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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2
Gunt Subscriber Doxxx List: https://files.catbox.moe/7m2jsx.csv INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include: Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 Gunt Thread Based Bella Worship Thread We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline https://pastebin.com/1yjbjeaT http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) Archived Threads: https://pastebin.com/Hrtcp4QR http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018) H8chan Archives: https://archive.is/https://8ch.net/cow/res/390723.html Julay.world Archives: https://archive.ph/http://julay.world/cow/res/2.html AlogSpace Archives: https://archive.is/https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/2.html
Edited last time by oldestfag on 01/22/2022 (Sat) 22:32:17.
Open file (3.07 KB 1920x39 ClipboardImage.png)
Should I do it?
Open file (38.67 KB 742x565 lmao.jpg)
>>131295 LMFAO
Surfer has promised that he will make jcaesar187 become a Greek god. >>131295 All those tabs are for Гунт or the canadian Гунт???
>>131295 KEK go for it
>>131295 The FEDs have opened a separate file for each tab you made on cozy.
Open file (3.53 KB 124x125 chyad.jpg)
Open file (17.89 KB 232x214 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (17.66 KB 234x182 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131297 >All those tabs are for Гунт or the canadian Гунт Cozy. Next time I'll brush up on my dolphin tech and just spawn websockets.
Open file (4.77 MB 262x480 K57kI3mQ_480p.mp4)
>>131294 jcaesar187 has to do this math so he can seem more popular than what he really is. If we do simple math where someone would have alt tabs then it is more like he has 400 to 600 people watching. >>131295 Fuck yeah.
>>131273 what's he talking about?
Open file (716.58 KB 943x648 gunt-harkonnen.png)
Open file (2.73 MB 320x200 ppp_hell_3.gif)
>>131302 For make Foxdicks seethe, tonight I'm taking the Original Гунт side, keep going, alog.
Open file (6.62 MB 720x649 burning_gunt4.gif)
buy peypeypey a better internet with all this dough rolling in jfc, nigga's camera is shitting itself every 5 seconds
Gahoole just destroyed "Kino" Casino and P P P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JEmjdi5gck&ab_channel=TheKinoKorner
Open file (94.97 KB 667x480 ClipboardImage.png)
Something tells me jcaesar187 is acutely aware of what's going on with Toad McKinley's stream.
>>131289 Andy also says you have to have vaccine proof to get in the bars >>131304 Not sure, but he was in the F jcaesar187 chat
Open file (414.08 KB 424x486 Mark.png)
>I don't undertand why people hang out with pedos t. Gahoole
Open file (37.44 KB 460x383 gunt.png)
Open file (3.32 MB 380x500 burning_gunt.gif)
Doesnt the Гунт have a stream to run instead of responding to 7 hour old tweets?
Open file (99.23 KB 234x256 flavortime.png)
>>131313 has he ever followed through on any of his threats?
>>131313 >if you talked to me like that to my face Most people don't carry a foot stool with them for that to occur, jcaesar187
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swnmgQIYaCw The F jcaesar187 Festival: Nick Rekieta, Mister Metokur, AugieRFC, Porsalin, FlamencoTV, Kino Casino #2
Open file (13.88 KB 447x114 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (7.00 MB 270x480 mVJcHGWB_480p.mp4)
>>131311 probably bickers if you are fully vaxxed plus booster like me you have a weird qr code to show proof, and then there is it's own EU corona passport-like qr-code which says if you have been vaxxed or taken a test. The weird thing is, I've not even needed it in Norway bickers it is only in the cities or big cities where there is a bunch of paranoia but regularly in the towns were everyone knows everyone, there is no need for masks or anything some have it on, and most don't. It is weird how big of a contrast it is in just Norway but when I traveled to Greece, it felt like a surveillance state where you had to have a mask on. So it is a huge pain in the ass, so I canceled my trip to Greece this year, and for me it is a normal thing to travel to either Spain, Greece and Italy twice a year. >>131313 >>131314 No bickers he is a gigantic bitch that would get bitch slapped irl. It is only people like Andy that is afraid of him. It is just getting him down on the ground and he is like a turtle on it's back.
Open file (4.92 MB 500x500 1640813987561.gif)
>All those foxdicks simping for the Fat Dyke I guess someone namedropped this place in some discord after Surfer and Toad McKinley breakup
Open file (66.42 KB 1022x731 fbvcb.jpg)
dragging on a bit now in fact of course, like a augie video
>>131323 Yeah that was a pissbreak for sure, wonder why Augie thought it was a good idea to read an entire jcaesar187retort article in full. Hopefully the high energy will pick back up now.
Open file (359.92 KB 708x448 coach_and_mel.png)
Kino Casino? More like Langweilig Casino, the previous stream with Surfer, Gayhoole, Shaggy, Rudy and Daiymo, all those zcelebs was actually better. Imagine that! Foxdicks never win.
Open file (1.61 MB 720x1280 ppp.mp4)
>>131325 don't kid yourself buddy
Open file (53.96 KB 382x436 Crixus kek'd.jpg)
>>131326 Cope more, foxdick.
>>131319 >Spain, Greece and Italy twice a year. Nice my three favorite European countries
>>131326 >Imaging being part of the Starfish Squad
Open file (59.33 KB 512x351 ESuIqg1UcAIM9o7.png)
>>131327 >>131329 I know picking no side is the cool thing to do but on these days of kino holocaust we all should be thankful for what we get, lets not play faggot games shall >we?
Open file (9.34 MB 578x624 Pathetic.gif)
>>131330 >not using kinocaust >we
Im enjoying it but they've been streaming for almost two hours. The Augie segment was zzz and they keep stopping to read superchats. It totally stutters the flow of the show and kills the energy. Now we're gonna get the raw jcaesar187 fight footage though so this is awesome.
Open file (187.41 KB 972x1296 Baron Edge.jpg)
>>131330 >We >We If you want to have your sacred cow, that's your problem, buddy. My passion for alog the Гунт died a long time ago, but my passion for alog Jewsh and Asston is still very much alive. I'll log the three of them, but I'll be more happy to see the favorites ecelebs from foxdicks be destroyed, preferably if there is a war between Jewish and Toad McKinley, that would be kino. For me, is Earwinson my favorite eceleb.
Open file (156.25 KB 1920x1080 fish.jpg)
>>131333 Whatever buddy, I will still support the guy that makes me laugh the most, simple as.
Open file (101.90 KB 500x356 1314092055255.png)
>raw unedited footage >bunch of faggots with their video over it, donations and talking so there's literally no archive value
Open file (18.08 MB 720x1280 KYGwWpdS_720p.mp4)
>>131328 There are many great European countries with history and culture but these three for me are special imo. bickers you see old architecture from all the important ages, also the food is great in Spain, Italy and Greece, I don't like the bastardized version of American Italian food but love real Italian food. But all over Europe you have amazing architecture but most of them is just once in a lifetime need to watch while the others in Italy, Greece and Spain is something you can go each year and still be amazed and appreciate it's beauty like it is a woman's beauty.
>>131337 You sure showed me there buddy.
Open file (19.09 KB 527x394 817582569.jpg)
>Asston can't shut up for a fucking minute
Open file (82.78 KB 1280x720 95895869586596.jpg)
>jcaesar187's house smells like cat shit
Open file (6.41 KB 437x52 ClipboardImage.png)
official brand of a lolcow
Current number check @11:32 PM EST chill: 314 cozy: 628 odyssee: 712 total: 1654 viewers. 3P: 1676
>>131338 >>131341 As said before >>131022, the stream is "funny" for different reasons than expected. The cocks by it self is shit, total lack of synchrony between Tardski and Asston to delivery kino, no new cocks, etc. The real spectacle is seeing The Гунт seething, especially on twitter. Гунт as usual is his own worst enemy. >>131339 Weakload recognizing the superiority of MED BVLLS. >>131340 Yes, foxdick lolifag. >>131343 NAAAAH TRUE, P P P IS A HERO FOR THIS BOARD, NOT A LOLCOW!
>>131344 can't even take those numbers seriously cause he's notorious for botting. I base the viewers based on the chat flow which is usually not very active.
Open file (2.00 MB 360x500 burning_gunt3.gif)
Open file (67.99 KB 435x82 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131344 Plus 1400$
Open file (79.12 KB 588x443 1142352736204.png)
>>131349 I don't hear him
>>131344 #WEALWAYSWEEEN #CHRISTISKANG #CAN'TABORT like i paper aborted muh son
>>131351 Retard Гунт is taking callers first, knowing Гунт, he's trying to put Surfer down, show who the alpha dog is. Surfer is on now.
>>131351 there he is
Open file (15.14 MB 854x480 wAllyV3I_480p.mp4)
>>131345 Superiority? Kinda depends, I would say that the Latin race the descendants of ancient Geeks and Romans have a more artistic strike to them when it comes to the arts like painting, sculpting, architecture but they've turned it into gay shit over time like clothes and other things. So not superior but impressive. I don't know which race is superior when it comes to the European races but there are good and bad things with all of them, obviously.
Open file (180.62 KB 439x439 928529865965.png)
>jcaesar187 lied about having sex with MintSalad
Open file (187.56 KB 561x488 1642826231944.png)
Open file (58.44 KB 108x250 ClipboardImage.png)
there's only one person left who can turn the tide of this battle
Open file (148.67 KB 1920x1080 D3cH9UMWsAA5sfJ.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCDvKVTjFJg Responding to Law and Crime - and then more
>>131358 >>131361 Imagine being hype by this. Meanwhile, Surfer is going way too far with his Bible Autism, at least he's calling Dax of Diddler in the Killstream. >You're a mexican jew, Diddler. >>131359 JMK INDEED WON
Podawful is outside jcaesar187's house lmao
sur,fer talking to dax on ra,lph stream an,dy talking to pod,awful on peepeepee stream
Open file (962.63 KB 384x196 PPP salutes.gif)
Current numbers check @12:07 AM EST Gynt: chill: 273 cozy: 332 odyssee: 551 total: 1156 viewers. 3P and Wortski: 1608 1608 vs 1156 total. 3P is dominating the Gynt!
Gynt is going to have to get up and disrupt his show by Podawful outside.
Open file (191.98 KB 1063x766 pathetic.jpg)
>didn't knock on the door >didn't ring the doorbell >didn't shout >didn't put a sticker on the house >just put a box of diapers on the sidewalk >complained about the price of the diapers >shilled his youtube channel the entire time >runs away before jcaesar187 shows up That guy stinks how do you fuck that up?
He went off camera when pod said he was looking out the window, then he sat back down. If anyone went out, it would have been May.
Open file (2.75 MB 270x480 wNRJrZs2_480p.mp4)
>>131370 whenever people use kino bickers they believe it is an ebin plebbit maymay then they are not to be trusted. Just sayin.
Open file (64.86 KB 644x520 latenightseethe.png)
He is still going off on the guy
>jesse too much of a pussy to ring doorbell I think I heard the horn on stream but it was very quiet
Open file (448.40 KB 600x977 1642399064675-3.jpg)
Surfer is making the Гунт rofl. He only made jokes about Dax and Asston, other than that, Surfer is just preaching Bible autism and his self improvement journey. After that the Гунт had enough and kicked Surfer from the stream to end the Killstream by playing the paypiggies. >>131355 I was joking, buddy. I think it's kind of silly to discuss who's superior, especially among Europeans. As mutt italian/portuguese/suebi/danish, I just have problems on a genetic level against French and also on a cultural level, as they helped to spread the cancer that infests the Western. I usually get along very well with Germans and Norwegians, same about Dutch, even tho you can't really trust the Dutch. Meanwhile, spaniards and I were always fighting, and I had strange relationships with Slavs, especially Poles, but I guess meds actually have this weird fetish for slavs. About arts, I think that Germanic, Anglos or scandinavians had their own talents for art, more focused on sculpture of wood and metalworking, I think both meds helped Nordics to thrive in art, look at Dutch golden age that happened mainly through Spanish influence, whether they want to admit it or not. Meanwhile today it is the Nordics who help Europe as a whole to advance scientifically. Like in Murdoch Murdoch, pan-european is gay, but can work.
Final numbers check cozy: 242 odyssee: 560 chill: 216 Gynt total:1018 3P and Wortski: 1624
Open file (79.31 KB 746x628 diapercrime.png)
His audience has a collective IQ of 4
>>131378 >delivering diapers while standing on a sidewalk without tresspass is now a crime lol pigstream caved in head lawyers
>>131378 >legendary >entertainer >charming >worldly >gentlemen >his passions Doing drugs and fucking 14 year old prostitutes?
Open file (4.36 MB 854x480 HTgUYbAW_480p.mp4)
>>131376 The Scandinavian/nordic form of art is different bickers it is more or less abstract and I mean really abstract bickers it feels like the vikings and up today with Norwegian armature rose painting/maling is more about math/abstract then what the Latin form/classical art did or oil painting where realism with lighting and it being colorful was the big thing. So in many ways it is superior imo to Norwegian rose maling/painting, you paint those at wood btw. Also I am not sure what nordics are advancing in science today, if I am being honest bickers in Norway there is a more focus in sociology bickers it is a speculative science and as such allot easier than lets say chemistry, medical science and physics. But in History it seems that Norway, Denmark and Sweden is doing big things bickers they are finally using genetics to see who is who. But history is not really my thing bickers it is so much hearsay and in Norway and scandiland in general, I kinda like it when there is good documentation and so on.
Open file (38.50 KB 593x356 Untitled2.png)
Open file (277.12 KB 768x1024 meigh.jpeg)
>>131382 The scary finger gun and diaper combo, what a horrible night for that poor lass!
Open file (210.38 KB 220x226 17859871255879.gif)
>>131382 >muh pregnant fiancee was scared inside
Open file (83.06 KB 530x754 meltdown.png)
It has begun...
Open file (48.75 KB 469x516 gunt3.png)
Open file (15.62 KB 444x110 FJr2TNeXIAEHt7g.png)
Open file (19.19 KB 592x156 Untitled.png)
Гунт actually thinks augie was on live
>>131391 Augie is literally not wrong
Open file (866.75 KB 300x170 875687845854.gif)
>>131388 >justified his actions What actions?
Open file (364.54 KB 530x652 smokinggun.png)
He's going fucking mad
Open file (190.66 KB 3200x1440 FJr4SmOXoAU-0ug.jpg)
Open file (316.01 KB 464x576 gunt5.png)
Open file (49.18 KB 656x436 shin.png)
A loyal pagpig is having his doubts
>>131382 <Pantsu scared when she inserted herself into Digibro's and MintSalads home while they Гунт-slapped each other. Gimme a break. Cry more Horse. >>131385 Imagine giving Гунтt your phone number. Retard.
Open file (100.15 KB 439x439 82195821756.png)
>>131395 >>131394 I think he impregnated May so he has some justification, in his own mind at least, to moralfag
Open file (55.74 KB 656x550 dawxingserver.png)
Toad McKinley won
Podawful visiting his home freaked Gynt and Pantsu out badly. They're literally shaking. They're so scared. And trying to get sympy points.
How is the jcaesar187acuck doing? Has ashley and tardski done anything funny?
>>131400 >now he admits he worked with corey barnhill the pedophile E-CELEB MOMENT
>>131382 >>131383 >>131384 >>131385 >>131387 >>131388 >>131391 >>131394 >>131395 >>131396 >>131400 >>131402 The ironic thing is the Гунт's reaction to this to play the victim, is very much like Brianna Wu and the other bitches he built his "career" off of roasting for crying harassment and playing victim.
Open file (7.74 MB 292x480 SENB7bDk_480p.mp4)
>>131382 >>131383 >>131385 >>131388 >>131389 >>131391 >>131394 God dammit this is so retarded and kinda funny.
Open file (99.65 KB 670x524 of course.jpg)
>>131405 >Гунт being a hypocrite OF COURSE >fake gym segment goes on for over a minute My gawd foxdicks were a mistake.
Open file (99.65 KB 670x524 of course.jpg)
>>131405 >Гунт being a hypocrite OF COURSE >fake gym segment goes on for over a minute My gawd foxdicks were a mistake.
Open file (1.30 MB 1280x720 6Rn2JpuZNgiXM43a.mp4)
>>131409 yes, that is really pathetic, if you think about it. They are so addicted to a fwend simulator that they need to hear said fwend simulator not Гунт guarding, so they make a robot fwend simulator that says what they want but it is their opinions.
Open file (524.05 KB 1918x518 PRESS G.png)
Press G to go back.
Open file (334.17 KB 583x414 3.png)
Surfer is doing is own stream right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbkgvdQ-CVo&ab_channel=DrunkenSurfer The Daiymo also made a stream tonight, but he deleted it. Imo, the """Kino""" Casino was pure ass, boring shit, only made the Гунтy seethe, but other than that was shit
>best part of the entire stream is replaying the famous THAS NAWT TRUUU CLIP
So much for Гунт and andys "friendship."
So was the Kinostream any good?
>>131418 >kinostream You mean the dyke and tard stream? Nah not very good.
Open file (1.08 MB 2602x1802 Jcaesar_nutshell.jpg)
>>131414 podawful (somehow) saved it from being a total waste
Open file (4.86 MB 2160x3840 Ralphajew.png)
>member doxxxville t. the tardstream
>>131419 It was letdown?
>>131421 yeah that was pretty based of that faggot.
>>131418 it's been a good highlight reel. but seeing how far 3p has sold out to make it happen makes the whole thing kind of hollow.
>>131423 It was just a clip show with fake gym/gaytor/fagmencope by some foxdick and both ashley and tardski doing fake laughs.
>>131425 >>131426 By did other zcelebs come to shit on gu_nt at least?
>>131427 podawful showed up and actually did something funny by going to Гунтs house, and augierfc or other Гунт traitors.
Open file (7.42 KB 357x60 123.png)
>>131429 All the IBS leftovers viewers are here. Most are current Killsteam viewers or ex-viewers.
>>131430 >khusa God I remember that kumitard and how he always switched sides so fast.
>>131428 Might be worth the watch then. Was gu_nt seething on twitter?
>>131432 Yes, in fact he is still seething right now.
Open file (8.39 KB 229x40 foxdick.png)
>>131432 Only the earlier parts.
I think surfer wants to vote in the tvch rewards lol.
>>131434 Cow poly has been seething in the 3P stream for 5 hours straight. He's a Keelstream viewer or something.
>>131436 Gonna doubt that he is a fan he just strikes me as a foxdick attention whore.
>>131437 Maybe. Might be fun to scrape his comments from the chat just to collect the seethe. He seemed legitimately upset by the whole stream.
>>131438 Hes been upset for a long time, whenever I've seen cow polys hes just seemed to be an angry faggot.
Open file (150.13 KB 1330x539 Untitled.png)
Foxdick posits interesting theory__. Gabe disavowed?
>>131439 all these confessions just proved is everything they all denied and shit talked zoom about for years was true.
Open file (1.24 MB 1920x1080 andy_ashton_gay_2.png)
>>131442 Basically the five anons here were right about everything and andy is just confirming it 3 years to late. RELEASE THE FOOTAGE TARDSKI
he had a ton of footage according to zoom. AGLUCK apparently had footage of him with a hooker.
>>131444 I fucking wish they would just release it.
>>131445 the problem is the other 3 guys all hate andy. andy is too retarded to apologize.
Open file (5.47 MB 1280x720 buddy.webm)
>>131446 Andy should just release the doxxxville footage anyways.
What a disaster Surfer is streaming completely drunk, with Mormon Shaggy, Gahoole and Simpshow, with piss all over his pants and puke on his mustache and yelling about afro-american and about how he's the cocks https://youtu.be/sbkgvdQ-CVo
Open file (9.38 KB 335x49 foxdick_seething.png)
Open file (58.66 KB 702x900 anita_sexy.jpg)
God I wish it was foxdick.
>>131448 Still been funner than Toad McKinleys stream, surf just pushed his head onto the camera autistically.
>>131450 I will have to agree, Andy and P P P streams are being pretty meh, the first one was somehow better, both P P P and Surfer are fucked after the break up and will teach full bottom pit status this year lol The Гунт and DSP will keep surving
>>131414 >>131448 >>131450 SURFER IS GOING FULL CRAZY MODE, HE ALMOST SHOWED HIS DICK ONCE AGAIN AND SAID HE WILL TEACH CHAT HOW TO KILL A JEW TONIGHT meanwhile the boring simpshow and boring shaggy are talking in the background
Open file (32.03 KB 400x400 LANKY KANG.jpeg)
bros, the girl I love sent me a text last Monday saying she loved me. Tonight, I ran into her, she said she was drunk Monday... I asked her if she felt ashamed about the drunk text, and said its no worries bickers I sent drunk text before... and she said no, what she said to me was sincere. I'm so happy bros I'm honestly in love... Life is so good.
Open file (268.69 KB 719x536 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (279.13 KB 717x538 ClipboardImage.png)
>I trust at you, Mormon Shaggy, you are the only person i can trust in the world i believe in you and you are the true king of ibs. Surfer will do some shit tonight, the dude is drunk and with shizo eyes, trying to recreat pork chops stream, talking about showing dick while lifting
>>131454 kys trssperg
>>131455 >trying to recreate his lightning in a bottle moment Surfer needs to get off the internet for a while, the e-celeb cancer is consuming him.
Surfer was sperging right now about anons from /cow/
>>131457 >>131458 WTF IS GOING ON??? Surfer is indeed trying to recreate his past stream with Earwinson and P P P and just now he was seething about /cow/ anons.
Open file (3.17 KB 209x241 1642542060047.jpg)
>>131448 >surfer barely holding back tears as CRP shits on him in chat
>>131454 Enjoy the endorphins while they last until she gets tired of you and starts cheating. Btw, I already know you're full of shit bc your girl is really just some middle-aged roastie that you make sound better than it is. So like all people on the internet, you paint a false picture.
>Surfer is saying that /cow/ anons are retards who don't know anything or something like that >Is doing dick fellation with this Shaggy guy >Trying to call Earwinson on discord >seems to be desperate to go back to 2020 and be with Earwinson and 3P once again
>>131460 >>131462 Fake CRP is the chat and Surfer is desperate to have him on, sad. He's completely drunk, cursing everyone and yelling, while Simpshow and Shaggy dont show up in the background. >>131461 Based, he'll say it's all headcannon tho.
Open file (44.86 KB 1271x635 surfer sack.JPG)
Well at least surfer is being entertaining.
Open file (234.58 KB 388x518 Coach_Rogaine_Pill.png)
Open file (170.36 KB 1080x1080 coach_based_pilled_2.jpeg)
>>131463 Imagine actually thinking gonzo gives a shit about this stuff anymore.
Open file (2.08 MB 2736x3648 vee won.jpg)
>>131465 CRP and JMK indeed won, Earwinson won too. Asston and Surfer are losing BIG! Imagine the shit show if Donga, Crygenes and Corey Barnhill and all those fags from the past return for a last tango with shifty alliances.
>>131466 God I fucking wish anon.
>Surfer doxed himself once again, while talking about people sucking his cock What I should do, bros? I brough Surfer coins while hight, now it's reaching abyss, he's totally lost and will reach rock bottom at this pace, especially together with Гунт and this Shaggyfag.
>>131468 I think the difference being is surfer can usually move on after he does stupid shit whereas other e/z-celebs can't, the guy posted a video lighting his public hair on fire.
>>131468 Some people need to hit rock-bottom. .
Open file (357.05 KB 256x184 saddest_gif_ever.gif)
>>131468 Now he's singing "things will never the same" while almost crying. Also, people in the chat are aloging TRSperg for some reason.
Open file (425.04 KB 800x753 julay siege.jpg)
SS Ampharos in chat together with other four anons from here alogging trsperg and Surfer at the same time. What a crazy night. I have no idea what's going on. I only know one thing, JMK WON.
>>131472 It's pretty funny.
Open file (87.23 KB 719x379 1642843450211.png)
Open file (126.02 KB 719x474 1642843420491.png)
Open file (80.36 KB 719x406 1642843355472.png)
Open file (100.11 KB 682x493 1642843267535.png)
>>131457 >>131458 >>131459 >>131462 >>131468 >>131471 >>131472 >>131473 This "Anon" guy made Surfer sperg out
Open file (147.63 KB 600x1040 1642668340271.jpg)
surfer about to show his asshole on stream
Open file (95.47 KB 717x356 1642843321229.png)
Open file (68.87 KB 715x215 1642844062082.png)
Open file (114.61 KB 719x380 1642844008922.png)
Some Janny banned fake CRP I think >>131475 It's over
>>131474 If I'm remembering correctly, this anon with Savatar profile pic has been posted here several times in the last two years. Majority of times was Asston fanboys trying to dox him or ni/gg/ers crying about him being part of Гунтstream. >>131473 Surfer is the cocks.
>Surfer showed his feet and now is talking about kissing on the mouth of DJ Axle/PO
>>131421 >saved it from being a total waste How? Maybe I missed something but didn't he go from driving 4 hours to put a sticker in a mail box, to waiting 4 hours in a car to drop diapers 40 feet from the Гунт's door? Even Xander called the Mexican pedo a fag to his face, and a platespic defaced jcaesar187's car. I honestly can't understand how that faggot convinces his paypigs that he has something worthwhile hidden behind his paywall. I haven't watched him in a while but I remember that his streams always ended with a kike-like cliffhanger and paywall pitch to see the real crazy stuff. So far I've never seen a single video or comment that suggested he ever did anything that was more interesting or entertaining. I agree the dike/tard stream was irredeemably uninteresting, but in what way did pedowful's irredeemably uninteresting prank save it?
>>131478 Is everyone on /cow/ a closeted fag and wants to look at naked zcelebs?
>he's taking off his pants... >Now he's crying about P P P blocking him on discord and bickers of this he's now telling a story about when he literally cucked P P P >>131480 <cuckime <zzzchanfag projecting
Open file (47.74 KB 394x415 1642302942847.jpg)
>>131481 There are two people on this stream using fake voices and two others hitting on each other. The absolute state of these faggots.
Surfer new bf, Shaggy is the typical girl you start dating after leaving a long relationship aka bad news. I guess that foxdicks and trsperg were right after all, Surfer is gay. Also, Surfer is lusting for Dj Axle for some reason now, maybe just bickers P P P got mad at him streaming with him. >>131482 Is essayfag part of the stream? There's some anglo there seething about DJ Axle and being mogged by everyone else.
>>131481 >changing subject >obsessed with naked men confirmed a faggot
Open file (317.92 KB 680x830 Midora kek'd.jpg)
Surfer is full pillstream mode and he confirmed that he is spending most of his day in private video chats with Mormon Shaggy, also he's asking to Mormon Shaggy if he should smoke weed live on cam. Remember, Mormon Shaggy made Surfer get herpers last week as it encouraged Surfer to visit a brothel and for some reason Surfer got herpes all over his mouth.
Open file (2.88 MB 720x1280 Mels feuding family.mp4)
This season is shaping up quite well. I honestly cant guess what will happen next.
Open file (110.26 KB 1080x1080 melthumb.jpg)
>3P winning crown of King of Internet and the approved by the Sweetie Squad >jcaesar187 the alcoholic ledo, seething >Gahoole, the incel pedo, seething >Surfer showing to the world his true face as a snake alcoholic >Surfer pillstream >Based Mormon Shaggy once again destroying Daiymo, Gahoole and other fags >Including Essayfag, once again being humiliated while trying to suck Surfer Jewish small cock I don't know guys, but seems to me that 3P will rule Supreme.
Is jcaesar187 still going to portugal even though his 7 month pregnant fiancee is terrified that someone is targeting them and she has past trauma of being kidnapped?
I will drink some nice champagne, count my money and buy some gold rings. Life is good if you're talent.
Open file (411.58 KB 597x594 babby gunt.png)
>>131492 >>Including Essayfag, once again being humiliated while trying to suck Surfer Jewish small cock do you have a time stamp or clip?
Open file (217.90 KB 1920x1080 DzJSrhYXgAAhcl_.jpeg)
>>131492 >>131494 You're drunk, fat dyke?
Open file (192.76 KB 1920x1080 average looking foxdick.jpg)
Open file (530.90 KB 1168x828 foxdick.png)
Open file (7.40 KB 176x176 foxdick homo.jpg)
Open file (1.62 MB 544x574 TRANS RIGHTS.webm)
Open file (172.77 KB 510x382 Josh Moon 24.png)
>>131492 You Sure Toad McKinley? >>131497 The many faces of trannyfarms.
Open file (108.72 KB 265x300 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.00 MB 540x960 Jojew.mp4)
>>131487 >>131488 I kinda wonder sometimes did surfer want to be a male stripper or gay for pay in porno sometimes bickers he does these gay things. >>131489 OK, I have to admit that made me kinda horny. Her bitchy voice is amazing, her fucking bitchy voice is too much I need to coom sooner or later while watching this video over and over again. where did you get it?
>>131500 its from her Instagram.
How was the Asston stream alogs, should I watch it?
>>131502 Just finishing it now. It was ok but i would say it was underwhelming, particularly as this whole Kino Casino thing can only go downhill from here as they will run out of subjects. The highlight was probablly that Jesse Podawful faggot driving outside of the Гунт shack live. The rest of it was entirely forgettable and stale, particularly for anyone who has seen all of the Гунтs transgressions a thousand times over.
Open file (210.38 KB 220x226 17859871255879.gif)
>>131461 <middle aged she is 24
>>131505 That's middle age to pedos
Open file (182.92 KB 285x500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131483 >I guess that trsperg were right Of course I'm right all alt-right and wignats are gay. Its bickers they ether got their shit pushed in in prison by some dude in the Aryan Brotherhood for "protection". Or bickers they are gay and afraid Islamist will throw them off a roof top so "White Identity" is a way of crying out for solidarity with others so they don't get their heads chopped off by Omar. And lastly its bickers most these fags are into BDSM so fascism is a Kinky fetish to play out there submissiveness and dominance over other fags. 4chan has always been gay and /pol/ is a product of that rampant homosexuality.
>>131503 The quality of the show doesn't even matter as long as more people are made aware of the Gu-nt and Gu-nt himself is seething red.
Open file (54.87 KB 471x666 warski and gaytor.png)
>>131507 Why do you know so much about homosexual culture?
>>131510 TRSperg is a faggot, you didn't know?
Open file (244.94 KB 1499x553 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.52 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131510 Well you now that saying by Milton Friedman... "We are all Keynesians now" well replace the term Kaynesian for "fag". Welcome newfag, enjoy your pozzed neg hole. :^)
Open file (37.47 KB 399x399 enoch.jpg)
>>131507 You sound like a woman talking about her ex.
>>131509 So is Gaytor actually openly shitting on the Гунт now on the DL? I have to admit that is pretty kino.
Open file (714.86 KB 4200x2366 mike enoch and kike.jpg)
>>131514 Eat more cocks Jew!
>>131516 First you were fantasizing about muslims attacking evil racist whites, now you're fantasizing about jewish people giving you head?
>>131517 So you admit the leader of the Aut-kike is a Jew? Now we are seeing eye to eye. >>131510 >Why do you know so much about homosexual culture? Same reason Enoch and Striker know so much about Jewish Culture.
>>131515 Gape gave his consent to make skittle rattling jokes. He doesn't dare go beyond that.
>>131508 It's hard to imagine anyone watching that wasn't already aware of him, but at least Гунтy seethed for a while, hopefully it leads to further developments.
Open file (229.81 KB 900x900 guntman_and_lardboy.png)
>>131519 But in that twitter post >>131509 he say's "bring some xannyberries" which is a sign that Toad McKinley is becoming more willing to dunk on the Гунт Publicly. Perhaps its the "same joke" but I could see jcaesar187 sperging out about this eventually if he keeps taking digs at him. How long before the Гунт burns the bridge with Gaydor?
Open file (743.25 KB 265x167 GUNTed.gif)
>>131520 It already sits at 20k and it hasn't even been a day. As long as the vid goes viral and hits some jewtube algorithms more random people get a chance of seeing it and acquainting themselves with Gu*nt. Also due to its multi-zceleb nature there's a high chance of it getting promoted by some decently large channels like involved.
Open file (7.42 KB 250x198 1491935575616.jpg)
Apparently, Surfer almost died after Pillstream from last night. He told Robi that after he woke up, he decided to masturbate while self-asphyxiating, as Mormon Shaggy explained to him how it's done and that as long as he repents to God before the act even if an accident happens it doesn't count as suicide.
>>131523 Post caps.
Did anyone share the raw Гунт fight video link yet?
>>131514 TRSperg is very obsessed with white people who don't hate themselves, as a mulatto jew he can't understand not hating yourself.
>>131523 It's over for Surfer, is telegram has the same three retards fans of TRS and Keith Woods circle jerking each other, all the others are lurkers. He should delete discord and telegram and spent some time out of internet.
Open file (32.88 KB 480x466 1544830932703.jpg)
>The Keith Woods and TRS shill in Surfer telegram is the super hairy soyboy from Punching the Гунт >He's a foxdick Imagine my shock.
>>131527 >>131528 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobile.bizo.rotate Same pro TRS and Keith Woods guy, also crying about Nick Fuentes being "targed" by feds. Essayfag, Robi or whatever need to make Surfer understand his situation or otherwise Surfer is going full lolcow.
>>131529 >Surfer is going full lolcow >going He was a lolcow from the get go you poof
>>131529 Wrong link. I was trying to post the invite to Surfer server but it's gone now. >>131530 But our sacred cow, someone beloved by some people from here, now also going in the eceleb path, he promised to not stream much after breaking up with Asston, but since then he's way more active online. >>131495 As soon as the voice chance guy joined talking with a British manner I imagined that was essayfag, I believe he talked more close to the end of stream, but I missed a good part of it, Surfer kicked him so he could only talk with his new bf, Mormon Shaggy, I'll have to re watch the only shitshow once again
>>131523 Mormon Shaggy is a bad influence. In one video he was copiously vaping weed and explained that he would kick his roommates shin until it was bleeding if he caught his roommate drinking coffee bickers it's forbidden. He said it like he was a cool tough guy for doing it. After last night Im going down the rabbithole on him and he's a total piece of shit.
>>131487 >>131488 this is what happens when you use discord too much
>>131527 >>131528 >>131529 why do you keep repeating yourself
Open file (163.92 KB 570x490 just leave.jpg)
>>131531 >sacred cow >beloved by some people from here <unironically liking and sympathizing with cows you filthy animals are lolcows as well
Open file (358.05 KB 593x762 Sargoy_gun4.png)
>>131523 >>131527 >>131531 >>131532 >>131533 Big if true, Surfer is fallowing the same path from the Гунт, Andy and even P P P from a years ago, fighting with co-hosts, doing shit while streaming, getting involved with discord drama and people people. in 2022 R.J will be the new Гунт. I can't wait for Kino Casino from next week be about him. >>131534 Trsperg don't have the monopoly on hating TRSodomites, most anons here are obviously surprised when someone is still retarded enough to buy into their lies. I think some people here are shocked about R.J and everything going on with him, yesterday the Гунтstream crew were all acting like this watching Surfer and feeling frustrated and sad with his Pillstream, lmao.
Open file (541.77 KB 1207x1019 ashton_dyke_mode.png)
>>131537 >in 2022 R.J will be the new Гунт. I can't wait for Kino Casino from next week be about him Not so sure about that pretty sure Toad McKinley is next in line as Гунтs successor.
Open file (12.69 KB 480x360 kike enoch family.jpg)
>>131514 Something about kike enuchs fucking face its so fucking memable with his beady little """norweigion""" eyes.
Open file (185.02 KB 346x284 EE1SR5mXsAA8XSw.png)
>>131537 and bad people* Trsperg is obviously being a bad influence on all of us. >>131539 P P P being Гунт 2.0 is old news. Everyone here foxdickfarmers will seethe expected him to go down before R.J, but it looks like it might take another year or two for P P P to go through what Гунтy did. P P P is still getting swollen with pride and his fall will be monumental, but no one expected that R.J would decide to simply take his Cirrus SR20 and dive into the San Francisco Bay while being sucked by PO.
Open file (37.24 KB 571x618 sweaty squatter.png)
Open file (846.74 KB 1500x1500 sweaty_squader.png)
>>131542 >foxdickfarmers will seethe They will seethe until the nu replacement for Toad McKinley appears and they turn on Toad McKinley and pretend they always hated him. A good example is >>131430 khusa, fag went from kumitard to jcaesar187amale to Toad McKinleyfag and always sort of pretends he never liked the other e-celeb he used to suck off, gym fans are truly subhuman.
Open file (2.76 MB 842x472 andy_handstand.webm)
Donga succeeded by jcaesar187 succeeded by Ashley Maybe Andy was the demon after all?
>>131544 The retarded phoenix always seems to scutter away from all this much like the Гунт roach himself.
Open file (1.15 MB 1842x864 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131526 seethe more /tv/troon. nu/cow/ is the true cow.
>>131537 Pretty sure Surfer still thinks TRS are feds.
Open file (163.92 KB 570x490 5899286565.jpg)
>>131542 > us.
>>131546 Not gonna lie TRSperg I don't really get what this post is meant to accomplish, pretty sure everyone here knows /cow/ has just been the cyclical for a long time at this point.
Open file (71.66 KB 661x665 Sargoy_gun2.jpg)
Open file (3.10 MB 448x334 1469169703191.gif)
>>131549 the point is to say /tv/troons are gonna troon and all their seethe and cope in rejecting the truth doesn't make a lick of difference. JMK just keeps winning.
>>131546 What the red circle around some threads mean? Some of those are the best threads >we had in a long time. >>131543 Many Sweetie Squad retards show up last night in P P P stream and are posting in his comment section, if Gym disabow the stream and attack P P P that would be hilarious in many ways lol the brown MLP dude is in the comment section in a long time after he "hating" P P P >>131544 >>131545 B-b-b-u-u-t An-n-dy is i-i-nno-ccent, j-just a n-ni-n-nice guy! >>131547 For how long? Like people said, he's a brain damaged autistic being influenced by faggots now in shitcord and telegram, in a few more months R.J will be using cuck cages and smoking weed while injecting steroids lmao
>>131551 >JMK keeps winning Well can't really disagree with that, JMK's biggest mistake was leaving over not knowing to much about cuckime.
Open file (158.83 KB 768x1024 231.jpg)
Open file (205.76 KB 1280x960 223.jpg)
>>131552 they are all people who ether once used /cow/ or currently use cow. The majority of modern lolcows all come from here. >>131553 JMK was the first Sаrgon Alog, Alog'd jcaesar187 back during Gаmer Gаte and was one of the first 3P alogs. He truly was a visionary ahead of the times. And he was the dude on endchаn who posted this chicks nudes. Not many people are a Based as JMK in fact of course.
>>131549 he's just repeating himself like usual, his burned out schizo brain is incapable of coming up with new concepts.
Open file (447.38 KB 963x950 elatedgunt4.png)
>>131555 TRSperg is a blackpilled shitposter who probably doesn't believe in half the things he posts politically speaking but he can be pretty entertaining. Surprised most newfags here don't appreciate his autism, he clearly posts the same things over and over again /tv/troon nu/cow/ bickers it gets a (you).
Open file (172.79 KB 341x350 Nagatoro_Gunted6.png)
>>131554 >they are all people who ether once used /cow/ or currently use cow. The majority of modern lolcows all come from here Well you aren't wrong about that, nice to know that even in >our current zombie-state /cow/ is still a primordial bed of life for lolcows for better or worse.
>>131554 >>131554 Rob Stiles used /cow/, so did Gabe Navarro and a bunch of others. Making fun of people who use sites like 4chan, 8chan, foxdickfarms, and ED is nothing new.
>>131554 MORE?
>>131498 3P got blown out by zoom in his final appearance and never recovered. the guy sat sucking Toad McKinleyes and the Гунтs dick for years only to snake on them for views at the last minute. he has no appeal.
Open file (754.64 KB 916x468 corey2_ai_portrait.png)
God I hope no one makes a Гунт profile and posts insults on the pages of the local Lisbon football teams
Open file (114.50 KB 1140x797 1641786631490.jpg)
whoa are the norm macdonald, louis anderson, and bob sagat of blood sports?
>>131563 >bob sagat of blood sports I wonder anon its a tough choice.
>>131564 i said bob sagat, not Blob Fagat
Open file (54.97 KB 604x524 swE4t6OzSdU.jpg)
Open file (58.98 KB 800x600 vEipMIAPd84.jpg)
Open file (64.58 KB 800x600 06.jpg)
Open file (89.10 KB 920x690 zpib4Ov5wV0.jpg)
>>131557 TRUUUE >>131559 sure thing buddy. JMK delivered.
Open file (79.87 KB 644x589 051.jpg)
Open file (74.69 KB 800x600 224.jpg)
Open file (859.53 KB 1200x1600 13356124786366.jpg)
Open file (178.96 KB 1280x960 222.jpg)
http://rp.freestreams-live1.com/ufc/ UFC starting now. Big nig Ngannou is the main event.
Open file (29.66 KB 582x282 1403870913300.png)
Open file (242.75 KB 500x358 chief_cow.png)
Mischief is masticating in Minnesota as jcaesar187 has stolen Gahoole's Super Sonico figure. Get it back gumshoe.
Open file (84.49 KB 470x286 based ogre take.png)
tonight will be the TVCH awards and the only interesting things about this event are 1-supposedly surfer was going to be a cohost, probably not happening anymore 2-gahoole deleted at least 16 posts on the voting thread during the week as anons voted on trsperg as the best tvch poster, Jade Venus as tvch waifu or commented anything about Mark Mann he's also mad at anons bc majority voted on Yakuza for best video over his own video about egirls but he cant delete those otherwise the thread would have only five votes lmao
>>131568 >white man knocks out unusually tall 5 foot 9 mexican in the first round Pretty good so far
>>131382 >muh horse faced pedophile tranny boyfriend was terrified of some autismo pointing at our house Isn't this the same internet tough guy that said when someone goes low he goes lower and about how he doesn't care about having the moral high ground? Funny seeing the Гунт cry like a little bitch when someone stoops to his level.
Open file (1.77 MB 1144x1248 archive.fo bUjsX.png)
The stream is already happening, with 17 views and Kikecake as an integral member of the show. Jenny was the real winner of worst waifu, but Gahoole need to have is annual "I won, Zach!" to feel better about yourself. And Zach is fake! The truth is out, Zach went to the same school as Gahoole and apparently Gahoole was jealous that the hapa guy got a date for the prom, but not him.
Open file (9.65 MB 270x480 PNQ0WXq2_480p.mp4)
What have I missed? >>131501 too bad she put her instagram on private.
>>131576 Since your last post not much. UFC is on right now, and after the Surfer Pillstream apparently he tried autoerotic asphyxiation and almost killed himself.
>>131577 Where's the proof for that though? I'm tired to people just saying stuff with no evidence and expecting you to swallow their lies and listen and believe. It does sound like something gay he'd do since he's losing his mind. It's the type of death a faggot like Styx would do to get his cummies and then get a Darwin award.
>>131578 He's the type to do something stupid to kill himself, however I have no proof for the initial claim. It's the only interesting claim since your last post. More controversial opinions will come in a future weigh in assuming Surfer keeps it up
Open file (13.45 MB 854x480 QeyvVZvp_480p.mp4)
>>131577 > he tried autoerotic asphyxiation and almost killed himself. What is wrong with just regular masturbation? >>131578 Surfer is funny and weird, so it is obvious some shit is going to be made up about the fella.
Open file (20.40 KB 595x250 Untitled.png)
Tvch Awards stream, it's now over https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvLyJ_tg-Qs&ab_channel=Gahoole The faggot Shaggy is streaming right now trying to damage control and once again seething as his pagan aunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJJoy9LB2-I&ab_channel=MormonShaggy >>131576 Surfer pillstream, check my posts since I was butthurt about it happening. Some anons also posted some infos, Surfer was mad at some /cow/ anon in chat, showed his feet and butt for Dj Axle and is having this gay awful relationship with Shaggy. >>131578 >>131579 >>131580 This time I won't doubt it, he's done weird things in the past and he's obviously surrounded by bad influences at the moment. >We need to wait for the next stream, like the herpes story he will show it by himself or talk about it. Otherwise, the anons will pay attention for weird marks on his neck. >>131581 BIG IF TRUE Coach, if you're here, get involved in this shitshow once again, please. Even if you lied about the footage, you can still create chaos and kino if you show up again as the true neutral or chaotic neutral.
Open file (5.13 MB 854x480 scNES2kR_480p.mp4)
>>131581 that is totally trust worthy. It is not like Alex would make a bunch of shit bickers he went to prison for a week or something, and did he not lose his gun license or something bickers of the aim aim incident? Also it ain't like jcaesar187 is super pissed at Andy now and will do anything in his fat power to make Andy look like a pedophile, also why is the Гунт so obsessed with making people look like pedophiles? Is it some hidden urges that jcaesar187 has? He did after all groom a 17 year old and has done so twice and just waited until they where 18 so he could do strange things to their anus like chocolate nugget hunting.
Open file (4.45 MB 514x348 26576650.gif)
>>131580 <autoerotic asphyxiation It must be some kind of sexual urge like a tranny does by becoming the woman to chase a stronger sexual thrill on the slippery slope of fetishes. Sometimes I wonder how many of these hanging suicides are the result perverts trying to chase some ultimate high while masturbating. Even celebs like rock singers Chris Cornell and Linkin Park's Chester Bennington were found hanging iirc. But I guess they would have to find the person naked if that were the case. >>131581 This petty little bitch can't just take his massive L from the Kino Casino. He is planning more stuff nonstop to get revenge. Also, who is he planning on visiting IRL?
>>131178 >>131584 You're dick sucking 3P now, essayfag?
Open file (1.16 MB 960x720 zohwa.mp4)
>>131584 I could be a sexual urge or it could be the next logical step in cooming addiction. Most people have heard the rumors that autoerotic asphyxiation makes the cooming feel allot more awesome like on another level. But at the same time, it is retarded bickers the gigantic orgasm comes from the fact that you cut oxygen from the brain and when you focus on cooming, you can coom so hard that you can pass-out from the orgasm, some people just pass-out when they are super focused on the cooming but never coom, that is how people die from this experiment. So in many ways, it is just another way to trick the brain kinda like with drugs. So it is different than what the trannies are doing bickers it is a fetish thing but it is on a deeper psychological level, while this asphyxiation is not psychologcial but more that they want to experience an orgasm like nothing else without using money on amphetamines, ghb and stimulants in general.
>>131585 Oh, nevermind, even essayfag is less of a faggot with shit takes than (You) 539670. Probably some zzzchan faggot lurking in the Гунтstream or foxdick namefag..
>>131556 There is an art to shitposting, which he does not get. It is all schizo cope.
Main Ngannou vs Gane fight time. http://rp.freestreams-live1.com/ufc/
https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream Jewfc being streamed live, I hope the mullato wins.
Is Гунт still seething from the Kinostream?
Open file (39.46 KB 475x444 gunt.png)
Open file (11.11 KB 476x97 gunt2.png)
>>131592 Sweet nectarino.
Open file (30.26 KB 554x554 images (4).jpeg)
>>131581 Prepare for the likes of gay ops no man has seen before...
>>131582 Why Coach? We need FAILYAH as he's the one present during AIM AIM AIM.
>>131589 >>131590 We want battlebots >muh we I'm part of the Гунтstream, I'm above this shit meme. >>131591 >3P >Kino Gahoole is right about fags like you. >>131595 Kys foxdick
>>131592 its gonna be funny when he lands and forgot to put on his travel pass bickers he's an uneducated retard who has never traveled outside of america before and probably can't afford the 10 dollar a day data pass.
>>131561 he did though LOL it was hilarious he was screaming WHO ARE YOUUUUUU and then when he realized he instantly go scared and fled the stream.
>>131596 you do not fit in, go back
Open file (163.92 KB 570x490 just leave.jpg)
>>131596 >we >gayhole based :OOO Fuck off to tvch.
>>131581 I wonder how many times he has contacted Failure.
Open file (19.72 KB 593x241 543543543.jpg)
The audacity of this faggot.
Open file (533.17 KB tiny.mp3)
Fuentes is over, Tiny is the new hispanic leader of the white race.
Open file (1.42 MB 375x213 assetsbelike.gif)
Open file (97.91 KB 1170x655 haz manlet.jpeg)
>>131604 Hello based department?
Open file (372.03 KB 1188x2208 f1.jpg)
Open file (436.92 KB 2208x1188 01 (12)гb.jpg)
>Gu-nt is setting himself up for another self-ВTFO This season starts strong
Does anyone know if the Гунт has travelled anywhere outside of Amerimuttica with the exception of Londistan when he visited Nora?
Open file (16.91 KB 480x336 doggers.jpg)
>>131608 Is he still watching videos about Portugal?
>>131604 Cucks are superior to homos.
>>131608 Even if he hasn't, his knowledge of how the world works, including muttlands, is that of a child that he mentally is.
Open file (1.22 MB 720x1280 6ZJstifAwV6UrFqm.mp4)
>>131592 >>131608 >>131609 seems like it, he has to do something. Also something I don't think the mister Гунтy thought about that is; he is afraid of people going to his house and just standing outside, he literally sperged out when a soy-filled cuckold looking motherfucker threw diapers to his door, and holding his finger as if it was a gun. Now imagine that some foxdick farmer with some balls just stand in the sidewalk and screams how he wants to have sexual relations with the horse or something, or he is going to do things to her anus. So how is jcaesar187 going to react when something like this happens?
>>131612 >So how is jcaesar187 going to react when something like this happens? I'm assuming by going on twitter to puff his Гунт out like the fake wigger tough guy he is and that's about it. Keep in mind he's a felon, so he can't own or operate any firearms (unless the horse is dumb enough to conduct a straw purchase), so he's pretty much all bark and no bite if people continue to show up to the front door.
>>131612 Dont post stuff like this on jcaesar187's TL it frightens him.
>>131608 truly jcaesar187 is a middle america hillbilly, may god bless his lard filled heart
>>131615 christ is king
Open file (59.35 KB 480x623 gunt.png)
>>131617 context?
>>131618 Thats all there is.
Open file (60.62 KB 1024x575 destiny.jpg)
Open file (14.51 KB 1011x185 960651630448.png)
Open file (138.35 KB 597x637 661262855279.png)
Open file (582.46 KB 1080x1502 1185319625800.png)
So, what will be the outcome? Slap on the wrist? Fine? Literally nothing? Also, lol at citing rightwingwatch when convenient.
Open file (265.21 KB 406x720 beardsongunt.png)
>>131621 It just might be over for the jcaesar187amale, but due to Гунтs persistence like a roach I am having my doubts.
Open file (1.59 MB 4032x3024 87124821552.jpg)
>>131621 >SELF-ADMITTED As opposed to court-declared?
>>131621 i don't get it
>>131618 Mrgirl was crying that the killstream callers were bullying him and dropping slurs.
Open file (4.39 MB 720x1280 5dzLuwWQv722Eo8a.mp4)
>>131613 mmmh, we will see. I did get my paycheck and it was a bit of money, so I wanna see if there is a flowershop or something that delivers flowers and messages. So I am thinking about writing disturbing messages that are obviously non-threatening but disturbing more or less. So one of these are going to be about how I am going to stand outside at this and that hour, and how we are going to travel to a restaurant. But at the same time I have 3 loans to pay and money to be saved if I get a son or daughter. So that I can take 3 months free and just fuck around. >>131617 woot? >>131620 You see Tiny tim there, he is more of a man than fucking jcaesar187. He is based and small plus he gets all the pussy he wants along with male anuses. That little midget has a fucking harem. >>131621 >>131623 interdasting.
>>131624 He has court tomorrow in Cali over violating his restraining order by tweeting about Faifai. He has a lawyer appearing on his behalf while he flees the country.
Open file (29.43 KB 400x604 ethanbarnhill.jpeg)
>>131627 Elaborate Гунт Schemes.
Open file (265.86 KB 468x309 gunt2.png)
Open file (598.94 KB 2048x1536 FJzkh4yXoAUHO9X.jpg)
Open file (133.74 KB 1000x750 gunt transparent.png)
Open file (751.96 KB 888x780 ralph_ponder.png)
>>131629 His proportions amaze me every time when you see his itty bitty legs.
>>131631 >this many foxdicks simp for pigclips THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF FOXDICK TRANNY JANNIES
>>131632 he's one of the least photogenic people in existence, in every picture he looks deformed and misshapen in some new previously unseen way
>>131629 >hiding his chunt That pic looks fake asf.
>>131636 it does and the time-line is not right bickers it would be dark around 7pm if I remember correctly. Before you say, how can you not remember when it was dark in continental Europe, that is bickers I am more used to the winter darkness at 4pm to 5pm and then at the summer being dark at 12pm and 4 hours of darkness. So the alien concept of it being dark at 6 or 7pm all year is still really fucking weird to me.
>>131632 >hmmmm has my chunt grown a further few inches?
Open file (1.11 MB 1290x722 985928965.png)
>>131637 I trust you would know more about seasonal daylight hours in southern Europe than jcaesar187
>>131629 This white G​AMERGATE really went to Portugal to own someone on twitter.
Open file (63.10 KB 634x738 791285889219285.jpg)
>>131640 I doubt it.
>>131639 Yeah, so it gets dark at 18:00 in Libson and was fully dark like it is evening night when he posted these pictures. Also why not post pictures of the city in the dark? That is actually more special imo the dark southern European city. And anyone that has been to Rome, Naples, Madrid and Paris, and many other cities it is fucking magical at night even if there would be limited people around. So the timeline does not add up and the light also, it looks like a weird and bad photoshop imo
>>131643 He probably will go there to escape being jailed, I wonder if Гунтy will flee to some even more obscure third-world or second-world shithole.
>>131646 Good luck with that. He should check extradition treaties first, bickers Portugal has one with the US. Though places without US extradition treaties are such that he wouldn't survive very long.
Open file (733.57 KB 1195x800 18183522.jpg)
Open file (155.50 KB 415x523 70a1a8d77b.png)
Open file (497.20 KB 1177x959 7q8e2f5h8l1c2s9.png)
I just discovered that outside of all the speculation of whether jcaesar187 was going there to traffic children or do drugs, Lisbon does happen to be home to Europe's largest casino, Casino Estoril.
Open file (1.37 MB 426x320 Manko x Mudbone.webm)
>>131650 Also it closes at 3am.
Open file (684.62 KB 2048x1365 faith_family.jpg)
>>131650 If he talks about it, it becomes a business expense relating to his brand. Sorry Xander, mother fuckers work for their output.
Open file (743.25 KB 265x167 GUNTed.gif)
>waste thousands of dollars and time to go to Europe's Mexico just to get back at somebody who baited you on twitter
>>131653 I know nothing about child support cause im not a degenerate who knocks up random women who then hold me in findom, but ive heard a theory that hes blowing threw his savings to avoid paying as much. No idea how valid that is cause again I dont know how child support works.
>>131654 won't they just take his property if he's broke bye-bye new used car
Open file (1.54 MB 1381x771 andy whore kiss.png)
>>131654 The thing is if he tries to obfuscate his personal earning by making personal expenses through his business account she's just be begging the IRS to knock on his door. That's why it's so retarded.
>>131653 jcaesar187 is not the sharpest tool in the shed. >>131654 I think they find a middle ground when it comes to child support, also you must remember that jcaesar187 wants to larp as-if he is a father but he is not the father bickers his name is not on any documentation which means he must take a DNA test to see if he is the father or not. So if he is blowing money just to make sure he dose not pay child support, he must also pay that to mantsu the stallion when she leaves him. >>131655 interesting.
>>131657 this is a guy who started a non profit to put his business filings under, where all he does is spend all profit on himself.
>>131659 Good for him he doesn't have any profit.
>>131654 It's calculated based on net disposable income, which is money after taxes. So all the money spending in the world won't change anything. He more likely is spending money knowing that his days of frivolous spending are winding down and he wants a last hurrah
>>131661 >Gnut will forever be bogged down with child support, his low energy dead streams will get even more stale and depressing Based
>>131629 It's probably just his shit phone but he looks badly photoshopped with that weird fuzzy halo effect around him.
>>131663 it's the gravitational pull, anon
Open file (131.89 KB 243x337 892589292856.PNG)
>>131662 >the purToad McKinleyy of having to host debates between MrGirl and Richard Spencer until his internal organs fail
Open file (19.48 KB 550x343 lmao.jpg)
>>131665 >purgat.ory FUCKING KEK
Open file (85.66 KB 720x960 1471144514613.jpg)
Based anti-foxdicks posters, fight for your homeland, /cow/boys, don't let the Starfish Squad take roots here. As a side note, the Mormon Shaggy guy is in full damage control saying that everyone going after him should take the L and accept they are boring and have nothing about him. He also is saying that he together with Surfer getting drunk are the only fun cocks out there and Surfer need to make more kino drunk streams like the other night.
>>131668 Starfish Squad is a pretty good name of course in fact fam. So who is this Mormon Shaggy guy? Getting intoxicated is now cawntent?
Open file (254.42 KB 1188x2208 x0.jpg)
>>131668 5 anons
Open file (624.00 KB 660x1000 Milo Manara play flute.jpg)
>>131653 No, there is a secondary reason. Whether it's the underage whores, drugs, gambling, or some weird tax evasion scheme. >>131657 Your honoh, visiting Lost Vaygus and Poor-chugul were bizness expenses. I need prostitutes to run the Keelstream. And gambling too. >>131659 He needs to be reported to the IRS for tax fraud.
sorry famalam that ordered a gaytor tribute, I was not able to get my bwc rock hard.
Open file (140.82 KB 1024x768 hobbit in Europe.jfif)
Open file (587.08 KB 782x687 Hobbit 2.png)
Guy that constantly talks about his enemies being womanly is very womanly. He has social media addiction like a lot of women.
>>131674 Note that there is someone taller than him holding the phone. So the pov is looking down on jcaesar187.
Open file (1.01 MB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)
>Flies to a foreign country coach, only to try and go to dinner unvaxinated end up at burger king. This uncultured pig man.
Open file (336.12 KB 220x220 Gdance2.gif)
>>131674 So he flew half way around the world to eat at Burger King cause he doesn't have a vax card. #WINNING #KINGLYFE
>>131675 Imagine being the random portuguese person that wants to throw the morbidly obese american man a bone and take his cringy instagram pic for him on his solo trip.
Open file (905.55 KB 252x200 based.webm)
>>131674 >>131676 no way, he is actually 5'1. my mom is taller than him, how in the fuck is that possible. There is a reason why people get the vax in Europe, that is bickers they want to go back to the night-life that is going to restaurants and eating outside. >>131677 >>131678 Also imagine that he just reveals to the world that he is 5'1 unironically.
Open file (192.06 KB 500x430 goblin butt.mp4)
>>131673 So you have erectile dysfunction? Maybe this goblin butt will help you.
Open file (787.40 KB 981x667 ralph_king.png)
>>131674 Wow, the have Burger Kings in Portugal! KING
>>131678 This is one reason I don't like ugly low-SMV sex tourists bickers they make their people and country look bad and contribute to negative stereotypes. So for the Portuguese people meeting Gynt, that is their perception of an American. A short, fat, ugly, deformed hick wigger with a frontbutt.
Open file (1016.96 KB 1323x2804 ralph_ph2.jpg)
If he's by himself, who is taking the photos? And will he ever tell the camera guy to start shooting at eye-level if aylogs point out that it makes him look smaller when it's pointing downwards?
Open file (4.56 MB 1280x720 IBS_MeetnFuck.webm)
>>131680 Nah fam, it became too gay when I started to watch porno on my phone. I got my dick rock hard and wanted to coom so super hard, then when my dick just came near gaytor printed out image then my peepee just refused to coom and became limp. It was really strange it is like benis has it's own mind and morals.
Open file (14.14 KB 247x316 2785482956568.jpg)
>>131684 >It was really strange Not strange at all
>>131683 >big cock this <big cock that >bbc <cuckold Why are most his porn choices centered around the man?
Open file (192.11 KB 1600x1200 based.jpg)
>>131668 I was one of the fags complaining about how this place was dead some time ago, but since Surfer vs Asston >we got some immigrants here and let's say /pol/ is always right. I noticed the faggot Shaggy coping about this stream >>131285 >>131264 and he keep being the closest person to Surfer atm, both are having long private conversations discord, if Asston had his egirls, Surfer has a manlet sociopath as his discord fren. >>131669 Weakload, >we talked about him here yesterday, also check the stream above, some dude was exposing and alogging Shaggy before the "Kino" Casino, for some shit about him you would need to check Dj Axle or Daiymo if you don't care about people seething at both.
Open file (2.70 MB 1280x720 1631280280667.webm)
>>131686 You are right. it is not strange but it is strange when you think about the fact that I watched some porno then when I was almost about to coom all over the face of gaytor, my rooster just refused. It did not even want to spit precoom, it just said fuck you to me in a weird way. And now my benis does not even want to cooperate with me to make a Melanie tribute, so that I can send it to her on instagram.
Open file (11.91 KB 180x280 sadsad.jfif)
>>131674 >goes to europe >still has to eat a fast food joint Peak amerimutt, I honestly thought he wouldn't be this cliche. Also why every pic he takes looks like he was photoshopped in?
Open file (3.89 MB 480x270 __0.webm)
>>131690 bickers the camera is pointing down bickers he is so short, so if you ever doubted that he is 5'1 don't doubt it famalam.
>>131690 >Also why every pic he takes looks like he was photoshopped in? bickers Гунт doesn't look like a real person anon.
Open file (393.72 KB 1024x1086 guntdunce.png)
Open file (68.70 KB 600x800 Francesinha.jpg)
>>131690 He clearly has not discovered the classy food of Portugal yet.
>>131687 >why does an obese man with a tiny baby dick that watches cuck porn and is dating a man focus so much on cocks in porn Truly a mystery for the ages.
Open file (3.89 MB 480x270 __0.webm)
>>131696 The real question is what does the porn viewing history of a man who worships jcaesar look like in comparison.
Open file (875.68 KB 620x349 wings.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXkfrlbohfw Vanguard Riot Shield Edition
>>131698 My guess would be a lot of tranny and sissy hypno porn.
>>131695 ok that actually looks taste though.
Open file (235.42 KB 468x562 tardski2.png)
>>131693 all this is missing is the kid diddler hat
>>131674 >we who else is there?
>>131702 Andy is just brutalizing the Гунт today.
Open file (11.14 MB 1920x1080 farting.mp4)
>>131701 imagine the smell from those braaps when a woman eats it. >>131702 that is a good comback.
>>131694 If jcaesar187 is going to Portugal to get the full Toad McKinley experience, Andy should do the same and doordash some mcdonalds from a trailer park.
>>131702 this kayfabe beef is brought to you by Burger King
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0agevenqCO4 Do ya have your Sunday clothes on buddy? Enjoy the boredom of Surfer Christian-roleplaying..
>>131711 which of you faggots were endorsing this faggotry? Was it the literal who z-celebs that lurk here that want to make surfer their discord tranny?
Open file (1.31 MB 1920x1080 57854879589.png)
>>131711 >we shouldn't tolerate anti-Christian behavior in our society Meat spins aren't exactly pro-Christian, buddy.
Open file (3.45 MB 500x258 1642113658968.webm)
Open file (3.74 MB 1280x720 1642121254260.webm)
Open file (2.76 MB 960x540 1642122214780.webm)
Open file (2.97 MB 640x360 1642122368011.webm)
Open file (15.19 KB 479x193 viewer fwends.png)
Open file (13.33 KB 415x523 elated_2d.png)
Open file (26.45 KB 591x478 43243242.jpg)
>>131711 I wish someone would do a compilation of his singing, it cracks me up.
Open file (81.82 KB 257x228 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131690 >Also why every pic he takes looks like he was photoshopped in? I was thinking the same. What even is that white tuft of fluff on the back of his neck? Wasn't sure if it was hair or a bad crop out.
>>131717 Who could it be? He's being quite ambiguous. Maybe that old roasty again, loveisa4letterword? People that watch and are friends with the Гунт should be a very short list.
>>131720 >People that watch and are friends with the Гунт should be a very short list All the people that watch are friends.
I would make this more detailed but Gynt's not worth my time. Just playing around in a pixel program.
Open file (299.83 KB 562x437 1492377709485.png)
Surfer did one of his Christian Larper streams today >>131711, I didn't watch all that shit, but as far as I could see he was being the pure manifestation of cope like a woman after hitting the wall, smiling and forcing a laugh, but visibly sad and depressed eyes. I just watched the stream for less than a minute, but I didn't see any marks on his neck, but he was wearing his clothes in a way that hides his neck a little bit. So maybe the story was true. I only know this, Surfer coins worth nothing more. >>131713 What are you talking about? He had any guests? >>131718 What a desastre!!! >>131699 Kys bunkertranny >>131715 Kys Mr Deadman
Open file (425.44 KB 540x360 1642124460153.webm)
Open file (1.46 MB 480x854 1642125391237.webm)
Open file (3.59 MB 640x360 1642126784962.webm)
Open file (1021.51 KB 640x800 1642133538452.webm)
Open file (3.74 MB 1280x720 1642113553181.webm)
>>131715 that's one hell of a braap hog collection you got there. >>131717 >>131720 Sure, but if it's a female that is so tall that she literally about 180cm or something then that is kinda weird, right? >>131721 From a technical aspect, yes. Since it is a fwend simulator, I still don't understand who wants the gynt as a fwend simulator? You can literally have anything from a soyfilled looking motherfucker to a negro that is a pimp and a cuckservative to even a chad that is into feminism and cold case murders. Like there is so much fwend simulators out there that you don't need the gynt to have a good ebin fwend simulation time.
>>131723 Surfer was wearing a collared shirt to hide the rope marks on his neck. >>131723 Mr Deadman fires up TOR to post some braphogs.
Open file (677.41 KB 1280x720 jennakittenbrap.webm)
Open file (3.80 MB 640x480 QueenOfFarts.webm)
Open file (2.94 MB 960x540 1642133843500.webm)
Open file (3.35 MB 640x360 gulpy twerk farts.webm)
Open file (15.17 KB 330x331 face1.jpg)
Open file (19.45 KB 388x438 frogga.jpg)
>>131722 You really captured the horror of his frontbutt.
Open file (258.35 KB 1237x774 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131723 >>131727 King of Poz once again being a retard and attention whore revealed that P P P was still somewhat interested in Surfer around december. Since then P P P from what I've noticed is getting pissed off at Surfer for three reasons 1-Surfer while doing his Christian larper streams is demonstrating "degenerate" behavior 2-Surfer is teaming up with PO aka Dj Axle that P P P carries a personal vendetta as Axle once trolled P P P and made him fight with Earwinson. Also, by shit talking Dj Axle P P P get good foxdick points since Jewsh minions hate the guy 3-Surfer after all these months still talking shit about P P P and digging up the past Surfer is trying to create his own little community with zcelebs who would love to be on P P P's side, but P P P ignored them, so they stayed with Surfer. The only exception is Mormon Shaggy, who among all these zcelebs is the one who obviously has some kind of obsession with Surfer to the point of emulate the same talking points for approval and doing his own shitty cooking streams.
Open file (313.19 KB 1258x702 ppp_no_clout.webm)
>>131731 >Surfer while doing his Christian larper streams is demonstrating "degenerate" behavior Compared to the guy that was toking from his bong during his own sermons?
Open file (248.78 KB 1238x523 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (182.21 KB 293x486 GAHOOLE.png)
Open file (129.45 KB 800x1067 dead weasel.jpg)
>>131733 Cope more, bud, the big dawg won!
>>131731 >i was contacted by peeps asking me to talk to surfer bc he started pulling his penis out on camera Yeah Mr Outline is definitely the first guy I'd go to for convincing someone to be less gay.
>>131731 You gotta admit it is kinda retarded but funny. Also that guy that says TRS is less gay than Surfer, he has either not been near the TRS forums or has not seen the shilling and them getting pissed off at 8/pol/ once in the day. bickers trs had like sharing of gayporn like it was a joke, and then they would find porno videos of a guy named Kenboy or something, and make music about the fella. It was strange homosexual behavior. Also they had to disavow a fellow white nationalist when it turned out that he made the 17 year olds suck his benis and get fucked in the ass, to be allowed in the movement. I for one, find Eric Striker and Hebrew Mike podcast to be pure fun entertainment and wholesome bickers they have nice talking points that I've not heard since 8/pol/ days when it was less paranoid. >>131733 We kinda just have to admit that most are Christian and somewhat larpers or full larp. >>131734 Sorry but no one really wins. it is just an autistic slap-fight which makes both of these teams look retarded.
Open file (200.88 KB 397x416 71859921865928.png)
>>131734 >foxdick takes colder than Shannon Gaines
>>131734 >moe that's a yikes from me big dawg
>>131722 Maybe this just occurred to me bickers I try not to think about what jcaesar187's Гунт looks like too much, but jcaesar187's ass crack runs all the way to his belly button. Good fucking god, his body is some sort of twisted eldritch horror.
>>131734 Incorrect, Leopirate & JMK, the hearts and souls of S​ARGON, won.
>>131734 zoom shit on jcaesar187 long before Toad McKinley and when he did it everyone loved and defended jcaesar187 just like they did with tonka. these fuckin foxdick trannies need to neck themselves sometimes. i laughed my ass off when zoom blew him the fuck out on that PO pedos channel and Toad McKinley flipped the fuck out for being called out on his fence sitting about Toad McKinley and he even said that Toad McKinley would swap sides to suck Гунтs dick too. i swear if you go back and watch the streams from the first few seasons when he was at his prime activity everything he ever said about any of these retards came true in the end.
Open file (1.21 MB 720x923 7892559866958.png)
>>131742 >everyone loved and defended jcaesar187 just like they did with tonka
>>131742 >why are you defending a pedophile
Open file (299.25 KB 500x714 589726856589.png)
>>131744 The CBIDF has also been prominent the last few days along with foxdicks and zcelebs
I sure hope the Гунт doesn't remember that the ADL really did ban andy from Israel. If the Гунт went to Tel'aviv it would TOTALLY OWN tardski.
The Daiymo talking about Surfer new sexual pleasures https://youtu.be/h2ie_aTDAa0 Here some blast of the past with Crygenes and Corey Barnhill, our favorite pedo https://youtu.be/0JQNIXUJ1IE Another blast from the past, JMK the people's champion https://youtu.be/_zONOGqq7CU
Open file (37.19 KB 183x191 ;(.png)
>>131748 Who are all these people, and why do they feel like characters in an IBS kids' show reboot?
>>131629 that second pic with the pig doesn't even look real it's like it's shopped, nigga looks fuckin unnatural when he's not in his cat shit ridden pen
Open file (41.85 KB 477x475 gunt5.png)
Open file (229.63 KB 473x454 gunt6.png)
Open file (419.21 KB 475x672 gunt7.png)
Open file (467.80 KB 301x680 Grape.png)
So Гунт spent his first day in Lisbon Ubering to a few local tourist spots, obtain some underage hookers, ate at Burger King cause he didn't have his goyim vax card and then ended his day watching G​AMERGATE sports ball in his hotel room. #ГунтALWAYSWINS
>>131731 its this really a surprise? Egoist are always going to try to be king of the lolcow mountain and as kings like jcaesar187 they will become the lolcow they once alog'd. Ego and Narcissism is what makes them into the cows they are. Nobody is free of this if they let their ego go to their heads. Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
>>131752 shut the fuck up TRSperg
Open file (1.84 MB 320x320 91268928569586.gif)
>>131753 >/tv/troons defending the e-celebrity ethos behind a VPN typical cancer, bet you have underage girls on your PC. >>131754 She is going to be a heart breaker when she turns 18
Open file (4.61 MB 1152x2048 vegas_gunt_thumbs_up.png)
>>131722 Nice job anon keep up the werk.
>>131755 >She is going to be a heart breaker when she turns 18 Victoria's Secret models are over 18.
Open file (187.64 KB 640x640 Har.jpg)
So from the 3P and Wortski stream, that guy that uses the Persona woman avatar Haru Okumura that is sometimes in foxdick farms screenshots with Jersh talking about jcaesar187. He said he was on HRT for a year so he was literally a Kiwi Farmer tranny.
Open file (32.01 KB 138x160 jewsh.gif)
>>131759 >foxdicks are actually trannies (you) don't say anon?
>>131759 This is the ex jcaesar187 pay pig isnt it, the one who claims jcaesar187s going to get arrested and go to jail and looked like a retard.
Open file (485.15 KB 600x731 484473855953.png)
Open file (373.99 KB 594x553 1503279854681.png)
Don't know if anyone else noticed, but jcaesar187 is swapping between phones as he tweets. Is the viewer-friend signed in with his account? Similar behaviour from when he was tweeting as Nora.
>>131759 jewsh shut down chat for awhile on his website to protect this tranny
>>131771 >Is the viewer-friend signed in with his account? I doubt that. I'd assume he just has 2 phones to ensure he accrues more debt bickers thats how a king lives.
>>131755 shut the fuck up TRSperg
>>131774 He has two phones bickers hes cheating on his horse.
Open file (43.24 KB 455x680 sunsetted.jpg)
Open file (141.95 KB 894x505 Ethan Ralph stressed.jpg)
>>131777 This. It's just coincidental that he can hand his cheater-phone to a local to take a pic with.
>>131781 >Um, what guests, Ethаn?
Open file (580.92 KB 471x643 gunt8.png)
Open file (479.01 KB 1536x2048 FJ31Uw6XIAYIRHb.jpg)
Open file (261.86 KB 465x331 gunt9.png)
Open file (206.28 KB 1536x2048 FJ3_zGQXsAkwkz9.jpg)
Open file (36.71 KB 367x397 Gsoy.jpg)
Its over Tardskibros, Гунт has finally got into a restaurant and is a culttured Гунт now. #WINNING
Open file (257.82 KB 466x700 barfmet.jpg)
>>131783 >Гунт eats food looking like barf wherever he goes
Open file (22.93 KB 468x226 gunt10.png)
Open file (277.28 KB 472x293 gunt11.png)
Open file (389.55 KB 2048x1536 FJ4IposXoAMeuXZ.jpg)
Open file (5.43 MB 488x272 black-army.webm)
>>131774 >>131777 It is not abnormal to have 2 phone one for work related things and another for family, fwends and other people. My work related phone is what I am using most of the days while my family, fwends and other people is what I let my gf go through so she does not feel overly jealous. When she sees the porno on the work phone but it is still less than my pornophone. It is an iphone 12 and then it is a Sony Xperia 1 III, and then I have a Samsung Galaxy fold 2 for pure porno, that is bickers I just like the media player on galaxy more than Xperia. >>131785 The gynt has his swager on, he looks like someone that is ripe for pickpocketing.
Open file (1.13 MB 498x498 81765982566598.gif)
>>131785 >drinking espresso makes me just like a mafia hitman
Open file (3.80 MB 196x350 deeper.mp4)
>>131744 Think about how every one of these degenerates sat on their high horses insisting he was satan and now they've all come to do 10x worse than some stupid trolling on the first stream they all did. >Tonka : Liar/ Deadbeat Dad / Woman beating Rapist > Toad McKinley: Groomer/ Retard/ Reviewed CP with Гунт/ Caught Grooming underage girls > Гунт: Groomed Underage Girl, Impregnated her at 18, left her for a pro loli pedo horse, reviewed child porn live on the air with an age playing pornhub whore. >KOP: Fag, Lied about being married, Pressured guys for dick pics, Dad is a registered pedophile. >Toad McKinley: Known Pedophile/Admitted to jerking off to little boys/ found harassing a 14 yr old girl for pics of her tummy and asking her to date him when he was 20. Compare that to an edited series of sound clips where the person who gave them to KOP admitted to aqua and kop he edited them to make them sound horrible just for laughs. >Гунт: Admitted he investigated it with people from that community who said zoom was known for faking shit on streams for views and apologized publicly before he got snaked. >KOP: Admitted he was wrong about zoom and sits in that plate server. >Andy: Befriended zoom, told zoom the Гунтs hotel room and leaked him info about the Гунт for months. >Zoom: Actively hunted down and doxed and sent cops after pedos live on stream multiple times. Showing a clear hatred of actual predators including jcaesar187. After the last few seasons he's the furthest thing from it compared to all of these guys.
>>131786 no one cares about your shit life or that you have to have a secret second phone to look at porn.
>>131785 Remember when he grabbed food with bare hands in that Vegas restaurant? AUUUUUGH IMMA SAWFISTICATED YOOROPEWN GIMMA DAT STAKE WAITA
Open file (6.53 MB 720x1280 pool of carnage.mp4)
>>131787 yes along with the man purse, makes him pretty gangster. >>131789 I am just saying that 2 phones is not an abnormal thing to have.
>>131791 for people with something to hide from their partners yes. no ones disagreeing.
>>131789 >>131792 don't give (you)s to a subhuman degenerate identityfaggot pls
>>131793 He posts regardless, if you dont give him (you) he just starts tagging every post in the thread and shitting it up even more.
>>131794 No, it is more like having a conversation about the topic at hand, also 2 phones is not an abnormal thing. I can see the gynt justifying it like I just did but for him he has family and pleasure phone, instead of work and family phone which is the normal order.
>>131794 He posts bickers you retards respond to him. Stop and he'll go away.
>>131796 He should just be ip banned, the one time a janny tranny should do his job theres none around.
Open file (27.36 KB 473x315 gunt12.png)
Open file (146.91 KB 351x368 Guntstare.png)
>>131798 Yes the truck you will be paying for until they ban non-electric cars in 2030.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7JdoBgUQ1I Theodore Edgecomb Trial LIVE Day 4 - Will the State Rest? - Man on Bike Shoots Attorney REKIETA LIVE WITH LEGALBYTES
Open file (71.48 KB 1199x670 432423423.jpg)
>>131800 Hook-nosed lawyer is in his vacation home with a photo of his fleet behind him. Thanks paypigs.
Open file (5.48 KB 301x168 asdd.jpg)
>>131785 >wrong country >that icecream sign behind him A would think this was a joke picture but its jcaesar187 we talking about.
>r/Гунт Plebbit now has a dedicated subreddit for Гунтy boi.
>>131803 could be good for spreading the Гунт awareness among normalfags
Open file (30.43 KB 1753x371 915513938200.png)
>>131799 paying? he can't afford a car loan he leased baby.
>>131808 I mean what does it mean, you assume everyone here understands burger legal system?
Open file (239.04 KB 1151x2048 Heisengunt.jpg)
>>131807 Armchair lawyer here. It means the case will drag on for a few more months and nothing has been resolved yet. The Гунт still waits in legal limbo.
>>131809 I figured the screencap was enough. He was court ordered not to talk about Faith, and he went against that by tweeting about her a few months ago. He had an earlier case date for this one over zoom, but had it delayed to not incriminate himself with the revenge porn case being after it. Not guilty plea entered here so they're having a pretrial conference in a month. No idea what the actual stakes are though. Probably just a fine or something. The more interesting one is on the 2nd, which is the actual domestic violence/parentage civil case.
>>131810 >>131811 I just want Гунт to go to prison :^(
>>131788 Nice try corey barnhill pedophile
>>131813 im a europoor
>>131814 So is his "girlfriend"
>>131815 well thats not me and my point still stands. all of them ended up worse than anything they accused him of.
>>131816 >worse No they're all on par with one another. >my point still stands On quicksand
Open file (96.71 KB 605x904 dolphin noises.jpg)
>>131810 >jewsh frantically coding for peanuts so trannies can watch fat women eat online >jcaesar187 enjoying a fine cigar in one of the most beautiful countries in europe
I'm not sure how it is an own to go on a trip to Portugal. I mean so has Andy. Bfd >I went on a trip before you moved here Yeah, okay. So what?
Open file (327.14 KB 620x372 5616_jpg_22.36.43.png)
>>131818 >Portugal >one of the most beautiful countries in europe Гунт, is that you? This is Portugal. It's the Mexico of Europe. Congratulations.
Open file (281.14 KB 846x472 the_gunt_consumes.webm)
>>131819 >I'm not sure how it is an own to go on a trip to Portugal It's a self-own. He wasted a crapton of money to fly overseas alone where he has nothing to do. All bickers he was baited online. He's so easy to manipulate. Can >we send him to Africa next perhaps?
>>131819 At this point I think he's using any excuse he can to get away from Pantsu for a few days.
>>131823 Matnsu is annoying on a good day, so that figures. >>131822 I want him to go to South Africa or the Congo.
>>131775 seethe more /tv/troon-pedophile
>>131825 shut the fuck up TRSperg
Open file (925.08 KB 600x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131757 >she is an of age victoria secret model oh then in that case she is a cute pie.
Open file (338.37 KB 612x612 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131826 >/tv/troon thinks he can censor anons on the internet just like the SJW of yesteryear did. Keep crying kiddo.
Open file (728.79 KB 800x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131797 >pedofile troon wants to shut people up no surprise a mentally ill snowflake like yourself wants to shut up people that rustle your Toad McKinleymies. Crying to the janitor to clean it up is a waste of time Weakloads is the hot-glue that binds.
Open file (120.34 KB 1280x720 wings.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5NPdW-e37I Vanguard Riot Shield Edition
Open file (58.71 KB 300x400 le muttni.png)
>>131731 >>131734 >>131759 >>131760 Valid points, I also noticed that Asston was butthurt with Surfer on account of how Surfer is acting even though he pretends to be better than Asston as a Cuckistian. As far as I know, the proof that Dj Axle is a pedophile is bickers he once had a lolicon mod or something and instead of crying about being accused as a pedo like Koipedo, Jewsh Shota Moon or Гунтy he just laughs and accept it, making foxdicks mad. Also, these screenshots are enough to make me happy that /cow/ still exists despite all its flaws. Trannies circle-jerking and trying to play psychologists or lawyers, it's what foxdickfarms is about in the last years. >>131742 >>131788 Based platespics, still defending Corey after all this time for some reason. I guess CuntPirate, JMK and Corey Barnhill indeed won. >>131796 >>131820 t. Muttnie >>131748 Daiymo kino.
>this faggot is now talking to himself This is what you did by replying to him
Open file (62.69 KB 750x1000 FF7MKwcagAQF2zS.jpg)
Open file (239.97 KB 1560x876 FI0JjDpakAYjRBY.jpg)
Open file (254.09 KB 1536x2048 FIGpb81aIAAXqsI.jpg)
Open file (200.71 KB 1541x1920 FIlEDWhVIAAxj02.jpg)
Open file (214.65 KB 1604x2048 FJTPwCGVUAEjBlT.jpg)
>>131829 I don't know why most of them hate me? Is it bickers I am such a polite person that writes about gaytor, jcaesar187, gym, triple p and more recently surfer? But I am not really judging surfer by any means now, I just find his recent behavior really peculiar. It is more jcaesar187's retardation I find interesting, and now for some reason when I pointed out that he looks small like he is really 5'1, he started to selfie photograph himself again, really strange behavioral change. Also I have not posted hot Asians in a long time now, so it is probably why these /tv/troons have come back.
Open file (13.32 KB 300x300 817518279659.jpg)
>>131836 3D women make them envious
Open file (10.55 MB 640x320 racism_ends.mp4)
>>131833 >As far as I know, the proof that Dj Axle is a pedophile is bickers he once had a lolicon mod or something Wasn't that JMK? From what I remember, discord spics were saying to him on stream so he pulled them into the call individually rather than as a collective which made them seethe.
Open file (147.30 KB 1280x1920 FJDFj83aMAMWKz9.jpg)
Open file (145.81 KB 1280x1920 FJDFj84aIAAFfXt.jpg)
Open file (214.65 KB 1604x2048 FJTPwCGVUAEjBlT.jpg)
Open file (392.97 KB 1536x2048 FJTitdGakAM0U2K.jpg)
Open file (822.05 KB 1365x2047 FJnWYENVkAUAGsj.jpg)
>>131837 mmh, I dunno. I think it is bickers they are not in the official waifu circlejerk shit that is on /tv/ that makes it not OK. You see, these Asian thots or beautiful nips, are not really well-known outside of Japan, even inside of Japan they are more or less like a onlyfans thot but without showing much of anything bickers the nippon has class unlike white thots and hookers on onlyfans and some tiktok thots.. But I have not really criticized the Ogre King but that is bickers I have some respects towards the Ogre.
Open file (58.73 KB 537x426 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131841 I'm retarded.
Open file (415.58 KB 2048x1536 FI22T6WaAAAO4Ds.jpg)
>>131842 I do wonder if anyone has impregnated Melanie for pure breeding purposes?
Open file (277.38 KB 475x601 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131785 >oh wow finally a normal picture <no wait he's wearing his faggoty fanny pack nvm
>>131846 >normal picture <sits in his ill fitting oversized shirt and retard shades indoors, proud of holding a tiny coffe cup like a faggot
>>131783 Who's the woman in blue shirt? He's cheating. >>131786 Damn bro, you've got so much deception in your life you needed 3 phones to trick your gf rather than 2. Also, what kind of work do you think you're doing that you need a 2nd phone. You roleplay like you're some important CEO who's getting called on his official Google and Microsoft accounts all day long. So he wants work/personal life separation. Hush. You ain't some CEO. >>131801 'Kieta said he made more money during Rittenhouse trial streaming over that month than the past 8 months combined or something similar to that (can't remember specifically). >>131818 <Implying Jersh works. >>131819 <Can >we send him to Africa next perhaps? Just tell him Nigerian women prefer short, ugly fat white men and have the largest lips on the planet and it's part of their sacred culture to swallow seed as part of their rituals. He'll be making up any excuse he can to fly out there and bang some nogs experience the food and culture! Gynt contracts AIDS in Africa. That would be amazing.
Open file (546.25 KB 4096x2734 FJ31yyVaQAAkzxO.jpg)
>>131848 what? No, just a regular 2 phone system, where I don't have social media on the workphone only emails and such bickers the notification shit annoys me. phone for fwends, family and other unimportant stuff like social media and such apps. The old workphone is a pure pornphone, where I can watch pron in peace, so not much deception more like being too lazy.
Open file (785.83 KB 720x900 stanky.mp4)
>>131839 it was more the fact that he had multiple pedophile mods and openly admitted he liked to watch child porn on stream
>>131845 Check the like count.
Open file (2.44 MB 640x360 Mel Vs Fat.mp4)
Cow crossover. Quartering (chad, winner of IBS) just posted a video about Patrick Tomlinson losing his courtcase against O&A. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owBVU0QsJUo
>>131839 Foxdicks always act like this, if they hate someone they make up stories about being pedos my personal theory is, pedos (aka fags and trannies, very common in foxdickfarms) are trying to normalize the term pedo
>>131853 no his entire server was full of pedos. he was offline for weeks when his house was raided by the dutch police for suspicion of child porn afer he for months admitted he liked child porn and had it.
>>131854 i keep hearing this but never see proof besides very low quality screencaps from platespics. why is this the case?
>>131855 there's been video in here posted him of saying he loves child porn and its based multiple times
>>131854 >>131856 A lot of it seems like a gimmick he's playing into. He was also saying he wanted to blow up MrDeadman's garage and trying to bait Mormon Shaggy into saying he would murder MrDeadman. I don't want to defend him if he really is a pedo but it seems like he's joking. Actually joking, not Vito "joking". Is it even confirmed he's gay or a furry?
>platespics are pedos <foxdicks are pedos >zceleb is a pedo <omegaceleb is a pedo does seem to get thrown around a lot.
>>131857 He out loud on stream said "yeah I'm a pedophile. Being a pedo is based. I love fucking children" lol and then his house gets raided.
>>131859 Yeah and he also told his chat while he was streaming on youtube to google CP and "how to build a pipebomb". Not saying it's funny, just that it feels like a bit.
Open file (1.21 MB 720x923 7892559866958.png)
>>131859 >It's different when Corey Barnhill the pedophile does it
>>131860 Doesnt vito claim its all a bit when he says how based it is to a pedo? I dont think anyone cuts him the same slack.
>>131856 >is there proof his entire server was filled with pedos and he was raided by dutch police? >>umm he said loves childporn and that it's based on video you hurt your own case here, platespic
>>131861 It's just a bit when vito or po say it. yet everyone wanted zoom to be run out of the community and now its come to the fact that all of those guys were pedos in the end. even Toad McKinley has song of him singing about raping kids lol. >>131863 >is there proof yeah he admitted it himself on stream and discord that he'd been raided by the cops and thats why he stopped streaming for a few months. he did also say he loved child porn the clips been uploaded here multiple times.
Open file (3.02 MB 1280x600 1642838006222.webm)
Open file (181.05 KB 287x277 cheeki_breeki.gif)
>>131864 >oh no people are bullying my favourite eceleb bickers he said he likes CP, how unfair.
Open file (36.29 KB 399x398 1513384371634.jpg)
>>131853 >>131857 >>131858 >>131860 In recent years "pedo" is becoming a meme, I also feel that real pedos are constantly using it to attack others in a slow process to normalize this over time, first making the term pedo become equivalent to calling someone a faggot or retard online, to eventually completely trivialize it and become something normal and acceptable. Look all over the internet, be discord, webring, breadtubers, foxdickfarms, etc. All these communities have this in common, pedos accusing others of being pedos. "Muh lolicon it's not true pedophilia, you're the one fapping to twinks, pedo!" "NAAAAAWWW TRUEEEE!" This along with Christian larpers is becoming tiresome imo. PO is just a few steps ahead as faggot and using it to troll actual pedos (Jewsh, Corey, Гунт, Hetero Bryan Dumb, foxdickfarms trannies) or autistics. >>131850 >>131854 >>131856 Which namefag is you? Should I accept Bryan and other foxdicks claims without evidence? Part of your autism gives me Rudy or KoP vibes since those two retards take everything too literally and seriously. PO can be a literal faggot furfag and I used to deslike the guy for a long time, but the guy is also a natural troll, no wonder he already successfully trolled so many zcelebs and managed to get under their skin, including Jewsh and Asston. >>131864 >Bryan/Rudy/Platespic changed his ID, but keep the same talking points, writing style and webm name Smh
>>131867 Maybe but theres definitely an uptick in the number of pedos present in this sphere of the internet and a lot of people are calling themselves pedos "ironically". Honestly theres probably a bit of the old saying where theres smoke theres fire.
>>131864 post proof of any of the shit you've said faggot
>>131864 >It's just a bit when vito or po say it. Is it? >yet everyone wanted zoom to be run out of the community What community? >and now its come to the fact that all of those guys were pedos in the end. All of what guys? >even Toad McKinley has song of him singing about raping kids lol. Sfw. Your whole point rests on assuming all these disparate people are united in their opinions
Open file (383.50 KB 840x563 ralph_theperfectcrime.png)
>>131864 >even Toad McKinley has song of him singing about raping kids lol. Does this need to be updated for Ashley?
Open file (182.21 KB 293x486 GAHOOLE.png)
Open file (372.14 KB 470x448 8912589256.PNG)
>>131872 You just did talk about it, numbnuts
>>131867 >>131868 >>131870 Niche groups and other groups usually have a form of pedophillia bickers pedophiles are actual retards. I am not joking. >webm related Also remember his talking points bickers if they are pedophiles they are usually manlets, 20 iq points lower and left handed.
>>131874 The mods probably dont care, I bet you just spam threads with irrelevant shit and get mad you get your posts taken down. Isnt there already a thread about gayhoole on this board?
Open file (385.61 KB 650x653 8925926599256.png)
>>131874 >citing CultFedPill He's funny, but he's no genius. Just bickers a boomer told you what you wanted to hear is no excuse for citing chapter and verse from your daddy figure when it's immaterial to situation at hand. >ACT LIKE A WOMAN If you think dismissing your aggressive retardation is feminine >YOU'RE A TROON I'm almost tempted to face dox myself to prove you woefully wrong, but you would still claim otherwise I'm sure so that would be a waste of time. >muh tvtroon, ad nauseam
Instead of spending all day watching shit on cytube the mods here need to stand up and ban trsperg, the coomer guy and this ID339472 sperg obessed with 3P, J0sh and Britanny
Open file (5.25 MB 1280x720 Ogre_btfos_John.mp4)
>>131872 >AND LOVES TO ACCUSE OTHERS OF BEING PEDOS OR CUCKS You think so? I'm not sure he went overboard with it. Even with mark, he gave him the benefit of the doubt until /hebe/ and even then he only said he wasn't so sure anymore. He's pretty tame by most standards.
>>131875 Interesting.
Open file (337.21 KB 632x554 1642708708836.png)
>>131868 I think joking about being a pedo even ironically is normalizing it and I disavow, but the wave of PO IS DEFINITELY A PEDO bickers HE SAID IT ON STREAM claims is a bit much and I would have to see evidence of something more sketchy. There is a better argument that he is a literal homosexual who has drunken orgies at furrycons with other men so shitty and messy they have to put a tarp over the bed. >>131872 Gahoole is not a pedo he is a wholesome Christ-fearing man of God.
Open file (3.78 MB 506x900 1639045225695.webm)
>>131849 Cope. I'm sure you would not like it if you found out your gf had 3 phones. One for nursing "work." Another for her 10 other social media bf's that give her dopamine and attention you don't provide her yourself. And a 3rd one for Tinder/porn/Snapchat sexting. >>131872 >>131867 Same person. If I turn on capslock, they won't know it's me again. >>131875 That video and its research will be considered discriminatory in 5 years and that researcher will be fired and his career ruined. The DSM will overturn that as a disorder and it will be normalized as accepted as an innate sexuality. Just like with gays and trannies. This is the march of progress.
Open file (40.54 KB 424x494 attack_journo.jpg)
>>131883 He literally cited RWW yesterday when calling Andy a rapist.
>>131885 >That video and its research will be considered discriminatory in 5 years and that researcher will be fired and his career ruined. The DSM will overturn that as a disorder and it will be normalized as accepted as an innate sexuality. Just like with gays and trannies. This is the march of progress. That researcher is actually pro "MAP" and uses his findings to argue that pedophilia is an inherent unchangeable trait and its own sexuality. >that img Am I a bugman if I want that?
>>131882 >behave >in writing Pure projection that all the writing in cap lock won't cement >copying anons takes or memes As you copy CRP etc >>131885 >Same person. Agreed
Open file (95.29 KB 794x1059 ff.jpg)
Open file (205.77 KB 794x1059 ff6.jpg)
>>131887 Oh so it already happened? Damn, progress is fast. So the researcher changed his mind or was strong-armed by the pedo community? <bugman merch There's nothing wrong with liking or collecting cool stuff. Everybody needs 1 or 2 healthy hobbies or outlets for fun. The problem is when it takes over and consuming becomes your whole identity and you become a loser like Beardson who is not producing much but consuming a ton. I'm pretty sure that FF Tactics item is just a clear cube with hard cardstock paper in it made by someone on Etsy. Here it is: https://www.etsy.com/listing/842714982/final-fantasy-tactics-job-selection?click_key=30d0b91c2a16adee824a4dc52ba35872ce450488%3A842714982&click_sum=c1098384&rec_type=cs&ref=landingpage_similar_listing_top-5 >>131889 *Jersh Moon cries internally*
Open file (3.12 MB 624x1232 lgbtqcommunity.mp4)
>>131885 She also has a workphone but technically it is the work that owns that one, and not a personal object like I have. I kinda have to ask her if she has a Tinder and snapchat sexting phone, but I doubt it. >That video and its research will be considered discriminatory in 5 years maybe but I kinda think that pedophilia is one of those subjects that is still too much for people. They get disturbed by the thought bickers it is messed up and really predatory unlike other mental health illnesses. >>131887 yes, that is why they are saying that there is a difference between pedophilia, hebephilia, another term then it is endomorphilia(If I remember the wording correctly) but I kinda feel like this is just autistic gibberish that is for grouping sexuality for no reason, and not just call it for what it is, abnormal, normal and wanting a mommy.
>>131890 thanks for the link, this is something I need on my bookshelf.
>>131883 support@twitter.com https://archive.is/aDVwC TIME TO GET RID OF THAT BLUE CHECKMARK
Open file (429.66 KB 1851x505 ClipboardImage.png)
Gahoole is saying he might hold a Yugioh tournament Uhhhh based???
>>131783 That is a man. He is on a date with a man while his horse is pregnant.
Open file (208.19 KB 692x399 1568538434663.png)
Open file (737.37 KB 1039x779 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131877 Wow, the bitch is mad! Hahahaha! >>131885 >>131888 >Muttie and Pigclips circle jerking amazing! >>131883 how times have changed https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/226614905/#226618939
>>131896 CRP is Tyler Durden, who is Jack?
Apparently, Surfer is in the chat of Mr. Deadman exclusively to Гунтguard, if true its getting out of hand. Also, TheDaiymo is streaming and aloging Mr. Deadman and Ear Juice. https://youtu.be/etEBfFHj6pk
Open file (2.01 MB 640x360 godwinson intro.webm)
>>131897 CRP is Tyler Durden in his imagination, that is where he drives his hot takes. But in reality he is the beta Narrator (who's alter ego, idealized man is Tyler) who is reality a beta bitch. That is why incells respect him and everyone else mocks him bickers everyone else can see who he really is. Irony bro's like Godrodson, and the homosexual 3P saw this truth and that is why they promoted him. bickers it was funny. Simple as >>131882 >that webm saved too my cute chicks folder >>131881 >Gahoole is not a pedo pressing x to doubt. I mean Gahoole is a funny guy, and I genuinely don't hate him despite busting his balls but I really thing there is something fishy about how he does business. >>131843 You are giving me Yellow fever with that picture weak loads. >>131836 >finally you are posting Asians with a girlish figure I am glad you are learning >I don't know why most of the /tv/troons hate me? its bickers they are homosexuals and they rather see male assholes.
>>131899 >pressing x to doubt. I mean Gahoole is a funny guy, and I genuinely don't hate him despite busting his balls but I really thing there is something fishy about how he does business. How? You fuckers try so hard to call people pedos. Even an honest Hey Now All Star shrek G​AMERGATE can't avoid your bullshit accusations.
Gayhole is a strange, fat, disfigured incel. Let's be real, the FBI is likely correct in asserting he had pics of naked children wrestling.
Wasn't Gayhool dating a tranny with a white furry avatar on Discord?
Open file (86.67 KB 768x960 fatfaggot.jpg)
>>131898 >TheDaiymo is streaming Didn't that fat squeaky voice faggot leave the internet a few weeks ago? These mentally ill fucks never learn.
>TRSperg is getting completely psychotic Maybe >we can make kill go on a killing spree ending with an heroing
Open file (99.54 KB 1200x899 smoke.jpg)
<anons talking about e-celebs involved in pedophilia <fingers are pointed at Gayhoole2 / Patrick Nelson <cope and deflection squads are deploted <accusing anons of samefagging and to be the bogeyman
Open file (596.47 KB 828x627 PPP.png)
Open file (658.79 KB 1027x610 PPP - creep.png)
This old nazi man looks like the Big Dyke. Not the young one. The old man.
>>131909 P-P-P is part jewish and anglo with family members working as feds for the US government if you can believe at R.J the jewish dna are from usurers jews who used to live in England around XIVth
Open file (2.41 MB 810x8961 cutiepie.jpg)
I wish I could snag a QT🥧 like this. I think she is out of my league though bros.
>>131907 shut the fuck up TRSperg
Open file (622.11 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131900 >dude is investigated twice for fishy images >dude is friends with mark man it's not that far fetch >>131912 >schizo is starting to imagine everyone is TRSsperg take your medication
Open file (97.15 KB 587x1083 6545435.jpg)
Гунтy is enjoying Portugal by reading foxdick threads.
>>131915 Based on the posting times, I don't think he slept last night.
>>131914 shut the fuck up TRSsperg
Open file (171.04 KB 595x960 781598256.jpg)
>>131915 >muh fiancee is scared by the UPS driver No wonder he's an ocean away
>>131918 I said this when he first tweeted that. Hes saying how terrified she is and people are coming around and fucking with a 7 month pregnant fiancee, so he goes on a trip half way around the world and leaves her alone. Father and husband of the year.
Open file (1.86 MB 401x498 89217258959856.gif)
>>131919 Or the pearl clutching moralfaggotry on both their parts is bullshit. Either way it makes him look worse than he intended.
>>131920 yeah, I tend to lean more to your explanation than that shes in any actual danger, he was watching the kino casino during his show so he knew it was the podawful faggot outside his house, he was scared to go out not mansu.
>>131921 She's such a loudmouth attention whore that I can't believe anything she says
Open file (70.21 KB 795x508 tvtroon.jpg)
Open file (3.39 MB 640x408 tvtroon.gif)
>>131924 >>131925 shut the fuck up TRSsperg
>>131924 >>131925 pathetic.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fKqomsmTeI Theodore Edgecomb Trial LIVE Day 5 - Edgecomb Takes the Stand - Man on Bike Shoots Attorney
>>131924 >>131925 kys TRSperg
Open file (14.52 MB 640x408 tvtroon.gif)
>>131927 >>131928 >>131930 <RRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE
Open file (76.01 KB 512x571 8569825692865.jpg)
>>131933 >Richmond PD will do the babysitting Great idea, especially if she drops early. Very lolbertarian of you.
>>131932 shut the fuck up TRSsperg
>>131919 its also proven untrue by pods stream you can see may in the window looking out as he walks up to the house she never hides or anything.
>>131935 cry more troon
>>131899 Oh OK, so the /tv/troons have a homosexual agenda? And trying to convert the whole board to be fags? >>131915 that is reasonable, being on vacation and read foxdick also leaving his retarded horse behind. >>131918 he is making his horse seem more retarded than usual and just imagine she is having a baby. So one has to question, maybe he is just traveling around the world now, not bickers he wants to see the world but bickers his horse is so retarded that he is getting food poisoning half the time while he is hungover from his strange intoxicants. So in other words, they are not to escape foxdick like Jewsh speculated but he is trying to survive, I mean have you seen the strange mutt things she has cooked the food? It is a strange mix between dog food, pig feed and edible human food. >>131933 >I am totally not a dipshit that traveled to the other side of the glove to own a retard sure thing.
>>131938 shut the fuck up TRSsperg
Open file (272.62 KB 392x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131939 >Oh OK, so the /tv/troons have a homosexual agenda? not that I'm aware of? They just are effeminate beta's who cry like women and worship e-celebrities. They are essentially no different then Foxdickers. So it not improbable that they will eventually troon out. QED
Open file (184.09 KB 436x428 182559869568.png)
>>131939 >t bickers his horse is so retarded Yeah, he is already chaffing under this pose he has as a conservative family man and wants to run away, just like Ronnie did.
Open file (236.02 KB 1440x1920 E-CytDAVEAMuYZ_.jpg)
>>131941 OK, that is interesting. SO I have gotten obsessed with paranormal shit not bickers the gf is into this stupid shit but bickers /tv/ has so much trooning out and weird shit that the womanly hobbies have infected me. >>131942 then jcaesar187 is just doing a familial traditional thing. Namely go after a pack of beer and then die in a trailer. I wonder if jcaesar187 is going to be so hungry one day that he BBQ a dog or a cat like what his father did, that one time.
Open file (564.66 KB 886x350 tommy no chill.mp4)
>>131933 jcaesar187 doing his best to be a G​AMERGATE.
Open file (208.78 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131943 >/tv/ is turning me into a woman perhaps, think of /tv/ as being the new /r9k/. A bunch of incells who are so pathetic that it's only a matter of time before they turn to buggery and that indecency will lead to some of them playing the roll of the "woman" in their gay relationship. It only mater of time before they start advocating for others to "become the woman" like what happen to /r9k/. I wouldn't even be supersized if Reiko is a member of the /tv/ trap discord.
Open file (399.24 KB 1151x2048 7185989256.jpg)
Open file (152.76 KB 1122x1454 FIj_v6DaMAUmHYQ.jpg)
>>131945 So /tv/ is just the new /r9k/ off shoot but so happens to have womanly instincts bickers they are starting to blossom or trooning out as one might say? >>131946 But he does not smoke cigarettes anymore bickers he is a vapefag. So he is probably going to claim he is needing a new 6 pack or a new MakersMark bottle.
>>131933 >one of the few people who make me feel IN SHAPE Not wrong in fact of course.
>>131948 God this picture is fucking disgusting, just looking at it for longer than 10 seconds makes my stomach churn. Worse than goreposting.
>>131948 that is not a human being
Open file (1.00 MB 1274x715 Untitled.png)
>>131950 Especially if he finds Donga hilarious
>>131951 Aye doo nawt recolleck
Open file (93.62 KB 194x259 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131947 essentially, that is what I am purposing. Just look at how they freak out like women about words on the intent that offend their delicate sensibilities and look how they worship celebrity culture and Hollywood just like women. Perhaps its not the anime to troon pipeline but rather just the nature of crippling inceldom eroding their self esteem until they are willing to troon out to find love. It also explains why beautiful women make them rrrrrrreeeeeeee bickers their sexual frustration has lead to a rejection of natural heterosexual behaviors. This is speculative of course.
Open file (48.49 KB 1125x619 FJdL0vDUcAE-YS4.jpg)
Open file (251.14 KB 1542x2048 FJHITFCaIAALrgT.jpg)
Open file (231.06 KB 1440x1920 FJDFj-RakAQ-UbZ.jpg)
Open file (445.98 KB 1536x2048 FJTitZ-aQAAZHUm.jpg)
>>131954 Do you folks think that some of the /tv/ troons are going to be like Albert Fish?
this thread would be great if not for identityfags like weakload and TRSperg
>>131957 Everyone has them filtered by now.
>>131957 you stupid N​IGGER
Open file (548.91 KB 474x592 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131956 >Albert Fish I hope not, that would be awful. Time will tell. >>131957 >retard goes to a thread with ID's. Then cry's about "idenity" bro, that isn't my problem. Unlike you, I'm not a pedophile so I don't need a vpn. If you don't like "idenity" then take it up with the B.O. to remove the ID's. >>131958 This is further proof you act just like a woman. >>131959 BASED
A reminder that e3b1e4 and a4ac5f is weakload samefagging, don't forget to filter both.
Open file (387.63 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131961 >filters sissy
Open file (57.87 KB 589x630 543543543.jpg)
I hope he remembered those DVT socks.
Open file (23.52 KB 400x230 58989256.jpg)
>>131963 He was out of breath as he typed this
Open file (120.85 KB 1000x1280 FJsW0JdaMAASjcI.jpg)
>>131963 Is he making these pointless pictures just to remind everyone that he is in fact in Portugal? God he sounds like the most stereotypical dumb fat american abroad. Naturally becаuse he is.
So did they take the diapers?
>>131933 AUUUUUUUUUUGH THE POLICE WILL TAKE CARE OF MY TRANNY BOYFRIEND WHO'S TERRIFIED OF PEOPLE THAT POINT AT OUR CRACK SHACK WHILE I'M IN PORTUGAL FUCKING CHILD PROSTITUTES I'll give it to jcaesar187 that he puts on quite a show. Not the one he intends, but still very entertaining.
Open file (7.72 KB 333x48 rude.png)
>>131969 didnt mean to quote
Open file (206.38 KB 1365x2048 FJ69ymcaAAAdUF_.jpg)
>>131969 what is this context to?
Open file (79.31 KB 722x720 hurr_durr_mark.jpg)
It's getting laughable to see the cries about foxdickfarms when some idiots here act just like them. >We get it, Gahoole is innocent and a good guy, just like Jo$h M00n, everyone else is a pedo, schizo, autistic, working for the (((feds))) etc, but not them!
Gaytor on the Diddler Dax Show. Dick throws some shade on Gabe for his love of cuckime and cancer-aids. Some other guy shows up at 23 minutes to talk about acquiring coke and hookers in Portugal.
>>131960 oh you got a new ID? Thanks for letting me know so I can filter you, jewlatto.
>>131973 Actually useful anon for once, ty. >>131974 Do you think your gimmick is funny? Which one of the tvtrannies are you? The one living with Gahoole, Yakuza or some of the fags from cytube?
Open file (120.34 KB 1280x720 wings.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmh9qILnUSQ Rainbow Six - Platinum Grind - Wingsofredemption Time!
>>131973 >gaytor on dick kek'd
Open file (802.55 KB 1025x1070 YOOOOOOBA.jpeg)
Louis Doc drops on the 31st
STRIKE & MIKE Episode 198: Imperiale-ism Strike and Mike talk about neoconservatism, interToad McKinleyonism, MLK and White urban organizing in New Jersey the 60s and 70s. Where does neoconservatism come from? Bari Weiss interview with Bernard Henri Levi Glenn Youngkin's Executive Orders: what Whites get vs what Jews get The lead up to Martin Luther King's assassination and the reaction Tony Imperiale and White community organizing Russia-Ukraine IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism https://files.catbox.moe/v3c160.mp3
Open file (53.57 KB 591x638 54543543.jpg)
>>131979 I've seen this floating around but it hasn't actually been confirmed. The TV guide doesn't have it listed on that say either.
>>131981 AUUUGHGHGHGHHGGHGGHGHGHH fucking prick. just release it already
>>131975 idk what you're talking about, I just don't care for narcissists making the thread about themselves
>>131979 its ogre for amerifat first.
Open file (12.69 KB 480x360 kike enoch family.jpg)
>>131980 Thank you strike and kike anon very cool.
>>131981 If it's featured this BBC Showcase bollocks, does that mean episode 1 premier or a behind the scenes feature kind of thing? https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/bbcstudios/2021/bbc-studios-unveils-star-studded-line-up-46th-showcase
Open file (395.32 KB 1404x2496 Tifa Yes.jfif)
Open file (1.11 MB 480x270 98145892192865.gif)
>>131988 >Beardson's feet aren't touching the ground
Open file (1.44 MB 1254x831 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131980 <a kike with a black brother and a kike wife with a homosexual tell you about how kikes and homosexuals are ruening the nation all while promoting homo's like greg johnson and Richard Spencer. NICE
>>131989 Couldn't resist.
Open file (357.66 KB 474x610 gunt.png)
Open file (206.11 KB 469x278 gunt2.png)
Open file (37.93 KB 960x454 FJ_Qjd6X0AYHu7Z.jpg)
Open file (466.62 KB 468x836 gunt3.png)
Open file (170.24 KB 465x814 gunt4.png)
Open file (478.99 KB 2048x1536 FJ-gcEDXwFwkwXN.jpg)
>>131996 Holy shit that's disgusting. Gynt's eating rotting fish carcasses. Fitting for a guy that eats trashburgers.
Open file (204.11 KB 1366x2048 FJ9D0RGaMA89Qyl.jpg)
>>131991 >>131981 Huge hype feels, this is going to be ebin. >>131980 Thanks for the wholesome podcast. my mang. >>131988 >>131991 he is such a manlet, that he just lift himself up to seem taller, that is some surreal stuff right there fam. >>131989 >>131990 it is pretty based also Tifa is original waifu for many millennials and probably some gen x. >>131995 kek his height ... it still cracks me up inside. >>131996 obvious lies, if it was good he would've ordered more.
>>131996 That actually looks good as fuck
Open file (391.64 KB 840x1175 kys.png)
Open file (42.47 KB 696x392 789216592369.jpg)
Open file (257.82 KB 466x700 barfmet.jpg)
>>131992 Shut the fuck up TRSperg
>>131995 >men and my boy >moroccan couple He can't help himself. Always looking for a new bull.
Open file (49.52 KB 1000x559 regg.jpg)
>>131996 The entire point of going to Portugal is so you can eat grilled sardines that were caught the morning before. jcaesar187 had to be bullied into it after getting it wrong twice.
There's no way this trip won't end up with Shoot Shoot or soul binding type of situation.
>>132005 >t. /tv/troon trooning out again Kek KINO IS BACK BABY https://youtu.be/fl1GCJxIV5o
>>132009 Shut the fuck up trsperg
>>131995 Cute fedora.
>>132010 Cry more troon
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsKUVNMtP3A Alex Jones Pleads the Fifth, and Other News
Open file (509.53 KB 964x535 ClipboardImage.png)
Miserable Drunken Lonely Surfer is streaming for less views than Daiymo, Mr.Deadman, Rudy Coleman and even Shaggy. He's desperately trying to act as "kino"master and showing a rope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oamrVt1Xut0 TheDaiymofag streamed, no sure if anything funny happened in this stream, Surfer was part of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG5XOnJh8ZA >>131983 >>132005 >>132010 You're so boring and retarded you're making me take the side of trsperg, shut up, you fucking cunt. >>132000 smh, newfag
>>132014 >Surfer has lolicons on his server and on his dms It will end well for him, lol.
>>132012 >>132014 Shut the fuck up TRSperg
>>132014 Surfer was seething and coping the boy is visibly lost without 3P and he's starting to get pissed off at his chat alogs and even imaginary alogs
Mr Deadman has a big ol' potbelly and bosoms.
Open file (283.81 KB 893x603 d1.png)
Open file (389.06 KB 997x597 d2.png)