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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
As gunt further marches into oblivion, shall >we fallow him into that hell as well? INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html
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Open file (273.63 KB 1278x714 ralph_museum_v3.jpg)
Indian isn't real asian.
>>110458 Shannon's losing it.
Open file (467.80 KB 301x680 Grape.png)
Гунтstream: Aaron Berg Live, Weight Loss Contest, + More https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYsPOELuVqA We a Drama Channel Now?! Sophie Long Drama, Discord Drama, and My "FIGHT" with Nate
Open file (32.03 KB 512x512 25986928392389.jpg)
>>110518 I find this very difficult to believe
Open file (68.51 KB 680x680 ltgsword.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6Lzfa56HnE LOW TIER GOD STREAM 7/20/2021
>>110518 Yeah I heard about this Fatt Heimbach is now a woke warrior. Very cringe. For a lot of people who get into edgy politics it's about attention and narcissism. They taint everything and cause infighting with their presence, then once they've burned every last bridge they turn over a new leaf and switch to the antiradicalization grift. That or they're feds.
>>110458 Damn, jewsh made them seeth real hard.
Why does Jawsh Moon fear the feds? I'm guessing he has been tax evading for years now living abroad. Maybe I will report him to the IRS for tax evasion. Better be careful who you mess with Jawsh. You might lose all the profit on those shitty little ugly Chris-chan coins.
>>110210 this is funny cause the last time the pedo was on the killstream the final time he bullied and emasculated both jcaesar187 and Toad McKinley on their own show and proceeded to mock Toad McKinley so hard he stopped using a soundboard all together.
>>110545 >Better be careful who you mess with Jawsh Are you a tranny or Gaytor?
Open file (601.45 KB 358x400 soy.gif)
>>110545 Hey Gaydur
>>110123 Гунт tranny tweeted this same image that was posted fix your fucking teeth and yid nose
Open file (165.10 KB 1279x862 E6xaDMLXoA4v2Np.jpg)
>>110549 but wait, it gets worse.
Open file (359.91 KB 496x483 ClipboardImage.png)
>>110550 i wonder if it was him posting all that scat yesterday, really makes you think
>>110549 He's probably rubbing his hebrew boipussy to all the degrading comments about jcaesar187.
Open file (7.30 KB 520x110 645564354.jpg)
Keem✡︎ losing half of his money soon.
Гунт is fucking triggered odysee will get killed by the sec Гунт just gave the sec an easy piece of evidence stay mad untermensch
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
>>110555 It seems like Toad McKinleyua Conner Moon is his new archenemy now that he got humiliated and forced to work under baldspatch in order to pay for baby Xander's child support.
>>110555 He seems close to a meltdown but I don't get why? He doesn't actually care about his child let's be real he could care less it's just cocks to him and a potential grift >Well as you know I'm a single dad, his mother I love her but she's not fit to be a mother right now, tell 'em gaytor Maybe he actually did stop drinking and has been doing mommys drugs but the addiction and cravings are catching up finally?
Open file (192.44 KB 415x523 not_so_elated.png)
Open file (410.62 KB 2065x1735 POSTMODERISM.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzcsTfSb1M0 Gahoole keeping it real. I unironically respect this video bickers I went through a similar catharsis a few years ago minus the theatrics. Real American Psycho pilled post brother. keep checking those dubs fam If I where Gahoole I would look into the concept of Hyperreality purposed by postmodernist thinkers like Baudrillard. >>110555 Odysee is retarded to anchor themself to this dead weight. If Odysee goes down bickers of the Гунт then they only have themselves to blame. >>110549 This seems familiar. It rimes like pottery
>>110560 Damn this video is kino.
>>110549 >pov with mom and dad >future cp homemade porn >tranny with never be a mom and Гунт is still not a dad >never seen his son and doesnt have his last name
>>110560 The zoomers are fucked. Millennials are shit, but at least >we had a glimpse of life before social media/smartphones fucked everything. Wonder how long until the zoomers dopamine receptors are shot and consuming no longer fills the void. >we're going to see so much violence from those fucks. Like Clockwork Orange tier violence. Honestly best thing Gahoole and those like him could do is quit the internet. Sure it'll suck loosing your support group of fellow incels, but taking out that source of negativity might allow for some sort of peace to be made with the world. >>110549 >mom and dad Shieeet I'm running away.
>>110560 >Odysee is retarded to anchor themself to this dead weight. odysee is nothing without jcaesar187, they'd just be another no-name streaming site with nothing unique to pull in viewers it's a shitty generic site that barely works the site will fail as jcaesar187 slowly loses what is left of his ever-dwindling fanbase
>>110560 i don't know how a man with that hi-fi and hairline can claim to be a zoomer. He needs to come to terms that he is really a gen-xer.
Open file (82.89 KB 759x1075 82589212891556.jpg)
>>110565 >Greetings fellow zoomers!
Open file (37.66 KB 598x311 Untitled.png)
Open file (1.49 MB 513x289 81748295526.gif)
>>110567 >dig deeper, piggies They will, too
Open file (1.40 MB 2208x1188 belle13.jpg)
>>110549 >>110550 is it actually a tranny or just a meme?
>>110564 odysee is dog shit, it has the same issue stream.me had, its fine when the viewer base is only a handful of people, but they cant handle anyone with an actual viewer base, its all buffering and stutters.
>>110567 >i am incapable of budgeting
Open file (37.08 KB 372x384 435435435.jpg)
>>110569 Yes, he's the brother of Jazz Jennings.
>>110572 /who/
Open file (1.88 MB 1070x1072 Gunt.png)
Open file (108.28 KB 1242x1218 s6mzjwt2pj811.jpg)
>>110574 The poster ((("""""""""girl""""""""))) for trannies and future rope user.
Open file (3.14 MB 189x140 5tUTRq4dMK.gif)
>>110567 >doordashes midnight macdonalds every day >buys xbox series x and brand new laptop >uhh paypigs i can't afford to go eat out at a restaurant and go on a shopping spree. cough it up paypiggies chop chop The brazenness of the chad grifter.
Open file (4.16 MB 1036x1425 ClipboardImage.png)
>>110574 >Jazz Jennings an ugly tranny promoted by mainstream social media
>>110576 >>buys xbox series x and brand new laptop uhhh they were ANONYMOUSLY donated you filthy detractor!!
Open file (1.44 MB 1680x1200 b4b9f99b69014a71b.jpeg)
Open file (67.22 KB 586x436 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (50.87 KB 589x341 ClipboardImage.png)
>>110578 Yikes, these people need lives
Open file (884.27 KB 300x169 9285892598255.gif)
>>110580 >doesn't know how to order groceries for delivery
Open file (12.42 MB 136x240 sit_down.webm)
DSP keep winning over his detractors until he opens his retarded mouth on twitter.
>>110558 If Гунт did quit alcohol temporarily, it would explain why he's sperging out. He uses alcohol to cope with stress and anxiety so now he's experiencing reality clearly for the first time in a long time and as an alcoholic, he's not used to that. >>110575 Eww. Look at the stretch marks in its Гунт.
Open file (95.61 KB 640x1316 E6FAoIjVgAAGqMI.jpg)
Open file (76.91 KB 801x1200 E3hTp9lXwAMSpRo.jpg)
Open file (221.90 KB 1520x2048 E5_oGadVUAM5Yca.jpg)
Open file (175.11 KB 1364x2048 E6FAnoQVoAY2fnu.jpg)
Open file (449.56 KB 1340x2048 ExfOLEGVEAMBWEZ.jpg)
>>110555 interesting, I wonder how have these platforms not learned that when they platform the Гунт these alternative platforms usually die or user growth stagnate. >>110557 it is an interesting development that Jewsh is the archenemy now. >>110558 are you stupid, he did not stop drinking he is drinking more bickers he cannot get more of his late mothers medication. >>110565 So is gahoole really a man-sized walking on two legs lizard? >>110567 Oh no not my hero! >>110569 it is obviously a tranny, mang. >>110580 Phil is making a point, he does seem like a prep'er >>110581 Maybe he likes driving his car to do groceries instead of ordering everything online like he does with vidya if he does not get a code for his vidya needs.
Open file (52.61 KB 1242x684 YOU.jpg)
>>110585 >Phil is making a point, he does seem like a prep'er You up your dose, weakload? The only thing he's prepping is Kat's bull. Phil blows all his income as soon as he gets it on gacha and drunk amazon shopping. The "groceries" are a scam, he just wants to eat out for every meal on his day off and buy plastic nerd shit with his autistic wife.
Open file (938.80 KB 367x279 2589285985985985.gif)
>>110585 >Maybe he likes driving his car to do groceries instead of ordering everything online like he does with vidya Uh maybe. But even so, he shouldn't be frustrated about it. But what he is saying online is bullshit like all other grifters.
Open file (220.09 KB 750x1000 E6lLmg1UcAgwy76.jpg)
Open file (363.59 KB 1183x1400 E6lLmg-UYAU5raw.jpg)
Open file (849.15 KB 1277x1920 E32MxybVcAM_FCp.jpg)
Open file (1.78 MB 2731x4096 E6VXMF5UcAkl68w.jpg)
>>110586 >You up your dose, weakload? no unfortunately not >Phil blows all his income as soon as he gets it on gacha and drunk amazon shopping. gacha is obviously a bad idea but drunk amazon shopping ain't that big of deal if it's not too much retarded shit like lego's. >he just wants to eat out for every meal on his day off and buy plastic nerd shit with his autistic wife. is it at-least some awesome figurines and not lego's? >>110587 I mean, the dude has been surviving on the internet for so long that he is kinda allowed to be frustrated imo
Open file (30.10 KB 594x341 eagleseyesgator.png)
Eagles Eyes Gaytor has always talked trash with a tinfoil hat on, the only difference is the target
>>110558 i dont get why he is fighting for the child either, the only shit he cares about is making the trannyfarms look bad but the best that the retard can get by going to court with vickers is being force to pay child support. i know shit about the law, but is possible for jcaesar187 to get a settlement with vickers where jcaesar187 quits his rights as a father and in enchange faith cant sue him for child support? that sounds like something way better for the baby and for jcaesar187 in the long run.
>>110597 >i dont get why he is fighting for the child either, the only shit he cares about is making the trannyfarms look bad That's why. He only impregnated that mentally ill teenager in the first place to own Jewsh. Everyone called him on his bluff so now he has to double down which means shooting himself in the Гунт with child support. >i know shit about the law, but is possible for jcaesar187 to get a settlement with vickers where jcaesar187 quits his rights as a father and in enchange faith cant sue him for child support? jcaesar187 is not legally the father and he isn't even on the birth certificate iirc so he basically has no rights, I think what Vickers wants is a restraining order? So if jcaesar187 wins he will be liable for child support.
Open file (5.19 KB 320x180 beardson.jpg)
Open file (110.78 KB 581x437 Beardson Chinless 2.jpg)
Open file (122.75 KB 479x477 Beardson Beardless.jpg)
Open file (134.20 KB 511x473 Beardson Bearless.jpg)
That Gayhole video raises some points. 1. Gayhole is trying to sidestep the incel problem and rebrand himself as not the "king of the incels." Subtle, but nice try. 2. It's like he realizes he's miserable so he is beginning to rebrand as apolitical or shift to sjw to conform to the broader culture so that he fits in and is not an alienated miserable loser with nothing in life. "I don't hate gays or trannies. I don't hate Redditors. I was just being edgy. If I say nagger, no woman will accept me." 3. It highlights an aspect of grooming cults that I will expand upon here. Imageboards also have an in-group, out-group cult hive-mind mentality where they groom impressionable young men into their tryhard, edgy cult. The outsider or newfag is derided as an evil normie, redditor. They haze and bully people into their grooming cult like a fraternity. If you're nice or don't tell people to drink bleach every other breath, you're a normie redditor. The sad reality is that the anon telling you to "go back to reddit" and kill yourself is just a drug-addled, loser or a tranny who is 35 and has spent the last 15 years of his life on an imageboard until he turned into a pedophile, sissy, tranny who worships bbc. And he wants to groom you into his cult so that he can have new nubile, virgin boipussy that he can violate and rape. He fell down the incel-->tranny pipeline from his lack of sex and turned it into his top fetish and identity (crossdresing-->autogynophila). Or it's just some drug-addled hick from pol. Either way, it's a bottom-barrel loser NEET. And any behavior that deviates from failed tranny NEET's opinions is labeled as "Reddit." The failed tranny was also groomed by the last generation of imageboard NEETS before they blew their heads off or became trannnies and killed themselves so he is just passing the torch and bullying the next wave of impressionable loser NEET into his sex cult. And he wants "oldfag status" so that he can have unearned status for being a loser and wasting the last 15 years of his life on some imageboard as his life stagnated. He hates people buying video games bc he has always been a poorfag that was never able to afford them and was jealous that middle-class Redditors boung consoles whilee he pirated everything and played emulators. So he turns being poor forever and having nothing into a virtue. And he uses every form of manipulation to poison the well for any new user (newfag) or even just a person that has not spent the last 5-10 years of his life on some obscure imageboard like he did. "He hates anons! He hates imageboards! He's a newfag! He's a redditor! He doesn't like loli/shota!" Imageboards are like discord in that they are also grooming cults that go through hazing rituals from the older generation to the newer generation to achieve conformity, which is usually exploited by the groomers to get status, power, and sex. So imagboard culture is a tranny cult just like Qanon was a Boomer conspiracy cult. And it eventually culminated in Jan 6 Capitol storming until the bubble burst and most Qcultists realized there was was no plan and they were led down a rabbit hole to nowhere as Trump is ousted from power and Biden takes over. >>110585 Beardson 6 months ago: We rule Dlive. That platform is ours. We dominate the rankings. Hahaha. America First. Heil Fuentes. Beardson now: Fuck Dlive. How dare they ban Nick Fuentes! We need to leave Dlive. Let's go to Trovo fellow ironybros.
>>110615 >That Gayhole video raises some points. 1. Gayhole is trying to sidestep the incel problem ..... Qcultists realized there was was no plan and they were led down a rabbit hole to nowhere as Trump is ousted from power and Biden takes over. lol quite a ride Gayhoole is disillusioned with life bickers he is an average young white expendable man with the future looking darker and darker. Everyone around him is insane and wants to kill him. It's not that he's paranoid. Everyone is a low IQ redditor consoomer he says in his mancave full of ironic Nicholas Cage dolls and anime figurines. Every young man goes through an existential crisis when they realize things aren't going to get better unless they put in serious effort, and even then it's not guaranteed. But you can't sit in your room making Joker monologues about how you're losing your mind and it's society's fault. Most people are actually normal. A lot of the seeming coldness or dumbness of the average person is a front they put up bickers they feel alone in an ocean of retards as well. The hyper woke shit or fedposting you see online isn't what you will generally find irl. I think Gayhoole will get through his rough patch. The shit with his sister is definitely painful and I can empathize with that but hopefully he manages to stay positive. What most people are drawn to even in dark times like this is a person who sees the best in everyone. Brooding edgelords are only cool to 13 year olds in Sephiroth tshirts.
Open file (115.13 KB 220x220 5236285396363.gif)
>>110615 Reddithot takes you got there.
>>110615 brevity is the soul of wit
Open file (4.95 MB 640x360 DEAR ESSAYFAG.webm)
Open file (489.43 KB 763x491 Eh86-naX0AAKmXZ.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7VOOD76x9s Weird Wednesday: Drama Continues, War Escalates, Karens PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD
Open file (71.86 KB 643x820 all that shit.jpg)
Open file (308.40 KB 640x360 faggot.mp4)
Damn muttnis cope level today is off the charts.
Open file (1.00 MB 1280x689 belle7.png)
>>110623 based
Open file (234.27 KB 691x713 venti5.jpg)
>>110615 >everyone that bullies me is a tranny also i really hate beardson
Open file (707.82 KB 989x744 1549926785010.png)
Open file (86.22 KB 900x900 29829839369653.jpg)
>>110615 Hitting the wall has caused you brain damage apparently.
Open file (771.17 KB 1920x1080 True_alpha_male.webm)
>>110627 >desperately coerce retarded woman to return >by threatening to have a harm of retarded women within 36 hours truly the savior of the white race.
Open file (1.34 MB 700x875 ClipboardImage.png)
wait, does Weakloads Pokimane post bickers of Brittany Toad McKinley beef with Hasan Piker? If so that's pretty based brother. I'm watching a bunch of old videos (bickers who had time to fallow all the drama back in the day) and certain perspectives I missed seem to be coming together.
Open file (39.49 KB 598x306 ClipboardImage.png)
>>110631 >he demanded they make a thread Gaytor, he runs the site. He can just make one himself if he wanted to.
>>110630 i mean Toad McKinley also just doesnt like pokimane ik she did a video on her like she did for shoeonhead and Toad McKinley
>>110631 The way gaytor perceives reality and rewrites history in real time is amazing.
Open file (7.96 MB 498x498 jameson_laugh.gif)
>>110631 I WANT PICTURE PICTURES OF SHANNON Is he saying he's relevant or irrelevant with those quotation marks?
Open file (411.72 KB 449x785 makers-chan.png)
>>110584 >>110585 >are you stupid, he did not stop drinking he is drinking more bickers he cannot get more of his late mothers medication. I don't think he did stop but I would have thought he'd have run out of his mothers drugs a long time ago by now, yes he is short but he has a tolerance and is like 377lbs by his latest admission, jcaesar187 cares about having enough money to buy makers and maintaining his e-celeb clout, so why is he clearly seething behind the scenes >>110597 >i dont get why he is fighting for the child either. Everyone called him on his bluff so now he has to double down which means shooting himself in the Гунт with child support. At first I thought it might be spite right? bickers jcaesar187 is a very petty man and lots of fathers go through the court bullshit to demand access to their kids not bickers they care or love them but to spite their ex and their children's mother, that seems in character right? Exactly he isn't legally the father and is far too lazy typically to bother with any of this shit I am desperately trying to follow what little could be considered a logical thought process
>>110633 Probably bickers of her infatuation with Leafy.
>>110635 I think he's saying that he's relevant bickers jewsh has said his name before, but he's only relevant if you enjoy laughing at the Гунт.
>>110631 gaydur is scared shitless of getting doxed i wonder if scrub knows his name, dox scrub dox gaydur
Open file (1.52 MB 400x400 782592892856.gif)
>>110640 It's his own fucking fault. Moron.
>>110615 >If you're nice or don't tell people to drink bleach every other breath, you're a normie redditor. Muttni you're as mean as we are what is your point here, you are just like us Everyone who isn't nice to ME is a tranny incel in a /pol/ cult Have you tried being nice? Maybe it's you and not others that is the reason nobody likes you You are just like a tranny with this line of thinking, you think you're entitled to be liked as an individual You forgot to change your ID by the way >>109706 >weakload stop hurting yourself, I can be your misaki and save you from yourself
>>110634 I don't think he believes any of the things he says in fact of course. He thinks of himself as a master propagandist but he's so bad at spinning shit that >we just think he is a schizo.
>>110643 Гунтs viewership was declining, he can blame trovo but had no cocks and still has no cocks, he needs some kind of fake enemy to continue his grift through some invisible faceless character like kiwi or faggot farms, which after less than a week has gotten really old he really only has a limited number of insults which is why he screams faggot every 2 minutes
Open file (429.05 KB 2048x1364 E629hWvUUAETUlT.jpg)
Open file (321.19 KB 2048x1364 E6kj7iVUYAEArE7.jpg)
Open file (339.48 KB 1364x2048 E629hYJVgAEfeop.jpg)
What do people here think of the steam deck? >>110615 This is an interesting take on Gahoole. I've personally not seen the video and if he finally got a mental breakdown that is assuming from reading your analysis. That is obviously sad, and it is not like there has not been allot of things happening to the fella. Then you have a whole thing about Imageboards. Dude, they are imageboards they will attract all sorts of people and all that depends on the boards. Most sites are like this but social media hides with hashtags, private groups and chatgroups. >Beardson 6 months ago: We rule Dlive. That platform is ours. We dominate the rankings. Hahaha. America First. Heil Fuentes. >Beardson now: Fuck Dlive. How dare they ban Nick Fuentes! We need to leave Dlive. Let's go to Trovo fellow ironybros. Well yeah, they do need to jump platform to platform but what boggles the mind is why the alt-site are paying or at-least paying jcaesar187, that boggles the mind like allot bickers he does not really get a draw from more than 600 people, and they are hardcore viewers of jcaesar187 and most likely will not increase the growth of the odyssey website but might just stagnate it, if Odyssey don't get the big people or channels to come to the site by doing a dual uploads or something. >>110630 Unfortunately fam, I do pokipost bickers I found it funny when watching it on /v/ and she was just one a random thot in my eyes. I mean, like I learned about a pornhwore that actually quit porn and does twitch but anons said how she was a trad and how she can cook and so on. One could say I learned something from /v/ that day about a pornwhore. >>110636 Sorry fam, that I snapped at you but I get a bit aggressive when taking too little oxy. >I don't think he did stop but I would have thought he'd have run out of his mothers drugs a long time ago by now, yes he is short but he has a tolerance and is like 377lbs by his latest admission, jcaesar187 cares about having enough money to buy makers and maintaining his e-celeb clout, so why is he clearly seething behind the scenes Depending on the psychoactive compound but it is more the weight when it is alcohol/jcaesar187ol and lets say the Гунт is 160 kilograms and his height is 152cm he will still need to drink almost twice as much alcohol than someone that is 100kg and 180cm to get the same blood concentration bickers weight determines the amount of space through which alcohol can diffuse in the body. And if his ex is not lying, she said he does not eat much food which makes sense bickers if you are drinking on an empty stomach you are irritating the digestive system, and results in more rapid absorption of the compound. I do wonder what kinda psychoactive compounds/drugs he got/stole from his mother but my guess is that they increased the alcohols sedative effects instead of decreasing it, so that also means he is probably drinking more than he would usually do bickers of the increase of tolerance on the GABA system, or that is my wild speculation at-least. There is one thing I cannot really understand with jcaesar187 that is: If you need enough money to get drunk so the illusion of being the big e-celeb with clout is there but when you sober up, you realize that it is only a dedicated hardcore fanbase, foxdick and /cow/ that follows him. Is it really worth it? I don't know how expensive alcohol is in America but in Norway it is really expensive so much so that you lose the fun adventures spirit of wasting money on a bottle whiskey. >>110643 >He thinks of himself as a master propagandist but he's so bad at spinning shit that >we just think he is a schizo. That should be quite obvious from reading his tweets one will come to 3 conclusions; One that he is a liar, two he is in acute psychosis with delusions and obviously three that he must be from another dimension where he goes beyond each timeline that he is the first and the lastfag of each site and all forms of software to media, so he was the last one to be in the ebin raids of Star Wars Galaxies and saw the game crash irl when they shut down the servers back in 2011.
Open file (475.47 KB 640x480 1626981846501.webm)
>>110645 TL:DR
>>110631 that second last sentence is completely lifted off of Metokur's cadence
Open file (45.36 KB 885x771 Gaben_Gunt1.jpg)
Open file (48.47 KB 329x109 Gaben_Gunt2.png)
>>110645 >What do people here think of the steam deck? I reserved the 512 bickers it's the fastest, I've been trying to get a 3090 for fucking months with no luck, they will be scalped like everything else has been if not heavily delayed due to chip shortages and one of the up and coming crypto miners use drives this time so future storage might become as much as a bitch to acquire as gpu's, I waited 8 fucking months for my Index to come so I could play Alyx and that was without COVID, miners and chip shortages and inevitably there's going to be more lockdowns increasing the demand later on Contrary to the shitposts it's not supposed to compete with the Switch but rather it appears Valve are using this as a trojan horse for linux as it ships with a new version of SteamOS, I think they announced it early to capitalize on the Windows 11 leaks. Shame it's symmetrical, asymmetrical controllers tend to be comfier but Valve really like touchpads for some reason >This is an interesting take on Gahoole. >I've personally not seen the video and if he finally got a mental breakdown that is assuming from reading your analysis. It's an excuse to rant again, gahoole realizes that woman aren't evil but broken like everyone else by modernity, that's the video. >Sorry fam, that I snapped at you but I get a bit aggressive when taking too little oxy. It's time to stop now weakload, it's affecting the most important people in your life, like your girlfriend and now me. Or do more so it doesn't happen again >I do wonder what kinda psychoactive compounds/drugs he got/stole from his mother but my guess is that they increased the alcohols sedative effects instead of decreasing it We know of kidney dialysis, I guess something related to that, potentially opiates for pain? This is why I raised the parole officer point, if he's still being drugged tested he might be terrified of going to prison, as that will abort the retort then what is he? jcaesar187 to a degree enjoys the infamy, his greatest fear is irrelevancy he fully intends to go down in a smoldering blaze than to slowly wither away It could also be he's been told by legal advisers he needs to stop drinking himself to sleep everyday if he wants a chance at any form of custody, he's backed into a corner with the child, he cannot abandon it his audience are right leaning, he won't fully stop but even reducing his consumption by half would stress him out hugely not just mentally but physically, he is drinking a bottle of makers mark a day, 750ml to 325ml would be a huge difference when it's 45% The way I see it is what's the most important thing to jcaesar187 really? Drinking, whats the most likely thing to tilt him when nothing is visibly happening to him? Something threatening his ability to drink >I don't know how expensive alcohol is in America but in Norway it is really expensive so much so that you lose the fun adventures spirit of wasting money on a bottle whiskey. I know a handful of Norwegians and they've said everybody crosses the border to buy alcohol, do you not?
>>110631 >he demanded they make a thread The alogs don't actually hate gaydurr. It's all that Moon fellow's doing.
Open file (760.61 KB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
My work laptop shut itself down while booting up several times, now it starts to run but shuts down after ten or so minutes. How fucked am I?
>>110651 how hot is it where you are? It's probablly thermal throttling.
>>110652 46 Fahrenheit
Open file (11.30 KB 352x288 Zoom smdh.jpg)
>>110645 <Sorry fam, that I snapped at you but I get a bit aggressive when taking too little oxy. I just realized that you're only mellow in temperament bc you're high on drugs all the time. I used to think it was your base personality as just a chill dude who never really got riled up about anything but now I know better. You're just spaced out on drugs. That's why you're mellow and chill. If you were actually off the drugs, you'd be yet another rabid wild dog in here telling people to drink bleach. >>110648 <It's time to stop now weakload, it's affecting the most important people in your life, like your girlfriend and now me. Or do more so it doesn't happen again. >Thinking an addict can just stop. Uhh, are you his bf or something? He's got every right to call you stupid. <Urging him to do more drugs so he bows down to you. Stfu. >>110628 >>110617 Look at this faggot Calculator double-dipping and same-fagging.
>>110651 Sounds like hardware failure, if you're lucky it might just be end of life for the battery though typically it should still work if it's plugged in or docked Check event viewer or reliability for hints
Open file (2.09 MB 400x450 2895217525.gif)
Open file (103.76 KB 960x1440 E3NDR0ZUUAAy3Ag.jpg)
Open file (294.26 KB 1365x2048 E02pP3IVoAIy-Wn.jpg)
Open file (413.69 KB 2048x1364 E629hWvVEAEckda.jpg)
Open file (681.50 KB 979x1153 E61p3SzUcAEmlLO.jpg)
>>110648 >RTX3090 yeah, I've seen that it is almost impossible getting from retailers but you can get one of those gpus if you buy a pre-build computer with that card inside or if they are building the computer for you. >Steam Deck Yeah, I know it's mostly shitpost that Valve is competing with Nintendo only bickers of the price of the Switch is going to be cheaper compared to a handheld xbox series s, or was it less specs than the series s? I don't think valve is using it as a trojan horse but rather a way to compete with gaming laptops in a way while also giving the tech and vidya nerd a reason to spend their money on new hardware, I just see this hardware as a strange niche thing like NVIDIA shield portable and those random concept gaming laptops that are shown at CES, but I just have the feeling it is a niche thing until either word of mouth kicks inn and everyone wants one or it get the fate of allot of tech that was more novelty than actually being practical to use. >It's an excuse to rant again, gahoole realizes that woman aren't evil but broken like everyone else by modernity, that's the video. Oh OK, that's good, I thought for a second he had a mental breakdown. >It's time to stop now weakload, it's affecting the most important people in your life, like your girlfriend and now me. Or do more so it doesn't happen again yeah, opiates do that sometimes I am having almost a day pause. >kidney dialysis, I guess something related to that, potentially opiates for pain? Yes they do give opiates for pain and they would've probably have given her an opiate and a benzo for either sleep, or anxiety. >It could also be he's been told by legal advisers he needs to stop drinking himself to sleep everyday. Sure but if he is registered con does that not mean that the judge in family court would want some documentation if he is a substance abuser or can rule that out? Since he went into jail bickers he was drunk and my guess is that he would need to take a urine test for the magical substances that can be in the blood and get excreted through the urine by using the cheap test which unfortunately does leave the test incomplete since it does not pick up on tramadol, tapentadol and other synthetic opiates that is what I bet his mother would've gotten from the doctors. But any benzo related medication it would pick up and they are in the body a long time the worst case scenario for him is valium bickers that is 100hours for the half-life. >he's backed into a corner with the child, he cannot abandon it his audience are right leaning. They are and aren't in a way, since what ralpg represents to anyone with a right-wing ideology is pure weakness and not just spiritual with the mind but physical, and it is not just about the alcoholism but allot of underhanded shit he does that most right-wing people would say that is a bit much, and then leave and just forgetting about him, if not they would've checked up on his shenanigans closer either via foxdick or another internet drama site. So his fans are like the Sarg'n fans namely people that want a fwend so they use jcaesar187 as a fwend simulator. >he won't fully stop but even reducing his consumption by half would stress him out hugely not just mentally but physically. Yeah, I know. Alcohol is an amazing drug not only bickers it is so physically addictive but bickers it is so toxic at the same time, if you read what kinda organ failures and the literal shrinking of the brain that is organic brain damage, it is fucking amazing to see that alcoholic can actually walk or even write their name when people with more serious degenerative brain disease have in many cases less shrinkage than an alcoholic. Alcohol in general is fascinating. >Drinking, whats the most likely thing to tilt him when nothing is visibly happening to him? Something threatening his ability to drink. It is dark but I think you are right on the money, his drinking reasons have been lets say strange. >I know a handful of Norwegians and they've said everybody crosses the border to buy alcohol, do you not? Yeah, but I don't take a Denmark or Sweden tour to do that since I don't really drink much alcohol to begin with, so if I travel abroad I will go into the taxfree at the airport to see what kinda alcohol they've got to see if it's worth to have in my small collection. >>110654 >I just realized that you're only mellow in temperament bc you're high on drugs all the time. OK >I used to think it was your base personality as just a chill dude who never really got riled up about anything but now I know better. OK >You're just spaced out on drugs. That's why you're mellow and chill. OK >If you were actually off the drugs, you'd be yet another rabid wild dog in here telling people to drink bleach. So opiates has an effect where you can be more angry or pissed off over nothing, that does not mean I would start telling people to drink bleach. So I realized in a post I made to the famalam, I was acting a bit much of a dick which in turn made me realize that was a form of aggressive behavior that was most likely caused by the oxycontin. So I obviously had to apologize, nothing wrong with that.
>>110655 Fugg, it happens even without the battery. It's old as fuck anyway, guess I'll have to drop a paycheque on a new one. At least I got all my work shit off it after the first time it happened. Thanks for the help.
Open file (1.25 MB 1070x885 cow_gunting.gif)
Гунтstream: Thursday Гунт Night Live https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>110658 See how much dust is inside the laptop.
unrelated... wqqqqwrt's brother killed himself last night https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD034j1N1YA
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQJJPYQ-i3U In Re: The Matter of #SophieLong
>>110663 never heard of him but here is his last video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jg1cqQ3Xv_4
>>110665 wqqqqwrt was a supper autistic alttp speed runner who had the world record in most categories. iirc he used to post on 8/v/ which is the only reason I ever became aware of him. I believe be was banned from GDQ for being "Problematic" and eventually had all his records removed from the official leader boards bickers he supported people critical of the organization shady financial dealings. Never heard of his brother until the news of his death.
Open file (16.18 KB 200x151 low_tier_pissbottle.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwFtisxql4E LOW TIER GOD STREAM 7/22/2021
>>110663 /who/
>>110668 damn so he got screwed over my GDQ trannies ?
>>110665 >>110663 Bro, this is making me depressed as fuck. Not sure I can finish this. There's enough suffering in life that I don't need to vicariously absorb this guy's immense suffering too. This doesn't make me feel good like beating down a lowcow and then walking away realizing "at least I'm not that guy." I don't get that comforting fee here. It's just depressing. I'm 12 min in and this shit is killing me. I need a palate cleanser now.
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
Open file (42.81 KB 751x1068 54354354.jpg)
>>110680 >The Гунт begins
>>110680 Now this just needs to be put in wombo.ai with the XANDER copypasta.
Jewsh spitting truths about Gabe.
>>110680 Resemblance is uncanny, no way is it a gay op. Even back then he had the fetal drunk face.
Open file (106.72 KB 584x488 Untitled.png)
In a totally unprecedented coping move, gu.nt owns the meme
>>110685 >300 smileys Not coping at all
>>110687 >>110686 >>110680 I like when Гунт allegedly receives compromising info about others (ie: P.P.P and Su.r.fer) he says it was sent to him unsolicited, but when Jewsh receives compromising info about jcaesar187 unsolicited, jcaesar187 alleges jewsh had to have paid someone to receive it bickers he is obsessed in fact of course
Open file (188.39 KB 592x530 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (192.82 KB 601x571 ClipboardImage.png)
>>110685 He must be really excited about getting more engagement on that tweet than usual.
>>110688 haha yeah exactly. the Гунт has loyal supporters who simply find interesting tidbits on their travels, whereas jewsh has to hire dark web mercenaries to dig up dirt on his victims.
Open file (59.84 KB 600x732 4q7h8f2k4v5n8.jpg)
>>110678 >Гунт needs to have his height and weight verified by a medical official for jewsh Yeah, I'm sure Mr FiveFootEight will go for that
>>110691 DO I LOOK 5'1 BITCH
Open file (417.09 KB 573x527 767128790089.png)
>>110680 First you gotta do the truffle shuffle.
>>110685 why are his cheeks already peach red at 8 years old
Open file (34.12 KB 480x360 275892598259825689.jpg)
>>110694 "Nyquil does a body good, jcaesar187!"
Open file (21.94 KB 604x245 1020634951146.png)
>>110694 It was the paper he was eating.
why is Гунт playing court streams with no context to his dying show this is just a 4 hour stream of dead air waiting for paypigs to donate
>>110697 no one wants to go on anymore, and with no guests he has no personality and no show, hes better off shutting his mouth and watching boring cocks then actually try to be interesting, anyone who is still giving him money at this point doesnt care about quality
>>110697 it's somthing low effort he can sit silently gawking at whilst paypigs send their little tokens. He cannot hold a show together whilst talking on a subject so this is a grift that he can do in his sleep.
Open file (23.92 KB 601x419 dspohwow.jpg)
Open file (55.74 KB 1280x720 dspnothingicoulddo.jpg)
>>110697 Hes become DSP has to stream every day to a dwindling audience while pretending hes the KING OF HATE DESTROYING the DETRACTORS (a-logs in this case) Find a difference, you can't, they're the same person
Open file (2.81 MB 500x281 958821958925.gif)
>>110700 CRY MORE, SOK
Open file (665.04 KB 952x620 651965707025.png)
What the fuck is this about strangling a dog? And how long before Freaky Faith starts reading jcaesar187 creepypasta?
Open file (525.86 KB 670x502 dog oven1.png)
Open file (401.06 KB 639x425 dog oven2.png)
Open file (43.86 KB 583x555 46543543.jpg)
>>110704 god, Гунт's paypigs are the cringiest lot
Open file (93.49 KB 600x616 c7j1f5s2x8g7g1.jpg)
Open file (771.27 KB 1280x720 gunt.png)
jcaesar187 is so desperate to turn this whole former classmate situation into a "win" before he'll dump some dirt on his fat ass, it's hilarious.
>>110704 name one thing that Гунт has ever done to Toad McKinley
>jcaesar187's classmates contacted me out of the blue and told me: >1. He killed a fellow classmate's dogs by hanging him over a kitchen chair and then proceeded to torment the child over the death of the animal. jcaesar187 confirmed this on stream, but said the dog died on accident. >The classmates clarify "he wasn't *wrapped* around anything, he was hung off the *BACK* of the chair. There's no way, physically, for a miniature dachshund to have climbed up the kitchen chair and over the back of it." The classmates claim that jcaesar187 made hanging gestures that indicated he knew this had happened before anyone could have. >jcaesar187 started openly talking about this after I asked him what happened with a Kitchen Chair 🪑. He immediately knew what I was referencing. "He changed his verbiage from "hung" to "choked" to get away from the fact that Riki was hung. There's a reason for that. There's a reason "kitchen chair" sent him down this perfect recall of exactly who had this happen, and when, and all these details. Unprompted, he went right into this 30 year old story, which he just happens to have perfect recall on." >2. He put Sadie's puppies, his old dog, in the oven (while off) to keep them warm and they asphyxiated. jcaesar187 mentioned a shoebox, so that might be what they were thinking of. He clarified the shoebox went into the oven, but claims it was cracked open. >P.S. jcaesar187 keeps saying that the kid he tormented over the dead animal is Jewish and cannot be trusted. The classmates say that this is not true: it was a Catholic school. from foxdick by jewsh
>>110702 One of Гунт's elementary school classmates contacted jewsh and told him a story of Гунт killing the dog of a fellow student and mocking that student with the death of their dog. Гунт confirmed most of it but says the dog just "accidentally" hanged itself on a chair or some shit.
>>110707 but who is the leaker? the little spic on the right?
>>110711 wtf, i'm glad Sandra and Ronnie had horrible, brutal deaths now.
Open file (346.61 KB 900x840 2c78cdc5x59s.jpg)
Open file (1.31 MB 1920x1080 7s8g2k1n5m9v8s.png)
>>110712 > Гунт confirmed most of it but says the dog just "accidentally" hanged itself on a chair or some shit. It's the old "I didn't leak the sex tape bickers the cuck was the one who opened it on the livestream" excuse. >>110714 AAAAUUUGGHHHHHH DOWNT MAIK FUNNE OV MUH MOMS DYIN, ALAWG
Open file (16.91 KB 480x336 doggers.jpg)
>>110711 Can't wait to see how Gaydur will jump hoops to defend this.
Open file (1.74 MB 472x264 cant be that bad.gif)
>>110711 I believe it
Why is every aspect of Гунт's life starting with early childhood so vile?
Open file (61.40 KB 175x256 ralph spots an a-log.png)
Open file (104.14 KB 206x275 ClipboardImage.png)
>>110711 Someone alert Gym if he's not in a cancer-induced coma, maybe he'll finally do that disavowal after all.
Open file (582.92 KB 768x432 ClipboardImage.png)
Where is Strike and Mike poster? Is there a free link? >>110702 >>110703 >>110704 >>110711 Im actually mad. Someone who would hurt a dog is irredeemable.
Open file (433.60 KB 1598x1065 90772628928298.jpg)
>>110718 "Anatomy is destiny."
The fuck is going on with piggy and hanging dogs all of the sudden? Can some big brain nigga clarify? I thought his stupid fucking ass was lying to his paypigs that he's going to Cali to contest his rights for his abortion. But now he's strangling dogs and shit? LMFAO
>>110711 Holy fuck, I hate the Гунт even more now than i thought was possible. Гунт truly is evil.
Open file (31.14 KB 594x464 534543543.jpg)
Open file (60.61 KB 609x626 gunt2.png)
Open file (90.71 KB 603x727 gaytor.png)
Open file (193.00 KB 265x378 dfs3c68v63c56c.PNG)
>tfw the Гунтalawgs were right
>>110725 2/100 lying skill. This is so low IQ. Normal innocent person: Kitchen chair? I'm scared to mention kitchen chair? Wtf are you talking about? Your mouth is kitchen deez nuts. Liar with guilty conscience: Kitchen chair? I remember one time my classmate's dog hung itself on a kitchen chair but I had nothing to do with it.
Open file (399.87 KB 433x602 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (586.32 KB 449x672 ClipboardImage.png)
>>110727 Janny Jewish is totally the kid jcaesar187 picked on in school.
>>110731 they both look dysgenic af.
>>110731 jcaesar187s a midget fuck and never bullied anyone lets be honest, G​AMERGATE probs spent recess crying bickers some bigger kid took his sammich, you can tell from the tranny house fight hes never thrown a punch or acted threatning in his life
Open file (1.09 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (803.92 KB 799x705 ClipboardImage.png)
What did Gaytor mean by this?
Open file (7.62 MB 960x1706 Peypig fingering.mp4)
Ever wonder what Peypig's aborted snatch looks like?
Open file (83.44 KB 432x373 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (164.18 KB 807x389 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.25 MB 320x240 I WILL SUE YOU.mp4)
>>110739 Press F for that cemetery. >>110737 Look at his little nervous piggy eyes and his voice raising. His feigning incredulity (HOW DO YOU EVEN GAS DOGS?) then fake laughing. He's guilty. Not only did he hang his classmate's daschund but he murdered puppies.
Open file (1.24 MB 1920x1080 andy_ashton_gay_2.png)
Open file (969.35 KB 699x716 ashton_plz_stop.png)
>>110742 He throttled a dumb pregnant bitch. Of course he murdered puppies.
Open file (44.92 KB 199x139 369857982399.png)
Open file (17.47 KB 255x157 gunted_min.png)
>>110739 No, no I did not.
Open file (511.32 KB 1064x2048 Peypig.jpg)
Open file (35.43 KB 463x285 Peypig2.jpg)
Open file (385.60 KB 1360x1302 Peypig3.jpg)
Open file (31.44 KB 501x285 Peypig4.jpg)
Open file (68.23 KB 1016x556 Peypig5.jpg)
>>110739 >smokes blunt >listens to Seven Nation Army cringe
Open file (19.63 KB 381x349 41acf2x5d8c.JPG)
>>110743 His backtracking is going to be so tremendous, you're going to hear a beeper.
Open file (395.90 KB 499x374 saved.gif)
>>110746 Men are so thirsty that this 5 is considered a 10. IBS is fucking slampig central. Reminder Dax Simperson was aggressively flirting with Pey in Tampa and was rejected. >>110747
>>110746 >>110739 >Peypig who is this?
>>110751 Гунт picked her up from dlive days, she runs the killstream twitter and would make cringe tiktoks vids to promote the kikestream
>>110742 I noticed that he tried to threaten the guy he thinks is leaking the information too. Certainly not the behavior of an innocent man that didn't hang a dog and then zyklon b some puppies.
Open file (620.20 KB 2689x1525 ashton_soy_jewsh_glitch.gif)
Open file (1.09 MB 1920x1017 andy_ashton_gay.png)
>>110749 That isn't fucking happening anon, jcaesar187 and andy are pedos and ashtons still sucking their cocks unironically, hes fucking deep in bed for them as he desires to be the next mister metokike.
>>110754 Mr. Parks has been very quiet for a good 10 days.
>>110752 >Гунт picked her up from dlive days You mean the first run? I thought she was around during doxxville. Maybe I'm thinking about Miami, but some time around that time period.
>>110755 Remember when he stopped making videos for a month just so foxdicks would miss him? Also unlike other e-celebs he has a job. Ashton might be thinking his life decisions rn but I doubt it.
>>110755 The big dawg fears the pupper strangler.
This is some Gahoole pilled territory kino bros. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H285s4HYv3c
>>110755 He doesn't want to get hung from a kitchen chair.
>>110757 I'm still not convinced that he still has the stamina to walk around neighbourhoods selling shitting utilities deals in fact of course. I reckon Surfer wears the trousers whilst the feedee sits at home.
Open file (11.28 KB 503x107 1330472287993.png)
>>110740 Based gaytor pushing jcaesar187 over the edge again.
Open file (35.87 KB 599x331 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (65.24 KB 600x655 gunt3.png)
>I doxed the person who made up wild lies about me >I doxed the person >I doxed https://archive.ph/YkbZM#selection-2923.0-2923.49 isnt doxing violating twitters rules?
Open file (13.28 KB 197x468 65464565.jpg)
>>110764 damn Гунт, replying to a tranny to own the alogs. very cringe.
Open file (26.69 KB 499x481 dfa71f4x87cx.jpg)
>>110764 >everybody is afraid of me suing them You have to have a lawyer willing to take your case, which means you either have to have enough of case that there will be a big payday for the lawyer at the end of it, which in the US is difficult to prove usually, especially for no-names such as yourself. Or you have to have a lot of money up front to waste like Maddox did, which means the lawyer makes a killing regardless of judgement. And I doubt with all your "resources" you have enough money to make it worth anyone's while to take your case.
Open file (93.87 KB 454x871 gaytor2.png)
Open file (219.77 KB 720x1307 Programmer gaytor.png)
Gayroe working overtime today, cant wait until this faggot gets doxed.
>>110765 i think that rule means no doxing on twitter itself, but i could be wrong. i wonder if telegram has that same rule? >>110768 when a felon tries to use the law as a cudgel...
Open file (689.27 KB 320x192 dogkiller.gif)
Open file (197.11 KB 689x1383 701409379026.png)
>>110769 Beat me to it. I don't even know where he's riffing with this. I mean jcaesar187 was buddy buddy with pedophile Corey Barnhill long after doxville. Afterwards he got dickscratch and diogenes banned on behalf of the Гунтfather and that whole stream. If there was a point where he "turned" on jcaesar187, it was miami when he was hunting for their hotel, but that was arguably gayfabe after anons found it hours earlier and he was still friends with Andy up to and a bit after the pedo stream.
>>110764 >im innocent, thats why i dox him. lmao that fucking logic is only more proof that he did it. i've been laughing for like 30 minutes straight. holy fuck
>>110770 In the twitter policy https://help.twitter.com/en/rules-and-policies/personal-information they do not specify it has to take place on their site, not sure about telegram reading through it now
Open file (180.62 KB 439x439 8h7d1g8n2o1y7t.png)
>>110769 >jcaesar187 sticks his neck out for anyone
>>110773 haha yes! i like this guy's take >>110730 just dripping with innocence >>110774 man i hope nothing bad happens to those accounts, the Гунт needs them to promote his livestreams
The copium never ends.
>>110777 >see everyone jewsh is the real lolcow
Open file (185.27 KB 209x193 Honking_maximum.gif)
>>110777 His use of ellipses lately is actually kind of getting on my tisms.
Open file (210.70 KB 786x414 huyyiiiooo.jpg)
Does anyone remeber the old Vee video where he squeezed his cat and it would meow? Didnt Гунт cover it and say omg animal abuse or was it just the old /cow/ being autistic?
>>110777 Wait I thought Jewsh was foxdick general who commands alogs to laugh at jcaesar187? Now apparently they hate him and always have? Any cope in a storm.
>>110781 don't forget that the /cow/boys refugee that fleed to the trannyfarms where the ones that turn the site againts jcaesar187.
>>110781 He's arguing from the point of view that if it were him, any jabs would be a bannable offence. He'd be better off pointing out that they're not going hard enough to instigate further dissent rather than saying that's the extreme, but I can't imagine he's thinking straight at the moment.
>>110680 I used to think Гунт had Cushing's syndrome from taking drugs (steroids) from Mama Гунт's pill stash since she was in an out of the hospital for a couple years, after he got out of county jail. Something like dexamethasone or prednisone. This pic pretty much nukes that option since he was ~10-13 here and still has the Cushing's moon face, buffalo hump/shoulder fat pads, and generally goofy pig face. So his Cushing's syndrome was inherent. He always had it. >>110704 >Fat loser retweeting memes glorifying fat loser. So sick of this narcissistic shit. Have you seen the Keelstream intro? How many times you photoshop your face into a shitty meme? He unironically uses the Gaymergate Mount Rushmore image of himself bc it was the highlight of his life inserting himself into a bandwagon to get infamy. >>110711 If this is true, it makes sense why he's such a bad person today. The little psychopath animal abuser. I bet he wet the bed a lot too since 1. animal abuse, 2. setting fires, and 3 bet wetting are the top 3 indicators of a future psychopath. >>110714 Yes, he's more "evil" than we could've known. Fuck this faggot. C'mon karma. Sweep on in and deal the final blow. >>110731 Don't kid yourself. Both these ugly, syndromic boys were bullied and picked on. >>110772 "No jihad to be had" twitter account: <Toad McKinley isn't fwends with anybody. Give me a break. How is this talking point still circulating? He bends over backwards to shield his good fwends on the Keelstream and anyone to the right of him.
Open file (86.92 KB 528x342 gunt5.png)
Open file (313.86 KB 642x680 E7Bh8BoX0AAN2cf.png)
Open file (71.95 KB 590x829 paypigs.png)
He made a shirt out of his Гунтlet pic. lol it really bothered him and he is trying own it and make money of it. Imagine being a Гунт paypig and buying this shit. Do they wear this stuff out in public?
>>110722 I got you bro. Normally there's not much feedback so I assume almost no one clicks it. But now that I see there is at least one person that wants it, I will link it. They did a live show on Tuesday so it didn't appear until Wednesday on pol so I forgot to upload it. STRIKE & MIKE Episode 171 https://gofile.io/d/99LVvU
Open file (18.13 KB 474x266 1785817228965.jpg)
>>110785 >paypigs How many are sockpuppets? I know @CoolTradGamer is a literal puppetmuppet?, but Idk about the others.
>>110788 That one has to be photoshopped. Why would anyone willingly put their hand that high up on someone elses' shoulder. HE'S SO FUCKING TINY
Open file (40.71 KB 220x259 Bad Luck Brian.jpg)
Aauuuuuuuuuuuugh. I'm physically cringing. I'm experiencing vicarious embarrassment for jcaesar187. Also, he had to put "Ejcaesar187 Raalph" under the pic, otherwise, someone would look at that shirt and realize it was a meme image making fun of a little fat kid. Removed from context, it just like the "Bad Luck Brian" meme or a horrible yearbook photo the internet would laugh at. You're shooting yourself in the hoof bruh.
Open file (72.32 KB 682x1024 E23-AoXVgAQ6d3e.jpg)
Open file (429.92 KB 2406x4096 E4AabdqVIAMRni7.jpg)
Open file (316.09 KB 1152x2048 E3f5MCuVIAMg2h7.jpg)
God damn I've worked hard and little to no sleep, and I've somehow gotten a bit of the Spanish flue since I'm listening to spic music and it is pretty comfy of course in fact. So has there been any happenings? >>110784 >Cushing's syndrome There is also something interesting called "Alcohol-induced Cushing syndrome I am too lazy so I'm just going to copy/paste the whole abstract. Alcohol-induced Cushing syndrome. Hypercortisolism caused by alcohol abuse Abstract Background: Cushing's syndrome (CS), a rare syndrome caused by overexposure to glucocorticoids, is difficult to diagnose. The underlying causes of CS include pituitary and ectopic adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) producing tumours and adrenal adenomas or hyperplasia. Alcoholism, however, can cause similar symptoms, giving rise to a so-called pseudo-Cushing state, which aggravates the differential diagnostic dilemmas of CS. Aim: To document any specific clinical or biochemical features of alcohol-induced CS. Methods: A Medline computer-aided search was performed to identify studies that have attempted to differentiate between alcohol-induced pseudo-Cushing and CS. Only original articles, not reviews, written in English were included. A total of 62 articles were included. Results: Clinical and biochemical abnormalities mimicking increased hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis activity were found in the majority of the patients, although the severity of the changes varied widely. The most frequently occurring abnormalities were: insufficient suppression after low-dose dexamethasone or increased 24-hour urinary free cortisol (UFC). After alcohol withdrawal, cortisol decreased and dexamethasone-induced suppression of cortisol increased. No differences were noted between alcoholic and control subjects after an ACTH stimulation test, insulin tolerance test or metyrapone test. Differences were found after a naloxone test and hexarelin test. Studies using corticotropin-releasing hormone stimulation and tests after jcaesar187ol ingestion revealed inconclusive results. Conclusion: There is no clear definition for the alcohol-induced pseudo-Cushing state, and hitherto studies fail to provide clues to differentiate between pseudo-Cushing and Cushing's syndrome. Only cessation of alcohol can normalise biochemical abnormalities and regress hypercortisolic symptoms. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21934176/
Open file (275.03 KB 602x364 2892882195.png)
>>110789 It might be. Or he could really think that putting his hand on his shoulder is a small compensation for his lack of stature. Like how Sargon raises his chin.
Гунтstream: Manlet DogMauler of West Memphis Гунтender https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
Open file (86.12 KB 1080x720 Beardson shorty.jpg)
Open file (265.21 KB 406x720 beardsongunt.png)
Open file (8.55 KB 206x244 EztJRnDUYAAgjZy.jpg)
>>110786 Thank you chad.
Open file (10.28 MB 1280x720 identify_yourself_3.mp4)
>>110799 Shannon's brain is literaly rotting from cope. Fucked up to hear Cokeski laughing along about a murdered dog that jcaesar187 hung from a chair. I thought you were a better person, Andy. A cokefiend alcoholic retard sure but not pro animal abuse.
>>110799 Why hasn't Gayor picked up smoking yet to sound more like Gym?
Open file (12.88 KB 320x320 yakub.jpg)
>>110791 Holy fuck go away you freak Why are you here?
>>110731 lol he was born obese.
Open file (586.32 KB 449x672 1.png)
Open file (69.53 KB 570x364 3.jpg)
Open file (191.60 KB 1600x1088 4.jpg)
Open file (274.50 KB 678x1033 2.png)
Kid Гунт definitely strikes you as that disgusting fat spoiled kid that bullies on others that you see in movies. Same energy. It makes perfect sense that he kills dogs.
>>110780 No, jcaesar187 did do a segment on that. It was among the old Chad Young Vee videos.
>>110759 ngl dream kinda looks like young jcaesar187
>>110707 is this a school for retards or the mentally disabled?
>>110740 If he goes after this dude, piggy will just get ANOTHER lawsuit on the docket lmfao. Doesn't he have like 2 or 3 already regarding his spawn and child bride? btw Walph, pls do it, pls do something stupid so this guy sues you
>I know where you are and where you conduct business
>>110811 cant this shit get him ban on the shitty streaming site that he is on? like i cant see a new streaming site dealing with a retard that doxs people so openly like the Гунт.
>>110811 On no, if somebody reports Гунт for threats he might get deplatformed. Would be such a shame if that happened.
>>110813 yeah, the second part is clearly a threat. what is funny is that might not even be the guy that contacted Toad McKinley lol.
Open file (51.63 KB 183x155 f1f96.png)
>>110814 >this was all Jewsh's 5D airborne shogi to get Гунт deplatformed by attacking some random guy
>>110812 >>110813 what type of banking ban list is Toad McKinley on bickers of kiwi, that could happen to Гунт
>>110811 >I know where you are Is Гунтy saying that he's going to kill Dalton's current dog?
>>110817 No,the dog will kill itself and Гунт will simply be aware of it.
>>110811 why is Гунт sooooo mad from just one picture of a very fat child
Open file (233.31 KB 1280x720 we wuz japaneez n sheit.jpg)
>>110819 He clearly didn't want anyone from his childhood popping up to tell all the vile shit he's done.
Open file (204.56 KB 867x1445 ralph and dalton's dog.jpg)
Open file (656.94 KB 400x225 172721879528955.gif)
Open file (342.21 KB 448x399 17.13.37.png)
Open file (98.10 KB 592x1019 5454354.jpg)
Quite fetch- i mean charming.
Open file (833.42 KB 500x267 79182759283592385.gif)
>>110831 >chicken tendies and pancakes Blech >french toast >jcaesar187 <charming
Open file (46.91 KB 627x529 send help.jpg)
>>110831 Is this what americans eat?
Open file (725.40 KB 1280x720 wholetthedogsout.mp4)
>>110834 >this is what computers can do now Is this the future we dreamed of in the 80's...
>>110831 fuck, no wonder he's 300 lbs.
>>110831 is that his lunch?
Open file (255.32 KB 344x445 Gunt oultined.png)
>>110838 thats just a snack before lunch
Open file (577.46 KB 384x384 a6s8f4y5d3.png)
I don't think I've seen a quicker example of someone "owning the meme" to cope than Гунт with the childhood photos
>>110838 That's clearly an Amerimutt breakfast.
Open file (52.30 KB 586x575 EBYXTojW4AANiZP.jpg)
>>110811 That was surprisingly fast, did jcaesar187 actually explain why it's him? >>110836 According to his ex he in fact doesn't eat a lot which is not surprising it's common in alcoholics to min-max their boozing but it also confirms most of the weight comes from alcohol and he's drinking at least a bottle of makers a day, so when he does eat he probably binges >Carbs and sugar with a small side of protein/fruit The lack of anything with actual nutrition is something ain't it? I should read up on malnutrition to see if we'll get anything fun in the future
Open file (862.99 KB 320x240 Azlin is jewish.webm)
>>110843 >did jcaesar187 actually explain why it's him? It seems like he thinks it's him bickers he's jewish.
Open file (673.87 KB 525x778 belle10.png)
>>110834 I'm sure jcaesar187 will show this on his show soon to own the meme. >>110841 Yeah, he went into red alert, instant damage control. It just shows how much it stung him. The truth hurts.
Open file (196.83 KB 451x364 75cdx2c5dc2.png)
Open file (45.33 KB 536x488 gunt.png)
Open file (496.30 KB 477x867 gunt2.png)
Open file (292.96 KB 537x574 gunt3.png)
Open file (270.70 KB 550x692 gunt4.png)
Open file (1005.90 KB 1109x618 Gunt_point.png)
Open file (891.83 KB 1280x720 [LOUD NOISES].webm)
>>110844 >ITS NAWT TRUUU I DID NAWT HANG THAT DAWG IN FACT I WOULD GAS MY WHOLE AUDIENCE FOR THAT DAWG Yeah he did it 100%, why does jcaesar187 live his life this way, it's like he wants to be hated
Open file (124.40 KB 182x362 ralph gunmotion.png)
>>110848 >This is my job and I make a very comfortable living, sperg. You and the idiots who say that are sad about your own lives and wish you could do this instead. Гунт, nobody wants to make less than minimum wage to provide endless laughter to the internet by being one of the most embarrassing and retarded people to ever stream. There was a time when people were envious of your success. That time was several fucking years ago at this point. Most normal people don't want to be humiliated on a daily basis to make a salary that even children working in factories in China would laugh at. >>110849 He just can't help himself, anon. If he had to face the grim reality that is his life, sober and without his delusions of grandeur, he would kill himself like he killed those poor dogs.
>>110831 <Jarred maple syrup <canned whip cream <frozen chicken tenders Disgusting slop
>>110851 Don't forget the bottle of ketchup in May's shot.
Open file (32.78 KB 509x474 DmcMk_wX0AIDtIZ.jpg)
>>110850 >He just can't help himself, anon. As if the jews weren't a good enough argument that people can be born evil >>110852 I looked again and realized she's using an Elfen Lied avatar too, imagine being such white trash you can't even be a weeb correctly
>>110848 It's true. Гунт didn't kill that dog. The boy he was arguing with just happened to have his dog commit suicide by hanging itself from a kitchen chair which is totally something that happens all the time, and he happened to find out about it before the boy or anyone else did, and he happened to bully the boy and laugh by making hanging gestures before anyone knew about it. This is a completely plausible scenario, you're just schizophrenic. Oh the puppies he didn't want to look after or buy food for? They just happened to suffocate bickers he put them in an oven which was definitely turned off btw. Don't you know ovens are airtight? Are you some kind of holocaust denier conspiracy theorist? So yeah sure all these dogs died around jcaesar187 and he had reason to kill them but he totally shit his pants and didn&apos;t do it.
Open file (114.01 KB 253x250 7928589289256.png)
>>110853 >white
>>110855 Well you know by most American standards, what is their ethnicity? You know besides horse I've not really paid any attention to pantsu bickers I thought they'd flee quickly like Ade had the common sense to do considering they're not a literally an ignorant child like faith
Open file (180.62 KB 439x439 8h7d1g8n2o1y7t.png)
>>110856 >what is their ethnicity? I'm stumped. But it is something other than bavarian phenotype
Open file (128.71 KB 1276x1234 gunts tranny may.jpg)
>>110856 >>110857 S(he) claims to be Italian
>>110858 >Morris >Italian How so?
>>110831 This post made me physically ill, just thinking about the possibility of sitting across the fucking hog shit sniffer and eating fucking toast.
>>110860 hog sniffin dog killer.
Open file (19.63 KB 381x349 41acf2x5d8c.JPG)
>>110862 Thanks, buddy!
Open file (34.06 KB 372x298 identify.png)
>>110862 who is this? why should anons care? and IDENTIFY YOURSELF
Open file (1.31 MB 1920x1080 7s8g2k1n5m9v8s.png)
>>110864 Some nobody that Ashton did videos on many moons ago.
Open file (91.91 KB 960x949 Aryan genetics.jpg)
>>110864 Lurk more.
Open file (570.60 KB 1000x769 cookin' with surfer.png)
>>110866 >keep track of fat dykes nobodies no thank you that is what you are for
Open file (114.05 KB 382x576 NotKino.jpg)
Open file (79.34 KB 722x720 hurr_durr_mark.jpg)
>>110870 not clicking, what does it say?
>>110872 >I am considering moving on from /v/ and giving up ownership of it >I just want to move on with my life >I am going to invest my shekels and make a new service goyim
>>110869 sorry fwen but your taste is trash >>110870 lmao time to revive /kong/
>>110864 Calwn down, Sperg of Tiamat. You've already tried to use 9# s your PA more than once to dox random people who alog you on youtube. I know you're active on webring again, be on tvch and here. Deleting your videos, including the most recent one, doesn't do any good.
>>110874 If mark leaves the only people that would oppose a revived /kong/ would be koipedo and what remains of #S​ARGON but as tvchans admin has shown they can't do much and less they have mod/admin access.
Open file (303.76 KB 972x632 tiamat_spotted.png)
>>110876 >know you're active on webring again, be on tvch and here DAS NAWT TRUUU
>>110875 lol yes you have caught me the sperg scaley nig pic related
Open file (385.61 KB 650x653 1872bh5dg812f.png)
Open file (229.84 KB 1920x1080 based_carl_won_final.png)
Open file (35.44 KB 300x595 koidolphined.jpg)
>>110876 koipedo is irrelevant and is scared of a certain aquatic mammal
>>110878 All scalies are pretty much the same shit, anyway SoT was the one who used to post screenshots from youtube chat, especially with certain figures trying to get any help from here, heismanahisnem.
>>110882 As a matter o' fact I also posted screenshots of jewtube chat, but not for personal army request just if some paypig said something retarded.
>>110873 kek, who the fuck uses mark/v/ ni/gg/ers I guess
Open file (623.14 KB 478x700 gator_birthday.PNG)
Open file (552.47 KB 499x618 1463288758383.png)
>>110882 >heismanahisnem yes it is I the infamous however the fuck you pronounce that
Open file (529.85 KB 720x1280 gamergays.mp4)
>>110884 I can't imagine how they will survive without mark, they pretend to hate him, but they look at him as a sort of father to validate their beliefs. <s-see >we ironically say the things anons c-call >u-us <o-owning the meme Who will do that for them once he's gone, I wonder.
Open file (257.56 KB 505x643 Mark_lube.png)
Open file (31.14 KB 753x382 ECrsElJXYAEKU6k.jpg)
>>110887 He will give it to somebody from their ni/GG/er threads im guessing who is already a vol most likely
Open file (4.85 MB 480x272 GATOR THE CHAD.mp4)
>>110883 Everyone has actually done it before of course in fact, but SoT does it pretty obviously to get info, I recall of SoT posting screenshots showing the same people from that pic here before, even back in 2019/20, already happened other times here this year too. He seems to be obsessed in particular with some youtube alogs, people who used to bully him on pigclips comment section and other channels including the old and deleted Ashton channels >>110885 Damn, SoT, Vee, Gaytor, they all have pretty girlfriends, I guess >we are the true lolcows after all.
>>110885 CRINGE
>>110886 Yes. >>110888 >lubricant close to some suspect USB's I honestly don't doubt he has CP on those USB's.
>>110887 Yeah you can see it clearly when you get into one of their anti-mark tirades and propose them to go to a different board, like zzz which is basically the exact same shithole but without mark. To which they start violently defending staying on cake/v/ and the fat faggot himself. Normalcattle is hilarious.
https://archive.is/J20F2 ni/gg/er cope thread
>>110889 Yes I know that Sperg of tiamat has an intense hatred for the anon account on jewtube and would always post it claiming the account is a lolcow, pretty funny projection if (you) ask me.
Open file (348.54 KB 600x339 gg its afraid.png)
all ni/GG/er posting should be moved to this thread >>102181
>>110898 do you feel in charge?
Open file (15.73 KB 72x76 aspergers.jpg)
>>110899 maybe
Open file (221.73 KB 330x522 gator.png)
>>110898 I would but as >we all know /cow/'s only users left use this thread and It's why I inform them of these topics every now and then to encourage posting on other threads, of course once I am done with my present projects and real life stuff I myself will begin creating new OPs.
>>110895 Same about that betty which is someone from tvch or just cuckchan /tv/ as I can see, ss ampharos and other random people who may or not post here or used to be part of /cow/ before cripplechan being nuked. I guess it's everyone who actually know about him being a lizard fucker instead of just a furfag. >>110900 The people's champion actually won. WE MISS YOU, JMK
Open file (397.33 KB 511x440 carl9.png)
Open file (312.92 KB 731x684 9cfs6dfv42c.png)
Open file (71.66 KB 661x665 Sargoy_gun2.jpg)
>>110859 The only Morris i can think of is Errol Morris who is a fellow white person.
Open file (1.38 MB 1024x712 1627204942635.png)
Toad McKinley is confirmed FAT
Open file (393.52 KB 2048x1536 E7HpLxUXEAAAHHb.jpg)
>>110922 Exactly. Morris is a northern Europeanor jewish name.
Open file (10.90 KB 192x192 1.jpg)
>>110924 that pedophile Toad McKinley in fact of course
>>110923 But does he have a GUNТ?
>>110927 yes, the Гунт is the real reason his dick broke.
Open file (404.66 KB 1024x712 toad-mckinley-nooooo.jpg)
>>110923 OH NO NO NO
死んだスレ サルゴンの勝ち
>>110924 Ok, so you see these two sitting at a ball game. Do you think they look like father and daughter or bf and gf?
>>110923 lmao actually being 125kg at 5'8 thats fucked.
>>110931 looks like a tranny and disgusting fat faggot
Open file (180.62 KB 439x439 8h7d1g8n2o1y7t.png)
>>110931 Mother and son.
Open file (1.40 MB 2208x1188 belle13.jpg)
>>110934 Who's the mother?
Open file (2.46 MB 360x450 13.mp4)
Open file (1.21 MB 356x200 rim_shot.gif)
>>110935 jcaesar187 = Female to male butch dyke mom Pantsu = Male to female sissy son
Open file (442.30 KB 583x825 brave-and-fierce.jpg)
>>110938 tbf gunт does look like an average american lesbian
Open file (19.19 KB 595x236 Untitled.png)
>>110941 Holy fuck how hard is Гунт seething that he went on this >no u spree to "own Toad McKinley Moon".
>>110939 lol nice
>>110941 Hahahaha, he's going mental. This is great. What is it about the shota connoisseur that gets under his stretched Гунт skin so much?
>its an undercover LARPer fooling gu.nt into thinking hes jewsh's relative >just spins the wildest shit that gu,nt easily believes and does not fact check bickers he is retarded best what if timeline
>>110941 not even his 10 live stream viewers will go on it, what a waste of money
Open file (577.46 KB 384x384 a6s8f4y5d3.png)
>>110945 pretty likely, possibly someone that the Janny banned.
Open file (51.78 KB 589x217 Untitled.png)
Multiple emojis (internalized copium from the very real fear of being sued by jewsh and having to deal with another suit on top of the vickers fiasco) + cope + literally lurking in foxdick's chatroom = KEK
Open file (1.00 MB 1280x689 belle7.png)
Next Mad at the Internet gonna be nectar
>>110951 >we've reached the point where jewsh streams are bona fide nectar
Open file (287.12 KB 580x347 892589289285958.PNG)
>>110952 Gym on suicide watch!
>dunkin what a fat piece of shit. can't stop fatting.
>>110954 Good find
Open file (20.29 KB 584x191 6535435.jpg)
>>110941 The Janny is feeding the troll.
Open file (497.20 KB 1177x959 7q8e2f5h8l1c2s9.png)
>>110956 >>110954 >>110950 >t.muh civil attorney
Open file (91.59 KB 537x479 gunt.png)
Open file (97.78 KB 540x994 E7KPk6lVIAYF5ew.jpg)
Open file (307.02 KB 5760x3240 Nick_tears.png)
>tortuous interference yeah that go as well as it went for Rackets and Vic as it will for you Гунт.
Open file (264.53 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>110955 he has his locations turned on so anyone can follow him around on his trip. :^) >powered by foursquare lmao remember doxxsquare? what locations would the Гунт be mayor of?? >>110958 >humoring a parody account LOL
>>110958 >he ""humored"" a blatant detractor account
Open file (88.37 KB 1280x720 982982932893286.jpg)
>>110954 How could I forget?!
>>110954 what does this mean? I don't use twatter
Calling it now the jewsh family member on the killstream will be pee pee pee doing a gayfabe style interview.
Open file (15.50 KB 480x360 52926829635.jpg)
>>110962 It means he's using the wifi at DunkinDonuts.
>>110964 awww shit, something is literally brewing at
Open file (55.14 KB 1280x720 078926528989215.jpg)
>>110965 >jcaesar187 is saying hello to his "chocolate friend"
Open file (78.84 KB 587x487 jewsh.png)
>stalking foxdick chat (requires foxdick account) ridiculing someone else of being obsessed
>>110968 >be jcaesar187 on a date with his fetching tranny horse gf >obsess over Jewsh and make a post every 5 minutes saying how not butt hurt he is and its actually you jawshua connor mon pedophile that is the stalker. based Гунт
>>110968 >i'm eating at the world's most famous deli Translation: I'm sitting surrounded by jews, giving jews money. What would Sicilian Dingo say?
Open file (346.61 KB 900x840 2c78cdc5x59s.jpg)
>>110968 >I'm at Carnegie deli in NYC with my "Italian" "g"f Woooow! No one has ever traveled somewhere and eaten at a restaurant! It's not like you can get pastrami and rye bread anywhere else!
Open file (80.06 KB 361x236 ClipboardImage.png)
From foxdick.
>>110972 >buying me things I need fat fuck >and want slovenly
>>110968 >HAHA I AM GOING TO RUIN YOU NULL I FOUND SOMEONE WHO KNEW YOU AS A KID <if you do i will sue >uhh o-oh.. i will sue you back haha... err... oh the stream? i'm not doing the stream right now... maybe later...
Open file (326.13 KB 766x595 andy.jpg)
This needs to made a jcaesar187 thing.
>>110975 Andy is already a bonified jcaesar187amale so it already is.
>>110975 >>110976 CRP WAS RIGHT
Open file (874.53 KB 946x572 coach_based.png)
>>110977 Coach was always right, as slimy as he is its the fact that he doesn't try to hide it and is so open about it that makes coach the most honest grifter >we know.
Open file (1.41 MB 640x360 crp.mp4)
Open file (59.50 KB 181x277 das_horseshit.png)
Open file (155.23 KB 766x595 andy_ralph.jpg)
>>110979 peoeple had fun last night. jcaesar187 instant. I never cheated. I love my wife. I never hung that dog. Yea I might have lived two houses down. I would never hang aa dog
Open file (10.11 KB 99x123 sniffsniff.JPG)
Open file (1.11 MB 750x560 Proper.webm)
Open file (1.23 MB 1414x1080 ohhboy.png)
>>110983 Ohh yea
Open file (449.28 KB 1024x1024 when the vore.jpg)
>>110984 vees smiles will always bee something
Open file (228.41 KB 459x347 suck.png)
Vee actuly did shit, Didnt he get maarried? What has Toad McKinley done? Lick the Гунт?
Open file (1.64 MB 640x406 guilty.gif)
>>110982 lol you're right He acted the exact same way when being accused of killing that dog as he did when he THOUGHT he was being accused of cheating on his wife.
Open file (378.06 KB 586x535 Untitled.png)
Propaganda/narrative shift red flag mobilization going on in gun.tland, gaytor is trapped in imaginationland
>>110989 It's good to see Gaytor shake off his reactionary bigoted views and finally admit trans lives matter. I agree with Gaytor that anyone who criticizes trans people should be sued and banned from the internet. For a while now I have suspected Shannon is an egg that needs cracking, from his effeminate eyes, to the incredibly sensual way he tossed his hair during his face reveal, to his obsession and identification with anime girls, to his awkward obviously made up stories about having sex with blonde puerto rican woman. I wonder if this is a sign that he is getting ready to come out as a transwoman. I will support Gaytor when he inevitably does.
Open file (6.00 MB 578x624 patheticrainbow.gif)
>>110989 >tweeting yahoo news as a source
>>110992 >>110991 Supporting the trannies and journalists to own Jew.sh PEDOPHILE Moon, when they go low, AAAAUGGHHH >WE GO LOWER
Open file (245.03 KB 1364x2048 E0_6Dw-UUAYIJza.jpg)
Open file (145.60 KB 1366x2048 Etnps38VoAQMSnm.jpg)
Open file (1.32 MB 2160x2880 E6shglEVoAwOrjl.jpg)
Has there been any happenings? and yes, I've been quite sick from not using oxycontin and so I took a tablet not long ago and with mysterious magic I am quite well in fact, and now I am quite well. It is like the freezing on the teeth, muscle aches, throwing up constantly and feeling like being really sick is all gone with the magic of one tablet. Oh, and yes before you people ask, as a new part of my pain management therapy I wasted/bought a new wallet, It is a quite sexy MontBlanc Extreme 2.0 with it's bold blue/black color, plain leather inside and leather carbon-fiber print mortif outside. Also there was some leather boots from Clavin Klein that I also wasted money on bickers there was no comfy looking Gant and Lacoste shoes.
>>110994 >bought a new wallet, It is a quite sexy MontBlanc Extreme 2.0 >leather boots from Clavin Klein that is some faggot tier consooomer purchase shit right there
Open file (41.61 KB 655x509 1549100880.png)
>>110994 wow you should really fucking kill yourself.
Open file (148.43 KB 1902x1106 E6v7lmUVgAA6VwM.jpg)
Open file (792.42 KB 2667x4000 E7ADAqqVEAI3GIZ.jpg)
Open file (754.42 KB 1836x2448 E6p1WIQUcAELMmk.jpg)
Open file (916.58 KB 1365x2047 E7GLWIXVgAQ2X-H.jpg)
>>110996 There are only some few pleasures a man can have and use some money on and those are watches and obviously a sexy wallet. Also. >not commenting on my choice of American over French shoes.
>>110994 Based Jewsh revealed jcaesar187 hung a dog with a rope off the back of a chair and gassed it's puppies in an oven to bully a classmate of his as a child >It is like the freezing on the teeth, muscle aches, throwing up constantly and feeling like being really sick is all gone with the magic of one tablet. From a single days break? Your butthole looking buck broken is the least of your worries, you need to look into a rotation schedule >Oh, and yes before you people ask, as a new part of my pain management therapy I wasted/bought a new wallet What is this jewish nonsense? >Trust me goy, consume and the pain will go away
Open file (157.40 KB 281x325 pathpine.png)
>>110998 All your choices are shit, if your going to get an amerimutt leather boot at least get something decent like Redwing
Open file (3.43 MB 720x900 Kpj8irQcBtTFA9fj.mp4)
>>110999 >muh consumerism First off, it is perfectly fine that a white man shows that he can use money on himself when it comes to some few things. A wallet is something a man can waste money on without feeling bad. Shoes is another thing bickers they need to be comfy for walks. A belt is also something a man can waste money on without feeling guilt, after all you don't wanna be a show off so you have these limited but expensive even a bit luxurious things. Even though I would not call shoes that costs between 80 to 200 in britbong ponds expensive bickers footwear it is necessary that they are comfortable. And at that price range they usually are quite comfy.
Open file (75.44 KB 768x1024 E1AuOIBUcAMaBLp.jpg)
>>111000 >Redwing I've not seen them in the online or offline Norwegian store of course in fact fam. Ain't they like Timberland or something?
>>111002 >like timberland Those are for nigg​​ers. They have a webpage if your interested, make a bunch of different styles of shoes but they are most well known for making good workboots.
>redwings They can cost over 300 US dollars in some cases though anon, not worth it over there or importing where they can be even more and less you are a richfag, they do last awhile though.
>>111004 weakload can afford it he blows money all sorts of crap
>>111005 Yeah, I suppose so, weakload just save your money though buddy and get the fuck off drugs, I can't continue enough to stress this to (you).
>>111006 >suppose so well no shit he just bought a fucking faggot ass monteblanc leather wallet that is around $300 on their site.
>>111007 I mean you never know, lord akira blew tons of his shekels on e-celebs and anons thought the fag was rich, when he was doxxxed it was revealed he was spending most of his paycheck on them and was actually pretty poor.
Late Sunday DramaRama - Sophie Karens, KickVic Chungus, and Rittenhouse RabbleRousers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcMuAni2AZw
>>111008 A DSP mod just got doxed and turns out while he was giving hundreds of dollars to Phil he was also going through bankruptcy and missing payments on his debt replacement plan. Some people just can't handle having money.
Open file (294.20 KB 1536x2048 E4Eum2SUYAITkbj.jpg)
>>111003 Timberland is semi comfy walking shoes for outdoors, a fair and good price for a pair you ar going to throw away from a year use. I looked at the redwing site and one caught my eyes since it looked comfy, it was called Blacksmith boots, it looked really comfy. So I obviously I am going to order a pair after finishing my coffee.
I like docs since they cost a lot but they last forever, and I just get them fixed whenever they break down.
>>111011 well that the problem with Timberlands they are just a throwaway boot plus G​AMERGATEs wear them. A good boot like redwings you want/can get resoled. That blacksmith boot is a nice looking boot.
Open file (68.58 KB 768x1024 E49dn8YVEAEW-nP.jpg)
>>111006 I have saved up money in my account in case I lose my job for whatever reason. >>111008 Buying a wallet and boots is not the same thing as blowing money on a fwend simulator, a fwend simulator in those regards is more like gambling or free to play gacha. >>111012 too many shoes are throw away these days Also docs? I am a bit too high to figure out if I've seen them or not. But I usually use real hunting boots for winter and walking outside, since they are comfy to walk in and they are quite durable even if they are not leather. The winter pair I use now is Viking hunting boots bought them 3 years ago and they are still in good condition, really comfy also. But it looks really retarded to walk in these hunting boots in the summer and early fall. >>111013 It looked comfy for summer and maybe fall, don't think they are good for winter when there is allot of snow n sheeit then it's best to get some hunting boots.
>>111014 Doc Martins, search em' up. I like them bickers they are expensive, but they last a while and can be resoled.
Open file (111.33 KB 768x1024 ElVZJZ3UcAAATs-.jpg)
>>111015 Don't know what kinda weather you are in but in my countries online store they call it winter boots those are red flags for me, only bickers then you are going to get wet and might get cold from walking on those shoes or boots. As I've said in the late fall and winter I go full on hunting boots from Gore-tex viking line bickers they are comfy and durable, and you don't get cold or wet from them.
Open file (41.74 KB 300x450 loser.jpg)
>>111015 You like them bc you are a nazi-larper and Doc Martens are the preferred brand of skinhead losers.
>>111017 It's bickers they are actually nice boots that look good.
Open file (313.03 KB 821x579 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (390.21 KB 476x757 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (95.56 KB 1328x370 rt.png)
btw if you want some bona fide cringe, check the kiwi thread over at 420chаn, which is a shithole worse than cuckchan in fact of course
死んだスレ サルゴンの勝ち
Open file (112.38 KB 1243x793 64563534.jpg)
Mama JF is officially back
Open file (13.18 KB 661x81 ClipboardImage.png)
>>110993 Bonus marks for indirectly citing the ADL. https://archive.is/DXiyA
>>110923 holy shit jewsh is so fucking fat.
>>111029 but he's not disgusting at it like GUNТ
>>111029 >>111032 Now we know why Jewsh's preferred lolcows are 500 lbs fat women. It makes him feel better about his own fat ass, as some 275 lbs short fattie.
Open file (254.94 KB 461x669 egggunt.png)
Holly shit the Гунт corroborated the stories about the dogs? What a peace of shit.
>>111032 jewsh weighs about as much as the Гунт. just a few inches taller is the difference.
>>111035 okay but how much does jcaesar187 honestly weigh? not taking his word since hes a known liar and pedophile
>>111035 You really think jcaesar187 is being honest about how much he weighs? i'd take whatever he says and add at least 30 lbs to it.
>>111036 he should be weighing himself today so we'll see. if he honestly weighs less than jewsh by even 0.1 pounds jewsh should just off himself.
>>111038 I wonder how much Shanny the Janny weights.
>>111038 It's disappointing that jewsh doesn't see the potential for shenanigans from a single birds-eye view of the scales.
>>111040 hes gonna daniel cormier it and hold onto something while taking the picture, with one hand or pantsu taking the picture.
>>111041 >Put scales under basin >balance Гунт on the side of the basin >record weight
i thought they were suppose to be getting it doctor validated?
>>111042 yeah sorry its not a daniel cormier its a homer simpson when hes trying to gain weight.
>>111035 It's not about the weight, it's about how you carry that weight. Гунт is horrifying, it's scary to look at him, like he's been bitten by some exotic parasite and is bloating from the inside.
>>111038 Are you seriously implying there's even a remote possibility that GUNТ will post his real weight under any circumstances? Especially when in a contest with Jewsh?
>>111045 by jewsh's own words he was damn near, or possibly over, 300 pounds and we've never seen his full body. he could have a Гунт of his own or one even bigger than jcaesar187's possibly.
Open file (699.77 KB 680x383 ClipboardImage.png)
looks like the Гунт is really in love with this troon.
>>111035 Height makes all the difference in the world >a few inches taller jcaesar187 is 5 foot 1-2 inches
>>111047 nah it's just like jewsh was saying, you can't obtain Гунт's Гунт by just gaining weight from eating. It's something he's been nourishing his entire life with the help of cheap alcohol as well.
Open file (20.81 KB 400x400 522952985653.jpg)
>>111048 It's his new fetish apparently.
>Toyota War lel
Open file (163.71 KB 1308x551 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (601.45 KB 358x400 soy.gif)
>>111048 lol the idiot is not himself any favors by setting up shows with troons VS motherfucking Westboro Baptist Church loonie? Are you fucking kidding me?
Open file (531.41 KB 599x636 ClipboardImage.png)
how is this absolute proof? i'm not saying i need to see a corpse or official death certificate, but i still have my doubts the nintendo troon is actually kaput.
>>111056 > i'm not saying i need to see a corpse or official death certificate I would.
Open file (383.17 KB 547x853 gaytor.png)
Open file (545.50 KB 800x1300 gaytor4chan.png)
>>111058 goddamn gaytor is so fucking cringe. this whole 'jewsh is having a really tough time' narrative they're tryna spin is so weak. the janny isn't suffering at all.
>>111058 Notice how he brings gabe into it too. >DADDY GABES ON OUR SIDE REMEMBER GABE?
>>111056 >>111057 exactly, there is no proof, the article says something about some white G​AMERGATE owning a ching chong company in a completely different ching chong country and still no evidence, they have this trannys full name now and not a single journo has done you know, any actual journalism
Open file (95.97 KB 768x1024 E5WDS52VUAAA0Sp.jpg)
Open file (279.35 KB 2048x2046 E6ayQ1FUUAAOMQT.jpg)
>>111056 The Гунт is celebrating too early before when Jewsh seemed like he did not want to have the site when he was the personal janny to jcaesar187, but now it seems like he want to keep the site up. Also those that care have forgotten about the tranny already. >>111058 This post actually says allot about gaytor if one thinks about it, he hates Jewsh not bickers Jewsh is making fun of gaytor and jcaesar187 but bickers foxdick scared internet though guy gym out of the fwend simulator business. So does that mean that gaytor really misses his fwend simulator gym? >>111060 Don't blame the guy for missing his fwend simulator, remember gym made him believe he was one of the cool 4chan guys.
>>111048 >trannies vs wbc Гунтie will probably fuck it up somehow, but this has the potential to be kino
>>111063 He's too much of an over-moderating bore to let anything interesting or entertaining happen.
Open file (98.10 KB 768x1024 E7OB8uAVUAIY3-i.jpg)
Open file (99.00 KB 768x1024 E7OB8wFVoAEXpJL.jpg)
Open file (305.75 KB 1128x1504 E7Not3JVEAEqEOU.jpg)
Open file (421.83 KB 1128x1504 E7Not3LVUAU_sBz.jpg)
Open file (872.45 KB 4096x2358 E7I9samUUAkchV_.jpg)
No god dammit, nooooo! the idol nips have gotten too much bellyfat, they are no longer sexy but huge fat asses. God damn this gay earth! Look at the bellyfat, they are fucking huge fattys now.
Open file (109.20 KB 584x1083 125015.jpg)
Sniped this one from foxdick but can anyone decipher this tin foil nonsense? What the fuck are they talking about? >any other reading of this is cope & disingenuous nig/g/er what?? Am I on Planet Z? Wonderland? Bizarroworld? Is it Opposite Day? They're the ones coping with a literal sneak diss the gun.t took too far. I hate to use this word but isn't this what troons call gaslighting? Complete paranoid schizos setting the narrative ad nauseum while pointing at you and saying NO U IN FACT OF COURSE . I was watching a Jew.sh VOD earlier today, the one right after the gun.t's fight with Riley, and he pretty much exposes gaytor's modus operandi months before most other people caught onto it. Flashforward to now, and he's fucking right, it's all gaytor does. Just an unending stream of "remember this thing that didnt happen?" while spewing word salad to obfuscate the blatant historical revision contained within his otherwise incomprehensive ramblings. It is el rariachi's schizophrenia taken to the extreme.
Open file (58.38 KB 960x516 belle11.jpg)
>>111066 Jewsh is becoming too powerful.
Open file (201.35 KB 1364x2048 E7NJPdpVoAYoLjV.jpg)
>>111066 In all seriousness think about it, Gaytor believes that foxdick scared off his fwend simulator also known as Gym, even when it was Gym that got blown the fuck out by Leopirate and triple P. Also in these threads some of us anons have speculated on gaytor, some of us have made it a joke about his lies with him being an oldfag and now I've started to make dry jokes that he is from another dimension bickers he is spinning this so badly that one would believe his is in like full-on acute psychosis mode. Then I think it was last year I wanted to make a speculation study-like writing on gaytor being a mimic and his mimicry is making him more psychotic while his delusions is getting worse and worse. I did not start on that project bickers writing any thing for jokes like it is a science piece takes a long time bickers one has to distinguish from normal mimicry and autistic mimicry to the last psychotic illness mimicry, which I obviously put gaytor on and there is where most of the jokes none-facts would be. Namely his mimicry of Gym and how he has mimicked the narcissistic delusions from jcaesar187 and gaytor is a buffer to jcaesar187s delusions namely that he is this big internet thing when in fact he is this niche nobody on the internet. >>111067 Holy fuck BeIIe is a bigger pornwhore than I thought she is holding this huge dildo which she is obviously using like it ain't no thang. How used up is BeIIe poontang now?
>>111066 >jewishs corn joke was never a joke it was a hit what makes someone this fucking stupid also gaytor isnt even spinning shit hes just making shit up at this point what a fuckin mess these stupid G​AMERGATEs are
>>111068 Gaytor isn't a mimic he is a poser and borrows from people more popular and interesting that him, remember how he only watches dubbed anime? His sense of identity is fragile at best and he has positioned himself as "the anime guy" in jcaesar187s clique to fill a niche for jcaesar187s show, did you hear his take on Evangelion? Surface level understanding would be generous Many people have made comments on his loyalty while fundamentally missing why he is so devoted to jcaesar187, it's bickers he has nothing else to offer but his loyalty to anyone and jcaesar187 was the first person to accept him and give him a sense of meaning and belonging which is why he shares jcaesar187s delusions as it's required to maintain the charade and this is only what we see, imagine what they're like in private, would anyone be surprised if it's full on folie a deux ?
Open file (99.21 KB 1124x1200 soy.jpg)
>>111070 >only watches dubbed anime lol what a normalfaggot
Open file (829.38 KB 597x918 ClipboardImage.png)
>>111056 what train is the piggy talking about here?
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
>>111073 Ga.ytor got shook when Jew.sh's followers started the "Friday is Coming" catchphrase for MATI hype so he appropriated it.
also I am disapointed today when it came to my exploration of nips, all of them had bellyfat, made it not sexy. I think I need to watch Russian thots again since they don't have much bellyfat. >>111070 >only watches dubed anime that is sign of low intelligence right there >is the anime guy at killstream >surface level understanding of evangelion what surface level take? >gaytor is a veeh-like creature Yeah that is why he is seen as a lying faggot, psychotic and inter-dimensional creature by me at-least. >folie a deux yes, I believe it is a strange shared psychosis where jcaesar187s alcoholic delusions is feeding into gaytor delusional worldview since he is not on antipsychotics or seen a psychiatrist. Also he does allot of mimicry of gym which is really weird when you think about it. Or Gaytor is a lying faggot that needs to spin everything but bickers he is genuinely retarded he makes these word salads and fails at basic logic and falsies, >>111072 I wonder how is it that jcaesar187 believes he is not plebeian? He does not own a Rolex watch, gold jewelry like a negro gentlemen or has a montblanc wallet or any expensive wallets to feel a bit good about himself.
>>111073 i think he's just trying to imply that what is coming is large and unstoppable, not unlike a train.
Open file (2.33 MB 320x240 th.gif)
>>111076 But train is very stoppable
Open file (382.69 KB 531x1385 Gilga.png)
Open file (105.44 KB 459x1200 E7P6iL_VEBIz0mK.jpg)
Open file (79.39 KB 522x900 E7QEq05VcAYWasq.jpg)
Open file (55.06 KB 539x680 E7QFB2PVEAA4be1.jpg)
Open file (64.20 KB 526x584 Gaytor.png)
Open file (57.73 KB 539x480 Gaytor2.png)
>>111078 >>111079 >random person forcing to gaytor tweet a thousand times a day defending the shillstream krew >probably not even getting a pay raise for it >gaytor insists he is the one LMAOing (+ thousand laughing emojis) in fact of course
>>111080 >random person Not that she is anyone that big, but she is in the Teaclips/AdeZero corner of twitter to some degree, however minor. Although that might have nothing to do with her motivation. She is bored a lot and socializes on twitter/youtube a good part of the day. She was blocked by the Гунт and then he lurked her timeline. So the diabetic duo have hate stiffies for her for some reason.
>>111076 >large and unstoppable oh so like the impending stroke that hood hawg will have
>>111068 How to be Gaytor: 1. Reframe and scrub the narrative to fit your team of jcaesar187 and Dick. 2. Project. They say a person is a combination of the 5-10 most important people in your life. You take on their mannerism and sayings. In this fwend-simulator age, that means the streamer fwend-sim is the top person in many people's lives, esp during Covid lockdowns. That is why Gaytor would just copy and emulator Mr. Metokure. Or why someone like DemonMama (tranny) copies Vaush and Destiny. Recently, Richard Spencer has caught on to the fwend-simulator effect with its parasocial relationship. He calls it "friendship nationalism" when referring to Nick Fuentes and conservatives online that be your fwend and tell you what you want to hear. >>111070 Exactly. Being jcaesar187's Riker (1st commander) gives Gaytor a sense of identity. Without it, he is nothing. Back to being a fat virgin loser (<implying he's not one now, I know). He can't let it go bc he needs it. Whereas Toad McKinley had a life outside Keelstream and a job to return to, so getting paid nothing for 2-3 hours of work everynight while getting trolled to death for jcaesar187's meltdowns was not worth it so he left. Gaytor cannot. He has nothing to return to. Hence, the eternal Janny Gaytor sweeps it up. Ultimately, the dopamine Gaytor gets from whispering in jcaesar187's ear is more pleasurable than getting trolled and sweeping for jcaesar187. That and the financial incentives of whatever pittance jcaesar187 throws at him. >>111078 Warski: I rebooted my my show and career. What career? Lol. <I'm killing it in life. By living in your Mom's spare bedroom? Making less than minimum wage on stupid-chats? <About to move to an island with a beautiful woman and get married. I had wondered why he was so hell-bent on Portugal and not somewhere else. Turns out, he was fixated on that place just bickers he was in a long-distance internet relationship. Once he moves there, the charm will wear off in 2 months but of course, now it seems like an upgrade for him to get out of Mama's basement and go to an exotic country. "The scenery has changed around me, I'm moving up in life!" Reminder to never believe an internet grifter. They lie, they cheat, they steal and do drugs. They're always full of shit.
Open file (252.08 KB 601x793 ClipboardImage.png)
>the broke dick thing more utter delusion from gaytor. i don't think even hysterical foxdick trannies give a tiny shit that your morbidly obese master insulted jewsh's busted wang.
>>111085 >I had wondered why he was so hell-bent on Portugal and not somewhere else. The reason is that he's going to live in the late Papa Pires' sex dungeon where he used to fiddle with Mel. Also his older sister lives there so he has a tard wrangler locally.
>>111078 So a young woman criticized Gaytor for using MSM hitpieces to deplatorm his enemies and now Gaytor has started to harass her and send killstream followers to do the same to intimidate her? >>111085 >They say a person is a combination of the 5-10 most important people in your life. You take on their mannerism and sayings. In this fwend-simulator age, that means the streamer fwend-sim is the top person in many people's lives, esp during Covid lockdowns. That is why Gaytor would just copy and emulator Mr. Metokure He also copies anime characters. You can notice it especially in his writing but also in his vocal mannerisms. >i don't think even hysterical foxdick trannies give a tiny shit that your morbidly obese master insulted jewsh's busted wang. There's a thread where they make fun of it themselves. Gaytor can't understand bickers he's heavily projecting his Vee-like toadying of jcaesar187 onto foxdicks.
Open file (273.63 KB 1278x714 ralph_museum_v3.jpg)
>>111087 >still really mad That's the crux of it. Instead of being a good sport and exchanging banter, it's always about setting narratives and protecting fragile egos. >both have the same credibility No sudden memory of burning your thumb in the toaster 20 years ago and eye witness accounts lined up outline how you the poptart was actually Evan's and you wouldn't steal your bro's date.
>>111089 What Gaytor and jcaesar187 are really assblasted about is that the foxdick farms is a bigger private army than the Keelstream and there's nothing they can do about it. Reminder that jcaesar187 and Gaytor do not care about trannies killing themselves but now feign outrage over it and moralfag when they can use a mainstream media (which they also hate normally, but now use) news story as a bludgeon against their enemy Jawshua Moonbitch. In fact, I'm sure someone could go find the Keelstream episode where that tranny in Portland Oregon set himself on fire and killed himself after being evicted from his apartment (Chloe Sagal). I'm pretty sure TRR celebrated it and defended foxdick farms, saying online bullies are not responsible if you kill yourself. But I do remember when Zoe Quinn's ex boyfriend (game developer) killed himself, they were willing to blame Zoe Quinn for it entirely. So I guess it's not a case of having any principle. It's taking the narrative that hurts your current enemies the most, regardless of context. It's about setting a narrative that helps you. If Zoe Quinn is blamed for a suicide, and jcaesar187 doesn't like her, it's her fault. If Jawsh Moon is blamed for a tranny's death (Byuu/Near) and jcaesar187 doesn't like him, it's his fault. If Jawsh/Kiwi is blamed for Chloe Sagal killing himself and jcaesar187 networked with Jawsh back then and liked him as a guest, then it's not Jawsh's fault. Here's the logic: 1. If Person A is blamed for death of Person B. 2. And jcaesar187 hates Person A. 3. Then Person A is responsible for death of Person B and guilty. >>111089 <There's a thread where they make fun of it themselves. Gaytor can't understand bickers he's heavily projecting his Vee-like toadying of jcaesar187 onto foxdicks. Perhaps but let's not pretend Jawsh is some champion of free speech. He bans people all the time bc they upset him. He won't allow a thread on himself. He goes after personal enemies like Corey Barnhill and tries to brand him as a pedo and liar. He defended Daddy Dax Herrera during his simpgate like every other fag with a newproject2 financial interest. Jawsh only cut ties with Dick when Vordrak pulled the plug on newproject2 and Dick's friends Riley and whoever pissed him off too badly.
Open file (470.37 KB 1709x2048 E7Q8JOTXMAEyjKR.jfif)
>>111087 If you actually go into the hot pocket thread it's just foxdickers making fun of gu.nt by doing exactly what gayt.or does: unbridled unmerited schizoposting about things that didn't happen, and of course gu.nt takes it at face value.
Open file (36.13 KB 591x289 746657148240.png)
>>111092 Just looking that one up lol.
Open file (649.31 KB 358x200 Luffy crying.gif)
Open file (60.24 KB 720x500 stuff-shots.jpg)
>>111092 <Squeeze and crushes woman's shoulder down like he's stuffing a takedown in MMA so that he can appear bigger than another human being for once.
Open file (69.16 KB 493x718 chrissiemayr.JPG)
>>111092 damn, she almost gained more weight than Toad McKinley
Open file (577.46 KB 384x384 a6s8f4y5d3.png)
>>111092 >>111094 >confirmed 5 feet tall
Open file (292.67 KB 1006x462 enoch.png)
Open file (303.91 KB 1152x2048 E7FXG3KUYAA1VIq.jpg)
>>111085 >Richard Spencer has caught on to the fwend-simulator effect with its parasocial relationship. >He calls it "friendship nationalism" Of course Richard would call it something gay and stupid like that . Also ain't it amazing that /cow/ is ahead of it's time with the fwend simulator hypothesis? >>111088 >he has a tard wrangler locally So his older sister lost a bet, huh? taht is interesting and they have paid a prostitute to be his "gf" and pretend to love him and everything. Also drugs are decriminalized in Portugal so maybe they realized he is sooner or later going to abuse Heroin or some Opiates they need a way so that he can avoid prison but go straight to rehabilitation instead. >>111089 >So a young woman criticized Gaytor for using MSM hitpieces to deplatorm his enemies and now Gaytor has started to harass her and send killstream followers to do the same to intimidate her? So he does what jcaesar187 does and is a two faced snake that will preach one thing and do the other? >He also copies anime characters. >You can notice it especially in his writing but also in his vocal mannerisms. huh, that is interesting but still I feel like it just says more about lonely people that are into fwend simulators then lets say anime. bickers anime is like the old sitcoms and even old tv series were it can be background noise or just something to watch when nothing else is on. but there is at-least too many that uses fwend simulators are choosing or "into" anime for some reason. >>111090 >it's always about setting narratives and protecting fragile egos. that is bickers jcaesar187s ego is too fragile to begin with, he is a fucking alcoholic someone that uses allot of money to escape reality. you don't use alcohol to not escape from reality. >>111092 you can see if she stands up and not have her back in a uncomfortable posistion she would be a head or so taller than him. >>111095 and you can still see she is taller than he is. >>111098 TOPKEK
Open file (743.25 KB 265x167 deck.gif)
>>111100 >huh, that is interesting but still I feel like it just says more about lonely people that are into fwend simulators then lets say anime. bickers anime is like the old sitcoms and even old tv series were it can be background noise or just something to watch when nothing else is on. Yeah, I didn't mean to compare anime to youtube streamers. I meant more to reflect on just how delusional Gaytor is. While youtube streamers have the feeling of being in a room with friends having a conversation, anime is exaggerated and stylized. You used to see it a lot with autistic kids in the early 2000s where they would act like Hellsing or whoever, not realizing how "anime cool" doesn't work in real life due to their aspergers. I believe Gaytor has undiagnosed aspergers due to this.
Open file (447.88 KB 1920x1200 925298928536.jpg)
>>111101 That must be a short door. Real Middle Earth architecture
Open file (28.91 KB 236x200 smugshark.jpg)
>>111100 >>111102 There is something to the overlap though, this is why vtubers took off, COVID lockdowns were just the perfect opportunity for it but it was inevitable Kizuna was just poorly handled, it's a middleground between youtubers and anime and it's why muttni and rekieta are scared shitless of being replaced by them. It's not exactly a secret a lot of weebs like "comfy" anime like K-On where nothing fucking happens plotwise, which lets be honest slice of life is a fwend simulator genre
sup /cow/
crap while sex
>>111111 aw fuck I even wrote a GET stealing post out too
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x-FGAkU2BU Good Lawgic on Activision, Rittenhouse, Freedom, and Anything Else we can think of
Open file (291.89 KB 1536x2048 E6mb_EsVEAECctF.jpg)
>>111102 >I didn't mean to compare anime to youtube streamers. I am more comparing the jewtube watchers/fwend simulator consumers to being lonely people. which is a unique situation in human history to begin with, only monks and priest would be so lonely and alone as these fwend simulator consumers. And if we see the link between the tism and anime we can kinda assume that the anime series or film is easier for the tistic person bickers of the exaggerated style, but as I said how some people have Star Trek or another tv series as background noise? Some people have anime as that, background noise bickers they've watched all the episodes of whatever anime over and overagain so they know each lines and other retarded shit that is not needed to be known. >>111105 Personally I see the v-tuber phenomena as quite interesting only bickers it shows how far fwend simulator are going and it is getting worse, if you can believe that. And yeah most fwend simulator people are scared shitless that is bickers they've got no personality in reality and have shit opinions and talks to the audience as-if they are stupid as dog shit which is something you should only do: if the concept of an idea is kinda hard to fathom >weebs like "comfy" anime like K-On where nothing fucking happens plotwise, which lets be honest slice of life is a fwend simulator genre If we are going to be general about when fwend simulators started, I would say that it first started with visual novels then later jrpgs when they had a visual novel-like aspects with side-quest/side-story bickers they wanted to make the overall world feel larger. But that created a fwend simulation and most people that played those games always says how good that game is bickers of the social-link or whatever it is. Then later you had experimental podcasts, and when there was nothing to talk about that week people started to talk about themselves with political views, what they did and so on. Then came streaming on twitch where they started to do the same thing and later the formula was made more clear with jewtube streams and videos with shills in general and so on. Where they realized that it is better to not have an opinion that is too edgy and have concepts that are basic logical fallacy of this is bad bickers it's bad mkay and so on. instead of seeing things can be quite grey but those grey aspect the shills are not interested in.
>>111115 didn't read lol
https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/the-delta-variant-upends-the-world-s-pandemic-response/ar-AAMxO7v?ocid=winp1taskbar After reading this article about the Delta variant of Covid, I am now convinced Covid-19 is here to stay forever. I think it will just mutate as fast as we can vaccinate. While we worry about raising vaccination rates, the next variant will be cooking up somewhere in a shithole country. Then it will spread and we'll all need the next vaccination booster shot for that variant. But experts will never admit globalism has flaws. They will just cope by saying stuff like "An interconnected global world has some risks sure. Just like we still use cars even though they are dangerous and kill x number of people every year in car crashes." Also, what do scientists think will happen once we reach herd immunity? Herd immunity is supposed to mean when the population has developed immunity and can't be infected anymore. Herd immunity does not exist when you can get infected with something over and over again. Covid is mutating. And if it's not mutating in your area, it's mutating somewhere else. Now that we're a global world, it's everybody's problem. Scientists are always moving goalposts back when proven wrong about herd immunity. (Herd immunity should be reached when 60% of population is vaccinated. Oops! It will be reached when 80% of population is vaccinated. Oops! Perhaps when 90% is vaccinated. Oops! There's a new variant called Delta. You need another shot. Herd immunity will be achieved when 60% of pop is vaccinated with Delta vaccine. Oops! I mean, 80%! Oops. 90% Oops! There's a new variant. Repeat.) Stupid nerds. Nobody knows what they're talking about. Do they think it's just gonna go away? Poof! Well, it came into existence like a poof from the Wuhan lab or even if it jumped from several animals into humans. But it's not just gonna go away. That genie has left the bottle and is not going back. Some highlights so you don't have to read it: 1. Immunity is wearing off for people that got the vaccine in January. Thanks to Delta you can get reinfected. 2. For advanced economies, the highly transmissible variant means many more people will need to be vaccinated to keep new outbreaks in check, and the hopes that Covid-19 would rapidly fade into the background like seasonal influenza are receding. 3. The prognosis for the developing world is gloomier. Already, Delta has driven record infection waves across Asia and Africa, including in countries that had previously managed the virus relatively well. 4. “The horrible reality I don’t think people have really got to grips with yet is this is a new, nasty disease, which is going to be here forever, probably,” said Martin Hibberd, professor of emerging infectious diseases at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. “It’s an additional burden that all of us will just have to cope with.” 5. Estimates vary, but scientists believe the Delta variant is perhaps two to three times more transmissible than the original virus that first emerged from China in 2019. In the absence of any mitigating public-health measures, every 10 people infected with the original virus would go on to infect 25 people, on average. With Delta, 10 infections would likely result in between 60 to 70 new infections, a big increase. 6. Some scientist don't wanna call it "herd immunity" bc it implies we're a filthy unwashed herd of cattle that they're controlling. You can see why they want this changed bc you can feel the elite resentment of the underclass not wanted to get jabbed, thinking they're ignorant working class hicks and conspiracy theorists. "They're holding us back from achieving herd immunity." Let's be real. Herd immunity is starting to become the unattainable utopia or greater good that we will never reach but ideologues constantly cry about for the future "muh perfect communist society." "muh ethnostate." Now scientists croak about "herd immunity." They want to call it community protection or population immunity. To take the animal nature sound out of "herd immunity." 7. Covid is finally starting to wreck Africa. Look for sjws to cry soon about inequality and complain about wacism toward poor countries from rich countries in getting vaccines. Yet no credit for aforementioned rich countries creating the vaccines to begin with. "The Covid pandemic cannot be solved until we're all protected. Yadadada." Shit like that.
Open file (9.03 MB 252x395 belle4.gif)
>>111118 >I think it will just mutate as fast as we can vaccinate No shit. Just like the common flu which this basically is.
>>111118 All this global panic was over a nasty flu. The scientists and "experts" were lying or dumb, take your pick. The vaccine does little to nothing to prevent catching chinkflu and comes with nasty side effects that can ruin your life. The government hates you and is angry that you don't obey them without question and will do everything in their power to punish the population for the next decade out of pure spite. Everyone is isolated and hates their neighbors a little more each day despite being desperately lonely. The Chyna virus convinced me that the real pandemic is gay retarded people. Hitler was too tolerant.
Open file (1.66 MB 1920x1080 E7RP9icXEAQoxX4.jpg)
>>111117 Look how the Гунт MOGS these 'women'.
>>111117 literally pointing at the Гунт with a scared expression on the face.
>>111098 even less bickers jcaesar187 is very clearly on his tippy toes in that picture
>>111121 Hahahaha, he keeps doing it. It's so funny how self-conscious he is about being a midget. He does this in so many photos.
Open file (88.21 KB 228x478 guntwise-and-gandalf.jpg)
hit the fucking wall at 25 cheer up horse haha
Open file (497.65 KB 1099x616 E7PvyF5WEAEBoU9.jpg)
>>111127 It could be worse. He makes a more convincing woman than the thing on the far right which goes by the name 'Andrea'.
>>111129 the fuck is this wet spot shit?
I saw a notification that Jewsh was streaming last night but today I go to his channel and find he has only one video from 6 years ago. Did the Гунт flag down his channel or something?
Open file (363.14 KB 1107x736 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.74 MB 889x1334 ClipboardImage.png)
>>111128 >>111129 >4'11" this is one of my fetishes
Open file (141.44 KB 1280x854 BB+On+Stage+2.jpg)
Open file (261.02 KB 1500x1000 DSC02151.jpg)
>>111143 Yeah, she's a cute mutt
Open file (1.28 MB 500x450 343215213.gif)
>>111143 Same in fact of course Just a tiny ragdoll that you can fuck in all kinds of positions OH GOD HERE I GO AGAIN I'M COOOOOOOOMING
>>111143 >>111144 >>111145 get out pedos
>>111146 Anon tinny adult women is not pedophilia. I don't know why you would try to muddy the water on the definition of this term. That is unless your intentionally trying to blur moral lines to mask your own misdeeds... Are you perhaps projecting their? Are you the kiddy Diddler? >>111145 b.b.b.BASED
>>111130 roastie urinary incontinence? i dunno.
>>111146 >I think of children when I see a very short woman Yikes'a'rino, my guy That's unfortunate
>>111149 they look like chilrdren, youre a pedo but keep coping like loli lovers my guy
>>111146 >>111150 >my 5 other ids even agree with my sentiment, so you better take a long hard look at yourself
>>111151 shes a 10 thousand year old witch my G​AMERGATE its okay
>>111152 >35 year old in real life 3dpd is literally the same thing as a fictional character in my favorite anime take your meds schizo
>>111145 >>111154 >posts gif of ugly tiny "woman" with no body shape if youre into underdeveloped women youre a pedo buddy, you could jack it to midgets but its not about the size is it, you G​AMERGATEs are into the fact they have baby faces, dress and act like little girls, keep using the same copes as loli pedos though
Open file (1.60 MB 720x1280 4v02YPvq.mp4)
>>111155 Bro like I said, your the one blurring definitions. Typical tactic of a leftiod. Why are you trying to normalize pedophilia by somehow suggesting a completely healthy and normal masculine attraction to petite adult women is something immoral? I also like thicc girls, but I imagine an autist like yourself couldn't comprehend such a thing.
>>111156 keep coping but men are attracted to tits and ass buddy, something that underdeveloped women dont have, if you like flat chests and baby faces youre most likely a pedo just admit it
Open file (662.16 KB 2048x1500 TRSodomites.jpg)
>>111157 >t. TRSodomite takes a break from prison Aryan Brotherhood buttsex to lectures people about normal healthy masculinity TOPKEK
Open file (323.41 KB 1440x1440 71845872129856.jpg)
>>111155 >baby faces You should have that autism looked at, buddy. >>111157 >small tits and tiny ass aren't "tits and ass" They feel about the same to me.
>>111158 are you gay?
Open file (77.07 KB 1080x1080 capanig.jpg)
>>111143 Built for Big Kneeling Mutt.
>>111147 >>111149 >>111151 get out pedos
Open file (502.82 KB 600x600 Eu7lPGgVcAEfhpb.png)
>>111143 >>111144 but her head... it's too fuckin big, dudes. how does she not fall over?
>aut-kike prison bitches unironically think liking attractive women is gay ishygddt
>>111165 >(78)
>>111167 take your apes back to /interracial/
Open file (1.12 MB 1024x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
<pedos using VPN typical
Open file (693.79 KB 407x207 92218952985.gif)
>>111169 >no u
What a surprise the same discord tranny ids are all pedos. WOW SHOCKER
>>111146 >>111150 >>111160 >>111164 >>111169 >>111170 >>111173 >if I keep changing IDs for every post I make, perhaps anons won't recognize me in the future and call me a faggot once more, that would do terrible things to mentality
>>111175 > (1)
>>111174 yes everyone who thinks you blogposting faggots are pedos is the same guy or girl named muttni
Open file (47.61 KB 400x400 81v25c87gf52d.jpg)
>>111177 Thanks for confirming what I already know
>>111178 Can I at the very least get an invite to the discord I wanna join you guys im sick of having to call out your homosexuality.
>>111179 >I have to join a discord to act like a faggot But you seem to be doing very well all on your own
>>111180 So you wont let me join? Fine fuck you.
Open file (297.10 KB 1616x1616 E5ErACSUYAATsFt.jpg)
hard day at work and it is going to get even harder tomorrow. Dammit, I wanna have poki as gf now, instead of the angry nurse I have now. She was literally pissed that I did not come home 5pm to make her dinner, instead I came home when I finished at work at 7pm and then made dinner to me and her. >>111118 yes, viruses mutate that is common knowledge for virologist and scientists. What is wrong is that people see more transmissible equals more danger when the delta variant is the one you wanna catch bickers it is not more dangerous but more like the flue. >>111119 it is not like the influenza the illness is kinda like the flue now. >>111121 that look from his tranny is funny bickers she is showing pure disgust. >>111127 I think pantsu just realized she is in league with these other ugly looking women and she just realized this, that she is not this hot-stuff that she thought she was. >>111143 wait, you are attracted to femlets? >>111165 bailey is perfect woman but wonder how bad her femcel instincts are since she has been alone for such a long time.
Open file (298.46 KB 640x870 1594861286134.webm)
>>111182 >wait, you are attracted to femlets? Absolutely, my first GF was a 5'1" femlet and it was great. I've dated some taller girls too but its just not as much fun. But I have eclectic taste so it really just depends on how well put together the chick is.
Open file (319.63 KB 598x495 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.64 MB 1080x1482 ClipboardImage.png)
>>111184 jesus christ not again. Another fake mma fight that will never happen. $3000 that doesnt exist. This is ridiculous.
Open file (385.61 KB 650x653 1872bh5dg812f.png)
>>111184 >I tower over a woman leaning on a table while I'm standing up straight
Open file (28.91 KB 457x250 9855989855986.jpg)
>>111184 >A few inches taller is "towering" over someone No. Pic related is towering over someone.
>>111184 The 5'1 shit really is his kryptonite. Just help but take the bait every time. also what are chances he has shoe lifts?
Open file (291.29 KB 439x611 gunterlord.png)
>>111188 just can't*
>>111188 Sure, if he can even reach his feet to put on shoes.
>>111192 Did jcaesar187 just compare himself to a shota? Well I guess he is the same height
>>111177 Every one of these so-called "different anons" seem to use the word "blogposting" while so-called "all" seething at weakload.
Open file (44.64 KB 474x423 gunt2.png)
Open file (112.59 KB 468x561 gunt3.png)
Open file (80.61 KB 1280x720 217592189285586.jpg)
>>111194 It's a puzzle, isn't it?
In case noone else noticed, it looks like that Toad McKinleymoonisapedophile.com website jcaesar187 wanted was domain parked.
>>111194 none of the posters other than me used the term blogposter, ive seen maybe one other person who wasnt me using it in the last 2 or 3 weeks. Now shush more important things are happening than your faggy circle jerk drama.
Open file (2.09 MB 400x450 5c8sz9c2dx7c9dc.gif)
>>111195 >he has no guests or cohosts neener neener neener That's a relief, bickers all they do is fill dead air with more empty talk. >>111198 Cmon Brittany, you are fucking horrible at this.
Open file (384.58 KB 404x524 guntahegao.png)
Open file (305.52 KB 609x448 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.09 MB 951x1377 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (266.18 KB 476x1125 gunt4.png)
Open file (9.79 KB 678x123 E7VV7HpWEAQz4CZ.jpg)
Open file (18.55 KB 1079x197 E7VV6zRWQAMVijj.jpg)
Open file (13.93 KB 900x124 E7VV688X0AsupQU.jpg)
So the Гунт claimed to be 5'9" and 5'11 on separate occasions. If JLP is actually 6'4" and Гунт is 5'11" on stilts he is still shorter that JLP unless he stands on a julay crate with stilts.
>>111192 >when my gf is into lolicon and shota its okay >when jewish does it now its ur a pedo jewish u love to see it
>>111201 >>111202 JLP is clearly around 2 inches taller than Гунт in that picture, Obviously hes not 6'4. Found out how tall JLP is and we have Гунтs height.
>>111202 >JLP is actually as tall as claimed
Open file (360.89 KB 800x1600 OLD ENOUGH.png)
>>111206 Even if they pretend the soph stuff didnt happen, he and andy did a stream where they actually looked at CP and described what they were looking at and giggled like school girls.
Open file (58.19 KB 610x351 HannityPeterson.jpg)
Open file (424.27 KB 475x806 078122895238956.PNG)
>>111204 Here's another try at it
Open file (479.69 KB 720x480 ralph cp 1.mp4)
The Гунт is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him 5'1" and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”
>>111209 So Гунт is legit 5'4 at most. Theres a real simple way for him to end this and make everyone look dumb and thats get a tape measure and get an unedited shot show the bottom the top and pan out. I wonder why he doesnt just do that.
>>111210 >>111208 >>111203 mercedes carrera porn pig and participant of cp ring was a close friend of Гунт
Open file (131.82 KB 820x1024 E6YuWjNUcAMvq41.jpg)
Open file (135.30 KB 820x1024 E6YuWjNUcAI2rvW.jpg)
>>111183 I am about 180cm so 5'9 or king manlets. I find 170 or 175 to be perfect height when it comes to chicks. If they are small then it becomes embarrassing bickers it is like you are having dinner with your daughter or something perverse. >>111184 fight me irl, ain't it like illegal to beat up a manlet? >>111192 technically it is true that jcaesar187 has the same height as a shota boy but that does not make him a shota. >>111195 jcaesar187 does not even have the money to pay Jewsh to a fight or bets. >>111201 it is obvious that Jesse P is lying about his height he said he was 196 cm or 6'4, that is obviously not true. SO yes he must be manlet that is 5'1 as jcaesar187. Also why do people believe it is hard to lie on the internet about one height?
>>111205 Yeah this, JLP is another manlet lying himself taller.
>>111212 That's assuming Sean Hannity isn't a liar too, which is a huge assumption.
>>111214 poki has such a weird body, i probably would still hit it but man its weird
>>111204 So if Hannity is 5'11" as this anon >>111209 pointed out. Hannity appears to be 3 inches taller than JLP, that would make JLP 5'8" and if the Гунт is 2 inches shorter JLP as seen in this photo >>111201 that would Гунт 5'6" but as you clearly see he is wearing sandals so have to subtract another inch and you arrive 5'5"
>>111215 Height for men ~ Age for women
Open file (92.10 KB 843x1024 E5pQn6yUcAAbCA7.jpg)
Open file (431.47 KB 1638x2048 Ew3Sr-GVEAER3Te.jpg)
Open file (195.84 KB 1125x2000 ExlgccYVcAAstNi.jpg)
>>111217 Poki has small tiddies. Big butt and thighs which makes her body seem weird in a way. Also Poki has a big head which seems, you know kinda weird to her type of body so she is probably also a femlet.
>>111216 its his kayfabe height hes shoot only 5'4 brother. Its a work.
Pig Hawg started a stream waiting room on his channel. probably going to be a while though.
Open file (34.55 KB 800x400 98258927893256.jpg)
Open file (25.41 KB 1065x236 8925928393286.PNG)
>>111221 Well yeah. No way Sean Hannity is 5'11"
>>111223 aaauuugggghhhh all these motherfuckers lying about their height fucking manlets
Does g.unt realize Jew.sh 100% knows he is stalking foxdick's chat (which requires a foxdick acct) and is intentionally baiting him with nonsense so g.unt can waste his time schizoposting about everything Jew.sh says in the chat? Friday is Coming
Open file (480.69 KB 1536x2048 ExWgGuRVoAAdQcu.jpg)
>>111224 >manlets lying about their height it is not like it is hard to lie about ones height on the internet. >>111225 it is great that jewsh is baiting the Гунт of course in fact fam
Open file (237.29 KB 277x497 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (953.89 KB 638x690 ClipboardImage.png)
>>111220 nah her torse is just really wide and her arms and legs are kinda skinny and she doesnt really have hips
Open file (292.82 KB 462x285 871821799285658.PNG)
>>111224 It's a neverending maze of fucking liars.
Open file (90.64 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Open file (19.60 KB 673x255 645644.jpg)
>>111228 anyone got that pic Toad McKinley took of N​IGGER next to the crossing.
>>111208 Don't forget that Гунт was with fai fai when she was 17.
Open file (23.09 KB 478x286 gunt5.png)
Open file (12.60 KB 812x114 dwarfism.png)
>average height
Open file (214.66 KB 1200x900 9825827558993856.jpg)
>>111231 I don't have that one, but I have this.
Open file (182.41 KB 1200x1200 5de986cb8ec14.image.jpg)
>>111233 for reference, Michael Sisco and Spic Fuentes.
Oh for fuck sake. Anthony Cumia's premium subscriber website is as secure as jcaesar187's. Also, penis quiz.
>>111235 Yeah, I'm not surprised he is a fucking liar too.
>>111233 >haha
if all this started with jewsh posting a chair emoji people should just start tweeting random emojis at jcaesar187 and see what he responds with.
>>111236 what the fuck am I looking at here? Was Гунт on this chicks show to watch gay porn?
>>111236 Jcaesar187 is loving it.
Open file (1.97 MB 1346x715 1520793848495.png)
Open file (375.82 KB 1250x532 1520798644817.png)
Open file (168.72 KB 1200x900 DmwQJD3X0AMrxSH.jpg)
>>111231 I got you, here's one with him with Farage and Dankula for comparison too, do we have a picture of jcaesar187 with N​IGGER stranding straight?
Open file (37.75 KB 1062x593 insert this.jpg)
>>111236 someone who's better at shooping....
Open file (205.96 KB 640x360 butt.mp4)
Open file (382.90 KB 1536x2048 E3i-Wu8UUAA2jpO.jpg)
>>111227 small tiddies and a wide torso plus a nice hips and butt. Also she is built like a fatty. I think she is still quite nice looking but she choice her camera angels really well so you don't see she is a fatty.
Open file (42.12 KB 363x296 ClipboardImage.png)
=P P P== chat in a nutshell >Bryan Dumb desperate for clout and always writing in CAPS >Reddit trannies like Ham >pakla set, a pajeet attention whore from foxdickfarms >Trifox, a paypiggie neet known to be a lolifag in certain circles on the internet also somefags are seething about Surfer and his hot take about jokes about dogs dying
Open file (333.61 KB 272x464 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (475.30 KB 375x607 ClipboardImage.png)
>>111236 I honestly thought that was just a dude with long hair and a weird tie die. Now I see it was a troon all along. How long before jcaesar187 starts wearing drag like Digibro?
Open file (12.90 KB 500x381 woah.jpg)
I open /cow/. I go to the former IBS spergout thread. I scroll down. And i see that piggy is still sperging about his height 8 YEARS LATER Amazin, simply fuckin amazin
>>111248 wait I just realized he is sitting next to the 4'11" chick and not even a foot taller with a hat on. I assumed he was between 5'4" to 5'6" but is the 5'1" meme is becoming a reality?
Open file (171.25 KB 1043x229 ppp.png)
>>111245 i see the fat dyke steals his stream image from /cow/ >>110703 how many hot takes will he have gotten from here also
>>111240 They talk about drugs, being e-celebs, 20 minutes of looks at dicks. The usual. Wet Spot 099 Chrissie, Andrea Bryant, Brittany Brave, jcaesar187, and Andrew Harms take a penis quiz https://mega.nz/file/pglkEKbC#_3lxjloHHjsq9R1GHT8iphXZ3YsJrv1FUGvcfeXYLuc
>>111245 what do you expect? >>111246 oh man that tranny is disgusting >>111247 do you really think a manlet would stop sperging about his manlet size? >>111249 yeah it is real life that he is 5'1 and he is wider than his height it is rather amazing. I wanna try and get poki as gf but would she be impressed with my wallets and gold bling, and obviously the rolex watch I have?
>>111245 didnt the faggot Bryan Dumb made a stream where he was literally crying bickers people wont let him alone?
>>111252 >I wanna try and get poki as gf just do what I do and show her your bwc.
Open file (1.09 MB 1920x1017 andy_ashton_gay.png)
https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream Ashton Parks finally returns to disavow the Гунт?
Open file (769.22 KB 558x744 bryansoyboygape.png)
>>111253 Yes he did
>>111251 >they look at dicks
>>111254 So should I just show her my cock and not my gold jewelry and other expensive shit that I do own? bickers I do think that poki's poontang might feel really comfy, but she is probably a a god damn whore so the poontang might be too lose.
>>111250 The Pig Hawg just waits a few weeks and then just streams about old news a the top of his lungs. He is sorta like Mundane Matt, but instead of reading the headlines of the local news, he is reading the headlines on /cow/ and foxdicks. Thankfully Surfer adds something to the stream. Didn't the Pig Hawg used to make fun of Dax for the "Loud = Funny" bullshit?
Open file (147.95 KB 755x667 ClipboardImage.png)
>>111258 I mean I would...
>>111259 I mean what do you expect, he has always done that, except he used to actually be funny, only read the cyclical and hadn't been completely corrupted by his desires to be an e-celeb. Foxdick and the baronet really seemed to fuck his brain up.
Open file (195.84 KB 1125x2000 ExlgccYVcAAstNi.jpg)
>>111260 I dunno, it feels perverse to show my cock to poki.
Open file (51.60 KB 575x316 ClipboardImage.png)
>>111259 THE Гунт DID WHAT???????
Open file (5.61 MB 1280x1920 ClipboardImage.png)
>>111262 You don't do it unsolicited. I mean its not a tactic that works very well online. You need to hang out with the chick first and let them see your bulge then playfully kinda tell em "I'll show you mine if you show me yours". Typically girls love two things Money and big dick and I doubt you have enough money to impress a woman like Pokimane with a Net Worth of $2,000,000 USD.
Open file (297.10 KB 1616x1616 E5ErACSUYAATsFt.jpg)
>>111264 Poki has that much networth? Yeah, then it is a hard pass obviously.
ashton doesnt have the strength of will to lose weight. He'll be off it within three weeks bickers hes all about big empty gestures and not actual actions with substance.
>>111266 I dunno, do e-blowjobs to fellow attention whore and failed zleb Bryan Dunn would make him lose calories? Then he might lose weight!
>>111267 Unfortunately for most people in this sphere internet activities such as running your mouth and getting into slap-fights doesnt actually burn any calories. Hes gonna have to put down the food and stop the 3 am mcdonalds takeouts.
Open file (997.65 KB 597x1144 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (582.00 KB 451x602 ClipboardImage.png)
Maybe he is, Гунт.
>>111267 speaking of Bryan he just dropped a new video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9sA3JuHv3M
>>111258 Poki is into fisting so it's probalby not worth the trouble unless you plan on gold digging her.
Open file (125.27 KB 640x360 retard face.mp4)
>>111271 I want the girl to be the gold digger not me being a gold digger, god dammti! are you sure she did not say fishing?
>>111272 Yes in leaked sexts between her and Fed she was talking about fisting herself.
Open file (285.55 KB 1536x2048 E7DcsN3XsBAhsbn.jpg)
>>111273 yeah, she is probably more trouble than my current gf. at-least my current gf is just using my pay-check for stupid clothes and does not use it on jewellery. But then again, I've kinda spent allot of money on jewellery on her already maybe just hang in there for now.
reminder JK impregnated this piglet. >>111273 >poki sex tape what? Source please.
Open file (144.94 KB 994x1658 ClipboardImage.png)
>>111275 >what? Source please. Not a tape. Leaked sexts, like chats. Tiny went over them in a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XYMWFYGUhc but if you don't feel like watching a 2 hour video of a helium voiced hobbit you could probably find the docs if you googled Fedmyster Pokimane leaks. Fed was the quintessential emotional tampon of a fugly egirl streamer. Many such cases. Embarrassing to read.
>>111276 >sexting oh, disappointing.
Open file (99.67 KB 1252x715 ashley horowitz.jpg)
dude wtf happened
>>111278 >fan of hasan piker >PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd by JMK >fat >Jew fro I think the PIG HAWG is the savior of the white race bros.
Open file (62.43 KB 870x648 ClipboardImage.png)
>>111214 5.9 feet and 5'9" (five feet, nince inches) is not the same thing you fucking sped. 5'11" (five feet, eleven inches) equals 180cm. retard. >>111227 wow what a weird down syndrome body type, pretty gross in fact of course >>111251 they look at dicks? what?
Open file (470.73 KB 1248x1272 881289215925.jpg)
>>111278 Ah so
Open file (142.30 KB 290x378 ClipboardImage.png)