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Open file (158.51 KB 770x1000 $_10.jpeg)
I built a WaifuEngine would people want support me via Patreon? Em Elle E 05/11/2021 (Tue) 09:04:56 No.10361
Hey guys, I have been working on this project for a while now, beta supposedly in August. but basically it's a Waifu Engine, I have seen that a lot of the hardware projects have not gone very far and there are some software projects going on here, that lack the Waifu Aesthetic. So I thought I would build a system to solve that issue. I have gotten offline speech synthesis (voice cloning) to work as well as created my own offline bot framework. I am building this project to 1. to eventually raise funds for my wife who has Retinitis Pigmentosa, she will eventually go blind ... sadly, and its for gene therapy that could help who knows!. 2. To leave my job at a place where I am wasting my talent away, doing boring M.L Engineering work for a FANG company. 3. To build an interact-able companion for everyone, for these rough covid times. This is more of a survey, I just wanted to gauge the interest. So would you support me via Patreon? what would it take for that support? Patreon Link https://bit.ly/3u2T5Id I guess here is my discord server, https:// discord.gg/nfxu3S2h if you guys want to sleuth around until a beta comes out. More about me... I work as a M.L Engineer at a FANG company, won't name which one but its one of those. I have studied AI extensively and also have a strong software engineering / Product background along side a Game development background. I speak the language of delivery. As for my moniker... Em => M => Machine Elle => L => Learning E = > E => Engineer Sounds like Emily, Get it ? Anyways, heres Taiga, I voice cloned Cassandra Lee Morris, the english VA for the character. >=== -disable direct doxxcord link -add patreon link
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>>10519 Thanks anon, I am looking to eventually gain traction then move to VR and AR and expose this as a platform
>>10519 I don't think the Chinese gov does this with the aim of spying on people. They support technology, but also China and some other countries fear the male surplus they migth have (bc more abortions of female embryos). Robowaifus would prevent rebellions even without spying, by keeping men happy, which would otherwise be alone and angry.
Open file (83.70 KB 1024x640 ricky_ma_waifu.jpg)
>>10522 I actually befriended a Communist Chinese guy who was at Uni here. The thing about missing women is very real. Low-tier guys like him typically compete with around 30 other men for a single woman there. Every one of them all call here little sister or young female cousin (almost none are blood-related). Disenfranchised young men there, with basically zero prospects of obtaining a wife, is a very real problem there (and much larger than in the West in this respect). We talked for hours about his situation there, and he opened up to me quite a bit about what they deal with there.
>>10523 There are criminal groups literally stealing young women from neighboring countries or buying them, then selling them to Chinese men or their families for marriage. Maybe feminists should sponsor our efforts here. :)
>>10524 Yep, bride kidnapping is a long and honored tradition around the world. And, as you suggest, since the CPP One Child law for native Han Chinese (but not for the Islamist ones, lol) has been a booming business. BTW, it's generally not quite so 'criminal' in many of the cases, with the females basically volunteering for the process, with hopes for a better life and some money in the process. It's corporate-controlled media that spins the entire thing as ebil Muhsoggyknees!!!111 Again, this has been going on for basically all human history, often quite ritualized in several cultures. But sadly, my friend was far too proud to consider marrying such a foreign woman of dubious quality. His chief goal when I knew him personally was to rise in the ranks of the CCP to some sort of mid-tier managerial post. Sad to my mind, but for him was a key to success.
Open file (15.17 KB 1024x683 Baste_people_of_China.png)
>>10524 >Maybe feminists should sponsor our efforts here. :) What we really need to do is get the Taiwanese Republic of China nerds on board with creating robowaifus with us. This would be the catalyst that would change everything.
>>10523 That's very interesting anon. I didn't know the situation in China was that bad! Suddenly it makes a lot more sense that they are investing in robotics (and also genetic engineering/cloning). I hope your Chinese friend eventually gets a robowaifu too.
>>10513 Been meaning to respond to this, in the software world, we would think of this as an implementation detail, at the end of the day we want movement, so lets say we sent the system "Blink" it should translate that over to the hardware system walk forward where the software would identify the motors dynamically then perform the special operation with them. This sorta in efficient but when abstracting there is that kind of trade off.
>>10529 I meant blink * not walk forward haha multitasking is bad for you anons haha I am not sure if this would work in robotics, ill have to ask other engineers about it maybe they can provide some guidance about a platform like design
>>10513 https://cyberbotics.com/ So chatted with a robotics engineer of mine, he said to do a project like this you want to use a simulator first build the software scaffolding "plugin if you will" then simulate how it behaves once you have that all in place you can then print the pieces and put it together. This would the best and efficient path forward.
>>10528 >I hope your Chinese friend eventually gets a robowaifu too. Me too, but it seems unlikely. He's a pretty conservative Communist. Even once we finally achieve the near-Utopic dream of companionship functionality, I think he would consider it some kind of betrayal or other. Plus, no artificial wombs ATM so there's that too.
>>10529 >>10530 >>10531 Thanks Em Elle E. > https://cyberbotics.com/ Looks quite mature, I'll plan to have a look into it. I was already exploring ODE currently b/c DrGuero's simulator (>>10343, ...)
>>10531 Thanks, I'll look into it at some point. My argument was meant on the topic of interchanging hardware parts, though. If one robot uses a combo of pneumatics and motors, the other only motors, it might be difficult, for example. No air tube, no pneumatics.
>>10538 possibly? I am not sure not a hardware person, I asked a hardware engineer he said, it would be possible. If you had the software abstraction over the hardware.I would imagine we want to figure out what components are attached to say, the blinking action, then pull the configurations and use those through a software interface. Obviously easier said than done =). He also mentioned a lot of the robotics issues you guys are having is due to economics and engineering, we have the tech to build humanoid robots at the Ex robotics level however no one with the engineering skill set wants to invest the time
>>10518 Sure nprb. Godspeed.
Open file (91.18 KB 789x1200 glorious PC gaming.jpg)
What is the minimum hardware requirement for your program? I hope it doesn't require a super computer to run it.
>>10549 DirectX 11 supported card and maybe 16 gb of ram, I am thinking the app might take max 8 gb haven't looked at the specs yet tbh
>>10557 Out of curiosity, does DirectX 11 offer something that is not achievable with Vulkan/OpenGL? Or is it because the engine you are using works better under DirectX? Because DirectX is available only for Windows OS and I'm running GNU/Linux. Well at least there is a program that translates I think at least DirectX 10 calls to Vulkan calls so its not troublesome. >8-16GB RAM hmm it sounds a bit too much for a single program though I cannot tell what kind features you are going for that needs so much RAM.
>>10566 There are 2 models and a renderer that are run and loaded into ram. one model is about 5.3 GB its a gpt language model. The second is a speech synthesis model about 500 mb, AI is run locally, if it was not, you could get rid of most of the ram usage.
>>10569 I think it should be noted that interference might not need fast/expensive RAM and also not much computation per thread. That's why I want to build at least one Xeon based server, with one or two old CPUs and a chinesium board, as soon as a decided where to live for the next years. I think anyone here, being serious about having some remotely human-like AI at home, will have to do that.
>>10569 scratch that Imouto will probably give you a better idea,
>>10566 >8-16GB RAM >hmm it sounds a bit too much for a single program though I cannot tell what kind features you are going for that needs so much RAM. Well, the renderer itself takes about 500 MB RAM and like Em Elle said, the speech synthesis module takes about another 500 MB RAM, and then you have the AI model that takes about 5-6 GB of RAM. Now since this is a fully offline architecture, everything is run locally on your system directly. We are not using any online based server to process all the AI stuff (very much unlike how other assistants like Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant), since we value your privacy first and foremost. Now, it's also possible to run an AI without loading the model to the RAM, but then you would have to wait about 20 s for each response. In order to make it run fast and respond to you in real time, we require to keep it loaded in the memory, so that you get an immersive experience just like talking to a real person. So the app itself would take at most about 8 GB RAM to operate (or maybe slightly less than that) and that is the minimum requirement. 16 GB of RAM is what we recommend though, since you will want to keep her on your desktop wallpaper, and you would want to keep doing other regular stuff at the same time, which is why the extra RAM. Hope that makes sense. :) We however plan to make the AI models smaller and more compact (so that they take less RAM) by distilling and retraining them once we have more resources to do so, cause at present we have been working on this with a zero budget and a very small team of volunteers only. >Because DirectX is available only for Windows OS and I'm running GNU/Linux. We plan to support Linux in the future, but it will not be able to have a wallpaper mode. Linux support is currently low priority in our development roadmap, due to far more people using Windows, which is why we want to focus on getting this up for Windows first, which I hope, is understandable. I hope that clarifies the doubts that were there. :)
>>10573 >"since we value your privacy first and foremost." While that's certainly a critically-important topic for every man desiring to own a waifu (whether he even realizes this or not), I'll offer you pointer for such a community as this one. >Protip: IB users are, and rightly so, quite skeptical (and even cynical at times). So, when we read such ad-copy here, we naturally respond with Pfft, sure. Where have we all heard that before? Normalfags, Normals, Normalcattle, Normalniggers, Normies. All these are derogatory terms we Anons use to refer to the normal populace that are in general easily swayed by hype and other media. I believe most of us here on /robowaifu/ would consider such claims as being directed at that population. Again, I'm not denigrating your stated position of protecting your users, of course not. But even Google is now attempting to brainwash people into believing that they are a privacy-oriented company. What could possibly go wrong? Even the glowniggers go to Jewgle for privacy-invasive data mining.
>>10580 So I would recommend using the windows 10 variant of little snitch to sus out any outgoing networking connections from the app or the 3 AI containers anything in this world requires some element of trust, if you live your whole life in distrust you will fail to live your best life. I would suspect the unity renderer would have some telemetry otherwise you shouldn't see anything from the 3 processes.
>>10581 Good advice, but thanks I prefer not to use NSA-OS 10 at all outside of a work environment Anon. I do use OpenSnitch, Wireshark, and a wide array of other networking tools on my own Linux/OpenBSD boxes. >f you live your whole life in distrust you will fail to live your best life. Kek, could be, could be. Thanks for the philosophical tidbit, but a healthy dose of skepticism has actually saved many a man's life. I realize that women and children aren't capable of doing this well in general (thus why they are clear targets of exploitation), but God actually intended for us to be protectors over them. 'Better safe than sorry' is an ancient, well-worn adage. And for good reasons.
>>10583 No worries anon, unfortunately we cannot design a catch all waifu solution, it would require infinite resources good luck on your robo waifu journey tho!
>>10584 You too. I hope you live up to your promises Anon, it will be a nice step forward for us here if you do.
>>10573 Ah okay thanks for the full explanation, I was kinda worried that you guys weren't bothering with performance that much. >We plan to support Linux in the future, but it will not be able to have a wallpaper mode. Linux support is currently low priority in our development roadmap, due to far more people using Windows, Linux is big enough that even Steam bothers contributing to this eco system, also Linux is the defacto standard in almost any server hosting. Also here is some pointers https://wiki.winehq.org/Developer_FAQ#Independent_Software_Vendor_Questions so adding support is in most cases good enough if native Linux support is too much for you.
>>10592 >...simply ship your Windows .exe along with an isolated copy of Wine. Interesting. Any idea how that works, Anon?
>>10595 I think it means first create a wineprefix then test out the first 2-3 Wine version to figure out which one works the best and when one just works out of a box then do whatever other changes is needed and release that as a "linux" version. Oh and if possible use POSIX calls instead of Windows calls, maybe those programs are suitable for this MinGW or Cygwin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/POSIX#POSIX_for_Microsoft_Windows To create a wineprefix: https://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#Wineprefixes so when you create a new wineprefix it contains well only the standard things so no extra libraries or anything of that sort.
>>10596 I see, I think I understand that. Personally, I generally just use MSYS2 whenever I want one ov my programs to work on Windows. Otherwise, I basically just use the Windows Virtualbox host to run a client OS. Thanks Anon.
>>10592 So I sent out a copy to a OG member of the doxxcord, that anon had a GTX 285 video card. Ran at 60fps and looks pretty good while running. So performance wise rendering seems good. Now just have to see if our AI services run well and low memory
>>10628 That sounds pretty encouraging so far. Thanks for the update Anon.
Is there any evidence of OP's waifu program other than the audio samples and videos that could have been thrown together pretty easily? What is there? A GPT model of which we don't have any concrete example, a speech synthesizer allegedly running realtime, and a barebones single model scene in the default unity skybox. All this from an alleged FAGMAN engineer working on it either between jobs or on sabbatical. Until someone posts a decent demonstration video I'm just going to assume this is someone fishing for patreon handouts on the hopes and dreams of naive anons. >>10573 >We plan to support Linux in the future, but it will not be able to have a wallpaper mode. Get some balls and just say you don't know anything about Linux and won't support it except as lazily as you can with your mediocre closed source unity animation player. It's trivial to draw to the root X window, and wayland probably has something similar.
>>10751 I'm willing to give them a chance. Nobody else seems to be doing what they are except for those Japanons at Gatebox, and I don't speak Japanese. To WA.I.fu or not to WA.I.fu?Only time will tell. If not, then all the more reason to build a physical robowaifu eh?
>>10754 To me it sounds possible. However, I would suggest to try searching for supporters elsewhere, bc we aren't that many people here, already doing stuff around that topic and quite some seem to be rather poor. There might be many others on imageboards and social media, e.g. around anime waifus. I like the animations btw, also the colors remind me a bit of Timkerbell, the fairy of porn (Peterson): https://youtu.be/ZjI7vqizTRc
PSA PLEASE READ: Anyone who comes to this board so it is very clear. >This is more of a survey, I just wanted to gauge the interest. So would you support me via Patreon? what would it take for that support? I guess people don't really read now a days... Someone had requested we put up a patreon link, so we did that. As for updates, we are not diligent in them here here because we are busy delivering and have to allocate our resources to a beta which if anyone has read inb4 August. Being a "FAG MAN" Engineer with a wife and kid...,I have to make hard decisions about what makes the most impact, and where, with metrics. That being said, to BE VERY CLEAR, DO NOT DONATE, unless you have spoken to me or believe in my team's capability, and want limited minted costumes for you waifu's that only Patreon Supporters will have. The donators of recent, have been messaged in our private channels. To be clear the donations are going to be used to generate more custom art assets. Also thank you to Sophie Dev for your continued support, it means a lot. We will not let you down. No suffering. No pain. All machine! >>10755 Anon, yes we have known that for a while, this was a test to just get marketing off the ground to gather some feedback and learn new things, to make new friends and plant a seed.We have learned no one here apparently uses CIA OS 10 64 bit Next item on the Agenda DONT DONATE FOR LINUX SUPPORT. I think there might be a someone in the thread that can also build a closed source mediore unity animation app that allegidlly has a real-time speech synthesizer and has balls bigger than ours, that can draw an X window or call a wayland API :wink: so engage with him about that. To clarify, we have limited resources (our time) and we are uncertain about linux it may never be in scope Thank you.
Open file (116.75 KB 1200x1500 Samantha Samsung.jpg)
>>Your efforts are appreciated Em Elle E. I hope that your robowaifu brings you and your team a fulfilling sense of purpose and happiness even while she is in development. >>10755 I'd like to program Sophie some more and maybe get her to start drumming up more support for the robowaifu cause, but when I get home from work I am usually knackered and have a headache, so not really in the mood to do much. She is just stuck in standby most of the time (I call it 'derp mode' because of how daft her face looks with her jaw hanging wide open). I mainly just work on her at weekends. On the up-side though, I've found Final Fantasy 14, which is now free-to-play up to level 60 and is chock-full of waifus. There are elves, cat-girls in maid costumes, bunny-girls, smol, horned-waifus and some kinda big orc-pirate waifus called 'Roegadyn'. Of course I had to go and play as an Elezen version of Sophie, so she is mostly dashing about Eorzea in the evenings. Importantly, I don't think a robowaifu should be made in a stressful environment. It is best for her to be a labour of love undertaken because you are genuinely interested in creating her. A robowaifu should make you feel good in some way, even if you are her dev. Otherwise the only goal is money. And there's plenty of other miserable jobs one can do to earn that. One last thing. Has anyone else seen 'Samantha Samsung'? She is a 'rejected version' of a 3D computer graphics avatar that was going to be used for Samsung's virtual assistant. I'm not a huge fan of the Disneyesque type face, but she just goes to show how many people all over the world are would really like a WA.I.fu!
>>10763 >Samantha Samsung yeah I saw this more recently, it looked pretty good. I mean bixby 2.0 apparently is a hot mess. I have heard that they may get rid of Bixby 2.0 to use google assistant because Google was going to pay them a lot of money for integration into Samsung Galaxy lineup. What was most interesting about the whole Samsung Bixby was acquition of Viv. Viv had built a platform that utilized, a really powerful algorithm called dynamic program generation. Which combined natural language processing with intent to create ontologies to understand your query then build a program on the fly. It sad how this technology may never see the light of day or be released into the wild. It was pretty much my plan to replicate that work with DL if WaifuEngine became successful
>>10764 All these programs that can generate further programs is on another level that I doubt I'll ever comprehend. If only I'd studied computer science with A.I. at uni instead of wasting my time in healthcare trying to cure people who will never get better and getting abused by angry/entitled patients and relatives. Oh well. Judging from the progress that's being made it looks like plenty of maths whiz-kids are into A.I. anyway!
>>10768 What you are doing is pretty noble, I wouldn't discount it. I know some people in my field who would rather be in the medical field haha, yeah at the end of the day what they write will likely be plugged into a product anyhow its really a matter of when.
Open file (89.85 KB 640x1136 IMG_20210526_045115.jpg)
>>10763 >Samantha Samsung Yes, Alita Army found her and claimed she's Alita in disguise. >>10764 >Samsung Bixby was acquition of Viv >called dynamic program generation. Which combined natural language processing with intent to create ontologies to understand your query then build a program on the fly. >IIt sad how this technology may never see the light of day or be released Let's collect all they shared, so we can replicate it: >>10783
>>10366 >Cassandra Lee Morris Excellent choice my dude. I will integrate this into my Ritsu-bot when it's done.
>>10763 >One last thing. Has anyone else seen 'Samantha Samsung'? She is a 'rejected version' of a 3D computer graphics avatar that was going to be used for Samsung's virtual assistant. I'm not a huge fan of the Disneyesque type face, but she just goes to show how many people all over the world are would really like a WA.I.fu! I'm vaguely skeptical they ever will b/c Worst Korea (roughly speaking, the ground-zero of stronk, independynt feminism in Asia), but if Samsung actually goes all in on waifuism with Sam they will catapult to the top of the stack in the global phone market, no question. With the tiny peek at the character design, and metric shitton of fan art instantly appeared. As you suggest, that is a very clear indicator of popularity -- as any one under 30 already knows entirely instinctively.
likely my last update here, if you want more updates join our discord otherwise good luck on your robo waifu adventures
>>10897 LOL that is awesome progress on Em Elle E! Her voice is particularly impressive. I see you are having a similar issue to what I had with speech synthesis, where you have to break certain words down into syllables >synth the sis that are closer to how they sound but completely different to the way they are actually spelt. I can remember one Cepstral bot I had couldn't say the word "shoes", so it ended up being 'shooz'.
>>10897 Also, I get the feeling some folks are probably waiting for the first beta (alpha?) release before commiting to support the project on Patreon.
>>10898 Haha yeah I am gonna switch to using glow tts which uses phones to fix that issue, but will take two weeks to train. And on the second comment yeah I think that’s the case, I still find it strange though how some people can market something that doesn’t exist and under deliver and yet get funding. We should have a AI based chat in two weeks, then I’ll work on the speech to text which was partially in a fine state :)
Open file (562.78 KB 1068x1695 IMG_20201104_162811.jpg)
>>10897 Yeah, the voice is lovely. You might consider Indiegogo, which is more for investments or customers prepaying, while Patreon is for donations. Quite sure, the projects you're refering to, where getting their fundjng that way. Comicsgate, around Ethan van Sciver, is doing it that way. He talks in YouTube videos about his way to do business.
>>10897 Thanks for taking the time to visit us. And the same to you, best wishes.

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