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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
PILLSTREAM IS 2 YEARS OLD LET >US HOPE >WE GET A NEW ONE SOON INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html
Edited last time by oldestfag on 06/22/2021 (Tue) 18:21:18.
>>106362 >Yeah, info like the fact that your in a wheelchair perhaps? Why would I be in a wheelchair? I am just a little bit sick, not an invalid that cannot walk. Also pokiposting is not as big of a mental illness as BeIIeposting is.
Open file (430.52 KB 800x1400 ELDRID_GAYTOR.png)
>>106365 Yet my take is funnier bickers it is self aware. Thus you must abideth as it is the sacred law. Only through autism can you escape teh bonds of HAHA... Repent now and embrace the tism for it the time is upon us.. THE ELDRIDGEFAG COMETH Embrace tism like that of the oldestfag else be crippled like our poor fwiend weak loads >>106368
Open file (136.88 KB 1000x1500 E1BxkLfVoAAlStv.jpg)
>>106369 There is literally nothing wrong with being a little bit crippled in the head and sex organ.
Open file (58.38 KB 480x480 543232.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSsjFoKo8xM How many lolsuits does Jewsh get a year?
>>106366 it's always on 4chan
Open file (1.82 MB 700x369 598229855.gif)
>>106374 >Bong thinks bong legal definition of defamation applies to burger website
Open file (32.54 KB 480x437 tariqfearstheBWC.png)
>>106376 I think >we need to start bong breaking.
>>106374 Wait... this name rang a bell, and then something autistic went off in my brain and I remember that guy from way back in the eternal thread #9. He made this audio of a Vee impression that he uploaded to youtube.
Open file (652.32 KB 1299x753 mms.png)
>>106378 That's kino.
>>106377 This has to be a tongue-in-cheek troll. The only places he mentions that a guy would fag out on another guy are places that you'd have to be a fag already to go to.
Open file (226.98 KB 366x270 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106381 I mean you can't even hang out in a rest stop toilet late at night without all these white fags trying to suck your weapon of mass destruction.
Open file (34.53 KB 480x437 tariqbestiality.png)
>>106380 I see through your tricks white man. Keep your elephants away from me.
>>106383 Now you he's masturbating to this stuff.
>>106385 *know
>>106383 >i have spent a lot of time researching horses and other exotic animals sodomizing my ancestors. never change tariq
>>106374 >cyberlink youcam Is this a rethread the schtick Adam & Leo were doing before Ashton wanted to make it all about himself? Pretty funny.
Trannyfucker Kami is streaming Buck Breaking https://trovo.live/TariqNasheed
Open file (2.84 MB 1001x541 doe-breaking ahegao.webm)
>>106380 >>106381 If it was just tweets, you might be right it was just a troll for Tariq. But this guy did a documentary so he believes it and has invested too much time into this to be just a troll. Reminder that everyone thought Amos Yee was "just trolling" when he used humor to push pedophilia and normalize it. Just 'cause he had a smile on his face as he said "let the baby fuck and the baby has consent." Until most people later realized years later "oh this guy is actually a pedophile." The troll (SarcasmBros like Metokure) projects onto others thinking everything they say must be ironic or sarcasm like he does. But that is his own mindset and bias. "The pedophile troll doesn't really mean he wants to fuck kids. I say a lot of silly shit I don't believe." No, he really does. People use humor to broach taboo topics. All this talk about gay-ass buck breaking everywhere. How come we're not talking about doe-breaking?
Open file (14.56 MB 1280x720 Shabbos Goy.mp4)
Open file (2.91 MB 576x1024 1623199990738.webm)
Open file (65.46 KB 680x396 1623129063166.jpg)
Open file (272.95 KB 1152x2048 Eug6n2YVIAI5Pu-.jpg)
Open file (427.31 KB 1536x2048 E3ovzS-UUAAYn_O.jpg)
>>106392 Obviously buck breaking is real I saw it in a documentary. Also Doe-breaking is racemixing while buck breaking is just fixing farm equipment, so it's technically not even race mixing.
Open file (59.85 KB 762x746 Baked Alaska Jewish.jpg)
>>106390 Baked is kind of weak mentally. He has talked about wanting to kill himself in the past. I know this faggot cracked bc feds get you when you are at your lowest point, when you're mentally unstable and isolated. He has been at rock-bottom several times like after Cville or after KikePozeidon kicked him out. Feds pressure you and flip you into a federal asset. There's something strange about Baked's willingness to quickly whip out his pepper-spray and bathe stranger's faces in the spray at the drop of a hat. It's almost like he's not scared of any of the consequences of assaulting people. Almost like he's a fed who knows he won't face any repercussions in the law bc he's protected. He got a slap on the wrist for streaming in the Capital riot, for now. Why hasn't Fuentes been arrested for organizing them? He was telling people to march on the capitol. I can go find youtube clips right now that jcaesar187 recorded, of Fuentes giving speeches urging the people around him to march and some of it sounds incendiary like it could be interpreted as a call to violence. Let's say Baked is a fed but Fuentes isn't. Even then, Fuentes is best buddies with a federal informant. Actually, nvm. Fuentes was buddies with Milo, who for sure is a fed. It's over bros. They're all feds. Another thing with Fuentes is that he's been getting a lot of media exposure. That is not a good sign. The media is more likely to promote a fed to create that boogeyman like a David Duke or Richard Spencer. But the problem with shouting "FED!" at all these people is that you will almost never get a smoking gun proof that one is really a fed so you will be left speculating not never knowing for sure.
Open file (329.05 KB 640x360 banana cream.gif)
Open file (3.06 MB 1280x720 retorted.mp4)
>>106404 Circumcision is a beautiful ritual.
>>106404 God i hope not, bickers i want pigfaced fucker to pay for XANDER'S support for 18 years. And that dumb fuck barely gets by with his pajeet coded website. 200 subscribers. Fucking hood rich wigger indeed.
Open file (294.46 KB 1536x2048 E1Ldk0mVIAEm7bD.jpg)
>>106402 We know for a fact that Fuentes is a fed. >>106404 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I was hoping for Armageddon.
Reminder that Gaytor and jcaesar187 cry about people on the 'farms trying to dox Gaytor but have no problem doxing others. jcaesar187 himself regularly doxes people he doesn't like such as Lord Akira or ex-gfs like Adezero. Obviously, hypocrisy of these fags is nothing new. But I have just been enjoying listening to Gaytor and jcaesar187 actually seething about BlubberLee/Teaclips and the farms trying to dox Gaytor. In typical fashion, the abuser doesn't like it when you abuse him. "Dere goin' after my dead M-mama. Dere trying to dox my fwend."
>>106402 Don't forget Cantwell was also a self admitted Federal Informant. And don't forget ((TRS))) defended Cantwell.
^ btw if you don't know Chris is using a dildo to boof methamphetamine's up his asshole in the above edited picture.
Open file (69.62 KB 432x250 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.59 MB 1067x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Oh no bros. Millo's best friend PressFarttoContinue is on to us!!! http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s2fjne
Open file (59.57 KB 417x179 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106408 jcaesar187 uses "doxing my X" as a reason to fuck with people while still crying victim when people fuck with him back. Like everything the Гунт says, even in his twisted world he is full of shit. He doxed pigclips like 6 months ago, so by his logic she had every right to dox gaytor.
Open file (584.87 KB 1194x1492 allknowingoldfag.png)
>>106411 Why would the feds need informants for a public anonymous image board that has under 100 active readers and gets 20 posts and hour at best? The eldestfag must know something we don't.
Open file (345.33 KB 1536x2048 E1-MVgCVIAQhSdL.jpg)
>>106411 >>106412 Oh no, he is really onto us bros! Does he know what a poki pic means and what a lewd Asian really is a code for? Oh noes, do I need to use the Russian thots instead of Asians?
>>106414 >Why would the feds need informants for a public anonymous image board that has under 100 active readers and gets 20 posts and hour at best? Why would they need informants when they can just lurk and read?
>>106416 Maybe they need someone to explain who Toad McKinley is.
Open file (239.03 KB 1536x2048 E3riZINVkAEGH5p.jpg)
>>106416 You do know that Gaydor and jcaesar187 are retarded,right? >>106417 Oh noes don't tell gaydur the secret of the real Toad McKinley, mang.
Open file (921.95 KB 1130x1244 4ecf9fdd4a1354a5.png)
>>106411 >/cow/ is full of feds Alright, which one of (you) has been leaking my Jahans shitposts to the federal government? Identify (you)rself.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4zyjBWrRMQ Ronnie O'Neal Update, BASED Utah Assistant AG, and MORE!
>>106418 >You do know that Gaydor and jcaesar187 are retarded,right? Right, but I was referring to Nick Monroe
Open file (3.82 MB 608x1080 Buck_Chug.webm)
Open file (56.01 KB 288x196 gogreen.jpeg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um5Eg8PiP3A LOW TIER GOD STREAM 6/16/2021/NINJA G/GG STRIVE/OTHERS
>>106423 When rednecks spread Chronic Wasting Disease from deer into humans, they won't have a leg to stand on about the damn Chinks eating bats and releasing coronavirus.
>>106369 >>106384 Holy based, new fucking gaytors for collecting.
>>106404 I wish anon, >we need the third angel baby!
>>106425 >bats bruh that shit was created in a Chinese lab with the support of the US government.
>>106428 I know and agree. That is the popular narrative though that it jumped from bats in a wet market so close to a virology lab studying bat coronaviruses. My only thought is that the recent UFO government leaks might be the govt trying to distract from the lab leak and the US having funded coronavirus.
>>106411 The jig is up anons, the firstfag found out the truth.
Open file (1.41 MB 576x1024 macvisuals.mp4)
Open file (255.03 KB 828x429 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106402 This has been DEBOONKED by twitter you Qanon schizo racist.
>>106432 That twitter statement contradicts itself before it even finishes the sentence! <Federal law doesn't allow informants to be charged with conspiracy. >Tucker Carlson suggested some people weren't charged bc they were fed informants or FBI agents. Huh?
Open file (185.55 KB 839x526 coach_spotted.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrKbvL1jKEM https://archive.is/qRdgs This is probably coaches greatest video of all time, the amount of times he just sort of admits to his own degeneracy and simultaneously backtracks is incredible.
Open file (147.83 KB 317x414 crp-coomer.gif)
>>106404 >not just looping XANDER, XANDER
Edit:Ear Just is streaming right now for 4 views. In other note, kinos based in what the anos are watching https://youtu.be/DGcNh_7MVWA /tv/ related https://youtu.be/0955tO0sfqk /fit/ & /s/ related https://youtu.be/oKO-JErAfX8 /cow/, /sp/ & /v/ related https://youtu.be/m0l0LIRVs20 /v/ & /woo/ related https://youtu.be/omq7JS9QglQ /cow/ related https://youtu.be/OU7twEIlaa0 /cow/ related https://youtu.be/Of1TcTsFhwY /sp/ & /int/ related https://youtu.be/2kl0ifhLhOQ /tg/ related https://youtu.be/0XaCF8yhH7Y /woo/ & /int/ related https://youtu.be/gfDQUo7uqCg /cow/ & /x/ related https://youtu.be/0wSpgcViiaY /cow/ & /r9k/ related https://youtu.be/AH6id7byYtI /a/ & /tv/ related https://youtu.be/iGT3KpdJqAw /vp/ https://youtu.be/ebgsMwaL3rs /tv/ & /int/ https://youtu.be/igypUMYeaKs /hm/ & /fit/ https://youtu.be/rgWh4SAgUSk /x/ https://youtu.be/bJdjr7N4rzo /woo/ & /s/ https://youtu.be/uCCXzB9CuD0 /woo/ https://youtu.be/hYSJTxoebbc /tv/ & /cow/ https://youtu.be/q79S2BoZcn8 /v/ https://youtu.be/4l2lcR0BHtU /fit/ https://youtu.be/WfmZTQuzLYE /christian/, /cow/ & /lgbt/ https://youtu.be/fXtCh58_tc0 /cow/ & /pol/
Open file (3.44 MB 854x480 STFU.mp4)
Open file (728.73 KB 800x450 830621466041.png)
>>106411 >it's not my circle of friends that are feds, it's everyone making fun of us Did joachim tell him this?
>>106433 Retard, this is called Qualified Immunity. Any lawyer worth their bar immediately requests FBIgoons to immune informants & CWits. This is why the US has always been fascist from the get go.
Open file (218.80 KB 1536x2048 E3l3BB8VcAQXU0d.jpg)
Open file (33.99 KB 564x531 Pokemane ahegao.jpg)
>>106422 If you think about it logically everyone that is in near associations with gaydur and jcaesar187; should either be retarded,grifters or a mix of the two. I am not even joking. It is actually quite disturbing on how these 3 types of people are the only ones that are near jcaesar187 and gaydur. >>106423 >>106425 Being a redneck is a part of life,mang.
>>106440 I wish a government agency would pay me to sit here and shit post on tranny farms or /cow/ seriously if any of you are informants hmu i'm ready.
so /cow/ is 10 z-celebs and 5 feds hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
>>106443 Well first off, don't ask questions but you need a fursona.
Open file (116.66 KB 812x800 1616631821251.jpg)
>>106444 >so /cow/ is 10 z-celebs and 5 feds and one anon. snitches get stitches boi
Open file (274.31 KB 594x752 coach-noooo.jpg)
>>106434 "There was just cocks leeeft and right, cocks up and down, cocks everywhere." Quite kino
Open file (4.61 MB 3584x3936 subversion tactics.jpg)
>>106443 >getting pay'd That's not how it works. Anon, when people say "Fed" typically they mean federal informant. You know, people who where just retarded and downloaded Dolphin Porn (Potentially Mark Mann, Gahoole ect) so the real Fed take your hard drive and give you a deal in exchange for turning states evidence. Another example is people selling fire arms in a shady way like Acid Man for example. Im not calling Mark or Gahoole a fed, but iirc Acid Man did admit to talking with the Federal Government. And we know for a fact Jіm Watkіns, his son Code Monkey, and CrіppleKike have turned states evidence. Take for example Andrew Auernheimer who was arrested for violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and was caught with cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, and Schedule 2 and 3 pharmaceuticals. You see, Weev likely squealed like a pig in order to get a reduced sentence and now is a stool pigeon. Or Christopher Cantwell is another well known example of a guy who got jammed up for being a retard and likely turned State's evidence in order to cut a deal. (pic unrelated)
>>106449 oh, well that sucks guess i'll be shitposting on /cow/... FOR FREE
Open file (192.00 KB 333x344 28959285298.PNG)
>>106441 Calm down, lawfag.
Open file (89.00 KB 960x720 touhou_godspeed.jpg)
>>106450 Your country salutes you for your fine service.
Open file (473.92 KB 370x480 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106450 The real question is would you turn states evidence for a Hot pocket?
Open file (3.06 MB 1280x720 xander.mp4)
>>106436 >not just looping XANDER, XANDER Just for you
>>106441 yes but how does Qualified immunity deboonk Tucker's statement? Would it corroborate the idea?
Open file (396.75 KB 900x1600 gaytorjanitor.png)
>>106450 Do it for free just like I do it for free
>>106456 >>106452 Im doing it for free buddy im doing it right now. >>106453 I'd do it for a mallomar.
Based Sperg of Tiamat spotted https://youtu.be/_tFeRri9Yu0 Peta PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd by the animal molester
>>106455 >Qualified immunity >immunity from civil suits That in itself doesn't look applicable to federal conspiracy. What I find interesting is that any news articles debunking it don't definitively say there were no feds. What they do say is: >it would have happened anyway without federal informants >An unindicted co-conspirator has committed the crime of conspiracy, and investigative agents doing their jobs undercover are not committing crimes Basically they're just covering for themselves by saying "who cares if there were feds egging it on, if it's not proven that they instigated it, then they were just federal witnesses so they dindu nuffin uwu".
Open file (141.17 KB 231x247 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106458 The fag made a video 4 days ago apparently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Kebbp0cpl0
>>106460 God he is such a fucking fag
Open file (347.79 KB 1002x2497 ClipboardImage.png)
Bruh, this is Qanon tier. Oh how the Sperg of Tia has fallen.
I guess my cover is blown goys... Time to change my account.
>>106460 literal splitcock-tier story about ripping his hand open with a nail
Broke dick farms made fun of my grandma! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o-GWfmuk_0
Open file (113.59 KB 1200x896 sargon_vordrak.jpg)
>>106462 >Dumps Sting Operation found the video. This it unironically Qanon, trust the plan tier retardation. https://odysee.com/@mentealt:1/QFS-blockchain-encryption-code:5
Open file (970.41 KB 1080x888 sargonlet.png)
>>106468 Sun Tsu you say. Fucking got 'em.
Open file (191.18 KB 1125x2000 ExlgcbjU4AAvJlf.jpg)
Has there been anything interesting going on?
Open file (219.67 KB 1188x2208 01 (4).jpg)
Open file (239.87 KB 1188x2208 48.jpg)
Open file (251.67 KB 1188x2208 01 (9).jpg)
Open file (8.81 MB 281x500 weakloads partner.gif)
>>106470 i found your "partner"
>>106471 These are old BeIIe, mang. >>106472 damn you got me fam. Here is a poki for your effort.
>>106473 >>106471 can (you) guys post some better calibre women?
Open file (81.58 KB 768x1024 E3gtHw3VIAMtrCK.jpg)
Open file (330.70 KB 1536x2048 E3HWMkQVgAMaL5q.jpg)
Open file (68.33 KB 768x1024 E3RqAVwVkAEO5ud.jpg)
>>106491 This Japanese lady is pretty sexy.
Open file (299.28 KB 758x672 Metokur.png)
Reminder that Mr. Manicure is 39 years old and is still buying action figures like a 10 year old boy.
Open file (537.61 KB 1638x2048 EyT7cEfVoAMVepL.jpg)
>>106494 I wonder how he does not get any shit from his pet chink?
Open file (19.07 KB 589x154 335569822921.png)
Jade gives the best time delayed burns.
>>106495 Same reason Pewdiepie got away with fucking a fangirl, you only get in trouble if you fuck a bunch of them and they find out they're not special, they're femsimps
Open file (33.38 KB 708x631 IMG_9710.JPG)
>>106495 I know Jade isn't satisfied with her weeb, shiveled-up, emaciated husband Gym since he's eternally ill and just sits on his computer all day either surfing the web or playing a video game. He has lost a lost of weight. He doesn't even make money anymore by streaming so he is a burden and worthless to her. Some women are heartless and they will get rid of you for much less. I bet Jade is cheating on him or she's just waiting a couple years until he passed away. She is 29 right now. Not that she is some young, hot babe or something. Insert JadeJigSawface.jpeg. I can't find that image of Jade with an asian hat and Jigsaw's doll face.
>>106493 Weakload stop you are making me want to racemix. >>106494 Toad McKinley is such a fucking redditor. >>106498 I would give Jade the white cock she's craving but I think she is long gone. Toad McKinley is dealing with his magical illness compeletely alone that's why he's reading isekai he misses his anime waifu and is very derpessed.
>>106498 Gym is obviously lying about being sick after he was wrong about COVID and ashamed of Гунтguarding, the tweets are a cope to lie to himself that he didn't run away after embarrassing himself on the internet, if you want to be conspiratorial Jade is a chinese spy sent to America to prevent Gym leading another gamer uprising against chinks in S​ARGON fashion as a leader again
Open file (467.80 KB 301x680 Grape.png)
Гунтstream: Ryan Dawson Returns to cry about Israel https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
Open file (930.95 KB 600x900 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106494 >action figures Bruh Gunpla are models that you need to build and paint. I'm not saying its not a bit nerdy, but its not just some doll. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX4UjPsDLBM
Open file (527.01 KB 600x701 jade.png)
I was listening to Leopirate vs DemonMama. And I realized that these breadtubers are so insufferable. As I was listening, all of a sudden I thought, "That's Destiny!" or "It's Vaush!" And I realized this tranny is a cookie-cutter clone of Vaush and Destiny. He has even consciously or unconsciously copied his heroes' vocal tics, mannerisms, and phrases. Vaush himself was a clone of Destiny and DemonMama is a clone of Vaush. I realized these lefties listen to Destiny and Vaush fwend-simulators all day to the point where they are simulating their heroes' styles like some braindead npc. They say you are a combination of the 5 most influential people around you in your life. For these leftie losers, that means Destiny and Vaush are the top 2 people in their lives and they are trying their best to emulate their daddies. Vaush copied Destiny's website, chat, setup, cameras, and speech patterns, and then DemonMama copied all that from Vaush. The sycophants really are the worst. The hordes of braindead morons that defend daddy's honor and are too brainwashed to think outside of the box or entertain an alternate view. I've seen it so many times. The palpable seethe when you laugh at their god. Then again, you can go on /pol/ and see a fair share of clones that repeat Molyneux's line "Not an argument" at you over and over while not understanding what that really means. Full stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AHB8DxjXAw >>106504 There it is. Thanks.
>>106505 >leopirate no one cares leo go shill your shit elsewhere.
Open file (99.48 KB 217x306 digust.jpg)
>>106505 Its funny, you can see physical degeneration as if the copying process is imperfect; tiny looks like a fairly normal guy, vaush is obese and a neckbeard and this guy's full on tranny freak. I'm having a hard time imagining what the guy copying demonmama would look like but I'm sure it would be horrific.
>>106505 >your arrogance knows no bounds. I can assure you as a demon my familiarity with God is better than yours as a mere mortal Pretty decent retro atheist cringe
Open file (436.76 KB 320x480 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.83 MB 686x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (202.42 KB 252x336 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106505 No shit sherlock >breadtube is largely mentally retarded clones of Destiny >Destiny gets canceled by his clone DemonMama <as a result: >Destiny has been dunking on the far left >He has been pointing out that they are just brain dead clones of him stealing his arguments without understanding the actual arguments >Destiny has been chilling out and becoming relatively more reasonable when talking to rightiods >This has cased the far left to sperg out and accuse him of being a crypt-o fascist alt-right sympathizer There is so much potential for julay bros >>106510 Reminds me of the retard Bionicdance. <and these pictures of Bionicdance I just found on google remind me of JF Gariepy mentally handicap sex slave it's like poetry it rhymes
Open file (99.00 KB 1280x720 Vaush_Moment.jpg)
>>106505 On point. Even the voice sounds like Vaush lol.
>>106505 Remember when Gabe was on with Destiny before, and then the next day or so someone called in to Gabe's own stream to defend Tiny, and the consensus was of course it had to be Tiny bickers it sounds just like him.
Open file (629.90 KB 1112x1731 kop-cry.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ7QWrlwmT8 KOP LITERALLY CRYING RIGHT NOW
>>106514 he just ended the stream. I hope he doesn't take it down before I get a chance to watch it.
Open file (4.08 MB 1280x720 CRP goes Nuclear.mp4)
>>106514 And I just heard earlier today how he wiped his ass with Fagmenco and gained respect for him. How does he always do this?
Open file (34.83 KB 746x710 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106517 Brian, is a retard who embarrassed himself online on multiple occasions, and that was fun to laugh at but I never hated the guy. From what I could gather from the bit I saw of the stream it sounded like he had some genuine a-logs trying to fuck with his family which is kinda much considering his biggest crime was being a drunk homo. Crying like a bitch is not a good look, but I honestly empathize somewhat what he is saying provided he is telling the truth. Then again, if this is just alliToad McKinley tears to cover for running gay ops on discord then he probably deserves it. >>106514 and it's gone. Hope someone clipped it. too bad The Pig Hog ran off Miss Piggy.
Open file (5.26 KB 566x44 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106515 >Choose how to verify your age >Use a credit card to verify immediately >Submit an image of a valid ID, like your driver’s licence or passport. Jewtube got gayer. >This video is private. Already started downloading. Gotcha bitch.
Open file (1.55 MB 1015x1390 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106519 >You need a Credit card and Drivers license to create a Jewtube account now The fuck? Is this real?
>>106518 >and it's gone. Hope someone clipped it. too bad The Pig Hog ran off Miss Piggy. Reformatted recently and don't have OBS set up. Tried to download it but youtube is so retarded with live streams where you can't until a few hours after. It was just Bryan talking about how someone posted his new dox and phone number after "a year of trying to lay low and stay out of this corner of the internet", and then he started crying some.
>>106519 >Already started downloading. Gotcha bitch. I tried, but it failed at 97.5%. Is it working for you?
Open file (4.12 MB 640x480 342355234.gif)
>>106519 >Already started downloading. Gotcha bitch.
>>106520 Yeah. Apparently it's a new policy if you access via a European IP. Changing VPNs solved it. >>106522 Still ticking on, albeit a bit slow.
the fucking state of Гунтs paypigs
Dash is a pain in the ass. Almost missed downloading the audio channel. https://mega.nz/file/xgk1AAYK#vtchcJLv0P9gnRAhtEtFX4_FNXyTE-dr41IKSD7yyTU
>>106526 Doesn't play from the mega embed. Should have properly re-encoded the opus audio. If you download it & play back in a media player it should have sound. I'll reupload in a bit.
>>106494 That cancer treatment has to be working alright!
Open file (45.65 KB 1280x720 tongue_in_cheek.jpeg)
>>106527 His avatar is the surfer one with the comment box next to it.
>>106528 Thanks. Apparently someone was calling him, threatening to take his kids away. He seems to think the person gives a shit about his begging to be left alone. Haven't seen that Ebola Cereal guy in a long time.
Open file (208.37 KB 354x534 1440125625202.gif)
>>106527 this -> >>106530 you silly autist. And Girl Buu is unironically Sperg of Tiamats trans partner.
Open file (22.06 KB 632x449 kop_sargon.png)
>>106533 good job
Open file (452.34 KB 1536x2048 E3sa6EFVUAA5W04.jpg)
>>106505 DesTiny is one of the big fwend simulator that can only be compared to Sarg'n and Gym, I am not even joking. My hypothesis of fwend simulation starts off with first vidoe games those visual novels and Persona-like games then it jumps to podcasts, podcasts are the modern day of what we know as fwend simulators today, along with twitch hookers, twitch streamers and jewtubers like Fuentes, E Micheal Jones, Red Ice, Gym, Sarg'n and DesTiny. There are so many more of them than previously, that it is kinda hard to figure out what is not a fwend simulator anymore but now we can say that we got "fwend simulator clones" that is rather interesting new development. Also, I kinda hate to say it but I actually thinking about buying a computer to 3k or more but it is pre-built instead.
>>106536 >pre-built Don't do that bro. That is 100% a scam 99% of the time. If you don't want to build a PC, search for a good local technician who you can pay to build it for you and then buy the parts. And I'm not talking about geek squad. Find a proper hardware monkey.
Open file (406.40 KB 1536x2048 E31SQDQVkAA8f8-.jpg)
>>106537 The problem is that the parts I am after, they don't sell it to consumers that just are buying parts but they are selling it to pre-builds for whatever reason. Also in this clownworld a prebuild is cheaper than actually buying the components for whatever reason.
>>106538 Sometimes technicians can get parts cheaper dude to commodity of scale. I still recommend you shop around for a Technician before buying a pre-build. Just look at the consumer reports for these companies, they are almost all god awful selling you a broken PC with knockoff parts. I've read stories of people getting prebuilds that straight up don't work and the companies make it next to impossible to get a refund. The best option is to build it yourself, but if you don't trust yourself to learn how to build a PC, then pay a friend or something. Its honestly a gamble when you fuck with these rebuilds unless your willing to spend and arm and a leg.
>>106538 <parts cheaper dude to commodity of scale for example I got windows 10 for $20 bickers I knew a tech who sold it to me at cost, bickers he buy's license at bulk (or you can pirate it). Typically windows 10 license runs you $130 iirc. None the less you can save alot of money and snuffing building it yourself.
Open file (44.53 KB 567x720 1-19-3-25-13-17-6m.jpg)
Open file (796.47 KB 1017x723 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (630.46 KB 897x734 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106541 I thought that was Baked Alaska >girl >with the Conch
>>106518 >muh ethics in alogging
Open file (3.99 MB 640x360 1624031586489.webm)
Open file (1.30 MB 1280x960 Vеnti (2).png)
>>106544 >loli poster complains about ethic <like pottery its not about ethic you fucking N​IGGER. It's just pure homosexuality if what King of Poz is saying is true. That said, I don't particularly believe Brain dindu nuffin.
is it true that Гунтs baby got its angel wings by having retard faith vickers as mother, put fai fais face on this
Open file (424.07 KB 1536x2048 E3t71uRVIAMBIrV.jpg)
Open file (332.64 KB 1536x2048 E3op2I6VEAUY6Nb.jpg)
Also there needs to be a healthy mix of poki and slutty Asians of course in fact famalams. >>106548 Wait, we need some sauce for the demon baby being dead.
Bryan KoP Dunn was very upset. Hes not been posting so leave him alone foxdick trannies! i know im late to the party
>>106551 Pokihag is cringe.
So anons is the demon child really dead?
>>106554 It's just people shitposting trying to force another angelbaby. Considering hog-Гунт has already made some statements about "being a father is good bickers I'm doing it" I doubt that baby was aborted.
>>106556 I really hope >we get another angel baby tho ngl.
>>106556 jcaesar187 could never admit that the baby was aborted bickers his whole schtick is cant abort the retort and he also made fun of N​IGGERs angel baby so it'd be hilarious cosmic karma. even if the baby is alive jcaesar187 almost definitely hasnt seen it and has no contact with the vickers so the being a good father thing is laughable.
Open file (35.52 KB 359x376 Ethan_Angry.png)
>>106559 mother fuckers put in work
Open file (891.83 KB 1280x720 WAAAUUUUGHH.webm)
>>106558 Cut off the Гунт and put it in a basket. Two birds with one stone. Could even claim to be it's mother that way to appease May.
>>106561 the Гунт would become a jcaesar187a julay fed gimp?
>>106526 >people are still talking shit about me on foxdick farms >people are making fun of me
>someone redoxxxxed me SEND ME THE LINK BRYAN
>>106556 >>106558 Гунт always loses, Гунт is a born life loser, seeth, cope and dilate
Open file (22.65 KB 474x266 poki huge butt.jpg)
Open file (440.84 KB 1638x2048 E0AWwPPUcAAW7y0.jpg)
>>106553 Pokithot is a thot nothing more and nothing less. She is a perfect thot in many ways, she just needs to do what that dawg fucker did, and open up a onlyfans. Also ain't Etika that negro gentlemen that committed suicide or something, and most every twitch streamer plus smash community fake cwied bickers he was a based negro or something? >>106554 >>106556 Don't bring my hopes up, mang.
Open file (38.31 KB 853x227 pound of flesh.png)
Open file (27.67 KB 601x508 crying wojack.jpg)
Open file (371.53 KB 925x607 Rose.png)
Open file (242.36 KB 968x835 dark tower.jpg)
jcaesar187 is a bad person all around. His entire existence is being a lawlcow and his only response is to to seethe. That is why he is so vindictive. He has made many enemies over the years by shitting on many people for the Keelstream kontent. The Гунт reveal to the world broke his mind and made him suicidal. But he is a pig-being kept alive purely by spite and hate. He is defiant bc he is laughed at by everyone. I hate to make this reference bc it's cringe but he is kind of like Voldemort from Harry Potter in that Voldemort was so powerful as a dark wizard that when he died he could not be fully snuffed out. Voldemort merged his soul to a couple of his objects in the world called horcruxes and scattered them in different locations so that if he ever died, his soul would still be bound to the physical world and there would be a chance he could return to life. Remember Dumbledore drinking the green goop in a cave? I don't mean to say jcaesar187 is powerful. He's not. He's impotent and powerless. I mean to say that jcaesar187 is so vindictive and spiteful that he can't be easily killed off. Like a cockroach survives a nuclear winter when everyone else was killed in the nuclear blast. Years of being laughed at and not having killed himself has made him hardy like a bug with a hard shell. I know he wants to quit his Keelstream show and it's def become a job to him that he doesn't enjoy doing anymore. But he has to pay the bills and he only keeps it alive out of spite. His entire existence is seething and he's the epitome of the crying mask wojack. Since jcaesar187 is a bad person, and he has made many enemies, and even recently was doxing another enemy Brian Dunn in discord while crying that people are doxing Gaytor and his mama. I demand a pound of flesh from jcaesar187. He certainly has some extra pounds. Cut off his Гунт. That is the pound of flesh that Shakespeare described in "Merchant of Venice." Sacrifice jcaesar187 to the corn gods. Blood for the blood gods. IBS cannot die until the lynchpin of IBS (jcaesar187) goes to prison forever, he kills himself, or he gets himself killed. This is similar to the rose in the Dark Tower series. The rose was a nexus to all the worlds in the multiverse and symbol of the dark tower. It was a lynchpin to reality itself that for some reason was growing in a vacant lot in New York City. jcaesar187 is a linchpin to IBS. The keystone of the IBS building. Once he is removed, it all comes tumbling down. His arc has to end definitively so we can all move on. >>106558 You can't abort the retort... until you break up with your white trash hoe and she leaves the Planned Parenthood clinic. >>106557 I want it too. >>106558 jcaesar187's brainwashed diehard audience of 300 are true believers though. They eat out the palm of his pig hooves. So yeah, they think he's a good father or will just move the goalposts when proven wrong, "Why do you care? He's a chad xd." Sycophants ruin everything.
SLEEPY ГунтY TIME WITH MARK COLLETT https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>106466 Regayta shifted to trying to become a youtube lawyer like LegalEagle and his cocks is 99% political law bullshit nobody cares about. I could at least watch his chad dad streams and big brain panel, or the ones with drex and dollhouse phil. But he's pretty much stopped doing those streams that got him more views than his current shit. I'll watch his Vic stream though.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy6eBE9TaCQ Ty Beard on Rewriting Texas History and Shaking Canes
>>106570 jcaesar187 was crying over Gaytors dox? Bullshit, jcaesar187 doesn't care about Gaytor at all
Open file (16.57 KB 591x132 Untitled.png)
Trouble in Paradise for the 4D Underwater Chess Wizard
Open file (4.33 MB 498x280 gtab.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHkSG7xeff0 LOW TIER GOD STREAM 6/18/2021/GAMES/TALKS
Open file (519.62 KB 800x1140 324446246346.jpg)
>>106568 Poki does not compare to the yellow flesh, and you know this, weakload
Toad McKinley and Chaggot were on Twisted Manbun last night. https://odysee.com/@PeoplesPopulistPress:e/Twisted-Mind-SE04EP03-Chaggot:0
Open file (86.40 KB 1400x753 77.jpg)
Open file (86.54 KB 703x535 9993.jpg)
Gahoole (owner of tvch) discord is doxing and stalking tvch poster - DO NOT VISIT TVCH
Open file (229.81 KB 900x900 guntman_and_lardboy.png)
Toad McKinley please stop we are not friends anymore
Open file (68.51 KB 680x680 ltgsword.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYfEQxP7qn8 LOW TIER GOD STREAM 6/19/2021/SAT GAMES
>>106591 server link?
Hi my name is Toad McKinley and I secretly recorded the foxdick farms gayops discord stream https://odysee.com/@theToad McKinleygamer:7/Sekrit-Alog-Discord:6
>>106596 Based oldfag
>>106591 >some random screenshot >Gayhoole even says "why are you posting it here" You're gonna have to try harder than that.
Open file (353.16 KB 543x854 gaytor.png)
https://twitter.com/TheToad McKinleyGamer/status/1406436903172386817
Open file (714.24 KB 701x861 1620183914185.png)
Hello world. Testing.
>>106601 I had to clear my cache, but everything seems to work after.
Open file (149.11 KB 389x478 1624122922619.png)
Does anyone have an archive of the Гунт IRL from yesterday? He was streaming on trovo live from DC for an hour but i missed it.
>>106603 >my ass is below the edge of a stone planter box >the tip top of an orange cone is above my waist line AAAAUUUGGGHHHHH UM FIIVE FOOT EIGHT ALAWGS
Open file (862.76 KB 1080x478 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106603 update on the Гунтs height. Using the most charitable estimates.
Open file (330.70 KB 1536x2048 E3HWMkQVgAMaL5q.jpg)
>>106575 Wait, he bought a rancid smelling chicken and didn't think for a second. yeah, I am going back to that wall mart and demand my money back or a new chicken? Instead he is eating it and letting himself get food poisoning. That's really retarded, that is not speaking of he might have retardation but that is actually retarded. >>106582 Well, hold your horses there sir. Poki is just a thot nothing more and nothing less, if we are going to compare Poki to an idol-like model she would obviously lose not only bickers of her age but bickers the idols know how to dress up sexy and showing off so little that it makes it super hot. Poki does not have those skill, she would either dress like the skag that she is doing right now, or she would be completely naked and not realizing that it is actually showing off too much. The showing off too little and still be hot is a lost art-form now, bickers of the inToad McKinleyon of internet pornography. So you can't really compare, and if one does compare that is quite dishonest to begin with. >>106600 I don't get it, how and why did Gaydor get euphoric? >>106603 >>106606 >>106607 This is conformation that he is a legal midget, right?
Gaytor dunking on Toad McKinley for being a christmas cake after july.
>>106609 Those flowers are looking as droopy and lifeless as her tits.
>>106609 >I'm getting married To who? She got the fat mexican manlet arrested for touching her butt, who else does she think would touch her let alone marry her?
>>106611 Who the fuck can stand listening to her?
Open file (1.07 MB 961x765 shk_shark1.png)
>>106613 >Who the fuck can stand listening to her? I had to turn off her stream about the groping, her voice is shrill and quite annoying, she's basically already a karen in her 20's with grandma titties, she needs to hit up gaytor and settle asap before she becomes an old cat lady Oh wait
Open file (608.93 KB 634x728 COPE_HARDER_MUTTNI.mp4)
So can >we confirm that TRSperg is tarrantdup? Since both seem to have an extreme hatred for gahoole/always call him a pedo and post about mark mann a lot.
Open file (1.12 MB 1136x640 mean.mp4)
>>106611 That based asian bro saw a sheboon grandma and thought he'd do his nice deed for the day by pretending she was attractive. Then this G​AMERGATE Karen had to follow him around bickers she has nothing better to do and get him ARRESTED? For what being nice? Smdh we really do live in a society.
>>106618 Muttni won't get anyone, even the gaytor gaymer wouldn't even anymore.
Open file (105.19 KB 286x367 comeonnow.png)
>TRSperg is tarrantdup The absulute state of /cow/ jannies, anyone who criticizes one of their friends automatically becomes a namefag or >our enemy.
>>106620 Jewchim, it is an observation of their similar behavior that I had seen some say on tvch, I don't know if it is true and don't think it is 100 percent true, but as I said before their mannerisms are certainly similar. I never said tarrantdup or TRSperg was >our enemy, I personally enjoy their autism. There really are no enemies here and never will be.
>You're X-celeb I'll say again. The absulute state of /cow/ jannies. Discord, namefags, IRC, jannies, all this cancer destroyed imageboards, webring as a whole now is a nest of lolifags pedos, drama queens from discord/cytube/IRC and their cliques, etc. Even small boards have their dramas happening bickers x BO, x janny, x namefag anon, etc. But whatever, just another blackpill about modern world and modern internet.
Open file (341.66 KB 640x360 identify_yourself.mp4)
>>106622 These essays here >>105716 >>105718 are proof you aren't really one of the 5 anons that frequents this thread. IDENTIFY YOURSELF
Open file (106.66 KB 1124x815 78151892918252985.jpg)
>>106618 >gets guy arrested Well, Muttni definitely "ISN'T LIKE THE OTHER GIRLS", just not in the way she wants you to think.
>>106624 Muttni a fed? Certainly a false accuser.
Open file (270.62 KB 314x460 6521625265625.PNG)
>>106625 No. Just an uptight bitch. Getting a guy arrested for "groping" you is stupid
>>106626 I wouldn't grope the quadroon.
Open file (94.50 KB 500x472 928592188922895.png)
>>106626 Although she was at Charlottesville. And has hung out with a lot of feds. >>106627 Me neither.
Open file (41.29 KB 800x445 nick_catboy.jpg)
>>106628 How embarrassing that she can't keep up with the quotas like the homosexual informants.
Open file (672.75 KB 600x745 notallow.png)
>>106626 She was upset bickers Muttni subconsciously knows her league is short pudgy asian dudes but wants it to be 6ft aryan chads so this was a reality check for her and she lashed out like women often do when they have to face reality.
Open file (30.23 KB 480x360 982298262685.jpg)
>>106629 She's a dud at her job. All she gets is beta simps slidin into her dm's telling her how purty she is, which isn't really a crime although they display a criminal lack of taste
Open file (78.21 KB 579x460 89215898925928589.jpg)
>>106631 Lashing out is a common occurrence for her when she is here. Her essay posting is ridiculous especially since she has so little to say.
Open file (1.19 MB 2048x2048 hammerhead-shark-1.jpg)
>>106633 >Lashing out is a common occurrence for her when she is here She does that so /cow/ will put her in her place, we're the closest thing she has to a boyfriend The gura hate is her feeling threatened by another shark on youtube being more popular than her
Open file (913.84 KB 480x270 72891821826529685.gif)
>>106634 >She does that so /cow/ will put her in her place, we're the closest thing she has to a boyfriend Yeah, the louder they crow about being dominant and strong etc the more they secretly want to be the bitch
Open file (256.46 KB 482x287 venti_fedsville.PNG)
Open file (3.78 MB 400x357 2hu 1617080572546.gif)
>>106611 to me... I don't want to marry her but she lust for my BWC. And I'm in such a place in my life I'm willing to lower my standards in fact of course.
Open file (114.17 KB 960x789 JOACHIM_4.jpg)
>>106620 >our anything (You) are the cancer aids kiddo. Not your personal army faggot. Its this kind of >ourguy faggotry that got you kike Fed's on /pol/s radar in the first place.
J.i.m has stepped out of the crypt this evening to a-log a LARPing BASED conservatroon
Open file (210.78 KB 320x320 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106639 look at this dude
>>106637 >And I'm in such a place in my life I'm willing to lower my standards in fact of course. Did you forget that her cats shit in her bed? She sleeps in doodoo Surely your standards can't have fallen that far fwend, your life can't be that bad
Open file (56.58 KB 698x448 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106640 >borysenko name frequency
Open file (720.61 KB 750x400 793955275234.png)
>>106634 Maybe that's why she went off about how not mad she was about the shark after screen capping gura's livestream numbers. From her perspective, subconsciously she saw posting a silly gif to be equivalent to playful teasing, whereas actually giving the shark a view is tantamount to cheating and pushed her into a passive aggressive "I'm not mad, but should know what you did wrong" state. Isn't armchair psychology fun?
Open file (1.11 MB 1153x919 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.08 MB 1178x1466 ClipboardImage.png)
Found Ear Jew's dox
>>106637 Be careful, who knows how many stds she has anon, think about her body count.
Open file (191.91 KB 1200x900 EhLO_VCXsAEHIiQ.jpg)
>>106640 Do...they have a frankenweenie?
>>106641 >Surely your standards can't have fallen that far of course i haven't forgotten after all I'm the guy who drew this abomination. the things one will do for booba but for real, even worse then the cat shit, bickers you can train a woman, those pictures of her dirty pussy is very unflattering. >>106546
Open file (52.79 KB 686x535 brittanyventi1.jpg)
Open file (28.91 KB 236x200 smugshark.jpg)
>>106647 Let us know when you go on her next boyfriend interview stream, you know that she does as a "joke"
Open file (301.58 KB 360x360 Identify_Yourself.webm)
>>106649 >us Most of muttnis boyfriend streams seem pretty boring, is it really worth watching?
>>106649 >going on a stream nevereverforever will I ever go on someones stream or discord server.
Open file (956.99 KB 1920x1080 carl.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wJ-_pUrBiA <why are Conservatives such fucking losers? <why do they pussyfoot around the issues >pussyfoots around why (((conservatives))) are losers
>>106650 Maybe let her co-host 5 Pounds of Гунт for an episode or something. A break from the routine.
Open file (132.25 KB 1421x1350 E4Uw1uaVkAgvtkI.jpg)
Open file (134.02 KB 1405x1382 E4Uw1uZUcAMfZc5.jpg)
>>106651 you can ask her like some interesting questions and so on that some of us would like to know. Why is she against vtubers? Why is she so against that retarded shark vtuber? Why don't she lower her standards? why does she believe she is white? There are so many questions that needs answers.
Open file (7.11 MB 262x585 obsessedmanlet.gif)
Open file (502.45 KB 1000x731 WaifuVsMutt.jpg)
Open file (820.74 KB 828x564 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (6.14 MB 720x1280 0YyVvYkaXKYHhBAz.mp4)
MORE EVIDENCE BAKED IS A FEDERAL INFORMANT https://www.trendsmap.com/twitter/tweet/1406195640896532481 Video of Baked with known Federal agent Ray Epps calling for a invasion of the Capital with Antifa agent provocateur John Sullivan. https://thefederalist.com/2021/01/15/far-left-agitator-john-sullivan-posed-as-a-cameraman-at-capitol-riot-to-stir-up-violence-lets-burn-this-sh-t-down/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGlv7DvDJfU >>106655 just a policy. No discord or stream ect.
Open file (12.79 MB 498x473 ltgrun.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVtkO_cWhNI LOW TIER GOD STREAM 6/20/2021/MMX8/SMASH/OTHERS
>>106661 I thought that Gaytore gonna be next Gym. New better challenger appears I guess. Dude imitates even laughing pattern. What with all those wannabe z-celebs these days.
Open file (63.65 KB 938x521 653545324.jpg)
>>106640 I haven't seen a woman this triggered by No White Guilt since...
>>106662 The elder god can exist simultaneously with his past and future iterations. Have you even read Demonbane? *chuckles*
Open file (510.84 KB 700x1031 342355236.jpg)
Quite a based take from the neko shota-connoisseur, in fact of course.
>>106666 he's just mad no woman of age will ever fuck a fat jobless loser
Open file (316.14 KB 898x449 coach_portrait.png)
>>106666 Jewsh is right, except I don't date any woman above the age of 25. men back in the day married girls from 16 to their early 20s, sometime even younger so he is wrong about that part, woman married and had children younger and as a result they had more children that were healthier and less likely to have the tism He is completly correct that grifters will want to appeal to women for their fake movements, though.
Open file (407.75 KB 545x606 soph 2.png)
Oh btw anons, the thumbnails for odysee use Toad McKinleys fucking company ?address=https://i.imgur.com/rE71iKo.png&quality=100&height=220&width=390
Open file (165.57 KB 1440x810 watkins_and_ron_new.jpg)
Open file (1005.90 KB 1109x618 Gunt_point.png)
>>106672 Pretty sure this is watkins isp https://image-optimizer.vanwanet.com/ address=https://i.imgur.com/rE71iKo.png&quality=100&height=220&width=390 https://vanwa.tech/ is what it redirected to for me when I just entered in vanwanet.com Interesting thing to note, also here is the meme-worthy thumbnail from the jcaesar187amale.
Open file (844.47 KB 1109x618 Gunt_point_JUST.png)
Open file (109.50 KB 1280x720 carl_point.jpg)
Open file (477.17 KB 2048x1536 EyX11FYUUAAm7ET.jpg)
>>106671 >>106657 I personally don't understand why she is larping as a pure white waifu when she is a mystery meat. If she does not lower her standards she will always be alone but that is bickers she has higher standards than she is worth. Personally I want an Asian waifu bickers they can cook and clean, instead of me taking a Saturday or a day off to just clean the fucking house, it actually becomes annoying after awhile just watching the female watching retarded shit on apple tv or watching her phone to see if anything of value is on. >>106658 >just a policy. No discord or stream ect. I also have it as policy not going on discord or any other chatting devices but that is only bickers of a nerd fwend is using discord and I've watched the bastid for far too long doing nothing of any value then playing vidya, watching jewtube and talking on discord in that order. I am still confused on how in the actual fuck he can watch something on jewtube on his phone, play wow on his Personal computer and then talking on discord. >>106666 he is right in some ways but in other ways he is wrong. depending on class meaning uneducated it is normal to see women as having children in an early age like 18 to 25 having their first child. if they are educated then it is normal to expect them having a kid around 28 to 35 but passed 35 they become used goods even at 30 they are used goods, in many ways. The overall problem now is that people see having kids is a burden that could just be hold off or wait for a better economic situation which will never come. That is why that in Poland they are promoting having children and having allot of kids is a way to get gibs from the state. Some Polish chicks I know, even have their mother being horrible even rude to their daughters if they don't have kids if they are 30, like they mother will say that a gypsy would have their tenth child by now. Another problem is that now, Asians are the most traditional women around, you cannot expect getting a huwhite woman and have a form of traditional roles in the house. If one chooses white one has to be the wife, that is basically the real black pill in todays age. >>106670 Also they were allot more mature for their age but that is bickers they had jobs at an early age and school was just the most basic of learning, and they realized that not everyone was cut out to be at school or go on to higher education. And another weird thing is that the boomers and gen x have made this lie that having a higher education is the be all - end all thing. while the nasty truth is, that it's not even worth it for half the population that gets a higher education, they would be more happy doing manual labor and be allot more free in their minds if they would go full manual instead of wasting time on higher education. >>106671 There is allot of problems with the killstream but just one of them is the paywall, the others are audio quality, mixing when it comes to different sounds and it being every day. When you have cocks out every day then it becomes stale bickers you essentially just being what can I be pissed off about today, instead of this week I am pissed off about these few topics. And when you have a show every day, you cannot really do preparations to make an entertaining show with a good flow to it, instead what we get with the killstream and other fwend simulators is that they find out what they can be pissed off about, then they hope that the other co-hosts are entertaining enough to make the flow of the show. They usually aren't that entertaining and don't have an insight that will blow your mind, it is just I am pissed about these things today, check out tomorrow what I get pissed off about. I cannot stress on enough how bad the killstream audio is, if anyone watches it on a tv, the cinema speakers can break bickers there is so much dead air that the speakers don't make a sound then puff a breathing sound comes along, and that is big enough to break the speakers. The paywall is just another hurdle for him to not really make any money.
>>106673 Vanwa is owned by Nick Lim the retard who used to run transit for Epik before they got shut down.
>>106676 Oh okay.
>>106675 Nice essay on woman weakload, very based analysis, I fucking wish >we lived in a society that properly encouraged people to go to their places in life. >the killstream audio has always been terrible DAS NAWT TRUUU
Гунт got banned on trovo haha
Open file (10.56 MB 1920x1080 1550279687.webm)
>>106663 thank you for reminding me about this
Open file (671.06 KB 885x841 1501001861832.png)
>>106666 Jewsh is right, there is no future for hwite people without hwite woman that should be pretty obvious, I dunno what triggered the fucking essay but he's very clearly been trying to be simpathetic to woman for a while and picks up a lot of talking points from crystal cafe as of late Jewsh strangely seems to hold a lot of empathy in general, but it appears he needs to actively engage with it, like a deadmans switch or else he feels nothing in general >>106675 Same reason hapas go fucking crazy, she's aware she has no true racial identity or homeland due to her parents race mixing, we've all seen the murdochmurdoch episode and the alt-right she used to flirt with jilted her which is why she's embraced her african heritage lately which is why she keeps tweeting about making her hair more "natural" when it's uglier, everybody knows blacks buy weaves bickers their hair is ugly, it's hardly a secret 'Member My heart is 100% European <3 ?
Open file (832.76 KB 1109x618 AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 1280x720 Spiritual Kino.mp4)
>>106680 God I miss the potato
>>106682 >we've all seen the murdochmurdoch episode Completely forgot she was in it. I mostly remember the other hapa Lauren Chen who was in a nightie. >the alt-right she used to flirt with /pol/s remorse should be a phrase for people afraid to be edgy in current year + θ
Open file (5.42 MB 1280x720 MamaJF-My Babies.mp4)
>>106684 Here is some classic mamaJF
Open file (289.32 KB 429x287 mama gf and parrot.PNG)
>>106686 based
Open file (82.06 KB 689x1280 hy (4).jpg)
Open file (239.89 KB 1188x2208 1618669568513.jpg)
Open file (192.47 KB 1188x2208 u8.jpg)
Open file (271.15 KB 1188x2208 x3.jpg)
Open file (266.87 KB 1188x2208 86.jpg)
>>106690 Its been a while Toad McKinleyfag, hows life been?
Open file (446.54 KB 750x746 future master race.jpg)
>>106675 >Asians are the most traditional women around That is a meme they are shrewish monsters. Ugandan women are the most traditional feminine women. Even the chinese know it.
Open file (80.41 KB 768x1024 E4Trf2lUcAMk5zL.jpg)
Open file (595.68 KB 640x460 feet.mp4)
>>106679 pwnd like the bitch he is. >>106680 I love that confused look and facial expression he makes. While JF is trying to calm down his potato. >>106682 I had forgotten about that episode of course in fact fam. Heck, I've forgotten about their show entirely if I'm being quite honest here. >>106690 She is too dirty fam, I can smell her picture from this god damn computer screen. She has many strange STDs also she is a god damn pornhooker now.
Open file (675.99 KB 596x598 2621781.png)
A conversation between two bleached jewish FEDs with mullets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l29LYO9VvM8
>>106679 >ra.lph's existence at this point is just hopping between trovo and odysee depending on current ban status
Open file (1.47 MB 1274x720 488565568163.png)
>>106694 Is that a green screen in baked's reflection? Are they even in the same room?
Open file (86.64 KB 598x555 gaytor.png)
Open file (252.45 KB 800x1400 chanology gaytor.png)
>>106697 How can people take turns when you were on the same IP for months until jcaesar187 bought you a NordVPN subscription from your wages. I CAN CHANGE IPS WHENEVER I WANT NIGGER
Open file (125.27 KB 640x360 retard face.mp4)
Open file (1.04 MB 4096x3072 Ew6g3QQVEAcBods.jpg)
>>106692 >shalom goyim >don't have relations with Asians >go after the negros bickers bughive males that are forced to live in Africa are marrying negro women >it's nuffin about them not being able to find a bugwoman back home Sure thing Shlomo, I am going to find myself a negro woman in Africa like those chinks. >>106694 Milo looks like a fag from the 80s and he is claiming to be heterosexual that is rather interesting. I wonder if Tim got his anus ravaged or was it the other way around? >>106697 >I live rent free in their heads >it is not like I am a cow
Open file (6.20 MB 1920x1080 gayops.webm)
>>106697 >"they"ve been doing this since /cow/ >"SAME EXACT GROUP OF SPERGS" >calls others paranoid Just recently he was accusing the guy who hacked Oddguy of being Ade and he's always claiming anything that happens on the internet is a secret gayop conspiracy by the ayylawgs.
anything is happening with the Гунт or any other eceleb or all >we have at the moment is more webring internal drama about gayhoole, molifag and bronies?
Open file (51.63 KB 249x251 Niggerchu.png)
>>106702 Moliberry is a CHAD and shit his pants and did nothing wrong You can thank N​IGGERchu for reminding you
>>106703 Nice Pepe you got there, mind if I put it on a t-shirt?
Open file (630.83 KB 721x853 1551042270.png)
Open file (16.18 KB 200x151 low_tier_pissbottle.jpg)
>>106703 Molidup is literally an ironic turned unironic L.T.G covenant paypig
Open file (51.63 KB 249x251 Niggerchu.png)
>>106706 Niggerchu thinks you're a little bit upset. Maybe if you ask nice, Moliberry will give you a Burn Heal, for that asshurt of yours
>>106697 >same people I don't recollect I ever posted on foxdicks ever, didn't even make an account but I guess if the EldridgeFag says so then I must be delusional.
Open file (52.61 KB 1242x684 YOU.jpg)
>>106706 >unironic LTG fan >not far superior Italo-Aryan version
>>106694 >Milo has been uploading all this time Has any e-celeb had a bigger fall from grace?
>>106682 Does Murdoch still make episodes? Haven't heard from them in a while. >>106690 Imagine going in her asshole raw
>>106711 They do, according to the last AMA it's harder to get together to record bickers real life wagie reasons, also Murdoch-chan is getting married Also they lurk here, Murdoch-chan specifically the most apparently
Open file (10.43 MB 1280x720 OnAndy_Pasta.webm)
>>106710 Milo still gets tens of thousands of views. Warski used to get pretty big numbers. Metokur used to be one of the biggest streamers back when he was selling hats and would probably rival or beat the big Twitch streamers if he kept going.
>>106712 Is that Murdoch-chan in the webm? She has nice tits. I always assumed she was a fat girl. I hope she found herself a chad White guy and stays true to making White children.
>>106692 That's only bc China's one child policy meant there would be an excess of men and shortage of women. So those excess Chinese men are taking African wives. There's always some mixing when you're colonizing a country. Also, women of any race are nagging bitches. Women are still women worldwide. It's not unique to asians. In some cultures, the transaction is just more transparent of the women marrying up into resources and you buying her. The difference between men and women is much bigger and fundamental or atavistic than the difference between "races." Yet race-realists and white nationalists never mention this. Why? Bc their ideology posits that "white wamen are guud" and their ideology forces unity so that their larp and grift can continue of low SMV NEETS yelling at each other to "make huwhite babies!" In other words, they have to pretend that white women are wonderful so that they can trick you into marriage and knocking up some white hoe and "making wite bebies." As opposed to a MGTOW ideology that doesn't sugarcoat it and just says, "yeah all these women are pretty awful and the system will def screw you over. Marriage isn't a good deal. Be careful."
>>106714 That's MissBakesWell but DFE after stream.me got shutdown.
Open file (70.37 KB 1500x500 EeHFzA8U0AEiKeO.jfif)
>>106715 >The difference between men and women is much bigger and fundamental or atavistic than the difference between "races."
Open file (553.14 KB 645x1121 1515523877448.png)
>>106713 Gym is embarrassed by his COVID takes from last year and Гунт guarding and being blownout by a nobody like Leo, Sargon pegged him dead on with the last cool kid on the internet label >>106714 No it's not, the fat rumor is probably something they through out themselves, Murdoch has alluded to fake info to make it harder to be doxed >I hope she found herself a chad White guy and stays true to making White children. Hopefully but her tsundere persona is really nothing like her real personality, she's a typical girl who watches a lot of reality TV and makes fun of it in the AMA's about how no one wants to hear about that shit in AMA2 when anons asked why she was so quiet in the first, she lurks /cow/ for the same reason Muttni does, girls like gossip and drama >>106715 >So those excess Chinese men are taking African wives Wrong, they're pumping and dumping and abandoning their mutt kids when they go back to china, they're not marrying them >The difference between men and women is much bigger and fundamental or atavistic than the difference between "races." Nigger cope, race is real and MGTOW is just male feminism
Open file (875.01 KB 1280x720 happy_day.png)
>>106715 Struggling not to bully with that one. Just spray some Febreze, have some sugar, think happy thoughts, whatever.
Open file (143.15 KB 897x1203 E37il-kWYAg7YM4.jpg)
>>106694 OK, a second listen to this and it is rather disturbing. This does not feel like an atypical interview but an actual integration, and Milo is more irrelevant than Baked is. Why in the actual fucking fuck would he even be interviewing this homo? There are more relevant people that would do this interview a favor, it feels like baked flipped like a fish and now bickers he is not really a white nationalist but a civics cuck, he cannot really give out information and that FBI parading around the spic has wielded no results so now they are pressuring baked. Have I just lost it? >>106712 New or old/cow/? >>106710 >>106713 Milo has a dead serious following that will follow him anywhere he goes but he is not relevant has not really been relevant for years now. He is like that other sodomite McGuinnes-fella >>106715 Yes, also lets be honest bughive women from China ain't even hot compared to bootleg nips like Koreand or actual nips. Bootleg nips have this sweet and kind heart also they can actually cook and clean which is a huge positive compared to other Asians women.
Thought you lads might like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fvg5RTrFLfI 2 kikes punk crowder and cause him to sperg and run away from a debate live I don't follow any these three much but i was aware that sam seder and crowder had some beef about crowder not wanting to debate sam seder so when h3 and crowder got into it recently and crowder challenged h3 to a political debate (?) h3 decided to invite sam seder to the call to debate in his place felt like some classic ibs
>>106720 They deserve to be bullied >I don't understand how to interact with woman so "race" isn't real lmao >>106721 Old /cow/ I think but I'm fuzzy on the timeframes, they're certainly up to date on the Гунтlore so I doubt they've struggled to find nu/cow/ considering the surfer is based and beautiful bit in ama4, most people seen to have not realized /cow/ is back and didn't look rather than couldn't find it
>>106724 thx for posting. it's funny how much crowder cries when the script breaks down.
>>106724 i'd rather not give that faggot a view, don't like either of them
>>106724 >>106726 >(1) No one gives a shit /leftypol/. (((Klein))) is a faggot for trying to get another kike to take his place unexpectedly then shit talked Crowder once he left even though the kike got someone else to talk for him.
Open file (769.06 KB 1538x2048 E3_f5WRUYAMeoZQ.jpg)
Open file (431.47 KB 1638x2048 Ew3Sr-GVEAER3Te.jpg)
>>106725 nu/cow/ is about 2 years now. >>106726 Crowder is an actual closeted faggot, and a speedhead but he is abusing adderal ant not meth. So if you watch him review movies or other piece of media, you can see that he has delusional memories about the plot of the movie. He makes his own plot of the actual piece of media he is consuming and his narrative of events and other things that happens is nothing but a huge delusional script he has made. It is rather interesting to watch these things unfold when you know about them. The tragic or funny part of it, is that he does not realize he is in a amphetamine/stimulant psychosis bickers he is abusing the pills.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsz61jNCyOc Illeagal Maneuvers with Frank Hassle
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
Jewsh will be doing an impromptu "person stream" Mad at the Internet tomorrow morning on ShoeonHead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XOn3WmZEcA
Open file (1.24 MB 750x880 shoe.png)
>>106733 I would fuck her right in the pussy in fact of course
Open file (744.73 KB 256x256 1624097792822.webm)
>>106735 That's either that queer Nicocado Avocado or you managed to hack Mike Peinovich's phone and nabbed his nudes.
Open file (1.14 MB 640x360 1624105546773.webm)
Open file (27.70 KB 521x386 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (418.57 KB 2048x816 jimvopie.jpg)
Open file (217.15 KB 2518x1024 antvopie.png)
Anthony Cumia of Opie and Anthony fame just retweeted Nick Fuentes. Crossover in the future? As far as I know all the boomers who watch The Cumia Show loves Israel.
Open file (107.56 KB 500x500 34436326476.jpg)
>>106695 >trovo >odysee The what now?
>>106736 >Kike Peenovich >Foreskin
Patrick Casey called in to the fat dykes show. The Гунт won't cover this however as he wouldn't want to annoy Spicolas Juan Fuentes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2WEq0BmyjY
Open file (219.74 KB 228x478 ALOG OF THE RINGS.png)
Open file (88.21 KB 228x478 guntwise-and-gandalf.jpg)
>>106745 can you even be a leader of the huwhite race if youre over 5'2? not a single one of these fuckers can ride the big boy rollercoasters
Open file (38.17 KB 757x757 1444074834402.jpg)
>>106724 >Sam Sneeder >Epham Kline >Stephan Cowder everything about this is cringe, none of these people come out of this looking good. >felt like some classic ibs How do you do my fellow kids
>>106747 Based and Napolean pilled
>>106747 The Big Hog is the true leader of the Huwhite race. Didn't you hear him talking about "Our movement" with Warski when he officially kicked Richard Spencer, Nick Fuentes, Chaggot , Baked Alaska and Mike Enoch out of the White Identitarian movement? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1Fb_9wuXA0
>>106743 This is pretty hilarious. If even someone as tame in his pro-white views as Patrick Casey can make her sperg out.
who is Гунт trying to convince he showers, i think hes lying
>>106754 inb4 Jewsh has 10x the viewers.
Open file (191.33 KB 1447x1039 542332434.jpg)
Britbong is officially a Гунт guard.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XOn3WmZEcA June / Shoe0nhead - Mad at the Internet
>>106758 as if he hasnt already been made one? Are we really supposed to believe this.
>>106754 Didn't he go days without realizing he didn't have hot water, and then when he did realize, he thought it was the a-logs out to get him?
Open file (4.51 MB 480x264 waynethumbup.gif)
>>106746 Gaytor would be a better Sam. >>106748 It's cringe coming from shit normal G​AMERGATEs watch, but Sam hopping on was like Zoom becoming a surprise guest.
>>106757 I hate women so much. Love from Burgerstan. Is there a reason why Jewsh is covering this has been? Her picture could be put next to the Girl on the Internet syndrome definition.
>>106758 Ah, Milo's new blog https://archive.ph/https://nationalfile.com/about/ >>106759 It's more about 'who gets to shill better between the two.
Open file (194.47 KB 658x606 gunt-btfo.jpg)
>>106761 >Sam hopping in was like the Pedophile known as Corey Barnhill so you're saying Cоrey is cringe, gay & jewish?
Open file (3.03 MB 1600x900 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106762 today is shoe's birthday
Open file (1.27 MB 945x834 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106766 30th, at that
Why is wigonhead so disgusting?
>>106766 >>106767 Wait she wasn't already 30? Has it really been a year since Skeptic dumped her and upgraded to a younger thot?
>>106768 Just her shit insides shining through.
>>106758 Thanks for confirming what >we have known for a while tim.
Open file (1.00 MB 1280x689 belle7.png)
>Гунт will soon run out of obscure no-name third world streaming sites where he can move to after being banned from the previous one
>>106758 Thanks for confirming what >we have known for a while tim.
>>106772 Гунт cytube when? Jesus christ I hate how much wigonhead pretends to be doxxxy.
>>106769 guess he bailed just in time. i mean, that was a pretty slow bullet to dodge. he had plenty of time to make plans.
Open file (983.00 KB 1250x678 gypo_jokes.webm)
Open file (352.17 KB 1536x2048 E36uRi-VEAMAdxu.jpg)
Open file (406.40 KB 1536x2048 E31SQDQVkAA8f8-.jpg)
Open file (191.18 KB 1125x2000 ExlgcbjU4AAvJlf.jpg)
>>106754 No he doesn't. I've only heard of people having rotting skin and fungi bickers people don't shower or bathe for whatever reason. But the Гунт actually has fungi on the skin, which makes him shower less than a once per 3rd month or even more months between. Also whenever he takes a picture you can watch that people are making facial expression like they are near stinking shit, I first thought he was pissing himself or shitting his pants on the regular, but now I know, it is bickers of all that fungi that he has. >>106756 Britbong is a fag so no wonder. >>106757 I am watching this stream now. Jewsh for some reason has become my go to stream/fwend simulator now. >>106766 >>106767 She kinda has already aged like julay and it is no wonder that, that fella just went for a younger poontang. Why one should date Asians of course in fact fam.
Andy did a stream with chaggot and peepeepee a few days ago and on the stream at some point you can see Andy's bald cohost snort a rail. How many coke addicts does Andy know?
Open file (115.80 KB 1603x905 EG5r5xAUYAA8eqX.jpg)
>>106778 the stream is on the PIG HOG's channel, give timestamp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1Fb_9wuXA0
wew Jewsh exposed Muttni for being a Shoe0nhead lover who was jilted... That really makes the stank Skank really look bad bros.
>>106764 Did the Гунт ever get over 450 on odysee last night?
>>106782 Pretty sure the jcaesar187awhale doesn't even get 400 viewers anymore, think he gets 255-300 at this point.
Open file (110.82 KB 928x524 63543343.jpg)
Janny Jewsh is covering gaymergaters and has 2000 viewers? I better do that
Open file (137.80 KB 1080x1080 182758128189.jpg)
>>106778 >How many coke addicts does Andy know? An easier question is how many non-coke addicts does Andy know?
>>106783 On the killstream on trovo he would get in the 600-1000 range, but trovo, like dlive and all chink platforms, doubles your viewer count, so his real numbers should be 300-500.
Open file (844.59 KB 1109x618 353_viewers.png)
>>106780 1:26:15 He couldn't make himself more obvious
>>106787 He's one public fuckup away from donga numbers.
Open file (56.97 KB 800x800 ahegator_pissing.gif)
the gaytor gaymer going full endless oldfag on cuckime rn
>>106789 hes been at donga numbers before, Гунт has been stuck in limbo for a while, I wanna finally see him go down under though.
Open file (109.99 KB 1034x1256 54243432.jpg)
>>106787 It's just a correction, 100,000 viewers by end of year.
Open file (26.41 KB 846x731 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (378.29 KB 810x736 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106793 Well he already is at donga viewers.
>>106794 Yup. Even using the most generous examples, he's significantly closer to donga's current numbers than donga's numbers during his peaks.
Imagine how awkward Regayta's stream with Vic Lasagna is gonna be
Open file (15.46 MB 1280x720 gator_solo.mp4)
Alright a-logs time for some gaytor solo time! #gaytortime
>>106788 hhhhhmmmm why is The Big Hog hanging out with Coke heads? How does Ashton plan on saving the white race with these bad optics?
>>106797 Gaytor sounds like he is also trying to emulate Dick Masterson now and not just Gym.
TRSperg was right, the TRSodomites are still around and even in jcaesar187s chat. >>106798 Ashton has begun to attach himself to andy as he wants to become a true e-celeb, even though he gets more viewers than Гунт and andy.
>>106799 >Gaytor sounds like he is also trying to emulate Dick Masterson now and not just Gym Why does gaytor larp as a white nationalist and also pretend andrew (((breitbart))) and diddler dax are based? I CAN CHANGE MY VIEWS WHENEVER I WANT TO N​IGGER
I am wondering how many jcaesar187amales they really are.
>>106797 >press random point on timeline >"The anime we grew up with..."
Open file (302.02 KB 834x495 carl_smug_smile.jpeg)
>>106802 bickers its all just a Grift. Always has been. His employer The Гунт used to brag about being one of (((Milo Yiannopoulos's))) ghost writers. Glooben Globber started as a troll operation, but it attracted real momentum from conservatards and /pol/ thought they could use it to redpill the normalfags. Conservatards end up becoming federal informants after downloading dolphin porn on /v/ and Gim Watkins and Code Monkey create Qanon to julay the suckers. The rest is history. People who hitched there wagon to that shitshow ruined their lives so they are forced to double down on the grift in order to stay afloat. And Fed operations like TRS and The Daily Stormer (and latter America First) tried to co-opt it bickers that's what FED's do.
>>106797 This is going to be fun.
>>106807 so where is he streaming right now?
>>106806 >Glooben Globber started as a troll operation, but it attracted real momentum from conservatards and /pol/ thought they could use it to redpill the normalfags Really? I didn't get that, always thought the /pol/acks who knew about #gamergay always thought it was a losing battle and used it as an option to burn as many journo pricks as possible, I thought it was the nu-/pol/acks aka ni/gg/ers that thought they could redpill duh normies with #gamergay and #notyourshield bickers >we are so tolerant! >>106808 https://odysee.com/@thejcaesar187retort:1/tuesday-tequila-live:9 the jcaesar187amale is here, until he gets b8 from it as well, than he is planning on copying spic and having his own stream.
Open file (8.57 KB 454x520 gamergate.png)
>>106809 It was most defiantly a troll operation that essentially started when Anita announced her Patreon. Most of /pol/ had moved to 8chn long before Grumpy Gate bickers J00t was fucking with the board and appointed a bunch of leftiods as global moderators. /pol/ was all about using Gaytor Gay as a way to redpill normalfags up until around the time #not your shield happened. The board owner sick of it gave the board over to Teridax who allowed the board to be nuked and at that point it moved to Mark Manns board who allowed twitter E-celebrities to gatekeeping what people could talk about in threads. Around that time is when /ggrevolt/ got started and ggrevolt attracted autist like John Michel Kelly, jcaesar187 and Seattle4Truth along with lefiods like the Green Grapist who wanted to leverage the conflict to destroy Gremlin Globetrotters for various reasons.
Open file (123.38 KB 818x656 sargon fellow kid.jpg)
>>106812 I think the main problem that a lot of /pol/ didn't realize till it was too late is that bickers of people like N​IGGER they would never redpill anyone, also from my experience even if you tell the truth to some normalfag and they know it is a true a lot of them choose to deny it, N​IGGER being a gatekeeper of the redpill and a normalfag who was obviously redpilled by gamergay but refused to go full 1488 due to wanting to make as much shekels as possible. It is interesting to note that most modern net counter culture is downstream from old/pol/ which was heavily watered down by gamergay e-celebs and TRS. To this day people like spic have their roots in watered down /pol/ cocks.
>>106809 >>106812 to clarify, the troll op wasn't called GG. GG was all bickers Zoey pissed off CrippleKike and his wizzard friends and when her Ex Boyfriend wrote a tell all it was an opportunity to stur up drama and expose a hypocrite. But they where on the radar bickers of the prior Troll operation.
>>106814 >tfw the entire internet was ruined bickers some whore and freddit got into a cat fight and mister metokike made a video on it Imagine how different things would be had quinspiracy never fucking existed, had N​IGGER and matt never discovered the internet.
>>106813 Soy Soy wasn't controlled opposition, at least at first. He was just a liberal neck-beard who didn't know shit about politics but was apart of the fedora community on youtube. As such he took the centrist view out of ignorance. Old/pol/ was far more all over the place politically. The only guiding principle was an esoteric gnosticism to seek Truth even if its uncomfortable truth which is why holocaust revisionism, 9/11 truth and treads about kabbalist where a thing. It was actually Goober Gobber and all the subversion that pushed it to become far more ideologically pure as being explicitly national socialist to try and gatekeep the riff raff who wanted to try and consensus crack.
Open file (1.82 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106815 Things would have been likely even worse. The anti-white male rhetoric from the left was a big part of what cause that drama thanks to Obama subsidizing critical race theory and critical gender theory in universities. Back then they called them "SJWs" bickers that is what people on the left where calling themselves at the time. Otherwise NEETs would have sat back and continued to consume. Its really smooth brained to suggest the idiots who got wrapped up in the shit show where responsible. Just look at all the cucks who just tried to ignore it all. Look at them now. (pic related) At least Goober Gobber got a few people to wake up and start working out and caring about things beyond just playing video games all day.
>>106816 >Soy Soy wasn't controlled opposition, at least at first. He was just a liberal neck-beard who didn't know shit about politics but was apart of the fedora community on youtube. As such he took the centrist view out of ignorance I don't think he was controlled op like a fed per say, never thought he was, I agree with you 100 percent he took the centrist view out of ignorance, that being said I think he knows the holohoax and 9/11 are bullshit, and he definitely knows the truth about the yids but chooses not to say so out of fear and wanting to make as much money as possible, to put it simply he has made his ideological bed. >Old/pol/ was far more all over the place politically >The only guiding principle was an esoteric gnosticism to seek Truth even if its uncomfortable truth Agreed. >It was actually Goober Gobber and all the subversion that pushed it to become far more ideologically pure as being explicitly national socialist to try and gatekeep the riff raff who wanted to try and consensus crack And that was the biggest mistake they made, it also ended up splitting the commies away from the board and making /trannypol/ and making LARPing offshoots like fascist when in the past all those fags had their own fucking hugbox threads and constantly debated among each other. >>106817 I don't know I just wish it was handled differently, its fucking sad what has happened to the internet, everything is dying and there is nothing >we can do to fucking stop it, in all honesty gamergay was probably more a symptom of the latent age of the net than the cause of its beginning downward descent into death, but It's still a fucking shame things will never be the same. I feel like had gamergay never been latched onto by e-celebs >we might have a slightly different but better internet today.
Open file (334.39 KB 392x653 fagcha.png)
Is there anyone like old Redditkur doing streams nowadays? I just want someone laughing at tech support prank videos and dumb internet shit without chyaaaat cancer in the background while I work.
Open file (54.49 KB 960x540 Josh_just_lvl_99.jpg)
>>106819 Known pedophile Toad McKinleyua connor moon streams once a week, other than that all streams I can think of are pretty much dead.
>>106797 >>106804 >press random point on timeline >"They created this really weird monster that only existed post-Gämergate..." Quite a fun little game.
>>106804 I wish normalfags never discovered anime
Open file (495.29 KB 900x1700 gaytorvivian.png)
>>106821 I mean his name truly is the gaymergayter so >we all know when he discovered the internet! #G​AMERGATE funniest thing is, I don't even think gaytor was around for #gamergay >>106822 Nice to know you still lurk /cow/ as well, I've seen (you) around on tvch sometimes, I agree I wish normalfags had never discovered cuckime.
>>106818 I agree with everything you're saying in this post. But hind site is a bitch and the world is complicated. It was hard to fallow all the moving parts and it's much easier to make sense of what happened in hindsight. I just think this trend for a new more sterilized inherent took place long before GG. In fact GG was likely as popular as it was bickers it was a reactionary movement against this trend. >>106819 There are really e-bin Gym clones like PaulyFrog64 and WildSmile. They will often stream when their are happenings. But they are so painfully Gym clones that I find listening to their predictable takes cringe bickers their whole persona is based on reading the headlines on /pol/ in order to virtue signal and they don't really think for themselves.
>>106824 >In fact GG was likely as popular as it was bickers it was a reactionary movement against this trend (you) are right, I guess I just hate to see things get corrupted, but that always fucking happens. >gym clones don't forget toad and mister soyvious, even though they lack the gym voice faking that the gaytor gaymer does.
>>106824 wew you weren't kidding they are literal clones, not even hyperbolic ones. They grift harder than that Redditkur soundboard channel. in fact of course I would still probably listen but it's nothing but political shit.
Open file (2.18 MB 2316x3088 59134_pe4qttty1q58mqm.jpg)
Гунт co-host Christine Weston Chandler is the latest to challenge the fat dyke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVVjgazM7k4
Open file (257.30 KB 450x500 Happy_Vee.png)
>>106776 Holy fucking based
>>106827 Do these grifters think they will raise each others profiles by going on this dykes show?
Open file (727.16 KB 883x521 Steven Crowder.png)
So apparently Stеven Crowdеr called out that Ethаn Klein was going to likely hijack him with Sam Seder before the "debate". This whole fake IBS shit, and people shilling this as the new IBS on /pol/, here and /v/ is really sketchy. https://youtu.be/WOEV8lIiJ0I?t=1430
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvprmVF2RgNAlZ1H5epbsKQ Why does this foxdick channel refuse to credit /cow/ cocks?
>>106830 >chewing gum jesus crowder is such an annoying faggot.
>>106830 It looks like crowder taped that after the fact and edited it in to look like he "knew."
Open file (24.56 KB 378x357 1554088420.jpg)
>>106776 lmao nice
Open file (41.30 KB 719x496 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106827 In this conversation she sounded a bit more reasonable. After all provoking a reaction is a tactical move that helps dictate the battle. Aggression is often a smart move bickers it limits your opponent to a predictable number of viable responses. Anyone who has ever played chess beyond wood pushing understands this. Thus, if I'm charitable she is merely saying don't play into the lefts provocation bickers they already have a winning strategy to deal with that response. ...but then she post something competently anti-white and cringe like this and any steelmanning of the dike, or trying to take her in good faith goes out the window.
>>106836 well whatever it is, its not a man.
Open file (721.24 KB 588x615 oh no no no no.PNG)
Lmao look at woozuh's face after he relaxed around a NIGGER
Even at x3 speed that was a waste of time. >dubs >gushing over overlord >manga > anime >muh sjws
Open file (222.96 KB 782x217 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (278.12 KB 435x404 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106838 >woozuh nice optics >Is Baked Alaska Dating CassieNova? the fuck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7mx_dRedoE
>>106835 >I'm charitable she is merely saying don't play into the lefts provocation bickers they already have a winning strategy to deal with that response. >...but then she post something competently anti-white and cringe like this and any steelmanning of the dike, or trying to take her in good faith goes out the window. I agree, I don't know if she is trying to subvert and gatekeep the anti-CRT push like some have said TDS apparently did a show on this, ep. 758 and 760 but I haven't found a free download but I think she is just a fat idiot like oldschool Sargon. In this video >>106743 at the very end when she blocks Casey she goes *DING* AHAHAHAHA! in the exact manner I have heard before. It's the sound of That Kid getting his way. It's the sound of "Mom says it's myyyy turn on the Xbox *smug smile*". It's the sound of a janny cleaning it up. She is like that rightwing grifter turned leftwing grifter Hunter Avellone. They are low IQ but think they are the smartest person in the room and throw around words like empiricism and data when the only data this fat rugmuncher has looked at was counting calories for half a day in 1998. The way right wingers fawn over any lefty who comes over to their side is so pathetic. They think it will get them votes but it just lets in cringe elements that will act like Trigglypuff but for the right. They'll keep trying to appeal to "women" like this though bickers they are either retarded or don't want to win.
Open file (623.28 KB 796x675 ClipboardImage.png)
>CassieNova >not the drag queen oh ok... she sorta cute in fact of course. Maybe being a FED is worthwhile. 🤔 >>106841 Yeah when she assumes Casey is just a troll, it just goes to show how out of here depth she really is. That particular interview was pure brain damage. The biggest problem I see in the modern discourse is nobody is willing to engaging in discourse in good faith and the shit she is doing right now is not helping allow healthy discourse. Even if on a pure tactical level their may be a valid point in hiding your power level (or whatever) and using smarter rhetoric to engage with the left in order to be persuasive but her own behavior betrays any semblance of trying to have that honest conversation.
>>106842 She is hot in fact of course I would have huwhite babies with her.
Open file (42.82 KB 669x767 yofa.jpg)
>>106842 The right definitely needs cocks creators with more charisma and well practiced rhetoric, whatever one thinks about fags like Destiny and Vaush they are convincing to a lot of people. People liek Borysenko are trash, soyfacing and pointing to the left saying this is heccin real racism! has never and will never work and this bitch is a big dummy for thinking it hasn't already been tried a thousand times. >baked is hitting that wtf she is way out of his league.
>>106844 Bitches dig money and I'm assuming their is good money in being a ip2 e-celebrity FED informant in cy+++++++.
>>106844 The right needs figures that hang around attractive women to prove there are attractive women within the right that aren't just neocons on fawks news, or are "women" like Blaire White. Like you mentioned Tiny. He's not attractive himself but his girlfriend is a model in Sweden but it's not like he's a chad bickers he literally lets her go out and fuck other dudes. Or there's Hasan who dated a pornstar and constantly gets women hitting him up. The right just needs more attractive figures to appeal to the right-wing audience.
>>106838 It seems like this guy is only 22 and being an incendiary attention-whore with his stunts is just gonna get him beat up by nignogs. He needs guidance so he doesn't get himself too braindamaged. It seems like he doesn't have anyone looking out for him and his safety and that makes me sad. Baked is a >30 yo millennial and was serving that role as an older brother figure but he's baked and also retarded and invested in the same streaming retardation. Woozuh is just a young, dumb zoomer and chat will always drive you to do the dumbest thing possible for their entertainment by doing the edgiest thing while sitting safely in their bedrooms. If a nignog knocks him out cold, he could hit his head on concrete and die. And for what? Bc someone playing a clip saying "nigggerG​AMERGATEr niggger" and it incites a chimp? That is not worth it. I would not ever let a G​AMERGATE braindamage me like that. If he wants to continue that, he should at least train boxing or something so he can defend himself and throw a punch. Or better yet, carry pepper spray and just supersoak whichever nignog doesn't like it.
Open file (6.94 MB 480x270 giphy (2).gif)
>>106838 It seems like this guy is only 22 and being an incendiary attention-whore with his stunts is just gonna get him beat up by nignogs. He needs guidance so he doesn't get himself too braindamaged. It seems like he doesn't have anyone looking out for him and his safety and that makes me sad. Baked is a >30 yo millennial and was serving that role as an older brother figure but he's baked and also retarded and invested in the same streaming retardation. Woozuh is just a young, dumb zoomer and chat will always drive you to do the dumbest thing possible for their entertainment by doing the edgiest thing while sitting safely in their bedrooms. If a nignog knocks him out cold, he could hit his head on concrete and die. And for what? Bc someone playing a clip saying "nigggerG​AMERGATEr niggger" and it incites a chimp? That is not worth it. I would not ever let a G​AMERGATE braindamage me like that. If he wants to continue that, he should at least train boxing or something so he can defend himself and throw a punch. Or better yet, carry pepper spray and just supersoak whichever nignog doesn't like it.
>>106848 He got dropped bickers he was walking around with a confederate flag around his shoulders and when a nignog confronted him he tried to reason with the nog by saying "it's muh heritage it's not hate" talk. Woozuh knew he was gonna get into a fight over this but he didn't actually know how to fight. What made it more embarrassing is Woozuh is actually physically fit, was a little taller than the guy and the nog had flip flops on.
Open file (546.38 KB 767x617 squirmy and grubs.png)
>>106846 desTINY's relationship isn't real. His gf/wife? just wants his money. An open relationship for them just means she sucks and fucks chads and comes home sometime for emotional stability and money from destiny. destiny just plays factorio all day or [insert lame indie steam game] and might occasional suck off an old man with no testicles for his part of the open relationship. That will end soon. I randomly clicked into a stream of his the other day and he said if this current relationship doesn't work out, he is done with dating bickers he can't handle it and doesn't want to deal with it anymore. Vaush is ugly af and a fat neckbeard with keloids on both ears. LMAO. Surely you saw his last gf? Vaush larps like he is a chad but he is very low SMV. He's rich now from streaming his entire life online. So there's that. But if Vaush ever has sex, it's bc he's pansexual and will fuck anyone and anything. As in he has 0 standards. >>106845 What is cy++++++++? Also, she's probably not out of his league. Surely there is something underneath the surface we can't see like she is deeply mentally ill or a crackwhore who would suck nig dick for her next fix. I don't know anything about her and I'm not saying it's true but not everything is surface-level. Just like it came out that Squirmy and Grubs was not a real relationship. That the wheelchair guy was paying her to be his gf for the cameras while she they cashed out with their youtube videos.
I can't really criticize Hassan Piker as he is tall, rich, e-famous, and I would guess, handsome. So he is a rare chad online and especially on the left. So it's not a wonder that he gets dates. I guess Steven Crowder is the right wing chad equivalent on the right.
Open file (96.52 KB 1125x633 E4fFgHjWUAcBaqf.jpg)
>>106851 My point still stands though. Can you name an actually attractive person on the right, male or female? And I mean ones that can appeal to a young audience like on youtube or twitch. So no women like Tomi Lahren or Kayleigh Mcenany who are neocon shills that are only seen by boomers who still watch television, though they are hot and fuckable. >>106852 >Steven Crowder Lmao no. Paul Joseph Watson is at least more attractive than him but that's all I can think of, and PJW is a weirdo. Neither are chads though. Adam Crigler is a good looking dude and apparently has a 10/10 wife but I don't think he's full on right-wing.
Open file (7.02 MB 1280x720 J Danks won.mp4)
Gypsy Crusaders court appearance went well!
Et Tu Gaydah
>>106854 He said on another video when he took a call in jail that if things go right he can get out in 18 months.
>>106856 yeah, he's taking a plea deal.
Open file (361.55 KB 1500x1543 current year.jpg)
>>106851 >What is cy++++++++ 2014 plus 7 and an additional + bickers typo hownu.ru
>>106857 Imagine how the internet would be the day he returns. I hope he's allowed to stream once he's out and the court didn't put some bullshit in his deal that he won't be allowed to stream for years.
>>106854 >there's another participant with obs virtual cam Any clips of that guy dropping his payload?
Open file (282.70 KB 640x640 NNNNNAAAAAA.mp4)
>>106830 What's the rundown on this Steven Crowder drama?
>>106861 >Crowder has been asking jcaesar187 to debate for weeks >jcaesar187 finally agrees >They do a stream and 5 minutes in jcaesar187 fills his spot for Sam Seder who Crowder has been dodging to debate for years >Crowder says it's a no go bickers he wanted to debate jcaesar187 not Sam
>>106862 Fuck I mean E-than (((Klein)))
>>106844 >>106842 Sammi 2.0 Not as cute but twice as annoying. Hot as fuck, though.
Open file (21.76 KB 510x423 eagle_eyes_gator.jpg)
my name is theToad McKinleygamer and a paypig has gone rogue let him know i say hi https://ghettogaggers.com/nzKBJCuT
>>106853 >Richard Spencer, Lauren Southern. But now you will wriggle out of it by saying "oh but they don't stream on twitch so they don't count by my arbitrary criteria." Why is Crowder not chad? Tall, muscular, block jaw, rich, famous? bickers he did some silly skit videos? bickers you think he's secretly gay? Either way, this discussion is dumb bickers attractive people don't generally discuss politics. Ever heard the phrase, "politics is showbiz except with ugly people?" or something like that? I don't care about appealing to a young audience or trying to convert anybody or redpill the masses. Politics is worthless and for low SMV people to cry about making their lives better through some fringe ideology.
>>106867 Is that discord? The filter fucks that up so badly even when I try to correct it, it's not worth anyone's time. Ghettogaggers - the original BLACKED for white trash
Open file (146.03 KB 687x886 gas the gay community.jpg)
>>106868 >implying Richard Spencer is an actually attractive person >implying Spencer is on the right TOPKEK
>>106862 Typically if their is a topic people are prepared to debate and to bring (((Sam Sneeder))) in to ambush the discourse was supper gay. Cowder sperging and losing his cool was where he fucked up, otherwise the neocon didn't really do anything wrong besides trusting a Jew.
>>106868 Crowder isn't muscular. He has arm muscle but under his shirt is all flab. I'll hand it to him at least he married and has kids. Richard Spencer said homosexuality is the last implicit stand of huwhite identity and also dated a sheboon. He's about as right-wing as Kike Enoch. Lauren Southern is the only one I'll give you but she needs to have White children. I think she's secretly a lesbian. Anyways the only thing the right has that does them good is their humor, they do it way better than the left. >>106866 >Sammi >Cute Until she opens her mouth
Open file (1.98 MB 828x923 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.32 MB 828x1351 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106862 Im not a Crowder fan but the way the left was talking about it I thought it was this huge PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD, there were articles like SAM SEDER HUMILIATES CONSERVATIVE PUNDIT. It was cringe on all sides, Crowder obviously wanted to dunk on a retard and also get lots of views thanks to h3h3 but who the fuck wants to watch a jew debate a neocon? On what exactly? Taxes? >>106877 >Lauren Southern is the only one I'll give you but she needs to have White children. I think she's secretly a lesbian.
>>106878 They were supposed to debate on conservative censorship and since H3 always used to stand up for youtube channels falsely demonetized and banned which Crowder was, H3 never called out youtube for it. Even when they first started the stream they were acting friendly towards each other but all of a sudden H3 sneakily ducked out of the debate and had Sam Seeder join who was gonna shift the debate to a totally different topic which Crowder didn't want to talk about. Good on Lauren Southern for finally getting pregnant though. Hope the father is actually White.
Open file (234.79 KB 1536x2048 E1Ldk0nUUAAuJkZ.jpg)
>>106878 >>106879 It is Lauren Southern what do you think? She is a coalburner and forever will be one. It is like with that other Canadian chick that was a politician that cheated on her husband and was rightfully thrown out of the movement when it was found out she was fucking a middle easterner or whatever it was. These are nothing but actual thots that preach about muh right wing ideology but don't do what they preach, so fuck em.
>>106881 You're right White men should just fuck and impregnate asian qts and make hapa children that end up like Zach
Open file (332.77 KB 1536x2048 E2yb0gBUcAEPgik.jpg)
>>106884 There is always a hack,fam. Back to the point of Lauren southern she was a coalburner and they don't stop burning the coal, if it is not a negro she has a child with it has to be a kike. That's the truth. Also what do you have against the Finnish race?
Open file (46.91 KB 540x513 178989828992.jpg)
Open file (173.62 KB 1200x900 8956897259825895.jpg)
>>106877 > I think she's secretly a lesbian.
>>106887 >Finnish Ew no they produce ugly men. I'd rather impregnate a full Asian qt than one of those mongoloids. >>106888 I knew about the arab boyfriend but I was saying lesbian bickers of her and Faith Goldy always being in pictures together in one of their house and they looked all touchy feely with each other. I also forgot to mention Cassandra Fairbanks is alright looking. She has a nice body but her face could use some work. Someone post her nudes if you got em.
I am done fucking around
I will unleash the next wave of hell
My plan is nearly complete. The day of retribution is nearly here
I am going to end this whole fucking game. All of it needs to stop. The gay ops... The e celebs... The fake cows... The virtue signalling... The manufactured drama... The kayfabe.... It all dies
Open file (393.84 KB 2048x1536 E2jJXIRVoAYIN8q.jpg)
>>106889 again, what do you have against the Finnish people? If you make a hapa you are technically making a Finish peoples. >Faith Goldy That was the other coal burner that was kicked out and got a divorce when her cuck husband found out.
>>106894 Yes crash it with no survivors.
>>106890 >>106891 >>106892 >>106894 Meds >>106895 What European ethnicity bred with Asians to make Finns? I have superior German/Greek genes so which Asian group with go well with my White seed? I was thinking Japanese girls in fact of course.
Open file (26.38 KB 522x152 1.jpg)
Open file (17.59 KB 530x190 2.jpg)
Open file (25.98 KB 532x151 3.jpg)
Open file (25.00 KB 524x161 4.jpg)
Open file (92.84 KB 522x665 5.jpg)
Open file (247.26 KB 1536x2048 E4KSkBCUUAE7X1f.jpg)
Open file (270.17 KB 1152x2048 Ez-U3ueVgAAuGhH.jpg)
>>106897 >German/Greek genes I would suggest regular chinks from China at that point. Since you are a mix of northern and southern European that means it will not be Finnish but a strange hapa mix, since your genetics cannot make a Finnish offspring to begin with. Also my Asian fetish is just a fetish.
Open file (856.28 KB 517x859 edgy.PNG)
>>106890 >>106891 >>106892 >>106894 Please no Gaytor I will stop just tell me what to do.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FObpjtSpezc Whiskey Review: Minor Case Rye, Ronnie O'Neal Closing Argument, Stealing Underwear and MORE!
I HATE jcaesar187
>>106902 He's thinking about shooting his sisterbrother
Open file (11.00 KB 272x405 E4Icl0gXIAE3xB0.jpg)
What's the plan gayhoole?
Open file (24.40 KB 390x418 B59-eWqCYAAkmKN.jpg)
Open file (60.16 KB 495x720 164_1000.jpg)
Open file (193.15 KB 500x595 8921592892856.jpg)
Open file (221.73 KB 650x451 891892192568.jpg)
>>106889 > Someone post her nudes if you got em.
Open file (835.13 KB 320x180 ltggroove.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi61dvmqWC0 LOW TIER GOD STREAM 6/22/2021/STRIVE/ETC
>>106902 Actually do it gahoole, end jcaesar187 once and for all, do what ashton parks can never do.
>>106887 BASED
>>106855 Keep in mind his real name is Darren Thompson, but other than that good work.
>>106839 Honestly there were a couple more noteworthy clips t. listened to the entire gaytorcast
>>106792 Holy shit, brenden is beyond JUSTed at this point.
Open file (199.46 KB 526x410 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106913 Actually no, he's free now. His eyes look human again. He's simply dealing with the aftermath of having a harpy involved in his life.
>>106897 Meds aren't white. Go breed with a goat, mutt.
Open file (4.04 MB 1280x720 qRkxb.mp4)
>>106860 This sperg was basically the highlight. He seemed to catch the attention of Gypsy's lawyer Mr. Cohen.
Open file (372.74 KB 493x497 Unti453232tled.png)
>>106914 >Ian 'Glow for Miles' ChingChong >I have a Discord server Should I join the honeypot?
>>106902 oh shit, not the vintage revolver from the museum.
>>106890 I suspect this is gayops to discredit Gayhole or whatever bc you've been doing similar things up the thread. But please do. Crash it. >>106884 Bro, I'm gonna tell you the truth here. Race mixing is generally based. Or perhaps you could say, racemixing is based...when you do it. Now, obviously, we all look at a white women mixing with a negro and think that is unfortunate. The dude is so ugly. She is mixing down. Her children will be lower IQ and their hair will be kinky and ugly, like an bastardized white person. It's a clear downgrade. But what people don't understand is that race-mixing is a spectrum. Spergs default back to binary thinking (light-switch brain/on or off/black or white) and think mixing must be either bad or good. No. Each person must determine where that spectrum lies. Some people will be desperate enough or horny enough to fuck G​AMERGATEs. Others say only-white. Most white men accept everything except blacks. Latinas, East Asian, South Asians, Arabs, Whites, and anything else are fair game and beautiful. Hot women are in every race. My personal view is that Africans are too far back in our evolutionary past (there was a big break between groups leaving Africa 60K-200K years ago and earlier in several waves of human migration and we shouldn't go back to that by mixing with Africans, whose ancestors never left Africa. So there is a big jump genetically between Africans and Eurasians (everybody else). All Eurasians (non Africans) are more similar to each other than they are to subsaharan Africans. It's why Africans don't have Neanderthal DNA but everyone else does.) Other people are low SMV or have a monkey fetish so some people will take a black person. Now, spergs don't understand that race-mixing is based and a spectrum bc if their minds, racemixing means bm-ww. They rightfully recognize the constant media push of blackmale-whitewoman in the news and in pozflix and Jewlywood as an attack on them so his mind shuts down and he can't entertain the idea that mixing is based. The 4cuckpollack thinks "media and Jews are pushing this so it must be bad and I should oppose it." Again, it's a spectrum. Not black or white (pun intended). You can't just say "eating is good or bad." Yeah, eating is good in that you must do it to survive. But too much eating leads to obesity and health problems and you look like shit. Too little eating means you starve or become anorexic. Some eating is good. As Aristotle said, "all things in moderation." Not all mixing is equal. The cucks on 4chan/pol can't get this bc their current ideology is "heil hitler" and they use Mein Kampf with its outdated ideas as a template for their worldview. Whatever you think of Hitler, he was fuckin' wrong about mixing and genetics. And it's not even his fault. Germany and the world didn't have access to the DNA bone samples and gene sequencing we have now with the genomic revolution that has been taking place in the past 10 years. They only had archaeology, which they were kind of right about with the Indo-Aryans (Indo-Europeans) sweeping across the known world and conquering it. They were only wrong about this part if they though the Aryans came from Germany rather than the Caucasus valley region (Steppe hypothesis).
Open file (190.51 KB 1242x1394 whore 444.jfif)
About Elliot Rodger and Zach. The deranged hapa is a fake media creation. Elliot Rodgers is no more representative of half-Asian men than Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy is of full White men. He was just some mentally ill, psycho incel murderer. Media blew him up and astroturfed his murder story bc he fulfilled a narrative they liked about evil toxic male masculinity and how it's deadly and how anti-feminism is so bad. They would of course, preferred if Rodgers was full white instead of half white but they gotta take what they can get to push their narratives and ideology. Even as I say this, there will be losers trying to debunk this with anecdotal evidence (b-but I know a mentally ill hapa Asian person! It's truuuuuue.) That's nice but you are cherrypicking one or two examples and stereotyping a big range of people (Asians range from Indians to Indonesians to Chinks, to Japs, to Koreans, to Taiwanese to Filipinos and so on) That's a big fucking group with an arbitrary line drawn around them to say "these are Asians." Guess what? We all know mentally ill white people, schizos, drug addicts and men shooting heroin in their arms or wife-beaters, serial killers, or men that murder their own families, or white trannies or whatever. That doesn't make these subgroups representative of whites in general. They're oddballs or exceptions. Similar to how Rodgers was not representative of hapas. "I found a white schizophrenic that the media made the face of in the news after he snapped and murdered people! This is white people!" No, it's not. But you did fall for media propaganda which distorted your sense of reality. But it's sad that many spergs can't see beyond a mainstream-media fabricated stereotype. Mainstream media has total domination of their minds leading them to think "all hapas are Ellliot Rodgers." These same types of people often think of themselves as red-pilled, based critical thinkers that deride the blue-pilled, npc normies who can't think outside of the matrix, so it's quite ironic that many spergs in theses circles can't see beyond that bit of brainwashing.
Open file (79.22 KB 640x847 princess helyani 14.jpg)
All people are mixed anyway so you should mix with whoever you are attracted to and can get. If you still think they kids will be some mentally ill hapa or don't think that mix is good, then that is on you. But remember that this sphere has been gobbling up race-realist talking points for years and some of the talking points are wrong or highly misleading. For instance, mixed race kids lack an identity or are more mentally ill. Someone like Sean Last or Alt Hype will cherry-pick some study done in 1990 to push their white nationalist ideology but the study was bullshit to begin with, where "mixed race children" might mean the offspring of "black male-white woman" instead of "white male-asian female". Mixing is a spectrum. Just like eating food is a spectrum. Some food is very healthy. Other food leads to health problems. But we wouldn't say "eating is good" or "eating is bad." There is a more nuanced answer that evades the spergs's light-switch thinking. So if a nignog just pumps and dumps some white whore then yeah, the children will be fucked up mentally from never having a dad and being raised by a single mom on welfare with no money coming in. They will be poor, have abandonment issues, and might abuse drugs to cope with having a broken home with no father. So an ideologue like AltHype, JayF, or Richurd Spencer will quote that bullshit study of mixed race halfnignogs and conclude that "mixed race children are more likely to have mental problems or drug abuse problems." But that is not true bc you can go find very healthy stable nuclear families with a white male-asian female or other combos like white male-latina woman where the dad doesn't abandon the kids and provides for them. So they don't turn to drugs and have money coming into their family to support them. But you wouldn't know that from a retarded small study of a 50 family sample size of single-moms and black fathers that the study calls "mixed-race" and that is supposed to represent the broad spectrum of "mixed-race people." So don't trust ideologues acting in bad faith, even the ostensible white nationalists or race-realists bc they are also pushing some bullshit or conveniently lying by omission. Even super-smurt spergs like Ed Dutton are still pushing an agenda. They are always either grifting an audience or pushing some fag ideology or their personal religion. You must aim for truth above all. Not some fag's pet ideology.
When life is so hard and there are so many fundamental differences between men and women that make relationships difficult, why would you limit yourself to just one race of potential mates? Women and people in general with cheat on you, break your heart, divorce you, and treat you badly, especially now with social media in a global dating market where everyone has 20 bf's and gf's on insta and snapchat and tinder. Women are still women worldwide. And they are gonna be entitled bitches that want a tall, muscular, handsome man who's rich. And they will trade you in for someone better in a heartbeat. So you just have to embrace that life itself is a struggle and you should cast a wide net to find someone good. TLDR: Race-mixing is generally based but you're a bitch for trying to skip my brilliant essay.
Open file (89.35 KB 675x637 Asian women.jpg)
>>106920 >>106921 >>106922 >>106923 <racemixing fantasy >racemixing reality
>>106924 <Alt-kike, TRSodomite cope. You wish, nerd. We need White Boy Summer racemixing in Asia Edition™.
Open file (119.25 KB 838x736 Mike Enoch Jimpact.png)
Open file (388.07 KB 1440x1869 Eric Striker 3.jpg)
Open file (9.98 KB 236x300 eric striker.jpg)
Open file (81.13 KB 205x300 EricStriker2.png)
STRIKE & MIKE Episode 167: The CRT Gig Economy --David Gletty's "Undercover Nazi" --Charles Coughlin and Phillip Johnson: American National Socialism --Middle American Radicals (American Third Positionism) --Phony Conservative Critical Race Theory --Why the government labeling Baked Alaska a domestic terrorism means the whole category is fake https://gofile.io/d/WFEOl0
Open file (5.43 MB 1504x1740 ClipboardImage.png)
whats going on with his head bros.?
>>106929 He's beginning to believe.
>>106898 I think Tiny's take is on point. On this one. The whole thing is cringe and nobody looks good. >>106907 She looks much better in those pics, I assume these are from when she was younger. >>106910 I need to take a trip to Japan bros. >>106918 do it, bring back gifts >>106920 >>106921 >>106922 >>106923 if all you care about is genetics, then yes, race mixing can be good. But if you care about anything long term and substantial like culture or traditions or faith then its makes it very hard on children to have a real meaningful sense of identity.
>>106910 Remember folks, every child you have with your asian waifu is the likely chance he'll inherit small wang. At least that's what keeps me from ever considering marrying one
>>106933 Don't worry I just fuck Chinks for the fetish.
Open file (19.80 KB 591x213 2432432.jpg)
Open file (9.45 KB 236x128 E30vWnNXMAMqiVM.jpg)
>>106935 Are they still doing their >Why hello my fellow kids, those critical race theory liberals are crazy, but you know who the real bad guys are? The far right claiming it's anti-white
Open file (456.68 KB 598x818 Fatt.png)
Open file (32.58 KB 603x333 Gaytor.png)
Open file (204.68 KB 1133x965 gator_r_donald_dab.png)
>>106938 Kek Jarbo is lifting his insults straight from the alawgs. /cow/boy ghost writers when? >>106935 Who is this 4/10 and why should anyone care?
>>106939 Matt jarbo is the dark prince of the /cow/ boards. Also, that whore PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD fuentes so that's why (you) should laugh maybe a little.
>>106939 From what i have gathered about the situation is she is fat looking lesbian who recently came to to right. She has been making videos about CRT is bad and its racist. Then she recently flipped out cause people have been calling CRT anti white and if you do that its going to ruin the movement to take down CRT cause of white identitarians. So now she is hunting Nazis in jewtube comments, has made 10 videos in the past 4 days since she exploded.
Open file (96.68 KB 1200x771 676A1001-1200x771.jpg)
>>106939 > 4/10
>>106942 4/10 woman, rest is pork.
>>106942 the absolute chad lesbian, let >us see her take on the Гунт.
Open file (426.96 KB 240x138 8921591829289.gif)
>>106946 Media's calling it a (((suicide))).
Open file (59.71 KB 1119x629 based_oil_driller.jpeg)
>>106949 >tax evasion charges yawwn, call me when it's some pedo shit or something
Open file (125.27 KB 640x360 retard face.mp4)
I got muh ps5 and some few vidya. For now I am in love with the controller the feedback from the bumpers are actually pretty cool. Unfortunately I feel like i've paid overprice for the console, so Demon's souls better be as awesome as I remember it. Oh no, not that guy.
>>106953 weakload, shoulda saved the fucking money.
Open file (393.07 KB 1536x2048 E3i-Wu8VEAIHXbp.jpg)
>>106954 You are not the only one that have said that to me. my pardner said it was a huge waste of money especailly since the Lesbian in space game was not her cup of tea. I've not tested the new Guilty Gear, spider-negro and Demon's Souls to see if it's more her cup of tea. For now I kinda like the Lesbian in space game/returnal, it has an awesome feedback to the second shot, so the L2 bumper feels more like there is 2 buttons than just the one.
Open file (271.52 KB 662x432 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (367.85 KB 656x546 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106956 >>106949 >>106946 HE HAD A DEAD MAN'S SWITCH THAT WILL NAME (((THEM)))
>>106797 gaytor is a dubslet, never let him forget
Open file (99.34 KB 576x1024 E3NvSWGVoAAg_x7.jpg)
I have been playing the Lesbian in Outer Space game for 2 hours and I still don't get it. I get some awesome Alien mobie feels from it but for now it feels like a metroidvania mix with rouge light. Now I am going to try out Demon's Souls to see if I wasted too much money on the system. >>106958 What kinda information was he going to leak?
>>106958 hopefully he hired some bitcoin assassins to avenge him.
>>106958 He's with DarkV now and the other goldstar callers.
Open file (237.83 KB 1206x888 quantum suicide.jpg)
Open file (567.03 KB 842x608 Elon Musk crying.png)
>>106884 >>106958 >>106956 >>106949 >>106946 Reminder that John McAffee promised to eat his own dick if BTC didn't reach 1 million USD by the end of 2020. Obviously, it didn't happen. Conman 101: Never set a date for the rapture or a prediction that can be proven wrong if enough time passes. Then people will know you're full of shit like a conman just looking for money or cult leader looking for power and to fuck the women true-believers in your cult that believe you're in touch with God. This guy got thrown in prison for tax evasion and for promoting crypto pyramid scheme on the internet. He also murdered a man or two in Belize. My only question is if the Feds can go after you for crypto pyramid schemes then why hasn't Elon Musk been arrested yet, since he can pump or dump the price of any coin like BTC or Doge. All cryptos are pyramid schemes btw. Oh wait, Elon won't be imprisoned. Bc he's some kind of Fed asset being pumped up by the government. http://dickening.com/
Open file (268.64 KB 724x677 dunfuckedup.png)
>>106963 >John McAfee has experimented with Quantum Suicide On one hand, that means he's still alive, on the other, >we just shifted into another Mandela universe. Did the Jitsu Wa anime still happen?
Open file (144.53 KB 829x884 1583606300005.png)
Open file (213.12 KB 432x479 sargon-BBC2.png)
Horseshoe theory intensifies.
>>106958 like Assange?
Open file (96.53 KB 962x678 trannies 4 trump.jpg)
>>106966 >1. EXPERTS AGREE >2. muh harassment >3. if journalists say it, it's true The duptards sure know how to pick em.
>>106966 > Critical Race Theory isn't anti-white. It hurts everyone. Miss piggy is right. If whites disappear as CRT had intended, where would everyone get their gibs. My god who would have thought it.
>>106969 Has anyone touched the download yet?
Open file (921.39 KB 422x750 1624127399982.webm)
>>106966 I like James Lindsay, I wish this fat bitch didn't have to drag him into her bed shitting fiasco. >>106964 MacAffee is completely insane. I wouldn't be supersized if the whole twitter thing is a stunt and he actually killed himself. >>106960 A dead-mans switch is usually on a timer that can only be turned off by the person with the code and it's set to will be released automatically. Wait and see I guess. >>106962 >DarkV is dead That man probably suffered, hopefully the rat bastard is in a better place in hell >>106969 >Q KEK
>supersized* surprised
>>106971 Everyone is standing to attention until the god emperor gives the command. It's just an instagram proxy since insta is gay and requires a login
So now I've been trying Demon's Souls and I don't like the changes they've made, they've been too liberal with their art direction and it does not really have that feel. When it comes to Lesbian in Outerspace I kinda like that game for now, it is hard in a good way. >>106972 Oh OK, so there is going to be some awesome info coming soon?
>>106975 If space lesbians fist each other's asses in a stirring motion, while giving each other hemorrhoids, do they give asteroids?
Open file (321.47 KB 1536x2048 E1-MVgDVoAAYFHs.jpg)
Open file (268.03 KB 1536x2048 E3l3BB5VUAIz9Pz.jpg)
>>106976 No, if the space lesbian finds her dead space lesbian clone she can avenge her death but the loot or upgrade for doing so, its not really worth it. The Lesbian is really bad looking of course in fact fam. The Aliens are something that is taken from Matrix and it is not really inspiring or anything. The game is weird since the plot is basically Lesbian wakes up and figures out she is in a kinda loop, other aliens have been there and is now dead or something. The gameplay feels like metroidvania when it comes to exploration and upgrades but if you die you lose everything. And it is one of those randomly generated level designs going on, so it feels like you are just learning the enemies attack and animations.
Open file (2.66 MB 640x360 captainfaggot.mp4)
G-guys, were the ironybros right when they said "fuck the troops"?
Гунт WITH RAMZPAUL https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>106978 >I want to understand White rage >I've read Marx and Lenin Holy fuck this is a blackpill if I've ever seen one. If the Russians ever invade the U.S I'm taking their side.
>>106978 FUCK THE U.S MILITARY In the U.S there is the view that >our soldiers are defenders of >our freeze peach and other liberties. the obvious reality is U.S troops haven't done that since the revolution. I see them as simply mercenaries doing their duty for some nice bennies. >>106946 F I'm disappointed in the lack of charade they're giving us. Just blatant murder of those who could trouble them. This generation of elites lack the creativity that their parents did.
>>106982 Imagine how many superchats there are gonna be that make jokes about Monica and Ron and Vic will just sit there awkwardly Imagine the superchat that asks him if he likes balls on his futa even though Vic is a devout Christian
Open file (4.55 MB 720x480 FrankhassleDSP.mp4)
>>106982 Frank Hassle said on the last Talmudic Law that he is considering going after DSP next. He knows where Phil's wife works so he seems to have been taking it seriously enough to do his research.
>>106983 That sounds promising might have to tune into the lawyer for once.
>>106984 DSP will be the end of Hassle. But I don't mind him going after streamers at all.
>>106946 F >>106958 >[popcorn intensifies]* >>106981 >I'm disappointed in the lack of charade they're giving us. Just blatant murder of those who could trouble them. This generation of elites lack the creativity that their parents did. Him setting up Cuba with Bitcoin was probably the last straw for them. I predict anyone who begins pushing back against the (((Fedcoin))) CBDC is quite likely to accidentally 29times to the back of the head soon.
>>106984 Phil is an easy target and has dealt with enough a-lawgs He should run up on (((Klein))) but he won't do it bickers the kike would probably sue him Or even better he should hassle the commie twitch streamers
Open file (87.04 KB 1280x714 E4R3yZjXIAME91n.jpg)
>>106986 >come on frank. open up. i thought you wanted to hassle me. well here i am! ack! ack!
Open file (172.77 KB 519x384 woe.jpg)
>>106978 That speech sounds like he's having some righteous standing within a hollywood flick. Fuck I feel sorry for you burgers and your country. It's going to die, not towards an heroic end but in an small whimper.
>>106990 What's a country that isn't cucked and has more rights than americuck? Also preferably majority White. I'm gonna move once shit gets real bad.
>>106992 >I'm gonna move once shit gets real bad. Laughable, in fact of course in course of fact. You think >you'll be allowed to just 'leave' the hellhole they have planned for >you? What are >you, White or something?
>>106994 Yes I am White in fact of course If I can't move I'll just go out innawoods and go underground in a remote location I'll be sure to bring power generators and cuckime dvds to watch till I die
>>106995 Just pretend to convert to mormonism and move to some white sanctuary in Utah.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVKCIBRdrbw The Interview with Vic Mignogna (already making superchat $$$ bank before he's even started aaaugghhhh it's a real 2019 throwback gun.tlemen!)
>>106997 >Someone sent a $100 superchat already All this money will go to Regayta btw
>>106997 pathetic dubsfags lmao
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVKCIBRdrbw Why does nick look like such a fucking kike?
>almost 3K waiting This trumps even Jewsh's streams on a good day and nearly ten times th egu.nt's current numbers.
Vic Migogna has Epstein smile
Reminder Vic is like 50 something years old
So is fullmetal alchemist integrating itself into the gaytor expanded universe official now?
>I have never said the words DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? Even people who don't know the Гунт are sneak dissing him now
Damn I really do feel sorry for Vic. The dude looks broken. Imagine being friends, or thinking these people are friends for 20 years and then they just backstab you with false accusations and getting you fired from your job and any other future in voice acting.
Open file (31.02 KB 110x144 wtfisthis.png)
>>107007 JUST Гунт MY SHIT UP >>107007 From what I have seen, he's actually shit his pants and done nothing wrong, the funniest thing is his and kike lawyer actually made his situation worse.
Open file (19.49 KB 155x200 Gohwow.jpg)
>>107010 >tfw jcaesar187 will never get these many viewers ever again
>>107009 The only slight fuckup Vic did was saying he had problems in his deposition. That can be taken by the court in any context, like he had problems sexually assaulting people but what he meant was being too friendly with people by being touchy feely. I've heard Ty fucked up somehow but I think it's mostly the fault of the judge and throwing out the case when he didn't even look at most of the evidence against Funimation, Ron and Monica, and Jaime Marchie. He's going through appeals though so hopefully something good comes out of that.
Open file (9.77 KB 400x400 dark caesar.jpg)
Imagine how long these supah berries could pay for the Гунтshack.
>>107015 I'm wondering if there's anyone, anyone at all, the Гунт could bring on that could pull numbers like these again. His best streams would do 8k IIRC.
Open file (162.88 KB 330x408 nickrekieta.png)
>>106997 QUICKLY PAYPI- VALUED E-FRIENDS. GIVE ME MONEY OR THE SJWS WILL WIN WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M A JEWISH GRIFTER? YOU DUMB DUMMY! YOU ARE POOR AND DUMB AND LOVE EATING SHIT >>107013 Vic's problem is he's sketchy as fuck. I'm sure most if not all the allegations the comic book faggot squad threw at him were bullshit but there's clearly something not quite right with him. Prostitutes, meth fuelled gay bathhouse parties, creeping on jailbait, there's something there. Maybe I'm wrong and other than the admitted sex-addiction/cheating problem he is an upstanding guy but something just feels off about him and his terrible plastic surgery doesn't help.
>>107016 Probably Sam Hyde
Starting to shittalk VAs: Sabat, Marchi etc. gonna get spicy. >>107017 The conToad McKinleyon atmosphere was just different in the mid-2000s when he was big man on campus, just like weeb and chan culture in general. VAs doing touchy feely shit was not uncommon and Vic wasn't the only one.
>>107019 con.v.en.t.ion*
>>107017 I don't think anything's wrong with him. The reason he seems weird to you right now is bickers he's going through a lot of shit. Having your friends shit on you after 20 years of knowing them can take its toll anon. That and he can't do voice acting for anime anymore, at least in anime studios that are dubbed by Funimation and Viz Media which are the most popular dubbing companies. They also tried to fuck him out of going to conToad McKinleyons and seeing his fans, and the conToad McKinleyons actually reel in more money than the voice acting itself. All of that plus battling in court to clear his name of allegations. If there's something worse than his admitted sex addiction and cheating it's probably that he's secretly gay, but I don't think so. I don't think he's a bad person.
>>107019 He probably slayed for being a handsome niche VA and I don't blame him for destroying con girls. Who wouldn't do the same faced with a bunch of dorky hot girls in anime cosplay? >>107021 Maybe you're right and I don't think he deserved to get kicked out of his career for what amounts to unsubstantiated gossip. Let's just say I wouldn't be shocked if certain things came out about him.
Open file (795.13 KB 153x200 dancing_ralph.gif)
>>107022 Honestly don't think he's ever done anything truly wrong, it's not like those cosplay girls he fucked were little girls, and it's not like he's a fucking corey barnhill is a pedophile.
>>107022 There's a lot more sketchy shit about Funimation and their current voice actors. Like the story about Chris Sabbat's casting couch. Or how Funimation had a convicted pedophile employed and only fired him once charges were officially filed. Or the secret recordings of Sean Schemmel and some other VA joking about fucking children. Maybe the real reason his ex-friends targeted him was bickers even though they're younger than him he's better looking and fucked a lot of girls at cons and did it without waving money at them.
"thank you spic"
Open file (261.61 KB 623x318 ClipboardImage.png)
>>107024 Well cheating is wrong but not criminal and it's not really the business of anyone but him and his wife. I'm not saying he's a pedo btw I don't get those vibes from him. >>107025 Also Ron Toye beating women and threatening to kill his wife's dog. Vic's accusers are one hundred percent more involved in fucked up behavior than Vic is. Just looking at this dude you can tell he's a panty sniffer.
Maybe I'm too cynical, but this seems like a well done performance for sympathy super chats.
>>107028 I agree, cheating is always awful. >>107029 It's definitely a performance from kike lawyer, vic seems legit enough here. could be wrong
>>107028 Forgot about that. Crazy the anti-Vic people would side with someone who was actually charged with beating his wife over Vic who just has accusations. Also the worst thing Vic is accused of is grabbing someone's hair. There are no rape stories about him. >>107029 Everything from Vic is real. However I do think Nick organized this bickers his stream views have been really low. He could've had this interview any day before this but he knows this will get him a lot of views.
>>107029 Chat is definitely falling for it. I think he tells people what they want to hear. Take "I'm insecure and I want girls to like me so I would never come on to someone too strong". >shows weakness >shows humility >given premise, they wanted it >i can't sexually assault anyone by definition Also still offering peace to these fags when it's obvious these people despise him is an obvious optics move. I don't think he raped anyone but this is a performance, although I do think he genuinely likes his fans and feels good when they interact positively with him. I've heard stories other than this stream of fans reaching out to Vic and him replying platonically and wholesomely. >>107031 >Crazy the anti-Vic people would side with someone who was actually charged with beating his wife over Vic who just has accusations. Also the worst thing Vic is accused of is grabbing someone's hair. There are no rape stories about him. Yeah the accusation is he hugged fans and he flirted with that fat denture chick? If that's the worst they have I call bullshit. If anything he wanted to share shampooing tips with Monica, or he's just the type to want to please people and thought she'd feel good about his compliments. Meanwhile Soyboy Ron is elbowdropping bitches from the top of the sofa. Chad Ron vs Virgin Vic.
>>107033 The funniest story that they tried to hit him with that came from Monica Rial is that at a con he wrote her name on a jelly bean and ate it and said "I just ate Monica Rial". He even confirmed this happened at his deposition but it's such a fucking stupid thing to come at him with like it was sexual misconduct when it was known that him and Monica would flirt with each other at cons before.
Open file (516.97 KB 472x545 ClipboardImage.png)
>>107034 Yeah you can tell that was a cringy dad joke just from watching 20 minutes of Vic. I love how she tried to twist that into a pussy eating joke. Not even a sex addict would go down on this cellulite golem.
Open file (394.94 KB 1061x770 ClipboardImage.png)
The Гунт is deleting his replays on odysee. He is really desperate enough to paywall all the replays of his show.
>>107035 I think she was a little less ugly back then. Shows you how horny of a guy Vic is though.
Open file (940.06 KB 627x502 1449401625357.gif)
>>107025 > Like the story about Chris Sabbat's casting couch > secret recordings of Sean Schemmel and some other VA joking about fucking children I don't suppose there are ways of finding out more on this stuff. Also never gave a shit about dubs. Dubs never sound convincing or true to the material, always makes you feel consciously aware somehow that this is actor portraying the character.
>>107039 Nick and HeroHei have videos on it. If you search the Chris Sabbat couch shit it'll probably lead you to the secret voice recordings.
Open file (95.56 KB 462x307 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (66.56 KB 593x726 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (176.20 KB 611x865 ClipboardImage.png)
>>107039 Funimation audio leaks where they joke about homosexuality, rape, and pedophilia. Mr Popo the blackface character claims he "likes big butts and he cannot lie". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3XFe2TdCgo Chris Sabat is a major creep and would ruin young women VAs careers if they weren't willing to sleep with him (accused, so as much evidence as there is against Vic)
Open file (6.53 MB 1624x2480 ClipboardImage.png)
This is Chris Sabat btw I believe all accusations against him based on physiognomy alone.
Open file (89.54 KB 900x750 sean-schemmel-1.jpg)
>>107044 Also this is Sean Schemmel who's also against Vic. He looks like a jewish porn producer. I wouldn't doubt he has some skeletons in his closet.
>Nick reading all these chats intended for Vic to answer No Refunds
Y'all are retarded for trusting Vic Lasagna. All people are full of shit. The guy is literally an actor (voice actor). He is performing and shedding crocodile tears to elicit sympathy and you cucks are eating out of his hands. Stop believing people and taking them at their word!
>>107047 >Ya'll t. ron soye
Open file (4.33 MB 498x280 gtab.gif)
That was probably the most successful IBSphere adjacent stream in, I don't know, at least a year. Hope Gaytor brings up Nick's numbers to the gu.nt so he can applaud his old pal with a forced smile. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVO14Oj1sFg LOW TIER GOD STREAM 6/23/2021
>>107036 >Wall it all up Гунтie and vanish into depths of internet If someone manage to terminate his twitter account it's over. Like Pillstream 3.0. Full Retort abortion. It's over over.
Open file (3.80 MB 1280x720 fuck_gator.mp4)
>>107049 >g-Toad McKinley i-its m-me v-vic
>>107049 I would love if jcaesar187 tried to get Vic on to get some of those numbers and had to read superchats(lemonchats?LBRYchats?entropychats?) to not look like a cuck. >mr vickers uhh vic, i hate to ask you this but i have to the donators sent it in, did you really rape all those little boys? feel free not to answer
wait did vic really start this interview off by saying ive never said >"do you know who i am?"
>>106666 No, it's a lame take from a loser stuck in 4cuck/pol/ mindset. He's slurping up 1930's natsoc propaganda while if he actually lived in that time period, he would do anything to avoid being drafted and forced to die for that country as they invade the USSR, France, Poland, etc. This little bitch would run like the Jews scattering from nazi Germany as he would flee to the Philippines or whatever shithole to avoid the draft. Nazism is a phase for alienated losers searching for meaning and identity in life. In a couple years, he will grow out of this. It's pretty disappointing to see him regurgitating outdated /pol/ talking points like an npc but it is what it is. No one is entitled to critical thinking or being born with a inquisitive mind. Most people just need something to latch onto for meaning and identity like an ideology or a religion that answers some basic questions or they will fall apart and succumb to the suffering inherent in life. So something like white nationalism or natsoc ideology gives you a scaffolding or framework to make sense of the world that sort of holds together for awhile, until you look closer at it. Then it falls apart. I love the irony of him talking about "gross, chinky, mutt babies" while Jawsh himself is 1. an American (who are mixed Europeans and thus "mutts" by his own def of "mutt" if you wanna use that term. Not that Euros are "pure-race" or anything. They're just as mixed as Americans too.) and 2. human (All humans are mixed and all mixed people are mutts. Therefore, all people are mutts. No exceptions). So Jawsh in reality is a mutt crying about other differnent types of mutts with 0 self-awareness. Plus, I don't know Jawsh's ancestry and I would like to see his 23&me or some genetics test. Bc I'm guessing by looking at his face and his eyes that I would see some eastern European ancestry in there. So if true, this loser is unaware that his ancestors were ethnically cleansed from Poland and Ukraine as the Nazis forced these people off their land and shipped them away. Hitler wanted to clear out the Slavs from Eastern Europe, and resettle Germans on that land in his Lebensraum policy. Anybody Poles that had mostly German genetics, he wanted to reabsorb into the German population but anyone that didn't, he wanted to clear them out or let them die in a concentration camp, if they weren't already raped or murdered by soldiers. Now, I know half of you spergs are psychopaths that lack empathy and cannot understand something until it affects YOU, so I try to make you understand this. Imagine you are living on a farm in Ukraine and one day Nazi soldiers arrive with large weapons and tanks and are taking your food and forcing you off your land handed down through your family for generations. Then your sister is raped by soldiers and you never see your mom again as you are separated. Your dad is shot dead behind a barn as he resists. That is the reality of ethnic cleansing and pol keyboard warriors only joke that it's "based" bc they are disconnected from reality in a post-ironic troll culture as they rot in their own misery. For all the losers idolizing natsoc Germany or Hitler, I must say this: Hitler was not a white nationalist. He was a German nationalist. He didn't give a fuck about white people in general. His state murdered millions of whites from USA, France, Germany, UK, Russia and Poland. He was a man firmly rooted in his time period and a product of WW1. He wanted to right the wrongs of WW1 and didn't care about the larger picture of "white demographics" or "white people in general." He was willing to mow down as many whites as he needed to secure land and resources for Germany. Yeah, there were moments where he regretted it and lamented that Germans were fighting the English, a people so similar to themselves. But the war had already escalated so millions were going to die. Millions of whites. So if Hitler had any problems with killing whites, this was secondary or tertiary in his thinking. Therefore, he is not a white nationalist. That would be some funky white nationalism that results in the worst slaughter of white people in human history via WW2 (60 million dead, mostly whites throughout Europe). Plus, Hitler regarded the Slavs as being less-than Germans and inferior genetically due to Asian admixture from Mongols in the past. It's why he wanted to clear them out of their land and resettle it with Germans while not giving Slavs medicine or care so they die off (ethnic cleansing). He talks about this in "Hitler's Table Talk." Ethnic groups tend to hate whatever is around them. They will fight and separate and form tribes about religion, race, clothing, culture, language, or anything else. So even though Europeans are sort of similar genetically, they will still form lines and kill each other in droves as all tribes do. There is one interesting bit of cope that Hitler said toward the end, when he heard news that Americans were closing in on Berlin. He said something like, "well, it kind of makes sense we're gonna lose to the Americans. They are after all, mostly Germanic Aryans so if Germany must fall, I would rather lose to them than the Bolsheviks out of communist Russia." Heavily paraphrased and not an actual quote. In fact, I think was from a video I watched.
Open file (6.72 MB 4224x3136 Josh Moon 4.jpg)
Open file (96.48 KB 694x420 Hitler gaze 3.jpg)
Jawsh goes on about women and voting and making white babies. Since he apparently thinks Natsoc Germany is so grand, let's take a look. Hitler's policy was to support the birth of Germans. They literally had camps where tall blonde men would enter and knock up German women to fuel reproduction. Why? bickers his ideology wanted more German people bc he though they were the best and also bickers if you want to wage war nonstop, you need cannon-fodder to fight for you on the front lines. If the war goes long enough, you will deplete your military age men and then you will have young boys and old men trying to hold the line as you're being invaded. That is exactly what happend in Nazi Germany toward the end. See "Hitler Youth" and the footage of Hitler at his bunker patting young boys on the head and ears as they line up to die for the Reich in the Battle of Berlin. Hitler rationalized the millions of dead Germans by saying something like, "well that's bad but once we win the war, we will create conditions to create millions more new Germans. And they are a necessary sacrifice for the greater good or winning the war and the collective group of Germans is all that matters." This is his reasoning in "Hitler's Table Talk." I would go find the passages in this book that prove but I don't feel like it and /cow/boys don't read. So CTRL+F whatever keywords you want. PDF of Hitler's Table Talk: (what TRS and /pol/ don't want you to know: Basically that Hitler was no champion of white people and not a white nationalist of any kind.) https://ia801304.us.archive.org/34/items/HitlersTableTalk_1941_1944/Hugh%20Trevor-Roper%20-%20Hitlers%20Table%20Talk%201941-1944%20%28His%20Private%20Conversations%29.pdf That is one reason why I dislike natsoc or commie larpers. bickers you're posers and tryhards. bickers 99% of you faggots would never do jack-shit and put your balls on the line. You aren't even 1/100th of Hitler or 1/1000th of Hitler. You would not fight in a WW1 event and get gassed until you go blind temporarily. Or risk getting killed over and over like Hitler. You're edgy, tryhard, keyboard warrior NEETS that are fat, ugly and ignorant of history. You sit in a comfy house in a rich Capitalist country with no real conflict beyond your own mental problems and personal failures in life as a loser like eating too much food until you're obese and yet have the gall to advocate for horrible ideologies that lead to the death of millions while peope that live under a real authoritiarian governement like North Korea have actual horrible lives that are starving to death, being raped, or killed by firing squad. ButtholeSurfer is not based and beautiful. He's just an idiot. Hitler was an actual badass and a true believer in what he did, whether right or wrong. So you have to at least respect a man that rose from nothing and willed himself into absolute power. Whereas 2021 internet nazis/skinheads and commies are babybitches going through a phase or rebeling against a globohomo culture by appropriating a taboo culture like natsoc for a few years. Most of you are losers, fatsos, and drug addicts. You would get the gas in natsoc Germany, which is quite ironic since you idolize this state. Jawsh Moon's entire post reads like a fat, ugly, white loser ironically "mad at the world" who is embracing 'white identity politics' as a cope for being a loser. Yes, Jawsh. Asian women don't wanna date you if you are fat, ugly, jobless, short, and have no resources or money. Women are women everywhere. If you are ugly, fat, and short in America, moving to Japan will not fix your problems or make you attractive. You will still be an ugly, short, fat, NEET in Japan there too and 95% of women will not want you, or even look at you aside from thinking, "who is that western dork loser? He is ugly and short." Let alone they won't date you, kiss you, or let you put your pp into their bodies. Maybe you can get a fat, ugly, 2/10 asian girl who's 35 and who is more in line with your own low sexual market value as a loser. And then funnily enough, you will not repeat lame pol talking points about the "white race is superioz. make white babies. that's all that matters guize." bickers you're just another ugly fat loser on the internet giving his expired, putrid ignorant take on an angsty nazilarp phase he's going through. >It's time to set aside this cringe-inducing juvenile fetishization of mentally underdeveloped teenagers and asians. Translation: I am about ready to settle for a white roastie in her 30's. Also, I can't get a good asian girl bickers I'm an ugly, short, fat, NEET loser. My experience in the Philippines was miserable as a lonely NEET abusing prescription pills and scared to leave my room with cripplekike. As I stole money from 8chan donations and failed to write the code for 8chan, that was a bad time in my life.
Open file (1.42 MB 750x450 Si7-gDDzHp7BrN5I.mp4)
The eternal Injun has just claimed he ratted on McAfee
>>107054 does Toad McKinley have fetal alcohol syndrome?
>>107054 >>107055 I will try to swim through your post for actual nuggets of information, I'm not sure if you're woman or fat but you like to type and it is detrimental to your point. >It's pretty disappointing to see him regurgitating outdated /pol/ talking points like an npc What outdated points? >Not that Euros are "pure-race" or anything. They're just as mixed as Americans too.) and 2. human (All humans are mixed and all mixed people are mutts. Therefore, all people are mutts. No exceptions. You have been PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD several times on this and nobody cares. Nobody will put their penis in you, little muttling. >For all the losers idolizing natsoc Germany or Hitler, I must say this: Hitler was not a white nationalist. You have aspergers. Why even say this? >He was willing to mow down as many whites as he needed to secure land and resources for Germany. Based >Hitler regarded the Slavs as being less-than Germans and inferior genetically due to Asian admixture from Mongols in the past. It's why he wanted to clear them out of their land and resettle it with Germans Based >He talks about this in "Hitler's Table Talk." lmao >They literally had camps where tall blonde men would enter and knock up German women to fuel reproduction. Why? bickers his ideology wanted more German people bc he though they were the best and also bickers if you want to wage war nonstop This is your fetish and it's embarrassing everyone that you post about it publicly. In conclusion, nobody cares. Get checked for vid related.
>>107054 cringe libtard take
>>107054 Imagine still trying to peddle your marxist mutt propaganda to the collective of individuals on here. No one cares.
>>107054 >>107055 Shut up muttni.
>>107054 >All humans are mixed and all mixed people are mutts. Therefore, all people are mutts. No exceptions Just bickers a pure breed dog was once a wolf thousands of years ago, doesn't make it any less of a pure breed, and therefore a lot more healthy genetically than a mutt, and worth a lot more both in the monetary sense and as a more pure and attractive creature on the whole. Your argument seems to revolve around the idea that just bickers our DNA has evolved since the very beginning of our existence, that it's not worth holding on to any sort of racial identity that has since sprung forth, bickers "Oh well, we used to just be star dust, so nothing that has happened since being star dust really matters in the end".
Open file (744.30 KB 1110x1600 josh.png)
Muttni and Jewsh would either be an unironically good couple with a slight bit of domestic violence, or else they'd murder each other over a neurotic spat. Jewsh is too much of a pussy to fight back face to face, so I'd probably lean to the former if she got her foot in the door.
Open file (3.03 MB 447x251 928759282936.gif)
you are a dentist and Гунт waddles into your practice, what do you do, go?
Open file (145.14 KB 900x1200 D48PCRfW4AEy6Tj.jpg)
>>107066 Sir, it appears that your teeth have been sitting in a cup of jcaesar187ol for the two decades. I'm affraid we are going to have to remove them all.
>Hitler was not a White nationalist Dumbest post I've ever seen in this thread /leftytrannies/ are braindead
>>107053 Yes, and when a paypig (likely a recon agent sent by gaytor) superchatted asking him to say I LOVE ET.HAN RAL.PH AND THE #KIKESTREAM he completely ignored it.
Open file (65.52 KB 491x733 mglgpbt2z6l41.jpg)
Open file (754.18 KB 900x621 ClipboardImage.png)
>>107068 Hitler wasn't a white nationalist. He was a German Nationalist and allied the party with whoever he felt was sympathetic to the German folk. Germans where white, thus German nationalism is ethnocentric but to use the amerimutt brand of nationalism make you no better then Muttany.
Open file (424.32 KB 1536x2048 EIJ7vh4XsAIbR6Y.jpg)
>>107058 Toad McKinley is unironically a better co-host than this tee hee hee horse lady.
>>107054 Do you really expect anyone to sift through your dribble? Nothing you typed was an original thought, but long ago defeated talking points. I've seen more intelligent takes from minors. Have a few Hitlers since the guy seems to live rent free in your head.
>>107070 You're wrong. The whole "MUH HITLER DIDN'T CARE BUT ANYONE BUT GERMANS" is retarded and is in the same vein as "we would all be speaking German if they had won the war". He cared about the European people as a whole, and sure he favored the German people, just as any White American NatSoc would favor the USA.
Open file (23.31 KB 496x496 1466109888561.jpg)
>>107055 >>107054 I typically don't read these walls of text, but I kek'd. I'm skeptical of the Table talks, but realize the agenda of all political parties party are esoteric, thus believing the ideological exoteric structure does little good at understanding the truth. Hot take and probably a somewhat accurate analysis of Jewsh. >>107072 I don't see (You) defeating them. I just seem someone posting anime to virtue signal that your loyal to a subverted, demoralized and mostly dead image board.
>>107073 Nice strawman you fucking kike. But the german folk was his top priority. Hence German nationalism. Pic related is what Germans thought of Amerimutts.
Open file (2.13 MB 736x992 ClipboardImage.png)
sorry wrong propoganda. This is the one I meant to post
>>107076 >propaganda caricatures is an accurate depiction of nuanced world views and is not just tossing shit at the enemy.
>>107077 Yes its pretty accurate, even today. Are you familiar with America?
>>107074 Your takes are unironically colder than Gaytors there is nothing to work with. If the /cow/boys are so PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'D then why are you here? To get a few (you)s or to incite some alawg into showing his love for Hitler at a synagogue? >>107074 Jewsh's pepper plants are an out flowing of his unfulfilled desire to grow a family. His CWC coins an attempt at a legacy. I do look forward to seeing someone's silver hoard having a few Chrises they picked up.
>>107079 >Jewsh's pepper plants are an out flowing of his unfulfilled desire to grow a family. His CWC coins an attempt at a legacy. That is a pretty accurate psychological analysis in fact of course.
Open file (149.55 KB 737x1024 1467658685103.jpg)
>>107079 >unironically colder than Gaytors sick burn kiddo >His CWC coins an attempt at a legacy So you essentially agree with Essayfag, you just wanted to virtue signal your blind loyalty to a ideological position despite the truth of said historical reality. Cool.
>>107080 >Psycho analysis Is gay and overdone by people who've read one too many pop-sci articles. Sure some folks can be looked at through a lens, but sometimes people just do shit cause they want to. I think the prevalence of analyzing Гунт, Jewsh, and other cows is done bickers otherwise there isn't shit to talk about. It's the alawg equivalent of talking about the weather. >>107081 >Muh historical reality Oh look another internet intellectual. Drop your youtube so I can like and subscribe. Another field worked by internet G​AMERGATEs who haven't picked up enough books to realize history is inherently garbage. As >we all know facts are determined by who found and funded them. Then conveniently used to support the prevailing power structure. The idea that history like philosophy is the search for objective truth isn't even true in the highest levels of academia anymore. There is no Plato's Academy of today. Only a few spergs on the net. Go gaze into the abyss of 4pol if you need someone to waste their time telling you point by point why you're wrong. I'm here to laugh at tards not recite studies.
Open file (569.88 KB 600x360 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.44 MB 1200x1480 ClipboardImage.png)
consider the fallowing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSB3HIN9D88 >>107082 >Muh subjectivity Oh look another postmodernist LARPer. Take your schizo post-truth crap back to /leftypol/. You see two can play this game you cringey faggot.
Open file (1.44 MB 500x290 1441415577465-1.gif)