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Anonymous 04/18/2020 (Sat) 00:59:48 ID: 24a67b No.44234
So I'm sure everyone here has probably seen this fatass lately, since there's one obsessed guy (that's probably just him) shilling his videos hard on 4chan and other altchans. Well /tv/ did some digging on Frank and it turns out he's another "shitposter with long embarrassing/incriminating internet history" cow. Frank Hassle is a friend of Sam Hyde (another eceleb/fourchan comedian that's a confirmed tranny fucker/pedophile). His most popular video is the one where him and Sam Hyde track down some pajeet on tinder that wants to have sex with an """underage girl""" in her late teens or some shit. The usual clickbait wannabe chris hansen "pedo hunt". Well, it turns out, our pal Cameron has also said some very pedophilic things in the past, like threatening to rape someone's five year old daughter (sauce: https://youtu.be/djkxztTLzKA?t=16). Right now, this guy is getting fucked with by various people on /tv/ and he's locking everything under a paywall. Despite his obsession with messing with people in public, he's very weak minded and lashes out at criticism. It's common trope in Sam's inner circle of buddies.
>>44234 That's a lot of spin on that video when they were just tearing into a soccer mom for letting her five year old play online shooting games. If anything we need more autists like Chad McKing running around making sure the normalfags know that the NEET uprising is coming and nowhere is safe. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/frankhassle/
>>44234 sauce on the hyde stuff?
Are you the arab pedo he exposed?
humans fuck incels lust
>>44366 >If anything we need more autists like Chad McKing running around making sure the normalfags know that the NEET uprising is coming I love how sam and his friends went from being the "dad I never had" rolemodels for sixteen yr old white nerds, to now being popular with the "autism NEET/hikki bipolar tranny uprising ritenow" crowd. Although Cam's a fat autist that used to shit his pants and do nothing but grief cs servers all day before he met sam, he still goes outside and interacts with people. How in the fuck does that incite a NEET uprising?
>>44579 All bullshit. Lefties hate Sam with a passion and try to throw anything at him
>>44234 I feel kind of bad for him, imagine you meet your hero and he wants to work with you, but instead of acting in his films and becoming famous he straps a gopro to your head and uses your autism to get you into public fights for a bumfights web series.
>>44728 can explain it?
>>44234 What is that officespace? Does Sam run HW shit out of there?
Open file (170.56 KB 633x733 2321321.jpg)
Open file (266.29 KB 373x556 hats0WNEDBYB0Ts.png)
Open file (8.85 KB 200x200 hats432.jpg)
Open file (206.48 KB 785x787 hats16.jpg)
Open file (78.20 KB 440x663 hats14.jpg)
heres some more of him
>>104799 them niggas looks hungry dat white cuck look like some good ribs fo da bar-b-q...

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