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Open file (12.43 KB 400x400 1613214708426.jpg)
Lupo Lucio 02/13/2021 (Sat) 16:03:36 ID: 9ad74b No.14502
Volete essere dei cripto-chaddoni? Comprate Rubic ora! 1 dollaro entro fine Febbraio.
potresti dirci pure di più' invece di fare affissioni da (1) e via oltretutto in una lingua da transessuale di Diochan, no?
Comunque sia, ecco le indicazioni dall'omologo filone della /biz/ del quarto. >1) Layer 2 integration after partnership confirmed with MATIC. This means you'll be able to trade on RUBIC with almost zero fees. This has been confirmed for 'early Q2', so I guess maybe March time. >2) Limit Orders for defi on 28 Feb 21. So you'll be able to place limit orders on trades and then leave them to be triggered (or not) whilst you're doing something else. This is pretty significant and of course it exists on CEXs, but not DEXs yet. On 28th it will be just RBC / ETH pair as a kind of beta to ensure that it's working properly and then they will open it to all pairs. >3) Anonymous defi trading. This effectively should mean your buys and sells are very hard to trace through etherscan. >4) This one already exists, but cross chain swaps is really significant. You can use rubic.exchange to trade assets from, say, eth network to Binance Smart Chain. >5) Number 4 leads me into number 5. Binance listing. Usually a bit of a meme, but I am confident RUBIC will get it. Reason for this is that they are integrating Binance Smart Chain swaps onto the exchange. Furthermore, they have already launched a project which has been listed on binance before - MyWish. They still support this project three years on - check it out. >They are applying for Binance and other exchanges at the end of this month. >So with all of the above, i'd say you'd be pretty crazy not to have some money tied into RBC. >The competition is UniSwap I guess, eventually. If we had uniswap's current Market Cap then RBC would be $60 per token. Of course, that's a long way off, but something like $10 probably isn't.
>>14502 Mi mancano i filoni presi in ostaggio dal cicciopillato, quasi quasi anche dal libbbberale. Molte criptovalute sono una truffa, io non compro.
Open file (97.12 KB 960x1280 1613239538815.jpg)
>>14507 date retta a quest'uomo e non fate come me che ci metterò invece dentro ben ricchissimi50euri perché ho passato il fine settimana ad ubriacarmi e non ho un piano di cose da fare per lunedì

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