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Open file (7.66 MB 1280x720 janny.webm)
Open file (52.81 KB 485x411 Pringles.png)
Guntstream Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 08:05:17 ID: 1e3907 No.57589
You faggots keep shitting up the cyclical so contain your autism here. If it's quiet it's fine but when there's shit going on and you faggots are posting walls of text it derails the thread which aids the e-celebs that constantly try to control the narrative. The Гунтstream is the successor to the Shillstream/Гунтstream from Stream.me. Robi, who took over restreaming duties from goldstar continued the site on cytu.be after stream.me's death. The channel began to host additional cocks, such as lets plays, streaming shows and, most notoriously, gay debates. CAST OF TRANNIES <Гунтstream Trio >Robi Pires Owner and troon in chief of the lonely hearts tranny club. Robi originally restreamed the Гунт on stream.me when the faggot would actually wake up. Being too busy running the CP repository known as Julay.World, he now plays cuckime like Made In Abyss and does let's plays of Half Life 2. He spends every waking minute on the Julay World IRC which is such a cancerous shithole that it makes Discord look clean. He barely uses the site himself and has gone on record saying he's hated the place for the past 3 months. When koi turned /v/ into a pedo paradise, his brilliant idea was to let the site be spammed with CP for a few days to settle some IRC dispute about the 'heh' pill. Certifiably retarded. >Bill, Farmfag, Pringles One of the Гунтstream trio and Julay mod. BO of /dig/, a dead board that he's proud of for some reason. He watches moeshit for countless hours while larping as some guy with a farm. He gets very angry on IRC when dilating. >HangingFlesh, Weasel, Гунтopia, Zachfag, Cassie Last of the Гунтstream trio, Weasel runs the Гунтporium and recives 33% of all merch sold. Claims to be a Latvian but is probably from some other eastern euro shithole. He is the reason for the gay debates happening. Desperate for clout of his own, he sucks e-celeb cock in the hope that they will come onto his dumb show. Does absolutely no prep for the shows, which even the Гунт can manage, and wonders why they're shit. Desperately wants CRP's love due to father abandonment issues. Weasel got drunk one night and deleted hundreds of posts due to a falling out with another troonstreamer, Koi. The night of the long janny destroyed trust in Weasel but Robi kept him around bickers he's a spineless faggot. Spends all day on Discord sucking e-celeb cock. STREAMERS AND MODS >Koisheep, Koi, Van, John, Kimee, Kimeemaru A twitch fag that robi let stream as they both play and coom to Touhou. Touhou is a shitty nip game and weebs pay hundreds of dollars for low quality dolls of the 10 year old girls from the game/show. Obviously a pedophile from the get go, he was allowed to stream until he destroyed /v/ by inviting literal pedophiles to post cp there. He would stream either his shitty nip game or he would read out the toddlercon doujins he coom'd to. Despite obvious redflags, he was given /v/ which resulted in a pedoring attacking Julay and the domain getting yanked. Robi eventually removed his right to stream on the cytu.be so he went back to streaming to no one on Twitch. >Sargoy Retard from newfoundland that restreams the Гунт and shits up the already shit gaybates with his unfunny soundboard. Contributes nothing to the debates yet is always brought on by his e-friend the weasel. Spits shitty /pol/ talking points to more popular streamers like Destiny and instantly gets shut down. >Moliberry1 One of the worst streamers. A discord tranny that's IRL friends with Sargoy. He donated 3 months of server costs so the weasel made him a mod and robi gave him /mon/. Streams Pokemon like the manchild he is and shits up the thread with his buttbuddy Sargoy. >Muscises A literal nig­ger, BO of /mu/ and formerly /v/. Desperately seeks approval from white people so is easily mislead. Ni/GG/ers made him stressed so he gave /v/ to koi. Makes music by pressing random buttons until it sounds okay. >Гунтwinson A newfag abo from Bitwave. Became friends with weasel on discord and restreamed the gay debates to bitwave for some reason. Doesn't even restream the Гунт but plays shitty 3D cucktoon shows. Complete dead weight. >Gahoole Robi is his friend so he let him stream. Constantly cut into or outright bumped the restream to play boring movies about Dwayne "the rock" Johnson. Brings all his shit audience from /tv/ onto the stream and board. Extremely unfunny and ugly. Claims to be volcel despite clearly being the epitome of an incel. >Prtbc BO of /lit/ on tvch. His posts are completely illegible due to either him being a massive retard or a stroke potentially both. Streams some absolutely garbage nip show for hours on end that no one watches. Doxed his wrist for unknown reasons. HONORABLE MENTIONS >essayfag, essayautist Some anon with severe autism. He wrote walls of text critical of the stream that no one apart from the weasel read. When he found out people were just messing with him, became pro-Гунтstream and writes massive walls of text in support of the stream that no one reads. >Dolphin, Luke Delf Some guy that posted CP on an /rnk/ on some dead IB. Spammed and DDOS'd Julay and eventually barnacled himself to the stream. His cocksleave, Гунтwinson, would help him scratch IPs of anons. The Гунтstream is probably the only place on the internet that grants him safe harbor. >PPP, Ashton Parks Everyone knows who PPP is. He used to stream to the Гунтstream from his youtube channel bickers he was insecure about no one paying attention to him when he started his streams. Weasel let platespics into PPP's discord server which spooked PPP resulting in the server being deleted. Hates weasel and has an audience again so doesn't bother coming to the cytube. >baby1 One of the faggots that shits up the thread along with essayfag. Dumpster dives for computer parts and probably babies as well. Always boasting about being an ebin oldfag of IBS like the cringy retard he is. >The Entire Julay.World IRC Probably one of the worst cesspits I have ever seen. Full of pedophiles and trannies that whisper in robi's ear 24/7.
Open file (6.08 KB 576x84 wew1.png)
Open file (3.66 KB 657x40 wew.png)
Open file (6.06 KB 475x93 irc pedos.png)
>>57589 >Dolphin, Luke Delf >The Гунтstream is probably the only place on the internet that grants him safe harbor. No, Xander Luciano was so kind to give him a home on shitwave and invited him to have fun with the github keeping bitwave together
>that entire OP Can one man seethe harder?
>>57589 >>baby1 One of the faggots that shits up the thread along with essayfag. Dumpster dives for computer parts and probably babies as well. Always boasting about being an ebin oldfag of IBS like the cringy retard he is. This is fake news. I am not the dumpsterdivingfag. Its totally degenerate and I despise that anon whenever he mentions this degenerate pasttime. Anal sex, now that is a real mans hobby.
>>57628 >Anal sex, now that is a real mans hobby. Thank you for the clarification. I guess you're the one that took meth and fucked a girl in the ass for 4 hours.
Open file (32.31 KB 308x365 1.JPG)
Open file (30.35 KB 305x342 2.JPG)
Open file (29.76 KB 305x340 3.JPG)
Open file (30.46 KB 303x343 4.JPG)
Open file (27.35 KB 310x345 5.JPG)
>>57589 How long until gator starts regurgitating lore from this OP in ebin oldfag style. Also dont forget that moliberry likes to slide into innocent a-log DM's and try do things
>>57629 Nope, I have never taken meth. I have only done weed in high school.
>Robi Pires You forgot to add he was 2nd on the streamme leaderboard for some time and got extremely butthurt when Corey Barnhill the pedophile cried to an admin to delete his channel. >Bill, Farmfag, Pringles He does live in a farm in the middle of nowhere, is literally a boomer, utterly insane and addicted to heroin. He claims his addiction stems from an accident he had that left him with severe neck pain and due to that he has trouble sleeping. >HangingFlesh, Weasel, Гунтopia, Zachfag, Cassie Is an American that pretends to be from a different country that changes every couple of months bickers he's afraid for some reason. Claims he likes cooking (watches cooking shows for hours on end) but he only cooks and eats pasta 7 days a week. >Sargoy Originated from PPP's chat and doxcord server. He was constantly online on said doxcord and wanted to become a mod. Even PPP realized what a retard he was and started mocking him by making a janny in his chat. He met weasel in that doxcord server and was love at first sigh. He's a certified cuckchanner from current year /pol/. >Muscises Aside from being a nig­ger, he's the only one from the whole crew that has a secondary education. Timid guy that constantly gets bullied for being a nig­ger even though he doesn't act like one chuckles >Gahoole Lives in a literal final fantasy house with other autistic retards. He claims he received a blowjob once that got transformed into a tugjob when questioned further tl;dr never happened .He likes to shill his failed comedy video attempts everywhere. >PPP, Ashton Parks The real reason he hates weasel is that weasel pulls a Гунт and records every conversation he has online. He did the same with PPP and then played the recorded conversation on the Гунтsteam. The actual reason Ashton doesn't stream on the Гунтstream anymore is bickers his daddy Adam Edge told him it's probably a bad idea since he wants to be his own personal lolcow and not get julayed by others.
>>57640 >You forgot to add he was 2nd on the streamme leaderboard for some time and got extremely butthurt when Corey Barnhill the pedophile cried to an admin to delete his channel. I don't remember corey doing that but I vaguely remember some drama between the restream and corey directly. On the night it was flagged, you could hear the Гунт typing up a storm and >we even mentioned it a few times in chat. Robi did get into a discord call with the pedo, his plate spics and xander and was humiliated. Left the internet for awhile after that and shutdown the Гунтretort satire website he had https://archive.is/PseDD
>>57652 The Гунт was too afraid to directly ask the mods to delete Robi's restream since he'd already deleted the goldstarcaller restream aka the bill-farmfag-conspicuous tranny one and got called out for it. So, he conspired with Corey Barnhill the pedo who decided to bitch and moan at the admins about Robi restreaming his show and convinced one of them to make up some bullshit rule, specifically that restreaming someone would only be allowed if you provided live commentary. That's why Robi initially voicedoxed himself and then went to the pedophile's/Гунт's stream on streamme with dispatch.
hey guys what's going on in this thread
>>57740 Same tbph
>>57630 Everything but the stream.me related lore, which he has completely forgotten at the behest of his lord and master.
Open file (100.51 KB 1119x960 anglo portuguese.png)
is Robi portuguese? He looks like the first guy i kissed
I honestly want to kill moliberry1
OP and his group are spamming futa and loli on IBS thread and attacking useful posters that should become mods.
reminder that PPP disavows the Гунтstream
>>58421 Well, PPP is a confirmed faggot, so his opinion is discarded.
Open file (1.04 MB 1096x633 jS7e9Ls16U.png)
Open file (371.54 KB 1114x1003 modabuse.png)
Open file (8.46 KB 606x100 YHd6bsi0nI.png)
>>63918 yeah he's asleep buddy. You guys need to be more subtle.
Open file (1.61 MB 1000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
The Гунтstream gave me a deformed mind from useless meta drama, i.e. who gets mod. Nearly everyone in the Гунтstream is responsible, so I'll include a nice list. STUPID users: >--jeffcaplinisatard228: Pokemon faggot that moans and whines EVERY fucking time when something bad happens. >--Hardrade: Fake Irish furryfag who adds furry emotes to please his degenerate fetish. Probably a USfag claiming to be from Ireland. >--Moliberry1: Absolute tumor. Pokemonfag who WILL NEVER SHUT UP. Starts up useless drama while claiming to be a plumber; probably a poorfag NEET raging at his keyboard. FUCK YOU ROBI, YOU KILLED THE ГунтSTREAM! EVEN REDDIT IS BETTER, YOU GAMERGATE, ROBI TOTAL count($bad_users) "over 9999"==
Open file (1.23 MB 1000x750 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (399.13 KB 1000x700 ll_dolphin.jpg)
>>65326 >ROBI TOTAL count($bad_users) "over 9999"==
Why are you so afraid of Гунтstream, Ashton Parks?
>>65326 >le epin programming meme xD >cant even parse syntax god, youre pathetic.jpg
Open file (18.04 KB 652x729 wow.png)
Faggot is kicking people for thinskin reasons
>>69608 Still angry about /japan/ getting nuked a third time so you gotta poorly edit screenshots? Just sad John.
>>69727 >coping this hard No all is about your cringe gay webring war, namefag.
>>69760 t. butthurt tengoon
>>69956 Namefagging again? I have no ideia who tengoon is.
>>70186 Do you not know what namefagging means?
>>70196 lol, pedokoi BTFО
copied from retarded anon in the cyclical Weasel disconnects from a discord call with various e-celebs. "Decent stream", he thinks to himself. He sinks back in his chair, lights up a cigarette and breathes in deeply. He reflects on his stream and the big ticket e-celebs he was streaming with. "This stream was great, everyone loved it. PPH went through the roof on the thread". He should feel happy but as he takes another drag from his cigarette, he feels a deep emptiness. "He wasn't there...." weasels eyes water, he looks down at the cigarette ash literring his keyboard. "Gonzalo...." he holds back tears and clutches his mouse. Gonzalo Lira wasn't there. Just like how he wasn't there for most of weasel's life. Except for that one night. That one, magical night. It was 6 months ago. Weasel drove from Latvia to Amsterdam to meet with the Coach Red pill. Gonzalo Lira himself. They were to have dinner at a fancy restaurant in inner Amsterdam. He arrives at the restaurant a few minutes early. Entering the restaurant, he's struck by the immense majesty of the restaurant. "This.....this is how the west lives? This is amazing" weasel thinks to himself. The pure white sheets draped over rich mahogany tables. The chandelier glittering in the candlelight. Scented air fills weasel's nostrils. Every corner, every aspect of the room was designed to dazzle. Weasel takes his seat. Alone at the table, he begins to wonder if Gonzalo will come. Perusing the menu he's perplexed by the strange names of the upper class nosh. Initially bothered that he was alone, his perspective shifted to thankfulness as he deciphered the strange menu so as to not seem a fool in front of the Gonzalo Lira. Ten minutes pass. Fifteen minutes pass. Thirty minutes pass. "He's not coming....". The waiter asks yet again if he's ready to order. "Just a few more minutes, he's coming soon.". Weasel's smile poorly masks a broken heart. Suddenly, a gust of wind sends goosebumps down weasel's neck. He turns around and....he's there. Gonzalo talks to the maître d with such authority that she eagerly shows him to his seat. "Sorry I'm late. I had to finish filming a few scenes" his deep, raspy voice stirs weasel's loins. What a man. "Oh that's fine I just got here too :) " weasel nervously exclaimed. A lie but he was so excited to finally meet him. Gonzalo Lira. Having over thirty minutes to decide on what to eat, weasel quickly orders. Much to his shock, so does Gonzalo after a cursory glance at the menu. "Ah chateau chicken de lorain a staple of this place. It's fantastic you should try some of mine" Gonzalo talks about the menu to weasel as if he were an equal. Weasel looks at him, wide eyed and eagerly listening to every word. The food arrives and weasel, famished, quickly devours his burger. "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha were you hungry, son?" Gonzalo's chuckles makes weasel blush. Gonzalo finishes his chicken using every utensil with aplomb while weasel just grabbed his burger and shoved it into his mouth hole. "Water, bill please" Gonzalo flashes his credit card in the air. "Son, I just noticed your face catches the light really well. Mind coming back to my place for a few shoots?" weasel's heart pounds against his chest. "oh.my.god" he thinks. "Y-yes please that would be fantastic! I'm a big fan of your work. I can't wait to read Wiltshire boulevard." weasel smiles from ear to ear. "You're in luck kiddo I was working on that earlier. I have my work i progress at home actually. I'd be happy to let you read it". Gonzalo pays for dinner and weasel dashes off to his car. He cannot wait to get inside of Gonzalo's apartment. The car comes to a full stop as the lights switch red. Gonzalo looks to weasel, his eyes slowly moving down from his chest to his groin. He notices some tomato sauce on the crotch of his jeans. "Messy boy" he says as he licks his thumb. Gonzalo makes slow circles with his thumb on weasel's crotch. Weasel sighs as Gonzalo's thumb brushes up against his cock. He can't help but become hard when the light changes to green. The car comes to life as they continue on to Gonzalo's apartment. What was mere seconds felt like an eternity. Weasel tries to hide his boner with his hands. "God, what if he noticed?" weasel's mind wonders. What if it was a mistake? What if he was just trying to be a dad? He knows weasel's father abandoned him when he was a kid. "Why am I so fucked up" he thinks... like and subscribe for part 2.
Who had the beautiful ideia of banning all opera ip's from watching Гунтstream?
Today we had some drama again about PPP being involved with hentai intarracial servers, some people decided to search more about this shit. In the end, a few users started to say it was gay op made by someone from Гунтstream trying to fuck with PPP. Then Robi for some reason (maybe just for memes) warned and deleted a few posts and posters. People said I should try to talk about it here instead of cyclical thread. With luck the deleted posts will be on the archive. I only had time to take this screenshot while I was replying someone else.
>>74494 Were you on tor when he banned you? What a faggot. >>74330 and they're banning everything but real IPs from their shitty little stream too? Why are they becoming what they alog so hard against?
>>74505 I want to note that I got a banned message when attempting to reply to this thread. Good job banning half the VPNs I use Robi.
>>74505 I also can't watch sometimes bickers of vpn or even tor.
>Some anon with severe autism. He wrote walls of text critical of the stream that no one apart from the weasel read. When he found out people were just messing with him, became pro-Гунтstream and writes massive walls of text in support of the stream that no one reads. No idea who that is but I think you and everyone here should kill themselves bickers you're neurotypical pieces of shit and your death is nothing but a net positive for humankin. >>57743 >made in abyss Found the tranny
>>74330 >opera ip are you retarded?
>>74544 I guess he's referring to it's built in V"P"N
>>74544 opera vpn, for some reason lots of lazy people here including myself use it. >>74535 what are you about?
>>74494 >people debating who is behind the shitcord false flag against PPP, and if it's weasel and is circle trying to portrait PPP as fan of interracial hentai.png So discord spics started it, but G​AMERGATEchu caught wind of bbc and weasel so was all over it. Gotcha.
>>74710 Funny that someone on that thread said some fag like you would try to say it's a falseflag again Weasel and his troons like some super 3d chess, you fags are so predictable
>>74714 >discord spics fuck with ppp It's 2d checkers, dude.
>>74710 >>74714 >>74716 Some troonstream members are not much differnt from discord spics, my fella. The only difference is, plategang never had mods here before or so much power over the board.
>>74717 >preemptively calling out koi Yeah, like I said, G​AMERGATEchu latching on. It's pretty straight forward. Kind of funny he's referring to koi as a pedo the same way discord spics have been trained to say pedo corey to try and fit in in fact of course.
>>74721 >discord spics have been trained to say pedo corey I agree fellow based anon. The discord spics that call Zoom a p*do seriously need to fuck off back to discord.
Open file (1003.44 KB 400x472 nya.gif)
>>74772 Discord spics to discord, /v/edditors to /v/eddit. A place for everything and everything in it's place.
>>74716 >>74721 >>74798 I'm one of the "troons" from Гунтstream and you're making >us looking bad by coping like that of course in fact
Open file (1.05 MB 981x675 donga_vamp_3d.png)
>>74810 Maybe give yourself another axe wound then. I hear they're aerodynamic.
>>74798 trannies like you to an early grave
>>74997 Keep up. >>74810 Is the tranny. What's wrong with saying discord faggots should stick to discord?
Open file (407.57 KB 941x677 pppathetic.png)
Гунтlemen, I'm bored, so I decided to do a trash compilation from recent drama on the Jewtube thread. It will take at least two images, after the archives are out, you can check by yourself if you're interested or not believe at me or w/e. edit:I was wrong, would take from three to four pages, but I need to get ready to work now, by afternoon I will try to make the rest.
>>75781 >spent all night seething >spent all that time before work making these kek Two of those IDs are mine anon. I hop VPNs bickers I'm not retarded. Half of these are just anons fucking with you. I think you've been in the discord server too long.
>>75781 So, it's /japan/ and koipedo again? Or it's ppp discord crew coming here to defend their favorite grifter?
>>75783 you've still been scratched by robi. Why hop VPN other than to engage in some gay war on the thread?
>>75827 He's lying, I doubt he's one of them since all those ID's stopped posting at the same time. Maybe he's the guy who promised weeks ago that he'll do his best to make Weasel mad, no sure if it's the same ID now posting the soyboys and saying >Weasel. Who knows?
Open file (114.82 KB 634x560 45255443524.png)
what did he mean with this?
>>75781 >torfag posting about some random retard mobbed down by the troons of the gunstream COW SAYS TRANS RIGHT, ALL CIS SCUM WILL BE REMOVED, AM I RIGHT MY FELLOW GUNSTREAMERS
Open file (308.97 KB 444x441 corey_portrait.png)
>>75785 Looks like mostly discord spics shitting on PPP, and blaming troonstream so he won't kick them from dickscord. They just jump to calling him a pedo without actually establishing anything. Seems to be a recurring trend of people shitting on him behind his back while sweet talking him in person. But if you do the opposite and criticise him to his face, you'll be his enemy for life. It is what it is.
>>75781 Esoteric PPPism is one of the many clout chasers mirroring PPP videos, Afunnyman is an attwhore from PPP discord server.
>>76093 >Esoteric PPPism is one of the many clout chasers mirroring PPP videos How is he a clout chaser if he's mimicking PPP's moniker?
>>76112 bickers the people now, some people mirroring PPP videos are trying to become close to him, get on streams, be mods from his discord, etc.
>>75781 Plate spics and G​AMERGATEchu is just trying to shit the board while pretending to be Ashton fanboys, fuck all those faggots. Also, Ashton is fat.
>>76115 Esoteric is probably a separate case. He was already in their group at the start of this crusade. Pretty sure I know who he is, and he could get clout in his own right if he wanted, but it's not really worth painting a target on his back and I might be wrong, he seemed pretty candid in the cyclical.
Has anyone noticed the bizarre parallel between Weasel/Гунтopia and Moliberry/Ampharos when compared to Shannon/Gator and Digibro? 1-Weasel/Gator: Both have mediocre jobs and use their online work as a cope mechanism they do it for free, are extremely delisional and try to act like oldfags. 2-Moliberry/Digibro: Weebies, trannies, pedos and manchild. Both achieved social position in a group of degenerates and losers using mysterious means. blowjobs, parents money, CP traffic. All they can do is seeth, cope and dilate while trying to act like cool kids in their hugboxs. And the only argument of both groups against PPP is the same: "Ashton is fat". Fucking kek. BTW: I had to use VPN over VPN to be able to post here, the troon jannies are doing everything possible to silence users who don't submit to their new troon order. Keked, the jannies here are in fact pathetic.
>>76191 posting works fine for me
Open file (110.02 KB 1554x671 samefag.png)
>>75781 He is back with a new ID
Open file (31.71 KB 1550x307 fag 2.png)
>>76235 >>76243 now you fags are just being tiresome
>>76191 I like how you koiG​AMERGATEs are too stupid to do any actual digging into anyone so you have to come up with these weird long fantasies about what the people who ruined your endless Garfield repeats are like.
>>76191 is this bait? youre lumping random namefags that you seemingly obsess over.
>>76287 Be kind, it's clearly G​AMERGATEchu, he a little schizo and always comes up with bigbrained theories like Toad McKinley is irl friends with Fagmenco bickers the guy he larps as is from nj, or that Toad McKinley was raided by Zachfag bickers he's secretly a government employee.
Toad McKinley Toad McKinley Sargoy Robi
Open file (3.87 KB 225x225 images.jpg)
>>76288 why do they hate toad so much
>>76191 >And the only argument of both groups against Toad McKinley is the same: "Ashton is fat". It's more fair to call him fat than a pedo. Ashton being fat is an objective fact, but I guess he'd rather hang out with people that call him something worse since it's easier to discard as nonsense, and doesn't force him to better himself.
>>76388 Who are those people? Plategang? And Robi can't shit his pants and do nothing to solve this boring shit? I'm tired of it, now I need to be a torpedo to post here bickers of all the off-topic drama. Just solve your shit, be the neutral part and make Ashton and part of Гунтstream to be frens again and stop with this bitch war.
>Gahool'e Under investigation for child pornography, friend of the head jannys, has business arrangement with Robi the owner of this website. All discussion about him is deleted. Somehow he's off topic in a thread dedicated to discussing attention whores. >The discord jannys You can't talk about the jannys here. They ban tor posters, mass ban VPNs, and delete any criticism. All of them hang out in a cytube chat all day and circlejerk. They're just like cuckchan jannies. >Toad McKinley You can call this man a fat pedophile and the janny circlejerk will still show up to claim you're his fan if you dare say one positive thing about him. They're eternally ass blasted over something he did months ago. >The Dolphin You can't mention how the Dolphinfag sits in the janny's chat room all day. How they're friends with him. How any board outside of their control gets spammed by him. They use this faggot as their personal attack dog. >tvch You can't talk about how all the jannys here are the same jannys at tvch. How they censor all discussion about themselves on both websites. >The Гунтstream Fed connection You can't bring up how Gahool'e leaked his real IP to the jannys via their streaming server only to get raided shortly after by the FBI. You can't talk about how they've banned nearly every tor node and VPN from being able to view their stream. HAND OVER YOUR REAL IP GOYIM IT'S NO BIG DEAL >Robi You aren't allowed to mention the fact that Robi has direct access to two websites within the webring (this one, and tvch) and the real IP of every website within the webring but hasn't updated the warrant canary in months despite claiming it's going to happen "any day now" >Moderation logs You can't post screenshots of logs without getting banned. They will probably be disabled all together soon like they were on tvch just a couple of weeks ago. Right around the same time Toad McKinley offered to "help out" at tvch. >Can't laugh at local retards You aren't allowed to poke fun at or discuss the local spergs. Like Essayfag. who writes schitzo rants everyday while posting low effort photoshops of some pedo no one should care about. Or the 3 namefags from a chat room that constantly post PA requests and attention whore. >Shadow banning You can't post about captchas suddenly breaking on tor/VPNs. You can't talk about the mysterious "flood detection" errors. All of which started at the same time the ban waves did. Same random errors started popping up on tvch the day they hid the moderation logs.
>>Toad McKinley >You can call this man a fat pedophile and the janny circlejerk will still show up to claim you're his fan if you dare say one positive thing about him. They're eternally ass blasted over something he did months ago. PP'P >Right around the same time Toad McKinley offered to "help out" at tvch. Wease'l, same janny that allowed child porn to stay up here for HOURS just so he could win an argument with a BO.
>>76866 there should never have been other boards, pedo. Go back to cakekike's site.
well as long as you stay here and don't shit up unrelated threads again you're free to post and we are free to laugh at you
/cow/ are the true lolcows after all.
>>76908 /cow/ - the home of real lol/cow/s and pedophiles /cow/ - the home of real lol/cow/s and pedophiles /cow/ - the home of real lol/cow/s and pedophiles
>Rabbi hasn't updated canary yet >Janny confirmed pedo >??? /COW/ IS THE HOME OF CIA NIGGERS
>>75781 he is now also posting again with 0658e0 ID and probably two other ID's
>>77959 Yes anon, every ID that isn't pro-Гунтstream is the same person. It's impossible for multiple people to use common phrases like >for the lulz and >kek on an imageboard. You've done a good job connecting the dots. Just like you did a great job doxing that guy by re-posting someone elses last name and failing to track him down despite having a picture of him.
>>77973 Again using tor to larp as another person? Kys schizo, is really pathetic that you need to use multiple ids >>77965 to attack Гунтstream, Orc berry, we.asel and others.
>>77973 kek at least is used somewhat frequently still, but for the lulz is so outdated you might as well be asking people to do a barrel roll.
>>78004 No one will ever care who those people are >>78007 Everyone needs to become hip and just post cringe/seethe/dilate
>>78008 rotflmfao
Open file (15.96 KB 306x325 pathetic.jpg)
>>78007 >>78008 >again using tor and id's to help himself
>>78046 So is it an army of troons or one guy samefagging? Maybe check in with John what the official narrative is before you make a fool out of yourself.
They're kicking anons now trying to force people to log in so the tranny mods can check previous usernames. Honestly pathetic.
>>78192 That always happens in little cliques like this site has become, shedding their anonymity and adopting pseudonyms bickers theres no point in anonymity when you're seeing the same dozen people day in and day out. Not that this board even has true anonymity to begin with, most of the people here already identify eachother through their IDs on the only thread left with some semblance of activity.
>>78046 >be janitor on dying imageboard >get offended someone called you a faggot >ban half the VPNs on Earth >surprised when they start using tor to call you a faggot What is really pathetic here is the mods banning so many IPs bickers they can't take criticism. It doesn't matter if it's one person, an army of /jp/ troons, or organic shitposting. Taking the bait and banning half of tor and most VPNs just proves their point. >>78194 IDs were a mistake.
>>78519 >banning half of tor Look at the retarded tengoon who still can't figure out how Lynxchan works so he thinks specific tor nodes are banned.
>>78523 Look at the janitor trying to justify censorship and banning people. Absolutely pathetic. >lol Lynxchan doesn't let you ban tor Does that extend to all the vpns you banned? I don't believe you. You've cited no source code. Funny how you demand others prove something (banning tor nodes) when you don't even post proof of your own. As a matter of fact a bunch of users posted screenshots of their tor bans. You banned them then claimed it never happened. I guess it's just like the Gahoo1e situation. Where anyone that calls him a pedophile is instantly banned for no reason. >it's off topic Sure, talking about someone that is on youtube in a thread dedicated to containing that cancer is off topic. Funny when I see walls of pedo accusations in that thread but this one person is suddenly off topic. It almost feels like the janitors here are personal friends with him and lurk all day trying to defend his honor. I don't really care what your justification for it is. Banning users that hurt your feelings is pathetic. Spending the majority of your day on this board deleting and banning anons that are tired of your shit is pathetic. Spending your days in a chat room with other pedos (janitors) circlejerking is pathetic. You should find a hobby or kill yourself. this post will be deleted and the tor node I used will be banned. Janitors will pretend it never happened. It'll be linked in the Гунтstream chat room within seconds of being posted. The janitor will claim I'm the same person as some ID that posted in another thread. I will be called a pedo by a group of pedos I wouldn't even care about your clique if you didn't decide to spam a board I used and make demands that it be censored for your feelz. Why don't you stay in your hugbox and leave the rest of us alone?
>>78526 I just checked and there's like 20 ip's adresses banned in total, mostly for shit completely unrelated to this. If I quoted source code it would go over your head anyway, but lynxchan only allows the banning of all tor posting, not singular nodes, which your schizophrenic ass can probably tell is not the case since you're posting from tor right now. Keep crying schizochu, you have nothing but endless posts sobbing how the jannies are banning everything and the same tired bullshit arguments over and over again, and no, your post won't be deleted bickers it's posted in the right thread for a change, let that post crying about how it's going to be deplatformed stand as a testament to your utter retardation and how your schizophrenia makes you come up with insane theories bickers the Гунтstream is consuming your mind.
>>78528 FYI there are now tor exit nodes that do have IP addresses and can be banned There is also a newer set of IP's that fall outside the normal ISP/ASN of 239.255 range ex. https://db-ip.com/ tor exit node https://db-ip.com/ no ASN These days 99% of anon's are using some form of IP obfuscation and your bans are likely effecting more than one person
>>78533 If anons can't work around 20 banned IP's out of the millions of proxy IP's, whether they are from tor or not, which is nothing compared to the amount banned on most imageboards, they probably shouldn't be allowed to call themselves anons anyway. And before you ask, there are no range bans active right now. Most of the bans seem to be for shit like child modeling or cp anyway.
>>78528 >enlightened javashit programmer kill yourself All you are doing is citing something that doesn't even matter to justify mass bannings of people you dislike. All to protect a group of people that have shit up that thread for months with the support of the owner of this website. Those people shit his pants and did nothing wrong. You just decided one day that the namefags that shit up the thread daily and gahoo1e (for some reason) are suddenly "off topic" and banned most VPNs and tor users. I hope protecting a bunch of annoying faggots was worth it. The thread is dead aside from them circlejerking. You've taken something fun and turned it into shit with your bans and filters. >there were always filters though the difference is they were never used to censor discussion about the janitors. Robi must be the dumbest mother fucker on the planet for giving personal friends and people that donated to him access to mod tools.
>>78539 >And before you ask, there are no range bans active right now. Most of the bans seem to be for shit like child modeling or cp anyway. I'm sure the janitors censoring discussion about themselves and harassing the owners of other websites for allowing loli are being honest about why they're banning people. I was banned for "CP" for posting a screenshot of moderation logs. I'd post a screenshot of it but you'll just ban me for "CP". Pathetic.
>>78542 >mass bannings >banning most vpns and tor users You got any proof of that retard? You having trouble posting when you've been knowingly violating moderation policy really shouldn't be surprising to you, and there can't be more then a handful of bans for you in the pretty small ban list unless you where one of the people posting cp or child modeling. >still crying about wordfilers Are you really this much of a newfag? They're not that hard to circumvent if you're not brain damaged.
>>78533 Lynxchan checks https://check.torproject.org/exit-addresses daily, adds them to a list, and then compares incoming requests with it. If they're on the list, it clears the users IP field and marks them Tor.
>>78539 >tengoon crying about his vpn being banned >only active bans are for CP Wew he did a good job outing himself
Open file (510.24 KB 1022x1687 unfunny shill.png)
>Shills his own shit on cyclical thread >Constantly mad at Orc-berry, Wea-sel and Гунтstream
>>78054 He is doing it for some time now, look at >>75781, he is using id's and then tor when he need to attack more directly Гунтstream/Robi or to defend himself when people are shitting on his id's posts. as a matter of fact, he is doing it right now on the cyclical.
Wtf is going on? I can't find Гунтstream on cytube anymore and someone (koipedo or dolphin >>79087) is spamming in all threads.
>>78804 thank you for reminding me to download that cringe retards video.
>>78804 literally /who/?
>>79989 he's a tranny though also, nice dead meme you fucking 41 percenter
>>80071 why are you butthurt, buddy? are yu the operafag seething and coping no stop about Гунтstream?
>>80113 I'm not mad at all, but nice projection torfag tr00n. >are yu the operafag seething and coping no stop about Гунтstream? literally who
>>80071 >>80139 Get a life, buddy. You're literally the new Zach.
Open file (586.66 KB 699x753 ClipboardImage.png)
>>80145 stay mad
>>80150 Oh, you're 8e9d40 from the cyclical thread, now I understand why you're a retard and butthurt.
Open file (586.66 KB 699x753 ClipboardImage.png)
Come on over G​AMERGATEchu, >we can continue >our conversation here.
>>79989 Virgin w easel lawful neutral VS Chad orc chaotic evil
Open file (67.82 KB 602x452 background.jpg)
koi loves black dolphin
Open file (39.98 KB 191x187 seething.png)
>>80150 >>80160 Cringe and unoriginal, as expected of you
Open file (1.63 MB 3396x1088 TROONSTREAM PPP.png)
someone asked for this meme on cyclical thread, im just posting.
Open file (168.14 KB 561x677 pedochu.png)
>pedochu is in thread 9 shitting it up with multiple ids as usual and trying to bait dolphin >everyone he doesn't like is essayfag (you) know butthurt torfag (you) always claim I am a schizo yet I always know when it is (you) yet (you) never even know when I am browsing the board. It is usually pedochu/outofplace/butthurt torfag when: >constantly defends known pedophile john barnhill the long lost brother of corey ray barnhill the pedophile >pretends to be an oldfag >claims /cow/ is dead and bitches when /cow/ doxxxes/destroys his the other boards he frequents >constantly on a crusade against the troon-stream Keep seething over the fact that those same a-logs and a dolphin destroyed /japan/ and your little crusade.
>>83435 >using third person to talk about himself
>>83435 >everyone thats shitting up my precious thread must be enemy number one >(you) know butthurt torfag (you) always claim I am a schizo yet I always know when it is (you) yet (you) never even know when I am browsing the board. take your meds
>>83471 hi koi >>/dolphin/verify/yd4w4rar You can verify 0.2921177604323061% (very based estimate) the dolphin verification key at https://blackdolphin.world/verify?key=yd4w4rar
>>83475 sorry I scared you away from the big boy thread with my superior abilities you can come back I won't bite
Hey pedochu or whatever other (((fellow))) torfaggot (you) are come here and I will continue to a-log (you)!
>>79989 What happened with Toad McKinley? I've noticed some (((people))) mad at him.
>>84233 come at me bro I have 300 confirmed ejaculations inside underaged vaginas
>>84241 I believed he backed off to focus more on his documentaries. Glad he's defected, one less for the Гунт
>>84335 I believe he mean Moliberry
>>76908 Wrong, but sometimes >us let some funny lolcow to join >us for pleasure and chill times. Ashton for example before he become a bitch wishing to be an e-celeb. Another example, Wolfspider. The dude doesn't post on /cow/ or care about Гунт, Diggler Dax, or anything like that, but he enjoy to spent his day on cytube chat. He's known for being an ugly pervert, but while weakload can get girls irl and has a job, Wolfspider actually pay to shitcord trannies for photos and to cam for him, while weakload is extremely heterosexual, Wolfspider is part of multiple LGBT and vore shitcord servers. But he is welcome to be around bickers he acts like a normal human being for the majority of time.
The Гунтstream's lies and deceptions It's time for the Гунтstream to be exposed for what it really is: a namefag drama cesspool. The Гунтstream is home to a few fellow cow boys lies: Hardrade, Гунтopia (copetopia), robi (/lies), and others, but not limited to abo (Molibery) and Toad McKinley (stormweenie). Users like Hardrade will stir up fake drama and seemingly "beat Dolphin". Hardrade is an irish druggie who is extremely butthurt over getting his sites deplatformed bickers he upset Dolphin; was pissed at Hardrade and Hardrade proceeded to declare war on Dolphin and so, every namefag in there now "hates Dolphin", which makes no sense when they get him to spam up sites for free/nothing. You may say koi is a pedophile, etc, but he is right about one thing and that's the Гунтstream. It's full of a bunch of liars who will say shit like "I'm sending an email to X bickers >we want to raid them", and so on, only to "forget" the next day. The only solution to this faggotry is to stop going to the Гунтstream and start going back to pre-imageboard days. If you're wondering who wrote this essay was, it's my fellow cowboy at <https://www.youtube.com/user/21000mans>. I was told about this on Discord by some user called "HardRade##2263".
>>84416 Very based dolphin telling it how it is.
>>84233 >I will continue to a-log (you)! It's funny that you think you're "a-logging" anyone when you run to the mods everyday to have posts deleted. I've seen you do that a bunch of times. Just like I've seen you get mad when someone calls you out for being here 24/7 then turn around and use the same insult against others the next day. Out of all the Toad McKinley crew you're by far the most pathetic. You wrote multi-page essays about how shitty it had become but all it took was some bullying from the other regulars to bring you back into line. Now you spend all your days carrying water for people like Copetopia. I wonder if they doxed you like they've doxed Robi. You do have legitimate autism or brain damage. All I ever see you do is cry to have posts deleted, reply to them, come here to update everyone that you've replied to them, then you run to the chat room to update all the troons on the situation. If someone replies and calls you a faggot they get instantly deleted and banned. The only proof anyone needs to know the Toad McKinley is shit is the fact that you can't say ANYTHING negative about it in the usual thread. Copetopia can shill it all day, (you) get to write essays about how great it is, the other namefags can attention whore. If any anon tells them to fuck off it's >instant delete, ban, take it to the right thread! reminds me of the jews, what's the old quote? >To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. You're going to reply here and claim I'm one of the long list of namefags you hate. In the last few months I've never seen you argue in good faith. You'll just spam the same list of names and images of a pedophile. Your friend will post Sargon and claim it isn't the halls of debate. Anons should be able to make fun of (you) and the Toad McKinley in the other thread. You're the worst batch of fags to ever come to this board. You've all ruined this place and turned it into a discord server. The stats don't lie, the place is dying. How many IDs and torfags are you now claiming are the same person hopping IPs? I know there is more than one bickers I've been wrongfully banned for posting around the same time they did. You're so paranoid have the thread is deleted posts now. The mod logs read like Mark/v/. No one wants to put effort into posting here if they're just going to be banned for no reason. If Toad McKinley was really improving they wouldn't feel the need to censor posts about themselves. The fact that they've made up a rule that says you can't mention them in that one thread is hilarious. I'm hopeful JEWS might return someday and de-mod all of these fags. JEWS and Homer would have never allowed this. They even went so far as removing post deletion so people wouldn't delete posts later after a massive sperg out.
>>84454 Take your meds schizo.
>>84416 >>84454 Nice larping, angry torfag, dolphin and essayfags are our friends (or minion in essayfag case)
>>84459 I didn't realize I was on cuckchan >>84466 >Nice larping, angry torfag It's two different posters. Just like it's multiple people in the other thread. When I saw a bunch of posts getting deleted I jumped in to see if it would happen to me. I wasn't surprised when it did.
>>84475 >the classic samefag desperately trying to pretend hes not samefagging Some things never change.
Sep 24 10:26:31 <DolphinKun> okay, stopped Sep 24 10:26:35 <DolphinKun> was just seeing what would happen Sep 24 10:26:37 <justauser> thank you Sep 24 10:26:44 <Xaekai> dont care Sep 24 10:26:49 <Xaekai> CyTube is going down Sep 24 10:26:51 <Xaekai> and staying down Sep 24 10:26:53 <DolphinKun> Xaekai: you fell for abo's email (Molibery) Sep 24 10:26:54 <Xaekai> you win Sep 24 10:26:56 <Xaekai> we quit Sep 24 10:26:58 <Xaekai> bye Sep 24 10:26:58 <DolphinKun> oh... Sep 24 10:27:05 <Xaekai> thanks for all the fish Sep 24 10:27:09 <justauser> wew Sep 24 10:27:44 <Xaekai> you have no idea how hard it was to keep cytube up Sep 24 10:27:53 <Xaekai> cyzon stopped caring a long time ago Sep 24 10:28:02 <Xaekai> the only reason it was still alive was bickers of me Sep 24 10:28:10 * calzoneman is now known as calzoneman|afk Sep 24 10:28:11 <Xaekai> I pressured him into keeping it going Sep 24 10:28:14 <Xaekai> and you killed it Sep 24 10:28:20 <Xaekai> you killed my motivation to perserve Sep 24 10:28:23 <Xaekai> so you win Sep 24 10:28:29 <Xaekai> go spin up your own node Sep 24 10:28:31 <DolphinKun> I have Sep 24 10:28:32 <Xaekai> we are done RIP ГунтSTREAM
You stupid NlGGERS ruined my entertainment bickers of your kiked drama bullshit, this is what happens when you treat faggots like people.
Abo/Toad McKinley is who is behind all it together with SS Ampharos, irish and some more faggots that infected the Гунтstream, Dolphin shit his pants and did nothing, Гунтopia and Robi are both retards but honest ones and should trust Dolphin at least this time. >>84475 Sure thing, G​AMERGATEchu.
>>75781 That faggot still posting on the cyclical hahahahahahahaha, also on here >>76851 >>78526
Open file (88.89 KB 1127x685 1493118171201.jpg)
>Unable to connect: You are banned from the server >try to watch using tor and other vpns and the delay is awful
Anyone has any ideas if the angry torfag is really G​AMERGATEchu or it's someone else? The dude is literally daily on the cyclical thread.
Open file (96.24 KB 960x960 rageafterstorm.jpg)
Wolfspider is actually part of /jp/, after all he love loli and homosexual stuff.
Open file (74.40 KB 785x442 banned.png)
Гунтstream pillstream: https://files.catbox.moe/lmq08v.mp3 robi got very mad and the irish guy got really drunk
>>85961 kys Toad McKinley
>>85961 >>85964 By Toad McKinley you mean Sweetie Squad Ampharos?
>>85961 in fact of course it's the pillstream most of the time in vc.thanks for recording i missed all this
Hail Vordrak! Hail Hardrade! pederast lolcows hate those names
Open file (168.55 KB 302x362 checked.webm)
>>88044 Based
I am Hardrade, one of the main Гунтstream members. I am high as fuck atm, bickers I am a druggie scum, so I feel compelled to tell a truth as least once. We from the Гунтstream are anti-loli only bickers of John and /jp/ pedos, not bickers we hate loli, as matter of fact, I and other members of Гунтstream love loli. Our moral crusade against lolis is just public relations, many of us like Robi (liar) and I (druggie) enjoy watching loli together with Johnpedo. When Dolphin discovered this others and I had to exile him, for fear of how he would handle it. Internet pedos fear Dolphin-kun, and I, Hardrade must say, am one.
Open file (7.01 MB 500x500 Webms_w_0_sound.webm)
Open file (711.16 KB 3456x2304 0_aLeGPA7ZZt-Q8tLI.jpg)
Dolphin, since you're probably reading this, are you the one who hijacked the rocks server and made irish freak out so hard he took the entire thing down?
>>57640 >Originated from Toad McKinley's chat and doxcord server. He was constantly online on said doxcord and wanted to become a mod. Even Toad McKinley realized what a retard he was and started mocking him by making a janny in his chat. He met Toad McKinley in that doxcord server and was love at first sigh. He's a certified cuckchanner from current year /pol/. Only like 2% of this is true, faggot. BUT it is based I'll give you that.
>>89276 Cope more, janny.
Dolphin keep winning!
Hardrade told me on IRC that this tranny is Moli berry, anyone can confirm it? https://www.youporn.com/watch/14166813/skylars-big-black-dick-part-2/
>Toad McKinley Retard from newfoundland that restreams the Гунт and shits up the already shit gaybates with his unfunny soundboard. Contributes nothing to the debates yet is always brought on by his e-friend the Toad McKinley. Spits shitty /pol/ talking points to more popular streamers like Destiny and instantly gets shut down. Nice projections and lies right there, pedochu. Toad McKinley barely chat with anyone on cytube, he's more like a foxdickfarms and even close to plategang pedospics nowadays than anyone from here.
One of the spergs from cytube he's also on every single 3P video acting like some faggot minion of the zachfag
>>101894 So he's based and made (you) probably some ni/gg/er or even foxdickfarms faggot seethe.
>Tfw these G​AMERGATEs are Nu-/cow/ or /ibs/tier <Its a surreal kind of feel You faggots could've gone to foxdick farms like Sam Losco or Julay-Chan. <Mfw no discussion of <Mfw no discussion of britbong >tfw there's not 2 active threads on foxdick farms >Tfw JEWS is mia <Mfw wizchan isn't being julayed properly <Mfw both iterations of ED are In utter disrepair You know what to do /cow/boys
I miss my personal army :-;
>>103226 Ok, pedo
>>103233 what are you talking about?
>Koipedo >Moliberry >Pedochu What do the three have in common? >They were members of cytube Гунтstream and other channels, they had the right to choose what others would watch, that is, they were "important". >Some drama happens, they are disavowed and become bogeymen I wonder who will be the next famous member who will be turned into a bogeymen
I know this is a dead thread, I have no problem with "namefags" or people who usually hang out on cytube, but I would be a hypocrite if I didn't point out something. And I guess it's the thread for it. The user called Wolfspider (both on cytube and discord) actual twitter acc https://twitter.com/Kortmorter is a well know twitter/discord dramafag. Before that, he had a previous twitter account which he used to"schizoposting" for fun, not theories about politics, just random numbers and satanic/chaotic shit to impress and groom young and edgy girls into Wicca and Satanist bullshit https://twitter.com/chaosyourgod He is known to be a degenerate anglo who had old profiles where he showed interest in loli, shemale porn and vore. He's admitted a few times that he's already bought expensive gifts for discord trans and twinks as a gesture of appreciation and his twitter actually show him doing predatory grooming with underage girls, or weirdos pretending to be little girls on twitter. Only God's know what he actually did on discord or other places of internet.
Fuzhou was a little salty about the three ID spergs posting about him on britbong thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJwl9M9GYGg&ab_channel=EmptyHero
My post will probably be deleted as usual. But I want everyone lurking to know who are the average losers who use this place and pretend to be better than the rest of the world. Essayfag - British sperg with bipolar disorder, act like a needy child wishing acceptance and attention. Just like Bryan who considers himself a "bi of good" he considers himself a "pedo of good" bickers he fights against other pedos. Crawl behind the scenes to gain status on webring, including moderation on this board. He's recently been trying to become an eceleb and failing miserably after being trashed by Fuzhou and Perspicacity. Anon - Perhaps the most prominent member from here on youtube, he is often seen obsessed attacking Null, Brittany /V/enti, 3P, Killstream members, Son of Tiamat, Perspicacity and Fuzhou for years. I recently saw evidence that he is responsible for creating Fuzhou's shitty thread and trying to shill this dead site. He is also known for being one of the Weasel and Nyanjcaesar187 minions kissing their asses on cytube and telegram. Simps for Fedwinson, Surfer, JMK, LeoPirate and Isabella Loretta Janke. WolfSpider - Fat, hairy and ugly, a stereotype of Butthurt Dweller. One of Weasel's closest friends, receives protection from gaining lolcow status even though he is a well-known bisexual who flirts with underage girls and gives money and gifts to transgirls and gays. He's also part of vore and loli groups.
>>121267 I thought just yesterday you said the place was dead and even they don't post anymore? Did rowbie using his capcode annoy you or something?
trsperg is seething about the Гунтstream no stop, why?
Open file (21.23 KB 815x64 larping fag.png)
>>123640 I don't know but I'm just gonna leave this here.
>>123757 Falseflag more, Гунтstream faggot. "Trsperg" don't use discord.
>>123835 Maybe you don't know (lmao sure, as if you weren't lying as usual) but you certainly did back whe those caps were taken.
Open file (128.13 KB 598x240 ClipboardImage.png)
Wolfspider (pedophile and simp for trannies and twinks) is is jealous that Asston is the one who gets the women's gifts, not like him who pays for nudes of trannies.
>>57589 What did jcaesar187 do in a pizzeria in 1980? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCeFhn7BMEA
Open file (200.35 KB 800x1200 arby's_1998_ethan_ralph.png)
>>126113 Sir this is an Arby's the same one jcaesar187 killed and raped a little girl behind in 1998

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