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Toad 12/30/2020 (Wed) 21:41:54 ID: 807eed No.94620
Andrew Anglin -short -bald -sex-tourist -"low sexual market value" so he hates women and became a sex tourist like other bald, short, ugly people like Matt Forney and 'Black Pigeon Speaks' that run away to poor, 3rd world countries thinking they can get sex easier. But they're still ugly losers in those countries too, so they end up with 2/10, fat, ugly asian women, get dumped quickly, or they default back to buying prostitutes. -conspiracy-addled grifter -ruined his reputation forever to get infamy bc he's an attention-whore. Willing to become one of the all-time evil media scapegoats that gets equated to Hitler bc he's a loser that can't do anything otherwise, and can gain nothing through normal methods. Whatever you think of Hitler, he is recognized as the most evil man in history simply bc he lost a great recent war and his enemies write the history books. But Anglin is not this caliber of person. He's just an attention-whore, shock-jock that uses Hitler edginess to get clicks and attention to his own name. Anglin would never fight in battle, would never die for his country, would never earn an Iron Cross, would never be blinded from getting gassed in the trenches, or die in his bunker as the enemy closes in on him. Anglin is just an attention-whore at heart, who thinks he's entitled to Hitler-levels of infamy for doing absolutely nothing. But in typical narcissistic fashion, Anglin would think that he has suffered immensely like Hitler or Jesus Christ bc the media contacted his family or wrote a hit-piece on him (that he begged for by being an attention-whore). Lol. Fucking rich. -got sued by Jewish lawyers to ruin him and raised 150K by gofundme to defend himself. The only problem? He never showed up to court, so the 150K was basically stolen or grifted. Maybe he just split it with his lawyer (Mark Randazza is one of them). Maybe the lawyers pocketed all 150K over several years. Don't get me wrong. The Jewish groups suing him was messed up and their stated purpose was to bankrupt and ruin white nationalist opposition through lawfare. So long as he wasn't breaking the law (inciting violence), his speech was covered by the 1st amendment. Mocking Heather Heyer's death was covered as well. -changed his logo and banner overnight after Hillary Clinton called out the "alt right" by name, trying to insert himself and grift off the momentum of the alt right and possibly smear it with his neonazi optics and fed tactics. -Anglin loves ironybros bc they suck him off (Beardson's entire shtick is trashing the alt right he used to be a part of: He attacks everyone (Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer, TRS, JF). Yet, he refuses to attack Anglin with his only defence being "he's funny." Well, that's subjective buddy and it is a lame, poor defense when Angln and Weev have done far worse that TRS ever did. -Anglin goes after TRS's fed connections (Heimbach in past, Cantwell in past, Jayoh De Leray) when Weev is just as bad if not worse. -Anglin has big cognitive dissonance (he simultaneously talks about white demographics and saving the white race and kicking out nonwhites while he is living in nonwhite countries himself and buying brown, nonwhite hookers). This makes him a hypocrite and like he's just an opportunisitic, cynical grifter who doesn't really believe what he says. Anglin also can't admit race-mixing is good while he himself race-mixes regularly. I guess that is a bridge too far for him or would trigger another "grift-moment" where the rest of his audience would turn on him that he is currently grifting. -Weev (Jew, probable Fed) secretly runs the site behind the scenes. Weev incites violence often on streams, making him glow in-the-dark. Beardson once invited him on stream and Weev did his thing inciting violence talking about killing X and overthrowing the government. So Beardson never uploaded that show onto his gumroad subscription service like the coward he is. Yet, he still defends Anglin and Weev as based and redpilled buddies. -Weev was likely to have become a federal informant when he went to jail for hacking a corporation's website. He went from occupy-wallstreet ideology to neonazi ideology even getting swastika tattoos. He's mentally ill so he was probably flipped in prison and got on the fed payroll. -Anglin moves from grift to grift, trying to leech onto anything that has momentum so get clicks on his website and make money. He grifted on the alt right. He grifted on Trump (like many e-grifters riding Trump's coattails for money). He is now grifting on Fuentes and America First (just bc they grew a little by trolling Charlie Kirk, getting eyeballs and growing their Twitter followers with a PR stunt). -Anglin is currently grifting on Fuentes until something better comes along while he larps as a Christian to fit in and play the part. -Beardson defends Fuentes no matter what, even when Fuentes is going out with Lollisocks (catboy Kami) and has terrible pedophila, dildo optics. Beardson doesn't like it but keeps his cowardly mouth shut about it. When if Richard Spencer or Mike Enoch had done even 1/4th of that, he would have covered it for 2 years and be referencing it weekly. -streams video games mostly on Dlive, hiding under the pseudonym "Ted Wang" to lay low and avoid getting banned off the platform and have articles written about him by SPLC and ADL, pressuring Dlive to kick him. -cries about wignats while he is the epitome of wignat and was that for years (loves rap music, does drugs, larps as a nazi, trailer-trash optics). -Denounced his entire audience of 14/88 alt righters as "wignats" when the going got tough. Now grifts the Fuentes Am-First audience, who also have their own problems and are a joke in themselves.
-Friendly with jcaesar187 bc jcaesar187 gets him on the show occasionally. -Upon joining Dlive, Anglin talked about having a job now over and over. As it turns out, he was only ironically joking about having a job. He wasn't actually going to slave away in some Indonesian restaurant or have to report to work or wake up early every day. The job he was referring to was as a "gamer" and he thought he deserved to get paid to play games on stream on Dlive. Being one of the first public irony-bros, he wasn never serious about getting a job. He's just a jobless NEET. -good buddies with Azzmador (fat, redneck, drug-addicted trailer-trash). Azz also whines about wignats and sharply moderates his Dlive account to save his sheckles and farm lemons. -drug-addicted trash that gives people advice on how to run their lives incluidng health/fitness when he can't even break nicotine (smoking) and vaping. -writes like a 9th grade English class bickers his audience are the bottom-of-the-barrel, lowest-common-denominator retards that have never read a book beyond the last book they were forced to read in 8th grade before they dropped out. -has fostered an audience full of trailer-trash that no morals or standards. They use drugs, they buy hookers, they lie, they cheat, they steal. The hierarchy of scum from worst to less egregious is basically "pedos-rapists-Daily Stormers." -Hides behind the idea of "satire" whenever push comes to shove and he is forced to stand behind his statements or beliefs. -Lonely, alienated, and struggles living in a 3rd world country that isn't his own. While costantly craving his chemical addications like smoking. Seems mentally unbalanced like he's about to be pushed over-the-edge. -jobless NEET who runs a blog and begs for donations. -will do anything to attach his website to anything trending, like a tick stuck to a dog. -druggie with chemical and substance abuse problems, characteristic of being in the alt right (smokes, vapes, drinks, does marijuana and harder drugs). -tried to quit smoking and his life became so miserable he was barely hanging on and joked about killing himself. So he failed and went back to smoking. To his credit though, he now denounces drugs and suggests not ever doing them. So good for him. -talks about the importance of white demographic decline and saving the white race while he is a serial race-mixer that regularly buys brown, Muslim and Christian hookers in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam) using donation money. -currently hiding outside of Jakarta, Indonesia. -Probably has multiple STDs like Chylamida, Gonnorhea, Syphilis, and Herpes after buying prostitues for many years. -Ominously started defending Harvey Weinstein (media kike that was a Hollywood gatekeeper basically running a casting couch to fuck young, pretty, dumb women desperate to become rich and famous through acting) just bc he hates women so much or perhaps bc is was a controlled opposition shill funded by Jews to discredit all attempts at white nationalism and equate it to neonazism. --When you can't decide who you hate more (Jews or women) but you settle on hating women the most so you side with rich, rapist Jews. Zionist Jacob Wohl was revealed to have been paid 25K by Ghislaine Maxwell to smear Jeffrey Epstein's victims and to stall the sex trafficking investigation into her. Did Andrew Anglin receive any money from Zionist groups to influence any of his positions? Why did he start defending Harvey Weinstein of all people? Why did the world's most notorious and infamous neonazi start defending one of the most hated, disgusting, Hollywood Jewish rapists of the modern era? Why did he flipflop all of a sudden? -I suspect Anglin is being funded by a Russian group that hopes to foster home-grown terrorists within Western countries (USA and Europe especially) in the same way that the US government funds and arms terrorist groups in the Middle East to topple governments around Israel. The white nationalist group, known as the Russian Imperial Movement, or RIM, has provided paramilitary training to neo-Nazis and white supremacists, and recruited from overseas, especially Europeans, but reportedly including some Americans as well. Among other plots, two Swedish men were recruited by RIM, brought to St. Petersburg for 11 days of paramilitary training, including weapons use, hand-to-hand combat, and "woodland and urban assault," per Sales. Months later, the two men returned to Sweden and conducted two bombings outside a cafe and a migrant center in Gothenburg, with a third attempted bombing failing to detonate. Sales wouldn't say what contact the Trump administration had with the Russian government ahead of the announcement or whether Vladimir Putin's government has been helpful in combating white supremacist terrorism. Instead, he called on Moscow and all governments to use their own authorities to deny violent actors' ability to travel and their access to the international financial system.
-So don't be surprised in a couple of years when your favorite bald nazi larper is exposed as being a propaganda outlet funded by Russians to foster domestic terrorism in western nations or by Israel or another Jewish group like ADL bc it gives them the neonazi evil boogeyman they desperately seek to validate their existence and receive funding. He might very well be just a useful-idiot, stooge, or a moron. But the real difference is that Anglin couldn't really be a terrorist bc he's a coward at heart. He's just a suburban, upper-middle class alienated hipster dork. It would take someone with real conviction to be a terrorist and Angln is over that stage of his life. He doesn't believe anything anymore. He's simply looking to keep his grift alive and to fund his degenerate lifestyle overseas, where he has access to brown hookers and privacy away from media and reporters harrassing him. -Anglin larps as a Christian for his current grift (AmFirst Fuentes Groypers) but he takes Muslim hookers. Larps as a white savior that is going to save the white race but is a serial race-mixer. Full of cognitive dissonance. He's like a black antiwhite racist/black supremacist that hates all white people and wants them dead but tries his hardest to fuck and breed with white people and mix into their genetic line. -Anglin's grift conflicts with his personal life: Let's save the white race by fucking brown Muslim hookers in southeast Asia. Anglin is such an attention-whore that he was willing to destroy his entire reputation to be become the most infamous neonazi larper on the planet. He's just like Richard Spencer (whom he despises ironically) and Milo in the sense that he's a narcisisst drama-queen personality type that would do anything to get attention and fame/infamy, even burning his own reputation to the ground and be smeared as an evil, antisemite, racist, antiblack, neonazi. To this personality type, any attention is good, even negative attention. There is no such thing as 'bad press.' He craves the attention and he'll get it by any means necessary. In this case, by being a stooge or nazi larper puppet for the Jewish groups and mainstream media to demonize and justify their own existence with an evil boogeyman. But secretly, part of Anglin is okay with being smeared and having his reputation ruined. He doesn't care about not ever being able to have a public or real job due to his infamy bc he never planned on working one. He thinks he's too good to work just like jcaesar187 or Richard Spencer. And hell, you could say they don't have to work bc they have enough grifted retards that donate regularly to keep them afloat. -Ironically, Anglin's $14 million lawsuit against him was causd by him going to bat for Richard Spencer and Spencer's mom. You wouldn't know it but Anglin hates Richard Spencer now with a fury and fumes in rage bc Spencer finally called a spade a spade by saying, Anglin was a "clown" and a "freak." Anglin is now burdened with that albatross around his neck, weighing on him greatly, and for nothing now bc Anglin now despises Spencer and Spencer hates him too. But let's remember that Anglin is no altruistic angel. He didn't Spencer out of the goodness of his heart. He did it bc it was another cheap, tacky, PR stunt to get DailyStomer trending into the news again and drive traffic to his website. -Even though Richard Spencer and Anglin hate each other, ironically, they are alike in one way: their narcissism. Both view any attention as inherently good, even negative attention. So much so that they will bask in the media spotlight and dance for the mainstream media like puppets, bc they're getting the dopamine hit of attention their brains are craving so much. They're willing to be neonazi boogeyman used to scare normies and boomers so long as they can say, "I'm famous" and "I'm in the news." They would ascribe to the adage: "There's no such thing as bad press." To the narcissist in love with himself, even negative smears and ruining his reputation is preferable to being unknown or forgotten. He fears censorship bc without being given the media spotlight, he cannot achieve fame and get his attention by himself or by using his talent bc he doesn't have much. In another timeline, had he not slipped into reading mid-20th century books about racial theory and German nationalism, he would get his kicks by performing drama plays or singing in front of an audience. The narcissist fears being forgotten more than anything. How do you deal with an attention-whore that craves attention? You starve him. That hurts him more than anything. You pretend he doesn't exist and it hollows out his soul inside so he has to move on to someone else or a new audience to get his dopamine rush from people that don't know how to deal with a narcissist. He has to move on to new suckers in other words.
-Considering he stole 150K to defend his lawsuit against Jewish groups, never showed up in court, and doesn't even believe what he has preached and written for years, he might be the world's most infamous grifter. -When push comes to shove, he cowers behind the excuse of "it's satire, bro." "I'm playing a character. Please don't ban me bro or blacklist me. It's just irony, bro." He grovels to Jews and globohomo, begging for them to leave him alone and let him use all their services, even as he violates all the commandments of the globohomo cathedral. -Azzmador literally talks to feds while having an open warrant, and even admitted it on the Stormer message board. -Kisses ironybro assholes and licks them clean. But Anglin is the world's first ironybro anyway, so it makes sense they fellate one another. -Was ordered by the US court system to pay 14 million for his "troll storm" harassing some Kikess that was trying to pressure and blackmail Richard Spencer's mom into selling her Whitefish, Montana vacation property. 14 million. Yeah, that's pretty fucked up. But Anglin's gay, so naturally I'm gonna include it and laugh at his expense. -Anglin's dead body is destined to wash up on a beach somewhere in southeast Asia, face down, having overdosed on a cocktail of illegal, unknown drugs in his system, with Asian tranny ladyboys having stolen his money and roofied him. And traces of Asian male semen in his anus and his mouth after several asian trannies party with Anglin and he overdoses, so they panic and rob his lifeless body before vanishing into the night. The case will remain unsolved. Or perhaps he will become like a lot of degenerate western expats that travel through Southeast Asia by backpack but end up rafting down the river while drunk and hitting their heads on a rock and then getting airlifted out by helicopter. The poor dude can't afford anymore brain damage. He already rotted his mind out on drugs for many years.
Anglin claims to be anti-abotion yet vehemently defends jcaesar187 who asked Faith to have one. Anglin claims to be anti-fat person yet vehemently defends jcaesar187 who has been fat for years. Anglin claims to be against TRS yet defends jcaesar187,so many of whose big donators/guests (Dingo, Rand, etc.) are all members of TRS. I used to like reading Anglin's work but the situation makes it clear no one should take him seriously, since he's either oblivious or an extremely hypocritical and therefore malicious person. Remember how Randbot ran off from Bitwave bickers of all the "feds"? Anglin declared the the exact same thing in one of his streams, saying he would not return to Bitwave until there was an option to ban anonymous accounts from the chat. (Keep in mind Rand hates Anglin, believing him to be a fed as well.) So Anglin, who supposedly believes in free speech, doesn't even want anonymous posts in his streams. The situation is so retarded it makes it hard to even draw a conclusion.
Also Anglin lives in Columbus Ohio, he just pretends to live in the Congo or wherever
>They're willing to be neonazi boogeyman used to scare normies and boomers so long as they can say, "I'm famous" and "I'm in the news." They would ascribe to the adage: "There's no such thing as bad press. to back that one particular point up Anglin once appeared on Israeli TV for an interview
That bowl patrol guy Vic Mackey once said that what made the Stormer so great was that it was a "borderline fedposty gas-n-lampshade every last kike on the planet type of thing". I'd be inclined to agree. What made it so successful was that it was always so extreme, to the point where even people who didn't agree with Anglin's views would read it simply for the shock value. Now you go and its nonstop rambling about "election fraud" and slobbering on Fuentes' balls. He even got rid of the "race war" section where he tracked GAMERGATE murders. It's literally the equivalent of reading Breitbart or something like that except mentions of jews are sprinkled in every once in awhile. >>94705 Regarding his friendship with jcaesar187, its a symbiotic relationship. Nobody wants to associate with him, not even most of the groyper crowd (at least not openly), and he's isolated himself from nearly everyone else in his sphere of politics; and jcaesar's desperate for anyone he can have on. I remember in the piece he wrote about the sex tape he seemed to see jcaesar as an outlet for his message of sorts, and bickers he's just a streamer he doesnt have to be held to any moral standard.

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