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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2

Alternate names include
Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞
Internet Bloodsports Megathread

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

Links, Information and Lore:
Full Timeline
http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
Archived Threads:
http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
Open file (81.12 KB 1080x1080 gunttard.jpeg)
>>95350 He really does look like a fat dyke doesnt he?
Open file (398.53 KB 744x828 ppp-butch.jpg)
This news story popped into my news feed. It looks just like Zoomer-girl! Haha.
Open file (66.21 KB 405x472 940098327930.png)
Open file (149.10 KB 1080x1080 gollum_josh.jpeg)
>>95347 Tab away after the base image loads. It's probably some event issues that breaks it if you leave the page focused.
Kermit and Friends is live with 13 viewers and Andy Dick (remember him!). https://youtu.be/4K687Ktgh6U
Open file (155.19 KB 348x262 sargoy_getting_sleepy.png)
Open file (829.43 KB 847x476 i.png)
Got bored getting banned from cuckchan so I came here. Is the Mutt still posting essays everyday? Why don't you get another hobby? I have come to inform you all that I will be dressed in full kigu on the 19th and 20th in DC. If you see Julay-chan walking around with an AR-10 feel free to give them head pats. I ordered that mask months ago and might as well use it to hide my hideous face. I've modified the eye holes so I can see out of the damn thing. I'll probably go down in the first volley. Considering just bringing a snek flag and leading the boomers into Valhalla. I tried to shitpost at Nick and jcaesar187 IRL on the 6th but those faggots were too afraid to enter the building. Ended up sniffing AOC's shoes instead. Some other fags stole all the laptops and hard drives before I got to them. See you space /cow/boy
Open file (797.09 KB 980x628 julaycongress.png)
>>95360 Forgot to mention. In /cow/boys in need of shelter, food, water, ammo, moonshine, or a ride can get what they need from Julay-chan. She will lend you all the support you need. Come shitpost with her IRL on the 20th.
Open file (43.25 KB 474x528 1426834134734.jpg)
>>95210 >everyone from kike enoch to female mutt centrists such as the quartering banned ftfy But I agree. >>95218 Finally some good news. >>95260 >hahaha, it's hilarious I'll bet Jcaesar didn't understand a single word in Jewshua Moonie's tweet. >>95271 >Not as stupid as a guy who thinks that his sarcasm is apparent in text-only form. We're not in your brain. We aren't mind readers. We can't finish your sentences. Learn to communicate. >>95276 >Lame. The oldfag larp yet again. *tips fedora*
Open file (137.52 KB 1080x1080 089a8b.jpeg)
Open file (99.23 KB 1080x1080 c73f34.jpeg)
Open file (102.95 KB 1080x1080 9caaf2.jpeg)
Open file (141.33 KB 1080x1080 318b90.jpeg)
>>95363 Top right sort of looks like jewsh
>>95365 More like armored septic
Open file (92.11 KB 1080x1080 1610268628288.jpg)
Open file (148.33 KB 1080x1080 0dce5a.jpeg)
Open file (154.83 KB 1080x1080 19d2e3.jpeg)
Open file (199.27 KB 1080x1080 Internet Aristocrat2.jpeg)
Open file (101.86 KB 1080x1080 Internet Aristocrat3.jpeg)
Open file (6.32 MB 6440x6440 leddit.jpg)
We did it reddit!
>>95370 Anon, what even is this absolute cancer?
>>95372 reddit.
>>95373 I know that, I mean what is any of that meant to mean? Are these yetis and worms and stuff from some shitty cartoon
>>95374 I think it's supposed to be political compass alien invasion edition, or some shit like that.
>>95374 most of them are a different type of wojak from what I can see, I think the aliens are just some reddit aliens lmao thing. >gawd doesn't exist >stop being a conspiracy theorist <aliens <WOOOOOOOWWWW
>>95368 God I miss vee, and that one habercuck on the uper right looks like jewsh.
Open file (26.61 KB 662x384 poll.png)
Data Mining Post Will /cow/ take the vaccine for the deadly corona virus? https://www.strawpoll.me/42423569
Open file (3.82 MB 3842x5133 gahoole_epstein.jpg)
zach won
>>95381 >>95380 Answer the poll zach!
Open file (835.13 KB 320x180 ltggroove.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnQ6NaCc4is LOW TIER GOD STREAM 1/10/2021
>>95383 complaining about ethots using photoshop again. this G​AMERGATE has been recycling the same material for 3 years now
>>95383 Answer the poll blackdsp!
>>95383 >This is a private video. Please sign in to verify that you may see it yeah not gonna do that to check out some G​AMERGATE
Open file (3.34 KB 537x229 ruh-roh.png)
Open file (673.87 KB 525x778 belle10.png)
Open file (58.38 KB 960x516 belle11.jpg)
Open file (1.00 MB 1280x689 belle7.png)
Open file (1.11 MB 689x873 belle8.png)
Open file (146.73 KB 1080x1080 dcf43b.jpeg)
Open file (87.61 KB 525x900 RalphaBelle29.jpg)
Open file (104.76 KB 960x516 RalphaBelle31.jpg)
Open file (141.06 KB 1280x689 RalphaBelle28.jpg)
Open file (150.85 KB 689x873 RalphaBelle25.jpg)
>>95390 ONLYГунт
It's somewhat reassuring that this place is dead even when foxdick is offline. The trannies aren't using this place as a surrogate anymore.
>>95392 They probably went to 8coom. Thank god for Gym and his cuckchan 2.0
Open file (7.86 KB 238x71 ClipboardImage.png)
Joseph Lancaster is now verified.
>>95394 Nice to see him bounce back from going under 100k subs
>>95395 Only bickers he's a grifter
>>95396 Now I just hope N​IGGER can repair his damage career.
>>95397 This. Kraut may not burn himself again bickers and I know it's taboo to give e-celebs credit on /cow/ but he seems to have grown at least some brain to not pull the doxing server shit again, but Don Sargone still has not learned his lesson. If he bounces back julay is to follow.
>>95398 kraut learned to laugh at himself soyfather can never do that, although fuck all zcelebs kraut redemption has been kinda funny, can still get ovened though
>>95399 His twitter is like a disconnected piece of his body. He starts sperging about islam and jews whenever he's on twitter. If he can keep his spergery bottled he can avoid future autism.
speaking of the soyfather and his cronies seen arch been shoa'd from jewtube
>>95393 they went to discord like faggots
Open file (158.52 KB 1600x745 gunt coom.jpg)
#Гунтstream: Parler Purged, Dems Come For MIGA, Merkel Slams Twitter, + More https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>95403 The Гунтroach is truly resilient.
>>95401 apparently he was "hacked". i'm so glad that Norwegian faggot's grift is over.
Open file (51.42 KB 964x590 results.png)
Open file (341.53 KB 651x476 billykruger.png)
The Alogs Have Spoken! If you manage to survive the vaccine, you will end up living in a smart city and getting fucked in the ass by bill gates. This is truly a fate worse than death, which you must avoid at all cost even if it means losing your life. "Millions will die." - Professor Cahill https://www.bitchute.com/video/QluEd7niAgxf/ "Sterilization" - Computing Forever https://www.bitchute.com/video/uqu5rR8JK5YV/
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHy-EX1LBu8 Parler Lawsuit, foxdick farms Suit Update, Probably Something Else
Open file (68.51 KB 680x680 ltgsword.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xLV63YDd80 LOW TIER GOD STREAM 1/11/2021/ games
>>95408 >>95395 >>95397 >>95398 >>95399 >>95400 shut the fuck up, Trout
Open file (68.51 KB 680x680 ltgsword.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c0ScE1s8yQ LOW TIER GOD STREAM 1/11/2021/games he back
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PBNIdXDT_s LOW TIER GOD STREAM 1/11/2021/chill games damn this NIGGER has fucking ghettogaggers internet ALSO REKIETA ANNOUNCES LOUIS LEVAU THE LOLI LOVER AND Toad McKinley CAPO FOR TOMORROW'S GUEST
>>95405 i didn't mind his lore vids but i like 40k but he got more and more insufferable as time went on, shame though his old vids on titans were great to fall asleep to >>95409 im not Austrian and my cock is intact,you slabbering mongoloid
>>95412 shut the fuck up trout
>>95413 >trout >munti tell me your the same faggot lol I'm the porridgewog lad been here for ages not my fault your spazzy detector is going haywire, maybe take a break from existing for a short while :^)
>>95414 >I'm the porridgewog lad Literally who?
>>95415 exactly lad, exactly
Open file (387.15 KB 900x905 low-hanging-fruit.jpg)
>>95417 Considering the sheer sixe of her tits it's not that bad in fact of course. 5 years from now however.
>>95417 >>95418 is she just against bras or something? or cant get one that works right?
>>95418 Yeah, well, I'm not saying I wouldn't suck on them for days, but yes when she hits 30 her knees are gonna slap against them when she walks Not a good look
Open file (2.14 MB 1280x1704 Vеnti (1).png)
>>95417 maybe her ass is still tight
>all this munti talk reminds me anyone got the clip of rooshv on warski live peltering her and that robotics bitch, yeno the one ' 3/10 would not bang go home and fuck your cuck husband and think of me"
>>95416 im ada52c
>>95419 She said on Twitter awhile back that they were too uncomfortable for some vague reason after she was hospitalized last year.
Open file (67.02 KB 1400x751 86].jpg)
>>95423 i used to post N​IGGERs at you in the original cyclical even though i knew you were just trolling lad :^)
Open file (507.88 KB 1920x1080 5 gum.mp4)
>>95425 >Pornwhore won Find some other hole to crawl down to.
Open file (219.67 KB 1188x2208 01 (4).jpg)
>>95427 seeth harder Muttni
Open file (383.98 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
Spicolas' new Telegram avatar.
>>95429 tfw the Гунт tracks you down irl
Gonzalo did a stream with wild Spic if you need some background noise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=926Ur2DzzGo
>>95277 >>95279 >>95287 I LOVE that brown butt. Is there anymore? How did you get these?
Open file (234.51 KB 498x277 8023928352983.gif)
>>95435 Stand in front of a mirror and drop your drawers
Open file (1.75 MB 1128x908 blackass.png)
>>95436 like this?
Open file (79.68 KB 640x619 dad mode.jpg)
/r/Muttni's nudes for /fit/ discussion
Open file (81.70 KB 356x426 tjcuj.png)
#Гунтstream: Goyzpaul vs Captain Nigg‌‌eryach https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
Open file (185.03 KB 1081x566 gone.png)
Open file (12.18 MB 640x360 party_time.webm)
Open file (46.08 KB 1302x239 ironyqueer.png)
>>95440 >>95441 Is it time? Is the Retort finally aborted? The Гунтroach squished for good? It says he's suspended but I've gotten my hopes up before. He'll probably be reinstated in 2 days. Keep in mind Andrew Anglin is still there hiding under "Ted Wang." In fact, I see he donated to Queerson just recently. Any channel that mutes me for trolling deserves to get aborted permanently. No mercy. They're willing to censor chat and hide people so I have sympathy when they get banned. Karma. Is there any way WE can get Beardson dragged into this? He supports Fuentes and jcaesar187 and Anglin. He was marching around DC recently.
Гунт IS STREAMING HERE NOW https://trovo.live/thejcaesar187retort
I know jcaesar187 only got temporarily banned. He will be back after groveling to Dlive in Discord. It's only bc that black Israelite said something about Jews I'm sure. Just like Fuentes will be back. Y'all get my hopes up for nothing. Although Fuentes isn't on Jewtube anymore...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxCKcdiGVV0 Louis Le Vau Talks Government, Libertarianism, and the Path Forward
>>95448 Back just in time for his court date
Open file (382.25 KB 800x1400 gaytordesu.png)
jcaesar187's audience chat wants to ban the "spergs" (YOU) from chat. This platform might not let them ban you yet. People are talking about doxing Toad McKinley in chat but I know it's FUD to troll him. Sadly. Toad McKinley is crying that they're being hounded by alogs and leftists.
Open file (3.96 KB 352x98 ClipboardImage.png)
>>95455 >caeaa5 >caesar HE HAS ARRIVED ALOGS, THE MESSIAH
Louis LeVau spergs out about Gabe when Rekieta's superchats make fun of him for that one stream Gabe PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD him in
Open file (264.90 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (233.87 KB 523x485 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (21.98 KB 524x199 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (239.03 KB 490x547 David Sherrat shocked.png)
Open file (136.48 KB 1080x1080 64c78e.jpeg)
Open file (32.27 KB 600x600 7ce.jpg)
Open file (155.08 KB 1080x1080 98c92c.jpeg)
This video has EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes footage of the Гунт finding out he got shut down last night. Starting 1:33:10. https://youtu.be/U5mny7S0Usc
Open file (35.05 KB 434x224 snapshot.jpg)
>>95469 OH NO
>>95469 >Starting 1:33:10. >total vid length 1:41:14. >doesn't send link to exact timestamp sigh
>>95473 >it's hard to hover his mouse over a timebar
>>95474 oh I'm still watching it just a G​AMERGATE move to not link to timestamp , not moaning at the link, is appreciated maybe just don't do half a job next time
Open file (924.89 KB 1280x720 ShutItDown.webm)
>>95473 >>95474 CRY WHITE BOY
>>95469 Archived, just in case.
Compressed version
>>95476 >>95477 >>95478 >3 webm-logs AUUUGHH /cow/ IS NOT DEAD IN FACT OF COURSE
Open file (86.52 KB 1080x1080 a2e737b.jpg)
Open file (150.82 KB 400x416 29859829253.gif)
>>95461 >creep Well that is his field of expertise >>95479 >>95481 >alawgs won
>>95461 >creep Julay's back on the menu, boys. >>95477 Finally some good news. Listen to the indignation in his fat, greedy voice. >ARE YOU GOING AGAINST ME? THE ONE AND ONLY ÉTHAN OLIVER RÁLPH???
Open file (35.52 KB 359x376 NOT MAD RALPH.png)
Open file (6.65 MB 640x360 Ralph_kickme_Dlive.mp4)
Open file (1.25 MB 640x360 ralph_dlive_threat.mp4)
>>95440 >>95441 Aylog Dlive AUUUUGGHHGH
>>95446 i wonder if trovo has a terms of service haha, also fuck you Гунт
Open file (34.55 KB 535x502 Screenshot .png)
hate to see it paypigs dropping
>>95486 I wonder how much longer he'll have a paypig? Surely paypig must disapprove of Гунтs that advocate for political violence, killing cops and terrorism.
>>95487 Let's be real here, If you're a paypig for Гунт you the dumbest, most retarded niggеrfaggot in existence. People like that will paypig no matter what.
Open file (345.89 KB 1642x884 ralph on the simp mafia.png)
>>95488 Agreed. I meant paypig the platform; not the subhumans and bots that pay the Гунт.
>>95489 Nyaruhodo. Which paypig does he even have left?
Apparently 8coom is getting shut down, with only tor option available GYM LOLCOWSKIN BTFО
Open file (1.09 MB 985x827 ralph bald.png)
>>95490 As far as I know, just paypig.
Open file (932.05 KB 1396x917 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (150.65 KB 1324x684 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (611.09 KB 1227x854 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (221.69 KB 775x858 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (210.16 KB 763x830 ClipboardImage.png)
Looks like he still has a subscribestar, but nobody seems to care. He's gotten two likes total in the last two months and only has 13 subscribers, who I suspect have forgotten they're paying the Гунт or are alts of the Гунт.
>>95493 paying to listen to Гунтs shitty takes with rand, also this motherfucker is still promoting and trying to profit from bloodsports haha
>>95488 Yeah, paypigs (in general) have proven themselves to be the ultimate Subhumans of the 21st century. The only way to cure them of their grifter addictions is by separating them from their e-celebs for the longest time possible.
>>95493 subscribestar /who/
Open file (410.77 KB 384x526 the_rapeman_of_the_uk.png)
>>95496 Some shitty paypig alternative that I only know about bickers of rapeman.
>>95496 Really, white G​AMERGATE?
>>95500 >>95498 10000000000000000000-0, YA GOOFS!!!!!
Open file (145.00 KB 265x284 vamp.png)
>memba donga
>>95500 Old shit tooth used to get really defensive and almost cry when you'd bring up her daddy issues. Those were the fun days.
>>95504 is shit tooth still alive haven't they joined the 41% club yet?
>>95505 The last time I saw vamptranny they were streaming a video game some time last year and it was boring and nobody else was watching so I left instantly. Shout out to 7eb258.
>>95504 >>95505 Shit tooth finally got "her" shit tooth fixed a year or two ago
>>95507 Is he stil cucking donga? or did they split
>>95508 I thought they were split ages ago, but you'd never know it since they were still livestreaming together. Though I haven't listened to him since he chickened out of Doxville, so "she" might be long gone from Coomite.
Open file (2.87 MB 606x1078 jy.webm)
>>95510 She knows her fanbase well at least.
Open file (246.28 KB 347x425 masked.png)
>>95512 same energy
>>95513 >Half-Puerto Rican Toad McKinley confirmed
Open file (332.42 KB 716x610 829822983.PNG)
Open file (229.41 KB 757x604 285692928563.PNG)
Open file (155.50 KB 415x523 958895695865986.png)
Why is having a rape fetish and recording yourself larp being raped bad but brainwashing kids into cutting off their genitals or taking hormone blockers to block important hormones for development good?
>>95516 Cause the trannies won.
>>95517 The only thing trannies are going to win is free helicpoter rides by their own masters once this faggy revolution is over.
>>95518 It doesnt end until the fall of the empire though.
Open file (85.38 KB 1024x1024 ec6fd3.jpeg)
SILENCE OF THE LAMBS THEN THE LATEST SEASON OF BATTLEBOTS Followed by a manual restream of Гунт since the technology to automate restreaming from trovo just isnt quite there yet. https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
jcaesar187, this fucking idiot is streaming now on trovo, guess what the fucking munande matt boulder stream, he has nothing else https://trovo.live/thejcaesar187retort
>>95522 >trovo /who/
>>95523 It's a streaming platform owned by even worse chinks.
Can't wait for gnt to be be banned from even the obscurest of platform.
Open file (162.65 KB 707x316 Fai 1.png)
Open file (266.67 KB 557x375 Fai 2.png)
Open file (278.79 KB 388x487 Fai 3.png)
The state executed jcaesar187's baby momma. She was the 1st woman executed since the 1950's. She was mentally ill, drove 150 miles to a woman's house, strangled her with a rope, then did a C-section to extract her baby. The woman woke up while she was being cut into with a knife but later died. This nut tried to pass the baby off as her own. https://nypost.com/2021/01/13/lisa-montgomery-is-first-woman-executed-in-us-since-1953/
>>95489 It's disturbingly difficult to tell the difference between a bot and a Гунт paypig assuming they are not actually gaytorbots anyway
Open file (103.56 KB 474x222 c2XOxgujmF.png)
>>95478 >tfw you lose your lemonstand
Open file (13.47 MB 1280x720 oof.mp4)
>>95528 >assuming they are not actually gaytorbots Ya know, that would explain a lot. The gaytorbots and the thrall of gaytor, but gaytor is the thrall of jcaesar187, who is the thrall of the Гунт.
>>95530 Dup gets what he fucking deserves, the faggot shit his pants and did nothing.
>>95531 >who is the Гунт a thrall to? It's a mystery.
>>95533 The Гунт is a thrall to whoever allows him to suck their cock, so mister redditor, steven tiny, andy when he was still bigger, and of course he is always a thrall to makers mark.
Open file (115.80 KB 1603x905 EG5r5xAUYAA8eqX.jpg)
I might just hate this guy more than the Гунт. Have you ever seen someone so obsessed with a government that isn't their own? Not even Toad McKinley does this. This man has more cope infused with him than the most fervent MIGAtards.
>>95535 sa.rgoy*
>>95533 The Гунт is the thrall of the ayyy-logs. I can't think of many things he's done in the last few years that worked out better for him than the ayyy-logs laughing at him.
>>95534 Keem-star, Ni-ck Fuen-tes, Nic-k Rekie-ta. Anybody that he can leech clout from.
Speaking of the capital protests, a Trump supporter has killed himself after being arrested for his role in the storming. Also, a cop has killed himself for some reason. This shit is blowing up. The media is going to use this "bad optics" event to bash conservatives for the next 5 years solid. It's Cville 2.0. People like Fuente-s and Baked might snap and kill themselves once the state start coming down on them. This is very serious. I need more podcasts about this. I've already seen Keith Woods and Richard Spencer doing several livestreams and Strike and Mike. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/claudiakoerner/capitol-police-suicide https://www.newsweek.com/georgia-man-arrested-pro-trump-capitol-riot-dies-suicide-1561005
Open file (19.75 KB 309x299 25619825.jpg)
>>95530 >t. one term "reality" tv star
coming from the faggot that cucks to every tos did he find blackmail on the trovo site mods already, has anyone looked at their gudielines/tos yet haha
>>95500 what's with the cane?
Donga is a cripple
Open file (17.76 KB 420x420 dspveststress.jpg)
Open file (48.53 KB 1280x720 dspvest.jpg)
Open file (90.65 KB 750x543 dspinjection.jpg)
Open file (354.67 KB 1280x720 dspquote100alie.mp4)
/ourguy/ once again delivery kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK0T8RIueV0
>>95546 stop trying to advertise on cow deadman. never ends well
Open file (148.67 KB 1920x1080 D3cH9UMWsAA5sfJ.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FgMsi8FQto Amazon's Response to Parler and MORE!
Open file (416.71 KB 935x1102 1610218275282.jpg)
Open file (957.27 KB 1920x1080 1610222043121.png)
>>95539 >>95539 >a Trump supporter has killed himself after being arrested for his role in the storming. Also, a cop has killed himself for some reason. This shit is blowing up. The media is going to use this "bad optics" event to bash conservatives for the next 5 years solid. It's Cville 2.0. People like Fuente-s and Baked might snap and kill themselves once the state start coming down on them. This is very serious. That's bickers people can see the writing on the wall, they're going to strip people of everything to punish them for daring to support trump and defy the globalist agenda, I expect to see AOC any day to talk about "re-education" >All these years of optics cucks oh look you're still a nazi and going to be thrown into camps with actual nazis, told ya Coach is right, get out of America if you can
Open file (316.11 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>95535 He larps as this epic hacker chad but he's complete special ed. Look at his new profile pic.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa5h-ezGPes LOW TIER GOD STREAM 1/14/2021/chill games
Open file (9.59 KB 218x305 8947347452.jpg)
I'm trying to watch the archive on trovo and that shit doesn't load at all. Somehow the functionality of this site is worse than dlive.
>>95552 there's no way this will survive 6 months
>>95541 <Trovo! Is that flavour of the month insurance company or something?
>>95535 man i forgot this faggots name, had to google "chungus S​ARGON" to get it so I can try and find that weight loss before and after pic didnt find it. I know i have it saved but my folders are a mess
Open file (189.03 KB 1400x1050 VBXD.jpg)
>>95558 How long until BBC gangbang?
Probably when she hits the wall.
>95559 BBC gangbang wouldn't cause the controversy and news stories that her doing a rape scene caused. Also that would push away her main audience. She's more likely to do a fake incest scene next rather than fuck a G​AMERGATE. Besides all of the scenes she is doing right now are with her boyfriend. She'll probably move to a little sister big brother thing next bickers she can do that with her boyfriend still, and her main audience is weeb simps and they would give their paychecks to hear her say Oni-chan
>>95561 I dont believe in the whole violent video games make people violent but im 99% sure that at least one of the incels who watch her shit is going to try to repeat what they see in this picture.>>95558
Open file (624.81 KB 541x590 86929692.png)
Can anyone confirm or deny whether or not baked is dead or faked his death?
>>95564 It's fake, he's probably in Russia.
Just passing by to say: I'm glad that SS Ampharos, a few others fags and even I finally made Ashton Parks (obese dyke) have another mental breakdown, his situation irl is getting really funny atm especially related to his heath, tranny e-gf and with Surfer. even the Гунт himself can handle more heat. Really pathetic performance, Ashton, with your weak mind and will you would never be able to become a professional football player. As a secondary note I don't know if I find it funny or pathetic the fact that pedochu is still posting here daily and trying to fit in. I guess he's a neet like John, not a surprise of course in fact.
Open file (338.16 KB 500x381 junbi dazo.gif)
>>95565 he's not here
>Someone has recently taken it upon themselves to DDoS the site repeatedly. I don't know their motivation, but in any case they are pretty dedicated and duct tape is not enough to keep them out. Meanwhile, I'm busy with work and other obligations and don't have time to work on a more hardened solution. So yes, I'm aware the site is down. This is why we can't have nice things. oof and yikes
>>95566 his interaction with zoom was pretty spot on when he called him a hypocrite. ashton really couldn't handle hearing the truth cause he'd recieved no push back besides fluffing from earwinson and only fighting against jcaesar187. even jewsh was sucking his dick to avoid being called a pedo.
>>95562 of course in fact fam it is a pretty good image.
Open file (275.05 KB 619x1024 1609249472854.png)
>>95558 So many faggots were seething about Toad McKinley doing this and having long discussions on the nuances and pitfalls of rape fetish porn like the boring retards they are. I don't like Toad McKinley but the way she triggers other w*men is great to watch.
Open file (90.58 KB 1280x689 hy (5).jpg)
>>95572 It's just literal paypigs seething that their princess is getting fucked in the ass by some dude. Imagine thinking that any actual anon would consider some thot sucking dick on camera as net negative.
Open file (182.75 KB 900x1200 1.jpg)
>>95573 It looks like she started to suck cock on camera to make more money. It is not like she could go into Sargonian political commentary and make money.
>>95574 >It is not like she could go into Sargonian political commentary and make money. Pretty sure she still could as long as she threw in a couple ahegao faces in for each video.
Open file (146.07 KB 733x736 smug_faust_dante.png)
>>95575 >making points how the individual is not a collective <make ahegao face >say how bad collectivism is <new ahegao facial expression I think that would fuck up allot of neets of course in fact fam. I think being a pornwhore was the best move on her behalf.
>>95575 >>95576 howd that turn out for aydin paladin.
>>95578 Aydin quit when I, I mean us started to fuck with her. Also was kinda retarded and showed her tiddies to the internet.
>>95579 Hairy tits are my fave buddy you leave her alone.
>>95578 ayydin was fugly with one accidental good looking picture
Open file (3.97 MB 540x960 bonbipop.webm)
>>95580 They where more big than hairy of course in fact fam they are the typical kazhar julayers as one would expect.
Open file (200.51 KB 800x507 aydin-sex-tape.jpg)
Open file (48.54 KB 434x600 trout mommy.jpg)
>>95584 >mfw aydin became a pornwhore
>>95584 I wish this was real
>>95566 >trying to fit in I've been "here" since thread #1. I couldn't care less if I fit in with the circlejerk in your skull. But your autism or narcissism has a hard time distinguishing fact from your own subjectivity. I've also never posted Pokemon shit in my life, but reality is difficult for you. And yeah, I'm responding to you bickers you have accused me countless times like the mongoloid you are of being pedochu. Have fun finding "me" now dumbass.
Open file (1.55 MB 1920x1080 whos that oldfag.png)
>>95587 >been "here" since thread #1
Open file (603.94 KB 1584x3915 Baked court case.png)
Baked has been confirmed to be still alive due to activity in the macing court case today.
>>95589 >Baked has been confirmed to be still alive huh?
Open file (180.90 KB 900x1200 sargs bitch.jpg)
>>95589 I am still so confused onto why he was macing people for fun or some random reasoning that humans cannot understand.
Open file (481.06 KB 837x392 andy-guns.png)
>>95590 He livestreamed himself inside the capitol building, then shortly after they said they'd be prosecuting anyone who stormed the capitol to the fullest extent of the law.
>>95594 That I know, but why he shouldn't still be alive?
>>95595 rumors have been circulating on the twatters that he is dead but it is most likely a gay op by the YOBA contingent.
>>95595 People posting fake tribute videos and fake obituaries.
>>95596 >>95597 I see. Suicide is a better option than 10 years with Tyrone in fact of course.
>>95598 But baked could've slept in a hoboshaft and just stayed there.
>>95601 but he's also retarded
she needs me.
>>95604 Baked is retarded but also lucky which in chaos theory can even make a trained professional killer miss the line of sight.
you know who i am
Open file (51.36 KB 1095x787 ClipboardImage.png)
>>95406 Pardon me but I think the vote was rigged.
Another banger from Da Гунт https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJbNXVS9Bxc
Open file (121.45 KB 781x488 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (127.19 KB 1080x1304 1592309410974.jpg)
>>95611 So jcaesar187 takes all of this shit for 1,7%? At-least Fuentes can have 40% and make his escort catboys go into his mansion or his mother house which is pretty based of course in fact fams. Have personal hookers from Australia and doing funny business in the moms house is pretty cool. Too bad what he is doing is gay as fuck tough.
Open file (8.53 KB 94x92 1.gif)
Open file (1.53 MB 352x212 guntquake_chair.gif)
Open file (8.58 KB 94x92 2.gif)
>>95610 Vibin
Open file (327.28 KB 587x508 IMC fatty 1.png)
Open file (339.28 KB 592x508 IMC fatty 2.png)
Open file (286.04 KB 590x477 IMC fatty 3.png)
Open file (333.67 KB 585x477 IMC fatty 4.png)
>>95557 Got you. >>95611 Grifters love crptoC. Since banks and paypal ban them, they can get around that. Also, it gives their simp-paypigs yet another way to toss money at them. Imagine donating money to Angln or Гунт. Wow.
>>95614 He looks like he has some sort of mental disorder, i'm not saying that to be mean or make a joke at his expense. He actually looks like someone who has a genetic disorder.
>>95615 He suffers first from being Asian than from mixed identity crisis first he is a hardcore neonazi(dunno how that works) and later switching to being a esjaydoublejew and later a liberal or something now? Don't really remember but he is fucked fam.
>>95616 he looks a bit down syndrome or bell's palsy in the face I cant decide which.
Open file (198.52 KB 615x601 1556452242330.jpg)
>>95617 that happens when you are Indonesian in origin. But fuck maybe he is a real mongoloid sorta guy.
Open file (172.90 KB 1024x1024 FAS 2.jpg)
Open file (17.55 KB 300x340 FAS.jpg)
Open file (204.86 KB 1200x1200 Fragile X.jpg)
Open file (241.32 KB 1280x1920 Emilia_Clarke_BAFTA_Wook.jpg)
>>95617 You can tell by someone's looks how good the quality of their genetics are. That is beauty/ugliness. We are able to measure their looks almost instantly. And beauty is how we perceive our genes trying to mix with someone that has good genes so that the offspiring will be healthy and attractive. It manifests in symmetry and other things like large eyes, face shape, etc. So yes, he does look rather dysgenic and unproportional. Also there's somethin about the ears in humans that make them a rough indicator of genetic problems in a person's genome. The ear is a complicated structure of folds and if a person has something bad genetically it often manifests in their ears, making them crumpled up, folded, or sticking out too much. >>95618 He's Malaysian. But shit-take. Many Indonesian women are beautiful with that ink-black hair that is almost blue and golden skin.
>>95619 >small eye openings
>>95619 > Also there's somethin about the ears in humans that make them a rough indicator of genetic problems in a person's genome. The ear is a complicated structure of folds and if a person has something bad genetically it often manifests in their ears, making them crumpled up, folded, or sticking out too much.
Open file (262.73 KB 686x1032 1562196105787.png)
>>95622 So he is probably in some hoboshack somewhere in America?
Open file (56.81 KB 720x842 91825928.jpg)
>>95619 >Emilia Clarke has odd facial features
>>95623 if he's smart he'll hop on a cargo ship to a country that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the US
Open file (1.77 MB 1920x1080 Belle 59.png)
>>95619 >thin upper lip. Bros, does B*lle have fetal alcohol syndrome? Her eyes are kinda fucked up too like he's part asian and she makes them bigger with exaggerated fake lashes and draws a new bigger eye with a pencil near her the nose. She literally draws her eyes bigger.
Open file (87.61 KB 525x900 RalphaBelle29.jpg)
Open file (105.33 KB 825x584 Jake Angeli.jpg)
I hate this dude at the Capitol protests. This is the definition of an attention-whore. Please think about this for a second. This guy goes to any trending rally like BLM or far right MAGA movements. He's so desperate for people to look at him and give him fame. First of all, it's ice cold in DC but this obviously thinks he has a good body so he take his shirt off to expose himself, thinking he's hot. So imagine him freezing to death in DC, then grateful once they actually enter the Capitol building where it's warm. Second, look at all those shitty ugly tattoos. Yuck. Tattoos are always about lack of identity and bc people rightfully know deep down they're npcs with no soul. So they try to inject a personality with ink. If you like the art so badly, then buy a print for your wall. They never do this. It has to be drawn into them so they can feel like special snowflakes. Also, attention-whoring again with tattoos. Third, he larping and roleplaying like it's Halloween with his racoon skins and bull horns. This is so desperate. You can tell he's getting his dopamine every time someone looks at him or a journalist snaps a pic, knowing he will appear on 10 news articles as the most interesting looking person there. As if all that wasn't enough, he paints his face red white and blue. This is the definition of a try-hard attention whore. He's got so much going on visually. It's like he picked up everything cool he could find in his bedroom and then slapped them on all on, like a nog rapper that wears bright colors, bright red Jordans, gold chains and just looks like a clown. Lastly he's Jewish and he's the son of a judge in AZ. So he will get a slap on the wrist and you know his career prospects won't be affected like real MAGA supporters that drank the kool-aid. Lots of Jews are massive attention whores so it makes sense. Fuck this dumb faggot. >>95624 I was giving her a compliment showing that she has universally attractive features and that anyone here would be able to recognize she was a 9 or 10/10 to back up my point about recognizing beauty instantly in the brain. She's the sole reason why GOT tv show is even successful. They put her on all the branding and people can't take their eyes off her. Although her wrinkles are starting to stack up at this point. >>95625 Won't work. If the govt wants to nail him, they will. Remember Cody Wilson? He ran away to Taiwan but Feds got him for taking an underage prostitute. >>95572 That Toad McKinley wojack is cute. Saved. Ayylmao ;)
Open file (54.55 KB 630x630 1562199287459.jpg)
>>95625 I bet by some retarded luck the hoboshaft he is living in is a cargoship to chinkland. >>95626 No, she is suffering from pornwhore syndrome. Nothing wrong with that of course in fact fam.
Open file (179.34 KB 2208x1242 Venti boobs 2.jpg)
>>95628 Making me start to like this autistic q man muttni your tits are not that good in fact of course
REFUGEE Гунт HIDING OUT ON NEW CHINK PLATFORM https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>95616 He's Malaysian. So he also has to cope with being an insufferable anglo larper, which is worse than Atomwaffen Nazilarp.
Open file (127.24 KB 334x346 1547134731075.png)
>>95630 wait, you think the dude has better tiddies than muttni? Even I can see that she has gigantic julayers but that negro facial features are what is making my boner feel numb. >>95633 Are Malaysian the spics of the east?
>>95630 is that a bottle of makers mark on the bed? ГунтED
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1kFZMQoFhg Whiskey Review, Relaxed Chat, and Miscellaneous News, and an Announcement
Open file (147.71 KB 341x350 Baked_Gunted.png)
>>95637 Is he near a hoboshack or is he manipulating the mentally ill girl that was quite cute but poor?
Open file (16.18 KB 200x151 low_tier_pissbottle.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVXlQEPzRxc LOW TIER GOD STREAM 1/14/2021/SCOTT PILGRIM
Open file (168.35 KB 1050x1400 u7.jpg)
>>95637 Was is worth ruining his life for a larp he doesn't even believe in? Maybe he can swim to Russia from Alaska.
Open file (756.04 KB 661x616 gympig.png)
PHOTON DISCO HOUR EPISODE #8: REBEL OF CYBORGS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuvkNOsFI6g
>>95642 >redditkur hat bwahahahaha what a faggot
>>95637 Now that's fucking based
>>95642 who the fuck tilts there monitor downward like that?
>>95644 >inb4 he weasles his way out of any consequences. These people never pay legal consequences of their crimes they just perpetually spiral down each stream for our amusement. Maybe thats the cosmic justice?
>>95645 A genx/boomer that can't see. His life is so sad and gloomy. That Photon show was the highlight of his life. Look at that 1988 plastic lunchbox he proudly displays.
Open file (243.62 KB 439x550 sargpath.png)
>>95646 >our Mine maybe, but not yours.
>>95648 Actually if you read loki you'd know I was talking about the individual our not the collective our. Nice try though stick with your Bertrand Russel books.
https://www.thedailybeast.com/inside-the-alt-right-meltdown-after-failed-capitol-putsch Media going after far right and Eric Striker. Fue-ntes hitpieces are coming too.
>>95650 It's too bad Гунт is only relevant to people that enjoy laughing at him now. Imagine the articles he'd get after the shit licking, grooming and child bride choking.
Open file (278.66 KB 1304x580 ClipboardImage.png)
>>95651 Imagine how retarded baked would be if he texted the Гунт where his hoboshaft where.
Open file (266.93 KB 1188x2208 01 (27).jpg)
Do you think Blacked thought he was at the forefront of a revolution and they will exit the capitol as heroes under the new government, or he's so desperate for attention he would do anything just to get the 5 people watching him to post LOL in the chat?
Open file (229.37 KB 576x577 ZoX6SbaQ.jpg)
>>95637 expected but still beautiful. It's all tumblig down for the grifters. HAIL THE FEDS
Open file (57.13 KB 450x360 shiet.jpg)
>>95655 >he's about to get blacked literally oof
>>95655 I bet he gets a face tattoo in prison.
Open file (75.48 KB 1080x844 1545698430612.jpg)
>>95654 Well, let us put it this way. BeIIe did make 2 porno video's for the longest time holding out and stating that she would never sink so low. Now we have a bonafied pornwhore, also baked is going to get called Blacked Alaska after he is done. >>95655 I wonder when he is going to get skinned and nazi prison tattoos? >>95658 probably, I can see a weird prison nazi gang tattoo planted all over his face bickers he was not a good boy by letting himself get pegged.
>>95654 Blacked is not a political ideologue, he did it for the cocks. Now he's going to gitmo.
>>95659 Baked looks like the kinda guy to get a face tattoo absolute state of the meth head.
Open file (31.30 KB 720x542 Schillinger.jpeg)
>>95655 Prag
Open file (2.14 MB 1280x1704 Vеnti (1).png)
>>95659 When are you gonna post your porn, Brittany?
Open file (492.69 KB 480x852 bunny-boobs.mp4)
>>95661 but ain't prison face tattoos like a mark of shame or something? >>95664 I am not even Muttni but I doubt she is going to release any sex tape any minute bickers that would really fuck the remaining neets and Varg. Just imagine a girl doing ungodly things to a cat.
Open file (265.82 KB 1188x2208 01 (14).jpg)
>>95665 >I am not even Muttni confirmed Muttni
>>95666 Imagine nyan being more based than BeIIe bickers she is not a pornwhore
Open file (251.67 KB 1188x2208 01 (9).jpg)
>>95667 post asshole
Open file (3.64 MB 992x870 dance_with_me.webm)
>>95668 are you gay or a literal faggot that wants to see another mans butthole?
Open file (267.71 KB 1188x2208 01 (8).jpg)
>>95669 less talking and more asshole posting, Muttni
Open file (554.05 KB 576x577 h6.png)
Open file (1.90 MB 720x1280 nyan without cosplay.mp4)
>>95670 Have you gone mad BeIIeposter? not everyone is muttni, and I am not muttni since I got gigantic bawls. >>95671 oh mang that is pretty good of course in fact famalam.
Open file (1.59 MB 1280x960 Vеnti (3).png)
>>95672 post asshole, Brittany
Open file (20.45 KB 407x454 98192855.jpg)
>>95671 Doesnt even look photoshopped that looks legit.
Open file (1.73 MB 1274x530 sargon_find_you.webm)
Open file (596.58 KB 720x480 Sargon goes mask off.mp4)
>>95679 >>95678 ETERNAL SARGON REICH WHEN???
Baked's court hearing. Which he didn't attend. files.catbox.moe/xut26k.mp3
>>95681 >where is he <i don't know, your honor >have you called him? <yes your honor >so he knows he's supposed to be here >uh yes your honor
Open file (48.66 KB 531x325 282893329836.gif)
Open file (337.76 KB 1080x1372 1588820842669.jpg)
>>95673 This dedication of autism is really something.
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
Open file (72.36 KB 631x613 crp reallynigger.jpg)
>>95686 Did you finally leave your tard-wrangling gf and hooked up with muttny? Or was it muttny all along?
Theres $60k for top trovo streamer? its streamme 2.0
>>95689 Fucking finally, might be able to fuck with Гунт a little more.
>>95689 Wonder if that would pull SPCC out of retirement or maybe even daddy Toad McKinley.
Open file (23.99 KB 1250x165 Streamme.png)
>>95689 How will Гунт kill it this time?
Open file (1.97 MB 204x300 oy gevalt.mp4)
>>95689 Jukebox Intensifies
Open file (578.30 KB 936x752 catboy kek.png)
>>95689 Didn't they ban Kami?
Open file (194.48 KB 1188x2208 01 (1).jpg)
>>95686 show your starfish
>>95694 I think Ghost is going on another one of his month-year long hiatuses. Hasn't streamed since Dup got BTF0'd at the capital.
If you take that list of right wing channels and put it on /cow/ >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley >Toad Mckinley
Jewsh has been really boring rn. >php pro >let me tell you how to program'
>>95699 Why do all these streamers act like they're codegods who hack the pentagon?
Open file (497.20 KB 1177x959 2892928929126.png)
Open file (15.23 KB 283x314 DdV-bvMXcAAadWp.jpg)
>>95688 He did say she has brown nipples, just like muttni Maybe she tricked him
Open file (13.51 KB 598x95 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (15.91 KB 594x105 ClipboardImage.png)
>>95704 >muh bitcoin The cope is amazing.
>>95705 Makes me wonder just how much he's getting in bitcoin. And from who. If there wasn't more to this, he'd be bragging about getting paid, like he did over making a thousand dollars in a week.
Open file (14.60 KB 319x331 1546999143579.jpg)
>>95702 it is pretty much confirmed that I am muttni than whom is the mutt on twitter? >>95704 >>95705 huh, a source of revenue that is not been looked at? oh my, that is like investment as in fortune and getting revenue from selling in the speculative market that is cryptovaluta.
>>95704 Never seen any use spaz casing effectively in fact of course. Was that supposed to be an npc meme offshoot or smothing? bickers I keep imagining Homor Simpson's voice when it's used. >>95706 Are >we due a tax evasion arc or somerthing next?
>>95709 Grifter audit
Open file (266.56 KB 640x360 Andy_crying.mp4)
So what is andy up to these days? is andy tarrant anon here still?
Open file (103.56 KB 474x222 c2XOxgujmF.png)
Open file (22.63 KB 635x376 Ax75TeyMKl.png)
Good news, Trovo formerly madcat.tv uses a jewgle docs referral form and want to know how you found them. https://forms.gle/b5UCRrdX5BPCwgSf6
Open file (321.60 KB 576x577 baked_gunted_2.png)
Open file (81.94 KB 576x577 prison_Baked_blacked.jpg)
Open file (12.73 KB 664x202 ClipboardImage.png)
>>95712 <How did you find out about Madcat.tv? >Through jcaesar187's Killstream! I love how he isn't afraid to tell people the truth about the Holocaust (that it didn't happen) and that he provides an an example for white nationalists everywhere on the fourteen words (through impregnating his mentally ill child bride and choking her/releasing revenge porn of her when she gets out of line). The white race really needs a place to speak the truth about the kikes, and I'm enthralled to find that your platform is becoming that place through streamers like jcaesar187 and Nick Fuentes.
give me money
>>95717 one of many nervous breakdowns, remember this stuttering cunt got the shit beaten out of him by his fat girlfiend
Open file (76.01 KB 191x188 gunt face.png)
#Гунтstream: Harrison Smith, Rand Returns, + CNN's Capitol Connect https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
Open file (12.47 KB 382x106 ted wang (anglin).png)
Open file (32.78 KB 630x473 Anglin 2.jpg)
3 days ago last streamed. Little bald man afraid. Also, I almost never watch Fue-ntes but a comment on a Baked stream mentioned "secret Groyper generals" and said that Anglin was one along with Patrick Casey. Nice larp, LOL.
>>95722 Auuugh I would disavow anyone who would report ted wang for white supremacy.
Open file (6.10 KB 467x50 wang chat 1.png)
Open file (7.81 KB 458x73 wang chat 2.png)
Open file (8.03 KB 447x75 wang chat 3.png)
>>95723 This Anglin-Ral-ph-Fue-ntes-ironybro alliance is gay. I say live by the jcaesar187, die by the jcaesar187.
Open file (835.13 KB 320x180 ltggroove.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVHY_LazgAI LOW TIER GOD STREAM 1/15/2021/MM11/OTHERS
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwAACIXjFok Eric Hunley Joins to Talk About Where We Go
Open file (835.13 KB 320x180 ltggroove.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgKXspeP2aE LOW TIER GOD STREAM 1/15/2021/mm11/others can this GAMERGATE get stable internet for one night?
>>95724 >I say live by the jcaesar187, die by the jcaesar187. live buy the Гунт , die buy the Гунт well, that's obesity, ain't it
Rekieta off-handedly confirms JMK is one of three people he will never allow to go on his program. Mad Black Entertainment and some literal who anti vicsperg are the other two.
>>95730 this is so not interesting I miss ibs
>>95730 Yet Rekieta julayed MadBlack several different times in the past. I guess when MadBlack threatened to shoot up his kids, it was finally a bridge too far. Haha. I guess JMK shit the bed hard to get blacklisted.
Open file (533.53 KB 906x553 Bwoodspurts.png)
Open file (80.04 KB 511x768 Ethan Ralph egghead.jpg)
>>95731 You must live in another dimension bc bwoodspurts never died, a-log! Like, comment, subscribe, follow, and here's a dozen ways you can gimme your money.
>>95731 >>95733 whats your fav bloodsport eps from back in the day? baked vs andy on kumite was good but obv fav for me was jewthulu getting verbally slapped by homor on failurs show or i suppose gym vs ross i dunno, early seasons were deffo the best though i miss that shit
>>95734 Learn to write like a white man first
Open file (271.59 KB 729x414 ClipboardImage.png)
>>95736 what am I even looking at?
Did anyone catch that Sam Hyde movie thing last night?
>>95738 sam hyde is still alive?
Open file (29.95 KB 592x310 dlive demonitisation.png)
In the last day Dlive has demonetized all vaguely edgy streamers. They implemented this prior to the announcement as Jesse Lee Peterson didn't have monetization yesterday morning.
>>95739 Yes, he lives behind a paywall.
>>95740 Wasn't the whole point of dlive to pick up jewtube's dropouts and be a less rulecucked alternative? Who the fuck gonna go to some noname shithole that's just as bad.
>>95740 How hard is it to make decent money off that site anyway? Could I just set up a channel that streams shows and movies 24/7 and rake in shekels, or would that make like three dollars a week?
>>95730 Yeah Rackets blacklisted JMK way before JMK was even mentioned here, and for a while he was the only guy Rackets blacklisted. He said that JMK was constantly spamming his inbox about coming on to debate Rackets on GG. Rackets said he didn't know much about GG or what their disagreement would be, but he would have him on at some point. Then there was stuff going on in the Vic case so Rackets covered that instead, and said JMK was constantly blowing up his inbox. Then after about a month of that Rackets went on a 15-20 minute rant about the JMK spamming inbox 5-30 messages a day and that JMK is a pedo, followed buy another 15 minutes of that larper Spectre coming on to confirm JMK is a pedo and talk about the stuff JMK did to his sister
>>95730 >MBE Does someone have the pic of the Гунт sextape reflecting on his glasses?
>>95745 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_cPPUgrwiY I don't specifically know when it happens, but I have to guess somewhere during the first 20-30 minutes.
>>95734 S-argon vs Rich-ard Spenc-er, S-argon ambushed by MW and a whole hangout of alt righters (I wanna relisten to this by MW won't reupload it on bitchute), JF vs Kraut and alt hype (back and forth videos but not bloodsports). Matttt nooooooooooooo (Matt vs Toad McKinleybo and the world). >>95741 1st one is free I believe.
>>95747 >1st one is free I believe. From what I can tell it was premiered on jootube live and then pulled after the stream ended.
Open file (553.57 KB 726x672 belle btfos.png)
CAN'T BTFО /ourprincess/
>>95749 How much coke do you think she does?
>>95749 Will cancel culture finally get her or will her simps carry her through it? Find out in the next episode of WhoreBall Z.
Open file (90.58 KB 1280x689 hy (5).jpg)
>>95750 I think she prefers Pepsi.
I think it's time you all stop fetishizing a dirty porn whores. Muttni is the perfect women for any of you semi decent looking white bois. >4/10 face on a 6/10 body >easy for any 6/10 white male to get >will stay at home and be a house wife bickers lazy >50% white so your kids will be at least 75% white hopefully >gets off to abuse so hitting her is foreplay >can still collect simp money while you're together >can easily spot predators bickers of her wide eye gap >when the globohomo police force come you can use her half negroid monster girl dna as a shield so you don't get arrested She's the perfect women for any of you in fact of course.
>>95753 But I don't want cat shit on my bed.
>>95753 Nice try Muttni, if you want a bf you're going to have to dye your hair blonde and slide into Gaytor's DMs. I know he's not the best looking guy but at least he's white.
>>95754 Listen anon, animals are easy to train. Leave a litterbox with scented cat litter in the laundry room and muttni will naturally be drawn towards it.
Open file (97.52 KB 1280x720 lel.jpg)
The question remains would you rather have spend the night in Toad McKinleys cat shit bed or spend an hour in an elevator with the Гунт and his body odour.
Open file (2.14 MB 1280x1704 Vеnti (1).png)
>>95759 Do I get to fuck Muttni while in her bed?
>>95760 you have to or she'll just rape you and shove you face first into the cat shit pillow.
>>95761 That already happened to me so I might as well fuck the 6/10 mutt instead of being in any vicinity of Гунт's gunt, let alone in an elevator.
Open file (394.40 KB 900x905 venti-tits-xray.jpg)
>>95753 I'd suckle on these mutt puppies for days in fact of course
>>95763 you can just stand on your head for that, brittany
>>95763 optimistic nipple placement.
>>95765 yeah it's more like this
>>95766 now make the nipples bigger and thicker and its about right with the /pol/ pics
Open file (112.12 KB 957x1140 AP.png)
>>95768 >>95769 He is fucked
>>95769 How badly do you think Nick is sweating right now?
I realize people are enjoying Baked getting fucked and the sweet karma but this shit is making my blood boil. At least we are getting good drama though. >>95771 Hush. Nick is cool as a cucumber dildo. I will watch his show just to view his nervous body language but he can't get it to work on his shitty website.
Open file (1.19 MB 832x1200 788901569818.png)
>>95772 >have you heard of meme magic, your honor Actually, did anyone ever actually get a digital copy of that book? I remember it mentioned, but never found a download.
>>95776 is that real?
Open file (81.94 KB 576x577 prison_Baked_blacked.jpg)
>>95777 you never read the great meme magicians meme book?
>>95780 Has he tried the deepfake defence yet?
Open file (141.66 KB 768x1024 1596488391089.jpg)
>>95772 >YOUR HONOR I WAS BRAINWASHED BY THE ALT-RIGHT AGAIN >>95781 deepfake defence Man I don't know which to hope for
>>95783 BRO how do you know thats even baked? Were you there in person?
/cow/boys should write him a letter once he is in prison.
>>95785 From Гунт's face.
>>95778 Whoever made the original, I think I improved on yours. You did a good job (B+) but I noticed your tattoos were too high-res for the low-res image. So I dropped the resolution on the tattoos in Photoshop (Filter->Pixellate->Mosaic), then used the blur tool to smooth the jaggies. Then added more white highlight to simulate the strong harsh spotlight on his face as you already started but a little more. Mine is number 2. Did I win the internet?
Huh? Flood detected.
Open file (601.45 KB 358x400 soy.gif)
>>95787 >Did I win the internet? No, I spend literally 4 minutes on the pic for a joke and now you're proud that you're "improved" on it? Also you made it look worse.
Open file (156.10 KB 1200x1200 MAGA meme magic cringe.jpg)
>>95776 Shadilay my kekerino brothers!
>>95784 bickers Nick is going to throw him under the bus for a plea deal >>95785 It's a longshot but is there anyway we could get Bakeds cop song played in prison over the intercom or something to the other inmates?
>>95789 >>95789 No need to be jelly that you were improved on. You did the original bro. It's often a collaboration. Also, you're not being truthful bickers it took you at least 4 minutes just to download template images of the SS, Swastika, and spade. And to curve the spade over his cheek bone. And to lighten them a bit. But whatever, be as defensive and insecure as you wish.
>>95792 Jesus christ Muttni, stop sperging out bickers someone called your meme shit. Post it on twitter for likes.
>>95790 I forgot that Baked got sued by the Pepe creator for selling that image of Pepe on his book (that he undoubtedly didn't even write).
Open file (866.32 KB 927x1257 630924405.jpg)
In all seriousness, when are Mr. and Mrs. Gionet gonna get a better lawyer for their only child?
>>95795 Assuming he's not been disowned and they can afford it.
Open file (452.31 KB 797x622 Fuentes 1.png)
Open file (150.07 KB 828x1183 Fuentes 2.jfif)
Open file (138.55 KB 1498x1044 chia pet.jpg)
Open file (124.36 KB 1024x866 hedgehog 2.jpg)
Open file (22.15 KB 400x400 Fuentes 3.jpg)
So Nick Fuentes is claiming that the man behind Baked is not him in the Capitol building. If he admits it's him, he would be admitting to a crime and he would get a warrant for his arrest like Baked. So he has motive to deny this and to get plausible deniability. But here's the thing: Fuentes says it's not him bc the clothes are different. He has a gang of buddies with him and why couldn't he just change clothes in his hotel room? Or he mentions there being tents out there where his buddies were eating cookies. Why couldn't he just run into one of those tents and change clothes to enter the Capitol in disguise. Then put the MAGA hat on with your hood up so you look somewhat different. Now, I was willing to give him a pass bc the guy behind Baked has more facial hair and hasn't shaved in 1-4 days while Fuentes appears to be clean-shaven or about 1 day off from having shaved his face in the Capitol images. But I think he was there for several days so he would start getting a light beard after 1-2 days in a hotel not shaving in DC. He was already getting a beard in "Fuentes 3 pic" which I think was a recent Capital protest image. That guy behind Baked has the same short facial structure like a little hedgehog. The bite looks so similar to Fuentes. The shape of his jawline. I really am not sure if that is him or not. He might just be trying to save his skin through lying. I know he's that type of "Rules for Radicals" Saul Alinsky reader that thinks "it's okay to lie in the service of the greater good against your enemy" or something similar.
Open file (185.60 KB 950x1056 56327894732.jpg)
>>95798 I don't think you even need to worry about Spic Fuentes entering the capitol as feds are trying to build a conspiracy case against him with the dead French paypiggy.
>>95768 >>95800 Is it the Griftpocalypse? Has the time finally come?
>>95798 >What if Fuentes was smart enough to think ahead about consequences and came pre-prepared with disguises He's not that intelligent, he just didn't wanna fuck up his suit
>>95798 Why is his suit jacket 3 sizes too big for him?
>>95800 I wouldn't be surprised if Feds seize all that BTC, claiming it's international terrorist funding to extremists. Plus, they say it's from a 35 year old French guy that killed himself with a debilitating disease. And that he is dead now. But I'm sorry but this is the same media that lies about everything, including the recent framing of the capitol hilll protests. What if the French paypig didn't want to be traced and left to hide in the Philippines. You know 90% of the journalists would not verify that he was really dead. This whole thing seems very fishy. Yes, they used Charlottesville conspiracy charges as lawfare to key figures in the alt right, even though there was little evidence that anyone planned violence. It was mostly some dude giving speeches under the Lee statue. But Fuentes has got mountains of evidence against him. Even in this capitol speech back in November, he was giving fiery rhetoric about stopping the steal adn making sure Trump got his 2nd terms (overthrowing the elections). Recorded by everyone's favorite fat, microprick hick himself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n24ggkCGZ6k
>>95802 Even low IQ Antifa cretins have disguises bc they know they will commit crimes. >>95803 Bc he bought one off-the-rack like all poorly-dressed politicians. I think that's a longer winter jacket though. He should take tailor-tips from his favorite catboy Jayden to the left of him.
>>95803 but that was the smallest size.
Open file (25.78 KB 370x174 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (5.44 KB 176x55 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.00 MB 1128x585 Beardson 4.png)
It's over for Fuentes: Just in the first 5 minutes alone he says this: "This election is about the American people rising up and taking control over our govt and over our country once again! And if we don't stop the steal right now, we may not be able to do that ever again!" "We have to storm every state capitol until January 20th, 2021 when President Trump is inaugurated for 4 more years!" "I want President Trump to rule for life!" "We must continue to turn out in this capital. We must continue to turn out in every state capital until the state legislatures appoints their electorates to send President Trump back for 4 more years." This will all be used against him claiming he was inciting violence and trying to overthrow the state. You can cherrypick whatever you like from hours of conte-nt and from his 3 hour shows every night to make your case. Let alone when he was suggesting people would commit violence on his deleted streams that got him kicked form Dlive. It's over for Amnats and ironybros. They got too cocky.
>>95809 If Nick and Kiked Alaska aren't feds then I'll give ro­bi 1488 bitcoins. It is equally possible that they're so fucking retarded that they're fed assets without the feds having to even contact them or lift a finger
Open file (184.32 KB 293x428 skeptic_suits.png)
>>95803 You think suits grow on trees or something?
Open file (76.01 KB 512x571 Ethan Ralph dazed.jpg)
Stop the steal! Jesus is KING! 'Merica First! YOBA! Lol. Is that what I need to say for this grift? Haha.
>>95812 the poor workers getting caught up in the Гунт's stink trail
>>95810 <It is equally possible that they're so fucking retarded that they're fed assets without the feds having to even contact them or lift a finger How? Do you mean they're useful idiots that do fed-like things without being on fed payroll? Since Baked was just arrested, he is about to become a fed. Feds get you and flip you when you are at rock-bottom, at your lowest mentally. Before now, he was just a narcissistic attention-whore craving fame at any cost.
https://twitter.com/globaltimesnews/status/1347149390880772100 USA media PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD When BLM and Antifa are burning down buildings, setting streets on fire, and killing people all summer, media and politicians call them "mostly peaceful protests." When MAGA Trump supporters enter the Capital building and some scuffles break out with minor vandalism and a couple people die in 1 day, they are called "rioters," "insurrectionists, "extremists," and "terrorists." When HK protestors are resisting mainland China, mainstream media calls them "heroes" and says it's "good for democracy."
>>95815 You sound like you need to calm down mate you're gonna have a heart attack over nothing.
>>95817 Don't respond to Mutti.
Open file (437.32 KB 850x1202 smug_23.png)
>>95814 >Feds get you and flip you when you are at rock-bottom, at your lowest mentally And here was me thinking they'd already long gone beyond that point. What's the difference between that and irony bro anyway?
>>95818 Okay but last thing i'll say about the fed stuff, remember that proud boy spic enrique tarrino awfully convenient he was arrested and released and therefore couldnt attend on the 6th.
Open file (13.01 KB 414x72 baked.JPG)
Will Baked get his accounts and communication devices audited?
Open file (29.24 KB 577x435 1568738823845.jpg)
The fuck has happened here? >>95812 No, way he is so drunk and retarded that he looks at Blacked Alaska as something to inspire to? I would've thought that the functioning braincells in his mind would just change sides, fuck. The losers that watch him anyway are just the cancer that cannot think for themselves so when they have a figurehead that tells them to switch sides they probably would.
=DARKSYDEPHIL PLAYS THE NEW MAP ON CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS COLD WAR https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw_wS4SPGNM Just Hanging Out - Warhammer Books, Comic Books, Other Escapism
Open file (554.05 KB 576x577 yoba.png)
>>95822 Гунт will soon follow suit.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jucYpgtqNkM LOW TIER GOD STREAM 1/17/2020/late/short
>>95826 Does anyone actually watch this G​AMERGATE? It only seems to be you that shills him here lad, not complaining, just wondering
>>95827 >Does anyone actually watch this G​AMERGATE? Literally nobody. It takes absolute autism to post something over and over again when nobody is interested in it.
>>95828 absolute autism is what i expect from here and I've even tried to watch it in case it's interesting or funny or spergy but half times it asked you to sign in to see it, so fuck that shit
Open file (68.64 KB 655x1102 Er6uu_QVoAI0GuK.jpg)
>>95821 Imagine working as a fed and having to watch through hundreds of hours of Baked livestreams.
>>95830 the entire courtroom had to watch parts of his capitol stream lmao
Open file (2.92 MB 720x1280 Samantha Lily.webm)
>>95815 I know it sucks but what can you do? Just look on the bright side: Baked Alaska is getting charged with domestic terrorism. I've heard rumors there's going to be a false flag around the inauguration too. Should be fun to watch even though it'll end with >us all in FEMA camps. Drop a jcaesar reference during re-education so >we can identify ourselves.
>>95655 >>95671 Finally some good news. >>95743 >How hard is it to make decent money off that site anyway? Could I just set up a channel that streams shows and movies 24/7 and rake in shekels, or would that make like three dollars a week? Any sites which heavily persecutes political dissenters [and grifting pseudo-dissenters] is bound to have strict copyright enforcement as well, so unlikely. >>95773 >this shit is making my blood boil 🤔 >>95787 >>95792 >>>/reddit/ >>95827 The guy you're replying to has been posting stream links that nobody else watches for two years+.
>>95836 Hey now Muttni, don't get butthurt just bickers you got called reddit. Hop IDs and try again.
Open file (214.87 KB 1188x2208 78.jpg)
>>95838 No no, not like that. As in, post your regular essays or something.
Open file (469.77 KB 1188x800 woodford reserve add.jpg)
>>95830 oh man that must be pure hell following blacked Alaska.
Open file (1.22 MB 960x540 Gunt-man.mp4)
>>95841 It could be worse, imagine the feds that have to watch Гунт's little show investigating the overseas bitcoin donations. Blacked is at least entertaining with the retarded shit he does irl streaming sometimes.
>>95830 >>95841 Yeah what kind of losers would sit around for hours watching the lives of these weirdos. for free
Open file (45.80 KB 804x298 9048534095.jpg)
Dlive are disabling anyone in the DC area from using their service.
>>95845 tech sites using regional blackouts.
>>95845 They're so fucking pathetic. I wonder who threatened to drop them from their services if they didn't go completely mental with cucking and bowing down.
Open file (14.77 MB 1280x720 I AM NOT REDDIT.webm)
>>95844 This butthurt over a reddit comment?
>>95847 I'd assume it's purely a financial consideration, maybe they were gonna be added to that financial institution blacklist that Diddler Dax is on.
>>95842 but Blacks retardation is long winded between each scheming arc then you get into moments of wtf is even going on anymore? >>95843 most people on here would watch these things for the eventual entertainment value but it's pure hell since it takes a long time.
Open file (177.60 KB 1280x720 snapshot.jpg)
>>95843 You want anons to paypig or something?
>>95854 No I want to be a paid fed to do what I already do most of the day when im actually supposed to be working from home.
CP has been up zzz for over half an hour and the mods are doing nothing but jacking off and pretending to be asleep.
>>95839 >multiple bottles of coke in the fridge do americans really
>>95857 she is from bongloand
>>95856 >zzz a shithole on par with cakechan. Neither are gonna be around for more than a couple of months in fact of course
Open file (164.22 KB 1220x304 3446436.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 500x590 venti-reee.gif)
>>95861 Thanks to all anons who memed this into existence.
Open file (68.51 KB 680x680 ltgsword.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glJN6phUst4 LOW TIER GOD STREAM 1/17/2020/green chat only
Open file (201.17 KB 1188x2208 81.jpg)
>>95861 BWAHAHAHAHA Muttni seethed so hard she actually made a video. BELLЕ WON
BIG Toad McKinley
Open file (1.18 MB 872x781 Basedgon.png)
Sargon is within two step separation from saving the west.
Open file (659.26 KB 990x1261 e24.png)
>>95857 >two are open Absolutely disgusting she is a slob. >>95874 Sargon is based I hope he starts halls-of-debating people again.
>>95874 >G​AMERGATEs and soys burn loot and murder in cities all over america >take over a small section of a city to make into their ideal socialist utopia which fails miserably in less then a month <dup shits his pants and does nothing >miga retards protest pedojoe "winning" the election for one day <dup calls in the national gaurd to protect his fellow israel controlled golems It's almost like it's all just a big show to keep people from looking at a (((certain tribe))) and it doesn't matter who wins.
Open file (64.83 KB 679x453 america the lolcow.jpg)
>>95877 I enjoy watching america completely fall apart in fact of course. Its role as the dominant country after Britain and France was a fleeting one but at least the end is a spectacle. I expect US to be a third world nation in 30 years, with nothing but mostly transgender spics and niggеrs living off welfare in ghettos.
>>95876 Reminds me of the time he had a stream with baked and calling out the kikes on their "fellow white people" spiel.
>>95879 Not to forget this
>>95877 >the state calls in the national guard to protect them from schizophrenic boomers in buffalo hats convinced Kamala is a child-eating demon >the state then disarms the national guard bickers they're worried they'll shoot Biden at inauguration >the national guard are all obese, black, or female anyway America is a complete shitshow with the government now openly hostile towards the population. It's pretty entertaining to watch. I hear rumors Baked will get away with some fines and house arrest. >>95879 >>95880
>>95861 Seriously? Is muttni this retarded that she tries to call out a pornwhore? A pornwhore always have allot of guys following her bickers she has shown poontang and will show more poontang for money, look at that whore Riley Reid.
Open file (53.65 KB 594x494 676444644.jpg)
Гунт on worldstar, coming soon.
Open file (1.90 MB 720x1280 nyan without cosplay.mp4)
>>95885 Fuck you BeIIe is just another hooker while nyan is based.
>>95886 There are cuter traps in fact of course
Open file (1.06 MB 360x640 nyannyancosplay.mp4)
>>95887 Nyan is not a trap you fucking degenerate.
Open file (86.40 KB 1400x753 77.jpg)
>>95888 Sounds like a cope.
>>95889 Sounds to me like you are into a pornhooker that you will never be able to smell the rotten seafood from.
Open file (211.62 KB 1188x2208 80.jpg)
>>95890 Yup, that's a cope alright.
Open file (3.93 MB 866x1080 tasya.webm)
>>95891 How is that a cope when you collect BeIIe nudes and probably lewds like pokemon cards? And now that she is a pornwhore her poontang probably smells like rotten seafood.
Open file (95.91 KB 1400x753 82.jpg)
>>95892 >Huh, you enjoy photos of naked grills? There's something wrong with you! Not everyone here likes traps like you, sorry to say in fact of course copeman
Open file (946.87 KB 360x640 xPXPPPGRIY7MBL28.mp4)
>>95893 there is something different between an obsession and just purity like an enjoyment, what you are doing is an obsession compared to someone that watches a naked lady for fun.
Open file (98.30 KB 1400x753 83.jpg)
>>95894 cope o p e
Open file (3.96 MB 360x202 shootingstars(1).webm)
>>95895 so post something different than a BeIIepost, you can't, can you? It is too hard for your feeble brain.
>>95896 weakload lad theres no point arguing with a simp like that but keep going bickers it's been quiet for a while now
Open file (640.96 KB 640x320 back_to_cuckchan.webm)
Open file (140.75 KB 500x750 cuckchan_meets_8ch.png)
Open file (186.18 KB 660x652 cuckchan.png)
>>95853 cuckchan is reddit you baboon. This forum is exclusively only for anon's and Federal Agents. and there are only 3 anon's
Open file (540.68 KB 987x485 muttni.png)
>>95766 Bro I kinda like low hanging nipples... Are you trying to fool me into liking muttni? takes look at brown poo stained pussy... yeeesh
Open file (2.65 MB 404x718 bonbipop 2.webm)
>>95898 It is long time since I've had a retarded slapfight and each time is fun. >>95900 her julayers is to lure white people, it is a sinister creature.
Open file (70.96 KB 1120x640 Moly.jpg)
Molyneux dismisses all criticism of BTC as "salt" bickers you didn't get in on BTC like he did. Well his buddy Peter Schiff disagrees. Ok dude. Not everybody can be at that stage of your life at the right time to have money to buy BTC when it was 2008-2016. You're old af like in your mid-50's. Zoomers and Millennials didn't have 30K at that stage of their lives like you did from running your scam businesses and begging for d'nations for decades.
Open file (45.55 KB 1337x737 venti.png)
>>95902 Watch this idiot lose like 100k when shitcoin gets nuked
>>95902 Should I bother buying it now? Will it dip again anytime soon? I tried to buy back in March but coinbase required a photo of me holding up my driver's license and a sign saying it's me and I was creeped the fuck out by that.
Open file (160.48 KB 1245x304 234442.jpg)
Open file (172.56 KB 1245x304 2342353456.jpg)
Open file (211.37 KB 549x675 venti7.jpg)
It continues, ladies and gentlemen
Open file (3.92 MB 640x360 autism.webm)
>>95906 could you make a webm? fam I am interested how she could sperg out on a hooker. this is just surreal.
>>95906 >how did she get away with this
Open file (12.59 MB 640x360 XD LISSEN.mp4)
>>95908 BeIIe is starting to be a based pornwhore.
andy warski(retard,pedo) was suspended from trovo, how long does Гунт have
Open file (4.76 MB 636x360 hammerhead shark.mp4)
Open file (65.54 KB 1910x277 546083718884.png)
Open file (102.21 KB 1920x488 841629377266.png)
>>95910 It was the promoting drugs rule, right? That or botting. From lemon harvesting to alchemy. How much for a phoenix down.
>>95913 more like grooming underage children
Nick Fuentes launched his new platform, and fucked up the YouTube API so his video doesn't load on his page. Either that or Google already shut it down. It also uses Next.js (instead of something pre-made like Wordpress) which leads me to believe he actually paid for his website (unlike Jeremy Hambly).
>>95917 It's loading for me, though it looks like they've done some messing around to disable F12, context menu and headers linking back to the original youtube video. The original stream is on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1ERSETT0s8 just bickers they're trying to hide it.
>>95918 It might be bickers I have strict tracking protection enabled. Thanks, I'll check it out.
Open file (3.80 MB 540x960 ghosts.webm)
>>95918 Nick looks really rough now.
Spic is butthurt dup lost.
>>95921 That is kinda obvious but the whole trump stuff was their niche thing or something.
>>95918 Unpopular opinion here but Nick is funny and his political takes are on point. I just wish he'd work out so he didn't have the body of a geriatric Rachel Maddow.
Open file (1.18 MB 640x360 1596740185245.webm)
>>95923 Nick, is like a Sargon-figure. he is there for comfort and unfortunately this whole trump stuff got into his head, he did not really get the cut-throat politics that is American politics and it is cut-throat bickers of there are a bunch of lawyers that are politician and getting donations. His takes are lukewarm that are alright, nothing mind blowing. And what people like him will never get is that one needs a strong Cesar-like figure for politics to become different than what it is now, not a businessman. Trump was not really a Cesar-like figure, if he was such a figure he would've destabilized allot of shit. I think we only get these sorts of political leaders once in a century.
SMELLY Гунт KVETCHING ABOUT DEPLATFORMING Also Pey the killstream whore is at his house, pretty sure she's too old to be groomed though. https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>95924 Every political figure of today is so far away from a Caesar. They are all total bitches, left and right. Any random anon in this thread could beat the shit out of every politician. As an aside, if Sargon was backed by shitposters who harassed and doxed and threatened his every political opponent while hyping him up on social media it would have been 100x funnier than Toad McKinley's idea of "N​IGGER is dumb bickers S​ARGON".
Open file (1.78 MB 480x852 NoBody.webm)
>>95927 Politicians are smart that has not really changed and I doubt an anon that is not really autistic with his politics could beat them. What Sargon really lacked is that he did not know when to say sorry or when to talk about his so-called policies. If you cannot be a great salesmen in todays political climate you are not really well off. That is kinda the sad truth that todays politics is only about selling you on hype. A shitposter is not a great salesmen and trying to lure the jewtube algorithm is also not a great sales pitch. What I mean by leader is someone that just brings pure awe, and Trump never did that and for these faggots to try and make Trump somehow did that, is pure bollocks. What I kinda found out is that my fwends that tries to follow politics never really watched Trump and see what he said, they only listened to the news and parroted that propaganda. One could assume that there where allot of these things going on, even with those that voted on him.
>>95929 >Politicians are smart They don't know shit, they just have power and use it. They are autistic bubble-dwelling spastics with low IQ and seething rage at their constituents. They can barely appear human let alone likeable. They've gotten politically flabby and don't care about appearing smart or charismatic bickers they think they deserve their position and you're a peasant who should accept it. >I doubt an anon that is not really autistic with his politics could beat them. I meant physically.
Open file (885.08 KB 640x360 hit or miss jew.webm)
>>95930 I don't know, I think lowering them down to spastic that live in a bubble is lowering expectations allot. Since it probably depends on the country and government but some of it, is really cut-throat and it takes some smarts to achieve.
>>95931 They have the intelligence of a Turkish armoire dealer or a gypsy fortune teller. The ones who order them around might have grander plans but politicians themselves are no smarter than Veeh.
Open file (489.43 KB 763x491 Eh86-naX0AAKmXZ.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0O2-OBIx1w 10,000 Subscriber Celebration - Bring Whiskey
Open file (12.18 MB 640x360 party_time.webm)
>>95933 I will take your word for it but what veeh lacked is that he is not a great salesman. And one has to wonder if a fact sheet like veeh facts would be circulating around the local politicians when voting came around, if that would change anything or be really entertaining? Yeah, I know. I need to update the facts and start posting them again.
>>95935 Wait you're veehfacts anon? BASED You know he's been streaming, uploading, and tweeting again right?
Open file (209.74 KB 1188x2208 01 (12).jpg)
>>95896 cope
Open file (835.13 KB 320x180 ltggroove.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGgp_3TJDpo LOW TIER GOD STREAM 1/17/2020/MM11/SFV/SMASH/OTHERS
Open file (16.82 MB 638x360 Fascist_by_Mr._Bond.mp4)
>>95936 Me and many other anons are the authors of Veeh facts especially George Lucas, if it was not for his boredom and thinking that Star Wars went to complete shit this would never have happened.
Open file (835.13 KB 320x180 ltggroove.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhRJ23KX-Ek LOW TIER GOD STREAM 1/17/2020/MM11/SFV/SMASH/OTHERS he back
>>95939 I didn't have that song saved thx
Gab, 8kun, and dailystormer down. Weird timing.
>>95942 Don't point out anything goyim.
>>95905 No, that would be "buying the top." BTC believers think it's going to 100K so any purchase at 30K-40K is good according to them but BTC is mercurial and volatile. But BTC believers have a vested interest in shilling BTC. After all, it's a pyramid scheme. They need to recruit new suckers to build the pyramid below them and inflate the price later on during the next pump and dump. Unless they are hodlers. The current bull run was probably caused by Boomers just learning about its existence. Or people using their covid free money to buy BTC. It could crash down to 3K all over again. If it crashes or dips big time, then consider buying it if you want to enter it. I include this comment about LINK shills that I found funny the other day. For context, LINK has not risen much and has stalled in price when many believe it should have shot up high like BTC. It's widely believed that Sergey (LINK founder and top of pyramid) is selling off big amounts every other week, which he lives off of as his income, and it keep the price of LINK from rising bc more coins are entering the market regularly. There are a bunch of bagholders of LINK on 4chan's /biz/ board that don't want to acknowledge they are the current suckers that are getting pumped and dumped on by the whales above them in the pyramid scheme.
Open file (60.50 KB 702x900 sexy_anita.jpg)
>>95944 Shut the fuck up muttni, there is only room for one essayfag. Think about it for a second muttni, you are creating multiple videos seething about some fucking whore like you bickers shes more successful, maybe if you want to have a successful career as an e-whore you should have gone full whore like Toad McKinley when you were not WALLED or used facerig before vtubers were a thing and went ahead of the curb smuckles before the shark stole all of your subscribers. Imagine making a video about lolikike being bad not bickers its degenerate pedophile shit but bickers you are mad that some loli-shark stole all your simps. imagine stealing anti-loli arguements from here instead of simply coming to the conclusion that it was wrong by default, even andy destroyed dax on loli There is one conclusion to be had muttni, you will never, ever be the e-celeb you so desperately want to be, you will never be white, you will always be viewed as a used-up castiza whore! Perhaps you should have cleaned the cat-shit up and brainwashed your autistic boyfriend a little more and you might have gotten the slightly whiter mongrel kids you so desire! picture unrelated, was looking threw my old /cow/ archives and found this classic
Open file (217.68 KB 1188x2208 01 (25).jpg)
>>95945 In other words BELLЕ WON
This thread needs renaming to Big Bell vs muttni.
Open file (13.93 KB 444x179 ezpz munny.png)
>>95905 Binance is the better platform anyways. While BTC is the most famous coin, it's also highly overhyped (it literally shits his pants and does nothing aside from store well), and nowhere near the gains you can make if you put money on the right coin early enough and you don't get caught in a scam. I won't name any other coins directly, since it'll lead you into two bad habits (first, trusting any crypto advice and not immediately assuming it's a pajeet trying to scam you and second, not looking into coins yourself and investing by your own research); though I will say you can do some scuffed speed-research by just going onto Coinmarketcap, clicking on any coin, changing this (related) scale to 1month and buying the some of the more popular ones that are currently at their lowest points yet tending upwards and aren't obvious scams. And as an advance, assume anything and everything you put in is going to get Bogdanoff'd at a dimes notice; any gains you make should be a neat bonus you can cash in on, not a meaningful major investment. And always remember, it doesn't matter how high the line goes up, you've still not made any money until you get rid of it.
>>95946 never has normal porn ever made me more disgusted. the more i look at the image, the more gross it feels.
Open file (230.60 KB 616x733 venti6.jpg)
>>95949 Same in fact of course It just looks like she's 8 years old, or even a big baby that's about to get her diaper changed It's pretty revolting inb4 u are muttni
Open file (73.93 KB 1400x753 u72.jpg)
>>95949 it's called being gay >>95950 hey muttni
Open file (538.36 KB 400x521 slurp.gif)
>>95951 It's called being attracted to the bodies of toddlers... the toddler physique, in all honesty in fact of course fam
Open file (238.74 KB 600x338 ClipboardImage.png)
the major problem with Muttni beyond her being an ugly mutt. Is he is unironically everything she claims not to be. The whole stick is meta ironic as in she started out pretending to be a titty streamer in order to make fun of titty streamers all while hiding behind the "its ironic", "im not like other girls" stick. The only successful female troll I've ever known online is pic related.
Open file (92.45 KB 1400x753 u73.jpg)
>>95952 as expected from muttni to not ever understand the talking points she steals from here
Open file (735.12 KB 1280x720 Vaush plz stop.mp4)
Open file (4.57 MB 1280x720 Vaush pedo moments.mp4)
Open file (647.06 KB 696x496 depends-on-the-child.gif)
>>95958 Enlightened Liberalist
>>95958 It's all so telling Vaush hasn't been cancelled >but muh computer made in sweatshops And without the option to work in those sweatshops children would be forced to resort to prostituion to survive
Open file (75.03 KB 2226x942 WeLoveOurCops.jpeg)
Open file (76.09 KB 597x1015 546244634.jpg)
>>95962 Desktop stream on Friday.
>>95963 lol hopefully. yooooo YOBA dono now to own the feds guys!
catboykami supposedly got raided today, theories?
If anyone needs background noise, Earwinson was on this livestream talking extensively about politics. I'm back to thinking that the claim that he's a liberal is probably disinfo he puts out to ensure his continued employment. https://youtu.be/Q3xUAkqHNsU
>>95965 I'm not sure how widely known it is but Kami isliving at Baked's parents vacation home in Arizona. If the property was raided then it would be due to Mr. Gionets legal situation.
Open file (13.88 MB 640x360 we love our cops.mp4)
>>95962 >>95963 We love our Cops JESUS IS KING
>>95967 ahhhhh right well that's even funnier then they probably got him by accident hunting for shit on baked, shame though was looking forward to the life sized george floyd doll
First Capitol riot conspiracy charge filed against alleged Oath Keepers leader https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/534809-us-files-first-conspiracy-charge-against-alleged-capitol-riot-leader You conspired against us goy! Perhaps the reason why Trump does very little in office and tweets all the time complaining about things is bc he really does have very little, limited power. He incited the media and full globo-homo apparatus by invoking the "Southern strategy" to get elected in 2016, and that rallied the system in the last 4 years to make sure he wouldn't be able to get anything done. bickers he is "literally Hitler" to them. We think of the President as being the most powerful powerful person in the world but how powerful can you be when every single thing you do is blocked by a hostile judge somewhere and the media is smearing you with every story, brainwashing voters against you. That doesn't excuse some of the stupid shit he did, like let his blatant nepotism give Jared and Ivanka power or cucking to Israel. But at least he didn't start a big war. He did bomb that Iran general though. I'm just trying to understand why it seems like Trump doesn't do much in office. Does the deep state not allow much change? >>95966 What an obscure little stream. I thought the fag ran away again.
>>95966 >I'm back to thinking that the claim that he's a liberal is probably disinfo he puts out to ensure his continued employment. Britain is basically Canada without the weed, of course he's covering his ass, he did Albion Radio with those dudes for a bit not to mention that debate he did with the black marxist kid, the video is floating around somewhere
Open file (64.76 KB 480x619 Andrew Anglin 2.jpg)
https://dlive.tv/tedwang Anglin's live. Maybe he'll drop some sub-zero takes or maybe he'll just play some gay video game in total silence for 7 hours straight. Lol.
Open file (68.27 KB 258x233 high impact kosher.png)
>>95962 >>95963 Oy vey he is blowing my kosher pants off like gefilte fish.
>>95966 you mean john smith?
Open file (101.69 KB 1440x960 Nick Fuentes - glance.jpg)
https://americafirst.live/ Catboy Fuentes is live.
Open file (1.49 MB 240x240 kami23.mp4)
Open file (13.33 KB 415x523 elated_2d.png)
#Гунтstream: Dup's Farwell, Mastersimp on Fediverse, + Onision vs Hansen IRL https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>95970 the most powerful man in the world is xi jinpeng, the american president (and in 10-20 years the nation of america) is irrelevant at this point
>>95977 to bad the cops didn't shoot this faggot
>>95977 catboi's asshole got raided
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfhyGqBaxks Corporatist nightmares, Trump's Farewell, Legal video Review
Open file (1.59 MB 1800x1012 Eric Striker.jpg)
Strike and Mike 145 - https://gofile.io/d/ScTFAK
Dup released his pardon list. Chungus and the Гунт are coping hard right now.
>>95985 Pardon me sir, Aye did not release that revenge pown of my ex. Nor did I choke her, lol. I was your biggest supporter. Pwease pardon me. Why are they coping? muh Baked?
>>95984 Thanks payking
Open file (27.42 KB 400x400 OeCdyOlq_400x400.jpg)
>>95986 Pardoned drug addicts and cokeheads and Israeli spies but not Snowden or Assange. Chungus in particular is losing his mind right now. I can't even screencap all of it. COPE https://twitter.com/stillgray
>>95987 Scraped it off 4cuck/pol/ for free every week.
Open file (93.31 KB 874x648 648326473.jpg)
So the günt has had the abortionist living with him since the weekend, is she riding the günt?
>>95991 are they back together?
Open file (68.04 KB 562x999 pey.jpg)
>>95991 What does she taste like /cow/?
Open file (953.41 KB 450x242 Tp4o.gif)
Open file (1.96 MB 373x201 huuuuurghhh.gif)
>>95993 sweaty pennies and brie
>>95993 Taste like something unimaginable and ungodly at the same time. So rotten, it has to be spoiled Chinese food for sure, and some weird cheese where the smell makes most of the taste.
Biden is officially your president
>>95999 Who else here ridin with biden?
Open file (416.71 KB 935x1102 1610218275282.jpg)
>>95999 I wonder how long it will take them to start punishing Trump supporters
Open file (399.86 KB 481x843 ClipboardImage.png)
>>96002 0 seconds.
Open file (118.57 KB 842x562 6.jpg)
>Q was the friends we made along the way
>>96004 Pied Piper at its finest. >during dup administration <TRUST THE PLAN! Q >after dup administration <l-let's just be nice ok guys?
>>96003 >>96004 They're already talking about deprogramming cult-like MIGApedes the american right is fucking dead, good job for trusting orange man.
>>96006 >They're already talking about deprogramming cult-like MIGApedes They'll label everyone to the right of Bernie a fanatic that needs de-programming, they're targeting lolbertarians already
>>96007 ...Joe Biden is literally a DINO. The fuck are you talking about
>>95999 uuuum not my president sweetie Kamala will be President. SLAYYYY KWEEEN
I feel so fucking stupid if only I had donated money to Nick Fuentes and jcaesar187 Oliver jcaesar187 this all could have been prevented! AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHGHGHGHG
Open file (30.99 KB 461x316 nicko_soyface.JPG)
>>96011 #metoo if only I had a lot of bitcoin than the white race and america would have been saved STILL TRUSTING THE PLAN
>>96003 >TPUSA are dangerous extremists lmao based, put them in prison.
>>96013 PUT ALL THOSE FAGGOTS IN PRISON There are stories of that gay G​AMERGATE harassing barely legal white men who interned there, giving me berserk flashbacks but irl.
>>96014 Yeah Rob Smith is mad creepy to little boys, Will Chamberlain cheats on his wife with men, Brad Polumbo was following underage boys on instagram. They're all fags or pedophiles or both.
Open file (74.00 KB 749x1184 1611172586533.jpg)
>>96008 he read it on the qschizo board
>>96017 They remind me of the Bernie bros but a bit more delusional. Instead of "here's how Bernie can still win" it's "Trump is a secret shadow president, trust the plan"
>>96012 How hard are they going to spank that spic?
Open file (502.64 KB 2560x3200 bradley.jpg)
Open file (600.46 KB 1800x1800 chelsea.jpg)
>>96019 Maybe the government will torture some of these people like Fuentes and Baked so badly they will go tranny.
Open file (190.03 KB 992x1323 XC7OgVsX.jpeg)
Some ni/gg/er global took over /qresearch/, kek. The bitchy post he made is incredible. Still seething about Anita Sarkeesian and whatnot, and still making it about S​ARGON and pretending they were anything more than a convenient boogeyman and a larp. Bring popcorn. https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/12641234.html
>>96023 ayyy that filter
>>96023 Why does every G​AMERGATE on the internet gotta come across as so fucking self-important and take the internet so damned seriously? Like Jesus Christ my dude, hit the weights, take a shower, go outside, get fucking laid.
>>96025 He's not wrong but he's also acting like he just started a revolution or whatever. He just deleted a bunch of threads and hit B on the moderation page. Self-important faggots are as nasty as Qboomers.
>>96025 I swear the G​AMERGATE larp attracts egomaniacal losers. They're so used to telling themselves they're doing something important they see themselves as wronged heroes enacting justice. You see it in the dud, you see it in John, you see it in the sperg that spams Tarrant videos, you see it in Margcuck, who used to shit up /japan/ with his ni/gg/er waifu (who once wiped the entire catalog by spamming threads about her and got the BO to ban him forever). Few things are as pathetic as a ni/gg/er.
Open file (61.19 KB 200x244 b8.png)
>>96026 That entire post has girl on the internet levels of unwarranted self-importance and was written by a newfag. Daiz and the rest of the anime mafia were using 8chan a base of operations to spam /a/ and /jp/ like a year before fucking G​AMERGATE ever happened. Pillowbiter wasn't >there, as the site was getting boards up He was a reddit/twitter that jumped when freddit shilled the site fucking everywhere. Otherwise he would know this and know how the mass migration from 4chan into /v/ and /pol/ fucking killed whatever nascent board culture had existed in the .co days. Which makes his entire diatribe about how newfags killed 8chan even funnies. It is like the chicanoes in west Texas that get absolutely shitter shattered over border jumpers from South America and cry about them destroying "their" communities. >Fuck you newfags and boomers: you should've lurked more but as always you were too arrogant to understand how chan culture works. Chan culture is a reddit neologism. They are, and always have been, called imageboards, not chans. There is no chan culture. There was imageboard culture, but I doubt he understands it seeming as his entire perception seems based upon YLYL screencap threads. >Fuck you, Hotwheels: no different than m00t Except m00t got a clue, realized he could no longer relate to his creation, and exited gracefully into an actual career instead of seething with impotent rage that he couldn't control what other people thought and then spent the next four years julaying shit for SJW pitybux as a born again communist. Like fuck, if you are going to take this shit so seriously and throw some grand dramatic temper tantrum to show the world how angry you are that a fucking shitposting website isn't what you want it to be at least get the facts straight. Niggers have been larping as Oldfag Pro™ for so long I honestly think they genuinely believe all their bullshit. I'm begging ya. Weights. Shower. Fresh Air. Sex. I swear just try it for a couple of months, it will put reality in perspective. Disconnect the internet if you can't control yourself. Just try acting like a human being if only for a short while.
Why do people use 00 in moot? He never used 00's.
>>96029 bickers intermittent word filters and then later people trying to be cutesy playing with his name by referring to him like m00tkip and m00tykins.
>there's already a Q Research General with 750 posts again Can't make this shit up lol, the impotent G​AMERGATE wipe will be forgotten like a fart in the wind by tomorrow when the boomers fill the catalog once again. It puzzles me to see the hills that G​AMERGATEs choose to die on.
>>96031 Plus he most likely lost his janny status again and therefore the chance to actually subtly troll the Qboomers. Brainlets everywhere.
Open file (96.31 KB 350x426 1467590695594.gif)
>>96028 >imagine being this wrong about GoyimGoober https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDOyx_1hQMo
Open file (149.21 KB 597x308 durr.png)
Open file (3.78 MB 423x427 1599614234624.gif)
>>96034 >didn't even watch the video bruh, its actually unironically a good channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYHN5SJA7i8
>>96032 That's a given lol
>>96035 Who are you quoting? Also nothing of value has ever been posted on youtube with the exception of commercial VHS releases of FMW shows.
Open file (94.43 KB 680x568 Contrarian.jpg)
>>96037 >Also nothing of value has ever been posted
>>96033 >>96035 gym tier, not gonna bother watching
>>96034 >>96037 Is this trademarc? stonedup here saying hi
Open file (320.60 KB 853x845 NazBol Gang Gang.png)
>>96040 Hapabol Gang Gang
>>96041 Based. Did you see the awards this year? Unsurprisingly Flopson won worst waifu again, she's unbeatable. And after the julay truck arrived with uncounted votes, the Rock won the queen primaries.
>the old board cockss have been restored from a backup lmao G​AMERGATES can't stop losing
>>96042 No I haven't. I don't spend much time online any more other than watching the occasional Toad McKinley and Toad McKinley wrestling show. I stopped in tonight bickers I am too busy with moving to go out looking for girls and I figured there would be some good drama with the dup bt­foing and I was not disappointed. This makes it what, the third time Flopson has won? I thought Toad McKinley was going to name the award after her if she did a hat trick. Also didn't Toad McKinley say he was going to boycott anyone and any company that supported BLM? I thought he made a big dramatic video about it during the riots like the day before the Rock came out with a video dabbing on yt and supporting the riots peaceful redistribution of goods to the "working" class.
Open file (2.73 MB 640x360 dup btfo.webm)
>>96044 >Also didn't Toad McKinley say he was going to boycott anyone and any company that supported BLM? I thought he made a big dramatic video about it during the riots like the day before the Rock came out with a video dabbing on yt and supporting the riots peaceful redistribution of goods to the "working" class. He did, but the Rock won anyways just like Biden. Some people wanted to stop the steal but the votes from the julay truck were counted anyways. Nice to hear you're chadding it up nowadays.
Open file (5.34 MB 640x360 Home Security.webm)
>>96045 Hit the weights, take a shower, get a clue. It is ridiculously easy to pull a girl when you stop thinking of them as human beings worthy of respect and simply accept they are barely sentient meat surrounding a couple of wet holes.
>>96045 Flopson has no career.
>>96046 I struggle telling irony from sincerity here lol. Too rodgerpilled for me I guess. By the way, some sad news: our boy Truthseeker got picked up over some bullshit charges. Drunk brawling or something like that. >>96047 I wonder if Zach has stopped coping about the news that she's finally retiring.
Open file (433.53 KB 594x1035 Zach.png)
>>96048 10 shekels he will be back in 2 months spamming G​AMERGATE dicks like he was last july.
Open file (68.44 KB 550x774 1555919035256.jpg)
>>96048 Zach would defend her career more than she did.
Open file (40.79 KB 600x448 full (27).jpg)
>>96048 Take it how you want. Simple fact is when you stop thinking that a woman will have anything close to the same intellectual integrity as a man you will stop thinking of them as your equals. Once you do that then you will stop trying to talk to them like they are and it becomes much easier to talk them into bed. The real Truthseeker AS SEEN ON /TV/™ or one of the many imitators? He should take up boxing to be honest. I did and it is the single most useful skill I have learned in a long time. Almost no one knows how to fight and once you do you find out how ridiculously easy it is to fade someone with a quick hook to an undefended chin and then bounce before the cops show.
https://americafirst.live/ Catboy Fuentes is live with more cope.
>>96051 Wait, ain't that the autistic Jenny chick? Which is obviously a chaos avatar and somehow some NEETS on /tV/ would want this monstrous thing to breed. Just imagine the God Emperor sitting in wait and watch these degenerates do ungodly things and not for betterment of mankind but for selfish chaotic reasons which again would align them perfectly with chaos.
>>96052 >Take it how you want. Simple fact is when you stop thinking that a woman will have anything close to the same intellectual integrity as a man you will stop thinking of them as your equals. Once you do that then you will stop trying to talk to them like they are and it becomes much easier to talk them into bed. It's true for most women, but there's a few gems out there. I like to think the one by my side is one of those gems. >The real Truthseeker AS SEEN ON /TV/™ That exact same guy. >>96054 No, that's Zach's ex Alison, with a Zach poem superimposed.
Open file (61.46 KB 362x573 1565546178755.jpg)
>>96055 I don't know if this is the effect of the blood hemorrhage in the brain or learning about zach's past. Did she like cuckold him so brutally, where he got lasting damages and went into his escapism which is obviously Harry Potter.
>>96056 The Harry Potter stuff goes at least as far back as his relationship with her. But I'm pretty sure he got cucked hard. He always copes about how he "doesn't care about that bitch" whenever she's brought up.
Open file (4.47 MB 2600x2000 riding with biden.png)
>>96039 Bru i cant even watch old Gym videos anymore that shit is so boring.
Open file (75.48 KB 1080x844 1545698430612.jpg)
>>96057 fascinating, and let me guess it was a white dude that cucked him super hard which made him into a spastic BBC porn spammer? >>96060 will there be more lewds of Julay-chan?
>>96062 >>96062 >will there be more lewds of Julay-chan? robi killed her
>>96060 How was he able to do that? Julay-chan was cute and 3d render anon made awesome artworks and he could make more of Julay-chan.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJa4b7-QuWE Ty Beard is Back From COVIDistan: Asset Protection and Political Postures
>>96065 Can't wait til this hooknosed faggot gets thrown in a gulag for being vaguely right wing.
Open file (383.68 KB 3565x295 ty.jpg)
Open file (136.00 KB 307x388 Pathetic 2.png)
>>96067 Won't ever happen. He's too clever and aware of the law to make a mistake. Biden isn't gonna start gulags or concentration camps. Lmao. Life will resume as normal. Big business will carry on happy as ever. >>96069 Hard to believe people actually believed the Q-larp. Don't they know anyone can make up bullshit, especially on an anonymous image board where you don't have to back up anything you write? Gullible fucks. Also persuasion 101: people are more likely to believe something if they want it to be true. Conspiracy thinking is comforting: not only is it fun to think someone mysterious in control of the government but it's also comforting to your mind. Instead of thinking that no one is in control or just that rich people are in control with their vested interests. It allows you to feel like you're on the winning team and you are winning vicariously through Q's secret operations. And then the grifters that are exploiting these sad Q-boomers and true believers right up until the end. It's revolting.
Open file (1.47 MB 1421x731 Q.png)
Q-attention whore is bald. Yeah, you might wanna keep your 'coon skins on your head and keep that beanie on if you're bald like Tim Poole. Lol. Full video here: https://www.newyorker.com/video/watch/a-reporters-footage-from-inside-the-capitol-siege
How are you retards doing?
Open file (517.86 KB 2208x1188 k55.jpg)
>>96073 w*'re too busy fapping to Bellе
Open file (231.06 KB 1150x2048 rmm55rbsqn541.jpg)
>>96074 She tries way too hard to be what she thinks is sexy it looks so forced.
Open file (177.90 KB 1188x2208 k58.jpg)
>>96076 okay Muttni
Open file (84.27 KB 750x326 Untitled.png)
Open file (251.07 KB 753x490 45343.png)
>>95966 >'They will make an example of B aked Alaska ahahahaha' >'B aked Alaska going to jail ahahahaha' Earwinson full of shit as always.
Open file (193.69 KB 414x372 blacked_jim.png)
>>96078 Getting bail just means they don't think he's a flight risk before his hearing. Mind there's something to be said for letting domestic terrorists go on a disneyland weekend before you make an example of him for treason.
>>96078 >THE PEOPLE WHO "STORMED" THE CAPITOL ARE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS >let one of them go on bail Hmmmm.
Open file (76.10 KB 700x875 2p90klw4may41.jpg)
>>96046 I don't get it, how did people believe in the q-larp? It was clearly shown as pure roleplaying from a writing perspective. Also the lefts conspiracy theories are more insane and overly retarded. Either way it's going to be entertaining 4 years. >>96074 you fap to beIIe does not mean normal or seemingly normal people will find that hooker attractive. >>96075 Sabrina got gigantic julayers and is pure mommy material. >>96077 how big is your BeIIe collection? it has to be huge now since you shit his pants and do nothing but fap to BeIIe and probably is one of those chaos thots that is probably from nurgle or slaanesh I can smell something is wrong with that thot.
Open file (459.32 KB 2208x1188 k60.jpg)
>>96081 Gonna make another video, Muttni?
Open file (291.99 KB 700x700 time-to-coom.jpg)
Open file (293.45 KB 700x700 time-to-coom2.jpg)
>>96081 Post more Sabrina
Open file (696.54 KB 1774x3840 4mfwvpm7u7w41.jpg)
Open file (869.47 KB 1774x3840 gkvz1e9pm9v41.jpg)
>>96082 I am not the mutt but OK whatever gets you to sleep. But keep telling yourself I am the mutt since knowing that your pornwhore waifu is probably really dirty and have so much STDs that it would make an African hooker look clean. >>96083 here fam
Open file (212.04 KB 1188x2208 k59.jpg)
>>96084 sounds like mutt cope
Open file (1.25 MB 1774x3840 jqkm8y6pcsz41.jpg)
>>96085 Hur da dur cope bickers I don't like it when someone tells me the truth about the shit waifu that I masturbate to. Not my fault that your waifu or pornwhore is nothing but a pornwhore and where her poontang probably smells worse than rotten fish and shrimp.
Open file (204.12 KB 1188x2208 k54a.jpg)
>>96086 that's a cope alright
Open file (29.17 KB 562x506 1560108485522.jpg)
>>96087 oh my god, look at the batwings on that poontang it's worse than most hookers.
Open file (227.58 KB 1188x2208 k52.jpg)
>>96088 envy?
>>96089 Not really, that poontang only means she is used. I mean what the hell, you could have a pocketpussy and never wash it for a whole month and it would still be cleaner than BeIIe's pussy.
Open file (358.45 KB 2208x1188 k57b.jpg)
>>96090 cope?
>>96091 Feels like you're coping by spamming pictures of B.elle instead of acknowledging that all women are whores.
>>96092 Only men are pure thats why we must fuck men.
>>96093 That's the worst way to interpret what I said. Treat women as unreliable and handle them as such.
>>96094 Look I dont care what you say boy daddies coming home and taking off his belt.
>>96092 it must be something like that, cunt only knows cope seethe and muttni, that or clinical retardation
>>96033 Take your meds.
Open file (428.55 KB 650x337 Nick Fuentes agitated.png)
https://americafirst.live/ The catboy Fuentes is going live in a few to cope with Daddy Trump's loss.
Open file (45.72 KB 1078x1078 12198259825.jpg)
Гунт BIDEN COPING AND READING NEWS https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>96088 >batwings have sex incel
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2wjO7vzGIo Melinda v Jersh, Parler v AWS, and Maybe Twitter vs a Minor
Open file (618.66 KB 1329x2000 inc 1.jpg)
Open file (612.20 KB 1329x2000 inc 2.jpg)
Open file (265.23 KB 1329x2000 inc 3.jpg)
Open file (71.44 KB 1280x720 RE 1.jfif)
Open file (97.07 KB 1280x720 RE 2.jfif)
M-Mommy vampire gf? HOT! Watch the 1st video on this: https://twitter.com/TheSphereHunter/status/1352391556821512193 It looks like they copied the Inc