under 18 usually depending on your location). This 21 year old nog was coercing a 13 year old boy to send him nudes over phone and social media. And he was doing the same to 10 to 15 other minors. This is soliciting and creating cp. If convicted, he can get up to 30 years in prison. There are lot of pedophiles on this board so I'm giving you a warning not to his mistake. As soon as you see they're underage, just forget about it. Walk away or you will ruin the rest of you life. How long until it's revealed that Ra-lph was sent Fai-th nudes when she was underage? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-54199115
>>83715 >As soon as you see they're underage, just forget about it. Walk away or you will ruin the rest of you life. How long until it's revealed that Ra-lph was sent Fai-th nudes when she was underage? Mister Vickers and Miss Vickers during their interview with the inbred anglo of the deformed ear hinted that they found potentially illegal stuff in Fai Fai's phone, what I don't understand is why not just go full berserk and sue the Гунт. I suppose that opening the phone of their daughter without her consent is illegal and not valid as proof in a court of law
>>83715 >lot of pedophiles There aren't even a lot of anons here, much less pedophiles. >>83716 It is their phone that they pay for so I'm not sure that they exactly invaded her privacy, although knowing the screwy laws in California, it wouldn't surprise me either.
>>83717 there are NO anons here, we're all ecelebs
Open file (1.39 MB 400x326 34352352345.gif)
>>83712 >PARTNER
>>83612 >Destiny Fridays Too late, he was on the Гунтstream yesterday. A-logs always win.
>>83622 Гунтguards had always been at war with Dame
>>83721 Really? I though he was one of the capos of the Гунт just like Loweffortology101
>>83712 good to see your still doing well weakload lad
>>83722 Anon, re-read the post you're quoting.
>>83722 Every livestream has been destroyed or falsified, every tweet rewritten, every meme has been repainted, every crackshack and barbie mansion has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Гунт is always right.
Open file (173.66 KB 473x321 528253985269236.PNG)
Open file (15.75 KB 305x252 8568125693.JPG)
Open file (408.20 KB 259x403 25625338223.gif)
Open file (45.58 KB 952x865 252562592892.png)
Open file (49.68 KB 591x257 89738973.jpg)
Imagine if Spotify dangled 100 million dollars in front of the Гунт, a similarly low IQ, manlet with no firm political beliefs. Can you honestly say he wouldn't bend the knee?
>>83728 This is the guy who strangles his chat complaining about Joe Rogan cucking
>>83728 >Гунт constantly cucks to dlive for 100 bucks a night >calls joe the retard rogan out for cucking for 100 mill
Open file (3.18 KB 151x223 2d_luchafag.png)
Open file (8.53 KB 300x366 a-log_please_2d.png)
Open file (13.33 KB 415x523 elated_2d.png)
Open file (3.93 KB 200x253 niceguy_2d.png)
I have been tracing the Гунт a little to much
>>83720 >>Destiny Fridays >Too late, he was on the Гунтstream yesterday. What really? How liable is the Cuban Midget to mention a certain restream while guesting on the Kikestream? >>83728 Jcaesar always talks about "cucking" based on his own lived experiences.
>>83728 He bends the knee every night for beer money. For 100 million he'd rape Sandra to death on Ronnie's grave.
Open file (4.08 MB 1280x720 CRP_goes_Nuclear.mp4)
>>83734 GET FUCKED UP THE ASS BY SOME GAY FAGGOT WITH AIDS, QUEEN OF POZ Andy seems very uncomfortable around him.
Open file (62.10 KB 656x440 nahttruu.png)
IT'S NOT POOOOOO >>83716 They both deactivated their twitter accounts and deleted the website. So it's either legal stuff incoming, or they've failed and now look even more foolish.
Open file (1.72 MB 270x340 apossums.gif)
>>83735 NOT THE F-SLUR
Open file (83.99 KB 474x355 559232988628969.PNG)
Open file (181.70 KB 472x387 18282982926.PNG)
>>83738 Shaved shoulders?
>>83740 I guess he likes less hairy guys or sumthin
Here is your daily reminder that this thread is full of cowards that try to bully other people to feel better about their own sad state in life. The admin is an alcoholic living in an Eastern Euro shit hole that will never obtain his own paypigs. The owner is a Fed. The sister site is run by a guy under investigation for pedophilia. The mods turn a blind eye to CP being posted here whenever it benefits them. Tor nodes are banned, VPNs are banned, and the chat room on the official cytube runs an IP scraper that gives your information to known CP poster Dolphin. Toad McKinley was right most of you faggots are NEETs using the internet in an attempt to forget about the fact that you'll never accomplish anything in your lives. >We have been here for nearly a year now and the same names are always active on the Гунтstream chatting with each other and sharing CP via DMs. You should all take a hint from that anime and throw yourselves off the nearest cliff. RENT FREE EVERYDAY You know you've reached rock bottom when the daily life of jcaesar187 is more interesting than your own. Don't worry though your friends at the Гунтstream has plenty of coping material for you. First up is three hours of Digimon, followed by an interview with surprise guest COACH RED PILL. He's going to ramble on about shit no one cares about while based We-asel sighs for three hours. After that is the Prison Rape power hour where we watched based Nazis rape based white men while based nigs watch. This will be followed by 6 hours of a sheboon cooking Mac and cheese. Chat should be interesting. Wea-sel is going to bore >us with what he's cooking for dinner like he does everyday while the rest of >us spam emotes. Should be fun there are over 9,000 to choose from.
>>83742 >the daily life of jcaesar187 is more interesting than your own. A daily car crash always has rubberneckers
>>83742 >We have been here for nearly a year now You can leave whenever you like. Don't let the door hit you on the ass as you leave either
Open file (215.90 KB 900x1200 D37KbKQX4AAufY9.jpg)
>>83740 yes.
>>83742 >over 9,000 Oh shit, what's up first fag?
Open file (2.28 MB 2000x2000 Shannon_Gaines_.png)
>>83742 > DMs Isn't DM twitter lingo? I've only ever heard private messages on nearly every other site on the internet.
Open file (654.73 KB 583x1012 Nagatoro_Gunt_Skinned.png)
>>83742 >this thread is full of cowards that try to bully other people
Open file (9.77 KB 566x597 pedochu_nightmare.png)
>>83742 Nice Larp pedochu but agent johnson the pedophile uses a tripcode.
>>83742 >try to bully Looks like it's succeeding.
Open file (1.72 MB 1023x783 ClipboardImage.png)
In America, which has undergone a sexual revolution, dating a 15-year-old girl in the 21st century is considered pedophilia. France 17th century, the Marquise de Pompadour replaces the king at meetings, receptions and conferences. Fearing a trick on the part of young beauties, Pompadour herself selects Louis mistresses. So it becomes famous "deer Park". In this mansion, the king incognito Fucks with 15-13-year-old girls. America 21st century-a bunch of incels discuss an adult man who dated a 15-year-old girl. France 17th century, Francois Boucher paints a picture of the most famous of the girls who passed through the "deer Park" -15-year-old Irish Louise O'murphy. Hmmm....
Open file (112.08 KB 466x350 8236289282982926.PNG)
Open file (5.68 MB 800x448 75985985695.gif)
Open file (205.16 KB 1148x2048 EiOcayEWkAE5xlN.jpg)
>>83752 SNIFFFF
Open file (7.14 KB 237x269 guntbite.jpg)
>>83753 Who could it be now?
>>83752 >the Marquise de Pompadour replaces the king at meetings, receptions and conferences. Fearing a trick on the part of young beauties, Pompadour herself selects Louis mistresses. So it becomes famous "deer Park". In this mansion, the king incognito Fucks with 15-13-year-old girls. And the Marquis of Sade wanted to eat people and rape toddlers.
Open file (5.91 MB 854x480 SOMEWHERE IN MALTA.mp4)
>>83753 >adam is a homosexual neet he did his rounds of the guys in the old discord he was always flirting with this finn bloke >can confirm https://archive.is/WQmng
Open file (38.33 KB 615x339 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (128.77 KB 408x376 asdasd.png)
>>83753 Faith's birthday yesterday, jcaesar187's in 2 days. SOUNDS LIKE A REASON TO GO TO DISNEY LAND
Open file (43.23 KB 293x374 56963655369.jpg)
Open file (60.29 KB 737x593 1599105299728.jpg)
>>83759 >SOUNDS LIKE A REASON TO GO TO DISNEY LAND >yidsney get on my level newfag
Open file (73.29 KB 570x745 605991281562.jpg)
>>83761 That's nice an all, but I'm not sure if the child bride is a big fan of kaiju.
>>83762 Anon, pls. You don't want a lizard grrl upset tonight in fact of course. Let yuge sleeping reptiles lie.
Open file (198.59 KB 476x775 pp milk.jpg)
>>83714 Has the whale finally lost it? >>83723 I am always good.
Open file (95.85 KB 646x632 innocent.png)
Guilt free, as pure as snow.
Open file (55.46 KB 656x478 healthyagegap.png)
Open file (24.93 KB 632x260 crymore.png)
Why has he never felt the need to address this on air if he is so squeaky clean?
>>83764 Some observers think another pillstream could in the works sooner or later.
>>83765 >that's basically textbook grooming
Faith's birthday is September 17th. In September of 2020 she turned 19. In September of 2019 she turned 18. In March 2019 she was in Miami with jcaesar187 and Warski.
Open file (309.13 KB 582x808 1579676119707.png)
Open file (222.54 KB 515x590 ppp fat .png)
Open file (134.27 KB 343x358 guntdying.png)
Open file (35.52 KB 359x376 NOT MAD RALPH.png)
Open file (70.15 KB 192x320 pedogunter.png)
Open file (219.12 KB 1280x960 53w35.jpg)
Open file (54.11 KB 686x250 faifaiphotography.png)
>>83769 I wonder if the alogs had never bit if he was angling her for the "do instagram modelling it will make you more confident about your body" scum fuckery.
>>83769 it's nawt trooooooooo miami is when i kinda tuned out though for a few weeks but i can believe it knowing what a slimy Гунт he has
Open file (855.50 KB 800x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>83757 >eat people and rape toddlers Source? People eat people throughout the history of mankind - this is not good and not bad - this is a fact, not a norm. This is wrong. Toddlers rape is a legal practice in Judaism and Islam. An toddlers is not able to bear and give birth to a child - this is irrational violence for the pleasure of only one of the parties. This is wrong. While sexual attraction to a 15-year-old girl is not something special or out of the ordinary, this is the age of the first hormonal explosion for women and most women lost their virginity in the 20th century, especially at its beginning - it was an ordinary phenomenon. What is the life expectancy in America? Has the birth rate increased in groups where this age is taboo?
Open file (14.12 KB 644x116 shitjoke.png)
Open file (914.85 KB 2297x2328 diddlers.jpg)
Open file (327.30 KB 2062x2065 pacified.png)
Not the best guy to be retweeting on the same day you're trying to not look like a groomer.
Open file (1.71 MB 1024x820 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (383.77 KB 590x380 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (157.90 KB 1024x820 wigger and nigger.jpg)
Open file (389.79 KB 647x434 mayor.png)
>>83777 Really good optics.
Open file (154.41 KB 1138x800 ginsberg.jpg)
RIP Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Open file (216.95 KB 1147x798 Trotter Twins.jpg)
>>83769 No wonder Nora stopped pretending to be married to him.
Open file (31.29 KB 884x216 smallfry.png)
>>83780 It would be a shame if someone used this exact wording to report the next tradegy that will befall the Гунт.
Open file (35.26 KB 400x400 NfTllgok_400x400.jpg)
The Toad McKinley stream appears to be here on the Pedophile Organisation's channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5myhQwt8TU
Open file (96.55 KB 980x551 SkekSil.jpg)
>>83783 Sandra is some real Dark Crystal-looking shit.
Open file (153.25 KB 967x1330 EiPEYV2XsAAemKw.jpg)
>>>83778 lmao that mask is pushed to the absolute limit.
>>83786 his Гунт chin is showing gross
>>83742 <Toad McKinley was right most of you faggots are NEETs using the internet in an attempt to forget about the fact that you'll never accomplish anything in your lives. You should all take a hint from that anime and throw yourselves off the nearest cliff. *Ahem.* Who was right? Please identify. Me? Man that feels good. >>83752 Randbot, I know you wanna tap that 15 year old pale peach, but you gotta be less obvious about Гунтguarding Et-han Ra-lph, 'kay? >>83758 And you are a furry, repressed homosexual, Le-opirate. You use Christianity as a cloak for your underlying degeneracy and sin. >>83768 Remember that Rad Roberts is very keen on never admitting to doing something illegal. He's well-aware that stuff he says can be used against him in a possible legal suit. So he's just going to keep saying she was 18, no matter what. Although I am glad Гунт has fallen out of favor with Ni-ck Rek-ieta. It always irked me that Гунт was getting free legal advice from a more-competent buddy Гунтguard. Although Rek-ieta probably sucks ass as a lawyer. If he were good, he wouldn't be livestreaming and grifting weeb NEETS online. I'm sure Гунт and Rek-ieta have kissed and made up in DMs though now.
Open file (11.28 KB 330x522 2d_firstfag.png)
based oldfag
Open file (63.92 KB 330x522 Shannypig.png)
>>83789 such a sweetheart
Open file (208.93 KB 906x1125 firstfag_gunted_2d.png)
>>83792 >mfw still messed up the crop Oh well >we all make >our mistakes here on thread 9.
Open file (58.04 KB 700x520 spergysnake.png)
I was hacked you third world soundboard
>>83769 >Faith was in Miami proofs?
>>83785 tea clips talking about jcaesar187 in literally every discord she's in. literally caught her in john kelly's discord doin the same shit. I hope she pisses off one of the foxdickers and she gets actually doxed instead of this "boo hoo jcaesar187 doxed me (used my real name)" sobstory she tells everyone
Open file (332.28 KB 1892x2048 EiPNSWHWAAMwYhM.jpg)
Open file (309.99 KB 2047x1672 EiPNSWHWAAEQY9K.jpg)
>>83796 Yeah, but I think the art was by adezero's fellow hen, TackyBitch or whatever her name is..
Open file (266.32 KB 468x333 98236598239823.PNG)
>>83780 And look who came up for air.
>>83799 is the coofer still alive what the fuck?
Open file (10.13 KB 465x85 29859826982.PNG)
Open file (16.22 KB 465x186 25936829236263.PNG)
>>83800 I suspect it's Jade keeping the grift going.
Open file (75.43 KB 450x281 140573-bigthumbnail.jpg)
>>83788 Reminder you're 10 years older than both Sato and Misaki, Britany You should have grown out of the shows message by now
Open file (10.30 KB 477x92 123456789.PNG)
>>83802 Considering Toad McKinleys old account would retweet and respond to quarantinecoof I'd put money on it
>>83803 She's also happy a schizo lolicon enthusiast might have mentioned her as right. Well, I guess she will take compliments where she can
Open file (69.49 KB 824x1024 tea1.jpg)
Open file (47.19 KB 600x600 tea2.jpg)
Open file (4.25 KB 225x225 tea3.jpg)
>>83796 what drawings?
Open file (10.25 KB 476x105 298923939398.PNG)
Open file (10.26 KB 474x106 529368526523.PNG)
Open file (9.36 KB 472x121 82398239283298.PNG)
>>83796 Corey Barnhill, I wish I saved the screencap from when you posted a screenshot with the fucked up font rendering you have. You are a pedophile and always will be. Now fuck off back to your shitcord.
>>83783 >ruth bader ginsburg SANDRA RÁLPH IS NEXT >>83788 >*Ahem.* Who was right? Please identify. Me? Man that feels good. <redditor/Vénti consorting with koikike's goons to feel superior to those evil julay/cow/ anons Sad!
Open file (298.39 KB 2048x1548 EiPWEp8WAAAhBUH.jpg)
Open file (363.62 KB 2048x1950 EiPTAMwXYAAhKnX.jpg)
Open file (185.82 KB 1794x2048 EiPS2D7X0AUpXw7.jpg)
>>83808 Why do you guise say I look dark? I don't get it?
>>83811 Someone needs to edit these like the Sargon gun edits.
Open file (159.05 KB 474x293 8582529563.PNG)
>>83804 I knew he'd do this one.
>>83812 The one on the left with antifags crying on the ground etc.
>>83797 She cute. ;) >>83803 No, the show will always be relevant for /cow/boys. Wikipedia said Sato was 22 and Misaki needed to finish highschool bc she had dropped out and wanted to go to college so they could start their relationship together. So she must be in her late teens. You say the characters are 10 years younger than me. So they are supposed to be 13? Nah. Where do you guys get this stuff?
Open file (408.46 KB 2162x1022 8957298437.jpg)
>jcaesar187 celebrating the death of his own Auntie. Appalling
>>83799 2 thumbs 1 asshole
Open file (18.30 KB 306x306 8969823283.jpg)
>>83815 > Wikipedia said
Open file (4.38 MB 455x262 Venti.gif)
>>83815 >munti admits it is her >continuing to seethe and try to diagnose /cow/boys ITS HAS TO HAVE SOME SORT OF REDDIT-SCIENCE REASON IT CAN'T JUST BE THAT /cow/ LIKES TO LAUGH AT RETARDS you have hit the wall and will continue to wither, drown in the cat shit munti
>>83819 Who needs a real doctor, when you can have a former Twitch streamer armchair psychoanalyze a bunch anonymous strangers she's never met?
Open file (29.10 KB 413x413 cow-hitler.jpg)
>>83820 Munti lost 4cuck and ever since than she has been looking here for a suitable groom, not even weakload will give (you) his degenerate, albeit still Aryan seed munti. /cow/BOYS DON'T CREATE GOBLINOS IN FACT OF COURSE
>>83796 her legion of thirsty redditfarmers and discordG​AMERGATEs is annoying as fuck
Open file (11.28 KB 330x522 2d_firstfag.png)
updated firstfag.
>>83823 I love how you gave an accurate representation of his retarded eyes
>>83824 I do my best.
desTINY aylawging Jcaesar187 live
Open file (132.18 KB 740x632 damecancelled.png)
Open file (38.29 KB 728x320 someone.png)
>>83829 He was typing that out on his phone while he had Destiny on and arguing with a caller. Imagine being the third wheel on your own show.
>>83811 Not a gun expert, but the way she handles it is cringe.
>>83828 >>83829 Jcaesar is seething harder than Dame at the height of Simpgate. >>83831 Everything about the grifter "Muttani Vénti" is cringe.
Open file (243.36 KB 480x320 sakuya_pads.webm)
>>83829 >hahaha
Open file (5.97 MB 400x288 dspvest.gif)
Open file (90.63 KB 616x353 capsule_616x353.jpg)
Open file (14.13 KB 125x74 p22nkr.gif)
>>83828 The fuck happened here? Last I heard of dame he was Гунтgaurding jcaesar187 grooming a child.
>>83836 I don't recall exactly when Alejandro did his 180°. It might have been around the death of NP2. He claimed to be sorry about being a faggot and unblocked everyone on the Twatters and unhid their replies. In any case, a few weeks after that, he appeared to be genuinely horrified when Dax and the Гунт started white-knighting Digitroon and his pedophilia.
>>83836 If you go to jcaesar187's chat right now, he's got them brainwashed into hating Dame and Teaclips now.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHbiXdxsyoo Drex and Dollhouse Phil - Not Sure if Any News Happened Today
>>83837 alejandro was blocking hundreds of people and the 180 was after the sextape
>>83840 >the Гунт's sex tape was so disgusting that one of his most loyal and decorated Гунтgaurds turned against him Fucking hilarious.
Open file (16.18 KB 200x151 low_tier_pissbottle.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8PG-0BPtSU Low Tier God Live Stream/ 9/18/20 GAMES WITH LTG
>>83784 that's some tzeenchian shit right there
Open file (502.28 KB 512x427 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.68 MB 1656x1143 ClipboardImage.png)
Destiny continues his face turn.
We all make our mistakes here on the Killstream.
dead board?
>>83848 Sargon wins.
Open file (179.36 KB 341x350 kraut and gunt.png)
Open file (4.73 MB 1520x832 Gunt_dancing_2.mp4)
Open file (324.42 KB 644x816 circlejerk.png)
Toad McKinley is incapable of being funny, he might be a f to m.
test to see if board down or if its just dead.
>>83852 Just dead. I imagine it's too early for the Гунт to start making shit twitter takes on RBG.
Open file (11.28 KB 330x522 2d_firstfag.png)
Open file (1.52 MB 400x400 95361225256353.gif)
>>83851 >asshurt wasn't funny
Open file (218.38 KB 468x306 398256982562965.PNG)
>>83853 I bet theres other twitter posts you can act offended by
Open file (92.81 KB 1387x702 685692892986.jpeg)
>>83856 Yeah, but they have to be Twitter posts relevant to the topic
I was offended by this on Twitter. Matt held the door open! btw What happened to Matt's series, where he walks into a Walmart and reads the descriptions on the back of DVD's etc.?
Open file (87.69 KB 728x596 hypocrisy.png)
Yeah don't tip the hard working people in the real world, save your spare shekels for paypigging us!
>>83859 >Vito the libertarian pedo >doesn't know about the labor involved in a $50 steak vs. a $5 hamburger He's probably friends with Dax bickers they have cuties parties
>>83860 Also waiters at higher priced restaurants have to know a little more than how to write down your order and place your slop in front of you.
Open file (5.97 MB 400x288 p4cl4b.gif)
Open file (12.59 KB 470x134 892598292835298298.PNG)
Open file (244.73 KB 490x565 958692825286.PNG)
Open file (23.94 KB 468x494 712532839823.PNG)
Open file (24.91 KB 472x214 1425981252986965.PNG)
>this week was rough <I had a lot of fun Tweeting damage control while guests rambled?
>>83865 He was having a bad time during that segment with Tiny. Watching it back right now and Tiny cosntantly cut him off, and laughed with a muted mic while jcaesar187 was fumbling with the pornhub Гунт tape reference. What a submissive BEYDA. Can't wait for the footage of Faith dominating your feeble ass to up there with your finger sniffing.
Open file (93.28 KB 536x828 damesnake.png)
I hope this Chilean gremlin snaps one day and just dumps a ton of embarassing dm's or something.
>>83858 Yeah jcaesar187 shouldn't be making fun of R2-Dindu like that
>>83867 At this point the individuals here know he will, all it will take is if Гунтy does something really really really stupid (as if he's done enough retardation for one second).
>>83855 How come Toad McKinley is going on a autistic crusade against vtubers anyway? Isn't she getting enough superberries?
Open file (254.53 KB 594x483 pedo tranny takes.png)
>>83870 I like Digibros take on Miss Hammerhead
Open file (315.25 KB 1260x708 mutti_fakku.webm)
>>83870 Bitter that she can't compete with cgdct.
>>83870 Idk. Ask her when she lurks/comments here. I suspect she has too much competition from 2D and the 3D whores. She evens calls her simps on twitter simps, so she is doing a milder form of findom. But she doesn't want to give up the goods, so she sits and whines. Also crusades make simps feel helpful when they give up their money, often raising more neetbux than she might otherwise receive.
>>83869 I feel like there's a sort of nuclear deterrent with the Гунтgaurd and they all have dirt on each other. >>83870 Typical whore behavior. Anything that gets more attention then them or might divert some of her paypig's money is a problem.
Open file (13.73 KB 469x156 68589259823.PNG)
Open file (306.63 KB 1200x601 8269828936.jpg)
Open file (214.79 KB 1640x1030 venti03.png)
>>83875 >worked Has she ever worked a single day in her entire life? I highly doubt it.
>>83876 The hardest thing she's ever done was pick up cat shit
>>83875 >seething this hard over animu getting more attention then her WeW lAd
>>83877 She picks it off the floor but now out her bed?
Open file (363.62 KB 2048x1950 EiPTAMwXYAAhKnX.jpg)
>>83880 Oh, mi mirada a esta fea criatura. Qué vergüenza debe ser nacer como un negro callejero
weird how much the talking points Toad McKinley is using now made perfect sense to this board right up until she starts using them too its almost like you never believed a word you were saying in the first place just like she doesn't and just like you is pretending to be retarded in a desperate attempt to remain relevant
Open file (143.35 KB 586x808 saltyweekend.png)
Open file (74.98 KB 884x332 sockaccountegoboost.png)
And here I thought he would go the whole day without the twitter tough guy act.
Open file (138.62 KB 304x408 Soyfather_wb.png)
>>83883 *CHUCKLES*
>>83883 Toad McKinley's right, this is a dead cat bounce.
Open file (212.85 KB 604x857 nora - pathetic.jpg)
>>83883 Thus, only about 250 paypigs watch his shitty show and the rest are bots.
>>83886 250 seems rather generous looking at his twitter interactions
I didn't realize TRR was so thin-skinned they respond to mild criticism in chat directly. I guess after having purged chat of all "hate-speech" the few dissenters stand out now more than ever. That and their audience isn't as big as they think, if they have time to address one or two people holding them accountable in chat. I guess the one or two people shit-talking you really catches your eye compared to the animated gifs and bot-spam that clogs up chat normally and few modded paypigs chatting. I got some reactions the other night that I will clip here. I think An-dy, Ra-lph, and Ga-tor subconsciously realize that if they let one or two persuasive people in chat shit-talk them live and counter their points or show hypocrisy, the chat will be turned against them in real-time and they will bleed more viewers and paypigs.
>>83882 >you never believed Or what anon actually believes isn't relevant. >remain relevant Anon never cared about "relevance." That is for attention whores.
Open file (309.91 KB 640x356 venti_gunt.png)
>>83886 Mods in chat last night were bragging about 1000 viewers compared to Mun-daneM-att's viewers. But real, active chatters is much lower. Once you ignore bot sticker spam, it could be anywhere from 30 people - 100 people. I realize not everyone is chatting and some are just listening in the background doing other things. What you see is often the tip of the iceberg beneath. The number of casual listeners is always higher than dedicated chatters/watchers. It's like on a board such as this one. Without seeing the data, the number of casual readers/lurkers is higher than the number of actual posters. More people read foxdick farms that they create an account and post there. I think without bots spamming emojis in chat, it would be too obvious that it's just 50 people in Ral-ph's chat, which itself triggers an effect in people where people realize it's not cool to be there and then leave the show and close the tab. A lot of IBS was just Met-okur normies moving from place to place, bc they though it was the cool place to be that daddy Toad McKinley was watching. So when they get to Ral-ph's real chat and it's just 20 chat regulars, they leave. So that is the purpose of the bot spam. But I do wonder how much of the sticker spam is real people. Some just mindlessly post stickers for 2 hours and then they respond if I @ them. So it was a real person. I think Ga-tor would only need 10 bots spamming stickers regularly to give the illusion that chat is full with an engaged audience.
>>83883 >When will they learn that the Гунт cannot be aborted? <i'm owning the meme aaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuughhhhhhh Sockpuppet confirmed. >>83888 >I got some reactions the other night that I will clip here. https://encyclopediadramatica.wiki/index.php/Unwarranted_Self-Importance
>>83889 its relevant if you want anyone to buy your bullshit veпtis faux moral outrage over loli vtubers is completely transparent her true intentions are totally clear as are yours when you go after anyone who slights you with the very same hollow accusations
>>83859 As if either of them have any fine-dining experience. >>83891 Doesn't DLive bot too? If that's the case, then he might have literally half or even a third of viewers that are real people tuning in.
>>83893 >its relevant if you want anyone to buy your bullshit I don't have any bullshit to sell, knucklehead. >as are yours when you go after anyone who slights you And what are my supposed intentions? Who has slighted me either that I would "go after" them? >hollow accusations Which dickhead are you?
I was mildly trolling his chat and his mods didn't ban me until the end of the show. They were going on about how when they cuck to Dlive and censor themselves it's different from Joe Rogan cucking to Spotify for 100 million. So they were saying Dlive this and that, so I said, "Would Dlive approve of y'all celebrating the death of a former Supreme Court juror (Ruth Bader Ginsberg)?" So the mod finally said I was moralfagging (ironically without being able to say faggot himself) to give a faux-justification for why I'm banned now. Why that was a bridge too far for him. >>83894 I would think so but you never know. How could Fuen-tes get more viewers on Dlive than on youtube? Yeah, he was doing his little PR stunts to get eyeballs on him but Dlive is a much smaller audience than youtube. What >>83893 is saying to you is that you shouldn't call his grifter buddies (Di-ck Mas-terson, DigiTranny, Гунт, War-ski, AugieCP, etc) pedophiles and he doesn't like it.
>>83895 just look through any of the active threads on this board and you'll find people who have slighted you that you're trying to paint as being literally hitler this board used to be about laughing at lolcows like chris-chan that didn't even know you existed but now all it does is try and character assassinate the people in your social circle that are opposed to you in some way if you can't understand the difference and how this entire board now comes off as totally disingenuous then I don't know what to tell you
Open file (67.18 KB 476x416 dliv banned 3.png)
Open file (70.13 KB 493x587 dlive banned 2.png)
So Ga-tor doesn't give a fuck about Dlive knowing he supports the death of a juror. >>83895 What >>83893 is saying to you is that you shouldn't call his grifter buddies (Di-ck Mas-terson, DigiTranny, Гунт, War-ski, AugieCP, etc) pedophiles and he doesn't like it. It's the pedophile guy from the other day.
>>83898 what I'm saying is that nobody believes it just like nobody believes veпti is genuinely concerned that the anime shark girl whose viewerbase dwarfed her own within a day is actually composed of nothing but 40 year old pedophiles
>>83897 >can't define slighted >changes goalposts to "the website" So bickers Chris-chan is so autistic, now everyone has to be that autistic to be trolled? Fuck off, Dax Talkingpoints. >character assassinate >your social circle I can't tell if you are disingenuous or stupid. Probably both. >opposed Who and how? You answer questions with more circular generalities, so of course I can't understand. No one outside your circlejerk necessarily can.
>>83898 >pedophile guy Oh, right. FUCK OFF RILEY YOU PILE OF SHIT
>>83900 you're the one trying to move the goalposts to be about you specifically as if I'm supposed to know who the fuck you are or that me pointing out chris-chan had anything to do with his autism
>>83899 I also don't believe you know enough people to say that "nobody believes." I'm sure most people cross the street when they see you approaching.
>>83897 >you'll find people who have slighted you that you're trying to paint as being literally hitler Are you referring to anyone in particular? /v/iggers are more like kikes in fact of course.
Open file (334.09 KB 489x471 sargon_4.png)
>>83902 >you're the one trying to move the goalposts to be about you specifically as if I'm supposed to know who the fuck you are Then don't address me, numbnuts. For a dumb lolbertarian, you are awfully collectivist. >pointing out chris-chan had anything to do with his autism Oh, were you there to witness it, oldfag? Please tell me what chris-chan was about if not trolling an autistic retard? Since you know so much about him to use him as an example, please "enlighten" me.
Open file (220.67 KB 424x472 shannonintheflesh.png)
>>83897 >this board used to be about x
Open file (1.30 MB 1364x910 Kleanup_Krew.png)
>>83906 Exactly.
>Vénti vs pedos slapfight >also happening in this cyclical Why can't they all die?
>>83908 The only slapfight happening is between Brits floppy titties until she puts on a bra
>>83903 no I definitely surveyed every person on the planet and I assure you nobody believes you of course I don't mean literally you autistic fuck maybe if you said something this board disagrees with you could replace chris-chan as the most autistic lolcow since being opposed to you lot is now a requirement for getting a thread made about you here >>83905 I referenced chris-chan bickers he had no relation to the board and he had no idea you existed it felt genuine bickers there was no underlying vendetta against him for slighting you that would lead you to make up a bunch of obvious bullshit about him and before the word you triggers your autism again by you I mean this boards userbase as a whole
Open file (40.49 KB 849x474 fuck you faggot.JPG)
Open file (10.04 MB 1280x720 Kumite.webm)
>>83907 It's funny how quickly these fan art age so quickly from their depicted allegiances.
Open file (3.18 KB 151x223 2d_luchafag.png)
Open file (450.58 KB 900x1900 lolcow gaytor.png)
>>83912 The dumb bitch is hawt though. Shame about her shit taste.
>>83913 pretty much everyone you talk about, from the IBS and foxdickfarms people that have cut ties with you and no longer want anything to do with you to other users of this site that in one way or another harmed it and therefore you and on the other side of things trying to make fun of people that have aided the site or expanded its influence will result in your posts being deleted and you being banned
Open file (7.36 KB 171x171 acidrobi.jpg)
>>83917 No, no, name some people. The burden of proof is on you bickers you made the claim that "people" cut ties. Are you talking about Son of Tiamat, per chance?
>>83917 >IBS Grifter alert >foxdickfarms The ranch and the farm have never really gotten along. Granted some post on both sites. Are you a foxdick? >make fun of people who have aided the site Such as? Is this you, Homoberry? >expanded its influence /Cow/ never wanted influence, dumbshit. It wanted to troll morons.
>>83920 *THE RANCH
Open file (60.88 KB 500x534 40k32d.jpg)
>>83917 <see, no one wants you to be their internet fwend and pays attention to (you) anymore <the normalfags whom you bullied for spamming the webring and tried to become zlebs dropped out and don't want to be mentioned You utterly miss the point of this board, firstfag.
>>83922 I want to know who and how he thinks aided "the site."
>>83918 if I say anyone in particular then I will be immediately labeled as being that person and the entire conversation will devolve into character assassinating that person rather than addressing anything I say so why would I do that?
I can't tell who's grifting harder. The "conservative right-wing" crowd that's been trying to buddy up with DesTINY bickers they think he's le based and redpilled now or DesTINY bickers he could just trick everyone into thinking he's rational with conservatives and dislikes online lefties now. First jcaesar187 has him on the Гунтstream a couple of times and over time acting like he likes him. Dax saying he likes Tiny. Even just recently Coach Break Leg and Tiny had a friendly conversation even though just months ago they didn't like each other. Fucking next will be probably see Kike Regayta talking with Tiny.
>>83925 >"people" are disassociating >I won't name any though So name all of them and I can pick whichever one is the funniest to label you as.
>>83925 >you want specifics >I won't give specifics <bickers blahblahblah Then how is anyone supposed to know wtf you are talking about, you mongoloid? I WON'T MENTION WHO bickers YOU WILL DISMISS IT Then don't fucking come here. You already knew what you supposedly were going to get and still you come here. Stop being a useless dicktease about it.
>>83926 Thats the grift. You think nick fuentes is actually conservative christian and didnt actually go on a date with a cat boy faggot that sucks horse dildos? They point out inane online gay shit like pronouns or BLM which most normal people agree are mental and get donations from retarded children with no political ideology of their own.
>>83927 >>83928 don't play dumb you know exactly the people I'm talking about as you spend so much time talking about all of them and I'm sure you've seen posts getting censored for mentioning the people who shant be named as well you're just trying to put me in a catch 22 of either getting me to name someone opposed to you and then admittedly turning the conversation to shit as a result or getting me to name someone who can't be made fun of and getting censored as a result
Open file (11.28 KB 330x522 2d_firstfag.png)
Open file (8.53 KB 300x366 a-log_please_2d.png)
>>83919 >the farm foxdickfarms </cow/ and foxdick farms don't get along For good reason, foxdickfarms is filled with literal tranny redditors and is run by known pedophile Toad McKinleyua connor moon. >some post on both sites Not if they aren't faggots. >/Cow/ its /cow/ Found the foxdick, but (you) aren't wrong /cow/ only wants to laugh at tards, thats always been the case and always will be. >>83923 gaytor is a retard who only thinks of things in "clout" and "relevance," he doesn't realize that their can be a simple collective of individuals that enjoy laughing at and bullying retards on the internet. >>83924 This might be an elaborate larp by pedochu or some sort of koigoon who is still angry that julay culled them from the site. Either that or its e-celeb number 6 million bitching about the a-logs for the 6 millionth time. <y-you guys don't realize y-you need l-loli FUCKING A-LOGS I FUCKING MADE THIS FUCKING SITE ITS NAMED AFTER ME t. jcaesar187
>>83930 >don't play dumb you know exactly the people I'm talking about No I don't, please list all of them.
>>83930 >muh Toad McKinley Oh is that all? zzzzzzzzzzzzz >>83931 >Found the foxdick Found the guy with poor grammar.
>>83929 Spic Fuentes probably actually believes his own shit though. Even the fag who he had a gay date with is more edgy than Spic.
>>83933 yeah it was Toad McKinley all along you got me for once this sites retarded word filters have served a purpose beyond making posts into an incomprehensible mess
Open file (1.98 MB 375x430 masterson-burn.gif)
Imagine being Riley trying to defend his bro Digi by using something he thinks is relevant, so he cites loli obsessed /v/iggers whom he doesn't know much about so he can only talk vaguely, but they can't be all that bad bickers they like loli like his bro digi.
>>83935 >this sites Why haven't you listed the people who anons obsess over yet? I'm waiting.
>>83935 >incomprehensible mess Changing IDs isn't enough, since you do that routinely. You really should learn to alter your diction if you want to hide better.
>>83938 my ID changes routinely bickers every time I visit this place I end up with a different IP since I'm not a dumb fuck willing to bareback a site thats supposed to get a canary update any day now even though its been months
Open file (487.38 KB 2048x1583 Peak Optics.jpg)
>>83930 If this is who I think it is than go to the proper Гунтstream thread and bitch about muh troons all (you) want and (you) won't get "censored" pedochu, that is of course and less you decide to act like the faggot pedo agent johnson (you) were larping as last and actually post cp. /cow/ has never censored all of the hapas threads on /japan/ or Toad McKinley either. >>83934 Spic is a fed in fact of course.
>>83939 >irrelevant comment >muh canary update Exhibit A
Open file (13.46 KB 566x597 pedochu_2d.png)
>>83941 Yep that's pedochu.
>>83940 funny how you still try and derail the conversation to be about who I am even with nothing to go on
>>83924 >I want to know who and how he thinks aided "the site." Not just Sperg of Tiamat, every normalfag on Twitter or the YT comments reposting imageboard memes and OC genuinely believe they are improving the boards by doing so. >>83925 >character assassinating Identify yourself.
Open file (9.77 KB 566x597 pedochu_nightmare.png)
>>83943 All I need is to see your posting patterns and habits to IDENTIFY who (you) are pedochu butthurt torfag
>>83897 That is true that most threads created on these boards are simply "private-army" attempts by people with vendettas against someone that want to crowd-source their trolling/harassment and get more fire directed at their target. But what you are doing is running defense for preferred grifters that you happen to watch or happen to think you're friends with bc they respond to your DMs or something. So you are ironically the other side of the same coin. Others go after these people. You defend these people and run damage control. Oh wait, you're G​AMERGATEchu? I read the thread and I still don't really understand the Гунтstream drama or your motivations. >>83910 You're upset about your thread. I get it.
>>83945 the only butthurt torfag here is you for having nothing at all to say so you resort to desperately trying to attack me as a person instead despite the fact that we're on an anonymous imageboard and you have absolutely nothing to use against me >>83946 I'm not naming any names in order to avoid the conversation pivoting to me being made to play defense for whoever I name bickers I have no interest in doing that I don't give a shit about any of the people you're butthurt about any more than I give a shit about the weebs veпti is butthurt about for preferring to simp over an anime character rather than her
>>83946 > the other side of the same coin. >HORSE SHOE THEORY FTW Is that you Brittany?
Open file (41.23 KB 494x498 Carl Benjamin-2020.JPG)
>>83946 Pedochu doesn't even have his own thread, hes a subtopic on koipedos thread due to his ability to continue to defend the leaf pedo even though the ni/gg/ers have moved on already and /japan/ is dead. >>83947 <y-your the real butthurt one Classic pedochu. >>83948 I'M ALWAYS AHEAD OF THE CURB MUNTI heil the individual
>>83949 His talking points seem to have shifted to "Toad McKinley is a pedo who got raided by the FBI", "this site is a fed honeypot bickers a warrant canary that nobody gives a shit about anyway wasn't renewed", and "/cow/ is the real lolcow" though that last one has been a talking point of ni/gg/ers since forever so it's not original.
>>83950 I keep an eye on him all the time, butthurt torfag has always been like this, same talking points, same defense of pedos to own the /cattle/, same hatred of the Toad McKinley he once loved so dearly.
>>83950 >>83951 I've never said any of those things and I'm obviously not even using tor as I have an ID but by all means keep throwing shit at the wall to see if anything sticks in lieu of actually having something of substance to say

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