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Who wouldn't hug a kiwi. Robowaifu Technician 09/11/2019 (Wed) 01:58:04 No.104
Howdy, I'm planning on manufacturing and selling companion kiwi robot girls. Why kiwi girls? Robot arms are hard. What would you prefer to hug, a 1 m or 1.5 m robot? Blue and white or red and black? She'll be ultra light around 10 to 15 kg Max with self balancing functionality. Cost is dependent on size, 1000 for 1 m or 1500 for 1.5 m. I'm but one waifugineer, so I'm going to setup around one model to self produce. If things go well, costs can go down and more models can be made. Hopefully with arms someday.
>>6137 The first two pics are just something I scribbled as an example. Someone will have to make something like that eventually. Pic 3 is a PC104 computer, and the last pic is a 3.5" SBC with a normal Intel socket. (3.5 is another common embedded form factor) The problem is that I can't see any of these nice compact x86 parts available anywhere, you gotta order them straight from the manufacturers. The parts are there and there's plenty to pick from but there's no retail market for them. >>6139 A screen? How would that even look like?
>>6141 Will look into PC104 and 3.5 SBCs. Thanks for bringing them up. As for using a screen for her face, consider these pics.
>>6142 Neither is good if you consider the flaws of replacing the head with a tablet. Unless you have a freeform display and some way to actually project the image onto a curved face from the inside.
>>6141 I love this guy's arts tbh. Think you could do a dump of his stuff over on the reference stick anon?
>>6142 How is the left one an example of using a tablet screen for the face of a waifu anon?
>>6143 If you compare the options of, using a tablet for a face, using a pre molded face, a very expensive and complex mechanical face, or an expensive rear projection face, the tablet and pre molded faces are the only ones which aren't creepy and wouldn't dramatically increase manufacturing costs. Also free form displays are still fairly experimental. Wish they would be usable. The pre molded face is the cheapest but, a tablet is able to mimic your waifus face. A tablet is the best option I can think of given my research. The sheer cost savings of a pre molded face are pretty good though.
>>6145 It's an example between a female robotic face and a display based robowaifu face.
>>6147 Oh I see. It's a contrast between. Like almost everyone else, I have the effects of the uncanny valley w/ the one on the left but find the one on the right kawaii. Not sure either example would be particularly pleasing as a robot wife I'd get intimate with tbh. Tough choices at this stage.
After taking a sad look at my bank account, I'm going to need to make the first model robowaifu simple. Something like pepper with a a zip on machine washable fabric skin. She'll be sent needing basic assembly but her owner. This reduces manufacturing costs and I hope that when you put they together, you'll feel closer to her. >>6136 I would love to see more designs from you, maybe an outline of what you'd like in a basic robowaifu? You seem knowledgeable. Any help from anyone is appreciated though. I'd like to get her on Kickstarter by Christmas.
>>6149 Those are cute Anon. Good luck.
>>6150 Got a 3D pen to experiment with drawing a robot waifu.
>>6151 Cute!
>>6151 Getting some practice, here is An-Attempt-Was-Made Chan. I'm not good at drawing in general let alone drawing in 3D with melted plastic.
>>6153 A CUTE. Practice makes perfect anon. The key is to create a strong structure. I think using a 'subdivision approach' a la the youtube video about the puppet in the other thread will be the key. Are you going to cut fabric out and create a shell for her anon? The papercraft waifu thread has some good ideas too.
>>6151 >>6153 You know I had an idea, what if someone had a mannequin or styrofoam head (like the wig props) and laid down a lattice of filament around it using a pen? Seems like the form would support the filament while you build it up, and then the mesh could be cut and removed from the form and then repaired. Maybe somebody could even sculpt a shape with clay and then use the same technique? Just spitballing here tbh.
>>6155 >Build on styrofoam That's actually a really good idea for a composite, she'd have the ridged aspect of foam and the sheer strength of PLA. Would make her super light yet still strong. >>6154 Thanks for the encouragement, I'll make a cloth skin for my real robot. Right now I'm practicing before I make one with real servos and electronics.
>>6156 >That's actually a really good idea for a composite Yes, kind of makes sense. I suppose theres and effect kind of like laminating layers of things together. Each part brings a beneficial property and they are even better when bonded together. Interesting.
>>104 I've been working on a leg design which should cut down on needed servos and this weight and cost. It's based off of titrus 3. Any help would be appreciated, trying to figure out how to make the lens more human like. https://youtu.be/GxVv4WNlXMA
>>6159 Why don't we make a 'Bipedal Legs General' thread anon? It's obviously an important branch topic and deserves it's own special attention rather than being buried in other threads with varying topics.
>>6159 >>6160 I made one. >>237
I've been practicing my 3D drawings and have come up with a basic design for a potential open source Moebot. She's designed with stripes for strength and because that's my fetish. What do you think?
>>6162 I think if you steal the RoboAutisma GF approach of anon's pic ]]870 you would have a very, very popular robowaifu design anon. That looks like good reinforced work on the stripes part, is it pretty strong and light?
>>6163 Her body and legs are very strong and light. I really like how the stripes worked out. An Anon mentioned in the humanoid video thread that we should have a Fairy/Moebot thread so I'm considering making a new thread for her and other Moebots. > if you steal the RoboAutisma GF approach for her design Kek, that's a great idea. Making her a little moe cat girl who follows you around, dropping her spaghetti while trying to love you would be adorable.
>>6164 >a little moe cat girl who follows you around, dropping her spaghetti while trying to love you would be adorable. ;~; I WANT ONE!
Open file (38.59 KB 480x360 0_228.jpg)
An idea to make her easier to manufacture is to make molds for small plastic parts that connect via dowel. Dowels are cheap and fast to cut, for her first production run, speed and ease of manufacture it's important. https://youtu.be/pHRaK5dpREM
>>6166 It's not a bad idea. Certainly for prototyping, if not production, using kits of prebuilt parts like this may have some real benefits. Good idea anon. Probably should be in R&D general, sage for off-topic.
Open file (92.95 KB 1200x800 0705060555926_157_cc3.jpg)
>>6167 >Anon building production waifus >Gives update on how they'll be manufactured >Off-topic On topic, I'm looking into giving her a low weight silicon skin via making plastic plates with with a thin layer of silicon so she'll still have a little softness under her clothes.
>>6168 My mistake then, I misunderstood. Have you had a look at these yet anon? They may be useful as well (and they're really fun too). https://www.knex.com/ We look forward to seeing more info on your silicone skin ideas Anon.
On topic, I'm looking into using silicone for less cost molding.
>>6170 BTW, can you add a link about what you are studying for silicone molds Anon?
>>6165 Soon.
We want our kiwi-gril robowaifus OP!
Open file (10.36 KB 480x360 0_229.jpg)
LOVOT robot debuted in Japan today, a cutesy thing that rolls around and flaps its arms, basically what a kiwi grill can be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcgGFYBqo9A
>>6175 I don't know about the weird nodule on it's head, but with a little more plushie and a little less exposed plastic this looks fairly close to what some anons have said they'd be happy with tbh.
>>6176 The weird nodule on the head is the 360 degree LIDAR. I've been looking for a nice way to have 360 degree vision for my waifu and having a weird nodule on her head suddenly looks like the best cute compromise.
>>6177 Integrate the sensors into a hat.
>>6178 Or a big crystal like that female sensei character, sorry I don't know her name but I've seen her in images beside Ellen Baker.
>>6179 Actually, it just dawned on me that one of our earlier threads has a crystal-hat waifu, Aoki Lapis. ]]73
>>6175 tbh these things appear to be A) brown, and B) wearing hajibs. trying to brainwash little nips into how awesome miscegenation with mudslimes is? i get that these are simply toys, 'so what?", but i've become extremely distrustful of jewish globalism agendas. i prefer to see the Japanese remain Japanese, not just another EU-alike cesspool.
>>6180 I was originally going to say you read way much into things, but then this is from one of the Pepper creators, so as mainstream as robots get, so I dunno. The bigger crime to me is that this thing costs 3000 bucks for one piece or 5K for a two-pack. Cute but otherwise useless robots should be in 200-500 range.
>>6182 whelp, meant to answer >>6181
>>6182 >>6183 A) you've probably forgotten what it's like to be a child, and how gullible they are, and B) Never underestimate the sinister designs of Evil and it's puppets, evil men and women.
>>6136 > I'm not even bothering to fit any electronics inside my robowaifu aside from servo motors which drive the joints. There are so many structural and movement concerns that at the moment I am keeping the electronics separate and joined to the body with long wires. Once I have the structure and movement figured out, I'll maybe add mounting points anywhere there's space to conceal a circuit board or two, but I can see my robowaifu being connected to a big box of tricks at the moment.
Open file (36.27 KB 173x253 1619851210446wew.jpg)
this thread is kinda dead but I'd recommend using your time for voice recognition and endearing expressiveness, it'd be a lot simpler and less time consuming/realistic than getting a good voice output program going, and it being bad could even make it worse so maybe some little simple wings, some legs, and a cute face, with voice recognition and facial/body expressions, but mute that functionality will of course be added later, but much more important than functionality upon base release is the initial push into more people's radar to bring in more money, innovation, and competition, kind like with VR headsets
>>10227 Good points Anon.
>>10227 (Part One) To further elaborate on this idea, and then the technicalities of it and its relative benefits to a completely human body, take a look at this harpy (image one, very very cute, artist is rnd.jpg) and imagine that you want to build something along the lines of this model. The biggest and most apparent differences are, of course, the wings and the legs, which you may think would complicate the build further, but it's the contrary, as it would eliminate; 1. The needs for human hands and feet, which have just a fuckin shitload of bones in them, which in turn makes for much more complex construction. for instance, a single bird's wing (image two) only have three joints from the main connector at the 'shoulder', compared to humans, who have 27 in just a single hand, a much smaller and dense space. The legs (image three) have even less, with a single 'ankle' joint and a 'knee' joint, although depending on the style of feet for the bird species the toe phalanges (up to five a toe in some species!) may give some trouble, but that could be circumvented by simply creating the foot of a species with less of them lol So not only would the construction be much easy, but it would have a higher relative quality. 2. The problem of the uncanny valley that could be triggered by limbs and/or appendages trying to perfectly resemble those of humans and failing. We have such a response to the uncanny valley because we're socialized with humans to notice even the slightest thing that's off, but we don't have nearly the same capability with other species, on top of the anatomy of certain ones being much easier to deal with. Both those points are pretty applicaple to several different species of monster girls as a whole, and make them, in my opinion, a much more viable alternative in this stage of robowaifus, much in the same way some anons push for RWs that go out of their way to not appear human while still being endearing. (shoutout to /monster/) (Part Two) So on the other side of this proposal is the actual interaction and how such things could be done for max 'oh god oh fuck I wanna cuddle you'. Both for capitalistic budgeting/marketing and also because I would want one for myself. So essentially it would be a mute, as I've said in my previous post, because frankly the technology for irl, face to face conversations isn't there yet, and probably won't be for quite a while. So all that time that would be otherwise spent on the 120(!) joints in the hands and feet alone and the voice output system could instead be pumped into two main interaction systems that feed into each other for a wholly more immersive waifu experience. Firstly, the voice recognition system. For just a basic setup, let's say that, before your customized harpy petwife shipped out, it has both it's own name (picked by the owner) and the owner's name/face already calibrated into it. It would use a kind of emotional recognition system via voice (and likely a small visual system as support) to know when to perform various actions. Say, you're feeling kind of down, it'll come waddle over and cuddle up to you, etc, etc And this is where the expressions start to come in. So secondly it would have a complex series of body language and facial language, paired with a haptic systems. Say if you were to pat its head, it would have give a more content expression, but if you were to suddenly stop after a very small amount of time it may try to cozy up and look up expectantly to you in an attempt to get more. Or, alternatively, if you don't pay it enough attention, it may become dejected (you monster) and ruffles its feathers at you, which reinforces your desire to take care of it and incentivizes daily bonding. If you hold it in a standing position long enough, it may wrap its wings around you, or if you hold around it in a vertical/sleeping position long enough it goes into sleep mode. etc, etc. And you can fuck it, of course. I've got a couple ideas for aiding with the facial emotiveness, which is the most important thing in RWs, most notably shifting eye colors depending on the 'mood' wheel (corresponding with the color wheel), but I really don't know how else to go about it for the anime aesthetic, and it seems neither does anyone else, barring just a screen for a face. The Mirai head (image four) from Furhat Robotics/Bandai Namco is a step in the right direction, but I'm still kinda worried that this aspect is lagging. In closing, again, this is more just a baby step towards a total interactive relationship with full voice capabilities, but it's more important to establish the market for robot companions (not even necessarily in a romantic sense, although that's most likely how it'd turn out, but in a pair bonding sense) as a way to bring in investors, and therefore competition, and therefore innovation, resulting in more and more advanced upgrades to your once-mute bird wife until she can somehow make you miso soup with her bird... hands... every morning and reaffirming her love for you verbally I went in pretty deep, probably should've just made a thread about monster girl robowaifus, but I didn't want to bump one off the board (image five: endgame)
>>10237 Very nice post Anon. I liked the details you went into about the bones/joints, and the /comfy/ homelife scenario you painted of Anon and his RoboPetgirl . Just like as seems very commonplace in my favorite Chinese Cartoons on the subject, and as you brought up too, some way to solidly imprint a waifu (whether RW or Petgirl) onto her master alone needs to be solved. The obvious idea is some type of bioinformatics scanning system for the Anon to use. I'd be hesitant to use just one method -- say voice -- alone. Too easy to mimic. In general I'd say emotiveness is a very fundamental part of Character Appeal (one of Frank & Ollie's 12 Principles) , and is something we all need to be creative about addressing well. Also, the eye color-shift thing is a nice idea.
>>10237 Glad I found your post anon. A sub one meter waddling very fluffy harpy petwife that makes cute squeaks sounds really nice. Will save your "features list" for reference. As for recognizing her master, we can start really simple and have an RF (radio frequency tag) ring which the owner wears, and the robot will just triangulate the location of that ring. Then only voice or facial recognition if the system is secure and not in the wrong hands.

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