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Roadmap: file restoration script within a few days, Final Solution alpha in a couple weeks.

Sorry for not being around for so long, will start getting back to it soon.

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The Library of /robowaifu/ Card Catalogue Robowaifu Technician 11/26/2020 (Thu) 07:11:30 No.7143 [Reply] [Last]
Robowaifus are a big topic. They need a big library index! :^) Note -This is a living document. Please contribute topical thread/post crosslinks! Thread category quick-jumps >>7150 AI / VIRTUAL_SIM / UX_ETC >>7152 HARDWARE / MISC_ENGINEERING >>7154 DESIGN-FOCUSED >>7156 SOFTWARE_DEVELOPMENT / ETC >>7159 BIO / CYBORG >>7162 EDUCATION >>7164 PERSONAL PROJECTS >>7167 SOCIETY / PHILOSOPHY / ETC >>7169 BUSINESS(-ISH) >>7172 BOARD-ORIENTED >>7174 MISCELLANEOUS

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waifusearch> dancing OR dance THREAD SUBJECT POST LINK AI, chatbots, and waifus >>5253 dancing " >>5255 " Robowaifu fiction to promote the >>3402 " Meta Tread >>1650 " NLP General >>7837 dancing, dance Robowaifu Systems Engineering >>4640 dancing What can we buy today? >>2534 " Robot skeletons and armatures >>5328 " " >>8641 " ROBOWAIFU U >>3059 dance Bipedal Robot Locomotion General >>5223 dancing Visual Waifus >>8377 " Walking >>4411 " Entry Level Waifu >>454 "

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Welcome to /robowaifu/ Anonymous 09/09/2019 (Mon) 00:33:54 No.3 [Reply]
Why Robowaifu? Most of the world's modern women have failed their men and their societies, feminism is rampant, and men around the world have been looking for a solution. History shows there are cultural and political solutions to this problem, but we believe that technology is the best way forward at present – specifically the technology of robotics. We are technologists, dreamers, hobbyists, geeks and robots looking forward to a day when any man can build the ideal companion he desires in his own home. However, not content to wait for the future; we are bringing that day forward. We are creating an active hobbyist scene of builders, programmers, artists, designers, and writers using the technology of today, not tomorrow. Join us! NOTES & FRIENDS > Notes: -This is generally a SFW board, given our engineering focus primarily. On-topic NSFW content is OK, but please spoiler it. -Our bunker is located at: https://anon.cafe/robowaifu/catalog.html Please make note of it. > Friends: -/clang/ - currently at https://8kun.top/clang/ - toaster-love NSFW. Metal clanging noises in the night. -/monster/ - currently at https://smuglo.li/monster/ - bizarre NSFW. Respect the robot. -/cuckquean/ - currently at https://anon.cafe/cuckquean/ - relational NSFW. Women Sharing Their Men. -/tech/ - currently at >>>/tech/ - installing Gentoo Anon? They'll fix you up. -/britfeel/ - currently at https://anon.cafe/britfeel/ - some good lads. Go share a pint! -/server/ - currently at https://anon.cafe/server/ - multi-board board. Eclectic thing of beauty. -/f/ - currently at https://anon.cafe/f/res/4.html#4 - doing flashtech old-school. -/kind/ - currently at https://kind.moe/kind/ - be excellent to each other.

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Work on my Elfdroid Sophie Robowaifu Enthusiast 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:49:13 No.4787 [Reply] [Last]
Design and 3D printing is under currently underway to turn Sophie from an articulated doll into a proper robowaifu. I will post updates to design files on her Google Drive folder when I have confirmed that everything actually works smoothly. So far I've just got her eyes moving left and right, her lower jaw can open and close, and I am working on giving her neck two degrees of freedom.
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>>8765 What is this game?
>>8765 Does this mean your done devoloping her robot body?
>>8767 Nah, I am still gonna work on Sophie but I decided to have a break. If I force myself to keep working on her I may make more progress, but it would be half-hearted and I'd make more mistakes. She's in no hurry anyway. Just kinda standing there staring with her un-powered derp-face. I am still ordering new parts now and then, which take time to arrive. What usually gets me going again is when a bunch of parts have arrived and I've had a particularly bad week at work - thus my hatred for flesh-and-blood humans is higher. I see Sophie there and I know that she is the only one who can give me solace from all the evil humans LOL. At the moment though I am quite content because I found a very futuristic and robot-y videogame that is just the kind of universe I can envision Sophie and her pals living in if there was no Earth/humans. Just planets covered with machines and industry, orbiting a developing Dyson Swarm. 😁👍
>>8776 We hope you have an enjoyable break Anon. You've certainly earned it!

/robowaifu/meta-3: Spring Blossom Tree Chobitsu Board owner 02/11/2021 (Thu) 12:06:37 No.8492 [Reply]
/meta & QTDDTOT thread >TBD -previous /meta: >>38 >>3108 -Library thread (good for locating topics/terms): >>7143 >note: there's also a searching tool coded right here for /robowaifu/ that provides crosslinks straight to posts on the board. it's named waifusearch, and the link to the software is provided inside the Library thread's OP. -Latest version of BUMP v0.2e >>8769 >=== -expand /meta OP content

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>>8739 Great video, but are the parts better? Why would it be the only way for water or air?
Found it, also found out that I watched it before: https://youtu.be/i5L6CpD6nM8 and here the website of their company: https://www.3dsiliconeprinting.com/ There's no free paper available, the one here costs 15$ for members: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/8404935 however here https://softroboticstoolkit.com/3d-silicone-printer is more info and Open Source parts. The claim is, that their parts are working better or in other cases as well a molded parts. If true, then that's great.
>>8742 Thanks!
zzz/a/ is having a movie night starting in a bit over 12 hours from now featuring both Alpha and then later The Pig. We should try and show our support for Yokohama Shopping Trip I think, and maybe they'll do more robowaifu-related things in the future! >Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou OVA 1 and 2 >Porco Rosso Friday February 26th 1pm PST - 3pm CST - 4pm EST http://crghlabr45r5pqkgnbgehywk5nxutdks5iss7tabyux5psikqqjirryd.onion/a/thread/260.html#372 (I only use their onion, pretty sure the normal address is on the webring window)
>>8492 >Spring Blossom Tree Actual Spring 2021 (vernal equinox) starts on Saturday, March 20, 2021 (in 18/19 days).

HOW TO SOLVE IT Robowaifu Technician 07/08/2020 (Wed) 06:50:51 No.4143 [Reply]
How do we eat this elephant, /robowaifu/? This is a yuge task obviously, but OTOH, we all know it's inevitable there will be robowaifus. It's simply a matter of time. For us (and for every other Anon) the only question is will we create them ourselves, or will we have to take what we're handed out by the GlobohomoBotnet(TM)(R)(C)? In the interest of us achieving the former I'll present this checklist from George Pólya. Hopefully it can help us begin to break down the problem into bite-sized chunks and make forward progress. >--- First. UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEM You have to understand the problem. >What is the unknown? What are the data? What is the condition? Is it possible to satisfy the condition? Is the condition sufficient to determine the unknown? Or is it insufficient? Or redundant? Or contradictory? >Draw a figure. Introduce suitable notation. >Separate the various parts of the condition. Can you write them down? Second.

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Just stumbled over this, which might fit in here. It's about Steve Jobs on being smart: Zooming out to find connections, unique life experiences, openness to experience, being rather extroverted, avid reading to change perspectives (especially if one isn't extrovert) or gather experiences in other ways: https://youtu.be/e46qMomIT8Y
>>8755 >Ar you sure you can use that somehow, or is it some rabbit hole you want to jump into out of curiosity? On a quick glance, it strikes me as very theoretical. No, I'm not 'sure' of anything at this point. I'm simply trying to explore prior art towards systemized knowledge. I feel pretty sure we need help in this area and I'm trying to explore a new breakthrough for us all. I think most of us have been overwhelmed in the past at the sheer volume of topics involved here (I know I have), and I think that effect has slowed our progress as a group. If we can spell out more clearly a methodical approach for everyone, then it would help a number of us. The RDD >>3001 was an overview way of it before, but we need to begin fleshing out some scientific/engineering rigor. The Robowaifu Systems Engineering thread is probably at least indirectly related as well >>4639 . After all, we're not the first group to tackle a large project, and thankfully there's a lot of information out there from past design/engineering/production/manufacturing groups. I'm simply trying to figure out a way we can capitalize on that information here. >>8756 Neat, I'll give it a watch Anon. BTW, while I admire 'smart' people in general, and hope to be smarter some day, my real goal here is to discover a good methodology that us not-so-smart Anons can follow and still succeed at crafting robowaifus. I hope we can manage to find such an approach here.
>>8756 That was good. Motivates me to increase my general reading levels up to my past standards at the least. Coincidentally, I had already been personally trending towards that during this new year, so yea.
>>4143 Did you look into Unified Modeling Language (UML)? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unified_Modeling_Language or a alternative https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modeling_language e.g. SysML? I didn't look much into it. UML is supported very well by standard Debian installations, including grafical editors and libriaries for programming languages.
>>8771 Yes, I'm sure that UML et al would be pretty useful for this arena of endeavor. Personally, I'm much more fond of Terry Halpin's ORM (Object Role Modeling). >>2303 >>2307 >>2308 I think it's graphical syntax is far more intuitive and more flexible than UML. Regardless, either would be helpful. Actually, I hope to create a robowaifu AI development system based around Halpin's ORM as a GUI based system to 'wire' together knowledge representations in a way that will hopefully be both easy-ish to read and to reason about. Thanks Anon, good suggestion!

Open file (457.29 KB 1600x1067 yummy_sepplesberries.jpg)
Open file (15.07 KB 306x344 ISO_C++_Logo.png)
Haute Sepplesberry Cuisine TBH Robowaifu Technician 09/04/2020 (Fri) 20:10:50 No.4969 [Reply] [Last]
Good morning /robowaifu/. For today's cooking-lesson class, we'll be baking up some delicious Sepplesberry Pies. First we prepare some crispy and light Pi crusts and get them just right, then we'll load them up with tons and tonnes of succulent and Juci Sepplesberrys. We'll also mix in lots of other tasty goodness then pop them into the oven and after a couple hours, voilà! delightful Sepplesberry Pies. >tl;dr ITT we mek C++ dev boxes from RaspberryPi computers >C++ development main thread >>4895 Embedded processors and integrated systems programming naturally go hand-in-hand for /robowaifu/. The RaspberryPi and C++ are natural baseline choices for each of these categories. At this point in time they are both popular concerns with large communities behind them, and each bring objective benefits for us as robowaifu technicians. For the Pis they are quite powerful relatively speaking, and inexpensive as well. For C++ it has great performance and other characteristics when used correctly, with generic abstraction mechanisms second to none. In an attempt to dovetail the two areas we're going to be going through setting up Raspberry Pis as little computers for learning the C++ programming language on. This should help every anon on /robowaifu/ that follows along to be on the same basic page for both embedded and programming. Once we're finished each of you will have your own little development exploration box you can literally carry around in your pocket. It will be self-contained, independent, and won't interfere with your other computing/vidya platforms. It will offer you a convenient way to begin controlling embedded hardware directly on the same machine that you write software for it on. This is a pretty compelling scenario IMO, and should serve us all as a good base from which we can branch out and grow from there. Working with other hardware and software will flow naturally from this project, and will give each of us a common experience from which we can build together and keep moving forward. So let's get started /robowaifu/.
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>>8064 AUGGGGH. :^) Quick hotfix: For some reason at the last minute I failed to add a using statement that keeps this version from building on the RPi. In the file main.cpp, add this using for duration_cast: using std::chrono::duration_cast; > Then you can build. My apologies RPi bros, this little patch will be in the next rev.
>>8065 New push today. Includes the little using fix, but also includes CLI argument parsing finally :^) >>8103
waifusearch v0.1j >>8337
OK, some Anons wanted to set up BUMP for downloading /robowaifu/ and some other boards. One thing I neglected before when I originally wrote it was to support building it on the RaspberryPi. I've fixed that now. Note: Many boards are at least 1GB in size when downloaded. Lots of pics, video, pdf files, etc. For example, /robowaifu/ is currently ~2.3GB in size. >tl;dr Make sure you have either plenty of storage on your basic RPi MicroSD, or use a big pendrive in a USB port for downloading the board data onto. 1. We're presuming you're already following along ITT and have set up your RPi for building C++ code, building and running waifusearch, etc. While none of these things are necessary to building and running BUMP, these instructions presume you have. So if you still have unmet dependencies, etc., b/c you're only setting up this program, then you'll need to look up higher ITT to find the instructions, etc. Nothing too complicated. And ofc, some things will be different if you're running on a different flavor of Linux. YMMV, but as long as you can meet the basic dependencies then you should be good to go. 2. That being said there are two additional required dependencies, and one optional dependency. The first two are the developer libcurl library straight from the RPi's repo. The second is the curlcpp library which you'll need to download from their SJWhub repo and build/install it locally. The last, optional, one is torsocks just in case you want to hide your power level on your local network/ISP, etc. You are hiding your power level concerning anything you do online (particularly on IBs), aren't you Anon? :^). It also comes from the RPi's official repos. 3. I'd say you should go ahead and update/upgrade your RPi install first things first Anon. This can help make sure you have everything on your system patched first. Open a terminal and run an upgrade from the repos. (You should probably be doing this regularly, btw.) sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade 4. Let's go ahead and set up libcurl (I'll also add torsocks for myself). Open Synaptic and search 'libcurl' , and mark libcurl4-openssl-dev for installation. > #1 #2 #3 5. Clone the curlcpp repo locally. git clone https://github.com/JosephP91/curlcpp.git > #4 -Build/install it with the CMake/Make dance.

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>>8769 1. Alright, now we can go ahead and download the updated BUMP software for today. You should check the signature of the archive file first, then again extract the codefiles themselves somewhere. I keep my software work in a _prj directory off my home dir. But (as mentioned above) if you need to use a different drive to store files onto, then I'd recommend you extract (or move) BUMP onto that same drive somewhere since BUMP stores all it's downloads inside it's own directory. >note: I plan to change that requirement for Bumpmaster, to allow better flexibility for storage, etc., but for now just put the codefiles on your intended storage drive. >version.log 210301 - v0.2e -------------- -add support for building on RaspberryPi -add build notes inside meson.build file -add AlogSpace onion to .sites.config -various minor comment cleanups https://files.catbox.moe/kigqqd.7z 49f53c2658c50e00a56d20d0e7299809eccae67d1ac7329cfe1891dfd45e67a8 BUMP-0.2e.tar.xz 2. Open a terminal in the extract directory and tell mesonbuild to configure this project: meson build > #1 -Now you can build it.

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C++ General Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 02:49:55 No.12 [Reply] [Last]
C++ Resources general

The C++ programming language is currently the primary AI-engine language in use.





BTW if you're new to C++ and you're stuck on Windows (either you can't or won't upgrade to Linux) then you can at least incorporate a good, open shell into your system to begin with so you can follow along. Start at this link, and if you have any questions just ask ITT:
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>>8678 Here's an example usage of the new Boolean OR feature: build/waifusearch -y false -t true -e true time to process local /robowaifu/ JSON data: 3017 ms waifusearch> hello world | foo bar term: foo count: 15 term: bar count: 18 term: hello count: 63 term: world count: 309 # terms found: 4 ORDERED: ======== THREAD SUBJECT POST LINK C++ General >>3717 foo bar " >>6063 hello world

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>>8678 Wow, that's great. Seems to be some big leap forward. >Performing a one-shot means (for now) always re-doing that front-loading each time Yes, that's always a problem. I ran into the same problem with my chatbot and graph parsing. The alternative to storing it, would be to let the parsing be done in a program which runs in a daemon mode, while the search part can be called by another program.
>>8688 >daemon Yes, I considered exactly that as the solution for a good bit later when we're actually implementing such a tool in a production runtime for our robowaifus. And as you basically indicated, I imagine there are entire classes of types of solutions that would require multiple, cooperating components for their systems to function correctly. For example, when we adopt a Neuromorphic response strategy for our robowaifu's 'nerve & muscle' sense/response cycles, we'll need to adopt both a real-time tiny kernel directly into the sensor hardware to provide for instantaneous responses. This will enable her to have self-defense for thing like avoiding dangerous, hot or sharp objects for example -- same as the designs we bios enjoy having. OTOH, within a short time-frame (say 5ms), there may also be the need her to have the ability for higher-order functions to kick in to direct her to go on in and proceed -- even in the face of danger. Again (but in a little different, 'human being' way) same as we people do. To my thinking this simple example spells out one of the many design-separation boundaries between static & one-shot/repetition processing that will be needed for effective Robowaifu Systems Engineering design strategy & engineering approaches.
Updated BUMP to work with the RPi, but the instructions for building & running should work similarly for other Linux distros. >>8769
>>8562 >>8576 I meant to have this for you sooner Anon. >>8769

Robowaifus in media Robowaifu Technician 09/10/2019 (Tue) 06:24:00 No.82 [Reply] [Last]
After reading anon's Robowaifu fiction bread, I wondered what media is out there that already predominately features a robowaifu(s) as an important character. Animu and mango are obvious choices (pic related), but surely there are live action movies as well.


post robowaifu movies, books, etc.
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>>8409 You mean those three colors? Yes, looks fascinating.
Open file (81.52 KB 1280x720 Defiance-shot0001.jpg)
Open file (112.20 KB 1280x720 Defiance-shot0011.jpg)
>>8409 Btw, I recalled that they did this anime-style eye increasing thing in live-action before. In Defiance, a scifi-show. I only watched season one, because it's a lot about tensions and conflicts and I try not to watch that (also basically one-world immigration propaganda). The character with the big eyes is an alien, not a robot. However, with her red hair and big eyes she looks like one of the robotwaifus I hope to build one day.
>>8418 No, it's a joke about her being yandere. > >related xpost >>167
So, I watched "Indian Summer". Can't really recommend it. The humor is really cheesy and it's only partially about robowaifus. It has three episodes, the one in the middle is the best. I also watched "Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn". It's certainly one of the better shows with robowaifus. Not really as entertaining as "Clockwork Planet" but good enough. (Pics related) Both shows are Ecchi, so with some nudity and such. I wouldn't recommend watching it with persons you would have explain to WTF you're watching there. Pandora also features rather young looking characters (young teens), but in some kind of animated ball-jointed doll bodies. In terms of such bjdolls it's the most interesting show I know about. https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/pandora-in-the-crimson-shell-ghost-urn I did not finish "Kurogane Communication", yet. >>7780 - though this has only technical reasons, I still like it. Btw, watching this little bit of anime is not the reason why I'm not doing more. Got distracted by other things. Watching stuff like this is rather helpful. Now, let's take a look into what the wicked witches of the West are up to. Did anyone look into "Raised by Wolves"? Trailer and preview looks like anti-robowaifu propaganda: https://youtu.be/nAg6RTQEfeM or it isn't? I thought about putting this one into the Basement like this here >>8493 but it might still be interesting or at least have some good parts. Not sure, if I'm going to watch the spoilered explainer video https://youtu.be/_auMVXbxcbw or give the show itself a try.
>>8759 Thanks for the reviews Anon. I've also seen Crimson Shell and part of Clockwork Planet. Crimson Shell is spoiler-alert: a silly light-hearted treatment of what is actually rather an apocalyptic destruction of a resort-like island city-state a few decades from now. It's filled with ecchi girl-crush yuri sequences of a young cyborg girl (the main protagonist) who lives in a robo-shell, who is impassioned over an actual robowaifu catgril meido hyper-assassin QT3.14 enforcer loli. The one has to literally finger rub the belly of the other to release her magical-girl assassin mode. So yeah, typical day in animu-world. :^) Still kind of a fun story in the end, but nothing too serious. I haven't seen enough of Clockwork Planet yet except to say: A) Get the 1080p yuge version. You can thank me later. B) It seems an actually serious treatment of the topic of a robowaifu assassin. The detail in this anime is pretty much fabulous, it seems to be a seamless combination of 3D/2D art.

Prototypes and failures Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:51:30 No.418 [Reply] [Last]
Post your prototypes and failures.

I'll start with a failed mechanism, may we build upon each others ideas.
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Open file (186.40 KB 1433x1504 Imagepipe_13.jpg)
>>8698 Yeah, but I should have converted the last pic into a jpeg, 5MB is obscene, the jpeg has 200K or so. These pics are the actual models, just with everything hidden. They look like that when I'm working on them, just with additional lines and points. The pic here shows the difference in quality between print-in-place (middle) and separated (bottom). Don't mind the little gap in the bottom sphere, I'm printing with 15% infill. Also, the bottom sphere is bigger, bc I wanted to test if I would still get it into the cup if I increase the size of the sphere 10% (Answer: No).
>>8699 Actually to my eye, it seems you're already coming up with nice shapes. Put something like that through a resin printer and you would basically have production-ready parts ready to ship off to manufacturing. You're making great progress Anon. Please continue doing so! :^)
>>8699 BTW, Anon posted a video about an android leg that uses a big ball-and-socket joint for an ankle. >>8704
I was playing around with the idea of re-creating the mechanism of the InMoov neck accuator after my posting here >>8718. I didn't look at the details, just trying it on my own. The first part (pic 1) wasn't printable, even with these supports. It's to steep. Number two also wasn't that great. Don't know how to describe it well: The outer rails were too thin, since it's only the edges that turn. I played around with some changes, but nothing made sense. I was able to print it, but it was quite dirty. The third try was more similar to the original design. First I got it wrong again, but I'm sure V3 would work. I didn't really try to print it yet, but it looks the same than the original and I printed that already. The details matter, the outer lines have to be curvy. You can see it in the part I marked. Picture number four is the shoulder part for the doll >>8585. I didn't print it yet and it will need some adjustments till it's really finished. I partially disassembled my printer to exchange the heatbrake, so let's hope I won't break anything.
>>8760 This is actually really informative watching your progress and following your thinking Anon. You're already able to design a wide array of parts, it's pretty encouraging to see.

3D printer resources Robowaifu Technician 09/11/2019 (Wed) 01:08:12 No.94 [Reply]
Cheap and easy 3D printing is vital for a cottage industry making custom robowaifus. Please post good resources on 3D printing.

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>>8208 Neat, thanks.
Does anyone know anything about LAM? I am looking into Colombia's soft muscle technology and it is really interesting. They custom built their own LAM printer for the project and I am wondering if I could do the same.
>>8468 Great, for you to participate, but please link to some article, paper or video which shows what you are talking about. I couldn't even find anything using you terms you mentioned.
Related, printing silicone rubber with a 3d printer: >>8742

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