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Good music thread Anonymous 08/15/2019 (Thu) 18:33:17 No.1
Post some of your favorite tunes to celebrate the founding of this board.
>can't embed
fuck, I'll have to download shit now...
There's a sort of embed function by just posting the link, needs an extra click worth of effort but otherwise pretty easy.
I've recently discovered Dokken for myself
does it work now
>post 7
What happened to 4-6, did this board get its first spam?
No, it wouldn't post properly. I think it works now.
Open file (10.42 MB 1280x720 Emily's Theme.mp4)
I could download audio files of these, don't feel like it right now.
Open file (5.18 MB 854x480 1470847242693.webm)
Open file (3.38 MB 300x300 1470852290348.webm)
Open file (3.56 MB 420x420 Patricia.webm)
>someone saved my shitty mp4
Open file (1.24 MB 600x600 Interlude 1.webm)
What else do you listen to?
Open file (11.75 MB 370x360 Polar Bear - Leader.mp4)
Open file (9.83 MB 480x360 Polar Bear - Water.mp4)
>not posting the follow-up to What Do I Get
Open file (9.50 MB 450x360 Love Suicide, A.mp4)
Open file (1012.63 KB 320x240 Mother 3 Love Theme.webm)
>song has good instrumentation
>lyrics are fucking crappy
ahahahha this is just plain awful bro
Open file (7.75 MB 640x360 1420615256140-1.mp4)
Open file (5.70 MB 320x240 1566077876076-0.webm)
Open file (13.80 MB 480x360 Phil Ochs - Changes.mp4)
Open file (13.25 MB 320x240 moscow 1994.mp4)
Zi*e Warriors is the country's football team.
Open file (7.00 MB 480x360 speEd.webm)
Open file (380.73 KB 255x180 1454380799305.webm)
Open file (5.58 MB 907x480 1454472977279-1.webm)
this is the song in that video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vsh15w5uCQM
uhmmmmmmmmmmmm hai there do u lik rock?
does roll?
moar midwest shit
muh file too large
also this
yes the singer is an hamplanet
but her voice is pretty bitchin with all the distortion
and the guitars are best ive heard in years
Open file (12.66 MB 640x352 thank you google.webm)
Open file (18.47 MB 480x360 495645698736.webm)
Open file (7.81 MB 480x360 kamikaze.webm)
Open file (9.76 MB 640x480 around around.webm)
Open file (14.29 MB 640x360 Wir Drehen Auf.mp4)
Open file (4.54 MB 640x360 mortido.webm)
Open file (4.70 MB 542x360 hu ha antifa.webm)
Open file (5.00 MB 750x422 good evening.webm)
Open file (6.16 MB 980x720 Toj - Midnight.webm)
Open file (5.81 MB 1280x1080 13;33.webm)
Open file (11.15 MB 480x360 Cha La Head Cha La.mp4)
This didn't seem to upload, trying one more time.
Open file (15.01 MB 640x346 aa2.webm)
Open file (7.39 MB 318x240 Pulsion.webm)
Open file (6.25 MB 1920x1080 softer, dream, safe.webm)
Open file (5.70 MB 580x300 Wojak.webm)
Open file (3.57 MB 1234x902 Boston.webm)
Open file (4.94 MB 640x360 TSOL - Word Is.mp4)
Why doesn't Robi allow FLAC file uploads?
>>277 Yes plz allow Flac and ALAC, at least on this board.
>>279 >>>/retro/561 - at least there's that. >500 You tried to upload a file with an invalid format for this board. What the fuck's going on? I can't upload shit. Is BO doing something? I wish this board wasn't dead. Music is one of the few things I still enjoy.
>>281 I want to post but that file upload error doesn't let me. Shame as i missed a date for it. There's an option for allowed file types IIRC, if the BO added something, like say MP3, it locks down to only that file type, if you add something you have to add everything you want as it is an excluding list, the default value is blank so it works as allowing everything.
>>20 That John Frusciante song was great
Open file (6.66 MB 360x360 Metallica - Fuel.mp4)
Open file (2.19 MB 833x800 RWDS.webm)
Oh snap do webms function already? Testing
Open file (1008.95 KB 480x360 Cello Etude.mp4)
Open file (15.93 MB 889x500 CNC_SPRING_MACHINES.webm)
I downloaded this webm, but I don't know the soundtrack.
Open file (7.64 MB 1231x850 1438386670421.webm)
Open file (6.03 MB 480x360 1461875952476.mp4)
Open file (2.54 MB 320x240 1462273867432.webm)
Open file (3.39 MB 640x360 1467891393931.webm)
Open file (6.99 MB 480x360 Poe - Haunted.mp4)

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