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Open file (7.82 KB 420x35 koigoon.png)
Open file (640.77 KB 800x700 koislies.png)
Open file (50.05 KB 798x214 ClipboardImage.png)
Koi, the dumbest pedo on the planet Anonymous 06/10/2020 (Wed) 06:39:05 ID: ea7eda No.61530
Okay, let's start off by leaking koi's system info. >OS: Windows 10. >IRC client: Hexchat >VPN of choice: Oh, wait, he's a NEET poorfag pedo, so, uh, VPNGate. Now, it's IRC log time! >Dolphin steals channel Jun 10 09:40:47 * Now talking on #2hu8ch Jun 10 09:40:47 * Topic for #2hu8ch is: current shitpost #4: https://8ch.net/vg/res/34430.html | Thread Template FIVE: https://paste.wishful.cc/?id=48 | where are the video games Jun 10 09:40:47 * Topic for #2hu8ch set by houston!~houston@mission.control (Wed Sep 11 21:19:45 2019) Jun 10 09:40:53 * Peorth gives channel operator status to DolphinKun Jun 10 09:40:55 * Peorth (Rind@dorm.clocktower.ac.uk) has left Jun 10 09:40:55 <DolphinKun> thanks Jun 10 09:41:02 * ChanServ sets mode +z on #2hu8ch Jun 10 09:41:02 <Welcome> Hi, I am a Rizon Help Bot! If this is your first channel, welcome! If not, you can ignore me. Jun 10 09:41:02 <Welcome> Rizon Services have many settings, you should complete the following Rizon University courses: Jun 10 09:41:02 <Welcome> Channel Management 101 - http://s.rizon.net/chan101 Jun 10 09:41:02 <Welcome> Channel Management 102 - http://s.rizon.net/chan102 Jun 10 09:41:02 <Welcome> Adv Channel Modes 300 - http://s.rizon.net/chan300 Jun 10 09:41:02 <Welcome> After reading these, you should be all set, but feel free to join #help if you get stuck. Thanks for flying Rizon! Jun 10 09:41:17 <DolphinKun> I own this channel now Jun 10 09:41:22 * DolphinKun has changed the topic to: Fuck you, koi. Jun 10 09:41:35 * DolphinKun has changed the topic to: Fuck you, koi. COME HOME: dolphinch.xyz Jun 10 09:42:53 <DolphinKun> gonna bring in a bot Jun 10 09:43:43 * DolphinKun has changed the topic to: dolphinch.xyz Jun 10 09:46:17 <DolphinKun> holy based stole a channel Jun 10 09:47:01 * DolphinKun has changed the topic to: dolphinch.xyz/2hu/ Jun 10 09:48:42 * DolphinKun sets ban on *!*@*.world Jun 10 09:48:46 * DolphinKun sets ban on *!*@*.mountain Jun 10 09:48:51 * DolphinKun sets ban on *!*@*.the.best Jun 10 09:48:57 * DolphinKun sets ban on *!*@*.10B5BB0D.4E9BD775.IP Jun 10 09:49:00 * DolphinKun sets ban on *!*@* Jun 10 09:49:42 * DolphinKun has kicked kimeemaru from #2hu8ch (fuck you pedo) Jun 10 09:49:47 * DolphinKun has kicked MDS from #2hu8ch (fuck you pedo) Jun 10 09:49:51 * DolphinKun has kicked feco from #2hu8ch (fuck you pedo) Jun 10 09:49:55 * DolphinKun has kicked hotpoc from #2hu8ch (fuck you pedo) Jun 10 09:49:59 * DolphinKun has kicked houston from #2hu8ch (fuck you pedo) Jun 10 09:50:02 * DolphinKun has kicked chek from #2hu8ch (fuck you pedo) Jun 10 09:50:08 * DolphinKun has kicked Pringles from #2hu8ch (no) Jun 10 09:50:14 * DolphinKun sets mode +i on #2hu8ch >Koi comes back after crying to a Rizon admin: Jun 10 10:52:55 * ChanServ sets mode -i on #2hu8ch Jun 10 10:52:55 * ChanServ sets mode -n on #2hu8ch Jun 10 10:52:55 * ChanServ sets mode -t on #2hu8ch Jun 10 10:52:55 * ChanServ sets mode +n on #2hu8ch Jun 10 10:52:55 * ChanServ sets mode +t on #2hu8ch Jun 10 10:53:03 * ChanServ removes ban on *!*@* Jun 10 10:53:03 * ChanServ removes ban on *!*@*.10B5BB0D.4E9BD775.IP Jun 10 10:53:03 * ChanServ removes ban on *!*@*.the.best Jun 10 10:53:03 * ChanServ removes ban on *!*@*.mountain Jun 10 10:53:03 * ChanServ removes ban on *!*@*.world Jun 10 10:53:08 * kimeemaru (~kimee@youkai.mountain) has joined Jun 10 10:53:08 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to kimeemaru Jun 10 10:53:14 * kimeemaru removes channel operator status from DolphinKun Jun 10 10:53:18 * epd (epd@staff.criten.net) has joined Jun 10 10:53:24 * kimeemaru has changed the topic to: wew lad Jun 10 10:54:39 * MDS (~MDS@82D97744:3E9CC591:6E165BE5:IP) has joined Jun 10 10:54:45 <MDS> nice ban Jun 10 10:55:05 * newmu (~qwebirc@1C8552C9.28155078.1A390AE0.IP) has joined Jun 10 10:55:06 <MDS> kimeemaru i take it back,aya is straight Jun 10 10:55:21 <DolphinKun> Huh? Jun 10 10:55:24 <DolphinKun> This is my channel I eventually stole a user's nick: >koi PMs: [kimeemaru has address ~kimee@youkai.mountain] Jun 10 09:33:47 <feco> hey, what's your email? it's related to weasel shit Jun 10 10:26:04 <kimeemaru> kimeemaru@protonmail.com Jun 10 10:26:23 <feco> I destroyed your channel :) Jun 10 10:26:31 <kimeemaru> that's my public email incase you were dolphin Jun 10 10:26:33 <kimeemaru> lmao >tricking hotpoc (koigoon) for new bunker: [hotpoc has address ~hotpoc@git.gud] Jun 10 09:44:35 <hotpoc> hey. Jun 10 09:44:42 <hotpoc> How is it going? Jun 10 09:44:45 <feco> great Jun 10 09:44:58 <feco> wait, who owns #2hu8ch now? Jun 10 09:45:03 <feco> oh no Jun 10 09:45:06 <feco> dolphin has stolen it Jun 10 09:45:09 <feco> * DolphinKun has changed the topic to: dolphinch.xyz Jun 10 09:50:43 <feco> * You have been kicked from #2hu8ch by DolphinKun (fuck you pedo) Jun 10 09:50:44 <feco> wtf Jun 10 09:50:49 <hotpoc> this is funny Jun 10 09:50:55 <feco> i can't rejoin Jun 10 09:51:01 <hotpoc> yeah Jun 10 09:51:14 <feco> * Cannot join #2hu8ch (Channel is invite only) Jun 10 09:54:58 <hotpoc> yes. Jun 10 09:55:05 <hotpoc> He has a hateboner on loli Jun 10 09:55:24 <hotpoc> and merely allowing it /v/ was enough to eternally make him mad at kimee Jun 10 09:56:11 <feco> will a raid on julay happen? Jun 10 09:56:31 <hotpoc> no? Jun 10 09:56:39 <hotpoc> unless they start raiding themselves again Jun 10 09:57:07 * Received a DCC CHAT offer from hotpoc Jun 10 09:57:14 <feco> sure Jun 10 09:57:19 * DCC CHAT connection established to hotpoc [] Jun 10 09:57:25 <hotpoc> test Jun 10 09:57:29 <feco> test [hotpoc has address] Jun 10 09:57:32 <hotpoc> hacked :DDDDD Jun 10 09:57:35 <feco> it's fine Jun 10 09:57:52 <hotpoc> anyway are you in the secret club? Jun 10 09:57:56 <feco> yes Jun 10 09:58:00 <hotpoc> moo? Jun 10 09:58:08 <feco> uh, not sure Jun 10 09:58:16 <hotpoc> then you aren't probably. Jun 10 09:58:25 <feco> hanging foreskins is doing gayops Jun 10 09:58:26 <feco> https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream Jun 10 09:58:26 <hotpoc> i think now is a good time to invite you Jun 10 09:58:30 <feco> sure Jun 10 10:01:01 <feco> so, what do i need to do? Jun 10 10:01:37 <hotpoc> i'll send you the address. Jun 10 10:01:42 <hotpoc> just making sure you wont get bullied Jun 10 10:02:32 <hotpoc> 12gameovers.mooo.com/6667 Jun 10 10:02:41 <hotpoc> #chat Jun 10 10:02:45 <feco> okay, joining Jun 10 10:02:49 <hotpoc> btw Jun 10 10:03:23 <hotpoc> should probably have checked if you're the real feco Jun 10 10:03:30 <hotpoc> is your name registered. Jun 10 10:03:40 <hotpoc> you never know with autists like dolphin Jun 10 10:03:40 <feco> it is Jun 10 10:03:58 <hotpoc> wait Jun 10 10:04:01 <hotpoc> you're not in germany Jun 10 10:04:09 <feco> i learned about znc today Jun 10 10:04:24 <hotpoc> where are you running it? Jun 10 10:04:29 <feco> in the US Jun 10 10:04:39 <hotpoc> I mean your own server? Jun 10 10:04:42 <feco> yep Jun 10 10:04:47 <feco> i found a guide online Jun 10 10:04:53 <feco> it took me a day Jun 10 10:05:07 <hotpoc> did you get a server just for znc? Jun 10 10:05:09 <feco> yes Jun 10 10:05:49 <hotpoc> btw if you want to mask your identity just from users you can also request a hostmask if you're registered Jun 10 10:05:57 <feco> yeah, i did that on rizon Jun 10 10:06:29 <hotpoc> ><Mormo> You should invite everyone you can so we have more people to abuse Jun 10 10:09:38 <feco> just adding network to znc Jun 10 10:10:11 * You have been invited to #neetnation by hotpoc (solenoid.rizon.net) >he joins DCC chat >#neetnation (bunker): Jun 10 10:10:21 * Now talking on #neetnation Jun 10 10:10:40 <feco> so, is this the new #2hu8ch? Jun 10 10:10:59 <hotpoc> maybe Jun 10 10:11:04 <MDS> berhabs :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Jun 10 10:11:18 <MDS> rename it to 2hu8ch Jun 10 10:11:20 <feco> so, what did dolphin do? Jun 10 10:11:35 <MDS> autistic imageboard drama Jun 10 10:11:44 <MDS> the usual Jun 10 10:11:48 <feco> those fucking autists Jun 10 10:12:22 <MDS> on a second thought Jun 10 10:12:25 <MDS> 8ch ded Jun 10 10:12:29 <MDS> so keep the name Jun 10 10:12:55 <hotpoc> the board has been nuked even before that Jun 10 10:13:15 <hotpoc> the problem is gonna be redirecting all the old users Jun 10 10:13:19 <hotpoc> so they're not lost. Jun 10 10:13:26 <feco> i'll ask dolphin if he can redirect it Jun 10 10:13:40 <hotpoc> no Jun 10 10:13:43 <hotpoc> are you crazy Jun 10 10:13:54 <feco> oh Jun 10 10:13:54 <feco> <DolphinKun> fuck off, pedo Jun 10 10:13:55 <MDS> dumb idiot (stupid) Jun 10 10:13:59 <feco> oops, sorry Jun 10 10:14:08 <hotpoc> did you seriously ask him? Jun 10 10:14:14 <feco> yes, i thought he would Jun 10 10:14:18 <feco> :( Jun 10 10:14:22 <hotpoc> dumb wew Jun 10 10:14:30 <feco> well, just make the channel invite only Jun 10 10:14:37 <hotpoc> if he didn't want to divide the community he wouldn't have made it invite only Jun 10 10:14:37 * DolphinKun (~DolphinKu@russian.dolphins.are.spying.on) has joined Jun 10 10:14:45 <MDS> haha gay idiot Jun 10 10:14:46 <MDS> dumb Jun 10 10:14:48 <MDS> stupid Jun 10 10:14:51 <MDS> retard Jun 10 10:14:57 <MDS> DolphinKun gay Jun 10 10:15:08 <DolphinKun> HangingFlesh said I did a good job Jun 10 10:15:24 <MDS> who Jun 10 10:15:35 <DolphinKun> oh, Julay admin Jun 10 10:15:42 <DolphinKun> the one who had to remove all of koi's pedoring spam Jun 10 10:15:58 <MDS> sorry i don't keep up with autistic imageboard petty drama Jun 10 10:16:15 <hotpoc> like he'd believe you Jun 10 10:16:23 <DolphinKun> oh, yes, he did Jun 10 10:16:31 <DolphinKun> <The_Hanging_Flesh_of_Jcaesar18> good work Jun 10 10:16:34 <hotpoc> I'm responding to MDS Jun 10 10:17:31 <MDS> figured as much Jun 10 10:17:54 <MDS> don't care what shithole you crawled from but go back there Jun 10 10:21:57 <DolphinKun> * The_Hanging_Flesh_of_Jcaesar18 :No such nick/channel Jun 10 10:21:58 <DolphinKun> /sad Jun 10 10:22:01 * DolphinKun (~DolphinKu@russian.dolphins.are.spying.on) has left (bye) Jun 10 10:22:06 <hotpoc> okay Jun 10 10:22:08 <hotpoc> feco Jun 10 10:22:10 <hotpoc> you're fake Jun 10 10:22:13 <hotpoc> nice job Jun 10 10:22:14 <feco> huh? Jun 10 10:22:25 <feco> i'm not the dolphin autist Jun 10 10:23:22 <hotpoc> well I fell for it Jun 10 10:23:30 <feco> Fuck Jun 10 10:23:33 <feco> My method failed Jun 10 10:23:39 <feco> At least I tricked you all :) Jun 10 10:23:47 <feco> goodbye Jun 10 10:24:56 <feco> Also, COME HOME Jun 10 10:24:58 <feco> https://cytu.be/r/Гунтstream Now, before you start saying I caused myself to get caught, they were already suspicious, so in some cases, I'd bring in myself using my normal nick to start up drama to make it seem less suspicious. Now, I do have logs of HangingFlesh and I in a secret IRC channel, but I haven't asked him if I can leak those logs first.
>>61530 Additional info: Koi's goons never use/visit imageboards in most cases Koi is from Canada; near Ontario.
Open file (71.86 KB 643x820 facebook edition.jpg)
So what, you got bullied on some gay IRC and came here to bitch about it?
>>61613 look at this pedo pretending not to be mad
>>61614 look at this newfag not knowing how to sage
>>61530 upvoted
Open file (433.08 KB 600x562 1315431585082.png)
Bunch of namefags in an irc being fearful of being impersonated and being forced to register their accounts.
>>62118 why don't anime girls have nostrils? it's one of the main reasons hard nostril fucking hasn't taken off yet
Open file (18.61 KB 601x601 pathetic.jpg)
>>61530 Why would you need permission to leak logs? Doesn't look like that's stopped you before. Only skimmed through the wall of text but it looks like you lost here duphin, not sure why you'd publicize that. >inb4 I'm a pedo for pointing this out
Open file (485.26 KB 596x599 anime_is_white.png)
Open file (132.00 KB 950x563 oa_features.jpg)
Open file (3.43 MB 1280x720 genshiken_madarame.webm)
>>62227 Less is more. Adding in features like nostrils brings up a stylistic dilemma of whether to have your characters be definitively white or oriental. It's an unwritten rule that nips want to be bleached, though best not to explicitly state it in their consumer media. That's not to say nostrils don't exist in anime, but it's usually a deliberate choice for the theme.
>>62444 These pictures are fucking stupid. You pick the ugliest gook you could find on google and compare it to a white model. No shit genius. Also, what is even with the figure of the supposedly Asian in the second pic? Moderately fit Asian females don't look like that, or that ugly in general.
Open file (7.82 KB 420x35 koigoon.png)
Koi loves this pedo IRC server: https://imgur.com/a/l69XHv0
man, /cow/ tards sure are mad over losing to some random weeb, LMAO
>>61530 >Windows 10 he really is dumb
>>61613 >>61617 >>61693 >>62118 >>62413 >>62762 Seeth harder, pedo kek
death to pedos
Open file (128.69 KB 59x47 chichken.gif)
>>66740 >outs himself as newfag incapable of saging properly >y...you're seething!
Friendly remember, Koi and his goons love this grifter The dude is literally S​ARGON tier and always his videos are defending lolis/pedos or seething about "muh sjws" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4ST4HC533I
>>129802 As a matter of fact, Koi used to be on his patreon list, no sure if the neet failed streamer is sitll donating money to the channel.
>>128837 >waited a year for a comeback Seeth harder, pedo kek
https://tvch.moe/tv/res/246182.html#246461 Koipedo and his minions seem unable to wait a few hours to dogpile any anon that attacked them, they need to do it fast, just like a newfag samefagging. lol
https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/84872.html#85460 It's amazing that this has been going on for months now, it's always the same pattern of autism, weak banter and total impatience.

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