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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2

Alternate names include
Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞
Internet Bloodsports Megathread

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

Links, Information and Lore:
Full Timeline
http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
Archived Threads:
http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
Its been a week since Toad McKinley delphine's simp has aired out her stinking holes in this thread. Is this a new record? Has the site finally reached a tipping point where even he thinks hes too good for this place?
>no new Toad McKinley kino >bunch of faggots bitching about other faggots Man this place has really gone to shit lately.
>>97551 >>97550 Thread is 100% improved without the B*llesimp. I don't understand why you rely on him to spoonfeed you pics of B*lle. It's one click away if you want that. All for free. Go to thothub or something.
Open file (52.37 KB 515x616 trad_white_waifu.JPG)
Maybe you incels could post some real women in this thread instead of fapbait for nerds?
Open file (492.69 KB 480x852 bunny-boobs.mp4)
Open file (135.38 KB 2048x1364 EV_ZDZ2X0AAY8e8.jpg)
Open file (265.51 KB 946x2048 EWPzSKZXkAYGIq2.jpg)
Open file (340.30 KB 1536x2048 EXXDRP4UMAA4kmb.jpg)
Open file (942.87 KB 624x936 Shower.mp4)
Open file (197.13 KB 1188x2208 t5.jpg)
>>97550 >>97552 >>97553 Don't worry Muttni, I'll post when the new Bellеkino is out. You have to be patient.
Open file (527.37 KB 835x778 image0 (5).png)
Giving a try and listening some of recent Ashton streams, the dyke really pretend do be way superior to Mama JF and Surfer, not? >>97551 Please, Mister Cuckchan, teach us the ways of the oldfags! >>97552 Mutti is right for once, Toad McKinleyposting can return when things get slow again. >>97553 Shes looking like some Caribbean mutt right there of course in fact. I would fuck tho, if I have enough rum to help up...
>>97553 Sorry but I am all for fapb8. I am not on the same level as gaydur where he watches vintage porn so he can imagine he is jacking it in a timemachine.. >>97555 Why does Sabrina have to be so kino? >>97556 damn that was a long time since the last time you posted.
Open file (227.58 KB 1188x2208 k52.jpg)
>>97559 I post every day.
>>97555 Hello bitch, nice TITS ahahahahah julayy millky julayy baby thristy mommy baby want julay suck suck suck suck hahahaha stupid cunt give me those big udders you slut hahahaha tits tit titty me your caveman me use big titty for big bitty hahaha honk honk honk slut cunt mommy honk honk julayy baby want more now honk honk honk pitter patter on those big mommy julayies hee hee hee haha haaaa haaaa can't stop the julay truck coming through honk honk all aboard the titty train hee hee wooo wooooooo honk honk honk!!!
>>97560 My autism reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee There where no Toad McKinleypic since Friday and in my mind the thread has been cuckold free since Friday. Also a rare corpse shoe on head.
Open file (163.52 KB 1188x2208 u4.jpg)
Open file (159.61 KB 1188x2208 u5.jpg)
Open file (192.47 KB 1188x2208 u8.jpg)
If you wanted more Bellе pics you just needed to ask.
Open file (1.58 MB 1277x956 1611501305301.png)
>>97557 Hot!
Open file (6.62 MB 320x240 r9k_neet.mp4)
Who knows what this guy's (nick)name was? He was some R9K NEET who killed himself (not the same guy who livestreamed it).
>>97565 Woah, wait a minute these /r9K/ people are in gay orgies and other forms of depravity? No wonder they commit suicide, fuck me. >>97563 damn, that poontang on BeIIe is used.
Open file (490.86 KB 2208x1188 u13.jpg)
>>97566 That's not your mom
>>97567 What? Have you confused you're mother with BeIIe? and other e-hookers you masturbates to?
Open file (718.46 KB 824x1280 baked_gaytor.png)
Can the coomers get their own fucking board already?
>>97557 >>97552 >t. РРР & his sodomite fwiendo U GAY BROS. srsly even еthan is less cringe then you are Austin
Open file (84.48 KB 710x577 1529072778320.jpg)
>>97569 hey now we are just shit-talking, mang. Sheeit that reminds me, what would happen if one crossed gaydur and Blacked Alaska? A real serial killer that commits crime on stream?
Open file (425.91 KB 700x1400 ashton_gaytor.png)
>>97571 Just Baked but Гунтguarding instead of AF shilling.
Open file (44.99 KB 800x546 1529185720517.jpg)
>>97572 What kinda dimmension would one get a serial killing gaydur?
Open file (455.11 KB 736x676 surfer.png)
>>97570 Hey TRSperg, you're back. Remember Surfer = based Guts (You) = Nina, the boring whore
Open file (454.35 KB 720x1307 crp_gaytor.png)
>>97574 >cuckime references Die.
>>97575 Eat some dick, Mark.
>>97576 >mark >posting about CRP hownew.ru essayfag ur gay xoxo
Open file (66.99 KB 959x1280 surfserk_backround.png)
>>97577 Thats not me, and yes surfer is guts, soon spic's crimson superchat will activate.
>>97578 Your analogies are gay and so are you.
>>97579 I will make cuckime references and they will be based.
>>97580 And I will shit on you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.
>>97581 Identify yourself.
Open file (187.44 KB 483x750 vickers_gaytor.png)
>>97582 I am Moot, what about you?
>>97583 It seems like you got the fag plague.
>>97583 >moot Why did you steal gaytors idea moot?
Open file (76.92 KB 645x403 1546879868355.jpg)
>>97574 >gets called a TRSodomite by /pol/ <I KNOW I'LL CALL THEM TRSpergs THAT WILL TEACH 'EM! Whats based about letting Austin fuck you in the ass?
>>97588 Glad your back TRSperg.
Open file (455.65 KB 2048x1536 CAIbacEl.jpg)
>>97569 This.
Гунт BACK IN THE LAIR LIVE WITH SOME FAGGOTS https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
Open file (157.67 KB 339x611 sandraborg.png)
>>97592 i'm convinced he says sandra is dying any time he needs cash
Open file (68.51 KB 680x680 ltgsword.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfosPLBLrgQ LOW TIER GOD STREAM 2/16/2021
>>97072 >destroyed board culture gaytor was the first essayfag, in fact ofcourse.
Open file (100.80 KB 300x432 ActRaiser.jpg)
ActRaiser is fun
>>97598 Based taste, did you ever play Demon's Crest? That game rocked too. Yup, Super Nintendo had the best games. Been looking for new games that recapture that feel, I'm liking Blasphemous, it feels a lot like Castlevania and the art style is great.
Open file (26.95 KB 591x377 43534543.jpg)
What has gotten into the Гунт?
>>97600 Lying about working out? Seems pretty in character.
>>97601 20 minutes of walking at a relaxed pace can hardly be called working out.
>>97602 at 400+ lbs of Гунт it can.
>>97600 >late night workout Walked a mile to his dealer's.
Open file (503.95 KB 950x617 PPP no glasses.png)
>>97600 Did his Mom's hospital visit scare him? That will last about 2 days until he quits. Still it's better than P-p-p. Sorry bro, but Гунт is beating you in this way. I know you can start walking around town and rack up some miles every day. But most importantly, just stop binging on bad food and you'll lose weight too. You can do it.
>>97605 the one thing thats always let me down about the IBS sphere is that we never got a violent pay off, there should have been at least one physical altercation. and fatboy failyah getting tapped by a couple drunks doesnt count.
Open file (48.20 KB 738x485 donga tiny.JPG)
>>97606 Remember when this guy was too chickenshit to fight fucking Warski?
>>97606 Agreed. But IBS was all about spergs screaming at each other and debating online so expecting they to get violent irl is kind of a paradox. Still, the alt right got physical at Cville and got a girl killed. And was willing to throw down with Antifa in streets like in Berkley and other places. We got the capitol riots a month ago. That was good. I'm just hoping something good happens at AFPAC from all that drama or with the Feds involved.
>>97607 based robi, I suppose we dont really know either if the Гунт swung at andy when they were locked in the room together and andy screamed like a woman.
>>97608 I just wanted to see zoom throw one more karate kid scissor kick.
Open file (259.82 KB 1200x768 Dp_8TRWXcAAaakp.jpg)
>>97607 I member them both being retarded druggies trying to scare each other down bickers they both knew they'd fail their respective blood tests if handed in on time.
>>97609 >I suppose we dont really know either if the Гунт swung at andy when they were locked in the room together and andy screamed like a woman. Seemed pretty clear at the time jcaesar187 was shitfaced and trying to break down the bathroom door while andy hid
>>97600 >>97602 The Гунт said his mother is in the hospital again. If he is too drunk to drive he might have walked. How far away is his house to the nearest hospital? Alternately how for away is the nearest bar from said hospital?
>>97588 Classic and nectar TRSperg.
>>97600 >1.1 mile walk >181 cals >10 minute swim >129 cals dude is fat but I honestly doubt this calulation
>>97615 Wouldn't all that fat make him extra bouyant too? I double swimming is all that strenuous for him
>>97599 I used to own Demon's Crest back in the day. ActRaiser is genuinely fun to be quite honest. I am playing the Japanese version and you are literally God fighting the Devil. I especially like how the Devil marks his territory with stars of david and his demons are just the gods and myths of heathens and idolators.
>>97600 Probably some uppers of some kind.
>>97600 >I am working out. >Walk 20 minutes. That is not working out, that is what normal humans do or at-least walking more than 20 minutes. Fuck, I know this fat fuck is lazy since he just walked 3 if it was not 4 minutes and had to have a beer. Now we will get the retarded gym instructor again but allot more retarded bickers of his organic brain damage form his massive alcohol abuse.
>>97619 I love morbidly obese people talking about losing weight and exercise. >bro its just counting calories >keto >let me tell you about proper form when lifting >crossfit yeah? then why are you still a fat fuck?
Open file (1.47 MB 900x675 ClipboardImage.png)
>>97620 keto works in fact of course. Lost 30lbs in less then two months on that diet.
Open file (1.69 MB 941x1200 talmund p2.png)
>>97620 the problem with jcaesar187 is that he is constantly drinking beer, mixed drinks and poor diet. even if he walked 20 minutes he would have an excess of sugars or whatever he ate that day.He could lose allot of weight if he just fasted instead of fancy diets but bickers he is a hardcore alcoholic that means he would get the withdrawal syndrome which is more dangerous than opiate withdrawal syndrome. Also there is an operation to lose weight but again it is expensive and can damage the stomach. These morbidly obese fucks don't understand self-control and just come with excuses onto why they cannot lose weight and it is the retarded explanation and not a logical one. So yeah, gym instructor Гунт is going to help us lose weight even tough I bet he is just touching his micro pecker and calls that a 30 minutes walk.
>>97622 Keep in mind its not likely that Гунт even eats that much, the source of all his problems is the makers mark.
>>97588 John Kelly is a pedo.
>>97624 who's this faggot and why should i care?
Open file (211.15 KB 597x392 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (833.59 KB 1064x651 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (22.52 KB 300x100 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (111.85 KB 955x1202 1612496891063.jpg)
>>97623 well, if you get more energy than what you can spend that means it's in excess also beer has allot of unwanted energy or sugars so one can is about 364 grams of sugar or almost the same sugar ammount of something like a Coca Cola. So yeah, he does not even need to eat when getting all of that sugar. And one gets full on beer unlike a soda. So yeah, that fat fuck is going to stay fat if he does not quit drinking or something. But in his wise retardation he is going to defend it.
>>97628 >JF at the top of the intellectual chain. Spoken like a true narcissist. His list should be renamed "'People I currently like' down to people I hate."
Open file (49.12 KB 570x577 1612491517281.jpg)
>>97629 Sheeit, I did wrong on my nutrition fact of the sugar cocks in one beer, it is 12 grams per 363 ml or grams of beer.
>>97588 Welcome back, comrade, we need someone like you to deal with /pol/tards. >>97626 >newfag here, please spoonfeed me! >>97606 >>97609 >>97610 <IBS sphere <Based Robi <Zoom >>97628 >manlet JF and feds are intellectuals <Contrapoints is bottom tier is really funny to see all your coping and construsted fake reality, JF. He's real a sociopath, not an autistic guy.
KINO IS BACK FAMALAMADINGDONG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdRk2kw-w7o >>97632 >implying TRSodomites are /pol/ top kek
Open file (51.54 KB 512x512 Maker's 750.jpg)
>>97629 One 750 mL bottle of Maker's Mark has 25, one-ounce shots. 1 shot of Maker's Mark is 69 calories. 25 x 69 = ~1725 calories in one 750 mL bottle of Maker's Mark. So if you consume that big bottle, that is one adult's daily calorie intake for the whole day. Adults need 2000 calories on average daily. When you consider he's really short 5'4"-5'6" you can understand why he's fat and has a Гунт. But addicts are a special breed. They cannot be helped. That is the nature of addiction and why they get trapped. There are so many things someone can do to lose weight just within eating but most can't help themselves. Cut out sodas and fatasses will start dropping weight. Addicted to them? Okay, cut down to Coke zero, Pepsi Zero, or any other kind of citrus drink with 0 calories. Drink tea instead. Go down to those Bubly drinks, which taste bad at first, until you get used to them.
>>97622 they dont possess the psychological tools to lose weight they're losers with victim complex you're right.
Гунт HAVING ON SMELLY KIKESS LAURA LOOMER https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>97636 Гунт can only get guests his audience would hatewatch at this point.
Ashton Parks is on a role today. Currently covering the paypig tiers for Spic's event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgDu-JD_M7g
Open file (1.00 MB 1280x720 groyper server?.png)
Is this Spic's collection of groyper DOX?
>>97605 Toad McKinley needs a haircut
Open file (22.22 KB 400x400 Tom.jpg)
>>97628 I was going to try and come up with something funny to add, but the more I think about this the more depressing it becomes.
Open file (68.51 KB 680x680 ltgsword.jpg)
Open file (205.27 KB 871x427 Rush Limbaugh.png)
Open file (101.69 KB 1440x960 Nick Fuentes - glance.jpg)
Rush Limbaugh died today. I've always said that Nic-k Fuen-tes' future and des-tiny is to become the next Rush Limbaugh. Aka a man behind a microphone speaking over talk radio that shits his pants and does nothing except comment on politics that he doesn't change, while making himself VERY RICH. Limbaugh built a career doing that and get really wealthy. Fuentes is selling 10K tickets to his little grift event even as he getting fucked by feds and lawsuits. One conservative left the talk host market and another is coming into his own within it. Dear Groypers: You are being grifted. Fuentes will shit his pants and do nothing while enriching himself and giving himself a nice little cushy career talking about politics. Nothing will change. Except you are parting with your money and making this twink a multimillionaire.
Open file (1.37 MB 1051x1050 sadbobross.png)
>>97643 go to bed mr. wallace
Open file (12.03 MB 1920x1080 Spicith.mp4)
>>97643 Spic will soon sacrifice his gaypers to the jews. auuuugh totally not my first ever experience with video editing at all and totally not the reason why its shit, well better to try and do it than not do it at all, >we all start somewhere a-log. As for the reason why the clip used is in dub I pulled the cliff off of jewtube somewhere. >>97644 >seth wallace auuugh I miss seth, always wondered whether he was nickposter or not, I hope he returns to doing something autistic again.
Open file (12.03 MB 1920x1080 Spicith.mp4)
>>97643 Spic will soon sacrifice his gaypers to the jews. auuuugh totally not my first ever experience with video editing at all and totally not the reason why its shit, well better to try and do it than not do it at all, >we all start somewhere a-log. As for the reason why the clip used is in dub I pulled the cliff off of jewtube somewhere. >>97644 >seth wallace auuugh I miss seth, always wondered whether he was nickposter or not, I hope he returns to doing something autistic again.
>>97628 >he's still pissed at Jay Dyer lmao
Open file (771.17 KB 1920x1080 jf true alpha male.webm)
>>97647 JF is literally stuck in 2018, he wants to forever live in the trout moment and can't stand to come to the conclusion that had he stuck with the cokehead he would probably be better off today.
Open file (6.66 MB 1280x720 JF_PUREWHITE.webm)
>>97648 It still makes me laugh that JF was trying to get a 9 like Lauren Rose but settled with a literally retarded 3.
Open file (4.14 MB 2480x3508 dagunt.png)
>>97634 This is just talking about Гунтers mark, this doesn't count all the other cheap beer he drinks daily along with the more expensive stuff he has hidden away in his Гунт, its not wonder the Гунт has only grown larger. On top of all that the only "food" he eats trashburgers which in amerimuttland are 700-1300 calories, the Гунт is probably consuming 2500-3000 calories a day and that in itself is a minimum estimate, >we can only wait until the Гунт outgrows its hosts and kills him. However, I theorize that the Гунт, being an eldritch abomination is somehow keeping jcaesar187 on continuous life support and manipulating fate so that no matter what retarded things he does he always gets off, on the tip of his Гунт. jcaesar187, jcaesar187 is a fucking pushoever, the Гунт, the Гунт is a force that is both unstoppable and yet an object that is unmovable, truly a reality defying thing it is
>>97634 > 5'4"-5'6 police records disagree
>>97638 Ironically it reminds me of Dicky Spencer's altright.com subscription tiers.
Open file (142.05 KB 435x600 1uq3pf.jpg)
Open file (53.80 KB 1200x600 Rose.jpg)
>>97649 Lauren Rose <A 9 out of 10.. 😂 Are we looking at the same person? Ol' Witch-chin is a 6 at best. Bruh, I think your keyboard's 6 and 9 keys have been switched. I realized the numbers look similar but the orientation is very important.
Open file (62.90 KB 648x536 1613580156525.jpg)
I wanna fuck this elf so badly, bros. Imagine cooming on her pecker.
>>97628 <I can name 27/44 It's fucking over boys <Sargon is C tier not -F Is JF retarded?
>>97657 Sargon is S tier /we/ all agree
>>97655 >Rage is mostly pure >siegethot is a hardcore lesbian and an a-tier waifu or at-least the 3d rendering. >Melanie is a slut and have gotten allot of my jizz >triple P sister is an alright c rating >Rose seems alright to jizz on. Yeah, I think that's all of course in fact famalam.
>>97660 >doing an anal temperature check with the curtains on B-b-b-based!
>>97661 curtains off* aughh brain in low power mode Гунтlemen.
Can you really get americans dox from their IP's?
>>97661 >>97662 Siegethot is a hardcore lesbian.
>>97654 Not to mention she is as voluptuous as Emma Watson >>97656 Get help. Or at least get new eyeglasses
>>97663 you would need to somehow tie an IP to a person first
>>97666 I thought this, so Toad McKinley is just a retard who doesnt understand computers. not that you should give nick the spic your IP and drivers license Most smart people use some form of VPN anyway but short of calling up an ISP and claiming to be law enforcement to get info on an IP address I dont see how you get any more info than the city/zipcode someone lives in?
>>97638 It's worth watching? >>97655 Siege thot has chav genetics Mel is ugly as fuck and her tits are disgusting RageAfterStorm has a tranny face but all they are still more hottier and better gf tier then muttie
>>97668 those nips are fucking gross.
Open file (14.60 KB 319x331 1546999143579.jpg)
>>97657 think about it, JF impregnates a sentient potato while she clones potatoes to build an army to take back Quebec, so it is no longer Canadian property. Then she annoys JF on stream while he talks about how smart and so on he is bickers he has autism or something. One might ask how big is the potato army now? we don't know how big it is but it cannot be as large as one would've thought also it is literally potatoes she is cloning.
Гунт and ashton are arguing on cuckpol
>>97674 Link it then. Faggot.
>>97676 Jesus cuck/pol/ really became gayper central didn't it.
>>97677 Seems that way, I check every now and then just to see what the latest schizo posts are and today I happened to see Ashton or one of his aylawgs starting a thread on his nick fuentes video. Some fucking gold cocks in that thread.
>>97678 Ashton redemption arc soon perhaps.
>>97679 Doubtful hes too much of a fat contrarian faggot. After him treating Гунт like his own personal lolcow and no one else is allowed to make fun of him hes fallen from even kiwitrannies favor.
Open file (599.32 KB 1900x982 Untitled.png)
>>97676 Ashton should really fuck off the internet.
>>97668 One of his better videos lately. Good if you haven't already been following the spic's meltdown closely otherwise it's just sperg flavored recap. >>97676 I have no idea how anyone with an IQ above 80 uses 4/pol/ anymore. When it's not BBC, blackpill, schizo, or bait posting it's just zcelebs and how they'll save the white race.
>>97682 You just go on there and make fun of nick fuentes and get 100 (you)'s about how you're the shill or you laugh at migapedes for thinking that trump is still president just wearing a biden skin mask.
>>97681 He's supposedly the grandson of a preacher, so being a long-winded attention whore is in his genes
Open file (275.86 KB 734x625 ppp.png)
>>97680 It is a real shame bickers 2019 Toad McKinley was unironically kino, its sad to see the mask slip and see him regress to being the failed z-celeb that he was before the starfish, perhaps if ashton showed starfish again he would be humbled a little like humble harv was when realized flopson wasn't even at the level of a potted plant.
>>97685 РРР was always a lolcow, but he was useful to promote in taking down other lolcows down a peg or two. Just like how promoting the Gunт was useful in taking down Blood sport cows like JF, Donga,Аndy Wаrski, Soy Soy, Mаtt and Gym ect. The only issue with РРР is that he is the classic example of Тroll shiеlding by befwiending faggots like Gаhoole, Gоdrodson & Rоbbі.
>>97686 >Just like how promoting the Gunт was useful in taking down Blood sport cows like JF, Donga,Аndy Wаrski, Soy Soy, Mаtt and Gym ect. When did this ever happen? Гунт was just a parasite that fed off the drama between those figures. Anyone that genuinely promoted him should kill themselves.
Open file (96.00 KB 412x235 absolute_unit.png)
>>97686 I don't disagree on Toad McKinley's cow status, not trying to say he isn't one, I just miss it when he was actually entertaining. I will say it again since I know you still read this thread ashton, you had an option to nail both mister metokike and jewsh to crosses and you cucked to both of them, both of these faggots who you for some reason fanboy over belittled you, jewsh even got you fired from your job and yet you still cucked to him and that is the thing that is truly pathetic about you Toad McKinley that and betraying CUNTpirate bickers you were angry that he did to mister redditor what you couldn't >The only issue with РРР is that he is the classic example of Тroll shiеlding by befwiending faggots like Gаhoole, Gоdrodson & Rоbbі Not one of them has really shielded ashton from trolling, I guess ear has a little but that's only bickers hes trying to turn ashton into his own personal jahans replacement. recently he even called ashton out about the irish tranny but that video has been lost to time >>97687 In a way jcaesar187 did kinda help to slowly kill off the other IBS e-celebs but only by muddying the water around them.
>>97688 >you still cucked to him and that is the thing that is truly pathetic about you Toad McKinley >that and betraying CUNTpirate bickers you were angry that he did to mister redditor what you couldn't And switch. He plays >cuckime games.
Mama Feduentes is gonna dab on the mexican child mongrel leader of the white race?
>>97686 > the Gunт was useful in taking down Blood sport cows like JF, Donga,Аndy Wаrski, Soy Soy, Mаtt and Gym ect. Besides fighting with Sargon, which Carl ultimately won, who did he take down? And Matt was already on life support by the time of bouldergate
>>97690 Its more fake kayfabe from earwinson and ashton, if Toad McKinley actually pretends to be fuente's mom it might be pretty funny. I don't understand why ashton and earwinson choose to do fake stuff when they could probably easily convince one of the gaypers to come on and have a talk with them. soyson for instance goes at anyone and anything
Open file (6.62 MB 720x649 burning-gunt2 (1).gif)
>>97691 Гунт took down no one but he made everyone around him's life a living hell.
>>97692 Smugness is in the water in the Queen's lands. Their archness when together can get tedious.
>>97693 >Гунт took down no one That's not troooooo, he took down himself.
Open file (213.39 KB 565x451 bastard.png)
Open file (2.81 MB 1120x1120 346332356301.png)
>>97676 Image gets more and more cursed every year.
>>97681 >>97676 Oh my god, triple P sounds like he is crying half the video and he is sperging on /pol/ for some reason.
Open file (300.50 KB 720x536 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (311.50 KB 465x627 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (22.82 KB 461x399 ClipboardImage.png)
>>97699 this pretty much says it all
anyone here has saved some recent two weeks ago i believe leaked discord screenshots where Earwinson said he would stream with Ashton again, if Ashton don't talk or make videos about Vaush again? >>97692 Bible Dyke and Earwinson doesnt care about politics as well or about the white race, pal. It's all about cocks or attention. LeoPirate was right >>97681 cuckchan is well know as groyper territory, the catboy, jcaesar187 and nick are shilled and defended there for months
Open file (4.16 MB 2450x3642 tv election.png)
REMINDER TO VOTE FOR QUEEN ANITA, 2 HOURS LEFT FUCK NI/GG/ERS https://tvch.moe/japan/res/153036.html
Open file (4.16 MB 2450x3642 tv election.png)
REMINDER TO VOTE FOR QUEEN ANITA, 2 HOURS LEFT FUCK NI/GG/ERS https://tvch.moe/japan/res/153036.html
Open file (100.08 KB 1200x1200 4513.jpg)
>>97701 >leaked discord screenshots No, I cannot say that I have saved them. >Bible Dyke and Earwinson doesnt care about politics as well or about the white race, pal. You just figured that out? good going champ. Remember how they tried to bring skeptics inn and say there where based and so on? Well, don't you remember how Kraut tried his hardest to smear white nationalism, say anything that is right from Jeb Bush is wacist and Nazi, also saying race is not real even tough you can prove it with science with genetic data. Also crying to Vaush about muh six million bickers of something dumb while saying thot on head was dating a nadsi and then going on about muh six million if it was not nine million jews that got burned into a crisp in the holohoax. >It's all about cocks or attention. Yes >LeoPirate was right yes, he was probably right and triple P does not like him bickers he has the right Christianity while triple P only has some gay Christianity with heresy like a Gnostic faggot. >cuckchan is well know as groyper territory, the catboy, jcaesar187 and nick are shilled and defended there for months That is why I stopped going there months ago, there is no intelligence left only retards since what made /pol/ into /pol/ was the autistic reading of political science, philosophy and genetic data while also having this huge paranoia which was quite funny to watch.
>>97706 >>97707 Fuck you earwinson. The Rock is the true Kween of course in fact famalam.
>>97709 Dude 4chan /pol/ hasn't been good in almost seven years.
Гунт Lazy cunt only seems to have just woken up, likely a lot of drinking yesterday. https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
exclusive new leaked interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC5qZFFYYLM
>>97716 >bryan dunn How far can you sink.
Open file (68.51 KB 680x680 ltgsword.jpg)
https://youtu.be/TIXu7Al5RhM LOW TIER GOD STREAM 2/18/21
>>97719 >SANDRA HAS INTERNAL BRAIN BLEEDING That's very likely going to make her have a stroke. The Гунт is probably going to abandon his mom in a home. I can't see the Гунт doing physical therapy and helping his mom walk again, or dealing with aphasia and teaching his mom what 1+1 is or what a cat is like a kindergartener.
Open file (83.04 KB 1024x585 vaush.jfif)
>>97701 >Earwinson said he would stream with Ashton again, if Ashton don't talk or make videos about Vaush again? Why? Fucking with Vaush would be funny, two big fat guys yelling at each other. Also Fuentes just blocks you and doesn't react but Vaush is hungry for retards to dunk on so he'll debate anyone. >>97709 >leopirate I miss that Philipino rent boy. Wish he did more megatism sermons, they're interesting.
>>97719 >>97720 Jcaesar187 has the Гунт's luck, doubt that sandra will die, >we can only hope Гунтlemen.
>>97717 I know, I saw bryan and was wondering wtf they would even bother, hell, why are earwinson and ashton doing this fake shit when they could easily get soyson or one of the lower gaypers on, fucking Leo and /bybs/ got the soyrony bros on a couple years ago and quickly made a mockery of their gay counter-signaling asses.
>>97697 God is this image supposed to be in favor of these fucking z-celebs, fucking cuck/pol/ is truly depressing.
Open file (2.56 MB 319x239 1571853057649.gif)
Apparently Cole Lamberson of 8blacled has been running a decentralized cult for quite some time: https://archive.ph/rYrZu
>>97716 >KoP Wow, and I thought using Kalergi and Tea as an OBS monkey was scraping the barrel.
Open file (25.48 KB 400x400 mtcomicf094.png)
Fascism is such an awesome LARPcow that when push comes to shove, they can't even produce their own technologist to self host their ideals, that they have to beg around: https://archive.is/xxidY https://archive.is/wxOBC https://archive.ph/1lgF6 105 more imageboardsbunkers to go.
Open file (24.16 KB 600x185 ClipboardImage.png)
>>97719 Poor Sandra, she's going to die alone while Гунт uses her corpse to grift some maker's mark and meth money.
Open file (36.71 KB 367x397 Gsoy.jpg)
>>97730 Nah. She got what she raised.
>>97730 Do you think he'll bury her as an excuse to claim ALAWGS ARE HARASSING MY MOTHERS FUNERAL for his grift or just lie and flush her ashes?
Weakload, I followed some advice from you, a week without fap and I'm high as fuck atm of course in fact for the first time at months >>97721 Earwinson is a left-winger with the goal of fuck with any kind of right-wing guys while having fun with it, including NatSocs But yeah! I enjoy him anyway, just don't trust at him >>97709 Hey Captain obvious >triple P does not like him bickers he has the right Christianity while triple P only has some gay Christianity with heresy like a Gnostic faggot. Ashton use religious as a cope, the real reason of why he got mad at LeoPirate are: 1-Some people from /cow/ and other places enjoyed LeoPirate more than him tranks to TWIN streams where Ashton showed to be not really talented as a fat funny guy or having really his own opinions 2-Earwinson started to show more chemistry with LeoPirate for some time, before ofc the secret recording shit where the TWIN was over 3-Main reason, the Ashton and Mister Reddikur stream, there Ashton showed once for all to /cow/ (no only to Гунтstream crew) how much of an euch he really is, even some foxdickfarms got disgusted by him sucking daddy Gym, Earwinson as well. Extremely poor performance. LeoPirate was reading the chat and lurking here during that stream and saw the collective wishing for something different and step up to do it by himself That stream was the turning point where several events took place. Earwinson started to respect LeoPirate more probably leading to they doing some VC without Ashton, /cow/ and some other people started to show more and more contempt about Ashton, Son of Tiamat and other sweetie squad spergs started to really fucking hate LeoPirate and come here to spam and seeth, Ashton lost his moment and edgy after his Rikieta/Dax stream As Ashton has a very feminine personality, it was only natural that he felt a strong envy about the public and Earwinson enjoying LeoPirate over him after that stream, and Ashton gets really butthurt when someone talk about that stream til this day
>>97733 leopirate is an unfunny faggot, nobody has ever liked him what are you on about? G​AMERGATE just stims out and embarrasses himself every time and is a closeted furfag and homosexual degenerate
Open file (209.90 KB 1284x1544 Eulox71WgAUjHzd.jpg)
SANDRA jcaesar187 19??-2021 R.I.P SANDRA jcaesar187 19??-2021 R.I.P SANDRA jcaesar187 19??-2021 R.I.P SANDRA jcaesar187 19??-2021 R.I.P
>>97736 his mom had surgery and a brain bleed and this fat slob kept streaming
>>97736 Pillstream imminent.
>>97730 >Poor Sandra Fuck that. She created this monster. Just bickers she is old and more diseased than Aydin Paladin doesn't make me sympathetic to her. She imbibed as badly as her son and now she is paying the price. In fact she is worse bickers she is living way longer than she should at the expense of the rest of the world >>97735 Cry moar, canuck buttfuck
>>97739 >defending leopirate hahahahaha.
Open file (12.93 KB 512x512 carl_of_swindon.jpg)
>>97739 oh buddy you got me there, real leopirate tier, wow im feeling a bit sleepy all of a sudden
>>97739 Brah, no one likes Leo streams. He is boring as fuck.
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
>>97740 >defending >>97742 I'm not disagreeing with you there
Open file (378.34 KB 606x504 megacringe.png)
>>97744 i i i im n n n not defending guys seriously, l l leopirate is p p p pretty b b b b based, neck yourself there buddy
>>97743 Oh goody. I can't wait to see the fat shows Jawsh has been watching during the week. He just loves watching fat whale women fucking nignogs and stuffing their faces.
>>97736 >ER quite
>>97745 > buddy Calm down, Robert
Open file (248.34 KB 500x208 Me on right.gif)
>>97746 This, but unironically
Open file (53.36 KB 211x320 shitbong.png)
>>97748 top 10 leopirate stream moments go!
>>97750 >posting britbong pics to prove being /cow/ oldfag >cycling IPs every post <do i fit in yet guys??? Kill yourself already.
>>97751 >defending leopirate <having sex with children you're not gonna make it.
Open file (18.49 KB 594x250 894378394.jpg)
>>97736 Someone needs to tell him that Sandra doesn't have a fat Bitcoin wallet.
Open file (507.88 KB 1920x1080 mug 5.mp4)
>>97743 Why does Toad McKinley think everyone like him has a fat girl fetish?
Open file (123.04 KB 350x350 gffp.png)
>>97751 >being an eceleb faggot >most likely leopirate im sorry your cocks boring and that youre an unfunny furfag, neck yourself now and we can prove its you when your shit cocks stops being posted
Open file (140.98 KB 1024x995 saints.jpeg)
>>97755 Tell us how Leopirate is more boring than the Dyke and his personal schizophrenic buttbuddy? Also tell us how Toad McKinley has been more entertaining than fucking jewsh? Jewsh is more entertaining now with his lame fucking streams god dammit.
Open file (1.43 MB 441x393 bigolfaggot.gif)
>>97756 i dont know, one flops his man tits around on video, the other uses a furfag avitar and pretends hes not one?
>>97757 So for some reason, you don't know how one is more entertaining than the other? Is that not what one calls an oxymoron?
Open file (137.23 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (2).jpg)
>>97758 no theyre both boring? but ones trying to be serious and embarrasses himself - boring and sad, and the other embarrasses himself by pretending he is? why does it have to be one or the other
Open file (293.67 KB 637x471 mokou_yachatta.png)
>>97759 Are you not entertained?
Open file (40.01 KB 479x248 Family Goy.png)
>>97760 Listening to Mad at the Internet so yeah. Jewsh is honestly one of the more entertaining streamers on the internet right now as sad as that sounds.
>>97760 The gayfabe interviews are funny for maybe 5 minutes but they wear out pretty fast. Leo has never made entertaining cocks ever.
>>97752 <you're not gonna make it. fellow /biz/bro? >>97754 Every sperg thinks their fetishes are universal. And especially their interests. It's a hallmark of autism when you can't reocgnize other people don't like your interests. I see it all the time everywhere like in Rekieta's chat where the weeb foxdick farms losers thnk Rekeita and Ty Beard are actually interested in their obscure anime when they don't give a fuck. They're just here for the grift. >>97762 His religious streams are incredibly boring. Ironically, P-p-p used to hang out in them since they were both Christians. But I must disagree. Leo's game streams were sometimes quite good once he shut up about his stupid religious views. He would give his hot takes on things in gaming and outside of gaming and he would read nearly everything in livechat. So he was fun to interact with. He could be trolled wonderfully bc he's a bit schizo.
Open file (241.37 KB 623x449 dab_dom.png)
Now I need to shit up /japan/ bickers they did not recognize The Rock as the winner as /japan/ waifu of the year. >>97759 So you do not know why one is more boring then the other while claiming one is more boring than the other? That is fucking retarded. The fat Gnostic dyke was only entertaining when he got surfer out so he could talk about the Jews or whatever was on his mind. It is a duo when it comes to the dyke and the schizophrenic. The homosexual known as Adam was entertaining but then it was either too much penises from homosexual pubs or bars that made him less entertaining, I don't know. Then you have Leopirate that was pure schizoposting but he did one thing that these 2 other faggots have not done in a long time namely research or look things up bickers his inner paranoia told him so. That is what these 2 other faggots lack. >>97760 No bickers we got Jewsh streams that are the only streams that are watchable now. Which is really depressing. >>97762 He has made entertaining cocks when he did just his thing, his Christian stuff can get overwhelming but it is overwhelming paranoia that was entertaining.
Open file (326.00 KB 371x573 Leopirate.png)
Leopirate come back! WE MISS YOU! I also bear the honor of being the only person that Leopirate had to secretly shadowban on his Bitwave page. He knew I was the person that dropped his PSN name here from an old Resident Evil 2 demo stream, which he equated to Joachim bc Joachim was on the 8chan/cow board and he would rarely take a screencap or two and post it on his twitter. So Leo falsely linked me to Joachim. I know how Leo's mind works and I would play this up in chat to the point where he was convinced that a specific anonymous troll ID was Joachim. And that I was always in his chat, sometimes shit-talking him hard and just beating him down trading barbs mercilessly. Leo would check his stream chat for my ID every stream and I would never close the internet browser so my ID would still stay there as troll:DuvD, which he took to mean that I was always on his page waiting for him, obsessed with him. That freaked him out badly. HAHAHAH. Sorry P-P-P, I know you have a feud with Leo, but I just can't help but to like the sonuvabitch furfag!
>>97764 Imagine thinking leo made good cocks at any point I bet you bought into the andy redemption arc. >>97763 >>97765 lol
Open file (7.30 MB 1280x720 adl_ovens.webm)
>>97766 Yes, he made interesting things when his paranoia and schizopsting took place. Maybe you did not watch his streams or stuff where these things could and often did happened. But now we only get a fat gnostic dyke almost crying about how a spic coons teenagers. Now the only entertaining thing is Jewsh almost cwying on stream while he has a fat fetish for a fat girl that he knows minor details about like she has or had cancer or something bickers of her lifestyle.
>>97768 Well you dont have to be here 24/7 if you're not having fun why dont you take a little break? Maybe go outside and have sex?
>>97764 they are both equally boring, i cant tell the difference, why does one have to be more boring then the other? its irrelevant to the fact that leopirate is an unfunny boring furfag and most likely a pedo
>>97770 So instead of refuting my points you come with take a break and have sex incel? OK, sorry for thinking that the gnostic gyke with his pet schizophrenic is not as fun, as someone that is schizoposting on stream. >>97771 Leopirates avatar is not a furry-thing but a video game-thing you dumb faggots will never get which game it is. I get it that you like the Gnostic heretical dyke with his homosexual butt partner in the UK. Also I see it as an observation that it is boring and not as fun.
>>97770 >Well you dont have to be here 24/7 Yes you do, videos get shoah'd instantly all the time
>>97772 Okay Leo.
>>97774 Tell me how I am Leo? is it bickers I don't find the gnostic dyke with his pet schizophrenic and his homosexual lover that is overseas funny anymore?
Open file (661.54 KB 1200x675 soy-war-men1.jpg)
>>97772 no im sorry i take it back, leo was funny when he got exposed for being a cry baby faggot in dms, if only he would bring the same cry baby energy to his cocks
>>97775 yeah sure.
Open file (659.34 KB 600x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>97777 >>97777 quads checked
Open file (248.13 KB 400x317 ClipboardImage.png)
let's be honest the only kino e-celebrity to come out of the /cow/ boards was John Michel Kelly Rose.
>>97779 agreed, makes absolute kino moments with how fucking retarded he is I wish he'd do something new.
>>97776 >cry baby energy to his cocks That was his paranoia and his schizoposting >>97777 So, when I do find a fat gnostic/heretical dyke with a pet schizophrenic not funny that makes me into leopirate for some reason. Thank you, now I understand.
Open file (70.38 KB 604x549 ClipboardImage.png)
>>97782 The entire leadership of the whole hospital sounds like the most made up group of people ever assembled.
>>97782 I don't believe he's even been to the hospital once
>>97782 He makes it sound like they where playing catch with the top of Sandra's skull they sawed off.
>>97782 >hospital fucked us over They saved your dead weight of a mother's life
why a3c0a0 is seething so much? he's Sperg of Tiamet, Asthon or someone else?
Open file (193.69 KB 414x372 gym btfo.png)
>>97735 The Toad McKinley and SS Ampharos are pro LeoPirate and both are patricians, so shut up, pleb.
Open file (75.34 KB 581x803 73534564.jpg)
Amerimutt first PAC is shaping up nicely.
>>97788 what discord are you faggots coming from?
>>97782 <her brain can keep healing Brain is one part of the body that can't heal. It can 'rewire' some functions to other parts of the brain but it can't heal or regenerate. Farmer jcaesar187 arc next.
>>97790 I ask the same about you and your homo buddy, are you the faggots who usually kiss Ashton ass on discord?
>>97792 no im john michael kelly and >>97781 Is Leo we arent buddys though.
Open file (7.82 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>97793 its me, Ashton, why dont you guys just suck my cawk, leo the bum pirate has never made a good video just accept it
>moving the goalposts He made Mr Medicare sperg with outrage, which is more than Ashton has. And making jcaesar187 sperg is not an accomplishment
>>97795 im changing my opinion /cow/ is officially a leo the pirate fanboard. >>97794 I wont hear another bad word against him you alog hes funny and makes compelling cocks.
>>97789 >negro >asian married to a kike >lead by a le 79 percent face Spics movement really kind of is just an odd fusion of the alt-kike and alt-lite.
>>97796 > /cow/ is officially a leo the pirate fanboard Sure, however you need to cope
>>97796 The fact is CUNTpirate did what ashton wouldn't do and called mister redditor out for being the sellout whore that he is.
Open file (1.11 MB 1280x720 LeoPirate DESTROYED.mp4)
>>97799 I think ashton and jcaesar are just mad that CUNT pirate gets more doberman pussy than them.
Gayest thread topic of the week.
>>97802 Here I am just hoping sandra finally dies so >we can get something fun out of the Гунт.
>>97803 it was cuntpirate that stuck his fingers up zoe's coochie and puppeted her around the house
>>97805 nooo its not truuuuuuu it was probably you that held zoey quinn like a bowling ball.
I wouldn't be surprised if leopirate the furfag is a pedo, look at who he hang out online, people like JMK, Ancap, Irish, We-asel, and other troomstream members. >>97762 This >>97760 By Leopirate and by your boring cytube streams? NO .>>97757 >>97752 welcome to nu/cow/ where the mods are furfags and deviants, not totally Robi fault tho >>97741 >>97745 b b b b b based!
>>97801 >>97804 >torpedo is sociopath edgyfaggot Imagine my shock.
>>97796 wtf i love leo now
>>97802 I didn't imagine anyone would really sperg out when I talked about Leo. >>97805 >>97806 Samefag >>97808 WTF are you talking about? >"muh troomstream" Why are you mixing things up and adding fruits of your own imagination? LeoPirate did some stream together with Гунтstream, but the rest is pure projection. Also, the only pedo/deviant that is part of the chat is wolfspider, but he's the local cow buddy and almost act like a normal person, by that I mean, he don't spam fucking CP like faggots from /jp/.
Гунт confirms a "truncated" #Killstream at 11PM EST. RIP Sandra
All this talk of Leo, I honestly though he necked himself.
Wow, just wow! Someone is deleting comments on Ashton channel. Two comments that I read hours ago in addition to my own comment are gone or the irish tranny is modding the dakka dakka channel or the big dyke himself is deleting any comments that hurt his ego
>>97782 Imagine if Гунт's hospital really did fuck up badly to where that thing patients sign could be overturned (where you waive your rights away by accepting surgery). Imagine if the Гунт's lawyers were able to sue the hospital for 20 million dollars. Even I would admit that alogs lost and that jcaesar187 won.
Open file (1.69 MB 1080x1080 1002988890862.png)
>>97820 Sarah died and the shack was repossessed during the faifai arc. jcaesar187 just held it in his back pocket to spread out griftnig storylines.
Open file (340.59 KB 853x440 Styxmakeup.png)
Open file (43.59 KB 450x600 Styxnudegross.jpg)
Mr. Deadman investigates - What Does StyxHexenHammer not Want you to see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfWLuQelaJI Yeah, make that faggot shiver in fear. Make him flag more videos down exposing his skeletons.
LATE NIGHT Гунт: SANDRA DEATHWATCH EDITION https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
>>97736 >>97782 >left side paralysis >the hospital fucked me and my mom over She had a stroke and the Гунт is blaming the hospital for not magically stopping it from happening during a brain bleed. In this case there would be a half dozen people that would talk to the Гунт about recovery and what to do when she is cleared to leave the hospital. The Гунт will have to take her to physical therapy sessions, and spend a lot of time helping her recover. That or he uses his life savings to shove her in a home and pillstreams with the rest of his finances >Intracerebral hemorrhage is the most common type of hemorrhagic stroke. It occurs when an artery in the brain bursts, flooding the surrounding tissue with blood >If the stroke occurs in the right side of the brain, the left side of the body will be affected, producing some or all of the following: >Paralysis on the left side of the body >Vision problems >Quick, inquisitive behavioral style >Memory loss
Open file (33.83 KB 93x125 feshZnXDOD.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WQjAoNIyc0 Legal and Other Happenings with Uncivil Law
>>97782 If she fell at the hospital, considering america is like Sue-City, wouldnt they be shitting their pants?
>>97735 I like Leo... but not as much as I liked John Michel Kelly Rose in fact of course.
Open file (4.70 MB 2000x2000 RESPECT THE TIMESLOT.png)
>>97829 >I like X egrifter more than Y egrifter what is wrong with nu-cow
Open file (424.23 KB 655x405 ralphaGOD.png)
No doubt jcaesar187 poisoned his mother as revenge for the way she treated him, another win for the retort that (you) just can't abort folks!
>>97831 auuuughghghg you should have just took the damn uber mah!
Open file (4.33 MB 498x280 gtab.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsKpqDZ_Z7w LOW TIER GOD STREAM 2/19/2021/ GUILTY GEAR STRIVE/SFV
Open file (2.45 MB 1280x720 ITS NAWT TRU.mp4)
Open file (87.24 KB 382x544 ClipboardImage.png)
>>97771 Phil's face pouches remind me of the dog from adventure time.
>>97825 For all Christians, religious people, spiritual types, deists, and non-materialists, this should be a wake-call for you that materialism is true. If you fuck with that brain, you get really messed up. All you are is a brain connected to that body. No soul in there. We are biology. Kill the brain and you don't exist anymore. Your brain puts together a model of reality using the senses and a stroke in your brain causes brain damage, which means you can't walk right anymore (motor problems), paralysis, vision problems, personality changes, and memory loss. Think about it. Your entire personality can change from brain damage or people that take too much head trauma from football or fighting and then get CTE and go crazy, attacking people or killing themselves.
Open file (2.29 MB 1200x900 ClipboardImage.png)
>>97837 SUWOOP
which one of you sodomites learned the bitter truth? do not post about that shit here. These fags would ruin it if they learned about the bitter truth.
>>97837 >All you are is a brain connected to that body. No soul in there. We are biology >Your entire personality can change from brain damage or people that take too much head trauma from football or fighting and then get CTE and go crazy, attacking people or killing themselves So if a murderer suffered brain damage they shouldn't be convicted of the crime and treated as a separate person. What holds men together if not their soul and their spirit?
>>97841 >if a dog kills a child unprovoked we shouldnt put it down bickers its only acting on its biology. thats a silly argument.
Open file (22.17 KB 435x308 cobesfedora.JPG)
Drinking too much changes your personality therefore there is no god. Checkmate religion, fuck your skygod.
Open file (660.69 KB 1737x2697 totalasscancer.jpg)
>>97837 CARINGE
Remember, Traut is a piece of shit if it's just a (((coincidence))) would be funny, but there's some (((austrian))) dude playing some MMORPG right now with me and others, he's preaching all his hate against Axis, germans and whites no stop for half of a hour, mixed with really shitty hot takes about nationalism and biology >>97824 she died or she's just fucked but still alive like some potato?
>>97837 Are the same new edgy torpedo from before? >>97801 >>97804 or are you Diogenes using tor?
>>97850 dio died of the flu bro let it go
>>97852 he killed himself, Mister Redditkur, your meme virus can't kill anyone, faggot.
Open file (33.04 KB 587x162 potato sandra.jpg)
Looks like Sandra is half paralyzed and in such a bad state she has to be knocked out with chems for her to be able to heal.
DARKSYDEPHIL PLAYS AN ALL-DAY STREAM OF CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS COLD WAR MULTIPLAYER WITH TONS OF SALT AND RAGE https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil
Open file (15.77 KB 366x329 ackack.JPG)
Open file (27.30 KB 563x555 phil O.JPG)
Open file (27.32 KB 709x521 yay.JPG)
>>97967 tuhuh
>>97947 such a shame
>>98064 God I hope sandra fucking dies.
Open file (16.18 KB 200x151 low_tier_pissbottle.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcO9OIlSI-I LOW TIER GOD STREAM 2/20/2021
Open file (197.62 KB 1188x2208 z1.jpg)
>>98065 why?
Open file (114.31 KB 1080x1080 982928392839283.jpg)
>>98069 >why would you want more sperging and pillstreaming from jcaesar187 That's a tough one to figure out
>>98070 i always thought that he can't wait for her to disappear from his life but ok also i need Гунтshuffle.gif and jcaesar187chan for my art project so someone please post it
>>98071 This song is actually pretty good.
>>98071 This song is actually pretty good.
>>98072 i know check this one out sadly no video
>>98074 I miss RWDS He also made many catchy songs
Open file (455.11 KB 736x676 surfer.png)
>>97764 But Surfer is right about just about everything
Open file (8.22 MB 192x360 d25380653ba.gif)
Bellе's tiddies are so nice.
>>97947 What hospital is she at? I want to visit and bring flowers
Open file (315.35 KB 1080x2096 EuuTUYXXIAAGwL8.jpg)
Open file (94.15 KB 593x445 potato sandra2.jpg)
Looks like >ourgirl Sandra is on some different pills now, and Гунт is already doing his research to see how high he could get by stealing them. >>98080 Based on proximity to her house I'd guess the VCU Medical Center or the Chippenham Hospital.
Open file (105.99 KB 817x337 DaBezPh7fw.png)
>>98081 >>98080 VA hospital is right around the corner. If that's where she gets her dialysis done, then that's an even poorer performance on the Гунтs part then previously known. It's a 5min drive.
Open file (950.41 KB 1280x720 His_Destiny_is_Autism.mp4)
>>98078 it is an alright maymay. >>98079 her tiddies are alright.
>>98082 I saw the VA hospital but I'm pretty sure that's a veterans hospital, maybe they loosened their policies for the coof, but even then they'd probably be more inclined to send her to a regular hospital unless those where already close to max capacity.
Open file (509.27 KB 582x870 1554900051786.jpg)
>>98081 Is he retarded? It is for short term and you cannot get high on them. Long term you get fentanyl like a patch or a nasalspray or minor a tranquilizer. But this idiot is probably known by the doctors there so they are probably going to give her like an antipsychotic if needed.
Open file (54.38 KB 1280x720 9548239043.jpg)
>>98081 >Let me just research these meds which i'll soon have easy access to.
>>98084 There is exactly zero percent chance that Sandra is at the VA. t. knower
>>97825 Richard Spencer gives his take on Patrick Casey vs Nick Fuentes. There are some decent takes in there including that Patrick Casey is "rat fleeing a sinking ship." I would timstamp the part where they start talking abot Fuentes but it's about half way through. https://twitter.com/RADIXJournal_/status/1361915138081579012
Open file (68.51 KB 680x680 ltgsword.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DcLlD29y8E LOW TIER GOD STREAM 2/21/2021/SFV DISCOVERING SFV S5 PATCHES AND MORE
>>98086 What's wrong? Don't you trust the Гунт to have enough self-restraint to not steal his mom's medication so he can get high?
>>98089 I was surprised to see Sean Last on there, I thought he was Alt Hyps boyfriend? Has he betrayed him and is now in Dicky Spencers closet?
>>98093 Not at all, the Гунт has the self-discipline of a monk.
>>98084 oh right I just saw VA and figured it's just a Virginia general hospital. I forgot burgers have hospitals dedicated to veterans and shit. >>98088 interdasting >>98086 Just researching for his mum's sake, of course :^)
>>98093 >>98096 he would be really retarded to try and abuse this substance. I think, it would be as dumb as to try and abuse a blood pressure medication or an SSRI even tough there is one that creates an opiate high but it is not legal in burgerland.
>>98094 Brad Griffin is a different person from Sean Last. He's like a nationalist southerner.
Open file (474.15 KB 421x630 8926398235982.png)
>>98089 Fuck off with this boring shit. Give me more funny Fuentes shit or idm Гунт mother fake funeral?
>>98098 >he would be really retarded to try and abuse this substance. He's still going to try bickers he is that retarded
>>98100 If Toad McKinley refused to do cocks on the demon baby then it's unlikely they will do a fake funeral. Best we could get is a fake Sandra interview where kraut does the Mama JF voice to pretend to be a stroked out mother of a Гунт
>>97654 >missing the point >>97686 >how promoting the Gunт was useful in taking down Blood sport cows like >promoting the Gunт was useful Take your meds. >>97782 >>97947 Finally some good news. >>98070 Jcaesar doesn't seem like a person who would cry for the death of his mother, he would rather just use her as a tool for his online vendettas.
Open file (503.95 KB 950x617 29362856296.png)
Open file (40.16 KB 584x360 1475915857683.png)
Open file (4.24 MB 640x360 Gator Sexgod.mp4)
Guessing it's a shot a spectre, but a little self awareness wouldn't hurt.
Open file (8.38 MB 640x360 gayops.mp4)
>>98105 >they'll karen up a thread Gaytor's so addicted to the internet he speaks entirely in memetalk he doesn't even understand. He 100 percent owns a kekistan tshirt.
>>98105 If gaytor would be self aware he would realize how dumb it is to brag about being on 4chan in the early days and other forums. And he is unironically plebbit. >>98106 What do you expect from someone that only has the internet as social interaction?
>>98095 God damn, is Mel always drinking?
>>98109 Probably a recreational drinker, don't think she is drinking mid week or evening each day but one would never know.
>>98111 The SoyFather has joined
>>98111 Apparently Dev lost another twatter and noone noticed or cared. https://twitter.com/devtrospective
Open file (75.48 KB 1080x844 1545698430612.jpg)
>>98114 This is entertaining. >>98111 I cannot watch this creature when I have a headache of course in fact. His talking voice is pure torture.
>>98115 I'm 30 or so minutes behind live. Chaggot is such a sad existence. I'd rather be the Гунт than a chaggot. The Гунт and alcoholism can be worked away, but the autism and meth not so much.
Vee is gonna delete his stream. I missed the 1st hour. But right now he's babbling about stupid-chats. Is there any easy way to download it while he's still going?
>>98117 Nevermind I'm too late. Fuck that faggot. Vee is scared to death he might lose his little grift money bc Sargon said something bad.
>>98118 If you didn't close the tab you can record with OBS.
>>98119 It already says "this stream is no longer available" and I arrived late so the 1st hour or two wasn't buffered. So I closed the tab. Thanks though.
Open file (73.30 KB 741x568 1576113041492.jpg)
>>98116 This is really sad but funny. The most fucked up is being a literal closeted faggot, and he went to jail for just pure retardation. He was so lonely he let Blacked Alaska take advantage of him by strange relations and other things like money. I am in shock and awe at this. >>98117 >>98118 >>98120 You seriously watched Veeh? Fucked, I cannot stand him bickers he gibs me a headache. No joke.
>>98121 From what I saw, you didn't miss anything. 3 nerdy, nasally dorks babbling about "the left" with Vee's vampiric face on the screen.
>>98121 <You seriously watched Veeh? <Fucked, I cannot stand him bickers he gibs me a headache. <No joke. I listen to Gym shitting on Veeh last summer and end up with headache as well.
Open file (559.90 KB 800x1400 Veetor.png)
Member kick Vee?
Open file (126.98 KB 640x480 true picture of veeh.jpg)
>>98122 OK, so basically 1 the Canadian that larped as a handicapped chicks aka the creepy nerd. The second guy/veeh the strange high pitched voice,higher pitch laughter like a woman, while double stuttering on a hard word where it sounds like he is having an orgasm while also talking somewhat fast bickers lol maymay funny XD. while the third person is pure retardation in point or just having obvious points and smug chuckling, strange laughter, while also looks really jaded. Is that the show? If so, why watch this torture? >>98123 bickers I used some of my autism watching Veeh when first creating the facts. Or I binged allot of his videos so I could understand this creature, and the more I tried to understand, the more bewildered I became. This dark creature, is going to breed and create more and stranger forms of lifeforms that will consume mankind. Please whomever is out there, save us!
>>98124 I memba it was funny but damn did chat abuse it. Anytime Vee has anything of interest to say or started to BTF0 whatever alt-sperg the Гунт had on the chat kicked him. Was a little bit annoying, the retort was a hugbox since it's inception.
>>98110 plz post your best mel
Open file (1.33 MB 684x1632 Melanie.jpg)
Chaggot/Dylan “Autism speaks” Volk is a fascinating character. Triple P found gold in him of course in fact famalams, I am amazed and inspired by the all of the information. It is like a strange tragedy where one must wonder about several things; 1, why autism? 2,why be in a right-wing political movement when he admits he believes in predestination via nature where nurture shit his pants and did nothing for him? 3, is it the polo shirts that causes autism or is it the autism that is attracted to the polo shirts? 4, does he buy fwends, if so why not do what normal people do and use fwend simulator? 5, does he really have complex thinking or is it his imagination? These are the questions I've started to think about when learning about this character. >>98129 These are the best Mel of course in fact
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKellEfetE4 Court Packing, My YouTube Woes, Racist Colleges, Muppets are Offensive
Open file (110.26 KB 1080x1080 melthumb.jpg)
>>98130 >>98131 she's so fucking hot
Open file (12.79 MB 498x473 ltgrun.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOSO3DM8o1w LOW TIER GOD STREAM 2/22/2021/SMASH/SFV/TEKKEN?
Open file (131.05 KB 516x510 sandrabtfo.png)
>>98125 >i didn't really fuck much in highschool There definitely wasn't any insecurity about that when you were sniffing a mentally ill teenager in a disney shirt's unwashed asshole.
>>98127 >Vee has anything of interest to say So never?
>>98139 Nazis and SJWs are the same bickers they both disapprove of my addiction to tentacle rape hentai mayte.
Open file (67.93 KB 424x549 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (13.99 KB 428x115 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (149.14 KB 433x399 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (37.29 KB 438x255 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (91.31 KB 246x470 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (143.25 KB 450x431 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (41.23 KB 441x253 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (452.99 KB 684x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>98144 Full version of pic 5
>>98144 so who's your money on then lad :^)
>>98146 >>98144 This is too good to be true someones bitching, I never get the cocks I want.
>>98144 Can't wait for the main event of Omegglemania
Open file (279.96 KB 304x454 catboy kami blackface.png)
Open file (817.22 KB 1280x720 loliboner.png)
>>98144 >>98145 >>98146 Since the inception of this Catboy Kami he claims he was a crypto miner and became filthy rich by mining, later he wanted to do something better and more productive with his life while also becoming famous, but bickers he was shit at fortnight he could not go into vidya streaming. So he chose the next best thing live streaming, and he started to go away from plebbit and into the dark forrest of 4chan, got so much anime,hentai and got into right wing politics also got really into maga. But bickers his brain could not process it all bickers of his impermanent; he thought it was a great idea to do livestreams him doing degenerate things on stream for irony while also defending loli when he figured out that, it is technically illegal in most countries. While one would've thought that this would be the end to the story but no, he had to go to anime conToad McKinleyons and had intimate relations with trannies, and later became an escort while also doing degenerate things on livestream but his escort business took him places namely to America First and became a general or something bickers he used his homosexuality to seduce a Mexican. Later he seduced Blacked Alaska and other groypers and became prominent while also livestreaming, then he got into a feds watchlist and got snapped. Now, when we just contrast this with novellas, movies and talks about neo nazi streetgangs. Where there is high criminality like murder/assassinations, underground boxing, Identity theft, prostitution, weapon smuggling/selling, narcotics dealing/smuggling and obviously being tattooed. So now, Kami is going to beat up somebody and acting all tough like he is a Neo Nazi gangbanger, what on earth is going on? I know that these new faggots started to feel rough when their gay clubs are watched by the feds and put on a watch-list while also having snitches in there. So what I am kinda wondering about, how in the fuck did the government look at a fag like Kami, Blacked Alaska and the spic while also looking at Nazi gangbangers, and say they are about the same. How does these things happen?
Open file (17.25 KB 435x106 ClipboardImage.png)
Donga 2.0
>>98151 chances they start wrestling on the floor and then start sucking each others dingdongs?
>>98152 ♂ SECURE ♂ THE ♂ EXISTENCE ♂
Black Israelite is currently demanding the TOP JEWISH RABBI debate him on stream after CPAC banned him for antisemitism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iflF6bkUL4
Open file (238.72 KB 882x836 1613854356723.jpg)
>>98154 Holy fuck this stream is something else.
>>98154 get in here
Open file (282.40 KB 524x632 dsp kang.jpg)
>>98154 Light em UP
>>98157 he out wid da keeedz
>>98144 My money's on the tranny fucker over the shitskin.
>>98161 The shitskin has championship belts from kickboxing though.
>>98163 who is this gyppo guy?
Open file (1.23 MB 640x360 OHHHH.mp4)
>>98164 Toad McKinley
>>98164 Gypsycrusader, did a bunch of streams on bitwave doing Omegle as racist Joker or Riddler.
Open file (242.81 KB 581x823 432670793868.png)
Open file (245.96 KB 587x1075 326100762231.png)
Open file (598.44 KB 1200x973 Rinia.jpg)
If I had to guess, neither of you guys have read the WN. Spectre could get loads more ammo out of the lore of Rudy killing getting trucked after recording his toddler niece in the bath, whereas Toad McKinley could stand up for dark humor that's intertwined with the series instead of cowering behind daddy gym and screaming "IT'S NOT TROOOO".
>>98167 >actually using MAL as a source Toad McKinley is fucking mentally challenged.
>>98154 Chimp chimping out. >>98161 I dunno, both of em are fags so it is like betting on sheep growing a brain and move out of the road when a depraved sex criminal that so happens to be a sodomite is driving a car. Where said sodomite also loves to drive over sheep or animals in general. >>98167 So his first defense is, daddy Toad McKinley said it was based and red pilled, so I am also based and red pilled for liking the same stuff. Instead of going after per point why the other guy is wrong. But then again, it would not surprise me if he was a pedophile, it would explain allot actually.
>>98166 thanks chum >>98167 so gaytors into pedo shit like Гунтs tranny gf?
>>98144 Please one last bang before all the grifters are rounded up by the feds.
>>98161 So is the pink-wig thing a man? It's as tall as the Lollisox/Kami and that leg looks off. I don't follow Kami so I have no idea.
>>98170 He is probably watching cosplayer porn videos >>98172 2 streamers fighting, more like making a softcore porno.
late Гунт with a fun filled show of reading news and shilling tshirts https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
This gonna be good
Triple P is bretty gud tonight
>>98176 The fuentes / chaggot stuff as been a nice return to form.
>>98177 This whole Chaggot backstory is fucking amazing.
>>98178 It's beyond fawked. If it's tru, which I think most of this is it completely explains the poor fuck.
>>98179 big if true
Open file (4.33 MB 498x280 gtab.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXDmQw_aoXw LOW TIER GOD STREAM 2/23/2021
Open file (72.15 KB 306x432 OUCH.png)
>Hit of the Cell Block
>>98147 i've seen the catboy irl he's pretty big in fact of course
Open file (72.38 KB 621x808 1614145531665.jpg)
>>98183 Hi Nick.
>>98184 Toad McKinley Fuentes is terrifying
>>98184 absolutely what he will look like in 10 years at most.
>>98184 eyy i need some fawken cock wrapped in gabagool over here i'm fawken stahving
>>98146 >>98145 >>98144 Bunch of slack-jawed faggots. >>98154 Not bad in fact of course. >>98167 >watching isekai garbage is cool bickers daddy gym does it >t. gaydoor Spectre was being a retard faggot once again; and also again, Gaydoor out-retards and out-fags him with ease. Jesus Christ.
Open file (415.00 KB 737x507 Untitledsir.png)
K I N O & N E C T A R tonight
Open file (255.23 KB 960x1280 EvAg6E3XYAIYQsg.jpeg)
Open file (306.69 KB 720x1280 EvAg6EwXcAMXh9R.jpeg)
>>98176 >>98191 This is gonna be good. I am amazed, how much Derek "tard molester" Volk hates his son. Also giving Chaggot anti psychotics and an amphetamine where he gets more anxiety bickers anti psychotics don't help with anxiety but only the psychotic symptoms of too much amphetamines in the system. I am amazed onto how fucked up that family is.
Open file (13.54 KB 474x325 25892982985.jfif)
>>98191 >Cecil McFly face reveal It's not like it's hard to find or anything
>>98191 What time is this? I'm still listening to the fat Canadian retards book club from last night.
>>98191 >cecil mcfly face reveal ? She's had a public insta for ages. https://www.instagram.com/cecilmcfly
Open file (79.95 KB 435x549 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (41.18 KB 432x257 ClipboardImage.png)
Why is every iteration of doxville doomed to fail by stupid fucking retards not understanding how laws work?
Open file (593.63 KB 551x522 1575677873220.png)
>>98198 Why would you expect a descendent of ex-convicts from a former penal colony to obey them in the first place?
Open file (101.36 KB 474x494 ClipboardImage.png)
>>98199 There are too few anons here to take your bait and start to fuck with him.
>>98193 I like the part about how America First adjacent Chaggot is literally a BLACKED spamming BBC worshiping JEVV who went crazy obsessing about black dingus and had to be committed.
Open file (577.46 KB 384x384 15298256323.png)
Open file (80.04 KB 511x768 Ethan Ralph egghead.jpg)
>>98204 Innanet Bwoodspurts.
>>98204 Why does ashton keep calling it ash pergers
>>98204 РРР is continuing to progressively turn into his idol the guпt.
>>98207 Why does he pronounce "perspicacity" as "purr-spic-itty." He mispronounces a lot of words if you listen to him long enough. At this point I am am convinced that he is doing it intentionally as a sort of shit test to draw out the real autismos bickers he knows that the urge to correct him every time he does that shit is so overwhelming that you would probably have to physically step away from the computer so that you don't accidentally expose your own mental problems I would imagine. Not that I would know.
Open file (1.08 MB 924x810 ClipboardImage.png)
was trying to find Toad McKinleys twitter and came across this beautiful and truthful imagemacro
Open file (759.00 KB 910x900 27537532.png)
>>98210 John Mike Kelly is a pedo John Koipedo is a pedo Mike is a pedo Corey Barnhill is a pedo Niggerchu is a pedo Remove the Ogre from your shit meme, pedo.
>>98212 Calm down pedochu.
>>98209 > physically step away from the computer so that you don't accidentally expose your own mental problems I would imagine. Not that I would know. I know bro
Open file (252.53 KB 2518x1084 kiwi vs cow.png)
>>98069 >>97850 Foxdickfarmers are sociopath losers like the Гунт himself
>>98213 Nice one, pedochu, btw, Mike is a pedo jew..
>>97688 >recently he even called ashton out about the irish tranny but that video has been lost to time Remember, when the irish tranny got posted here the thread got spammed with porn no stop for hours.
>>98106 There's nothing wrong about having a kekistan or foxdickfarms tshirt, lol.
how much do you want to bet the Chaggot vs РРР show is going to feature one of Gоdwinsоns gay fwiends pretending to be Chaggot?
>>98219 nah call me naive the worst word known to man but chaggots been in ashtons chat and dming him and hes too autistic to not answer some embarrassing shit. If im wrong fuck him and I hope his gay lover surfer dies.
Open file (225.72 KB 752x489 PPPGodwinsonTLOU2.png)
>>98219 Real Chaggot vs someone pretending to be Ashton.
why is Mutti pretending she doesn't know anything about Lollisox? She is often in his chat trying to become a moderator and some leaks showed her saying to him "what about we meet together with Fuentes next time when you're visiting USA?" lmao she literally wanted a triple date with him and Fuentes. >>98219 No ones really cares about any of that shit (only foxdickfarmers), I'll watch the big dyke only if Surfer is part of the stream or something really happens.
Open file (711.45 KB 1085x623 PPP wasted 2.png)
>Watching Ashton Parks in 2021 I would rather to watch some depressed British DSP https://youtu.be/rd7Y_V5ch8s
Open file (55.31 KB 231x337 Bellesimp on biz.png)
https://boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/29617974 Bel-lesimp spotted on biz. Jk, it's probably not him. Just another ugly, fat, simp loser.
Open file (627.42 KB 1211x684 123.png)
>>98225 it's boring as fuck poopoopee can't deliver bickers he can't fuck with people he doesn't hate earwinson tries to steer conversation to something interesting but no luck hopefully it gets better doubt
Open file (232.63 KB 471x340 sleepwinson.png)
Open file (163.12 KB 938x902 weasel wojack.png)
>No one cares about 3P you pathetic fuckers care enough to be on his chat right now spamming the same boring shit about cuntpirate and surfer kys, faggots
the "Anon" mate is well know to be part of cytube troomstream and a regular post from the board the furfag as well these are the "people" pretend to be the representatives of /cow/ since the troons took control of the board those losers are the ones obsessed with Zoom, 3P and Toad McKinley
Open file (336.62 KB 750x700 Sargoy_gun3.png)
>>98230 >you Go back.
>>98231 >the "Anon" mate is well know to be part of cytube troomstream and a regular post from the board Well known by whom? Please tell.
Open file (251.31 KB 429x517 8591229152625.png)
>>98231 >Zoom
>Troon is already doing damage control
>>98235 Well known by whom?
Open file (381.94 KB 1888x908 TROONSTREAM.png)
Anon, can you explain me how the WEasel cock taste like????? and why you're so obsessed with Son of Tiamat while likes to pretend that JMK is based, hypocrite troon
Open file (234.36 KB 402x385 892562963265.png)
God, Ashton really can't delivery any kino by his own anymore, just shut up, fattie, and let Choggot hang himself.
Open file (80.77 KB 972x632 thedaytiamatwon.jpg)
>>98237 Hi, Sperg of Tiamat.
Ashton for sure is used to family members being over him when he was a child.
Open file (15.14 KB 566x597 pedochu_gunted.png)
>tfw pedochu came back since cake/v/ and /japan/ got PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD on /dunk/ Keep the posts coming pedochu, (you) know that robi removed the "troons" like molidup a long time ago, right?
Why are people angry? What happend with the ashton x chaggot debate I couldn't watch it live.
Open file (3.25 MB 458x512 Nightmare Fuel.gif)
Holy shit, Peeps and Earwinson are instantly reverting to their anglo genetic imperative to defer to their jewish masters. Every time they try to mount a defense he pressures them into obedience. Alpha Jew
>>98250 It seemed boring from what I caught of it, a lot of people remember how fucking entertaining Toad McKinley was during 2019 and to see the state he is in today is just depressing. I recently re-listened to the stream.me TWIN and the difference between 2019 Toad McKinley and 2021 Toad McKinley are night and day when it comes to energy, entertainment, and audience engagement. Back than he seemed like another member of the audience but now that he let the foxdick fanbase get to him he seems so far away now.
>>98252 Link?
>>98252 I understand that feeling but I still like Asthon, I don't think it's a livestream thing with him bickers he destroyed Dick and Rekieta on their home turf. Maybe he's just too cautious bickers Earwinson demands some fifteen hour long faggoty interview slash discussion with these retards instead of a twenty minute screaming match. I believe in Toad McKinley. I definitely think he let the foxdicks get to his ego though.
Open file (620.20 KB 2689x1525 ashton_soy_jewsh_glitch.gif)
>>98253 https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=8CFWlLr_qeI&autoplay=0 heres a link to the stream.me twin from back in the day. >>98254 Toad McKinley didn't cut ties with /cow/ bickers of the Toad McKinley recording him acting like a retard he did it bickers he realized that /cow/ viewed him as a lolcow, a self aware and funny lolcow that >we all used to like to an extent, but >we would never worship him as a fan, >we were more like friends on the same footing, when Toad McKinley got that taste of e-fame he couldn't handle the fact that >we would never worship him like his two idols. jewsh and mister redditor After jewsh, after almost ruining Toad McKinleys life gave foxdicks the okay to no longer try and destroy his life they started to unironically worship and become "fans" of Toad McKinley as an e-celeb and it was all downhill from there. If Toad McKinley is to ever get better he needs to drop the foxdick fanbase and realize that being an e-celeb is truly gay. I honestly doubt that though, his pride is to fucking big at this point, well he had a good run as an entertaining figure.
Open file (475.87 KB 900x900 Phil_Burnell.png)
Open file (723.38 KB 200x113 phil sperg.gif)
Open file (19.34 KB 554x484 phil thumbs up.jpg)
Open file (90.65 KB 750x543 dspinjection.jpg)
DARKSYDEPHIL RETURNS TO CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS COLD WAR MULTIPLAYER https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil
Open file (188.81 KB 422x348 surfer_wtf.png)
>>98255 Almost forgot but another reason was that /cow/ often called out Toad McKinleys shit treatment of surfer on stream and he didn't like that, foxdicks also seem to think they are better than surfer for some fucking reason.
>>98255 Very true. I still like the guy but I knew when foxdickfarms and jewsh got involved it was a doom spell.
>>98257 Surfer is too straight for those pussies. And he didn't show his asshole like a bitch as fap fodder for the fags at foxdick
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvtWoOxhPJE Thomas's Dissent, No More Critical Thinking, Stories From the News
gawd fucking damn it. just once i want ashton to have someone he's been making fun of on and actually go at them.
>>98262 Going on Racket's show and yelling at Dick took the last bit of testosterone Ashton had left, he just follows the barons orders now, private mukbangs, fake interviews and bending over for people like Chaggot for Adam's amusement.
>>98259 >best fwiends with Ashton >can't get a GF bickers he lives with the slob Pressing X to doubt Big League
I dont know guys I thought that chat with chaggot was funny. Doesnt change the fact Ashton has vigorous anal sex with surfer.
>>98264 I'm just talking about how he acts on streams. Too normal for the average foxdick fag. Also too right wing, and not christcucky enough
so, let me get it straight, Ashton become so close to discordspics and the Гунт himself to the point where he deletes comments and is okay to people being doxed if they made fun of him?
>>98269 Not just close to Гунт in behavior, when Ashton did a show with Andy and jcaesar187 dropped in "unexpected", Ashton was downright friendly with him. Kind of felt like they'd spoken before off air.
>>98271 Remember all the times the Гунт got in a fight with an e-celeb and then became best buds with all their enemies? Funny how Ashton did the exact same thing...
>>98272 Fucking jcaesar187, his Гунт must have a lot of charisma, remember that Toad McKinley used to be a big fan of the #killstream live though.
Open file (1.63 MB 1440x2560 zumdefender.png)
>>98274 Hey faggot >>97532 corey barnhill is a pedophile.
Open file (325.98 KB 483x591 ethan autism.png)
Listening to triple P stream and now he is talking to some British dudes. I hope that this stream plus tramadol and oxycontin will get me to sleep. Chaggot's autism stream was fun and interesting onto how much that family hates chaggot, also funny how Toad McKinley just miss quoted chaggot several times where he got a temper tamprom.
Open file (1.50 MB 1028x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Move aside Гунт, a new era of cringe fanart has arrived.
>>98277 I literally just fucking noticed >bottom right pic >the initials spell NTR You can't make this shit up, holy fuck.
>>98276 Well that is nice weakload, was listening to it a little as a well and was enjoying it a bit, here's to less gay fake interviews and more actually fun shit from ashton and adam. bring back TWIN in fact of course >>98277 Pretty sure this artist has been around a while, but I might be mistaking him. it is cringe tho >NTR didn't know nick was a cuck.
Open file (14.40 KB 335x434 chad ethan.jpg)
>>98279 My partner was even saying the chaggot stream was funny. I got a little bit annoyed when she started to call me dielawn for fun. So now I am high from constantly being called dielawn for whole day.
>>98280 >mfw his gf knows about /cow/ auuugh did you explain to her the Гунт?
Hey weakload GF, post his dick for measurement.
>>98282 Is that you KoP?
>>98282 Here Bryan
>>98281 Do you guys not explain the intricate details of the lolcows you follow to your wives/girlfriends? If she doesnt get it shes not the one lads.
>>98276 Wtf happened with your brown ID, weakload? >>98271 19 months ago I told you fags about real Ashton nature, but some fags ignored it >>98277 Redditfrog as expected. >>98279 TWIN used to work tranks to LeoPirate dynamic with the other two, for real, after him leaving its only a hugbox without kino and eventual dicksuckers from foxdickfarms. Earwinson is the only one with some soul and giving some nectar by his own atm
>>98287 >19 months ago I told you fags about real Ashton nature, but some fags ignored it Every anon here always viewed ashton as the cow that he is, the guy spread his starfish on stream, its just sad to see him decline from being entertaining to being boring. I think weakload was right though this time bickers the chaggot stream doesn't seem to bad so far. >TWIN used to work tranks to LeoPirate dynamic with the other two I agree Leo was a good buffer between both earwinson and 3p, he also could operate OBS and was good at asking questions that anons wanted to know. such as the pigs and jewsh To this day I will never understand why ashton threw 3p under the bus entirely, if it was bickers leo did what ashton wouldn't and fistfucked mister redditor than that is pretty gay.
Open file (771.11 KB 746x538 Fear.png)
>>98194 True terror
>>98286 I was riding with a woman on a business trip the other week ago. During the various lulls and stalls of conversation between two strangers forced into a vehicle for several hours somehow the conversation slipped into lolcows. I ended up trying to explain Fed Smoker to a 50 something year old lady and what I think he symbolized about the true and dying character of America. In retrospect I believe that a dose of autism at that level so early in the morning may have been quite the surreal experience for her.
>>98290 lol but unironically you sick fuck. hahaha the fucking autism.
>>98291 I once got drunk and started quoting jcaesar187 to one of my relatives.
>>98292 Im sure most of /us/ have jokingly throttled someone while screaming DO YOU KNOW WHO I AMMMMM
I suppose I took it too far when I pulled out my phone and thumbed my girl in the ass?
>>98281 >>mfw his gf knows about /cow/ >auuugh did you explain to her the Гунт? me and my misses even watched his sex tape together and laughed like fuck >>98286 >Do you guys not explain the intricate details of the lolcows you follow to your wives/girlfriends? don't have to, she watches them with me, she's a keeper
>>98296 Did you sniff the thumb?
>>98298 im not a degenerate like weakload
Open file (60.13 KB 1000x1235 jcaesar_gunt.png)
One time when my imouto was over at my place I was playing jcaesar187 for just a second to see what the jcaesar187amale was up to when she walked into my room. >anon whats that? I then actually took the time to tell her about jcaesar187, she became an a-log to an extent and sometimes ask me about the status of jcaesar187.
Did I ever tell you guys about the time I was dating this hot blonde peurto rican chick? If you ever dated one before you'd know what im talking about.
Open file (4.24 MB 640x360 gator_sexgod.mp4)
>(101) new post whath appendds
If Sandra kicks the bucket are some /cow/boys going to pour one out?
>>98304 >pour one out I will be hoping Гунт does another pillstream.
>>98281 I have given a small story time of some lolcows and she has been in awe at how retarded some of them are. She thinks veeh and Jahans are some of the most dangerous of them, since veeh is into CP drawings and eating, and Jahans is just into pure cannibalism. The Гунт she sees as a strange alcoholic man that somehow got internet famous for his retardation. >>98282 Sorry Brian but my partner will not post a dick pic so that you can marvel at the foreskin. Also she knows of you closeted homosexuality, you fucking fag. >>98286 I gave her a rundown of interesting individuals >>98287 I am at her place, so it is probably why? >>98288 I am right bickers Leopirate was the schizoposting incarnate. If triple P could convince surfer to be there as a 3rd party or something that could be interesting bickers he is like a child that can look at things with a new perspective and that in itself is an interesting take. but what we get now is triple P that knows he has a following and knows he will always have one,so he does not need to change the format. sometimes it is gold other times it's meh. Adam is either in the I don't care or overly excited, it is one of the two. Now, I am in a strange feel where I think triple P made a good job in finding chaggot lore and explain it. that was entertaining, and I applause triple P for it.
>>98308 Based take from (you) weakload, I still like CUNT pirates takes as well in fact of course.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suCd58VPcmI People Are Mean to Me on the Internet, Other Stories
Open file (68.51 KB 680x680 ltgsword.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzW_AxWRj_0 LOW TIER GOD STREAM 2/25/2021/PUBLIC CHAT NIGHT MULTIPLE GAMES
While I'm enjoying the Ashton vs AF arc I hope there's Ashton vs breadtube in the future. Some tankie guy recently "debated" Destiny and it gives me the vibe that anyone from this area of online autism is up for streamed shitshows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB55g2kunNU
Speaking of dox month, guess who autistically doxed himself again: >>98313
Open file (59.18 KB 1024x640 Ukip-1024x640.jpg)
>>98197 >WE Kimeemaru, you're a long way from PedoWood.
>>98314 >mark got doxxxed A-LOGS WIN AGAIN
Open file (2.85 MB 1080x1920 2b 2.webm)
>>98314 >2B Titty mousepad Who gets a titty mousepad of the ass meido
Open file (99.21 KB 1124x1200 soy.jpg)
>>98314 >pure reddit soy Confirmed Mark
He's right https://youtu.be/AK_brfZT1hU no only official foxdickfarms but here as well
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
Open file (1.01 MB 850x827 yin_yang_gunt.png)
>>98319 Foxdicks get automatic dox protection if you have an account there, and ashton's issue is whether that protection is valid bickers she doesn't have a verified checkmark? Am I hearing that right?
>>98323 Someone made a really low effort thread on Tea Clips with little more than a couple Toad McKinley videos and a twitter search for the term "farms". Thread got moved to a members only subsection so it could be improved (or die if no one could be bothered) and a couple of foxdicks got mad over this while a couple of others asked if the thread was even necessary. Jewsh started getting dms about it from people who wanted the thread to be public, so he locked it out of spite. Someone copy and pasted the same shit op and Jewsh locked that one too. Spectre bitched to Ashton about it and then Ashton bitched about it on stream and Jewsh made the shit op public. Her thread is now in the Гунт subforum and its cocks is mostly just bickering over the meta-drama surrounding her thread.
Open file (474.15 KB 421x630 8926398235982.png)
>>98319 >you should only get doxxx protection if you give Jewsh your doxxxxx
Open file (63.16 KB 671x527 Pig Tranny.jpg)
>>98324 She's not a cow, she's a pig. A possible tranny too.
Open file (51.79 KB 575x469 6423342345.jpg)
Cringe AF PAC is live tonight, is there an alog restream?
Open file (261.07 KB 819x1024 EvMJEn6XcAARqFi.jpg)
https://twitter.com/Thejcaesar187Retort/status/1365445088445366273 SANDRA IS ON THE BRINK "THURSDAY MORNING I WOKE UP AND WANTED TO DIE" LIFELONG FRIEND SENT THIS? AAAAUGHGHHH? GAYTOR? WARSKI? Toad McKinley???
Open file (452.34 KB 611x402 ClipboardImage.png)
SWEET SWEETIES!!!! TRUE KING OF KINO-CREW ENDORSED BY DADDY GYM!!!!== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIBBR5_GYsw
>>98328 Imagine being talked down from the ledge by fucking Gaytor.
Open file (196.02 KB 360x659 banri.png)
>>98328 >sir It's a mystery who wrote that.
>>98331 This shit still pisses me off nearly seven and a half years later. Ghost Banri should have told everyone to fuck off, kicked Tada in the nuts, and gone and partied with the tea club sluts every day until his dick fell off.
>>98329 Fake news. But nice "inspect element" 'shoop.
https://americafirst.live/ 15 minutes. 'til CringePAC
Open file (3.70 MB 1280x720 godwinson_3.mp4)
>>98334 Any bets? Will partyvan arrive? How cringe will it be? How many Fortnite dances will >we see?
Open file (368.45 KB 894x894 1517477339608.jpg)
Who are the faggots streaming with 3P tonight? Also he's obviously lurking here >>98329 Pathetic
>>98334 Ashton is streaming it i believe: https://youtu.be/5FuRa6xechE
Patrick where are you? >>98335 Lots of Groyper dorks wearing ill-fitting suits.
Open file (4.24 KB 216x80 ClipboardImage.png)
>>98334 Fuentes' website connects to a domain called "chain.zoomer.link" for websocket. It gives this from the frontpage, so this is probably the endpoint that serves the HLS playlists. I'm guessing that he used something like Akamai for actually serving the HLS fragments themselves. Gonna dig into this a bit more but I doubt I'll find anything.
Open file (49.94 KB 431x192 some faggot 1.png)
Open file (101.54 KB 425x163 some faggot 2.png)
>>98336 >Who are the faggots streaming with 3P tonight? Queen of /pol/ is their obs slave and the other two faggots are 3P fanboys from foxdick
Open file (11.63 KB 354x153 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (24.95 KB 992x186 ClipboardImage.png)
>>98339 Some more info. AFPAC stream just went live and info.json returned data pointing to cdn77.com. cdn77 points to domains hosted by DataCamp https://datapacket.com/ . Seems to be a CDN service bickers DNS returns different IPs for different VPN regions I checked.
>>98339 Fuentes doesn't do jack shit technically. He has a couple tech people he uses to help him with everything. But it's funny people are reverse-engineering his taped-together website.
Open file (31.85 KB 196x200 catboi.png)
Open file (15.09 KB 161x200 fuentes.jpg)
https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream AFPAC II, LIVE ON THE ГунтSTREAM
>>98342 Yeah, the tech here is super weird. - The website queries a domain called foxtrotstream.xyz for the actual stream URL - The websocket connection to chain.zoomer.link - cdn77 hosting the actual fragments It's like they used multiple different things bickers they could.
>>98339 It's probably for chat or notifications, or something like that. There's a https://beta.americafirst.live/ with a button o7, and o7 is the only message sent by wss. The button is enabled/disabled with a toggle under it. Maybe annotations or stickers at a guess.
Open file (43.92 KB 640x480 med_1472011350_image.jpg)
Welcome to AFPAC
Can they not adjust a volume slider properly?
>>98347 The audio is totally fucked. It's far beyond a volume issue.
Open file (116.47 KB 737x952 sargon_tooth.jpg)
>There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats SARGON WON
Holy shit, this audio is hurting my ears. What are they fucking doing?
Open file (259.94 KB 475x462 1576820150224.jpg)
>the audio is gone HOLY SHIT MY SIDES
>>98352 The entire speech is ruined by the audio, poor james he had prepared his entire grifter career up until this point.
>guys bidup is doing tons of things >this is bad Of course it is, why not talk about how little dup did though and that he cucked and let his supporters go to jail. UHHHH BAD OPTICS GUYS
>that background ground loop static Confirmed that they're putting high schoolers on the control room.
>>98356 On top of this they now lowered the audio way to much, fucking tards.
Open file (535.83 KB 1232x778 uhoh.png)
Is this audio/video club project or a fed honeypot op?? cuz now i cant tell... oh wait its just the prelude to a gay orgy
Open file (191.82 KB 1300x645 based_negro.png)
(((NAME THEM))) <....just a joke
Open file (755.32 KB 1156x661 who.PNG)
>we must all pledge >ourselves to nick NICK NICK NICK NICK NICK true cult vibs rn.
MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY this is the movement to save america everyone >she just quoted kiked alaska
>>98358 >>98361 It keeps switching sides so i guess it's a laser pen or something.
Listening to the Triple P thing and the co-hosts are cringy faggots ruining it. Why the fuck did Ashton think making Flamenco his co-host would work out? Also did I miss Flamenco coming out as gay? Cause he used to swear up and down he wasn't a faggot but he kept talking about being gay during this stream.
Open file (181.94 KB 656x668 catboi.png)
Open file (73.11 KB 498x618 Nick_the_Spic.jpg)
>>98343 Here are the originals
>>98366 >Also did I miss Flamenco coming out as gay? Cause he used to swear up and down he wasn't a faggot but he kept talking about being gay during this stream. He's gay!?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP1OYWbA9Qk LOW TIER GOD STREAM 2/26/2021
Open file (8.15 MB 379x332 7g0ttv.gif)
>>98366 >>98368 Toad McKinley just wants to eat nuggies off David's tummy
>>2>>98343 republicans are so gross and gay
>>98370 Fagmencope is fucking gay.
>>98371 @_groyper is a true treasure trove of autism, I need to make a new twatter to interact with that autist.
>>98362 >>98365 >>98358 Stop doubting dear leader Fuentes. You must pledge your loyalty to him, the catboy King. All dissenters will perish. All doubters shall burn in hell forever in scalding hellfire. There is only Christ and Fuentes. You are either with him or against him.
Open file (21.65 KB 588x182 589234742309.jpg)
Make Mom get an uber when she's discharged with this one neat trick.
>>98370 I have VR, why the fuck is he doing that?
Open file (3.40 MB 600x399 fagmenco.gif)
Open file (3.87 MB 567x338 fagdab.gif)
Open file (8.44 MB 600x412 fagdance.gif)
Open file (13.05 MB 400x751 belle1.gif)
Open file (18.74 MB 400x751 belle2.gif)
Open file (455.96 KB 1800x977 Anita.jpg)
>>98384 >>98385 What a sad lad. Like genuinely I just looked at those pics and felt a profound pity for him. This is it, his life is never going to get better than this. He is going to drift along his entire life living in squalor and desperately trying to relive that brief shining moment of internet fame where a few hundred people were aware he existed. He's a faggot so no chance of having kids for the best to be frank No legacy outside of being the autistic whipping boy for a bloated drug addled mongoloid. Just getting older every day with no plans, no friends, no family, no hope, and no future.
>>98387 >pink
Open file (72.29 KB 650x720 DVCWYb9XcAAWjpN.jpg)
>>98384 >>98385 >Doesn't even buy a high quality Asuka figure >Buys some cheap chinese thing Embarassing
>>98387 >pink No, that brown starfish definitely isn't pink. Get your eyes checked.
Open file (83.04 KB 750x751 1613850116615.png)
>>98317 2b does have nice tiddies and obviously a nice ass of course in fact famalam. >>98321 Jewsh somehow is entertaining this week as last week. >>98358 >>98360 >>98361 >>98362 Holy fuck this is a cult just wait until mass suicides are going to happen. >>98386 >>98387 why not fuck a prostitute instead? You can probably pay extra and you can film her while she is bending over or playing with her tiddies.
>>98392 >Mutt's Law You activate my trapcard, The Rare Albino Amerimutt of Racial Hygiene.
>>98393 This is a pic of an average American.
Open file (5.97 MB 400x288 p4cl4b.gif)
DARKSYDEPHIL PLAYS THE BRAND NEW APOCALYSE MAP ON CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS COLD WAR MULTIPLAYER https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil
Open file (90.58 KB 1280x689 hy (5).jpg)
>>98391 project somewhere else, muttni
>>98396 That is a brown starfish How can you say it is a pink starfish when it is obviously brown?
Open file (709.72 KB 3840x2160 1555771523683.jpg)
>>98392 >2b does have nice tiddies and obviously a nice ass of course in fact famalam. I'm just saying, it's like getting a mousepad of tifas ass instead of her tits
https://twitter.com/O7Busta/status/1365755784894808065 this guy is flaunting in front of his cultists how he's wasting their money on luxury vehicles lmao
Open file (362.79 KB 384x239 1611836707889.gif)
>Weakload praising Jewsh and Ashton on recent posts
>>98400 Last two weeks of the Jewsh stream have been pretty good. The video Ashton did reviewing Chaggot's dad's book was okay. What is wrong with pointing out that objectively good streams are good?
Open file (101.72 KB 254x457 kekistan surfer.png)
>>98340 >streaming with foxdicfarms faggots and stealing talking points from /cow/ and anons hot takes and presenting it as his own. Smh, Ashton keep reaching new lows. Eventually Surfer will have his own family and house while Ashton is a single obese closet homo taking the path of jcaesar187 and losing the money of the rent with gambling
>>98402 How long until >DO YOU KNOW WHO AHHH AAAMMMM?????
Open file (74.31 KB 751x650 2131231.png)
Open file (184.37 KB 655x651 godwinson1.jpg)
What's he on about?
>>98399 >louis theroux is doing a documentary on nick Why would he agree to this? Louis is a libtard and always makes his subjects look retarded.
>>98404 Ashton's foxdick thread turned against him and his fans.
>>98404 >2021 Sargon Should be Гунт junior.
>>98401 >bae829 Checking your ID posts make very clear, you're both a foxdickfarms faggot and a discord spic. Kys. >>98404 Friendly remember, all times when something about Ashton got leaked here someone started to spam porn, first when someone posted some evidence about he being into interracial shit and the second time when his irish tranny gf got posted here.
Open file (2.63 MB 2625x4529 pepe_coach.png)
>>98404 >penn//teller A slight of hand school teacher and a big fat loudmouth. Pretty apt in fact of course
Open file (71.74 KB 1920x940 Shock and Avow.jpg)
>>98404 Baron Earwinson is a gift of course in fact, I don't trust him, but at least he knows and understands the soul of the show. That's why I've enjoying his solo streams for months and months even when it lacks some special shine, while Ashton is totally unable to carry his own weight since Jewsh stream. He doing some TWIN again with LeoPirate or some unexpected figure while ignoring Ashton would be priceless.
>>98410 Every time Toad McKinley notices no ones paying attention to him he brings Surfer back on, hopefully Toad McKinley fucks off for a bit and we get some new Surfer kino
>>98404 Godwinson should create his own channel again, no even need to be like his actual format of videos but from time to time make other simple and short kinos like the old days >>98410 P P P never recovered after his stream with jewsh on Dax saga even the few people here who still liked him lost any hope of seeing old P P P from stream.me era back after that disaster >>98413 Surfer has his own channel but he's way
>>98413 >>98414 Surfer has his own channel but he's way busy with job and irl relationships to post any videos by his own.*
>>98372 I can't believe I watched hours of that faggots aftershows.
>>98416 I cant believe how many people on nu/cow/ were or still are unironic fans of these faggots. How low do yours life have to be to enjoy any of these peoples actual cocks?
Open file (113.50 KB 1023x728 1852985285.gif)
>>98417 >you have to be a fan to like something someone does Namefags wish
>>98418 you have to be braindead to enjoy watching fagmenco.
Open file (120.14 KB 554x400 092529295.gif)
>>98419 Or you are a masochist
>>98414 >>98415 That's what makes Surfer fun, he just creeps onto frame and starts yelling about kikes without warning
>>98418 >muh namefags
Open file (707.68 KB 1463x666 canadian poz.png)
Big Dyke is streaming with Tardwarski, I guess is time to cum tributes, no only to Mel, but to Ashton's sister
Open file (3.85 MB 669x641 Kill all the Gays.webm)
>>98398 >tifa ass She does have a nice ass but it's a more contrarian view obviously. Also if one does get one of those mouspads it's an obvious that one will not get pussy if it's not from a hooker obviously. >>98400 If you can tell me how they have been bad streams, gotta praise the guy when he makes a good stream instead of being a sourpuss, like you are. >>98404 OK, so is this larping or is something going to happen? >>98421 Surfer is the fun guy but unfortunately he does not creep up and talk about the kikes like he should've done. There must be a psyops that makes him not talk like he used to.
>>98417 It was decent background noise.
>>98425 what a faggot
Open file (1.14 MB 220x220 bidenvore.gif)
Open file (26.69 KB 499x481 825628592563.jpg)
>>98423 >losing braincells listening to SexTouristCreeps
>>98428 >SexTouristCreeps ==That is a pretty good name of course in fact fam
Open file (118.21 KB 354x286 25605232956.gif)
>PeePeePee going off on tradthot
>>98404 Toad McKinley fans and PigClips simps are accusing each other of gayops and discord faggotry when it's true for both. PigClips didn't enjoy the recent Toad McKinley stream it looks like. https://foxdickfarms.net/threads/ashton-parks-peoples-populist-press-Toad McKinley.69524/page-235#post-8432152
Open file (157.40 KB 281x325 pathpine.png)
>>98429 >==That is a pretty good name of course in fact fam EMBARRASSING
Open file (4.21 MB 640x640 78252986982.gif)
>>98429 It is appropriate
Open file (62.00 KB 713x611 1529185541089.jpg)
>>98431 sounds entertaining, i dunno why pigclips got simps and a following if I am gonna be quite honest famalam. Has that fat fucking porker shown her poontang or any thing else? >>98433 it is appropriate name tqbh fam
>>98434 Its really not about her at all, foxdicks are just mad at ashton fans for being faggots.
>>98399 Wtf? Unless that is a rental, why would you blow money instantly on a sportscar? I bet that dead French who donated his life savings to Fuentes and other grifters like Anglin is pleased to know Fuentes cashed his BTC to look cool in a overpriced sportscar. Even if it's a rental, it's still cringe. That he's just blowing money for fake appearances.
>>98435 >Its really not about her at all, foxdicks are just mad at ashton fans for being faggots Aren't the foxdicks the ones that are fans of ashton parks?
>>98437 Apparently only the extra retarded ones.
>>98438 Foxdicks are all retarded, they are mindless tranny drones of jewsh who hated ashton until jewsh gave them the okay to worship him as a secondary idol.
Open file (135.04 KB 480x409 1504359722843.png)
>>98439 Does Jewsh have a secret tranny harem? If so, why does he not prostitute these trannies so he can make some money'z instead of begging of internet gibs?
>>98440 I know jewsh doxxxes his tranny mods when hes done with them and they have expanded their usefulness but he pretty much does that with a lot of foxdicks mods, regardless of whether they have cut their dick off or not/
Open file (38.93 KB 500x500 1521219008499.png)
>>98441 So Jewsh has a gay harem?
>>98442 I mean I wouldn't be surprised in fact of course weakload.
>>98435 some are mad foxdickers are in streams with ashton when one of them, squire, has been on with Toad McKinley and godwin numerous times preciously. furthermore, so has janny jewsh. this is some revenge for PigClips being told to not interact with ecelebs as well as the embarrassing dm leak involving foxdickers plotting with geniusanus. pretty sure they moved to discord after anus was banned
Open file (15.27 KB 428x343 1519323715423.png)
>>98444 What is going on? Is that why triple P is saying loyalty is the highest virtue now?
Jesh has been spouting literally the same talking points as TP and GW. If they're going to shit on Squire and Spic for coordination then they should shit on Jewsh, too.
>>98445 not sure but godwin's tweets are likely a work. let's not forget how both of them are discordfags themselves and their interactions with the Toad McKinley and zacharia
>>98449 interactions with the Гунтstream/tr00nstream
Open file (161.13 KB 800x450 shiki.jpg)
When will gaytor step up and become Jahans 3.0 already?
Open file (195.21 KB 680x532 1533004611261.png)
>>98451 Jahans is a creative genious and gaytor will never be able to compete.
Open file (835.13 KB 320x180 ltggroove.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyX9Leep-XU LOW TIER GOD STREAM 2/27/2021/MULTIPLE GAMES
who is more of a faggot leo the bum pirate squire of gothos or perspicacity? trick question they're all faggots
>>98277 Christ on a fucking bike. >>98404 lame and gay >>98405 >Why would he agree to this? Louis is a libtard and always makes his subjects look retarded. bickers Nicolás Fuentes fancies himself as the "king of optics", he thinks he is the only "right-winger" who can truly manhandle the judeoleftist press. Reality always proves him wrong [e.g. an MTV documentary a year or so ago], but he never stops trying.
>>98405 He's probably thinking "All press is good press" bickers the line of thinking is more eyes on him translates into more paypigs for the "movement". The problem for Nick is that the people that watch Theroux's docs aren't Nick's demographic and it will just make him look like a basement dweller.
>>98405 I for one can't wait to see behind the scenes footage of Nick screaming about Patrick Casey or berating his OBS monkeys for fucking up the AFPAC audio.
This old friend of Son of Tiamat is paying tribute and swearing loyalty to Nick Fuentes and the Groypers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scmF3wKjnYc Quick rundown about him 1-Furfag, obsessed by pokemon 2-Super snowflake about politics to the point to almost create his own political right-wing view even tho he's a degen and pretentious faggot 3-Used to larp as an orthodox christian for good boy points, probably an atheist for real 4-He thinks he's an expert in literature, has made videos before saying that J.R.R Tolkien has no talent
>>98460 Avatarfagging is a sign of mental illness or severe autism. Either one is a good explanation for why somebody would think that Nicks conference was a success and not a miserable failure.
>>98461 huh wat u mean?
The trannyfarm ashton thread is hilarious. >you're a gay discord op <you're a gay discord op
New TWIN very soon with JMK, LeoPirate and Earwinson. Foxdickfarms will be totally B T F O and Jewsh will seethe when the three talk about he being a pedo.
>>98465 That actually would be based and redpilled, I doubt it will happen since ear and ashton threw CUNT pirate under the bus.
>>98466 Leopirate is based and makes the best cocks cant believe they kicked him out from their gay clubhouse.
Open file (560.00 KB 594x554 ClipboardImage.png)
idk how many of u know about boxing or are fans of it but heres Гунт showing how much of a casual he is
>>98468 but floyds 50 - 0 which means hes the best even at 44 years old and his last few fights being a ufc fighter and a small asian child.
>>98466 The fat Dyke is who did it by his own, I'll schizoposting like Leo for a moment. Imagine that Earwinson set this up, not the whole thing, Leo actually recorded him and Earwinson disliked that, shit and cunt move by Leo part, but Earwinson set up the rest of the situation to observe how Asthon would act. Ashton acted like an obese snake with his typical feminine behavior. Everyone here knows that Ashton really felt jealous when everyone enjoyed LeoPirate confrontation against Daddy Gym on that stream, Ashton sucked Mister Reddikur dick so profusely that he probably still has semen stored in his belly one year later. That was the moment that many, including Earwinson, doubted Ashton's potential and reasons. Meanwhile, even after being thrown from under the bus, CuntPirate never acted obessively to take revenge, never joined filthy people for a counter attack. Meanwhile, Asthon created a shit discord serve full of discord spics, bootlickers, attwhores from foxdickfarms and ofc low tier e-celebs like Ear Just, and we know how it all ended. Since then Ashton is becoming more and more distant from the people, unable to carry his own weight and delivery any cocks, Ashton already admitted that he always dreamed about becoming a famous Youtuber, in the last few months all he's focused on is a vanity project, his wish to become closer to grifter and have his own loyal Sweetie Squad.
>>98469 clearly the guy facing logan paul is going to beat the in his prime active boxer
Open file (47.63 KB 770x437 godwinson potato.JPG)
>>98470 10/10 schizopost anon, not saying it's true, but I could see earwinson doing shit like that for his own entertainment, the baron has a history of stirring shit for his own amusement and its what he has done since his inception on the net.
>>98468 hugweather is boring as fuck to watch though
>>98475 >= auuuugh fucking keyboard-logs!
>>98475 Boring, gonna watch Drumph instead.
>>98477 >tfw surfer only appeared for a little bit
Open file (427.63 KB 553x567 1604439378410.png)
>>98478 So do we skip it like Toad McKinley's regular solo videos or is he in it enough?
>>98480 (((actors)))
Open file (3.59 MB 2332x3465 re ethan rating.jpg)
>>98475 >>98479 This week in cuckada is pretty good of course in fact famala. Surfer is obviously the shining light.
>>98482 Honestly also enjoyed seeing those since it was like the trailer park boys but based.
Open file (1.56 MB 854x480 BRENTON.mp4)
>>98483 the whole surfer and triple P dynamic is the trailer park boys but more indie. If there was a movie where triple p was on script while surfer just talked about the Jews and it was high end filmed, video and sound edited. It would be pure gold, since surfer is his own based character.
>>98484 Based brenton.
Open file (4.00 MB 648x360 abcd.webm)
>>98485 there where many based edits
Open file (645.92 KB 3654x2499 incel to tranny pipeline.jpg)
>>98463 I like the meme except you're scapegoating anime itself as the problem when it's just something that trannies latch onto for their avatars. The problem is deeper than anime. It's about modernity itself, which would include alienation, porn, mental illness, internet usage, and other things. Much more complicated than your meme, focused exclusively on anime. Anyway, I fixed your meme.
Open file (18.66 KB 592x210 supergunt.png)
Strong accusations there, Mr. Gun.ty
Open file (180.95 KB 1080x1740 EvWfMNVWYAckkaS.jpg)
Open file (36.91 KB 486x508 phil profile.jpg)
>>98489 Superhound is a dedicated autist, not sure if Гунт should be so blase.
>>98487 >cuckime
>>98487 The overall problem is that trannies have a dissociative illness to begin with. If you have heard of those that can just change personality over night without a problem, and just be new guy. That is a characteristics of the mental illness but this is allot more serious where they are in a state where they believe they are born in the wrong body. Then they begin to believe in that delusional view to the point of self-harm. It is a coping mechanism but on another level, so it is the persons illness and succumbing to it, instead of seeking help in the early phases which can be hard since what you get is a high dosages of antipsychotics and an SSRI and that combination is quite sedating and not fun. Also one will not be able to do anything without everything being a gigantic strain, or causing a mental exhaustion.. But then again what does one think will happen when psycho pharmaceuticals are given out as candy, someone will snap when an NDRI is used over long periods of time. >>98488 >>98489 Yeah, the parasitic lifeform that is the Гунт will regret it.
>>98493 >The overall problem is that trannies have a dissociative illness to begin with. The autogynophilia certainly shapes it however
>>98490 Thanks joseph.
Open file (53.36 KB 211x320 shitbong.png)
>>98489 britbongs still larping as superhound i see
Open file (287.50 KB 1125x1008 1536305976919.jpg)
>>98495 Dissociative means like depersonalization and derealization meaning that ones questions one identity and reality. It is a profound experience obviously, it is common to get when one has overdosed on bupropion and some synthetic cannabiods plus other substances like Ketamine, memantine, PCP and DXM. But again the trannies have this as a strange cooping mechanism where they are in this strange delusional worldview that is not within reality to begin with.
>>98497 Britbong is out of my radar for a long time, he don't even open his cam while streaming anymore. Majority of britbong a-logs are distracted with JMAA and Fuz. >>98400 No one here really respects or cares about weakload hot takes, he is a drug addicted and a poor excuse for a man. Not much different from Гунт or Tardwarski. >>98460 >weirdo avatarfag, friend of SoT, lonely and with a cat He definitely molest that cat >>98470 Would be kino if true
Foxdick covered that catfucking 30yo virgin incel "trad cath" here https://foxdickfarms.net/threads/nicholas-j-fuentes-america-first-nick-the-knife.64977/post-8441260
Open file (49.34 KB 320x292 9285289285.png)
>>98500 >directlinking foxdicks
>>98499 >Majority of britbong a-logs are distracted with JMAA and Fuz. What's happening with them?
Open file (127.37 KB 850x224 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (153.37 KB 625x982 ClipboardImage.png)
jcaesar187 and Rand are not doing so well
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YB-mlKz6hU LOW TIER GOD STREAM 2/28/2021/MULTI GAMING/M64/BLAPH/TEKKEN/SFV/SMASH
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-GbxaFCxt0 Chilled Out Sunday Decompress Stream
=P-P-P is getting into cryptocurrency. With Surfer. Haha. I knew he was one of the ones here reading my posts on that. He has said several things in his recent videos that I have said myself on this board on a variety of topics so I know he's here reading most things. I know what I have said and when I hear him say something, it's a dead giveaway to me. I had been wanting to do another crypto post so now is a good time. I have been reading some, posting on /biz/, reading /biz/ and making my way around, so I will share that knowledge here for those that are interested. >>98503 It's time for Et-han to post Rand's year-old dox here as some "gotcha" even though we and Bitwave were the ones that doxed him from his mistakes on stream.
Open file (148.76 KB 720x960 ryan and teddy.jpg)
Open file (341.66 KB 640x360 identify_yourself.mp4)
>im tired of rand's racism The conservative mask is slipping.
Open file (27.54 KB 253x170 this feels autistic.png)
>>98509 Ain't the Гунт into optics now when he is grifting the Groypers? So banning Rand would seem optically good bickers the groypers would not like that their neo conservatism would be tainted by Rand's /pol/-light takes. But what I don't understand, how anyone would follow the Гунт seriously, he does not have the comfortable opium takes like Nick the spic has, or any of the other fwend simulators out there. What does he really offer? He only reads the news, gets drunk, lick the boot of a guest and lets gaytor have his hot takes from reddit, and that is the show in a nutshell. Also his audio is pure dogshit, while he is throwing up and trying to swallow the throw up, I don't understand why anyone would follow it seriously. Either the followers are science oriented and want to see how slow decline of the liver will impact his judgment or want to see how organic brain damage is impacting the show and person rambling, shitposting on twitter.
Open file (129.16 KB 1000x603 vb-beer-cheers.jpg)
>>98503 I for one #StandWithRand especially after jcaesar187 used him to get the cuck/pol/ audience then publicly mocked his wife's miscarriage. Release the dirt, Rand, I know you have some.
>>98511 unfortunately he is a loyal internet fwend and will probably only release these things if he feels the need to do such things. If not he is going to bitch and moan on twitter like he did last time.
Open file (39.24 KB 800x450 28532362963.jpg)
>>98506 >umma influencer
"Tomorrow on the Killstream: Randbot and Southern Dingo" fat fuck can't even follow through with his removals what a fucking pussy
>>98503 With Rand gone and Southern Guido now co-hosting the 13th most popular show on TRS, who will be the Гунтs next pet wignat?
>>98515 hes sick of the racist talk, you jew hatin piece of shit.
LIFE, LOVE, AND THE KNOWN UNKNOWNS https://archive.vn/k43aE >The last 9 days of my life have been by far the hardest. My Mother has been in a coma this entire time as a result of a brain bleed and subsequent craniotomy. >In short, the doctors don’t really know much when it comes to whether or not she will ever wake up. They seem to think maybe she will. Then again, maybe she won’t. To say this is frustrating would be a massive understatement. It’s a heart-wrenching affair that I literally would not wish on my worst enemy. I would wish A LOT of other fucked up things on them, but not this. It’s actual sadistic torture. Wishing death on someone would be kinder, in my opinion. >Many of these nights have actually been spent here in her room, where I am now. But on Friday night I was told that I can only stay from 6AM-8PM EST going forward. I was not pleased with this news and made that known, but it still gives me 14 hours of possible visitation time per day. >I’m gonna go ahead and work a full schedule of Killstreams this week, absent a breaking event that I’m able to get in the hospital for after 8PM. >The whole “Can’t Abort the Retort” slogan has sort of become part of my identity, and sometimes it can be a burden. It feels like I have to keep going no matter what.
>>98517 > Wishing death on someone would be kinder, in my opinion. wants his mom dead >The whole “Can’t Abort the Retort” slogan has sort of become part of my identity, and sometimes it can be a burden. It feels like I have to keep going no matter what. <"why wont you die mom so I can go back to my late night talk show!!!!" thats fucking disgusting
>>98517 I hate how that faggot always copes by writing on his little blog.
What is Гунтening, alawgs?
>>98517 brain bleed aka brain hemorrhage and likely high pressure to the brain since they needed to put her in a coma. >she might or might not wake up That is what strokes usually do if they are severe. >that is torture It is more torture when the person is conscious since they can remember losing cognitive abilities. >wishing death is better what kinda delusional world is he living in? Also I hope that he knows that if he keeps up with his alcoholism he can get Intracerebral hemorrhage. >I’m gonna go ahead and work a full schedule of Killstreams this week, absent a breaking event that I’m able to get in the hospital for after 8PM. He better get allot shekels fast since the hospital bill is going to be massive.
Open file (184.67 KB 500x518 sargon_pink_wojak.png)
Open file (944.17 KB 1024x768 ralphroom2.png)
>>98517 >The whole “Can’t Abort the Retort” slogan has sort of become part of my identity, and sometimes it can be a burden Speaking of; FaiFai should be around 6 or 7 months along now, yeah?
>>98517 >The whole “Can’t Abort the Retort” slogan has sort of become part of my identity, and sometimes it can be a burden. It feels like I have to keep going no matter what. He can't stop streaming bickers of a slogan. His ego won't let him stop streaming so he can do his best to help his mother. Гунт is an enigma beyond anybody's comprehension.
Open file (1.10 MB 960x720 trannyboomers.png)
>>98507 lmao this guy fucks dudes
Open file (497.20 KB 1177x959 1879185918565.png)
>>98517 >I "can't stop streaming" so I can julay this for all the pity shekels I can get.
Open file (819.96 KB 1242x1366 ClipboardImage.png)
top kek he sobered up changed his mind again
>>98530 no more racism on the killstream you jew hatin pieces of shit. ayylawgs lose again
>>98517 >>The whole “Can’t Abort the Retort” slogan has sort of become part of my identity, and sometimes it can be a burden. It feels like I have to keep going no matter what. This is possibly the greatest line of all time. I don't think even Phil has ever said anything this delusional. Phil will brag about his "12 year legacy" and how long he's been a creator, but I have never heard him say he only continues streaming to own the a-logs or keep foxdickfarms from winning.
Open file (65.59 KB 598x590 ClipboardImage.png)
>>98533 Do you think he still has this thread bookmarked or did he lose track during all the URL moves?
Open file (98.52 KB 1920x1080 the_gourd_rod.jpg)
>>98530 >racism bad, rand bad, we need more based black guys I really don't get how alt-lite faggots like the groypers took over what was left of the alt-right
>Endchan now redirects to 9chan Wow what a fucking retarded decision by the Endchan staff (which also owns 9gagchan). Endchan has been online since, well forever, and despite its ancient software version was a lot less buggy and had way more users than 9gagchan. What a bunch of dumbasses.
>>98499 Based, especially your hot take about weakload. Anyway, Bribong is probably bold and more fat by now, I guess it's the reason of why he don't open his cam anymore. >>98502 >spoonfeed me >>98503 Based Гунт once again cucking the aussie retard. >>98506 KYS MUTTI No shit, retard, he's lurking here and stealing talking points, details and hot takes from almost all posters, he only streamed with Surfer again bc of people here complaining about the lack of Surfer on his boring shit streams >>98507 >>98528 Shit genetics of course in fact fam.
>>98536 Nvm it's only temporary.
>>98537 >No shit, retard, She wants a lot of credit for explaining the wheel to people
Open file (57.85 KB 827x664 sims 3 kiwifarms dlc.JPG)
>>98537 >>spoonfeed me Yes, bickers literally the only people who follow Britbong and JMAA autism is foxdickfarms. Maybe you like that site but I'm not going there. >>98517 Are ya winnin, jcaesar187?
Open file (64.73 KB 522x470 Randthot2020.jpg)
>>98537 >Shit genetics of course in fact fam. This is the ideal Angloid phenotype. You may not like it but this is what Peak Australia looks like
Open file (316.30 KB 614x799 rand-wife-fat-arm.jpg)
Open file (118.52 KB 720x960 rand-wife4.jpg)
Open file (77.05 KB 960x720 randbot-wife3.jpg)
>>98542 Are you saying you wouldn't impregnate this for the survival of the White race?
>>98543 kinda rocking that innsmouth look in fact of course of course
Open file (1.59 MB 2322x4128 Josh Moon 3.jpg)
Open file (6.72 MB 4224x3136 Josh Moon 4.jpg)
Open file (33.60 KB 800x600 Josh Moon 21.jpg)
>>98541 That Sims character creation isn't fat enough to Jawshua Moonpie.
>>98545 God he is fat.
>>98546 Toad McKinley eyes.
Open file (110.66 KB 1024x683 Burgermutts.jpg)
The elites don't want you to know this but the ducks at the park are free, you can take them home. I have 458 ducks.
This post is going to be a sort of random follow-up of things that I've learned recently about cryptocurrency. It's not a beginner's manual or an introduction. It's for regular readers of /cow/. It's assuming that you're not a retard and you can read or don't get too intimated by more than 1 paragraph. Having said that, I will be concise and give it to you straight, in as little words as I can muster. It's still gonna be a nice big dense post so sip your coffee and enjoy. Maybe even copy the text down in a word document so you can come back to the info here in 1 week when you need it. Lingo: Paper hands vs Diamond Hands: Paper hands refers to traders that panic when the market drops or bad news causes a decline in their portfolio, causing them to "see red" when the market plummets. They panic and then sell to avoid the market dipping lower on the graphs and them losing more money. These are bitches. Paper hands are nignogs that can't forego immediate gratification or pull back to see the bigger picture. They can't see the forest for the trees. They get emotional and easily succumb to FUD (fear, uncertaint, doubt) that shills post on their boards, sometimes causing them to sell before they should. They are panic-sellers. They sell when a coin is declining in price, fearing they will lose even more morney when it drops lower. "Paper hands" meaning flimsy and easily swayed. Blowing in the wind. Diamond hands: These are the real traders that do not panic when the market dips or when Elon Musk makes a shitty tweet which causes BTC to drop. They have an iron mind and will. They don't get flustered like the weak, paper-handed bitches that want to cash out on a loss when things get bad. Diamond hands KNOW the market will recover in a couple days, a week or even a month. You only lose if you sell at a loss. It always come back around. They have a long time-horizon to use HBD terms. They use a long-term strategy to make gains. They are hodlers. Stefan Molyneux has been doing a lot of cryptocurrency podcasts that you may find interesting. I'm making my way through them now. He has been sort of concerned about BTC dropping and some of his podcasts are just pure cope to explain why it's dropping or gaining. He has been complaining about Elon Musk (for good reason) and his shitty Tweets causing Reddit npc's to buy or sell BTC based on good/bad news that Elon posts about cryptocurrecy. Here's how that works: <optimistic news about Elon Musk buying like $1.5 billion worth of BTC (Bitcoin). Result: BTC rises to new record ATH (all time high) bc normie npc's heard the news and then bought it bc smart man bought it. >pessimistic Musk tweet about the price of BTC and ETH (Etherium) being too high. Result: npc's start selling their BTC and ETH, causing the overall price of all crypto to plummet. Yes, in case you were wondering, Musk is a very famous and smart man who regularly gets news coverage for his little PR stunts like lauching rockets and Tesla electric cars. Since he is so famous now and so smart compared to normies, a lot of people listen to his every word and value his little opinions on anything. Derided as "Reddit Willy Wonka" (lmao) sometimes I guess, bc he's such an eccentric CEO like Willy Wonka and Chocolate factory and his followers are pure reddit doofuses. His followers are truly braindead in the sense that they cling to his every burp, passing of gas, and hold it in great significance, even buying or selling their cryptocurrencies based on what this strange-looking weirdo has to say about it on a whim, in one brief thought, that he may not even hold the next day. These are paper-handed pussies obviously if you can let Musk scare you into selling or push you into buying. It's sickening that some rich eccentric dude is capable of tweeting and then tanking the cryptocurrency price or elevating it. It's also alarming that most of the altcoins seem to be connected to BTC and when BTC rises, they rise. Or sometimes, when it falls, they fall due to pessimism or fear in the whole market. Like why does a small coin that is unrelated to BTC have to rely on big daddy BTC when they are separate things? It's only bc that was the first coin and still the most popular so the altcoins still rely on daddy BTC overall. Any news about crypto to normies just means BTC. The broader market doesn't know what a BTC is, let alone the newer altcoins. Who can blame them? It's confusing as fuck.
If you have been wanting to get into crypto, I would recommend you go sign up right now at coinbase.com. This is the easiest site to get into crypto. I say this bickers when you browse /biz/ there will come a time when you might need to get in on a coin and buy it soon before the window closes or before it rises too high in price. You don't want to be that guy getting stressed out bc there is a delay in your account, as you try to sign up at the last minute. You can't just sign up and start buying in 10 minutes. They need to verify all your info, you need to send them your driver's license front and back, perhaps download their app, give them all your personal info (sucks but there's no way around it that I see), let them take a pic of your face, and maybe get your bank to do a wire transfer to their bank before you can start buying. All of this sucks obviously, but you're not gonna get doxed by your enemies like this. And not all of them require that much. It's not much different from your bank having your personal info or the government or getting your pic taken at the DMV. So get over that mental hump and go sign up. Also, different coin exchanges (websites) have different selections of coins that change over time. So you will want to go sign up for several of them at least initially. Don't just rely on coinbase bc there are some hot, cheap, emerging coins you can't get on coinbase. Listen, there is an effect they call "the coinbase effect" where once a coin hits coinbase (considered the most normie-friendly website for crypto buyers), that coin rises in price from a ton of new people seeing it and then buying it on coinbase. So the coin keeps a price bump after getting listed on coinbase. You generally want to get in BEFORE it hits coinbase so that you can profit from that initial bump in price increase, from appearing on coinbase.com. Coinbase doesn't have everything! Especially the cheap coins that haven't been around too long. Y'know, the good ones that are cheap, so you can grab a fat suicide-stack. I'm telling you, you will read a thread on /biz/ and realize you want to buy some of that coin so you can't wait until the last minute to go sign up for Gemini.com or whatever, bc it might be too late by then. Or you will get held up by trying to confirm your cellphone number, or they try to wait 1 week until your driver's license is verified or your bank info to get through verification. So here are a couple places to sign up or buy coins. At least go sign up for the top 3 or top 5 here so that you will have options. coinbase.com crypto.com https://www.binance.com/en gemini.com kraken.com ---------- https://www.coinex.com/ https://www.okex.com/ https://www.investvoyager.com/ https://www.okcoin.com/ ------------------------------------------ Attached pics are all faggots btw. They cry like babies when you go into a thread and basic questions.
Open file (283.96 KB 1000x653 FUD losers.png)