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Open file (126.94 KB 600x600 east side militia.jpg)
Cover art thread Gastarbeiter 07/04/2020 (Sat) 03:52:59 No.696
Post your favorite, interesting etc album covers in this thread. Anyone got the source to the dude on East Side Militia.
Open file (97.73 KB 300x300 Easy Tempo.PNG)
Open file (1.59 MB 1400x1400 cover.jpg)
Open file (478.03 KB 900x900 cover.jpg)
Open file (116.26 KB 600x594 Goatsnake Vol. 1.jpg)
Open file (139.29 KB 600x597 war and pain.jpg)
Open file (140.26 KB 1000x1011 rrroooaaarrr.jpg)
No artist will ever top these for metal aesthetics.
Open file (712.76 KB 1200x1200 08759854.jpg)
Open file (162.97 KB 850x742 7236046652.jpg)
Open file (115.75 KB 600x597 1610198193094.jpg)
Open file (71.27 KB 400x400 dust hardF.jpg)
Open file (98.63 KB 500x500 low.jpg)
Open file (25.25 KB 400x400 s-l400.jpg)
Open file (22.98 KB 355x355 81sBDAZJ+2L._SY355_.jpg)
Honour and Blood from Tank has one of my favorite metal album covers, although I dislike the logo and wish they chose a flatter typeface. Here are some metal covers I like, although these aren't necessarily my favorite records. I don't even mind ones that look amateurish at all as long as they look rad. >>755 Not a Voivod fan, but I always loved that first one. I never saw the second, but that looks pretty cool too.

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