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/film/ Meta Anonymous Board owner 08/22/2019 (Thu) 23:08:52 No.2
The /film/ bunker is moving here because we must have a functional board. Endchan has had continuous problems since 8chan went down and they're currently stuck in upgrade limbo. I attempted to start a board on vch.moe (since /tv/ is there) but my request was ignored. So now we're here, a nice site that's part of a webring of 8chan bunkers.

If 8chan ever comes back I want to save/archive as much content from the board as possible. Most of /film/ had been saved on archive.org, but it looks like that site has purged 5+ years of 8chan images on a whim. They are no longer reliable.

For status updates during the downtime I have been using https://letterboxd.com/8chanfilm/ and the email film [at] tutamail [dot] com.
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Open file (174.17 KB 521x232 filmgrain.png)
Stylesheet images
Hey there, /film/
Hello anon
Open file (1.17 MB 1200x850 shin-shinobinomono5.png)
/film/ is ranked #8 out of 21 boards here. We did it, reddit!
Open file (91.66 KB 596x412 sept5.jpg)
News from the 8chan front
Open file (149.75 KB 593x816 hotsnitch.jpg)
Open file (145.73 KB 705x897 8chinvestigated.jpg)
Piling on.
Manchild at CBS News explains why 8chan users are flocking to Discord
Is the Czech torposter here? I always enjoyed that guy. I think he came from /lit/.
What do you mean by enjoyed? But yeah, I'm here.
As matter of fact I'm technically not czech but moravian.
Nice to see you, and to learn of your true origins. You made me check for films about Moravia.
>What do you mean by enjoyed?
I meant that I enjoyed reading your posts because they were thoughtful and informative.
You'll have to wait for https://www.jakubiskofilm.com/en/coming-soon/ Slavic Epopee by Jakubisko. I doubt it'll be watchable though.
Yes I found this film too, apparently the same story
lets hope he's trolling lmao
If this place goes down I guess we can make a triumphal return to endchan
>making a triumphant return to honeypot
you might as well go back to reddit

<According to Watkins’ lawyer, his client is currently in the US preparing for a congressional hearing. But Watkins has expressed willingness to cooperate in the ACG investigation.

<Watkins mentioned in his statement that 8chan is now offline and that he plans to keep it shut.

<"8ch.net is currently offline with no immediate plans to bring it back. The website was an anonymous social-media platform where users could post text and images. Similar to Facebook or Twitter, some users abused the system by posting illegal content," he said.

Btw some films from Jasný qualify I think. But his most known one, Všichni dobří rodáci, employs czechs instead of moravians so it sounds like czechs larping as moravians and nothing of usual moravian elan and joy is present, you'll spot moravian even if he speaks czech. It's czech and city film, fake. Weird honestly as main actors were born either in slovakia or morava/silesia and director too and is supposed to take place in Kelč. Narrator uses czech.
Where to go?
>Where to go?
https://anon.cafe/ is one other option. It only a couple days old so there are not many people there.
>Where to go?
Go where? You're already here on a fucking bunker.
Go shill your shit somewhere else.
>fucking bunker
*Where to go if this bunker goes down?
It's not going down until 8ch is up. And if, let's say, 8ch is never up, there will be major work underway to make something in its place, the expanded webring perhaps.
>9. What Are 8chan’s Future Plans?

<If 8chan comes back online, it will be done when 8chan develops additional tools to counter illegal content under United States law. If 8chan returns, staff would implement a way to restrict certain parts of the website during a state of emergency, in which case any board in question would be put in a read-only mode until it would be deemed safe enough to enable posting again. It also looks forward to working with the federal government to improve the law, making reporting and engagement with law enforcement agencies easier. Toward this end, 8chan includes its list of suggested legislative reforms as Exhibit B.

I wonder what new laws they are suggesting. Exhibit B is not included.
Open file (61.56 KB 571x210 lost anon.jpg)
/film/ is getting heat on Reddit!

Poor guy. I hope he finds this place at least.
He can stay there
Open file (979.92 KB 500x281 face.gif)
/tv/ and /sw/ consider moving to Julay eventually
<If 8chan doesn't ever come back I'll be in talks with one of the other bunker sites to move /tv/ over. Current leading one is Julay
Ignoring reddit, I remember there was a mirror? Or an archive.is or archive.org of 8ch's /film/
Anyone? I'll search thru my bookmarks because I remember it still worked, read only ofcourse

Yeah, just after 8chan went down, there was a new URL with the site as read-only. It barely worked and I don't remember what it was.
The archive without pictures is http://web.archive.org/web/20190801113124/https://8ch.net/film/catalog.html
I see we've been here for a month now.
Open file (37.07 KB 630x630 1137503_1.jpg)
/film/ is one of the first boards to be restored at 8kun.net
The old board is partially back
Open file (120.86 KB 900x535 bigthenk.jpg)
Reading some rules and intricacies about the new site make me highly worried about the state of it.
I'm not a twitter hog but i kept somewhat informed on the events of the old place and it's clear as day that the new site is aimed at middle to elder aged american mainstream conservatives, and while that isn't wrong at all in terms of sociability the thing is the new rulebook is made for their comfort, which brought some hilarious points that are auto permabans by the global mods such as children images, and by that i don't mean wholesome CP but treacherous clothed children appearing besides their parents in the park. So ambiguous is not even funny.

Sounds silly but according to the ruling, any picture that features a kid prominently or as a side role will be considered DOST due to someone, somewhere having the ability to touch himself with it. The wording and phrase doesn't help at all as it goes way beyond the Bas Dost ruling, it means no Coca Cola Kid or The Cat with the Hat screencaps in the board unless a region ban is desired. I suppose the mods will not actually enforce it but due to the dramatic shift in audience, the Q fanatics in this case, i can believe the place will be sanitized. Under Jim's reign there was notorious sanitation that were widely considered dead canary, such as the egregious jailbaiting /hebe/ (by egregious i mean toddlers bordering as teens and not teens bordering as adults) and also /sp/ due to their rampant crossboard culture that gloated in banterposting and meme spam every time a get appeared, which yielded both original content and many headaches. The laughable double checking for copyright content as another rule makes me think it's all a polite facade but still.

So far i'm not liking it at all, not mentioning the quite obvious government involvement in the site along with the server's IPs running through the american Department of Defense and the NSA having a newly-made program in August, Ghidra, with the aforementioned cryptid posing in an "infinite" loop such as the logo. Am i too paranoid?
You outlined some of the main problems over there. We don't know if these strict new rules will be seriously enforced and we don't know what sort of nefarious agreements were made with the alphabet agencies. So we should be cautious about 8kun. Codemonkey has a history of hiding embarrassing information from the userbase -- first the FBI Sunshine code and most recently 8chan's employment of /v/'s retarded BO Mark. In both cases the information is only known because of leaks.
Mark form /v/ stated that it's mostly just for show and it won't change from the way things were handled in the past...
But this is the biggest issue here. We heard it from basically a fat fuck who withheld tons of info on the new site, justifiably or not, while allowing for no input at all from the people who actually use the place.
Trust me, bunkers are better than 8kun, except if you wanna make those boards your own bunkers.
The fact that 8cham had achieved plenty of datamine template threads from years before when the April 1st leak happened tells us the owners might be lax but certainly not benevolent. In a /film/ centered opinion i think we could be exempt from any trouble as the userbase here is well-behaved and compact, but if we around the idea of having a monolithic site for all the discussion and sharing needs then it would be big trouble, only the Webring seems suited for that and its possibilities of growing/"recruiting" depend solely on 8kun's embrace from the community, which is highly mixed along with the biggest boards' BOs are on Jim's paycheck, which leaves a bad taste. And these aforementioned BOs already polarized many boards in their short reign at Vch, namely Mark who, apart from having an Imageboard death sentence on his ethnicity, also poorly managed users and entire refugee boards due to his quick temper decisions (deleted an entire board on the spot when the userbase decided to migrate to another site due to lack of filesize for their archival activities).
It really doesn't help knowing that Mark is also the main culprit for the numerous splinter boards about video games back in the 8, it doesn't help at all either that many of those places got raided and spambombed by an organized group in the same era Mark started to receive official support from the site. He certainly gives credit to his race.

I suspect the uncertainty will persist, and it will become a Julay/Smug vs. 8kun/Vch affair, with Sportschan being an isolated hub and 4cham/Redd*t absorbing the irresolute who just want to keep posting. Such a fragmentation would spell semi-dead boards all over the place and probable indecision from the main men to go around selling the idea of the Webring. I really feel like in the old message board days when they were having their field days knowing it would be the end of their era, in terms of peak activity.
>Mark form /v/ stated that it's mostly just for show and it won't change from the way things were handled in the past...
Well that's good. But I agree there's too much second-hand communication. Even when the site was up we'd barely hear anything from the people running it. The Qboomers don't care what's happening because they have been conditioned to celebrate failure as a masterful chess move.
Although for a while CM kept saying "Never bareback any imageboard", so you wonder what kind of information he's been legally obligated to provide. The feds can request any IP for any reason, there's no second-guessing if they ask.

>deleted an entire board on the spot when the userbase decided to migrate to another site due to lack of filesize for their archival activities
Yeah what kind of sicko does that? It's extremely selfish and petty. I never visited /v/ but now I realize why Mark is widely hated.
Honestly I'd rather just stay here, anything related to 8chan (or anything with -chan in the name at this point) is just going to attract the worst sort of people. There's no point losing all the nice niche boards because they're hosted on the same site as all that shit.
More boards need to break off and make their own bunker boards. The smaller ones could go in together in they share a user base. Too many in one place means you can take out a bunch at one time if you hit that particular site.
Did someone here make a post on the 8kun board, or are there people who've been lost for 3+ months?
Open file (184.91 KB 357x362 i055_th_dog_manger.jpg)
The antics of 8kun's tiny nemesis reminds me of the old timey phrase "dog in the manger"
interesting anon. sounds just about right.
I was the first and only to post on the 8kun board. Those time capsule posts are interesting, especially when they catch your interest now instead of when of when they were made.
Oh cool. I was close to posting a couple days ago. I got the captcha page to load but not to verify.
Yeah it's easy to forget about old posts. I didn't even remember half those threads on the first page, and that was only a few months ago.
Either way this place works well enough, and it's better in some ways. I don't like the overboard on 8chan because no one sees the recent conversations. They only see the thread topic which could be many years old. Random people are much more likely to engage with an ongoing conversation than an ancient OP that might have nothing to do with what others are talking about now. Also 8chan is too slow to post, even when it's supposedly working. Posting will be even slower with the new disclaimer checkbox on every captcha.
I can report that 8kun is still amazingly shitty. Very slow, the captcha is harder, the errors are frequent. I'm amazed some bigger boards are planning to return completely, supposedly very soon.

By the way is there a minimum activity requirement over there? I thought I saw something about boards getting deleted if no posts for a month. Does the clock start now or when the site actually works?
I really hope it fails and the community can take over with the webring. I hate how the admins turned the site into a playground for the American political shitfest while pretending its about muh free speech.
Yeah. If it's this bad after 3 months I have a hard time imagining it returns to "normal" (which wasn't even very good). And didn't Mark say that Jim dropped 50k to bring it back? Probably better to let it die.
It's 4 weeks specifically. According to the FAQ:
>On 8kun, any board may be automatically deleted if it receives no new posts for four (4) weeks. A board may also be deleted, blocked, or banned by the 8kun Administrator if the board is found to have been allowing and / or encouraging illegal content under United States law, per the 8kun Global Rule.
>Alternatively, at the discretion of the 8kun administration and in compliance with promises made to the United States House Committee on Homeland Security in 2019, the board in question may be set to read-only mode or restricted by the 8kun Administrator during an emergency.
$50,000 would make more sense as the total lost over 5 years. But I don't really know.
I'd prefer it staying up and soaking up the cancer while a slow trickle of oldfags and non-retards come here or elsewhere in the webring. It can act like /b/ used to on halfchan: the place where retards either get filtered out or go to learn the basics, get bored and move on to actual discussion on a slower board.
Someone said it was 50k to compensate for no cloudflare protection

sounds good to me
Site-wide CSS just changed. Might want to look at /film/'s custom CSS to make sure nothing got fucked up.
Yes it needs to be tweaked a bit here
Robi is still tweaking it a bit so maybe best to hang on a day or two.
Open file (498.87 KB 471x200 1574982225813.gif)
I've fixed most of the CSS but please speak up if you still see any problems. I haven't tested the board on every browser/platform.

You're always welcome to submit banners in this thread. Someone mentioned that /film/ is missing banners, so let me know what else should be in the rotation. Or (even better) make some new ones. Banners do not need to be 300x100 -- they can be any resolution. I think 200-250 pixel height is a pretty good range. The max filesize is still 500.00 KB.

Perhaps you noticed the custom user flags. I'm undecided on this feature, maybe no one cares about it, but if you have ideas for more flags let me know. Favicons work pretty well. Maximum size allowed: 32.00 KB.
Open file (6.45 KB 720x300 0.jpg)
>hack/actor >shoots amateur films >knows all the technicalities >unlimited budget for what he wants to shoot >beautiful actors and actresses give themselves to him for free, in their free time <feels bad for it >can't get himself to fill the scenes with direct speech while he wants to communicate verbally <horrific problems with expressing verbally >reduced to criminal imitation of tati and chaplin because he's incapable of living <burnout without an ounce of creativity wasting time of people who are leagues above him How do you reignite? How do you kill inner yourself, tear down the barricades of worthless fear and burn the webs of crippling paralysis?
Open file (118.06 KB 1000x550 Millenium Whore.jpg)
>>494 >knows all the technicalities >unlimited budget >actors do it for free <feels bad for it, has problems trying to pinpoint his expression and he's socially depressed Sounds like that subject needs to stop and rethink why he likes the things he's doing, IF he's supposedly doing them for joy (if it is a job then that's a real problem). Seems like he needs some shuteye and watch his favorite stuff to ignite that something or get checked for clinical depression faulty chemical production in your head can make life miserable sometimes Also if he's so cool to know all the technicalities then he should easily find a way to bypass the issues like lack of tact to express ideas verbally mute it and make text panels like in the old days >wants to communicate verbally >criminal imitation of tati and chaplin I suppose in their tone film/talkie periods, well sometimes you can't have everything, or he maybe knows but doesn't fully comprehend all the technicalities at hand. If he can't fill scenes with verbal intention while being bad at it, and he really wants to do it... then a writer is needed, and one of those assholes who want to direct the actors on the set. >kill inner yourself, tear down the barricades of worthless fear The self are the values composing a man, the fears or goals are merely the ideological consequences of such build. To tackle these you have to re-design the values, deconstruct the individual. Problem is trying to do that is basically destroying someone destruktivism and in the process of trying to build it up again the base animal instincts come to place, so you end up with a beast, a sub-human, usually happens in hardened war situations. If someone wants the peaceful way the only method i can imagine is secluding oneself and reprogram the mind with routines or deep mediation. That's why every house should have a member going full-time educating and nurturing the children from birth to, at the very least, 3 years old or if possible until 6 or 7 years, if not then you have an individual with a shaky moral foundation that might not be happy even if he has it all and needs to go to a cave for 10 years to start over that or he has serious untreated mental problems These are very tough questions, i don't know who has those problems other than RW Fassbinder but i hope he realizes if these incognita persist for more than a month then he needs to proceed very carefully. He also needs to share how he got those beautiful girls to do anything in front of a camera for free.
BO, where are we gonna move to? Robi went full retard.
>>849 >Robi went full retard. He made a decision, i don't think it was retarded and he has a point, you need to kill the cow so the pajeets don't drink its milk forever instead of working the fields. I've been absent for a long time but i can say i always lurk around here and will be active anywhere this board goes to, but going back to 8k doesn't seem like a good idea. anon.cafe? it's a romanian IB focused on the arts but has recently seen an influx of bunkers and off-shot ideas. I was originally going to request a board there but i preferred being local with /loomis/ and this board, also their DOST test is pretty strict in terms of they not even using that standard, gypsy land requests deleting anything with an underage person in it so it might have tricky moderation.
Sad to hear we're likely getting the boot. I don't think it's viable to start filmchan.net because we'd probably have even less traffic if we detached from a larger site. How often do you visit random boards at the bottom of the webring? At the same time we've barely had a pulse lately. Julay has not grown as much as 8chan did. Even 8kun has a higher Alexa rank than Julay. We get a few people trickling in here from letterboxd. I get regular followers on that account even though I haven't posted anything for months. I've been thinking of starting a supplemental chat for the board, and this seems like a good time to do it. I have been leaning toward Telegram since it's a large, relatively lenient platform that has already attracted people from the chans. At least one 8chan board has relocated there. The drawback is you need to register with a phone number. I used a VoIP number from TextFree but perhaps others would have a problem. I suppose there are other options. I don't like discord, IRC is too primitive. Riot has better privacy but fewer features. >>850 >going back to 8k doesn't seem like a good idea. Yeah, recent drama aside, 8kun still doesn't function properly. So we'll look for another place and try to migrate the content from this board. Anon.cafe is possible, although it's kinda dead and I didn't know about their moderation policy. Two other options are tvch and prolikewoah (/animu/) since we had a connection to both boards on 8chan.
>>851 >IRC is too primitive If it ain't broke don't fix it.
>>850 >>851 I like anon.cafe too, i think its the best place to go thematically.
Now they're talking about keeping some boards. It would be a lot easier to stay here, but I don't know if we'll make the cut.
Open file (1.04 MB 1280x720 Caproni.png)
tvch opened its doors to julay https://tvch.moe/tv/res/25865.html#26002 Too bad they don't have an overboard. And it looks like they have a limit of 4 files per post? What is their max filesize?
We already have two bunkers plus the original, may as well just have one where we can when we can. It won't really make a difference will it?
>>855 They have a couple of shady characters behind curtains so i wouldn't be too happy about it, same with 9cham. It has a 5 file limit if i am correct but i don't see the size limit. >>856 >3 sites 8k, here and which is the other one? the Endcham one?
>>858 Who's shady, gahoole? I don't know who else is involved.
>>854 I think /film/ has a good chance of staying, it's the definition of a calm board
>>860 Seems only 10 boards max are going to make the cut, i already jumped and /loomis/ has a bunker outside if anything happens. Things are going to get interesting as the most active board got hammered by a concerned citizen's email. The moral of the story is to not base any operation in a henpecked place such as Germany.
>>858 tvch was created by robi for gahoole lol.
>>859 >>862 Yep, he's very lenient and pen pals with a couple troublemakers. That's suspicious enough for me, but at the end of the day BO will decide.
After some prodding, we have a new bunker at https://anon.cafe/film/
>>864 Glad our words were heeded. Funny to think this board is still associated with /tv/ and/or the early 2014 days when it functioned as a pseudo-alternative. What's the next step?
>>866 Thanks for your help over there. My request made them annoyed with new people. The plan is to stay here for now. Other boards are already ten steps into building new websites but I don't have a ton of spare time. However I want to move some threads from here to anon.cafe. This tool is supposed to do the job - https://gitgud.io/rb/MultiScraper - but first it needs to be updated to scrape from Lynxchan. And it will probably me a while to get it to work on my system.
>>864 >>867 I'm so tired of moving but I guess as long as it's on the webring and the threads can be moved, it's not that big of a deal.
/film/ STAYS ON JULAY >>>/meta/10485
Open file (1.74 MB 1440x1080 Before My Eyes.png)
>>869 That's cool. I saw a couple people making favorable comments about /film/ in the previous /meta/ threads. Maybe that made a difference. It's good that anon.cafe got a nice traffic boost out of this too. The new photography board over there seems promising. I think it would have been okay if we moved there.
/film/ was ackshually the last board on the list because /jenny/ is setting up its own imageboard Although /mu/ /x/ and /retro/ have fewer posts
>>870 anon.cafe is getting too bloated as well, not far is the day when it'll start downsizing too. It's better to remain one of julay's few (((chosen))) ones.
>>869 Was fully expecting the board at cafe, but in the long run this is probably better due to unlimited webm/pdfs and the already sizeable content here without needing to move threads. Oh well, i think someone needs to notify or comment at Cafe's /meta/, they thought twice about us and approved the board only for it to be deleted days later due to this new list. They might hold animosity if we run away like nothing.
Also now that i think of it, i'm surprised /x/ got picked over /retro/, /strek/, /sw/ and /film/, it has very few things going on. /mu/ not that surprised taking into account it's owned by globals, so i guess Paranormal must be too.
>>874 The cafe bunker was not deleted, it is unlisted according to their rules (and to reduce clutter in the webring).
>>876 Apologies, i thought it was deleted because the delisting feature here at Julay has been broken since forever
>>875 /x/ was one of the earliest boards, the list is mostly based on julay OGs
Why can't I upload videos? ;-; it reaches 99% and then hits me with "connection failed"
>>974 change your IP and refresh
>>977 Nothing, and I've tried with two different networks all together
That's weird. I haven't uploaded a video lately but I only get a connection error if I use a bad Vpn or I'm downloading something at max speed.
>>980 I, for one, welcome my new spyware overlords
>>974 Maybe try the old domain? I did get an error at first on spqrchan, but then it worked when I tried again. Julay worked on the first try.
Did the board move somewhere? It's unusually quit here.
>>1055 *quiet
>>1055 I'm still here, just working a lot lately. What happened to /liberty/ and /monarchy/ though? I liked the political boards that used to be on julay.
>>1057 They have their own bunker now. Julay is done for tbqhwy.
>>1062 Their bunker stopped working So /liberty/ and /monarchy/ moved to 8chan.moe, /fascist/ (and /k/) moved to anon.cafe The decentralized chan model was promising at first, but now it seems to have failed. Most people won't bother to use a small site. Maybe activity would increase if the full webring could be viewed on a single overboard, but that seems like a pain to implement.
Open file (22.13 KB 1046x26 tt.png)
>>1063 >The decentralized chan model was promising at first, but now it seems to have failed. Nah it's working fine. Just because some boards consist of weak, lazy faggots doesn't really compromise the entire thing. >if the full webring could be viewed on a single overboard
Open file (6.66 KB 225x225 Yuri.jpg)
>>1064 The whole "full webring on a single overboard" thing is supposedly being made by Robi i think, but like you implied we still can browse everywhere just fine with the webring button. But people won't do it
>>1065 You're talking about the final solution? Yeah that thing is never happening at this point it's safe to say I think.
I don't mean to alarm us, but if i were some of you i would back the board up just in case something strange happens after 5 days.
>>1067 truedat
are we going to get holocausted
>>1072 nah
>>1072 >>1074 Update: Yes.
>>1084 We're still here so: nah
Anons we need to recover from this.
>>1132 To be fair i haven't posted much this year because i'm afraid of ending up talking with myself again, also i really haven't watched any films recently... at least ones worth a talk. I do visit often to read anything i can find, don't reply because they touch topics and themes above my head but i do enjoy learning about them.
>>1133 I feel it's still important to post something just to keep the board alive for other people to find it.
Open file (1.16 MB 1764x1080 a4.png)
The board has been seriously weakened by losing all the images. We should discuss our future. We have the option to stay here, move to anon.cafe, or call it quits. It's apparent that /film/ is a low priority here. We were omitted from the recent migration and there's been no urgency to restore the images. I have tried to contact Robi for other reasons and he's ignored me, which validates concerns about his unresponsiveness that caused /k/ to leave months ago. Finally the new URL is very /cow/-specific which doesn't fit our board. In spite of these problems, the posts are still here. Moving to anon.cafe means starting from zero. Someone suggested manually copying threads over there. That would take some time, but it might be faster than waiting for this board to get fixed. Anon.cafe seems like a better home for our content and the URL is an improvement. Traffic is the same on both sites. A downside to moving to our backup is that we no longer have a backup if it goes away. Or, we can let the board die. We've lost plenty of users since 8chan originally went down. The latest episode has almost killed /film/ completely. Is there enough energy to continue? Barely. What do you guys want to do?
>>1150 Well giving up isn't an option. I do agree that Robi completely fucked over julay in the last couple of months and now it's pretty much dead. I was generally against moving when there still was some slim chance of things going back to the way they used to be, but this whole "rebranding" thing did nothing except cater to /cow/ and nobody else. The url is terrible and there's zero communication with administration, they only care about their autistic infighting now. I guess we have no choice but to move. I'm gonna copy a few threads of mine manually if we decide to move to anon.cafe. It's a bit of a pain in the ass but generally doable. There aren't that many threads here to begin with and we don't need to re-make every single one.
>>1151 I don't think even /cow/ really likes the whole rebranding thing. It was utterly retarded and solved no problem at all. He could have just deleted all the boards he didn't want without the name change since the central issue he had was that the server storage was getting full. Robi's not exactly unresponsive, though. If you hop into the IRC during afternoon to evening euro hours, then you'll catch him. That said, you only have like two or three days to catch him as he's going away for four months again.
>>1152 >Robi's not exactly unresponsive, though. <I have tried to contact Robi for other reasons and he's ignored me Fuck robi
>>1150 >We've lost plenty of users since 8chan originally went down. To be fair, we don't need people who can't find the webring for over a year.
>>1150 Move, but copy some of the threads first. Fuck this shithole
>>1150 Don't let it die. I don't even think it's necessary to copy everything over, but I'm just willing to bow to popular consensus so that too much time doesn't pass.
Open file (43.81 KB 571x117 offer.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 1920x1338 JWC.jpg)
Open file (914.63 KB 1902x821 8cC.jpg)
>>1150 Damn i came late, didn't see the reply back in AC. >We have the option to stay here, move to anon.cafe, or call it quits. I would say move to the Cafe, calling it quits from your part would be a gigantic blow but if you feel like that for some reason might as well announce it now. I think i can say with confidence that everyone would like you to go on, we are on this ride together and have been for 5 years at this point (myself just 4). >Is there enough energy to continue? Barely. As long as there's 2 active users + BO in my opinion it can go on for a while, lurkers are an unknown factor that might appear out of nowhere and in a slow overboard like Cafe exposure seems easier. My help about copypaste migration still stands until wednesday and then from friday and on to be fair doing so with 8k's catalog might be hard because i never grasped the fact it had the full 25 pages of threads (at most i thought 12 max for some reason) but i find it plausible with this one. It's a matter of seeing which threads to migrate and if everyone agrees to fuse certain "recent" (first 3 pages) threads from the old place too. Here's 2 screenshots of the catalogs and migration candidates based on quick ignorant glances, red are go and green optional, characters at the end means fusing them in my criteria. As you might see i ignored some good threads because they were mainly images and the depository thread doesn't have even quarter of them. Yay, nay? >>1152 >as he's going away for four months again. Robi is a strange gambit but he usually is direct when found, if he goes into thin air we are left with 2 characters in SMars and Hanging_Flesh. The former is responsive but powerless, the other has enough power (as he is second-in-command since Julay became popular) but contacting and negotiating with him might as well be a ghost hunting adventure. >>1154 >we don't need people who can't find the webring for over a year. I somewhat agree but to be quite fair i found the webring months later around December and it was by mere chance from a shitty twitter joke account when i was lurking the comment section of a retarded Q-related post linking to the 8chan account. Sure i might've found it later by legit announcements but it took me 3 months or so before those, i can easily see someone quitting after a month or two. 8kun deletes posts linking to most webring sites (i tried it) and while the /film/ board there did link this bunker i think right now that link is dead and shamefully some anons are silly enough to not even see the announcement bar, let alone if they found 8kun to begin with. Still, in this thread we are more than 3 users so i think that's enough for a rebirth.
Open file (15.20 KB 1040x106 scrape.png)
Okay, we're moving. You can start moving threads that have all/most images first. We'll have to work on filling the blanks on the others. I suppose many images came from a websearch originally. If nothing else, there are small thumbs on archive.org/archive.is. And I probably have more images that I never posted (I stopped looking because the restoration script never came). I'm sorry that I failed to get the scraper working to automate the process. I think I got close, but given my inexperience with python I could not proceed beyond this point.
>>1158 Very well, i will start in 2 hours and stop until i get asleep which i suspect will be in 6 or 7 hours, then i'll resume and finish it unless i get asleep again. I can do that alone, easy and steady, but if anyone wants to help i would highly recommend watching a movie or thinking of something to post when we come back.
>>1158 >>1159 Are you guys manually copying over code from each thread?
>>1161 I'm doing so right now, copypasting texts and checking in the Internet Wayback Machine for thumbnails unless i remember one from the depository thread. Been having some trouble because the Cafe is crashing, maybe it's my posting but i don't know, never seen it happen before other than maintenance reasons previously announced.
>>1162 And it simply won't let me post, getting tons of connection errors. Will resume tomorrow, it's quicker than i expected so it might be done the same day if i don't get those pesky errors. I checked and it seems to be a problem from server side, really weird i honestly don't remember that kind of thing from all the months i've been going there.
Maybe it would be better to post missing images in the original threads

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