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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2

Alternate names include
Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞
Internet Bloodsports Megathread

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

Links, Information and Lore:
Full Timeline
http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
Archived Threads:
http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
Open file (968.59 KB 1226x720 15259412a.webm)
Open file (3.35 MB 1280x720 26546672a.webm)
>>90507 I find it funny that Brittney being a bitch and talking down to you has given you some kind of femdom fetish where you are getting aroused by being humiliated. Interesting.
>>90553 She's spitting in your face. But perhaps that's too big-brained a concept for your female brain to understand, Brittany.
SECRECT KINO MUSIC DROP! https://music.kirillpokrovsky.de/
Open file (138.40 KB 1017x663 tree 1.jpg)
Open file (48.98 KB 446x600 tree 2.jpg)
Open file (1.61 MB 855x654 tree 33.png)
>>90554 Haha. But you're the same one that posts other femdom stuff like those gifs where the girl is calling you a loser and pathetic. So it's a genre of porn for you. So you like black women trashing you? Shall I call up "Tree of Logic" for you, hon'?
>>90526 Always did believe he was a faggot the way the two of them are with each other always seemed gay to me. also he was never good either, was funny to see him hate on Гунт but Toad McKinley is the same as Гунт, but a little worse cause hes a faggot as well and is less redeeming than Гунт stopped watching everyone after daddy vickers deleted his twitter, it all turned to shit
Open file (2.03 MB 500x380 loser.gif)
>>90556 >But you're the same one that posts other femdom stuff like those gifs where the girl is calling you a loser and pathetic. Yes, they're calling you a loser and pathetic, that's exactly right.
Open file (285.50 KB 746x699 loser.jpg)
>>90556 I wasn't even aware that it was "femdom" or seen as sexual, but apparently it's something you have a vast amount of experience with. But that's entirely on you, Brittany.
>>90556 >hon'? that's really gay
more about Toad McKinley, he thought he was gaining a base audience and thought he was liked when he was just being used as a tool to attack the Гунт. why are all these fat fucks so retarded. grifting faggots
Open file (18.95 KB 225x350 Wicked City - Smug.jpg)
>>90559 >>90560 <"N-No, u" responses. Hehe. Bro, you choose to post these things of your own free will and volition. No one even prompted you. You chose to, out of the blue and in the past. So you can't reverse that back onto me when I make a remark about it. It's your thing, not mine. Playing dumb or feigning ignorance isn't a good look at this point. But y'know what? If that's what you like, you do your thing.
>>90562 >>90561 >>90557 So you're probably a newfag but it's fine. So is this like a collection of a guy's OSTs who did video game work? I'm always on the lookout for good music and background noise. I don't know if I'll like it but from your clips, it seems kind of like folk or fantasy. It's kind of like one of my favorite obscure OSTs here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9o-7rPnZhXo
Open file (3.85 MB 640x360 Justice -DANCE.mp4)
I just spend the day shoveling. Any of you nigs got a good home remedy for sunburn?
Open file (116.38 KB 887x275 cutman.png)
>>90567 You're supposed wear a hat and put on sunblock BEFORE you go into the sun for hours. Idk, put some lotion on it to restore the moisture and elasticity to your skin, especially if it's peeling off or dry. Or rub some Vaseline (petroleum jelly) into it which is used for cuts, scrapes, and burns to help them heal. It's the same thing they rub into UFC fighters' cuts in between rounds. Petroleum jelly (white petrolatum) is very cheap and safe.
>>90568 oh is that what they put on their face. Cutmen is a pretty cool job title too.
>>90566 >So is this like a collection of a guy's OSTs who did video game work? That and some other things he did. He's most well known for the divinity series, unfortunately he died before he could compose original sin 2. I'll check out age wonders.
Open file (440.01 KB 576x566 ClipboardImage.png)
>>89711 the pig nose on this chick reminds me off something but I cant put my finger on it
>>90511 think Amber Clips browses here or does she get fed this from her foxdick discord simps?
>>90575 I would imagine she's here. It's not exactly a secret place.
>>90575 She made that post.
Open file (375.03 KB 840x859 12162519265.png)
>>90558 >Гунт isn't a faggot >>90556 >loser gifs are femdom >>90553
Open file (1.78 MB 480x852 NoBody.webm)
>>90575 the most important question is, what kind of mutt the whale is? she's a hapa or some kind of irish spic mutt? reading her twitter is pretty obvious she has a low iq friendly remember, being fat fuck with your brain power
Open file (182.38 KB 477x516 1923980226862.PNG)
Open file (434.94 KB 473x623 829182392392365.PNG)
>my daddy let me down, but mommy dindu nuffin
>>90579 ain't that obvious that the whale is browsing this place and try to be cool on twitter by posting screenshots from here. But that Russian bitch is so gosh darn hawt.
Open file (189.44 KB 88x88 godwinson_hypno.gif)
Open file (318.74 KB 817x817 Kinoko_Nasu.png)
>>90581 >ain't that obvious that the whale is browsing this place They're all whales, that was the end game. 3 anons, 95 whales, 2 molluscs and a dolphin.
Open file (3.92 MB 640x360 autism.webm)
>>90582 That not fair that only some few anons with autism is browsing this place.
>>90552 >Then he allegedly messaged P-PP about what Earwin said >allegedly All parties admitted this was the case though. Leo admitted to this portion of it, as his secret recording couldn't have gotten to Toad McKinley any other way >However, there is no indication in the recording Earwin knew he was being recorded or even started trolling Leo Yes, clearly those were real stories about /cow/boys finding Toad McKinley in real life and buying him drinks >and doing damage control for that recording There was nothing to damage control though. Anyone who watched Toad McKinleys cocks knew he was a lefty. Nothing was really revealing about the stream other than finding out that Leo secretly records people to try and gather dirt on them. He never got out of the GG mindset
>>90583 she left you again?
Open file (258.65 KB 690x731 cool.png)
>>90585 fuck i forgot to post picture for attention
>>90585 Nah, she did not leave. She had concerns with my oxycontin use, so I stopped and just take some non-narcotic pain medication for my foot. I still make dinner, talk to her and watch netflix or amazon prime. She really got into that retarded spy series Americans or whatever it's called. But I kinda have a problem if she finds my computer since I kinda collect on coomer material while also filling up memory cards from my work phone with coomer material.
>>90588 what happened with your foot?
>>90589 Hopefully it's not necrosis like with Blade. The world doesn't need more toeless coomers.
Open file (1022.37 KB 320x180 dSpdance.gif)
Open file (3.93 MB 866x1080 tasya.webm)
>>90589 Just work accident where I did not sleep for a week and kinda got a heavy object smashed on my foot and walked on the fractured foot for over a day until I got to the ER. I did not really realize I got a fracture until the foot was blue,yellowish and reddish at the same time, then it started to hurt a little then allot. So now, I'm just enjoying some minor alone time from time to time, and then watching watching some dumb shit when she wants to.
>>90588 Who is "she" and who are you?
>>90593 >who are you? Lurk 7 years.
>>90592 uh now i remember that you informed us about this some time ago is she aware of internet things maybe she also have coomer folder anyway enjoy your holidays also what heavy object
Open file (442.69 KB 1198x669 soros.png)
If you are bored... Film Shows Why George Soros Believes in an Open Society https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ElLpcICfdg starts in 2 hours
>>90595 What do you think? She knows about the my cooming on Andy's sister, obsession with nyan and Toad McKinley(she made me delete my 3d waifu folder on my samsung phone) but she does not know I have a hidden computer so I can shitpost on here.. I will not say what kind of heavy object since it was kinda retarded, how I broke my foot since it was fulled with desoxyn and vyvanse.
Anita Sarkisian is a slut 2021 will be the year of Gamergate 2.0 unironically https://youtu.be/u282WntSQhw Anita BT FO https://youtu.be/U4pVZcqqecY Also Toad McKinley is the True queen of /cow/
Open file (902.24 KB 351x268 joke.webm)
>>90597 >She knows >she made me delete >I have a hidden computer WEW >I will not say what kind of heavy object it was the only thing I cared about
Open file (66.83 KB 750x747 light cig pp.jpg)
>>90599 everyone in a relationship has something hidden for me it's the computer, smartphone, ipad and 3 memorcards.
Open file (710.67 KB 720x960 sargoy543435.png)
Open file (673.91 KB 720x960 sargoy52423422325.png)
Open file (820.25 KB 245x209 wew.gif)
>>90600 >everyone has secrets in their romantic relationships
Open file (193.33 KB 473x572 81925252653.PNG)
Open file (120.38 KB 473x572 9826928353563.PNG)
Open file (32.91 KB 706x205 EnIqbkBVoAA4pjy.jpg)
Open file (25.18 KB 537x411 pppover.JPG)
Open file (13.27 KB 844x468 surfer.JPG)
>>90603 >the sponsors care about the cocks their ads are placed on Ok buddy.
Open file (3.09 MB 640x360 intellectual.mp4)
>>90602 Yes, you would need some secrets and let it out over time. Not give her everything so she can manipulate you in some strange way later on.
>>90605 > and let it out over time. That's not having secrets. That's just pacing yourself and having boundaries.
Open file (7.59 KB 473x83 17682928928.PNG)
Open file (214.79 KB 1640x1030 venti03.png)
>Men are stinky Must be your upper lip.
Open file (101.37 KB 255x155 bbc.gif)
>>90607 Yes, that bickers of built up testosterone if they are real men. And if they are like me they have been on no-fap for over a week only to coom inside a girl so it becomes a gigantic brutal sticky overload everywhere.
Open file (63.37 KB 800x533 look.jpg)
>>90608 >weakload >overload post proofs or it didn't happen
Open file (448.92 KB 639x426 Hi Steven.png)
>>90582 >3 anons two of the anons are also likely obese but pretend to be women on line and one is working on getting /fit/
>>90607 Doesn't she sleep with cat shit?
>>90612 Yeah, that's why I thought this lack self-awareness was particularly amusing. As opposed to her everyday lack of awareness.
Open file (309.91 KB 640x356 venti_gunt.png)
>>90612 It was a male cat.
>>90588 dude, you don't have all your porn stored in a subfolder of a subfolder in the folder for some bloatware she'd never check? you're bad at this.
Open file (75.20 KB 571x618 coombrain.png)
>>90588 >>90597 >hidden computer with coomer material >memory cards frpm the work phone with coomer material fucking crhist weakload even the work phone
Open file (3.07 MB 720x1280 download.mp4)
>>90615 Obviously I have sub-folder of subfolders on the ipad pro, memorycards also on the work-phone. The private phone I don't have much coomer material since she checks it every now and then. >>90616 Nothing wrong in having coomer material to get it up.
Open file (266.83 KB 945x1680 NyanRalph27.jpg)
>>90618 Sounds like a good plan in fact of course. If she gets her hands on it, you can call IT to remote wipe it via MDM.
>>90618 sometimes you just get really horny and need to start jacking. Is that so hard to believe? also you must remember that I am on high dosages of amphetamines. bickers if I am not on them I lose my drivers-license. She does not know of my amphetamine problem but she believes I take concerta and fast acting ritalin.
Open file (820.19 KB 716x627 ClipboardImage.png)
>>90620 >>90618 >>90617 >sometimes you just get really horny and need to start jacking I was really horny but then you posted that tranny and it killed my boner instantly. Thanks Kiddo.
Open file (365.49 KB 840x1497 NyanRalph19.jpeg)
Open file (1.35 MB 540x960 IMG_3995.webm)
>>90622 it kinda is, since I need to take them to keep my drivers license. If I stop taking them, the license is taken away, and I'm tested via urine every month. so when I get overly horny I just go to the bathroom and start jacking it.
Open file (232.04 KB 945x1680 NyanRalph28.jpg)
>>90623 So you take meth to keep your drivers license cause your deemed to autistic by the the Norwegian government to drive unless your on meth. As a result of taking said meth you get really horny so you use your work phone to download coomer material then proceed to jack it in the bathroom at work while high on meth. wtf is wrong with Norway?
>>90624 Sounds pretty based in fact of course.
Open file (306.93 KB 800x950 nazbol trannies btfo.png)
>Dup got B T F O, leftyfags are acting like kangs and queens online, more and more youtubers attacking Anita. Gamergate 2.0 will come soon. Fuck Fuentes, jcaesar187, Sargon, Ashton and other fags it's time to be 100% GAS the kikes and race traitors.
>>90617 Does she not fuck you enough or you just inoperable?
Open file (220.20 KB 819x1024 media_EgC0uEPXkAACeGH.jpg)
>>90580 Son probably suicided after being forced to feminize. >>90586 You can eat anything, just not people.
Kinos to make white incels seeth and cope https://youtu.be/9TZ3En550FY https://youtu.be/U3PziJcKDEc
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3RjiFXfnEA WATCH PARTY: Senate Questions Jack and Zuckerberg Redo bickers he clocked out after 30 minutes last night
Open file (116.86 KB 800x533 op.jpeg)
Open file (29.52 KB 198x200 Gsleep.jpg)
>>90629 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Open file (440.26 KB 810x615 tranny.png)
Open file (726.68 KB 795x607 fat JEw.png)
>>90629 >Linking a fat Jew and a cross-dressing male wearing lipstick and growing his hair out. 😂
Open file (42.64 KB 733x403 mgtow.png)
Open file (44.62 KB 755x473 mgtow2.png)
Open file (24.89 KB 758x303 d&cShill.png)
Open file (38.42 KB 837x424 d&cshill2.png)
Open file (12.36 KB 478x113 269995698569.PNG)
Open file (43.89 KB 475x479 98269282986.PNG)
Open file (23.50 KB 474x241 98259812298.PNG)
Open file (18.53 KB 472x221 9815298296.PNG)
>>90639 Dude, i'm trying to expose vagina mind control and you keep posting this inane fucking garbage. Fuck off you d&c shill.
>>90640 >i'm trying to expose vagina mind control Attempt something original for a change. >d&c What? Your multiple personalities?
Open file (12.79 MB 498x473 ltgrun.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOvYJatWu4w LOW TIER GOD STREAM 11/18/2020 GREEN CHAT ONLY/PS5 TEST Dale with the PS5
>>90641 >What? Your multiple personalities? Nice attempt at gaslighting there. DO YOU WANT TO BE A PUSSY MIND CONTROL SLve. Through the process of coupling a female and male will lay relatively still without having sex with the penis inside of the vagina. The process may take up to 15 minutes and works faster and more efficiently when the female is on top of the male. During this period the vagina injects up to 1/2 cup (100 ml) of the copulin fluid into the urethral opening at the tip of the penis, which is chemically attracted to semen, and will follow the semen down the shaft directly into the testicles. After 15 minutes of coupling the copulins will have entered the blood stream and traveled from his testicles up into the hypothalamus (a section of the brain that controls hormones) causing the male to become completely influenced by the needs and suggestions of the female.
Open file (121.23 KB 960x1200 f43g45g134t43.jpg)
>>90639 What's wrong with him? He's sunk to arguing with some nobody attention whore on twitter. He's S E E T H I N G over a dumb whore being a dumb whore. She's obviously baiting him bickers she wants the attention, and he's dumb enough to fall for it.
Open file (93.75 KB 601x508 2f7.jpg)
how do you do fellow julayers? Toad McKinley should really leave amberclips alone. after all, she's just some dumb ewhore/clip channel. Toad McKinley is the real lolcow!
>>90646 This but without the reddit irony.
>>90645 Toad McKinley was on a meteoric rise only to see it completely fall apart. He was so close to becoming an e-celeb too. He'll chase that high till he jams up.
Open file (811.49 KB 1440x2316 John Barnhill drawing.jpg)
Open file (1.40 MB 1440x2316 John Barnhill 1.jpg)
Open file (2.07 MB 1440x2316 John Barnhill extrude.jpg)
Open file (820.21 KB 1440x2316 John Barnhill maximum.jpg)
Open file (869.31 KB 1440x2316 John Barnhill minimum.jpg)
Open file (2.42 MB 1440x2316 John Barnhill zigzag.jpg)
Alright I'm done. So is this Koi? I think it's funny that for his big face reveal, he took his shirt off, thinking he had a good body to show off, but he doesn't really.
Open file (198.77 KB 474x266 ClipboardImage.png)
>>90649 He looks like a titan in the original.
>>90654 You forgot adding all the touhou and fumos.
Is Гунт fighting with anyone this week?
Open file (8.77 MB 1280x720 John Barnhill.mp4)
>>90635 >Some women report having conflicting issues of morality concerning coupling and the effects of copulins producing a false sense of happiness in the male, and others more boldly state they see no problem with coupling and have ”coupled” their husbands while he was asleep. This is usually done in the morning when the male is naturally erect from a relaxing night of sleep. Women have given testimonies about the influence of coupling has on their husbands. For example, they routinely do all the housework and are more eager to spend time with the children. INVASION OF THE PUSSY SNATCHERS
Open file (267.81 KB 596x758 soyjak-tweet.jpg)
Open file (99.21 KB 1124x1200 soyjak.jpg)
The memes became too real
Open file (11.37 MB 640x360 andytarrant.mp4)
Does anyone have the old "My name's Andy Warski, and I hate G​AMERGATEs" song? I went to listen to it again today, and realized that I hadn't saved it.
>>90624 Yes, and it is based as fudge. >>90627 My work scheduled is different also I am of course in fact inoperable.
Open file (106.04 KB 475x410 123456789.PNG)
Open file (119.40 KB 476x488 23456789.PNG)
Open file (58.41 KB 1242x918 EnLJ5TcVoAEvfTC.jpg)
Open file (67.55 KB 1242x919 EnLJ5TeVQAAPlul.jpg)
Open file (61.50 KB 1242x876 EnLJ5ThUYAMJy-Q.jpg)
Open file (79.94 KB 1242x1020 EnLJ5TpUYAEr8Bf.jpg)
Open file (1.87 MB 1124x1200 soy.png)
>>90659 Needs an improvement.
Open file (140.80 KB 474x426 Capture.PNG)
Open file (59.53 KB 473x572 EnLIHhKVEAEW1on.jpg)
Open file (1.09 MB 1557x929 345433.png)
>>90662 Is Ashton the spherical having some kind of bipolar episode or something? This whole fued with the clipping whales is completely pointless unless his goal was to give them more clout.
Open file (398.53 KB 744x828 ppp-butch.jpg)
Open file (4.12 MB 640x480 342355234.gif)
>>90667 I keep thinking it's some sort of reverse psyop, but he seems a little too unhinged for that. Not that he should stop either, but she is kinda of a boring target.
>>90667 It seems like he's becoming the Гунт 2.0. Didn't Гунтy have a feud with that same clipping whale for equally absurd reasons?
Open file (315.47 KB 600x600 1581473858662.png)
>>90669 >>90670 You keep posting whores that you have never met in your life and think they're funny or beautiful or whatever. That is what amuses me. I know you like to coom to Bel-le every day but you will never have her. You are literally spending your seed for a woman that will never love you back, and only sees you as a purse, you know that right? But you will probably realize sometime in your life that there are better things to do than being a simp. But now's not the time so you see me as a fool or whatever. You will end up a single NEET who shits his pants and does nothing but simp for women for the rest of his peak years and then you will look back and realize your mistake. That's what makes you funny to me. And you're probably not gonna read this and gonna just call me names or post Bel-le again bickers you're not only a simp but a simp with no higher brain functions. Meanwhile successful men with better lives than you do actually get pussy out there. Sucks to be you I guess. Real actual women (not those you watch on your screen and simp to) are looking for men who can take care of themselves and literally wash their penis. You don't even do that do you? You're just a pathetic simp who keeps posting pictures of Bel-le like you are getting an own while you cry yourself everyday to sleep bickers your life is going nowhere. Seeing you come back everyday makes me laugh. I have successful job and successful life and all you can do to respond to that is post the same file over and over again. It's truly an incredible feat to make someone so mad just by existing. Lol.
Open file (209.75 KB 438x687 aoc21.jpg)
>>90674 >I know you like to coom to Bel-le every day Citation please, since I don't remember ever posting her.
Open file (227.53 KB 466x469 9815698296.png)
>>90674 Also, if you aren't a woman, you do a good impersonation of one
Open file (12.98 MB 640x360 ANDYAMV.mp4)
>>90660 I don't recall ever having a clean version of it. You can get some of it from the Aim Aim Aim stream, but it's got people talking & environment. It's right at the beginning of this link -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NptDaGVUhm4
Open file (3.27 MB 1280x720 Andy hates em.webm)
jcaesar187 was streaming on periscope at some MAGA cope protest outside with Frank Hassle and pantsu tranny. He sees a random woman wearing tight pants in the crowd and asks chat "smash or pass". Then pantsu says "what faggots" and jcaesar187 immediately screams NOOOOO and goes to turn the stream off. Before he does you can hear him saying to Pantsu, "You're fucking stupid. You're fucking retarded dude. Like, I'm pissed now." in an audibly whiny tone. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1PlJQPWdMbNGE
>>90664 > imperial fist tattoo god dorn is such a pussy :^)
Open file (171.04 KB 595x960 guntjust.jpg)
>>90680 >hosts stupid retarded idiots >is shocked that they are stupid retarded idiots At this point he's practically projecting.
Open file (11.88 MB 1272x706 fuentes_dream.webm)
>>90683 All Nick wants is to discard the homeless parasites hounding him and chill with Carl. It's a simple wish.
>>90684 >a sexual dream of Sargon isn't bizarre
>>90684 what is vee doing of late?
>>90646 Well, yeah.
>>90129 It's hilarious that despite giving you over 9.000 hints you still haven't figured out who comes here twice a month to call you a faggot.
Open file (8.27 KB 142x115 1484351924956.jpg)
>>90678 >>90679 Thank you, anons. This cracks me up to this day.
Open file (118.71 KB 584x448 veetarded.gif)
>>90686 Plays vidya, talks about esjaydoobleyous, drinks pepsi and pretends to be engaged to an escort. He also started to do his own this week in stupid show in a futile attempt to get his daddy's attention once again.
>>90673 But Гунт knows when to stop, at least when it comes to nobodies.
>>90690 So the same as all ibs alumni.
>>90156 >I guess Big tech succeeded in doing their part for stopping Trump from getting his 2nd term by knocking out a bunch of Trump-supporting grifters. They successfully used censorship to get Biden elected. That was only part of the overall plan. Truth is stranger than fiction. What you are witnessing is a coup. They used a combination of censorship, the mainstream media, cheating, and the power of glowG​AMERGATEs to steal an election. Everything has been censored including txt messaging services on cell phone networks. They've managed to divide a country with social and mainstream media. This plan has been in the works for many years and we're all responsible for helping them. They've been studying human cattle since the end of WW2. They had over a decade of data and social experiments run on big social media networks to study and test theory on before going forward with this plan. This plan has been in the works for thousands of years. The Illuminati is real. Want to know how this ends? They will present a savoir who will claim to have all the answers. The savoir will unite humanity under a one world Government. You will be required to get the mark to participate in society. Anyone that doesn't will be starved out or actively purged. There is no going innawoods anymore. The animals are dying, the food chain is breaking down, the only food that can survive in such an environment is the food they genetically modified to withstand the chemicals they've released into the environment. You are a useless eater. You will be replaced by a robot and machine learning software. Trump is part of the plan. He was always part of the plan. The two party system was always a sham. The Republic is a shame. America was just part of the greater plan to make the world government a reality. That's why they said they were establishing a NEW WORLD and not a new country. That's why all the money has the same symbols on it. That's why they all bow down to the Owl. Nations no longer exist and haven't existed in a long time. They will fake contact with aliens. They will promise us peace and the end of war. The aliens will be something they cooked up in a lab. They've been open about having those since the mid-80s. The aliens are some type of cow/human hybrid. What did you think they were mutilating cattle for? It's all just a game to them. They call you goyim bickers they think you're no different than the cattle we raise for beef. Why wouldn't cow DNA and human DNA be sliced just for shits in giggles? Haven't you noticed every depiction of greys has those big soulless black eyes? Don't they look like cow eyes? They tell you every move they're making openly. They throw up their gang signs openly. They laugh about this to your face. It's part of their religion. They have to show their plans in the open so they can say >see the goyim are stupid look they can't even see the plan when we show it to them They worship Satan the bringer of the light and fire. They seek to eliminate the idea of God from the human race. They LARP as the enlightened. Revelations is happening right in front of you and you don't even realize it. All the books say the same things. All the leaks point to the same things. All the books about it are censored or burned. All the people that speak of their plans in plain English are killed. How many have to die before you wake up and take notice of it? There will be a fake alien contact between now and 2030. By 2030 the concept of freedom will be eliminated from this planet. 70% of the people living in North America will die by 2030. No where is safe. Between the drones, space weapons, satellites, and sky net (protip: it's real) there is no where left to hide for the cattle. The rich will flee to bunkers underground. They already have. Where do you think Big tech CEOs are currently giving interviews from? They're all underground in their safe space of a country called New Zealand. The place where they banned the guns, brought in hate speech laws, and mysteriously managed to beat COVID. This place is part of the censorship to. When 8chan was kill most migrated here. Why do you think it was targeted so much? Why do you think it was seized by tranny jannys? Haven't you noticed the same posts they write here are flooding 4/pol/? It's the same people. They just want to gather your information and control the narrative. Why do you think tor posters make them so angry? Robi is a fool. He gives these people power bickers they stroke his ego. They are not his friends. They are the enemy of all people. If you don't own a gun you should get one. Go down fighting. Take as many of them with you as you can. Make them earn their NWO. They're going to get it, at least for a little while. We don't start winning again until Jesus returns. Beware the false prophet. Don't fall for the alien hoax. Stop watching television.
Open file (16.21 KB 800x1300 transparent_oldfag.png)
Open file (18.57 KB 800x1300 john_gaytor_3.png)
>>90649 >>90650 >>90651 >>90652 Fucking based. I just made two new gaytors one could serve as a template of sorts GAYTOR IS NOT AN INDIVIDUAL HE IS AN IDEA >>90693 Is this pedochu or muttni?
>>90693 I hate to be the one to tell you this, but aliens are very real. They're what's behind all of this. Greys are what they plan to turn you into bickers they can contain the human soul and be completely controlled by them. Greys also represent a way for a cosmic predatory intelligence to work out every possible means of their prey becoming too aware to be their prey. The human soul is their food and they're what's behind what we call reincarnation. You're supposed to remember your past lives. They are both psychic predators and spiritual predators bickers to own the soul of your prey is to never have to worry about food again. That's what the Jews have always called G-d. You're on the verge of being spiritually enslaved and yet you can't see it. You only see the slavery of this life; not all that will follow it. You should probably know that you're doing exactly what they want you to do. They want you to think this goes no further than humans, and this life, bickers then you'll waste your last opportunity to oppose this planetary acquisition fighting each other instead of them. No one is coming to save you. If you fuck this up it's over for you. Forever.
Open file (106.90 KB 290x514 Running_Titan.png)
Open file (280.72 KB 595x401 john.png)
>>90633 >>90634 Hey Niggerchu and Mutti, you two will never fit in [spoiler]no matter how hard you two try on a daily basis[/spoiler ]>>90653 Yes, especially this one
>>90696 >[spoiler] kek
>>90696 Attack on pedophile
Open file (2.08 MB 165x115 c2f.gif)
Open file (481.87 KB 500x283 310022344665.gif)
>>90697 Bully him for the linebreak, but it's valid lynxchan syntax.
>>90696 >] kek >>90700 happy?
Гунт IS LIVE SCREAMING https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream
Open file (45.51 KB 288x358 612677851844.jpg)
>>90703 The hls segment lengths seem to be variable on 720p for some reason. #EXT-X-TARGETDURATION is jumping between 10 to 13, and buffers when it does so.
>once again after being called out G​AMERGATEchu use opera vpn to reply his detractors
>>90693 This is a great post but too conspiratorial for my liking. I'm intrigued but at the same time I can feel you going astray and slipping into Alex Jones/Daily Stormer schizo level of territory. Also, how does Covid-19 fit into this? To make people more compliant to the coming new world order by forcing masks and vaccines? The religious part is a little irksome too. Are you Goldstarcaller/Farmfag? He was also religious and conspiratorial. I'm guessing you take drugs. I can also tell you took the idea from Watchman about humanity only being united by an external threat: aliens. So the governments on the threat of nuclear war during the Cold War creates an alien who wipes out part of humanity (false flag alien attack) to make people and countries put down their weapons and unite to face this new threat to humanity: the aliens. Anyway, I capped it just in case parts of it come true in the future. >>90694 It's good to see the thread humming with energy for once. >>90696 Oh yeah. Now I see the resemblance. It's bc he's nude like the Titans and his mouth is open on the soyjack pic and the hair.
Open file (452.29 KB 1058x611 PPP depressed.png)
Open file (503.95 KB 950x617 PPP no glasses.png)
Open file (708.20 KB 1086x621 PPP wasted 1.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6ANRS0F0w0 "The Biggest Loser (fat show)" reality show tv candidate is going live at 9 PM EST.
Open file (317.05 KB 220x307 Conor laugh.gif)
Open file (1.09 MB 1557x929 345433.png)
TEA BAGS IS CANCELLED PARTY LIVE IN 10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6ANRS0F0w0
Open file (143.63 KB 383x484 marisa03.png)
>>90710 >P​PP no glasses.png That's cursed. jcaesar187 with hair.
Found these two year old bookmarks on my browser. Good times.
>>90715 Only oldfags remember when Zoom was corey barnhill the pedophile not some chinese spyware used by boomers to work from home.
Open file (1.54 KB 140x39 22222.png)
Open file (845.84 KB 1280x720 donga_sun.png)
Open file (14.22 KB 341x174 warski_live.png)
Open file (382.25 KB 800x1400 gaytordesu.png)
>>90716 Yup, I rember.
>>90717 >mfw im in the screenshot
>>90718 One more time and I think >we will have to jump him out of the /cow/llective. Disgusting opsec.
Open file (142.12 KB 365x365 pp.png)
>>90709 >I can also tell you took the idea from Watchman about humanity only being united by an external threat: aliens I think that was more inspired by Project Blue Beam, a theory by a French investigative reporter that NASA would develop sufficiently realistic hologram technology to fake alien contact.
Open file (899.68 KB 1078x807 617250063274.jpg)
Open file (969.35 KB 699x716 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (113.59 KB 1200x896 sargon_vordrak.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRQnbL0O0Ro FINISH WATCH PARTY: Senate Questions Jack and Zuckerberg
Open file (8.52 KB 380x113 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (95.24 KB 960x720 JMK teen.jpg)
>>90725 Thank you JMK TRSperg. Btw, who's the old man? Not daddy, is it?
Open file (138.37 KB 802x434 LOU2 - Please Stop.webm)
>>90725 Also...
Open file (4.55 MB 3264x1632 ClipboardImage.png)
>>90730 I assume it's JMK's father
Open file (89.03 KB 960x638 JMK cooking.jpg)
>>90732 Why do you hate P-PP, John? Btw, I like this pic of you cooking in that old house. Kind of quaint.
>>90733 Why do you think I'm John?
>>90734 Bc you repeat all of his talking points, mirror his viewpoints exactly, and defend JMK like he's Jesus Christ incarnated. You are exactly what JMK would look like on a board. Now go back to posting anime girls, hating PP-P, hating Jos-h Mo-on, and your other quirks.
Open file (353.31 KB 1536x1536 drblowhole2.jpeg)
>>90735 Take your meds Ashton.
Open file (35.18 KB 244x93 ClipboardImage.png)
All becomes Гунт
>>90738 will they change their flag to Гунт colours?
Open file (111.92 KB 403x403 sswojak.png)
>>90739 My partner found my coomer memory card number 2 and put it inn a stupid Kodak polaroid camera that she bought and take stupid pictures with. Now I've lost 512gigs of coomer material.
>>90733 >that's a catholic household no wonder he fucked his sister
Open file (3.93 MB 866x1080 tasya.webm)
>>90741 Is the sister hot?
Open file (126.60 KB 960x638 JMK with 5 sisters.jpg)
>>90742 It depends on the sister chuckles
Open file (206.90 KB 478x434 123456789.PNG)
Open file (372.13 KB 468x618 2232563366236.PNG)
Open file (190.99 KB 1149x1717 EnP-34pUYAA8Unb.jpg)
>>90721 And it continues
Open file (366.11 KB 474x712 ClipboardImage.png)
>>90745 >do you feel in charge Your videos... and views... have been useful, until now.
>>90745 You're a big guy.
>>90747 Especially after PeoplesPopulistPecker showed my old post last night saying I was TeaBags. >>90603
Open file (119.11 KB 600x600 pppathetic.jpg)
Open file (474.15 KB 421x630 elatedsurfer.png)
Open file (313.19 KB 1258x702 ppp_no_clout.webm)
>>90735 >mirror his viewpoints exactly but I don't (You) autistic retard. Pay closer attention.
Open file (1.09 MB 1557x929 345433.png)
Open file (18.02 KB 908x132 ClipboardImage.png)
I think Giuliano might be right bros.
I found an old video archiving JF talking about the hypocrisy of Nick Fuentes's optics cucking. Saying that eventually the media will go after Nick for the edgy things he has said. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FLK_r-i01g
Open file (119.92 KB 450x450 amber-deal-with-it.jpg)
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
Open file (88.61 KB 600x450 vg-1368417969042.gif)
>>90552 >>90553 >nobody will notice it's me if i start torfagging <proceeds to post the exact same armchair psychonalitic shit he/she/it posts without tor <"you clearly don't belong on an anonymous imageboard, go back to facebook or reddit" >WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, HOW DARE YOU LARP AS AN OLDFAG AND TELL ME TO GO BACK TO WHERE I BELONG >>90674 >>90712 >brazenly samefagging >>90596 >private video lel >>90754 >trannyfarmers once again claiming they invented the wheel >mentioning other grifters except the grifting owner of the channel he is posting on
Open file (3.20 MB 350x488 burning-ppp.gif)
Open file (772.55 KB 726x856 DHotILq.png)
>>90757 >I am bad at interpersonal relations and conflict resolution >so I decided to run an internet forum
Open file (87.72 KB 612x347 ClipboardImage.png)
>>90758 >>90758 >can't think of a clever thing to say on a basket weaving forum <meme arrows for instant karma Upboat for you underrated post family
>>90757 jewsh: i am a libertarian and free speech absolutist also jewsh: DICK STOP SAYING MY USERS ARE FAGGOTS, I USE YOUR SITE AND IT'S MAKING ME LOOK BAD
>>90762 calm down schizo
Гунт is cucking digibro with his (ex?)wife
Open file (141.66 KB 768x1024 1596488391089.jpg)
>>90740 You need to ditch her weakload, you dumped her for a reason, if you let her she'll find all your hidden coomer material and delete it all What happens when she finds your nyans? It's 2020 you can't rebuild your collection now
>>90765 ??? Is that who pantsu is or are you talking about something else?
Open file (980.12 KB 496x236 BYrw2ua.gif)
>>90764 >imagine being this triggered on a basket weaving forum Upboat for you underrated post family
>>90765 Don't think they were ever married. Digi went tranny and now has a bf. Pantsu got an onlyfans, seems she's cloutchasing.
>>90770 >Digi went tranny and now has a bf I give it 3 months before he declares all men are grabby rapist chasers and announces himself as a transbian
Open file (3.09 MB 700x392 I AM NOT REDDIT.webm)
>>90768 Nice touch with the imgur filename, lad. Really stacks up the irony.
Open file (363.65 KB 1280x854 2039op.jpeg)
>>90767 yeah pantsu/may
Open file (533.91 KB 1536x2048 EnNaQ9bXEAEg3Bv.jpg)
Open file (2.63 MB 2625x4529 pepe_coach.png)
>>90778 >t-shirt over long sleeve >gopro in hand Aheady getting into the long distance father mentality.
Open file (450.10 KB 2048x956 EnNlqWqXIAQhoHB.jpg)
Open file (8.65 MB 1280x720 GuntxPantsu.webm)
>>90780 Kino ending
>>90780 >They cropped the Гунт out
Open file (82.63 KB 180x198 Gpilled2.png)
Open file (446.38 KB 588x520 1112389259114.png)
Toad McKinley promoting some unintelligible roastie on his channel. Imagine promoting something so gay and cucked. Coachcoin up 14 percent.
Open file (2.11 MB 200x150 1572531740313.gif)
>>90784 Savage.
>>90784 >jcaesar187 is fucking tiny Yeah we've already seen his disgusting sex tape.
Open file (496.66 KB 800x728 ralph-gunted-earth.jpg)
>>90784 Fucking tiny and YUGE all at the same time How's that possible, ladies and gentlemen?
Open file (17.30 KB 889x142 982629859256.PNG)
Open file (77.01 KB 1280x720 89269823692836.jpg)
Open file (442.02 KB 854x480 WHAT.webm)
Open file (1.85 MB 500x683 RWDS.gif)
Open file (920.15 KB 500x367 japshock.gif)
>>90791 It's starting to seem like the Teaclips drama was manufactured kayfabe so that PP-P could do ASMR and try it out for as long he wanted. He knows Teaclips would never vanish so it gives him an excuse to experiment for awhile without being held responsible for it.
Open file (7.17 KB 243x205 dspdisgust.jpg)
NO Гунт? DARKSYDEPHIL PLAYS CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS COLD WAR FRIDAY NIGHT MULTIPLAYER https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil https://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil
>>90793 Yes! His secret dream is to be a heart throb for women, I think. At least it was a mercifully short video. I guess the gurl simps sliding into his dm's has gone to his head.
Open file (359.92 KB 708x448 coach_and_mel.png)
>>90795 Ashton is just copying Coach kino. Recently Coach found some boyfriend asmr stuff and was talking about how funny he thought it was and put out a couple of videos. That fat dyke doesn't have a single original idea ever all he can do is copy other people and suck at it. YAAAAAAAAAAA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2RyZJxllzM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs25Ud7LRfo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klhms9Zi0ZE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REGc5EbKv_k
>>90796 The boyfriend ASMR stuff I think is actually copying PO bickers he uploaded a video of a fake Toad McKinley doing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhPDWxgr70s
Youtube is becoming a fucking hell since Dup got PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd Anyway /byb/ stream right now https://youtu.be/yxwTYpOKdgY
>>90797 No it's not a fake 3P, PO just clipped a 3P video and uploaded it https://youtu.be/hkbzD9nT6qA?t=5154
Open file (489.43 KB 763x491 Eh86-naX0AAKmXZ.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw_kzKuZGnI Whiskey Review: Kyle Rittenhouse, Legal News and Chill
Open file (9.77 KB 225x225 Picasso - Jew.jpg)
Sargon triumphant! Akilah Hughes PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBleiHXKvH0
>>90803 It. Was. A. JOKE. Akilah. And you obviously? Do not get jokes? So now you're paying me thousands of dollars? bickers you got triggered. Over. A JOKE. Akilah. You black G​AMERGATE.
Open file (16.18 KB 200x151 low_tier_pissbottle.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoyS39X8JNM LOW TIER GOD STREAM 11/20/2020 GREEN CHAT ONLY
Open file (371.29 KB 781x296 7.png)
Open file (198.10 KB 472x405 681292318256125.PNG)
Open file (170.29 KB 2048x1364 EnWznHeWEAgr49w.jpg)
Гунт getting ass mad at some oath keeper tard ranglers trying to keep people off the staircase. DO YOU KNOW WHO THE FUCK I AM! I AM jcaesar187 OF THE KILLSTREAM
Open file (171.04 KB 595x960 guntjust.jpg)
>>90810 >militia men gaf about my self-importance
Open file (6.44 MB 576x1024 KyO+PImn.mp4)
>>90790 >all members of the aut-rite, including РРР, turn out to be homosexuals with a weird BDSM fetish every time
Open file (210.68 KB 637x222 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (577.46 KB 384x384 guntjak.png)
Гунт raging at his chat
Open file (850.16 KB 175x200 9182332653263.gif)
Abortion Pey is with them now.
>>90813 is this her baby's father? I heard it was an asian
Open file (5.80 KB 255x198 screwyouroptics.jpg)
>>90813 I remember live-watching the 1st year of Millennial Woes' Christmas streams and he had a bunch of people on. Most were avatars but Adam Wallace proudly and defiantly was showing his face on cam, saying we can't be scared of the enemies and we have to proud of ourselves. That more people need to stand up and that we can't win anonymously! He had long hair back then. Fast forward a couple of years and the larping had taken its toll on him. He appeared on an "le evil alt right" documentary in his narcissistic thirst for attention, portraying them as losers and he let the female journalist butter him up, talking to her and giving them hours of him talking with his ideas. Shortly after the documentary aired, he was humiliated and deleted his entire channel in shame or abandoned it (I can't remember). He stopped making videos and said he was going to become a monk or something strange like that. But hey, at least he didn't become an irony bro like so many of the black-pilled weaklings who put all their eggs in one basket, got burnout, and blamed altright leaders bc they got too invested in their narcissism by face-doxing and doing outrageous stuff dancing like monkeys for attention and wrecked their lives.
>>90809 The homosexual mexican child is still shilled by every media outlet that's supposedly on the right and yet there are idiots who still think he's not a glowG​AMERGATE. Fuck this garbage, democracy is already a dead system and anyone who dares to put faith in it must be put in labor camps and chemically eunuchized.
Open file (5.97 MB 400x288 p4cl4b.gif)
DARKSYDEPHIL CONCLUDES THE CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS COLD WAR CAMPAIGN http://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil http://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil http://www.twitch.tv/darksydephil
What is it with battle of the whale clip channel and PeePeePee? >>90766 You got a point fellow nyan anon. I was made to delete all of the nyans on my samsung private and work phone. I think she does know I'm a coomer but she has me by the balls, so she controls how much I am on the xbox series s. I left when it became too much work and she had allot of control over what I could and could not do. Now she is allot better, since she can cook some food and is only so and so much demanding, so now I can play a vidya for an hour and longer if I use stadia or xbox game pass streaming services.
Open file (5.58 MB 720x1280 pig_with_tits.webm)
>>90824 Your girlfriend lets you play a whole hour of google stadia! 100 wholesome keanu chungus! My partner only lets me play fifteen minutes for every chore I do.
Open file (41.61 KB 655x509 4nough.png)
>>90826 What the actual fuck is he trying to do here? Has Ashton finally gone off the deep end?
>>90827 His ASMR faggotry continues.
>>90828 Yeah but I don't understand the purpose of him doing this.
>>90830 I bet Phantom Furfag is paying him to do it.
>>90830 Terminal ecelebdom. It was already pretty clear from the teaclips videos, but he's gone completely off the deep end. He probably sees himself as one of the tgwtg crew he aspired to become during his childhood, it's just reviews, commentary's and schizoid garbage like the asmr stuff now.
>>90830 He seems to think his every utterance is golden.
Open file (266.84 KB 402x392 871218256825625.gif)
Open file (27.21 KB 140x133 1541102869008.png)
>>90824 >Now she is allot better >Now I can play an hour of xbox a day And what does she make you do the other hours of the day?
>>90827 >finally
Shitwave crashed so hard the catboy's streamkey isn't working. He has resorted to reading superchats via Telegram videos.
where is the bell delphine paypig? I need new fap material!!!
who's the schizo from the nastyass pornomaker threads? A scorned paypig maybe? I know it was the ex who released the sex tapes of her sucking N​IGGER cock so maybe him?
>>90789 jcaesar is the definition of a butterball. Short and fat.
>>90842 got you covered fam
At one point in that Atlanta protest with Fuentez and jcaesar187, Nick is giving this impassioned speech about the future of America and the oligarchs who run it. As Nick is giving this speech you can hear jcaesar187 loudly grunt "posting that sticker is an instant ban chat, i'm warning you, i'm not fucking around".
I'm really high right now but I just really wanted to say that I miss /b2/ and I feel empty and alone.
Fuck image borads suck!
And they'll never be good again.
>>90856 What are you high on anon? Also got any pictures you want me to make 2d traces of?
Open file (94.66 KB 634x476 pedosonthethrone.jpg)
Open file (116.86 KB 800x533 op.jpeg)
>>90859 Weed.
Open file (835.13 KB 320x180 ltggroove.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TBQd4C1eSI LOW TIER GOD STREAM 11/22/2020 GREEN CHAT ONLY/3 hours
Open file (103.04 KB 717x1092 EnXIuDjWEAcIsDS.jpg)
>lives in a tinfoil tent >tells you to trust everything the government and mainstream media says
>>90864 Dis be america
Open file (46.47 KB 2048x1364 spic_femto_transparent.png)
>>90809 Auuuugh what demons or monster should I put in the backround anons? Was trying to mirror that iconic shot where Griffith looks at the camera like a faggot.
Open file (264.51 KB 794x1178 xxx.jpg)
Open file (119.92 KB 450x450 amber-deal-with-it.jpg)
Open file (3.20 MB 350x488 burning-ppp.gif)
Open file (531.37 KB 2048x1536 surfer taxi driver.jpg)
>>90869 >this normalfag shit Are you gonna post the faceberg dog meme next?
Open file (6.44 KB 235x214 images (7).jpg)
Open file (299.25 KB 500x714 robi-pathetic.png)
>>90781 >NOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I COULD LOSE MY PRECIOUS MONETISATION, VERIFICATION AND PARTNERSHIP YOU GAWDAMNED RETARDED BITCH How pathetic is the life of those who center their lives on nothing but internet welfare, social network checkmarks and (imaginary) positions of power on a fringe website. How pathetic it is to excise all of the fun words in life (faggot, G​AMERGATE, etc.) bickers one is a husk of a man, thirsty for dopamine and internet bucks. >>90866 >what should i put on the background A LGBTIQPBBQ+ Pride march, A Cinco de Mayo march, or both.
Open file (134.18 KB 475x414 801283925625.PNG)
Open file (213.81 KB 474x585 8268253235823.PNG)
Open file (987.78 KB 1920x1080 spic-femto-anal-fisters.jpg)
Open file (1.94 MB 352x240 1577464969099.webm)
>>90837 OK, making coffee in the morning, collecting trash, cleaning and tidying . making dinner since she want what I call advanced dinner which takes preparation to do. Then it is watching netflix or prime, she has really gotten into watching retarded shows. Sometimes in the weekends I need to help her folks with thing.
I’m here to do standup. I’m here to tell you about that one time I went to the store and I wanted to buy uh new cereal brand but there were only four cereal brands. I’m looking to buy—so I go to the store, and I- and I want to buy another brand of cereal but there’s only 4 brands of cereal there’s Kelloggs, there’s general mills anduh the other two brands of cereal and I- and I’m here to tell you about my experiences there’s the Kroger brand – I don’t like the Kroger brand, I know it tastes the same but I feel like they do something to it to make it cheaper, I doubt it’s real food. Um please don’t leave please don’t leave please don’t leave dude I- this is my first gig that I’ve ever gotten, c’mon dude please don’t go please don’t go, I’m trying so hard man, I try so hard I try so hard for you I try so hard for you. See, Carson, Carson wasn’t actually losing, he wasn’t he wasn’t leaving, sorry not losing, he wasn’t leaving bickers he thought I wasn’t being funny, um he was leaving bickers he w- he was using as an excuse to use the bathroom or something and so I’m um um he by- he he did it to insult me as well but you see, I’m funny. They call me funny man bickers I tell jokes, they call mr funny man, uhh I have a twitch channel and a youtube channel, you should subscribe and follow those bickers I’m funny. And I tell jokes on those streams um I make- I’m like they call the- uhh you can call the best of carson video the best of Toad McKinley bickers look at me – they call me man of the hour bickers I’m man of the hour and however many minutes long this video is. Basically, I uh am not being paid at my job as an intern at the Kroger and I need the money to pay for my daughter to go to college. She’s- she hasn’t been born yet as I don’t have a- have a mate. But you know, it’s j-just just called uh just called uhh preparing for the future. Which is what I’m doing now on on- by streaming on twitch. I’m looking for a Mate, preferably of female gender within the age range of 18 to 20 years old and uhh I’m looking for a soulmate. I’m looking for any woman’s love or affection, nothing nothing nothing brings me joy anymore. And I believe the cure-all to be the-the warm embrace of a woman. Please. I’m so desperate. You missed a riiide carson. Did someone clip it? someone better have clipped it. You better put that clip in chat cause this is soo important. Hm, okay I dunno about that. It’s called just chatting carson and I’m just chatting. Mr Films? 19 subs? That’s not a very round number. Could you gift one more sub? \~walking out from our house Christmas eve, you may say there’s no such thing as santaaa, but as for me and grandpa, we believe\~ Do you like jake spakenheimer? Or grandpa spakenheimer? Or grandma spakenheimer? Or doofus, which I believe is the name of the dog? Anyway, chat let’s get back to business, I’m looking for a— -- a bride to be — -- tue a statue — -- I just need the love, I just need the love of a woman — -- and I’m such a sad, unbelievably sad person and I need love in my life uh, particularly that of a female ummm who has umm amiable features, umm well put together structure, umm and a Whole lot of heart. And a affinity for video games. I just want a gamer bride. P-preferably one that’s partnered on twitch, and is verified on twitter, so like, you know, like you get like the full package. I want her to wear nothing but swimsuits. Um men’s, like like 1930’s men swimsuits where there’s like black and white stripes all the way up and down. And I want her to marry me the day I meet her in Las Vegas, California. And we’re going to go to the place and Elvis is going to be the person, the the guy who gives me my wedding license. My my my my my bride will be beautiful in her 1930’s men’s swimsuit she’s going to be and also there’s going to be one of those 1930’s changing tents that are also on the beach and there’s going to be one of those swimsuit cops as well to make sure her swimsuit is the appropriate length as to not draw eyes of any um any unwanted parties. Especially the Elvis Presley that’s going to be getting us hitched. Ummm I’m just looking—so that’s my, that was um that was my ultimatum. If I don’t get that, within the allotted time of 3 months, uuuh, I’m going to uhhhh Stop. Everything. Until I get what I so desire. Please Please Please Please any women out there who fit the description I have so graciously provided, message me on Instagram, I’ll be sure to respond if you are hot, if you’re not hot ummm uhh. I’m sorry I don’t know what to tell you. You-you’ll know, you’ll know if you’re not. Anyway, that’s me. I’m looking for a woman of with a strong foundation of concrete and rebar and like like a like alike a stone, I need a rock. I need a breadwinner. But it needs- I need a lady, who will- who will carry me up the stairs and tuck me into bed and is between the age of 18 to 20 years old and is attractive to my personal specifications. I just want- I just want a high five and a slap on the ass from my beautiful bride-to-be and then I will- she can have all the money and all the cars and all the house—I’m just looking for the love of my life.
I’m gonna put an ad in the classifieds, I’m gonna make a craigslist post, I’m gonna be- I’m gonna- the ad’s going to read: “looking for a structurally super — -- hot babe -- -- the stock market has crashed, the world is coming to an end — -- um in case you didn’t know the star wars films are actually based off of the time period of the 1940’s uuuh late 1930’s, mid to mid 1940’s and the star wars films have.. s like cause the stormtroopers -- - uh r saga, the national treasure saga with with the um Nicolas Cage as the main character who’s name I can’t remember is it- I think it was Benjamin — -stroying I need a woman to hold me and I’m so Desperate — - uuh very comprehensively directed by- I’ve not seen the second national treasure and— -- the dark nature of the harry potter films after the first two… but point is I- she can’t be into the harry potter films. She has to like the national treasure film— -- not seen the film in quite some time, soo uh I’m not a fan of the vacuum cleaner character. Brave little toaster is not. That. Great. Of a plot device? Uhh but what can you say? The- but the vacuum cleaner’s scary. There’s the lamp character, there’s a blanket character, I think the blanket character was supposed to be like an electric blanket umm cause it have like a like a dial on it. I like the blanket character the blanket character is really wholesome. And then there’s also umm the toaster character, which again, I thought was a very cool plot device when I was little but now that I am at the white bald age of 36, I gotta say, it’s not a very good plot device— -non and critique the brave little toaster with me, that’s all I want in a woman. Ack — - too into the emma, too into the Dutch. I don’t like the Belgians, they did, ahh man the bene- or the whole Benelux region in general is kinda weak. ummm none of them have a- like their own like culture or anything like it’s kinda like discount Germany. A ride across the channel from the uk, I guess that’s pretty cool. But the- but so Belgium is like half French and half Dutch, I don’t even understand— -- and they barely even have any in California, if we’re gonna be honest, The burger king franchise, it’s not like- you think there’d be more of them. I I’ve seen like maybe one and it was attached to a Walmart? I dunno where you even find them. I dunno if it’s like a mid-west or east coast franchise — -- it’s a- it’s very important for her to be of the age of 18 to 20 years old. That is probably the nu- one of the number one features that is required but she also has to be very well-off financially, so that way if twitch collapses in on itself I don’t have to go back to work— -- to do, I’m not quite sure. But, you know, there’s gotta be some way to to summon such a like an ethereal being that is uhh simple for the every man to do. Cause obviously many people have done it, I’ve seen a lot of people with girlfriends. And I just I just don’t know. I don’t know how they do it. I don’t understand. But anyway my ad is out there, you can hit me up on the uhh— -- mick was no longer in the rocky franchise. Um, I think it was after rocky 2, but um, I can’t be too certain, like he could’ve been in rocky- I haven’t seen rocky 3. He could be- I know mr T’s in rocky 3 but that’s really it, I know that rocky is like “ooh I’m hot shit” and he uhh gets his act- his ass kicked by mr T, who’s in the the the- not in g.i. joe, he’s in the a team, which is another media franchise I’ve never seen , and I’m I’m not sure if it’s good? I don’t really know anything about it. I don’t know I don’t know a lot about 80’s media, I know that ghostbusters was - malls, same time I unsubscribed from all the political channels, cause like I um, I used to watch the uhh the uh, what’s his what’s his name? the doug walker, uhh what’s his name? The nostalgia critic. When I was when I was in probably the first year of high school – -- so in the one episode of the nostalgia critic, he- wh which one was I talking about? The uh sorry, dash roamed (?), dash unmuted and made me lose my train of thought for a minute. I can’t remember which episode of the nostalgia critic I was talking about. But um, okay, so there’s a lot of episodes, there’s one where – -- the official version, of minecraft pocket edition on my kindle fire but I would wa- from- basically, from the years of 2009 and 2010 I would watch the angry video game nerd. And then one time I got in trouble cause my parents walked in and then they had uh they had me sit down and watch an episode of the angry video game nerd with them. Which was probably one of the worst experiences of my entire life. And I regret uhh, every day. And I I remember it so vividly uh it’s like a mental scar. And I was I was only around 9 years old at the time. I was um, I was in the third grade, and I like- that’s like a like a repressed memory, that was like a really bad time. But yea I really like the angry video game nerd, I thought I’d revisit him, saw the collab with the uhh what’s his face? With the doug walker, and I watched a quinton reviews video on doug walker. And I was like: “oh man doug walker… Ah he’s not a great guy” and so I, you know. But I I hadn’t watched doug walker for a while up until that point.
Umm – -- conomy, uh, so that what happened with the social Darwinism in the 1800’s was you had the big uh corporations like the standard oil company, which would uh see themselves as like the the Pinnacle of uh that specific which they which they occupied. Uh so they would see themselves as the superior, the superior force in the market and they would they’d see that as their reason for swallowing up smaller businesses. So like, for example, what john d rockefeller would do, john d rockefeller would offer to buy a an like an independent oil refinery for a a, you know, not a great amount of money. Or or a good amount of money, depending on who it was, but that person might not wanna cave, so people are like: “oh well” and he’s like “well, okay” and he just lowers the price of oil to where everyone’s taking it at a loss, but the thing about the standard oil company, was bickers it owned about 90% of the oil refining industry, umm he was able to take that loss, for the amount of time that he was doing it, just long enough for the uh the business he was trying to take for let’s say a couple million to like, Fail completely and flop. Um and so then he’d buy that business for maybe a few thousand dollars. Uuh so that’s that’s how john d Rockefeller did that. But uh, so I was talking about social Darwinism I was talking about the uh the the Rant era of youtube. So I was talking about like people come out on top. leafy was one of those like, one of those businesses, you know, that got bought out by the standard oil company, you know, that would be h3h3 in this specific situation. Which is very strange considering uh h3’s political philosophy, and is supporting someone like Andrew yang. Now let’s talk about Andrew Yang – -- ticipating, I’d lo- I’d I buy dlc for games during this steam summer sale and uhh, having a thousand dollars, would make it much easier to buy. More things on – -- want this car, I want this car so bad but that bike is so much cheaper, which one are you gonna take? Are you gonna take the bike or the car? You’re gonna take the uh, you’re gonna take the bike. So that’s what I’m saying, like you- during the steam sales you always buy worst products, not bickers um. Simply bickers they’re cheaper, they’re the cheaper option. You you’d you could buy the Lamborghini but the Lamborghini is not on sale bickers guess who put that on the store. it was like, the the guys who do like 2k, who doesn’t do anything during the steam sales. You got- so you buy like like a game like bye bye wacky planet, which is a game in my steam library, that I – -- im city 4 deluxe. I have sim city 4 deluxe in my steam library, I’ve opened it one time ever in my entire life, back in uh back in the days of uhh, I think 20..13? And it crashed for half an hour. And that is my- that is how much playtime I have in that game. Um. And I refuse to install it or play it ever again, cause like city sim games are trash. They’re terrible, no one wants to play them. And if you do, there’s like something wrong with you. You gotta have like a like a like a some like kinda masochist kinda thing going. Cause like that’s seriously like the same thing as inflicting like bodily harm on yourself. As like a joke. You play that game to prank yourself. Yeah. Anyway, date me.
Open file (628.37 KB 1222x2048 EnccegSWMAAjvdL.jpg)
jcaesar187 with those atrophy legs (barely) standing next to whatever abomination of a woman this is.
Open file (5.58 MB 1562x2048 1304766111003.png)
Open file (577.46 KB 384x384 700916267274.png)
>>90881 Still sensitive about the height.
Open file (178.74 KB 504x214 AINTREADING.webm)
>>90881 >woman
Open file (1.73 MB 1222x2048 ralph-five-one.jpg)
Open file (78.70 KB 360x282 3423456246.jpg)
>>90881 A cowboy and his trusty steed.
>>90881 Needs a günt edit.
Open file (1.24 MB 1459x819 gunty01.png)
Open file (1.41 MB 1457x815 gunty02.png)
Open file (1.41 MB 1455x812 gunty03.png)
Open file (1020.24 KB 1244x818 gunty04.png)
Open file (1.30 MB 1464x805 gunty05.png)
Open file (1.47 MB 1462x809 gunty06.png)
Open file (1.38 MB 1495x869 gunty07.png)
Open file (1.38 MB 1482x876 gunty08.png)
Open file (1.47 MB 1498x865 gunty09.png)
Open file (1.45 MB 1501x870 gunty10.png)
>>90892 >>90893 Edit away~~
Open file (853.01 KB 1222x2048 gunt and tranny.jpg)
Open file (322.78 KB 406x457 08a335.png)
How is Гант getting fatter, jfc.
>>90897 He has to cope somehow since Fai fai left him, and that means xanax, maker's mark, heron and trashburgers.
Open file (2.59 KB 557x36 dorufin.png)
>>90898 >Fai fai left him Did I miss an happening?
>>90900 He hasn't admitted it publicly yet, but anyone is welcome to call and ask him about it at 901-922-9912.
Open file (26.44 KB 400x400 0Mffnk1Z_400x400.jpg)
>>90902 DELET THIS
Open file (1.02 MB 1854x1064 43534.png)
Open file (195.98 KB 471x378 8256928359236.PNG)
Open file (240.29 KB 473x501 89269823298.PNG)
>>90909 >being a simp pathetic
>>90900 some foxdick made an info dump with zero proof so like with all foxdick investigations don't believe it until you see it good to know 43689e might be a foxdick tho.
>>90902 Lmao, Vermin Supreme is deleting any "transphobic" comments >>90916 is now easy to spot foxdickfarms and e-celebs posting here now since the majority of anons are taking some time off til something good happens
Who's the tranny streaming with Гунт recently? Yesterday I check out for the first time his new stream and some boring "girl" was hanging out together with him wearing some shit Trump h
>>90917 You got me, I'm Jewsh.
Open file (521.39 KB 854x480 ohmy.webm)
>>90909 wait, she has not shown her nipples before now?
Open file (54.89 KB 589x466 ClipboardImage.png)
Should have added something about Habbo Hotel if you wanted to bag Toad McKinley in fact of course.
>>90928 I think she's called Pantsu. Legend has it she's so ugly she turned digibro into a tranny.
Open file (3.20 MB 350x488 burning-ppp.gif)
>>90939 >I feel like I straddle the line between hot girl and goblin creature That is a prefect discription of Toad McKinley.
>>90939 there's a weird phenomenon of women who think using 4chan makes them interesting
Open file (169.55 KB 580x585 rhrrrr.png)
Open file (45.69 KB 977x602 EneS8B2WEAcQEfE.jpg)
Open file (96.39 KB 1600x900 EneS8B5XMAQni2O.jpg)
>>90946 I would leave my partner if she would've browsed 4chan instead of her retarded instagram and facebook addiction.
>>90947 This is going to lead up to a very weird ark. Fai will finally claim rape after the Гунт cheats on her and aborts the Гунтling just before it's born. The other hoe will be even more troublesome for Гунт and Digipedo probably has some dirt to air on the Гунт as well.
>>90946 Imagine thinking using an imageboard makes (you) interesting, this is why I never get why e-celebs bring up that they have used one. Trying to do the (((fellow))) anons thing either doesn't work. <oh ye totally an oldfag >we are anomulus my fellow channers
>>90939 Imagine trying to bag gaytor when weakload is a far greater white man.
Open file (5.70 MB 680x1280 It556nCUVD1tdYuk.mp4)
>JMK sent me $50 >shoop implying JMK sent me $100 can't РРРrojection even get his gayfabe right? >>90909 Thanks Bell Simp.
>>90956 Gaytor is out of Muttni's league.
Open file (15.73 KB 72x76 aspergers.jpg)
Open file (18.57 KB 800x1300 john_gaytor_3.png)
>>90959 Is john more her league? Both of are mongrels.
Open file (2.84 MB 2000x2000 gaHHoole1.png)
THE OGRE IS IN THE CHAT trying to get ashton to fight him
>>90960 Ashton and Toad McKinley are comnig on.
Nothing really new, ashton parks is not really putting up a fight, he can't really challenge JMK's no nonsense autism, hopefully one of them spergs out.
>>90965 he is already sperging
>>90964 Which Toad McKinley?
Honestly it is kind of sad to see ashton 1 and a half years ago when he was actually funny/entertaining compared to today, foxdickfarms is a hell of a drug.
>>90965 When is РРР not sperging?
Open file (120.83 KB 335x455 ppp ATTACK .png)
Open file (6.96 MB 640x360 fuck the jews.mp4)
>>90968 Ashton was always dull, the best part of his cocks is when Surfer appears and starts screaming about the kikes, it was a lot better when you could see him visibly sweat over losing his channel
Open file (6.61 MB 640x360 The Blue Pill.mp4)
>>90967 Wrestling ogre.
Open file (689.93 KB 551x522 252826969.png)
Open file (39.78 KB 192x192 1601590847424.png)
Yell louder Surfer
JMK likes Death Note season 2. GAY!
Ashton Parks is a faggot
Open file (12.79 MB 498x473 ltgrun.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OFAq24W1XQ LOW TIER GOD STREAM 11/22/2020 GREEN CHAT ONLY
Open file (2.73 MB 500x275 perspective shift.gif)
>>90910 You're an idiot. How is Muttni blown out by Bel-le posting hardocre porn? If anything B-elle is blown out bc she is having to resort to hardcore porn before she hits the wall and it's too late. B-elle is being squeezed out of the porn market. The clock's running out and she cannot compete with the ocean of porn on the internet so she is selling out and going down to the lowest common denominator. I guess she will be sucking nog cock by the end before she turns 30. I guess you faggots will cope like they all do and suddenly say, "sucking nog cock is kino!" Lmao. Why would anyone follow some average girl in a pink wig when there is so much better stuff out there? The only reason why people would chose her over another whore doing hardcore porn is bc they have autism and expect routine. Or that she provides a slight personal touch by tricking simps over social media and by chatting with them so they feel a connection to her. That is what makes them a simp and a cuck. Her shit is garbage. It's low quality, grainy, iPhone shaky cam with poor lighting half the time and censored up until now. All she ever had was stupid PR stunts to get into the news by selling bathwater, doing a cringey music video sung and created by someone else, or trolling her simps on pornhub by not delivering the goods. The only thing she ever did good was put on elf ears that she purchased off Etsy or some costume shop. She couldn't even make them. And she wasn't the first to do that either. She's just another unoriginal boring attention-whore and regular whore. Recently, one of you simps posted a video titled "vacation." That is hilarious bc I called that months ago when I made jokes about her and her bf laughing at simps in private and using the simp money to travel to Balie or Paris on vacation. And then you simps are literally posting vacation onlyfans videos. HAHA. I can't wait for half her simps to be heartbroken when a real penis enters the screen that isn't theirs and they know Be-lle is not only taken, but she was NEVER theirs. They won't be able to delude themselves and ignore the rejection anymore. They'll know they're pathetic simps who are cucks as well. Time to wake up and smell the coffee dirty bathwater, shit, and used condoms. >>90915 Exactly. Masturbating is fine. Simping is not. >>90946 Even ShoeonHead thought she was an edgy 4chan girl.
>>90980 Seeth harder, Mutt.
Open file (177.02 KB 294x465 gunt-face2.png)
Open file (180.76 KB 287x465 gunt-face1.png)
Open file (807.88 KB 287x465 344623456.gif)
Open file (33.09 KB 800x1300 Inuyasha_Gaytor.png)
Only oldfags member dis anime
>>90980 can >we please use paragraphs.
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 Muttni BTFO.gif)
>>90988 Muttni was seething too hard.
Open file (99.79 KB 897x673 1505555661646.jpg)
>>90949 Yeah this, in fact of course If a chick is browsing 4chan you can be certain that there's a picture of her in some thread showing her pussy and a piece of paper with the date and time.
>>90992 Having memorials to the holohoax in Britain is bad.
>>90992 Dumping washing up liquid in the water fountains is bad, but I'm still going to smile when I see it happen.
Open file (139.54 KB 475x311 60535653.PNG)
Open file (71.25 KB 828x907 EnecdmQWMAEqMZS.jpg)
Open file (66.00 KB 828x724 EnecdmRWMAIt3Hs.jpg)
Open file (45.55 KB 1337x737 venti_cats.png)
>>90996 I wonder if Muttny will "accidentally" release her own sex tape to own the Toad McKinley simps and if it will be equally or more disgusting than the Гунт revenge porn
Open file (16.05 KB 473x162 0925398258253.PNG)
>>90997 If it gets a good reaction she will have cognitive dissonance over her hypocrisy. If it isn't well received, she will have the Sargon excuse
Open file (221.08 KB 800x795 234235236246.jpg)
Open file (442.64 KB 600x1089 239592390562346.jpg)
Open file (337.85 KB 900x1201 day-of-the-rope.jpg)
Open file (341.02 KB 807x918 natsoc-girl.jpg)
>>90997 It'll be worse than the Гунт tape bickers it'll be with the Гунт to own the a-logs.
>>91000 >Гунт teams up with mutti to own the alogs YHWH forbid.
Open file (233.41 KB 478x381 982328539283592536.PNG)
Open file (327.24 KB 467x491 89125698229892.PNG)
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
>>90996 You can actually pinpoint the exact moment her heart breaks. From seeth.
>>90996 I'm outta my fucking mind, outta my fucking mind, mind I'm outta my fucking mind, outta my fucking mind, mind I'm outta my fucking mind, outta my fucking mind, mind I'm outta my fucking mind, outta my fucking mind, mind I'm outta my fucking mind, outta my fucking mind, mind
Open file (7.93 KB 263x192 pp.png)
>>91002 what are we going to do fellow hebrew fwends about this insult to our people?
>>91005 A reminder that kikes hate G​AMERGATEs.
Open file (6.12 MB 640x360 cosmo rap.webm)
Open file (247.55 KB 496x585 87097589865.png)
Open file (429.43 KB 654x618 754806596564.png)
Open file (443.79 KB 678x607 785680945740984.png)
>>90960 <fucks up faking DM screenshots <no personality nor charisma <still RP as christian <coached by Earwinson for weeks/still repeats himself <literally sounds like discout Earwinson during 'debate' <'everybody agrees' low IQ level arguments <deflects 'kicked out of the church' question <deflects Toad McKinley question (Toad McKinley trollshelding P-P-P on foxdickfarms)/defends Toad McKinley <keeps on shifting goalposts <20min in P P P dopamine levels drops and he starts saying random sentences >triggered when JMK nad Gohule start to talk about other things and ignore him >triggered when JMK tells P P P that he won and goes back talking to Gohule Give up Ashton. It's just not for you buddy. You will never be nothing remotly close to Toad McKinley or Earwinson. Just a fat unlikeable canadian.
Open file (119.11 KB 600x600 pppathetic.jpg)
Open file (313.29 KB 500x532 ppp-in-labor.gif)
Open file (15.43 KB 476x200 123456789.PNG)
Open file (444.05 KB 2048x1536 Em5E0U9XMAMtpz-.jpg)
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
Open file (331.09 KB 1951x1062 1606083660884.png)
Let's be honest here, the a-logs here are exactly like Chris-chan a-logs, if you know the old lore you know what that means. Anyway, the cool kiddos from here are deeply envious and inconsolable bickers people like jcaesar187, TeaClips, Son of Tiamat, Gator, Zach, JMK, Niggerchu, LTG, Asthon Parks, Mutti, Tonka, Zoom/Grimmcheers, /leftypol/ and the list go on has more success in their lives than anyone here. jcaesar187:Make big bucks with an easy and funny job, regardless of the physical appearance and dick size he has already fucked more boypussy and pussy than all webring together, cute transgirls, exotic women and teens love him. TeaClips:She himself have way more control and influence than the entire board together during its peak, men throw themselves at her feet, also the troons here are so jeally and bitter about a true woman lol xD Son of Tiamat:The primal a-log, used to be part of /cow/ way before the cyclical threads (Meanwhile, the real newfags such as Robi and Weasel need to force Gaytor memes bickers deep down they are insecure about joining to /cow/ only two years ago), make some of the best OC's from the board, especially about Sargon. GatorGamer: See above, seems like scalies are just a superior breed of humans. Also, the dumb newfags around here will never dox him. Zach: Had a more normal and happy life than any of his /teevee/ a-logs, imagine a hapa being more successful than (you)! Niggerchu: A true and honest oldfag, pedos and webring z-celebs fear him. LTG: The white bois around here can't handle his BBC and fit body. Black men are gods. Ashton Parks: From a simple anon crying about e-celebs 24/7 he become one of the biggest e-celebs, loved by foxdickfarms, Toad McKinley members wanted him to help them with their own youtube careers but Ashton knew the true, they are boring people devoid of cocks and would never succeed, he cut the dead weight. Very based. Mutti:The trooms here cut themselves wishing to have her body, also her hot takes are way above the average modern /cow/boy. Meanwhile the white bois around here know their small dicks can't please a mulatto goddess such as her. Tonka:The dude has an interest life and a pretty gf. He's forever part of the big names of internet, despise not being an internet person Zoom and his legion: The supreme a-logs, the only ones doing something useful around here. Modern /cow/ are the rejects of foxdickfarms, so all they have against Zoom is the old and boring story about him being a pedo /leftypol/: their e-celeb thread is way above this one, more popular, better takes, more oc's etc.
>>91014 Flopson has no career.
>>91014 >/leftypol/: their e-celeb thread is way above this one, more popular, better takes, more oc's etc. I keep forgetting they exist.
>>91014 Imagine using essays as a way to cope.
>>91014 Nice rеddit spacing, hapa.
Open file (58.02 KB 237x200 DSP_CowboyHat.png)
>>91014 Lolifags get the rope.
>>91022 Depends on the loli.
>Niggerchu keep saving images posted by others and repeating the collective's opinions to try to redeem himself Pathetic
Except that I was the one who originally posted that image here, many months ago, dipshit.
Can you drop the passive aggressive replies and just make out in a back alley already you faggots?
Open file (16.82 MB 638x360 Fascist_by_Mr._Bond.mp4)
>>91012 translated: Sorry but I have been so hungover that I cannot stay concentrated for the whole 3 hours that my boring shows lasts. >>91013 Toad McKinley does have nice pink nipples, wonder why my partner has brown nipples. Do anyone know why some white people have brown nipples?
Open file (43.00 KB 220x269 yahallo.gif)
G'day alogs. Been awhile. Took a little break from the shitshow with the "election season" going on and all and completely forgot about my favorite fat piggy walph. So what's the latest on this faggot? As far as i heard Faith actually left and now he's gunning for that pantsu party pedo or something? Also saw him fighting with some libs on twitter threatening to dox everyone. Again. Lmao hope this faggot get his checkmark removed and then it's open season.
/ourking/ did a kino about /ourprincess/ https://youtu.be/RLyj5xoUGK8
>>91025 Hey G​AMERGATEchu, honestly kill yourself!!!
>Toad McKinley projecting this hard
>>91034 based
All cloud chasers are coming after /ourprincess/, also seeth more Mutti https://youtu.be/0W6M_6AsWD0 https://youtu.be/kuziDF3zFq4 https://youtu.be/nVQCbWvtl8o https://youtu.be/Zw6wIH_2k7A
Open file (743.64 KB 825x533 ClipboardImage.png)
>>91041 >https://youtu.be/0W6M_6AsWD0 Gonna have to disavow anyone reporting this disgusting filth.
Open file (64.88 KB 256x238 ClipboardImage.png)
>>91014 >Meanwhile, the real newfags such as Robi and Toad McKinley need to force Gaytor memes bickers deep down they are insecure about joining to /cow/ only two years ago i actually unironically agree with this point and I HATE Sperg of Tiamat. If I can give Sperg of Tia or JMK any creddit is they where alogs of Sаrgon long before being an alog of Sаrgon was cool. Hell GGrrrreeeee was all about Alog'n Mark Mann and the Soy Father.
Open file (6.68 MB 1920x6825 8cow.png)
Open file (6.87 MB 1920x6707 alogscow.png)
Open file (374.70 KB 900x578 cow_2020.jpg)
>>91014 Meet me there my friend It's time to go back
Open file (342.25 KB 2048x1536 EniXaq6XIAQI48q.jpg)
>>91012 What did he mean by this?
Open file (571.31 KB 2048x1183 EniXbVWXUAUMEE5.jpg)
Open file (207.14 KB 475x423 9812298239823.PNG)
Open file (36.93 KB 678x353 EnjAeSPW4AUqh3p.jpg)
Still seething
Open file (114.81 KB 543x559 nyanschizo1.png)
Open file (143.16 KB 547x561 nyanschizo2.png)
Open file (116.59 KB 547x561 nyanschizo.png)
Robi's new tranny moderator is a schizo who bans anyone who defends dolphin "bickers their a bot". He also keeps permant ip logs and posts all nicknames used by your ip when you join.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U876qAJ5u4 Mark Kern Joins to Talk About the Next Stage of Big Tech Censorship
---DOLPHINBOT--- This message has been commanded by jewlord. Here's a daily reminder: FUCK YOU, KOIPEDO!
Bel-le Delp-hin removed from youtube. *Inhales* PYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Simps on suicide watch. Guards removing personal items like belts and guns so they don't hurt themselves. Every e-grifter and attention whore on any platform: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You can't just remove me from your platform you built and own. I'm entitled to stay on there indefinitely and squat on your bandwidth while you pay to host my videos for free! Even though I break your terms of service regularly. You can't just remove me from your body for any reason. I DESERVE to suck on your blood forever until you get Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and can no longer move your facial muscles from nerve tissue damage. Get fucked Dell Belphine. It's nice to see a little karma for a talentless attention-whore for once instead of just being rewarded with hordes of brainless zombies giving her the dopamine hits she wants in subscribers, likes, comments, money and attention. Poor baby girl. All those subscribers lost and down the drain. What will she do? Now if she comes back, she'll be banned again for ban evasion.
>>91054 Hate to rain on your parade but she is back https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvKUavCtDOlA8bT1i2tI3w
>>91048 Good, fuck you doplhin.
Open file (9.03 MB 252x395 belle4.gif)
>>91041 I love Bellе so much.
>>91054 >youtube matters when onlyfans exists Munti is seething too hard. >>91055 Based.
Open file (68.51 KB 680x680 ltgsword.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHonr7-9XNw LOW TIER GOD STREAM 11/24/2020 GREEN CHAT ONLY
did Toad McKinley delete his discord account or did he get bannerinoed?
Open file (456.90 KB 856x576 Muttny's dead channel.PNG)
>>91054 >talentless attention-whore
>>91067 Which one?
Open file (249.51 KB 2048x1366 images (2).jpeg)
>>91070 The account doesn't say deleted user from what I can tell.
Open file (32.80 KB 800x600 Dolphin-Man-Cover.jpg)
Open file (21.91 KB 477x356 536825325632653.PNG)
Open file (11.38 KB 478x207 8259825392865.PNG)
Open file (22.41 KB 475x214 81925982829.PNG)
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
>>91075 God that fat fuck is desperate to start some drama. I'd flag some of his videos but unfortunately that would involve watching some of the incredibly boring cocks he produces.
>>91077 I'm starting to think jcaesar187 has pictures of him with other guys and that's why he stopped going after jcaesar187 and has been beating this dead horse for so long
Open file (410.13 KB 746x1328 Godwinson_JUSTed.jpg)
>>91078 Too bad Earwinson ran away in shame bickers he doesn't want to associate with such a shameless grifter anymore.
>>90947 >tweet What in the fuck. >>90992 Yo Joseph, I know you are still reading this thread. How can you claim that you are better than Sargoon when you still fall for the same lame astroturfed "Corbyn = antisemitism" canard? >>91002 >floydtanyl memorial in holohoax museum It's so fucking transparent >>91054 >i-i'm not seething, i swear
Spiro is back! UN ANNOUNCES BIOMETRIC DIGITAL ID WALLET https://www.bitchute.com/video/jr0uaiuquNfi/
Open file (10.65 MB 256x480 btfo.gif)
>>91082 whore confirmed
Open file (297.35 KB 2208x1188 15.jpg)
Open file (1.00 MB 1280x689 16.png)
>>91083 seeth confirmed
>>91083 At least she is upfront about it
>>91084 flat
>>91085 It's funny how Muttni thinks that shoving her pushed up flapjacks into a camera is perfectly acceptable but showing actual tits is reprimandable.
Open file (45.55 KB 1337x737 venti.png)
>>91086 Flap.
Open file (476.17 KB 900x1115 dz4lmbl2cdh51.jpg)
>>91086 Better than granny tits.
>>91087 both have disgusting tits
>>91090 Bellе has tasty pink nipples on firm perky titties. You don't.
>>91087 And least Bell isn't a dick tease about it.
>>91092 She was for 2 years. Are you actually goldfish-brained?
>>91093 As opposed to the how many years you still are one? Also, I don't follow her every move as ardently as you do.
>>91094 >you Friendly fire, faggot. Stop being so autistic.
Open file (9.03 MB 252x395 belle4.gif)
>>91093 She was steadily building up her paypigs towards it. You're losing paypigs and will suck BBC before next year ends.
Open file (101.67 KB 750x900 brap.jpg)
>>91086 Better with small tiddies of course in fact fam.
>>91096 You're an idiot. How is Muttni blown out by Bel-le posting hardocre porn? If anything B-elle is blown out bc she is having to resort to hardcore porn before she hits the wall and it's too late. B-elle is being squeezed out of the porn market. The clock's running out and she cannot compete with the ocean of porn on the internet so she is selling out and going down to the lowest common denominator. I guess she will be sucking nog cock by the end before she turns 30. I guess you faggots will cope like they all do and suddenly say, "sucking nog cock is kino!" Lmao. Why would anyone follow some average girl in a pink wig when there is so much better stuff out there? The only reason why people would chose her over another whore doing hardcore porn is bc they have autism and expect routine. Or that she provides a slight personal touch by tricking simps over social media and by chatting with them so they feel a connection to her. That is what makes them a simp and a cuck. Her shit is garbage. It's low quality, grainy, iPhone shaky cam with poor lighting half the time and censored up until now. All she ever had was stupid PR stunts to get into the news by selling bathwater, doing a cringey music video sung and created by someone else, or trolling her simps on pornhub by not delivering the goods. The only thing she ever did good was put on elf ears that she purchased off Etsy or some costume shop. She couldn't even make them. And she wasn't the first to do that either. She's just another unoriginal boring attention-whore and regular whore. Recently, one of you simps posted a video titled "vacation." That is hilarious bc I called that months ago when I made jokes about her and her bf laughing at simps in private and using the simp money to travel to Balie or Paris on vacation. And then you simps are literally posting vacation onlyfans videos. HAHA. I can't wait for half her simps to be heartbroken when a real penis enters the screen that isn't theirs and they know Be-lle is not only taken, but she was NEVER theirs. They won't be able to delude themselves and ignore the rejection anymore. They'll know they're pathetic simps who are cucks as well. Time to wake up and smell the coffee dirty bathwater, shit, and used condoms.
Absolutely kino, Duptards will seeth. https://youtu.be/xY9qwwBfm9M That video was approved By r/MisterMetokur
Open file (5.50 MB 1280x720 1564514823295.webm)
>>91092 Other way around. At least she's successful at it.
Open file (89.76 KB 680x315 soyjak_Mr_redditor.gif)
Open file (22.73 KB 571x516 569124689.png)
>>91099 >approved By r/MisterMetokur
Open file (243.36 KB 480x320 sakuya_pads.webm)
>>91098 >HAHA
>>91095 >Friendly fire Speaking of >autistic I couldn't give a flying fuck who you are
Open file (77.28 KB 540x960 lene.jpg)
>>91098 The seething is real. Seriously? One could've just said her consumer are porn addicts of some kind. then the word simp and cuck would have come up automatically into thinking hemisphere of the brain but instead you have this wall of text that says more about your jealousy than anything.
friendly remember, DSP a-logs are losers and G​AMERGATE liberal woman, look at Soys of KoToad McKinleya for exemple DSP always win >>91014 the best post here in a long time regardless the extreme larping, thank god for that and weakload posts, otherwise >we would be having only boring posts >>91045 wtf is going on? is the Гунт scoring the ex digipedo gf? the small dick is magic or what? the Гунт waves are able of hypnotize women? wtf
>>91105 >wtf is going on? "She" seems hot to trot. >>90947
>>91106 i see, of course in fact i would fuck digipedo ex gf, mutti, rim Toad McKinley anus or even weakload gf over having to share a room with teaclips
>>91091 schizo I hate every whore you homos post
>>91105 what do you mean by weakload posts? Is it my awesome nature to spam nyan?
Open file (119.92 KB 450x450 amber-deal-with-it.jpg)
>>91110 >over having to share a room with teaclips Keep seething there, buddy
Open file (946.87 KB 360x640 xPXPPPGRIY7MBL28.mp4)
>>91110 I don't think you could handle a Norwegian girl of course in fact bickers of the non-clear gender roles that are in Norway.
https://dlive.tv/thejcaesar187retort More Command & Conquer...
Open file (489.43 KB 763x491 Eh86-naX0AAKmXZ.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHVg32sSUHg PA Election Case with Uncivil Law
Open file (3.93 MB 866x1080 tasya.webm)
>>91116 No way that fat alcoholic can play an rts vidya game. >>91115 Unironically Sarg'n has a better show than jcaesar187 even if it's just a fwend simulator.
Open file (18.04 KB 472x199 8262828368.PNG)
Open file (498.49 KB 1396x1009 Belle gets goblined 2.jpg)
>>91003 <Simp projection. You literally just copied what Toad McKinley says about simps' hearts breaking in real-time when they see Toad McKinley cucking them with other men. You also fulfill her statements about the Toad McKinley-simps being braindead npcs that can't think of anything insightful, funny, or clever so they just repeat the buzzwords of the months: seethe, cope, Delle_Belphine.gif. Way to walk right into her trap, moron. >>91032 >/ourking/ did a kino about /ourprincess/ Just reverse everything here and you get the truth. /myfaggotJarbo/ did a turd about /mydesiredwhorecuckingme/. >>91041 Waaaaaaah! They're coming after Dell Belphine! t. pathetic simpanzee cuckold I imagine you to be some repulsive, ugly, fat loser with a Quasimodo-face like Ian Miles Cheong. >>91043 >Sperg of Tia or JMK were alogs of Sаrgon long before being an alog of Sаrgon was cool. Yeah, but just means they had a feud with Sargon earlier than anyone else. Like they got insulted from something Sargon said to them in a comment on on Twitter. It's really a petty thing. Not really about being ahead of the curve. >>91046 Those shitty memes Гунт is having to make himself. He can't even get his audience to manufacture the cringe memes. >>91096 <copying what Ven-ti said about your cuckqueen Delle. "No u" arguments are always the sign of a lesser mind bc they resort to using what someone else said and just reversing it back onto that person. They can't think of anything else so that just take what's in front of them or recently said to them earlier and apply it back incorrectly. NPC-tier. But perfectly normal for feces-sludge such as yourself. >>90895 Гунт has a Гунтling on the way and he's got his arm around some MAGA bimbo that's better-looking that Fai-fai. And he's spending a lot of time with Pantsu. Uh oh. Looks like Гунт is back to cheating again. Let be guess: Faith is about to go running back to daddy Vickers and say, "you were right about Et-han. I'm sorry Daddy. Help me raise my Гунтling after I lied to you and abandoned you for Гунт." Time for a blog post on thejcaesar187retort.com?
https://dlive.tv/Toad McKinley Mining and Crafting (can you tell today has been slow for kahntent?)
>>91119 How can one woman cause so much seethe
>>91120 >"No u" arguments are always the sign of a lesser mind At least you admit it :^) >>91122 Idk. Ask Muttni.
Open file (25.18 KB 537x411 pppover.JPG)
Open file (447.80 KB 1280x720 rrrrr.webm)
>>91105 DSP's alogs are all ex fans and mexicans. DSP is an absolutely based white man with a white wife and a 12 year legacy of getting paid to professionally play videogames. He also got fourth place at evo for SF2 and was the best American player that year. He loves his wife and his son Jasper and regularly treats them to fine Italian cuisine at his paypigs' expense, and he is not afraid to absolutely body losers like Rekieta or Projared on twitter with his razorwire wit.
>>91124 A desperate attempt at recapturing the audience by emulating his daddy/exlover Adam, but it's even more grating then his fake interviews bickers JMK is infinitely less interesting as a target then Гунт, the cringy hole forcing a spic accent makes it even worse.
>>91127 >cringy hole forcing a spic accent makes it even worse. His girl simp, Gravity Scan?
Open file (122.45 KB 1064x73 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (45.65 KB 665x455 hol up.JPG)
Did Dick really threaten to beat up Coach? bickers in fact of course that isn't gonna happen, Gonzalo would take Dick to the ground and break his arms like they were pegging strapons.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx-seYk91M8 NO DOOMPILLS ALLOWED - Escapism and its Importance - Ft. Ty Beard
>>91120 >"No u" arguments are always the sign of a lesser mind HALLS OF DEBATE MUH HALLS OF DEBATE OR YOU'RE A SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMToad McKinleyPP
Open file (71.74 KB 1920x940 Shock and Avow.jpg)
Hey Ashton Parks, >we as a collective HATE you and your pedo bf Jewsh Moon! And you know what happens with people hated by this board! Meanwhile, >we praise >our heros, heros such as: The Weseal, JMK, LeoPirate, CRP, Wrist, Dolphin, SS Ampharos, Weakload and above all SURFER!
Open file (297.35 KB 2208x1188 15.jpg)
Open file (1.00 MB 1280x689 16.png)
>>91120 Seething is bad for your health.
Open file (16.18 KB 200x151 low_tier_pissbottle.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl5Zp00a5Ho Low Tier God Live Stream 11/24/2020
Open file (247.55 KB 496x585 87097589865.png)
>>91124 <hires some poor woman from canadian craigslist to enact his cringe script It truly is Ashston_is_over party
>>91124 Very fake and gay. We all know that JMK hasn't left his dilapidated hut in the forest since 1999, let alone worked.
Open file (9.71 KB 699x753 EjtBUe_XcAAHdhI.png)
Open file (89.03 KB 960x638 JMK cooking.jpg)
>>91145 >JMK is a welfare leech If he acts like a niggеr he's most likely a rapist too.
Open file (1.63 MB 3396x1088 Cytube Trannies.png)
>>91152 >ironic we for trооnstrеm
Open file (54.66 KB 256x256 23342352.jpg)
Open file (53.98 KB 256x256 23423523465.jpg)
Open file (44.50 KB 256x256 23423523466.jpg)
Open file (207.63 KB 1000x630 booberlee-tits.jpg)
Been out of the loop for about a month, anything interesting happen?
Open file (28.10 KB 330x470 surferdisdain.JPG)
>>91154 >"no guy wants this" Absolute gayfabe, Ashton.
>>91156 >anything interesting happen? Nope. The canadian lesbian keeps raging at tea clips and putting out gay audio erotica. Гунт has been boring and spicolas is trying to stop the steal despite the fact that trump is going along with the vaccine and the great reset. If you want to watch something interesting watch this video on the great reset agenda that's behind convid. https://www.bitchute.com/video/HeMsaN6xjAQ/
>>91014 Stop putting Zoom in the same sentence as GrimmCheers its so gay. No one likes you grimm they think you're a faggot.
Open file (21.64 KB 478x224 812359823981253.PNG)
Open file (2.14 MB 400x226 123456789.gif)
Open file (15.73 KB 596x374 1352768074894.png)
https://twitter.com/GreenwoodOutlaw Welp. I guess the new one will show up eventually if you search conversations with sfo about communism.
Open file (278.17 KB 700x874 venti4.jpg)
>>91160 She's not quite right in the head, is she?
Open file (206.59 KB 566x402 sargon-byebye.png)
>>91160 Only women men tell to get a job are thots. Toad McKinley, a thot, doesn't realize this bickers she's in denial that she is a thot. GET A JOB Toad McKinley YOU'RE HITTING THE WALL AT 23 THERE IS NO FUTURE FOR YOU IN WHORING
Open file (83.32 KB 960x640 flappny.jpg)
>>91160 Muttny onlyfans confirmed
Open file (30.80 KB 592x342 306155119706.png)
Open file (222.59 KB 615x410 carl-degrasse-sargon.jpg)
Open file (10.37 KB 910x524 5996.png)
>>91162 Yep. Some how it is men's fault that women chose to whore themselves
>>91160 reading Muttni twitter jokes have strange side-effects of organic brain damage for some reason. After reading this comment 4 times bickers I could not believe how retarded it was. I found out that it was harder to multiply some numbers. How is this mutt allowed to comment? >>91154 is amber that fat whale that has grifted money from other peoples cocks?
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
>>91160 /ourpincess/ makes Muttni seeth so hard.
>>91170 yeah shes pretty gross looking.
Open file (297.35 KB 2208x1188 15.jpg)
Open file (1.00 MB 1280x689 16.png)
Toad McKinley won.
>>91177 What did you guys think about the h3h3 kike trying to talk her into doing BLACKED?
>>91179 She shouldn't talk to eceleb scum.
Open file (12.66 MB 192x360 360.mp4)
>>91179 I can't wait. She can do whatever she wants. Not my problem.
>>91180 Toad McKinleys in them DM's she'll be on the killstream next week with Toad McKinley.
Open file (184.63 KB 277x373 vee_the_GM.PNG)
>>91179 Not seen it but does not surprise me at all that a fat Jew would want to see an Alabama black snake in a snatch. And you know that the fat kike is watching all of her videos while furiously playing sticky palm games while his kike wife is sitting in the next room sexually frustrated. Will she start doing negro porn? At some date for sure, but she will probably do camming before having an actual sextape.
Open file (10.65 MB 256x480 btfo.gif)
Open file (4.06 MB 448x338 belle3.gif)
Open file (10.65 MB 256x480 btfo.gif)
Open file (4.06 MB 448x338 belle3.gif)
>>91179 As long as she posts it, it's okay. I just wanna see her get fucked.
>>91183 Since I don't consider niggеrs human coal burning doesn't even bother me that much. It's like chicks fucking with a mannequin. I just want to see her twitching pink asshole.
>>91187 Okay there, zаch.
Open file (1.65 MB 1116x779 ClipboardImage.png)
>>91154 >booberlee-tits.jpg I put a bag on her head and nut all over those fat titties
>>91191 >those tits >no ass every time...
>>91196 Nothing wrong with small tits like b dogs but lack of ass is the biggest turn off in a woman.
>>91195 It's there. Her arm is in the way and she's wearing black underwear
>>91200 maybe its just an angle and proportion thing. I dont see it.
Bel.lefag confirmed to be schizophrenic. Sad! Muttni won.
Also, Bell.ejcaesar187s when? Get to it nyanjcaesar187 anon.
Open file (470.44 KB 751x767 ClipboardImage.png)
>>91202 Oops, bad censor.
>>91205 Do you think she ever gives it a whiff and lick like the walphamale?
>>91208 You need help son. Why do you want to put dookie in your mouth?
>>91210 Would you use utensils? maybe a knife and fork or spoon or just straight from the source.
>>91211 Forgot pic.
Open file (971.01 KB 350x263 EDD88A9.gif)
the absolute state of this place, things are pure shit since discordfags and twitterfags infected here
Why do people even pay for Delphine's Only Fans at this point? that shit must get leaked everywhere.
Open file (518.70 KB 624x752 drallasta_poketranny.png)
>>91217 Keep going, fag, but I'm starting to think G​AMERGATEchu, ashton minions or discord spics are the ones spamming the thread for some reason and using mutti as scapegoat.
Open file (4.06 MB 448x338 belle3.gif)
>>91220 B*lle D*lphine won. And there's nothing you can do except seethe and cope. Now slurp it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC2fDwKeeXM
>>91219 are you okay?
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
>>91224 Seethe. Cope. Slurp.
>>91224 He's having a mental breakdown.
Open file (4.06 MB 448x338 belle3.gif)
>>91226 Kill yourself Muttni.
Open file (75.59 KB 500x300 1417667753351.png)
>>91220 G​AMERGATEchu does tend to get a bit hyper once someone mentions getting blacked in fact of course.
Open file (10.65 MB 256x480 btfo.gif)
Open file (4.06 MB 448x338 belle3.gif)
Open file (9.03 MB 252x395 belle4.gif)
Open file (10.65 MB 256x480 btfo.gif)
>>91228 You sound jelly that B*lle is gonna get bbc and you won't be able to enjoy it.
Open file (4.60 MB 300x314 too hot.gif)
>>91230 Whoaoaoaoaoaoaoa. WOW!
Open file (101.71 KB 1209x549 anusporn 2018.png)
>>91230 Yuck. I like a pretty anus, but poop is another story.
Open file (70.29 KB 600x900 Ehf1UouXsAAFyZL.jpg)
Toad McKinley WINS
Open file (299.25 KB 500x714 robi-pathetic.png)
>>91185 >Since I don't consider niggеrs human coal burning doesn't even bother me that much. It's like chicks fucking with a mannequin. I just want to see her twitching pink asshole. The absolute state of this whole post, cucks such as yourself infected /pol/ long ago and are more retard and disgusting than any r_TheDonald zionist dogs. Eat shit and die.
>>91233 Sabrina does have a nice poontang of course in fact. lucky for me that my partner is still sleeping nice. >>91185 then why would you want to see her fuck a negro gentlemen? after all that means you are a cuckold.
Open file (71.74 KB 1920x940 Shock and Avow.jpg)
bros. the only reason I even check this thread is for more is for Toad McKinley delphine courtesy Toad McKinley simp...But I'm starting to think all this delphine spam is bickers Ashton is Seething over JMK's last victory.
>>91243 > is for more anymore*
How can a single man produce so many kinos? https://youtu.be/VxsckEDR8aM
Our girl is back at it again lads
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cba6I2qd9zU The Great White[pill of] Hype? PA and NV Developments
>>91246 >literally /who/ <our girl Cringe and pathetic. Amber and Toad McKinley are our girls. Kys.
Open file (1.12 MB 828x1234 aa0p2cziy6x31.png)
>>91252 >not knowing about the based chink >>91243 I am only here in case something interesting happens but so far it's the same story as the last few weeks but without the ASMR. That fat whale, should've just not have put advertisements on the videos instead of putting adds and going into a weird autistic battle with PeePeePeee. Then claiming victim, and now I don't have entertainment bickers she is a retard that tries to be manipulative with PeePeePeee.
I made tomato salad, so that cheese sandwich tastes better. and just finished coffee. >>91257 First off, I don't want to see a chick getting fucked bickers that is some cuckold shit. My obsession of watching a chick dancing, playing with her pussy or other things like try out bikinis or underwear that is far off than seeing a girl getting fucked.
Open file (4.06 MB 448x338 belle3.gif)
Open file (9.03 MB 252x395 belle4.gif)
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
>>91232 No, the solo porn you like is a gateway to the harder stuff like full penetration, gangbangs, interracial, scatplay, cuckholdry, transgenders, bdsm and torture. So don't lie about not being a cuck. You like B*lle right? I know you have seen other porn beyond Tiktok videos. You're on the slippery slope. Soon you will be a proud cuck and bbc lover.
Open file (835.13 KB 320x180 ltggroove.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTtfnKNKsLU LOW TIER GOD STREAM 11/25/2020 GREEN CHAT ONLY
>>91264 I just watch the solo stuff bickers that is degenerate enough as the gangbang and other stuff. So don't put me in the same category as you are.
>>91267 hey weakload long time hows tricks lad? >all this b*lle spam ain't even mad lads
Open file (68.74 KB 640x640 animu.jpg)
>>91269 >lads it's one guy with vpn and damaged soul
>>91271 >eat her ass. nah i prefer my ethots without herps if I'm gonna be putting my face near it >>91272 don't care, I've seen well worse spam here than some small tits just wait till after xmas when shes got her rat out lol
Open file (297.35 KB 2208x1188 15.jpg)
Open file (1.00 MB 1280x689 16.png)
Open file (297.35 KB 2208x1188 15.jpg)
Open file (1.00 MB 1280x689 16.png)
Open file (297.35 KB 2208x1188 15.jpg)
>>91273 >don't care, I've seen well worse spam here than some small tits Don't speak too soon. Why don't you like B*lle? Are you a mutt or something?
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
>>91236 Seeth harder.
>>91275 >Why don't you like B*lle? Are you a mutt or something? who said i don't like her? step your reading comprehension game up son
Open file (297.35 KB 2208x1188 15.jpg)
>>91277 You're a mutt aren't you? God, you're pathetic.
Open file (297.35 KB 2208x1188 15.jpg)
>>91273 Herpes is kino in fact of course. If that's the price to eat it, I'd happily pay the toll.
Open file (310.83 KB 1188x2208 62.jpg)
Open file (332.91 KB 2208x1188 70.jpg)
Open file (111.15 KB 1024x603 b2-1024x603.jpeg)
>>91278 I'm a half ginger jock son, not some mutt burger lol
Open file (4.06 MB 448x338 belle3.gif)
>>91281 Kys Muttni.
Open file (3.09 MB 854x480 bbc_on_bbc.mp4)
>>91269 I dunno what is BeIlespam posting of course in fact fam.. I am fine but have been kinda in a strange messed up oxycontin addiction or abuse, I am on and off them now while my partner seems to be worried when I am able to nod off into dreamland. I am just waiting until I can get the doctors to say I can go back to work. But the strangest thing, is that I've not taken amphetamines for a whole month, so no Vyvanse or Desoxyn. Also I'm no reading any novellas or 40k books just graphics novellas, and now it's Hellspawn Dark Ages which is a fun read but with Spawn, I like the idea more than the actual plot.
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
>>91283 Eat her ass.
>>91282 >now I'm munti lad stop embarrassing yourself lol >>91283 I'm on honor guard from gaunts ghost atm lad good listen ( i do audio books at my work) good to hear you're keeping well don't usually get to catch you on when i see your id, got 3 weeks off myself since nippy sturgeon put us in lockdown again :^) 2020 makes me want to be NEET again it's bad news lol
Open file (297.35 KB 2208x1188 15.jpg)
>>91285 >good to hear you're keeping well don't usually get to catch you on when i see your id Are you and that guy in a relationship or something? Just kiss him and tuck him in for the night, will you? By the way, B*lle is better than you in every way.
>>91286 >you can't possibly talk to someone online without it being gay kike detected, white people can form bonds without it involving bum pokery lad, weakload is nearly as old a fag as gaydor not many oldfags left here anymore >151 UIDs = 145 zcelebs trannies discord fags and 6 anons
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 Muttni BTFO.gif)
>>91287 You're gay aren't you?
Open file (288.09 KB 320x480 1592101785752.webm)
>>91288 in your wet dream faggot
Open file (4.06 MB 448x338 belle3.gif)
>>91289 Yeah, you're gay. I can tell.
Open file (29.08 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>91215 foxdicks farmers, broken platers and phaggots organisation are in full swing
>>91316 to be fair the threads dead and is a shell of its former glory if the only people posting here are discord spics and newfags and 2 anons from the old thread then who does the thread really belong to at this point?
>>91318 Lets not forget epic oldfags like yourself who keep crying about how dead it is when nothing is happening with the subjects of the thread.
>>91319 im the oldestfag so that goes without saying.
Open file (57.13 KB 450x360 shiet.jpg)
Open file (31.02 KB 450x360 shiet2.jpg)
>>91319 You can easily tell these are the newfags who scream about "this board is poopoo now" and "ded" bickers they're only used to cuckchan tier shitposting speed and treat this thread like a chatroom, thinking that days long cooldowns on boards is something out of the ordinary. They don't even know how /cow/ stood for days with no replies back at 8ch.
>>91280 Bеlle looks sorta like ashley in this post and it makes my Jew loving cock so hard bro!
Open file (19.08 MB 406x720 720P_1500K_162959022.mp4)
>>91289 those tits are not big enough to justify the femГунт.
>>91321 >if you point out the decline in thread quality ur a newfag!!! Wrong, between the jannies here trying to personal army, normalfag tier stream posts like dps and ltg, low quality porn posting, and overall pph decline it's safe to say something has happened. Saying we're between events is also an omega cope.
Open file (71.66 KB 661x665 Sargoy_gun2.jpg)
>>91324 >we're
Open file (243.62 KB 439x550 sargpath.png)
>>91324 >we're You fell for the classic IBS blunder.
>>91323 Wrong. Most of it is pulled upward in her shirt. And the distance between there and her head and neck is positively expansive. A small Гунт like that when sitting up comes cooms? with the territory
>>91325 >>91326 Forgive me step father I am not worthy of the power of the individual
>>91246 >our girl Fuck off G​AMERGATE she's a CCP shill and tweets SJW shit
Open file (56.38 KB 1350x900 zjf35gtrvxu41.jpg)
>>91285 yeah, makes sense listening to audio books the last 40k novel I read was indomitus. I've forgotten most of it. >>91289 >>91323 Sabrina has such huge tiddies that she could probably knock someone down with one tiddie.
Open file (7.33 MB 593x449 belle2.gif)
Open file (4.06 MB 448x338 belle3.gif)
Open file (9.03 MB 252x395 belle4.gif)
>>91315 Why are you watching Phantom Org when you could be watching B*lle?
>>91332 You will never lose your virginity.
>>91332 Filtered
>>91290 Filtered
>>91288 Filtered
>>91286 Filtered
>>91280 Filtered
>>91337 Filtered
Open file (501.60 KB 1500x1000 spacebell3.jpeg)
Open file (646.17 KB 1500x1000 spacebell4.jpeg)
Open file (667.52 KB 1500x1207 spacebell2.jpeg)
Open file (483.70 KB 1500x1000 spacebell5.jpeg)
Open file (691.50 KB 1500x1000 spacebell1.jpeg)
>>91318 >a shell of its former glory >only people posting here are discord spics and newfags and 2 anons What's the difference? A shortage of face swaps?
Open file (12.30 MB 255x480 belle5.gif)
>>91316 At least they're not total newfags like you are.
>>91341 Based, you're finally here nyan anon. Destroy Bel.lefag.
>>91342 Filtered
Open file (7.33 MB 593x449 belle2.gif)
>>91318 You know who the board belongs to. B*elle. Our Queen.
Open file (9.03 MB 252x395 belle4.gif)
>>91319 How can you claim the thread is dead when it's humming with life and energy? B*lle libido.
Open file (7.33 MB 593x449 belle2.gif)
>>91320 Only oldfags 'member B*elle's early days.
Open file (4.06 MB 448x338 belle3.gif)
>>91321 I see you are posting black gorillas in anticipation of B*lle taking nog dick. At least you recognize you're a cuck.
>>91341 Based, always trust Nyanfag >>91349 You can't simple filter G​AMERGATEchu, pal. His life is posting here 24/7, be with tor, be with multiple id's or with his now casual ID af3690 (104) where he try to fit in and have good optics
Open file (297.35 KB 2208x1188 15.jpg)
>>91322 That plain girl is ugly and pales in comparison to our queen don't you think?
>>91352 Filtered
Britany wants to know if she can ever be loved
>>91322 Looks like jewsh bro.
>>91354 if she didnt smell of cat piss and wore a bra im sure she could trick a desperate 30 - 45 year old virgin into "settling down".
Open file (218.49 KB 1072x1440 venti soyboy bf.jpeg)
>>91356 The only ones who can trick into having sex with her are early 20's incels.
>>91343 >do my bidding Cope
>>91351 >t. S​ARGONchu
>>91357 why is she wearing plastic bags on her feet?
>>91361 I mean the G​AMERGATEs dumb enough to publicly announce a pregnancy weeks after it happened even though the chance for miscarriage is high until like the 12th week so i'm not surprised hes blowing his whiskey and xanax money on inaccurate gender tests.
Open file (884.66 KB 669x950 gater_ruka.png)
>>91361 Future Toad McKinley will let Faith know if she's eating enough meat or vegs. And if you don't get that reference >*chuckles* >implying they have any vegetables
Open file (1.97 MB 260x320 1606328150470.gif)
>>91361 motherfucker blocked me can you tell him (((gender))) is a nonsensical term and he should use good old sex if he's really on the right side of life
>>91361 >AUUUGHHHH 99% ACCURACY >AT 9 WEEKS Lol what, is Гунт actually retarded? It takes months to know baby's gender and even then it's below 70%, with chances of a mistake. That's why some people are surprised to have a girl when they were expecting a boy. If only there was a way to tell your wife is pregnant with a niglet.
>>91365 Imagine the shitshow if Гунтling was a niglet.
>>91366 He'll raise him in Jamal's stead.
>>91365 >Lol what, is Гунт actually retarded? Either that or he is a piss poor liar
>>91354 Maybe if she worked on herself instead of demanding a bf on twitter. Most guys don't want a 30 year old feminist twitch streamer with a stinky house and a shopping addiction.
>>91369 And flopping granny tits.
>>91368 Why not both?
Open file (1.56 MB 640x420 ashley_jones.webm)
Open file (1006.71 KB