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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
All of Gunts subscribers got doxxxed lol hmu https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv Recent News: >gunt acomplished nothing in his three-week vacation besides getting butthurt at some IP2 autist and cheating on his pedo GF >Ashton Parks continues his decent into guntdom >Surfer finally had enough of the canuck gunt and kicked Ashton out ITS FUCKING OVER INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Bella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html
Edited last time by oldestfag on 09/14/2021 (Tue) 19:38:07.
>>119605 woah Flamingo, did Гунт sign off on this?
Open file (214.39 KB 768x1024 E-M8yehVUAQFO84.jpg)
Open file (333.26 KB 2048x1536 E-wNunOUYAETMZh.jpg)
Open file (380.62 KB 2048x1536 E-wNunPUYAgSDGC.jpg)
Open file (410.57 KB 2048x1536 E-wNunOVcAIbPQJ.jpg)
Open file (444.04 KB 2048x1536 E-wNunOVgAMeGXq.jpg)
>>119607 I was watching an anime called 86 it seems like it is one of the better animes from the seasonal anime trash this year. I played an hour of Tales of Arise also, I just took my nightly dose of oxycontin, so hopefully within 30 minutes or an hour from now, I am going to get the minor euphoric and numbing feel. Also my gf paid for a trip to Greece going to be there a week, I am still looking for someone to take care of Knut my little feline fwend while me and her are gone bickers Knut needs special care he is kinda like an overlord or something. Also the gf is now traumatizing Knut while she is watching a documentary about a kidnapping that happened in Norway, I cannot stop laughing when Knut makes these whining and hiss sounds, it is funny to look at, and you can see the desperation in his eyes. I think, I need to save Knut but then I would need to slap her thighs and touch her tiddies, that would save Knut but she would get pissed off at me bickers she would say I am objectifying her or something stupid. So to save or not to save Knut? Did you miss the yellowfever posting fam? >>119610 I only have like 4 pics of triple p sis, also it is kinda perverse to make a tribute of everyone's sister, If we are being honest here. But I need to save myself some good amounts of semen first.
>>119612 If you arent going to cum tribute everyones sisters than what good are you buddy?
Open file (111.80 KB 828x1472 E-uODU6UUAQCkC6.jpg)
Open file (66.95 KB 750x814 E-zcc_PVgAAi258.jpg)
Open file (135.13 KB 1656x1010 ExkDTmIVEAseSv2.jpg)
Open file (185.39 KB 2044x1150 ExkDTnIVgAAC1in.jpg)
Open file (441.70 KB 1984x2048 ExkDTmnVIAAEx3h.jpg)
>>119613 you perverted fuck, I am not going to coom on gahoole's sisterbrother. Also there needs to be some bikini pics of triple P's sis, also some other pics to find the perfect tribute pic. Also why do you people want me to coom on everything?
Open file (433.08 KB 600x562 657967487766.png)
>>119605 >0:53:06 ObliToad McKinleyy Endless Eight Mention
Open file (164.79 KB 625x292 25899568.PNG)
>>119612 > it is kinda perverse to make a tribute of everyone's sister, Most women are someone's sister.
>>119614 Everything has a purpose that is your purpose. My purpose is to call the other guy gaytor and his purpose is to be a faggot.
Open file (90.52 KB 768x1024 E_UuV-bVEAMCNoa.jpg)
Open file (89.89 KB 768x1024 E_UuV-cVcAMelf6.jpg)
Open file (83.06 KB 768x1024 E_UuV-fVkAEomWy.jpg)
Open file (81.76 KB 768x1024 E_UuV-iVkAEFPHY.jpg)
>>119616 I was not planning a tribute of triple P's sis but I need more photos of course in fact fam >>119617 so my purpose in life is just for tributes. Well, then I need to take on my destiny and find the perfect pic to tribute to.
Open file (201.54 KB 1536x2048 E-g9MHSVgAMdq5n.jpg)
Open file (132.27 KB 768x1024 E-M8yegVQAErocd.jpg)
Open file (267.74 KB 1536x2048 E-g9MHTVIAgESoM.jpg)
Open file (210.02 KB 1536x2048 E-g9MHUVcAcTOnp.jpg)
Open file (280.97 KB 1536x2048 E-g9MIRVgAEAIhi.jpg)
Now I am finished posting all the new free pics of this Asian chick. God dammit, it really suck that she does not make more free pics of her cameltoe.
Open file (95.12 KB 640x640 1569101936001.jpg)
>Gayhoole saying that Surfer has female behavior and is acting like a gay Bud, like Surfer himself says "shut your whore mouth". You, Gayhoole, are the attention whore crying in your videos and posting on random tvch threads about suicide "Ah I'll kill myself! Give me attention!" Also, dude, you have literal gay porn on your pc. >>119591 This dude used to be hated before everyone saw he's a fatty creep with a stereotypical gay voice, and remember, Asston had him as a co-host before and will do it again if despair overtakes him. >>119580 Cope more, faggot.
>>119620 crying and saying I love you is pretty homosexual though wouldnt you agree especially when you're talking about a 300+lbs man
Open file (229.36 KB 502x523 manboobs (bitchtits).png)
Open file (510.31 KB 1172x670 Gahoole gyno 1.png)
Open file (536.79 KB 1163x615 Gahoole gyno 2.png)
Open file (208.47 KB 377x612 Gahoole cry 6.png)
>>119620 >>119622 Reminder that whenever an anon calls you a woman or says you talk like a fag, 8/10 times it's a fat NEET with bitch-tits, which are caused by having too much estrogen in your body. Ironic, isn't it?
>>119623 Holy shit gahoole is making me a transvestiToad McKinley cow with that female body.
>>119622 Imagine if you had to unironically ask yourself "am I a pedo" after you cried and said I love you to your son. This is what you're doing, faggot.
Open file (159.44 KB 1270x706 1555934842432.jpg)
Open file (2.46 MB 660x418 starfish_vs_gun.webm)
I'm just passing by to drop these rrelevant information 1-TRSodomites are on Surfer telegram trying to convince him to stream together with them, and with some frequency, also some Surfer "fanboys" with a certain vibe of being secretly groypers are begging Surfer to make videos about pagans 2-Grimcheers, the pigclips simp and ex P P P fanboy is once again contacting me to get my help in a certain project to alog P P P, I'm ignoring, bc I enjoy aloging P P P by my own way 3-Foxdickfarmers are seething about Wrist and the Weasel and trying to convince Gahoole to drop info about them >>119620 >>119623 >>119627 Based
>>119628 >Grimcheers, the pigclips simp I thought that was over after he snaked on her and JMK flagged him and then PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd him on stream?
Open file (571.20 KB 1010x480 Surfer crying.png)
Open file (463.50 KB 1132x613 PPP - pained laugh 3.png)
I bet your apartments are feeling awfully lonely right about now, buddy? Feelin' alone? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds1lcT2Wn3E
Open file (200.52 KB 220x224 285698928569865.gif)
>>119630 >>119623 >Reminder that whenever an anon calls you a woman or says you talk like a fag, 8/10 times it's a fat NEET with bitch-tits, which are caused by having too much estrogen in your body. Don't be jealous. You can grow manboobs too. Just keep taking your hrt.
I would like to personally apologize for the stream the other night becoming a fucking disaster. FUCK foxdickfarms FUCK E GIRLS FUCK NIGGERS That is all good night SAYONARA I LEAVE
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAlSWib0WVM Anime Talk, Culture, and Chill with Anime Outsiders
Open file (964.12 KB 426x466 goobers.mp4)
>>119633 Basado
Ngl, I'm disappointed that Gaytor's faildox wasn't correct. How can we nail him bros?
>>119636 oldfag is undoxxxable. he has admitted to being at animecons and political events he will get doxxxed one day bickers of that
SURFER IS LIVE https://odysee.com/@DrunkenSurfer:a/Toad McKinleyCopeSeethe:8
Beardson live with a whole 22 viewers.
Open file (25.47 KB 610x160 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (33.16 KB 606x313 ClipboardImage.png)
>>119639 Bowlcut Gang feds and foxdick trannies in chat.
https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream Restreaming surfer for anons with shit cpus
>>119643 Its not 20, he has his trovo back.
It's a shame that surfer only uses two fed platforms, it makes it a lot harder to get in contact with him. It's pretty hard to get a phone number and remain relatively anonymous, even if it is voip
>>119652 you talking the legit bowlgang feds that messed with kikewell, that bowlcut nationlist was a regular in the /byr/, Toad McKinley, cuntpirate chats, I don't know if he himself is a fed.
Open file (517.98 KB 531x775 Blaie White ahegao.png)
>>119631 You got me, bitch-tits. Or you're totally attacking a ghost, which I like.
>>119662 > bitch-tits. Hardly.
Open file (2.43 MB 1280x720 backtracing.mp4)
Open file (917.80 KB 366x497 921582985923865.gif)
Open file (41.88 KB 542x264 cow_dropped.png)
Open file (78.06 KB 384x288 ashton_unhinged2.png)
>I thought the way I handled it was really classy >all I did was post a video with his doxxx and everything IT WAS A SNAKE MOVE
You spergs haven't seen sunlight for 7 years. I don't care about your opinion how I looked bad crying.
Open file (1.55 MB 1434x802 Big Dawg Surfer.png)
>>119669 I hope Surfer goes through with his possible retaliation. Surfer said before he wanted to do Bible streams, and he might be willing to do them with Leopirate. A Surfer and Leopirate union would cause endless seething from Toad McKinley
>>119672 Honestly, it would cause Toad McKinley a level of anger >we probably have never before witnessed.
love surfer
Open file (9.71 KB 699x753 yeah buddy.png)
Listening to 3P trying to skirt around the fact that he's just as much an e-celeb and money-whore as everyone else is pretty fun.
>>119626 >comparing the love of a father and son to the love between two homosexual canadians who shared a house for a few years. That probably says a lot more about you.
Surfer has a chair under the doorknob. Since being redoxed by 3P, he is fearful. Don't want any killers breakin' in a 3AM? Are ya scared, buddy?
>>119670 i leave the house for atleast 2 hours a week there buddy.
Open file (90.16 KB 607x960 fullofshit.jpg)
>>119670 Ego to deflect from criticism and lion good sheep bad. Peak Christian values right there.
Open file (3.46 MB 1280x720 jewshbtfo.mp4)
>>119629 No, he's really butthurt with P P P after all this time, also full of hate for Earwinson. The sperg is a simp after all like Fuzhou, it's everyone fault, not pigclips! >>119633 Fake words even if it's the real Gahoole. >>119652 I remember of this Bowlcut faggot arguing with SS Ampharos and other P P P alogs long time ago and sperging outt about "/cow/ always lies, there's never relevant information there!!! It's naaaaahhh trueeee". At least this time he's siding with Surfer, like I imagined, majority of the actual right-wingers from the audience will side with Surfer. The foxdickfarmers will side with P P P. And P P P will start to sell foxdickfarmers views points about political issues over time. >>119671 The post is a tranny spic >>119672 >>119673 Sadly it won't happen. Let me explain why. 1-Surfer don't know about real /cow/, during all this time all the information Surfer got was fed up by P P P, everything Surfer knows about this place, Zachfag, LeoPirate etc is what P P P told him. 2-To it happen, someone from here would have to get in direct contact with Surf and develop a dialogue, and with that eventually make Surfer talk to CuntPirate without interference from third parties. >>119678 Trannies from foxdickfarms are posting stuff like this "it would be a shame if antifa came into the house at night and Surfer accidentally had a pickaxe lodged in his schizo skull, hihihi." Do you agree with it, faggot?
>>119670 nice god complex there
>>119588 Foxdicktrannies haven't changed since they shitposted on SA, run around with gay fucks masks and fucked up ED. Still can't meme, still completely transparent, still boring. Not sure how anybody still pays attention to them, this group of losers lost all relevancy around 11 years ago.
>>119687 >this group of losers lost all relevancy around 11 years ago. Evidently not, they still have a lot of hanger-ons.
>>119687 >the irony of this post on /cow/ >the irony of the people in this thread who cant accept that Toad McKinley and Surfer were in a gay relationship. isnt it ironic? Dont you think?
>>119689 samefagging your own opposition is hardly hanger-ons, but it fits the self cannibalizing masturbatory tendencies of these clowns. They have been a great case study for 5 years.
Open file (2.47 MB 2800x1178 ClipboardImage.png)
>>119672 make it so
Open file (9.96 KB 250x201 6292185685.jpg)
>>119671 >it develops in your twenties No. It develops in your later teenage years >>119670 >You spergs haven't seen sunlight for 7 years Seeing some of Asston's fanbois in the weightloss competition, I'd say that's accurate >>119690 >isnt it ironic? Dont you think? Not really.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-eynNt4ve0 Mad at the Internet FRIDAY IS COMING
Open file (44.69 KB 882x501 452545435.jpg)
Open file (221.73 KB 330x522 .png)
>>119670 I sorta agree with Surfer in fact of course. but it did look very very gay
>>119699 Buy one get 3 free? BASED
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
Open file (283.73 KB 419x900 82529859285.png)
>>119702 Noooo not the hecken pedophile jews shekels!
Open file (164.96 KB 415x523 892592655.png)
>>119697 >jcaesar187 went to college
So the Vickers interview Toad McKinley did was real???
Open file (2.67 MB 256x234 892592855896.gif)
>tfw essayfags are more concise than jcaesar187
>jcaesar187 wants all the leverage out of being the father with none of the responsibility or burden
SURFER IS A SCHIZO /pol/tard t. Yidusha
Open file (90.93 KB 1446x1209 456546546.jpg)
Open file (180.24 KB 300x225 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (531.37 KB 2048x1536 45286259265.jpg)
>rocking back and forth is preacher shtick No. It's called stimming. Autists do it. >leave out that Asston is in Surfer's living room
Open file (39.88 KB 562x634 You Serious Nigga 21.jpg)
>>119710 Could be. I don't know what either Vickers or Turk February sound like, and I suppose neither does jcaesar187 if all their contact is screaming at each other over text. All he needs is gaytor or someone to tell him "das bullshit, das totally Diogenes Vickers" for him to run with it in either case.
Its actually going up as jewsh speaks like a faggot.
>Asston doesn't smoke weed >Jewsh gives his useless armchair diagnosis If you are on the lease, Asston, why are you leaving in the morning?
Jewsh literally lying to cover for p p p
Open file (113.59 KB 1200x896 sargon_vordrak.jpg)
>everyone is going to see this >everyone Figures that's where Toad McKinley's priorities lie.
Disgusting snake lies. Lying Jewsh.
Open file (418.93 KB 1150x944 holy_shit_what_a_faggot.png)
His brojobs are well known.
>when you have a woman in your house, you livestream Jewsh doesn't know that Christian's talk about "love" all the time in the most touchy feely way. All "domestic" arguments aren't between couples either. >truth to power
>waxed, fucked assholes look that pristinely pink You need to look at a few more assholes, Jewsh
Open file (19.30 KB 364x373 565645654.jpg)
Open file (283.73 KB 419x900 82529859285.png)
>b-but Surfer is the schizo conspiracy theorist
>alright back to foxdick-tier cows only trannies care about
Open file (122.03 KB 304x166 ClipboardImage.png)
The trailer Asston's brother owns shower is covered in black mold. That is why his hair looks so fucked atm.
>jewsh doesnt cover the jcaesar187 vs KOP boxing match drama <jewsh almost doesnt cover the baked alaska trial Toad McKinley you massive faggot nobody cares about Chantel. Talk about jcaesar187 getting beat up by Outline or Baked you idiot
Open file (199.25 KB 436x432 28959285956.png)
>>119742 >KOP Hi, Bryan
Open file (245.14 KB 1365x2048 E-wGM2SUUAQ8uVo.jpg)
Open file (210.17 KB 868x958 1562693172211.png)
Have anything interesting happened?
>>119742 mati is just jewsh grift bubble for foxdickers listening to their Paddy O'Furniture repeating their boring forum to them. Not an internet drama news show.
>>119743 Hey jcaesar187!
Open file (275.86 KB 734x625 ppp.png)
>>119724 Of course, he cucks to the pig hawgs fanboys.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hxi4ockINHU Kyle Rittenhouse Motion Hearing WATCH PARTY
>>119710 The second one where Fedwinson was talking with a man and a woman. Yeah that one was real. The first one was a larp.
Open file (7.73 KB 263x191 dfgbd.jpg)
>>119710 both interviews he did were real yet at the same time fake, all that matters it is your interpretation and nobody will ever challenge you on that
Open file (41.15 KB 657x594 surferjewishglee.jpg)
Jewsh sides with obese alcoholic potsmoking abuser over the gentle soul Surfer. Can't say I'm surprised there buddy.
>>119754 Its clearly real in retrotspect when this retard sets up a website, posts on foxdickfarms and acts in general like someone who isn't in the middle of litigation.
>>119752 >prosecutors give lawyers a bad name Yeah, prosecutors. That's it..
Open file (3.08 MB 400x224 1616283948639.webm)
>>119756 I was amazed how bitter 3p came as on his 4 hour baked stream, meanwhile surfer appeared genuinely hurt and upset but open for reconciliation.
>>119759 Toad McKinley just always burns bridges and never attempts to try and repair any relationship over the smallest shit, it isn't like surfer is just some guy he knows on the net either and yet he certainly acts like it.
>>119759 >>119760 Well they're gay lovers so its no surprise they're acting like scorned lovers.
RJ is a certified pedophile and schizophrenic By what we discovered according to P P P RJ used to brag several times that he had sex with minors already as an adult, even in his twenty three years he had sex with girls in their fifteen years. During his baptism, he asked God to forgive him for these actions and others he committed in the past, crying like a bitch. While P P P slept on the couch at least twice he woke up in the middle of the night with RJ holding a knife. According to him (Surfer), hunting flies. P P P had to spend several minutes explaining to Surfer that he was holding a knife, not the eletric fly swatter. In fact, Surfer was hallucinating the flies too.
>>119761 >>119762 Hello trannyfarms.
>>119763 Am i allowed to say Toad McKinleys a homosexual? is it just surfer you dont like people calling gay? Why wont you address the fact that these two men stared into each others eyes and said i love you? Why wont you address they cried into a camera talking about sleeping with each other in a van and saying they loved each other? Whats your stake in this?
>>119763 Hi, sperg. Gahoole came to apologize to me and others after the stream other night lol, grown some balls next time and stop using the voice changer. You and your British little friend were an embarrassment for the good name of Gahoole.
Open file (6.26 KB 299x168 disg.jpg)
>>119764 why this fixation with love between two friends? We are all emotionally stunted here in a way or another but come on faggot move on.
>>119766 Cause for some reason its upsetting for this particular ID to hear that Toad McKinley and surfer are gay he needs to confront whatever his issue is and im here to help him.
Open file (14.14 KB 247x316 82a7cf217scv87.jpg)
>>119762 >we >>119765 >Gahoole >good name >>119766 >We >why this fixation He doesn't have any friends, or at least none that haven't made his weiner squirt. >>119767 >upsetting Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back. And with such little results at that.
Open file (14.40 KB 285x285 Perspicacity.jpg)
>>119765 >Hi, sperg >Gahoole came to apologize to me and others after the stream other night lol, grown some balls next time and stop using the voice changer. You and your British little friend were an embarrassment for the good name of Gahoole Also, this is what slaphead thinks of you trannies >>119633
>>119769 just for the record, you're all saying you have male friends that you would without hesitation say you love them while looking in their eyes and would cry over a break up with?
Open file (459.10 KB 725x582 Josh Moon 1.png)
>>119772 >so your saying you have emotion >you must be gay if that is the case
>>119770 I'm not Perspicacity (lol rent free), but Gahooo also had to apologize to him for the embarrassment that was the stream, he explained that your people are spergs from cytube that he has once in a while has to deal with and you were forcing him to give you fifteen minutes of fame and a chance to destroy P P P, lol. Obviously this did not work.
Open file (6.32 KB 225x225 sdfdsf.jpg)
>>119772 Are you one of those types that dont watch porn with male actors bickers that would be a gay thing to do? Sounds like you got something to prove there buddy
>>119762 >While P P P slept on the couch at least twice he woke up in the middle of the night with RJ holding a knife. According to him (Surfer), hunting flies.
>>119773 Theres nothing wrong with emotion. The emotional response was one of romantic lovers not one of platonic friendship. Show that clip to someone who's not invested and ask their opinion. >>119775 Are you one of those types that watches male on male porn to solidy just how hetero you are?
>>119772 > you're all saying you have male friends that you would without hesitation say you love them while looking in their eyes and would cry over a break up with? No. But I don't have any friends at the present. And I've never had friends I've felt close enough with which to share an apartment either. And just bickers I've never experienced something, doesn't mean other bipeds are incapable of doing so. >>119774 >destroy P P P He can do that all on his own.
>>119774 >I am not some foxdick tranny >lol Honestly, if gahoole actually apologized after you three foxdick trannies got PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd that hard by the based sperg that is pretty fucking pathetic. The fact that you fags got bullied out of the chat and had to run to gahoole to spurt out your literal schizo ramblings is pretty fucking hilarious. FOXDICK TRANNIES HAVE TO PROJECT THEIR MENTAL ILLNESS AND HOMOSEXUALITY ONTO BASED SURFER
>>119778 hahahaha this G​AMERGATEs never had friends. I'll let you in on a secret buddy if you got drunk and looked your friend in the eye and said I love you buddy he'd either suck your dick or punch you for being a fag. Its not normal, its very gay.
>>119764 >Am i allowed to say Toad McKinleys a homosexual You are asking /cow/ board if you can laugh at people. And you get backlash for laughing at people since everyone assumes you came from foxdickfarms to "control the narrative". The times of /cow/ board having any influence on anything is long gone. So I don't understand why foxdickfarms would delegate a hitsquad to post here, like e-celebs used to do when this thread was actually populated by a lot of people. I guess it is too much to expect the spergs here to understand that there are people not from foxdickfarms who think those two were self repressed christian faggots just like the spick fuentes they laugh at.
Jewsh's emotional maturity is as impotent as his dick so he made a post in Asston's foxdick thread saying the SurferxAsston fallout was 100% indisputable evidence that they were gay lovers. The gay joke has been around for ages, but foxdick trannies are such retards they've decided since Daddy Jewsh gave the go-ahead, this is now fact. They're not kidding. They genuinely believe it just bickers Daddy Jewsh said so. It's very sad but not surprising when you realize all the foxdick trannies talking about this are ex-Гунт and metokur paypigs.
Open file (313.19 KB 1258x702 ppp_no_clout.webm)
>>119774 >your people > you were forcing him to give you fifteen minutes of fame >Obviously this did not work. That's cute. Ashey got his own underling with gaytor mannerisms. You going to talk about your crew next? >>119762 >According to him (Surfer), hunting flies. Jewsh is going to tell you off for that disjoined sentence.
>>119782 Its the way its always been you make fun of the same retards who were supporting tardski as a retarded phoenix. they just pick a new eceleb to latch onto every other month and god forbid you have a different opinion. >>119784 Except people here were calling it gay as fuck as it was happening live before jewsh posted anything on it.
>>119781 >>119781 >never had friends. I said >at the present. But I do have a big family that loves me. >not knowing Christians talk about loving people all the time
>>119786 >Except people here were calling it gay as fuck as it was happening live before jewsh posted anything on it. Ok. What does that have to do with what I said? You're weirdly defensive over the foxdick trannies for some reason.
>>119787 >not knowing christians larp about loving each other. >not knowing what a heartfelt sincere i love you sounds like. you're making me feel sad for you bro.
>>119782 >I'm not from trannyfarms the post
Open file (330.87 KB 1500x2000 E8Q99BNVIAIRjkC.jpg)
Open file (145.22 KB 2048x1364 E3--XvEUYAA7GxM.jpg)
Open file (165.38 KB 1000x1500 E8od2AMVIAMWBwT.jpg)
Open file (1.19 MB 1367x2048 E8prTYLVcAg8qL4.jpg)
Open file (784.81 KB 1365x2048 E8OWILxVIAI_Cm_.jpg)
Has there been any happenings? I've been busy as fuck today.
Open file (1.02 MB 1156x900 pizza_day.png)
>>119788 anyone in this thread whos calling them gay lovers is being called foxdick trannies. Thats not the case its a weird gaslighting from some new id's trying to protect the sanctity of Toad McKinley and surfer.
>>119789 >you're making me feel sad for you bro. Why? You're delusional twerp who thinks all christians are larpers. I have plenty of people who genuinely tell me they love me.
>>119793 >from some new id's My id isn't new. Speaking of gaslighting. Or is it just talking-out-of-your-ass ignorance?
The paypigs have paid for him to review the oldfags favorite anime! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBE1102_b3g
>>119794 im sure you do buddy. they definitely dont shit talk you behind your back about your poor hygiene and weird social behaviors. I bet you could ask any one of them for a big favor and they'd drop everything at once to help you, I mean they love you after all. >>119795 No you're one of the blogposters.
Open file (3.70 MB 512x512 JUST_LEAVE.mp4)
>>119797 >they definitely dont shit talk you behind your back about your poor hygiene and weird social behaviors Take your meds, schizo.
Open file (1.09 MB 1920x1017 andy_ashton_gay.png)
Honestly think Toad McKinley and his foxdicks are here now to damage control bickers some of the foxdicks are taking surfers side and so now they are trying to damage control as much as possible.
>>119800 whats your stake in this buddy? Why cant you just admit Toad McKinley and surfer are gay lovers?
>>119800 I hope you saved some of the edits of this pic
>>119801 >why won't you conform to the trannyfarms narrative >>119802 I did, but I didn't label them, damnit.
Open file (163.92 KB 570x490 c57d9z817vf85.jpg)
>>119797 >No you're one of the blogposters.
>>119803 Try to find them bickers those were funny as fuck
>>119790 ok autist.
>>119803 you can have whatever opinion you want I just want to know why you're so defensive of it.
Open file (40.02 KB 560x806 E-MrVVLVcAA0WuW.jpg)
Open file (75.84 KB 828x1472 E-t4vX8VQAAasHl.jpg)
Open file (102.82 KB 750x1000 E-uT5xUVkAIdq4c.jpg)
Open file (66.95 KB 750x814 E-zcc_PVgAAi258.jpg)
Open file (222.42 KB 1440x1080 E9yVQx0UcAQKaBT.jpg)
yup I am staying out of this one. >not having social life >not understanding that best fwends forever use words like love in a non-faggot way >not understanding that one opens up to fwends >not understanding that not everyone is a vampire like jewsh whom btw is overly paranoid >>119800 I mean imagine having no social life and then you see someone that are autistic as fuck then they have more of a social life than your vampire wannabe fwend and protector namely jewsh. >>119801 It is obvious something is wrong but it is more that surfer is a Christian and did not throw him out the second time or when triple P did not learn to potty train like a real human bean, instead he cleaned triple p's shit either bickers of scat fetish or bickers he did not get enough shit on his dick when they had homosexual relations.
Open file (179.32 KB 510x382 Josh Moon 23.png)
>>119806 >okay autist >>119807 >you can have whatever opinion you want I just want to know why you're so defensive of it WHY DON'T YOU UHH TEST YOUR LUCK?
>>119807 >why do people defend their opinions
>>119809 Another thing you wouldnt do for your platonic friends. clean their shit off the toilet repeatedly. Im not sure i'd do that for my wife if she was repeatedly doing it after being told she does it.
>>119811 hes not defending it hes just calling people foxdick trannies. What would stefan molyneux say?
>>119812 >Another thing you wouldnt do for your platonic friends. Unless you have to take a shit
>>119812 >>119813 >I'm not from trannyfarms
>gaydur's favorite animu is a shitty isekai
Open file (9.55 KB 641x109 18925928569586.PNG)
Open file (247.55 KB 496x585 87097589865.png)
>>119808 >>119796 >shannon has a mother son incest fetish Wewwwww.
>>119814 You would clean it with his clothes or make him clean it himself. If he refused you'd kick him out.
>>119815 Defending homosexuals is a trannyfarms move.
>>119809 It's clear they have a very weird co-dependancy at the very least, the thing I don't get is if Asston fucks Surfer why is his butthole bleached and waxed? Surfer doesn't even wax his unibrow
>>119822 It is easily explained by you incorrectly assuming who is fucking who in this relationship. If Surfer is the trad husband provider who takes care of his loving trad wife it is only fair that asston gives his anus.
foxdicks trannies want to bully surfer into taking HRT
Open file (385.61 KB 650x653 1872bh5dg812f.png)
>>119820 >these are reasonable things to do when you have to take a shit
>>119825 yes, not everyone has explosive diarrhea. Remember we arent talking about this happening once this is a repeat offence.
Open file (49.72 KB 828x612 E-13758VEAU6cJW.jpg)
Open file (75.76 KB 750x954 E-A1oysVgAAPiAZ.jpg)
Open file (134.95 KB 1359x2042 E99aAGZUUAUqUnw.jpg)
Open file (142.80 KB 1359x2042 E99aAGZVgAMdRtl.jpg)
Open file (82.14 KB 750x1000 E-A1oyXUcAAg9iR.jpg)
>>119812 I am staying out of this one. I don't know why surfer did not throw him out when his bff did shit on the toiletseat, and how he did not take triple p on the side and said that he has to clean up his shit. But we now know that triple P is one of the violent sped spergs, so one could imagine a 9 year old not getting what he wants which also means shitting on the toilet seat as something triple P likes to do, kinda like playing with toys or something. So yeah, 2 spergs in a house is not a good idea. >>119822 bickers he likes his boys being twink-like and that is why he made him put on a t-shirt probably pants also plus, one can see that surfer had vax and other shaving things to shave triple P's butt along with shaving his balls and cock. I don't know, mang. But these Asian butts are nice looking of course in fact fam. Also another weird thing is that triple P likened liking Asian to having sexual relations with men, which is really fucking weird.
why are sleepy discord G​AMERGATEs formerly known as plate larping as foxdicktrannies trying to bait a dead board?
>s-surfer is gay Except for the fact that Surfer's ex-GF made a website sucking his horse cawk, saying what a genuine, supportive and caring man he was. And the fact that he told stories about all the women he used to fuck constantly. And the fact that he literally cuckolded p p p with the succubus-girl. Meanwhile, all the female attention canuck-Гунт gets is from irish discord trannies and Lousianan catfishes. SURFER WON
>>119824 In the foxdick thread they're all fantasizing over who's the bottom and talking about anus bleaching.
Open file (341.03 KB 472x708 Godwinson Baron Edge.jpg)
>>119823 > If Surfer is the trad husband provider who takes care of his loving trad wife it is only fair that asston gives his anus. Surfer is to Rackets as lady Rackets is to Ashley. Three guesses on Drexel.
>foxdicks are a bunch of projecting homosexuals Honestly, platespics were funnier than (you) guys.
>>119832 go look for drama cocks somewhere else, would you?
>>119827 Are you a fan of jap womens wrestling by chance?
>>119826 >not everyone has explosive diarrhea. Irrelevant strawman. >this is a repeat offence Yup. It happens when you have to share an apartment with someone. And if they're a friend, you put up with even more from them than you might otherwise.
>>119829 Gayturd absolutely PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBE1102_b3g
>>119835 You have to understand anon most foxdicks have never actually had any real friends or real experiences, their best friend is unironically the tranny-loving pedophile jewshua connor moon.
>>119837 The irony of this post >>119778 >>119835 If your friend doesnt have the respect to clean up his own shit after being told multiple times then hes not your friend, and hes not worthy of your "love". Are you damaged?
>>119838 >If your friend doesnt have the respect to clean up his own shit after being told multiple times then hes not your friend, and hes not worthy of your "love". See >>119837 >Are you damaged? If you don't "love" your friend despite their weaknesses, you are pretty damaged.
Open file (113.69 KB 515x591 hotwheels.jpg)
Open file (728.50 KB 960x540 Josh_JUST.png)
Open file (207.14 KB 1362x2048 E_VCxYHUYAYfjxc.jpg)
Open file (136.04 KB 828x1472 E-1RhtiVEAEKp_8.jpg)
Open file (158.28 KB 2048x1366 E5NDr6WUUAAvoCo.jpg)
Open file (234.91 KB 1186x2048 E-1nOdIVEAEXj7O.jpg)
Open file (299.19 KB 1152x2048 E-1nOdGVQAg4xal.jpg)
>>119834 I don't see woman's sports in general, the last woman's thing I watched was volleyball but that joy was taken away from me bickers my gf got, what should I call it jealous bickers she knew I was only watching it bickers these women have a tight sports butt which is quite nice.
>>119841 Are you allowed to watch womens olympic events at least?
>>119805 Auuuugh btw anon still working on it, might have saved it on another device.
>>119839 >loving someone who disrespects you constantly. yes you are damaged.
Open file (48.69 KB 800x750 tranny_angry.png)
>>119844 >yes you are damaged
>>119840 Yeah, they're really fucking autistic about it. I just think they are too coombrained and can't take their jism goggles off. >>119844 >putting words into my mouth Plenty of people love others despite being "disrespected." Your mother for instance.
>>119846 You'll have to forgive me though for not taking relationship advice from someone who self admittedly has no friends. Im not disputing Toad McKinley and Surfer love each other buddy I think they love each other a lot. Probably most nights after cooking with surfer.
Open file (182.33 KB 1040x1406 E_aCARuUcAU2tp0.jpg)
Open file (75.84 KB 828x1472 E-t4vX8VQAAasHl.jpg)
Open file (141.40 KB 1084x1505 E_aCtl-VQAA0MoE.jpg)
Open file (110.72 KB 700x1050 E--LN6UVEAI056R.jpg)
Open file (248.28 KB 1805x1240 E6DJFWAVIAQB0XR.jpg)
>>119842 I was only interested in Volleyball in the Olympic events, I don't really watch the summer Olympics, only winter Olympics bickers that is the white mans sport season. Then I don't need to watch a sheaboons and baboons trying to act human by running n sheeit.
>>119838 >If your friend doesnt have the respect to clean up his own shit after being told multiple times then hes not your friend, and hes not worthy of your "love". I'd argue surfer's main fault is not regulating his diet better. In the last 2 years he's ballooned up from a big fat guy that could at least hop up and spread his asshole, to a big massive dyke that can barely stand let alone aim it anymore, and the toilet seat shitting was probably a gradual process. He should have been stricter with him, but it must have only gotten harder as Ashley's ego grew with his waistline.
>>119849 Surfer cooks his meals but he can't monitor every second. In an old stream Surfer broke character for a second to chastise Toad McKinley for constantly snacking while eating >are ya gonna eat an entire bag of pistachios buddy? Toad McKinley just needs to recognize he's a guy with an addictive personality and practice some moderation.
>>119847 >You'll have to forgive me though for not taking relationship advice from someone who self admittedly has no friends. I didn't give any relationship advice. And I said I didn't have any now. >Im not disputing Toad McKinley and Surfer love each other buddy Who said you were, dingus?
>>119849 I dont know if that was fully in his control, Toad McKinleys more than capable of ordering mcdonalds on his phone. I wonder if all the stress of the breakup has fucked Toad McKinleys diet. I dont get why surfers trying to gain weight either he's skinny fat he has no muscle definition and he started growing a little gut.
Open file (358.05 KB 593x762 Sargoy_gun4.png)
>>119762 >we >>119766 >We >>119827 >we FUCK OFF COLLECTIVISTS
>>119850 >for constantly snacking while eating snacking while recording*
>>119854 lets be honest he probably snacked mid meal too.
Open file (358.20 KB 1153x921 iino_not_ok.png)
>>119852 Pray for the hotel staff when they have to clean the bathroom.
>>119824 We should call cyberpolice. Trannies on the internet are trying to convince a sperg with a god-complex and desire for e-fame to do something stupid.
Open file (380.61 KB 1536x2048 E_e3eCJUUAMHuBs.jpg)
Open file (144.96 KB 828x1472 E_BIYzhVcAAYmze.jpg)
Open file (232.09 KB 1364x2048 E_f3_-IXEAUZASY.jpg)
Open file (256.10 KB 1150x2048 E_dSltbVkAk5E8P.jpg)
Open file (288.14 KB 1152x2048 E_fPxLkVkAMib2f.jpg)
>>119853 where did I say we? you retarded fucking N​IGGER. >>119852 I don't think he can build up much muscles bickers he has that body-type that eats up the new musclecells, I've met some of these faggots but it is just eating an egg or two before you sleep then the body will not eat/use the new musclecells. >>119856 imagine the hotel staff seeing the layer upon layers of shit on the toiletseat, then they can see shit drippings and trail on the floor wherever he walks in that motel. Also imagine the bed being full of shit bickers he does not wipe his starfish.
>>119856 >>119858 Fat people are fucking gross, imagine not being able to wipe your own ass. I'd be surprised if he hasnt broken the toilet seat from sitting on it.
Open file (341.66 KB 640x360 identify_yourself.mp4)
Open file (16.65 KB 524x393 ppp_JUSTed.jpg)
Open file (102.37 KB 293x432 your the nigger.png)
Open file (336.62 KB 750x700 Sargoy_gun3.png)
>>119857 >we >>119858 look ni​gger do you see it now?
Open file (125.65 KB 1758x2370 josh moon the pedo.png)
>>119792 Jewsh sure does love that Cheese Pizza
>>119862 >>119863 we need to keep calling out these collectivists who keep using the word we.
Open file (2.01 MB 640x360 godwinson intro.webm)
I wish Earwinson would come back to dunk on Asston.
Open file (54.49 KB 960x540 Josh_just_lvl_99.jpg)
Open file (969.35 KB 699x716 ashton_plz_stop.png)
>>119864 DAS NAWT TRUUU AS A MATTER O' FACT, SURFER IS THE REAL PEDO! 8:58 AM - Toad McKinleyua: God I feel so guilty about the CP 8:58 AM - Toad McKinleyua: I wish it didn't turn me on to see that shit 8:59 AM - Toad McKinleyua: It's not just regular child porn either, it's hurtcore now 8:59 AM - Toad McKinleyua: I just like to see children suffer :( 8:59 AM - Toad McKinleyua: Oh well, no point in thinking about it too much 8:59 AM - Toad McKinleyua: Time to load up Tor and find some more, lol!
>>119862 >WEakloads whoah
>>119762 Source: just trust me bro okay faggit, then post a clip or something, chat logs. Anything.
Open file (541.77 KB 1207x1019 ashton_dyke_mode.png)
>>119871 >your expecting me to actually put in work buddy?
Am I the only one here who believes Muttni is one of the "recent" posters that is pushing this narrative that they are gay and attacking Christianity? Her madness is so aggravated that she has reached this stage where she has been rejected so many times by men that she begins to believe that most men are gay as a cope.
Open file (521.82 KB 680x475 muttni_shark.png)
>>119873 I mean would be suprised if the redditor often called muttni here was or if it was just muttni
Open file (238.42 KB 747x485 82715289589365.PNG)
Open file (95.57 KB 1080x1080 E-zVP7HXoAEjam_.jpg)
>>119873 Seems legit >>119874 At least some of the atheist science shit is probably Muttni herself
Open file (188.35 KB 1494x1718 E-m-by8XMAI7SIb.jpg)
>>119873 Very likely, she can't resist being bullied by alogs.
Open file (58.70 KB 600x867 Venti 2.jpg)
>>119877 I would creampie her mutt pussy in fact of course
Open file (309.91 KB 640x356 venti_gunt.png)
>>119873 SHE CAN FIX HIM
Open file (48.37 KB 1280x720 7815782129385.jpg)
>>119873 Yeah you have to remember everyone here is an eceleb. >surfer >muttni >P P P >jewsh >gaytor >leopirate >zoom >jcaesar187 >N​IGGER >gahoole pick an eceleb and larp away.
>>119881 >gaytor Funny guy.
Open file (165.91 KB 1440x1920 E_dNyQAVkAEH0R2.jpg)
Open file (1.47 MB 2732x4096 E_dzm30XoAI5qTA.jpg)
>>119859 Also imagine the staffers having to clean the bed bickers it smells like a wet shit and anus. >>119862 oh yeah, but it is obvious I do mean we as a collective of individuals know this thing and for the other individuals they've just learned something new. >>119870 yes, did you not know that weakload is a collective of individuals as in collectivists, George Lucast is even a part of the "We"akload club. >>119877 sure it is good to racemix,fam,
>>119883 god i want to bury my face in jap girl ass
>>119882 I'l have you know gaytor streams to an audience of at least 24 people and has 1 patron that gives him $1 AUS. how much do you make on patreon?
Open file (205.01 KB 1536x2048 E_e80TdVUAMjU5y.jpg)
Open file (196.01 KB 1366x2048 E86cHNWVgAEQKF0.jpg)
Open file (766.72 KB 2732x4096 E_ediSWVkAIyNDJ.jpg)
Open file (986.85 KB 2732x4096 E_YkbQrXMAIWq0D.jpg)
Open file (201.30 KB 1440x1920 E_P6DKsVQAEKUQt.jpg)
>>119884 yeah, she has a nice butt.
>>119881 This, but unironically foxdick tranny.
Open file (62.15 KB 751x418 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (95.08 KB 730x718 ClipboardImage.png)
Laura Loomer got the coof.
>>119887 >SARS-CoV 2 is just one strain >not heard of the people getting reinfected by the virus multiple times
>>119887 >SARS-CoV 2 is just one strain >not heard of the people getting reinfected by the virus multiple times it is going to be a hard 4 years, mang.
https://odysee.com/@DrunkenSurfer:a/Toad McKinleySCASE1:b https://odysee.com/@DrunkenSurfer:a/Toad McKinleySCASE2:6 https://odysee.com/@DrunkenSurfer:a/Toad McKinleySCASE3:7 Based Surfer reacts to Toad McKinley parks paypig faggotry!
Open file (57.06 KB 876x637 found a fly.jpg)
>>119893 >Before /pol/ >After /pol/
Open file (570.60 KB 1000x769 cookin' with surfer.png)
Open file (139.40 KB 408x356 Queerly.png)
7 viewers. Yes, I know about him streaming on Trovo. Let me enjoy this meme.
>>119894 this schizo nigga looked like Fred lol
>>119499 Based.
Open file (2.45 MB 1280x720 beavisandbutthead.mp4)
>>119898 Am I imagining it or did you boost the music progressively with the zoom in?
Open file (21.19 KB 894x175 ClipboardImage.png)
That sammich guy who's always seething in Surfer's chat is a foxdick who tried to do his own show which got less than donga views. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCngS75Cyv9nhRZAswQCSGQQ
Open file (189.69 KB 1474x430 ClipboardImage.png)
>>119902 Hit enter too soon
>>119900 That track does get louder when the electric guitar comes in so you are not imagining that increase in volume. But I did not make the music louder progressively. In fact, I dropped the whole track -11 dB in volume from the start or else Surfer's voice would be drowned entirely by the music once the electric guitar hits. I thought about dropping the audio track progressively with a keyframe in Adobe Premiere Pro but decided against it. The video does have a progressive zoom using a keyframe though.
>>119902 >>119903 >I FUCKING HATE SURFER EEERRRRRR Why do foxdicks get such massive hateboners for based individuals on the internet?
>>119894 >>119895 In other words the surfer transformation was pretty based became less of a faggot when he got older. >>119898 the silent hill 2 version got feels to it mang. >>119902 >>119903 >>119907 In other news this morning foxdick general userbase don't understand human emotions. I am not sure how this is news that these strange vampires don't have social life and thus cannot relate to basic human interaction and human emotions.
Open file (333.81 KB 2584x4272 ashton_foxdick.png)
Is this Toad McKinley's future anons?
>>119903 >don't call the cops on a 350 pound fatman known for savagely beating you when he doesn't get his way after he just threatened you again are foxdicks really this dumb? best friends don't savagely pound the back of their best friend's head whenever they get asshurt. that shit can literally kill you.
Open file (13.77 MB 692x651 belle14.gif)
What did I miss you autists? Everyone is turning on one another here and there?
>>119912 Aston and Surfer broke up
>>119908 FELTED
Open file (16.46 MB 400x214 Surfer cries (Guts).webm)
>>119909 How 'bout this one, mang?
>>119912 This has been so much stuff that this post might be long, but is the shortest summary and skipping a lot. Here is the shortest summary in video format of the initial break up. Note Surfer had 3 beers in 4 hours. However Toad McKinley has a long distance GF who doesn't like Surfer and his politics. Toad McKinley is likely to get the Vax so he can fly to America to see her in person for the first time. After the videos here, Toad McKinley is turning to the left, and it's turned into a foxdickfarms vs /cow/ fight where /cow/ is ironically against simping, and the Kiwi trannies are going all in on their support of Toad McKinley. What ruins friendships almost always is some thot. Afterwards it turned into a several day back and forth where each does a several hour response video to each others responses. Also Toad McKinley admits that off camera he was going to beat Surfer senseless, and the last time he did so even after Surfer submitted he kept hitting Surfer in the back of the head. So Surfer called the cops so Surfer could get dressed and leave while Toad McKinley packs up. Toad McKinley posted Surfers dox deciding to go further than jcaesar187 doxing paypigs, and then started to claim that Surfer is Scitzo, Hallucinating, and planning an armed revolt against the Canadian government and has talked about disposing of bodies and killing cops. So Toad McKinley is trying to get his federal agent uncle to go after Surfer at this point, and each day things between them spiral further. There is also other fun stuff such as Surfer is slow at reading, and scared of bugs and spiders, and Toad McKinley shits on the toilet and was physically abused by his dad. Oh and Surfer cried on stream about this and wants to still be friends even if Toad McKinley doesn't live there, and Toad McKinley is nothing but seethe and malice against Surfer and is openly threatening him. If anyone else has anything else to add to the summary by all means go ahead.
>>119916 Sounds kinda skewed. But if all of this is true, then this is exactly what I would expect from P P P if he is an incel, who feels like he is finally gonna make it. I liked the gay lovers angle but this is nice as well. Here is hoping the gf is real but is a tranny or is a catfish.
>>119917 Well that's the thing. Really early on the drama looked like it might be in triple P's favor, especially right after the phone call. However after each response video it becomes more clear that Surfer actually cares, and has taken steps to improve himself by quitting drinking. While 3p only shows anger, and when questioned directly deflects to some joke when Surfer answeres direct q
Open file (4.32 MB 1280x720 Surfer cry 1.mp4)
Open file (1.29 MB 1280x720 Surfer cry 2.mp4)
Open file (14.29 MB 632x340 Surfer cries.webm)
>>119918 direct questions honestly. Fucking fat fuckgered the keyboard.
>>119916 >>119919 Is there a worse idea out there than two manchildren trying to live together? This is what always happens. Remember when Гунт and Brainletski tried?
>>119920 To be fair this is a common outcome when friends live together, same with their rent dispute afterwards. Had neither become an Eceleb and hooked up with an E-girl from Louisiana things wouldn't have gone this far, and they would still be happily living together. Surfer did all the cooking and cleaning, and all 3P had to do was pay 400 leaf bucks a month rent to stay on the couch. It's the upstairs couch, but after the Surfer cleaning update we see there is a downstairs couch 3p could go to as well. Also the rent was paid for by the government so 3p had to shit his pants and do nothing other than stop being violent to stay.
>>119873 Doubt she's posting anti christian shit, that's likely the only sub group who'd mix with her buying her "trad" shit. She's the future christianity worked so hard to make. Cat shit filled goblin snatches are fine as long as their in the faith.
Felter Skelter
>>119916 You missed the part where they were gay lovers. but other than that sounds about right.
Open file (209.74 KB 1188x2208 01 (12).jpg)
>>119922 >Had neither become an Eceleb and hooked up with an E-girl from Louisiana things wouldn't have gone this far, and they would still be happily living together nah, it would have ended the same way, just different path. Never live with your friend, the better friends you are the faster and bitter the downfall will be. And if you're eceleb manchildrem... woo boy.
>>119920 >Is there a worse idea out there than two manchildren trying to live together? Honestly, yes. Two people like them is worse. You have to remember that as much as people joke about it, there is a pre-starfish and post-starfish Aston. His open anus opened doors to the world of online attention. 1. Toad McKinley started out as a basic bitch jcaesar187amale fanboy. 2. His visibility skyrocketed after the stream.me/YT alcohol induced New Year's Eve melt down 3. He pivoted in the immediate aftermath. Rather than deterred or horrified by his humiliation and the implosion of his social life and community rep thanks to Гунт, he capitalized on the notoriety. In hindsight, the Гунт dox did not upend his life but gave him a brighter light on the streaming stage. He hasnt stopped soaking in the attention since. Although immature attention whores, I wouldn't call them manchildren. They both have autism and various mental/physical comorbidities which transcend the standard definition of just "being immature". They have something more, and they are something less. Toad McKinley always wanted this, but you can tell Surfer was slowly drawn in. Too late for both in terms of life, but there's more cocks to come.
Open file (241.11 KB 1188x2208 6s.jpg)
>>119927 >Although immature attention whores >I wouldn't call them manchildren I would
>>119926 >>119928 quit posting this whore
>>119927 Never followed the fat canacuck too closely and only watched him after stream.me when his cocks were used to hide dead air or when the fat fuck inserted himself into others streams. Overall boring cocks, pretty mainline opinions and an absurdly played persona, that fails when scripted reality becomes freestyle like during the sucking General Sweatys cock stream; Baron Boring for ameritards and canacucks, while the Baron knows to freestyle. But focusing only on the bleached and shaved asshole and never mentioning the streams in which the starfish was bleached and shaved and why it was shaved and bleached, ignoring the whole piece of art I would dub the Dirty Sanchez Series bickers people watched, simped for and sniped two fat pedos at the time as the reason why his brand managed to have the rate of growth it had is disingenuous. The fat guy just knows how to advertise and network and how to siphon off simps from declining cocks creators. But calling him a jcaesar187amale that showed his asshole and stood his man is probably easier to sell and doesn't hurt the Гунтs and JCaesars ego too much.
Open file (226.56 KB 1188x2208 k53.jpg)
>>119929 this place is for bellеpilled only, buddy
>>119930 >the sucking General Sweatys cock stream Damn that was sad. He had me going after Dick, Nick and his G​AMERGATE show. But then when he started to suck Gym's cock like that it was absolutely disgusting and it showed that he has serious issues with handling e-fame.
>>119916 >Surfer is slow at reading, and scared of bugs and spiders Toad McKinley was sort of caught lying here. Surfer isn't afraid of bugs. https://odysee.com/@DrunkenSurfer:a/Spiders:7 https://odysee.com/@DrunkenSurfer:a/Insect:0 It puts his version of events into question if he'd lie about something so mundane.
Open file (26.45 KB 591x478 43243242.jpg)
>>119930 >But calling him a jcaesar187amale that showed his asshole and stood his man is probably easier to sell But that is quite literally what happened. The Гунт even showcased him when he made a generic Sargon is bad video. >is probably easier to sell and doesn't hurt the Гунтs and JCaesars ego too much. That's a strange argument or inference since it's fairly obvious the Гунт's ego is not tethered to reality. But objectively there's a lot of evidence and examples which suggest that current Гунт critics were prior orbiters. Originally attracted mainly by the thrill of Daddy Toad McKinley and owning the skeptics only to be later repulsed by the embarrassing, petty and hypocritical antics of the slovenly spiteful swine... especially when he became Toad McKinley-less. I dont know how that could bolster anyone's ego, but it's hard for me to imagine the inner workings of the Гунт's mind, so maybe you're right.
Open file (543.01 KB 999x888 2598259285.png)
>>119916 > /cow/ is ironically against simping, Huh? > deciding to go further than jcaesar187 doxing paypigs Exactly, jcaesar187 finally gets a sort of W. Doxxing a friend is worse than doxxing your simps. >>119923 Except she's retweeting Rick & Morty. >>119928 >the irony I know you can smell your own kind. >>119930 >But calling him a jcaesar187amale that showed his asshole and stood his man is probably easier to sell He was making anti-Sargon videos way back in the angel baby time period.
Open file (372.03 KB 1188x2208 f1.jpg)
>>119937 seeth harder muttni
Open file (45.85 KB 551x554 1v4fc2d842f.jpg)
Open file (317.82 KB 488x528 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (6.42 MB 247x412 belle10.gif)
>>119940 confirmed muttni
>>119942 >stretching out her holes is a PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD Yeah it's real edgy to post an ethot jcaesar187 Klein wacks it to.
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
>>119943 seeth harder muttni
Open file (27.48 KB 639x639 74528958956.png)
>>119944 >seething Well, at least you are right about the harder part
might have already been discussed but does anyone know why jcaesar187 included a vocaroo link in his defense case against vickers when its to that kayfabe interview with Toad McKinley turk february and some other woman?
>>119946 He's a brainlet as well as a manlet. Or a deliberate liar. Or maybe the kayfabe interview isn't kayfabe.
>>119867 Another example of Jewshua Moon & foxdicks astroturfing.
Open file (266.36 KB 326x489 927859282985.PNG)
>>119949 >being on KF~ being harassed by jcaesar187 Inhaling pigeon shit and suffering from hangry pangs have further warped his cp-coomer brain
Open file (275.87 KB 1188x2208 fd.jpg)
>>119945 >woof woof I don't understand
Open file (28.81 KB 343x339 1550549691-1.png)
Open file (17.83 KB 338x175 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (14.58 KB 566x133 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (34.86 KB 857x189 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (40.44 KB 891x714 ClipboardImage.png)
>>119903 sammich is cigar1975 is jerimy carroll is a faggot. simple as. surely someone else remembers?
Open file (200.52 KB 220x224 285698928569865.gif)
>>119952 Obviously >criticize fap material <post fap material >criticize me, criticize fap material <post fap material >>119953 >Jerimy Carroll He's still around? Where's BadTits and OceanRedux?
Open file (794.88 KB 344x300 jerimy_soccer.mp4)
Open file (30.95 KB 648x484 1550728911.jpg)
Open file (19.97 KB 314x263 1550549691-2.png)
Open file (19.40 KB 971x137 1546936985-3.png)
Open file (9.38 KB 886x84 1546936985-2.png)
>>119954 haha yeah assblast from the past. who's worse, jerimy for being a faggot or me for still having his folder?
Open file (48.29 KB 720x573 8295912859856.jpg)
>>119955 Jerimy, for thinking anyone wants to listen to him livestream
>>119953 >>119955 >Jerimy Carroll the TRSodomiste >giving serious though to being gay every time
>>119955 People delete folders?
Open file (113.59 KB 1200x896 sargon_vordrak.jpg)
>>119916 >Asston has a huge ego >Foxdickers where stroking his ego >Asston on diet was Hangry >People liked Surfer More >Daddy Gym came back >Asston sperged out on his only fwiend to assert dominance >Asston was felted >The Pedophile known as Jewsh Moon and Troons from Foxdicks is defending Asston >/tv/ has always been a shit board That about sums it up imho
Open file (227.58 KB 1188x2208 k52.jpg)
>>119954 nice seeth muttni
Open file (159.45 KB 474x361 ClipboardImage.png)
>>119956 >>119958 ok cool i thought it was silly to keep but here >we are
>>119961 You never know when someone will resurface. I wish I hadn't lost/deleted some stuff that later becomes relevant again. >>119960 Whatever gets through the night, sperg.
>>119947 im 99% sure adam came out and said that it was turk february and some random woman i cant remember pretending to be the parents. jcaesar187s a mong.
Open file (180.62 KB 439x439 8h7d1g8n2o1y7t.png)
Open file (247.55 KB 496x585 87097589865.png)
>>119963 >jcaesar187s a mong. So his counter claims are going to be thrown out pretty quickly ASSTON PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD
>>119964 I think that train left the station a while ago. His ramblings are really hard to read. Evidence isnt provided in most cases its just he said she said and he says things like >"I could go on" >"theres lots more that I wont get into" I dont know i sort of go with the theory that he doesnt really want anything to do with the kid who he will never see cause its on the other side of America and this will be a convenient excuse for the ayy lawgs. And when the kid turns 18 hes gonna hate his meth addicted mom anyway and probably try to find his dad who may already be dead but if he isnt he'll still be making killstream podcasts and will be easy to find on KF.
Open file (209.90 KB 1188x2208 k61.jpg)
>>119962 nice cope muttni
>>119965 Very possibly. Although that might be giving him to much credit. >>119966 >obtuseness isn't a bigger cope
Open file (375.01 KB 2208x1188 t3.jpg)
>>119967 turbo cope from mutt
Open file (223.48 KB 1102x2048 El_ztGTXYAofQV6.jpg)
>>119967 Any excuse to post Bеlle Dеlphine nudes is a good excuse imho
>>119957 Seriously what's with that? I like the TRS guys but every single one of their fans and even some of the hosts who gets doxed turns out to be a sodomite.
Open file (13.78 KB 300x300 98725928592856.jpg)
>>119970 That was part of my point, but Toad McKinleysperg thinks just posting pics and typing "seethe cope" is a trolling win.
>>119971 >i like the TRS guys lol faggot.
Open file (442.66 KB 2208x1188 u5.jpg)
>>119972 >I was only pretending to seeth! epic mutt cope
>>119972 If its a Bеlle nude then I consider it a win >>119971 It's unironically bickers fedora tipping atheist homo's don't have a kin group to belong to. So they turn to wignat shit bickers is the most shallow form of identity. With all the Sand G​AMERGATEs flooding into Europ alot of fags are afraid of Sharia punishment so they joint the the Kinky S&M nazi club. Also most real wignats are Prison gangs, such as the Aryan Brotherhood, and gay buttsex their way of life in jail.
Open file (2.57 MB 382x554 81f45gfc25f.GIF)
>>119974 >pretending to seeth Hardly. The reactions youthink youare getting are mostly in your head.
Finally got around to watching the 5 hour asston stream about baked. By the 4 hour mark it gets really interesting when he runs out of steam drops his persona and his deeply held beliefs to become a complete faggot easily baited by the chat. It is also nice how he keeps not so subtly throwing surfer under the bus again and again. Highly recommended viewing experience.
Open file (160.26 KB 828x556 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (163.91 KB 1280x720 908259256328965.jpg)
>>119978 Touche, Rudeus Greyrat.
>>119977 Should've just watched the Surfer response stream. The contrast is UHMAYZIN >Asston sitting in a cheap motel room naked, rocking back and forth, whispering bullshit and lies into the phone, just absolutely fucking seething >Surfer jamming to music, smoking cigars, interacting with chat, laughing and joking, exposing Asstons lies, talking about the burgers he cooked and how he hopes Asston is eating well
Open file (1.23 MB 1062x1235 cll6scm4oxk21.png)
>>119979 14 days.
Open file (60.47 KB 589x635 42343242.jpg)
Romantic sports bar weekend for the hog and the horse.
Kiwitrannies and Starfish Squad is really going after Surfer, wow. https://odysee.com/@DrunkenSurfer:a/Toad McKinleySCASE1:b more deslikes than likes, also I noticed that the majority of anti-Surfer fags on youtube posting on P P P channel never actually posted there before... fishy
>>119983 Why are some of you simping for surfer honest question.
>>119984 bickers Surfer is righteous & based.
>>119902 Lmao, I noticed this faggot too, he was seething about Surfer being a pedo schizo today and how antifa need to kill him for the good of the world.
Open file (143.33 KB 258x321 ch.png)
>>119984 >honest
>>119985 Just feels like do the opposite of what the kiwifags do. Theres always the third choice that both P P P and surfer are homosexual losers.
>>119984 bickers surfer is funny, genuine, honest, and can entertain without making up nonsense. All things that asston is incapable of.
Open file (147.45 KB 352x534 8lhcdc.png)
>>119977 >drops his persona ""AAAAUUUGGHHHH IF THE ELITES WANT TO DEPOPULATE >US THERE ISN'T A THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT" >>119988 >me and my buttbuddies are rent free in your head Rent free in your own head.
Open file (48.90 KB 646x601 surfhappy.jpg)
>>119984 I didn't care at first but seeing the vehemence with which foxdick trannies turned on Surfer over their favorite self-insert eceleb getting felted was pretty gross. Plus you have to admit Surfer is pretty loveable. Like if Beavis and Butthead spent too much time on /pol/.
>>119983 I tried watching his stream but he is absolutely unwatchable without Toad McKinley. He is great as a schizo interruption but not as 100% of cocks.
Open file (823.67 KB 1280x720 5.png)
>>119988 You say that as if Surfer wasn't more liked than Ashley long before foxdick was even aware of the pair.
>>119989 Hes always been funny to laugh at cause he sounds retarded and mentally slow. Hes not genuine and honest he talks about cops being faggots and being a man and then calls the cops to protect him from an obese estrogenated "man". His stories are almost entirely fabricated. >>119991 He just comes off as retarded. Theres parts of streams where hes talking about injection sites in his yogurt? Its funny bickers hes retarded its hardly worth idolizing the guy. At least he doesnt shit on the toilet seat and have boring 5 hour streams where he has to whisper as to not wake up his parents but both are pretty boring for prolonged periods.
>>119993 Reminds of me of fags who only knew about jcaesar187 from when he went on Andy's livestream after getting out of jail. >>119994 >Hes not genuine and honest he talks about cops being faggots and being a man and then calls the cops to protect him from an obese estrogenated "man". Disingenuous strawman.
>>119994 >Hes always been funny to laugh at cause he sounds retarded and mentally slow. >Hes not genuine and honest he talks about cops being faggots and being a man and then calls the cops to protect him from an obese estrogenated "man". >His stories are almost entirely fabricated. Go back to foxdick.
Surfer reminds >us of a time in IBS where spergs could call in and shout G​AMERGATEfaggot while pressing the host on their avoidance of the JQ or any other bannable from youtube offense.
>>119995 how is that disingenuous? if he was genuine he would stick to his moral code. Its easy to say you think cops are faggots and that men should stand up for themselves. Its like when jcaesar187 says he'd knock someone out if they said he was 5'1 and then he just gets red faced and walks away.
>>119998 There's literally nothing wrong with calling cops on someone who is actually being a retarded shitbag and threatening violence. Cops become faggots when they arrest people for gay shit like hatespeech and mask mandates. Now go back to your foxdick coping thread, its obvious where you came from.
>>119998 Standing up for yourself =/= fighting a 400lb autistic man you took into your home out of the kindness of your heart to the death, bickers said autistic man threw a hissyfit when you interrupted his internet show about jcaesar187.
>>119998 >how is that disingenuous? Okay. It's stupid, then. What you described isn't a moral code. Saying cops are faggots doesn't mean you can never utilize the services for which your taxes pay. It means you are suspicious of cops and don't trust them. >Its like when Not really. And again that has nothing to do with a moral code. Those are opinions. Like a septic trying to make their opinions sound loftier than they are, you will frame his opinions as a moral code to make a mountain out of a molehill to run internet defense for a fat hypocrite who calls everyone else out for their inconsistencies while not living up to the book he spouts about constantly. And I wouldn't even care that he doesn't live up to what he preaches if he wasn't such a pompous faggot about others inconsistencies.
>>119994 >He just comes off as retarded That's why he's likeable. I don't watch all the cocks either he or Toad McKinley make. I'll watch some of it while working, or watch clips anons post but I don't watch full nine hour livestreams. I prefer their 20 minuteish high energy takedowns, or their videogame cocks like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8zVkOflwGY
Open file (26.45 KB 591x478 43243242.jpg)
>>119984 bickers he's better than his sidekick.
Open file (28.29 KB 499x610 surferlol.jpg)
>>120000 >said autistic man threw a hissyfit when you interrupted his internet show about jcaesar187. It's kind of funny when you put it that way. Toad McKinley threatened his best friend and roommate with physical violence bickers he interrupted a youtube vlog about jcaesar187.
>>119984 >>119988 >Simping I enjoy Surfer and I enjoy Fedwinson, bud. If I need to take a side I'l take Surfer side without any doubt. btw you're one of the faggots also mad at IsaToad McKinley and simping for the CommieBoomertranny or a jcaesar187male? >>119992 Weak bait or you're like this fag >>119902 all new P P P streams are shit, its him seething and coping for five hours without cocks, meanwhile im playing Surfer and enjoying it without problems Fedwinson still the best tho >>119978 The Elderfag is winning no stop this week, the second best on his whole life without any doubts
Tranny farms defends asston. /cow/ defends his clearly mentally ill sidekick that could easily be fucked with like Chris-chan. I hope someone will start a movement about ethics in sperg julaying soon cause this is sad.
Open file (29.58 KB 640x379 1621017049060.jpg)
>>120007 >foxdickfarms isn't already full of moralfagging pseudo-ethicists busy lecturing others to avoid displaying their incompetence
Open file (415.64 KB 640x360 Godwinson sips drinky.mp4)
>>120007 >clearly mentally ill >sidekick Wow, both both things are wrong
>>120007 >that could easily be fucked with like Chris-chan I thought you foxdicks were against personal army requests?
>>120007 >mentally ill sidekick Which one of them flew into an autistic rage and had to be wrangled by the cops again? Which one of them is a morbidly obese incel NEET, literally shitting themselves as they hoot and holler about jcaesar187 on their friends couch at 3am? Which one of them is on speaking terms with their parents?
Why does foxdickfarms have such a massive hate boner for based surf? its bickers hes based and redpilled
Open file (59.98 KB 943x630 what buddy.jpg)
>>120007 No one's stopping you from fucking with him. His full name and address are out there. >>120013 They're all edgy trannies who want to trigger the SJWs but Surfer genuinely holds nazi beliefs and they find that distressing.
>>120010 Anon trannyfarms is jewsh's one massive personal army request, and its only okay when they do it bickers they follow the philosphy of Ethinious Гунтious.
Open file (551.51 KB 1544x1926 _.._.png)
>>119994 Why cant you meme officer
Open file (116.66 KB 812x800 1616631821251.jpg)
>>120007 >mentally ill how is Surfer Mentally ill? <Muh /pol/ politics people don't need to be mentally ill to get into excentric politics. Moreover, I actually think is Nationalist world view is rather reasonable, he is clearly not just fedposting and tries to have a more nuanced position. <he is gay Yeah most wignats are.
>>120018 Only thing I don't get TRSperg is why you would use the forced meme pushed by soyson soyly.
>>120019 > soyson soyly bickers I never trusted Nick or the Irony Bros and always hated Baked. While I sorta thought Nicks rhetoric at first was good, I saw them as a spin off of TRS and another honeypot trying to catch the spergs who where disillusioned by charlottesville and by the Jіmpact.
>>120020 I just wondered why you used the term wignat since it is one of their forced memes that is ironic bickers they are actually wiggers that listen to nog music. though I agree most alt-kikers and gaypers are homos >I saw them as a spin off of TRS and another honeypot trying to catch the spergs who where disillusioned by charlottesville and by the Jіmpact I agree, I would take it a step further and say spic is sorta TRS 2.0 but mixed with a microcosm of the skeptic community.
Open file (120.66 KB 351x321 ppp gunted.png)
My dear Jesus, the difference between P P P stream and Surfer stream is like water into wine >P P P is acting like a mix of Fuz, jcaesar187 and Jewsh. Pure cope, lies and internet tough guy behavior. Zero entertainment. >Surfer is having a nice time, being humble, talking with chat. Actually made me laugh and smile, the last time I smiled on one of the P P P streams was bickers of Earwinson, not bickers of Asston I don't know what other anons are feeling, or what Earwinson would be feeling seeing this whole situation, but i'm feeling the same way i felt during stream.me era when jcaesar187 was still loved by foxdickfarmers, /pol/ and Mister Reddikur fanboys and me and a few others seemed to be the few who noticed how disgusting the Гунт actually was/is. I'm feeling nauseous and even angry with P P P at this point. Гунт 2.0 it is no longer just a meme, but reality.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgPG5UOfn3I Fuz streaming right now, and he does in fact talk to the chat, unlike most modern cows. He keeps timing out an account named jcaesar187
Open file (37.24 KB 845x435 ppp gunt.JPG)
>>120022 >Гунт 2.0 was just a meme Never was, buddy.
Open file (13.57 MB 700x302 ppp_weasellogging.webm)
>>120022 >Гунт 2.0 it is no longer just a meme, but reality. He's tried to be a carbon copy bootleg version of Adam, but the salt from his poor diet kept flowing out. Surfer is just being Surfer.
>>120024 Try to catch up how many times he will seethe about Blaire White. Fuz hate trannies like her and Yaniv that according to he gives a bad image to the "good" trannies that he is "friend" aka pay for their onlyfans >>120026 >copy bootleg version of Adam Never, he's being himself now without the mask and soaking up other ecelebs Гунтy auras, but not Adam. Earwinson was one of the few people who came here, read the criticisms >we had about P P P and the show and said that to the rest of internet, and until the end he still had enough tact to read the chat instead of just reading the most famous namefags like P PP does. Also P P P doesn't accept any form of criticism and is slowly surrounding himself with Yes Men since the end of NP2 era and now it's only going to get more accentuated and soon he will have his own Gaytor, Fagmenco and Rand. Btw Gahoole should do something useful for once and stream an "IBS" stream with LeoPirate, Surfer, zachfag, wrist and anyone else from here (don't use the fag voice changer, essayfag, stop being a faggot)
Open file (154.70 KB 1600x900 pppalph.jpg)
>>120022 >Гунт 2.0 it is no longer just a meme, but reality. He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster
>>120028 >Never, he's being himself now without the mask and soaking up other ecelebs Гунтy auras, but not Adam. His laugh, his flippantness, his presenter commentary. Adam's been a big influence on him, at least on the surface-level. He obfuscates what he says in irony, but he can't disconnect himself from the topic so his seethe and ego shines through. You could say he's the monster Adam's created whether intentional or not.
>>120033 Toad McKinley was an experiment by Adam as a way to help cope with the loss of jahans and to see if he could create a greater lolcow, in both attempts he failed, but he did create an interesting Frankenstein. One thing that is always sad about these sort of nu-eceleb lolcows is that they refuse to interact with their audience and only intereact with the dicklickers. If they had half a brain they would realize that it is a win-win situation bickers both rancher and cattle get the attention they so desire, but they are too cowardly ever since the main Internet Гунтsports saga.
>>119984 bickers i like schizoid /pol/tard snitches and i don't like fat religious canuck zealots imagine simpin for anything ever
Open file (139.17 KB 1280x720 tfw_no_point.mp4)
>>120035 Do you even have an actual point, spergrlord?
>>120035 >imagine simpin for anything ever You're not wrong but I like both schizoid poltards and fat religious zealots.
>>119982 I can just picture jcaesar187 drunk yelling at the screen, while amanda browses loli on her phone beside him
>>119949 why doesn't he talk about how him and his users fell for it?
>>120040 bickers jewsh moon is a retard and a kike.
>>120040 bickers Jewsh is spineless, it doesn't matter what he thinks he'll conform to his userbase as always
>>119983 Of course they are bickers they hate greatness in fact of course.
>>120026 >you changed He is right to mock people for saying that. He's been dropping the act little but little for years. I know why he gambles online bickers it's not hard to tell when he's serious and when he's joking. There are countless examples of unironic Гунтlike behavior which may have started out as a joke, but resulted in an inflated sense of self: view count clit measuring contests, paranoid rebukes and banning of dissenters in chat, sucking up to namefag zcelebs, and going fatmask off when he felt that his status was being challenged or diminished by random people in chat. A great example is the first stream where he read the simp texts. He frequently responded to ironic comments in chat making fun of Spic Masterson, as if they were serious and were directed at him. Tism played a part, but when you could see the growing sense of self-importance and paranoia. Feel free to disagree, but when he started using the phrase "my fans" unironically, there is no coming back from that mindset. But, again, I think he's right, he really hasn't really changed. He's just increasingly dropping the pretense as his "fan base" becomes more loyal and less discerning. Sounds alot like a certain felon. IT IS WHAT IT IS BUDDY
>>119983 >deslikes
Open file (77.97 KB 720x960 JOACHIM_8.jpg)
>>120044 Honestly, nailed it right on the head anon.
>>120035 Very true. Surfer simps are pathetic
Open file (82.64 KB 784x858 JOSEPH.jpg)
>>119981 now where did my pipe go anon?
>>120022 soyfer is boring and brings faggotry. i'm glad he's out so now that Toad McKinley's streams wont be interrupted every 5 seconds by retarded comments from the soy father
>>120038 i might be a dumb bong but why would you go from vegas to atlantic city, isn't one just a ghetto version of the other?
>>119949 Jersh was convinced the dox was Gaytor. He was all over it. Funny how he downplays it now as a trivial thing for 20 sec and blames Vickers for getting it wrong before quickly moving on. >>119957 Where's the proof he even listened to TRS? It seems like you just lump all your enemies in as "TRSodomites" just like ironybros/Groypers do against the so-called "wignats." >>119937 >/cow/ is ironically against simping, <Huh? 1. How can you say cow is anti-simping when there are retards like TRSperg, Weakload, and B*ellesimp cluttering the thread, shitting it up with JAV imagesets all day and DellBelphine images? If they are to represent /cow/, then the board is pro-simping. But a couple retards are just retards. They don't represent anything. >It's 2021 and simps are still eating that hooknose kike's STD-ridden menstrual mucous lining. <cow is anti-simping. Gtfo. 2. It depends on the e-celeb. A couple anons here are currently pro-Surfer as they sense themselves within Surfer or bc they hate 3P like TRSperg. So they are Surfer-simps. Cow is full of simps whether you mean simping for hoes or for favorite ecelebs. There is plenty of both, unfortunately. >>119984 He has their political beliefs and seems like a nice guy you'd want to chill with before you realize what's he like to live with. Poor anons are easily starstruck by a dude if he nazi-larps for them. And they hate 3P. I however, know that all people are flawed messes, and you wouldn't want to be around any of them long term. Mainly they like AnuSSurfer (you like that nazi pun? The SS?) bc he's a reflection of themselves. Surfer is the current sacred cow for /cow/ right now. Just look at shit like this: >>119670 Surfer dunks on NEETs saying he looked bad crying and narcissistically says he wouldn't listen to NEETs that haven't seen light for 7 years; He's a lion and they're just sheep. Couple anons just dismiss it and deflect back onto Toad McKinley: >>119695 >>119700 Even though it was all Surfer there. It's like TRSperg's burning hatred for 3P. How many degrees of separation can he go to blame 3P or trSSodomites for something. "Hmm, a bug was squished in Ecuador. Clearly this was the result of a fat Canadian in a bedroom. Or the evil TRS on a website putting out podcasts." The whole point of these drama events is to watch other people's minds work and see their limits when the cog dissonance becomes too much or they've reached the false conclusion of their ideology and have to rebuild their brain. To see the gears turning in their empty heads is the most fun part. The mental gymnastics.
>>119898 That fits so good lmao
Open file (17.42 KB 236x348 green drawing.jpg)
>>119988 That should give you an idea you're not dealing with unbiased opinions here but people defended preferred fwend-sims. I don't think either 3P or Surfer are great people or have good moral character but living with your buddy like that is begging for you to hate each other eventually. Men are competitive so especially when you're cucking each other romantically and beating each other up and bickering about rent and having to do fair-shares of work. You will resent and hate that person. Neither Surfer nor 3P are innocent or look good. They are both pretty shitty flawed losers. Anybody that brain damages you, hitting you in the back of the head is not a "fwend." Anybody that accepts that aforementioned brute (3P) into their home has Stockholm Syndrome. Anybody that fucks your love interest and rubs it in your face is not a "fwend." Now before you Surfer-simps get up in my face, know this: I'm not here to defend either of them. They're both trash people. I would never shack up with 3P ever, so I would never have been in Surfer's position to begin with. I would never live with a dude that kicked my ass and brain-damaged me. I would not be crying on stream about another man. I would not have Stockholm Syndrome to a 350 lbs man living rent-free on my couch. Nor would I clean up his shit on the toilet when he can't doodoo properly. There's something off about Surfer in that he is an enabler or some codependent helping to balloon fat 3P up with his cooking (and 3P gorging on trash all day) to make himself feel better as some caretaker with a purpose. Like if 3P leaves forever and gets a gf in the USA, Surfer will be sad and left behind in life like he's going nowhere. He can't have that so he keeps 3P dependent on him for housing/rent, food, cleaning, psychological support, Bible study, and even streaming, so that 3P can't grow up and leave him in the dust. 3P is a trainwreck too obv. How does one even get 400 lbs? I would never trust a man that size. You failed to defend your own temple (body) yet you're preaching about Christianity or anything else? I can't take that horseshit seriously. Fat people's opinions don't matter. Gambling addict too. Both fucking druggies abusing anything they can get their hands on whether it's weed, poppers, or some crushed pill garbageg. Both Christian-larping tradbros to overcompensate for their degeneracy. I'm just enjoying the back and forth bad blood. Real IBS that I've been craving. These stupid z-celebs all walled themselves off from each other now and never interact except to comment on what dumbass jcaesar187 is doing. They never join streams together or do anything fun for the audience for fear of getting julayed. So real bad blood is refreshing. You don't have to simp for either one. Just take shots at both and enjoy with your popcorn. >>120005 >The Elderfag is winning no stop this week, the second best on his whole life without any doubts You're not winning when your enemies are incompetent (Vickers failedox of Gaytor). In other words, if you don't do anything, you can't claim a W for sitting on your ass. It just means your opposition is stupid.
Open file (32.05 KB 461x545 women 2.jpg)
>>120018 >wignats are gay and nationalism is good. t. wignat. Makes perfect sense bro. Totally not a contradiction. Anyway, all radical politics are from deranged, mentally ill people. Radical politics whether natsoc or communism attracts deranged losers like a moth to a streetlamp. >>120022 >i'm feeling the same way i felt during stream.me era when jcaesar187 was still loved by foxdickfarmers, /pol/ and Mister Reddikur fanboys and me and a few others seemed to be the few who noticed how disgusting the Гунт actually was/is. You're implying you're ahead of the curve before others catch on to how shitty 3P is but you're actually behind the curve as a Surfersimp. You're supposed to recognize that both of them are shitty losers. You being brainwashed by a preferred fwend-sim is just evidence you're on a delay behind other anons. See you in 4 months when you come around. Or you can just enjoy their streams without getting attached to them, if you can manage that. Next thing you know, you'll be crying on stream about how you love another man through the computer screen. >>120028 Being surrounded by discord sycophants and a youtube chat has distorted both Surfer and 3P's minds, making them narcissistic egotists high on the smallest amount of e-dopamine. They try to use a tradlarp to pretend to be humble or occasionally check themselves with the Bible it but make no mistake, both think they are the stars on red carpets with blinding lights of photographers flashing all around them. Internet streaming makes you delusional. >>120035 t. surfersimperino Also, Surfer is a religious zealot who will probably end up even more radical than 3P's Christian larp bc he's unstable. >>120039 I hate these uncanny valley things so much. I wanna knock it out but I can't get a release so it's not fair. >>120042 Except when Kiwitards tell Jersh how to lose weight then he shuts down and disregarded their opinions. >>120044 I think 3P to a degree suffers from reading cow and repeating hot takes. Yeah, it makes you seem smart, edgy, and contrarian, but ecelebs don't realize where that road will take them. Esp small ecelebs try different things and throw spaghetti at the wall hoping something will stick so they are more radical when the channel is smaller and they don't have to worry losing money or subscribers. Anons just shitpost freely with no consequences while streamers have a burden or being visible and having a public image to protect. Eventually, you listen to the feedback on cow or the Farms and it warps your sense of reality. Especially autistic people like Surfer and 3P who can't discern between valid criticism or concern trolling. And people want to repeat hot takes they read here without really comprehending them. Next thing you know, you're on stream alleging that Dick Masterson is running a banking money laundering scheme using Chinese banks in a pedoophile ring of ecelebs and having to defend yourself against Nick Rekieta on livestream. You have to remember we groomed 3P here to some degree. Yes, "We". Get over it. He was here posting his first videos and even jcaesar187 played one or two of them when everybody hated Sargon's antics. That was pre-starfish PR stunt to get infamy.
>>120051 both are ex-mafia run trash. however AC is on the east coast. im thinking it's a pit-stop from the vegas Гунт trip, or the hog and the horse took a trip this weekend.
>>120052 >>120054 >>120055 You will never be White. Imagine filtering Weakload's blogposts over this smug and self-important mutt.
>>120055 >Next thing you know, you're on stream alleging that Dick Masterson is running a banking money laundering scheme. Wait what? That was not my point but that's a interesting take. Are you a fan of those guys? >having to defend yourself against Nick Rekieta on livestream? Again, what? Why the fuck would that be your focus? Nick and DIck are open grifter faggots with unbelievably boring streams. Dont get it mixed up. Toad McKinley is a becoming more of a faggot as he becomes more like them, not bickers he's attacking them.
>>120001 Arguing semantics surfers vehemently anti cop and talks about shooting cops then hes going to run to them when he feels threatened. BLM and ANTIFA cucks did the same thing. What have i said in defense of P P P even once? Seems like you're the one strawmanning.
The thread became a lot less fun when it became a proxy battle between fans of 2 Canadian faggots. Can you losers make your own thread already?
>>120060 No but feel free to post the same 4 pictures of asian women over and over again or Toad McKinley delphine with a shotgun.gif Or just call everyone muttni.
>>120060 Astroturfing. Not sure if glowies, discord spicggers or transsexuals from the farm, either way I agree, they should go back
Open file (111.78 KB 170x180 1615583694988.gif)
Self proclaimed sigma male 'Tiny and his Swedish slut were on JLP: https://youtu.be/rFGqPELlXsU
Oh, its bunckerchan. So glowies
Open file (56.47 KB 897x957 bullshitafoot.jpg)
>>119977 I think the most telling thing is that he hasn't refuted the point that Surfer said he is a self- admitted pathological liar. He can use that "no bad Christian" defense all he wants. To lie with no remorse constantly undermines everything he says and does. Perhaps this is why he has a love/hater boner for daddy gym.
it is kinda funny that two canadian homos breaking up has the thread as active as it was when xander's conception was leaked.
>>119990 >Rent free in your own head.
>>120022 >being humble You are retarded.
Open file (23.35 KB 480x360 sleeper.jpg)
>>120050 Enjoy your neu P P P streams there buddy. I won't.
>>120067 shitwave died. Where do you think glowies, banned foxickers and discord pedos would go? Back to DLive farming lemons?
Open file (413.67 KB 1645x2048 andy_vr.jpg)
>>120060 >The thread became a lot less fun when it became a proxy battle between fans of 2 Canadian faggots I'm confused, when has it ever not been.
It's funny to me how the based SoT/Fuz torfag alog called out Muttni vpn and since then >we got a few new ID's with the same bitterness and talking points of Muttni falseflagging against Delphine and as a Muttni hater, seething about Surfer, Weekload and /cow/ as a whole while trying to fit in.
Anime troons are now paying for the pig hawgs hotel bill https://youtu.be/3M9wOmXJhzQ
>>120074 are they paying him to be a dubshitter?
Does anyone have an archive of last mad at the internet?
>>119982 >Lakers >Alabama >KC Chiefs >Has zero geographical relation to any of these teams What a bandwagoning faggot lmao
Open file (45.01 KB 594x550 53543543.jpg)
>>120080 >Consooms and bets on G​AMERGATEball and other sports >morbidly obese >NEET >lives in squalor >egrifter >checks foxdickfarms 50 times a day PIG HAWG ≅ Гунт
>>120080 Same about the Big Dyke and Dallas Cowboys lol lol lol >>120074 I'm feeling like he's doing all this shit, including acting like that with Surfer bc he's feeling like superior to G0dwinson and don't expect or care about him returning to disavow him
>>120050 As opposed to now with Toad McKinley interrupting himself to bitch about Surfer. >>120052 >1. How can you say cow is anti-simping when there are retards like TRSperg, Weakload, and B*ellesimp cluttering the thread, bickers simp really means being a paypig or whiteknight. And anyone can post here, even you, you collectivist >If they are to represent /cow/ But they don't. >They don't represent anything So wtf is your point, if any? >Cow is full of simps whether you mean simping for hoes or for favorite ecelebs Defining a word using the word is the height of stupidity >Poor anons are easily starstruck Not really. >he's a reflection of themselves Spoken like a true projecting narcissistbut I repeat myself >>120054 >That should give you an idea you're not dealing with unbiased opinions here but people defended preferred fwend-sims. Or you know people have strong opinions about how to behave. Being pseudo-centrist is just a pose to criticize those with whom you disagree. >>120055 >my centrism is mentally healthy >>120055 >You're supposed to recognize that both of them are shitty losers. Gtfo of here with that prissy, autistic self-importance >>120059 >Arguing semantics Yeah and? Likewise. That's what debating over words means. I don't agree with your usage of said words. We aren't debating how to fix world hunger here. >BLM and ANTIFA cucks did the same thing Sfw >What have i said in defense of Toad McKinley Idk or care. >Seems like you're the one strawmanning Crying out in pain as you strike me
>>120084 seeth harder muttni
Open file (85.03 KB 400x388 781587252985.jpg)
>>120085 >n-no u
>>120074 Surfer won
Open file (170.01 KB 628x698 paypigs.png)
>>120086 That is Muttni herself, she's doing this shit now trying to falseflag as her haters or Delphinefag with her 98 IQ she thinks this tactic will work and /cow/ will think "Muttni haters are worse than her, I will start to appreciate Muttni!" >>119902 >>119903 Anyone here has a odyssey acc to dab on him and other foxdickfarmers shit talking Surfer? >>120087 Starfish Squad will soon upvote his videos, they are literally coordinating "war efforts" to downvote Surfer videos and attack him lol meanwhile, I have zero reason to check P P P channel now. No G0dwinson or Surfer? Wew, zero kino and nectar.
Open file (262.06 KB 800x1300 9jin9-unn.png)
>>120074 Why he used a promotional image from the original manga as a thumbnail rather than an image from the anime? Is the big dawg showing his power level? He still watching dub by the way, you would think his pay pig network would explain why thats a bad thing before spending 20 bucks.
Open file (726.32 KB 1235x876 925689259256.png)
>>120088 >That is Muttni herself, she's doing this shit now trying to falseflag as her haters or Delphinefag Yeah, that's why I replied the way I did. >with her 98 IQ she thinks this tactic will work and /cow/ will think "Muttni haters are worse than her, I will start to appreciate Muttni!" But the true centrist viewpoint is to see that both are equally stupid *chuckles*
Open file (1.78 MB 480x852 NoBody.webm)
Open file (300.97 KB 720x960 peachqueen creditcard.mp4)
Hello famalams what has been going on? Is there still sperg-out of triple p fans on the surfer issue?
>>120088 >>120092 >no u muttni, da false flag! seeth harder muttni
Open file (429.05 KB 448x390 pedo.png)
Open file (513.26 KB 643x525 groomer.png)
>>120088 >everybody that doesn't follow foot is [insert strawman] >go and raid. no pa request bro guys I want coreys spics back, they were funnier
Open file (821.00 KB 220x220 92856892525.gif)
>>120094 >(1) You forgot this
>>120094 >>120095 Ok buddy.
>>120097 The funniest part of that whole livestream was her simps thinking she was going to get raped and murdered by klansmen
>>120097 Your cult is dying, it doesn't grow. Trying to bait opposition and create artificial drama wont get you more relevancy. It topped 2008 with gay fucks masks, accept it.
Open file (12.86 KB 589x107 42343232.jpg)
The pig hawg is now jannying his foxdick troon army to stop making up things.
>>120100 who cares. Nobody looking for audience and clout, with a rat tail of pedophiles, 40 year old furries unironic dickless men and the rest of what is left of something awful
>>120072 When Gym came back from a slumber we had same shit for a week.
>>120093 no its mostly surfer fans.
Open file (200.52 KB 220x224 285698928569865.gif)
>>120104 >n-no u >surfer fans
>>120105 so you're a surfer fan?
Open file (93.27 KB 1024x750 interested_cow.jpg)
>>120099 >Your cult is dying, My what? Is this a G​AMERGATEgate thing about triangles or something?
>>120106 >>120105 yeah theres a few of them, they get quite upset if you call surfer gay. Its the oddest thing. Naturally the argument back is just that you're a P P P fan.
Open file (139.01 KB 644x1069 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (214.08 KB 616x1188 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (600.42 KB 2989x1249 ClipboardImage.png)
>>120108 It's really cringe. Toad McKinley is a fag, so is surfer, it's not that difficult.
>>120110 no buddy you're either team A or team B you dont get to think they're both faggots.
>>120109 isn't this the guy that wastes paypig money on overpriced handbags?
Open file (577.46 KB 384x384 a6s8f4y5d3.png)
>>120109 >getting jcaesar187 to work an honest job is evil
>>120109 >i mean people would definitely help me if i was destitute. i have no doubt
Open file (142.05 KB 435x600 cryingcaesar.jpg)
>>120115 I mean Toad McKinley would help me I REALLY BELIEVE HE WOULD IF HE THOUGHT IT WOULD HELP
Open file (1008.56 KB 1280x720 doing_(you)r_part_anon.mp4)
Are (you) anons doing (you)r part in psychologically breaking Toad McKinley parks? DON'T BE A KIKE DROP A DISLIKE
Open file (283.73 KB 419x900 nool.png)
>>120114 t. Owner and Editor in chief of foxdickfarms.com
Open file (478.23 KB 1454x1520 jewsh_doctor.png)
>>120119 >your a hecken shizo!
Open file (66.42 KB 1022x731 fbvcb.jpg)
>>120117 where the fuck do you think you are? That's like asking for people to leave a mean comment on a jcaesar187 stream.
Open file (84.38 KB 768x768 alog.jpg)
>>120121 I'm asking (you) to do (you)r part anon.
>>120117 >interact with the cocks >please just a dislike <how about a mean comment <come please play with us <give attention
Open file (3.95 MB 1920x1080 for_every_like.mp4)
>>120121 >where the fuck do you think you are?
>>120123 Doesnt any interaction push his youtube stats?
Open file (81.61 KB 1280x720 Cow_BTFO_Again.webm)
>>120125 That is correct LEO
>>120127 I'd rather you call me P P P than the faggot leo.
>>120128 stands for law enforcement officer
Open file (1.11 MB 1280x720 LeoPirate DESTROYED.mp4)
Cuntpirate shit his pants and did nothing wrong.
>>120109 One of the rare moments where jewsh isn't a faggot. >p-people would help me if i was d-destitute >i b-believe that >that is my message to you Anyone have the clip from the Pillstream where he soliloquys about Gym?
Open file (2.48 MB 322x178 1386019165434.gif)
>>120108 >>120110 >>120111 >>120112 > when you're two troonyfarms failing so hard at pushing the narrative you have to resort to comforting each other through multiple posts The sorry state of the 50% club Also 81b0cc, I love reading your posts man. Your posts puts me the image of some pouty kid standing outside of every social circle, cross-armed and mumbling insults while hoping to be heard. You fags suck so bad with interacting makes me think you're like this in real life as well.
>>120131 >Anyone have the clip from the Pillstream where he soliloquys about Gym I think Гунт legit wiped it off the Гунтernet can't find it anywhere on jewtube, fawk.
>>120132 They came in here a day or two ago with Toad McKinley parks full foxdick squad and couldn't beat the three anons in this thread, they are more pathetic than the platespics.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O12a6q6_DEs Toad McKinley's review, again, truly pathetic.
>>120132 >>120134 Just admit surfer and P P P were in a gay relationship. I know surfers your father and you're not allowed to talk bad about him but the truth will set you free.
Open file (4.33 MB 640x800 7ffb53fcc5df9fe1.mp4)
>>120104 This board liked natural dynamic of triple and surfer, it was the trailerpark boys of streams but now that arc of the saga is over. So obviously when it stops bickers of stupid shit, fans or watchers are going to blame the guy that caused that stupid shit to begin with. So depending who you liked when it comes to triple p or surfer, the guy you are going to like is who you thought was best of the two. I liked surfer bickers he would randomly respond to chat and go off on tangent while also fucking around that is quite entertaining but either one of them by themselves is not interesting or fun to watch, that's the overall problem. only the most hardcore of triple P fans from last year are going to stick around to watch his streams, fans of the trailerpark boys streams have left and think the whole situation is gay. The funny thing is that bickers of triple P's ego he will not understand this before it is far too late.
>>120137 reasonable.
>>120136 No thanks foxdick tranny.
>>120139 I really dont remember seeing your id at all before the surfer P P P break up.
>>120141 Thanks anon.
>>120137 I'm one of those people who would rather listen to Toad McKinley, relatively speaking, but I think Surfer is a better person. Toad McKinley might have better professed moral standards, but not by much. But Surfer is better at putting his money where his mouth is.
>>120135 >hounding Toad McKinley Birdie He's truly going after the big players.
>>120137 stop giving accurate feedback. It is like feeding doves bird food instead of rice
>>120145 SURFCHADS RISE UP /cow/ is a feminist board that loves Queen Anita, Zoe, based bella and surfer.
Open file (35.93 KB 478x477 EAemJHIW4AAVD4K.jpg)
>>120135 why are all these videos premieres. Is he too scared to engage with the chaaayat or is the hotel wifi shit?
Open file (306.27 KB 785x656 ashton_unhinged.png)
>>120148 He is too afraid to interact with chat, he's too afraid of surfer making a reaction video and the 2 anons on the thread making fun of him.
>>120148 It's obfuscation, Surfer live is pulling bigger numbers than asston would if he streamed live and he knows that people would compare the number 10, 30, 60 minutes in just to rub it in his face that Surfer was in fact the main draw of his show Also he's having problems controlling his autistic self soothing ticks, funny how he only now has bothered to learn how to edit isn't it?
>>120150 >implying Toad McKinley doesn't have trannyfarms edit his videos OBS IS ABOVE ME LADS EDITING IS ABOVE ME
Open file (97.66 KB 532x585 ClipboardImage.png)
Foxdicks seething in Toad McKinley's chat
EmptyHero is streaming if anyone wanna a comfy stream. Trank you torfag, tranks to your thread Fuz is avoiding being on empty streams lol, after almost two years your thread was the only thing that finally made him stay away lmao! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9CZ6zVWvYA New S​ARGON kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihZyjYqzLuc This faggot posted here before can make S​ARGON look good and kino lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQtz_ENzs5Q&t=1s Superior P P P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_zZ2NG84nw DSP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj0zNTId1ts You'll never look good like these whores, Muttni https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTZAY9SnEgU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enBXMjsOMmc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZErvssnnXHw To P P P and Surfer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aexWHQ1juYw Mike Enoch b t f o P P P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo7veLwiyGs >>120094 You'll never have a handsome white husband, Muttni, only your manlet and mullato simps in their mid 30's.
>>120109 I started looking through that DSP thread and is it right that Jewsh is deleting stuff cause it suddenly went over some arbitrary line?
>>120154 DSP aylogs are retarded I wouldnt waste your time trying to figure out what they're doing. They thought dsp was flying in a European escort to fuck him up the ass.
Open file (243.78 KB 435x385 AngryPig.png)
>>120153 >Mike Enoch b t f o P P P WEW
>>120132 lmao keep protecting gay men's reputations online queermo
Open file (200.52 KB 220x224 dsp_pat.gif)
>>120155 DSP is a based cow.
>>120153 >Mike Enoch seethes he was just throwing shit back
>>120158 yah like surfer.
>>120157 >lmao keep protecting gay men's reputations online queermo
>>120124 Гунт will hang himself january 5th
Open file (120.34 KB 1280x720 wings.jpg)
Open file (3.63 MB 200x200 world cup dabs.gif)
I'm watching my sportball team winning and drinking some bacardi mojito with my gf, in honor of you, Surfer. After all, all true and honest anos here are your "simps" second foxdickfarms trannies, so let's make it happen and have a good time with /cow/boys and pilgrims >>120156 >>120159 NOOO, THE BASED FOXDICKFARMER TRANNY SAID THAT MIKE ENOCH GOT DESTROYED AND IS SEETHING ABOUT P P P, THE FOXDICKFARMERS NARRATIVE IS THE ONLY TRUEEEEEEEE!!!! >>120155 True, I never understood the obsession some people have with DSP, but since Sons of KoToad McKinleya era I became aware that DSP alogs are actually more lolcows than DSP. Lol even Bryan started to insert himself in the Sons of KoToad McKinleya after Daddy Gym started to pay attention to DSP
Open file (19.63 KB 381x349 41acf2x5d8c.JPG)
>>120135 >This Week in Cuckada tonight
Open file (3.88 MB 344x203 1436935330205.gif)
>>120157 < lmao keep protecting gay men's reputations online queermo Thus proving my point in the original post. Cope, seeth and dilate.
>>120168 that you protect gay mens reputation online for free?
>>120153 The TDS shitting on Toad McKinley got me a good giggle
>>120153 Fuz might be taking the opportunity here to play lowkey now since everyone is distracted now by the Toad McKinley/Surfer drama. But I don't think butterboy is that smart otherwise he would had learn from his previous mistakes. Thank god though bickers the stream is more watchable even with random discord nerds for empty to roast.
Open file (241.89 KB 374x500 2423432423.png)
>>120153 >I wasn't going to talk about it but i am going to talk about it bickers it totally don't care about it. Quite funny that they acknowledged their existance. I can only begin to imagine how much Anthime Gionet and Spic Fuentes seethe about the pig hawg.
>>120172 I can't believe they were privately seething about Toad McKinley.
Open file (1.78 MB 333x194 So-good-and-savory.gif)
>>120169 > still sounding so bitter and pouty
Toad McKinley just called into Empty's stream with a voicechanger
>>120176 *Earwinson
>>120055 Thanks for confirming your a foxdick faggot
>>120176 Lmao and Empty is telling him he'll apologize if earwinson blows him an kiss.
Open file (2.67 MB 256x234 892592855896.gif)
>>120175 >2021 >still harping on about Anita
Open file (294.49 KB 581x608 Ejp19_SXsAIVJwd.png)
>>120176 >Nobody knows who you are
Toad McKinley IS GETTING FELTED BY EMPTY Earwinson still reads /cow/based he mentioned muttni poster and how she promotes racemixing. Very based. >Empty: I've taken shits whiter than Brittany Toad McKinley Earwinson, chad re-approach i love it. Glad to know you seeped back into anon. >earwinson: britbong is based
Open file (225.72 KB 752x489 PPPGodwinsonTLOU2.png)
>>120181 Guy with voice changer keeps saying mate at the end of everything, talking about /cow/. Definitely Toad McKinley. Or britbong
Earwinson noticed Queen of Poz is in chat and asked him to join the discord. EARWINSON POST THE DISCORD HERE
>empty stream No idea it existed. No idea there was a level below Toad McKinley.
Open file (2.22 MB 640x480 fs.webm)
https://ghettogaggers.com/v4uWSnYN Here anons call in I DEMAND BRYAN DUNN
Emptypuss kicked Earwinson.
>>120189 Hey Ear, that was funny as fuck.
Open file (81.84 KB 838x477 ClipboardImage.png)
Earwinson's current discord profile if you want to @ him.
>>120190 Earwinson was trying to ironically go 'we're anonymous' 'WE in /cow/ are legions' schlick to own up the jokes, but it made himself seem even more awkward altogether. Was his plan all along to make one great comeback to IBS by making small appearances here and there as some mystery guest? bickers that plan is failing now
Aaaannd he's back.
This isn't Earwinson.
It is, you can hear it in the way he speaks. Sounds like he's got his sights on Fuzhou.
Open file (7.46 KB 382x52 ClipboardImage.png)
Emptyhero or one of his mods shadowbanned me for bullying Queen of Poz.
I dont think this is earwinson. If it were he'd say that surfer and P P P are gay lovers.
>>120153 This dude on EmptyHero stream sounds like Earwinson with voice modulator.
this caller is an individual like >us.
>he's a /cow/ guy. later i'm gonna read the thread where they call me gay Hi empty You're gay.
> Fuz is now on the stream Oh god, Earwinson is going to make Fuz look good in comparison. Kiss our promising lolcow goodbye.
>>120204 all involved are gay
Open file (3.70 MB 446x694 1628716612101.webm)
Open file (3.84 MB 448x720 1628717036609.webm)
>>120143 listening to triple solo is alright but that is only where the stream has a structure, he does not have any ideas that are outside the box that is the overall problem that makes him kinda boring. It is like a Jewsh stream, where the stream is just competent and nothing more.
>>120206 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Earwinson vs Fuzhou on empty's stream rn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9CZ6zVWvYA
This is the same guy who was on Gahoole's stream.
>earwinson: Toad McKinley ruined the internet BASED
>cow used to love jcaesar187 >cow used to love all the ecelebs. this is what happens when you take ecelebs side to own the kiwis
Open file (247.55 KB 496x585 87097589865.png)
>>120207 >competent and nothing more. That's the most you can say about either of them >>120215 > to own the kiwis Again you live rent free in your own skull
>>120216 you take ecelebs side and then you get PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd by unfunny man pretending to be a G​AMERGATE on the internet.
I feel a sperg out coming soon. earwinson is winding this kid up
Open file (17.81 KB 511x384 1467566427919.jpg)
> Fuz is felting earwinson ==Earwinson you're a bigger fuck up than your frankenstein creation.=!
>>120217 >you take ecelebs side I do? That's news to me. I guess I live rent free in your head too. Thanks for the spacious lodgings.
>>120221 And speaking of fuck ups
Open file (191.98 KB 1063x766 pathetic.jpg)
Open file (30.32 KB 360x480 Terry_Davis_2000.jpg)
Justice 4 Terry
>yer jus jealous No wonder anon thinks you're a fag, Empty
>>120209 someone has to clip where earwinson enter inn. I hab to go to bed and sleep.
Fucking Jesus, essayfag, why are you using this voice changer shit and being b t f o'd by Fuz and Perspicacity?
>>120229 i never realised that autists are not just face blind but voice blind too. Everyone else still thinks this is Earwinson despite this guy having done this less than a week ago. https://youtu.be/tufra6KT4Xw
>>120227 Does Empty regularly delete streams?
>>120231 He deletes all of them
>>120227 >>120231 >>120232 He moves them to a separate stream channel
anyone have the Toad McKinley clip of suckers anons?
>People on chat saying that Fuzhou is getting his redepmtion arc after destroying Essayfag lmao
>>120230 Not Earwinson, it's the same essayfag who used to make shitty oc's about Koipedo and for some reason people gave him some mod roles i believe, he's now trying to take the silver bullet and become a zceleb
Open file (9.96 KB 250x201 6292185685.jpg)
>>120237 Yeah there's no way Earwinson is this unfunny
>>120233 Ok, I was gonna record the whole stream in audacity but there's no need, especially as it's not Earwinson.
Open file (872.71 KB 1470x827 PicsArt_07-17-02.24.16.jpg)
>>120238 Man, I wish to have Earwinson return and also see Fuz being b t f o'd once again, essayfag is trying but not doing good enough sadly
>i-i'm not trollshielding Fuz and changing the subject >trollshields Fuz by changing the subject the entire fucking time and invites in random discord trannies Emptyhero is a faggot
Open file (51.51 KB 500x500 81752652653.jpg)
>>120242 Yes, he is
Open file (4.75 MB 1920x888 groceries.mp4)
Open file (431.11 KB 1280x720 bosoms.webm)
>>120242 first of all an unimportant attention whore whose gay followers try to find and audience on a dead imageboard
>Fuz saying that Earwinson is pathetic and unfunny >FUZ >CALLING ANYONE PATHETIC AND UNFUNNY
are people still watching that trash? It got really boring really fast.
>Finally realized it's Adam Oh my fucking God
>>120242 He invited Jesus, from the Bad Guys, he's a funny guy of course in fact, but Fuz only had two friends on Empty server, Empty himself and Jack Frost, everyone else hate Fuz.
If this was Toad McKinley why would he be there and not with surfer or Toad McKinley? On the other hand Toad McKinley is in demand now so trying to pretend to be him is an obvious move to get some delicious e-fame.
Btw why K O J I M A is a filter? I noticed it got filtered on Fuz thread. Fuz actually believe that HackToad McKinleya is one of the biggest artists from the human history and a big fan of Death Stranding
Open file (548.58 KB 575x440 0a672bcf3eebfc91.png)
>>120248 No one asked for your opinion, tranny.
someone called "Grimsdottir" is showing up for the first time on emptyhero youtube chat only to control damage for Fuz and attack essayfag lol
Open file (21.45 KB 600x450 875827582795.jpg)
>>120252 >J I M
>>120254 btw if someone ask <how you know it, sperg well, im a regular emptyhero watcher and i only re discovered this place tranks to that guy called anon
Open file (163.92 KB 570x490 c57d9z817vf85.jpg)
>>120256 > im a regular emptyhero watcher >i only re discovered this place tranks to that guy called anon
Fuz won, how the fuck did that happen
>>120259 cope face
>>120259 Everyone else > Britbong > Fuz > Earwinson
essayfag does not represent the collective of anons, going after fuz around empty dont work, the Italian boomer will protect his butterboy like he already did for months around people from the server >>120257 Bro, CRP called you pigclips and you steal pics from other anons, why are you pretending to be better than others now?
>>120262 >Everyone else > Britbong > Fuz > Earwinson > Empty Ftfy >>120263 >Bro, a boomer called you pigclips Well that settles that then >you steal pics from other anons Steal? I never said I created them. >why are you pretending to be better than others now? I'm neither pretending nor did I say I was better than "others." I was making a joke, you fucking autist.
Open file (8.82 MB 640x480 Calling Optics.webm)
>King of /poz/ making fun of fake earwinson and /cow/ Wow, bud, wow! >>120265 Sure thing, woman.
>>120265 > Empty being the worse
I thought it was funny that fuz got angry about gym killing Terry Davis but he ignored me when I asked him about anita and N​IGGER, it was hard trying to get a conversation with him and I probably should have been a bit more subversive in my bid to get a better conversation going. Also when he screamed at me at the end a couple of times was funny. I tried asking him about his marvel obsession but he refused, he sort of just let me walk over me but didn't give me to much tism and also empty was a faggot and had other people in the discord who would also change the subject, I however, gave empty to much topics to change to by constantly mentioned other z-celebs and making autistic references. Also asking empty about corey did reveal on interesting thing and that was that it was empty who told corey barnhill the pedophile to leave the internet so he did basically do what gym did with vee but for corey. I noticed how much he was desperate to change the subject about corey but also used it every now and than to change the subject <aren't you obsessed with corey? <lets make another gay joke Also reached out to bryan for a conversation but I think hes to cowardly to come out. TL;DR only way to effectively fuck with fuz seems to be just to call him a faggot, my alternate autistic methods just kept him quite and on edge.
Open file (105.13 KB 900x900 8259289865.jpg)
>>120267 >Sure thing, woman. Projection at its finest. >>120268 His stream. His responsibility.
>>120270 Care to use your big boy words to explain your opinion.
>>120269 Daddy Gym is one of Fuz friends, after all, he paid superchats to him before and by Fuz definition that means that Daddy Gym is his close friend! >>120270 CRP and other anons b t f o'd you before, bro, for the exact same reasons. But keep coping, is good to have a woman around in this sausage club.
Open file (1.40 MB 800x600 liberalist couple.gif)
>>120257 Hey faggot, some people have more going on in their lives. After the drama involving 8chan from the facebook shooter i imagined that /cow/ died and I stayed away from imageboards as a whole for around two years, people making fun of Fuz is what made me and others discover and visit this place again after a long hiatus. Here, save this to your collection for future use while you larp as an a oldfag lmao >>120260 using a voice changer is a mistake t b q h, the foxdickfarmers used this to change the direction of the conversation on gahoole stream and now people are calling him fat for it lol, >>120259 Fuz never wins, once again he relied on Empty to help him
>>120269 I mean, Empty used to stream together with Corey, he dont care about people calling both jewsh and corey of pedos. >gym killing Terry Davis CecilMcTroon was seething on chat about this too, Gym fanboys hate when someone talk about Terry lol, for some reason this is a weakness in all of them. >Bryan was on chat Yes, he's lurking here for sure but pretending he doesn't know this place exists. It's the first time on almost three years since he joined on the Empty chat. Cecil also joined only for this shit. Obviously both are spying here or have learned about it from discord.
>>120273 > Fuz never wins, once again he relied on Empty to help him But Fuz relied on empty even on the Stalker stream, even on Britbong stream by feeding him lines and still fucked those up. This, this was especially pathetic on the voice changer's part who had to been Earwinson attempting to make a comeback to the internet
>>120271 I already did. >>120272 > But keep coping, You're the one who repeats yourself. >>120273 >Hey faggot, some people have more going on in their lives. Not if you are a regular EmptyHero watcher. >you larp as an oldfag <"I member the facebook shooter"
>>120268 His videos are funny, but his streams are literal dogshit. Especially tonight, every time Fakewinson spoke he interrupted with >haha make a kissing sound. >haha, why aren't you doing it? >haha you're gay. >haha u mad >haha you have no point >*brings in 5 discord tranny nuthuggers to scream over Fakewinson and butterguard Fuz* Give yer fuckin' head a shake, Empty.
>>120269 Bro, you failed so hard it wasn't even funny.
>>120277 Wrist dab at you, pigclips! >>120278 Right opinion t b q h lol
>>120273 >using a voice changer is a mistake t b q h, the foxdickfarmers used this to change the direction of the conversation on gahoole stream and now people are calling him fat for it lol I whined and bitched about voicefagging and still personally don't enjoy doing it, that's why I try to obfuscate my voice as much as possible, its a shame that it makes for a point of pilpul but that's just how things are. Only reason I do it is bickers I have been trying my best to facilitate interactions with cows. >*brings in 5 discord tranny nuthuggers to scream over Fakewinson and butterguard Fuz* I would some of the people there really do have a sort of foxdick-tier hateboner for fuz, but he doesn't seem to respond to much to anything other than a-logging, maybe he really does have a humiliation fetish.
>>120281 *I think some of the people there really do have a sort of foxdick-tier hateboner for fuz
>>120278 >haha make a kissing sound. >haha, why aren't you doing it? >haha you're gay. I loved how that put the air out of the serious of Earwinson's attacks when he came in so hard. He should have just rolled with it if he wanted to garner sympathy to his points, afterall seeing how Earwinson kept flipping from serious accusation to lolmemesman he didn't know what to come off as and was received as a complete internet autist.
Someone asked about P P P and Surfer to Empty right now. Empty is taking Surfer side while the person who asked about it is seething about Surfer being a drunkfag. >>120273 >>120276 No shit, as mentioned earlier, Fuz has two reasons for getting clinging with Empty 1-Empty is literally the only friend he has in the world, Fuz was home-schooled and never learned how to have friends irl, especially having social interactions with other men. 2-Empty serves as a shield, especially when Fuz only had to deal with people from Empty's server. >>120281 During the Gayhoole stream I noticed that foxdickfarmers tried all the while to divert attention to voice changer, the only funny thing about it was that some actually started to think it was Earwinson (the same people accusing Surfer from being a schizo). >sort of foxdick-tier hateboner for fuz I don't understand what you mean by that, is this the theory that /cow/ doesn't hate lolcows but foxdick hates lolcows? It died years ago with the Гунт saga, the biggest difference is that people here don't try to pretend they're always right and are experts in psychology, I don't know about shitcord drama, but as far I know the majority of Fuz alogs don't really hate him, just see him with contempt and think it's funny how hypocritical he is.
Britbong back on the Empty stream text chat won't come on voice like a cowardly bitch
Open file (442.48 KB 878x719 Black Cat.png)
Fuz and Britbong are right now in an autistic slap fight on emptyhero youtube chat
Open file (85.64 KB 592x908 456546546.jpg)
>>120284 Honestly think its funny that people actually think I'm earwinson, I don't exactly get it though myself. >During the Gayhoole stream I noticed that foxdickfarmers tried all the while to divert attention to voice changer, the only funny thing about it was that some actually started to think it was Earwinson (the same people accusing Surfer from being a schizo) Only reason they did that was bickers wrist blew them out with his spergery, they were bullied out of gahooles chat in the first place and seeked to push there shit. >the majority of Fuz alogs don't really hate him, just see him with contempt and think it's funny how hypocritical he is I just feel a couple individuals in the vc had some genuine contempt for fuz that had devolved into true hatred, might be the case if you waste that much time listening to his autism, I think it is what happened to a lot of dsp a-logs.
>now bryan comes on
>>120269 > only way to effectively fuck with fuz Holy shit the cope is real. You made Fuz seem better in comparison to you, you didn't fuck with Fuz or Empty, they've fucked with you. You came off as the sperglords that Fuz had often accuse of others, you helped affirmed this, and to make matters worse you linked > we with your pathetic attempt to meme humor into the situation. Don't even bother to damage control this bickers even you conceded repeatedly in that stream with "um I was trying to be funny for /cow/, I was trying to make you guys proud of me". I hope you're just some axe-wounded faggot from the foxdickfarms trying to cause shit, or someone Fuz paid to be outperformed by hence the voice changer, bickers fuck that's a miserable existence, to be felted by butterboy of all people.
>>120289 < Honestly think its funny that people actually think I'm earwinson, I don't exactly get it though myself. > being an attention whore Jeez I wonder why?
>>120292 >essayfag is a namefag Nah, couldn't be
>>120291 I am annoyed that I didn't get the interaction I wanted, I wanted to just have a bit of a talk with fuz about how he handled his situation. I should have tried to facilitate a proper private interaction with him. >>120292 >being an attention whore I'm not trying to be some gay e-celeb, I just tried to facilitate an direct interaction with a cow and I did it, even though like I said I didn't get what I wanted. >>120293 I was never a namefag and never have been, that nickname was thrust upon 3 anons anyways and its just stuck to me bickers I am the only one of them still around. Sadly I have to use shit software like discord to communicate with these e-celebs and cows since that is all they ever fucking use.
>>120294 >I was never a namefag and never have been, Alright
>>120291 Nah buddy, Empty came off looking far worse by avoiding the Zoom question and running damage control for the buttergolem.
Britbong is having a fight with Fuz on live stream on Empty stream right now. The manlet actually felted Fuz a few times so far, Fuz is again using Empty as a shield and trying to blend into the chaos of multiple fags talking to try to ignore the fact he lost once again Also Fuz is lying about his height again, like the Гунт, first for months he said he's 5,7, after the alogs started to make fun of his weight he said he's 5'11, now he's saying he's 6ft
Open file (2.22 MB 1280x720 (You).webm)
>>120294 > I am annoyed that I didn't get the interaction I wanted Don't downplay it. You had all time to cause an reaction from him, but all you did was "hey fuz, hey fuz... you have a point". For fuck sake you could had buttered up empty and the chat with having an normal interaction, make yourself more relatable so they at least chat would side with you against Fuz, but instead you came off as a fucking socially inept sperg, an npc who can only relate through memes. Even now you seem oblivious by coming here talking yourself up, while ignoring everything else which happened that stream. It takes an spectacular level of talent just to fuck things up this badly. I'll give you that much.
Is this place basically a discord server for that below z-grade show?
Britbong is once again making the mistake of attacking the pedos and Empty instead of focusing on Fuz. Britbong, let me give you a hint, ignore any past dramas with Empty and anyone else, focus on doing Fuz look bad, and hang out like a normal dude with Empty and others at least for a time. By doing this you're looking bad and Fuz will claim victory without any merit as usual
>>120302 You discovered his place today through empty drama, right mate? Yes, this place has always had ecelebs, through the sketical era to this day, even before the whole eceleb era /cow/ used to had lolcows coming and seething or socking for themselves. And nothing wrong with that.
>>120304 nope i got reminded by Toad McKinley drama. Yes i was on original board so i know it was z-celebs. But now it feels like this is that show discord which is just wearing dead /cow/ skin.
Which actually explains why people here suck surfer's dick while hating trannies for sucking Toad McKinley's dick while all of you are fucking disgusting faggots.
Fuz once again being b t f o d by Britbong and relying on others to have any hits on the manlet crossdress. >>120306 I got you, but your next post >>120309 makes me think you're an eceleb yourself t b q h. Also you have to be dishonest to pretend this place is worse than foxdickfarms or discord.
Open file (133.42 KB 340x402 jokerfuz2.png)
>Fuz lying about his height and relying on others to do the dirty work. WOW GUYS! Britbong is now accusing Corey Barnhill of being a pedo and same about jcaesar187, meanwhile the rest of VC is dogpilling the manlet and Fuz is just saying "you're boring, Britbong, you're boring".
>>120254 Well, >her and someone called Anon Anon are the only ones taking Fuz side on the youtube chat and as fair I know the first is one of the obese fuz views and the other is probably a troll
Open file (968.66 KB 1270x714 carl_boring.webm)
>>120317 Fun fact, but britbong was a big factor in spreading the Abby tapes way back. He made pedophile Corey Barhill cry on that cuntstream show but posting in chat. I think he was also the bloodsports z guy, so I'll just that out there as a strike against him
Open file (35.42 KB 443x591 prom.jpg)
>>120313 >>120317 Wow, and he does it without spewing old internet memes.
https://youtu.be/v9CZ6zVWvYA At this point its Britbong vs the world like chat said Britbong is being autistic and going after everyone instead of Fuz while the buttergolem will claim victory even tho Britbong actually b t f o'd him.
Open file (40.70 KB 813x457 bv-nomakeup.jpeg)
>>120084 >>120086 >>120085 Someone told me she posts to this board regularly. Is this really Queen Toad McKinley herself? Are you still taking bf applications???
>>120323 honestly I don't know about what gay lore Britbong is sperging about
>>120324 >Is this really Queen Toad McKinley herself? Not I. But I believe she does post here sometimes. >Are you still taking bf applications??? She probably is. But I wouldn't hold my breath.
Open file (99.59 KB 500x281 nia.jpg)
>>120287 >SoK is cow I assume he's not talking about here but his headcannon cow that took over foxdick and changed them into frothing at the mouth alawgs or something like that. Why would someone need to think jcaesar187 is evil to want to poke him? The dude releases his own sex tapes to win e-fights.
>>120324 >Are you still taking bf applications??? I think that's what her simps have to do. If you want to jump the queue, just blogpost about your gf like weakload, she'll come running. Orc hentai is her mating ritual or something.
>>120324 That picture is anceint bro, this is what your queen looks like now Saggy tits with G​AMERGATE hair >>120330 Don't forget the addiction and coom to invoke her Misaki complex >I CAN FIX HIM
Britbong kicked from vc and now it's only Fuz bragging about destroying Essayfag and Britbong. Also like I said, weirdly enough lots of new faces on empty chat all defending Fuz and larping as old fans, but nobody from the regular views know any of them lol
Open file (1.18 MB 448x448 clownpiece.gif)
>>120331 >Don't forget the addiction and coom to invoke her Misaki complex Taking up gambling would fit into the theme of NHK. If you strip away potential gayfabe, could that be the real reason the big dawg is moving on with his next arc?
>>120332 >implying there's anything unusual about that Trannyfarms being the trollshield and personal army of the notorious homosexual pedophile Toad McKinleyua Connor Moon sounds schizo, until you see it in action. OOOOHH FAAAWK, BUDDEE
This dude show up in the stream shortly AFTER Corey Barnhill got called out as a pedo and since then he's attacking Britbong or anyone else on chat talking about pedophiles. Empty is defending Corey for the third time today after three different people called him out for having CP.
>>120331 >Don't forget the addiction and coom to invoke her Misaki complex But you have to be Nordic so she can get bleached for her troubles
Toad McKinley is still shirtless and sweaty as he covers Canadian news for the first time without Surfer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv_uHy0QNUg
Open file (155.19 KB 348x262 sargoy_getting_sleepy.png)
Open file (143.76 KB 2048x1222 E_QndDHUYAA25AD.jpg)
>>120334 Now you mention it he's hitting a lot of the plot points >Jobless >Drugs >Fought his best friend Now he just needs to join a suicide cult, get addicted to an mmo And if we go by the novel there is that other "thing" >>120337 Wait a year and she'll hit the wall again and settle for a germanic, maybe even an anglo or a med
>>120338 Grimcheers, the fag clout chaser who got b t f o'd by Earwinson is restreaming Surfer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuLhZVdxaK0 >Surfer saying that P P P seethes about /cow/ and that he said he never posted on /cow/, but Surfer says it's a lie. >>120342 Literally the only people simping for Muttni is one of her mods (some bald dude in his mid 30's, a mysterious meat btw) and TRSperg. The rest of the men in the world reject her and don't want to fuck or date her. She will settle for cats and their poop.
>>120343 Tea's Kitty* (and a wigger)
>>120331 She looks great.
>>120345 she really does
Open file (2.31 MB 1024x720 11kvii.mp4)
>>120345 >>120346 Muttni please, just settle for TRSperg, yeah I know he's a manlet but he's white and weakload is never gonna leave his femdom mommy gf for you
>>120347 > weaload Speaking of which I haven't heard from the guy for awhile. Poor guy must be passed out spiraling in fetanyl, JAV, and Disneyplus subscription fees.
Open file (148.67 KB 1920x1080 D3cH9UMWsAA5sfJ.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16bIf-WOJSE A Cigar, A Week Recap, And A Windy Night
>>120287 >>120329 Funny bickers jewsh used to be a frequent guest on SoK's gay ass podcast they did every week
Open file (47.53 KB 1517x287 DSP bank account.png)
Do you have more money than DSP in your bank account?
>>120336 Boyd Doghouse is the OG Britbong alog. He's a man in his sixties who lives on Second Life.
>>120350 Don't you know? Gym disavowed the SoK in one of his first live streams so SoK is garbage now.
Open file (21.20 KB 317x267 lol.jpg)
>>120351 >mfw have over 20x DSP's worth just in one account
>>120353 Okay Fred. Now go and find another home
>>120301 ashley blue
>>120355 I'm not supporting SoK you gigantic faggot. I'm saying they became persona non grata as soon as DADDY GYM!!! made a statement about it.
>>120347 >he's white debatable.
you know you're in the fucking weeds when >we're talking about lower than Z celeb level faggots like boyd doghouse and the SoK.
>>120343 >>120343 That's not a restream grim is just reposting a week old video from odysee. And no I don't simp for Muttni. I would fuck her, but I'm not jumping through hoops to get a shot
Open file (491.40 KB 500x290 1446640232391.gif)
>>120287 >tfw the 5 anons live rent free and comfy in the homosexual reptile's head while homosexual reptile himself has to beg to the Гунтmeister for his measly 300 dollars after packing groceries at Trader Joes and turning tricks >tfw you're not Gaytor
Does anybody know Surfer's telegram?
Open file (33.06 KB 393x561 4324324324.jpg)
Does anyone have archive of last mad at the internet?
Open file (52.06 KB 200x113 wingsthanks.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gLEz8LC0io Sphere Grid Grind - FFX Platinum Run
Open file (21.56 KB 591x179 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (23.29 KB 591x150 ClipboardImage.png)
>>120368 >I had to set it up with a separate service Uh oh, is this the beginning of the end for secureserver.tv? Also, this means the streams can't be grabbed anymore.
>>120287 Гунт sides with his fellow cows like chris-chan and now DSP who next?
>>120368 <another service leak imminent
Open file (128.42 KB 960x720 brought_cow.jpg)
>>120370 Endless possibilities Cow Unionization
Open file (108.81 KB 999x530 1492116207685.jpg)
>>120352 Makes sence, the other dude mad at Britbong is also someone from Second Life. The manlet is indeed autistic and retard in many aspects, but second JEWS and Fuz one of the biggest reasons of why he's a lolcow is his hate for pedos.... weird. Corey Barnhill is a pedophile. Britbong won. >>120353 SoK was always trash, like most DSP alogs they are presumptuous gen x and weed lmao millennials who believed in their delusional thoughts that smoking pot, voting for Obama, making donations to money laundering schemes in Africa and playing vidya makes them better people than some pathetic grifter like DSP. Fred, KoP, that nigress who were part of the group are in their own way lolcows or live more precarious lives than DSP himself. >>120363 >Spoonfeed me with something really easy to figure out Drunken Surfer >>120364 He won? PCC AND P P P B T F O'D!
>>120373 Was KoP in SoK, or was his associating with them bickers he was a Moderator of DSP? I'm not really supper familiar with KoP lore before Goober Globber.
classic Kino is back on the menu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmQiFP0fRYk
>>120368 I might check later, but that sounds to me like he's having to censor his secureserver cocks and so has to go with a new new service to be uncensored? Or else it's that secureserver are telling him his users can't have an rss feed without being logged in or something lol IS VOCAROO THE LAST BASTION FOR FREE SPEECH as long as no one leaks the list of obfuscated urls
Open file (48.53 KB 1280x720 dspvest.jpg)
Open file (17.76 KB 420x420 dspveststress.jpg)
Open file (83.94 KB 883x595 dspNO.jpg)
Foxdick autists have calculated Darksydephil's spending habits from his confirmed breached bank account (including even corroborating recent bragged about purchases such as compensation from doordash and a trip to burger king), revealing multiple same day microtransaction purchases from iTunes that coincidentally share the same subtotal as microtransactions offered in gacha mobile game WWE Champions which Phil totally does not still play you drama stirrin' ayylawgs! Full log of transactions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=747FEGAmd4g https://k.i.w.ifarms.net/threads/bank-documents-18-sept-2021.100483 Phil has not responded as of yet, perhaps the smartest decision he has ever made
>>120357 Jym didn’t talk about them until after SoK collapsed in upon itself. In fact he only ever talked about them about a week or two after both Moogle and Renegade Operative did the final episode calling out Fred for being a massive Alog.
>>120376 That's my guess. He has already censored nudity, and it sounds like he'll be censoring super chats soon.
Open file (16.14 KB 654x114 1333211779408.png)
>>120378 He was on their show once. Unlike Flamencope or the Weasel, they were big time like jcaesar187 and Ashley. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcnaTq-E55g
Open file (982.96 KB 500x281 koko_tableroll.gif)
>>120368 Also, holy shit why is he still using the protonmail? Just get another @killstream and migrate the mailboxes to proton instead of google if you want. It just looks so unprofessional when you have a branded smtp domain. What if someone just makes killstream2@protonmail.com and send out mails to phish for responses when he's already endorsing this one. Unironically cringing hard.
Open file (6.18 KB 618x59 6.png)
>>120383 filtered all
>>120384 Nobody care, Muttni, you'll never be white or have a family and a good bf.
Open file (1.59 MB 1280x960 Vеnti (3).png)
>>120385 >u-u muttni lol nice cope
>>120383 >>120385 Based Also Starfish Squad is now going after Hollywood God after this stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Htj_dnFaE-M
>>120383 Pure cringe, kill yourself pls thx.
I miss it anons.
Open file (32.17 KB 400x400 1490320001060.jpg)
>>120389 >(1) >lolishit/cuckime
Open file (5.34 KB 225x225 download.jpg)
>>120390 I still find it hilarious that Sargon's liberalists was a response to Hillary Clinton namedropping the alt right in her 'basket of deplorables" 2016 speech. Despite all his talk about how collectivism was bad and individualism was good, Sargon was jealous of the alt right's collective visibility and craved to be in the limelight of that time. So he retreated to Google hangouts with his closest nutsuckers and dreamed up the collective group the LIBERALISTS. This was his latest transformation at chasing relevance on youtube to get subs and money. Ofc it would go nowhere but served as a nice little larp for a year or two until he just said "fuck it, I'm joining UKIP," which was a direct copy of Richard Spencer's strategy of getting negative coverage in the mainstream media to get infamy. Sargon destroyed Ukip destroyed bc his reputation was toxic and media smeared him. Next, he retreated to his bedroom humiliated and defeated, his ego in tatters. Then he created Lotus Eaters, which I guess is a pompous and quasi-intellectual way of saying that Sargon eats out Vee's lotus-pussy. Jokes aside, Lotus Eaters is Sargon's current phase, which gives him a routine to roll out of bed and ride a bike to a physical office location with a couple buddies as a way of combating against just being a lifelong NEET with no purpose. And he really wants to just do a little podcast with his buddies and take Joe Rogan's spot. But Sargon doesn't realize that the Rogan-replacement youtube niche has already been filled by Rogan clone Lex Friedman.
Fun fact: As sole moderator on 16chan, Jershua Moon was responsible for removing a few dozen to a couple hundred cp posts per day. That means he had to look at cp or borderline cp every single day. Click on it, look at it, and then determine it's cp and hit delete. Given that we know porn is a slippery slope, I wonder if he developed a liking for cp? Did he save any to a separate HD before he deleted it? We already know he was into neko shota. He's good with tech, so don't pretend he couldn't move it to a thumbdrive and set a password on it. So anybody out there saying jcaesar187 and Andy looked at cp on instagram of teenage girls (true), you have to agree Toad McKinleyua Moon looked at much worse hardcore stuff daily and at a much larger amount. As an imagebord mod and owner, I think Gahoole has looked at a similar amount. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFrkiF7siZE&list=PLLQ6T59tQxUltG8eNdZG13AxLccWbwS2b&index=2
>>120393 > Given that we know porn is a slippery slope, I wonder if he developed a liking for cp? Normal people are so repulsed they quit or the have a host of emotional problems from dealing with cp daily, which is why law enforcement often hire or flip pedos to do the work normal people can't stand.
>>120392 >I still find it hilarious that Sargon's liberalists was a response to Hillary Clinton namedropping the alt right in her 'basket of deplorables" 2016 speech. More immediately it would have been Dicky asking him what he was doing irl. And then a couple months later, "what are you doing irl" was his main defence against detractors.
Open file (13.78 KB 300x300 98725928592856.jpg)
>>120395 *chuckles* I'm one degree of separation from Donald Trump. Checkmate, collectivists!
Open file (321.48 KB 824x918 782331926359.png)
YouTuber Spotlight 1.0: You Can (Not) Abort The Sweetie Squad With Love and Joy https://archive.is/iJSma >gabe >some jav thot >gaytor What kind of autism compels a guy to put these three things together?
Open file (299.25 KB 500x714 robi-pathetic.png)
Imagine being ESSAYFAG, he accomplished the feat of being destroyed in a short time by Fuz, P P P and foxdickfarmers namefags. Not even that stupid streamer anon who once tried to win favors with the board by calling jcaesar187 show back in 2018 played such a pathetic role. Even worse, this idiot kept saying "we" "us" "we from /cow/" "us from /cow".
Open file (39.80 KB 670x646 butter iron.jpg)
>>120399 imagine being outsmarted by fucking fuzhou of all people
>>120399 >>120400 But he wasn't B T F O by Fuz. All he could do was hide behind Empty, like he's always done.
>>120399 >Even worse, this idiot kept saying "we" "us" "we from /cow/" "us from /cow". in fact of course he may be the board made sentient. Every single frame of reference and thing he said seemed to be something related to the board. It was rather horrifying of course in fact.
Open file (376.59 KB 1000x1300 hey bozo.jpg)
>>120399 The fag is trying to become an eceleb by presenting streams from what I've heard, he's acting like KoP, aka like a waterhead fag which inserts himself into various things by clout and approval. Also he named dropped Weasel and /cow/ like KoP used to do about /pol/ and Daddy Gym. What will be next? He will try to debate Sperg of Tiamat and be B T F O'D too? >>120403 I will need to listen to everything again to analyze this, but he actually looked like an idiot and made /cow/ as a whole look like retards internet tough guys, neither Britbong nor random discordfags so far played such a bad role before against Empty and Fuz.
>>120404 Oh no, does /cow/ needs an exortism?
>>120404 >in fact of course he may be the board made sentient. That would explain his ridiculous self-importance
Open file (278.98 KB 752x1040 s-l1600.jpg)
Somebody link the Emptyhero stream reupload. I will enjoy him talking about all the characters on this board as background noise if I get around to it.
>>120409 Brtibong is reviewing his contribution right now: https://odysee.com/@brit bong:c/live:0
P P P was being a passive aggressive whore in this Week in Cuckada, especially against Surfer and right-wingers on telegram. >But I'm surrounded by layers of irony, am I not epic and funny? No. >>120405 >he is doing streams Lol, if true he's in fact the next Bryan. >>120408 Calm down, bud, he will show up accusing you of being Koi or another namefag pedo. >>120411 Holy fuck, big if true. I read in the chat during the stream people encouraging him and telling him to ignore any past dramas with EmptyHero and focus on attacking Fuz, but he failed at that. The only good thing he did was expose Empty's love for Corey Barnhill.
Open file (68.10 KB 236x192 joker facerig.png)
Open file (31.54 KB 620x432 Joker - Capullo.jpg)
Open file (199.36 KB 277x427 Joker react.png)
Open file (58.96 KB 500x394 Joker versions laugh.jpg)
>>120410 >>120411 Thanks. Looks like Britbong is rocking the Greg Capullo version of Joker with a fashy undercut on his facerig. Weirdly, I was just looking up the different versions of Joker in comics.
>>120412 >Calm down, bud, he will show up accusing you of being Koi or another namefag pedo. I was hoping he would so I could laugh at him more.