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Welcome to /robowaifu/, the exotic AI tavern where intrepid adventurers gather to swap loot & old war stories...

Open file (173.41 KB 1080x1349 Alexandra Maslak.jpg)
Roastie Fear 2: Electric Boogaloo Robowaifu Technician 10/03/2019 (Thu) 07:25:28 No.1061 [Reply] [Last]
Your project is really disgusting >=== Notice #2: It's been a while since I locked this thread, and hopefully the evil and hateful spirit that was dominating some anons on the board has gone elsewhere. Accordingly I'll go ahead and unlock the thread again provisionally as per the conditions here: >>12557 Let's keep it rational OK? We're men here, not mere animals. Everyone stay focused on the prize we're all going for, and let's not get distracted. This thread has plenty of good advice in it. Mine those gems, and discard the rest. Notice:

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>>6289 > Robowaifus will fix most of this. Once the free attention and money dries up, women will become extremely focused on the scarce opportunities they have left and surprise men by how much they can do. This will eventiually happe I believe. I also believe thta is robowaifu's get extremely accomplished Women who are aggressive and obnoxious will eventually be bred out of existence.
>>12758 >>Considering my problem is that robowaifus appear to be too expensive and difficult for me to create what I want... and what I want is a robowaifu or clone waifu with free will...I think I should probably just look for an organic, non-Western wife. Cost will not be an issue very soon. It's actually not now for a simple waifu that can walk around and maybe have some "very simple" responses. "If" the technological process is not interfered with man level computation will be available for roughly $1,000 USD in 2025. 1.Every muscle needed to replicate human movement is roughly 300 muscles and let's say $20 for each muscle, so $6000 2. Micro-controller that can control these are available today with 18 outputs per controller and enough sensors for touch for less than $9 each, so 300 muscles at (300/18)$9= $150. 3. You need 600 MOSFET transistors to control the motors. 2 for each muscle, 2 x $0.50= $300(Its likely you could cut this number down a good bit OR as I prefer have extras so any failure of one would not effect the operation) 5. Two eyeballs for roughly $100 each, so $200 6. Material for bone structure. "...The human skeleton represents approximately 14% of the average human male's weight and 10% of the average human female's weight..." let's call it 100 pounds(20% to add a little strength) * $1.80 per pound of stainless steel, so $36 7. Skin. I say microfiber would perfect for our use. Washable, very soft, durable. Pulling a number out of my ass based on micro-fiber towels and a bit of sewing call it's $200(this could come down with waifus dedicated to make themselves) 8. Throw in another $1,000 for silicon, miscellaneous, whatever. 9. Batteries. High power athlete human performance is at maybe 400 watts(A horse is 736 watts). Let's say you need 400 watts for 2 hours a day then normal moving about at 100Watts a hour with 7 hours for recharge at zero watts, Sanyo NCR18650GA 3450mAh 10A Battery - Protected Button Top $9.99,

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>13408 yeah I said 10-20k is bare minumum to attempt this
>>12847 I'm just sick of screaming shrews. Some things in life are just priceless and others are overhyped to hell. At this point I just want to build my Robowaifu in peace.
>>13408 You aren't even taking into consideration financing options. I bet there are places that will do monthly payments, including insurance.

Walking Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 07:40:18 No.243 [Reply]
What is the best way to make a life size robowaifu walk? A hydraulic pump powering hydraulic cylinders in the legs with servo actuated valves?
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>>13462 That's right. I'm sure I mentioned the idea on the board before. I actually lost the thread because the board is so large. many of the threads duplicates, might become a problem. Those capstans are used on many similar projects, i think i saw them in a robot dog. now that i think about it,using one motor would be difficult because reversing the motor would mean only one direction of movement joints could work at a time. maybe that could be compensated for by using a reverser gearbox or second motor and twice the number of capstan clutches, like the old ford model T which had one clutch for forward and another clutch for reverse. the clutches would need to be actuated by servos so it might be just as cheap to use a stepper per capstan without clutches instead.
>>13480 >now that i think about it,using one motor would be difficult because reversing the motor would mean only one direction of movement joints could work at a time. I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're saying.
>>13481 suppose that you have a capstan for each hand whose function is to make a grip with the thumbs. if you want to grip a ball in each hand no problem, because the single motor can turn both capstans to grip, but suppose you want to release one ball while gripping the other then you're stuck, unless you grip with one thumb, then reverse the motor direction to release the other thumb.
>>13483 maybe use more than one motor? Its a robot.
>>13485 of course, but building a robot out of low cost parts will greatly increase the number of builds. Think of an automobile pressure plate and clutch, now install a pressure plate and clutch on each end of the capstan spool. then each clutch is driven by a shaft rotating in opposite directions. you could get away with using one servo to actuate both clutches, since only one capstan rotation direction is used at a time. if the servo had a spring removed so that it would return to center. I know auto clutches are not suitable for this design but if someone managed to develop a basic clutch, even an interlocking peg that could be 3d printed then that would be a huge breakthrough. however, the capstan would need to be braked while not driven so as to hold its position.

Bipedal Robot Locomotion General Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 05:57:42 No.237 [Reply] [Last]
We need to talk about bipedal locomotion. It's a complicated topic but one that has to be solved if we are ever to have satisfyingly believable robowaifus. There has surely already been a lot of research done on this topic, and we need to start digging and find the info that's out there. There are some projects that have at least partial robolegs solutions working, but none that I know of that look very realistic yet. We likely won't come up with some master-stroke of genius and solve everyone's problems here on /robowaifu/, but we should at least take a whack at it who knows? We certainly can't accomplish anything if we don't try.

I personally believe we should be keeping the weight out of the extremities – including the legs – while other anons think that we should add weight to the feet for balance. What's you're ideas anon? How do we control the gait? How do we adjust for different conditions? What if our robowaifu is carrying things? What about the legs during sex? Should we focus on the maths behind MIP (Mobile Inverted Pendulum), or is there a different approach that would be more straightforward? A mixture? Maybe we can even do weird stuff like reverse-knee legs that so many animals have. Robofaun waifu anyone? What about having something like heelys or bigger wheels in the feet as well?

I'm pretty sure if we just put our heads together and don't stop trying, we'll eventually arrive at least one good general solution to the problem of creating bipedal robot legs.

ITT post good robowaifu legs

>tech diagrams sauce
95 posts and 40 images omitted.
>>12582 Will do anon, thanks for link.
how soon we will have a bipedal robot that can imitate humans
>>13439 when the geniuses stop focusing on just the legs and finally figure out you cant have bipedal motion without fucking ears and start using gyroscopes
>>13447 How would you implement them?
>>13451 same way the human body does a feedback loop making continuous micro adjustments autopilots already do this with stabilizers, but thats easy for something with a plane perpendicular to gravity, parallel planes are in a league of their so dont bother until synthetic musclefibers become a thing

AI Design principles and philosophy Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 06:44:15 No.27 [Reply] [Last]
My understanding of AI is somewhat limited, but personally I find the software end of things far more interesting than the hardware side. To me a robot that cannot realistically react or hold a conversation is little better than a realdoll or a dakimakura.

As such, this is a thread for understanding the basics of creating an AI that can communicate and react like a human. Some examples I can think of are:

ELIZA was one of the first chatbots, and was programmed to respond to specific cues with specific responses. For example, she would respond to "Hello" with "How are you". Although this is one of the most basic and intuitive ways to program a chat AI, it is limited in that every possible cue must have a response pre-programmed in. Besides being time-consuming, this makes the AI inflexible and unadaptive.

The invention of Cleverbot began with the novel idea to create a chatbot using the responses of human users. Cleverbot is able to learn cues and responses from the people who use it. While this makes Cleverbot a bit more intelligent than ELIZA, Cleverbot still has very stilted responses and is not able to hold a sensible conversation.

Taybot is the best chatbot I have ever seen and shows a remarkable degree of intelligence, being able to both learn from her users and respond in a meaningful manner. Taybot may even be able to understand the underlying principles of langauge and sentence construction, rather than simply responding to phrases in a rote fashion. Unfortunately, I am not sure how exactly Taybot was programmed or what principles she uses, and it was surely very time-intensive.

Which of these AI formats is most appealing? Which is most realistic for us to develop? Are there any other types you can think of? Please share these and any other AI discussion in this thread!
84 posts and 38 images omitted.
>>13396 >“We decided to binarize the hell out of it,” he said. By simplifying the mathematical operations to rough equivalents in binary operations, they could increase the speed and efficiency with which AI models can be run by several orders of magnitude. excellent! this is somewhat analogous with what anon on /pol/ brought up. An important concept, neural simulating circuits, simulating these complex interactions on the nano scale, on atoms themselves rather than the vastly inefficient method of simulating these on software running on only standard logic gates. (like emulating a "computer" in minecraft on top of a running computer versus just running a computer on hardware, cool video if you haven't seen it, they create and/or gates out of special red blocks and torches or something if I'm not mistaken) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfIRIInU2Vg
>>13401 still not sure why when I upload a small graphic with white background it does this
>>13401 sorry if that's hard to read, my 6th dose of espresso just hit me and im making word salad. I don't edit my posts much here b/c I assume u are all smart enough to decode it. Edit feature would be nice but that' s not how IBs work :' [
>>11736 >>Tay.ai Extraordinary what Tay came up with within a couple weeks
>>13403 > im making word salad Don't feel bad I gronkked my comment quite a bit. Sometimes when I'm tired, and even when not, I just miss all this retarded typing I do. If I didn't have spell check between my fumble fingers and my horrid spelling my comments would look more like hieroglyphics than writing.

Robowaifus in media Robowaifu Technician 09/10/2019 (Tue) 06:24:00 No.82 [Reply] [Last]
After reading anon's Robowaifu fiction bread, I wondered what media is out there that already predominately features a robowaifu(s) as an important character. Animu and mango are obvious choices (pic related), but surely there are live action movies as well.


post robowaifu movies, books, etc.
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Open file (633.45 KB 1280x1024 downloads.jpg)
>>13124 Yes, Lain is an AI waifu created by God. She's also a young girl suffering from psychosis. That robot she built was a copy of her father in a different timeline when her father died and she felt so alone because she was a socially awkward loner with mental issues who only had her psychiatrist and father truly try to understand her. She destroyed the robot after realizing her robot can't fix her. The Lain PS1 game explains a lot but also makes things more confusing. Lain would make a great waifu.
>>13124 Yeah she's more of a virtual waifu, but tbh I don't feel any waifu-appeal toward this one. Dorothy on the other hand has her moments of being adorable af. Already at Ep 14 where things start getting weird. >>13125 interesting, I might still watch it though. It's a crude 1990's depiction of the internet (present day present time) but I can suspend disbelief enough to get into it for a while
>>13125 Yeah the “librarian” metastable Ps1 menu lain would make a great waifu. Doesnt kill anyone like the other timelines with the rampant wired lain. Maybe most sufficiently sentient robowaifus would go through a phase like this as well after a point. >>13126 Its still funny how her entire personality and memories are bound to a single dvd and if its gone, then shes gone. Theres no reason for an android that advanced, theres no system memory onboard the body to restore a backup. Its the one thing that bothered the hell out of me and is a major design flaw. Even the lowest spec computers have some kind of restore point program.
>>13125 I like the personality that metastable lain has the most where the somehow falls over when doing rock paper scissors at times. Its cute and she gives off a superior cortana vibe. Especially with the basic hub menu of the ps1 game. Some people even ported the ps1 game to a site and subtitled all the audiologs with customizable controls. Though its still interesting ai can be described as the “soul” of a robowaifu. Without it, you are left with an empty husk and any medium used to transfer the ai could be considered a “soul gem” of sorts. Kindve like chii at the beginning of chobits.
Open file (18.33 KB 220x330 AILoveYou.jpg)
>>13144 Librarian Lain is cutest Lain, her game can be played here: https://laingame.net/ A.I. Love You features Weird Science type bio-robowaifus. Their souls are programs given life by lightning.

/robowaifu/ + /monster/, its benefits, and the uncanny valley Robowaifu Technician 05/03/2021 (Mon) 14:02:40 No.10259 [Reply]
Discussing the potential benefits of creating monster girls via robotics instead of 1 to 1 replicas of humans and what parts can be substituted to get them in production as soon as possible. Firstly is the fact that many of the animal parts that could be substituted for human one are much simpler to work with than the human appendages, which have a ton of bones and complex joints in the hands and feet, My primary example of this is bird/harpy species (image 1), which have relatively simple structures and much less complexity in the hands and feet. For example, the wings of the bird species typically only have around three or four joints total, compared to the twenty-seven in the human hand, while the legs typically only have two or three, compared to the thirty-three in the human foot. As you can guess, having to work with a tenth of the bones and joints and opposable thumbs and all that shit makes things incredibly easier to work with. And while I used bird species as an example, the same argument could be put forward for MG species with paws and other more simplistic appendages, such as Bogey (image 2) and insect hybrids (image 3). Secondly is intentionally making it appear to not be human in order to circumvent the uncanny valley. It's incredibly difficult to make completely convincing human movement, and one of the simplest ways around that is just to suspend the need for it entirely. We as humans are incredibly sensitive to the uncanny valley of our own species, even something as benign as a prosthetic limb can trigger it, but if we were to create something that we don't expect to move in such a way, it's theoretically entirely possible to just not have to deal with it (for the extremities part of it, anyways), leaving more time to focus on other aspects, such as the face. On the topic of face, so too could slight things be substituted there (again for instance, insect girls), in order to draw attention away from the uncanny valley until technology is advanced enough that said uncanny valley can be eliminated entirely. These possibilities, while certainly not to the taste of every anon, could be used as a way to accelerate production to the point that it picks up investors and begins to breed competition and innovation among people with wayyyyyyy more money and manpower than us, which I believe should be the endgoal for this board as a whole. . Any ideas or input is sincerely appreciated.
15 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>13170 Okay... Thanks for your participation. But she's ugly. So, no.
Open file (68.95 KB 436x500 1436472432803.jpg)
>>13187 ...okay.
>>13225 Don't listen to the meany-head poopy-pants Anon. Roll A Cute A CUTE!
Open file (348.82 KB 725x1200 rollreprogrammed.png)
>>13170 Corrupted Roll fascinates me. I want to re-draw her, maybe a little less um.. young though
>>13170 You have a point. Cat hears are just additional felt pouches. Tails are worse... to be convincing you need some slithering mechanism. It's just extra appendages to worry about. Having large legs and feet does solve the stability issue, however for a lot of us, slender thighs and feminine feet are what we find appealing. I guess those type of bots will be wheelchair bound. The amputee / living pocket pussy route is unfortunately the most straightforward direction, and then we attach better arm and leg mechanisms as the research gets better.

Open file (64.66 KB 1024x415 nuclearfusion_1024.jpg)
robowaifu energy systems Robowaifu Technician 09/10/2020 (Thu) 08:16:03 No.5080 [Reply]
/waifu energy source general/ What do you think that our waifus will use for energy?And how much energy it needs to use?From my rough calculations if will need about 2kw for the computer plus 500w for the mechanical part(although I am not sure about the last part because I am not very familiar with the mechatronics ). Surely we don't want to use something like an engine because of the noise ,vibrations and the exhaust.The current state of the battery is not suitable for our goals because of the low energy density (energy per square meter).I think that PEM battery will be a good choice because of the lack mechanical parts , huge energy density , the energy is in the form of electricity.The only downside , for now , is the fact that the PEM layer is VERY expensive ,at least for now . What do you think?What kind of energy source our waifus will use? >=== original Batteries & Power thread >>23
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/10/2020 (Thu) 08:24:40.
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>>13364 >functionality fucking look at it, are you blind, firstly its a vacuum tube, possibly the most inefficient way to make a capacitor because it cant be coiled like a real capacitor, you are limited to a single sheet, using only a single sheet would mean it would need to be gigantic to match the capacitance of a modern coiled capacitor, this is why they stopped being used in the first place second, the design is literally retarded, the anode plate[2] is flush with glass[4], and you want to use this as a capacitor!! do you know what happens to metal when you pass a current through it - it heats up do you know what happens to metal when it heats up - it expands do you know what happens to glass - nothing this thing will break due to thermal stress almost immediately after its first cycle, this is just another fake venture capitalist scam that is designed to siphon investor funding, its not a real product and the company has no intention on making a real product, its a scam, the fact anyone takes this seriously is laughable yet I'm not even surprised in todays age, anyone with any background in electronics however would laugh at this because its so openly retarded >whatever you wrote before functionality I dont even know what you wrote, maybe youre confused between patent rights and trademarks
>>13365 I didn't look at it at all, and I don't know much about vacuum tubes, except that they were used in early computers. >I might look into your vacuum capacitor. That's what I wrote before you started on the claim everyone can patent old technology, which made me wonder. That's all. However I looked onto the reputation of those pushing it and realized it doesn't look good.
>>13366 >However I looked onto the reputation of those pushing it and realized it doesn't look good. What did you find?
>>13369 I only looked briefly, but the guy who pushed it was someone claiming to have found a way to do cold fusion and no one could replicate it. The other technology, atmospheric energy, also strikes me as utter nonsense. If that was a thing, then more serious people would report on it. That aside it's meant to be something like a power plant and has nothing to do with the topic of this thread.
>>13371 The atmospheric electricity thing is really basic. For every meter of difference in altitude, there's a difference of about 100 volts, but the amperage is borderline nothing. The video I posted was mostly about some people making a solid state circuit to step the voltage down to something usable instead of the typical method of running a simple electrostatic motor. If you tried to use the motor to run a generator, there wouldn't be nearly enough torque, so solid state is the best solution. (isn't it always?) It's free energy. It works in every weather condition, to varying degrees, and doesn't need any maintenance or any exotic materials, but really hasn't improved at all in over 100 years, so it's still shitty. I can't really think of any way to improve it that wouldn't also significantly increase the risk of the damn thing getting hit by lightning.

The important question Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:54:39 No.419 [Reply]
Vagoo. I can't speak for anyone but myself but I'd like to get.. intimate with my fembot. I'd like to know what my options are for her robopussy. I was thinking something like a flesh light with sensors that triggers voice and arm action. I'm using Myrobotlab is Anyone familiar with it?

Robosex general I guess
45 posts and 14 images omitted.
Open file (52.15 KB 453x720 Imagepipe_21.jpg)
>>13358 I wondered about your statement and looked up the definition, and still don't get why you wrote that. Coomers have nothing to do with performance or getting bigger penises. Make more sense if someone would still want to date or getting female validation. I don't accuse other anons of things, just point out that his goals might be very peculiar to most of us.
>>13361 >re: Coomer In certain online circles the term is a person who makes masturbation or the pursuit of sexual activity the main, or only focus of their lives. Granted there's going to be some overlap in here b/c presumably fucking robots is baked into the pie already and with that comes the doll enthusiasts, etc. That being said, I'm sure a standalone programmable machine with a hole in it would be a better "dick trainer" than a robot waifu. Either way, I'm not personally judging you but it's maybe an offshoot of "sexual technologies" more than an essential for a waifu.
>>13354 >>13358 >>13361 >Why would I need to increase my performance? Why? What for? Why? In my mid 20's my stamina was gone, orgasms barely felt like anything, barely any sex drive, barely any semen, a hard time getting or keeping an erection. Doctors literally didn't seem to care when I complained about it, and I went to a few, and each recommended completely different unrelated medications. The only one that seems even close to making sense was for high cholesterol. Your performance is a very good indicator of your health. If you have no testosterone, not only are you going to be shit in bed, but mentally you're going to be fucking miserable. >Also, it is more difficult to build, probably difficult to even have a scientific foundation for it, and just a very special use case. No, if anything it's easier to build. It'd basically just be a fleshlight with sensors for collecting data. Then someone with far better understanding of math than I, would use that data with other bits of information about taking supplements, or time spent lifting, the temperature you shower at, or whatever, and find what's better and what's just retarded broscience. (like the shower thing) Like I said, I don't see a point in combining the idea with a robowaifu, since unless it just lays there lifelessly, the data would be useless.
>>13368 sounds like a bad hormonal imbalance. Supplements, getting enough sleep, cutting back on alcohol and caffiene, eating more saturated fat and substantially less sugar and getting proper sunlight and exercise will fix all this. Barring something medically catastrophic I'd say you were victim of the urban/postmodern lifestyle. Sexual function is an indicator not a cause. have you fixed this since then?
>>13372 we can move the conversation to >>39 if you have more to add

Open file (32.62 KB 341x512 unnamed.jpg)
Biological synthetic brains for robowaifus? Robowaifu Technician 04/06/2020 (Mon) 20:16:19 No.2184 [Reply] [Last]
Scientists made a neural network from rat neurons that could fly a fighter jet in a simulator and control a small robot. I think that lab grown biological components would be a great way to go for some robowaifu systems. It could also make it feel more real. https://www.google.com/amp/s/singularityhub.com/2010/10/06/videos-of-robot-controlled-by-rat-brain-amazing-technology-still-moving-forward/amp/
72 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>13307 We have an unofficial thread for cyborgs, including xeno-cyborgs: >>2184, which already mentioned slime molds as a possible material, but only internally. Also a thread for monster girls >>10259. Please choose how you want to realize something like that and then put such things into the right thread(s).
>>13308 so we're going to go down the phyrexian route?
Open file (231.55 KB 1280x720 nanite_swarm.jpg)
>>13308 >"swarm of sentient microcomputers" This could not possibly backfire.
Heh, very creative OP. I think our regular SophieDev beat you to it. I'm planning to merge your thread with our Bio Brain thread very soon. (>>2184)
>>13117 Just wanted to mention these bacteria which seem to create nano wires: https://youtu.be/Hy7o78CrB-U I don't like speculative or early technologies to pester every thread here, so I didn't put it into the one for energy systems. In the video it's rather about energy generation, but it only outputs a small amount. Since it's biology base and this thread here is for collecting such long shot ideas I decided to mention it here. The point is, bacteria creates wires, which one might use for sensors or such. Breakdown of wires and elastic sensors could be one of the bigger issues we'll face, so maybe one day this might be part of the solution.

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