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Lupo Lucio 02/02/2021 (Tue) 13:03:18 No.14331
This is a nazi board now!
Open file (288.02 KB 600x600 benito drip.png)
>>14331 P Cringe Fam
>>14332 Fuck off, socialist scum
Open file (369.86 KB 800x1200 Liberalisticism.png)
Open file (731.69 KB 701x701 1610558074562.png)
>>14339 >He didn't see the y-axis of the political compass >Third position >real socialism has neve been tried oh you.
Open file (21.74 KB 512x1060 Whoosh.png)
Open file (655.75 KB 1600x1432 Muh State.png)
Open file (72.83 KB 348x768 ok lmao.jpg)
>>14360 >Legal immigration is based. Unwanted immigration is a NAP violation >Angry when Twitter does socialist orwellian stuff Nope, free market always wins. >We need more state because we need more corruption, more wars, more national debt and more taxes Imagine needing national or national socialism because you are mental retarded that can't start his own biziniss.
>>14361 >Unwanted immigration is a NAP violation >Nope, free market always wins. >p-please listen to my Koch sponsored bullshit
Open file (272.58 KB 793x794 Ancap meme.png)
>>14365 Sorry but for my anarcho-capitalism I don't need you but you need me for you lousy socialism, so you can enjoy some free helicopter ride. Bye bye black commie.
Open file (21.33 KB 542x393 6860094587.jpg)
>>14366 Ammàzzati, andicappino. Sei più ridicolo dei tankie.
Open file (8.46 KB 250x250 1596802710619s.jpg)
>>14369 Fottesega di te, sto bene così come sto e senza bisogno dell'approvazione altrui. Tu invece ce la fai a fare il socialismo, con o senza nazionalismo a rimorchio, da solo? No? Peccato.

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