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Open file (162.15 KB 1906x591 lookatallthisassmad.png)
Anonymous 04/22/2020 (Wed) 09:12:17 ID: 027579 No.45226
Like everything built by the Chinese, there is a knockoff board of /cow/ called /cow2/ hosted on one of Jewsh's totally-gonna-work-guise chan projects. The newfaggotry and autism pains me. Never accept imitations.
I mean, he's right, but even a broken clock is right twice a day, so that's not anything noteworthy truth is, that there is no place on the internet for laughing at lolcows anymore. everything got politicized, if you want to laugh at retards, ypu go on /pol/ and see what the left has been up to, or you harvest cocks from leftypol. cows like chris and others have slwoly faded into obscurity, they either have nothing worthy about them anymore, aren't active, their own "inner circle" that watched over them turned out to be even bigger cows(or even started troll shielding them), or a combination of the above. rather than having a blanket board for lolcows, people tend to follow a few people, and they have their sources to stay up to date with them, ibs threads are the only ones active right now bickers this is what laughing at lolcows have been reduced to, maybe it was always just as cringy, in the end that said, jews is no better than jewsh, and the remaining posters here are no better than tranny farm posters. if you're not here for ibs threads, just get it over with and sign on there to talk about how beautiful "christine's" tranny vagina is, you might as well, you're no better than the people who do
jewsh is a lolcow
Open file (2.72 MB 360x360 andiraaaaaannnn.mp4)
>>45229 >just get it over with and sign on there to talk about how beautiful "christine's" tranny vagina is, you might as well, you're no better than the people who do Yeah naw, i never subscribed to that ibs shit in it's early beginning. I slowly lost interest once it became autistic and filled with echo chambers. I'm an old /cow/boy from a time when many separate threads about multiple people were on at one time. It was a fucking imageboard. Pure and simple. We never even heard or thought of bloodsports then. All it was then was skype prank calls and sperging on irc. I'll give the devil his due and admit that yes, there isn't much will anywhere these days to follow interesting individuals make complete asses of themselves without the politics being thrown in. Hell, even the school system now is fucking plagued by politics starting from kindergarden with the tranny politics shit. Also naw, i'm not into fucking trannies. Glass them all for all I care. It always baffles me how they can't understand the objective fact that they want to live with a never healing wound between their legs as some sort of personal fulfilment and for good boy points on twitter. I just wanna shitpost mang'. Those days are rare/gone.
>>45232 Obviously you would want a qt 3,14 trap GF with a feminine benis.
>>45232 There's some minor lolcow involvement with youtube, particularly live streams but even that's all but died in the ass. This is bickers youtube themselves annihilated their streaming service by requiring you to have a certain amount of subs or some shit that many spergs just won't reach. So even the days of stumbling upon some retard who has youtube TTS on is over. What's worse is that most people have funneled into discord hugboxes, so even getting to them is difficult since they can just hide and lockdown their servers. Truly a dark age of lolcowdom.
>>45232 >>45234 The age of the internet is over. Now completely mainstream, sanitized and displaced with normalfaggots. It has nothing to do with ibs or any one thing.
Open file (62.31 KB 1026x234 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (34.02 KB 1186x300 ClipboardImage.png)
>>45226 Rulecucked
>>45261 >Josh vs. tranny mods Talk about a false dichotomy.
>>45266 Wait, JEVVS is guy or trans? Or that's not the same JEVVS we know and love?
>>45226 Nothing of value was lost. None of the G​AMERGATEs who went over there ever contributed to any other threads. They're all ibs burnouts who think Гунтstream ruined the cyclical. Truth is there just isn't that much happening so the cyclical turned into shitposting hours. >>45229 I just want Jahans to make videos again.
9chan is itself a giant lolcow and it’s broken just like everything Jewsh touches
If it's jews board I would give a try.

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