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Open file (84.26 KB 1024x757 1558064286556.jpg)
Lupo Lucio 07/25/2020 (Sat) 20:14:28 No.9065
Mi anno detto che vostri youtuber stars publicano cose che incitano violenza. E vero? Un ragazzo italiano parlava di gio pizzi. Mi prendeva per culo? E vero? Scusate italiano. Stare imparando piano piano. Baci da estonia.
>>9065 so you're saying that some italian youtubers are promoting violence? against whom? btw you're italian is...passable. nothing to apologize for. but to answer your question...nothing comes to mind. if you want to ear italians inciting violence you should hear some of the stuff our leftists singers put out during the seventies.
Open file (71.68 KB 522x490 1595664568204.jpg)
>>9131 >>9065 We have a winner, OP.
Open file (236.20 KB 677x595 spurdosgribe.png)
>>9065 Your friend was fooling around, Gio Pizzi is a joke, a meme leftist youtuber. Remember lads, subscribe to Breaking Italy!
>>9135 chi, il sardo? >>9135 >>9135
>>9135 >Breaking Italy! Ho guardato suoi video ma sembra amare imiggrazione.

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