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Open file (56.09 KB 511x680 ChrisHeadsOut.jpg)
Chris-chan / CWC Thread Anonymous 08/07/2019 (Wed) 18:13:36 ID: 807ca3 No.521
Bronycon has ended, now Chris returns home. Post the latest CWC related updates ITT. Just recently we learned from his twitter that he caused a fender-bender and (allegedly) kicked a cop car, soon discovering he's blacklisted from Papa John due to the machinations of the evil trolls.

Tweet archive:
Open file (1.22 MB 344x285 you.gif)
Open file (687.67 KB 601x768 ClipboardImage.png)
Jesus everyone there is either autistic, a faggot, a tranny or a combination of the three.
Well, Chris fits right in!
Is it just my imagination or does he look pretty bad after horsefuckercon? Did he get molested by those degenerates?
Looks and sounds really unhealthy. Probably more to do with poor diet and hygiene than bronies though.
He's just going off the deep-end even further now. The Idea Guys fried his brain with this CPU goddess and moon laser bullshit and now we're seeing the end-result of this with him LARPing as a omnipotent purple electric hedgehog who praises Chris on his other Twitter account constantly.
The problem with knowing Chris's mental state is there's too many factors to understand.

>Is he legit insane?
Very possibly. He's a demented man child who can be lead by the nose so we don't know what he really believes and doesn't.

>Is he just playing make believe
A very real possibility where he thinks this is all a fun game and he gets to have others draw art of his imaginary friends.

>Is he doing it purely for attention
He knows he has to rely on being a retard online to keep buying stupid shit. So he keeps doing it over and over. If he's rewarded for it he's going to keep doing it.

in fact of course, I'm curious about what's gonna happen to KF when Barb dies and Chris stops being active.

Josh will definitely lock the CWC board but what I want to know is how much of a shitstorm will follow afterwards.
Is there anything to shit storm over any more? Chris isn't doing anything, no one is actively fucking with him and there's nothing around him he can fuck up. Does it matter if some autist puts up ebay auctions and bitches on Twitter?
Calm before the storm. When Barn dies he's on his own.
Chris isn't really doing anything aside from general Twitter autism but when Barb dies, who knows what will happen?

The shitstorm on KF would have less to do with Chris himself and more to do with those on the forum who still follow Chris for whatever reason or what a lot of the old trolls like Marvin will do.

Even Josh doesn't want to keep the Chris board open anymore.

I'm wondering how people would react when the Chris section of the forum is moved to Spergatory
Once Barb dies literally anything could happen. It's completely up in the air. My guess is that Barb's death will be what severs his last ties to reality. He's gonna only get worse; I'd be stunned if it went any other way. You can't live how Chris has for nearly 40 years and be able to take control of your life all of the sudden. My guess is that he'll go homeless within a year of Barb's death and will just upload schizo-tier Youtube videos and tweets until he dies like Terry did in an accident. Either that or Sockness will come over and sodomize Chris
Barb has some kind of reverse mortgage thing, so when she died the sharks will swoop in and take everything in her estate, leaving Chris with not much.
He's fucked once she's gone. State is taking everything and they've already burned through whatever was left when his Dad died. He'll probably bounce from fan to fan until he burns every bridge. It's looking like Jewsh doesn't have long left in the shithole he's living in and I expect to see him back in the states soon too. If the time tables line up things could get very interesting.
>The Idea Guys fried his brain with this CPU goddess and moon laser bullshit and now we're seeing the end-result of this with him LARPing as a omnipotent purple electric hedgehog who praises Chris on his other Twitter account constantly.
If you put it like that it sounds really funny.
>moon laser bullshit
I know about the goddess shit, but I don't think I heard about moon lasers. Care to fill me in?
It's one way the Idea Guys extorted him for money apparently, by telling him that there was a giant laser on the moon that would destroy CWCville unless he complied with their demands. I can't find any direct references to it, but if you CTRL + F "moon" in this chat log:
Sorry I accidentally submitted my post too early
If you CTRL + F "moon" here:
You can see them talking about having weapons that are able to destroy the moon and CWCVille simultaneously. Some other stuff they did was pretend to torture Cryzel over a chat and Chris sperged out crying for them to stop and had a tardrage fit:
It seems to have worked since he gave them a few grand worth of shit if I remember correctly. They fucked him up bad in the head.
>that chatlog
Good fucking god that's some will you RP with me :3 tier shit.
Open file (270.83 KB 318x312 ClipboardImage.png)
Only someone as autistic as Chris could keep something up like that for a few hours, let alone for months on end. Wise deserved to get doxxed for being such a retard and bragging about on the Farms to users through PMs honestly.
I am slightly saddened this wasn't filter to green and purple.
I thought the Ideas Guys were just dudes putting ideas into Chris' head for the lulz, I had no idea they were mentally ill anime trannies...
I don’t think the teen troon squad is directly associated with the Idea Guys but they encourage his delusions like the dimensional merge and magic rocks. I could be wrong though, there’s too much autism to dig through with this shit.
Open file (345.61 KB 524x429 Kanzaki_Elsa.png)
No, I was talking about those transcripts, not the troon squad. One of the Ideas Guys is roleplaying as an anime girl (pic related) and the other refers to himself as Mistress. I guess it's not technically gender bending but it is really fucking cringeworthy and questionable behavior.

The main guy seems way too into it and even Chris gets bored of his fantasy edgelord roleplay and leaves.
Holy shit his fucking cat died already, he just adopted it two weeks ago
That's sad. I wonder if that kitten getting sick was just nature taking course or if there's some nasty mold or something in the Chandler residence. Barb doesn't seem all that mobile to be able to deep clean the house and Chris wouldn't even think to do it.
I doubt Chris actually took good care of it. He's not capable of taking care of another living thing especially without his parents around to do the actual work. In fact I wouldn't be surprised to find out he was purposely killing animals thinking they'd become furries in CWCville.
Why is he still allowed to adopt animals?
Nothing bad will ever happen to Chris nor will he ever face any serious consequences, he will always be treated with tard-gloves as long as he lives. He can pepper-spray gamestop employees, run over people with his car, kick police cars and neglect cats and nothing will ever happen. I wish I had his luck honestly.
Poor kitten. You could have been adopted by literally anyone else and still be kicking it.
You'd think his local community might have taken notice of some of his antics and just politely not do business. But the people at the animal shelter probably had no idea.
It was a feral cat, it's implied it sort of just walked up to his house and he took it in, unaware it was sick as shit. You can tell in >>4767 that it's sick with the watery eyes, perhaps some sort of respiratory infection. Instead of taking the cat to a vet or cleaning his house to improve the air quality or feeding it actual food, he probably dumped it in the 14BC hoard pile with a can of chicken soup for food until it got worse and died.
some foxdick faggot will adopt him
It would be worth it for the two-in-one lolcow package that we’d be able to watch then. Someone would have to be truly exceptional to do that to Chris, and as unlikely as it seems I could easily see this happening. Foxdick moderation is basically running a poorly-managed tard-wrangling operation.
Open file (581.06 KB 601x768 green_and_purple.png)
like this?
Thanks doc
Does this dude have more hair than Gahoole?
> chrischan beats his dogs over a 7 hour livestream > no /cow/ activity > no /webms/ > no comfy cwc livestream thread All dead, here and 8k
>>31742 >complains about lack of cocks >doesn't post cocks You're part of the problem faggot.
>>31742 only livestream allowed here is that gay IBS shit, that quite frankly, feels like it's grown into a discord tranny tier tumor at this point >>31750 no point in posting any to a site that is clearly not interested in it
>>31761 Then why do you hang out here at all? Just to bitch? Why?
>>31795 this is backseat fag, all he does is bitch and moan and never deliver anything, feel free to spit on him
>>31796 I want to fuck his butt and make him my sissy bitch. That way he moans and bitches for my dick.
>the entire reason these boards started existing >nobody reads or posts anything bickers it's not IBS or moralfagging over whether or not someone is a PEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for liking a 17.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999 year old
>>31864 not entirely true, but please share some chrischan tranny OC.
Open file (160.44 KB 400x400 orthodox jewsh.png)
>>31864 Chris is a boring, retard tranny now and there are plenty of those. He is no longer unique or interesting. I haven't given a shit about him for over half a decade. He even has real fans now, and people actually pay him for garbage, making his illusions of grandeur somewhat grounded in reality.
>>31870 >real fans now >now What's worse is that this was happening hardly a year or two after the internet discovered him. There were even 3D women trying to help bridge the gap so that he is understood or given the help he needs to improve himself and not even as metabait. Fucking normalfaggots.
>>31870 Yeah that's kinda where he's at. He's been julayed dry. Every once in a while he'll do something crazy that's worth a chuckle, but it gets stale quick. Look at the merge, it was kinda funny that he's larping as an anime character and pretending he's going use the magic powers of the Dreamcast to make his OC real to have sex with him, but he's been on that shit for like a year now.
>>31864 almost as if everyone here is either an underage cuckchanner who is here to get the latest news on their e celeb or a member of tranny farms, just like on 8/cow/, or something like that. how pathetic I hope another board makes an alternative to what was once /cwc/ and is now /IBS/, I want to actually get some news on actual lolcows once in a while, without having to resort to browsing josh's shitty blog to do so
>>31917 It's almost like everyone that replies to this thread complaining about the lack of cocks is some faggot from reddit or foxdickfarms that pretends to be an old fag. I hope they eventually fuck off or post some of the cocks they so badly desire other anons post instead of demanding to be spoonfed and bumping the thread everyday to blog post.
>>31918 Seriously though, if you want fresh Chris cocks either make it or fuck off. It isn't the boards fault Jewsh and his band of trannies have him locked up in a hugbox so tight no one can enter.
>>31918 Baste [✓] Redpilled [✓]
>>31918 yes of course, TRUE oldfags only use the IBS thread and run gayops on people they think are pedos
>>31917 he has a twitter, facebook, and youtube channel you can look for cocks instead of having someone else cut it up in little kiddy bitesized chunks for you mr oldfag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysy6V_uaeV8
Open file (226.39 KB 600x633 ClipboardImage.png)
>>35450 No wonder Chris is such a disaster, he saw a penis once.
>>35450 >new I thought he had talked about this before.
Open file (37.02 KB 300x225 chris chan and megan.jpg)
>>521 fucking hell. who can seriously defend chris of his degenerate crimes all bickers he's autistic and trans. This guy is a fucking predator that eats his OWN CUM!!!!
>>4767 disgusting animal abuser! he's lower than a G​AMERGATE! when will he get the fucking rope!?
>>35450 Well this explains why chris was secretly gay for a majority of his life. must've loved his father's cock.
>>35793 You think he loved to jack the lumberjack?
Can Chris handle Corona-chan?
>>38965 Fuck no, his immune system must be shot to all hell. I hope I'm wrong though, it would be a boring way for the shitshow to end.
>>39418 The hell did he get himself roped into this time??
>>4997 >perhaps some sort of respiratory infection Is this how Chris dies? Cat corona?
>>38966 Not having an immune system could save him from a cytokine storm lol.
>>40864 >inb4 Chris' uniquely autistic immune system grants him complete protection from Corona-chan >Big pharma discovers this and he becomes a test subject for developing a vaccine >Chris sells his bone marrow to richfags, repays all debt >teams up with Ortwin Freyermuth, gains massive royalties on vaccines and other medicines developed from his tissue >uses all his shekels to build a fuckhueg particle accelerator in order to complete the dimensional merge
CWC seems to handle the lockdown quite well if his twatter is any indication.
>>40891 Or he could use that money to gain political power and actually build his own fucking CWCville. >>41378 Well he is rarely going outside so not much changes for him.
Chris-chan should get his lazy ass to all sorts of conventions, there is a true and honest army of simps that would crowdfund his travels.
>>43142 It still blows my mind that chris chan, in the end, is the true winner. He's a mentally retarded manchild, well, used to be, now he's a particularly delusional tranny that believes that his donutsteel is real. And yet, he still gets fat off of his donations and spends them all on legos, or dildos or whatever the fuck he does with the money. K|wi farms, a forum dedicated to tr0lling him, has now became his biggest hugbox, I swear that autist was in the same room as DSP when he signed the contract with the devil to make him the luckiest son of a bitch alive Anyways, what has been going on with this retard?
>>43759 >uses his senile mom to beg for donations >spends hundreds on legos and toys How is this woman allowed to be under his care? Barb used to be fat but now shes sickly skinny and apparently lives off meal replacements bickers Chris is too lazy to feed her properly.
Open file (36.69 KB 1362x328 ClipboardImage.png)
https://sonichu.com/cwcki/Chris_and_money Scratch that, its apparently thousands on lego. I find it hilarious some faggot got sonichu.com
>>40891 >Chris' homebrew autistic vaccine cures corona >but turns everyone gay
Open file (156.95 KB 738x532 ClipboardImage.png)
>ugh i loathe nazis ALT RIGHT FUCKING LOVES HER PUSSY !!
Open file (1.03 MB 3965x2974 cwc1.jpg)
Open file (1.80 MB 4032x3024 cwc2.jpg)
Some of chris' most recently played switch games. For some reason he has both Lets Go pokemon games and both sword and shield.
>>43759 Whatever happened to the Cogsdev gaggle of trannies anyway? have they joined the 42% club yet?
Open file (2.14 MB 1437x813 ClipboardImage.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y7GkklCWCE Chris gets invited onto IRL live stream show. Trolls proceed to crash the show with no survivors via skype.
Open file (92.18 KB 202x181 ClipboardImage.png)
Why he hasn't committed suicide yet?
>>46564 why would he? his former trolls are now his own personal army, he's making shekels off the usual paypigs and he even became a pop culture icon among normalfags, and as it is known all too well normalfags will always defend trannies, si he has their support as well things are as good as they are gonna get for him. I would not be surprised if he was saving his lego funds partially for a sex change, then, he would be living the dream life. at least until barb croaks, then, reality will crush him, and he might kill himself out of "stress"
Open file (607.61 KB 924x637 autism.png)
>>46585 >this Hes making tons of easy money selling his old worthless crap for hundreds of dollars, recieving his monthly "tugboat", and getting e-begging donations. He was selling signed copies of Sonichu comics recently for $300. He lavishly spends his easily gained money on toys and everything he could want. His life is easy, he gets bathed in attention by SJW, trolls, and regular people shocked to see his level of autism and observe him like they would a zoo exhibit. Chris is free to live out his delusions and fantasies on the soapbox he always desired (twitter). In the past he THOUGHT he had an army of whiteknights at his disposal (trolls pretending to be his fans), but now they truly exist as SJWs who continue to enable his rapidly deteriorating mental state bickers he cross dresses. Just watch that live interview to see how deep in delusion he is in for a reality check. He thinks hes Sonichu possessing his body, and that his actual self is currently in Sonichu's body in an alternative dimension.
>>46585 A post-op Chris wouldn't have to kill himself,, he'd have a gaping wound that wouldn't be allowed to heal in his shit-filled underwear. He'd have as much staph in him as autism by that night.
>>46590 >his actual self is currently in Sonichu's body You think he just did that so he can claim to be fucking Rosechu?
>>46504 >>46497 Max Mandu was based, if only he had just walked out. He was just too kind. I hope the show becomes a regular thing
>>46662 I hope so too. If he could get unsuspecting talents to come on his show with a "comic book artist" every week it would be fucking hilarious. Thing is Chris is too fucking autistic and irresponsible to be committed to something like that and I doubt he will even follow up after the first show. The host had to have been trolling the guitar jesus guy. He kept interrupting him and feeding Chris's delusions and ego and purposely set the skype calls up to fuck with the show knowing full well trolls would be spamming it.
>>521 gaychild
Open file (61.72 KB 889x637 week old news.png)
Chris gets upset on a Youtube series about his life. https://web.archive.org/watch?v=_zSpn0ZNwqQ&lc=UgzdoujDjuYP-1upCml4AaABAg
when will this fat fuck tranny loser die. also i haven't been keeping up with the geno samuel documentary series lately.
>>63242 It's not terrible. Pretty informative for someone whose never heard of Chris before. The comments are kinda funny to see all the white knight faggots defending him no matter what.
Open file (67.33 KB 465x607 cappin.png)
Open file (404.40 KB 1355x625 screen.png)
https://web.archive.org/maps/contrib/117386046560836579293/reviews/@38.8162339,-78.2496457,7z?hl=en-US As of two weeks ago it is now possible to review the Chandler household on Google maps. It is categorized as a "Modern art museum" that's "Good for kids". https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ei=G87yXszjGc7O0PEP3tCbgA0&q=the+chandler+residence+ruckersville+va+22968&oq=the+chandler+residence+ruckersville+va+22968&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAzICCAAyAggAOgQIABBHOgYIABAWEB5QnxhYxxlglSFoAHABeACAAW2IAcUBkgEDMS4xmAEAoAEBqgEHZ3dzLXdpeg&sclient=psy-ab&ved=0ahUKEwiM3cfLxpnqAhVOJzQIHV7oBtAQ4dUDCAs&uact=5 Apparently Chris has been active on there fairly recently under the name DJ Jamsta Sonichu, leaving reviews on his own home as well as other local businesses. As of this post, The Chandler Residence has 2.7 stars and 12 reviews.
>>63525 >autistic tranny who's obsessed with sex >good for kids I wonder how many kids he'd have to lure into his home before the autism card will stop being able to keep him out of prison.
>>63532 There was a time where I didnt really believe the hype about Chris being a pedofork but its shit like this that makes me feel like reconsidering that belief. Not a good look Sonichu.
>>63619 >keeps touching any girl that he could get to stay around him for any length of time >very insistent that he have a daughter >one of his imaginary wives is named after the daughter he spent years pining for He's also said he's had sexual thoughts about Barb, so honestly I'm not sure if Chris is so much a straight out pedophile or if he's just so desperate he'd fuck any girl that he could.
>>63632 >or if he's just so desperate he'd fuck any girl that he could. This one.
I can be a shit son sometimes, but this is way extreme https://youtu.be/dqkNWzr8Xi8
>>80541 >blank soulless stare >my name is barbra chandler i'm doing fine This looks like a legit hostage situation. Does he keep her in the basement and only let's her out when it's time to prove to everyone he hasn't killed and eaten her yet? >ask questions in the comments below >Comments are turned off
>>125862 Majestic like a swan.
>>125862 >you can't catch me jerkop i'm a sonichu! >gets zapped to the extreme Would be amazing if that were actually Chris, but with how shitty the footage is it could be any fatass with long hair.

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