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Science n shit Scholar 10/06/2021 (Wed) 11:11:42 No.188
Greetings, fags. I'm the autistic motherfucker who dumped all the science pdfs back on 8ch before it became kill. I think the max file size here is a bit bigger, so I'll try reuploading things here. Since there's a lot of cross-over between different areas of science (like chemistry & biology) I'm just going to throw a bunch of shit in here and you guys can take what you want. Everything from books to one-off articles. May do this for the rest of my collection, too. Enjoy.
>>189 "Cell And Tissue Culture - Laboratory Procedures In Biotechnology" was like 50MB so no luck uploading that.
>>193 Forgot how many DJVU and MOPI files I have.
>>196 Bruice's Organic Chemistry was 25MB and 2big4u. Also the stupid r9k niggerbot doesn't like files about nitration and aromatic reactivity.
>>203 >R9K prevented at least one of your files from being posted. It was "Organic Chem Lab Survival Guide - James Zubrick". If this happens two more times, I'll just fuck off and let the board continue being dead.
>>208 "Principles And Applications Of Asymmetric Synthesis" by Li, Lin and Chan was 2big.
>>211 "A Treatise on Chemistry 1" was 2big, but here's the other two parts.
>>224 "Chemical Process Equipment - Selection and Design (Walas)" and "Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments - How to Set Up a Home Laboratory - Robert Brent" are 2big. I also have a few large textbooks split into a bazillion linked files and have no idea how to go about posting them or if I should bother.
>>231 There's a file on mixed formal plasticizer that's somehow too large. No idea how or why, so I'll have to dissect that one.
>>233 "Chemical Engineers Handbook, Perry Vol 1" is 2big, as is "Chemistry Of Superconductor Materials; Preparation, Chemistry, Characterization And Theory, Vanderah".
>>237 "Introduction To Laboratory Techniques" by Kriz/Engel is too large.
>>239 "Nitration Of Phenols Under Mild And Heterogeneous Conditions" was 2massive.
>>247 It's not letting me post some files on beryllium, hydrogen manufacturing, and amino groups for some reason. It's not a file dupe. No idea why there's so many anti-funposting precautions in place on here.
>>248 "Fundamentals of Nuclear Science & Engineering" and "Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Encyclopedia (Vols 1&2, 2nd Ed)" were 2girthy. It also seems every single volume of "Burger's Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Discovery 6th Ed." is way above the size limit.

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