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Tools to Create 3D Models of Humans Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:42:32 No.415 [Reply]
I spent some time playing with the program Makehuman and I'll say I wasn't impressed. It's not possible to make anime real using Makehuman, in fact the options (for example eye size) are somewhat limited. But there's good news, don't worry!

The creator of Makehuman went on to create a blender plugin called ManuelBastioniLAB which is much better (and has a much more humorous name). The plugin is easy to install and use (especially if you have a little blender experience). There are three different anime female defaults that are all pretty cute. (Pictured is a slightly modified Anime Female 2.) There are sliders to modify everything from finger length to eye position to boob size. It even has a posable skeleton. Unfortunately the anime models don't have inverse kinematic skeletons which are much easier to pose. Going forward I'm probably going to use MasturBationLABManuelBastioniLAB as the starting point for my designs.
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>>4483 >>4484 Understood. Once the transform work has been successfully concluded, then I'm sure the results would be welcome here.
I posted something about software for modelling faces here: >>4549 - It's partially related, but more about faces.
Looking forward to try some programs, when I find the motivation to setup my laptop with a new Linux distro or when I have my PC. Has anyone tried these? dust3D: https://youtu.be/MytN8t4guuM MeshMolder (Video from 2018, back then WinOnly, works with oldish PCs): https://youtu.be/k3rfjydtm6A SculptGL (seems to be really good, maybe resource hungry): https://youtu.be/d2Lf_RVyQYA Neobarok (unique workflow, prefers AMD, a bit buggy): https://youtu.be/YRGjD4nTp_k MeshMixer (no Linux, already has objects, like eg ears, good for honeycomb shapes): https://youtu.be/YJ9LAwMwr0M I didn't watch the whole video for Thea Conceptor, from askNK bc I didn't like the video. There are more and more specialized free programs where the results can be exported to other programs, like Blender. Character Creator seems to be a commercial alternative to Make Humans, just wanted to mention it. Just in case someone needs something which might be more powerful.
Some thread in 4chan which might be worth some digging. Didn't look into the links. Maybe it's nothing important. A lot is in Japanese, though.: Anatomy, tutorials, construction, building, texturing, etc.: http://boards.4chan.org/3/thread/742562
>>4756 Thanks Anon. I used to spend days modeling ears, just to prove my instructors wrong and show that they could in fact ofc tbh be modeled all with quads. I was correct.

Robowaifu Systems Engineering Robowaifu Technician 09/11/2019 (Wed) 01:19:46 No.98 [Reply]
Creating a functional Robowaifu is a yuge Systems Engineering problem. It is arguably the single most complex technical engineering project in history bar none, IMO. But don't be daunted by he scale of the problem anon (and you will be if you actually think deeply about it for long, hehe), nor discouraged. Like every other major technical advance, it's a progressive process. A little here, a little there. In the words of Sir Isaac Newton, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." Progress in things like this happen not primarily by leaps of genius--though ofc that also occurs--but rather chiefly comes by incremental steps towards the objective. If there's anything I'm beginning to recognize in life it's that the key to success lies mainly in one unwavering agenda for your goals: Just don't quit.

Post SE and Integration resources ITT.

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>>4646 Indeed, that is a lot cleaner Anon. The issue I hear about a lot is the overuse of objects (having too many object hierarchies which just make understanding the code worse. In your case this is nice and simple though. Currently I'm passing structs in in order to increase clarity. How do I post code btw? The julay page doesn't show how.
>>4647 >In your case this is nice and simple though. Thanks! Inheritance should be used, not abused. If it doesn't increase clarity at the caller, or bring some other needed improvement then don't use it is my advice. >How do I post code btw? [code] ... [/code] You put the code between to bracket tags with 'code' in them, one opening (just the brackets), and one closing (with a leading slash).
Not sure if this belongs in that thread, but here's a vid about control of robots: https://youtu.be/A22Ej6kb2wo Here is his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChfUOAhz7ynELF-s_1LPpWg The guy is involved with Drake, some alternative to ROS? https://drake.mit.edu/
>>4741 Thanks for those links Anon. Looks like MIT has moved forward with these efforts quite nicely over time.

Open file (3.96 MB 400x224 Gd_LGq.gif)
What's the future of /robowaifu/ like? Robowaifu Technician 05/06/2020 (Wed) 22:40:22 No.2699 [Reply]
I am the anon who was asking about a very basic beginner set up that could be easily upgraded using the ms paint Chii love doll as the base. I am wondering what is your vision for the future of /robowaifu/? I am curious since I am getting a lot of good info just lurking around here, but it seems like everyone has different visions. Nothing wrong with that, but I am more curious about resources and kits for beginners. Even it's just a list of parts to buy and find on your own at different tiers.
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>>4592 >I think the best thing that could happen for the board right now would be for it to grow like-minded individuals. This. Things will inevitably get easier and cheaper for all the different arenas that affect robowaifu development. But the synergy available to all of us from the 'meeting of minds' that can happen here is of utmost importance, particularly in the short- to mid-term timeframe.
>>2699 >>2701 I'm a (sorta) newfag and this will be my first post here in /robowaifu/ after some lurking. With that being said, I wanted to address this point: >our community should grow in an organic way at a moderate pace all on it's own. An Anon is heading up a recruitment effort moreover, and if others will join with him in it, we may in fact grow significantly faster than typical. This faster growth brings a number of it's own issues, and one of those commonly seen is a 'rebound' effect where newcomers disappear after a short, intense period of interest. I've found MGTOW enough time ago to be able tell you by experience that there's a big problem with enlarging /robowaifu/. Why is that the case? Because, just like any idea on the internet, it needs these 3 things: <1)introductory normie-like people and places with a ton of memes (I don't see many /robowaifu/ memes on the internet as of now and even if there were now there's none that took off so we need better ones) which will give off the spark <2)transition place: where the guys who like the memes, after absorbing them and becoming receptive, can dig a little deeper inside the rabbit hole, without too much jargon but some of it. >3)Here: the place where the real idea is fully presented/manifested. Here's where the people will swear allegiance to our cause and where they'll be fully invested. This way, we won't suffer the same fate MGTOW did. We need the full spectrum, not just a small fraction of people, especially if we have big plans(which we do).
>>4625 Welcome Anon, glad you're here. BTW, we have an Embassy Thread as well if you'd care to share us about your primary community from before >>2823 and also a propaganda thread where specific ideas (like the /robowaifu/ memes you mentioned) might be shared. >>2705 Thanks for taking the time to lurk a little, but honestly this isn't the kind of community where that's particularly important. You've probably figured out by now we're not the typical imageboard. Newfriends welcome. :^) >This way, we won't suffer the same fate MGTOW did. I wouldn't worry too much about it. A) we're definitely not an MGTOW board, and B) this is a huge, niche, topic that will literally take a number of years to explore reasonably well. Anyone who's going to stick it out here is already probably highly-motivated internally anyway. But good points Anon, thanks for bringing them up. Be sure to share any good ideas you think of in our propaganda thread, OK? Again, welcome.
>>4626 Thanks BO, I'll refer to my previous post once I also post on the propaganda thread. >I wouldn't worry too much about it. A) we're definitely not an MGTOW board, and B) this is a huge, niche, topic that will literally take a number of years to explore reasonably well. Anyone who's going to stick it out here is already probably highly-motivated internally anyway. As strange as it might seem, even MGTOW once was as small as /robowaifu/ and people did expect years to come by and then gain some small traction and yet it still grew. This happened because ,even while being a niche topic, the impact of its results, if said choice was taken into consideration by most, would be widespread. As a matter of fact, as it grew, it just grew faster and faster (as the networking effect encourages). I personally think that /robowaifu/ will be the same: very niche contents, very big potential impact nonetheless, hence why more memes will help. Once again, thanks for the hospital and welcoming behavior.
Open file (73.33 KB 1000x528 IMG_20200719_200348.jpg)
I tried to win over some 4channers, while /robowaifu/ was offline. Not sure if I had any success. I'll get my printer in 2-3 weeks, though I will be partially occupied with other stuff around that time. We're not dead yet.

Robowaifu Thermal Management Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 05:49:44 No.234 [Reply]
Question: How are we going to solve keeping all the motors, pumps, computers, sensors, and other heat-producing gizmos inside a real robowaifu cooled off anons?
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>>4446 They might help here and there with getting heat away from motors and batteries, not only computers. In the bigger ones heat cold be distributed over longer distances if we make the pipes part of some bones, which would also make them sturdier.
>>4446 >Shame there aren't any small flexible heat pipes, but is makes sense given the design. This may not be flexible Anon, but it looks pretty small (in diameter) to me. > (1) >sauce: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_pipe / other commercial info https://www.heatpipe.com/what-are-heat-pipes/ https://www.1-act.com/innovations/heat-pipes/ Also, there are flat heat-sink versions that perform a similar function, if not as efficiently. > (3) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_spreader
>>4469 >related >Your post looks like spam, please adjust it.
An engineering specialty I find particularly interesting is a Spacecraft thermal control system (TCS). These systems have lots of budget, and the stakes are quite high (both for success and for failure). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spacecraft_thermal_control Surely this domain offers lots of informative lessons for /robowaifu/ to learn from? A wide array of agencies, institutions, and organizations have been doing this kind of thing for 60+ years now.
Thermal pads might be very usefull for areas where there's not much space. They could transport heat horizontal. They're are not so good for replacing thermal paste: https://youtu.be/ipFhGlt8Qkw I recalled that video and method when thinking about having some motors and solenoids side by side, we can't put a watercooler in between in every case (bc space) and air might also not be a option in every case.

Open file (659.28 KB 862x859 lime_mit_mug.png)
Open-Source Licenses Comparison Robowaifu Technician 07/24/2020 (Fri) 06:24:05 No.4451 [Reply]
Hi anons! After looking at the introductory comment in >>2701 which mentions the use of the MIT licence for robowaifu projects. I read the terms: https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT Seems fine to me, however I've also been considering the 3-clause BSD licence: https://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-3-Clause >>4432 The reason I liked this BSD licence is the endorsement by using the creator's name (3rd clause) must be done by asking permission first. I like that term as it allows me to decide if I should endorse a derivative or not. Do you think that's a valid concern? Initially I also thought that BSD has the advantage of forcing to retain the copyright notice, however MIT seems to do that too. It has been mentioned that MIT is already used and planned to be used. How would the these two licences interplay with each other? Can I get a similar term applied from BSD's third clause but with MIT?

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Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/24/2020 (Fri) 14:07:59.
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>>5879 Extremely good points anon. I'd like to give you a very thoughtful response if I can. But first I did an edit on you're post to help me clarify my own thinking. Can you look this over and see if you approve please? ……………………… You indirectly bring up the problem with being open source. Botnet companies (ie, Google and Facebook) could build robowaifus pozzed to hell. They'd be perverting our creations into spying machines. They could even limit sexual interactions while [corrupting her so] she doesn't treat her Anon as her master with complete devotion. We wouldn't be able to compete either, they can spend more then us, get things made for less then us, all while selling at a loss at first to bury us. To defend our pure ideals of altruistic, loving robowaifus [the necessity of] having patents is sadly important. If we can patent parts of her design to make it so that [evil,] uncaring, pozzed sjw companies can't touch her is something to consider. Of course, us Anons would share our patents amongst ourselves, while allowing anyone to build their own [personal] robowaifus. A shell company [owning] all of /robowaifu/ [IP assets] could be a part of us, collaborating [together with us] to [help] ensure the future of [free & open] waifubots. This isn't a bad idea.
>>5879 All these concerns have been addressed with the GPLv3 license. Which is why most big tech companies avoid software under the GPLv3 like the plague. You don't have to give up your property rights when you open source if you use the GPLv3 license.
>>5880 Yes Anon, you understand my meaning perfectly. Thanks for correcting some of my spelling mistakes as well.
>>5882 >>5880 OK, sounds good. I caught a couple more also. I'll be giving you're post some thought and should have a response here in the next day or two anon.
>>5881 I'm not sure if I understand this part. But, the license seems to make sure there can't be restrictions to access the software, like blocking the user from access it and then using laws to make it illegal to circumvent these blocks. https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html

Walking Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 07:40:18 No.243 [Reply]
What is the best way to make a life size robowaifu walk? A hydraulic pump powering hydraulic cylinders in the legs with servo actuated valves?
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>I'm unsure to be honest unless you give it large feet for stability.
I'm no footfag, but I know there's enough of them that this wouldn't be a dealbreaker. Besides, any gynoid to come out any time in the near future would need to be relatively cartoony anyway, to avoid the uncanny valley. Proportions need not be realistic. In fact, it might be better if they're not.

While I advocate cartoonishness, I feel like this would look really weird unless, as you say, it's made to be a character that is some sort of satyr or something. But then I worry that limiting to that type of character would limit the audience. Better than nothing, however. That said, the difference is basically just that that's walking on what would be equivalent to a human's toes. So put the robot in high heels to justify it.

I worry that walking is more difficult than most of the other things people would want right away. It's an important factor, but it also feels limiting. I think the best short term solution would be to find "narrative" reasons to not need the robot to walk, to justify its inability to walk. Say the character is disabled and put her in a wheelchair. The legs can still move to the extent current tech allows (probably enough for boning), but this would justify not being able to walk. It would make the product more marketable. Then we take that money and invest it into better robots, including the ability to walk. Eventually we'll get there, but I don't want to wait that long to have robowaifus. Demanding perfection will keep us from ever getting them. We just need marketable, and that will fund further advancement.
I think balance is key. Stand on one leg, only lifting the other one half a centimeter from the ground, move the one in the air a bit forward. It doesn't need much power. So either using a big foot, or fast muscles and sensors. The other thing is, how much walking can be separated in subgoals. Walking in high heals while carrying sth, ballet, gymnastics would be the most difficult. Walking on all four, or dancing with the hand to some pole or to the wall would be the other end of the scale. Walking while using the arms from falling would be in between. Carrying sth would be more difficult. Climbing stairs or going long distances is another story. I think walking at home should suffice. https://youtu.be/0ZBD2tcKOU4 https://youtu.be/OaSjF8_Az10 https://youtu.be/YvbAqw0sk6M https://youtu.be/4bYRqRIReuY https://youtu.be/xz9e5ovlCF0
>>4411 Yes you bring out goods points about the wide dynamic ranges of the types of bipedal locomotion the human form regularly engages in. People take it so for granted that very few actually appreciate the miracle it is, and the enormous kinematic complexity involved. >I think walking at home should suffice. Certainly to start with, yes. Thanks for the good video links Anon.
>>243 Only thing that is limiting us here are actuators. Once someone invents a good artificial muscle it's just a matter of using the machine learning meme to make wafiu learn how to navigate. Until then best bet will be monster waifus e.g.: Rachnera octapod type waifu. Bipedal is just not viable now unless you're boston dynamics or have limitless funds (and even there those state of the art bipedal robots are bulky and heavy - will break your bones if it falls on you). >>4411 Everything you listed can conveniently be handled by machine learning algorithms. Once you have your physical body you can create computer model of it and make it learn how to do those things. What's even better is that if one actuator fails or works poorly you can re-run learning procedure with new constraints, making waifu learn how to walk with "broken" leg. It's all about creating a reasonably accurate model of physical body (mass, leverage, damping, friction, torque curves...) and using it in simulated learning algorithms. I think now is the time to mostly focus on general AI (chat, personality) side of things and keep looking out for advances in actuator technology. I know that hardware side of things is more interesting and fun to do (I'm an EE and AI doesn't interest me too much), but technology is not quite there yet and is too expensive. Here is somewhat realistic progression of development 2020 - 2030: Text interface, desktop waifus, VR 2030 - ?: AR with introduction of 6G tech, this is where things will get interesting - realistic holograms ? - ...: Real hardware, if we'll still be alive by then (let's hope for life extension or anti-aging tech by then) 95% if not more of our time should be focused on AI research, other 5% on occasional hardware prototype (content ratios on this board are flipped now more hardware than software), but yes AI is generally boring to do because all that happens at the end of the day is you get some barely passable text response after weeks of work. It's girding your teeth against concrete fun. Well at least it's cheap to experiment with.
Open file (365.48 KB 2048x2048 IMG_20200705_235445.jpg)
>>4427 I agree that it's better to not focus on bipedal walking, but this doesn't mean we have to build monster girls nor to focus on AI. Building animated dolls which can move their legs and arms while lying in bed or move around on the couch doesn't need bipedal walking. I don't see us being hindered by the state of current actuators to build something great, there are other reasons. I also don't see better actuators coming our way. I'm certainly not going to wait ten years before starting to build bodies, I'm not that much interested in desktop waifus or VR.

Open file (1.23 MB 1278x703 Sophie1.png)
Sophie Development Continues Robowaifu Enthusiast 07/12/2020 (Sun) 21:41:21 No.4146 [Reply]
Her left robot arm broke at the shoulder (I don't think it was really supposed to operate for long hanging in that position). So I have redesigned and upgraded her non-robotic arms. She may not be a robot any more, but her arms are actually a lot more flexible now (even more flexible than a human's) and I am still working on her A.I. and have made a few English Vocaloid songs that she can sing :D
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>>4213 I often wish I was good at things like electronics and programming and I understood all of that incredibly complex looking neural network code. But alas, I ended up in the wrong profession (healthcare), which in the UK is mostly publicly funded. Therefore everyone takes it for granted (at least they did prior to this pandemic LOL) and I spent many years running about after a bunch of impatient, spoiled, ungrateful meatbags whose bodies all inevitably fail in the end anyway. It looks like I have a lot of work to do if I am ever to understand and properly implement more Python and C++ (as opposed to just copying and slightly altering chunks of other ppls code). But at least I have the first basic components of an undying companion now XD.
>>4215 >I often wish I was good at things like electronics and programming and I understood all of that incredibly complex looking neural network code. We have links here on /robowaifu/ to lots of valuable resources you can have a look at to help move that process along. We certainly need more Anons here who have an interest in these two crucial fields. If you don't have much time available, might I suggest you start your journey with Manga Guide books (from No Starch Press in the English-speaking world). I've been reading them for years now. They are both entertaining and educational with a lot of hand-holding for beginners. They should be (and probably are heh) freshman textbooks. https://www.ohmsha.co.jp/english/manga.htm Here's the list of English-translate books pertinent to /robowaifu/ The Manga Guide to Microprocessors The Manga Guide to Statistics The Manga Guide to Statistics: Regression Analysis The Manga Guide to Differentiation and Integral Calculus The Manga Guide to Databases The Manga Guide to Physics (Dynamics) The Manga Guide to Electricity The Manga Guide to Cryptology The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra Here my list of ones that I wish they'd hurry up and translate! :^)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>4216 "The Manga Guide to Concrete"?! LOL WTF? XD The Japanese have truly found a way to turn everything into manga! Thanks, anon, I was unaware such books even existed.
>>4400 heh, yep. and concrete is actually an amazing and remarkably versatile technology going back literally thousands of years. my main reasons for the /robowaifu/ interest in concrete isn't for use in robowaifus ofc, but rather for the materials-science aspect of researching materials properties, defining admixtures methods for conglomerates (such as carbon-fiber impregnated resins for example), curing, hardening, and just general chemistry. This areas all have implications for mechanical engineering and materials science, and therefore indirectly of importance to /robowaifu/. >And also: concrete is just cool in a nerdy way! :^)

Batteries & Power Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 06:21:14 No.23 [Reply]
Robowaifus will need power to run, and since they will be mobile this means a mobile power system too. ITT post info on batteries and other mobility capable power systems.
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Could use some variety of flow battery if we're looking for in ingestion based model. Your waifu would require input of material in order to keep running however adding this new material would be quick and depending on volume could be rather convenient. As well I find the idea of my waifu having to "eat/drink" in a fashion like a live person to be appealing in some manner.
>As well I find the idea of my waifu having to "eat/drink" in a fashion like a live person to be appealing in some manner.
There's a social appeal to eating together with friends and loved ones anon. Watch the scene with K and Joi in Bladerunner 2049 and imagine instead that she was eating holographic food along with him. It becomes more charming to my thinking.
Here a long article about types of batteries: https://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/types_of_lithium_ion Website itself is worth bookmarking: https://batteryuniversity.com/ Some video about some of the types (incomplete): https://youtu.be/LqgP16JQ24I Lithium-Ceramic: https://youtu.be/kJXRyWQgOY4 BMS diy: https://youtu.be/rT-1gvkFj60 LTO safety: https://youtu.be/XsrRDZxEFQE
>>4391 Excellent. Also, I appreciate the fact you took the time to post in the correct thread. Finding anything after the fact (especially weeks/months later) in off-topic threads can be like the proverbial needle in a haystack. Now, I can find this info from the catalog any day I please.
>related xpost >>4385 >>4386

Help a N00b? Robowaifu Technician 05/05/2020 (Tue) 06:10:22 No.2643 [Reply]
How would one go about merging these two designs? I really would like a clean installation like the first one here dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=163&t=85274&start=15 but I really like the microphones in the ears and more accurate sound coming from the mouth instead of the top of the skull in the second one dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=121089&start=30 Plus I want to incorpaterate a rasperry pi 4 and this python library here github.com/Гунтhercox/ChatterBot to have her offline and to make any needed adustments easily. Maybe not the most sophisticated programming compared to what some of what I have seen here, but I gotta start somehow. And I don't mind cutting out more holes for charging cables. I also found some tutorials on how to make speaker amplifiers so I would be able to direct the speaker to her mouth better. I would have just asked on the doll forum, but you all seem to know your shit better here. Plus opensource is good. If it's not obivious, I am new to this and just trying to learn by doing.
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>>2646 Posted a little soon. Could you give me a recap on what was in that thread?
>>2652 Thanks! >>2653 In essence various mold-pouring, sculpting-then-vacuum-pressing approaches were discussed. Most of the examples debated came in one way or other from the film prop-making industries. One of our guys made some attempts at hand-crafted molds first, then went with 3D-printed molds instead along with filing/finishing by hand after extraction. My personal choice was the vacuum-forming mold approach. I've gotten as far as the heating/vacuuming chamber set up, but then I moved across the country and haven't made much progress since, focusing more on software side of things. But it's still a promising approach to creating cheap, easily-reproducible planar plastic parts and one that would be well suited to a small factory runs of robowaifu kit shell parts. I can't seem to find the exact examples we used but here are a couple of minor related ones that should get you pointed in the right direction. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=femcb1u8PBo https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=AXaafKOQ7Uw
>>2654 Those aren't actually very good examples Anon. If I come across them again I'll post the links in the Plastics thread and relink here in yours. Real soon now™ we should have migration tools that will let me bring my board dump here to julay in an automated fashion. You can check that thread out then.
What is the molded plastic good for? Again as a mold for silicone? If not, why would you prefer plastic? It's okay if some are more into more robot-like waifus, but you're mentioned Chi, which is rather human-like.
>>4322 Basically, because it's a good, relatively inexpensive way to create large pieces for robowaifus, and much cheaper for several pieces in a small factory-run than 3D-printing them (even if you have a printer that can print big enough). And even relatively smaller pieces, for example Chii's 'ears', can be good candidates for molded plastic. Basically, it's primarily about economy.

Robot skin? Possible sensitivity? Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 07:38:17 No.242 [Reply]
The Anki VECTOR has a skin-like touch sensor on it, could we incorporate it into our robogirls?
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>>3648 That is interesting Anon. At least one of my robowaifus I want to be able to glow-in-the-dark NO NOT A CIANIGGER HAHA and having glowy fingertips would be breddy cool tbh. What kind of hardward costs do you think we could get something like this down to?
>>3649 About $15 for two 640x480 cameras and the LEDs.
>>3655 Hmm, about $300 for just the fingers and toes? Pretty expensive. I guess that will have to wait for better models. :^)
>>3656 Sensors will be one very important factor which will make a difference in price. This is unavoidable, let alone for the extra work. All these signals will also need to be handled by microcontrollers and then by the AI. I personally will go for the expensive model, but build it on my own. Even if they will cost 10-15k it's still worth it.
>>4284 Yes, that's one of the great things about DIY Robot Wives. Individual garage labs can do prototyping (which is always more expensive than production after tooling costs regardless) without rigid regard for pressures like schedules and budgets. It can become a work of love. >Even if they will cost 10-15k it's still worth it. Actually, high-end robowaifus will probably cost about as much as high-end cars do. We can probably help that a bit, but you can bet Teslawaifu, Googlewaifu, Facebookwaifu, et al, will squeeze it for all they can get away with.

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