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Robot skeletons and armatures Robowaifu Technician 09/13/2019 (Fri) 11:26:51 No.200 [Reply] [Last]
What are the best designs and materials for creating a skeleton/framework for a mobile, life-sized gynoid robot?
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>>12878 Thanks very much Anon.
>>12878 Related: >>12905 >>12906 Yeah, I found out this whole set they have is from a male. I though they would have both sexes in it. F. However, I looked a bit found out that more female models of bones pop up from other sources, e.g.: www.thingiverse.com/thing:4946668 - I guess I have to look around more.
>>12909 I'm really starting to wonder why no one here or in the dollforum successfully designed some simple skeleton, a bit like hamcat_mmq >>7709 or armatures like 61laboratory >>9268. SophieAnon seemingly only needed a few weeks to months to render some armatures in Blender >>11776 but no one else seems to create some like those and make them printable. Then there are at least stl models of female human bones https://www.yeggi.com/q/female+pelvis/ , and I only find them by random coincidence, because no one else was even looking and mentioning it here. Not to speak of printing them and using them for a simple robowaifu. At the beginning of the forum people thought it was okay to have waifus in wheelchairs or ones which would walk on all four into the bathroom. But now, no one cares about these simple versions, they all have to at least walk somehow. Which is one of the hardest things to do and absolutely shouldn't be a high priority. I thought about this tonight, while waking up: Building a partially animated doll-like waifu or one with printed armatures on the outside would be much easier than trying to figure out how to build something very life-like. It's still gonna take years for getting a fully animated one with a human-like skeleton in the current speed and it will cost rather 10-15k than 2-3k. Just in case you're just lurking and waiting.
No one seem to have looked into how to design a knee for a robot yet. Didn't find it mentioned in this thread once. The problem is, it needs to be able to turn a bit sideways, I think It's not just a simple bi-directional movement, but more complex. Hamcat_mqq's design can do it >>7723, Alita 's design hints at it >>8412, Anifee seem to have some double-ball-joints which can do it >>9685, in action figurines it seems to consist of two hinge and one pivot joint >>7634. Human anatomy of the human knee: https://youtu.be/WhSxZWNBW3o - interesting, but the human knee is known to be a bad design. I have to look into how to design ball-joint knees, I guess.
>>12994 They're simpler than you think.

Robo Face Development Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 02:08:16 No.9 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is dedicated to the study, design, and engineering of a cute face for robots.
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>related crosspost (>>13020)
Open file (47.85 KB 600x414 uploads.jpg)
>>12938 That's like Rina Chans board. She's am autistic that uses a board to convey her emotions because making facial expressions is hard for her. Her board could be a really cute face for a robowaifu.
>>13560 this will be a thing in the 5-10 years all those kids growing up around masktards are going to be incapable of expressing emotions
>>13560 This could probably get quite expressive with a high enough resolution.
Open file (108.85 KB 335x640 mace_griffin_acolyte.jpg)
>>13560 >>13563 >>13565 I don't know. It just reminds me of the cultist NPCs from the game Mace Griffin. Using a display seems like a trade-off for using a real tangible face, if you want more face customization, but a emoticon-like face just seems like a really bad trade-off.

Open file (3.04 MB 320x240 2019.mp4)
homemade prototype Evodoll 10/07/2021 (Thu) 11:55:08 No.13541 [Reply]
My 2019 prototype, it costs me 100 usd to build it w/o sex doll price. Now I am thinking to a whole new design but I would need a lot more money to do that, so have to wait. I used an Arduino Leonardo board and 4 or 5 servo motors. The mechanism was to use a lot of strings as tendon, similar as this prototype https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZBD2tcKOU4
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Open file (432.26 KB 1252x922 w.png)
>>13544 Thank you :p Since it's an old prototype, ive deleted everything except this. But here's how I did it globally: Red are servo and green is the fishing line. One fishing line per axis, thus 4 servos. The circuit is not that complex, It's similar as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZySGP4AwGCY[Embed] The servo were initially 180 degree locked but ive unlocked to 360 degree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhHSXCLsN4k The servo I used is https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33010787343.html And its battery: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003043860597.html

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Oh no, I am realizing that the new design has a flaw, if it's designed like that it's the leg that will lift the whole body by its own, it's good but I also want the opposite. Now I am aware it's the abdominal muscles that are responsible of the lifting leg mechanism. Rip, thus I have to combine old and new design to have a full leg mechanism.
>>13552 Judging from her high mass and the use of a set doll, she's going to lay in bed and be a sex robot only, right? You did a good job on her skeleton and you're using good electronics to animate her. Looking forward to seeing how this goes. Also, I'd put her servos in her belly, then she won't have to move there mass.
Open file (40.15 KB 457x609 QlYjX1p.jpg)
>>13557 For now yes, I have in mind that we can only produce the first Humanoid with the help of sex industry since the amount of money it produces. So now she belong to the bed lole Thank you and yes, I am ignoring the belly too much, it's also due to the sex doll shape that has wasp waist. I should buy one with a normal shaped waist and also make my own skeleton to optimize the space even more.

Visual Waifus Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 06:40:42 No.240 [Reply] [Last]
Thoughts on waifus which remain 2D but have their own dedicated hardware. This is more on the artistry side though ai is still involved. An example of an actual waifu product being the Gatebox.

My favorite example is Ritsu, she's a cute ai from assassination classroom who's body is a giant screen on wheels.
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Open file (227.74 KB 1552x873 sidekick.jpg)
Open file (68.86 KB 680x383 it's a cardboard box.jpg)
Stumbled across a Kickstarter for holographic AI companions on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsAUbxRePMo They're basically doing the shoebox method >>9570 but with patented lenses to increase the display size of a phone that's inserted into one of their cardboard boxes. The largest plastic one has its own display and battery. The output of the AI is slow and non-engaging yet they're promising a fun, talkative, and emotionally intelligent sidekick by June 2022. https://www.youtube.com/andwatch?v=M111_7Rh1mY As of now they've raised $800,000 in a month. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crazies/sidekicksai/description How do they have 1700 backers with no marketing, no viral video, and almost zero social media presence? Why is the average pledge $470? Is it an elaborate money laundering scheme?
>>11628 Neat. Thanks for the heads-up Anon. Very on-topic. I actually like the idea that it's just a cardboard box. Cheap construction materials can definitely lower costs and therefore potentially increase product reach. It's also a direct inspiration to DIY-ers. Finding inexpensive ways to produce components will certainly be vital to bringing the cost of robowaifus down to the point where kits are reasonably-priced -- especially in the beginning. >>11630 Thanks for the insights, FANG anon. The comments situation does seem telling.
>>11637 This is a great video. I had an idea before to use head tracking to create better 3D illusions. I hadn't even thought it'd be possible to make the illusion seem like it's coming out of the screen. I think other properties could be calibrated for as well such as Fresnel reflection, since the angle of reflection changes the intensity of reflections. Color correction could be done as well to compensate for the background and birefringence so it looks less ghostly and rainbow colored.
VR is getting cheaper, better, and lightweight. Personally I got a quest 2 and mi vision about waifus changed radically , I think we should focus in a robot that just assist us while being in VR and match the position of the robot with the VR waifu. As an example of very good games https://sexywaifus.com/_vr/simpleselection-vr.html
Open file (202.41 KB 736x1472 736x.jpg)
>>13553 I long for the day when slim glasses can overlay cute foxes on a basic robowaifu frame. Closest thing I have to that now are degenerates on VR chat.

Robot Wife Programming Robowaifu Technician 09/10/2019 (Tue) 07:12:48 No.86 [Reply] [Last]
ITT, contribute ideas, code, etc. related to the area of programming robot wives. Inter-process and networking is also on-topic, as well as AI discussion in the specific context of actually writing software for it. General AI discussions should go in the thread already dedicated to it.

To start off, in the Robot Love thread a couple of anons were discussing distributed, concurrent processing happening inside various hardware sub-components and coordinating the communications between them all. I think that Actor-based and Agent-based programming is pretty well suited to this problem domain, but I'd like to hear differing opinions.

So what do you think anons? What is the best programming approach to making all the subsystems needed in a good robowaifu work smoothly together?
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>>12933 The meson.build file has been extensively updated to reflect the new testing approach, and also includes updated instructions for FLTK as well. I include it here: >meson.build # RW Windowing System # =================== # -The software testbed for adapting RW systems to use the FLTK GUI backend # -Filename: meson.build # -The build-management configuration for the project overall # ======= # General build system & compiler setups: # project('rw_window', 'cpp', version : '0.0.1', license : 'MIT', default_options : ['cpp_std=c++17', 'buildtype=release',

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

So, it sort of dawned on me that since no one's commented on my work, that no anon is actually following along atm. :^) > "Why is that?" I ask myself. > "Maybe all this is too confusing." I answer myself. Accordingly, before I work through repairing/integrating Bjarne's 5 GUI chapter's code from PPP2, I figured it might help any potentially-interested-but-intimidated-ATM anons who actually want to become coders and follow along with what we're doing here on /robowaifu/. Since getting FLTK running can be a bit of a bear for the novice, I decided that I could create the most basic FLTK window project, using just the absolute bare minimum I consider to be feasible. So here we go Anon, four code/project files just for you: Here's where it all starts, in main() . >base_window.cpp #include "Window.hpp" int main() { Window win{742, 442, "RW Always Wins"}; return win.display();

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/09/2021 (Thu) 20:16:52.
>>12933 OK, I've gotten the initial refactorings worked out where the first example from ch12 is running. That was the hard part, so hopefully it will be pretty smooth sailing here out. I'm going to actually go over to the Modern C++ teaching thread with this project since it's really more about the language itself for this effort. But I want to stash what I have here for safekeeping for now. Cheers. 19f86e54b50b6e0bf905e8fd86a2252ad826f7587564511126ded3c6f2e04e57 *teaching_thrd-0.0.1.tar.xz
>>12933 OK, I've launched the new project over in the other thread now. (>>13062)
Open file (172.14 KB 1506x1284 EGMcMAQU0AAhz9L.jpg)
I don't know dick about programming, but I recently remembered seeing something about a guy putting a tracking device on his cat to monitor how it moves around outdoors and it really closely resembled something called a "Lévy flight", and there's a "Lévy flight foraging hypothesis" suggesting that animals switch between using it to optimize searching efficiency and brownian motion. I was thinking about how robots could use it for realistic behavior for exploring and mapping out its environment. I keep trying to think-up other ways this could be used but keep drawing a blank. I just wanted to get it off my mind.

C++ General Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 02:49:55 No.12 [Reply] [Last]
C++ Resources general

The C++ programming language is currently the primary AI-engine language in use.





BTW if you're new to C++ and you're stuck on Windows (either you can't or won't upgrade to Linux) then you can at least incorporate a good, open shell into your system to begin with so you can follow along. Start at this link, and if you have any questions just ask ITT:
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/05/2019 (Sat) 20:16:32.
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I still can't use Bump to reliably backup the forum. Even if a delete a whole subfolder from the folder with threads, and the catalog json+html it do recognize that something is missing. It doesn't remember failed downloads of pictures or files, so it won't try again. Before that it looked good, it updated some thread and downloaded all the old pictures with it. I don't know why. This would at least helpd a little.
>>13034 Hey Anon, sorry you're having trouble with BUMP. I'd suggest you try this command (note the 2 separate, extra '1' at the end): build/bump alogs.theГунтretort.com robowaifu 1 1 That should hopefully rebuild the special .archbot.config file for you, walk all the threads and all your local directories, and patch up anything missing. I added the two 'undocumented' flags to the program to deal with just such issues. Let me know if you still have issues, I'm usually around the board every few days like today.
>>13064 >that Гунтed link AUUUUUUGH ROBI U BASTARD Got me again. :^)
>>8823 How do I install/run this?
>>12753 c++ ? more like c-- fucking trash retarded c clone for people who have never done assembly or even know how a system works internally 99% of c--tards dont even know why a string is called a fucking string, oh whats that youve never done dynamic memory either, typical, "c++ is good" is a codeword for "I dont know C !", you cant get away with retarded code in c which is why c--tards hate it, c-- doesnt magically solve any of the problems of c because they are NOT language problems, c just respects the actual execution of code and tries to abstract as little as possible from the actual assembly instructions which is why function overloading was never introduced, it is literally the most retarded thing imaginable from a c mindset because you cannot change the calling convention of a function, c-- doesnt solve this, it just duplicates functions with different calling conventions and creates hidden bloat, allowing overloading is also absolutely fucking ridiculous from a programing perspective because it means you have no fucking clue what your doing, there is never a reason to fucking overload so why is it in fucking c--, oh yeah because its c for mentally disabled people that cannot write c

Philosophers interested in building an AGI? pygmalion 06/26/2021 (Sat) 00:53:09 No.11102 [Reply] [Last]
Why is it that no philosophers are interested in building an AGI? we need to change this, or at least collect relevant philosophers. discussion about philosophy of making AGI (includes metaphysics, transcendental psychology, general philosophy of mind topics, etc!) also highly encouraged! Ill start ^^! so the philosophers i know that take this stuff seriously: Peter Wolfendale - the first Neo-Rationalist on the list. his main contribution here is computational Kantianism. just by the name you can tell that he believes Kant's transcendental psychology has some important applications to designing an artificial mind. an interesting view regarding this is that he thinks Kant actually employed a logic that was far ahead of his time (and you basically need a sophisticated type theory with sheaves to properly formalize). Other than that he also thinks Kant has interesting solutions to the frame problem, origin of concepts, and personhood. CONTACTS: He has a blog at https://deontologistics.co/, and also has posted some lectures on youtube like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWDZyOWN4VA&ab_channel=deontologistics Reza Negarestani - this is another Neo-Rationalist. he has written a huge work (which I haven't read yet ;_;) called "Intelligence and Spirit". It's massive and talks about various grades of general intelligence. this includes sentient agents, sapient agents, and Geist. this guy draws from Kant as well, but he also builds on Hegel's ideas too. his central thesis is that Hegel's Geist is basically a distributed intelligence. he also has an interesting metaphilosophy where he claims that the goal of philosophy is the construct an AGI. like other Neo-Rationalists, he heavily relies on the works of Sellars and Robert Brandom Recc: Ray Brassier (recent focuses) - I dont think he is working on artificial general intelligence, but his work on Sellars, and in particular rule following is very insightful! Hubert Dreyfus - Doesn't quite count, but he did try to bring Heidegger to AGI. He highlighted the importance of embodiment to the frame problem and common sense knowledge. I personally think Bergson might have explicated what he wanted to achieve but better, though that guy is like way before AI was even a serious topic, lol. Murray Shanahan - This guy has done some extra work on the frame problem following Dreyfus. His solution is to use global workspace theory and parralel processing of different modules. Interesting stuff! Barry Smith - Probably the most critical philosopher on this list. He talks about the requisite system dynamics for try strong AI, and concludes that our current methods simply don't cut it. One of the key stressing points he points out here with a colleague is that our current AI is Markovian when fleshed out chat dialogue would be a non-Markovian task (you can find the arxiv link of his criticism here: https://arxiv.org/abs/1906.05833). He also has knowledge on analytic ontology (and amongst other thing has some lectures about emotion ontology). I think his main genius however is in coming up with a definition of intelligence that puts a lot of the problems with our current approaches into context (which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0giPMMoKR9s&ab_channel=BarrySmith) CONTACTS: He has a yt channel here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0giPMMoKR9s&ab_channel=BarrySmith

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>13415 >ronin, you are a nierfag right? doesn't that game have those religious robots? in some sense as you play the game, you are fighting robots who have increasing grades of consciousness Yes, more or less. The game is called "Automata" and technically even the protagonists are Automata, even though they seem to feel and act human. 2B often refers to the remains of other androids as "corpses", and exhibits human characteristics, such as complex emotions (her pain at having to kill 9s over and over ). Yet - because they're doomed to repeat the same war against the "robots" (this has been the 14th iteration) they are puppets, literally with no free will of their fate (at least until we reach ending E). Ironically, the actual robots, begin to act more and more human, yet upon more careful examination they're only mimicing human behavior, this point is made over and over. They do not and cannot grasp why theyre doing what theyre doing, the meaning is hollow and lost. Nonetheless the robots are able to hold conversations and a few seem to have personalities, desires, etc. Sorry for the late response, it took me a while to get through your posts
>>13440 >they are puppets, literally with no free will of their fate (at least until we reach ending E) fate might be the keyword here. i think games have an easy job at suggesting a robot has some level of autonomy simply because they put you, the player, into the the robot's shoes. with that said, there might be highlighted a larger form of autonomy missing which more so pertains to what role you are taking on and what sort of system you choose to participate in. with that said, wasn't a major precondition in ending the cycle some sort of virus? such an event would restructure YorHa itself. of course, what i am more thinking of is how participating in a job or going to university can transform you into a different being. of course, the university being restructured would do the same, but this doesn't provide the same autonomy >They do not and cannot grasp why theyre doing what theyre doing, the meaning is hollow and lost. Nonetheless the robots are able to hold conversations and a few seem to have personalities, desires, etc interesting. how exactly do they show that human behaviour is merely mimicked? there is a sense in which humans don't really understand what they do and why they do it most of the time. lacan talks about this with his concept of the "big Other". i think this timestamp gives a nice illustration of the idea: https://youtu.be/67d0aGc9K_I?t=1288 though i guess this sort of behaviour is moving more into the unconscious realm than the conscious. in a way i think the machines (ig that's the right term) have more autonomy than the androids you play as since they were able to form their own social structures even though they don't quite understand why they are doing it of course, the ability to use reason and self-determination to determine oneself and world represents a much greater level of autonomy which is lacking in a majority of the entities in the game >Sorry for the late response, it took me a while to get through your posts np, it's a lot and condenses information that took me several hours to digest
Open file (67.69 KB 756x688 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13446 >lacan talks about this with his concept of the "big Other" now this is not the first time I've heard of Lacan in the last year and I'd never even heard of him my whole life until then. I don't know if I can get into what he's selling it's all very scripted and the same problems I have with Freud. Even personally I have have a lot of issues from childhood but none of them are potty or sexual related and you'd think those were the root of all psychological trauma after a certain point.
>>13446 oops forgot namefag lol >>13519 psychoanalysis is pretty weird and there are certainly things you probably wouldn't want to recreate in a waifu even if it was true... like giving them an electra complex or whatever. i personally prefer to be very particular in my interpretation of their works. for instance, with jungian archetypes, i'd lean more on the idea that they are grounded on attractor basins. here is a good video if anyone is ever interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN81lnmAnVg&ab_channel=ToddBoyle for lacan so far i've taken more from his graph of desire than anywhere else. some of the things he talks about can be understood in more schematic terms? im not too much of a lacanian honestly. largest take aways are probably the idea that desire is can be characterized largely by a breaking of homeostasis and the big other as possibly relating to some linguistic behaviour (with gpt-3 what i see as a characteristic example) one particular observation i think freud made that was very apt was that of death drive. humans don't just do stuff because it is pleasurable. there's something about that which is very interesting imo. lacan's objet petit a is apparently a development of this idea. it might be related to why people are religious or do philosophy whilst animals do neither >Even personally I have have a lot of issues from childhood but none of them are potty or sexual related and you'd think those were the root of all psychological trauma after a certain point yeah the psychosexual stuff is very strange and i just ignore it. maybe one day i will revisit it and see if anything can be salvaged

Selecting a Programming Language Robowaifu Technician 09/11/2019 (Wed) 13:07:45 No.128 [Reply] [Last]
What programming language would suit us and our waifus best? For those of us with limited experience programming, it's a daunting question.
Would a language with a rigid structure be best?
Do we want an object-oriented language?
How much do you care about wether or not a given language is commonly used and widespread?
What the fuck does all that terminology mean?
Is LISP just a meme, or will it save us all?

In this thread, we will discuss these questions and more so those of us who aren't already settled into a language can find our way.
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>>12986 Thanks Anon I'll look into it.
>>13025 To be fair I need to point out some disadvantages. The way it's constructed you have to think about what you are doing. Modern languages have a ton of programs written already so a lot of it is just stringing together already written code. Forth you will write a lot of it yourself. Since it's a little different it might be harder to read and figure what's going on. My perception is that Forth is kind of like LISP, not that it's any way LISP but since it's a little different and takes some thought to get things going people have a harder time with it. Meaning that it doesn;t grow. It's the same as comparing C++, C, Python and then HTML you have less people able to make good use of these in turn because the level of thought is a little higher in each case with HTML being much easier to grasp than C++. To end on a high note building waifus is not likely to have a lot of ready to burn code for it so Forth is a fast way to prototype and build working devices. The other languages that are easy to use like Python and Java will be too slow and C is too cryptic and liable to errors frequently.
>>13027 "Meaning that it doesn;t grow." Strike that out. I have no idea even what I was trying to say there but that's not right. It happens sometimes you start a sentence thinking about one thing, stop then when you continue you don't tie it together then miss correcting it when proof reading.
>>13028 Heh, no worries Anon it's fine. We all do that. :^)
Open file (329.04 KB 753x1060 1633245348813.png)
I've been a C/C++ programmer for 5 years. While the languages are excellent at low-level abstraction work, they come with a number of unignorable safety issues. A language that is designed to be safe from the ground up, can do everything C can do, and just as fast, is Rust. Rust is not easy to learn, but it has an already large and growing community with many resources.

Open file (103.67 KB 1500x1000 159845908.jpeg)
Robots too last century Robowaifu Technician 09/30/2021 (Thu) 18:27:14 No.13464 [Reply]
Its the 21st century guys, get with the times realistically, why would you even bother trying to replicate the human body mechanically when it already exists, all you would need to do is replace the brain ( just the frontal lobe really ) with an ai, everything is already there its just a question of interface you dont even need to put any high tech equipment in there, you can just chemically lobotomize a person and put a transceiver into the brain, all you need is a wireless connection that connects the body to the ai center at some giant remote facility Since so little tech is needed for this ( in the body ) it can be done by the host body on its own by abusing endocytosis in the brain, no intrusive surgery or major modifications needed, just inject the lobotomizer and after a while inject nanoparticles that are targeted to specific receptors in the brain and let the body assemble everything for you, this way you could build an entire network in the brain to interface with the ai, seems infinitely simpler than trying to recreating an artificial body if the goal is to create a perfect imitation also the lobotomy can be optional, depends on whether you want a fully ai body or just just a real person with a remote control, so if someone wont shut up you just mute them and they cant open their mouth anymore, only real problem is how to inject people...
6 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>13464 Ugh, you don't get the point of this board. You're suggesting cyborgs -- humans expanded through additions. What we're suggesting are non carbon-based automatons created for the sole purpose of wife-ing and fucking. How do we get biological human hosts for your cyborg experiments? Why, through kidnapping, of course! What the kikes and chinks do all the time to feed their organ trade. Secondly, if carbon-based biological experiments were that easy and legal, then we would just get to making genetically engineered catgirls. The whole point of robotics is mass production of high quality females -- artificial or otherwise --, which unless you're a patriarch of a Mormon polygamous sect, is pretty much hard to do naturally. This is a major undertaking for the men of the world, not for the few rich elites who want to be transhumans.
>>13464 I agree, this is wholly unethical.
Open file (134.94 KB 803x768 slave.png)
Open file (26.09 KB 474x256 tesla.robots.jfif)
>>13464 Your entire point is that the initial cost of producing a externally controled human body would be cheaper that robots because body are already there, but for the same reason this is a bad idea. Since the human body has already a lot of time to evolve and become more complex, to the point where is needed enormous teams of neuroscientist to to make to reliable provide a good paper about the topic.Build a robot for zero is safer and more secure since you can control and understand everything Also, why would you go throuth the big costs of implanting a ai in the brain instead of just starving the person and rewarding with food for the work? keep it simple, now you have slavery, and all the problems associate with it. a robowaifu simply can outcompete a slave system, because it can be design especialy for a single task and dont get tired. >Its the 21st century guys, get with the times people in the past knew about the huge benefits that robots can provide to society, and because the automation at is already happening and the upcoming fourth industrial revolution, robots are perfect for the 21th century This idea is Elon Musk-tier of stupidity and this thread is problably bait.
>>13464 >>13512 >thread is problably bait. I too have been waiting for the punchline or for this thread to be moved/deleted
>>13512 >fourth industrial revolution funny how people are now using that word without actually reading or knowing anything about schwabs manifesto or agenda21 / agenda2030 stay safe novel safe and effective

Waifus in society Robowaifu Technician 09/11/2019 (Wed) 02:02:53 No.106 [Reply] [Last]
Would you walk around with your waifu? Would you hold her in public? Would you shamelessly have her custody with you to conventions? Would you take her on dates? This thread is for discussing how you'd interact with your waifu outside of the home.
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>>11512 Not to be rude, but salacious 3DPD images is well off-topic here Anon. Try to locate something that's at least animu. Or draw a stick-waifu, idk. Just don't post porn here please. I'll even get the ball rolling for you: Cute Anime Catgrill Meido feeds the chickens outside Anon's cozy country cottage :^)
Open file (437.25 KB 600x1054 1387855794406.png)
>Would you walk around with your waifu? >Would you hold her in public? >Would you shamelessly have her custody with you to conventions? The way I see it, it's basically just a glorified sex toy and I wouldn't want to show it off in public. Even moving from place to place I'd probably have her disassembled or otherwise stuffed in boxes or bags. >Would you take her on dates? That depends, am I on a date with her, or someone else? I don't really see much of a point in going out on a date with my sexbot. I just want it to be blindly obedient and maximize my own happiness like I mentioned before >>13160 so really, taking my waifubot out on a date depends on how well its able to move around on its own and interact with people other than me. If it can somehow learn to be a social butterfly by studying my autistic behavior and watching TV, then maybe it'll be worth taking outside of the house. Maybe give her a dry run on Omegle or something. The best thing it could possibly do is become my cuckquean wingbot, by subtly manipulating me into behaving a way that maximizes my own happiness by getting me into a threesome.
>>11504 I pretty much wound up doing that because I was so fed up with the lack of good sci fi armor these days. Youtube is unusable garbage of targetted weaponized memes. I would just disappear with my robowaifu and focus on maintaining her and upgrading her with her consent from time to time like in the star wars films with the astromech droids and jedi as a form of meditation. >>11386 No those “women” want to see you suffer and stay static in the box they try to put you in for eternity and will gladly poison the well if through the grapevine, they hear you are doing well without them in your life and run a smear campaign. Hence the rise of waifuism and the need for robowaifus. I refuse to call those sadistic evil cunts “people” they are literally pure evil.
>>119 It seems trivial to me to just make the first gynoid unmistakably adult or tall. like 5'6"-6'0". So that such an allegation can't even be made. >I personally would prefer 5'0" myself, but to give opposition the finger, I would shut them down with ideal model proportions instead.
>>13516 I assume you're here because of the posts I made on /co/? You might want to check out these: >>13153 >>13018 >>2666

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