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Open file (7.18 KB 380x380 photo.jpg)
Soundcloud General Anonymous 08/16/2019 (Fri) 04:22:29 No.11 [Reply]
Post soundclouds here
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Throat singing soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/thehu-music

Music Theory Gastarbeiter 10/04/2019 (Fri) 06:23:16 No.142 [Reply] [Last]
After thinking through and wondering how I could possibly make this work, I am going to go forward with this. Since there are a lot of potential gastarbeiters here, I took upon myself to do daily posts hopefully on this thread that revolves around Music Theory, not Music Composition.

Quick disclaimer: I am not a music guru, so a lot of the information I giving to you is being backed by decent sources and my good background on this subject. You'll never get it right the first time, so practice if you have the time. Music is a time-consuming hobby, if you want get the most out of it just take it at your pace. There's no rush, so enjoy learning as you go.

Any other gastarbeiters or /mu/tants are welcome to post any questions, answers, etc, as long as they are relation to the topic. Hell, I'll even allow music theory "memes" since they helped me understand certain things better.
Edited last time by Muses on 10/04/2019 (Fri) 14:44:12.
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is there theory that helps you choose chords based on the supposed songs to embelish it nicely

QTDDTOT Gastarbeiter 09/16/2019 (Mon) 02:07:32 No.123 [Reply]
Can any one recommend me more music similar to this please?


BO Edit: This is officially the QTDDTOT thread, you can ask about where this music came from, requests and recommendations, anything related to music. If it is music theory related, I strongly recommend that you ask it in the Music Theory Thread.
Edited last time by Muses on 11/16/2019 (Sat) 12:47:50.
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Open file (636.81 KB 800x600 7416223.webm)
>>728 this should work

BandCamp General Anonymous 08/16/2019 (Fri) 04:19:26 No.10 [Reply]
Post bandcamps here
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Open file (231.58 KB 1080x1080 track-art.png)
Do everyday things seem unusually large or small? A bag contains 20 blue and 10 green marbles. You have to draw out a marble six times. https://deepdown.bandcamp.com/

businesssitelisting dodoro51 06/01/2021 (Tue) 06:16:12 No.783 [Reply]
https://www.businesssitelisting.com A man was going to the house of some rich person. As he went along the road, he saw a box of good apples at the side of the road. He said, "I do not want to eat those apples; for the rich man will give me much food; he will give me very nice food to eat." Then he took the apples and threw them away into the dust. He went on and came to a river. The river had become very big; so he could not go over it. He waited for some time; then he said, "I cannot go to the rich man's house today, for I cannot get over the river." He began to go home. He had eaten no food that day. He began to want food. He came to the apples, and he was glad to take them out of the dust and eat them.

Good music thread Anonymous 08/15/2019 (Thu) 18:33:17 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
Post some of your favorite tunes to celebrate the founding of this board.
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Open file (179.16 KB 700x1280 icup7trophypic.png)
Infinity Cup poll Gastarbeiter 04/23/2021 (Fri) 19:00:13 No.781 [Reply]
Hey guys, /icup/ here with a question on how we're going to handle the next iteration of the Infinity Cup ( https://anon.cafe/icup/ ) We're trying to poll whether certain boards are interested in playing in the cup, or if there's some specific team that you'd like to see play. If you want to, please answer or add your own answer to the poll in https://poal.me/6x3j1u

Open file (27.60 KB 358x268 ska.JPG)
Skalalala Gastarbeiter 02/18/2021 (Thu) 16:16:13 No.767 [Reply]
SKA IS NOT DEAD r-right?
Open file (24.80 KB 400x400 mmb.jpeg)
>>767 I went to a Mighty Mighty Bosstones show when I was 12. Good show, asked Dicky Barrett to play "Dr. D", he said "Nah man, we usually stick to a set and don't really take requests" First song they played was Dr. D. it was based
Open file (110.36 KB 652x762 rudeboy.jpg)
>mfw i unironically want this back

Gastarbeiter 03/26/2021 (Fri) 21:51:42 No.778 [Reply]
What is the secret website /mu/ migrated too?

Open file (126.94 KB 600x600 east side militia.jpg)
Cover art thread Gastarbeiter 07/04/2020 (Sat) 03:52:59 No.696 [Reply]
Post your favorite, interesting etc album covers in this thread. Anyone got the source to the dude on East Side Militia.
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Open file (712.76 KB 1200x1200 08759854.jpg)
Open file (162.97 KB 850x742 7236046652.jpg)
Open file (115.75 KB 600x597 1610198193094.jpg)
Open file (71.27 KB 400x400 dust hardF.jpg)
Open file (98.63 KB 500x500 low.jpg)
Open file (25.25 KB 400x400 s-l400.jpg)
Open file (22.98 KB 355x355 81sBDAZJ+2L._SY355_.jpg)
Honour and Blood from Tank has one of my favorite metal album covers, although I dislike the logo and wish they chose a flatter typeface. Here are some metal covers I like, although these aren't necessarily my favorite records. I don't even mind ones that look amateurish at all as long as they look rad. >>755 Not a Voivod fan, but I always loved that first one. I never saw the second, but that looks pretty cool too.

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