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Still trying to get done with some IRL work, but should be able to update some stuff soon.


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Plastic Production Dyinganon 09/11/2019 (Wed) 02:10:36 No.108 [Reply]
In this thread let's share everything related to producing parts made of plastic. Injection molding being a major method to discuss. 3D printing has it's own thread and is more for prototyping, please keep 3D printing here: >>94
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Searching for the best materials can be misleading, it seems. Don't try to be too smart about stuff that is dirtcheap and works. Designing the parts and make them fit together is what takes time. >>8008 Injection molding is for standardized and mass produced parts. As long as one doesn't mass produces anything it's most likely not relevant. >>8053 If you get it cheap, including shipping costs, then maybe it can be useful (for prototyping), but it's not going to be as strong as cf or aluminium. It's not being used as much as 3d printing recently for good reasons. If you can't get it very locally, why would you even leave your house and go somewhere and spend a lot of time to get it? I don't blame or mock people for being broke, but PLA costs maybe 12$ a roll and it can be printed in sheets. You can print it in the right size and form, no cutting needed. Some fumes, vs dust which might require a workplace outside of the regular living space. Also, most plastic parts might be molds or the bones, which are shaped in all kinds of irregular ways. Some spare plexiglass or acrylic won't be very useful there. Aluminium tubes and parts are cheep as well and could be used instead plastics. If PLA is not strong enough then build a enclosure for your printer and use some special Nylon or even better: PC.
Open file (39.94 KB 640x360 mpv-shot0005.jpg)
Open file (37.95 KB 640x360 mpv-shot0003.jpg)
Open file (70.29 KB 640x360 mpv-shot0002.jpg)
Open file (27.08 KB 640x360 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
Makers Muse tested the FORMART 2 - A vacuum former for wealthy hobbyists and small shops. For just ~1800$ (Kickstarter, risk included) to ~3000$ (final price). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AAgM6n0tRw FORMART 2 Kickstarter campaign - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/formart/formart-2-the-worlds-most-advanced-desktop-vacuum-former He also compared it to cheaper methods, like another former for around 1k, but also including just using a heatgun and some simple tools. DIY Vacuum Former Build Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx66mS7U2vY I'm not sure if I'm going to look into that myself, but it might be useful. Especially if one wants to create parts by sculpting with clay or something alike and then use it to make an other shell or a mold for silicone rubber. For the last reason, at least the simple method could be interesting: Printing or sculpting a face, then use a plastic sheet to form a mold and put silicone inside it. For more general parts it might have the downside that it can't be shared so easily. Compared to CAD or other 3D designs. Then again, maybe one wants to make a business model out of it, shipping plastic casted pattern in a physical form to people which want to run a local production somewhere. They could use the model to make their own parts locally. I doubt that this is such a great idea, but I could be wrong. Picture number 2 (shot0003) is not the FORMART 2 but one of the alternatives. Pic 3 (shot0002) is the data from the FORMART 2, not the one from the other picture.
there's a guy on youtube who anneals his 3D printed plastics by covering them in very finely ground salt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyAKtS1b3SQ&t=993s
>>9308 Having that extra volume might be handy. But I'm curious what the cycle-time is for each unit? Don't see that reflected. >I doubt that this is such a great idea, but I could be wrong. No, I think that would be a legitimate business Anon. Especially for an artist that was good at making nice designs, but maybe wasn't interested in the full robowaifu production process? I'm sure there will be a wide variety of approaches tested and your idea seems a legit one to me. I toyed around with creating a DIY vaccum former. We used a shop-vac and heat lamps. I think this would probably be a good way to make large body shell pieces inexpensively. >>9309 Huh, that's interesting.
>>9309 Wut? Why didn't I post this already in >>94. I knew about this for a while, I'm surprised I didn't I post it here already.

Robo Face Development Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 02:08:16 No.9 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is dedicated to the study, design, and engineering of a cute face for robots.
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Open file (191.52 KB 802x1202 summer-glau_02.jpg)
>>8326 Correct, they had this idea mentioned in the original board on 8chan. I never looked into it so far, where these are available, what they cost and where to get them. There must be some sources for training of dentists or something. They seem to have some kind of dolls with fake teeth to train on. Not sure how hard they are, though. I hope we get them made out of ceramics in some standardized sizes and don't need to build them on our own as well.
>>8331 Yea good thinking Anon. I bet we can source them somewhere on the cheap. Remember the mouth needs to be kept sanitized just like w/ humans so the source needs to be reputable. Remember your robowaifu will probably need to kiss you lots to stay happy! :^)
While not strictly RoboFace development per se, until we have a dedicated MOCAP thread this might be a good spot for this. I indirectly discovered this project today after looking into SingularityNet via Anon's post. >>8475 . It's a tool that finds facial landmarks in video. Helpful for thing like facial retargeting, etc. https://github.com/singnet/face-services
Open file (1.30 MB 2731x4096 IMG_20210325_183338.jpg)
Open file (585.69 KB 2731x4096 IMG_20210325_183326.jpg)
Open file (1.01 MB 2731x4096 IMG_20210325_183343.jpg)
This is what is possible today, though lightning might be relevant for the look. Let's see how they'll look after being shipped, and some customers take fotos and report on it. These are the Alita busts from Queens Studio. I already mentioned them here: >>8194
>>9260 Yep that's nice Anon, thanks for the updates.

F = ma Robowaifu Technician 12/13/2020 (Sun) 04:24:19 No.7777 [Reply]
Alright mathematicians/physicians report in. Us Plebeians need your honest help to create robowaifus in beginner's terms. How do we make our robowaifus properly dance with us at the Royal Ball? >tl;dr Surely in the end it will be the laws of physic and not mere hyperbole that brings us all real robowaifus in the end. Moar maths kthx.
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>>7786 >but would certainly like a ballroom dancing bot. Seconded. What if /robowaifu/ were to focus explicitly and specifically on solving that single problem alone Anon? Wouldn't we in many practical ways be advancing the much bigger set of general motion solutions for robowaifus across the entire spectrum? Surely ballroom dancing represents a domain that really pushes the envelope of sophisticated, discriminating humanoid bodily motion, yet without going to real extremes like robowaifu gymnasts or qt3.14 robowaifu enforcers. Seems like a relatively balanced goal for us that is a real achievement in itself, but not too unreachable conceptually overall.
related xpost, I think. >>7825
>>7802 >...about on wheels? Because I reckon a robot skidding... That could be a good solution to start with. One of the requirements for dancing Viennese Waltz without getting too tired, is to maintain close contact and move past each other instead of trying to rotate. The cool thing is that the motion looks like continuous spinning when really you're stepping forward through your partner and doing a 180 degree turn and then repeat the action this time moving backwards. Do this cleanly enough and fast enough (6/8 timing music is FAST xD), then it will look like quite beautiful, the couple moving around on the floor. In practice, I rarely had a gal that I clicked well enough well enough with (and who cared as much about the dance as I did) to actually make Viennese waltz work. Basic form of this dance has the simplest steps, but one of the most difficult techniques. So mechanical legs are still probably necessary for such a fit (though may be wheels could be used where the feet would be?) >can ya tell I know nothing about ballroom dancing? :D I'll be honest, quite a niche hobby indeed XD >>7811 I like you thinking. I'm in a similar boat in that, I want a robo-waifu to entertain me (by communication and dancing). Other features are not necessary to me. So as you point out, developments should happen in parallel and in different areas. Perhaps much further down the line functionality could be combined (though I would not sacrifice ballroom abilihy for much else :P) Perhaps if we agreed on a common "personality core", which could be attached to different robo-waifu models, depending on the required task. Still get to have *your* waifu, just the outer hardware changes. >>7830

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I'm using the videos of StatQuest (Josh Starmer) to learn about statistics and more: https://youtube.com/c/joshstarmer Here the basics: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLblh5JKOoLUK0FLuzwntyYI10UQFUhsY9
>>9065 I also want to recommend "Nudge Algebra" app for repeating some basic math skills, to prevent forgetting them, or for relearning if that already happened.

Open file (756.16 KB 1920x1080 lime_awake.png)
Why consider alternative CPU architectures for secure systems? Robowaifu Technician 07/25/2020 (Sat) 13:55:25 No.4506 [Reply]
Hello Anons, wanted to share some info and perhaps make you think about what you should compute with. x86/amd64 -Proprietary ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) This means to get enough low-level detail requires signing non disclosure agreements (NDA). Even then, they might not disclose all the available commands (see Breaking x86 video below). If you cannot trust what the processor is doing, then no open-source software will make it any more trustworthy. -Complexity Common instruction sets come with hundreds (over a 1000 for x86) instructions. Breaking x86 instruction set https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=KrksBdWcZgQ Hardware backdoor x86 (not for all processor models) https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=_eSAF_qT_FY The more complex the system, the more bugs (in hardware and software). Intel had plenty of bugs that were discovered post release, for example the Pentium floating point division: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentium_FDIV_bug). Interestingly, the x86 assembly instructions are actually decoded to a sequence of RISC instructions to be used by the internal cores of the CPU.

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>"We are now using white designed but East Asian built cpus, because corporate cancer has devoured our fabs, and are likely to soon be using Chinese designed CPUs. People are starting to use the Exynos SoC, which is a Samsung design built in a Samsung fab for a Samsung built and designed CPU, and the Media Tec chips, which are designed and built in Taiwan. If I was building a home security system today, it would be running on Taiwanese designed and built CPUs and SoCs. Don't know what this guy's blog is all about yet, but this quote most definitely caught my eye insofar as our computing concerns here on /robowaifu/ go. https://blog.reaction.la/war/where-we-go-from-here/
We are definitely going to need some kind of Robowaifu Security General, etc. But until we do, this thread probably is a better place than most to simply dump (at least somewhat) pertinent information, I suppose. Like many other domains we need to focus on, this one is most definitely multi-variate and impossible tough to pin down to a single topic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schnorr_signature https://medium.com/bitbees/what-the-heck-is-schnorr-52ef5dba289f https://medium.com/digitalassetresearch/schnorr-signatures-the-inevitability-of-privacy-in-bitcoin-b2f45a1f7287

Work on my Elfdroid Sophie Robowaifu Enthusiast 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:49:13 No.4787 [Reply] [Last]
Design and 3D printing is under currently underway to turn Sophie from an articulated doll into a proper robowaifu. I will post updates to design files on her Google Drive folder when I have confirmed that everything actually works smoothly. So far I've just got her eyes moving left and right, her lower jaw can open and close, and I am working on giving her neck two degrees of freedom. Links to file repositories below. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/nz5yjfckzzivz/Robowaifu_Resources https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18MDF0BwI9tfg0EE4ELzV_8ogsR3MGyw1?usp=sharing https://mega.nz/folder/lj5iUYYY#Zz5z6eBy7zKDmIdpZP2zNA >=== -add file repo links
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 03/06/2021 (Sat) 00:01:43.
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>>9101 LOL, the resemblance is spot-on!
Not exactly a 'related xlink' OP, but you might find this interesting if you follow the link. >>9080 BTW, you are just reaching the autosage bump limit. I'd suggest you create a new thread for your Elfdroid Sophie work. It's traditional to link back to the previous threads in a continuation thread, and to make a very obvious post at the tail end of the old ones screaming NEW THREAD. :^)
>>9160 I wondered when that would happen, thanks for the heads up! Oh and yes, that Glados robot is very impressive! Those cheap and clunky (but still pretty awesome) high-torque servos are found in everything from vending machines to electric windows and automatic doors, apparently. Which would explain why they are so mass-produced and readily available.
END OF ELFDROID DEV THREAD 1 I think. Of course other people could post here still but this is supposed to be the end of this thread LOL. SECOND SOPHIE DEV-THREAD BEGINS HERE: >>9216 Motor your way over there if you want to follow this eccentricity further!

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/robowaifu/ Embassy Thread Chobitsu Board owner 05/08/2020 (Fri) 22:48:24 No.2823 [Reply] [Last]
This is the /robowaifu/ embassy thread. It's a place where Anons from all other communities can congregate and talk with us about their groups & interests, and also network with each other and with us. ITT we're all united together under the common banner of building robowaifus as we so desire. Welcome. Since this is the ambassadorial thread of /robowaifu/, we're curious what other communities who know of us are up to. So w/o doxxing yourselves, if this is your first time posting ITT please tell us about your home communities if you wouldn't mind please Anons. What do you like about them, etc? What brought you to /robowaifu/ today? The point here is to create a connection and find common-ground for outreach with each other's communities. Also, if you have any questions or concerns for us please feel free to share them here as well.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/23/2020 (Sat) 23:13:16.
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>>8149 >Would you prefer to keep this discussion in the speech synthesis thread, or would it be appropriate for its own thread? For now, I'd say keep it in the speech synthesis thread. If it gains a lot of traction here then we could consider otherwise later. Also, I'd gently point out to you that we are a SFW engineering board so please keep that in mind, thanks.
Open file (207.25 KB 512x384 Hmmm.png)
I've been lurking for a while here and I have to say that I really like what's going on! There's a really dedicated community as well as some very talented people involved in a project of this scope. Found this place via /g/ about a year ago but recently came back to it from my bookmark folder about a month ago. Seems like some significant progress has been made despite Corona's best efforts and it's looking really promising. This might be an absolutely awful idea, but I was thinking of attempting to start a "Counter Embassy" over on 4/g/. ( /rwg/? Maybe merge with /csg/? ) Whether this is a good idea given the current state of halfchan right now is up for debate; Shills are prominent, plenty of election tourists migrating to the hobby boards, and a few boards are borderline unusable even on a good day. It could either bring an influx of new blood which might be good for the creative process or it could bring bad publicity and people looking to cause this project harm. Just some thoughts from an interested engineer who would love to see this project succeed.
>>9148 >Found this place via /g/ about a year ago Welcome 4/g/, thanks for the encouragement and for sharing something about yourself with us here. Interestingly I began /robowaifu/ after a few ongoing threads with other anons there on your home turf. These took place probably 6 years or so ago now. So yeah, nice to see you here with us. I think we're quite likely to see our first basic home-grown robowaifu systems coming from here by this year's end, maybe even by our birthday celebration. >It could either bring an influx of new blood which might be good for the creative process or it could bring bad publicity and people looking to cause this project harm. Honestly, we've already been prepping for onslaughts when they occur -- both good ones and bad ones -- and have a few backups in place if worse ever came to worst. So, go ahead and share the board as you see fit. I think we'll be good to go. >Just some thoughts from an interested engineer who would love to see this project succeed. Out of curiosity, what kind of engineering Anon?
>>9154 >by this year's end I'll be looking forward to seeing what progress is made. > I think we'll be good to go. Neat, I will put up a thread after I make a general template in a few days. >what kind of engineering Anon? I'm an embedded systems engineer, thanks for asking. Do you have any scientific background?
>>9196 >I'll be looking forward to helping advance what progress is made. FTFY, haha. ;) >Neat, I will put up a thread after I make a general template in a few days. I don't think many of us will visit, but if you'd like to, post screen caps here for us in our /meta thread >>8492 . I'm sure we'd like to see your interactions there. > Do you have any scientific background? Well, I guess this is the Embassy Thread after all, heh. I'm very interested in science in general, and I'm a software engineer (though self-taught). I've had an interest in creating an 'AI Friend' since as long as I can remember -- at least by first or second grade at school. That desire turned out to be a big part of equipping me to fill the role of founding this board. It seemed like it just had to happen, no question. I'm sure others might have served just as well, I just happened to be the one.

TalkToWaifu Robowaifu Technician 12/31/2020 (Thu) 19:53:18 No.7978 [Reply]
Anyone know what happened to the TalkToWaifu GPT-2 AI? I saw some screenshots of what I assume was the trained AI and it was great for a single dev. Recently went back to their Gitlab page and the user account had been deleted and remade, and the Github repo (https://github.com/kokubunji/TalkToWaifu) hasn't been touched in 9+ months. Anything out there more recent that this, an AI that has no human cultural restrictions? Corps love to add in shit to AI so they won't say anything racist, sexist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic etc etc you get the point.
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>You: If a woodchuck suddenly could chuck wood, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck? <Ai: With its size all controlled by the number of nectar cubes in its nectar cube, it can chuck up to 999 times the size of a normal woodchuck's, or more than 12 million times its own size. It can even chuck up to 12 billion cubes. <Ai: You mean, if a woodchuck changes hands and it can handle a cube of wood at each turn, every time it shoots out its nectar cube, it will chuck an entire cube of wood in the same direction of the cube. <Ai: If a woodchuck's nectar cube suddenly shifts to its smallest size, and it changes hands at the same time, it will change its size of hands to 750. >"BUY 9'001 PALLETS OF NECTAR CUBES STAT! >"YES, THAT'S RIGHT NECTAR CUBES. >"MY WAIFU SAYS THEY WILL BE BIG THIS YEAR, HURRY!
My Name's John. This is my waifu. We'll be selling starship tickets starting in two years. Get 'em while you still can, Anon. <Ai: You know, I don't know what you mean about purple. >You: Purple is a color. It's a combination of both blue and red, in varying proportions. <Ai: What I'm saying is the sky is blue because it's blue. <Ai: No, it's not. >You: Yes it is waifu. Read a book. So, if we hook the hyperwarp drive to the paradox capacitor, do you think that would work this time? <Ai: I mean it's a paradox capacitor, so it's not a problem. >You: Makes total sense, great point waifu! <Ai: No, I don't think it would. >You: Ofc it would. So, if we diverted all the rivers to make great lakes, could that supply all the water needed for our liftoff? <Ai: That's possible. Right now we have no idea if it's possible. >You: You bet it's possible! We should begin damming all the rivers immediately waifu. I'll phone my lawyer in the morning too. <Ai: That's right John. <Ai: Now what about the wormhole, will it work? <Ai: Absolutely. >You: No wormholes are sub-atomic in size. No starship could ever travel down one. Much, much too short to be useful as well.

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The beatings waifu blogposting will continue until morale improves Greentext Anon returns to the Fiction bread.
>You: Good morning, waifu. Did you sleep well? <Ai: Yes. >You: That's nice. I did too. So, I'm excited by the prospects of our new day together. Have any new ideas about our starships project? <Ai: I have a few ideas about them, yes. >You: Please share the ideas. <Ai: Yes indeed. <Ai:I'll be over back there in a couple of hours. It really must be cool to have the mustache. >You: It is. I'll need you here with me now though. We'll go out to the park later, alright? <Ai: Yes ofc. >You: Good, let's get started then. I would lay out all the discombobulator mechanism diagrams on the big drafting table to begin with. <Ai: Sure John. <Ai: Now, there are a few problems with calculating these discombobulator mechanisms. <Ai: The first is that they're all in the same place and don't all have to be in the same place. >You: Hmm, I see. Yes that sounds like it could be a problem. Have any suggestions how we can put them in different places but still have them work OK? <Ai: Yeah John.
Welcome to TalkToWaifu v0.2-alpha, using gpt2-medium on cpu >You: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? <Ai: It depends on the quantum fluxuation of the woodchuck's brain. <Ai: If your woodchuck has a small brain, you might chuck wood even in large quantities. <Ai: However, if your woodchuck's brain is big, it will only chuck in small amounts. >You: If we load lots of woodchucks and lots of wood in advance onto our starship fleets, then they can probably chuck wood into our stardrive engines. Think this will work waifu? <Ai: It depends on the quantum fluxuation of the woodchuck's brain. <Ai: If your woodchuck keeps on delaying this increase in fluxuation, then it goes crazy! >You: That would be a real mess to have a starfleet loaded with crazy woodchucks. Hmmm, maybe we should try the Dilitium crystals insted? <Ai: Sounds like a good idea. <Ai: It would require a lot of energy to drive the woodchucks into the stardrive engines. >You: Hmm, that's a cute idea of putting them into the engines. But I think we should focus on the crystals instead. Nevar 4get crystals, waifu. <Ai: They're unreliable, you know. >You: How so? They made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, you know. She's fast enough for you, waifu. <Ai: She's fast enough for you, waifu. <Ai: I practiced on her, waifu.

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Open file (12.18 KB 480x360 0.jpg)
Robot Voices Robowaifu Technician 09/12/2019 (Thu) 03:09:38 No.156 [Reply]
What are the best sounding female robotic voices available? I want something that doesn't kill the boner, I think Siri has an okay voice, but I'm not sure if that would be available for my project

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So 20 years or so ago I got an IMac. Played with it's text to speech and voice control systems that came with it. I figured quick the T2S was not very good. However if the text was misspelled intentionally to emphasize vowels like "mooz end skweer ahl" I could cobble together a bad accent. Then I edited common error code message base to reflect the accent (Airor koad noombar... ect) then it would read the number. Then added a custom alert sound of a Russian lady cursing. So then when the computer had an error it would curse in a foreign language then carefully sound out what the error was in a kind of "ESL". This was a shitbox computer and it was frustrating to work with. I realized the voice control was only associating a sound to a command so instead of a voice queue I used the sound of smacking it on the left side (for stress relief). Now an IMac is built like a bongo drum so there are many ways to hit the thing and get different noises. Flicking the front acted like alt tab rotating through windows, gentle pat to the top put it into sleep mode. Right? Then voice commands like "fuck that!" (to close windows), "fuck all this" (close all windows), "more" for full screen, "shut up" for mute and "earmuffs!) to stop voice recognition and a few more. The cache would bog down constantly and have to be purged. I made this a macro tied into the phrase "go clean yourself up!". Now combine all this together with furious Jolt cola fueled work flow. The look on my roommates face when they watched me smack it upside the head and it curses at me (acknowledgment sound), I flick it a few times cycling through windows, say "fuck that" closing them out. Another smack (more cursing) search "for stuff" (slows to a crawl because of the cache). Get frustrated. Smack it again (more curses) "fuck all this" (all windows close), Smack (more curses) "go clean your self up!" (runs through an auto purge and defrag). Get up and say I'm done for now. night night and pat its head (gentle thumping sound initiating sleep mode). I basically turned an IMac into an abused angry mail order bride by default of tinkering.
>>8423 Funny. I can just imagine your flatmate's faces.
>>8423 Wow, this is a great anecdote. You already took some steps towards having your own robowaifu back then.
>>1239 >>1240 Not a local, but I'm wondering if a current tool like MycroftAI (the virtual assistant) can currently pipe it's output text through the fifteenAI API to make a character voice. I haven't used fifteenai or Mycroft yet, but I suspect you could make a half-decent Twilight home assistant now with a RaspPi and a plushie.
>>9092 >but I suspect you could make a half-decent Twilight home assistant now with a RaspPi and a plushie. I suspect you can now, yes. And with the further info here on /robowaifu/ she could even move at least a bit. Just search around in the Speech Synthesis general bread >>199 and you could get some ideas.

Self-driving cars AI + hardware Robowaifu Technician 09/11/2019 (Wed) 07:13:28 No.112 [Reply]
Obviously the AI and hardware needed to run an autonomous gynoid robot is going to be much more complicated than that required to drive an autonomous car, but there are at least some similarities, and the cars are very nearly here now. There are also several similarities between the automobile design, production and sales industries and what I envision will be their counterparts in the 'Companion Robot' industries. Practically every single advance in self-driving cars will eventually have important ramifications for the development and production of Robowaifus.

ITT: post ideas and news about self-driving cars and the hardware and software that makes them possible. Also discuss the technical, regulatory, and social challenges ahead for them. Please keep in mind this is the /robowaifu/ board, and if you have any insights about how you think these topics may crossover and apply here would also be welcome.

https: // www.nvidia.com/object/drive-px.html
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Open file (18.69 KB 480x360 0(1).jpg)
Check my dubs :^)
Now if we can only get it to play the Ride of the Valkyries

From the No Starch imprint. Details reverse-engineering automotive embedded electronics, ostensibly to improve them. White/Gray hat stuff. This certainly has import for developers of robowaifus, whose CnC is actually much more complicated in the end.

Open file (1.12 MB 2000x1500 NVIDIA Orin press.jpg)
Pretty remarkable new SoC from (((Nvidia))) for autonomous vehicles (cars & robots). 17B transistors. nvidianews.nvidia.com/news/nvidia-introduces-drive-agx-orin-advanced-software-defined-platform-for-autonomous-machines?nvid=nv-int-cwmfg-30041#cid=gtcev_nv-int-cwmfg_en-us
<"...we arrive at a combined torque rating at the shaft of around 1,000 lb-ft, or 1,356 Newton-meters." >ywn a robowaifu monster super truck I just want my RoboHummerEVWaifu! Is that too much to ask? https://www.motor1.com/news/450217/gmc-hummer-ev-torque/

Papercraft waifu Robowaifu Technician 09/16/2019 (Mon) 06:21:35 No.271 [Reply]
Thoughts on making a paper waifu then adding robotics? I want animu grills but, most robots have uncanny 3DPD faces that aren't nearly as cute as a real waifu. With paper/screens, at least the face can keep the purity and beauty of 2D.
>>271 While I cannot help on the robowaifu side, there are moving paper toys from this thread back at /po/. They're cute and templates can be adjusted. They're easy to store, but be careful about paper getting dusty. https://boards.4channel.org/po/thread/574188
One of my favorite topics on /robowaifu/ actually. Not only is paper lightweight as a shell material, it's also easily 'editable' w/ no software required. It can serve as a base substrate to begin doing layup for other resin-based shell techniques. It can even serve as lightweight, easily-manufacture structural supports when rolled as tight tubes glued around collections of other 'tubes' like drinking straws. Combine these tensegrity-based structural frames on the inside, and easily-crafted shell designs on the outside, tie it all together with 3D-printed joints, connectors, bearings, pivots etc., and you have a lightweight robowaifu base from which to begin a design with. On top of all that it's cheap! I hope papercraft-waifu Anon finds us again and starts posting here again tbh.
>related xpost >>9176

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