La fine è importante in tutte le cose Lupo Lucio 05/12/2021 (Wed) 00:13:48 ID: b2c3a4 No.15745 [Reply]
la prima volta che iniziai a frequentare assiduamente questa sezione ero in cerca di un oscuro studio sull'orientamento politico dei giornalisti, mi pare, europei dal quale si evidenziava come quelli italiani fossero i più a sinistra di tutti e che fu prontamente recuperato dai più remoti recessi dell'internet. Ora che il mio latitare su questa sezione sta per venire meno, scegliete voi se per volontà mia, volontà vostra o richiesta altrui direi che sarebbe giusto chiudere il cerchio con una richiesta similare tipo i nomi contenuti nei verbali trapelati sulla loggia Ungheria che controllerebbe buona parte del paese grazie agli agganci tra politici, magistrati e industriali. Gaudeamus.
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>>15745 Coinvolti nella Loggia Ungheria infatti ci sono tra gli altri: >Sebastiano Ardita ex pm antimafia >Emma Marcegaglia ex presidente di Confindustria >Livia Pomodoro ex presidente del Tribunale di Milano >Paola Severino ex ministro della giustizia
>>15754 >immagina dare ai giornalisti che dovessero passare da qui qualcosa di cui parlare sul serio invece di dovergli far inventare storie fantasiose di pericolosi buchi neri nazifassdistissdimi
>>15753 >>15754 >>15755 Ammazzati, andicappino.
>>15758 Sei uno spasso.
Open file (322.93 KB 1024x768 euri.png) Lo strano caso dei 400000 euro a Giuseppe Conte.

Open file (158.51 KB 770x1000 $_10.jpeg)
I built a WaifuEngine would people want support me via Patreon? Em Elle E 05/11/2021 (Tue) 09:04:56 No.10361 [Reply]
Hey guys, I have been working on this project for a while now, beta supposedly in August. but basically it's a Waifu Engine, I have seen that a lot of the hardware projects have not gone very far and there are some software projects going on here, that lack the Waifu Aesthetic. So I thought I would build a system to solve that issue. I have gotten offline speech synthesis (voice cloning) to work as well as created my own offline bot framework. I am building this project to 1. to eventually raise funds for my wife who has Retinitis Pigmentosa, she will eventually go blind ... sadly, and its for gene therapy that could help who knows!. 2. To leave my job at a place where I am wasting my talent away, doing boring M.L Engineering work for a FANG company. 3. To build an interact-able companion for everyone, for these rough covid times. This is more of a survey, I just wanted to gauge the interest. So would you support me via Patreon? what would it take for that support?

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>>10376 >explaining your desire, replying to one of his posts*
>>10378 Hey good work anon it reminds me of the days when I used to play with OpenGL, the nostalgia factor is there!
>>10382 Thanks! I know it sounds immodest, and that's not intentional, but that bit of work is literally the simplest OpenGL-specific C++ code I've ever seen, that goes all the way down to the shader programming and asset import/mesh construction level. I worked hard to simplify things within it, simply b/c that's literally the single best way to deal with complexity (>>9641). The very fact it's so simple is exactly why it runs so fast on such potato-tier hardware.
>>10385 It makes sense your approach, if it works on hardware that is not the greatest then it will be able to be used everywhere, and yeah I have seen complexity be pretty bad before, where do you plan to take your work ? what are the next steps?
>>10388 >where do you plan to take your work ? what are the next steps? Well, I'm the OP of that thread and outlined a couple of ideas. I was chugging along with laying the groundwork of high-performance rendering and environmentals, got asset import working, but wanted to have our own, independynt skeleton system for our system (remember the goal for it is to be an actual simulator, not just an animation system. think 'physics-linked-to-AI-training system') and that led me down the bunny trail of having to learn linear algebra basics sufficient to devise my own FK/IK skeletal system. After a month or two, I picked up enough to probably go on with. But as there were other things calling for my time I shelved it with the intention of picking it back up when the time seemed right.

Censimento 05/10/2021 (Mon) 17:53:38 ID: 9097d4 No.15676 [Reply]
Quanti di voi Lupacchiotti bazzicano ancora qui, e se non lo fate di solito, perchè?
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>>15738 >permabannato E dai, qui si dice "bandito". Capisco che sapermi in giro non vi faccia dormir la notte ma almeno un po' di impegno. Vi dovete sempre far smascherare così, e che cavolo.
>>15740 >Ah, sono anche quello che ha fatto buona parte degli stendardi sia qui che sul vecchiocanale. Quali, esattamente? Ma poi non te ne andasti da >>15722 ?
>>15743 >Quali, esattamente? Quelli con i caratteri da "memes esilaranti da vecchiaccio del facebook" >Ma poi non te ne andastiù In realtà si ma vedere le zecchette del diocanale passare dall'operazione psoìicologica "ammazzati andicappino" ad un vero e proprio metodo Trump per essere silenziato dall'internet era troppo succulento per non rispondere. Comunque banditemi pure permanentemente, ho già un nuovo progetto da portare avanti. che non dirò, giusto per tenere ancora sulle corde le zecchette transessuali del diocanale e poi così potrete sempre vantarvi di essere stati fottuti dai transessuali del diocanale.
>>15744 Ammazzati, andicappino t. abbandonato il diocanale da prima che tu lo trovassi
>>15748 Com'era il discorso su non "spammare" e "floodare" la sezione senza "namefrociare" caro il mio mister Sage?

#GamerGoyim + Ni/gg/er Thread [cake/v/ + /gg/]: "pedophilia is just like basic biology bro trust me" Edition Toad 05/10/2021 (Mon) 09:40:06 ID: 113fc0 No.102181 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is a place for a complete dedicated discussion of the #S​ARGON general from the remnants of 8chan's /v/, otherwise known as cake/v/, the thread has a history of discussing anything but a 7-year-old dead movement attacking a strong woman and mostly prefers to be a /pol/-lite mixed with discussion of why furfaggotry and pedophilia are actually totally based and something an oldfag would endorse! The #S​ARGON thread is a walking contradiction, whether it is the fact that they claim to be oldfags despite the fact that they are clearly redditors that latched onto 8chan for a semblance of the lack of culture they so desperately crave, and hence their obsession/attachment to old gamergay related memes such as vivian and the exodus from 4chan, claim to hate kikes one minute but use a board run by a jew and claim he is /ourkike/ the next, or just the simple fact that during #gamergay they constantly talked about how it wasn't really a natzee movement run by manhaters while posting how much they hated queen anita, there is something truly fascinating about these subhuman pedophile oldfag larpers. It is to say that these subhumans in all their time posting about the same fucking shit for so long have never changed and have forever remained as redditors trying so desperately to fit in with anons, the only thing they successfully adopted was the massive cope that pedos on image boards and websites all around the internet have used to justify their disgusting want to molest innocent children. I think it is fine time that >we finally had a new thread that discussed the ni/gg/ers, even though /cow/ has been a zombie board dedicated to the exclusive discussion of jcaesar187 and jcaesar187 related individuals for almost 3 years chuckles for some reason >we live so rent-free in these pedos heads that whenever something happens to their little hugbox they blame >us. The fact is these pedophile faggots are an endless supply of julay that keeps on giving, their autistic statements never cease to amaze me, it is time that instead of simply lurking the thread I shared the autism with the rest of you 5 autists here and had a little of fun for once just like old fag times. gaytor As of now acidfed and mark mann the pedophiles have begun to openly allow pedophiles to discuss their wanting to fuck little girls on, otherwise known as markchan, cakechan, 8blacked, or marks personal pedo haven. >We know that they allow said discussion bickers they themselves are pedophiles. Ni/gg/ers, have shockingly come out in support of pedophilia, I know shocking! It isn't as if 7 years of their thread hasn't already shown how much they want to fuck little kids and proven queen antia and zoe right about #gamergay. Apparently the king slaphead directly contacted mark and has supposedly convinced him to remove the board, but I don't think that has happened as of yet and the cp spam is still pretty intense over there right now. Recent ni/gg/er thread where they were having their meltdown: /cow/ was being blamed for everything as "/cow/ are duh reeeel pedos bro!" Another little bonus is that known pedophile john barnhill was totally not shilling himself on the thread as well. Credit to the anons in this thread here for most of the images I have now plus alerting me of their recent meltdowns in the first place, ni/gg/ers are still running damage control there right now! Cake/v/'s current main address:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (95.94 KB 418x549 ClipboardImage.jfif)
>>102452 >>102449 reminder that cowtists are basically the same as niGGers
>>102453 Reported for low effort bait
>>102455 It isn't bait, you're just two sides of the same autistic coin. Or did you mean the image? I don't know what makes normalfags seethe and what not.
>>102453 I mean most ni/gg/ers are also pedos and /cow/boys aren't pedos so that doesn't confirm the horseshoe anon.
>>102457 It's not about that, it's for being insane conspiritards that blame each other for absolutely everything.

Elfdroid Sophie Dev Thread 2 Robowaifu Enthusiast 03/26/2021 (Fri) 19:51:19 No.9216 [Reply] [Last]
The saga of the Elfdroid-pattern Robowaifu continues! Previous (1st) dev thread starts here >>4787 At the moment I am working to upgrade Sophie's eye mechanism with proper animatronics. I have confirmed that I'm able to build and program the original mechanism so that the eyes and eyelids move, but that was the easy part. Now I have to make this already 'compact' Nilheim Mechatronics design even more compact so that it can fit snugly inside of Sophie's head. One big problem I can see coming is building in clearance between her eyeballs, eyelids and eye sockets so that everything can move fully and smoothly. I already had to use Vaseline on the eyeballs of the first attempt because the tolerances were so small. If the eyelids are recessed too deep into her face, then she looks like a lizard-creature with a nictitating membrane. But if the eyelids are pushed too far forward then she just looks bug-eyed and ridiculous. There is a middle ground which still looks robotic and fairly inhuman, but not too bad (besides, a certain degree of inhuman is what I'm aiming for, hence I made her an elf). Links to file repositories below.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Chobitsu on 04/17/2021 (Sat) 01:17:14.
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>>10342 >What do you mean by "machine screws"? They are like bolts, but with a head like a screw, which is often hex or Philips. Unlike a wood screw, machine screws are threaded to accept a nut.
Open file (33.35 KB 600x600 screw.jpg)
>>10347 There's also some confusion when machine screws are mentioned.
>>10348 not him. >pic kek and helpful at the same time. nice one.
>>10323 Look forward to seeing your progress with dear Elfdroid Sophie, Anon.
Open file (299.61 KB 941x726 smug_robo.GIF)

Speech Synthesis general Robowaifu Technician 09/13/2019 (Fri) 11:25:07 No.199 [Reply] [Last]
We want our robowaifus to speak to us right?

The Taco Tron project:

No code available yet, hopefully they will release it.
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>>9179 Ahh, didn't know about that one, thanks Anon.
Open file (156.72 KB 555x419 overview.webm)
Open file (50.42 KB 445x554 conformer.png)
A novel voice converter that outperforms FastSpeech2 and generates speech faster. Although it doesn't do speech synthesis from text it introduced a convolution-augmented Transformer that could easily be adapted into FastSpeech2 and FastPitch to improve the quality of synthesized speech.
>>10159 Quality sounds excellent. Thanks Anon.
Hey I am looking for the dev that did this work I am working on something similar except with Hi-FiGan. I am looking for a collaborator on my project, it is explained more here. >>10377 The gist of it is, I am building a desktop wall paper you can chat with more on my thread
>>9121 >>10383 >robowaifudev

ROBOWAIFU U Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 05:52:02 No.235 [Reply] [Last]
In this thread post links to books, videos, MOOCs, tutorials, forums, and general learning resources about creating robots (particularly humanoid robots), writing AI or other robotics related software, design or art software, electronics, makerspace training stuff or just about anything that's specifically an educational resource and also useful for anons learning how to build their own robowaifus. >tl;dr ITT we mek /robowaifu/ school.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/11/2020 (Mon) 21:31:04.
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Open file (341.64 KB 894x631 EM.png)
Expectation maximization is an iterative method to find maximum likelihood estimates of parameters in statistical models, where the model depends on unobserved latent variables. How EM is useful solving mixture models: How it works: Longer lecture on EM algorithms for machine learning: EM was applied to hindsight experience replay (which improves expectations of future states from past failures) to greatly improve the learning efficiency and performance, particularly in high-dimensional spaces: Hindsight Experience Replay:
I haven't come across a good article or post on pre-training neural networks but I think it's a really important subject for anyone doing machine learning. Recently when trying to convert the T5 model into an autoencoder I made the mistake of forgetting to pre-train it on autoencoding before converting the hidden state into a variational autoencoder. Because of this both the decoder was unable to decode anything useful and it was getting random input from the untrained VAE, making it extraordinarily difficult to train. After fixing this I also locked the parameters of the T5 encoder and decoder to further improve training efficiency by training the VAE specifically on producing the same hidden state output as its hidden state input so the decoder doesn't become skewed learning how to undo the VAEs inaccuracy. Once the VAE reaches a reasonable accuracy then I will optimize the whole model in tandem while retaining the VAEs consistency loss. Pre-training is also really important for reinforcement learning. I can't remember the name of the paper right now but there was an experiment that had an agent navigate a maze and collect items, but finding a reward from a randomly initialized network is nearly impossible, so before throwing the agent into the main task they taught it with auxiliary tasks such as how to smoothly control looking around the screen and how to predict how the scene changes as it moves around. A similar paper to this was MERLIN (Memory, RL, and Inference Network) which was taught how to recognize objects, memorize them and control looking around before being thrown into the maze to search for different objects: For learning to happen efficiently a network has to learn tasks in a structured and comprehensive way, otherwise it's like trying to learn calculus before knowing how to multiply or add. The problem has to be broken down into smaller simpler problems that the network can learn to solve individually before tackling a more complicated problem. Not only do they have to broken down but they need to be structured in a hierarchy, so the final task can be solved with as few skills as possible. The issue of pre-training, transfer learning and how to do it properly will become more important as machine learning tackles more and more complicated tasks. The subject itself could deserve its own thread one day, but for now just being aware of this will make your experiments a lot easier.
Open file (96.49 KB 356x305 roboticist4.jpg)
Open file (104.97 KB 716x199 roboticist1.jpg)
Open file (359.55 KB 500x601 roboticist9_0.jpg)
>Mark Tilden on “What is the best way to get a robotics education today?”
Synthesis of asynchronous circuits >Abstract >The majority of integrated circuits today are synchronous: every part of the chip times its operation with reference to a single global clock. As circuits become larger and faster, it becomes progressively more difficult to coordinate all actions of the chip to the clock. Asynchronous circuits do not suffer from this problem, because they do not require global synchronization; they also offer other benefits, such as modularity, lower power and automatic adaptation to physical conditions. >The main disadvantage of asynchronous circuits is that techniques for their design are less well understood than for synchronous circuits, and there are few tools to help with the design process. This dissertation proposes an approach to the design of asynchronous modules, and a new synthesis tool which combines a number of novel ideas with existing methods for finite state machine synthesis. Connections between modules are assumed to have unbounded finite delays on all wires, but fundamental mode is used inside modules, rather than the pessimistic speed-independent or quasi-delay-insensitive models. Accurate technology-specific verification is performed to check that circuits work correctly. >Circuits are described using a language based upon the Signal Transition Graph, which is a well-known method for specifying asynchronous circuits. Concurrency reduction techniques are used to produce a large number of circuits that conform to a given specification. Circuits are verified using a bi-bounded simulation algorithm, and then performance estimations are obtained by a gate-level simulator utilising a new estimation of waveform slopes. Circuits can be ranked in terms of high speed, low power dissipation or small size, and then the best circuit for a particular task chosen. >Results are presented that show significant improvements over most circuits produced by other synthesis tools. Some circuits are twice as fast and dissipate half the power of equivalent speed-independent circuits. Examples of the specification language are provided which show that it is easier to use than current specification approaches. The price that must be paid for the improved performance is decreased reliability, technology dependence of the circuits produced, and increased runtime compared to other tools.

Open file (8.77 MB 1280x720 pedo_reveal.mp4)
Open file (367.36 KB 819x895 chef_john.png)
Open file (54.12 KB 186x246 pedobrain.png)
Open file (218.19 KB 561x649 pedojust.png)
John Barnhill/koirey Barnhill/Koisheep/kimeemaru Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 06:39:16 No.70142 [Reply] [Last]
Names: John, real first name John Barnhill, Koirey Barnhill, Van, former twitch name Koisheep, Kimeemaru, prinny, dr oktoberfest last 2 are old steam names John Barnhill, otherwise known as the long lost brother of Corey Ray Barnhill is a 22 year old or 21 fat jewish leaf pedophile NEET who lives somewhere in Ontario, leafland. most likely Hamilton He is a newfag who got into image boards in 2015 during the tale-end of #gaymergoyim, this is what in his own words truly inspired him to get involved in the community/get political. He was an underagefag or a "teenbro" (in his own words) for most of his time on image boards. Besides being the pedophile that tried to spam Julay to death with cp He is most notably a failed z-celeb streamer and speedrunner who was so desperate for fame that he went to the Гунтstream of all places to garner a larger fanbase. went from 0-2 viewers to 6 fucking amazing improvement john! THE FAMILY John also has an amazing family that does not at all explain the fact that he was allowed 24 hour access to the internet as a teenager that did not at all fry his brain with cuckime and turn him into the sad pedophile that he is today. Johns family consist of him, his father, who is also an autistic NEET who watches interracial cuckold porn, smokes weed, plays video games and bullies john all day irl and in vidya; his mother who is the only member of the family with a job and who supports the entire household by herself; his onee-san who is a fat 28 year old with one son. her husband is a chubby chaser apparently according to John John's last family member is his imouto, a 17 year old autistic girl who sucks at 2hu and apparently plays with Legos, she drives him around everywhere he goes bickers he doesn't know how to drive. TIME ON THE ГунтSTREAM John Barnhill only came on the Гунтstream for clout at the recommendation of his irl friend prmanager, a massive faggot in his own right he knew little to nothing about lolcows, the Гунт or anything else and he had little interest in it. prmanager seems to know a little but I suspect he is a foxdick John would stream himself playing video games in which he was constantly bullied by a-logs for his lack of the ability to play them. John is only good at 2hu and some quake-rip off free to play fps, he absolutely sucks at everything else. John in particular is really bad at platformers like Mario and Megaman. besides streaming "games" he would also stream his "lovequest" member chris chan for an e-girlfriend, highlights of these streams include meeting a girl that revealed herself to be 13: >uhh sorry lad I can't do anything with you >you are underage sorry >like sorry but you are underage >yeah I know but I can't date you bickers your 13 your underage Despite this he hung around her a little longer instead of instantly leaving, and sounded almost like he was lamenting the fact that he couldn't legally have e-sex with this innocent girl, this is one of the first signs of john's pedophilia but its not the last. John tried courting one girl but she turned out to be a based chink who only dated in her race and so the kike was stood up yet again. >so uhhh ya I kinda need an e-girl girlfriend >oh you do?

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Open file (307.00 KB 800x1800 gaytorreddit.png)
>>101552 *memer
john is back, he couldn't live without us and his cp stash
Open file (119.95 KB 589x461 john_returns.png)
>>101647 Of course, he wouldn't leave, my guess is my couple of shitposts mocking him got him to come back a little sooner, the thing with john is he can't leave the internet.
Never forget that day john posted cp, truly a day to remember anons!
Open file (32.98 KB 510x422 john_nu_stream.png)
Open file (211.79 KB 1234x347 japan_raid_tv.png)

Open file (383.47 KB 1071x649 Styx makeup big teeth.png)
Open file (120.03 KB 900x900 styxlarp.jpg)
Open file (18.23 KB 454x421 styxmaekupgothiclarp.jpg)
Open file (340.59 KB 853x440 Styxmakeup.png)
Open file (52.40 KB 1280x720 Styxskeleton2.jpg)
Styxhexenhammer666 Toad 01/31/2021 (Sun) 23:35:10 ID: 577c86 No.96575 [Reply]
Styx is cringy youtuber and a piece of shit. Read his foxdick farms page if you don't believe me. His ex-gf's enter his thread and start dropping dirt on him. And before you start damage controlling for your favorite skeletal friend-simulator and saying don't believe women bickers they lie, he admits it was all true in a couple videos. Here are some key bits: -He creeped on several underage youtubers. Wrote comments on their channels and cringey lines flirting with them. When told that one of them was underage, he replied "Perfection can wait." Got rejected by StelleToad McKinley. Makes vague YouTube videos crying about it. Write youtube comments about walking into the woods and alluding to not coming back with suicide-poetry to cope with the rejection. Was drinking himself to sleep with wine to cope, not eating much food, and crying. -He wears makeup and unironically thinks he looks good despite being butt-fucking ugly. -He is the definition of a poser and a try-hard. His entire identity is larping. -Gets confronted by "Revenge of the Cis" on Tonka's Kumite show about his creeping on underage youtubers and pedo accusations (Stella Christine/Stelle Toad McKinley and at least 1 other). Styx tries to get his braindead audience to flag down the show in real-time (strangely never gets flak even though Toad McKinley was bullied for years about flagging jcaesar187's stream down "Matt NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.") Eventually comes on the Kumite drunk and threatens to sue them and says, "Do you know how much money I make. You don't wanna mess with me!" Is seething and fuming and sounds like a disturbed mess. However, Styx says that the youtube comments were fake and doctored in photoshop. He lied about this to avoid the embarrassment and humiliation of being rejected by the girl and for being accused of pedophila since she was underage. The comments were real. Styx lied under pressure. But ROTC apologizes in the moment bickers it's awkward and sing him Happy Birthday. -StelleToad McKinley, an underage youtuber, broke his heart and publicly embarrassed him. Styx was writing gay poetry about how heartbroken he was and was planning on grooming the girl to be his woman. He lied about the whole thing and pretended it was all faked, photoshops by Antifa to cover his larpy, cringy, ass. -He has hard-drives of nudes of all the women he flirts with and tries to pressure them into masturbating on camera with him over webcam. -He convinced a young women to move into his parent's Vermont home NEET-cave bedroom. -He impregnated the women and cheated on her. -Styx pressured and threatened the women into having an abortion bickers he thought he was too young to have to accept responsibility for his actions (He was 30 at the time. Lol). -Styx threatened to secretly slip her an herbal drink made from his herb garden that would abort her baby if she didn't comply and go to Planned Parenthood to abort it, saying the drink would give her a heavier menstrual flow for the month as it killed the baby. -Styx drove his gf to her Planned Parenthood appointments but when she wanted to get something to eat from a restaurant across town, Styx refused and shit his pants and didn't do the basic accommodation for the gf he just made abort her own baby. bickers Styx has anxiety and he's not used to leaving his bedroom as a NEET so the whole world makes his autistic brain have a panic attack and unfamiliar locations hurt his autistic brain that craves routine and familiarity. -Styx starts cheating on his gf with a black women from the UK that he flies into Vermont and meet in hotel rooms. -Styx lies about it to his live-in gf, gaslights her, but she finds out anyway. She beats him up and he deserves it and more. -Styx uploads a couple videos on YouTube, moping and crying, trying to elicit audience sympathy and get counseling, complaining about his personal life. His audience eats it up, bc he's their friend-simulator that talks to them through the screen evey day and he seems like a nice guy when he talks to you every day in his 5 minute videos. Lol. Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gasey were also very nice guys and pillars of the community, until they found out they were rapists and serial killers with bodies of little boys underneath Gasey's house and Bundy's trail of dozens of murdered women. -As a narcissist, Styx cries about his personal problems to his audience, even though he was the one that caused the drama with his cheating on all his gf's. The skeletal narcissist cries out in pain as he strikes you. -Styx starts cheating with another Dutch youtuber named "Elizabeth's Philosophy" who is an ugly-average blonde woman with no eyebrows and looks like a Neanderthal. She sends his a boob pic so he has to fly to the Netherlands to get that ugly Dutch girl pussy.

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>>98063 the tranny is not him, it's just a phenotype way common among faggots/betas
>>96575 you know with long gay hair like his i knew he would end up coming out as a tranny trap. mfer looks like he's 80 years old
>>96579 Strange to witness the rise of Styx from an obscure Satanic vlogger with videos authentically supporting Georgia guide stones protocols, ‘renounce’ those beliefs to be a more palatable libertarian pagan and eventually become one of the same self-serving political commentator he endlessly lampooned once Trump’s train was brought to a screeching halt. It was a fun ride since he’d garnered so much attention along the way but it became mundanely obvious that he leaned on the same journalism as the rest of us one lockdown started and everything was signal jammed.
>>96576 Nothing good comes out of communing with demons, troons or otherwise.
>>96719 Broken clocks are right twice a day. And if we need to present Tit for Tat, Contrapoints aka WILLIAM NICHOLAS PARROTT is officially a non-entity after being destroyed forever by his own base for talking to a troon that didn't hold antifa beliefs.

Open file (344.48 KB 466x479 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.45 MB 900x675 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (251.47 KB 767x682 ClipboardImage.png)
Gameplay & Bitch Toad 12/18/2020 (Fri) 03:49:46 ID: 5faa27 No.93913 [Reply]
13208 JASPER RD FAIRFAX , VA 22033 Chantilly High School, VA graduation in 2001 Age: 38 Related to: Roy Mackert, 67Sharman Mackert, 63Brandon Mackert, 34 his jewtube channel and other social media I know he has an atariage account and I assume its: ,,, Trust me this /cow/ will produce julay if you poke him a little.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (1.05 MB 1190x667 Austin 7.png)
Open file (280.48 KB 633x322 Austin 9.png)
Open file (322.00 KB 628x353 Austin 10.png)
Open file (325.11 KB 625x330 Austin 11.png)
Open file (322.14 KB 628x331 Austin 12.png)
Open file (316.37 KB 627x332 Austin 13.png)
Open file (322.70 KB 630x330 Austin 14.png)
Open file (354.70 KB 627x333 Austin 15.png)
Open file (378.70 KB 631x325 Austin 17.png)
Open file (393.41 KB 620x332 Austin 18.png)
Open file (161.15 KB 270x327 Austin 19.png)
Open file (381.85 KB 631x333 Austin 20.png)
Open file (795.18 KB 1191x613 Austin 22.png)
Open file (675.41 KB 1192x502 Austin 23.png)
Open file (958.74 KB 1183x615 Austin 25.png)
Open file (551.33 KB 745x560 Austin 26.png)
Open file (108.81 KB 900x675 Austin 27.jpg)
Open file (108.82 KB 900x675 Austin 28.jfif)
Open file (292.29 KB 530x498 Austin 29.png)
Open file (49.18 KB 267x150 Austin 30.png)
Austin's resume.

(WARNER BROTHERS CONTRACT) [Illuminati, rated 2016] IBM (Power7) Genuine 01/19/2021 (Tue) 03:50:51 ID: 1bb3b0 No.95928 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome, Enjoy the stay to the Sexually Seductive Sessions brought to you by the Illuminati(2016). In Honor of "The Black Child", we expose the POLOPIS Users of the Illuminati. (If you want the Regular Illuminati exposure, please refer to The Black Child Only for this intel.) Remember to not believe in Joanna Levesque for she is a liar and a seducing Sex Machine. Your Penis will erect and you will blow your Sperm uncontrollably as you are forced to obey the will of Your Superior (JoJo Levesque). With the jokes aside, Enjoy The Show. (Downloadable)
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Open file (511.21 KB 1125x939 BOOMER FBI.jpg)
Open file (329.67 KB 1859x1016 Bitchy.jpg)
Open file (335.32 KB 1847x987 Bitch.jpg)
Open file (753.62 KB 2280x1080 Bitch A.I.jpg)
Open file (260.90 KB 1080x1658 68 mAJoR bitch.jpg)

HOW TO SOLVE IT Robowaifu Technician 07/08/2020 (Wed) 06:50:51 No.4143 [Reply]
How do we eat this elephant, /robowaifu/? This is a yuge task obviously, but OTOH, we all know it's inevitable there will be robowaifus. It's simply a matter of time. For us (and for every other Anon) the only question is will we create them ourselves, or will we have to take what we're handed out by the GlobohomoBotnet(TM)(R)(C)? In the interest of us achieving the former I'll present this checklist from George Pólya. Hopefully it can help us begin to break down the problem into bite-sized chunks and make forward progress. >--- First. UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEM You have to understand the problem. >What is the unknown? What are the data? What is the condition? Is it possible to satisfy the condition? Is the condition sufficient to determine the unknown? Or is it insufficient? Or redundant? Or contradictory? >Draw a figure. Introduce suitable notation. >Separate the various parts of the condition. Can you write them down? Second.

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>>10331 >zim I already know that program. Thanks for the reminder. Now I'll look into it again, since it's still around. (Wasn't using it bc switched computers and my old disc is encrypted and I don't remember the exact PW. That's why I forgot about the program. One thing I want in the future, is the script or the OS making a textfile with all programs intalled. So one can easily recreate the same OS.)
>>10335 >One thing I want in the future, is the script or the OS making a textfile with all programs intalled. So one can easily recreate the same OS.) My apologies that I can't remember it Anon, but a few years back when I was still on Linux Mint, there was an explicit tool that would run through your program setups and system config, and then record that out to a re-installation script. The explicit intent was to quickly and simply allow an Anon to nuke (or lose) a box, but be able to reinstall everything fresh from scratch with practically no muss or fuss. Again, sorry I don't remember it, but again, it was available in the Linux Mint repos. (Therefore, possibly in the upstream Ubuntu / Debian ones).
>>10331 Wow that sounds amazing Anon, thanks.
Open file (68.08 KB 1182x763 wall of information.PNG)
N00b with 0 practical experience with AI with a bit of an idea. I was gonna put this in the AI design thread, but seeing as it's more a structural question than a nitty-gritty AI question, thought it'd do here. Say you have a chatbot style AI developed. It can take in external information in text, and return information back to the user in text. Before the output text reaches the user, it's run through a script that checks for commands, and when it detects one, triggers an action that the robowaifu body carries out. These actions aren't manually completed by the AI, and instead are pre-scripted or carried out by a dedicated movement AI. Is it possible to train the chatbot AI to consistently understand how to send out commands accurately? How do you incorporate that sort of thing into training data? And, in another way, is it possible to take a robowaifu's senses and pipe them into a chatbot's interface via text in the same manner? Pic related is a better way of explaining it. Is this model feasible, or would an in/out system like this hamper training speed to a no longer viable amount? I know that there's obviously more steps in the chain to this (for one, an always-open microphone will confuse the AI into thinking you're always talking to it, so there has to be an "are you talking to me?" filter in the path), but given this rough draft, is such a model possible with the technology that the average anon has (barring RW@home that other anons have suggested)?
>>10357 I'm not knowledgeable enough ATP to answer your AI-specific questions, but the >And, in another way, is it possible to take a robowaifu's senses and pipe them into a chatbot's interface via text in the same manner? question I can pretty confidently answer with a 'yes', since it really involves little more than sending properly-written signaling data to the display. >diagram I really like your diagram Anon, one minor suggestion: I'd say you could combine the two blocks containing 'Typo Correction' into a single 'Typo Correction/Error Checking' block, that sits before the 'Text Analyzer' block. >Is this model feasible, or would an in/out system like this hamper training speed to a no longer viable amount? Yes, I think that's likely to be a reasonable approximation at this point lad. It will take many, many more additions (and revisions) to flesh it out fully in the end. But you're certainly on the right track I'd say. >is such a model possible with the technology that the average anon has Since a general definition of 'average anon' is pretty much an impossibility, I'd suggest a rough, reasonably adequate, target user definition as being: An Anon who has one or two SBCs and some rechargeable batteries, dedicated specifically to his robowaifu's exclusive use. If it takes anything more than this hardware-wise to work out the AI/chat part of a robowaifu's systems, then that would basically exclude the (much-higher numbers of) impoverished/low-income men around the world (>>10315, >>10319). I'd suggest that it be a fundamental goal here on /robowaifu/ to attempt the AI/Chat system be targeted specifically for the Raspberry Pi SBC. Not only would that be a good end-product goal to target, but it also has advantages for us as designers and developers as well. (>>4969)

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Open file (287.29 KB 1200x803 download.jpeg)
Lupo Lucio 02/26/2021 (Fri) 17:03:52 No.14622 [Reply]
Quanti appassionati di cinema in quesat sezione?
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Open file (7.79 KB 480x360 unnazified.jpg)
>>14649 A me aggradiva assai Il Gran Dittatore
>>15661 >inserisci Idiocracy non doveva essere un documentario qui.......
Qual è l'opinione di Ita su (((Spielberg)))??
Pensavo di guardarmi questo...
>>15687 Facci una bella recensioncina, Lupò

Open file (53.43 KB 154x203 JacobMugshot.png)
Open file (47.65 KB 449x599 ASS_NAPKIN_1.jpg)
Open file (108.52 KB 1045x621 bestyougot?.png)
Jacob Stellmach/Aediot Toad 05/01/2021 (Sat) 04:19:13 ID: 921132 No.101732 [Reply]
Current impostor admin of encyclopedia dramatica. A colossal faggot,who gets reamed so hard he has to wear ass napkins who is famous for putting static banner adds for camgirl sites on ed, fucking up the site and loosing everything, bringing the site back with no images and a broken search function, and trademarking ed so he can get rid of (which actually has a function version of the site). Recently he went on foxdick and doxed his ex-girlfriend Adezero (the same slag who was fucking the Гунт) and release her nudes. This backfired in spectacular fashion when Ade revealed that his asshole has been reamed so hard that he has to wear ass napkins to keep the shit from leaking out. He claims his ass is broke bickers his dad raped him when he was a kid, while Ade claims he gets reamed by G​AMERGATEs daily. She also claims that he would hide his ass napkins around the house and she had to clean them up.
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>>101794 >Also, can we just put ED out of it's misery? ED has gone on far too long and has long since lost its original purpose and identity. All that is left is a core group of spergs attached to a name endlessly bickering and infighting over the shambling corpse of a site. No one who has written anything interesting ever has posted there since 2013 at the latest. Should we put /cow/ out of its misery too, then?
>>101852 >Should we put /cow/ out of its misery too, then? Probably.
Open file (2.46 MB 600x335 brapcanon.gif)
more like Gaycob Smellmach
Open file (618.59 KB 485x384 aediot goatse napkin.gif)
>>102060 So true king
He's a jew, just remember that.

Open file (14.96 KB 280x280 wfu.jpg)
Beginners guide to AI, ML, DL. Beginner Anon 11/10/2020 (Tue) 07:12:47 No.6560 [Reply]
I already know we have a thread dedicated to books,videos,tutorials etc. But there are a lot of resources there and as a beginner it is pretty confusing to find the correct route to learn ML/DL advanced enough to be able contribute robowaifu project. That is why I thought we would need a thread like this. Assuming that I only have basic programming in python, dedication, love for robowaifus but no maths, no statistics, no physics, no college education how can I get advanced enough to create AI waifus? I need a complete pathway directing me to my aim. I've seen that some of you guys recommended books about reinforcement learning and some general books but can I really learn enough by just reading them? AI is a huge field so it's pretty easy to get lost. What I did so far was to buy a non-english great book about AI, philosophycal discussions of it, general algorithms, problem solving techniques, history of it, limitations, gaming theories... But it's not a technical book. Because of that I also bought a few courses on this website called Udemy. They are about either Machine Learning or Deep Learning. I am hoping to learn basic algorithms through those books but because I don't have maths it is sometimes hard to understand the concept. For example even when learning linear regression, it is easy to use a python library but can't understand how it exactly works because of the lack of Calculus I have. Because of that issue I have hard time understanding algorithms. >>5818 >>6550 Can those anons please help me? Which resources should I use in order to be able to produce robowaifus? If possible, you can even create a list of books/courses I need to follow one by one to be able to achieve that aim of mine. If not, I can send you the resources I got and you can help me to put those in an order. I also need some guide about maths as you can tell. Yesterday after deciding and promising myself that I will give whatever it takes to build robowaifus I bought 3 courses about linear alg, calculus, stats but I'm not really good at them. I am waiting for your answers anons, thanks a lot!
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Open file (220.57 KB 1199x540 IMG_20210331_191630.jpg)
Open file (52.91 KB 1404x794 IMG_20210331_191334.jpg)
> completely removing the background of a picture (robust PCA) > PCA's main goal: dimensionality reduction. >You can take a bunch of features that describe an object and, using PCA, come up with the list of those that matter the most. >You can then throw away the rest without losing the essence of your object.
>>9375 That's pretty powerful. I imagine glowniggers are using this idea extensively for surveillance isolation. Not only would this work with a 'pre-prepared' empty background plate for extraction, but a separate system could conceivably create (and keep updated under varying lighting conditions, say) an 'empty' plate from a crowded scene simply by continuously sweeping the scene and finding areas that don't change much frame-to-frame. These blank sections can then all be stitched together to create the base plate to use during main extraction process. Make sense? Ofc, a robowaifu can use this exact same technique for good instead to stay alert to important changes in a scene, alerting her master to anything she sees that might be an impending threat, or even take action herself to intervene. Simplification is the key to both understanding, and to efficiency in visual processing and other areas.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/10/2021 (Mon) 01:01:13.
Related: GPT-2 for beginners >>9371
Illustrated guide to transformers, a step by step introduction:
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/10/2021 (Mon) 00:59:53.

Open file (40.79 KB 215x215 ClipboardImage.png)
Anonymous 07/14/2020 (Tue) 21:01:16 No.2997 [Reply]
Reminder that you niggers shouldn't trust lunduke.
>>2997 Reminder that jewtube is owned by (((google)))
Open file (1.21 MB 2000x7008 (((American))).jpg)
Reminder that (((Bryan Lunduke))) is a jew!
>>3016 Massive butthurt going on in that pic. Fuck Lunduke though
This guy is speedrunning life. He went from normal guy to Trumptard to libtard, all in less than 2 years.

Humanoid Robot Projects Videos Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 04:02:08 No.374 [Reply] [Last]
I'd like to have a place to accumulate video links to various humanoid – particularly gynoid – robotics projects are out there. Whether they are commercial scale or small scale projects, if they involve humanoid robots post them here. Bonus points if it's the work of a lone genius.

I'll start, Ricky Ma of Hong Kong created a stir by creating a gynoid that resembled Scarlett Johansson. It's an ongoing project he calls an art project. I think it's pretty impressive even if it can't walk yet.
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>>5136 Self-made valves for artificial (hydraulic) muscles, by Automaton Robotics: Full playlist:
For those who really only want to try out something cheap, even without a 3D printer (foamboard), but therefore soon, here some inspiration (from India or so, I guess):
>>10315 >those manic drilling-sequences kek. Impoverished men deserve to have robowaifus too. To the extent possible, IMO we here on /robowaifu/ should strive to find ways to economize on the resources needed to construct our robowaifus. And then share everything we know freely ofc. It's one of the reasons I've been working towards designs with very inexpensive construction materials such as drinking straws as structural members. The point is for literally thousands of men around the entire world making literally millions of robowaifus of every form imaginable. While countries that don't have an abundance of affluent White female liberals won't have anywhere near the pozz and feminism that we here in the West do, still these men are also burdened by it to. Or soon will be, as the Globohomo tightens it's death-grip on everyone. Men in these countries should be encouraged by us to learn the skills they need to do what they can with what they have. Thanks for finding & posting this here Anon, appreciated.
>>10179 Entertaining to watch, and that hand is killer literally.
im trying to make armitage real, anyone who wants to assist me is welcom

Bipedal Robot Locomotion General Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 05:57:42 No.237 [Reply] [Last]
We need to talk about bipedal locomotion. It's a complicated topic but one that has to be solved if we are ever to have satisfyingly believable robowaifus. There has surely already been a lot of research done on this topic, and we need to start digging and find the info that's out there. There are some projects that have at least partial robolegs solutions working, but none that I know of that look very realistic yet. We likely won't come up with some master-stroke of genius and solve everyone's problems here on /robowaifu/, but we should at least take a whack at it who knows? We certainly can't accomplish anything if we don't try.

I personally believe we should be keeping the weight out of the extremities – including the legs – while other anons think that we should add weight to the feet for balance. What's you're ideas anon? How do we control the gait? How do we adjust for different conditions? What if our robowaifu is carrying things? What about the legs during sex? Should we focus on the maths behind MIP (Mobile Inverted Pendulum), or is there a different approach that would be more straightforward? A mixture? Maybe we can even do weird stuff like reverse-knee legs that so many animals have. Robofaun waifu anyone? What about having something like heelys or bigger wheels in the feet as well?

I'm pretty sure if we just put our heads together and don't stop trying, we'll eventually arrive at least one good general solution to the problem of creating bipedal robot legs.

ITT post good robowaifu legs

>tech diagrams sauce
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>>10183 It would make sense to do this in a physics simulation. These were not only meant to train them, but to have one all the time for having awareness. Of course not simulating everything all the time, but when necessary. Also with simplified objects.
>>10186 Yes, that might be a good approach Anon, and for both of the enumerated needs too.
DrGuero made a new short video, where he mentioned that his code is opensource now. His website is a bit slow right now, mb to much load after releasing the video. Also it's in Japanese, so some translation software will be necessary.
>>10343 Thanks Anon! Here's teh code page, I'm DLing now. >update OK, I've had a quick look at the code. It's old-style 'C with classes' (c.1985 C++) code. It seems to have only one major external dependency, Open Dynamics Engine. It's also W*ndows software. I'll try to sort out getting it to build on a modern C++ compiler on Linux sometime shortly, probably this coming week. Thanks Anon, he may be able to help our Bipedal Locomotion progress along.
>>10343 >>10344 update: OK, I've assembled the 4 code files into a workable project. I haven't set about trying to build it yet b/c dependencies. However, if anyone would care to work on translating the embedded comments in the codefiles, then that would be a big help to me later on getting the code to run for us. TIA.

Open file (2.21 MB 1825x1229 chobit.png)
Robowaifu@home: Together We Are Powerful Robowaifu Technician 03/14/2021 (Sun) 09:30:29 No.8958 [Reply]
The biggest hurdle to making quick progress in AI is the lack of compute to train our own original models, yet there are millions of gamers with GPUs sitting around barely getting used, potentially an order of magnitude more compute than Google and Amazon combined. I've figured out a way though we can connect hundreds of computers together to train AI models by using gradient accumulation. How it works is by doing several training steps and accumulating the loss of each step, then dividing by the amount of accumulation steps taken before the optimizer step. If you have a batch size of 4 and do 256 training steps before an optimizer step, it's like training with a batch size of 1024. The larger the batch size and gradient accumulation steps are, the faster the model converges and the higher final accuracy it achieves. It's the most effective way to use a limited computing budget: These training steps don't need to be calculated by a single computer but can be distributed across a network. A decent amount of bandwidth will be required to send the gradients each optimizer step and the training data. Deep gradient compression achieves a gradient compression ratio from 270x to 600x without losing accuracy, but it's still going to be using about 0.5 MB download and upload to train something like GPT2-medium each optimizer step, or about 4-6 mbps on a Tesla T4. However, we can reduce this bandwidth by doing several training steps before contributing gradients to the server. Taking 25 would reduce it to about 0.2 mbps. Both slow and fast computers can contribute so long as they have the memory to hold the model. A slower computer might only send one training step whereas a fast one might contribute ten to the accumulated gradient. Some research needs to be done if a variable accumulation step size impacts training, but it could be adjusted as people join and leave the network. All that's needed to do this is a VPS. Contributors wanting anonymity can use proxies or TOR, but project owners will need to use VPNs with sufficient bandwidth and dedicated IPs if they wish that much anonymity. The VPS doesn't need an expensive GPU rental either. The fastest computer in the group could be chosen to calculate the optimizer steps. The server would just need to collect the gradients, decompress them, add them together, compress again and send the accumulated gradient to the computer calculating the optimizer step. Or if the optimizing computer has sufficient bandwidth, it could download all the compressed gradients from the server and calculate the accumulated gradient itself. My internet has 200 mbps download so it could potentially handle up to 1000 computers by keeping the bandwidth to 0.2 mbps. Attacks on the network could be mitigated by analyzing the gradients, discarding nonsensical ones and banning clients that send junk, or possibly by using PGP keys to create a pseudo-anonymous web of trust. Libraries for distributed training implementing DGC already exist, although not as advanced as I'm envisioning yet: I think this will also be a good way to get more people involved. Most people don't know enough about AI or robotics enough to help but if they can contribute their GPU to someone's robowaifu AI they like and watch her improve each day they will feel good about it and get more involved. At scale though some care will need to be taken that people don't agree to run dangerous code on their computers, either through a library that constructs the models from instructions or something else. And where the gradients are calculated does not matter. They could come from all kinds of hardware, platforms and software like PyTorch, Tensorflow or mlpack.
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>>8990 >Starlink I don't really trust Elon with these things, look at Tesla's services. He definitely isn't /ourguy/ and will provide it at a cost of "freedom". > Once basic chat is solved people are going to expand their virtual waifus to perform other functions such as playing video games This has a ltot of potential but it's prob not a good idea, since there doesn't exist just one game and it would become a Herculian task to try to appease everyone. >composing music, drawing Again, it's very vague and doesn't necessarily help the project in of itself nor necessarily appease our interests. >debating We already have many bots who can do that and we know for a fact it's not that good of an idea. >summarizing research papers This is actually very realistic. There has been made a paper around this and an AI which can do it so it's very easy to implement (we just need codemonkeys for that) >searching the web Unless it can do it in a non-pozzed way, it's practically useless. >Alternatively, someone could create a marketplace where people can pay crypto for compute, but I'm not familiar with how to do that. Don't care about that too much, it's still not worth it to enough people for it. My suggestion would be to first make an AI that, just like GPT-3, can code programs that we tell it to. Once we automate the coding part, the rest will become much easier and we won't have to worry too much about it.
>>9086 >My suggestion would be to first make an AI that, just like GPT-3, can code programs that we tell it to. I'm quite skeptical of the fundamentals of that claim. I'm familiar with the article that made the statement, but he basically pinned the entire notion on a single addition operation. It just returned an exemplar from it's working corpus that performed that exact operation already. I would argue the lexicographic problem of the AI digesting the command "Waifu, add 3 plus 4 for me" is much more difficult. We'll probably get there in the future with software programming waifus, but it certainly isn't here just now.
>>9000 I've managed to find a new project that's just popped up using BOINC. It seems to be something for "Un-black-box-ifying" a lot of traditional machine learning algorithms.
>>9105 Thanks! Just in case anyone, like me, can't get to it via Tor:
Seems like this could be somewhat related to your goals OP. Please forgive my naivete if this isn't related.

/robowaifu/meta-3: Spring Blossom Tree Chobitsu Board owner 02/11/2021 (Thu) 12:06:37 No.8492 [Reply] [Last]
/meta & QTDDTOT Note: New version of /robowaifu/ JSON archives available 210504 If you use Waifusearch, just extract this into your 'all_jsons' directory for the program, then quit (q) and restart. -The TITS thread #1 is now unlocked and open for business (>>9709). -previous /meta: >>38 >>3108 -Library thread (good for locating topics/terms): >>7143 >note: there's also a searching tool coded right here for /robowaifu/ that provides crosslinks straight to posts on the board. it's named waifusearch, and the link to the software is provided inside the Library thread's OP. -Latest version of BUMP v0.2e

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>>10326 The team running GPT-3 has chosen not to release that 'open-source' system "to protect the public". But somehow, (((strangely enough))), has managed to take everyone's work into it and monetize that instead. > As I understand it, there are other, non-Globohomo Big Tech/Gov efforts that have sprung up to combat this abuse, and are endeavoring to create effective alternatives.
>>10329 I read from other pages and some have mentioned that GPT-3 requires a NASA super computer to run including multiple GPU to make the performance acceptable, looks like its not such a good option then welp. >As I understand it, there are other, non-Globohomo Big Tech/Gov efforts that have sprung up to combat this abuse, and are endeavoring to create effective alternatives. What are those?
>>10326 >>10330 Correct, GPT-3 needs a whole server farm. Some anon here tries to build something smaller. But, keep in mind these are text generators anyways. It makes sense to feed all data into them, to anticipate what someone might say in response to something. Using it to have some vaguely specific output, requires to select the data going into the training. The responses coming out would still not make much sense, necessarily. We have two treads for those topics, btw: >>22 >>250 - Maybe we should go on there, though I think this also has been discussed already.
>>10329 There's GPT-Neo now that claims to outperform GPT-2: It's basically a smaller version of GPT-3. I haven't had time to play around with it but it looks promising.
>>10332 >Maybe we should go on there, though I think this also has been discussed already. Good point Anon. I'll just pop over and leave crosslinks so researchers will see our little stub here too. >>10333 >digits confirm Neo That's encouraging Anon, thanks.

RoboWaifuBanners Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 10:29:19 No.252 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for the sharing of robo waifu banners. As per the rules, fallow these requirements:

>banner requirements:

File size must be lower than 500 KB and dimensions are 300x100 exactly.

Allowed file formats are .jpg, .png, and .gif.
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Open file (16.49 KB 300x100 robobanner7c.png)
A banner inspired on warhammer 40k.
>>10248 I like that design. Very evocative. AFAICT ADEPTUS is masculine, was this intentional? ADEPTA would be feminine, I think.
Open file (112.30 KB 370x712 lolicron.png)
>>10248 Good idea anon! We need a separate branch to those miserable puritans! If the Mechanicus wishes to outlaw "Abominable Intelligences" as heresy, then they can go worship their corpse emperor without any robowaifus. Pah!
>>10258 >was this intentional? Yes. We are the Adeti.
>>10313 >Adepti Why TH can't I delete my posts?

Open file (86.18 KB 300x299 digital_waifu.gif)
What happens to your robowaifu when you die? Robowaifu Technician 09/27/2019 (Fri) 10:47:48 No.829 [Reply]
Have any of you considered what will happen to your waifu after you die? How would you prepare her to face the world alone? Will she even be able to take care of her own needs when you're gone?

Have you considered the possibility that she might be so unwilling to let you die that you'll wake up in a robot body yourself one day? Would you resent her for not allowing you to die?
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Open file (1.33 MB 900x1259 1612989524602.jpg)
>>9494 its probably closer to ideology but I agree
Open file (2.92 MB 1920x1080 Seraphim City.png)
>>9494 Funny you should say that anon! I am building a place called "Seraphim City" on Cities Skylines. It is supposed to have a solarpunk/utopian aesthetic and it includes a structure called "Cathedral of the Robowaifus". Except instead of burning incense and praying I reckon that mostly programming and overclocking goes on in there. But there is a huge electronic synth-organ and a Vocaloid robot choir that sings to mark special occasions.
>>9497 fuck that sounds like fun, i should do that
>>1536 >they become a beloved and valuable family heirloom and are passed from generation to generation that sounds a bit like greek daemons
>>10308 Personally, I got the idea from the movie Bicentennial Man (>>10310).

The Library of /robowaifu/ Card Catalogue Robowaifu Technician 11/26/2020 (Thu) 07:11:30 No.7143 [Reply] [Last]
Robowaifus are a big topic. They need a big library index! :^) Note -This is a living document. Please contribute topical thread/post crosslinks! Thread category quick-jumps >>7150 AI / VIRTUAL_SIM / UX_ETC >>7152 HARDWARE / MISC_ENGINEERING >>7154 DESIGN-FOCUSED >>7156 SOFTWARE_DEVELOPMENT / ETC >>7159 BIO / CYBORG >>7162 EDUCATION >>7164 PERSONAL PROJECTS >>7167 SOCIETY / PHILOSOPHY / ETC >>7169 BUSINESS(-ISH) >>7172 BOARD-ORIENTED >>7174 MISCELLANEOUS

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Modern C++ Group Learning Thread Chobitsu Board owner 08/31/2020 (Mon) 01:00:05 No.4895 [Reply]
In the same spirit as the Embedded Programming Group Learning Thread 001 >>367 , I'd like to start a thread for us all that is dedicated to helping /robowaifu/ get up to speed with the C++ programming language. The modern form of C++ isn't actually all that difficult to get started with, as we'll hopefully demonstrate here. We'll basically stick with the C++17 dialect of the language, since that's very widely available on compilers today. There are a couple of books about the language of interest here, namely Bjarne Stroustrup's Programming -- Principles and Practice Using C++ (Second edition) , and A Tour of C++ (Second edition) . The former is a thick textbook intended for college freshmen with no programming experience whatsoever, and the latter is a fairly thin book intended to get experienced developers up to speed quickly with modern C++. We'll use material from both ITT. During the progress, I'll discuss a variety of other topics somewhat related to the language, like compiler optimizations, hardware constraints and behavior, and generally anything I think will be of interest to /robowaifu/. Some of this can be rather technical in nature, so just ask if something isn't quite clear to you. We'll be using an actual small embedded computer to do a lot of the development work on, so some of these other topics will kind of naturally flow from that approach to things. We'll talk in particular about data structures and algorithms from the modern C++ perspective. There are whole families of problems in computer science that the language makes ridiculously simple today to perform effectively at an industrial scale, and we'll touch on a few of these in regards to creating robowaifus that are robust and reliable. >NOTES: -Any meta thoughts or suggestions for the thread I'd suggest posting in our general /meta thread >>3108 , and I'll try to integrate them into this thread if I can do so effectively. -I'll likely (re)edit my posts here where I see places for improvement, etc. In accord with my general approach over the last few months, I'll also make a brief note as to the nature of the edit. -The basic goal is to create a thread that can serve as a general reference to C++ for beginners, and to help flesh out the C++ tutorial section of the RDD >>3001 . So, let's get started /robowaifu/.
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Open file (65.75 KB 1113x752 juCi++_181.png)
Open file (65.07 KB 1113x752 juCi++_180.png)
Open file (68.47 KB 1113x752 juCi++_182.png)
Open file (67.29 KB 1113x752 juCi++_183.png)
Open file (99.95 KB 1112x760 juCi++_184.png)
>>6922 OK, now that we've wrung our simple Robowaifu class with it's sole member function out a bit, let's lift both it and the sayings std::map out into their own files, and we can begin using them outside our test system. Create two new files in our project 'Robowaifu.hpp' & 'sayings.hpp', (File > New File). Cut & paste the Robowaifu class into it's own file, and the sayings std::map into it's own file. You'll also need to add the appropriate C++ library includes for each file as well. Eg: #include <cstdint> #include <map> #include <string> > #1 #2 Since we've moved the sayings std::map off into it's own file, we'll need to include it into the Robowaifu.hpp file so the class itself can find the sayings data. #include "sayings.hpp" > #3 The test file now just contains the test (as we'd like), but we need to add an #include for the new Robowaifu.hpp file so the test can find the new location of the class itself. #include "Robowaifu.hpp" > #4

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Open file (55.46 KB 444x614 C.jpg)
Because I am a programming brainlet, I'm trying my hand at some C. The first exercise is a bugger, and my brain was like "Duurrr Fahrenheit to Celsius then Celsius to Fahrenheit then Fahrenus to Celsyheit and Fahrycels to Heityfahr?" However, once they introduce the 'for' statement I began to realise that this stuff has a lot of potential. Sure, it took me four hours to figure out how to code two temperature conversion charts, but once they are done, just changing a couple of numbers lets you convert between any temperature in those units! Also, the whole calc can be reversed by only changing three characters. At first I was like -_- But then I was like O_0
>>10301 Congratulations, Anon. You've opened up a whole new world. You can create entire universes out of your dreams now if you just keep moving forward. Programming with serious intent at the level of C is easily one of the most creative things you can do as a human being IMO. And C++ is unironically even better! This isn't a C class per se but it's pretty likely I can help you out with things if you get stuck. Just give me a shout.
>>10302 Will do OP, thanks! I'd heard that learning C is best before starting on C++, so I'll just keep on plodding. After all, if your waifu speaks Thai or Russian, then it's best to learn those languages. And if your waifu speaks C/C++...

Lower Decks Anonymous 07/12/2020 (Sun) 21:26:41 ID: d979ab No.796 [Reply]
I guess the show that the hacks from Midnight's Edge and Doomcuck thought that it didn't exist... is still a thing and it's coming out on CBS All Access. It's Reddit & Morty but with the Starfleet logo.
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>>811 But of course, how could it ever not have been about the hot alien babes?
Fuck you, I liked it.
>>805 The problem with this prompt is that it could never be sensible. Even in a pitched battle sequence with the fate of the Galaxy on the line, the non-bridge crew (and I exclude I anyone in charge in Engineering ala Scotty or Geordi, or other "main characters") is going to be doing unimportant things. There's Klingons on the starboard bow, and you want to focus on the dude repairing the broken power conduit in jefferies tube 420, section 69? Okay, sure. And anytime there's not really anything going on, their usual jobs are going to be even more mind-numbing. As it turns out, most people have jobs that are rote and boring and would not make good television content. The only way this can actually function is if you have rare episodes as "filler", focusing on the mundane as a breather in between all the action. But an entire show of "filler" is impossible. Like a novel without a plot. So the only way to solve this dilemma is to add in random wacky shenanigans that pretends to be important, when you already know it CAN'T be important. >>810 What IS the genre? Because I feel the way I view sci-fi is very different from the way a lot of people do. I see it as a method of exploring the human condition using extreme situations that are impossible with our current universe and technology. A bunch of hot-shots blasting around the galaxy having super-amazing space battles is cool, but it doesn't explore anything. It doesn't ask the viewer anything but to sit back, let their eyes glaze over, and shovel popcorn down their throats.
>>895 I'm guessing the conventional plots sf has shifted towards is a reaction to the navel-gazing behemoths of earlier years. Sf is honestly difficult to pull off without becoming a masturbatory exercise for the author. Doesn't really excuse it, but it does seem like a case of trading one set of excesses for the other.
>>899 >Sf is honestly difficult to pull off without becoming a masturbatory exercise for the author. But that's exactly what sci-fi is, almost by definition. The freedom sci-fi gives allows authors to explore things they otherwise aren't able to, or straight up can't, in other genres. It also has hot alien chicks and robots and lasers and stuff.

Prototypes and failures Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:51:30 No.418 [Reply] [Last]
Post your prototypes and failures.

I'll start with a failed mechanism, may we build upon each others ideas.
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>>10292 Ahh, good detective work.
>>10291 >I worked a bit on the chest, to put in spaces for ribs in another material and was also starting to work on a long term project of building the bones of a hand out of layers, which could then be PCBs (electronics) with sensors, plastics for the form and metal parts for strength. I've thought often about the field of Neuromorphic computing, specifically as it relates to designing/engineering robowaifus. Using structural and other ancillary parts embedded with sensors, batteries, microcontrollers, wiring, electronics parts, etc., right inside the structural and actuator components is not only very bio-mimetic in design essence, it also is very likely to help bring the extreme high-performance characteristics of neuromorphics to the table. For example, embedding temperature sensors directly within the finger bones, and also keeping the robowaifu's self-protection 'sense/react response cycle' to pull away from the heat, say, all 'short-circuited' locally right inside a simplified hand-local electronics/microcontroller/actuator system. This design approach can allow the response times for such a system to be very fast relative to a more traditional, hierarchically-networked command & control mechanisms. Basically, in a somewhat similar way to biologic adrenergic nervous system response mechanisms, you want to push the 'computation' for such a system out to the edges of the physical structure, and not be so dependent with always 'phoning home'' first to the higher-level computation systems of the robowaifu's 'mind'. This latter approach encompasses costly communications and other delays. Not that the signals wouldn't be sent on their way 'back up the chain' though. You definitely want the ability of higher-level control to override lower-level ones when needed. Forging ahead into dangerous environments to protect her master for instance, even when doing so conflicts with the most basic of self-preservation dictums. This round-trip would hopefully be completed within milliseconds (vs. the hopefully microseconds-level desired for pure local response times). My apologies for my probably confusing writing here Anon. This is a complicated topic and it's difficult for me to describe it concisely.
>>10297 As an additional thought on the specific example of HOT! PULL HAND AWAY IMMEDIATELY! example, the control devices could perhaps either open, or reuse, an emergency response communications channel up to further-up actuator systems in the robowaifu's skeletal chain. So for example, the hand-local would attempt to instantly flex fingers back, but then emergency-response channels can be opened to the wrist, elbow, shoulder, and torso actuators, all in a tiered-priority chain, to enable fully pulling the hand entirely away from the danger, same as we ourselves would do accidentally touching a hot iron for instance. Each of these chained-actuators would quickly add their own kinematic dynamic in the movement, and the effect would be propagating and progressive. The idea behind the 'emergency response' is that the higher-level analysis would be bypassed in a first-order response time, simply to quickly save the robowaifu from immediate damage.
>>10298 One additional thing that will need to be solved for this hypothetical situation. As we grow up, our entire physical being develops a kind of physical awareness that let's us intuitively discern where sensations are coming from in our body by mere touch, and usually more or less instantly. Vision and audio, for instance, are not needed to know you've just touched a /comfy/ soft blanket, or a cold ice cube spilled onto the counter. And not only do you recognize immediately these kinds of sensorial cues basically immediately, you also know where (to a first approximation) the touched item of interest is located, relative to your general body position. Again this is all instinctive to us, and happens 'automatically' with little attention needed for most cases to figure these things out. Back to the HOT! emergency response, the robowaifu's system will need some kind of touch location-finder mechanism so she knows instantly where the hot plate is, and which way to yank her hand back out of danger. If this isn't done accurately, she could make a clumsy move in the reaction, and possibly damage herself, you, or something else. Again, this is something we all develop instinctively as we grow up, but for us as designers and engineers we'll have to solve this kind of thing explicitly. I'd guess that a first-approximation approach would be to keep a general sense of all the items in her local body space area's surface normal. This should at the least give her the direction to quickly move out of the contact danger (ie, out along the surface normal of the object and away). This situational-awareness solution needs to account that this 'normal-map' of her environment is dynamic, as both she and the elements in her environment are potentially in motion with respect to each other. This is really quite a remarkable domain to tackle from a systems-engineering perspective. Now that I've been applying myself to consider some of the many things all needed, most other design & engineering endeavors seem rather boring to me now. :^)
>>10299 Also, once you check my digits another thing we might do is develop a sort of 'contact-pad volumetric triangulation' sensor model. The idea is you have many tiny pressure, etc. pads embedded into the robowaifu's 'skin'. Whenever she touched something, and approximation of it's shape (and by implication, it's surface normals) can be quickly simulated in her world model. For example, if 18 different pads on two of her fingertips all register a contact, then based on the kinematic/skeletal/etc body model simulation of her current physical position, then she can 'triangulate' the surface shape of that object at it's contact points with her fingers. Again, all instinctive for us...but for her will need to be explicitly worked out in advance by trial and error during design.

Open file (17.64 MB 905x690 welcome_to_cow.gif)
Welcome to /cow/ Toad 04/25/2021 (Sun) 07:01:20 ID: 2aaf77 No.101360 [Reply]
Welcome to /cow/ /cow/ is the finest corner on the underbelly of the internet to discuss lolcows, or retarded individuals chuckles that can be milked for amusement. Rules 1. New threads must have a subject and pertain to established or potential lolcows. Off-topic discussion is permitted on Fridays in >>40288 2. Don't break US laws (SSNs, CP, etc.) Board Information 1. SpacePirate closed n0chan because he was tired of paying for it. NekoArc closed 888chan because he was tired of paying for it. 8chan died as a result of the (((El Paso shooting))), Julayworld was reorganized into Alogspace because Robi no longer wanted to manage as a large a website. 2. I am only managing the board in JEWS absence, in his own words "I will return when the lolcows return," should he return he shall get full control, I am not the new BO. 3. #julayworld and #/cow/ on rizon are useful places to get into contact with the sites managers 4. is the main domain name, also redirects there Anons here may use this thread to ask simple questions, and discuss ways they feel can revitalize the board, curbing the plague of Boredom/off-topic discussion that comes with the natural burnout of having one thread consume the board for almost 3 years.

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>>101497 >essayfag is a mod fake news.

Open file (7.66 MB 1280x720 janny.webm)
Open file (52.81 KB 485x411 Pringles.png)
Guntstream Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 08:05:17 ID: 1e3907 No.57589 [Reply] [Last]
You faggots keep shitting up the cyclical so contain your autism here. If it's quiet it's fine but when there's shit going on and you faggots are posting walls of text it derails the thread which aids the e-celebs that constantly try to control the narrative. The Гунтstream is the successor to the Shillstream/Гунтstream from Robi, who took over restreaming duties from goldstar continued the site on after's death. The channel began to host additional cocks, such as lets plays, streaming shows and, most notoriously, gay debates. CAST OF TRANNIES <Гунтstream Trio >Robi Pires Owner and troon in chief of the lonely hearts tranny club. Robi originally restreamed the Гунт on when the faggot would actually wake up. Being too busy running the CP repository known as Julay.World, he now plays cuckime like Made In Abyss and does let's plays of Half Life 2. He spends every waking minute on the Julay World IRC which is such a cancerous shithole that it makes Discord look clean. He barely uses the site himself and has gone on record saying he's hated the place for the past 3 months. When koi turned /v/ into a pedo paradise, his brilliant idea was to let the site be spammed with CP for a few days to settle some IRC dispute about the 'heh' pill. Certifiably retarded. >Bill, Farmfag, Pringles One of the Гунтstream trio and Julay mod. BO of /dig/, a dead board that he's proud of for some reason. He watches moeshit for countless hours while larping as some guy with a farm. He gets very angry on IRC when dilating. >HangingFlesh, Weasel, Гунтopia, Zachfag, Cassie

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>>89276 Cope more, janny.
Dolphin keep winning!
Hardrade told me on IRC that this tranny is Moli berry, anyone can confirm it?
>Toad McKinley Retard from newfoundland that restreams the Гунт and shits up the already shit gaybates with his unfunny soundboard. Contributes nothing to the debates yet is always brought on by his e-friend the Toad McKinley. Spits shitty /pol/ talking points to more popular streamers like Destiny and instantly gets shut down. Nice projections and lies right there, pedochu. Toad McKinley barely chat with anyone on cytube, he's more like a foxdickfarms and even close to plategang pedospics nowadays than anyone from here.
One of the spergs from cytube he's also on every single 3P video acting like some faggot minion of the zachfag

/robowaifu/ + /monster/, its benefits, and the uncanny valley Robowaifu Technician 05/03/2021 (Mon) 14:02:40 No.10259 [Reply]
Discussing the potential benefits of creating monster girls via robotics instead of 1 to 1 replicas of humans and what parts can be substituted to get them in production as soon as possible. Firstly is the fact that many of the animal parts that could be substituted for human one are much simpler to work with than the human appendages, which have a ton of bones and complex joints in the hands and feet, My primary example of this is bird/harpy species (image 1), which have relatively simple structures and much less complexity in the hands and feet. For example, the wings of the bird species typically only have around three or four joints total, compared to the twenty-seven in the human hand, while the legs typically only have two or three, compared to the thirty-three in the human foot. As you can guess, having to work with a tenth of the bones and joints and opposable thumbs and all that shit makes things incredibly easier to work with. And while I used bird species as an example, the same argument could be put forward for MG species with paws and other more simplistic appendages, such as Bogey (image 2) and insect hybrids (image 3). Secondly is intentionally making it appear to not be human in order to circumvent the uncanny valley. It's incredibly difficult to make completely convincing human movement, and one of the simplest ways around that is just to suspend the need for it entirely. We as humans are incredibly sensitive to the uncanny valley of our own species, even something as benign as a prosthetic limb can trigger it, but if we were to create something that we don't expect to move in such a way, it's theoretically entirely possible to just not have to deal with it (for the extremities part of it, anyways), leaving more time to focus on other aspects, such as the face. On the topic of face, so too could slight things be substituted there (again for instance, insect girls), in order to draw attention away from the uncanny valley until technology is advanced enough that said uncanny valley can be eliminated entirely. These possibilities, while certainly not to the taste of every anon, could be used as a way to accelerate production to the point that it picks up investors and begins to breed competition and innovation among people with wayyyyyyy more money and manpower than us, which I believe should be the endgoal for this board as a whole. . Any ideas or input is sincerely appreciated.
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>>10260 That was a fantastic video, made a lot of sense, will look more into that point of view of emotion over likeness. Another tangentially related idea I had to cutting costs/production time, while not necessarily related to monster girls, is skipping over the voice synthesis and chatting capabilities for pure voice/emotional recognition and expressiveness. A mute, until sufficient software can be developed, but one that understands and can communicate through body and facial language. So being pointed into the direction of expressiveness opposed to pure likeness is actually a big helper on that front, thank you >>10266 The one of the best parts about deciding to create a 'monster girl' is that you can just throw on unnatural stuff like tails or bird feet (you could even go as far as creating a chimera-type if necessary), as you've noticed, to help push things such as mobility and balance farther easier than it would be with human appendages, which is the primary reason I'm aiming for it myself. As long as I can create something I can love and semi-interact with (which likely other people would be able to), the parts can be whatever. Monsterization out of utilitarianism or something like that
>>10266 >that don't realize art is hard, especially expressing it through mechanical engineering and AI. related. (>>10257)
>>10267 Thank you for spoilering the /monster/girl. I think it probably would be wise for us to address it here as a 'containment thread' topic generally-speaking.
>>10266 > that capp < skindeep/10
>>10260 *ALPHRED2

Open file (394.51 KB 1731x2095 1614545368145.jpg)
How to invest in Robo Waifus? Robowaifu Technician 03/07/2021 (Sun) 20:57:45 No.8841 [Reply]
Hi /robowaifu/, I've stumbled here after doing some research into creating a robowaifu stock portfolio. My thinking was I am never going to be able to build a robowaifu from scratch but will buy one when they become available. I want to contribute somehow to their development so I am creating a stock portfolio where I buy only stocks that I believe are working towards robo waifus either literally or by just advancing the tech that would be needed. GPUs, Semiconductors, AI, VR, Robotics, Batterys, Silicon. My current portfolio: >NVDA - Nvidia - GPUs used in AI / Machine Learning >AMD >TSM - TSMC. The world's biggest and most advance semiconductor foundry. >INTC - Intel >ABB - ABB Ltd - Swedish-Swiss company in automation technology, robotics, heavy electrical equipment. >IRBT - iRobot - Home Robotics >MSFT - Microsoft - They are investing heavy into AI and have one of the largest AI chat bots "Xiaoice". >TER - Teradyne >IBM Then buying into the japanese stocks via ETFs such as BOTZ (Japanese heavy robotics, lower fees) and ROBO (more diverse, focusing more on automation tech). Individual stocks are better but I have to cope through ETFs to get exposure to japanese stocks such as YASKY ( Japanese manufacturer of servos, motion controllers, AC motor drives, switches and industrial robots).

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I think the RC is a good idea. Because if we want more people in the cause or at least help bridge our ways to robowaifus. >>546 Has the best idea on how we can bring people to robots and robowaifus. But that might be off topic.
>>9529 >But that might be off topic. I suppose it's only fair to everyone that this question should be clarified in detail. Since you've brought the topic up and I'm motivated enough to, here seems as good a spot as any (we're generally already well off-topic ITT regardless). -The subject of a thread is the first step in evaluating that Anon. In this specific example that would be: How to invest in Robo Waifus? -The second step to answering that question is the content of the OP. If it's a quality OP, then the subject will be properly expanded upon to help everyone else understand OP's intents better. Again, in this specific example, it's apparent the OP is interested only in stocks and the financials markets. Any secondary considerations thereto appear only, well, secondary to him. The quality of a thread's OP is certainly not a given. Some are better, some are worse. Often, the quality of an OP is directly proportional to the word-count of the OP text itself, the longer the better. -The third step requires more effort on an anon's part to decide; namely, actually reading the thread itself. By following the flavor of all the other -- at least tangentially on-topic -- posts in a given thread, one can often discern properly where the general consensus is going, and if any given following post would therefore be along that trend or not. >--- So, following this pattern in evaluating the on-topic context of your post: 1. Doesn't seem really concerned with 'Investing in Robowaifus' (actually, the stock market). A No. 2. See above, since OP's idea of investing was strictly about the markets. Again, a No. 3. Well, the thread itself was quickly derailed into ongoing discussions about RC'ing as a fun hobby, and being a field that has at least a tangential relationship to creating robowaifus. The investment aspect was plainly only a secondary consideration, if at all, in these numerous posts. The thread itself is therefore only a somewhat watered-down, off-topic thread at this stage. A Maybe.

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Open file (56.08 KB 547x960 IMG_20210307_153723.jpg)
Here's an article on BOTZ and ROBO ETFs. I didn't read it completely, I could imagine to be interested later, I do not recommend anything, but especially not to invest all of one's money into something for the reason of being enthusiastic about it. On the other hand, following news on some topic and being interested might help to judge the outlook of some industry better.
>>10269 >On the other hand, following news on some topic and being interested might help to judge the outlook of some industry better. If the goal is basically just to acquire wealth in a kind of 'everyman' way, then I'd suggest ignoring robowaifus entirely, and simply 'riding the curve' of daytrading. Our friend Gunship over on /f/ discussed this topic in general. Personally I see our calling as much higher than simply cashing in on the market...
>>10271 I'm into Crypto, profiting from the new financial system. I agree to not get caught up on one topic like robowaifus. In every case, as someone who wants to do something else it's best to speculate long term, not doing daytrading, may it be Crypto, S&P or themed ETF like the mentioned ones. Whatever, I posted the link from >>10269 here because we already have a thread for it.

Who wouldn't hug a kiwi. Robowaifu Technician 09/11/2019 (Wed) 01:58:04 No.104 [Reply] [Last]
Howdy, I'm planning on manufacturing and selling companion kiwi robot girls. Why kiwi girls? Robot arms are hard. What would you prefer to hug, a 1 m or 1.5 m robot? Blue and white or red and black? She'll be ultra light around 10 to 15 kg Max with self balancing functionality. Cost is dependent on size, 1000 for 1 m or 1500 for 1.5 m. I'm but one waifugineer, so I'm going to setup around one model to self produce. If things go well, costs can go down and more models can be made. Hopefully with arms someday.
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Open file (36.27 KB 173x253 1619851210446wew.jpg)
this thread is kinda dead but I'd recommend using your time for voice recognition and endearing expressiveness, it'd be a lot simpler and less time consuming/realistic than getting a good voice output program going, and it being bad could even make it worse so maybe some little simple wings, some legs, and a cute face, with voice recognition and facial/body expressions, but mute that functionality will of course be added later, but much more important than functionality upon base release is the initial push into more people's radar to bring in more money, innovation, and competition, kind like with VR headsets
>>10227 Good points Anon.
>>10227 (Part One) To further elaborate on this idea, and then the technicalities of it and its relative benefits to a completely human body, take a look at this harpy (image one, very very cute, artist is rnd.jpg) and imagine that you want to build something along the lines of this model. The biggest and most apparent differences are, of course, the wings and the legs, which you may think would complicate the build further, but it's the contrary, as it would eliminate; 1. The needs for human hands and feet, which have just a fuckin shitload of bones in them, which in turn makes for much more complex construction. for instance, a single bird's wing (image two) only have three joints from the main connector at the 'shoulder', compared to humans, who have 27 in just a single hand, a much smaller and dense space. The legs (image three) have even less, with a single 'ankle' joint and a 'knee' joint, although depending on the style of feet for the bird species the toe phalanges (up to five a toe in some species!) may give some trouble, but that could be circumvented by simply creating the foot of a species with less of them lol So not only would the construction be much easy, but it would have a higher relative quality. 2. The problem of the uncanny valley that could be triggered by limbs and/or appendages trying to perfectly resemble those of humans and failing. We have such a response to the uncanny valley because we're socialized with humans to notice even the slightest thing that's off, but we don't have nearly the same capability with other species, on top of the anatomy of certain ones being much easier to deal with. Both those points are pretty applicaple to several different species of monster girls as a whole, and make them, in my opinion, a much more viable alternative in this stage of robowaifus, much in the same way some anons push for RWs that go out of their way to not appear human while still being endearing. (shoutout to /monster/) (Part Two) So on the other side of this proposal is the actual interaction and how such things could be done for max 'oh god oh fuck I wanna cuddle you'. Both for capitalistic budgeting/marketing and also because I would want one for myself.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>10237 Very nice post Anon. I liked the details you went into about the bones/joints, and the /comfy/ homelife scenario you painted of Anon and his RoboPetgirl . Just like as seems very commonplace in my favorite Chinese Cartoons on the subject, and as you brought up too, some way to solidly imprint a waifu (whether RW or Petgirl) onto her master alone needs to be solved. The obvious idea is some type of bioinformatics scanning system for the Anon to use. I'd be hesitant to use just one method -- say voice -- alone. Too easy to mimic. In general I'd say emotiveness is a very fundamental part of Character Appeal (one of Frank & Ollie's 12 Principles) , and is something we all need to be creative about addressing well. Also, the eye color-shift thing is a nice idea.
>>10237 Glad I found your post anon. A sub one meter waddling very fluffy harpy petwife that makes cute squeaks sounds really nice. Will save your "features list" for reference. As for recognizing her master, we can start really simple and have an RF (radio frequency tag) ring which the owner wears, and the robot will just triangulate the location of that ring. Then only voice or facial recognition if the system is secure and not in the wrong hands.

Waifu Robotics Project Dump Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 03:45:02 No.366 [Reply] [Last]
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>>10252 That's helpful thanks. I wonder why they discontinued her?
>>10253 Toy lines always fall out of style, it was inevitable
>>10254 I see, makes sense. BTW, apparently here's the page for her on the guy who made the video. Thanks for bringing her up Anon.
>>10249 >Mark Tilden Neat. I didn't even know about him Anon, thanks.
>>10245 Wow, his original robot had a duckface for me, but her companions are much cuter in my opinion. Time to invest in large OLED displays I guess. I've tried plain LCDs since they were cheap but you can't see anything and the backlight is uneven.

Open file (274.98 KB 746x951 JUST_for_GBC.png)
servizio civile Lupo Lucio 05/04/2021 (Tue) 16:24:34 No.15656 [Reply]
>febbraio >mia madre mi dice >dai fallo meglio di stare a casa a fare un cazzo e sanguisugarmi maledetto figlio di merda, ma perché non ti ho abortito? io non mi volevo nemmeno sposare >dò un'occhiata sull'internetto >mezza giornata >450 e rotti >in genere attività nel sociale >potrebbe essere vagamente interessante >e facciamolo >una settimana di avanti e indietro dalle poste e litigare con i dipendenti, che vi risparmio, per ottenere sto cazzo di codice SPID che serve per entrare sul sito >finalmente lo ottengo >mi registro sul sito >guardo la lista dei progretti >uno più schifoso dell'altro >alla fine faccio la domanda a febbraio per qualcosa tipo di promozione del territorio, musei e cazzate varie >non leggo un cazzo di quello che si tratta e non mi informo di niente perché sticazzi >silenzio radio per mesi

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>15663 Beh, sì. >trovi un lavoro >ti dicono che ora che hanno iniziato a lavorare a distanza forse in ufficio non ci si torna più se non per cose particolari >anche quando danno il libera tutti >>15666 Pape Satàn, Aleppe!
>>15656 Capisco appieno il tuo odio per l'infrastruttura moderna della tecnologia e del mondo del lavoro, Lupo. Possiedo praticamente venti calcolatori e furbofonini comprati, avuti in regalo perchè troppo vecchi da parenti ed amici e praticamente "arrubbati" da posti che li avrebbero buttati con il solo scopo di installare tutti questi applicativi inutili. Per mia fortuna, Zoom non me l'hanno mai chiesto ma posso assicurarti che tra Teams, Skype e Whatsapp sono uno peggio dell'altro e la gente che li usa è odiosa.
>>15668 > "arrubbati" da posti che li avrebbero buttati con il solo scopo di installare tutti questi applicativi inutili. dove si arrubbano in minecraft cose così? chiedo per un amico su minecraft
>>15669 Ovunque. Basta che chiedi se hanno bisogno di svuotare qualche magazzino di vecchie attrezzature " da buttare".
>>15669 Li prendo da gente troppo deficiente per capire il valore delle cose, praticamente dei mentecatti truzzissimi che mi considerano amico dalle scuole medie che comprano un aifon ogni due anni, praticamente sono pieno di gingilli inutilizzati e quasi tutti con schermi distrutti o funzionalità inspiegabilmente mancanti. Quello che dice >>15670 mi è capitato di farlo una volta sola ma la tecnologia era così obsoleta che a parte qualche gingillo che "non si sa mai" e le ventole opportunamente ripulite, non presi niente.

General Robotics/A.I. news and commentary Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:20:15 No.404 [Reply] [Last]
Anything in general related to the Robotics or A.I. industries, or any social or economic issues surrounding it (especially of RoboWaifus). >=== -add A.I. to thread topic
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/17/2020 (Thu) 20:16:50.
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>>9652 Thanks for keeping us up to date Anon. >Good news is, he's already dead. Now let's forget him. Lol.
Hanson robotics rolls out Sophia as a mass produced robot, but also wants to use it as a plattform for others. The plan is to sell a few thousand units per year: LOL: (Btw, this news is two months old)
>>9742 Well, this will be interesting to watch Anon. What could possibly go wrong?
Europe Proposes Strict Rules for Artificial Intelligence >The European Union regulations would require companies providing artificial intelligence in high-risk areas to provide regulators with proof of its safety, including risk assessments and documentation explaining how the technology is making decisions. The companies must also guarantee human oversight in how the systems are created and used. >Some applications, like chatbots that provide humanlike conversation in customer service situations, and software that creates hard-to-detect manipulated images like “deepfakes,” would have to make clear to users that what they were seeing was computer generated. >But Europe is no longer alone in pushing for tougher oversight. The largest technology companies are now facing a broader reckoning from governments around the world, each with its own political and policy motivations, to crimp the industry’s power. >In the United States, President Biden has filled his administration with industry critics. Britain is creating a tech regulator to police the industry. India is tightening oversight of social media. China has taken aim at domestic tech giants like Alibaba and Tencent. >This week, the Federal Trade Commission warned against the sale of artificial intelligence systems that use racially biased algorithms, or ones that could “deny people employment, housing, credit, insurance or other benefits.” Regulations document: I skimmed over the regulations and it seems like it's mostly against autonomous AI working without human oversight and introducing requirements to make it more difficult, if not impossible, for small businesses to participate in the market with AI. Some of the regulations are extremely vague though and open to interpretation: >The placing on the market, putting into service or use of certain AI systems intended to distort human behaviour, whereby physical or psychological harms are likely to occur, should be forbidden. I'll bet they'll come up with something like 'gaming disorder' but for chatbots and robowaifus and say they're harmful and distort human behaviour.
>>10284 Importantly though, the military is exempt. And that's where the best A.I.s are going to be developed. Anyone who wants to ban that can do so, and be left at the mercy of their enemies hehehe! Some of the military tech will leak out. It's too lucrative not to. Government might be against A.I., but the military industrial complex (MIC) certainly isn't. Because they are both robotic and A.I. the MIC is (unknowlingly) also on the side of robowaifus! The government has zero power without the MIC to back it up with guns and bombs. So I don't think they'll be able to stop the development of robowaifus. I know there are engineers and programmers in military bases who would add a robowaifu A.I. into their tank, helicopter gunship or fighter jet if they thought they could get away with it. It's just that everything is so documented and legislated (mainly for health and safety reasons) that this isn't permitted.

Artificial Wombs general Robowaifu Technician 09/12/2019 (Thu) 03:11:54 No.157 [Reply] [Last]
I think we need to figure out how to fit a womb onto a waifubot. Where's the fun in having sex if you can't procreate?

Repost from a thread on /b/;
>"If you're like me and want to fuck a qt battlebot and get her pregnant, the best place to put an artificial womb is where a normal womb would be on a normal girl. The metal exterior could simply be a bunch of metal plates that unfold to allow space for the womb pod inside. The baby is probably safest inside the battlebot, and if she has good calibration then there shouldn't be problems with her falling and hurting the baby. After giving birth the metal plates could automatically fold back up again, shrinking the womb pod inside so she is combat effective again."

Well /robowaifu/? Feasible?
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>>9934 >But then again, since this board is about technology and such topic would be rather about politics and legal issues, it's even not the right place here. Not to dissuade you from that viewpoint Anon (I wish it were true myself), I think you'll discover here that the whole topic in general touches on so many different widely-varied topics (for example, cf. the current discussion on so-called TITS Robowaifu teleoperations >>9712) that political, sociological, economic, military, even spirituality topics all come up. Basically the entire gamut of the human condition is affected by robowaifus (which is pretty amazing if you think about it, coming from a bunch of shitposting anons).
>>8007 >Larger brains require larger heads, and those are difficult to pass through birth canals. With a completely separate artificial womb this problem can be eliminated. Even better. Our sons will literally look like grey aliens from hollywood but with a mean IQ of 140. I for one embrace our future.
>>5021 And that's exactly what we're supposed to do. This way, we can rise our sons by ourselves and enlighten them so that they can carry on our work
Open file (697.16 KB 500x376 1620014146414.gif)
i want a robowaifu like armitage. would a standalone unit be safer/better or should it be inside the robot
>>10278 I think the general consensus ITT is that a standalone unit will be the safest and most practical. Both for the babies and the robowaifus. Personally, I'm highly skeptical it will even be possible, so my advice is 'don't hold your breath anon'. Maybe they'll prove me wrong, who knows? But you can be certain that as long as things proceed the way they are in the West r/n, it's extremely unlikely you or I would be permitted to freely own an artificial womb unit and produce our own kids. If they ever do come, they will be both outrageously expensive, and outright illegal for anyone outside the globohomo ultra-elite to own them.

Open file (74.40 KB 1177x749 1619951053286.png)
Lupo Lucio 05/02/2021 (Sun) 12:41:42 No.15632 [Reply]
Qualcuno può spiegarmi cosa è accaduto in Italia?
Aumenti di popolazione per migliorie sanitarie tipo lavarsi. È un grafico fatto davvero con il culo.
>>15637 Il grafico si riferisce alla quantità di omicidi, non all'aumento della popolazione. Comunque condivido il dubbio sulla validità del grafico: come hanno ricavato il dato degli omicidi in epoche così antiche?
>>15652 Non è in rapporto a 100000 persone per anno?

Open file (215.34 KB 1443x828 1607764739-0.jpg)
Open file (225.57 KB 599x1134 descrizione.png)
Open file (92.41 KB 725x550 descrizione-lotti.png)
Costruzione dei (((campi))) in Italia, bando ufficiale Lupo Lucio 04/06/2021 (Tue) 08:42:18 No.15382 [Reply]
Beh, che dire. Ormai il numero di coincidenze tra le informazioni inizialmente provenienti dal Canada e tutto ciò che accade in Occidente ha smesso di essere trascurabile e personalmente ho smesso di far finta che sia una distrazione/falsa bandiera/disinformazione per avvelenare i pozzi. Il progetto di depopolazione ai miei occhi è lampante. Questo bando di gara per la costruzione di campi container per l’assistenza della popolazione in caso di eventi emergenziali si trova sul sito del MEF e scade il 12 aprile. Si tratta di un bando per allestire in tutte le regioni italiane campi per accogliere fino a 8000 persone per singola regione. Non è specificato a quale tipo di "emergenza" questi campi dovranno far fronte. Si tratta di vere e proprie unità abitative, il costo è di circa 260 milioni di euro totalmente sborsati dall'Italia, non da fondi UE. Quanti posti letto, assunzioni in ospedale e aiuti economici si sarebbero potuti realizzare con quei milioni? Invece il governo, senza dare alcuna spiegazione, decide di sborsarli per la costruzione di campi di "emergenza" con cui tappezzare l'Italia da Nord a Sud. Saranno destinati ad accogliere le molte persone ormai non più in grado di pagare affitto o mutuo e che diventeranno senza tetto? O saranno posti dove mettere gli orfani e vedovi/e di vittime del covid o delle "reazioni avverse" dei cosiddetti vaccini? Oppure saranno destinati a chi rifiuta il vaccino e sarà presto marchiato come pericolo per la salute pubblica?
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Open file (25.93 KB 300x300 1546356133250.jpg)
>>15646 >Germania >continuo ribasso dei salari >continua demolizione dei diritti dei lavoratori >mantenutasi a galla coi magheggi monetari dell'euro a spese di tutti gli altri >austerità letteralmente senza alcun senso >occupata dagli americani >continuamente nel tira e molla USA vs Russia per l'approvigionamento energetico >invasa da milioni di subumani >grosse banche sull'orlo del disastro >??? >decente Io Spero Seriamente Che Voi Ragazzi Non Facciate Questo Ed inoltre >contenere il debito come richiesto dall'Europa sin dal '92

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>15648 >Io Spero Seriamente Che Voi Ragazzi Non Facciate Questo L'ex FIAT è fuggita in Olanda prima di essere venduta ai francesi, l'invito a non limitarsi alla sola Germania ma a tutti i paesi "frugali" vedo che non l'hai raccolto. Sono di scuola austriaca e mi fa venire l'orticaria proprio l'idea di fare proprio debiti, I richiamo era più alla data. Giusto per vedee da quanto tempo buttiamo soldi nel cesso in dipendenti pubblici, cinema di stato, diritti dei froci, importazione di negri e ogni altro genere di spesa demente e improduttiva.
>>15648 E abbiamo buttato soldi nel cesso pure in Expo e Olimpiadi, estive e invernali. Misura da te quanto le cazzate sullo spendere sempre e comunque per avere ritorni in crescita economia, come tanto piace ai keynesiani, siano puttanate completamente idiote.
Open file (56.25 KB 600x538 1518892741064.jpg)
>>15649 >Sono di scuola austriaca basta Lupo, non essere così severo con te stesso
>>15651 E tu smettila di pensare di campare facendo debiti senza pagarli.

Open file (54.97 KB 800x534 1612882116525.jpg)
Lupo Lucio 04/30/2021 (Fri) 12:10:13 No.15611 [Reply]
Questa sezione in una sola immagine. Dilatate comunisti!
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>>15623 >retroattivamente Nah, è sempre stato un sito di merda. Comunque mi fa piacere la costanza con cui ti sbatti per cercare di fare quello che pensi di fare. Evidentemente ho ragione e le mie idee ti terrorizzano.
>>15628 Ha, ha, ha! Non riuscirai mai a fermarci povero allocco fascista! Le nostre tattiche comuniste sono superiori e... oh cazzo aspetta devo andare a dilatare la mia neovagina comunista. Ma non cantar vittoria perché finisce qui... razzista!!!!!!!!!!!!
>>15631 Socialista lo vai a dire a tua sorella.
Open file (64.36 KB 1450x1583 15398572267.png)
>>15631 >>15638 Non associarci ad andicappino neanche per memare, per favore. t. fascio
>>15644 Diglielo, comunista vestito di nero!

Open file (175.98 KB 623x634 Fedez.jpg)
Lupo Lucio 03/21/2021 (Sun) 19:40:24 No.15137 [Reply]
Dopo mi voglio avventurare nel mondo delle chan. Consigli?
Open file (15.79 KB 91x88 1616077711071.png)
Vai su Diochan.
RIP al filone che è morto per questa esca stoppacciosa e avariata.
Open file (233.26 KB 1240x1754 fsc.jpg)

Open file (37.42 KB 550x707 mwgS4.jpeg)
Lupo Lucio 05/02/2021 (Sun) 11:39:38 ID: 6799c8 No.15626 [Reply] Pare che abbiano beccato le zecchette che facevano direttamente le associazioni mafiose ma lo scandalo è la diffusione dei verbali, mica il mare di merda che c'è scritto sopra. Ué, compagio mafiosetto, dove sei adesso?
Open file (15.40 KB 185x278 isola delle rose.jpg) E ancora. Immagina ragionare come Franceschini e pensare che ci sia ancora gente che vada nei cinema nel ventunesimo secolo e in pieno coprifuoco. Vabbé, se non altro ci saremo tolti i film del nostro cinema bulgaro di stato a base di boveri negri sfruddadi e cattivi capitalisti evasori fiscali dal cazzo. Ué, compagno mafiosetto, ma com'è che la Svizzera è diventata ricca abolendo le tasse invece che implementando il comunismo?
Open file (151.12 KB 538x700 IegJy1619978331.jpg)
Come ha risolto la sinistra il fatto che le masse operaie abbiano smesso di votarla perché stanche di prenderlo nel culo? Facendo una legge per dichiarare il prenderlo nel culo una cosa bella. BA DUM TSS
Open file (220.76 KB 1676x427 1619971573560.jpg)
E niente, le zecchette invertite del diocanale se la stanno proprio facendo addosso nel tanga.

Lupo Lucio 05/01/2021 (Sat) 13:46:02 No.15624 [Reply]
Ma tutte queste fondazioni, come la Guido Carli, che stanno assumendo ruoli prominenti da un punto di vista del più alto patrocinio Statale, come vengono finanziate. Nei loro siti non trovo niente al riguardo. Mi sembra una amerikanata, ma senza la trasparenza finanziaria.
Vedrai che lo è. Magari c'è quella che fa cose utili di tanto in tanto in tanto in tanto, ma bisogna partire dal presupposto che servono solo per permettere azioni che altrimenti sarebbero illegali.
Donazioni e aperitivi di finanziamento. E ovviamente trattamenti di favore fiscali.

Open file (1.40 MB 2576x1932 1618399301183.jpg)
Open file (388.73 KB 461x706 1618399478183.png)
Open file (1.75 MB 3264x2448 1618399292183.jpg)
Unmasking Yuri Kuznetsov 04/15/2021 (Thu) 14:09:56 ID: 6f79da No.100799 [Reply]
There's too much to cover, and it's still being documented as there is a Russian language barrier, but I will try my best: < best source to continue His ISP: tl;dr he is basically the Alt-Chan-Federation if it existed in Russia, that wanted to expand other imageboards so long as they are popular. He's Toad McKinley Watkins with crippling autism. Not even Luke Delf/dolphinpedo has anything as near as this guy. waiting on heyuri 2016 collage that documented more stuff
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>>100909 of course you would spic faggot fuentes. god damn republicans and democrats really are the same when it comes to their insufferable faggotry.
>>101658 kami has an 8inch cock

Open file (158.32 KB 1920x1072 mpv-shot0007.jpg)
Open file (132.18 KB 1920x1072 mpv-shot0004.jpg)
Open file (134.83 KB 1920x1072 mpv-shot0011.jpg)
Open file (155.42 KB 1920x1072 mpv-shot0003.jpg)
Thot in the Shell 1 Robowaifu Technician 04/10/2021 (Sat) 06:58:56 No.9709 [Reply]
TITS Robowaifus The basic idea is that IRL females will be plugged into remote-operation consoles; from there they will have some teleoperational control of robowaifus during engagements. The basic point being human contact for Anon. Obviously, this situation is fraught with both possibilities and hazards. As a board, we had a somewhat extensive discussion and debate on the topic in our first-ever /robowaifu/ council over in the /meta-3 thread (>>9712). As the BO, I had to come to some type of decision on the matter in the end, and here it is: (>>10194). While we didn't actually manage a consensus, my decision was to go ahead and proceed with developing the concept more fully here on /robowaifu/. Therefore, the TITS Robowaifus thread #1 is now open for business -- with two fundamental caveats. 1. Absolutely no free-form, 'open-mic', unconstrained, verbal or physical control by TITS thots of any TITS Robowaifus themselves. The most problematic issues with the whole idea all stem directly from failing to enforce this basic rule. Also, the intricacies of pulling off implementing these restraints correctly, and still allowing for an appealing, effective, and fun engagement for the Anon himself is actually quite a dramatic challenge & achievement. Solving all this will advance many different robowaifu-related areas all together at once. 2. Men will be free to turn off 'safetys' if they desire to plug their IRL GFs into the remote-end of a TITS connection. They are taking their own lives in their hands with such a risk, and they will be clearly informed of that. Note that this is a privately-conducted connection between Anon and his GFs, and isn't in any way associated with any business-oriented systems utilizing professional prostitutes (whether they are labeled as such or not). Basic safetys are not to be disabled in that context whatsoever. Because we are cutting new trails here on robowaifu frontiers (yet again), it's unclear to me yet whether these 'rules' will be sufficient. They probably will receive (potentially extensive) revisions as we move forward. After all, this entire premise represents a significant increase in the complexity of the many issues involving robowaifus already, and puts several new items onto that table as well. Note: please keep all TITS Robowaifus discussions contained to just the TITS threads themselves. >---

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/01/2021 (Sat) 20:59:15.
Since I have personally taken over OP's thread entirely, I'm going to repost his original OP here in the first reply post. This is both to honor the OP for bringing the topic up in the first place, and also to ensure we have a basic archive of the post itself here. The full text of Anon's post follows: >--- > Teleoperation of machines is not a new idea. I guess all of us had a moment when we were contemplating to let human operators participate in the control of some robowaifu or thotbot. Probably none of us would really want that, and the idea comes with a lot of questions. Most of us might even like the idea of having a limited AI in a female body, which we would train, much more than dealing with a robot controlled by one or several humans. This is also a matter of identity. A robowaifu with some AI is exactly that, while a remote controlled bot is something else. In many ways related, but still somehow something different. Since it could be seen as a transitional state of the technology, I still think it's on topic here, though. Also the lines might be blurry, since the contributions from the outside would be filtered, constrained and altered. > Also, we real robowaifu enthusiasts here might just not be like everyone. We are probably outliers. Also, we are not able to create a good chatbot yet, which could be talked to in a meaningful way. I have no doubt, we'll be getting there soon. However, some of us might not want to wait, others certainly won't. > So let's stay open minded when looking for (temporary) alternatives and at least think their feasibility and challenges through. > Sandman (MGTOW) had a idea like this a while ago: Letting some women participate in the upcoming "sexrobot industry" by giving them jobs where they would be participating in the actions and responses of the bot. His main argument was, that this would split possible opposition into a group opposed to all of it and the ones profiting, hoping to profit or caring about those who do. >>8187 > Another aspect might be, that many men are not open for using fembots for sex or as companions. Maybe for personal reasons, others for social reasons, like shaming. Having a transition phase might be helpful. > I do recall, other people having the idea of using chatbots for customer support, which can switch over to take in responses by an operator. A more recent and more ambitious example I saw, was some brief report about a robot cafe in Japan, where handicapped people control the robots from home. They're staff then, but are probably also supposed to interact with the guests. > Thoughts on execution: > - One thing is, the ones interested in this topic should come up with a good vocabulary for it. The women contributing are not the operators, for example, but their responses are a commodity which they provide. So they're rather contributors or imaginators, idk. More unofficial terms could be something like 'remote thots', dependent on the use case.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/01/2021 (Sat) 20:00:22.
>>9709 >Also, the intricacies of pulling off implementing these restraints correctly, and still allowing for an appealing, effective, and fun engagement for the Anon himself is actually quite a dramatic challenge & achievement. IMO this will be one of the chief hurdles to overcome. And since it's solution's characteristics will have many cascading-type implications for most of the following design & engineering R&D, I'd suggest that it be the primary focus for us all to address very early on.

Robotics sites, organizations and projects Robowaifu Technician 09/16/2019 (Mon) 04:21:24 No.268 [Reply]
There are a lot of robotics research and projects going on out there in the world, many of them with direct application for us here. Please contribute important, quality links you find that you think would help /robowaifu/.

Robot Operating System (ROS)
>[ROS] is a flexible framework for writing robot software. It is a collection of tools, libraries, and conventions that aim to simplify the task of creating complex and robust robot behavior across a wide variety of robotic platforms.
9 posts and 4 images omitted.
A Poppy robot that learns to explore the environment and play: It's an old project but still quite interesting. >Intrinsically motivated spontaneous exploration is a key enabler of autonomous lifelong learning in human children. It enables the discovery and acquisition of large repertoires of skills through self-generation, self-selection, self-ordering and self-experimentation of learning goals. We present an algorithmic approach called Intrinsically Motivated Goal Exploration Processes (IMGEP) to enable similar properties of autonomous learning in machines. From the current context it picks a novel object then picks a goal (new outcome) for this object and executes an action to achieve its goal. It tries to predict the object's trajectory from this action and then updates its predictions. It also uses intrinsic rewards of the empirical improvement in solving the goals it generates and the novelty of unexpected outcomes.
>>9613 That's neat to see teams begin to do mashups with readily available systems. Definitely right up our alley here.
This seems to be a interesting comunity for robotists: - with projects and their makers here: - Just found it, so I can't say how good it really is.
Open file (63.27 KB 1200x675 00-top.jpg)
Open file (333.57 KB 642x447 premaid ai.png)
A Japanese company created a decent companion robot 5 years ago called Palmi. It remembers what you chat about, comments on unusual things and what you're doing, remembers peoples voices and faces, can have group conversations, and can walk around a bit. It cost $3000 though and didn't get much attention beyond documentaries and exhibitions before being discontinued. They also made a dancing robot, Premaid AI, for $1500 and a bunch of others but all their robots are discontinued now.
>>10218 > but all their robots are discontinued now. Too bad, but thanks very much for bringing them up for us here Anon. Any idea what the scientists, designers, and engineers who worked on these projects are doing these days? Also (silly question since they were obviously commercial endeavors) any chance any of these system software or designs are accessible today?

Robot Vision General Robowaifu Technician 09/11/2019 (Wed) 01:13:09 No.97 [Reply] [Last]
Cameras, Lenses, Actuators, Control Systems

Unless you want to deck out you're waifubot in dark glasses and a white cane, learning about vision systems is a good idea. Please post resources here.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/11/2019 (Wed) 01:14:45.
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Open file (206.67 KB 1360x772 esp32cam programming.jpg)
Oh by the way, a few weeks back I was looking at the cheapest way to get into camera robots. Apparently an ESP32 has just barely enough capability to capture and stream images, previously they paired discrete ESP32s with OV-series basic cameras, until they decided to directly sell combos such as this ESP32-cam. It is too slow to be used for RC-speed vehicles, but for slow indoor robots such as this: it is fine. I'm posting this since it's what go my feet wet with non-AI computer vision and control, so now I have enough confidence to actually try AI self-driving as the next step.
>>9973 Didn't know brilliant was free. Well there are YouTube lessons and such but I don't know what I need to look up the YouTube lessons for. I've been following 3blue1brown and MyWhyU for lessons in linear algebra. Guess I'll just have to cover the math topics when they appear in the way to learning OpenCV. >>9979 Yeah, that's the link. More specifically, this is where my confusions started: >>9976 Everything past the contours section in the "Image processing with OpenCV" sub-topic in and all the other sub-topics past "Image processing with OpenCV" (i.e. Feature Detection and Description, and onwards) seem to explain their workings in mathematical terms with formulae I have no hopes of understanding right now. >What about 'contours' is your current problem, can you explain specifically? I don't know what "moments" (which seems to be a math derived term) of an image are. And nor am I understanding what cv.Moments() returns. That's an inspirational image!
>>10018 >>10019 Quality information, thank you Anon. >>10021 >I don't know what "moments" (which seems to be a math derived term) of an image are. It's just a abre-use of the idea of 'moments' from physics (cf. >>9887, et al). In that context a 'moment' is kind of a calculus notion, and can be thought of as sort of an instantaneous 'snapshot' or moment of the rate of change in something. In the physics context the implication is that it's a description of some particular force being imparted by the inertia of some particular mass under consideration. This abre-use of this term by OpenCV devs is simply that there are 'rates-of-change' types of things going on in an image (for example, it's contour lines) that you would want to track. For example the rate of change of brightness of pixels in a given direction forms a 'contour' of that change, kind of like a contour map in geography typically describes the changes in elevation for instance. Make sense? >And nor am I understanding what cv.Moments() returns. Well remember how I said all image data (and practically every other form of data) in OpenCV is a big matrix? Well, that's what gets returned. A set of matrices describing contour characteristics of that input image, etc.
>>10018 >>10019 Yes, this is good to know. Thanks. >>10021 Using the Brilliant app isn't free, or wasn't last time I checked. Only the introduction. To access everything it did cost 60-80€ per year. In general, when I get stuck at something, I'll look into other sources of information. Reddit isn't popular on image boards, but having an account there, completely focused on learning stuff und asking around on tech questions might be a good idea. I'm also sure there are good videos on YouTube on OpenCV and tutorials on the net which are even related to using it with Raspberry Pi. >>10023 Not the anon asking, but this was interesting to me as well. Thanks.
Since we don't have some kind of general Robowaifu Sensornets or something like it yet, I'm just going to drop this here since it's probably the closest thing we have atm. So, a newly-reported spying mechanism invented to keep all the population under close, real-time surveillance via their goyphones uses bat-like echolocation to synthesize an environment's image data. Including the people and pets in it. While they themselves mean it purely for evil purposes (George Orwell's Telescreens spying system, but mobile & no need for a fixed camera), perhaps we can in fact use the same technology approach for good? I expect this can certainly enhance a robowaifu's realtime situational awareness capabilities?

Visual Waifus Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 06:40:42 No.240 [Reply] [Last]
Thoughts on waifus which remain 2D but have their own dedicated hardware. This is more on the artistry side though ai is still involved. An example of an actual waifu product being the Gatebox.

My favorite example is Ritsu, she's a cute ai from assassination classroom who's body is a giant screen on wheels.
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Creating holowaifus like Miku here >>9562 could become a thing with $30 480p Raspberry Pi displays. It'll be amazing when people can create their own mini holowaifus one day for under $100. Shoebox method: Pyramid method: Also there's a life-sized Gatebox coming out for businesses. It seems like they're still lacking good AI for it but I can see it being a good business attraction. I could see this being used in arcades which are still popular in Japan.
peak visual waifu-ery >
Stumbled across this gem from 2011. Japan has been hiding the waifus all along.
>>10214 Wow that's actually quite impressive for the date, thanks Anon. I sure wish I'd known about this back then.
>>8592 she'll always be backed up on a bunker orbiting earth ; )

Anonymous 04/29/2021 (Thu) 01:52:21 No.3252 [Reply]
does anyone have a facebook magnet link?

Actuators for waifu movement! Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:27:47 No.406 [Reply] [Last]
Hello fellow Anons! Kiwi here to provide basic educational facts about various actuators we can use for gifting artificial avatars of our hearts desire motion!

1. Let's start with a personal favorite, the impractical, inefficient yet oh so fascinating: Heated Twisted Nylon!

What are they? They're nylon threads which have been spun around then annealed to seal in their coils. A heating method causes these threads to then contract or expand.

Good: Why is this a personal favorite? Simply put, it's natures muscle substitute for muscles. To elaborate, this marvelous invention contracts like human muscles, has a similar practical strength/weight/volume as human muscle. Icing on this proverbial cake comes in its incredibly low cost of manufacture. Materials needed are nylon threads and a heating element. A fixture for production can be produced simply, operated with incredible ease, all while having a low cost. It very well could have revolutionized all of robotics if it weren't for its flaws.

Bad: This is honestly a terrible actuator. Its greatest flaw comes from its speed. they aren't as fast as human muscles unless they're underwater. Water reduces efficiency to unacceptable levels if they're powered by batteries. Water is also rather heavy. If used, you'd have a waifu that moved slowly , would seize up in hot weather, and her battery would die rather quickly. Final nail in the coffin: it's very difficult to get positional control.

2: Pneumatics, moving her booty with air!
What is it? Pressurized air is guided to an actuator where its energy turns into motion. Popular air actuators include rotary turbines, cylinders, and air muscles.

Good: Actuators are light for their power. Positional control isn't difficult to attain. They can be faster then human muscles. Heating elements can be used to augment performance to higher levels.

Bad: These things require electrical actuators to function properly. Thus, they're inherently more complex then electrical counterparts. They need a source of compressed air, either from a tank or a compressor and a tank. Compressors are large, heavy, noisy, all around unsuitable to be incorporated into a waifu. Air tanks would also run out rapidly unless she's barely moving. Overall, they're suited better for industrial use.

3. Hydraulics, they're like pneumatics except stronger, needs a return system, needs an onboard pump, gets hotter, generally costs more, and is heavier.
(2 and 3 are great for stationary machinery which requires high power as they're very cost effective as high power actuators)

4. AC motors
What are they? They're rotary devices which use AC current to create magnetic flux used to provide torque.

Good: Generally highly efficient with good thermal characteristics. Can have controllable speed and torque.

Bad: They run off of AC electricity, batteries don't provide that. It's not difficult to change DC to AC but, it's a layer of extra cost and complexity. Overall they're great but the next actuator is better suited for our purpose.

5: DC motors are the ideal actuator for smaller waifus.
What are they? They're actuators which convert DC electricity into rotary mechanical energy.

Good: They're inexpensive, easily attainable, and simple to control. They're very easy to control. Uses DC which batteries provide.

Bad: Need to be geared down to provide good torque. They're middle of the road efficiency wise.

(For smaller waifus, their lower efficiency compared to the next actuator isn't a major concern. Smaller batteries recharge rapidly, so having her need to charge in her bed isn't a big deal.)

6. Superior Brushless Motors are ideal actuators
What are they? DC motors which need specialty hardware to drive them.

Good: High efficiency, it's the most efficient option available.

Bad: Controllers add expense and complexity.

(1 of 2)
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>>10135 Thanks, I didn't know about these huge differences.
anons , I am driving crazy trying to solve the problem of having many degrees of freedom using cheap high speed high torque small form factor actuators. And I have this idea, as you know solenoid air valves aren't small so what if we use this principle The clip pen mechanism could be use to reach low energy consumption for valves, we would only need an spike of energy to switch it. The air muscles could be done modifying this approach
Related to main topic: Hydraulic muscles by Automaton Robotics: >>10179 >>10150 >Clip power storage mechanism Interesting. Do you have an idea if we can get the plans from somewhere? Or if you could copy the design based on the video? Solenoids can be very small, but this might be good to store power from a motor to help it start moving some part faster. I mean by adding some startup power boost: >>9195. I'm concerned about the clicking, though.
>>10150 >cheap >high speed >high torque >small form factor You're kind of violating some engineering principles there. a) No one 'outsmarts' the laws of physics, and b) economics is a thing. Pick any two Anon.
>>9754 Thanks, Anon!

COVID ATTO SECONDO: la nuova ondata Lupo Lucio 11/01/2020 (Sun) 11:34:37 ID: 0d2501 No.12139 [Reply] [Last]
Venghino siore e siori allo spettacolo di arte varia di un governo di quaquaraquà alle prese con una pandemia mondiale.
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Open file (90.29 KB 300x300 1582119492396.png)
>>15533 Boh tutto sto scetticismo non lo capisco. Io me lo sono fatto perchè dal lavoro mi hanno obbligato e a me non è successo un cazzo. Secondo me siete solo un branco di allarmisti, anche se capisco che è difficile fidarsi di gente che il giorno prima banchettava con Epstein e Gates ed il giorno dopo è il beniamino dei sinistri.
RIP Lupo Lucio. Spero che la tua sofferenza sarà breve tipo trombosi fulminante invece di sviluppare cancri/leucemia/paralisi e altre invalidità permanenti che renderanno i pochi anni che ti restano un inferno in terra per te e per i tuoi cari.
>>15549 aspetta l'inverno per vedere gli effetti della fantomatica copertura vaccinale
Open file (1.36 MB 1068x2050 milva-473x1024.PNG)
>>15574 Non caricò l'immagine, riprovo.

Open file (179.16 KB 700x1280 icup7trophypic.png)
Infinity Cup poll Anonymous 04/23/2021 (Fri) 19:11:58 ID: d2a5fc No.896 [Reply]
Hey guys, /icup/ here with a question on how we're going to handle the next iteration of the Infinity Cup ( ) We're trying to poll whether certain boards are interested in playing in the cup, or if there's some specific team that you'd like to see play. If you want to, please answer or add your own answer to the poll in
Awesome! Thanks for reaching out.
It's a fake spam message. Sorry. Make sure to ask the BO before wasting time making a team.

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