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alternative to archive.is Anonymous 04/20/2020 (Mon) 16:23:05 ID: 708942 No.44888
This seems fairly legit and stable: https://xspherenet.net/ Hope you might find it interesting, anon.
Open file (8.58 KB 672x130 DO NOT CLICK.png)
>>45023 I clicked on it, what do I win?
Open file (20.54 KB 163x200 scratched.jpg)
>>45024 you win getting ip scratched
>>44888 did you get it working with full page captures, dolphinchad?
Open file (374.95 KB 1179x1920 1587399106-3.jpg)
>>45025 Feels lewd.
Open file (1.48 MB 960x1280 1585514876956.png)
>>45031 What's happening?!?
>>45033 I don't like transfags. How did you become the way you are? Did you watch MKultra hypno videos or something?
>>45026 Yes, it's down for maintenance. It'll be back later after I've purchased the new domain and server.
>>45036 H*lyb*sed!
Speaking of archive.is does anyone know how to create a newer snapshot? Creating an initial snapshot is fine. I never see a prompt to create a new one whether javascript is enabled or not. Are my browser settings too locked-down or something?
>>45213 >Are my browser settings too locked-down or something? Yes. when trying to archive a page that already has a link you should see pop up that say this page was saved XX days/hours ago
>>45214 Also which one of you updated 4 hours ago?
>>45214 > Yes. when trying to archive a page that already has a link you should see pop up that say this page was saved XX days/hours ago Damn, I thought so. I wish it were more like archive.org in this regard - no problem there.
>>45219 why do people prefer to use archive.is instead of archive.org?
>>45684 Shorter URLs, bro.
>>45691 That and archive.is sometimes succeeds at archiving a page when archive.org fails for some reason. Oh, and hedging my bets: for anything I might want to reference I'll use both in case one disappears at some future point.
>>45750 archive.G‚ÄčAMERGATE is fucking gay, you cant use it on tor. Whats the point of anonymity if you have to bareback ip to read the archive? Is there any alternative or workaround?
>>45770 Archive sites are fucking cancer. People should be doing a full page screencap, firefox has this by default in the . . . menu(but it privacy jews telling you to give up data and agree) But you can also use other addons. Like fireshot.
>>45770 Proxychain tor over some clearnet proxy.
>>44888 New URL is: http://dolphinarchive.org Tor allowed! Even better than before!
Open file (416.81 KB 1920x1455 ClipboardImage.png)
>>45772 >add-on Isn't the rule is that you don't install any addition to the default tor browser so you don't stand out?
>>45779 That's nothing but FUD. Windows, javascript, and addons are fine with Tor.
>>45779 You can't stand out by using a "normal" addon but you can stand out by the addon itself demasking you through http, calling home etc collecting data. Many addons are actually compromised nowadays on the privacy and user standpoint, so understand why they say It's strongly discouraged, well at least i assume for non native systems that can't or do not utilize tor system wide. >>45793 LOL
But web.archive.org does work on tor. Why didn't you use it?
>>44888 >>45775 >>45776 Did you seriously shill your newest IP scraper two days AFTER leaking users IP's bickers they were mean to you?
>>46507 Date of leak is in the pic retard. 2 days before >>45775

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