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Controversy Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 18:45:01 No.899
Post about movies that generated controversy. While I leave this thread open to controversial content such as graphic violence, sex, or political thought, I want to remind anons to consider controversial direction as well such as pic related.
Open file (647.25 KB 1440x2191 Poster.jpg)
Open file (5.51 MB 600x350 bwahah the dutch.webm)
Wanted to post something here but got addicted to some game pretty hard, but let's have at it. De Vierde Man or The 4th Man is a dutch film by the master of left-field comedy Paul Verhoeven, and all of its lifespan seems to me to be a wild ride that can be considered controversial in some views but mainly it was a rivalry between the director and his home country movie critics. For starters they are described by some contemporary notes as conservative and zealous of content along with their counterpart which were rabid radical hippie queers, which i think is okay in their respective terms but it seems they based their ratings on content's sympathetic nature and values presented rather than craftsmanship or script pace or anything innate to a product rather than a story (in short were very ideological) hence why they destroyed Paul's latest movie at that moment Spetters because it portrayed youths in completely degenerate freedom yet showed these underworld creatures as almost devilish imps. Mad that everyone with the power of the pen hated his stuff the director embarked in a journey to properly piss everyone one last time, even when the movie was actually a hit (not very good to be fair) he seemed to be a man sensible to the press to gauge his own value. So in those years there was another controversy because the national book competition had a clear winner in the form of a novel which frankly was a subversive gay fest by some people and got censured hard shortly after, being replaced by a novel which was supposedly not good at all. Seeing his golden script Hov requested an adaption from the writer and ran along with it making it extra gay. The piece itself is about a very parishioner catholic that is also a rampant degenerate with homosexual tendencies and a man who knows how to twist words into his own benefit, he's a famous writer and also an alcoholic unironically the writer's self-insert and one day he gets invited to a small but prosper town to do a talk for a literature club, but in the meantime he starts receiving strange visions of impending doom while struggling with his gay sex urges. Hilarious to write that, especially when the very transgressive role had its cast for Jeroen Krabbe, well-known character actor with comedic undertones, not to mention aggressively jewish; Verhoeven had an explosive combination from the get-go to get the critics mad with this wicked protagonist but it is the ups and downs of his journey and the actual ending that are the actual explosion of the shitcake that he served ceremoniously to the critics, you see: The strange visions are personal Marian apparitions warning him that one of the literature's club members and wealthy stylist, played by perky ''Renee Soutendijk, is the devil in disguise playing games and just like a black widow he will kill him in a long mating ritual just like he did with her 3 previous husbands and multiple partners After realizing at the very last moment what was happening, in the middle of a gay blowjob in a graveyard tomb mind you, our protagonist desperately tries to escape town and when trapped in death's claws after an accident he thanks Mary for Her warnings and seeks for forgiveness for his misdeeds if She was keen to hear him, all of this in the middle of a breakdown that further aggravates when the stylist appears to see how's he doing. After a brief struggle between doctors and nurses our man here is sedated by a nurse who, wait for this, is actually the woman in his visions and the one who also casually tells him to heed his premonitions in the stylist saloon, turns out she was always in-frame in the whole monologue With an angelic tone she tells him he's protected and that nothing will harm him now, moments later in the ending she moves the writer away from all the madness into a secluded room and has a bitching staredown with the stylist who goes away with a new dude asking for trouble If you read that you know it's a chaotic switch that both Verhoeven and the writer idealized to be as hard as possible for the critics to analyze without mixing ideology in, it's either a butt pirate who has his noble christian redemption or a "different" type of guy with flaws that functions normally in society. A tough spot for everyone and while waiting for the results the long-time producer of Verhoeven, Rob Houwer, decided he had enough defending the guy and ended their business links although in an amicable way, first heavy blow and the second one would come with the critic's association deciding not to review the movie and leave it as a niche art house product up to the public to see it or not. More or less they capitulated but the reaction was never public, and with no one wanting to touch him Verhoeven was basically blacklisted after this stunt and went to try his luck in America, packing his bags and leaving as a controversial figure yet probably their most successful representative in terms of television and film directors. For his luck the movie was heavily in circulation on north american film festivals and was praised by critics (who honestly weren't that heterosexual or catholic to begin with, winning accolades in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, New York and Seattle) which automatically gave him the opportunity to try his luck there starting with a couple of fantasy projects co-produced with European funds akin to Neverending Story, such as Flesh + Blood and a couple of television episodes. After proving his professional stance he went to Hollywood full time and received only crappy Cannon and Orion scripts, throwing into the trash many of them and felt into a small depression until his wife picked one up and talked her way in about modifying one to his particular satirical and subversive tastes and because they needed the money the Hov thought this was genius and started rewriting and adding depth into one about a cyborg police officer; The rest is history.
A bunch of priests couldn't agree if this is heresy or holy work.
>>993 >made kikes mad based mel
>>996 I felt like Mel Gibson was my big brother or something after this film came out. I was so proud of him tbh.
>>993 Was there any controversy around Apocalypto as well, I don't remember?
>>998 Locally i remember some mayans belittling some of the actors because they weren't mayan but Mel simply replied something around "there weren't any, give me a break" Others said it showed them as savages but many anthropologists backed Mel out because he consulted with them extensively. The only valid controversy was the ending because it's a chronological mistake by at least 300 years, but other than that the movie is considered a national pinnacle and Mel is very well respected in most of the country, which is itself a feat because he catered to everyone with some movies and actor's guilds and pulled it out: Southerners like him due to casting many of its actors, Peninsulars like him due to being the only one investing money into their history, Centrals like him due to his manners and catholicism, and Northerners like him because he resided there for a while and discussed making some movies about missionaries and injuns, one which i think has been in his backburner for a while (hence why he keeps going to Arizona/New Mexico)
Open file (144.13 KB 748x1212 EaIM7afUcAAbo72.jpg)
Open file (100.06 KB 504x952 EaINgtMUEAAWGeW.jpg)
Open file (350.34 KB 888x414 EaIPT3FUwAIeB7T.png)
Open file (104.60 KB 498x1114 EaIP7npU0AUfovO.jpg)
Open file (93.95 KB 512x902 EaIN0lBUEAAfpQ3.jpg)
The highest grossing film of all time, Gone With the Wind, was pulled from HBO Max yesterday as part of the ongoing Cultural Revolution. Supposedly it will return to the platform with a "discussion of its historical context and a denouncement of those very depictions" of black southern slavery. A few years ago the film's annual screening in a Memphis theater was suspended. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/hbo-max-removes-gone-wind-1297806?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter https://variety.com/2017/film/news/memphis-theater-cancels-annual-gone-with-the-wind-screening-1202540791/ Here are some of the newspapers and activist groups that criticized the film upon it's release. Apparently the original script was altered to remove a heroic scene with the Klan and an utterance of the word "nigger" by Hattie McDowell. I haven't researched those aspects but I'd like to know more. https://twitter.com/ClassicShowbiz/status/1270592473367117824 http://archive.is/HFsWT
>>1003 Thanks for the heads-up Anon. I'll be sure to buy a paper copy of the book to show my support.
>>1003 Makes me wonder when they'll just outright cut up the movie to satisfy their degeneracy.
>>1003 Imagine being so weak and frail you give into social pressure of uncultured soy faggots and niggers who didn't even watch or like Gone with the Wind or films in general. Soon they will censor and alter every piece of media to fit their agendas and all historical films will have a predominantly shitskin cast.
>>1006 >Soon they will censor and alter every piece of media to fit their agendas and all historical films will have a predominantly shitskin cast. I'm skeptical it will ever get there in any large way like the halcyon days of the West back in the <=1960s. Remove White men from doing things for the culture and it will entirely collapse sooner or later. Want a good, modern example? Just look at South Africa. OTOH, these soy-people are all fundamentally losers, so things will undoubtedly correct themselves once they cause the STHTF. They are weaklings & cowards, every one.
>>1007 They are already replacing whites with minorities, casting niggers as Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Europeans, et cetera. No doubt all this will collapse, the problem being the western culture has a chance of collapsing with it.
>>1003 Geez, well not surprising taking into account americans already edited or outright banned many Bugs Bunny and Merrie Melodies shorts decades ago. At least we still have them in non-nogged countries but there's that, their current status quo doesn't give a damn about history itself.
>>1003 The DVD/BD are number 1 sellers on Amazon
>>1010 This video makes a good point about cloud storage and there's already valid reasons to be concerned about it. I thought about transitioning my data to the cloud instead of buying another hard drive, but tech companies simply are not trustworthy. Their loyalty is not to the public but to The Narrative. COVID-19 triggered widespread censorship on major platforms of contradictory viewpoints, even though the official story itself became contradictory over time. It was not surprising to see Youtube perform its usual removal of dissident voices that became too popular. A new aspect of tech censorship was Google Drive blocking access to the same type of content on users' personal accounts. https://reclaimthenet.org/google-drive-takes-down-user-file-plandemic/ http://archive.is/KV9TA <In an article reporting on the takedown, The Washington Post’s Silicon Valley Correspondent Elizabeth Dwoskin complains that after the coronavirus documentary Plandemic was censored on social media, some YouTube clips were telling users how to access “banned footage” from the documentary via Google Drive. <She then notes that after The Washington Post contacted Google, Google Drive took down a file featuring the trailer for the Plandemic documentary. <After SpaceX and Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk linked to what Dwoskin describes as a “questionable study” about the efficacy of the drug hydroxychloroquine in March, Google blocked access to the document.
>>1013 I was always in favor of physical media (in this context one's hard drive is also a physical media). Retards have been telling me how "last century" that is and how the future is streaming and cloud and whatnot, goyim. But the current year concretely showed that physical media, akin to ancient stone tablets, is the only way to preserve and pass on our art and information, while all digital content will be subject to incessant editing and re-editing as the internet becomes more and more regulated by the left.
Open file (15.05 MB 988x720 Atlanta Burning.mp4)
>>1014 throd. even the hollyjew does so for themselves.
Open file (2.46 MB 2646x1784 NNdFUUf.jpg)
The largest cinema in Europe, Paris' luxurious 2800-seat Le Grand Rex, was scheduled to screen Gone With the Wind on June 23 to celebrate the end of coronavirus lockdown. The screening has been canceled at the request of Warner Bros due to the film's (manufactured) controversy. https://www.20minutes.fr/arts-stars/cinema/2798907-20200613-paris-cinema-grand-rex-annule-projection-film-autant-emporte-vent >>1015 They burned the King Kong sets for that scene
They will put it back but heavily censored and edited, which is a fate worse than being outright removed. Then they will remake it, with niggers playing the major role and try and replace this new and improved version over the original in public consciousness.
The complaint about Gone With the Wind is bizarre. There's no scene in the film that is particularly troublesome or offensive. The problem is the film shows the antebellum South as a glistening paradise while slavery exists in the background as an issue unexamined. The film commits a sin of omission -- it may not be explicitly racist, but it's insufficiently anti-racist. The same weak complaint was lodged against Song of the South, and I think it was lazily reapplied to take down Gone With the Wind. For now these movies are targeted because they are popular. There are many other films that could face similar scrutiny, but most of the complainers are too dumb to know about them. However, here's another example of needless censorship by Warner Bros. I used to highly regard the Warner Archive label, home to plenty of rare content. They were even bold enough to release DVDs of blackface minstrel-show films. But here's an interesting video that outlines how Warner removed "violence and threats of violence" from their 2016 release of a children's' show called The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The result is a rather neutered product. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMGAnyzf_fs
>>1019 Just like with virtually every single one of these complains, niggers themselves had no issues with neither the film nor slavery depictions in it. It's always virtue signaling suburban leftycucks that use "why won't somebody think of the negros" excuse to slide in their agendas.
>>1003 Racism aside Gone With The Wind is a fucking shit melodrama.
>>1023 Need some arguments there, buddy
>>1023 It's not my favorite classic Hollywood film but I still loved the first half
>>1026 >It's not my favorite classic Hollywood film since when that's a fucking pre-requisite
Open file (736.71 KB 593x904 negroexpositionday.png)
From Secret Cinema While i was always puzzled by the double think inside many trackers/forums rules i have to say this one doesn't surprise me that much. Going to download the most aggressive sounding title i can find, or at least a film known to rustle some feathers.
>>1033 Someone on SC suggested Good Luck Miss Wyckoff. It looks like a crazy forgotten movie they probably wouldn't make anymore, and it probably fits this thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByCtjmUmsNQ
Open file (209.45 KB 716x480 gonnanipyamate.jpg)
>>1003 It seems there's a trend around these days about erasing traces of an odd fellow past perpetrated by certain sectors. Internet Archive is also being hustled around about being deleted due to copyrights. Mah precious music videos down the drain but also in all seriousness many articles and news from incidents the day they happened, making contemporary/future history research much harder. >>1035 >Donald Pleasence Almost a sure-fire way to know if the movie is weird or just insane. Although i was thinking something more of a "protest" than actually watching a movie, i'm falling hard for the political dance postures to be honest. They banned someone for saying homos were even more degenerated than portrayed in Friedkin's Cruisin White Dog, maybe?
>>1033 Double think?
Open file (3.15 KB 522x37 uwot.png)
>>1044 Some tracker forums talk about total freedom of speech in certain boards like their random or open discussion, at least in the rules section, but soon after they claim hate speech or political discussion is banned. Plenty do this instead of the more cocky but honest "This is not grounds for discussion, we will delete anything we don't like". Hence the magnificent golden rule of private trackers: Never post in the forums unless it's an emergency or mandatory poll. If you do sooner or later they will nip ya.

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